Roz-Roz 4.0, The Annual Cultural Magazine of IIT G 2024

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Warm greetings to all

my dear students.

It is my pleasure

and privilege to be

part of students and happy to

share my opinion on the spirited

activities of the cultural board.

As the role of culture is certainly

diverse and complex, influencing

various aspects of

individuals and societies, the

understanding the role of culture

is vital for building inclusive and

harmonious societies, promoting

cross-cultural understanding, and

addressing the challenges and opportunities

that arise from cultural


With this connection, the

cultural board is enthusiastically

involved in conducting various

Dear Students,

Greetings to all of you!!!

I am immensely pleased

that the Cultural Board

is releasing its annual magazine

during the Performing Arts Festival

(PAF) 2024. The students involved

in the Cultural Board have

done exceptionally well and are

thriving in improving their management

skills and talent around

the year. The Cultural Board comprises

ten active clubs involved in

various extracurricular cultural

activities, including dance, music,

writing, photography, arts, drama,

debate, culinary, etc. Coordinated

by a secretary, each club has responsibly

executed their job, and

I congratulate them for showcasing

their talent and encouraging

cultural activities on and across

campus and so as to provide enriched

ambient to students’ community

to showcase their talent

beyond classroom activities. It is

indeed great to see Manthan - Inter

Hostel Cultural Competition;

Performed Arts Festival - Flagship

event; Virasat - Spicmacay, IITG

Episode ended with high note, Alcheringa

- Cultural Fest of IITG

and Inter IIT Cultural Meet, etc.

While I am proud of ongoing

cultural board activities, having

positive aspects, I am also worried

that the outreach of the cultural

activities to our own students is

very limited and hence causing

sever imbalance in the wellbeing

of the campus. Here are some

general perspectives to improve

on certain aspects to have potential

benefits and significance of

cultural board activities: Promotion

of Cultural Understanding;

Preservation of Cultural Heritage;

Community Building; Educational

Opportunities; Artistic

Expression; Tourism and Local

Economy; Cultural Diplomacy;

Interdisciplinary Connections,


Wish the cultural team to

have endeavour journey to the

benefit of the campus community.

the younger generation to continue

their legacy. Every year, club

secretaries and senior members

schedule an orientation program

for newly admitted students and

encourage them to get involved in

various extracurricular activities

based on their interests to shape

their all-around development.

Eventually, club members get

opportunities to showcase their

talent not limited to campus but

also outside the institute through

inter-IIT cultural events held annually

by one of the 23 IITs. Various

activities and events conducted

by the students make their lives

vibrant during their stay on campus.

I am grateful to the Students

Affairs section for financially supporting

each club’s requirements.

I wish you all the best and success

in conducting PAF-24 and hope

all participants will cherish the

moments throughout their lives.



Abhishek Singh Munda


am delighted to introduce the

fourth edition of our beloved

“ROZ-ROZ” magazine.This annual

edition beautifully captures

the joy and solidarity that

defines student life at our institution.

From the vibrant gatherings

in the New Sac to the heartfelt

meetings in the club rooms, the

magazine reflects the happiness

and genuine connections forged

within our diverse clubs. It celebrates

the dedication and teamwork

that make these moments

not just memorable, but the very

heartbeat of our shared journey.

In my role as the General Secretary

of the Cultural Board, I take

immense pride in reflecting upon

the extraordinary achievements

of our team this year.

The Cultural Board members

Nirupama.Saanvi and Nived

Hey there, Readers!

It is our greatest honour

to present to you the annual

Cultural Board magazine,

Roz - Roz. This magazine is

the product of a lot of enthusiasm,

commitment and love from our

writing and design teams, who’ve

wonderfully managed to capture

the essence of the various cultural

activities happening here at IITG.

We’re incredibly proud of

their hard work and dedication,

and hope our vibrant cultural

scene continues to flourish in the

coming years.

Well, that’s us. Turn the page

and learn what Roz-Roz looks like

at IITG!

have not only met but have set a

new benchmark for excellence.

Their exemplary leadership and

dedication are truly commendable,

particularly evident in their

outstanding contributions to

events like Virasat and the Inter

IIT Cult Meet. Achieving the 5th

position in this year’s Inter IIT

Cult Meet marks a significant leap

from our 9th position last year.

This accomplishment stands as

a testament to our remarkable

progress and dedication.Their

dedication not only sets an inspiring

example for their juniors

but also ensures that the events

they organize leave a lasting imprint

in the hearts of our students,

creating cherished memories for

years to come.I extend my heartfelt

appreciation to the magazine

team and all the volunteers who

have played a pivotal role in impeccably

capturing the spirit of

our college culture. I encourage

everyone to delve into the pages

of “ROZ-ROZ”. It is a celebration

of our shared journey, reflecting

the vibrant tapestry of moments

that make IIT Guwahati a remarkable


Here’s to the spirit of our

campus and the extraordinary

individuals who contribute to its


Signing off,

Saanvi Bapat, Editor-in-Chief

Nirupama S, Design Head

Nived Singh, Content Head

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nights featuring impromptu goofy

dress-up performances. Along

with the spooky props they constructed

for the Halloween celebrations

this year, they also featured

a face paint and tattoo stall.

The club has been big on collaborations

this year, and something

they wanted to imbibe this

year was ‘giving back to society’,

by conducting donation-drives.

Muskaan strived to celebrate Diwali

by lighting up the faces of the

less fortunate. Additionally, they

visited the Sishugram Girl Child

Care Centre, where they engaged

with the children, teaching them

the art of making greeting cards.

