London 2023 Charity Art Exhibition

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Beacon<br />

A Chance for<br />

Happiness <strong>2023</strong><br />

Presents<br />

Dreams & Divinities

A Chance for Happiness <strong>2023</strong><br />

Westminster Chapel, <strong>London</strong><br />

“Against all odds, against all handicaps, against the chamber of horrors we call history, man has<br />

continued to dream and to depict its opposite. That is what we have to do. We do not escape into<br />

philosophy, psychology, and art – we go there to restore our shattered selves into whole ones.<br />

—Anaïs Nin.<br />

Painting by Bruce Rimell

A Chance For Happiness<br />

Every day is A Chance For Happiness<br />

You are not a mistake. You are not a problem. You are not a burden. You are a wonderful human being that is<br />

learning, growing and unfolding until one day it will understand and embrace everything.<br />

—Harald Walter Azmann<br />

Dear ladies and gentlemen,<br />

In September 2014, our beautiful 18-year old daughter Lisa Louise ended her life by suicide, joining the<br />

millions of some of God’s finest creations doing so each year around the world, and making us and her five<br />

brothers one of countless “orphaned families” overnight.<br />

Every 15 Minutes, someone dies by suicide in the United States - every 50 to 60 minutes in France and<br />

Germany, every 40 seconds worldwide, with suicide attempts being even more frequent - and every 16 minutes<br />

someone is left behind, asking „why?” Why are so many people losing faith in life at a time when more of us<br />

are doing better than ever before? And these numbers, due to the present coronavirus pandemic, are increasing<br />

even more rapidly now.<br />

Raising awareness regarding this profoundly human theme in all its aspects through annual charity events — at<br />

Casinos Austria at Lake Wörthersee in 2017, Austria’s capital city Vienna in 2018, and Paris in 2019 — the<br />

nonprofit A Chance for Happiness foundation supports suitable projects, large and small, in the following areas:<br />

1. Enjoyment of life and personal development (happiness research), 2. Intelligent anti-bullying initiatives, 3.<br />

Suicide prevention (trans-generational transmission), and 4. Grief counseling for “orphaned families”.<br />

Most of us, when referring to life, are thinking about our present existence and living on this planet.<br />

But life is much more than that, virtually everywhere, and generally we can all agree that a relatively brief<br />

existence on this planet lived with determination and vision is much more impressive than an extended one in<br />

cowardice and boredom. That’s why people who have ended their lives by suicide must no longer be shamed<br />

and forgotten. They had a name. They were courageous. They lived and they are loved and live on in our<br />

memories.<br />

Of course, it seems impossible to exchange our initial feelings of endless pain regarding the loss of a loved one<br />

with anything life in this world may still have to offer. But given much patience and determination, and the<br />

passing of time, there comes a day when we’ll be able to do just that, and realize all the precious experiences<br />

and insights life — here as well as from beyond — still wants to share with us.<br />

In no way will we ever forget the ones we got to know and love and who returned before us, but we’ll be ready<br />

to live courageously and tall again, and give ourselves A Chance for Happiness on a much deeper and more<br />

meaningful level than before. For such is the ultimate gift of life transforming challenges that require not just<br />

occasional bits of who we are as humans, but all that we are capable of giving and being. And our experience<br />

of life continues, as ist always has, on entirely new levels.<br />

Most visual artists who are currently presented in this continually expanding catalog have already joined us for<br />

the Paris 2019 show. Now, our next big step is introducing www.achanceforhappiness.museum — a brilliant<br />

online presentation of carefully selected contemporary artists surrounded by humanity’s common heritage of<br />

timeless works of art — for personal enjoyment as well as sales to an international audience, and serving as a<br />

powerful reminder of our own beauty, but also our universal, daily struggles with grief and mortality.<br />

We would be delighted if you feel inspired to join this exceptional project in any way you see fit. It’s about<br />

the very essence of life and all of our experiences with it. Nothing more, nothing less. And you are invited to<br />

simply get in touch at office[at]topcontext.com.<br />

Regular charity art exhibitions and auctions at www.yumpu.com/user/achanceforhappiness<br />

Movies, Videos, Livestreams, Radio, Interviews www.achanceforhappiness.network<br />

Donations account Austria IBAN: AT94 3939 0000 0050 9976 BIC: RZKTAT2K390 l PayPal https://bit.<br />

ly/2GzfE4j<br />

Member of World Federation for Mental Health www.wfmh.global<br />

With love, Margot and Harald Walter Azmann<br />

www.achanceforhappiness.international<br />

painting: Martina Hoffmann

Dreams & Divinities<br />

Through a series of books, exhibits, and events, Dreams & Divinities offers the public a window into an<br />

emerging planetary movement of ‘Conscious <strong>Art</strong>.’<br />

The project unites a culturally eclectic group of artists, writers, musicians, and performers, each with their<br />

unique dream of this experience, yet united through artistic collaboration and community. The quest and<br />

expression of Universal Love is a central unifying theme.<br />

Thematically, the art is inspired by cultural/spiritual references, nature, visions, dreams, or fantasy.<br />

Stylistically, most projects are very eclectic; however, all the representation is symbolist. Dreams & Divinities<br />

have published three books and are currently working on a Tarot deck which will be launched December 2024.<br />

Community building through collaborative projects and events is a central part of Dreams & Divinities. It<br />

offers an opportunity for artists with resonant dreams to find each other, be inspired by each other, and unfold<br />

their best potential as a global movement.<br />

This exhibit is the 29th event founder Liba WS has curated, revolving around either a book theme or a cause.<br />

Dreams & Divinities has worked with a wide range of collaborators, from indigenous Indians of the Americas<br />

like Kogis, Muruwi, Mayan, to museums, cultural centers, and galleries in Europe and the Americas.<br />

