Bloem - Mar 24

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Sarah Sease<br />

Born to play<br />

Level up your<br />

teen’s space<br />

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Paternoster<br />

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Adorable babies, energetic toddlers & expressive teens<br />

MARCH 20<strong>24</strong>

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contents<br />


2 Get out of the house in <strong>Mar</strong>ch, and enjoy all that <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein<br />

has to offer<br />


8 We’re going soft with pastel gingham for Easter<br />

PEOPLE<br />

10 An adorable baby, energetic toddler and expressive teen<br />

12 Sarah Sease is born to play<br />

BEAUTY<br />

14 Life is one big party when you’re young<br />


18 Stylish kids<br />

FOOD<br />

20 Thrice as nice when packing lunch for babies, tots and teens<br />

SPOIL<br />

34 WIN a bottle of Oscar de la Renta Bella Tropicale<br />

COVER<br />

Photographer: Gypseenia Lion<br />

20<br />

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<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong>

Out & About<br />

Get out of the house in <strong>Mar</strong>ch, and enjoy all that <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein has to offer,<br />

with markets, music, and stage productions to attend this month!<br />

1<br />

Night <strong>Mar</strong>ket @ A Lodge<br />

A Lodge at <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein is<br />

hosting a Night <strong>Mar</strong>ket on Friday<br />

1 <strong>Mar</strong>ch from 4 pm, with Arend<br />

van den Berg and Francois Bouwer<br />

providing musical entertainment<br />

while patrons stroll through the<br />

stalls. Entry is R20 per person.<br />

14<br />

Iqhawe Elingaphakathi<br />

kum’ @ Pacofs<br />

The thought-provoking dance piece<br />

also known as Shadow Pillar, will be<br />

on show at the André Huguenet<br />

Theatre on Thursday 14 <strong>Mar</strong>ch at<br />

6 pm. Tickets are available from<br />

WebTickets for R100 per person.<br />

Nicholis Louw @<br />

Wietzbaden Brauhaus<br />

On Saturday 2 <strong>Mar</strong>ch from 7 pm you<br />

2<br />

can enjoy the music of Nicholis<br />

Louw at Wietzbaden Brauhaus<br />

in Bainsvlei. Tickets are available<br />

from Quicket at R120 per person,<br />

while the Wietzbaden Brauhaus<br />

only allows table bookings for<br />

four or more people.<br />

Compiled by: WARREN HAWKINS<br />

21<br />

Johan Anker @ Aasvoël Klub<br />

Johan Anker returns to the Aasvoël Klub to<br />

entertain on Thursday 21 <strong>Mar</strong>ch at 8 pm. Joining<br />

him once more is Petrich Brits on guitar. Tickets<br />

are available from Aasvoël Klub at R120 per<br />

person, or contact 084 559 8991.<br />

2 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Champagne Breakfast<br />

@ Ramblers Club<br />

Opulentia is hosting an<br />

inspirational, motivational,<br />

and entertaining Champagne<br />

Breakfast at Ramblers Club<br />

on Thursday 14 <strong>Mar</strong>ch from<br />

9 am with Hannes van Wyk,<br />

and Desiré Gardner. Tickets are<br />

available from Tianke – 079 502<br />

4670 at R250 each.<br />

14<br />

Ek, ’n Tent,<br />

& Oorlog<br />

@ Tevah<br />

Venue<br />

On Wednesday<br />

20 <strong>Mar</strong>ch at 7 pm<br />

Francois from Hoezit<br />

Samelewing will be telling<br />

campfire stories at Tevah Venue.<br />

Tickets are available from Hein –<br />

072 395 6493 at R150 for adults,<br />

or R80 per child for children<br />

13 and under.<br />

20<br />

30<br />

Oh Natuurlik <strong>Mar</strong>ket<br />

The Oh Natuurlik <strong>Mar</strong>ket<br />

launches on Saturday<br />

30 <strong>Mar</strong>ch at Pickler’s Park at<br />

9 am. The market features all<br />

of nature’s goodies, including<br />

art, drinks, and local produce.<br />

On top of all of that, patrons<br />

will be spoiled to some live<br />

music as well.<br />

Fatman @ Be Human<br />

Friday 29 <strong>Mar</strong>ch sees Fatman<br />

entertaining at Be Human.<br />

Gates open at 6 pm, while the<br />

main man takes to the stage at<br />

7 pm. Head to Computicket for<br />

tickets at R170 each and enjoy<br />

the stage presence of Fatman.<br />


Book club<br />

From young love to growing old disgracefully ...<br />

we’ve rounded up some fabulous reads for the Easter weekend<br />

Heather Winterbottom has worked<br />

alongside her husband in their rural<br />

GP practise for 40 years. They’ve<br />

just hung up their stethoscopes ...<br />

but their retirement isn’t all they<br />

thought it would be. She wants to<br />

travel to a Greek island. He wants<br />

