Pivotl - Issue 4-2023

In this issue we introduce you to the faces behind small businesses in South Africa. You'll read about their dreams, hopes and fears and what they have to say about their journey to being successful.

In this issue we introduce you to the faces behind small businesses in South Africa. You'll read about their dreams, hopes and fears and what they have to say about their journey to being successful.


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Running a<br />

holiday and<br />

aftercare<br />

service<br />


And physical<br />

fitness in a fun<br />

way<br />


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Cover<br />

Genevieve Allen<br />

Image supplied<br />

2<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>

Howzit!<br />

Season's greetings and a warm welcome to our long-awaited fourth issue! We're aware that it's a bit<br />

overdue, and we appreciate your patience. As a passion project, <strong>Pivotl</strong> sometimes takes a back seat<br />

when life throws challenges our way, but we're thrilled to present this issue, packed with stories that<br />

we hope will inspire and uplift.<br />

In our "Business in Focus" segment, we have the pleasure of introducing you to two dynamic women<br />

shaping the business landscape in unique ways. Meet Genevieve Allen, the mastermind behind Club<br />

Engage, South Africa's go-to childcare solution.<br />

Next, step into the inviting space of Our Movement Studio in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg. This studio<br />

is a haven where movement aligns seamlessly with life. Learn from Carol Treherne-Thomas as she shares<br />

the inspiring journey of bringing this wonderful space to life.<br />

In "Business Beat," we tackle the <strong>2023</strong> burnout blitz and provide strategies for conquering year-end stress<br />

to ensure peak performance. If retirement plan blues are on your mind, fret not! Our guide in the same<br />

section shows you how to adjust your plan like a pro. And in "Unlocking business success through BNI," we<br />

delve into the power of building relationships and referrals as keys to entrepreneurial success.<br />

"Property Matters" explores the eternal dilemma of whether to buy or rent, offering real advice for those<br />

navigating the property market.<br />

As always, we want to hear from you! If you have a story to share, please reach out. Additionally, consider<br />

supporting our featured business owners by giving them a follow on social media.<br />

Thank you for being part of the <strong>Pivotl</strong> community. Here's to a joyful and inspiring festive season and new<br />

year!<br />

Vanessa & Wendy<br />

4<br />

11<br />

18<br />

20<br />


Genevieve Allen's<br />

trailblazing path with Club<br />

Engage<br />

Meet Genevieve Allen, the mastermind<br />

behind Club Engage, South Africa's go-to<br />

childcare solution. In this article, we'll<br />

explore Genevieve's journey from a<br />

visionary idea to a thriving enterprise.<br />

Finding your groove<br />

The vibrant journey of Our Movement<br />

Studio with Carol Treherne-Thomas<br />

The <strong>2023</strong> burnout blitz<br />

Conquering Year-End Stress for Peak<br />

Performance<br />

Revisiting your investment<br />

plan<br />

Retirement plan blues? Don't panic! This<br />

guide shows you how to adjust your plan<br />

like a pro, face economic bumps, and<br />

score your dream retirement. From<br />

surprise inheritances to market swings,<br />

we've got you covered<br />

22<br />

24<br />

32<br />

34<br />

36<br />

To buy or to rent …<br />

Real advice for those looking to buy,<br />

sell or rent<br />

Unlocking business<br />

success through BNI<br />

The Power of Building Relationships<br />

and Referrals<br />

On the shelf<br />

This issue’s book store finds<br />

Rough versus Smooth<br />

Collies<br />

Which regal best friend is right for<br />

you?<br />

What’s on the menu<br />

today?<br />

Choosing the right cat food – Wet<br />

versus dry<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 3


Genevieve Allen's<br />

trailblazing path<br />

with Club Engage<br />

Meet Genevieve Allen, the mastermind behind Club Engage, South Africa's goto<br />

childcare solution. In this article, we'll explore Genevieve's journey from a<br />

visionary idea to a thriving enterprise. Get ready to learn about her challenges,<br />

triumphs, and the invaluable lessons she's picked up along the way. Plus,<br />

discover her secrets to staying motivated, adapting to change, and building<br />

meaningful relationships in the business world. If you're an aspiring<br />

entrepreneur or a seasoned pro, Genevieve's insights are bound to resonate. So,<br />

let's jump in and unlock the keys to entrepreneurial success!<br />

4<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>


Images Supplied<br />

Genevieve Allen, the visionary<br />

behind Club Engage, South<br />

Africa's premier aftercare and<br />

holiday care provider for children, drew<br />

inspiration from her entrepreneurial<br />

upbringing. She shares, “I was brought<br />

up in an entrepreneurial family, so I<br />

always knew that this is what I wanted<br />

to do.” Genevieve's journey took a<br />

significant turn when she pursued her<br />

Masters in Innovation in 2012, studying<br />

in Spain. Through her studies, she<br />

delved into innovative educational<br />

concepts for South Africa and stumbled<br />

upon the idea for Club Engage. Her<br />

earlier role as a Managing Director and<br />

Exco member at a prominent education<br />

group further fortified her passion for<br />

creating something unique, leveraging<br />

the valuable corporate experience she<br />

had gained.<br />

With a decade of dedicated service,<br />

Genevieve Allen, the driving force behind<br />

Club Engage, reflects on the remarkable<br />

journey. She reveals, “We are celebrating<br />

10 years in November this year – so a<br />

huge milestone! I launched in late 2013<br />

as Sherpa Kids South Africa after<br />

acquiring a master license from Sherpa<br />

Kids International based in Australia and<br />

New Zealand.” In late 2021, the<br />

organisation underwent a rebranding,<br />

adopting the name Club Engage, while<br />

maintaining a steadfast core team.<br />

Genevieve acknowledges the challenges<br />

faced by the business, particularly during<br />

the COVID pandemic, saying, “Very<br />

exciting to see the growth and of course,<br />

have been humbled through the COVID<br />

experience which challenged many<br />

businesses but was particularly tough for<br />

some industries like childcare.”<br />

Sherpa Newcomer of the Year (2015) finalist –<br />

Genevieve Allen with Rasheed Kathrada<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 5


