Pivotl - Issue 3-2023

In this issue we introduce you to the faces behind small businesses in South Africa. You'll read about their dreams, hopes and fears and what they have to say about their journey to being successful.

In this issue we introduce you to the faces behind small businesses in South Africa. You'll read about their dreams, hopes and fears and what they have to say about their journey to being successful.


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www.pivotl.co.za <strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong><br />


IN LOVE<br />

Silky-soft<br />

Personalised<br />

Fleece Blankets<br />


WINE<br />

Wine, Laughter<br />

and Girl Power<br />


AND<br />


One Nail at a<br />

Time<br />


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Cover<br />

Brigette van Huyssteen<br />

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2<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>

Howzit!<br />

We are thrilled to welcome you to the third issue of <strong>Pivotl</strong>, where we continue to celebrate the<br />

power of small businesses and the incredible individuals behind them.<br />

In this issue, our "Business in Focus" section takes centre stage, as we have the pleasure of<br />

chatting with three remarkable women who are making a difference in people's lives through their small<br />

businesses. These inspiring entrepreneurs have found innovative ways to create a positive impact, and we<br />

can’t wait for you to get to know their stories on our pages.<br />

On page 22, we delve into the world of business networking breakfasts. We explore what you can expect<br />

from these events and provide tips on how to make the most of them to benefit your own business.<br />

Turning our attention to property matters, page 24 explores the distinction between a buyer's market<br />

and a seller's market.<br />

We're excited to introduce something new in this issue – a short story fiction segment on page 26. We<br />

believe that storytelling has the ability to transport us to different worlds and ignite our imagination. We<br />

hope this addition will captivate you, and we look forward to making it a regular part of our magazine.<br />

Remember, dear readers, we want to hear from you too! If you have a story to share, please reach out to<br />

us. Your stories inspire us and help us build a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.<br />

Lastly, we encourage you to support the featured business owners we showcase in each issue of <strong>Pivotl</strong>.<br />

Your support means the world to them, and by following them on social media or engaging with their<br />

businesses, you play an active role in their success.<br />

Thank you for being a part of <strong>Pivotl</strong>. We hope this issue sparks your curiosity, fuels your inspiration, and<br />

uplifts your spirits. Let's continue this incredible journey together.<br />

Vanessa & Wendy<br />


5<br />

10<br />

Confidence and Creativity<br />

One Nail at a Time<br />

Join us for an insightful Q&A as we delve<br />

into the world of Brigette van Huyssteen.<br />

Discover the inspiring journey behind her<br />

thriving salon, HNB by Brigette van<br />

Huyssteen, and explore the unwavering<br />

dedication of a business owner who<br />

strives to leave a lasting impression – one<br />

set of beautiful nails at a time.<br />

Wrapped In Love<br />

We chat with Jenny Panayiotou, the<br />

founder of Wrapped In Love, a small<br />

business creating personalised, silky-soft<br />

fleece blankets that make the perfect gift<br />

for any occasion<br />

22<br />

24<br />

26<br />

30<br />

Rise, Shine and Connect<br />

Breakfast Networking for Small<br />

Business Owners<br />

Buyers Market versus<br />

Sellers Market<br />

O-Yes Properties<br />

Breaking Point<br />

Short story fiction<br />

On the shelf<br />

This month’s book store finds<br />

16<br />

Girls got Wine – Wine,<br />

Laughter and Girl Power<br />

Looking for a fabulous way to meet likeminded<br />

ladies? Look no further than Girls<br />

Got Wine! Kerrin Few, the mastermind<br />

behind this wine-fuelled sisterhood,<br />

knows the importance of friendship and<br />

supporting local businesses<br />

32<br />

34<br />

Boston Terrier<br />

The small dog with a big personality<br />

Cracking the Cat Code<br />

Unveiling the intriguing behaviours<br />

of cats<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong> 3


4<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>


Confidence<br />

and Creativity<br />

One Nail at a Time<br />

In the heart of Montana Park, Pretoria, a small but inviting<br />

salon stands as a haven for those seeking exceptional nail<br />

artistry. Meet Brigette van Huyssteen, the dedicated owner of<br />

HNB by Brigette van Huyssteen. With her infectious passion<br />

and unwavering commitment to her craft, Brigette has<br />

established herself as a trusted name in the industry.<br />

Brigette's warm smile and infectious laughter create an<br />

immediate sense of comfort as clients enter her salon. With<br />

extensive knowledge and an eye for detail, she transforms<br />

each visit into a personalised and transformative experience.<br />

From stunning nails crafted with meticulous care to tailored<br />

designs that reflect individual styles, Brigette's expertise<br />

knows no bounds.<br />

Beyond creating beautiful nails, Brigette's true joy lies in<br />

empowering her clients. Witness the remarkable<br />

transformation as they leave her salon, radiating<br />

confidence with their newfound beauty.<br />

Brigette's genuine passion leaves a lasting<br />

impact on all who encounter her artistry.<br />

Join us for an insightful Q&A as we delve<br />

into the world of Brigette van Huyssteen.<br />

Discover the inspiring journey behind her<br />

thriving salon, HNB by Brigette van<br />

Huyssteen, and explore the unwavering<br />

dedication of a business owner who<br />

strives to leave a lasting impression – one<br />

set of beautiful nails at a time.<br />

Images Supplied<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong> 5


What inspired you to start your own<br />

business, and how did you get started?<br />

I grew up in a household where my dad<br />

was one of South Africa’s top<br />

competitive cyclists. He has more titles<br />

to his name than I can count on two<br />

hands. Additionally, my mother has been<br />

my absolute inspiration. She owned her<br />

own Hair Salon for as long as I can<br />

remember. I believe the combination of<br />

both influences made me challenging<br />

and hardworking.<br />

Settling in one spot without pushing<br />

myself to be better or the best is not in<br />

my nature. I am determined to work<br />

tirelessly to achieve the perfect set of<br />

nails. I won’t ever be satisfied with<br />

mediocrity.<br />

How long have you been in business?<br />

I have been in the Beauty/Nail industry<br />

for 12 years.<br />

What challenges did you face when<br />

starting your business, and how did<br />

you overcome them?<br />

I definitely know I dodged most harsh<br />

challenges by at first working in my<br />

mother’s salon. I’m grateful for the<br />

kickstart. It did take a lot of capital, time<br />

and disappointments to get to where I<br />

am today. It humbles one to have gone<br />

through various challenges. I had, and<br />

still have an awesome support system of<br />

friends and family supporting me in<br />

every way possible.<br />

How did you come up with your<br />

business idea, and what sets it apart<br />

from others in your industry?<br />

Since I was 12 years old I used to help<br />

out in my mother’s salon on weekends<br />

and holidays. I might also have told<br />

my mother that I was done with my<br />

homework and studying just to wash<br />

a client’s hair. Wink-wink.<br />

I fell in love with the beauty industry<br />

from a very young age. I started out<br />

doing nails after completing a range of<br />

courses just as something extra. But it<br />

grew on me more and more each day. It<br />

became my absolute passion to see<br />

women feel so confident and beautiful<br />

after having their nails done. I’m<br />

6<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>


definitely an energy type of person and<br />

the energy of an empowered woman is<br />

just something extraordinary to<br />

experience, and a new set of beautiful<br />

nails shows just that. Having such a deep<br />

love and passion for what I do is<br />

definitely what I think sets me apart<br />

from others although I also do believe all<br />

nail technicians out there share my<br />

passion and love for the industry, since<br />

the job is very hands-on and there is no<br />

way you can not do it wholeheartedly.<br />

How do you stay motivated and<br />

focused on your goals as a small<br />

business owner?<br />

It does get tough… Product pricing<br />

fluctuates and escalates almost every<br />

month and to keep up is hectic at times.<br />

Having to deal with load shedding also<br />

has a huge impact, not just financially<br />

but also emotionally with the stress of<br />

keeping clients calm, running late for<br />

your next client because it takes time to<br />

connect generators etc. But having such<br />

awesome relationships with my clients is<br />

truly a blessing and makes it easier.<br />

How did you trade during lockdown?<br />

Luckily my little boy was born during the<br />

hard lockdown, so I was okay. But, what<br />

came after was absolutely devastating. I<br />

did however produce custom made<br />

press-on nails for clients. I would sit until<br />

4 am, getting orders done while rocking<br />

my baby in the crib with one foot, all<br />

while making nails. This allowed my<br />

husband to deliver them first thing in<br />

the morning.<br />

For extra income we made jewellery<br />

out of nail acrylic. I will forever be<br />

grateful to the clients that supported<br />

that initiative. It kept us going.<br />

What skills and experience have been<br />

most valuable in running your business?<br />

Definitely people skills. I have done some<br />

psychology studies which I think helps<br />

people feel they can offload during an<br />

appointment with me, although I don’t<br />

think most people know about my<br />

studies. Haha. I also believe in having a<br />

good sense of business management.<br />

And most definitely being artistic and<br />

spiritually open. As for experience, practise,<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong> 7


