Winchester Lifestyle Aug - Sep 2023

The late summer and early autumn edition is here - we've interviewed the lovely Chinese cookery expert Ching-He Huang, plus we have some recipes from her. Plus our usual bumper competition guide returns, alongside a whole host of home, garden, education and later life advice.

The late summer and early autumn edition is here - we've interviewed the lovely Chinese cookery expert Ching-He Huang, plus we have some recipes from her. Plus our usual bumper competition guide returns, alongside a whole host of home, garden, education and later life advice.


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I My had outfits my over first the last English few<br />

strawberry weeks have this mainly week, consisted and my<br />

word, of it summer was beyond delicious dresses<br />

- covered perfectly with sweet, anoraks it was and a<br />

very occasionally good advert the appearance for eating<br />

seasonally. of a Wellington I’ve tried boot. to It’s echo a<br />

this look. in I all think my recent I might fruit have and<br />

vegetable cursed us purchases, all when I packed and it’s<br />

had all my a transformative winter clothes effect away on -<br />

my so my cooking apologies - everything to you all! just<br />

tastes better - more vibrant,<br />

needing This edition less seasoning is still and a<br />

just celebration overall very of tasty. summer,<br />

with lots of fun for <strong>Aug</strong>ust<br />

I’m before making the back the to most school of<br />

cooking<br />

organisation<br />

whilst I<br />

begins<br />

still have<br />

in<br />

a<br />

kitchen<br />

earnest.<br />

- mine is due to be<br />

ripped out in two weeks and<br />

it will be camping stove and<br />

We were lucky enough to<br />

air frying for two months from<br />

interview the lovely Chingthere!<br />

I’ve already picked my<br />

He Huang this edition - she’s<br />

kitchen, but it got me thinking<br />

passionate about making<br />

about all the other areas that<br />

Chinese food accessible to<br />

need updating in my home. If<br />

all. As well as a chat about<br />

you are thinking of a similar<br />

her background, she’s given<br />

refresh, please check out our<br />

home<br />

us some<br />

pages<br />

delicious<br />

this<br />

recipes<br />

edition<br />

to<br />

-<br />

they’re<br />

try out at<br />

full<br />

home.<br />

of inspiring trends<br />

and a few timeless classics.<br />

In the home section, we’ve<br />

We’ve got a also guide got on some working lovely<br />

editorial with texture on the and best tone plants in the<br />

for home pollinators - that’s what - it’s makes never<br />

been a room so go important from average to support to<br />

wildlife high end in and the garden. really gives you<br />

that interior designer feel.<br />

The In the competition garden, our guide resident this<br />

issue guru Matt is a bumper Biggs has one given - we<br />

have us a guide an outdoor to planting furniture for<br />

set autumn from colour, Bramblecrest to ensure worth we<br />

nearly are enjoying £3,000, the plus best a cordless of our<br />

lawnmower garden all year. worth £679 to get<br />

that garden in shape. This,<br />

plus On the a lot competition more makes it front, well<br />

worth we’ve a look got and a an enter! bumper<br />

crop - you can enter all<br />

We competitions will be back for the again whole in<br />

<strong>Aug</strong>ust year for - I’ll only be £12.99 fully rebooted - not<br />

and only recharged saving into money summer on<br />

mode. entering See them you then! individually,<br />

but saving a lot of faff having<br />

to enter them too!<br />

Katie<br />

Katie<br />

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<strong>Winchester</strong> <strong>Lifestyle</strong> 165x240 +3mm.indd 1 07/03/<strong>2023</strong> 10:23

Leading girls and<br />

girls' schools<br />

Marina Gardiner Legge President of the<br />

Girls’ Schools Association celebrates the<br />

power girls-only education has to build a<br />

brighter world..<br />

As President, what’s your mission and what does the GSA do?<br />

My mission as President of the Girls’ Schools Association is to<br />

celebrate the power of girls’ schools to transform young women’s<br />

lives for the better. GSA has always been at the forefront of<br />

campaigning for the best interests of girls and in our schools<br />

girls embrace life to its fullest. We’re incredibly proud to offer<br />

dynamic educations built for girls and GSA champions a girls-first<br />

education. We’re a membership organisation made up of Heads<br />

from a diverse range of independent and state girls’ schools<br />

including many of the top performing schools in the UK. Together<br />

we educate over 80,000 students. I’m excited to lead GSA this<br />

year.<br />

Why should parents send their daughters to GSA schools?<br />

What opportunities can a GSA girl expect from life?<br />

At GSA we place girls and the best interests of young women<br />

at the heart of everything we do. Robust research consistently<br />

proves an all-girls education is best for our young women<br />

today, our future trailblazers and society makers. We know our<br />

Heads have a deep understanding of what girls need to thrive<br />

and every one of our schools puts them first. The expertise in<br />

girls’ schools lies in their understanding of how to teach girls<br />

in the best way possible - to bring the best out in them. In a<br />

girls’ school, she will study whatever interests her free from any<br />

stereotypical limitations, she will have the freedom to be herself.<br />

In girls’ schools we know girls are three times more likely to take<br />

maths and science at A-Level, for example, and they frequently<br />

outperform boys academically.<br />

Describe what modern girls’ schools are like, and what<br />

parents can expect.<br />

In girls’ schools today girls can expect to be listened to, to be<br />

involved in decisions being made about them, and to grasp<br />

brilliant opportunities in life both inside the classroom and out.<br />

We put girls first to foster their courage, curiosity, and self-belief.<br />

Research demonstrates that women need female role models;<br />

this is a priority in our schools.<br />

Cont...<br />

12 | www.minervamagazines.co.uk

school; they know your daughter best and will have a wealth<br />

of experience to help you. With such a great choice and<br />

variety of schools at GSA there is one that fits your daughter.<br />

You can use our school search tool to see all the diverse<br />

range of GSA’s schools in the UK and abroad on our website:<br />

gsa.uk.com/schools/find-a-school<br />

Cont...<br />

How can parents choose the right school for their<br />

daughters, do you have any tips?<br />

I’m a passionate believer in taking the time to decide with<br />

your daughter what the best school is for her. There will be<br />

a whole host of unique considerations for you but a good<br />

place to start is to think about what environment suits your<br />

own family and child. Are they keenly academic but also<br />

want to be free to enjoy sport, do they like a rural setting<br />

or are they keen on a city? Does day or boarding suit you<br />

best? Does she thrive in a more formal or informal setting?<br />

How warm do you feel about the school community when<br />

you visit? Do take a keen interest in the caring support of<br />

pastoral team who will look after her personal development,<br />

you want a nourishing community for her to thrive in. Keep<br />

your conversations open, curious, and encouraging. It’s<br />

important too to consider your family needs. Is having wrap<br />

around care important? Check the logistics too as that is vital<br />

for family life. Finally, check with the Head of your current<br />

What are the biggest opportunities for girls now?<br />

I think it’s more about what girls can offer the world, to be<br />

honest. We know firms with more Women in the C-Suite are<br />

more profitable: a 30% female share in corporate leadership<br />

is associated with an up to 15% increase in profitability for a<br />

typical firm. Locally to me, in Oxford, we watched a femaleled<br />

team develop the Covid-19 vaccine, faster than anyone<br />

expected and it’s been estimated that if countries could<br />

catch up with the most advanced nation on gender equality<br />

in their region, it could be worth $12 trillion worldwide. We<br />

have no time to lose!<br />

As a female leader yourself what inspires you, have you<br />

had to overcome any challenges yourself?<br />

I’m inspired every day by my students in my own school<br />

Oxford High School GDST. I’m blown away by their<br />

extraordinary power. They have fascinating views, they feel<br />

passionately about the world, they relish school as a place<br />

to safely exercise their voices, learn to own their power, and<br />

joyfully experiment in their own leadership.<br />

I’ve had my own challenges; one of the biggest was needing<br />

to retrain to find a new path for my children and I in the<br />

world. I chose to undertake a PGCE, one of the best choices<br />

I’ve ever made and loved it. I’ve never looked back; teaching<br />

and working with young people is a joy.<br />

Ready to<br />

be part of<br />

a child’s<br />

story?<br />

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Available<br />

Availability may be limitedin certain<br />

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OPEN 7.30AM TO 6.30PM<br />

Fun is an essential<br />

ingredient at Maples<br />

Day Nursery and Preschool<br />

where the care and<br />

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each and every child are<br />