Club Engage is the<br />

largest aftercare and<br />

holiday care provider<br />

in the country<br />

When asked about the challenges<br />

encountered during the inception of her<br />

business, Genevieve Allen highlights,<br />

“Assembling the right team is a<br />

challenge in any business. I worked<br />

closely with people I knew to assist me to<br />

identify potential staff and to source the<br />

correct skills and fit.” In the early stages,<br />

as the architect of a novel franchise<br />

category, she faced the task of<br />

introducing this groundbreaking<br />

concept to potential franchisees, school<br />

management teams, and parents<br />

simultaneously. She emphasises the<br />

interconnectedness of these three<br />

groups, stating, “...these three sets of role<br />

players are interlinked.” Overcoming<br />

these obstacles demanded strategic<br />

effort and an astute understanding of<br />

the intricate dynamics involved.<br />

When asked about the origin of her<br />

business concept and what distinguishes<br />

it from others in the industry, Genevieve<br />

Allen shared, “Club Engage is the largest<br />

aftercare and holiday care provider in the<br />

country. We are based on school<br />

properties, not in houses across the road<br />

as is the standard with private aftercare<br />

facilities or run in-house by tired and<br />

over-stretched teachers.”<br />

What makes Club Engage special is its<br />

strong dedication to meeting<br />

international standards. Genevieve<br />

explains, “We are the only provider in the<br />

country that guarantees international<br />

benchmarks such as minimum staff<br />

ratios, paediatric first aid training, police<br />

clearances, and structured ongoing<br />

training and support for aftercare staff.”<br />

This focus on making sure things are<br />

top-notch and supporting the staff sets<br />

Club Engage apart in the industry.<br />

When Genevieve Allen thinks about<br />

how to stay motivated and focused on<br />

6<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>


Genevieve and Ray Wilke, Regional Manager<br />

– Club Engage<br />

Genevieve with other franchisees who attended the FASA<br />

conference in Sandton at the end of October<br />

her goals as a small business owner, she<br />

mentions, “I’m generally a positive and<br />

energetic person, so motivation isn't really<br />

a struggle for me. Working with people<br />

gives me ideas and keeps me engaged,<br />

especially since most of my team are<br />

business owners themselves (my<br />

franchisees), so they're really invested.”<br />

Genevieve is actively involved in<br />

various business groups, like the<br />

Franchise Association of South Africa<br />

and the Independent Schools<br />

Association of Southern Africa. This<br />

keeps her exposed to lots of new ideas<br />

and fresh perspectives. She says,<br />

“Through this, I am surrounded by new<br />

ideas and leading-edge thinking which<br />

keeps me on my toes.”<br />

In terms of the important skills and<br />

experience needed to run her business,<br />

Genevieve highlights how crucial it is to<br />

actually make things happen, not just<br />

come up with ideas. She’s also really<br />

good at making decisions and assessing<br />

risks, which has helped the business<br />

grow and make smart choices.<br />

When things change in her industry,<br />

Genevieve Allen knows how to adapt.<br />

She acknowledges, “Trends like more<br />

people working from home have<br />

definitely affected us. Parents want more<br />

flexible booking options and the ability<br />

to book at the last minute.” To meet this<br />

demand, her team introduced an online<br />

system that lets parents make<br />

reservations in real-time. She adds, “By<br />

next year we will also have instant pay<br />

solutions in place too, so that parents<br />

don’t need to worry about receiving bills<br />

at the end of the month and rather pay<br />

as they use.” This forward-thinking<br />

approach not only fits with what people<br />

need now but also makes it easier for<br />

parents to pay, keeping up with modern<br />

expectations.<br />

Genevieve Allen’s journey as a business<br />

owner has been full of big achievements<br />

and proud moments:<br />

In the first six months of trading, I<br />

sold my first three franchises and<br />

signed up my first three schools<br />

Opened more than 100 services in<br />

total.<br />

Won awards like FASA's Newcomer<br />

Franchisor of the Year and Leading<br />

Developer of Emerging<br />

Entrepreneurs.<br />

Sold over 40 franchise licenses<br />

Successfully rebranded<br />

Survived Covid<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 7


Genevieve with the franchisees who attended the franchisee meeting and 10-year celebration of Club Engage<br />

In her approach to establishing and<br />

nurturing relationships with customers<br />

and clients, Genevieve emphasises<br />

straightforward communication and<br />

transparency. She states, “Honesty is<br />

critical. This does not mean that you<br />

need to be harsh but in the current drive<br />

for ‘kind’ (which I support), this can be<br />

diluted to being ‘nice’ which does not<br />

always foster strong relationships.”<br />

She's got some rules she follows when<br />

it comes to communicating:<br />

“Email is for information NOT<br />

communication.”<br />

“WhatsApp voice notes are for<br />

updates on the status of when you<br />

are arriving somewhere (not for<br />

meaningful engagement).”<br />

These rules show how much she values<br />

effective and meaningful communication,<br />

building real relationships with the<br />

people she works with.<br />

In the world of marketing and<br />

promoting businesses, Genevieve really<br />

believes in using Direct Marketing and<br />

Personal Selling. She thinks it's best to<br />

be directly involved: “Meet with people.<br />

Present your own proposals. Work<br />

through questions. Answer questions<br />

before they are asked.”<br />

She also uses Social Media as part of<br />

her strategy, but she wants to stress that<br />

it should be used thoughtfully: “Social<br />

Media must be used, like any tool, its<br />

impact depends on how it is used.”<br />

Genevieve knows that in her industry,<br />

referrals and testimonials are super<br />

important. She says, “Our business<br />

sector works mostly with referrals and<br />

testimonials – so building this base is<br />

important.”<br />

When she measures how well her<br />

business is doing, Genevieve pays a lot of<br />

attention to referrals and keeping<br />

customers around. Looking ahead, her<br />

future plans involve making her business<br />

bigger, reaching beyond the four<br />

provinces where it currently operates.<br />

She also wants to focus on making<br />

money from training and making sure<br />

everything is up to high standards:<br />

“Building a footprint outside our four<br />

existing provinces is an important<br />

growth goal as is developing our training<br />

and quality assurance revenue streams.”<br />

In dealing with tough times or things<br />

not going as planned, Genevieve learned<br />

that it's important for things to fit well<br />

and for everyone to leave on good terms:<br />

“Not every customer is a fit and learning<br />

how to leave in a way that works for<br />

everyone is important.”<br />

The challenges brought by the COVID<br />

pandemic taught her that working<br />

together and being patient can help a<br />

lot: “From COVID, I learned that we could<br />

8<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>


survive the most adverse situations<br />

through collaboration and patience.”<br />

This experience showed how tough and<br />

adaptable her business can be even<br />

when faced with really tough problems.<br />

Genevieve Allen hopes that her<br />

business will make a significant impact<br />

on her community and beyond. As she<br />

puts it, “The most important thing we do<br />

– looking after children every day! A<br />

great place to work if impact is<br />

important to you.”<br />

Her business has a clear mission: to<br />

support families. They assist busy<br />

parents by providing high-quality care<br />

for their children, going beyond simple<br />

babysitting. This service acts as a vital<br />

home away from home.<br />

In addition, Genevieve’s business has a<br />

positive impact on schools. They take the<br />

burden off school teachers, who are often<br />

already stretched thin, by providing<br />

aftercare and holiday care services.<br />

For her franchisees, Genevieve's main<br />

role is to help them develop their skills as<br />

business owners. She wants to help<br />

them build a legacy of wealth rather<br />

than relying solely on a salary. This way,<br />

her business has a ripple effect,<br />

benefiting families, schools, and<br />

franchisees alike.<br />

When asked for advice for entrepreneurs<br />

who are just starting out, Genevieve<br />

emphasises the following key points:<br />

“First and foremost, ensure there is a<br />

market for your idea. Read, research, talk<br />

to people in your target market, and really<br />

interrogate whether this idea has legs.”<br />

Contrary to the belief that financial<br />

support is the top concern, Genevieve<br />

suggests otherwise: “People think<br />

financial support is the most important<br />

issue. I disagree with this. Social capital is<br />

the most important skill I'd advise<br />

starting-out entrepreneurs to build. This<br />

opens doors, creates connections, builds<br />

trust, and fosters collaboration.”<br />

She also stresses the importance of<br />

hard work: “Never underestimate how<br />

much sweat equity is required to build<br />

and maintain a business. Very little in life<br />

is gained without sheer (and welldirected)<br />

hard work.”<br />

Genevieve's critical success factor<br />

includes seeking expertise outside of<br />

your core competencies: “A critical<br />

success factor for me is to outsource to<br />

experts. You cannot run most businesses<br />

without professional support such as<br />

lawyers, HR support, and finance support<br />

but you cannot afford all these resources<br />

full-time. Shop around and buy the<br />

portions of time you can afford from the<br />

best people you can afford.” n<br />

45 Sites nationally.<br />

The link for our locations: https://clubengage.co.za/locations/<br />

www.clubengage.co.za<br />

md@clubengage.co.za<br />

+27 82 853 6479<br />

www.facebook.com/ClubEngageSA<br />

www.linkedin.com/company/club-engage/<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 9


10<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>


Finding<br />

your groove<br />

The vibrant journey<br />

of<br />

Our Movement Studio<br />

with<br />

Carol Treherne-Thomas<br />

Explore Our Movement Studio in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg – a friendly,<br />

welcoming space where movement aligns perfectly with your life. The team<br />

is deeply passionate about unravelling the secrets of movement and dance,<br />

one class at a time.<br />

Photograph by Vanessa Bentley<br />

Here, discover an educational and entertaining experience infused with the<br />

joy of movement, love, and human connection. No judgements or<br />

expectations – just be yourself. Classes, from Nia to Pilates, Rebounding to<br />