As a gesture of support, the group

distributed art and food supplies

to enhance the well-being of those

they visited.

Being an artist encompasses

more than just creating; it involves

embracing the inherent

messiness that comes with the

process, turning it into a constant

source of activity. One significant

collaborative session

they engage in is not a chore but

a celebration: cleaning the room.

During these cleanup sessions,

the room undergoes a transformation—decor

changes, and the

atmosphere is switched up. There

is also always someone found lying

down dreamily, barely being

the DJ in-charge, while perhaps

contemplating the next stroke of

inspiration. These moments of

joint care for their creative space

become integral parts of their artistic

journey, fostering both

camaraderie and a dynamic

environment for imaginative


The smell of fresh paint,

squeezed from its tubes,

envelops you with your

first step into the Finesse

room. The rhythmic hum of the

sewing machine, paint splatters

on the working area, the repetitive

click-clack of crochet needles

coming from the corner, the warm

fairy lights, and the scratching of

black charcoal on the board come

together to form a multi-sensory

symphony. Everyone appears to

be weaving their unique tapestry,

crafting a fantasy world with the

medium of their individualistic

and varying choice.

This club proudly stands for

inclusivity, welcoming all who

wish to dip their toes into the

world of fine arts. They start the

year with their famous ‘Take

what you Make’ orientation for

the freshers, Macrame bracelets,

Diary stitching, Stitching, Chunky

Rings, and Giant Jigsaw puzzle

making were part of it all.

Along with their yearly exhibition,

Kirei, they also conduct

several art workshops, including

the Canvas-exchange activity,

where students sit amidst the

green grass and nature, resorting

to creativity to unwind after a long

day of classes. They also host late

evening sketching accompanied

by guitar jam sessions, and movie



9 10









liberating, and deeply personal.

Cadence, the dance club, is

the haven for those who envision

themselves performing diverse

dance forms beneath the spotlight.

From Bharatanatyam to hip-hop,

Kuchipudi to Kathakali, or spontaneous

freestyles, Cadence embraces

all styles with open arms.

The club serves as a communal

space where members, once

strangers, become a supportive

family united by a shared passion

for dance.

Within Cadence, barriers and

fears dissolve as members collaboratively

teach and learn, fostering

an environment conducive to

personal and artistic growth. One

member reflects, “I had a passion

for dance from the very start, but

it flourished freely after entering

this place.” The club’s relentless

dedication is evident in its multitude

of events, from flash mobs at

Techniche to performances at the

Performing Arts Festival, Alcheringa,

and the prestigious Inter IIT


The commitment to dance extends

beyond regular hours, with

passionate members rehearsing

from dawn till midnight for various

events, including celebrations

like Diwali, Navratri, and Halloween.

Despite the demanding work-


Dance, a universal shortcut

to happiness, possesses

the remarkable ability to

transport us to a realm

where worries dissipate with each

beat. Whether in the solitude of

closed hostel rooms, at birthday

parties, or amid pulsating concert




crowds, the transformative power

of dance is undeniable.

Imagine a hall aglow with anticipation,

an audience eagerly

awaiting your performance. As

the lights illuminate, you effortlessly

navigate through songs,

your heart syncing with the

15th APR

28 DEC

31 AUG



rhythm. The subsequent darkness

is punctuated only by the rapid

cadence of your heartbeat. A momentary

pause ensues, and then

a crescendo of applause erupts,

transforming anxiety into unadulterated

joy. This is the essence of

dance—an art form that is fluid,




load, the adage “Passion drives”

resonates, and the absence of rigid

rules in dance allows for creative


Cadence’s practice sessions

focus on achieving impeccable

synchronization among a large

group of dancers, showcasing the

collective result on stage. Countless

opportunities for nurturing

one’s skills exist, with dedicat-

ed workshops on various dance

forms offered throughout the year.

In essence, dance is not just

an art; it is the language of the

soul. So, the next time you feel

the rhythm, don’t hesitate to leave

your chair and dance, allowing

your soul to converse in the universal

language of movement.





11 12

and other shoots. This unique perspective

allows Montage members

to document major campus

events, capturing moments for


Yash Kamble, the club secretary,

emphasizes that owning a

camera is not a prerequisite for

joining Montage. He reflects on

his journey, stating, “Owning a

camera or not doesn’t really impact

your chances as a photographer.

I had one for a few months

before joining the club, but I had

never really explored it truly until

I started learning from my seniors

in Montage.”

Photography, for Montage

members, is a blend of creativity,

responsibility, and enjoyment.

The power to capture a moment

in the light one perceives it is a




Photography is not just

about cameras; it’s about

passion. Montage, the

photography club at IIT

Guwahati, lives by this ethos, believing

that a picture is not merely

shot but crafted. The club remains

bustling with activity throughout

the year, hosting workshops, photo

walks, and club shoots, fostering

an environment where aspiring

photographers can hone their


The club’s diverse workshops,

including a Camera Handling session

in February and an online

Lightroom editing workshop in

July, cater to both novice and experienced

photographers. Exclusive

offerings such as a Flat Lay

workshop and a Long Exposure

workshop are reserved for Montage

members, providing them

with valuable insights into various

aspects of photography.

Montage organizes two national-level

competitions annually.

Prajwalan, themed ‘Play of

Lights,’ coincides with Diwali,

while the other competition is

a part of Tasveer. Membership

in Montage grants access to the

dark room, and members have

the opportunity to learn camera

techniques from experienced seniors

during street photography

unique skill that defines a photographer’s

artistry. Every moment

becomes a life-altering hit or miss,

and Montage members relish the


Tasveer, Montage’s annual

photography exhibition, transcends

mere picture display. It

includes Tasveer Talk, a photography

workshop, and an online

competition. The exhibition features

hundreds of photographs

and photobooks from previous

editions, offering a rich visual experience.