A Note from the curator<br />

Harald of A Chance for Happiness once said in a speech that if we want to be unconditional with our love,<br />

how can we judge and condemn our loved ones if they commit suicide? Why are we so entitled to their lives<br />

that we would be angry at them for leaving? Why do we expect others to be what we want them to be and act as<br />

we want them to act? I embrace this call to embody love and acceptance, recognizing that one of our greatest<br />

challenges as a global family lies in our loving actions, not judgments.<br />

A Chance for Happiness has proved itself to be a noble partner during these last few years of collaboration.<br />

It is an honor and a great pleasure to come together again during World Health Week to express beauty as an<br />

agent of solace and healing.<br />

Liba Waring Stambollion<br />

www.dreamsanddivinities.com<br />

Triptych by Liba WS

Anne Bachelier<br />

Anne Bachelier, born in 1949 in Louvigné du Désert, France, is a renowned artist celebrated for her unique and<br />

captivating artworks. Her artistic journey commenced at the École des Beaux-<strong>Art</strong>s in La Seyne sur Mer, where she<br />

focused on printmaking from 1966 to 1969 before delving into silk painting. Despite initially creating practical items<br />

like scarves and cushions, Anne swiftly transitioned into expressing the enduring themes seen in her work today.<br />

Her mastery of silk painting led to a collaboration with Dassault, where she contributed to adorning Falcon<br />

business aircraft. In 1989, she returned definitively to the classical medium of oil painting. Anne’s career has been<br />

distinguished by numerous solo exhibitions in prestigious galleries worldwide, including Paris, New York,New<br />

Orleans, San Francisco,Long Melford, Brussels, Lyon, and renowned venues like the Chapelle des Jésuites in<br />

Chaumont en Champagne (2008) and the Collégiale de Lamballe (2010). In 2022 a retrospective exhibition of her<br />

work was held at theClos des Capucins (Meylan -Isère) (collaboration with the gallery Vent des Cimes Grenoble , and<br />

she has continued to exhibit and publish art books throughout her illustrious career, captivating audiences with her<br />

imaginative and evocative creations.<br />

www.annebachelier.blogspot.com ‘Tout est si Léger’ <strong>2023</strong><br />

Oil on linen 80 x 80 cm

Anael Azuria<br />

I was born in Normandy, in France. It is here, that I started my first paintings about 10 years ago. Being selftaught,<br />

I turned to oil painting early in the game, which I felt very comfortable with.<br />

My inner path, my sensitivity about the invisible world and nature inspire me a lot. I wish to create bridges<br />

between the invisible worlds and painting. Sacred geometry and music are my keys to start new paintings. They<br />

connect me to creation.<br />

I could define my paintings as energy portals in connection with the subtle realms.<br />

Moreover, for me, it is important to add a healing intention to my artworks, through beauty, and the reading of<br />

the conscious mind and subconscious mind. I materialize this through many symbols including the stars, which<br />

I associate with the sacred geometries of the universe.<br />

www.anaelazuria.com<br />

‘L’intelligence du Centre’<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

120 x 100 cm

Arina Gordienko<br />

Arina Gordienko MA, figurative realist artist based in the United Kingdom, has an academic art education -<br />

MA in Painting at Central Saint Martins College of <strong>Art</strong>, University of the <strong>Art</strong>s <strong>London</strong>. Arina is a multi-award<br />

winner and finalist of art contests in the UK, USA and Europe. Her works are in The Bennett Collection,<br />

OSTEN Museum of Drawing permanent collection, The Peregrine Collection going to land on the Moon in<br />

the Astrobotic capsule etc. Arina’s works exhibited at venues such as Saatchi Gallery in <strong>London</strong>, MEAM -<br />

European Museum of Modern <strong>Art</strong>, Wausau Museum of Contemporary <strong>Art</strong>, Museum of Modern <strong>Art</strong> Vittoria<br />

Colonna, State Museum of Modern <strong>Art</strong> of Zauralye in Russia, and other galleries in the UK, USA, Europe,<br />

Australia, Canada and India. Her works are published in various art books, catalogues and magazines.<br />

Her style can be described as imaginative realism. Arina dedicates herself to realistic traditions in painting,<br />

combining classical old Masters’ ‘sfumato’ technique with her own contemporary essence. Her paintings<br />

involve emotionally and intellectually, they consistently enrolled with an intellectual riddle and philosophical<br />

content appealing to curious, sophisticated and peculiar minds.<br />

www.arina-gordienko.com ‘Snail on the Slope’ 2020<br />

Oil on Belgian linen 90 x 90 cm

Autumn Skye<br />

Autumn Skye lives, breathes, and dreams art, and has done so since she was old enough to hold a pencil and<br />

reach for a piece of paper. Her childhood and early adult years were spent travelling the landscapes of both<br />

her wild Canadian backyard and distant international shores. Through her wanderlust, she developed a deep<br />

reverence for the beauty of nature and the diversity of humanity, and continuously endeavours to translate<br />

this inspiration through her work. As a self-taught artist, she is forever a student of the intuitive and creative<br />

process. Autumn Skye perpetually explores and plays in many artistic mediums and modalities, however, her<br />

sustaining focus remains primarily in painting. Her style weaves together refined realism, iconic imagery,<br />

archetypical symbolism, and subtly depicted energies. She’s inspired by the beauty of this incredible planet,<br />

the potency of these extraordinary times, the mysteries of the cosmos, the resiliency of the human spirit, and<br />

the intricate connections between all facets of life.<br />

Autumn Skye’s paintings continue to gain expanding recognition, attracting audiences, collectors, and students<br />

from around the globe. She exhibits and teaches worldwide, and otherwise thrives and paints in the beautiful<br />

temperate-rainforest of coastal British Columbia, Canada. Considering herself immensely blessed to do<br />

what feeds her soul, she strives to support others through creative empowerment, the gift of beauty, and the<br />