TRX, connect body and mind, fostering holistic well-being.<br />

The studio is a tranquil haven, spacious and inviting, like a second home for<br />

everyone, from beginners to seasoned 'movers'.<br />

Now, let's hear from Carol Treherne-Thomas, the visionary behind Our<br />

Movement Studio, as she shares her inspiring journey of bringing this<br />

wonderful space to life.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 11


Images Supplied<br />

Carol Treherne-Thomas, the owner<br />

of Our Movement Studio (OMS),<br />

shared her inspiring journey and<br />

insights with us.<br />

When asked about the inspiration<br />

behind starting OMS Studio and her<br />

personal journey with mindful<br />

movement, Carol said, "When I stumbled<br />

upon Nia, around 12 years ago, I<br />

immediately knew that it was going to<br />

change my life. I danced as a child and<br />

have never lost that urge to move. I tried<br />

many different classes, as an adult, and<br />

none of them gave me what I was<br />

looking for. I went to a 'Health and<br />

Fitness' expo and there it was, a group of<br />

ladies dancing on a stage, beaming such<br />

JOY. I just had to do that and get that<br />

JOY. I went to as many Nia classes as I<br />

could, and when the opportunity was<br />

offered to become a Nia instructor, I<br />

jumped at the chance, and so my<br />

journey with mindful movement began."<br />

Carol's transition into OMS Studio was<br />

a significant shift from her previous<br />

roles. She explained, "I have had many<br />

different jobs in my years, from selling<br />

and export of Natural Stone, to the<br />

selling of Medical Heart Valves to<br />

patients that are open on the operating<br />

table, to finally moving into the<br />

accounting and admin world."<br />

OMS Studio offers a variety of<br />

movement forms, and Carol highlighted<br />

their approach to providing a holistic<br />

exercise and wellness experience: "I have<br />

a wonderful team that I work with, all<br />

like-minded in our way of thinking. Our<br />

12<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>


Photograph by Vanessa Bentley<br />

intent being in the right place allows an<br />

easy flow of creation and design of our<br />

classes. Our wonderful members are also<br />

very open to all our ideas, and together<br />

we find what works for all of us, both<br />

physically and emotionally.”<br />

Creating a comfortable and supportive<br />

environment at OMS Studio is a top<br />

priority. Carol emphasised, “Our OMS<br />

Tribe is our family. Our name ‘Our<br />

Movement Studio’ is just that – ‘Ours.’<br />

Our space is for everybody. We have<br />

created a place where our members can<br />

experience joy and be in the moment,<br />

dedicating time to themselves in a safe<br />

space and comfortable environment. It's<br />

a place where they are encouraged to<br />

just ‘BE’ – no judgement or expectations.”<br />

Carol highlighted the role of Ashley<br />

Moolman, their resident biokineticist, in<br />

integrating exercise rehabilitation and<br />

sports preparation into the OMS Studio<br />

approach: “Ashley plays a crucial role in<br />

OMS, not only bringing her medical<br />

training into her TRX and Bungee classes<br />

but also by being there for our students,<br />

being open to questions and advising<br />

where needed. Her advice about how<br />

the body is designed allows the students<br />

to move in ‘THEIR’ body’s way rather<br />

than trying to be like others and ending<br />

up with injuries.”<br />

To reach new clients and offer a holistic<br />

exercise experience, Carol explained, “We<br />

offer a Free Try Out session at our studio,<br />

allowing individuals to try out the<br />

different modalities before committing<br />

to a monthly expense they might not<br />

enjoy. I have the confidence that there is<br />

something for everybody at Our<br />

Movement Studio, and the atmosphere<br />

and welcome that new faces get when<br />

they come leave them wanting to come<br />

back for more.”<br />

Reflecting on the challenges faced<br />

during the studio’s setup, Carol shared,<br />

“It was only because I could start the<br />

studio with a friend that it actually could<br />

happen. I would have never been able to<br />

do it on my own. Unfortunately, that<br />

partnership ended in 2021, leaving me<br />

with a big decision of whether to<br />

continue or close the studio. It was going<br />

to be more work, doing it all on my own,<br />

and I would have to become very<br />

creative in replacing what was going to<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 13