Tasveer serves as the

launchpad for Frames, Montage’s

annual photography magazine,

which incorporates insights from

club members and alumni, along









with interviews with photography


Montage’s commitment to

nurturing photography enthusiasts

goes beyond capturing images;

it is about fostering a creative

community where every click encapsulates

a moment’s essence,

making it timeless.



13 14

confidence-building sessions like

Mr. and Ms. Freshers, fostering

interactions among students and

building a foundation for the year

ahead. Through various events,

such as Open-Mic, the club transforms

novices into confident

speakers, emphasizing personal

growth and camaraderie within

the AnR family.

The hard work of every member

has resulted in the evolution

of participation numbers and performances.

Anchorenza has transitioned

from simply being known

to selecting and training the best

performers, contributing to the

enduring passion for oratory in

young minds.

Beyond anchoring, the clubhouses

RadioG, a hidden gem

that extends beyond conventional

podcasts. With stand-ups, improvs,

stews, and more, RadioG

showcases the diverse talents

within the club, representing the

institute with pride in Inter-IIT

Cultural Meets.

Anchorenza and RadioG demystify

the art of public speaking,

encouraging members to view it

as a structured conversation with

friends. Aspiring anchors find solace

in the organized approach,

emphasizing the importance of

practice in overcoming stage

fright. Anchorenza and RadioG

embody a commitment to both

fostering talent and ensuring a

fun, nurturing environment, making

them indispensable cultural

pillars in the campus community.



“We take fun seriously”

is more

than just a

catchy phrase;

it’s a commitment embraced by

Anchorenza and RadioG. Picture

yourself embodying the charisma

of Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran,

commanding the stage with an

exhilarating connection to the

audience. This is the essence of

Anchorenza and RadioG, where

the art of anchoring transforms

ordinary events into unforgettable


The club’s significance extends

beyond mere entertainment;

Anchorenza elevates every

program it touches. As club secretaries

Sidharth and Chahak assert,

good anchoring often goes unnoticed,

but its absence can mar an

entire event. From the Performing

Arts Festival to Alcheringa, Virasat

to Techniche, anchors play a

pivotal role in conducting and

hosting sessions that captivate

and amuse the audience.

For newcomers to the campus,

AnR is an early introduction,

thanks to their exclusive

Fresher’s Intro. The club’s contributions

extend to captivating

videos showcasing life at IIT, a

testament to AnR’s dedication to

editing, scripting, filming, and

conducting interviews, creating

a visual narrative that resonates

with viewers.

AnR’s journey unfolds with









15 16

Sounds incredible, right? Their

meets however are usually menu

discussions for the next upcoming

event. This includes a lot of careful

juggling and discussion within the

club. Will a certain dish be loved

by all who attend? Is it feasible

to make? Will it sell well? What

about the ingredients and their

sourcing? After all, there’s more

to food than what you see on the


This club is a tight-knit but

warm and inviting community

of food lovers, food-creators and

everything in between. The lack

of awareness about this wonderful

family in the college itself was

made up by the recognition they

sought by coming Second in the

Culinary Module of this year’s

Inter-IIT, an incredible achievement

that will inspire the future

culinary masters of IITG in the

years to come.

According to them, the best

memories happen in the kitchen,

and they do wish to expand this

club, and hopefully create a space

of their own in the campus itself,

for their future ventures and expansion

ideas. Till then, campus

junta can look forward to enjoying

more of their delicious treats at

every occasion!


An event at IIT Guwahati

is an overall multi-sensory

experience. The

sight, the music and of

course, the food, the treat to our

tastebuds. After all, who in their

right mind doesn’t love food? This

is where the Palates club comes in.

So what’s on the menu for today?

Their Signature mouth-watering

Alfredo Pasta, a tangy, zesty Chaat,

Loaded Nachos, aur Mithaas toh

banti hai!

Jugaad is their middle name,

and they are pretty well-versed

in the art of makedo. Recipes

are made with experimentation,

and the experimentors are the





members of this family. Their

best ones usually start out with

an impromptu visit to the market

complex, shortly followed by ‘ooh

this ingredient seems interesting,

let’s make something with this’,

and finally taking a pantry temporarily

hostage to see what magic

they can create.

They are also very active online

and keep up with sharing

them, adding to our college’s list

of cookbook, so you can always

check out what they’ve been upto.

You are sure to have a taste

of their most recent pantry tinkerings

in their meets, which usually

end up being mini-potlucks.







cascade of emotions

and feelings swirling

around, entangling and

engagingthe crowd as

thoughts expres sed through

modulated voices and changing

expressions give the feel of a lifetime.

That’s what drama is. It’s

the presence of pretense.

Living moments within moments.

‘Xpressions’,the dramatics

club of IIT Guwahati is a haven

for drama enthusiasts. Covering

domains from street play, theatre,

monologue to mime and skits,

this club has it all. On entering,

one is surrounded by the zestful

and exuberant aura of drama enthusiasts

indulging in voice practices,

script reading and play rehearsals.

The members are highly

proficient in the art of expressing

a character’s feelings, veiling

their true identities; it feels like

another lifetime. A living memory.