practise and more practise. You can only<br />

gain so much knowledge doing a course.<br />

Being a nail technician is definitely more<br />

about heart and passion than theory.<br />

How have you adapted your business<br />

to changes in your industry, such as<br />

new technology or market trends?<br />

I never stop doing workshops and<br />

courses on new products and trends.<br />

How do you balance your personal and<br />

professional life as a small business<br />

owner?<br />

At first I wouldn’t say there was any<br />

balance. My clients are so dear to my<br />

heart. Whatever they go through, I take<br />

home with me. Fortunately, I have a loving<br />

and understanding husband who can<br />

comfort me if needed or offer advice<br />

where needed. I also share another<br />

business with my husband where we<br />

supply and install fire detection,<br />

suppression and safety equipment. He has<br />

been the glue that has contributed to the<br />

success of that business. Over the years, I<br />

believe we have learned to cope and find<br />

a balance in managing everything.<br />

What have been some of your biggest<br />

successes and proudest moments as a<br />

business owner?<br />

I think my proudest moments are when<br />

the photos after every set of nails turn out<br />

great. It feels like every set becomes my<br />

proudest moment, haha. I have achieved<br />

quite a lot during my years in the<br />

industry, including magazine covers,<br />

being featured in Cosmopolitan<br />

Magazine, and participating in fashion<br />

weeks. There are so many moments; I'm<br />

just incredibly blessed beyond words.<br />

How have you built and maintained<br />

relationships with customers and<br />

clients?<br />

I’m currently fully booked for <strong>2023</strong>, with a<br />

slot open here and there, so I’m in awe of<br />

my clients. I’ve lost clients over the years<br />

but a spot always gets filled. I don’t know<br />

if it sounds weird but I have so much<br />

respect and love for every client of mine. I<br />

get to do their nails, but I learn so much<br />

about being a good mom, a good wife<br />

and a good friend. I admire every woman<br />

and what they achieve, I celebrate all<br />

changes for the good and I just adore<br />

and love, love, love every beautiful soul<br />

supporting me every month.<br />

How do you market and promote your<br />

business, and what strategies have<br />

been most effective for you?<br />

I'm mostly into social media marketing,<br />

particularly Facebook and Instagram. I'm<br />

not entirely sure about what I'm doing or<br />

how a “Reel” works, but I'm getting<br />

there, haha.<br />

8<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>


How do you measure the success of<br />

your business, and what goals do you<br />

have for the future?<br />

I believe the time and value I dedicate to<br />

each client is what measures my success.<br />

I never settle in one place. There is<br />

always more to come from me. And right<br />

now, something exciting is brewing... I<br />

can't wait to share it with you! It has<br />

been a passion of mine for so long, and<br />

hopefully soon I'll get to share it all<br />

around South Africa!<br />

What advice do you have for other<br />

entrepreneurs who are just starting out?<br />

I know it's scary, and some days might<br />

feel like you're getting nowhere. It took<br />

me three years to build a client base of<br />

two clients per day. I thought I was on<br />

top of the world and that things<br />

couldn't get any better... 12 years later,<br />

and I'm fully booked for a year. The sky is<br />

the limit. If you put your whole heart<br />

into it, you'll achieve everything you<br />

want and more!<br />

How have you dealt with setbacks or<br />

failures in your business, and what did<br />

you learn from those experiences?<br />

Yes, I have. They are not my proudest<br />

moments. I closed down a bigger salon<br />

with more services about a year and a<br />

half ago. It was for the best, and I had to<br />

downscale significantly. Initially, I wanted<br />

to leave the nail/beauty industry<br />

completely, but my husband pushed me<br />

and recommended the space I'm<br />

currently renting. It's SO much smaller,<br />

and I downscaled from a salon with a full<br />

staff of ladies to just me. However, it was<br />

the best decision for my mental health<br />

and professional growth.<br />

What impact do you hope your<br />

business will have on your community<br />

or the world at large?<br />

I just want to make women feel as<br />

beautiful as they truly are. I don't think a<br />

person on the street sees what I see<br />

when working with these women. They<br />

are gold, solid gold, baby! They should<br />

always feel that way. I know that a<br />

beautiful set of nails boosts their<br />

confidence, and that's enough for me.<br />

With the right amount of confidence,<br />

anyone can conquer their own world.<br />

How do you stay current with industry<br />

trends and continue to learn and grow<br />

as a business owner?<br />

Definitely by taking workshops and<br />

courses whenever a new trend is making<br />

the rounds and new products are<br />

launching. n<br />

https://web.facebook.com/TheNailBoxByBrigetteVanDerMerwe<br />

@brigette_v_huyssteen<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong> 9


We chat with Jenny Panayiotou, the founder of<br />

Wrapped In Love. Starting her small business<br />

in 2021, Jenny's passion for creating<br />

personalised, silky-soft fleece blankets<br />

has touched the lives of many. With the<br />

ability to print words and pictures,<br />

these unique blankets make the<br />

perfect gift for any occasion. Jenny's<br />

dedication to exceptional quality and<br />

client service has earned her rave<br />

reviews and a loyal following. Through<br />

Wrapped In Love, she has not only built<br />

a successful business but also shared<br />

warmth, comfort and love with every<br />

blanket she creates. Join us as we delve into<br />

her inspiring journey and the heartfelt impact<br />

of Wrapped In Love<br />

10<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>


RIGHT<br />

Jenny Panayiotou<br />

Images Supplied<br />

Jenny Panayiotou launched<br />

her small business, Wrapped<br />

In Love, in March 2021. The<br />

company specialises in creating<br />

silky-soft, fleece blankets<br />

personalised with heartfelt words<br />

and cherished pictures. These<br />

blankets serve as a perfect gift for<br />

any occasion, whether it's family<br />

photographs of children and<br />

grandchildren for parents or<br />

grandparents.<br />

Jenny's blankets are truly oneof-a-kind<br />

and offer an exceptional<br />

gifting experience.<br />

The inspiration for her business<br />

came when Jenny wanted to find<br />

a special gift for her daughter's<br />

16th birthday. She came across<br />

"Letter to my Daughter" blankets<br />

online, realising it was the perfect<br />

choice. However, upon seeing the<br />

prices, she decided to create a<br />

custom-made blanket herself. "It<br />

turned out beautifully, and I<br />

realised this is a product I could<br />

sell. My daughter still uses the<br />

blanket every day, and it looks<br />

just as good as the day she<br />

received it."<br />

Starting a new business often<br />

presents various challenges, and<br />

Jenny encountered a few of her<br />

own. "Initially, I struggled to find<br />

reliable service providers. Without<br />

a dependable team, success is<br />

difficult to achieve. I take<br />

immense pride in the fact that<br />

every step of the production<br />

process is handled by women."<br />

"The success of my business<br />

relies on delivering exceptional<br />

designs and high-quality<br />

products, so I make sure to foster<br />

reliable and dependable<br />

partnerships. This is crucial to<br />

mitigating risks," she adds.<br />

Jenny's passion for her<br />

business shines through as she<br />

explains, "These products are<br />

more than just fabric and ink.<br />

They carry deep sentiments and<br />

often serve as a long-distance<br />

message of love. Enabling that<br />

connection is truly special, and I<br />

know that what I do brings<br />

comfort." She adds, "Clients<br />

often express deep gratitude for<br />

assisting them in conveying<br />

what's in their hearts."<br />

To stand out in the industry,<br />

Jenny recognised the importance<br />

of setting high standards. "We<br />

have built a reputation for<br />

delivering exceptional products<br />

and exceeding customer<br />

expectations in terms of service.<br />

As an online business, potential<br />

clients can trust our legitimacy<br />

when they see the positive<br />

reviews from more than 160<br />

happy clients on Facebook, a<br />

professional email address, and a<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong> 11


