Get Out! GAY Magazine – Issue 528

Featuring content from the hottest gay and gay-friendly spots in New York, each (free!) issue of Get Out! highlights the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas and other businesses throughout NYC’s metropolitan area that the city’s gay a population is interested in.

Featuring content from the hottest gay and gay-friendly spots in New York, each (free!) issue of Get Out! highlights the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas and other businesses throughout NYC’s metropolitan area that the city’s gay a population is interested in.


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Wade McCollum is an award<br />

winning actor, composer,<br />

singer, writer, dancer, director,<br />

filmmaker, and in his spare<br />

time, a student of cognitive<br />

neuroscience. What’s more,<br />

he is currently starring off-<br />

Broadway in the one-man<br />

show “Make Me Gorgeous.”<br />

Written and directed by<br />

Donald “Donnie” Horn, “Make<br />

Me Gorgeous” celebrates the<br />

life of LGBTQ avant-garde<br />

pioneer Kenneth “Mr. Madam”<br />

Marlowe. At Playhouse 46<br />

at St. Luke’s until December<br />

31st, Wade transforms from<br />

Kenneth into Kate every night.<br />

Kenneth Marlowe was a hairdresser to the stars, the madam of a Hollywood<br />

gay prostitution ring, an author, a female impersonator, a private in the<br />

army, a call boy, a Christian missionary, a newspaper columnist, a mortuary<br />

cosmetologist, and finally, later in life, Marlowe transitioned to a woman, Kate<br />

Marlowe. Although considered the gayest person on the planet<strong>–</strong>and despite<br />

all of their trendsetting accomplishments<strong>–</strong>Marlowe was somehow overlooked<br />

in the LGBTQ history books. Like a salacious alchemist, Wade transforms the<br />

protagonist’s anguish and triumph into an acknowledgment of truth.<br />

Wade McCollum is an acclaimed star, beginning his career with a role in<br />

Hedwig and the Angry Inch. He went on to appear in Jersey Boys and the<br />

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert national tour, and he debuted on Broadway in<br />

Wicked. He’s also known for his television roles on Madam Secretary, FBI:<br />

Most Wanted, The Knick, and a vast array of other shows. He discussed his<br />

career with <strong>Get</strong> <strong>Out</strong> in an intimate conversation…