Xpressions is more than just

a community, it’s a family, an

open club consisting of graduate

to post graduate members. The

bond between club members

is everlasting and can surely be

seen by the visiting alumni. They

conduct streetplays, theatre ,skits,

Ghada’. The theatre ‘Saari Raat’,

a psychological drama about a

dreamy woman who is trapped

in a world defined for her and is

striving to live away from reality

is another. However,

Xpressions is not all work and

no play. Apart from jam packed

practice sessions and rehearsals,

they have fun stress-busting

sessions from anything to everything

ranging from impromptu

drama performances, DJ and

game nights, movie screenings,

and making reels to various trips

together. To the club members,

every day at Xpressions is memorable.

Xpressions welcomes ideas

from everyone and strives to

make its performances as creative

as possible. As said by the club

where every emotion

takes the centre spotlight

mime, monologue events all year

around. ‘Tamacheyy’, the ‘Nukkad

Naatak Mandli’ of Xpressions

performed a heartwarming street

play ‘JanmJaat’ against the hatred

of caste and religion in society

on Independence Day. They also

performed the streetplay ‘Kacha

secretary Anurag Singh Rajput, if

Xpressions represented a theme

song it would surely be ‘Wo din

bhi kya din the’.

Many of their plays are self

written and self directed. Bagging

a silver medal in street play and

a bronze medal in stage play at

Inter IIT, Xpressions has reached

great heights of success owing to

their devoted practice sessions

and their zeal to succeed. The

club is a great place to sharpen

your communication, managing

and multitasking skills.

Portraying another’s personality,

showcasing their emotions

and adding a mix of your charm

- that’s what Xpressions is about!

19 20

Furemum publiist gravoc

tatatuium “joining lumiere as crendet a club,

leaving rentert as urninam a familY”


ights, Camera, and Chalchitra!

Lumiere, the filmmaking

club of IIT Guwa

hati with its creative and

dynamic aura brings stories to life

through the lens. With its vibrant

and creative atmosphere, Lumiere

invites both movie enthusiasts

and aspiring filmmakers to redefine

reality through the magic of


Covering every aspect of

filmmaking, from direction and

production to screenwriting, photography,

video editing, screen

lighting, sound design, and color

grading, Lumiere empowers individuals

to bring their creative

ideas to life. The club’s dynamic

approach encourages members to

explore their inner actor, director,

editor, screenwriter, and director

of photography.

Lumiere’s commitment to

fostering talent is evident in its

exclusive six-hour filmmaking

workshop for freshmen, resulting

in the successful creation of four

films. Regular movie screenings

for the campus community and

workshops outside IIT Guwahati

demonstrate the club’s dedication

to cinematic exploration.

Abhishek Gautam, the club

secretary, encapsulates Lumiere’s

spirit by stating, “Joining

Lumiere as a club, leaving as a

family.” This familial bond is exemplified

in events like the twoday

filmmaking night excursion

at the Brahmaputra Ghats, where

members embark on a 24-hour

film shoot, light crackling fires,

and immerse themselves in the

art of filmmaking.

Lumiere’s achievements extend

to winning gold in the Inter

IIT online filmmaking competition,

reaching the pinnacle

through 15 days of shooting and

10 days of editing. Participation in

the 51-hour Inter IIT filmmaking

competition further underscores

the club’s dedication.

Chalchitra, Lumiere’s annual

film festival, is a must-attend

event at IIT Guwahati. From movie

screenings and workshops by

industry professionals to interactions

with notable figures from

the film industry, Chalchitra offers

a holistic cinematic experience.

Lumiere’s collaboration with other

clubs showcases its versatility

and commitment to engaging with

diverse interests.

In the Catharsis Film Festival,

Lumiere secured the award

for ‘Best Visuals’ last June, a testament

to its prowess in crafting visually

stunning narratives. As the

club continues to actively collaborate

and engage, whether you are

a seasoned filmmaker or simply

intrigued by the cinematic world,

Lumiere welcomes you to explore

and contribute to the captivating

realm of film.






On posing the question, “

Who are the last people

on campus you’d want to

pick fights with? ”, many

might say the weightlifters. But

they don’t know the real answerthe

Debating Society of IITG!

What started out as an idea

by a few students in Kameng has

rapidly evolved, taking in more

under their wing every year. A club

of students with a penchant for intellectual

discourse, DebSoc aims

to craft confident individuals who

can ‘stand their ground’ and leave

their mark in the debating scene.

As the club secretary, Mahima,

humorously remarks - “ We are

just a bunch of type-A personalities

“, and the club is home to individuals

who won’t back down.

They excel at both lengthy, heated

parliamentary debates and short

JAM (Just A Minute) sessions,

and enjoy throwing some relaxed

informal discussions into the mix.

The club not only aims to

build strong communication skills

and quick thinking in members,

but also involve others on campus.

“Change my Mind”, conducted

during PAF, remains memorable,

especially to the fresh faces at college

at the time. Campus junta vs

DebSoc went head-to-head in gruelling

battles in order to ‘change

“just a bunch of tYpe a


each other’s minds’ regarding a

particular stance. They also conducted

an Open Debate- an invitation

to enthusiasts across campus

to participate in and witness

the flourishing debate culture of

IITG. Further, the club conducted

‘December Discussions’, an

online event throughout December,

wherein new motions were

floated every week on the club’s

Instagram page and ardent debaters

expressed their opinions

for or against the motion in the

comments. The club also spread

its wings by taking part in multiple

online tournaments hosted by

colleges such as BITS Pilani and

IIT Bhubaneswar.

When asked what some of her

most memorable moments were,

Mahima recalls that some of the

most meaningful discussions

she’s had usually take place after

the end of a debate, proving that a

debate never truly ends and lives

on till much after. And as for the

members of the club, they carry

forward the spirit of debate into

their daily lives, facing challenges

with grit, equipped with the skill

and hunger that comes with being

a debater.