perpetuation of inspiration.<br />

www.autumnskyeart.com<br />

“Dawn’s Witness” 2019<br />

Acrylic on canvas<br />

50.8 x 40.6 cm

Andrew Gonzalez<br />

A. Andrew Gonzalez is an internationally renowned Transfigurative Visionary artist from San Antonio, Texas,<br />

USA and currently living in France. His work can be found in museums, galleries and collections, both public<br />

and private. He’s known for the unique sculptural look of his paintings, as well as their power to move and<br />

inspire the viewer.<br />

As a recognized master of airbrushing, Andrew Gonzalez brings together a unique subtractive painting<br />

technique with the classical idealization of the human figure and animal spirits to create exalted imagery with<br />

spiritual and visionary themes. The artist describes his process as “soul work” and inspires to create “mystical<br />

love poems to the soul”.<br />

Gonzalez developed his own signature style, pursuing spiritual and visionary themes in graceful figure<br />

drawing, where the female figure expresses mystical states of the soul. Through synchronistic experiences,<br />

dreams and lucid dreams, he experienced a deep creative transformation, intensifying his research into tantric<br />

symbolism, comparative mythology and the frontiers of consciousness.<br />

The artist describes his style as “a revival of the Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic”. His focus is on the figure as both<br />

temple and vessel, sublimed by transformative forces. He captures his subjects suspended in an ecstatic<br />

moment, poised on the threshold of a new birth.<br />

www.sublimatrix.com<br />

‘Madonna and<br />

Child’<br />

Airbrushed<br />

acrylic<br />

on panel<br />

30.5 x 23 cm

Brigid Marlin<br />

Brigid Marlin was born in Washington, DC and trained in the National College of <strong>Art</strong> in Dublin, the Centre d-<strong>Art</strong><br />

Sacre in Paris, the Beaux-<strong>Art</strong>s in Montreal and the <strong>Art</strong> Students League in New York. She now lives and works in<br />

England.<br />

After learning the ‘Mische technique’, embodying the secrets of the Italian Renaissance Masters, in Vienna from<br />

Professor Ernst Fuchs, she began exhibiting her work around the world.<br />

She has painted portraits of the Queen Mother, the Dalai Lama, Lord Longford, Cardinal George of Chicago and<br />

Fr. Garanzini, President of Loyola University. Her portrait of J.G.Ballard hangs in the National Portrait Gallery,<br />

<strong>London</strong>, and the portrait of Lord Longford in the House of Lords. In 1999 the BBC acquired the portrait of one of its<br />

founders, Cecil Lewis, to hang in the Boardroom of the Directors at Bush House. She is also represented in the new<br />

Phantasten Museum in Vienna.<br />

In 1961, she founded the ‘Inscape Group’ of imaginative artists in England, which officially changed<br />

its name to “The Society for <strong>Art</strong> of the Imagination” in 1998. It is now an American <strong>Charity</strong> and holds major open<br />

exhibitions around the world. She is founder and director of the society.<br />

Its website can be seen at www.artofimagination.org<br />

www.brigid-marlin.com<br />

‘Spring with Bird’<br />

2001<br />

Egg tempera and oil<br />

44 x 56 cm

‘Girl with Bird and Flowers’ 2018<br />

Egg tempera and oil<br />

54 x 44 cm

Bruce Rimell<br />

“I am human and I am an artist. This is the most astounding thing, an experienced question<br />

which I will spend my whole life discovering. Every single day of my life, it is a mind-blowing joy.”<br />

Bruce Rimell is an internationally-exhibited visual artist, poet and independent researcher, based in Leeds-<br />

Bradford in the UK, who works principally with visionary, ethnographic, archaeological and cognitive<br />

themes. His vibrant imagery springs from the confluence of personal visionary experiences since childhood,<br />

shimmering inner sensations of archaeological prehistories, the humanist interplay of the cognitive and<br />

ethnographic, and dynamics of the queer and the mythical.<br />

His art occupies a liminal space between painting and illustration, with holistic imagery springing from<br />

smooth moving lines, fragmented anatomies and vivid stylised forms. The Dual Image Medium - in which one<br />

image rendered in acrylics, inks and markers is seen by daylight and another, different painted image is seen<br />

on the same canvas under ultraviolet illumination is a unique and increasingly central aspect of his practice.<br />

These disparate elements are imagistically combined towards a single artistic aim: Beyond-The-Self<br />

Exploration. Multiple themes are enfolded to create a sense of experiential depth and hyperactive<br />

visual engagement, while abstract commentaries and critical positions are abandoned in pursuit of the<br />

simultaneously disquieting, yet intimately familiar foundational currents within the living, paradoxical and<br />

sacred human being. Come and look beyond. What do you find?<br />

www.biroz.net<br />

‘Beacon’ <strong>2023</strong><br />

Acrylics, inks and<br />

markers on canvas<br />

45 x 180 cm

Clive Hedger<br />

Born in <strong>London</strong>, UK, in 1961. My early artistic inspirations were my grandparents who both painted with oils and<br />

took me to galleries in <strong>London</strong> and show me the work of the Old Masters. From early age, I adopted a spiritual<br />

path studying mediation, dance and distilling the essense of mystic traditions from many paths. I taught religious<br />

education in schools.<br />

In 2008, I underwent a shamanic awakening, and began to paint the visionary word I had entered. I would<br />

describes my art as inspired by dreams, spirit encounters, inner journeys, the dance between masculine and<br />

feminine, the mystery of the heart and through deep connection to the land, the animals and plants.<br />

It is my wish that my art be an offering of positive change in the world. A remembering of the sacred in<br />

everything and an opening to the mystery and beauty of life.<br />

I am currently living in remote Mid Wales UK hosting a retreat centre with a focus on permaculture, arts, music,<br />

community, self development and spiritual practice.<br />

www.clivehedger.com<br />

‘Shamans<br />

Dream’<br />

2017<br />

Tempera and<br />

oil on board<br />

61 x 92 cm

‘Reveiled’ 2018<br />

Tempera and oil on<br />

board<br />

74 x 90 cm

Chris Sedgwick<br />

Born in Florida in 1981, Chris Sedgwick began painting at a young age and shortly after graduating from Florida<br />