Nia, Pilates, Rebounding,<br />

and TRX are all forms of<br />

exercise that focus on<br />

different aspects of fitness<br />

and may have distinct<br />

principles, techniques, and<br />

benefits.<br />

Nia: Nia is a mind-body practice<br />

that blends dance, martial arts,<br />

and healing arts. It promotes selfexpression,<br />

mindfulness, and<br />

holistic fitness, aiming to improve<br />

flexibility, balance, strength, and<br />

mental well-being.<br />

Pilates: Pilates is a low-impact<br />

method focused on<br />

strengthening the core muscles,<br />

enhancing flexibility, and<br />

improving body control. It<br />

emphasizes precise movements,<br />

breathing techniques, and body<br />

awareness, often used for posture<br />

improvement and core strength.<br />

Rebounding: Rebounding<br />

involves exercising on a minitrampoline<br />

and provides lowimpact,<br />

high-intensity<br />

cardiovascular workouts. It<br />

enhances cardiovascular fitness,<br />

lymphatic circulation, balance,<br />

and coordination, with gentler<br />

impact on joints.<br />

TRX (Total Resistance eXercise):<br />

TRX is a suspension training<br />

system using anchored straps for<br />

bodyweight exercises. It<br />

emphasizes functional strength,<br />

stability, and flexibility, helping<br />

improve strength, endurance,<br />

and core stability, often used for<br />

building muscle and athletic<br />

performance.<br />

be lost at the studio, in order to keep it<br />

going AND this all happened on the<br />

back of COVID.”<br />

Despite the challenges, Carol<br />

persevered, stating, “I was not ready to<br />

let go of something I had worked so<br />

hard to get. I added more modalities to<br />

the studio and new teachers and<br />

believed that ‘this was going to work,’<br />

and it did. My wonderful OMS tribe stood<br />

by me and helped me keep my passion<br />

going, and we are bigger and better<br />

now, but with the same unwavering<br />

values and principles.”<br />

Regarding her aspirations for OMS<br />

Studio, Carol expressed excitement about<br />

the future: “I am very excited looking into<br />

the future. We have already taken on an<br />

additional studio space to allow for more<br />

classes, and they are filling up too. I am<br />

meeting new faces every day and see<br />

that this is what people want and need. I<br />

will keep growing to allow everybody<br />

that wants to join OMS to have a space<br />

available for them.”<br />

As a business owner, Carol finds joy in<br />

witnessing personal growth and journeys<br />

among her students and members. She<br />

said, “I think what I enjoy most is seeing<br />

the growth and sharing in the personal<br />

Images Supplied<br />

14<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>


journeys with all our students/<br />

members.” However, she<br />

admitted, “The hardest for me is<br />

that I want to ‘DO IT ALL’ and am<br />

realising that I can’t – but I am<br />

lucky to have found, and will find<br />

more, teachers that have the<br />

same passion and vision that I do<br />

– to make OMS a safe space for<br />

everybody who enters.”<br />

Carol’s biggest “Aha” moment<br />

came during the challenges<br />

posed by COVID-19: “It was<br />

during COVID when I was blown<br />

away by the continued support<br />

of our students still paying their<br />

fees, without having classes, or<br />

one zoom class per week. That<br />

made me see and feel that I was<br />

doing it right and I needed to<br />

make sure it kept going, not just<br />

for me but for all that believed in<br />

me. I was doing it right!”<br />

In conclusion, Carol described<br />

herself with three words:<br />

“Resilient – Caring – Grateful.”<br />

These qualities have<br />

undoubtedly played a significant<br />

role in her journey and success<br />

with Our Movement Studio. n<br />

What our Instructors and<br />

clients say about us<br />

Wynand (Pilates Instructor)<br />

“As an Instructor myself I find<br />

nothing more rewarding<br />

physically and mentally than<br />

doing one of colleagues classes.<br />

To be more specific, I have been<br />

focusing a lot on Rebounding<br />

and the sense of pure adrenaline<br />

and endorphin release whilst<br />

doing the classes is magical. We<br />

are more than just instructors<br />

and students at Our Movement<br />

Studio, we are family. Carol has<br />

created such a safe space for<br />

individuals to just be themselves<br />

and enjoy their own journey to<br />

physical and mental wellness!”<br />

Cas (rebounding instructor)<br />

I started my journey at OMS a few<br />

years ago. Life had taken me in all<br />

different directions, but<br />

somehow it always brought me<br />

back to the studio. My health had<br />

gotten particularly bad and once<br />

again, I turned to OMS. I loved it<br />

so much and an opportunity to<br />

become an instructor presented<br />

itself and I decided to do it. Carol<br />

became my mentor and friend.<br />

I am now healthier and happier<br />

than I have ever been and most<br />

of all, I love what I do.<br />

Nicki<br />

I joined OMS in October 2021 to<br />

do rebounding because I had<br />

heard of all the amazing health<br />

benefits. Not only did I find a<br />

place where I could exercise, but I<br />

also found a group of ladies that<br />

soon became friends. I have lost<br />

over 25kg and now participate in<br />

rebounding, TRX, Pilates, and<br />

yoga on a regular basis.<br />

Before<br />

After<br />

Ingrid<br />

I joined OMS a year ago,<br />

underweight and terribly<br />

depressed, the camaraderie,<br />

friendships formed and the<br />

physical exercise really has<br />

reformed my emotional and<br />

physical well being. I always leave<br />

smiling and feeling great. My<br />

body transformation has been<br />

great. My energy levels are up, I<br />

have muscle tone (I had given<br />

away all my sleeveless tops, I can<br />

now wave with confidence again<br />

) honestly I was in a hole and<br />

it’s the single thing that has<br />

brought me out. The planking<br />

challenge (although such a small<br />

thing) boosted my confidence so<br />

much. You, Cas, Wyand & Ash<br />

Chantelle<br />

Here are some positives I've<br />

gotten from rebound.<br />

1. Energy levels are improved,<br />

I'm able to go further in my days.<br />

After rebound my energy levels<br />

spike and I get almost a like a<br />

second wind for the evening.<br />

2. Strength, I do a lot of lifting<br />

and pulling and pushing etc at<br />

work. Rebound has helped build<br />

up arm strength where I find it<br />

easier to lift heavy objects over<br />

my head which is a massive<br />

struggle for me. My balance is<br />

improving and I am able to do a<br />

lot more physically.<br />

3. Confidence. I struggle a lot<br />

with making mistakes and<br />

getting things wrong, rebound<br />

has really helped me be OK with<br />

missing beats and steps and<br />

losing balance. It's helped me<br />

overcome a lot of my anxiety that<br />

people are watching and judging<br />

and has really allowed a safe<br />

space for me to grow in that area.<br />

Gladys<br />

I thought I would share my little<br />

success story.<br />

I have been with the studio for a<br />

couple of years now.<br />

And among the studios that I<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 15


have been to this ranks on my<br />

favourites.<br />

The environment is clean and<br />

the teachers/instructors are<br />

amazing and well equipped.<br />

The vibe at the studio is what<br />

keeps me hooked.<br />

For me, mental awareness and<br />

creating some time for myself<br />

has been one of my main goals<br />

And the OMS has been my go<br />

to place.<br />

After a busy day at work, need<br />

to let of some steam, some time<br />

to rejuvenate- the studio has<br />

given all these to me.<br />

I have seen a great<br />

improvement in my mental/<br />

emotional resilience. My overall<br />

mood has significantly improved. I<br />

have some much energy<br />

compared to before when i usually<br />

felt fatigued, and sleepy all day.<br />

It has been an amazing journey<br />

for me and I will keep on taking<br />

care of myself.<br />

I would definitely encourage<br />

everyone to incorporate<br />

movement into their lives.<br />

It is amazing how movement<br />

can alter our lives, not only<br />

physical but mental as well.<br />

Bev<br />

NIA has literally changed my life in<br />

so many ways. The biggest was my<br />

mind. I never switch off and suffer<br />

from anxiety. This class helps me<br />

manage it all. And for an hour I'm<br />

completely lost in the music and<br />

movements. It's fun, soulful and<br />

completely my happy place.<br />

It helps to have an amazing<br />

instructor like Carol and to be<br />

surrounded by kindness with all<br />

the other participants.<br />

Chaya (Senior Fitness Classes)<br />

Coming to senior fitness has<br />

changed my life from a spiritual,<br />

fitness, movement point of view.<br />

It has been an honour to be part<br />

of OUR movement studio. I hope<br />

to continue to be part of this<br />

family for a long time. n<br />

Office 1 and 5, First Floor, (upstairs at Centre Management)<br />

Randridge Mall<br />

Cnr John Vorster and Kayburne Ave, Randpark Ridge<br />

https://omstudio.co.za<br />

@ourmovementstudiosa<br />

www.facebook.com/ourmovementstudiosa<br />

16<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>


At <strong>Pivotl</strong> Magazine, we truly believe in the power of personal connections.<br />

That's why we are passionate about sharing the stories of the people driving<br />

businesses forward.<br />

If you are a small business owner or provide a business service and would<br />

like to be featured in <strong>Pivotl</strong> Magazine, we would love to hear from you. All we<br />

ask is that you are willing to complete a questionnaire and have a chat with<br />

us to ensure we capture the essence of your story. Additionally, if possible,<br />