23 24

In the Octaves room, a symphony

of harmonious melodies

and cheerful tunes creates

a multisensory epiphany.

Beyond a mere club, Octaves is

a heaven for music aficionados,

embracing genres from jazz and

fusion to classical. Boasting a

diverse range of musical instruments,

from guitars, keyboards,

and drums to flute, dholak, tabla,

and harmonium, Octaves transcends

conventional boundaries.

This community of musicians

supports each other, blending diverse

musical backgrounds, from

hardcore carnatic to classical fusion

and progressive metal. Octaves

thrives on open jamming

sessions, pop-up events, and

auditorium performances. The

club’s strong intra-club bonding

is evident in special themed

events, such as last year’s ‘Nueva

Era’ for freshers, involving meticulous

planning, including song

selection, music store visits, city

tours, and more.

Octaves hosts ‘Sopranos,’ a

classical and western vocal competition,

along with extensive

guitar workshops. Their Independence

Day performance featured

a patriotic setlist, while ‘Zenith,’

“ A wide variety of

personalities coalesce

into a singular

consciousness on stage ”

the club’s showcase event, showcased

extraordinary songs across

genres. ‘Echoes,’ symbolizing the

growth of senior members, and

participation in ‘Rock O Phoenix’

at Alcheringa, demonstrate Octaves’


In Inter IIT competitions, Octaves

clinched gold in solo singing,

bronze in pairs on stage, and

6th position in classical solo and

band competitions. Through jampacked

practice sessions, music

store trips, and collaborative song

selection, Octaves offers a haven

for music enthusiasts.

The club secretary Darsan

Sunoj defines rule of thumb for

the Octaves for deciding whether

a song can be performed live as:

Focus on one instrument,

let’s say, the guitars, then imagine

the song without it; With the

guitars removed, focus on the

bass, imagine the song without

that too; Then focus on the keyboards,

imagine the song without

it; If there’s still something left

once all the physical instruments

are out, the song cannot be performed


Additionally, if the song is too

easy and can be prepared rather

quickly, we don’t pursue it since

it doesn’t really help us grow as


If you want to sharpen your

music skills, compose your own

song and live your passion for

music, Octaves is the place to be!

25 26




In the intricate realm of imagination,

Lit-Soc emerges as

a sanctuary, a clandestine

doorway hidden in plain

sight beckoning those in search

of a tribe bonded by their ardor

for literature. As the doorknob

turns and you step inside, warm

faces proclaim, “You are one of us

now. Welcome to Lit-Soc, fellow

chosen one.”

The Literature Society of IIT

Guwahati acts as a crucible for avid

book readers, poets, writers,

and open-minded denizens of the

campus. It bridges academic divides,

where Ph.D. and Masters

students coalesce seamlessly

with B.Tech enthusiasts, unified

by their collective love for liter-

her literary horizons. Lit-Soc

transcends mere book reading; it

serves as a haven for the shared

exchange of thoughts and feelings

about literature, transforming the

act of reading into a profound personal


The debut edition of Lit-Soc’s

Aakhar in February 2023 united

literature enthusiasts for a knowledge-infused

three-day extravaganza.

From the open mic event,

Andaaz-e-bayan, conducted in

collaboration with Anchorenza

and RadioG, to a short story writ-




ature. Monthly themed discussions

act as a communal thread,

dismantling barriers and leaving

only a shared passion for literary


Lit-Soc orchestrates an array

of captivating workshops and

events throughout the year. From

a March Scrabble tournament to

a Kavi Sammelan in collaboration

with Hindi Cell during Hindi Diwas

in September, the club curates

a dynamic calendar for campus

literati. Writing competitions, featuring

diverse prompts, flex the

creative muscles of IIT G’s writers,

with victorious works showcased

proudly on Lit-Soc’s social media

platforms. The club’s foray into

the podcasting realm last year

marked a significant expansion

of its offerings.

Jasmine Paul, the Club Secretary,

reflects on her personal

evolution within Lit-Soc, underscoring

how the responsibility of

organizing events has broadened





“a safe harbour

for your


ing workshop by Prof. Debpriya

Basu, Aakhar provided myriad

opportunities for self-expression.

Events like Sookshma Dharma, a

discussion on Mahabharata and

Mythical Quest, introduced fresh

perspectives on timeless subjects.

Lit-fest witnessed substantial participation

in Kavi Sammelan, featuring

four distinguished poets

from outside and even professors.

The Triwizard tournament,

a Harry Potter Quiz competition,

drew participants from both wiz-



ards and muggles. The heart of

Aakhar resided in Lit-Soc’s Book

Exchange, enabling book lovers to

submit and exchange books based

on genre preferences.

Lit-Soc at IIT Guwahati transcends

the conventional definition

of a literary club; it is a vibrant

community sculpting individual

and collective literary odysseys.

Serving as a sanctuary, it transforms

literature into a shared experience,

traversing genres and

academic backgrounds. Lit-Soc

is more than words; it is a refuge

for literary enthusiasts to flourish

and evolve collectively.