as extraordinary as our<br />

colleagues who<br />

provide them.<br />

Get ready for back to school with lark kids<br />

Fitting appointments available via the website at larkkids.co.uk<br />

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Top Tips<br />

when considering an independent school<br />

Every parent wants to give their child the best start in life, and this naturally<br />

includes choosing a school that best suits their child’s needs. For many this<br />

can be a daunting task, and it can be hard to know where to start.<br />

An independent education remains a<br />

popular choice for families, with lots of<br />

different schools to choose from including<br />

day and boarding, single-sex and coeducational,<br />

and schools with specialisms<br />

such as in the arts or sport.<br />

Open days give families the opportunity to<br />

see first-hand whether a particular school<br />

is the right fit. Some schools continue<br />

to run virtual open days in the aftermath<br />

of the pandemic, making it possible for<br />

families to explore what a school has to<br />

offer from the comfort of their own home.<br />

There are many different aspects to<br />

consider when attending an open day,<br />

so to help ease the process, here are<br />

some top tips for parents considering an<br />

independent school for their child:<br />


If you live in an area with a number of<br />

good schools nearby, create a shortlist<br />

and take time to plan your school visits.<br />

For parents with a limited choice of local<br />

schools, the ‘Find a School’ tool on the<br />

isc.co.uk website is particularly useful,<br />

as it enables you to refine your search by<br />

distance, day and boarding, age range,<br />

fee assistance options and more! If you<br />

are considering a school which is further<br />

afield, it’s worth making a day of it so you<br />

and your child can get a feel for the area.<br />



All independent schools are different,<br />

offering unique specialisms and<br />

strengths. Ask yourself what type of<br />

school would best suit your child – are<br />

they sporty, academic or creative? If you<br />

have an academic child you might like<br />

to consider a selective school, whereas<br />

if your child is very creative, you might<br />

prefer a school with excellent arts<br />

provision and facilities.<br />


Teachers expect parents to be inquisitive<br />

and are well prepared to answer<br />

questions, so ask teachers everything you<br />

want to know; it is always best to speak<br />

up if you have any queries or concerns!<br />

Important areas that you might ask about<br />

include class sizes, the subjects on offer,<br />

methods of assessment, extracurricular<br />

activities and pastoral support.<br />

It would also be worthwhile learning more<br />

about how the school communicates with<br />

parents; it’s important that you feel wellinformed<br />

and able to discuss any matters<br />

pertaining to your child’s progress or<br />

wellbeing. If you are considering a<br />

boarding school for your child, take the<br />

opportunity to find out more about the<br />

on-site accommodation, flexi-boarding<br />

options and what activities take place<br />

over the weekends.<br />

Chat to pupils as well as staff and ask<br />

them about their experiences at the<br />

school. Much can be learned from<br />

observing their behaviour – do they seem<br />

happy, confident and at ease in their<br />

environment, are they engaged with their<br />

lessons and wider activities?<br />


An open day allows you to build an<br />

impression of what type of school is on<br />

offer. So, if you are happy with what you<br />

see, book a follow-up appointment with<br />

the school. This will enable you to speak<br />

more personally with the headteacher or<br />

registrar and provide another opportunity<br />

to ask any further questions or raise<br />

concerns you might have.<br />

The independent sector is diverse, with a<br />

huge array of schools and approaches to<br />

education on offer. Make the most of your<br />

open days, and use the experience to<br />

guide you as you choose the right school<br />

for your child.<br />

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An exceptional start in life for boys aged 4-13<br />

“Pupils’ attitudes to others and behaviour<br />

are exemplary throughout the school”<br />

- ISI Inspection <strong>2023</strong><br />

OPEN<br />

DAYS<br />

Pre-Prep - Friday 22 <strong>Sep</strong>tember<br />

Whole School - Saturday 30 <strong>Sep</strong>tember<br />

Virtual - Saturday 7 October<br />

Use QR code<br />

to book a visit<br />

The Pilgrims’ School, <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

www.thepilgrims-school.co.uk<br />

01962 854189


St Swithun's Prep School Appoints<br />

Sue Powell as Head of Early Years<br />

Foundation Stage<br />

St Swithun’s Prep School is pleased to announce the appointment of Sue<br />

Powell as Head of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Sue, who has been<br />

an integral part of the school community for the past two years, will also be<br />

joining the Senior Management Team (SMT) from <strong>Sep</strong>tember.<br />

Sue Powell brings a wealth of experience<br />

and expertise to her new role. As<br />

the current Head of English and a<br />

dedicated class teacher at St Swithun’s<br />

Prep School, she has consistently<br />

demonstrated her passion for education<br />

and commitment to the students’ wellbeing<br />

and academic success.<br />

With an impressive career spanning<br />

various independent schools and<br />

spanning the entire age range of children<br />

educated in the primary phase, Sue has<br />

gained extensive experience working<br />

with children aged 3-11. Her deep<br />

understanding of the unique needs<br />

and developmental stages of young<br />

learners has contributed to her success<br />

in fostering an engaging and supportive<br />

learning environment.<br />

As a member of the Senior Management<br />

Team, Sue will play a pivotal role in shaping<br />

the school’s Early Years Foundation Stage<br />

provision and ensuring its alignment with<br />

best practice in pursuit of excellence in all<br />

aspects of children’s development.<br />

Outgoing Prep Headteacher Jonathan<br />

Brough stated, “I am delighted that<br />

Sue will be taking a well-deserved step<br />

up to manage our Early Years groups<br />

at St Swithun’s. It has been a real joy<br />

and privilege to work alongside her in<br />

a number of different roles for over a<br />

decade. I have watched her flourish here<br />

during the past two years and I cannot<br />

wait to hear about her successes to<br />

come.”<br />

Incoming Headteacher Liz Norris said<br />

on the appointment, ‘We are thrilled that<br />

Sue will be taking on her new role as<br />

Head of EYFS at St Swithun’s Prep from<br />

<strong>Sep</strong>tember. Her extensive experience,<br />

deep commitment to education, and<br />

passion for early years learning will<br />

undoubtedly contribute to the continued<br />

growth and success of our Early Years<br />

provision. We look forward to the<br />

positive impact she will have on our<br />

students and staff alike.”<br />

Sue will officially assume her new<br />

responsibilities as Head of EYFS in<br />

<strong>Sep</strong>tember. The entire St Swithun’s Prep<br />

School community congratulates her<br />

on this well-deserved appointment and<br />

wishes her every success in her new<br />

role.<br />


WITH<br />


HSDC<br />


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Where happiness reigns<br />

Book now for our<br />

Open Morning<br />

6 October <strong>2023</strong><br />

Inde<br />

Independent co-educational school<br />

for children aged 3-11 years<br />

01962 888000 princesmeadschool.org.uk<br />

Worthy Park House, <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> <strong>Lifestyle</strong> Ad 153 x 110mm.indd 1 04/07/<strong>2023</strong> 11:42:13<br />