State University in 2003, he began a full time career in art in Asheville, NC. He gathers inspiration from a<br />

wide variety of esoteric spiritual resources from European Paganism, Rosicrucianism, Christian Mysticism and<br />

comparative mythology to Chaos Magick. His work approaches the intersection of art and spirituality without the<br />

contemporary overuse of irony, seeking to add to it with sincerity. His work is in numerous private collections<br />

worldwide and is housed in the permanent collections of Florida State University,Western Carolina University,<br />

Purdue University, etc. Sedgwick currently lives and works from his home in Colorado, drawing inspiration from<br />

the beauty of the region.<br />

Statement...<br />

The inter-penetrating layers of symbolism, mysticism, and narrative in my work constitute a timeless world<br />

of ancient rituals and divinatory rites. In synthesizing techniques of the old masters and ancient mystical<br />

teachings, my work focuses on the uniqueness and universality of inner landscapes and transcendent experience.<br />

www.crsedgwick.com<br />

Need information.

Daniel Mirante<br />

Daniel Mirante (1977) is a UK based fine artist.<br />

His approaches explore both archaic traditional approaches and ancient symbolism & emerging technology<br />

with the contemporary zeitgeist. Daniel Mirante has had a lifelong engagement in the arts from childhood, and<br />

graduated with a Ba(hons) of 1st degree in Fine <strong>Art</strong> from Manchester University. In terms of the craft of painting,<br />

he was initially self-taught, though gained valuable guidance from Brigid Marlin in 2008. In October 2012, he<br />

assisted Ernst Fuchs, the founder of Fantastic Realism, innovator of contemporary mischtechnik and teacher of<br />

Mati Klarwein and Robert Venosa. He trained in piamburo with Maura Holden and airbrush sfumato-abrazione<br />

with Andrew Gonzelez in Italy. He also learned much from Timea Tallian, a painting restorer and conservator at<br />

the Victoria and Albert Museum. This gave him footing in traditional old masters techniques, whilst embracing<br />

new technologies as tools of expressing creativity. To suppliment his understanding of classical methods, he<br />

studied life drawing, sight-size method and contemporary Florentine style alla-prima painting at the <strong>London</strong><br />

Atelier of Representational <strong>Art</strong>. These investigations lead to him giving a strong contemporary re-invigoration<br />

to Tempera Grassa painting methods and the development of the Soffio technique via his position as a founding<br />

faculty member and instructor at the Vienna Academy of Visionary <strong>Art</strong>, and his current online sacred and<br />

visionary art research project at:<br />

www.visionary.art.<br />

‘Heartbeat’ 2020<br />

Mischtechnik<br />

on canvas<br />

125 x 190 cm

‘Sophia’ 2022<br />

Mischtechnik<br />

on canvas<br />

125 x 190 cm

Emma Watkinson<br />

Emma was born on Dartmoor, Devon, May 1st 1973. After completing a Diploma in Fine <strong>Art</strong> she spent many<br />

years traveling and exploring different cultures, and is now based in Sussex, U.K.<br />

Her inspiration comes principally from her explorations in consciousness and esoteric study. She practices<br />

Druidry, Buddhist meditation, Qigong, Kabbalah, and is interested in Jungian psychology. Initially self taught,<br />

researching classical Academy methods of painting, she assisted Ernst Fuchs (principle founder of Fantastic<br />

Realism) in 2012 in Vienna and trained on courses in oil painting in Italy, Austria and <strong>London</strong>. She has exhibited<br />

widely at festivals, galleries and museums internationally.<br />

The creation of each piece is a journey, initiated by synchronicity, that becomes an invocation of the chosen<br />

archetype or deity, which yields many insights into the nature of the subject as the painting progresses. This<br />

painting is a reflection upon Kali, the Hindu goddess. Kali means “force of time “, as she pierces the veil beyond<br />

mortality, birth and death. She is known as the dark blue or black one, like the night sky, her darkness is the void<br />

from which everything emerged and will return. She is fierce, the destroyer of evil forces, and cuts off the root of<br />

fear, anger and all negativity in the human ego, symbolized by the demon with the severed head. Thus she is the<br />

great liberator, freeing us with divine knowledge to attain Moksha. Through all her fury, she is a compassionate<br />

goddess , also known as the Divine mother and protector in her creative and preservation aspects. Pictured here<br />

in her 10-armed form as Mahakali, legend has it she was called into being by Durga to defeat demons in battle.<br />

She then went so wild with bloodlust she couldn’t stop raging and started killing the humans and Gods. So her<br />

consort, Shiva, lay beneath her peacefully. The sight of him, her love, calmed her down.<br />

www.emanations.co.uk<br />

‘Kali’ 2022<br />

Acrylic on canvas<br />

71 x 102 cm

Heidi Taillefer<br />

Heidi Taillefer is an award winning, internationally recognized artist born in 1970 in Montreal, Quebec. She<br />

attended weekly art classes as a child at the La Palette art school in Baie-d’Urfé, Quebec, focusing mainly on<br />

watercolor and various other mediums. By the early 90’s Taillefer began working as a commercial illustrator in<br />

tandem with her fine art projects, exhibiting internationally in both gallery and museum venues. By 2004 she<br />

devoted her time almost fully to fine art, and while working as an illustrator, she collaborated with such notable<br />

clients as Forbes Magazine, the Cirque du Soleil, Infiniti Canada and Infiniti Taiwan, to name a few.<br />