to grow a veggie garden. Neither<br />

will compromise ... so he stays with<br />

his spinach, parsnips and pumpkin,<br />

and she heads off for a gap year... all<br />

sun, sea, sand and squid on Ithaca.<br />

Madly funny, hugely enjoyable ... Mrs<br />

Winterbottom Takes a Gap Year<br />

is Joanna Nell’s latest book centred<br />

around growing old disgracefully.<br />

Hodder and Stoughton<br />

The Williamson sisters, Josephine and<br />

Penny, are Britain's most treasured World<br />

War II veterans. Now in their nineties, they’re<br />

still in great form, and are in hot demand,<br />

appearing at commemorative events all<br />

over the country. The latest excitement is a<br />

trip to Paris to receive the Légion d'honneur,<br />

accompanied by their devoted greatnephew,<br />

who believes the pair had minor<br />

roles in the Women's Royal Navy and the<br />

First Aid Nursing Yeomanry. But that's only<br />

half the story. There's a reason sweet Auntie<br />

Penny can dispatch a would-be mugger<br />

with a brolly. This trip to Paris is not what it<br />

seems either. Scandal and crime have trailed<br />

the sisters since the war. Now armed with<br />

new information about an old adversary,<br />

these much decorated (but admittedly<br />

ancient) veterans intend to settle scores,<br />

avenge lost friends, and pull off one last<br />

heist. All hidden official secrets and double<br />

lives, CJ Wray’s The Excitements is a funny,<br />

charming, thrilling adventure read. Orion<br />

There are 18 plants and<br />

animals named after him.<br />

When asked by a reporter<br />

how many degrees he<br />

had*, he said it would be<br />

‘rude to count’. The single<br />

thing that would improve<br />

his quality of life would<br />

be ‘good, workable knees’.<br />

In The Wit and Wisdom<br />

of David Attenborough,<br />

which he has not endorsed<br />

and is not affiliated with,<br />

Chas Newkey-Burden has<br />

put together a fascinating<br />

collection of facts, tributes,<br />

quotes and anecdotes.<br />

Running chronologically,<br />

this book begins with his<br />

early days, to his first job<br />

at the BBC, to eventually<br />

becoming the most<br />

esteemed naturalist on<br />

the planet, as he is today.<br />

*More than 30! Gaia<br />

All books available at<br />

Exclusive Books and<br />

exclusivebooks.co.za<br />

4 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Set against the backdrop<br />

of modern Harlem and<br />

Renaissance glamour, A<br />

Love Song for Ricki Wilde<br />

by Tia Williams (Seven<br />

Days in June) is a steamy,<br />

swoon-worthy love story ...<br />

a florist who leaves behind<br />

family wealth to realise her<br />

dream of opening a flower<br />

shop, and an enigmatic<br />

musician ... two artists who<br />

are drawn to the magic of<br />

New York. Quercus<br />

A near-death experience.<br />

A collection of false<br />

memories. A perfect love<br />

story ... albeit one that<br />

didn’t exist. Two sisters, a<br />

vet and a mystery to solve.<br />

Throw in another love<br />

story and you’ve<br />

The Memory of Us by Dani<br />

Atkins ... light and<br />

frivolous for the<br />

long weekend.<br />

Head of Zeus<br />

For YA ...<br />

Set against the backdrop<br />

of Tehran and Los Angeles,<br />

Only This Beautiful<br />

Moment by Abdi Nazemian<br />

is a tale of intergenerational<br />

trauma and love - an ode to<br />

the fragile bonds of family,<br />

the hidden secrets<br />

of history and all the<br />

beautiful moments that<br />

make us who we are today.<br />

Harper Collins<br />

In Kate Thompson’s The<br />

Wartime Book Club, an<br />

island's only librarian is<br />

ordered to destroy books<br />

which threaten the new<br />

regime. Instead, she hides<br />

the stories, and with her best<br />

friend forms the wartime book<br />

club. But as the occupation<br />

drags on, the women's quiet<br />

acts of bravery become more<br />

perilous and they are forced<br />

to face the terrible cost of<br />

resistance. Hodder & Stoughton<br />

In Sophie Kinsella’s The<br />

Burnout, Sasha is well and<br />

truly over it all. Work (allconsuming).<br />

Friendships<br />

(on the back burner).<br />

Sex-life (non-existent).<br />

Armed with good<br />

intentions to drink kale<br />

smoothies and try yoga,<br />

she heads to a seaside<br />

resort. But how can she<br />

commune with nature<br />

when there’s a stressed<br />

out guy sitting on a rock<br />

watching her? A guy who<br />

scoffs at her burnout<br />

cures - manifesting,<br />

wild swimming, secret<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>s bars, preferring<br />