Independent<br />

day school for<br />

boys and girls<br />

age 11-16 years<br />

OPEN EVENING 5th October 4pm-7pm<br />

www.thegreggschool.org • registrar@thegreggschools.org • 02380 472133<br />


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Ching’-He<br />

HUANG<br />

Sally Thomson was fortunate<br />

enough to catch up with<br />

Ching-He Huang MBE. She<br />

is affectionately known as<br />

Ching. Born in Taiwan she<br />

has appeared in a variety<br />

of television cooking<br />

programmes and is the<br />

author of nine best-selling<br />

cookbooks...<br />

The first thing I was going to ask you is<br />

when did you first start cooking?<br />

I think I was five years-old, but I wasn’t<br />

really cooking I was messing about in my<br />

grandmother’s kitchen watching her cook<br />

on this huge wood-fired stove.<br />

I really started cooking at about 11 - I<br />

was making congee (a Chinese rice<br />

pudding) for my dad because my mum<br />

was away. She went away for work a<br />

lot, so that’s how I actually learnt how to<br />

cook. But the young formative years is<br />

when I learnt from my grandmother as I<br />

lived with her. She took care of us before<br />

we emigrated to South Africa. It was<br />

amazing because we had all this produce<br />

and I just saw her preparing chickens,<br />

gutting fish and getting vegetables out of<br />

the ground. She was a full-on lady. Oh my<br />

gosh, such a lovely memory.<br />

So, we lived in a Chinese courtyard home<br />

There were twenty-five great uncles and<br />

aunts all living together with each of their<br />

families. Honestly, every meal-time, was<br />

like a party. It was like a mini street party<br />

and it was amazing.<br />

And that was all the time virtually<br />

every day?<br />

Yeah, because every day you have to eat<br />

a breakfast, lunch, dinner and everyone<br />

sat down to eat. All the families lived<br />

around each other and the centre of<br />

the courtyard so it had the buzz and<br />

We all stood around<br />

looking at an avocado<br />

thinking “what is that,<br />

and what the heck do<br />

you do with it?!”<br />

22 | www.minervamagazines.co.uk<br />

excitement of daily life. Also, each of the<br />

homes there were gardens and people<br />

kept chickens.<br />

So why did you end up going to South<br />

Africa then?<br />

We emigrated because my father was in<br />

construction management. He was one<br />

of seven children and the only one that<br />

went to university. He always had ideas of<br />

having his own business but he hated the<br />

construction management work and he<br />

went to the foreign office.<br />

He met this African businessman in<br />

the foreign office in Taiwan and at that<br />

time they were trying to get people to<br />

emigrate. Helping people to understand<br />

trade or go and emigrate. The Taiwanese<br />

Foreign Office said to him, “Oh, you need<br />

to go to South Africa!”<br />

That must have been a shock to the<br />

system?<br />

Absolutely - particularly the food - on<br />

reflection it was quite funny - we all stood<br />

around looking at an avocado thinking<br />

“what is that, and what the heck do you<br />

do with it?!”. It was such a culture shock<br />

but really exciting at the same time.<br />

Then, when I was 11, we moved again<br />

to the UK. Apartheid was about to<br />

be dissolved. And there were a lot of<br />

turbulent times in South Africa. He said<br />

“we better, you know, up and leave”.<br />

Many people were leaving. The South<br />

Africans had the Commonwealth link, we<br />

were told, “Oh, go to UK because you<br />

know you can send your daughter and<br />

your son to Oxford or Cambridge.” You<br />

know, it was all about education. And he<br />

worked really hard and built a great life<br />

for us over there, but then decided to up<br />

and leave all of that.<br />

We came to UK in 1989 and then soon<br />

after was a recession in 1990 we lost<br />

everything. My father had invested in a<br />

lot and he had started from scratch. But

then because of the recession no one<br />

paid him back, so it all folded. They were<br />

very difficult times. We went from nothing<br />

to something in South Africa to back to<br />

nothing in UK. My brother and I were also<br />

the only non-white children in our school<br />

- it was very difficult, but it made the<br />

bonds we did make even stronger.<br />

But that’s how I learnt to cook, because<br />

my mum would go away for work a lot.<br />

My dad stayed here and I ended up<br />

cooking for him because he’s so clueless<br />

in the kitchen! My mum taught me how<br />

to make congee, which I did because I<br />

couldn’t make fried rice. And then I learnt<br />

how to do fried rice and then stir-fried<br />

veggies. When she came back home<br />

she’d teach me some more and then I’d<br />

cook for him.<br />

What was the light bulb when you<br />

suddenly thought this is what I want<br />

to do?<br />

It came in gradually and dripped and you<br />

just thought this is what I need to do.<br />

I just went to university - Queen Mary<br />

Westfield and I studied economics. After<br />

uni everyone was going to banking and<br />

into the city, but I needed to start earning<br />

quickly - I just set up my own food<br />

business called Fuji and started making<br />

jacket potatos, sandwiches etc.<br />

Where were you selling those in the<br />

central London?<br />

Yes, and then I ended up selling them to<br />

people like Collins, and Europa Foods.<br />

I had the food business for ten years,<br />

but while I was doing that in the first few<br />

years I met my husband. At the time, his<br />

sister worked for UK TV Food, so she<br />

was like, “Oh, Ching, your noodles are so<br />

good and you need to like come on Great<br />

Food Live TV show.” So I agreed. I met<br />

the Commissioner and did a screen test -<br />

the rest is history!<br />

You’ve presented 11 TV shows?<br />

Yes - some in the UK, some America.<br />

I started with Ching’s Kitchen, then I<br />

got a break a few years later on, with<br />

Chinese Food Made Easy for BBC and<br />

that was 2008. And then in 2009, 2010, I<br />

did a show for Channel 5 called Chinese<br />

Food in Minutes. In 2011, I went over to<br />

the States and did Easy Chinese, San<br />

Francisco.<br />

Did you enjoy it whilst you were doing<br />

that?<br />

Oh my god I was like a treadmill. I loved<br />

every minute of it. I just loved my team.<br />

They were incredible. I mean I was much<br />

younger back then, so I had more energy.<br />

And then, I did Exploring China with Ken<br />

Holm in 2012. I love Ken. I don’t know<br />

where he gets the energy from. Nothing<br />

phases him. And he’s just so kind and so<br />

lovely - he put me at ease immediately.<br />

So, do you ever go out to eat?<br />

I love going out to eat. And I love it when<br />

a friend has opened a restaurant and<br />

then I go and support them. Honestly,<br />

it’s so important. And locally we’ve got<br />

like a really good Indian restaurant called<br />

Dastan. It’s fantastic. There’s a Greek<br />

restaurant I’ve recently discovered in<br />

Notting Hill which is fantastic called<br />

Zephyr. Mini Mayfair, my friend Sam’s<br />

restaurant, they do excellent Peking<br />

duck and Imperial Treasure, my friends<br />

at Fallow restaurant, they do British and<br />

they’re just fantastic.<br />

What’s the best meal that you’ve ever<br />

had? Can you remember?<br />

Oh God, the best meal. Oh, you know<br />

that’s really hard. I think probably The<br />

Eight in Macau. Yeah, for sure The Eight.<br />

It’s Michelin-starred and it’s the best<br />

Chinese in the world. It’s in the Grand<br />

Lisboa Hotel. If you love chicken, the<br />

chef does the most fantastic chicken. He<br />

honestly does the most tender yellow<br />

chicken pomelo salad you will ever have.<br />

It’s so refreshing and just delicious. It’s a<br />

kind of like a drunken chicken dish which<br />

is basically steamed chicken in wine.<br />

In a French kitchen you have different<br />

stations, but in a Chinese kitchen it’s<br />

even more complex because you have a<br />

wok section. You have the cold section,<br />

you have the dim sum section, especially<br />

in this kind of restaurant. You’ve got the<br />

rotisserie section, yomaking your char<br />

sous, your roast pork. It’s massive, like<br />

there’s so much going on in one kitchen.<br />

So, you get your energy from your diet,<br />

do you think, that you are so busy?<br />

Energy from my diet? I don’t know - I am<br />

mostly plant-based now. Maybe it’s from<br />

my DNA, maybe my mother, I inherited<br />

I make my own<br />

kimchi. I always<br />

make sure we have<br />

something fermented<br />

on the table.<br />

from her because she’s, bless her,<br />

she’s like the bunny with the everlasting<br />

battery. Her mind is so quick and sharp. I<br />

think I get it from her.<br />

You would recommend you follow your<br />

diet and that’s now you’re still you’re<br />

introducing a little bit of protein into<br />

your diet?<br />

I always try. I make my own kimchi. I<br />

always make sure we have something<br />

fermented on the table. This is very good<br />

for your gut health. Then it’s a lot of teas<br />

with lemon, ginger, lemongrass - all the<br />

good stuff.<br />

What’s next for you?<br />

I’m appearing on Saturday Kitchen soon,<br />

then at the Big Feastival. At some point I<br />

will have to proof my new book!<br />

Can you tell us more?<br />

I don’t know if I can talk much about it<br />

yet. It’s about the times that we’re living<br />

in now. Everything is stretched so it’s<br />

having to make everything go that much<br />

further. I’m always about non-waste. I<br />

absolutely hate waste. I really do - so the<br />

book echoes that and is themed around<br />

making sure we make the most of all our<br />

ingredients - even the bits we’d typically<br />

throw away.<br />

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www.hayesmusic.co.uk<br />


Design A<br />



Specialists in...<br />











T: 02380 860889 www.hayesmusic.co.uk<br />

Visit us on Hayes Music<br />

Visit us at: Cutters Barn, Pauncefoot Hill, Romsey, SO51 6AA Open: Tuesday to Saturday 9.30am to 5.00pm