INTERVIEW >>><br />

So you’re doing this fabulous play.<br />

It’s a one-man show?<br />

Yes, it is. It’s a hefty lift. But it’s a<br />

really fun ride once I get on the train<br />

and it starts going.<br />

So how did you get the role? And<br />

did you have to prepare for it?<br />

Donnie, the playwright and producer,<br />

and I worked together long, long ago.<br />

He produced the first professional<br />

job that I did out of school back in<br />

Oregon. It was a production of Blood<br />

Brothers. And then, we did a couple<br />

of other shows. So we’ve known each other<br />

for many, many years. Last year, I was on tour<br />

with My Fair Lady and he just randomly wrote<br />

me and said he’d been working on that and<br />

he had me in mind and would I be interested<br />

in coming to Portland to do the show and see<br />

what we have. I read it and I was very curious<br />

about the character<strong>–</strong>very intrigued about why<br />

this person hasn’t been catalogued in history,<br />

queer or otherwise. It was sort of baffling to<br />

me, seeing how much he did in his lifetime and<br />

how dynamic as a human he was. I was really<br />

confused and intrigued and curious, like I said.<br />

So I said, “I would love to” if we could kind of<br />

collaborate on the writing process. Because<br />

I knew it was going to have to be adjusted<br />

towards my skill set and also, I wanted to add<br />

some music and jokes. So yeah, we started it<br />

last year and he raised some money, and now<br />

we’re here in New York.<br />

So doing this role has to be a little bit<br />

challenging. What was your biggest<br />

challenge?<br />

Onstage, I think the biggest challenge was<br />

getting fake eyelashes on. Playing multiple<br />

characters and keeping everything on track<br />

while I am drying the eyelash glue and timing<br />

it out. That, technically, was probably the<br />

hardest thing I had to do without getting glue<br />

in my eye. That is sort of the glib challenge.<br />

The more rigorous or dynamic challenge is sort<br />

of telling a whole human’s story in 90 minutes<br />

and sort of condensing what is a lifetime of<br />

kaleidoscopic locations, kaleidoscopic gender<br />

identities, populating that whole human’s<br />

world and all the characters he met along the<br />

way. And while doing that, honoring his life,<br />

respecting his life and the historical accuracy of<br />

his life. Also delivering a satisfying 90 minutes<br />

of dramatically sound narrative. That’s probably<br />

the most rigorous challenge.<br />

You said before that you had to add some<br />

things into this production. How much of<br />

Wade did you add?<br />

That’s a good question. I think, as with any one<br />

person show, it’s like spending an evening with<br />

that person. I think it has to sort of necessarily<br />

be personalized. Obviously, all the anecdotes<br />

and all of the text itself is their story and is<br />

pulled from Donnie’s biography that he wrote.<br />

In terms of things we added that are distinctly<br />

Wade-ish, he wasn’t much of a singer, but I am,<br />

so we made the decision that he is going to be<br />

able to sing. So he sings one song and I wrote<br />

that for him for the show.

That is not necessarily<br />

something he did. He did<br />

sing in some choral numbers<br />

with some of the female<br />

impersonators. So I would<br />

say the fact that he sings in<br />

this show is probably distinctly<br />

pulled from my skill set.<br />

After the show is over, what<br />

you have planned?<br />

I go right into and maybe<br />

even overlap with Water for<br />

Elephants on Broadway. I am<br />

playing a character named<br />

Wade. We just shot the<br />

commercial and we did an<br />

out-of-town run at a theater<br />

in Atlanta this past summer.<br />

That is going to the Imperial<br />

Theatre in February, officially<br />

opening in March.<br />

Thus far, what’s been the<br />

highlight of your career?<br />

Have you had one? Are you<br />

still looking for one?<br />

I’m terrible with superlatives.<br />

I am hopelessly optimistic.<br />

I definitely haven’t reached<br />

the highlight of my career<strong>–</strong>I’ll<br />

say that. But if I had to sort<br />

of r etrospectively analyze<br />

what would be the apex at<br />

this point, there have been so<br />

many high points, but actually,<br />

I’d have to say right now is<br />

really great.<br />

If you could have me ask<br />

you any question on the<br />

planet, what would you have<br />

me ask and how would you<br />

answer it?<br />

I think I would have you ask<br />

me what my interests are<br />

outside of either television and<br />

acting.<br />

Okay, I will ask you that.<br />

When you are not acting,<br />

singing, composing etc.,<br />

what do you like to do?<br />

I am getting a neuroscience<br />

degree. I am working on a<br />

doctoral thesis around the<br />

neuroscience of narratives<br />

where the emotional life of<br />

characters versus<br />

the emotional life<br />

of actors lives in<br />

the brain. If there<br />

are specialized or<br />

augmented parts<br />

of the brain that<br />

actors possess<br />

that may be helpful<br />

for people that<br />

are not actors in<br />

terms of emotional<br />

resilience,<br />

emotional agility.<br />

And also, looking<br />

at perhaps<br />

adaptations of<br />

actors who are<br />

having to create<br />

a multitude of<br />

trauma several<br />

times a week.<br />

And how we can better take<br />

care of our actors in that<br />

situation and perhaps help<br />

them not hurt their brains<br />

with their emotional health by<br />

undergoing imaginal trauma,<br />

which the brain doesn’t really<br />

know the difference between<br />

the two. I am intensely<br />

curious, and then the past<br />

three years or so, I have<br />

actually sort of formalized my<br />

scientific training. I feel like<br />

a whole person now. The left<br />

brain quantitative person is<br />

now getting their time to shine<br />

as well.<br />

I don’t know where you are<br />

finding the time to do this but<br />

you are also a composer. And<br />

composers have very strange<br />

brains. Composers never<br />

sleep.<br />

No, no. There’s a quietude in the<br />

middle of the night and I think I<br />

do some of my best composing<br />

at 3:30 AM, when most people<br />

are asleep. There’s a physical<br />

quietude that somehow allows<br />

the listening to be clearer, at<br />

least in my universe.