dedicated website. Wrapped In<br />

Love specialises specifically in<br />

fleece blankets, making us<br />

experts in this niche."<br />

Maintaining motivation and<br />

focus on business goals is crucial<br />

for a small business owner. Jenny<br />

devotes significant time to online<br />

marketing and building a<br />

community on her Facebook<br />

page. "When I look back at the<br />

sales figures, it's both motivating<br />

and encouraging to see growth.<br />

My loyal supporters, (my tribe),<br />

often serve as my cheerleaders,<br />

pushing me forward."<br />

With a background in corporate<br />

marketing, Jenny understands<br />

the value of effective<br />

communication, the sales cycle,<br />

upselling techniques, persuasive<br />

writing, and good design. These<br />

skills have proven invaluable to<br />

her business. "Life experience has<br />

also taught me how to engage<br />

with clients, anticipate their needs,<br />

and prevent potential issues."<br />

Jenny shares her proudest<br />

moments and biggest successes<br />

as a business owner. "Reaching<br />

the milestone of producing over<br />

1000 blankets and achieving a<br />

turnover of over R100k in a<br />

month were both impressive<br />

feats. However, what truly warms<br />

my heart each month is the fact<br />

that my business thrives, allowing<br />

me to earn an income."<br />

The blankets from Wrapped In<br />

Love possess a touch of magic.<br />

They have a profound emotional<br />

impact, often bringing tears of joy.<br />

These blankets have the power to<br />

take what's inside one's heart and<br />

wrap it physically around them.<br />

Balancing personal and<br />

professional life as a small<br />

business owner can be<br />

challenging, and Jenny<br />

understands that adhering to<br />

strict business hours isn't always<br />

practical for success. "I keep<br />

unconventional hours to<br />

accommodate my clients. They<br />

tend to respond to my marketing<br />

efforts during their downtime, so I<br />

make myself available after hours<br />

and on weekends. However, I do<br />

set aside time to give my<br />

undivided attention to my family."<br />

12<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>


How to Wrap<br />

yourself In Love<br />

Wrapped In Love specialises in creating personalised<br />

memory blankets. Their fleece blankets are fully<br />

customisable, allowing clients to print any pictures<br />

and words in any language. Orders typically take a week to<br />

make after payment is received and artwork is approved.<br />

Small business owners know<br />

that nurturing relationships with<br />

customers and clients is essential<br />

for business growth. "I am highly<br />

responsive to enquiries, and if<br />

they reference a specific person<br />

or life event, I often acknowledge<br />

it in my communication. I provide<br />

regular updates during the<br />

production process, which<br />

reassures clients, and I welcome<br />

face-to-face meetings if<br />

requested. Thank-you messages<br />

are sent once an invoice is<br />

generated and again when an<br />

order is dispatched. I also flag<br />

enquiries for future orders to<br />

ensure timely follow-up. Providing<br />

excellent service is my top priority.”<br />

Jenny primarily markets her<br />

business on Facebook because<br />

her target clients are active on<br />

that platform. Consequently, she<br />

has focused her advertising<br />

efforts there too. "I have joined<br />

several special interest groups<br />

and advertise in some of them."<br />

However, she acknowledges that<br />

there is no one-size-fits-all<br />

solution and continuously<br />

They offer five different sizes to cater to various needs:<br />

KING: 2m x 2m, King size, with space for 35+ photos per side<br />

plus some words.<br />

LARGE: 2m x 1.4m, wraps comfortably around an adult, with<br />

room for 30+ photos per side plus some words (this is their most<br />

popular size).<br />

SQUARE: 1.4m x 1.4m, perfect for an older child, with capacity<br />

for 20 photos per side plus some words.<br />

MEDIUM: 1m x 1.4m, covers an adult's legs or shoulders,<br />

accommodating 20 photos per side plus some words.<br />

SMALL: 1m x 70cm, designed as a baby or pet blanket.<br />

To place an order, clients need to provide information<br />

regarding the desired size and their email address so that an<br />

invoice can be sent. Once the payment is made, the team<br />

begins working on the design. It's important to note that there<br />

is a design fee of R200 per side.<br />

Wrapped In Love Blankets offers two blanket options: Deluxe<br />

and Budget. Both options are made from the same silky soft<br />

Coral fleece. The Deluxe range is crafted by sewing two layers<br />

of fleece together, providing a more luxurious feel and the<br />

ability to print on both sides. On the other hand, the Budget<br />

option is a single layer of fleece, lighter in weight, and can only<br />

be printed on one side.<br />

They have created several template designs that clients can<br />

easily personalise by editing the words. It’s a simple process!<br />

While memory blankets hold a special place in their hearts,<br />

Wrapped In Love also offers other types of keepsakes. Clients<br />

can explore their gallery to find inspiration for their order. If<br />

there is a specific design to be replicated or a particular<br />

picture to focus on, clients can inform the team. Alternatively,<br />

the team take the clients pictures, words, and colour<br />

preferences to create something unique. Before printing,<br />

clients will receive a design to approve. High-resolution photos<br />

are printed larger, while low-resolution ones are adjusted to<br />

prevent blurring. Clients can simply send whatever they have<br />

in the format they have, and Wrapped In Love will transform it<br />

into something beautiful.<br />

The team at Wrapped In Love is excited to discuss clients’<br />

ideas and requirements. They are friendly and ready to assist.<br />

Clients can visit their website at www.wrappedinlovesa.co.za.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong> 13


explores new avenues to expand<br />

her reach. She also mentions, "I<br />

recently started collaborating<br />

with an independent salesperson,<br />

and that model seems to be<br />

working quite well."<br />

Looking ahead, Jenny's goals<br />

include finding ways to reach<br />

people who have left South Africa<br />

but still wish to send special gifts<br />

to their loved ones back home.<br />

"While I have good reach in<br />

certain communities, there is<br />

room for growth in specific<br />

geographic areas." Jenny aims to<br />

double her production output in<br />

the next year and explore new<br />

markets, such as targeting<br />

mothers of brides.<br />

Jenny offers words of advice for<br />

aspiring entrepreneurs starting<br />

their own ventures. "Clients want<br />

to see legitimacy before they<br />

trust a business with their money.<br />

Several markers are used to<br />

assess credibility:<br />

A professional business email<br />

account instead of a generic<br />

one<br />

A dedicated website<br />

The number of followers<br />

The business's start date<br />

The level of activity on your<br />

social media pages<br />

The feedback from reviews<br />

Consistent advertising efforts<br />

Some of these markers can be<br />

quickly implemented with<br />

minimal expense, while others<br />

require time. Remain consistent,<br />

ethical, and keep pushing<br />

forward." n<br />

www.wrappedinlove.co.za +27 82 853 7828<br />

orders@wrappedinlove.co.za<br />

https://web.facebook.com/wrappedinlovesa<br />

14<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>


At <strong>Pivotl</strong> Magazine, we truly believe in the power of personal connections.<br />

That's why we are passionate about sharing the stories of the people driving<br />

businesses forward.<br />

If you are a small business owner or provide a business service and would<br />

like to be featured in <strong>Pivotl</strong> Magazine, we would love to hear from you. All we<br />

ask is that you are willing to complete a questionnaire and have a chat with<br />

us to ensure we capture the essence of your story. Additionally, if possible,<br />

please provide us with photos of yourself and your workspace, as well as<br />

images of your products or services in action.<br />

Johannesburg<br />

Vanessa Bentley<br />

vanessa@pivotl.co.za<br />

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Pretoria<br />

Wendy Bezuidenhout<br />

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<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong> 15