Her paintings often depict subjects composed of seemingly incongruous objects characterized as symbolic,<br />

which form a complex composite of elements and add a contemporary spin to often classical icons. Taillefer’s<br />

work highlights our growing hybridization with technology, in which she depicts machine-like constructions. Her<br />

approach is to infuse primordial aspects of the human condition into these hybridized humans and animals, and<br />

seeks to remind the viewer of the inescapable nature of our being despite our increasing merger with technology.<br />

Taillefer’s work is consonant with early 20th century surrealists such as Max Ernst, Paul Delvaux, and Giorgio<br />

de Chirico. It is an original creative fusion of classical figurative painting, surrealism, contemporary realism, and<br />

mythology combined with popular figurative traditions ranging from Victorian romanticism to science fiction.<br />

www.heiditaillefer.com<br />

‘Tease’ <strong>2023</strong><br />

Oil on linen<br />

50 x 40 cm

Jade Ansell<br />

<strong>Art</strong> is a portal in which we can experience the divine nature of the natural world. Through these lenses, we<br />

can travel mystical dimensions, growing and deepening our understanding and connection to mother earth.<br />

<strong>Art</strong> is my tool to become enriched in my environment and I believe one can learn more about their true self<br />

through the expression of the subconscious through creative practice.<br />

My artworks depict powerful reflections of my inner goddess. Romantic and mystical, I aim to create<br />

otherworldly experiences for the viewer, which invite them to become absorbed in the power of the divine<br />

beauty that surrounds us. In a world that seems utterly entrenched in chaos, we need art to remind us that we<br />

are still part of something truly sublime. These small moments in time can give us the energy and inspiration<br />

to transform the world we live in. Surely there can be no greater purpose to art than to offer an individual the<br />

chance for transformation.<br />

www.jadeansellartist.com<br />

‘Goddess Eostre’<br />

2020<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

50 x 70 cm

‘Higher Self’<br />

2020<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

60 x 70 cm

Jane Andrews<br />

Jane Andrews was born in <strong>London</strong>; she completed BA hons in fine art at West Surrey College of <strong>Art</strong> and Design in<br />

1994 and in 2020 an MA fine art, at the University of Brighton, Sussex.<br />

Andrews now lives and works in Sussex, her works can be found in <strong>Art</strong> UK, in the Atkinson <strong>Art</strong> Collection, The<br />

Nicholas Treadwell collection and in private collections world wide.<br />

www.janeandrews.co.uk<br />

“Bark Bite Back” 2022<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

102 x 127 cm

“Six of One” 2016<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

112 x 102 cm<br />

“Needs Must”<br />

2022<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

102 x 127 cm

Liba Waring Stambollion<br />

Liba, was born to American parents but was raised in Southeast Asia, she has resided in Paris, France since 1993. She is<br />

a multifaceted artist, encompassing painting, design, writing and curatorial work. Her main themes include the Sacred<br />

Feminine, ecology, and mystic dreams.<br />

Her artistic journey began with studies at Simons Rock of Bard College and in 1984 she received a scholarship from<br />

the School of the <strong>Art</strong> Institute of Chicago, where she focused on painting, woodwork, and bookbinding. She taught art,<br />

exhibited her work, and practice cabinet making until she moved to Paris in 1992.<br />

Liba’s art has been shown in galleries and museums worldwide, with her work included in notable collections such as<br />

the Iloilo Contemporary Museum of the Philippines, the Naia Museum of France and the esteemed Biro Collection.<br />

Beyond her personal art, Liba founded Dreams and Divinities, a visionary project unifying international artists. She has<br />

organized 29 events and produced four books for the group, showcasing their talents from prestigious museums to the<br />

forests of Colombia.<br />

Throughout her journey, Liba’s creative output has found its way into the spotlight, with her poems, paintings, design<br />

work, and interviews featured on television, in newspapers, magazines, books, and numerous online articles.<br />

www.artwork-liba.com<br />

“Caduceus”<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Oil on canvas<br />

54 x 81cm

‘Self Portrait with Bee’ 2017<br />

Oil glazes and 22 carat gold leaf on canvas. Hand painted wood frame. 40 cm diameter<br />

‘Self Portrait with Beluga’ 2017<br />

Oil glazes and 22 carat gold leaf on canvas. Hand painted wood frame. 40 cm diameter

‘Abundance’ 2016 / 2022<br />

Oil glazes and 22 carat gold leaf on canvas. 110 x 110 cm with frame.

Martin Stensaas & Sunny Strasburg<br />

Painting together as a couple has been a rich creative experience for the husband/wife team of Martin Stensaas<br />

and Sunny Strasburg. Much like a musical duo, there is an improvisational knowing when to assert, and when to<br />

allow space for one another’s brainstorming and maneuvers. Martin brings focus, patience and a high level of skill<br />

to the work. Sunny brings more conceptual, figural and archetypal content.<br />

Sunny says, “I believe making art is casting a spell. My intention is to imbue the work with the soul and offer<br />

visual cues toward the ineffable. For me, art is an experience reflecting the four directions of alchemy: in the first<br />

phase, the idea is organized within the energetic/spirit realm (North/Sublimatio). The second phase is creating<br />

the work which is pulling the energy of thought and crafting it into matter- the art piece itself (East/Calcinatio).<br />

The third phase is offering the work to the viewer and sharing in the experience (West/Coagulatio). The fourth<br />

and final phase is connecting both viewer and artist into the greater collective unconscious through the sublime<br />

experience art can provide (South/Solutio).”<br />

Martin combines classical realism with the experience of mystical consciousness. His distinctive technique<br />

combines deep multilayered and colorful glazes, subtractive maneuvers, and fine line work to build up enchanted<br />

figures and otherworldly surroundings. His works are unique painterly experiences from across the room or a few<br />

inches away.<br />

Sunny and Martin’s collaborative art exhibitions include: Temple of Visions, Phaneros <strong>Art</strong>, Bash Contemporary,<br />