Is there<br />

anything<br />

else that you<br />

would want to<br />

discuss that we<br />

haven’t?<br />

I would like to<br />

reiterate that<br />

Donnie and I<br />

both really want<br />

this play to be<br />

an offering to<br />

the trans and<br />

non-binary,<br />

non-genderconforming<br />

community. As<br />

honoring the past. Not to say<br />

that it’s not filled with all sorts<br />

of campy delight, but that<br />

there is a real solid part there<br />

that is hopefully anchoring<br />

a sense of longing and<br />

protection.<br />

I wonder why no one’s<br />

heard of Kenneth and Kate.<br />

I don’t know. I feel the same<br />

way. I have lots of theories.<br />

Some people live really<br />

boisterous lives and then for<br />

some reason just fall into the<br />

category of renewing. So I’m<br />

grateful to Donnie for bringing<br />

Kenneth/Kate’s story Into<br />

the light, so we can really<br />

celebrate this person.<br />

an offering of not just fun or<br />

protection and visibility and<br />

perhaps a little bit of feeling<br />

and celebration. It really feels<br />

like an evening of celebrating<br />

the queer community and<br />

everyone coming together.<br />

Learning about the pre-AIDS<br />

crisis queer world that has<br />

sort of been straight washed<br />

out of society. It sort of feels<br />

like the spirits of the past are<br />

dancing in the room. We are<br />




KEDWIN<br />



Kedwin is a bartender<br />

superstar, not to mention<br />

a pretty great promoter….<br />

and yes, he has a daytime<br />

job too. He has a glowing<br />

spirit and is loved by<br />

his loyal clientele. He is<br />

planning some big New<br />

Years Eve celebrations at<br />

Boxers and Hush and is<br />

excited about the holiday<br />

season.<br />

<strong>Get</strong> <strong>Out</strong> traded questions<br />

and answers with Kedwin<br />

regarding his career and<br />

his future plans, as well<br />

as his New Years Eve<br />

parties.<br />


INTERVIEW >>><br />

Hello, Kedwin. What challenges<br />

do you face working for three<br />

bars each week?<br />

Great question! Fun fact: Aside<br />

from working those three bars,<br />

I also have a full-time corporate<br />

job that makes this question even<br />

more complex, haha. The truth<br />

is the only real challenge I find<br />

at times<strong>–</strong>not ALL times<strong>–</strong>is alone<br />

time, lol. I’ve learned with time<br />

that being alone, time to reset,<br />

time to refuel…alone! It’s just<br />

as important as<strong>–</strong>if not MORE<br />

important than<strong>–</strong>the hustle itself.<br />

That’s what I’m working on at the<br />

moment. But no real challenge. I<br />

love what I do.<br />

What’s your favorite drink to<br />

make as a bartender…and your<br />

favorite drink to drink as a<br />

promoter?<br />

One of the things that brings me joy serving<br />

the public is how much trust they put in my<br />

hands in regards to their drink orders, lol.<br />

It’s a lot of “Make me something” nowadays<br />

haha, but I love it. It’s what I do!….I’m simple<br />

Vodka Red Bull if I’m out and about. For the<br />

customers, keep on allowing me to be as<br />

creative as possible<strong>–</strong>*winky face*.<br />

What do you enjoy most about your<br />

clientele?<br />

During my happy hour shifts at HUSH, I get<br />

to actually have conversations with most. I<br />

love their stories, plans, issues, drama, lol.<br />