Ching’s<br />

Braised Hong Sao Pork<br />

PREP TIME 10 mins<br />

COOKING TIME 70 mins<br />

SERVES 4<br />


700g pork belly slices,<br />

rindless<br />

2 tablespoons rapeseed or<br />

groundnut oil<br />

1 tablespoon grated peeled<br />

fresh ginger<br />

3 tablespoons Shaohsing rice<br />

wine or dry sherry<br />

3 star anise<br />

1 teaspoon whole Sichuan<br />

peppercorns<br />

3 long whole dried red chillies<br />

250ml chicken stock<br />

80ml dark soy sauce<br />

3 tablespoons brown sugar<br />

pinch of salt<br />

Another<br />

slightly<br />

longer dish. Regional<br />

variations on Hong Sao Rou, or<br />

red braised pork can be found<br />

across China. It is said to have<br />

been one of Chairman Mao’s<br />

favourite dishes.<br />

Traditionally, belly pork pieces<br />

are cooked in a braising liquid of<br />

spices and sugar, the caramelised<br />

sugar imparting a rich brown<br />

colour. However, dark soy sauce<br />

is a popular way to enhance<br />

the umami salty-sweet flavour<br />

and I have used it in this dish.<br />

It adds depth and colour, giving<br />

the braising liquid a deep, reddy<br />

shine. The resulting pork should<br />

be sweet, salty and spiced and<br />

the sauce thick and sticky. I have<br />

reduced the amount of sugar to<br />

keep<br />

it healthier,<br />

but you can add more if you<br />

prefer a sweeter taste. It is best<br />

served simply with some steamed<br />

jasmine rice and stir-fried greens<br />

such as pak choy.<br />

METHOD<br />

Bring 1.5 litres water to the boil<br />

in a large pan. Add the pork belly<br />

slices and simmer over a medium<br />

heat for 30 minutes. Remove the<br />

pork and drain well, then pat dry<br />

with kitchen paper and slice into<br />

2cm x 2cm pieces.<br />

Heat a wok over a medium heat,<br />

add the rapeseed or groundnut<br />

oil and give the oil a swirl. Add<br />

the pork pieces and brown for<br />

2 minutes, then add the ginger,<br />

rice wine or dry sherry, the star<br />

anise, Sichuan peppercorns,<br />

dried chillies, chicken stock,<br />

dark soy sauce, brown sugar and<br />

salt. Cover with a tight-fitting lid<br />

and cook over a medium heat for<br />

45 minutes, until the liquid has<br />

reduced and thickened slightly<br />

and is a glossy reddish-brown<br />

colour.<br />

Remove from the heat (see tip)<br />

and serve with steamed jasmine<br />

rice and stir-fried greens of your<br />

choice.<br />


For a smooth cooked sauce, strain<br />

through a sieve and discard the<br />

whole spices, or you can just eat<br />

around them like the Chinese do!<br />

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Cantonese-style<br />

Egg and Tomato Macaroni Noodle Soup<br />

A classic comfort dish served in<br />

many of the licensed street<br />

vendors (dai pai dongs) offering<br />

Hong Kongers a quick snack.<br />

Add a good amount of sriracha<br />

for a kicked-up version. This is<br />

pure comfort in a bowl and yes,<br />

you read correctly, you’ll want<br />

canned plum tomatoes for a rich<br />

tart flavour.<br />

METHOD<br />

If you want to skin the fresh<br />

tomatoes before chopping, cut a<br />

small cross at the base of each<br />

one. Plunge them into a wok or<br />

pan of boiling water for less than<br />

1 minute, then drain. The skin will<br />

peel off easily. Finely chop the<br />

flesh, discarding the hard centre.<br />

However, most of the nutrients<br />

are underneath the skin so I don’t<br />

bother – also it does make the<br />

dish even quicker to prepare.<br />

Pour 800ml boiling water into a<br />

wok and bring back<br />

to the boil.<br />

bouillon powder and bring to<br />

a simmer, then add the fresh<br />

tomatoes and cook over a<br />

medium heat for 5 minutes until<br />

the tomatoes have softened.<br />

Add the canned plum tomatoes<br />

with their juices and bring to<br />

a simmer. Pour the beaten<br />

eggs into the broth,<br />

stirring gently. Add<br />

the tamari or light<br />

soy sauce, sesame<br />

oil, salt, white<br />

pepper, sriracha<br />

chilli sauce,<br />

cooked macaroni<br />

and blended<br />

cornflour. Mix<br />

well and heat<br />

through. If using,<br />

add the baby<br />

spinach and let it<br />

wilt, then garnish<br />

with the spring<br />

onions and serve<br />

immediately.<br />

Stir in<br />

the<br />

PREP TIME 3 mins<br />

COOKING TIME 8 mins<br />

SERVES 2<br />


3 ripe tomatoes, sliced<br />

1 tablespoon vegetable bouillon<br />

powder<br />

200g canned plum tomatoes,<br />

retain juices from the can<br />

3 eggs, lightly beaten<br />

1 tablespoon tamari or low sodium<br />

light soy sauce<br />

dash of toasted sesame oil<br />

pinch of salt<br />

pinch of ground white pepper<br />

1 tablespoon sriracha chilli sauce,<br />

to taste<br />

300g cooked macaroni pasta, drained,<br />

dressed in a little rapeseed oil<br />

1 tablespoon cornflour, blended with 2<br />

tablespoons cold water<br />

large handful of baby spinach (optional)<br />

2 spring onions, finely sliced<br />

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Taiwanese-style<br />

Seafood ‘Pancake’<br />

PREP TIME 5 mins COOKING<br />

TIME 5-8 mins SERVES 2<br />


40g potato flour<br />

40g cornflour<br />

2 spring onions, finely diced<br />

1 red chilli, deseeded and finely diced<br />

2 tablespoons rapeseed oil<br />

100g fresh mixed seafood<br />

(squid rings, mussels and tiger prawns)<br />

2 eggs<br />

75g pak choy, each leaf sliced down the<br />

stalk into 5mm strips<br />

sliced spring onions, to garnish<br />

For the sweet hot sauce<br />

2 tablespoons hoisin sauce<br />

2 tablespoons oyster sauce<br />

2 teaspoons sriracha chilli sauce<br />

This delicious snack or quick mid-week<br />

supper is inspired by my love of the<br />

oyster omelettes that you get in the<br />

street food stalls found in the night<br />

markets in Taiwan. It involves making a<br />

thin, egg crêpe-like pancake. The trick is<br />

to stir-fry the seafood first and then pour<br />

in the potato and cornflour batter and<br />

cook it like a thin eggy crêpe. Serve it<br />

with a spicy sweet concoction of hoisin,<br />

oyster and sriracha sauces – so umami<br />

and full of yum!<br />

If you’re vegetarian, you can use an<br />

assortment of sliced fresh shiitake,<br />

shimeji and enoki mushrooms instead of<br />

the seafood.<br />

METHOD<br />

Combine all the ingredients for the sweet<br />

hot sauce and set aside. Mix the potato<br />

flour and cornflour in 80ml cold water,<br />

then add the diced spring onions and<br />

chilli.<br />

Heat a wok over a medium heat, add<br />

1 tablespoon of the rapeseed oil and<br />

give the oil a swirl. Add half the mixed<br />

seafood and fry for a few seconds,<br />

then add half the spring onion and chilli<br />

mixture. Lightly beat one of the eggs and<br />

add to the wok with half the pak choy.<br />

Cook for 2–3 minutes until the potato<br />

starch has turned a translucent colour.<br />

Spoon out onto a serving plate and<br />

cover with foil to keep it warm. Make the<br />

second ‘pancake’ in the same way, using<br />