Girls got Wine<br />

Wine, Laughter<br />

and Girl Power<br />

16<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>


Images Supplied<br />

Looking for a fabulous way to<br />

meet like-minded ladies? Look no<br />

further than Girls Got Wine! Kerrin<br />

Few, the mastermind behind this winefuelled<br />

sisterhood, knows the importance of<br />

friendship and supporting local businesses. From<br />

paint and sip to wiggle and wine, Girls Got Wine offers the<br />

perfect platform for women to break down barriers, indulge in<br />

fun activities, and form meaningful connections. With events<br />

that leave you with a smile on your face and a glass of wine in<br />

your hand, Girls Got Wine is where friendship and memories<br />

are made. So grab a glass, join the party, and let the good<br />

times flow!<br />

Kerrin Few, an ordinary yet<br />

passionate individual, found<br />

herself facing a common<br />

challenge after moving to Durban in<br />

2014 – making friends. Fuelled by her<br />

determination, she conceived the idea of<br />

creating a ladies’ group to connect with<br />

like-minded women, giving birth to Girls<br />

Got Wine. With the goal of fostering<br />

friendships and supporting local<br />

businesses, Kerrin successfully hosted<br />

eight events. However, her path led her<br />

back to Johannesburg to be closer to her<br />

loved ones, and the group took a<br />

backseat. It was not until the outbreak of<br />

the Covid pandemic that Kerrin noticed<br />

a growing number of women seeking<br />

companionship.<br />

“In May 2022, I decided to bring Girls<br />

Got Wine back to Johannesburg,” Kerrin<br />

reveals, discussing her motivation to<br />

reintroduce the group. “I saw a genuine<br />

need for women to forge connections<br />

and make new friends. The desire was<br />

universal.” Since its revival, Girls Got Wine<br />

has been organising monthly events<br />

that bring together like-minded ladies,<br />

offering them a platform to form<br />

meaningful relationships while<br />

simultaneously indulging in various<br />

activities.<br />

Reflecting on the inception of Girls Got<br />

Wine, Kerrin shares her personal journey<br />

and the need for such a platform. “I was<br />

in search of new friendships, but I<br />

struggled to find a suitable platform. It<br />

was during this quest that I realised<br />

many other women were facing the<br />

same challenges,” she explains. “We all<br />

share the longing for connections and<br />

the happiness that comes with having a<br />

best friend. However, as women, we can<br />

be quite reserved and hesitant to<br />

approach strangers.” This realisation<br />

inspired Kerrin to create Girls Got Wine,<br />

an avenue where women can come<br />

together and engage in activities like<br />

paint and sip, bottle art, dot painting,<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong> 17


Wiggle and wine, and many more,<br />

breaking down the barriers to friendship.<br />

Kerrin acknowledges that starting<br />

something new is never easy, but her<br />

determination kept her going. The real<br />

challenge arose when she had to find<br />

venues that shared her vision and<br />

promote her idea. Advertising and<br />

growing her social presence also<br />

presented hurdles. “To overcome these<br />

obstacles and expand Girls Got Wine, I’ve<br />

met with business owners, conducted<br />

research, dedicated a lot of time to social<br />

media, and listened to what the ladies in<br />

the community want,” she shares. “I<br />

think this has helped the group grow.”.”<br />

While juggling a full-time job and<br />

running Girls Got Wine as a sideline,<br />

Kerrin admits that staying motivated<br />

can be challenging. However, her<br />

ultimate goal is for Girls Got Wine to<br />

become her full-time occupation.<br />

Despite the difficulties, she genuinely<br />

loves what she does. “I love meeting the<br />

ladies in the community and giving<br />

them a space to come and express<br />

themselves and meet other like-minded<br />

ladies,” she shares. “Supporting local<br />

businesses is also crucial for the wellbeing<br />

of our area. It’s a mutually<br />

beneficial relationship.”<br />

Kerrin’s ability to connect with women<br />

from diverse backgrounds has proven to<br />

be a valuable skill in organising events<br />

and fuels her drive to do more. “Having<br />

previously worked in client-facing roles<br />

and enjoying the art of planning, I’ve<br />

honed my interpersonal skills,” she<br />

explains. “My attention to detail adds an<br />

extra touch of magic to the events.<br />

Additionally, the support I receive from<br />

my family and friends is invaluable.”<br />

As for changes in the industry, such as<br />

new trends, Kerrin shares, “Being able to<br />

adapt my business to meet current<br />

trends is always going to be a<br />

requirement. When someone else comes<br />

up with the same idea, you have to make<br />

yours better,” she emphasises. “You need<br />

to stay on trend, so, again, lots of time is<br />

spent on social media to see what is<br />

happening in the area and also to gauge<br />

what the community is posting about.”<br />

Kerrin, as a business owner, has<br />

experienced significant successes and<br />

proud moments throughout her journey.<br />

Reflecting on some of her achievements,<br />

she recalls a memorable event in<br />

Johannesburg where she organised a<br />

dot art and wine session. Kerrin’s best<br />

friend, Amber Jones, often supports her<br />

at these events. Recounting the<br />

experience, Kerrin shares, “When I stood<br />

in front of the first group of ladies and<br />

explained the origins of Girls Got Wine, I<br />

could see my bestie tearing up with<br />

pride. It made me feel immensely proud.”<br />

Another significant milestone for Kerrin<br />

was when she received a call to be on Mix<br />

FM, allowing her to talk about her<br />

business on the radio. The positive<br />

response from people who reached out<br />

to her afterwards brought her a<br />

tremendous sense of fulfilment. Kerrin<br />

expresses her gratitude, saying, “I’m also<br />

humbled when ladies join our events and<br />

later post about the great experience<br />

they had. It makes my heart smile.”<br />

18<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>


Building and maintaining relationships<br />

with customers and clients have been<br />

vital for Kerrin. Over time, she has<br />

cultivated a strong presence on social<br />

media platforms. Her Facebook page has<br />

garnered 2000 followers, and she has a<br />

WhatsApp group of 400 members.<br />

Kerrin believes in nurturing these<br />

connections by actively listening to the<br />

ladies’ preferences and desires. She also<br />

ensures that she keeps them informed<br />

about upcoming events and invites their<br />

input on which local businesses she can<br />

support by attracting more customers.<br />

Kerrin has found social media to be her<br />

primary tool for marketing and<br />

promotion. She leverages platforms like<br />

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram,<br />

with plans to expand to TikTok in the<br />

near future. “I post the events on all the<br />

social platforms for the ladies to see and<br />

try to have the month’s events so that<br />

they can plan which one they want to<br />

attend,” she explains. Additionally, she<br />

actively engages with the I Love<br />

Fourways Facebook community,<br />

regularly posting updates on their page.<br />

“I am also building my branded<br />

materials and using a company called<br />

JGI Communication,” Kerrin adds. “I<br />

think this works for me, but I am sure I<br />

still have a lot more to learn when it<br />

comes to marketing.”<br />

Kerrin assesses the success of her<br />

business based on the positive outcomes<br />

of her events. She explains, “The success<br />

of an event is how I see the success of<br />

my business. If the event is booked,<br />

appeals to the ladies, and they enjoy it,<br />

post about it, tell their friends, and<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong> 19


return for more, that is success.” Looking<br />

ahead, Kerrin envisions larger and more<br />

frequent events, expressing her<br />

aspirations by saying, “My future goals<br />

are to have bigger events, more events,<br />

and hopefully one day have my Girls Got<br />

Wine on a wine bottle.”<br />

When confronted with setbacks or<br />

failures in her business, Kerrin maintains<br />

a proactive approach to learn from those<br />

experiences. She reveals, “Setbacks<br />

include not getting enough bookings,<br />

and it’s disheartening to see events not<br />

filling up. However, I take the opportunity<br />

to reflect and learn from them.” Kerrin<br />

asks herself important questions, such as,<br />

“What did I do wrong? Where can I<br />

improve? What was missing?” Armed<br />

with this valuable insight, she adapts and<br />

plans differently for future events. Kerrin<br />

shares an example, recalling a wine<br />

tasting event that didn’t meet the<br />

venue’s required numbers. Undeterred,<br />

she swiftly took action, reaching out to<br />

other businesses and arranging an<br />

alternative event for the attendees. The<br />

outcome was a resounding success, and<br />

Kerrin notes, “The ladies were all very<br />

happy with the new plan, and we ended<br />

up having a so much fun.”<br />

Kerrin hopes that Girls Got Wine will<br />

leave a lasting impact on the<br />

community. She shares her aspirations,<br />

saying, “I hope that Girls Got Wine will be<br />

a name that ladies will remember and<br />

associate with friendship and memories.<br />

20<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>


I also hope that I am making a difference<br />

to the businesses in the area by bringing<br />

in new clients and helping them get on<br />

the map.” In addition, Kerrin plans to<br />

give back to the community through<br />

initiatives such as clean-up days and<br />

drives. She mentions, “We are currently<br />

planning a blanket drive with one of the<br />

well-known ladies in the area.”<br />

As a small business owner, Kerrin<br />

effortlessly balances her personal and<br />

professional life, with the support of her<br />

fiancé, Ben Wilsenach, whom she has<br />

been together with for 22 years and<br />

engaged to for 8. He supports all her<br />

ideas and often provides input. She finds<br />

the equilibrium quite manageable due<br />

to the enjoyable nature of the events she<br />

organises. Kerrin playfully remarks, “The<br />

balance is easy because the events are<br />

fun, and I get to go out and hang with a<br />

lovely group of ladies on a regular basis,<br />

oh, and drink wine.”<br />

For aspiring entrepreneurs who are<br />

just starting out, Kerrin offers heartfelt<br />

advice. She encourages them by saying,<br />

“Go for it! Do what drives you, gets you<br />

out of bed in the morning, and makes<br />

you smile!” Kerrin’s words inspire others<br />

to pursue their passions and find joy in<br />

their entrepreneurial endeavours. n<br />

@Girls.gotwine<br />

https://web.facebook.com/girlsgotwine<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong> 21