It’s almost like a therapy session, with alcohol<br />

involved. Now, during the hectic weekend<br />

night parties at BOXERS, there’s not much<br />

conversation involved, lol. But I do love the<br />

loyalty. You guys are the real MVP’s. Thank<br />

you for trusting me with your livers, lol.<br />

What inspired you to become one of New<br />

York’s nightlife promoters?<br />

I’ve always wanted to serve my people<strong>–</strong>and<br />

by “my people,” I mean my LGBTQ+ POC.<br />

We need a space. We need our music. We<br />

need our vibes. That’s it. It’s all vibe, lol<br />

How are you planning to celebrate Xmas?<br />

Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year.<br />

That’s freaking amazing! My ass will be<br />

home. In Jersey now. Sleeping, lol<br />

What parties are you throwing on NYE<br />

weekend?<br />



Any New Year resolutions?<br />

Nope, haha. The past few years, I’ve been<br />

done with New Year’s resolutions. I have<br />

a five-year plan. And within that, I plan<br />

accordingly . Add or change things here and<br />

there. Every month, I sit with myself and<br />

reevaluate. But one thing I always want to<br />

lead with is intention. Wherever you are in<br />

life. Your time is now. Not January 1st, but<br />

now. Start where you are, use what you have<br />

and do what you can. Happy holidays!

DAVID<br />




David will be creating colorful<br />

drinks to match the holiday<br />

season at Boxers (Hell’s<br />

Kitchen). Boxers is a multi<br />

level gay sports bar with<br />

outdoor patio. As a popular<br />

bartender, David will be<br />

serving apple martinis, berry<br />

delights and other creative,<br />

festive drinks….so come join<br />

him for the season.<br />


INTERVIEW >>><br />

Hi, David, Have you whipped up any<br />

new and different Christmas drinks<strong>–</strong>and<br />

if not, what’s your favorite drink?<br />

For every holiday, I always try to make<br />

drinks that match the Christmas color or<br />

theme. My favorites are the apple martini<br />

and the Berry Merry Christmas. With<br />

these drinks, you connect people to the<br />

Christmas spirit.<br />

What’s been your favorite adventure<br />

as a bartender at Boxers HK, and what<br />

nights can we see you there?<br />

So many! Every weekend<br />

is an adventure at<br />

Boxers, and a good<br />

time. You never know<br />

what’s going to happen<br />

after the sun goes down<br />

and a couple of drinks!<br />

I’m there Friday-Sunday<br />

and some happy hours<br />

on the weekdays.<br />

My family is visiting from my country, Costa<br />

Rica. I will be in different parts of the city<br />

doing activities!<br />

What is your favorite Christmas song,<br />

and why?<br />

I have many favorite songs, but this year, I<br />

can sing and dance to “Rockin’ Around the<br />

Christmas Tree”.<br />

What are your New Year resolutions?<br />

Take more adventures outside of the city,<br />

try new things and dance a little more,<br />

continue serving it up for my Boxers<br />

friends.<br />

What do you like<br />

doing on your time off<br />

from work?<br />

I like going to the gym.<br />

Since I was little, I<br />

have played sports. I<br />

also like reading, trying<br />

new restaurants and<br />

spending time with my<br />

goldendoodle!<br />

What do you like<br />

best about New York<br />

nightlife?<br />

The diversity in music<br />

and people. I love to<br />

dance and make new<br />

friends.<br />

How are you going to<br />

celebrate Christmas?