Sally Centigrade, MAPS fundraising event pop up shows, Urban <strong>Art</strong>s Gallery, Pacifica Graduate Institute, and Alex<br />

Grey’s CoSM<br />

www.martinstensaas.com / www.sunnystrasburg.com<br />

‘Omni II’<br />

2016<br />

Oil & acrylic on<br />

canvas<br />

75 x 90 cm

Marlene Seven Bremner<br />

Marlene Seven Bremner was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1983. She has a BA in Geography and Environmental<br />

Studies and is trained as a Polarity Therapist by the Institute of Holistic Health Careers. She is a self-taught oil<br />

painter, author, poet, and musician, exploring esoteric themes arising from her study and practice of Hermeticism,<br />

alchemy, magic, astrology, and mythology. Seven developed her painting career in the Pacific ‘I Northwest, Chose showing<br />

her work in both group and solo exhibitions along the West Coast and internationally, and now This resides Life’ in the desert<br />

of New Mexico. She is the author of Hermetic Philosophy and Creative Alchemy (Inner Traditions, 20102022), and The<br />

Hermetic Marriage of <strong>Art</strong> and Alchemy (Inner Traditions, <strong>2023</strong>).” Oil & tempera<br />

on canvas<br />

www.marlenesevenbremner.com<br />

120 x 60 cm<br />

“Death of the Profane”<br />

2015<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

91 x 61 cm

‘The Cross Rose in the Garden of Venus’<br />

2016<br />

Oil on canvase<br />

91 x 91 cm

Mantra Cora<br />

Mantra Cora was born in Gdansk, Poland, relocated to England in 2006 and then to the USA in 2016 with her<br />

husband, Phil Rubinov Jacobson and their daughter, Liya. In 2013 Mantra completed her BA in the Visual<br />

<strong>Art</strong>s at The University of Salford in England. She has closely studied techniques of painting with Prof. Phil,<br />

and also studied drawing and painting as an Erasmus Exchange Student at the Accademia di Belle <strong>Art</strong>i di<br />

Macerata. Her Erasmus Exchange program in Italy was followed by a 4-month internship at the Phantasten<br />

Museum in Vienna, Austria. It was there that she daily assisted the internationally renowned artist, Ernst<br />

Fuchs, with his paintings. Along with her partner, Prof Phil, they both resided and worked alongside the artist,<br />

De Es Schwertberger during this magical time in Vienna.<br />

Mantra co-teaches painting with Prof Phil and offers a section on Creative & Innovative Grounds that inspire<br />

automatic-imagery and a serendipitous process in painting. Her art has been exhibited internationally,<br />

including UK, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and USA. In 2016 she co-curated, “A Legacy of Light” art exhibition<br />

and also co-created and edited the catalog for the show. This historical exhibition took place at Castle<br />

Gloggnitz in Austria.<br />

mantra-cora.tumblr.com<br />

‘Daphne’s Awakening’<br />

2020<br />

Oil, egg tempera and casein on canvas<br />

60 x 50 cm

Martina Hoffmann<br />

Martina Hoffmann’s paintings are detailed views into her inner landscapes - imagery that has been inspired<br />

by expanded states of consciousness. The Visionary Symbolism of Martina Hoffmann is decidedly feminine<br />

and places the “Universal Woman” in an intimate cosmos. She transcribes her reflections on the nature of<br />

humanity’s connection to the All in a realistic style which marries the fantastic to the sacred.<br />

Martina Hoffmann has spoken on behalf of visionary art and culture at symposiums and festivals as well as<br />

having taught painting workshops worldwide together with her late husband, the Fantastic Realist,<br />

Robert Venosa.<br />

Her art and photography have been published internationally in books, including<br />

“Modern Consciousness Research and The Understanding of <strong>Art</strong>” by Stanislav Grof.<br />

She has exhibited her work since 1985 with a recent, 6-month retrospective at the HR Giger Museum in<br />

Switzerland in 2018 and is represented in the permanent collection of NAIA Museum in Rochefort-En-Terre,<br />

France. A world citizen since her childhood in West Africa, the artist keeps a home and studio in both the<br />

USA and France.<br />

www.martinahoffmann.com<br />

‘Lady of Shalott’ 2017<br />

Oil on canvas 80 cm in diameter

Melissa <strong>Art</strong>emis Shemana<br />

Melissa Shemanna, an Australian artist, curator, and explorer of mystical realms, dedicated over a decade<br />

to nurturing The Honeybee Temple in the picturesque Yarra Valley, serving as both an <strong>Art</strong>s Foundation<br />

and Esoteric Embassy. In January 2022, she embarked on an international artistic odyssey, presenting her<br />

latest oil paintings across Europe and the UK. Notably, her solo exhibition, “Starfire, Rites of Passage,”<br />

graced the Open Studios Gallery in Hackney Wick, <strong>London</strong>, alongside numerous showcases in Belgium<br />

and the UK.<br />

While predominantly self-taught, Melissa’s artistic journey was enriched by guidance from esteemed<br />

mentors. Her art resides at the crossroads of visionary imagery, mythic symbolism, and ancient esoteric<br />

wisdom, invoking deep emotional responses. She employs traditional techniques and handcrafted<br />

pigments, infusing her works with timeless allure.<br />

In 2018, she founded The Honeybee Temple <strong>Art</strong>s Foundation, a beacon for collaborative artistic and<br />

magickal endeavors symbolized by the honeybee totem, Apis Mellifera.<br />

Her original artworks adorn private collections worldwide, from Australia and the United States to<br />