Rise, Shine<br />

and Connect<br />

Breakfast Networking for Small<br />

Business Owners<br />

Discover the advantages of participating in business networking breakfasts as<br />

a small business owner. From forging valuable connections to gaining industry<br />

insights, boosting brand visibility, and accessing peer support, these events<br />

offer a wealth of opportunities for growth and success. Find out how attending<br />

these breakfasts can open doors to new partnerships, referrals, and knowledge<br />

that can benefit your business in the long run<br />

Attending a business<br />

networking breakfast as a<br />

small business owner can<br />

be beneficial for several reasons:<br />

Building Connections:<br />

Networking events provide an<br />

opportunity to connect with<br />

other professionals in your<br />

community. You can meet<br />

potential clients,<br />

collaborators, suppliers, or<br />

mentors who can support<br />

your business growth.<br />

Knowledge and Learning:<br />

These events often feature<br />

guest speakers or panel<br />

discussions on relevant<br />

business topics. Attending<br />

can give you insights into<br />

industry trends, best<br />

practices, and strategies that<br />

can be valuable for your<br />

business.<br />

Referrals and Leads: By<br />

interacting with other<br />

professionals, you can increase<br />

your chances of receiving<br />

referrals and leads. When<br />

people in your network know<br />

and trust you, they are more<br />

likely to refer your services or<br />

recommend you to others.<br />

Brand Visibility:<br />

Participating in networking<br />

events can help raise<br />

awareness about your small<br />

business. It gives you an<br />

opportunity to showcase your<br />

expertise, products, or<br />

services, and establish<br />

yourself as a credible and<br />

trustworthy professional<br />

within your community.<br />

Peer Support: Networking<br />

events provide a platform to<br />

connect with fellow small<br />

business owners who may be<br />

facing similar challenges.<br />

Sharing experiences and<br />

insights can offer support and<br />

encouragement, and you<br />

may even discover new ideas<br />

or solutions to address your<br />

business concerns.<br />

However, it's important to note<br />

that the value of networking<br />

events can vary depending on<br />

factors like the event's relevance<br />

to your industry, the attendees’<br />

profiles, and your own<br />

networking skills. Here are a few<br />

tips to maximise your experience:<br />

Come prepared: Have your<br />

elevator pitch ready, bring<br />

business cards or other<br />

marketing materials, and<br />

research the event and<br />

attendees beforehand to<br />

identify potential<br />

connections.<br />

Be proactive: Take the<br />

initiative to approach others,<br />

introduce yourself, and<br />

engage in meaningful<br />

conversations. Don't be afraid<br />

to ask questions or seek<br />

advice.<br />

Follow up: After the event,<br />

make sure to follow up with<br />

the people you met. Connect<br />

with them on professional<br />

networking platforms like<br />

LinkedIn, send personalised<br />

follow-up emails, or schedule<br />

meetings to further explore<br />

potential collaborations.<br />

Ultimately, attending a<br />

business networking breakfast<br />

can be worthwhile if you actively<br />

participate, build relationships,<br />

and leverage the opportunities<br />

presented. Consider your specific<br />

business goals, the relevance of<br />

the event, and your availability to<br />

determine if it aligns with your<br />

needs. n<br />

22<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>


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Head over to our website<br />

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email when a new issue<br />