please provide us with photos of yourself and your workspace, as well as<br />

images of your products or services in action.<br />

Johannesburg<br />

Vanessa Bentley<br />

vanessa@pivotl.co.za<br />

061 496 9498<br />


Pretoria<br />

Wendy Bezuidenhout<br />

wendy@pivotl.co.za<br />

082 963 7441<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 17


The <strong>2023</strong><br />

burnout blitz<br />

Conquering Year-End Stress for Peak Performance<br />

As the year hurtles towards<br />

its finale, the air crackles<br />

with anticipation. For<br />

entrepreneurs, however, this<br />

festive hum can quickly morph<br />

into an ominous buzz of year-end<br />

stress and burnout. The relentless<br />

pursuit of goals, coupled with<br />

holiday obligations and financial<br />

deadlines, can leave even the<br />

most resilient feeling like a candle<br />

flickering in the wind. But fear not,<br />

intrepid entrepreneurs! Here's<br />

how to navigate the <strong>2023</strong> burnout<br />

blitz and emerge victorious:<br />

The Perfect Storm: Why<br />

Burnout is Brewing<br />

<strong>2023</strong> has been a whirlwind.<br />

Lingering pandemic anxieties,<br />

economic uncertainties, and the<br />

ever-present "hustle harder"<br />

ethos have created a potent<br />

cocktail for entrepreneurs.<br />

According to a recent study by<br />

Limeade, 75% of workers<br />

experienced burnout this year,<br />

with millennials and parents<br />

facing particularly high rates. This<br />

widespread exhaustion is fuelled<br />

by several factors:<br />

Always-on mentality: The<br />

blurring of work and personal<br />

boundaries thanks to<br />

technology creates a constant<br />

sense of being "on the clock."<br />

Unrealistic expectations:<br />

Pressured by social media<br />

portrayals and self-imposed<br />

deadlines, entrepreneurs<br />

often set unattainable goals,<br />

leading to disappointment<br />

and frustration.<br />

Lack of work-life balance:<br />

Prioritising business growth<br />

over personal well-being can<br />

18<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>


lead to neglecting physical<br />

and mental health, creating a<br />

recipe for burnout.<br />

Financial anxieties:<br />

Economic turbulence and<br />

fluctuating revenue streams<br />

can add a layer of stress,<br />

making it difficult to relax<br />

and enjoy the holidays.<br />

Confronting the Burnout<br />

Monster<br />

Ignoring these warning signs is a<br />

recipe for disaster. Instead, take<br />

charge of your well-being with<br />

these proactive strategies:<br />

Revisit your goals: Are they<br />

realistic and aligned with your<br />

values? Downsize ambitious<br />

goals or adjust deadlines to<br />

create a more sustainable<br />

pace.<br />

Re-imagine your workday:<br />

Set work boundaries and<br />

stick to them. Schedule<br />

regular breaks, disconnect<br />

from technology outside of<br />

work hours, and delegate<br />

tasks where possible.<br />

Embrace the power of “no”:<br />

Don’t be afraid to politely<br />

decline commitments that<br />

would overload your plate.<br />

Prioritise your well-being and<br />

avoid the trap of peoplepleasing.<br />

Prioritise self-care: Make<br />

time for activities that nourish<br />

your mind, body, and soul.<br />

Exercise, meditation,<br />

spending time in nature, and<br />

connecting with loved ones<br />

are all vital for recharging<br />

your batteries.<br />

Seek support: Don't suffer in<br />

silence. Talk to a therapist,<br />

mentor, or trusted friend<br />

about your challenges.<br />

Building a support network is<br />

invaluable for navigating<br />

times of stress.<br />

Remember, it's not about<br />

working harder, it's about<br />

working smarter<br />

Leverage technology:<br />

Automation tools, project<br />

management platforms, and<br />

scheduling apps can<br />

streamline your workflow and<br />

free up time for self-care.<br />

Seek professional help:<br />

Consider hiring a virtual<br />

assistant, freelancer, or parttime<br />

employee to share the<br />

workload and lighten your<br />

mental load.<br />

Outsource where possible:<br />

Focus on your core strengths<br />

and delegate tasks that fall<br />

outside your expertise.<br />

Building Resilience for the<br />

Coming Year<br />

Remember, you are not alone in<br />

this. By prioritising your wellbeing<br />

and adopting smart<br />

strategies, you can conquer the<br />

<strong>2023</strong> burnout blitz and emerge<br />

stronger and more resilient. As<br />

you enter the new year, focus on:<br />

Cultivating a growth<br />

mindset: Embrace challenges<br />

as opportunities to learn and<br />

adapt. View setbacks as<br />

temporary roadblocks, not<br />

permanent failures.<br />

Practising gratitude: Take<br />

time to appreciate your<br />

accomplishments, big and<br />

small. A grateful heart fosters<br />

a positive outlook and boosts<br />

resilience.<br />

Investing in your physical<br />

and mental health: Prioritise<br />

regular exercise, healthy<br />

eating, and quality sleep.<br />

These practices lay the<br />

foundation for a robust mind<br />

and body.<br />

Building strong relationships:<br />

Nurture your network of<br />

mentors, colleagues, and<br />

loved ones. Social connection<br />

is essential for weathering<br />

challenges and celebrating<br />

successes.<br />

This holiday season, instead of<br />

succumbing to year-end stress,<br />

choose to recharge and refocus.<br />

By prioritising your well-being<br />

and implementing these<br />

strategies, you can conquer the<br />

<strong>2023</strong> burnout blitz and enter the<br />

new year prepared to thrive.<br />

Remember, a healthy and happy<br />

entrepreneur is a successful<br />

entrepreneur. Now, go forth and<br />

conquer! n<br />

Sources:<br />

Limeade: Employee Burnout Statistics for <strong>2023</strong><br />

Forbes: New Outlook On Burnout For <strong>2023</strong>: Limitations On What Managers Can Do<br />

Workforce: 9 crucial employee burnout statistics & trends (<strong>2023</strong>)<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 19


Revisiting your<br />

investment plan<br />

How often should you revisit<br />

and reassess your<br />

retirement plan? The<br />

answer is annually.<br />

The idea is to think of your<br />

retirement plan as your best<br />

friend whom you tell everything<br />

to whenever you are going<br />

through life’s major events. You<br />

would tell your best friend if you<br />

were expecting a baby and were<br />

planning to expand your family.<br />

You’d tell them if you were getting<br />

married or getting a divorce, and<br />

if you were planning on selling or<br />

buying a house or moving abroad,<br />

changing jobs, or getting<br />

promoted. And you’d tell your<br />

friend about a health change that<br />

would set you back financially, or<br />

even whisper to them about an<br />

inheritance you had received<br />

from your late uncle.<br />

This article outlines the<br />

importance of adopting the habit<br />

of reviewing your retirement plan<br />

at least annually, and it explores<br />

the kind of strategies and<br />

adjustments you can implement<br />

to protect your investment to<br />

meet your desired retirement<br />

goals.<br />

What should trigger a review?<br />

Revisiting your retirement plan<br />

should not be spared only for<br />

when you’re experiencing tough<br />

economic times, but also in good<br />

moments of increased earnings<br />

such as when you start your sidehustle,<br />

or after paying off a major<br />

debt like a home loan, motor<br />

vehicle loan, a credit card loan,<br />

education loan etc. These funds<br />

can be redirected towards your<br />

retirement investment, thus,<br />

reaching your desired goals<br />

quicker.<br />

It is important to note that your<br />

life is not linear, and sometimes<br />

not everything will go according<br />

to your plans, therefore, your<br />

aspirations for retirement might<br />

change too. Based on matters<br />

within or outside of your control,<br />

you will need to reassess your<br />

retirement income needs. Your<br />

income need changes when you<br />

elevate in lifestyle and move into<br />

a new tax bracket, or it becomes<br />

modest due to less expenses<br />

after separating from a spouse or<br />

becoming empty nesters.<br />

Financial regulations that you<br />

should consider when revisiting<br />

your Retirement Plan<br />

One of the things you need to<br />

consider when revisiting your<br />

retirement plan is the proposed<br />

legislation by Treasury called The<br />

Two-Pot System, which is<br />

scheduled to be in effect on 1<br />

March 2024. This means that you<br />

will only be able to access onethird<br />

of your retirement savings<br />

throughout your career, while<br />

two-thirds will only become<br />

available on retirement. This<br />

reform is meant to discourage<br />

you from withdrawing your<br />

retirement savings when you<br />

resign and has been put in place<br />

to deter workers from<br />

strategically resigning to gain<br />

access their retirement funds.<br />

How it works to your advantage:<br />

the Actuarial Society of South<br />

Africa has estimated that<br />

20<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>


imposing a Two-Pot System<br />

would triple retirement savings in<br />

South Africans. It is meant to<br />

position you, although<br />

involuntarily, to retire comfortably<br />

and reach your retirement goal.<br />

Strategies for adjusting your<br />

Retirement Plan to suit your<br />

needs in tough economic times<br />

Be advised to not be tempted to<br />

leave the sole responsibility of<br />

your retirement planning in the<br />

hands of the government or your<br />

financial advisor. It is your<br />

responsibility to ensure that your<br />

planning meets your desired<br />

income goals when you retire.<br />

Despite the Two-Pot System,<br />

there are voluntary measures<br />

that you can implement to your<br />

retirement plan in the event of<br />

unexpected expenses or changes<br />

in your financial circumstances.<br />

COVID-19 has demonstrated<br />

the need for personal financial<br />

relief for many, followed by the<br />

recent hikes in interest rates,<br />

which have led to people<br />

compromising their retirement<br />

investment plan.<br />

You can voluntarily opt to<br />

reduce your monthly<br />

contributions rather than totally<br />

stopping your retirement<br />

investments. However, while<br />

reducing your retirement<br />

investment provides a short-term<br />

relief, it is not a good solution for<br />

the long term. Merely reducing<br />

your contributions for one year will<br />

result in a reduction in your yearly<br />

income during your retirement.<br />

Ideally, increasing your streams<br />

of income weighs as a better<br />

solution for immediate and longterm<br />

financial relief. Having a<br />

side-hustle by monetising goods<br />

or a particular skillset will not only<br />

see you through tough economic<br />

times but will ensure that your<br />

retirement plan is not<br />

compromised, in fact, it might<br />

increase your monthly income<br />

during retirement.<br />

If a side-hustle is not yet an<br />

option for you, an easier way<br />

would be to discuss with your<br />

financial advisor ways to invest in<br />

an investment strategy that<br />

allows you to get the best<br />

optimum growth for your<br />

retirement investment.<br />

Diversifying your Retirement<br />

Plan and protecting it against<br />

market volatility<br />

Revisiting your retirement plan<br />

annually will give you the<br />

opportunity to evaluate if your<br />

asset allocation is still on track<br />

during seasons that markets are<br />

volatile.<br />

As the saying goes: “Don’t put all<br />

your eggs in one basket.”<br />

Market volatility is a natural<br />

characteristic of the market, so<br />

this should not scare you, but<br />

should rather motivate you to<br />

diversify your retirement<br />

investment by investing in<br />

multiple asset classes. This is also<br />

a good opportunity to learn<br />

about your risk tolerance. What<br />

sort of investor are you in high<br />

tides, are you conservative,<br />

aggressive, or in between? If<br />

you’re having trouble sleeping at<br />

night thinking about your<br />

investment, then maybe consider<br />

investing a larger portion of your<br />

money in a less riskier asset class.<br />

During high tides, you also get<br />

to determine your investment<br />

goal, are you looking for growth<br />

or for income opportunities? It is<br />

advisable to focus on growth in<br />

your earlier years and then<br />

income in your latter years.<br />

Ultimately, committing to the<br />

habit of reviewing your<br />

retirement plan annually will<br />

result to acting quicker against<br />

threats to your retirement<br />

investment, and acting promptly<br />

to market opportunities that will<br />

allow you to meet your<br />

retirement goals sooner. n<br />

Thato Malebo is a dedicated Financial Advisor on a mission to transform clients’<br />

financial dreams into reality. With a focus on Wealth Protection, Creation,<br />