Romania, Bali, Hawaii, the Netherlands, and Italy.<br />

www.honeybeetemple.org<br />

‘Iris: ChromaPotnia’ 2021<br />

Oils & Tempera on hexagonal canvas * 120 x 120 cm

‘Ancestral Songlines of the Honeybee Priestess’ 2022<br />

MoonBlood, tempera, oils on canvas * 100 X 100 CM

Oliver Benson<br />

Due to conditions of my early life, I developed a tendency to work in a self-reliant way and toward independent<br />

goals. I found formal study unsatisfying and have for the most part taught myself the art of painting. My<br />

paintings involve little planning, rather they arise naturally from my physical and psychical interaction with<br />

the materials. Each work is a distillation of that process into an objective record. Through the paintings I come<br />

to know, and would share as completely and as freely as I may, my view of the world we all share.<br />

www.alfhari.com<br />

‘Ganesh<br />

Crossing the<br />

Maelstrom’<br />

Acrylic on<br />

panel<br />

43 x 52 cm

‘Thalamos<br />

Sophias‘<br />

2020<br />

Acrylic on<br />

masonite<br />

41 x 51 cm

Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule<br />

Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule is an esoteric artist in many media, including painting, writing, sculpture, sound,<br />

film and performance art. He is the writer-director of the Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Company who have<br />

presented many major original productions based in (and updating/mutating) various ancient mythos.<br />

Author-<strong>Art</strong>ist of ‘Esezezus’ a book on and of the Magic of Language (Grayle Press <strong>2023</strong>) with accompanying<br />

album, the Tela Quadrivium book web from Fulgur Press (Conjunctio 2008, Coagula 2009, Solve 2012, Distillatio<br />

2015), ‘Time, Fate and Spider Magic’ (Avalonia Books 2014) and The Book of Kaos Tarot (iNSPiRALink.<br />

Multimedia Press 2003). He is working on an esoteric Sculpture garden in the Ardennes, Belgium.<br />

Orryelle is interested in the ensoulment of objects through aesthetic obsession; the merging of mental, spiritual<br />

and emotional relationships with creativity, in the vanguard of the current resurgence of the esoteric in art with<br />

its processes of re-enchantment.<br />

The interplay of the figurative/representational and the abstract, the organic and ’synthetic’ (the actual and the<br />

virtual) are aspects of these explorations, which aim to delve below the surface of things...<br />

www.esoterotica.art<br />

‘Brigid-Sarasvati<br />

2014<br />

Oils, tempera,<br />

copper leaf on<br />

canvas<br />

60 x 90 cm

‘Hermes’<br />

2021<br />

Bronze statue<br />

18 x 23 cm

Pascal Ferry<br />

Pascal Ferry is a French autodidact painter who draws his inspiration from the visionary symbolist<br />

and mystic traditions. His publishing company “Sidh & Banshees” has represented a large group of<br />

international visionary, fantastic and fairy artists from 2000 to 2014.<br />

Pascal Ferry’s work has been exhibited in USA, Japan, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and<br />

in numerous salons and festivals in France such as Lys Salon, Biennale of St Leonard, Chiméria etc. Since<br />

2015, his work is represented at NAIA MUSEUM in Rochefort-en-Terre in Brittany as part of the permanent<br />

collection.<br />

He has also created many CD covers for progressive rock and metal bands as well as magazine covers.<br />

Today Ferry entirely focuses on his personal artistic creations. He lives and works in Carnac, Brittany,<br />

France, uniquely known in the world for its mysterious megalithic stone alignments. His paintings represent<br />

his inner journeys in search of lost civilizations and their spiritual connection.<br />

“As an artist, I see myself doing the work of an archeologist who metaphorically removes the dust from the raw<br />

canvas in order to gradually let my visions of our ancestral memories emerge. Since my early childhood I like<br />

to think that my utopian dreams are merely the fruits of my future reality...”<br />

www.pascalferry.com<br />

‘La Naissance<br />

du Sphinx’<br />

2015<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

33 x 41 cm

Poul Dohle<br />

Helmut “Poul” Dohle is an artist with his heart and soul. As an illustrator, he has been following his<br />

passion for over 50 years, which he has turned into his profession. Born on 04.02.1961, he discovered<br />

his vocation for art at an early age. After finishing school, an apprenticeship and various jobs, he worked<br />

as a framer in a gallery. Since 2006 he has been a freelance artist and illustrator. His pictures take us on<br />

a mental journey; they create spaces of possibility for the viewer, who can dream himself into fantastic<br />

worlds. Poul’s world is populated by many lovable, whimsical creatures. Here one encounters trolls and<br />

goblins as well as elves and fairies. With a skilled combination of techniques, Poul creates fascinating<br />

scenarios with so many loving details that they seem close enough to touch. Many of his figures seem to be<br />

smiling quietly, as if they want to wink at the viewer. Perhaps this is what makes Poul’s art so unique: in<br />

the end, there is always something of himself in every single picture.<br />

www.poul.de<br />

“Trollwoman Kelfae”<br />

2008<br />

Gouache on paper<br />

40 x 50 cm

“The Star” -<br />

2019<br />

Gouache,<br />

acrylic & oil on<br />

wood<br />

18 x 39.5 cm

Philip Rubinov Jacobson<br />

Professor Phil holds an MFA in Painting & Printmaking, an MA in Painting and Sculpture and a Bachelor<br />

degree in Studio <strong>Art</strong>s and Cultural Anthropology. In 1973 he left the USA to study painting under his<br />

mentor, Ernst Fuchs (1930 – 2015), co-founder of the School of Fantastic Realism in Vienna, Austria. Their<br />

ever-evolving friendship would span 42 years. In 1997 Ernst requested that Prof. Phil formally carry on his<br />

teachings in the Mischtechnik (German: Mixed-Technique) of painting in egg tempera and oil and he has been<br />

holding his renowned Old Masters – New Visions international painting seminars ever since. In 2012, his wife,<br />

Mantra Cora, joined him in organizing and teaching in the seminars.<br />

Rubinov’s travels have been extensive, including India, (1975 – 1980) where he studied meditation and<br />

Eastern philosophy with Muktananda Paramahamsa. After his studies he wandered naked with a group of<br />

sadhus in the landscape of India. In 1995, the professor founded and directed the New School of Extended<br />