his cure - drinking<br />

whisky. Penguin<br />

All nectarine,<br />

melon, rose<br />

petal and Turkish<br />

delight, the 2023<br />

La Motte Vin de<br />

Joie Rosé is what<br />

we’ll be drinking at<br />

the book club this<br />

month. Pair it with<br />

a leafy salad, some<br />

delicate salmon<br />

or trout, and a<br />

charcuterie board.<br />

R110 from your<br />

local wine store.<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 5

Wish list<br />

Softly softly ... pastels and gingham for Easter<br />

Palest peach<br />

scrunchie, R170 for a<br />

pack of three from<br />

lovisajewellery.co.za<br />

Gingham notebook,<br />

R115 from takealot.com<br />

A3 disposable paper<br />

placemat set, R220<br />

from Print On Demand<br />

at takealot.com<br />

Easter lunch table sorted ... Linen House<br />

Oxford check light blue and white<br />

tablecloth in six, eight and ten seater.<br />

From R999 from yuppiechef.com<br />

Pink sailor bow tie for beautiful<br />

bitches and handsome hounds, R150<br />

from lafurmilia.co.za<br />

6 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

SPONSORED: Baby Care<br />

– diapers, wipes & more<br />

from Lovies. The Checkers<br />

Lovies range of quality baby<br />

products brings your little one<br />

comfort and love through<br />

the gentlest of care. Explore<br />

the exclusive range of gentle<br />

baby wipes, hyper-absorbent<br />

baby powder, parabenfree<br />

petroleum jelly, hypoallergenic<br />

aqueous cream and<br />

premium, moisture-locking<br />

nappies and pull-up pants.<br />

Make sure your little one gets<br />

nothing but the best at the<br />

Checkers baby promotion<br />

from the 18th of <strong>Mar</strong>ch<br />

20<strong>24</strong>. Available at Checkers,<br />

Checkers Hyper and<br />

Checkers Little Me stores in<br />

Mimosa Mall and Checkers<br />

Hyper in Fleurdal Mall.<br />

Country Road organically grown<br />

cotton gingham pyjama set, available<br />

in sizes from 1-2 to 12. R599 from<br />

Country Road at Woolworths.<br />

Pink gingham 100% washed<br />

cotton duvet cover. R899 from<br />

Phlo Studio at takealot.com<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 7

From an adorable baby,<br />

to an energetic toddler &<br />

an expressive teen<br />

Raising strong, influential kids is no small<br />

feat. They have different personalities<br />

and your hopes and dreams might<br />

not always be what they choose to<br />

pursue. This month, Get It turns<br />

its focus on the three very<br />

important stages of your little<br />

one’s life. Here we chat to<br />

the parents of a baby,<br />

a toddler and<br />

a teen for an<br />

exclusive look<br />

into how they<br />

manage these<br />

stages of their<br />

development.<br />

8 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

The playful world of Eliano<br />

Naturally, babies demand attention. Their cute little hands and feet and precious<br />

smiles can light up any room they’re in. The 9-month-old Eliano Cevin Jr Wymers is no<br />

exception. He is the second-born son of his parents, Ruaan and Nicole Wymers.<br />

Eliano enjoys playing with his big brother Rublique Nicovin Wymers, who is always by<br />

his side, making sure that he is happy.<br />

Baby Eli is known for his funny facial expressions that know no bounds. When he eats<br />

something, when he hears something that catches his attention, and even when he<br />

sees something out of the ordinary, his face will show it.<br />

“He is very smart when it comes to understanding certain things, but don’t let that fool<br />

you... the cunning smile and charm are all part of babies’ manipulation to always get<br />

their way. But who can blame them?” his parents expressed. Eli spends most of his time<br />

with his grandmother who takes care of him when his parents are at work.<br />

“We as the Wymers family love to spend family time over the weekend, such as having<br />

family braais, playing with the dogs, swimming in the pool, fixing things together,<br />

playing games, and travelling to explore new things the world has to offer.”<br />

His father, Ruaan is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and has a passion for rugby, which<br />

he shares with Eliano’s older brother. Nicole enjoys her job as a Human Resource<br />

Administrator but is very passionate about baking, and swimming and loves the<br />

outdoors – much like Eliano. They dream that Eli will be successful in whatever career<br />

path he chooses.<br />

“Eliano, as well as our firstborn, adds phenomenal light to our lives. They are so much<br />

more than just our children, they brighten up our lives every day. We cannot wait<br />

to see them at the end of a long day. They just know how to make you smile when<br />

having a bad day, yet they can be a handful sometimes but that makes it all more<br />

worthwhile. Our two sons are truly angels sent from above. They are our life savers!”<br />