is published.<br />

www.pivotl.co.za<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong> 23


Buyers Market versus<br />

Sellers Market<br />

The property market is driven<br />

by supply and demand of<br />

real estate, which then<br />

determines whether it is<br />

currently a Buyers or a Sellers<br />

market. Understanding the<br />

difference between these two<br />

market conditions is essential for<br />

both buyers and sellers.<br />

Buyers Market<br />

In a Buyers market, there is more<br />

supply than demand. This means<br />

that there are more homes for<br />

sale than there are actual buyers.<br />

As a result, homes placed on the<br />

market during this time may stay<br />

on the market for a longer period<br />

than usual, and their prices will<br />

likely remain the same or<br />

decrease. In this market<br />

condition, buyers are more in<br />

control, and sellers may need to<br />

be more flexible with their pricing<br />

and negotiation strategies.<br />

However, it's important to note<br />

that a Buyers market does not<br />

mean your house won’t sell. By<br />

making sure that your home is<br />

priced appropriately and is ready<br />

for showing, you will increase<br />

your chances of a sale within a<br />

reasonable amount of time.<br />

Sellers Market<br />

In contrast, in a Sellers market,<br />

there is more demand than<br />

supply. This means that there are<br />

more buyers than there are<br />

houses for sale. As a result, homes<br />

placed on the market during this<br />

time will often be sold more<br />

quickly than average and possibly<br />

for a higher selling price. In this<br />

market condition, sellers have the<br />

upper hand, and buyers may need<br />

to act quickly and be willing to pay<br />

more for the property they want.<br />

It's essential to understand the<br />

current market condition when<br />

buying or selling a property. A<br />

Buyers market can be an<br />

advantage for those looking to<br />

buy as they have more control<br />

over the negotiation process. In<br />

contrast, a Sellers market can be<br />

an advantage for those looking to<br />

sell as they have more control<br />

over pricing and may receive<br />

multiple offers.<br />

Regardless of the market<br />

condition, it's important to work<br />

with an experienced real estate<br />

agent who can provide insight<br />

into the local market and help<br />

you navigate the buying or<br />

selling process.<br />

24<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>


Your Resident<br />

Property<br />

Practitioner<br />

We know the market,we know the<br />

area,we know the locals,who<br />

better to choose as your Property<br />

Practitioner of choice.<br />

Why Choose Us<br />

As the trusted Property Practitioner for<br />

my clients, I understand that selling<br />

and/or buying a home is complex and<br />

deeply personal. There is also a lot at<br />

stake financially and personally. The<br />

perspective on the process and the<br />

responsibility felt towards my clients<br />

drives me to truly be an expert at my job.<br />

Megan Genga<br />

Dedicated Agent<br />

We understand the market,<br />

the players, and all of the<br />

variables involved in a real<br />

estate transaction. We want to<br />

make sure you feel supported<br />

and that you have a trusted<br />

advisor by your side.<br />

24/7 Customer Care<br />

We are dedicated to serve<br />

and assist in the transaction<br />

that changes your life forever.<br />

Charmaine has been a pleasure to work with,<br />

from the onset Charmaine has maintained<br />

contact and kept us informed. When we were<br />

uncertain or needed matters to be reviewed<br />

Charmaine was ever willing to assist. Thank<br />

you Charmaine for all your hard work and<br />

dedication during this process.<br />

Marketing & Research<br />

We have all the tools to ensure that<br />

we give you accurate and informative<br />

information to ensure the right<br />

marketing plan is conducted.<br />


+27 74 703 9034<br />

charmainev@o-yes.co.za<br />

www.o-yesproperties.co.za<br />

<strong>Issue</strong>3 1 - <strong>2023</strong> 25 13<br />

R A N D P A R K R I D G E | F O N T A I N E B L E A U | M A L A N S H O F | R A N D P A R K


By Abi Gold<br />

Elizabeth opened her eyes<br />

and stared blankly at the<br />

ceiling. The early morning<br />

sun found its way through gaps<br />

in the thick bedroom curtains<br />

and formed interesting patterns<br />

on the walls and ceiling.<br />

This was the day, the moment,<br />

the decision. What had formed in<br />

her mind as a ridiculous yet<br />

desperate idea was now strong,<br />

powerful and her only motivation<br />

to drag herself out of bed on this<br />

rather ordinary morning.<br />

She sat up, swung her legs off<br />

the bed and placed her feet on<br />

the soft carpet. She stood up and<br />

walked, as if on auto-pilot,<br />

through the small house to the<br />

lounge. She stopped and sighed<br />

as she stared into the messy<br />

room. The idiot was still sleeping<br />

on the couch. The ‘idiot’ as she<br />

thought of him, was her husband.<br />

Elizabeth and the idiot had<br />

argued again last night. She was<br />

so sick of his drinking, the empty<br />

beer cans were still lying on the<br />

floor around the coffee table.<br />

When he drank, he became ohso<br />

clever and constantly found<br />

fault with everything Elizabeth<br />

said or did. Over time she had<br />

learned that it was best to just<br />

keep quiet and bottle it up, but<br />

last night she just couldn’t<br />

anymore and spoke up in her<br />

own defence. Of course, that just<br />

angered him even more.<br />

The doctors said the idiot,<br />

otherwise known as Jason,<br />

suffered from depression and he<br />

would need to take medication<br />

every night to help him sleep.<br />

However, this medication should<br />

never be mixed with alcohol.<br />

Alcohol and the medication<br />

made him a ‘super idiot’, but at<br />

least it made him sleep late,<br />

which, from time to time, gave<br />

Elizabeth a little bit of peace and<br />

quiet in the mornings. But not<br />

this morning. She would need to<br />

wake him and drive him to work.<br />

He would be angry at being<br />

woken up, but he would be even<br />

angrier if she left him to<br />

oversleep. It would serve him<br />

right if he overslept again and got<br />

fired. But Elizabeth did not feel<br />

like having a miserable and angry<br />

man at home all day if he got<br />

fired, so she woke him up.<br />

As expected, he was angry at<br />

being woken up, he smelled of<br />

stale beer and bitter sarcasm.<br />

He showered and dressed.<br />

Elizabeth waited for him in the<br />

car. As he walked out of the<br />

house toward the car, Elizabeth<br />

felt the urge to accelerate and<br />

drive right over him, but the<br />

thought of her lovely little car<br />

being damaged kept her from<br />

doing just that.<br />

26<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>


Elizabeth drove the car in<br />

silence and without emotion. As<br />

usual, Jason cursed and shouted<br />

at everyone else on the road.<br />

She would be relieved when his<br />

car was back from the panel<br />

beaters, and he was scheduled<br />

to collect it later that same day.<br />

She pulled her car up onto the<br />

kerb outside his office, he got<br />

out without so much as a<br />

goodbye, slammed the car door<br />

and stormed off, lighting a<br />

cigarette as he walked. She<br />

sighed heavily and watched him<br />

for a while as he walked through<br />

the cloud of exhaled smoke<br />

before releasing the handbrake<br />

and pulling off. She drove home<br />

in calm silence.<br />

The bunch of keys jangled<br />

noisily as Elizabeth dropped<br />

them on the kitchen counter,<br />

but she hardly noticed. Her mind<br />

was clear and focused. She went<br />

directly to the bathroom cabinet<br />

where Jason kept his<br />

medications. He often forgot to<br />

take his prescribed tablets but<br />

did not remember that fact.<br />

Elizabeth kept count and would<br />

take the forgotten medication<br />

and store it in another container.<br />

After four months she had<br />

managed to save a substantial<br />

number of tablets. She opened<br />

the cabinet beneath the basin<br />

and reached into the hidden<br />

shelf at the back of the cabinet<br />

just behind the bottom of the<br />

basin. Her hand found the<br />

plastic container. She felt a<br />

sense of excitement for the first<br />

time in months.<br />

She carried the bottle of tablets<br />

to the kitchen as if it was her<br />

most valuable possession. In a<br />

way it was. It was a way to her<br />

freedom from a life of hell. As<br />

she took the white mortar and<br />

pestle out of the kitchen<br />

cupboard her thoughts drifted<br />

back to a time when she was still<br />

happy and in love with him,<br />

before he became the idiot.<br />

Those were good times, times of<br />

laughter and love. Maybe she<br />

just never saw the signs. She<br />

thought it was her fault when he<br />

became angry with her. She<br />

made him angry, she made him<br />

drink, and she finally made him<br />

push her and hit her. She knew<br />

now that it wasn’t her fault. He<br />

was just a naturally abusive<br />

human being.<br />

Over the last four months she<br />

had tried to stay out of his way<br />

when he got into one of his<br />

moods. She kept her mouth shut.<br />

She became very quiet. He still<br />

tried to anger her, to get some<br />

sort of response out of her, but<br />

she would not play his game. He<br />

became angry anyway. She knew<br />

she would have to be patient.<br />

She crushed the tablets slowly<br />

and methodically with the<br />

mortar and pestle. The white and<br />

yellow tablets blended into a fine,<br />

cream-coloured powder.<br />

Elizabeth wasn’t sure how long<br />

she stood there grinding away at<br />

the tablets, but she intended to<br />

make sure that not a single<br />

granule remained. Elizabeth<br />

poured the fine powder back into<br />

the small bottle and placed it in<br />

the kitchen cupboard.<br />

The loud hum of the vacuum<br />

cleaner was barely heard by<br />

Elizabeth as she worked her way<br />

through the house. Her thoughts<br />

were on her plan for that evening.<br />

She planned to cook his favourite<br />

meal, lasagne. She would mix the<br />

finely ground tablets into the<br />

cheese sauce. He would never<br />

taste it that way.<br />

At any rate, by the time they<br />

usually sat down to eat supper,<br />

he had usually had quite a couple<br />

of drinks and his dinner was really<br />

just shoved down his throat in<br />

order to fill his stomach. The<br />

alcohol mixed with the high dose<br />

of medication would have him<br />

comatose on the couch in no<br />

time, and in the morning she<br />