HOLLY<br />

DAE<br />






A nightlife staple, Holly Dae<br />

is currently spreading joy and<br />

laughter with different events each<br />

week. She can be seen doing Bingo<br />

at the Monster on Wednesday;<br />

at Industry bar, hosting a long<br />

running celebrated drag review on<br />

Thursday; on Friday at the Ritz,<br />

hosting a drag competition; once<br />

a month on Friday at the Laurie<br />

Beechman Theatre for Distorted<br />

Diznee; and then on Saturday at the<br />

Monster for Spunk, and then again<br />

with the Spunk crew at Pieces bar<br />

on Sunday…..<br />

She’s creative, she’s funny….and<br />

most obviously in demand. We<br />

shared questions and answers<br />

regarding her events, her future<br />

plans, and a brief synopsis of what<br />

her festivities entail.<br />


INTERVIEW >>><br />

You are a busy girl. What do you enjoy<br />

most about each of your events: Spunk,<br />

Bingo, Industry Queen, and others?<br />

Well, yes, I do like to keep busy. I have five<br />

shows a week, and I am very lucky they all are<br />

so different. My week starts off on Wednesday<br />

at Monster for Bingo with my co host Cherry<br />

Poppins, and over the past nine months, we<br />

have really made it quite unique, with not just<br />

the classic number Bingo, but fun themes as in<br />

Disney, Barbie, and even celebrating Onlyfans!<br />

Thursday, I’m so honored to be hosting the<br />

longest running drag review in NYC QUEEN<br />

at Industry bar. In December we turn 13 years<br />

old. We have a cast of such talent and show<br />

stopping production numbers every week, with<br />

themes, choreography, high energy dance<br />

numbers, guest stars and so much more. On<br />

Fridays, I have a few gigs. I do Open Call at<br />

Ritz Bar, which is a fabulous drag competition<br />

with my co host Stasi and DJ Xavier Mazara.<br />

I love seeing all the amazing talent that these<br />

young queens and kings bring to the stage.<br />

Also, once a month, on Friday, I get to perform<br />

at the beautiful Laurie Beechman Theatre<br />

for Distorted Diznee, an off-Broadway show<br />

starring Bootsie Lefaris, Brenda Dharling, Fifi<br />

DuBois and me. It’s been running now for over<br />

11 years! Finally, one Friday a month, I cross<br />

the river to join my NJ family at Club Feathers.<br />

We always have so much fun and laughs<br />

at this venue. Saturday, I’m at Monster bar<br />

for Spunk, where we have 30-40 gogo boys<br />

offering lap dances and pop up shows, with a<br />

fabulous dance floor by DJ David Michael. Luis<br />

Gomez, the producer, has just celebrated 11<br />

years of Spunk, and I am proud to be the OG<br />

host (although I call myself a madam at that<br />

show, haha). Finally, on Sunday I get to work<br />

with the Spunk family again, but at Pieces Bar.<br />

I love doing both nights with Spunk because,<br />

even though they both have gogo boys, they<br />

are very different shows. Monster is a club<br />

and Pieces makes the night more like a dirty<br />

cabaret show. Tables and lounges make it a bit<br />

more intimate and just as hot. WOW, that was<br />

a mouthful, but as you said I’m a busy lady!<br />

What drives you?<br />

What drives me is the community. I always<br />

refer back to that old saying that goes, “If you<br />

can make it here, you can make it anywhere”.<br />

And I truly believe that! I have been extremely<br />

lucky in my career that I have been able to<br />

travel the world, performing<strong>–</strong>but coming back<br />

to NYC and seeing all the unique and amazing<br />

talent this city has really pushes me to keep<br />

striving for more. Never settle and always<br />

learn<strong>–</strong>that’s what drives me.<br />

Are there any new projects you’re working<br />

on at the moment?<br />

As of now, my new projects are gearing up<br />

for 2024 with some international gigs. In<br />

2023, I got to perform in many cities all over<br />

the USA, but also Dublin, London, Paris, and<br />

Amsterdam. I am excited to announce I’m<br />

coming to Berlin in 2024, and that’s just the<br />

beginning.<br />

What do you enjoy when out of drag?<br />

Right now, I am so thankful to have this job.<br />

We live in a scary world between wars, politics,<br />

hate and so much more. So when I perform<br />

and I get to make people laugh, smile, and<br />

just forget about all that negative bulls*it for<br />

one night, or maybe just one moment, then<br />

it’s all worth it. I love doing what I do, and I<br />

am beyond grateful for the career I’ve had,<br />

and even when I’m having a bad night/show, I<br />

constantly remind myself of that fact.<br />

What is the best advice you’ve ever<br />

received…..and given?<br />

Best advice given: Bianca Del Rio, many,<br />

many, MANY years ago, told me some great<br />

advice. “Never let a bitch see you sweat”. And<br />

it’s so true. Drag is a family and a community,<br />

but let’s be real. It’s competitive. Do what you<br />

do and do it with all your heart and pay no<br />

mind to the haters. I pass that saying on to<br />

every queen who ever asks for advice. And<br />

one last tip...Do YOUR drag, Don’t let people<br />

tell you how to do YOUR drag!

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