Preservation, and Estate Planning, Thato employs her expertise to simplify<br />

complex financial decisions. Building lasting and mutually beneficial<br />

relationships with clients is her specialty, backed by a top-notch team of experts<br />

in various financial fields. Thato follows a straightforward 5-step approach: set<br />

goals, prioritize them, figure out what you need, create a personalized plan, and<br />

keep it on track as life unfolds. To start your journey toward financial balance,<br />

contact her at thatomalebo2@gmail.com or +27 79 049 0476.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 21


To buy or to rent …<br />

Buying a home and renting<br />

a home both have their<br />

own advantages and<br />

disadvantages. If you rent, you<br />

have more money available in<br />

the short term, but if you buy a<br />

house, you get a sense of<br />

security as it is considered a<br />

long-term investment.<br />

Advantages of buying a home<br />

include:<br />

Owning a home offers longterm<br />

benefits such as<br />

security, equity, and potential<br />

growth in personal wealth.<br />

The value of a home will<br />

appreciate over time, which<br />

means that if you decide to<br />

sell, you can make a profit off<br />

the sale.<br />

You have creative control of<br />

your property, so you can<br />

make changes to suit your<br />

needs and style.<br />

You can generate income by<br />

renting out the property and<br />

this income can be put<br />

towards your home loan.<br />

Paying your bond<br />

repayments on time<br />

increases your credit score.<br />

You can refinance your bond<br />

amount should you wish to<br />

withdraw a large amount of<br />

money to pay for major<br />

purchases.<br />

There are possible tax<br />

deductions related to incomegenerating<br />

properties.<br />

Disadvantages of buying a<br />

home include:<br />

You have huge financial<br />

responsibility, including bond<br />

repayments and regular<br />

house maintenance.<br />

There are additional costs such<br />

as rates, taxes, insurance, and<br />

maintenance for which the<br />

Homeowner is responsible.<br />

You run the risk of not<br />

making any profit through<br />

resale if economic factors<br />

such as a recession or high<br />

interest rates affect the<br />

market.<br />

You have less mobility when it<br />

comes to being able to move<br />

home than a Tenant who<br />

rents on a short-term basis.<br />

Advantages of renting a home<br />

include:<br />

Renting a property allows<br />

more flexibility than owning a<br />

home, which is ideal for those<br />

who could be faced with<br />

sudden changes such as a job<br />

relocation.<br />

There is the possibility of<br />

living in an area in which you<br />

could not afford to buy.<br />

Moving out is easier for a<br />

Tenant than a Homeowner as<br />

there is no stress of finding<br />

someone to take over the<br />

lease or finding a buyer to<br />

purchase the property.<br />

The only insurance required<br />

by a Tenant is to cover the<br />

contents of the home.<br />

Disadvantages of renting a<br />

home include:<br />

You are bound by the rules of<br />

the lease agreement, which<br />

can impact the freedom to<br />

use or renovate the property.<br />

You cannot make changes to<br />

a rented property without the<br />

consent of the Homeowner.<br />

When renting, you will often<br />

have to deal with a Rental<br />

Agent who will then be the<br />

liaison between you and the<br />

Homeowner.<br />

Renting offers no wealth<br />

creation or return on<br />

investment, and you have no<br />

control over annual rental<br />

fluctuations.<br />

There is no guarantee that a<br />

lease will be renewed when it<br />

expires. n<br />

22<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>


At Circle Estates, we are more than just a team, we're a family committed<br />

to helping you make the best property decisions. Whether you're buying,<br />

selling, or renting, we've got your back. Let us guide you home.<br />

We know the market, we know the area, we know the locals, who better<br />

to choose as your Property Practitioner of choice.<br />

Your Resident Property Practitioners<br />


Candidate Property Practitioner<br />

+27 81 390 8332<br />

christina@circlestates.co.za<br />


Property Practitioner<br />

+27 74 703 9034<br />

charmaine@circlestates.co.za<br />

Why Choose Us<br />

As the trusted Property Practitioner<br />

for our clients, We understand that<br />

selling and/or buying a home is<br />

complex and deeply personal. There<br />

is also a lot at stake financially and<br />

personally. The perspective on the<br />

process and the responsibility felt<br />

towards our clients drives us to truly<br />

be an experts at our jobs.<br />

Marketing & Research<br />

We have all the tools to ensure that<br />

we give you accurate and<br />

informative information to ensure<br />

the right marketing plan is<br />

conducted.<br />

Dedicated Agent<br />

We understand the market, the<br />

players, and all of the variables<br />

involved in a real estate<br />

transaction. We want to make<br />

sure you feel supported and that<br />

you have a trusted advisor by your<br />

side.<br />

24/7 Customer Care<br />

We are dedicated to serve and<br />

assist in the transaction that<br />

changes your life forever.<br />

www.circlestates.co.za<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 23<br />

R A N D P A R K R I D G E | F O N T A I N E B L E A U | M A L A N S H O F | R A N D P A R K


Unlocking business<br />

success through BNI<br />

The Power of Building Relationships and Referrals<br />

In the world of small businesses and entrepreneurship, networking is often<br />

hailed as the key to success. One organisation that embodies this principle is<br />

BNI (Business Network International), where professionals from diverse<br />

industries gather to foster relationships, exchange business referrals, and reap<br />