27 28


live and let

live !

was it easy to keep Lambda going

and flourishing throughout

these years, and most importantly

making it visible to the very people

who need it. The day of the big verdict

from Supreme court on 6th of

September, 2018 was a big

day for those at Lambda too. Individuals

edging on the ambiguity

of coming out, those shying away

from public eyes and afraid of being

identified turned up in huge

numbers. And we are proud to say

these show-ups continued in the

occasional workshops following

this. Given this inspiration, the

members of Lambda have never

looked back since then. Whether it

be the pride walk of 2022, the celebrations

of Pride month, June, the

Binary Day, the Trans Day or the

grand Verdict Day (6th September),

celebrations in vivid colors

have become almost a

cultural tradition like any other

festival in this club, which is

more like a family. These ‘queer

meetups’ most of the times turn

out to be detailed recounts of

reactions from families and

friends on the members’ coming

out which eventually become

fun and laughter. The tiniest of

things like a painted nail, a piercing

or a heel when liberated to

be worn by a gender who simply

likes and enjoys it, becomes

such a great achievement. “The

joy and warmth of these achievements

can be felt from their eyes”

as Shivangi, an ally and a member

of Lambda

Efforts and sincere attempts

to make people aware and break

through the glasses of prejudice

are ongoing, making this bunch of

cool people an amazing medium

for change in our society. On top

of all these workshops and discussion

sessions, Lambda has turned

out to be closed knit family where

even the culmination of end semester

examination is an excuse

for eat-outs and chats.

Truly, this is what we call unconditional

love and acceptance.

We hope that someday or the other

this fluidity of VIBGYOR will

touch upon not only the hearts of

residents of IIT Guwahati but also

the entire nation and people will

learn to think beyond binary to

live and let live.



“There’s so much to offer but so little to accept”

We all love the colors of the

rainbow, the VIBGYOR. Yet, when

it comes to us humans to be something

different than black, white

or grey, we shut the doors of our

hearts. Why is that so?

Back in 2018, two courageous

souls took up the initiative

of helping these colors, opening

up a platform to seek and help

bridge the gap of gender identity

and gender expression, here inour

very own beautiful campus. Wondering

what these heavy words

mean? Well, it means nothing

more but to give our fellow humans

a space where they can open

up and not be judged, where they

can be themselves and be treated

nothing different than a straight

boy or girl.

But things are generally not

so simple in our society unfortunately,

up until now. Neither









kicked off with a Bharatanatyam

Workshop by esteemed Shivaranjani

Harish ji. The Inaugural

Evening of Virasat featured an

astounding Bharatanatyam performance

Shivaranjani Harish ji,

followed by a mesmerising santoor

recital by Pt. Abhay Rustum

Sopori ji. The melodious santoor

left a lasting impression on the

audience who made their way to

the auditorium for Day 2- Pongal

Special, featuring a soulful Carnatic

vocal performance by Sikkil

C Gurucharan Ji and mesmerising

Kuchipudi dance performance

by Sreelakshmy Govardhanan Ji.

The following day marked the festival

of Makar Sankranti and the

Kite Flying festival conducted in

collaboration with Techniche. The

evening brought Rajasthan to Guwahati

with a fiery Rajasthani Folk

performance by Kutla Khan and

Group. Founder of SPICMACAY

and Padma Shree awardee Dr

Kiran Seth Ji graced the occasion.

Day 4- North East special, featuring

an energising Manipuri martial

arts performance by Thang Ta

group, and enchanting Manipuri

dance performance by Dr. Sinam

and Monika Basu, struck a chord

with the audience.

The team extend their gratitude

and reverence to the artists whose

dedication to their craft touches

the hearts of all those who are

blessed to witness it.












The crowd burst into applause as

the artists bow in exhilaration,

with one club’s undying efforts

behind it all- the SPICMACAY,

IIT Guwahati.

SPICMACAY (Society for the Promotion

of Indian Classical Music

And Culture Amongst Youth) is

a nationwide movement to bring

attention to and promote the rich

culture and heritage of our country.

As the Convenor, Lokesh,

emphasizes cultural artforms are

not just means of entertainment,

but are a bridge between science,

technology and the arts and act

as a means of education for the

masses. SPICMACAY forms a nationwide

network within which

IIT Guwahati chapter plays a vital


The club started the academic year

with a movie screening of Gandhi

to rejoice the occasion of Gandhi

Jayanthi. This was followed by a

Classical Night in collaboration

with Team Lihaaz, a musical acknowledgment

school led by Smt.

Sabarni Dasgupta. The evening

featured a performance by the revered

Pt. Ajoy Chakrabarty, one of

the most acclaimed vocalists in

the country. Next up was the annual

Fresher’s orientation in order

to welcome new faces to the club.

Virasat 2024, the flagship event






societY for the promotion

of indian classical music

and culture amongst


31 32


“almost killed

us, but it was so

worth it! ”

it was so worth it!”. The outcome

was magical as clubs proceeded to

put up spectacular performances.

IITG proved to be a strong contender,

and the dedication paid

off, bagging medals across various

categories from Mixology to Hindi

Poetry to Online Filmmaking. “We

had absolutely no idea we’d bag

a gold, defeating the top-notch

performers of every year.”, members

of Cadence exclaimed after

their sweeping victory. IITG was

a strong force to be reckoned with,

placing 5th overall.

Soon, however, the meet

came to an end. The journey to

Inter IIT had been a tedious one

and it was now time for a well-deserved

break . Clubs celebrated

their victories amidst the buzzing

atmosphere of Kolkata, with

a resolve to bounce back stronger

and better.


As the train screeched to a

halt, the team hopped onto the

platform, weathered from their

long journey. Little did they know,

the real journey was yet to begin.

The Inter-IIT Cultural meet

was hosted by IIT Kharagpur from

26th to 29th December, 2023.

Teams gathered from IITs across

the country to battle it out in the

arenas of music, dance, and more.

For them, this meet served as a

break from the rigorous academics

and a means to bond with a

like minded cohort.