the remaining ingredients.<br />

To serve, drizzle with the sweet hot<br />

sauce and garnish with some sliced<br />

spring onions.<br />

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Ching’s<br />

Three-Cup Chicken<br />

This classic Taiwanese dish is warm and<br />

comforting - perfect for the cold weather.<br />

The chicken, ginger and chilli will give<br />

you a warm zingy lift. It’s also quick and<br />

speedy - prepared in 5 minutes and<br />

cooked in 7 - which means chopping<br />

board to table in under 15 minutes.<br />

Traditionally the dish uses 1 cup of soy<br />

sauce, 1 cup of rice wine and 1 cup of<br />

toasted sesame oil (there’s not 1 cup of<br />

each in this recipe but equal quantities of<br />

all three). If Japan is famous for inventing<br />

their teriyaki sauce, Taiwan is famous for<br />

inventing Three Cup Chicken sauce. The<br />

sweet basil at the end imparts a sweet<br />

aniseed aroma and taste, which pairs<br />

perfectly with the dish. If you can’t get<br />

Taiwanese nine pagoda basil try Thai<br />

Sweet Basil instead.<br />

METHOD<br />

Place the chicken in a bowl, add the salt<br />

and ground white pepper and then dust<br />

with the cornflour. Mix well to coat then<br />

set aside.<br />

PREP TIME 10 mins<br />

COOKING TIME 70 mins<br />

SERVES 4<br />


250g boneless chicken thighs, sliced<br />

into 1cm x 2.5cm cubes<br />

Pinch of sea salt flakes<br />

Pinch of ground white pepper<br />

1 tablespoon cornflour<br />

1 tablespoon rapeseed oil<br />

Large knob of fresh root ginger, peeled<br />

and cut into large slices<br />

2 garlic cloves, crushed but left whole<br />

1 red chilli, sliced into rings<br />

1 tablespoon Shaoxing rice wine or dry<br />

sherry<br />

50ml LKK Premium light soy sauce<br />

50ml toasted sesame oil<br />

1 teaspoon caster sugar<br />

5g Thai sweet basil<br />

Rice: 100g wild rice, 100g red rice, 100g<br />

Thai Jasmine rice<br />

Heat a wok over a high heat until<br />

smoking and add the rapeseed oil. Add<br />

the ginger slices and fry until crispy and<br />

golden, then add the garlic and red chili<br />

and toss for a few seconds to release<br />

their flavour. Add the chicken pieces<br />

and leave for 10 seconds to sear and<br />

colour, then flip them over. Season with<br />

Shaoxing rice wine or dry sherry and<br />

stir-fry for 2-3 minutes on a high heat<br />

until the chicken is almost cooked.<br />

Add the light soy sauce, the toasted<br />

sesame oil and sugar and cook for<br />

5 minutes until the liquid has almost<br />

evaporated. The chicken should have<br />

a dark brown, slightly sticky shine. Add<br />

the basil leaves and toss through to<br />

will, then take off the heat and serve<br />

immediately.<br />

For the rice<br />

Rinse the rice in cold water until the<br />

water runs clear. Add to 600ml of cold<br />

water and bring to the boil, put the lid<br />

on and leave to simmer for 15 minutes.<br />

Once the rice is cooked, it should fluff<br />

up with a fork<br />

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BE<br />


The ultimate<br />

guide to getting<br />

a healthy, happy<br />

four-legged friend<br />

Buying and owning a dog is a big responsibility, yet research by The Kennel<br />

Club has found that more than one in ten puppy buyers wish they had spent<br />

more time researching their decision.<br />

To encourage responsible puppy<br />

ownership, we’re sharing The Kennel<br />

Club’s step-by-step guide to help you<br />

to ‘be puppywise’, and to find and<br />

care for a happy and healthy canine<br />

companion.<br />

Are you ready?<br />

The first step is deciding whether<br />

you’re genuinely ready for a fourlegged<br />

friend. Make a start by asking<br />

yourself:<br />

• Can you give a dog all the care<br />

and attention they need? Think<br />

about both the short and the long<br />

term responsibilities, considering<br />

your work and life commitments,<br />

and how these might change<br />

over time<br />

• Will you have the time to<br />

exercise, train, bath, groom, feed,<br />

and care for your dog?<br />

• Have you considered all costs of<br />

having a dog, across its whole<br />

life, covering any eventualities?<br />

• Have you considered which type<br />

or breed of dog would best suit<br />

your lifestyle? Learn as much<br />

as you can about breeds you’re<br />

interested in – both their good<br />

traits and possible downsides. Do<br />

your research, speak to experts<br />

or people you know who own the<br />

breed you’re interested in.<br />

Giving them the best start<br />

Choosing the right breeder is<br />

absolutely vital. A great place to start<br />

is asking friends, family, breed clubs,<br />

training clubs or your local vet to see if<br />

they have any recommendations.<br />

The Kennel Club Assured Breeder<br />

scheme is another way to find a wellbred<br />

puppy. Breeders on the scheme<br />

health test their dogs, are regularly<br />

inspected to ensure they adhere to<br />

certain high standards, and it’s the<br />

only organisation accredited by UKAS<br />

to certify dog breeders across the UK.<br />

All good breeders will be able to<br />

answer your questions thoroughly and<br />

informatively, and you should expect<br />

to be asked lots of questions too – it<br />

shows they care that their puppy is<br />

going to a good home. Responsible<br />

breeders will also perform relevant<br />

health testing and screening before<br />

breeding to increase the chances of<br />

producing healthy, happy puppies.<br />

Ensure you:<br />

• See the puppy with its mum<br />

• …and in its home environment,<br />

more than once<br />

• Are provided with paperwork,<br />

including relevant health test<br />

results for the puppy’s parents, a<br />

contract of sale, vaccinations and<br />

microchip details<br />

• Are prepared to be put on a<br />

waiting list – a healthy, happy<br />

puppy is worth waiting for!<br />

Your puppy plan<br />

From doing your research and finding<br />

the right breeder, you are well on the<br />

way to providing your puppy with the<br />

best start. So what next?<br />

When you come to bringing your new<br />

best friend home, make sure you are<br />

well prepared and remember that these<br />

formative months where they learn and<br />

absorb their surroundings are crucial.<br />

You’ll also need to think about puppy<br />

training. The Kennel Club Good Citizen<br />

Scheme is a good place to start – you<br />

can find a local club on The Kennel<br />

Club website.<br />

Dog ownership brings much happiness,<br />

and by being puppywise, you can make<br />

sure your four-legged friend is a happy,<br />

healthy new family member.<br />

For further advice on responsible<br />

puppy ownership, visit thekennelclub.<br />

org.uk/bepuppywise<br />

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Texture and<br />

TONE<br />

Image from House Nine Design<br />

The key in elevating an interior into something that looks like an interior designer<br />

has created the scheme is to balance texture and tone - we look at some design<br />