a multitude of benefits. Discover how this exclusive, relationship-driven<br />

network can transform your business game.<br />

In the fast-paced arena of modern<br />

entrepreneurship, building strong<br />

connections and referrals can be the<br />

lifeblood of your business. One<br />

organisation that has mastered the art of<br />

networking is BNI, short for Business<br />

Network International. This exclusive<br />

network of professionals from various<br />

industries offers a structured approach<br />

to relationship-building and referral<br />

exchange that has the potential to<br />

transform your business.<br />

Weekly Meetings: Fostering<br />

Relationships and Referrals<br />

At the heart of BNI's success lies its<br />

weekly meetings. These gatherings<br />

follow a structured agenda, providing<br />

members with a platform to network,<br />

share business updates, and request<br />

specific referrals. These meetings are not<br />

your run-of-the-mill networking events;<br />

they are carefully curated sessions<br />

designed to facilitate meaningful<br />

connections and tangible business<br />

opportunities.<br />

Exclusivity: A Unique Approach<br />

to Collaboration<br />

What sets BNI apart from other<br />

networking groups is its exclusivity.<br />

Within each chapter, only one<br />

representative per professional category<br />

is allowed. This strategic move ensures<br />

24<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>


that members don't directly compete<br />

with each other within the group,<br />

creating a cooperative environment<br />

where trust and collaboration can thrive.<br />

Building Trust and Rapport<br />

BNI places a strong emphasis on<br />

relationship-building. By attending<br />

meetings regularly and engaging with<br />

fellow members, you have the chance to<br />

get to know them on a deeper level. This<br />

focus on building trust and rapport<br />

increases the likelihood of members<br />

referring business to one another. After<br />

all, people are more likely to recommend<br />

someone they know and trust.<br />

The Core Principle: Givers Gain<br />

At the core of BNI's philosophy is the<br />

principle of "Givers Gain." This concept<br />

encourages members to actively seek<br />

opportunities to help others within the<br />

group, understanding that by giving,<br />

they increase their chances of receiving<br />

referrals in return. It's a win-win mindset<br />

that fuels the entire BNI network.<br />

Skill Development: Empowering<br />

Your Networking Journey<br />

BNI doesn't stop at just providing<br />

networking opportunities. The<br />

organisation also offers training and<br />

resources to help members improve<br />

their networking and business<br />

development skills. These resources can<br />

enhance your ability to communicate<br />

effectively, present your business, and<br />

follow up with leads, ultimately<br />

contributing to your professional growth.<br />

Benefits of Joining a BNI<br />

Chapter<br />

Now that we've delved into the inner<br />

workings of BNI, let's explore the<br />

tangible benefits of joining a chapter:<br />

Increased Referrals: One of the<br />

primary advantages of joining a BNI<br />

chapter is the potential for receiving<br />

a consistent flow of qualified<br />

business referrals. When members<br />

understand your business and trust<br />

your expertise, they are more likely to<br />

recommend you to their contacts.<br />

Expanded Network: BNI offers<br />

access to a diverse network of<br />

professionals from various industries.<br />

By connecting with individuals<br />

outside your immediate circle, you<br />

can tap into new markets, find<br />

collaboration opportunities, and gain<br />

exposure to different perspectives<br />

and resources.<br />

Business Development Skills: BNI<br />

provides training and workshops to<br />

help you enhance your networking<br />

and business development skills.<br />

These skills can benefit you not only<br />

within BNI but also in other<br />

professional settings, improving your<br />

overall ability to attract clients and<br />

grow your business.<br />

Credibility and Reputation: Being a<br />

member of BNI can boost your<br />

credibility in the eyes of potential<br />

clients and business partners. The<br />

association with a reputable<br />

networking organisation can<br />

enhance your professional image<br />

and inspire confidence in your<br />

abilities.<br />

Supportive Community: Joining a<br />

BNI chapter offers the opportunity to<br />

become part of a supportive<br />

community of like-minded<br />

professionals. You can share your<br />

successes, challenges, and<br />

knowledge with others, receiving<br />

support, advice, and encouragement<br />

along the way.<br />

It's important to note that the success<br />

of your BNI experience depends on<br />

active participation, commitment to<br />

building relationships, and consistent<br />

effort in generating referrals for others.<br />

By fully engaging in the BNI process, you<br />

can maximise the benefits and<br />

opportunities available to you. So, if<br />

you're looking to supercharge your<br />

business networking game, consider the<br />

power of BNI and watch your<br />

connections and referrals soar. n<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 25


Spotted at the BNI Open Doors Chapter Launch<br />

<strong>Pivotl</strong> Magazine attended the launch of the BNI<br />

Open Doors chapter in Bryanston, Johannesburg.<br />

26<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>

Spotted at the BNI Open Doors Chapter Launch<br />


<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 27


Girls Got Wine Bookclub<br />

Girls Got Wine’s August book club was hosted at<br />

Syringa Cafe in Bromhof, Johannesburg. Local<br />

author, Barbara Steyn was there to tell us about<br />

her book, “My son went to rehab, I went to Rome”.<br />

Barbara read an excerpt from her book and<br />

shared some of her story behind the book. Her<br />

son Tristan, was also there to talk about his<br />

difficult journey to recovery.<br />

Barbara Steyn’s book can be purchased from<br />

https://dotdot.direct/books/non-fiction/my-sonwent-to-rehab-i-went-to-rome-by-barbara-steyn/<br />

28<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>

Girls Got Wine Bookclub<br />


<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 29


Girls Got Wine Bookclub<br />

30<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>


Malamute Media<br />


VHS<br />

Beta<br />

Cassette<br />

Vinyl<br />

Slides<br />

Negatives<br />

Don't let your memories fade away into obscurity<br />

Contact us today to start preserving your memories in the digital age.<br />

Don't wait until it's too late to relive the moments that matter most!<br />

Wendy<br />

Cell: 082 963 7441<br />

E-mail: wedancer@gmail.com<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 31


On the shelf<br />

The Diary of a CEO: The 33 Laws of Business and Life<br />


This is not a book about business strategy. Strategy changes like the seasons. This<br />

is a book about something much more permanent.<br />

At the very heart of all the success and failure I've been exposed to - both my own<br />

entrepreneurial journey and through the thousands of interviews I've conducted on<br />

my podcast - are a set of principles that can stand the test of time, apply to any<br />

industry, and be used by anyone who is search of building something great or<br />

becoming someone great.<br />

These are the fundamental laws that will ensure excellence.<br />

They are rooted in psychology and behavioural science, are based on the wisdom of<br />

tens of thousands of people I've surveyed across every continent and age group,<br />

and of course, drawn from the conversations I've had on my chart-topping podcast<br />

with the world's most successful people.<br />

These laws will work now or in 100 years from now. Are you ready to get started?<br />

Hiking beyond Cape Town<br />


Hiking Beyond Cape Town opens a gateway to the myriad trails and tracks that<br />

await hikers – young and old, novice and experienced – beyond the confines of<br />

the city.<br />

This collection of day trips outside of Cape Town features 40 trails, fanning out<br />

from the south coast to the west and covering a range of varied hikes in<br />

between. Ranging between 2 to 7 hours, the hikes are tailored for single-day<br />

trips, although a handful will require overnighting.<br />

Each hike entry includes an accurate, up-to-date route description, a map of the<br />

trail, and directions for getting to the start. In each case, an upfront summary<br />

outlines the distance, duration, grade of difficulty, and elevation of the hike, as<br />

well as other details. Striking colour photographs and observations about the<br />

plant and animal life along the route add lively interest.<br />

A brief introduction provides expert advice on gear, planning and preparation.<br />

If you have any book recommendations please send them to info@pivotl.co.za<br />

32<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>


Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving<br />

Greater Things<br />


The #1 New York Times bestselling author<br />

of Think Again illuminates how we can<br />

elevate ourselves and others to<br />

unexpected heights.<br />

“This brilliant book will shatter your<br />

assumptions about what it takes to<br />

improve and succeed. I wish I could go<br />

back in time and gift it to my younger<br />

self. It would've helped me find a more<br />

joyful path to progress.” – Serena<br />

Williams, 23-time Grand Slam singles<br />

tennis champion<br />

We live in a world that’s obsessed with<br />

talent. We celebrate gifted students in<br />

school, natural athletes in sports, and<br />

child prodigies in music. But admiring<br />

people who start out with innate<br />

advantages leads us to overlook the<br />

distances we ourselves can travel. We can<br />

all improve at improving. And when<br />

opportunity doesn’t knock, there are<br />

ways to build a door.<br />

Hidden Potential offers a new framework<br />

for raising aspirations and exceeding<br />

expectations. Adam Grant weaves<br />

together groundbreaking evidence,<br />

surprising insights, and vivid storytelling<br />

that takes us from the classroom to the<br />

boardroom, the playground to the<br />

Olympics, and underground to outer<br />

space. He shows that progress depends<br />

less on how hard you work than how well<br />

you learn. Growth is not about the genius<br />

you possess – it’s about the character you<br />

develop. Grant explores how to build the<br />

character skills and motivational<br />

structures to realise our own potential,<br />

and how to design systems that create<br />

opportunities for those who have been<br />

underrated and overlooked.<br />

This book reveals how anyone can rise to<br />

achieve greater things. The true measure<br />

of your potential is not the height of the<br />

peak you’ve reached, but how far you’ve<br />

climbed to get there.<br />

Blackouts & Boerewors<br />


Load-shedding sucks! You know it. We know it. The whole country<br />

knows it. It’s also no secret that it’s here to stay for the foreseeable<br />

future. Is it annoying, frustrating and downright infuriating? Yes, no<br />

question about it.<br />

However, every blackout is a fire begging to be built, a juicy chop<br />

ready to be turned and a family braai just waiting to happen. With a<br />

little planning, some clever thinking and 40 great recipes – quick<br />

and easy, plan ahead and weekend winners – load-shedding can go<br />

from the worst part of your day to the best.<br />

Follow more recipes to become the king of condiments and the<br />

sultan of sauces, then power up your pantry with a store-bought<br />

collection of spices, smears, sauces and jazzer-uppers.<br />

Put your money where your braaibroodjie goes and join the Beer<br />

Country duo as they dive into their best braai recipes for the Eishkom<br />

disaster. Welcome to the braaight side of load-shedding life!<br />

Available from the following online stores<br />

takealot.com Exclusive Books Wordsworth Books Graffiti Books Loot<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 33