Studies at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado where he served as the Dean from 1991-1997. The artist<br />

has participated in more than 100 exhibitions and his writings have been read worldwide.<br />

Prof. Phil is currently teaching at Barton Community College. His wife, Mantra Cora has also joined the<br />

faculty at BCC. Together, with their daughter Liya, they are living in the Midwest and continue to paint, sculpt,<br />

write and teach.<br />

“Portrait of a<br />

Visionary”<br />

2019<br />

Mischtechnik on<br />

panel<br />

41 x 51 cm

Roku Sasaki<br />

Roku Sasaki is a Japanese artist born on August 11, 1966.<br />

I improvise by automatism<br />

Because art is often produced by an archetypal myth.<br />

I do not understand my art<br />

Because a painting grows as a nature or a dream.<br />

By the Rorschach test, what do you see?<br />

These show the human traits in the brain. It’s interesting and amazing.<br />

What is unexpected is a treasure trove of images.<br />

I use it for my works of art.<br />

Buddhism says that “illusions are all empty”.<br />

If it’s true, then my works of art are all empty.<br />

Surrounding emptiness is a full energy.<br />

So Ernst Jünger said.<br />

Roku has exhibited internationally in galleries and museums.<br />

www.experimentofthefreedom.blogspot.jp<br />

‘Tusita’ <strong>2023</strong><br />

Tempera and oil on nine canvases<br />

273 x 218 cm

Severine Pineaux<br />

Séverine Pineaux is a painter and illustrator living near the Brocéliande Forest, known for creating fantastical<br />

worlds inspired by Celtic culture, legends, and tales. Whether working with watercolors or oils, she paints poetic<br />

visions where nature plays a central role. Her artwork consistently features themes of tree-men and mythical<br />

animals, with a touch of gentle humor in her enchanted cat creations. Séverine Pineaux is also the author of<br />

several books, including “Ysambre,” “Gothic Faërie,” “Le Livre Secret des Chats” (The Secret Book of Cats),<br />

“Des Sourires et des Chats” (Smiles and Cats), and “Le Murmure des Étoiles” (The Whisper of Stars). Her work<br />

has been exhibited in France, England, Belgium, the USA, Russia, Japan, and Germany. Her pieces are part of<br />

the permanent collections at the Naïa Museum in Rochefort en Terre and the Fantasmus Foundation in Denmark,<br />

and they are cherished by collectors from the USA to Japan.<br />

Séverine Pineaux’s paintings invite viewers to wander through dreamlike realms inspired by mythology, fairy<br />

tales, cyberpunk culture, and dark romanticism, where past and future intertwine. Through her books, her<br />

paintings become both actors and scenery in a paper theater. By merging trees and humans, plants and animals,<br />

machines and nature, she evokes the interconnectedness and unity of the world, drawing inspiration from ancient<br />

spirituality and contemporary science. She chooses the classical medium of oil painting and a figurative style to<br />

convey the full evocative power of her mental images and to relish the act of painting. Her aim is to create with<br />

the technical skill of an adult but the spirit of a child.<br />

www.pineaux.com<br />

‘Time Ravens’ (Les Passeurs)<br />

Oil on canvas 50 x 50 cm

‘Duale – a kind of Self<br />

Portrait’<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

Diameter: 80 cm<br />

‘The Last Ship’<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

50 x 73 cm

Stuart Griggs<br />

Stuart Griggs is a visual artist of the imaginal, originally from Wales in the U.K. and currently living in Brighton.<br />

He has completed a BA in Fine <strong>Art</strong> painting at the University of Wales and has worked for many years as a<br />

graphic designer and illustrator. His work has been exhibited and featured internationally at galleries, festivals,<br />

cultural events and installation design projects.<br />

Stuart’s work explores the intersections between drawing and digital art, synthesising the two into a unique and<br />

idiosyncratic language. He explores and offers a journey into the creative process that immerses and probes into<br />

the psychic pool of collective archetypal energies.<br />

Multidimensional spaces and symbols merge together to manifest the primordial and the transpersonal. Abstract<br />

and representational elements are interwoven with themes of death and rebirth, hope, mysticism, animism,<br />

fertility, ritual and flow. The creative outcome is a crosscultural fusion that utilises new technology while<br />

integrating archaic elements and stylistic influences from symbolism, surrealism, abstraction and contemporary<br />

art. This visionary approach is a mirror of the necessity of our current times to find new emerging paradigms of<br />

interconnectivity within ourselves and nature.<br />

www.stuartgriggs.com<br />

‘Source’<br />

2019<br />

Digital painting on<br />

canvas<br />

170 x 120 cm

‘Receiver’<br />

Digital painting on<br />

canvas<br />

2022<br />

44 x 85 cm

Viandara Elfaerian<br />

Viandara is a Magical Realist oil portraitist, painting pictorial poetry where image converges with myth. Her call<br />

to action: the artist is a cultural healing bodhisattva, producing art from the heART.<br />

Navigating neurodivergence, Viandara finds ports of respite through creation. Her journey with “Faith” was that<br />

of a guiding wayfarer toward receptivity and neuroplasticity. The “Gateways” series are illuminated iconographic<br />

portrait portals, invitations to enter the contemplative spaces of passionate souls and change agents.<br />

Born in New England in 1980, Viandara moved to the West Coast in 2005. Earning her Master of Fine <strong>Art</strong>s<br />

degree in San Francisco, she now lives in the luscious Pacific Northwest. She is a member of the art collectives<br />

Dreams and Divinities and AOI, the Society for the <strong>Art</strong> of the Imagination.<br />

www.viandarasheart.com<br />

‘Faith’<br />

2020<br />

Oil on canvas<br />

61 x 91 cm

www.achanceforhappiness.international<br />

www.dreamsanddivinities.com Painting: Daniel Mirante

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