would call for an ambulance,<br />

saying that she was unable to<br />

awaken him.<br />

She turned off the vacuum<br />

cleaner and looked around the<br />

room, happy that all was now as<br />

clean as it could be. Soon she<br />

would no longer have to clean<br />

out over full ashtrays or pick up<br />

empty beer cans every day. She<br />

sighed as she looked at the<br />

cigarette burns and faded beer<br />

stains on the carpet, those could<br />

not be vacuumed out. A new<br />

carpet would do nicely.<br />

Later that afternoon Elizabeth<br />

stood preparing the evening<br />

meal she stopped for a moment<br />

and thought about what she was<br />

doing, it surprised her that she<br />

could be so calm. She paused for<br />

a moment, “What on earth am I<br />

doing?” It hit her that what she<br />

was busy doing was planning a<br />

murder. Why did it not feel like it<br />

though? With that, she pushed<br />

the thought out of her mind and<br />

continued her preparations for<br />

the lasagne.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong> 27


The knock on the door was<br />

soft at first, Elizabeth almost<br />

never heard it. She looked up<br />

at the clock, it was almost<br />

8:30 pm. “Has Jason lost his<br />

keys?” she wondered as she<br />

checked herself in the hallway<br />

mirror. Her hair and makeup were<br />

flawless tonight. She took a deep<br />

breath before reaching for the<br />

door just as a louder knock broke<br />

the silence, startling Elizabeth.<br />

She opened the door, it wasn’t<br />

Jason. “H-hello?” she greeted the<br />

two strangers on the other side of<br />

the security gate.<br />

“Good evening Ma’am” the<br />

taller of the two policemen<br />

greeted her. “We’re looking for<br />

Mrs Elizabeth Collier”.<br />

Elizabeth felt the blood drain<br />

from her face. Could they have<br />

found out about her plan? No,<br />

that would be impossible! But<br />

what were they doing here?<br />

“That’s me”, she stammered,<br />

“I’m Mrs Collier”.<br />

“Mrs Collier, I’m afraid we have<br />

some bad news”.<br />

“Bad news? What bad news?”<br />

“Is your husband Jason Collier?”<br />

What had the idiot done now<br />

she wondered. “Yes. What’s<br />

happened? Is everything OK?”<br />

“Mrs Collier, I’m afraid there has<br />

been an accident. Your husband<br />

was driving home when he lost<br />

control of his vehicle and drove<br />

off the River Road bridge. I’m<br />

afraid he did not survive.”<br />

Elizabeth felt her knees buckle<br />

under her. River Road bridge...<br />

that meant that Jason had first<br />

gone drinking at the local pub.<br />

She managed to remain<br />

standing. She didn’t say a word.<br />

Her thoughts were all over the<br />

place. She realised that the two<br />

officers were watching her and<br />

quite clearly waiting for some<br />

sort of response from her.<br />

“Are you okay Mrs Collier? Is<br />

there anyone we can call for you?”<br />

“Yes... no, I don’t know” she<br />

stammered. “I have family not too<br />

far from here, it’s okay, I’ll call<br />

them myself.” She wondered<br />

what the correct thing was to say<br />

at a moment like this. “Is there<br />

anything I need to do right now?”<br />

“No Maam, but we will need<br />

you to come in tomorrow to<br />

positively identify his body.” His<br />

voice was calm and empathetic.<br />

“We can send a car for you if you<br />

like”.<br />

“Thank you, I’d appreciate it”<br />

She nodded.<br />

They asked her once more if<br />

she would be okay on her own<br />

before greeting her and leaving<br />

back down the path to the police<br />

vehicle parked on the kerb.<br />

Elizabeth closed the front<br />

door on the world, and she<br />

could not stop the<br />

shuddering that took over her<br />

entire body. She leaned back<br />

against the door as the sobbing<br />

started and she found herself<br />

sliding down to the floor. Tears<br />

of relief streamed down her<br />

cheeks. It was over, and she<br />

didn’t have anything to do with<br />

it. It was over!<br />

She pulled herself together and<br />

walked to the kitchen. The covered<br />

plate of lasagne waiting in the<br />

microwave oven looked so normal.<br />

Elizabeth picked it up and scraped<br />

its contents into the garbage<br />

disposal. As she watched the last<br />

of it drain away she thought of the<br />

new carpet she was going to<br />

purchase next week. n<br />

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with a captivating tale to share, we eagerly invite you to submit your<br />

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Reach out to us today at info@pivotl.co.za and let your story come alive in<br />

our publication<br />

28<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>


Malamute Media<br />


VHS<br />

Beta<br />

Cassette<br />

Vinyl<br />

Slides<br />

Negatives<br />

Don't let your memories fade away into obscurity<br />

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Don't wait until it's too late to relive the moments that matter most!<br />

Wendy<br />

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E-mail: wedancer@gmail.com<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong> 29


On the shelf<br />

Freelance Like a Boss<br />


Are you feeling stuck and limited in your<br />

profession? Are you waiting for the next<br />

bonus, the next promotion, the next<br />

public holiday, the next best thing?<br />

What if you:<br />

could become your own boss?<br />

had the freedom to choose when<br />

and where you work?<br />

could work towards your own<br />

dreams instead of someone<br />

else’s?<br />

could travel/spend time with your<br />

kids/tend to your garden at any<br />

time you damn well please?<br />

didn’t have to take leave to go to<br />

the dentist?<br />

In Freelance Like a Boss, Shea<br />

Karssing helps stunted in-house<br />

employees and frustrated freelancers<br />

create successful, sustainable<br />

businesses that will give them greater<br />

flexibility and earning potential.<br />

Peppered with pros and cons lists<br />

and personal anecdotes, the book<br />

presents relatable, honest and<br />

sometimes irreverent insights into the<br />

freelance world. It includes insights<br />

into, tips and ideas on how to: identify<br />

marketable skills; let go of excuses; set<br />

up a business structure; negotiate<br />

contracts and other legalities; pay the<br />

correct tax; set boundaries; manage<br />

your time; set pricing and much,<br />

much more.<br />

If you want to start freelancing but<br />

don’t know where to start, this book is<br />

here to turn YOU into a home-office<br />

hotshot, starting TODAY.<br />

Permission to Speak: How to change what<br />

power sounds like, starting with you<br />


Reclaim your voice and ignite your<br />

confidence with this practical guide<br />

from one of Hollywood's top speech<br />

coaches<br />

What does power sound like?<br />

Loud? Brash? Masculine? Well, it's<br />

time to change that.<br />

In this warm and witty manual,<br />

Hollywood voice coach Samara Bay<br />

offers a compelling approach to<br />

asserting your power in all arenas of<br />

life. Packed with expert tips and easyto-follow<br />

exercises, Permission to<br />

Speak is designed to liberate and<br />

inspire even the most tentative of<br />

public speakers.<br />

Using in-depth analysis of powerful<br />

public figures, from Alexandria<br />

Ocasio-Cortez and Michelle Obama to<br />

Brené Brown and Lizzo, Bay explodes<br />

what we think we know about our<br />

voices and how they should sound,<br />

and digs deep to the very heart of<br />

what they can be.<br />

Permission To Speak shows that<br />

women don't have to borrow markers<br />

of male leadership to be taken<br />

seriously – rather, they can and should<br />

be fearlessly, unashamedly<br />

themselves.<br />

If you have any book recommendations please send them to info@pivotl.co.za<br />

30<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>


The Power of Fun: Why fun is the key to a<br />

happy and healthy life<br />


How to make fun an essential part of a<br />

balanced, purposeful and healthy life,<br />

from the bestselling author of How to<br />

Break Up with Your Phone.<br />

‘An antidote to all the darkness’ -<br />

New York Times<br />

When did you last feel exhilarated<br />

and lighthearted? When were you<br />

last engaged, focused and<br />

completely present? When is the last<br />

time you felt fully alive? In other<br />

words, when did you last have fun? In<br />

our always-on, tech-addicted<br />

lifestyles, we often think of the pursuit<br />

of fun as an indulgence. When we do<br />

find time to relax, we often turn to<br />

activities that are not actually that<br />

enjoyable, let alone fun: bingeing on<br />

television and movies, doomscrolling<br />

the news, or feeding our FOMO on<br />

social media. But award-winning<br />

science journalist Catherine Price has<br />

learned the truth: far from being<br />

frivolous, fun is the key to living a<br />

more meaningful, fulfilling and<br />

happier life. If you make fun a priority,<br />

you will be healthier and have more<br />

energy. You will be more productive,<br />

less resentful and less stressed. You<br />

will find community and a sense of<br />

purpose. You will stop languishing<br />

and start flourishing. And best of all?<br />

You'll enjoy the process. In The Power<br />

of Fun, Price argues that fun will lead<br />

to the happiness we so desperately<br />

seek, and includes a practical plan for<br />

how to incorporate more fun into our<br />

daily lives. Ground-breaking, eyeopening<br />

and packed with useful<br />

advice, The Power of Fun won't just<br />

change the way you think about fun.<br />

It will bring you back to life.<br />

Colouring book: It's Wonderful Me!<br />


Introducing It’s Wonderful Me! – now available as a vibrant colouring-in<br />

book for young children! This eagerly anticipated title is designed to<br />

engage young South Africans and immerse them in their rich heritage.<br />

Delve into the captivating world of Zulu culture and life in rural KwaZulu-<br />

Natal through this delightful children’s book. Join the heartwarming<br />

journey of two best friends as they embark on countless adventures on<br />

Gogo and Mkhulu’s farm, all inspired by the author’s own tales.<br />

Meet our fearless protagonist, a spirited young black girl who<br />

courageously embraces her true self. Bursting with energy, she radiates<br />

passion, confidence, and limitless imagination. The rhyming text and vivid<br />

illustrations make reading an absolute joy, amplifying the fun and positive<br />

messages found within these pages. Get ready to bring this enchanting<br />

story to life with your colourful creativity!<br />

Available from the following online stores<br />

takealot.com Exclusive Books Wordsworth Books Graffiti Books Loot<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong> 31