For the cultural clubs, practice

had commenced much earlier.

They’d worked diligently for

months to perfect their crafts.

The winter chill crept in, but club

rooms were still bustling with energy

all through December. Lumiere

participated in the online

filmmaking module, engaged in

the filming and editing process.

From seasoned secretaries to

freshers, an enthusiastic contingent

made its way to Kharagpur.

The journey, they remark, was as

enjoyable as it was nerve-wracking.

Laughter echoed across the

train as club members danced,

sang nostalgic Hindi songs and

played an assortment of card

games. Montage club members

captured the beauty of the journey,

sparing no landscape!

The event spanned over four

days. Octaves members recall

gathering and jamming to songs to

relieve stress in between competition

rounds. AnR members were

often found in a spur of practice

sessions, last minute script changes,

rules discussions and finishers.

Dhwani, the secretary of Finesse,

a club participating six modules,

remarked, “ Almost killed us, but

overall fifth

4 DAYS #1

#2 10 CLUBS

1 GOAL #3




35 36

“trulY nothing short of

an exquisite dream

come true moment”

In the mythology of some Australian

Aboriginals, Alcheringa

translates to Dreamtime.

However, for those who have

experienced IIT Guwahati’s annual

cultural festival Alcheringa—the

grandest in North-east

India—those three spirited days

and four sublime nights are what

dreams and hopes are made of.

At least that’s what the lore suggests,

but the campus had yet to

experience a full-fledged fest after

the lockdown ended. Most of

us were equal parts skeptical and

hopeful, but Alcheringa’23 made

us believers.

If we were to choose one unforgettable

moment, it would

probably be one of the pro-nites.

Watching big-timers like

The Yellow Diary filled us with

an indie rush just as electrifying

as those EDM beats by DJ and

producer Aerreo. Then there was

Vishal-Shekhar live in front of our

eyes, keeping the Alcheringa legacy

alive. An event this big has everything,

everywhere, all at once.

Perhaps that’s where the beauty

of Alcheringa truly lies; we could

live the fest in our unique ways

and, at the end of the day, share

those beautiful moments with our

friends. Everyone can paint Alcheringa

in their hues of memories.

The 2023 edition was themed

‘Pledge to Persist,’ a worthy caption

for what went on behind the

scenes. Most of the Alcheringa

core team had been a part of the

fest since their first year, yet the

best they had seen was a hybrid

mix of some online competitions

and in-campus pro-nites. The

COVID halt added extra layers of

challenges; the team had to work

from scratch on multiple areas.

Understanding market trends,

sponsorship terms, all while

maintaining relations created

pre and post-COVID, was a big

hurdle. They had ample help from

seniors and alumni, but there are

some things that you only learn

when you make your mistakes.

Organizing different competitions,

coordinating events like the

stunt show and bike display, and

ensuring security despite such a

huge footfall and traffic was an

intricate pirouette of challenges.

Shashwat Methi, the Finance

& Accounts Head, claims, “One

of the biggest issues every year is

the budget. This year, we started

the paid pass system which was a

significant boost to the funding.”

According to the web operations,

the tech landscape of 2019 was

completely unrecognizable for

2023’s needs. Multiple portals

were rebuilt, bugs had to be fixed,

etc. Varun Bharadwaj says, “Being

a Convener requires a bigger drive

than what I was used to in my previous

years. I didn’t have anyone

to report to; I had to be the one to

take initiative and keep up with all

the different teams. There were

clashes often, and we would try

to coordinate and find an alternative.

Mostly, we persisted through

everything, together.”

When a team of students

through their continued efforts

pulls off something as incredible

as Alcheringa, it is truly nothing

short of an exquisite dream-cometrue


37 38

filled and excitement at the peak,

smiling and

picture-ready faces floated

through the corridors. While some

were busy discussing the next

event they wanted to go to, some

were occupied with finding their

friends. Some behind the cameras,

some in front of them, others carrying

food and drinks much more

than their hands can hold. When

you have friends from different

disciplines or specializations (in

Masters), chances of meeting with

your friends come down to the

bare minimum if it were not for

these festive days. Having gathered

all our “jigad ke tukre”, we

headed towards the lantern flying

event and DJ night at the spot near

the swimming pool. But this walk

was quite longer than usual. Discussing

missed-out events of each

other’s lives and complimenting

and giving critical reviews on everything

from food to dresses to

decorations of the entire campus,

we talked our hearts out on our

way to the next destination. The






12 NOV


The sun asked the world

who would take the responsibility

to light up

the world when I am

gone. A small flickering voice

emerged from the little lamp: I

don’t know about the world but

I can do the best I can...

The festival of lights, Diwali is

not restricted to a religious belief

here at IIT Guwahati. With the

rainbow of colorful lights, versatile

rangolis, and sky full of lanterns

and fireworks, this festival

manages to light up every bit of

people’s hearts.

It was 12th November, 2023

a joyous Sunday. Halls of messes

and common areas were already

decked up and geared for the finishing

touches of decorations.

Flowers, lightings, and colorful

papers adorned the walls and

roofs while mesmerizing vibrant

rangolis brightened up the floors.

Each hostel had a different theme

for rangoli making and yes, they

were all neck-to- neck at the competition.

Slowly, the day melted

into dusk and then the evening

which commenced with the Goddess

Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh

puja and aarti. Swarming with

the crowd below and tiny starlike

lighting above, students were

now headed towards the mess.