considerations to help you pull together a beautiful rooom<br />

Texture is, quite simply, an object’s<br />

physical feeling or visual appearance.<br />

Everything from a nubby bouclé<br />

throw to a cane screen and a suede<br />

wall to a stone backsplash count as<br />

texture in a space. Tone is all about<br />

colour - by limiting our palette, but<br />

using many tones of a colour, we can<br />

create schemes which are cohesive<br />

and high-end.<br />

LAYER<br />



Layering in interior design is key to<br />

producing a scheme that’s rich and<br />

full of depth. Try blending multiple<br />

different sources of texture so that<br />

you’re not relying on just fabric or<br />

furniture finishes.<br />

Texture can come through in a<br />

whole host of ways, so don’t<br />

forget the impact that the following<br />

can have: matte versus glazed<br />

ornaments on a bookcase, book<br />

spines stacked on a side table<br />

aside a sculpted glass lamp base,<br />

a polished granite fireplace hearth<br />

with a tasselled rug in front of it, or<br />

even wall treatments and artwork<br />

that have the ability to make the<br />

walls feel multi-dimensional.<br />

Every ounce of your room can bring<br />

spark a textural discussion, and<br />

as they form layers, the result is<br />

immersive and arresting.<br />



Interesting textures aren’t only<br />

pleasing to look at, but when<br />

you contrast them, they’re great<br />

providers of balance too.<br />

Is your colour palette comprised<br />

of very similar shades? If so, you<br />

can interrupt the consistency by<br />

changing up the textures of any<br />

fabric in the room. Even if your<br />

decor has multiple shades, using<br />

contrasting fabrics proves that<br />

colour and pattern aren’t the only<br />

routes to achieving difference.<br />

Remember to look beyond the<br />

obvious areas of fabric such<br />

as sofas and armchairs and to<br />

not leave curtains, blinds and<br />

lampshades out of the equation.<br />

You can also evolve these textural<br />

contrasts as the seasons change.<br />

For example, a linen sofa might<br />

go from having cotton and silk<br />

cushions in summer to velvet and<br />

faux fur in winter.<br />



Furniture texture is worthy of<br />

exploring, especially as you’re most<br />

likely to come into physical contact<br />

with it. Imagine running your hand<br />

over a cool, smooth marble table,<br />

eating off a rustic oak dining table,<br />

opening the drawers of a shagreenlined<br />

chest and kicking back in an<br />

opulent velvet sofa.<br />

Texture doesn’t always have to be<br />

obvious. It’s these subtle differences<br />

as your eye moves around the room<br />

that are most alluring.<br />

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Timber Windows of <strong>Winchester</strong><br />

81 High Street, <strong>Winchester</strong>,<br />

Hampshire, SO23 9AP<br />

Tel: 01962 676 304<br />

www.timberwindows-southern.co.uk<br />

Whether your home is a country cottage, a Victorian semi, a modern<br />

townhouse or a converted barn, we have a range of traditional and<br />

contemporary timber windows and doors that will complement it<br />

perfectly.<br />

Please visit us to explore our range of beautifully crafted timber<br />

doors and windows, and expert advice on enhancing the value and<br />

beauty of your home.<br />

Timber Windows of Horndean<br />

69 London Road, Horndean,<br />

Waterlooville, PO8 0BW<br />

Tel: 02392 570 340<br />

sales@timberwindowswinchester.co.uk<br />


Extensions and renovations | Free estimates | References available.<br />

Please contact me<br />

mark@mp-buildingservices.co.uk | 07973268336<br />








BY 21 st OCTOBER <strong>2023</strong><br />

HOW TO BUY:<br />

1 Find a builder<br />

2 Book a design appointment<br />

3 Choose your kitchen<br />

4 Get it installed<br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> | Tel: 01962 877452 | Email: winchester@howdens.com<br />

Units 1 & 2, Wykeham Industrial Estate, Moorside Road, <strong>Winchester</strong> SO23 7RX<br />

Visit Howdens.com to request our latest free brochures

Image @hallie_and_harrisons_house<br />


You might think it’s challenging to add texture to a bathroom, but it is<br />

both possible and something that can really elevate the space.<br />

Wall treatments, flooring and tiling are great ways to add texture. Tiles<br />

with textured surfaces, including handmade tiles which are always<br />

beautiful, marbled or geometric tiles offer both visual and tactile<br />

textural qualities, as does natural stone on the walls or floors.<br />

Wood panelling also adds so much warmth and impact - you can opt<br />

for contemporary boarding or more classic wainscoting.<br />

Oasis Ceramic White, £49.25 per box of 38,<br />

capietra.com;Wooden Slat Feature Wall<br />

Panels, from £138, rubberduckbathrooms.<br />

co.uk; Berlin Shapes No1 Poster, from £5.97,<br />

posterstore.co.uk<br />



Extra layers of texture are<br />

added by accessories,<br />

meaning you can easily<br />

change them<br />


Texture is also a way to create accents.<br />

Interior designers will use texture to add<br />

what’s referred to as ‘visual weight’. In other<br />

words, how an object or section of the room<br />

is able to draw attention to itself. Contrasting<br />

textures is one way to make certain aspects<br />

stand out more than others. You can also use<br />

tone - dark colours carry more weight than<br />

light, so you can draw attention to one side<br />

of the room using deeper shades.<br />

Malvern Small Wall Light, £86.40, corston.<br />

com; Twinky rechargeable table lamp,<br />

£110, pooky.com<br />


A room’s overall textural feel translates in a similar way<br />

to physical and visual texture, but it also touches on<br />

how we perceive things. Lighting, for example, is neither<br />

physically or visually textured itself, but it’s one of the<br />

biggest contributors of texture in the home. Its ambient<br />

glow can transform an entire space into one of incredible<br />

softness or, conversely, one that’s hard and harsh.<br />

Image oneaffirmation.com<br />

STYLE SECRETS - If you don’t have a nearby plug socket,<br />

you can add soft light with a rechargeable table lamp<br />

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www.tayloredroomdesigns.co.uk<br />

Local Family Run Small Business<br />

Fitted Furniture For Any Room<br />

Bedroom Home Office Loft Room Under stairs Living Room Dining Room<br />

Book your FREE no obligation design consultation!<br />

julia@tayloredroomdesigns.co.uk 07771924952<br />

Andover<br />

The Repair Specialists<br />

fix my garage door .co.uk<br />

Andover<br />

Beautiful<br />


Guaranteed, Reliable, Cost Effective<br />

Independent Family Business<br />

Repairs Locks Automatic Operators New Doors<br />

Beautifully fitted by Swan Systems<br />

Let us design your perfect<br />

bedroom space this summer<br />

Finance available | Wide range of designs<br />

Andover<br />

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South Coast Specialists with over 30 years experience<br />