Rough versus<br />

Smooth Collies<br />

Which regal best friend is right for you?<br />

The Scottish Collie, with its flowing mane and<br />

piercing gaze, has captured hearts for<br />

centuries. But did you know this beloved<br />

breed comes in two distinct coat varieties: Rough<br />

and Smooth? While both share the same gentle soul<br />

and playful spirit, subtle differences in personality,<br />

exercise needs, and grooming requirements set<br />

them apart. So, if you're considering bringing a Collie<br />

into your life, choosing between these two furry<br />

friends can be a delightful dilemma.<br />

The Rugged Rough Collie<br />

Imagine a dog draped in a luxurious fur coat, its<br />

feathery tail sweeping the ground like a regal<br />

plume. That's the Rough Collie, the Lassie of our<br />

collective imagination. Their thick double coat,<br />

while undeniably elegant, demands more attention.<br />

Regular brushing and occasional trimming are<br />

essential to prevent matting and keep their<br />

majestic mane flowing.<br />

The Sleek Smooth Collie<br />

For those who prefer a low-maintenance look, the<br />

Smooth Collie offers a shorter, weather-resistant<br />

coat. Don't be fooled by the sleekness, though!<br />

These athletic dogs retain more of their herding<br />

instincts, craving ample exercise and mental<br />

stimulation. Think frisbee-catching champions and<br />

agility course stars.<br />

Nature's Gentle Giants<br />

Both Rough and Smooth Collies share a heart of<br />

gold. They're devoted companions, showering their<br />

families with affection and loyalty. Gentle with<br />

children and friendly towards strangers, they make<br />

wonderful family pets. Their sensitive nature,<br />

however, makes them thrive in peaceful<br />

environments. Homes with frequent tension or loud<br />

voices can be stressful for these empathetic souls.<br />

Training Titans<br />

Collies are renowned for their intelligence and<br />

eagerness to please. Training them comes naturally,<br />

34<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>


with most responding well to gentle guidance and<br />

positive reinforcement. However, a stubborn streak<br />

can occasionally surface, requiring patience and a<br />

calm approach. Early socialisation is crucial for both<br />

varieties, building confidence and preventing timidity.<br />

Barking Beauties<br />

While not naturally aggressive, Collies can be vocal.<br />

Boredom and loneliness are the main culprits<br />

behind excessive barking. Providing them with<br />

regular exercise, engaging activities, and plenty of<br />

company can help curb this tendency.<br />

Health Considerations<br />

Like all breeds, Collies are susceptible to certain<br />

health issues. Eye diseases, skin disorders, epilepsy,<br />

and heart disease are some to be aware of.<br />

Responsible breeders screen their dogs for these<br />

conditions, so choosing a reputable breeder is key.<br />

The Bottom Line<br />

Ultimately, the choice between a Rough and<br />

Smooth Collie comes down to your lifestyle and<br />

preferences. If you crave a luxurious lapdog who<br />

thrives on gentle companionship, the Rough Collie<br />

might be your perfect match. But if you lead an<br />

active life and seek a canine partner for adventures,<br />

the Smooth Collie could be your ideal furry friend. No<br />

matter which coat you choose, you're guaranteed a<br />

loyal, loving companion who will enrich your life with<br />

endless devotion and playful charm.<br />

Remember, adopting a dog from a shelter or<br />

rescue group is a wonderful way to give a loving<br />

home to a deserving animal. Many adult Collies are<br />

already housebroken and past the puppy chewing<br />

stage, and their personalities are well-developed,<br />

making it easier to choose the right match for your<br />

family.<br />

So, open your heart and home to a Rough or<br />

Smooth Collie, and prepare to be showered with<br />

unconditional love and loyalty. Just remember,<br />

these regal pups deserve a peaceful, loving<br />

environment where their gentle spirits can truly<br />

blossom.<br />

Bonus Tip<br />

If you're still unsure which Collie is right for you,<br />

spend time with both varieties at a dog park or<br />

breeder's kennel. Observing their interactions and<br />

energy levels can help you make an informed<br />

decision. And remember, no matter which coat you<br />

choose, a Collie is a lifelong commitment filled with<br />

love, laughter, and the occasional tumbleweed of<br />

fur. Embrace the journey, and prepare to be<br />

charmed by these magnificent Scottish<br />

companions. n<br />

Many collies love water and you’ll often find them in the swimming pool<br />

during the hot summer months. Watch the video below.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 35


What’s<br />

on the<br />

menu<br />

today?<br />

Choosing the right cat food – Wet versus dry<br />

The debate over whether wet or dry cat food is<br />

better often depends on various factors,<br />

including the cat’s health, age, and individual<br />

preferences. Both types of cat food have their<br />

advantages and disadvantages.<br />

Wet Cat Food<br />

Advantages:<br />

Hydration: Wet cat food has a higher moisture<br />

content, which can help ensure that your cat<br />

stays adequately hydrated. This is particularly<br />

beneficial for cats that don't drink enough<br />

water.<br />

Palatability: Many cats find wet food more<br />

palatable due to its strong aroma and taste,<br />

making it an attractive option for picky eaters.<br />

Nutrient Absorption: Some argue that the<br />

nutrients in wet cat food are more easily<br />

absorbed by the cat's body.<br />

Disadvantages:<br />

Cost: Wet cat food can be more expensive than<br />

dry cat food.<br />

Spoilage: Once opened, wet cat food can spoil<br />

more quickly and may need to be refrigerated.<br />

Dental Health: Some argue that wet food may<br />

be less effective at promoting dental health<br />

compared to dry food.<br />

Dry Cat Food<br />

Advantages:<br />

Dental Health: The chewing action required for<br />

dry cat food can help maintain dental health by<br />

reducing plaque and tartar buildup.<br />

Convenience: Dry cat food is convenient, has a<br />

longer shelf life, and is easy to store.<br />

Cost: Dry cat food is often more cost-effective<br />

than wet cat food.<br />

Disadvantages:<br />

Hydration: Dry cat food has a lower moisture<br />

content, so it may not provide as much<br />

hydration as wet food. This can be a concern for<br />

cats that don't drink enough water.<br />

Palatability: Some cats may be pickier with dry<br />

cat food, and it may not be as appealing to them.<br />

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your cat's<br />

specific needs and preferences. It’s important to<br />

consult with your veterinarian to determine the<br />

most appropriate diet for your cat based on factors<br />

such as age, health conditions, and lifestyle. n<br />

36<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong>


About us:<br />

We are a non-profit, no-kill cat wellfare<br />

organisation. We have been operating<br />

since 2000. We do not receive any<br />

government funding and rely on the<br />

generosity of animal lovers throughout<br />

Gauteng for support and donations. We<br />

work tirelessly through a network of<br />

volunteers and fosters to improve the<br />

lives of hundreds of unwanted and<br />

abandoned cats and kittens by finding<br />

them loving homes.<br />

How to get<br />

involved:<br />

We need foster parents! People who can<br />

provide a loving environment for kittens to<br />

grow up and thrive in. All you need is a spare<br />

room, transport and lots of love to give these<br />

babies. We provide food and cover medical<br />

costs that are needed to foster,<br />

<br />

We also accept donations to help look after<br />

all these angels.<br />

You can donate<br />

through an EFT into the following account:<br />

Account name: Kitty Shelter<br />

Bank: FNB<br />

Account number: 6274 2088 900<br />

Branch: Melrose Arch<br />

POP: info@kittyshelter.co.za<br />

How to contact us:<br />

www.kittyshelter.co.za<br />

@cataholics_kitty_shelter<br />

info@kittyshelter.co.za<br />

To visit us at the shelter, email<br />

merien@kittyshelter.co.za to make an<br />

appointment (by appointment only)<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 4 - <strong>2023</strong> 37

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