And why not? An exquisite show

of delights was waiting for us at

the counters of the mess, what we

call the ‘Gala Dinner’!! Stomachs

event had started. Swarms of lanterns

filled the southern sky, and

we gazed open-mouthed to the

infinite black now twinkling with

golden stars. A gush of wind

and these stars drifted to the edges

of buildings and we prayed so that

it wouldn’t get stuck; maybe one of

the rarest moments in time when

everyone wished for something

to soar higher up overcoming all


The DJ platform was already

shining. Floodlights and dancing

green-blue-red lights prepped

up for the drops and beats

with dancing shoes of one and

all. Within no time, the music and

party mode were on in full

swing, and dancers and non-dancers

all put up their freestyles. Of

course, there are not many occasions

when we learn to let go and

take a deep breath to smile at life.

The little cold weather had now

turned to a hot mess and water

was in high demand. We edged

our way out from the crowd and

reached New-SAC to drink water

only to find out what we were going

to miss accidentally. This place

was as beautifully decorated with

just diyas as was any other hostel,

if not more. As you lay in your bed

exhausted at the end of the day,

drowsily staring out of the window

at the kaleidoscope of fireworks on

the horizon that won’t be stopping

anytime soon, you could see it all

again. Your friends’ radiant faces

in the glow of the flying lanterns

as you set them free together. In

that golden light, their eyes shone

with exuberance.

By Medha Paul and

Arpita Ray



22 OCT 2023 23 OCT 2023

24 OCT 2023

Being just the second edition

of celebrations, there

was an overwhelming response

to the dance workshop.

After 2 days of us gearing up

with our grooves, we were ready

to captivate the floor.

Starting with a bow to Lord

Ganesh as per as ritual, we performed

a delightful Aarti to Ma


This was immediately followed

by the formation of long

lines by the attendees awaiting

for their portions of Prasad. The

resulting sugar rush didn’t take

too long to kick in.

The celebrations started with

a dance flash mob showcase by

the organising team, which was

enough for everyone to join in.

The colourful chaniya cholis

twirling, within the concentric

circles that were created, were

further adorned by the coordinated

swaying of hands.The beats

echoed through the festive air, and

the dance floor transformed into

a vibrant tapestry of shared zeal.

With each new song, came a

faster, more intense pace, accompanied

by dashing, stepping onto

each other’s toes and the constant

hustle to keep up.

‘It’s all part of the fun!’ were

usually the words our Gujarati

friends chanted, when we’d step

out to catch our breath only to be

roped back in.

As the evening progressed,

each participant contributed their

unique flair to the traditional Garba


Standing still for a moment, it

sunk in how people irrespective of

which corner of the country they

were from, all shared the same

infectious energy, reminding everyone

that in the grand dance of

life, diversity is not a challenge

but a harmonious rhythm that we

create together.

By Aditi Yogesh

Everyone who was here

for the Navratri holidays

must have come across

this poster at least once.

Enclosed within gold-adorned

borders, the words “Brahmaputra

Hostel presents Ramleela

stood out boldly even from a distance.

Once the poster had caught

someone’s attention, it was difficult

for a curious passerby to resist

squinting at the details. So that’s

how my friend and I ended up in

front of the illuminated entrance

of the Brahmaputra Hostel.

Reaching the venue, we were

instructed to leave our shoes outside

and directed to the cricket

ground within the hostel. In the

clearing, several blankets were set

out for the audience, and a handful

of chairs for the more important

audience. The stage was lit in

the glow of the spotlight. A depiction

from the life of Lord Rama is

projected in the background as if

a sneak peek for what’s to come.

On the side of the stage, there were

microphones for the voice actors

and a few guys hunched in front

of a laptop, probably responsible

for the audiovisuals. We could

already tell that it was going to

be a hit.

The blankets were semi-filled,

but every moment scores of people

were being ushered in. Once

we sat down, the waiting game

began. Anyone who has been to

a concert or any other live performance

knows exactly what it

feels like- as the seconds drag on

to eternity and you feel yourself

age with every passing breath. It’s

universal knowledge that things

never begin in time, not at least

one hour has passed from the

time mentioned in the poster, and

sometimes could be more. There

were a bunch of guys in saffron

scarves reassuring everyone that it

would be any moment then.

So it did, and it was worth

all the patience. The show commenced

with a brief lamp-lighting

ceremony amidst hollers of the

crowd chanting Jai Shree Ram.

The first scene had all the lights

dimmed slowly, except for one

spotlight focused on a dying Shravan

Kumar lying on the ground.

The narration in the background

announced the arrival of King

Dashrath and the entire scene


Throughout the whole play,

the actors and voice actors did

their part well. Every role was

played by a Brahmaputra Hostel

resident including the female

parts and much to their credit, it

was done wonderfully. The audience

cheered at the exact right

moments and held their breath in

scenes of gravity, the atmosphere

was charged with the echoes of the

sacred name. It’s safe to say every

Indian kid has grown up reading,

watching, and listening to the

tale of Ramayana. The play didn’t

bring any major revelations, but

somehow it managed to hit that

sweet spot between nostalgia and

pride of one’s cultural heritage.

By Medha Paul

41 42

PAF - Performing Arts Festival, is the Cultural Board’s biggest showcase, featuring show stopping performances

and activities from each of the cultural clubs, which launch their flagship events during this

time. Amongst the festivities is the chance for freshers to learn more about the various clubs and understand

where they may flourish during their time at IITG - and also for the entire campus to witness the

incredible artistry of their peers. Whether it’s the music that moves you, or the elegant photography on

display - PAF has something for the creative in all of us.

43 44

45 46

A special thanks to all our interviewees and

Montage, the Photography club for their assistance and


Until next time!

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