Showroom in Titchfield<br />

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Image @eyeswoon<br />


Mixing materials within a kitchen design is a brilliant way<br />

of easily creating visual variety in your interiors, without<br />

committing to a bold colour palette. Combining textures,<br />

such as exposed brick with natural wood and stone, adds an<br />

array of textures to your space, which ensures your interior is<br />

interesting without becoming overwhelming.<br />

For those who love to ‘mix up’ their<br />

interiors more frequently, laying the<br />

groundwork with a varied textural palette<br />

provides a great foundation upon<br />

which to play and experiment with<br />

different colours and seasonal<br />

elements using accessories.<br />

Globe Vase, from £49.99,<br />

hauslife.co.uk; Denham<br />

Bar Stool, on sale for<br />

£168 abigailahern.com;<br />

Ceramic Table Lamp Bubo, £69.95, sklum.<br />

com/uk; Tali Cushion Cover, from £28,<br />

hauslife.co.uk<br />

TONES<br />

Try to use the 60-30-10 rule - for a balanced<br />

scheme, keep 60% of the elements (say,<br />

walls and floors) as one colour, then add<br />

30% in another colour (fabrics such as that of<br />

upholstery, curtains and rugs), and 10% in an<br />

accent colour (cushions, décor objects etc.) You<br />

can play with shades of the colours, but try not<br />

to introduce too many colours into one space.<br />

Image Studio McGee<br />

This three-colour rule will allow you to create a<br />

balanced, restful-looking colour scheme that’s<br />

difficult to go wrong with – particularly if you<br />

are creating kitchen colour schemes and dining<br />

room colour schemes in one open-plan space<br />

that is likely to be busy and perhaps more<br />

cluttered than other rooms in your home.<br />

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We’re staying on<br />

your High Street<br />

With the face of high<br />

street banking remarkably<br />

changed since the<br />

pandemic, and many<br />

large banks closing the<br />

doors of small village and<br />

town branches, Newbury<br />

Building Society’s<br />

Dean Scott discusses<br />

why a ‘bricks and clicks’<br />

approach is so critical to<br />

the Society’s business.<br />

What’s the one piece of positive feedback we hear more than any<br />

other when talking to our customers? Without a doubt, it’s how<br />

much they appreciate the human touch. In today’s digital world,<br />

it’s vital to our members that they can speak to a living,<br />

breathing human being who is ready and waiting to help – not a<br />

robot, chatbot (although we do have those now!), or a round-robin<br />

calling system that leaves you listening to hold music for hours.<br />

Abingdon branch<br />

The pandemic reinforced the importance of digital banking<br />

infrastructure, but despite this, we are still extremely passionate<br />

about the difference people make to our business – both customer<br />

and colleague. As a multitude of other lenders close the doors of<br />

small local branches, the high street is exactly where we want to<br />

be.<br />

“I opened a Senior Saver account online. It was so simple to do<br />

with very clear and easy to follow instructions. I love it that they<br />

also make it easy for me to visit one of their local branches with a<br />

passbook as well if I want to, despite it being an online account.<br />

So many banks/building societies are leaving the high street, it’s<br />

comforting to know that Newbury Building Society aren’t following<br />

that trend and that their customers can still go in and chat face to<br />

face”<br />

Yvonne, Smart Money People review, January <strong>2023</strong><br />

Being present for our customers, in the places they live and work,<br />

is part of our ethos as a trusted mutual organisation. Unlike banks,<br />

we have a commitment to reinvest our profits. We don’t have<br />

shareholders, so we get to put time and money back into the<br />

communities we operate in.<br />

This is something that has become even more critical to us recently<br />

and is why we launched our Cost of Living Support project last<br />

year. To ensure we’re using our space to the best of our ability and<br />

that our branches remain fit for purpose, we’ve been working hard<br />

on a series of refurbishment projects over the last few years. We<br />

started with Abingdon in 2021, and we finished work on Newbury<br />

branch in December last year.<br />

Newbury branch<br />

Member feedback has been great, and we look forward to<br />

continuing to modernise our branch network this year, with<br />

plans to refurbish <strong>Winchester</strong> branch and subject to<br />

costings, our branch in Thatcham, too.<br />

Whilst we will certainly continue to improve our online<br />

platforms and digital experience, our strategy will remain<br />

one of ‘bricks and clicks’, a blend of physical High Street<br />

branches and online digital services, where good old<br />

fashioned service with a smile is at the root of our<br />

organisation.<br />

Visit us and see for yourself...<br />

<strong>Winchester</strong> branch:<br />

143 High Street, <strong>Winchester</strong>, SO23 9AY.<br />

Call: 01962 852716 | Email: winchester@newbury.co.uk<br />

Follow us<br />

on our social networks @NewburyBS<br />

Newbury Building Society is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct<br />

Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (Financial Services Register number 206077). English Law applies and<br />

we will communicate with you in English. We are participants of the Financial Ombudsman Service. We have a complaints<br />

procedure which we will provide on request. Most complaints that we cannot resolve can be referred to the Financial<br />

Ombudsman Service. 9663<br />

Newbury<br />

Building Society

Planting for Autumn colour<br />



As the full light of summer fades into<br />

Autumn so the colour palette of our gardens,<br />

changes and for me, Autumn is one of the<br />

most beautiful seasons in the garden.<br />

If you are starting from scratch and planning for colour, lucky you,<br />

then there are so many options, but the addition of some or any of<br />

the following will reward you as the summer wanes. Backlit plants<br />

can look amazing as the sun comes and goes and immediately, we<br />

think of Acers, that blaze of fire that creates so many spectacular<br />

exclamation points at this time of the year. Size certainly matters<br />

so check the height and spread that each plant will reach and then<br />

a little research will find you the ideal choice. If your soil type isn’t<br />

ideal – they are acid loving plants, then grow them in pots. A two- or<br />

three-year-old Acer in a beautiful pot can look spectacular and you<br />

can move it to the most advantageous spot to enjoy its autumn show.<br />

Trees are an obvious choice for colour and Amelanchier lamarkii or<br />

‘Snowy Mespilus’ is another beauty – it grows to about 7 metres so<br />

place it carefully, but it offers a lot- silvery leaves followed by snowy<br />

white flowers and pale copper leaves in spring. Berries follow that<br />

and then in autumn a stunning display of orange and red leaves –<br />

what more could you ask for? Shrubs also play a part – the wonderful<br />

‘Smoke Bush’, Cotinus ‘Grace’ has deep maroon leaves and a halo<br />

of fluffy grey toned flowers which look like the smoke of an autumn<br />

bonfire. Hydrangea quercifolia – the ‘Oak Leaved Hydrangea’ is<br />







another treasure offering incredible leaf colour, and white flowers too.<br />

Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’, turning yellow in autumn, looks<br />

fabulous …… I am spoilt for choice!<br />

Smaller plants also offer great colour, from Nandina domestica ‘Fire<br />

Power’ to Asters, Helianthus, Japanese Anemone, Cyclamen – and<br />

let’s not forget the grasses. Miscanthus and Pennisetum or fountain<br />

grass add a totally different texture to the garden and as autumn<br />

winds increase also add a wonderful fluid movement too.<br />


DEALER <strong>2023</strong><br />

OILS<br />

TOOLS<br />



TOYS<br />

MOWERS<br />



Haynesagri<br />

@agrimachines<br />

Haynes Agri<br />

www.haynes-agri.co.uk<br />

Micheldever <strong>Winchester</strong> SO21 3DN<br />

01962 794100<br />

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Haynes_<strong>Winchester</strong> Life_290323.indd 1 29/03/<strong>2023</strong> 11:06

Over 25<br />

years in<br />

business<br />

Garden Design<br />

Soft Landscaping<br />

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Planting Plans<br />

Maintenance Service<br />

Contact<br />

us for<br />

a free<br />

quotation<br />

Tel: 01794 368855<br />

Email: info@kingsoaklandscapes.co.uk<br />

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what are the next steps?<br />