Boston<br />

Terrier<br />

The small dog with a<br />

big personality<br />

When it comes to finding the perfect family<br />

pet, the Boston Terrier stands out as a<br />

dapper and charming companion. With<br />

their unique personalities and endearing traits,<br />

these small yet sturdy dogs make excellent<br />

additions to households of all types. Whether you're<br />

seeking a playful and affectionate companion or a<br />

loyal watchdog, the Boston Terrier has a lot to offer.<br />

However, it's important to consider their potential<br />

health issues resulting from their distinct facial<br />

structure. In this article, we will explore why Boston<br />

Terriers make wonderful family pets and the factors<br />

to consider before bringing one into your home.<br />

A Range of Personalities<br />

One of the fascinating aspects of Boston Terriers is<br />

their individualistic nature. Some are high-spirited<br />

and clownish, always ready to engage in playful<br />

antics, while others are calm, dignified, and even<br />

placid. This breed encompasses a wide range of<br />

temperaments, from stubborn characters to sweet<br />

and gentle souls. While some Boston Terriers may<br />

be one-person dogs, often forming a special bond<br />

with the elderly, many are outgoing and<br />

affectionate with everyone they meet. Their<br />

attentively cocked heads, expressive eyes, and<br />

endearing snorting and snuffling sounds make it<br />

hard to resist their charm.<br />

Family Companionship<br />

Boston Terriers have an innate desire for<br />

companionship and thrive when surrounded by<br />

their loved ones. They are deeply devoted to their<br />

families and want nothing more than to be by their<br />

side. Whether it's participating in family activities or<br />

simply curling up on the couch together, these<br />

dogs are happiest when included in daily routines.<br />

Their unwavering loyalty and sensitivity to their<br />

owners’ moods make them excellent companions,<br />

providing comfort and joy to individuals of all ages.<br />

Polite and Watchful<br />

While Boston Terriers are generally polite and<br />

friendly toward everyone, they also possess an<br />

inherent instinct to protect their loved ones. They<br />

have a reputation as reliable watchdogs who will<br />

readily alert their families if they sense an<br />

approaching stranger or hear someone at the door.<br />

Although they may put on a blustery show when<br />

encountering larger dogs, they are seldom truly<br />

aggressive. Boston Terriers tend to get along well<br />

with other family pets, fostering a harmonious<br />

environment within the household.<br />

Playful and Energetic<br />

If you're looking for a dog that loves to play and<br />

have fun, the Boston Terrier won’t disappoint. These<br />

32<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>


dogs have a zest for life and enjoy engaging in<br />

games and activities that challenge their agility and<br />

intellect. Chasing balls and playing fetch are among<br />

their favourite pastimes. Their compact size makes<br />

them well-suited for indoor play, which is beneficial<br />

for families living in smaller spaces. Regular exercise<br />

and mental stimulation are essential for their overall<br />

well-being and help channel their energy in positive<br />

ways.<br />

Considerations and Health <strong>Issue</strong>s<br />

While Boston Terriers possess numerous endearing<br />

qualities, it's crucial to be aware of certain<br />

considerations and potential health issues<br />

associated with the breed. Their unique facial<br />

structure can lead to snorting, snuffling, wheezing,<br />

snoring, and even some slobbering. Gassiness or<br />

flatulence is another common occurrence.<br />

Additionally, Boston Terriers may require extra<br />

patience and consistency during housebreaking.<br />

Due to their physical characteristics, they are prone<br />

to certain health problems, so prospective owners<br />

should be prepared for potential veterinary care.<br />

The Boston Terrier’s combination of charm,<br />

playfulness, and loyalty makes them an excellent<br />

choice for families seeking a delightful four-legged<br />

companion. Whether they are captivating you with<br />

their expressive eyes or participating in spirited play<br />

sessions, Boston Terriers are sure to bring joy to your<br />

household. While it's important to<br />

consider their potential health issues<br />

resulting from their distinct facial<br />

structure, the love and companionship<br />

they provide outweigh these challenges<br />

for many dedicated owners. If<br />

you're ready to embrace the<br />

Boston Terrier’s unique<br />

personality and care for<br />

their well-being, you may<br />

find yourself with a<br />

devoted and<br />

entertaining family pet<br />

for years to come. n<br />

Source:<br />

https://www.yourpurebredpuppy.com/reviews/bostonterriers.html<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong> 33


Cracking<br />

the Cat Code<br />

Unveiling the intriguing<br />

behaviours of cats<br />

Cats have captivated us for centuries with their<br />

enigmatic and independent nature,<br />

showcasing a range of intriguing behaviours<br />

that enhance their charm. To aid your<br />

understanding, we'll explore some of the most<br />

common feline behaviour traits.<br />

Purring:<br />

A cat's purring is a unique vocalisation. While it is<br />

commonly associated with contentment and<br />

relaxation, cats also purr when they are in pain or<br />

distress. Purring may serve as a self-soothing<br />

mechanism and a way to communicate with their<br />

human companions, seeking comfort or expressing<br />

their affection.<br />

Meowing:<br />

Cats are known for their wide range of vocalisations,<br />

and meowing is one of the most prevalent. Primarily<br />

directed towards humans, meowing is a way for cats<br />

to communicate their needs and desires. From<br />

hunger and loneliness to attention-seeking or<br />

simply saying hello, cats use their distinct meows to<br />

convey their intentions effectively.<br />

Chirping:<br />

If you've ever heard your cat emit a series of rapid,<br />

high-pitched sounds similar to a bird's chirping, you<br />

have witnessed their chirping behaviour. This<br />

distinctive vocalisation often arises when a cat is<br />

excited or observing prey, indicating their anticipation<br />

and hunting instincts. At times, your cat's chirping<br />

may closely resemble the melodious tweets of the<br />

very birds they are observing through the window.<br />

Exposing Their Belly:<br />

When a cat rolls onto its back and exposes its belly, it<br />

can be an endearing sight. However, contrary to<br />

popular belief, it does not always mean an invitation<br />

for a belly rub. In feline language, exposing the belly<br />

is a sign of trust and vulnerability. Cats typically<br />

exhibit this behaviour when they feel completely<br />

secure in their environment and comfortable in<br />

their relationship with their human companion.<br />

Rubbing Against Your Legs:<br />

As a cat brushes against your legs, it's not just<br />

seeking attention or being affectionate – it's<br />

marking you with its scent. Cats possess scent<br />

glands on their cheeks and other areas of their<br />

bodies. By rubbing against you, they leave behind<br />

their unique scent, claiming you as part of their<br />

territory and signalling their bond with you.<br />

Knocking Things Over:<br />

Cats have an innate curiosity and an instinctual<br />

desire to explore their surroundings. Sometimes,<br />

this curiosity leads them to knock over objects.<br />

Whether it's a playful act or an attempt to get your<br />

attention, knocking things over may simply be their<br />

way of interacting with their environment or<br />

displaying their intelligence.<br />

Bringing Gifts:<br />

While it may be perplexing to receive a "gift" from<br />

your cat in the form of a dead mouse or bird, it<br />

stems from their instinctual hunting behaviour. Cats<br />

are natural hunters, and by presenting their catches<br />

to you, they are exhibiting their hunting prowess<br />

and expressing their deep bond with you. It's their<br />

way of sharing their success and providing for their<br />

human "family."<br />

Scratching Furniture:<br />

Feline scratching is an inherent behaviour that<br />

serves multiple purposes. Cats scratch to keep their<br />

claws healthy and in good condition. It also helps<br />

them mark their territory by leaving visual and scent<br />

markings on the scratched surface. Providing<br />

scratching posts or surfaces can redirect this<br />

behaviour away from your furniture, allowing them<br />

to fulfil their natural instincts without causing<br />

damage.<br />

Understanding these behaviours helps us appreciate<br />

our feline companions and strengthen our bonds<br />

with them. So, when your cat purrs or brings you a<br />

surprise gift, embrace these gestures as a testament<br />

to their intricate and fascinating nature. n<br />

34<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong>


About us:<br />

We are a non-profit, no-kill cat wellfare<br />

organisation. We have been operating<br />

since 2000. We do not receive any<br />

government funding and rely on the<br />

generosity of animal lovers throughout<br />

Gauteng for support and donations. We<br />

work tirelessly through a network of<br />

volunteers and fosters to improve the<br />

lives of hundreds of unwanted and<br />

abandoned cats and kittens by finding<br />

them loving homes.<br />

How to get<br />

involved:<br />

We need foster parents! People who can<br />

provide a loving environment for kittens to<br />

grow up and thrive in. All you need is a spare<br />

room, transport and lots of love to give these<br />

babies. We provide food and cover medical<br />

costs that are needed to foster,<br />

<br />

We also accept donations to help look after<br />

all these angels.<br />

You can donate<br />

through an EFT into the following account:<br />

Account name: Kitty Shelter<br />

Bank: FNB<br />

Account number: 6274 2088 900<br />

Branch: Melrose Arch<br />

POP: info@kittyshelter.co.za<br />

How to contact us:<br />

www.kittyshelter.co.za<br />

@cataholics_kitty_shelter<br />

info@kittyshelter.co.za<br />

To visit us at the shelter, email<br />

merien@kittyshelter.co.za to make an<br />

appointment (by appointment only)<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 3 - <strong>2023</strong> 35

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