Receiving a dementia diagnosis can be a<br />

difficult and overwhelming experience. It<br />

is important to understand what dementia<br />

is and how it affects the brain. Dementia<br />

is a general term that describes a decline<br />

in cognitive function severe enough to<br />

interfere with daily life. It is caused by<br />

damage to brain cells, which affects<br />

thinking, behaviour, and feelings. There<br />

are different types of dementia, including<br />

Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia,<br />

and Lewy body dementia. Each type of<br />

dementia has its own set of symptoms<br />

and progression. Understanding the type<br />

of dementia and its symptoms can help<br />

individuals and their families better cope<br />

with the diagnosis and plan for the future.<br />

After receiving a dementia diagnosis, it<br />

is important to seek practical advice on<br />

how to cope with the changes that may<br />

occur. Simple strategies can make a big<br />

difference in day-to-day life. For example,<br />

providing clear and simple instructions<br />

can help individuals with dementia better<br />

understand and complete tasks. It is<br />

also important to recognise the coping<br />

strategies of the person with dementia<br />

and see things from their perspective.<br />

Seeking support from organisations<br />

such as the Alzheimer’s Society and the<br />

Contented Dementia Trust can provide<br />

individuals and their families with helpful<br />

resources and guidance on how to<br />

manage the diagnosis.<br />

It is important to care for oneself and<br />

seek emotional support after receiving<br />

a dementia diagnosis. This may include<br />

making regular appointments with<br />

a primary care doctor or specialist,<br />

such as a neurologist or geriatric<br />

psychiatrist. Additionally, caregivers<br />

should acknowledge their feelings<br />

and seek practical help and emotional<br />

support when needed. Asking doctors<br />

about trials or studies and contacting<br />

dementia charities for potential research<br />

opportunities can also provide individuals<br />

and their families with hope for the<br />

future. Planning for the future and making<br />

necessary preparations, such as legal<br />

and financial planning, can also aid the<br />

feeling of control during this difficult time.<br />



Receiving a dementia diagnosis can be<br />

overwhelming and emotional. However,<br />

it is essential to take the next steps<br />

to manage the condition effectively.<br />

42 | www.minervamagazines.co.uk<br />

Recognising that dementia affects a<br />

person’s abilities and treating them with<br />

dignity and respect is crucial. Therefore, it<br />

is important to educate oneself and loved<br />

ones about the diagnosis and the best<br />

ways to provide care and support.<br />

Legal and financial planning is another<br />

critical step. It is essential to establish<br />

consent to manage finances and consider<br />

being named as a power of attorney.<br />

Consulting a later life legal specialist<br />

can ease the burden. Additionally, it<br />

is important to have important legal<br />

documents in place, such as a Will,<br />

power of attorney, and advanced<br />

directives for healthcare.<br />

Building a support network and exploring<br />

care-giving options is also necessary<br />

after a dementia diagnosis. Care-giving<br />

can be challenging and impact the<br />

care-giver’s health, so it is crucial to<br />

reach out to organisations that can<br />

provide assistance. Asking friends and<br />

family for help with daily needs such as<br />

cooking, transportation, and shopping<br />

can also be beneficial. Providing choices<br />

and recognising the person’s coping<br />

strategies can also help with care-giving.<br />

Improving communication skills is also<br />

essential to reduce stress and improve<br />

the quality of the relationship with the<br />

person with dementia.<br />



Being diagnosed with dementia can be<br />

overwhelming, but there are practical<br />

steps that individuals can take to cope<br />

with the diagnosis. One of the most<br />

important steps is to maintain a healthy<br />

lifestyle. This includes eating a balanced<br />

diet, getting regular exercise, and<br />

getting enough sleep. Participating in<br />

activities that one enjoys can also help<br />

improve mood and overall well-being.<br />

Additionally, seeking support from family<br />

members, friends, or local services can<br />

help with routine tasks such as cooking,<br />

transportation, and shopping. By<br />

prioritising a healthy lifestyle and seeking<br />

support, individuals with dementia can<br />

better manage their symptoms and<br />

maintain their independence.<br />

When engaging in activities or hobbies,<br />

it’s important to keep things simple,<br />

reduce distractions, and break activities<br />

down into manageable steps. Working<br />

with an occupational therapist can also<br />

help individuals with dementia stay<br />

independent and learn new ways to<br />

manage daily tasks.<br />

Coping with memory loss and<br />

communication challenges can be<br />

difficult, but there are strategies that<br />

can help. Breaking tasks down into<br />

smaller, simpler steps and using written<br />

instructions can be helpful. It’s also<br />

important to be clear and concise in<br />

communication, repeating things as<br />

needed and reducing extraneous noise<br />

and distractions. Encouraging the use<br />

of memory aids, such as a notebook<br />

or smart phone, can also be helpful in<br />

managing short-term memory loss.<br />

Joining a support group or attending<br />

counselling sessions can make a world<br />

of difference in terms of managing the<br />

emotional and practical impacts of living<br />

with dementia. Support groups offer<br />

a chance to connect with others who<br />

can provide advice and understanding,<br />

as well as to simply listen and create a<br />

sense of community.<br />



Continued Cognitive Behavioural Therapy<br />

(CBT) is an effective therapy for helping<br />

those with memory loss manage their<br />

emotions and behaviour. It focuses on<br />

problem solving and helps individuals<br />

identify their triggers and develop coping<br />

strategies to manage them. CBT can<br />

help individuals with dementia recognise<br />

the connections between their thoughts,<br />

feelings, and behaviours, and help them<br />

adjust to the changes in their life caused<br />

by dementia. One of the most important<br />

next steps after a dementia diagnosis is<br />

to reach out for help and support.<br />

For more resources and support,<br />

please visit dementiauk.org

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Each consultant holds a teaching hospital appointment at<br />

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You may choose to see any of our experts for a consultation<br />

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and team-working we are able to guarantee that should you<br />

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Our services include:<br />

• 2 week wait (e.g. raised PSA,<br />

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testis and renal masses).<br />

• Prostate cancer diagnostics<br />

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specialist and targeting<br />

biopsy techniques (template,<br />

fusion, smart), robotic surgery,<br />

salvage treatments.<br />

• Benign prostate disorders<br />

such as benign enlargement,<br />

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Treatment options include<br />

TURP, HoLEP (laser surgery),<br />

Urolift, PAE (Prostate Artery<br />

Embolisation) and Rezum.<br />

• Urinary tract stone disease<br />

with shockwave lithotripsy,<br />

ureteroscopy, laser lithotripsy,<br />

micro/mini/standard PCNL<br />

and chemical pathology<br />

support to prevent further<br />

stones.<br />

• Bladder conditions such<br />

as over-active bladder<br />

(OAB), infections, stones,<br />

incontinence, supported by a<br />

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service.<br />

• Men’s health conditions<br />

including erectile dysfunctions<br />

(ED), andropause,<br />

contraception (vasectomy).<br />

• Complex robotic, laparoscopic<br />

and open cancer options for<br />

those with prostate bladder,<br />

renal, testis and neighbouring<br />

organ tumours.<br />

South Coast Urology work<br />

closely with a wider network<br />

of specialists including<br />

radiologists, oncologists, nurses<br />

and chemical pathologists.<br />

Appointments are available 5<br />

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hospitals in Southampton,<br />

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Our efficient administration<br />

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condition at a time that suits.<br />


SLOW DOWN AGING...4 habits to adopt today<br />

How to slow down the aging process has less to do with<br />

tackling the wrinkles on your face, and more to do with caring<br />

for your inner health. With the right lifestyle and nutrition<br />

changes outlined below, you can learn how to slow down the<br />

aging process at a cellular level. The result? Improved mental<br />

clarity and higher levels of energy no matter your age.<br />


Where possible, try to avoid processed and ultra-processed<br />

foods - generally these are the ones with long lists of ingredients<br />

on the back of the packet. Instead, some easy tips to focus on<br />

are to include a source of protein with every meal (meat, fish,<br />

eggs, tofu or legumes) and to aim to ‘eat the rainbow’ eating<br />

as many different colours of fruits and vegetables a week. The<br />

colours indicate different vitamins, so it’s a great way to support<br />

overall wellbeing in an interesting and easy to maintain way.<br />


Studies have shown that the key to long-lasting mental<br />

sharpness is testing the brain by learning something new. The<br />

subject or activity doesn’t matter - it could be learning Mandarin<br />

or teaching yourself to juggle - but the act of engaging the brain<br />

in doing something challenging has been shown to dramatically<br />

slow down the aging process.<br />


We all know about the importance of physical exercise, but<br />

resistance training in particular is essential as we age. Exercise<br />

that builds muscle endurance, can help older adults to preserve<br />

their independence and quality of life. Strength training induces<br />

muscle hypertrophy (growth), improves muscle mass and<br />

increases muscle strength.<br />

It makes your muscles stronger, more powerful and keeps<br />

them doing their very important job in allowing you to do all the<br />

functional things you want to do in your life. Whether that be<br />

walking around pain free to go to the shops and see friends,<br />

looking after your children and grandchildren, going on long<br />

bikes rides and country walks, playing sports or even running<br />

marathons. Strength training for all age groups improves<br />

muscle and bone health, improves body composition and<br />

fat loss, prevents a huge number of chronic and preventable<br />

diseases, improves energy levels and mood. These benefits are<br />

increasingly important as we age.<br />


In a nutshell, try some yoga! Mental health is an essential facet<br />

as we age, but so few of us take a few minutes a day to slow<br />

down, clear our minds and focus on our breath. Research over<br />

the past thirty years has shown that the practice of yoga and<br />

meditation, and clean diet and lifestyle, can greatly reduce the<br />

fraying of telomeres, the part of our DNA that is related to aging.<br />

Stretching helps to maintain our flexibility and suppleness too.<br />





OR FRIEND?<br />



Extra Care facilities are for people<br />

over 55 who meet the criteria<br />

assessed by Hampshire County<br />

Council Adult Social Care. Residents<br />

can benefit from self-contained<br />

apartments as well as on-site 24/7<br />

care should they need it. Applicants<br />

must live in the <strong>Winchester</strong> City<br />

Council district or have family living<br />

here, need help with personal care<br />

and be in housing that is no longer<br />

suitable for their needs.<br />

24 hours a day, 365<br />

days a year service<br />

Friendly operators with<br />

access to named contacts<br />

and emergency services<br />

Neck pendants<br />

available<br />

For around<br />

50p per day<br />

For more details contact <strong>Winchester</strong> Lifeline<br />

Lifeline@winchester.gov.uk l Tel: 01962 855 335<br />

For more information contact<br />

shelteredhousing@winchester.gov.uk l Tel: 01962 855 335<br />

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You can expect all this and more for<br />

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