Baby Eli is known for his funny facial<br />

expressions that know no bounds.<br />

Moela’s quest to the<br />

moon!<br />

From the moment she enters the room<br />

until she leaves, this toddler’s energy can<br />

be felt throughout!<br />

Moela Wesi (5) is a toddler described as<br />

a very happy child by influencer mom,<br />

Mosa Wesi. Moela is always eager to learn<br />

new words and discover new things<br />

around her.<br />

Although Moela aspires to be free, her<br />

actual dream job is to be an astronaut.<br />

Mom Mosa mentions that their family’s<br />

love language is talking about the moon<br />

and how she (Moela) intends to fly to the<br />

moon.<br />

Moela’s name derives from the meaning:<br />

‘stream of water’, and was shown to her<br />

mother in a dream so it comes as no<br />

surprise that she developed a profound<br />

love for water by the age of two when<br />

she started swimming.<br />

From the get-go, Moela can be seen as<br />

an independent child and constantly<br />

reminds her parents that she is a “big girl”.<br />

Her parents, Mosa and Maxi, share<br />

that their fondest memory of Moela<br />

was when she took her very first steps.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

Coincidentally, however, their proudest<br />

moment was when she broke her leg<br />

at the age of two but showed so much<br />

resilience and strength.<br />

As young as she is, Moela is a teacher!<br />

She has taught her parents to put their<br />

phones down and play with her. This<br />

naturally presents itself as a healthy<br />

opportunity for family quality time.<br />

“Although it gets to me, it reminds me to<br />

be a present parent in my child’s life and<br />

we love Moela more and more every<br />

time for doing just that.”<br />

Ellandri, a golfing legend<br />

on the rise!<br />

The 16-year-old Ellandri van Heerden<br />

has had a passion for golf since a young<br />

age. She is currently 2nd in the 2023<br />

SA Amateur match play event, 2023<br />

WP Nomads Junior Girls international<br />

winner, 2023 Southern Cape Women’s<br />

Open winner, 3rd in the 2023 Zimbabwe<br />

Junior Open and she was selected to<br />

play for South Africa at both the Golf RSA<br />

International Amateur and the R and A<br />

African Amateur in February 20<strong>24</strong>.<br />

According to her, her dad got her into<br />

golf and then saw she had a natural<br />

talent for it.<br />

“I wanted to play professional golf or<br />

to be a golfer and I know I am close<br />

to getting professional. I hope to turn<br />

professional within the next two years,”<br />

she said confidently.<br />

Besides practising her golf swing, she<br />

keeps busy with school life and loves<br />

crocheting and art. “I love to be creative<br />

and everything needs to be colourful,”<br />

says Ellandri.<br />

When asked where she sees herself in<br />

ten years, she says: “Playing on the Ladies<br />

European Tour, with a few wins in the<br />

bag, practising hard and with a purpose<br />

and just not giving up!”<br />

Ellandri’s parents, Elrica and Bertus,<br />

co-owners of Popeye’s Plumbers<br />

in <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein, always knew their<br />

daughter would be a star!<br />

”Looking back on her life I always knew<br />

she would be a success. She is a young<br />

dynamic ball of fire who is energetic and<br />

at the same time empathetic, who puts<br />

the Lord, people, animals and friends<br />

first. She is so dedicated and hardworking,”<br />

says her mom.<br />

“Ellandri was a very colourful and happy<br />

baby since she came into our lives. She<br />

was very clever and inquisitive right from<br />

the start. Being inquisitive led her to<br />

explore many avenues of development,<br />

academics, sports, and culture, which<br />

was part of her chosen paths. We<br />

learned a lot from her and still do to this<br />

day,” her dad adds.<br />

Ellandri’s pool of support includes her<br />

mom, dad and 12-year-old sister Caitlen<br />

as well as her granny Gladys who is the<br />

creator of all of her beautiful golf dresses<br />

and her aunt Ursie who is always there<br />

for her every step of the way.<br />

Both her parents are in full support of her<br />

dreams, no matter what they are. “We<br />

allowed the girls the freedom to be who<br />

they want to be in a very demanding<br />

society,” says Elrica.<br />

“I want her to be happy. The next dream<br />

would be for her to love what she does,”<br />

says her dad.<br />

When asked where they think she’ll be<br />

in the next 10 years, they said: “I know<br />

that she will be a successful player on<br />

the Sunshine Ladies Tour with a LET card.<br />

She will follow her dreams!” her mom<br />

expresses. “Making her dreams come<br />

true and turning professional when she<br />

is ready, to reach every point of success<br />

no matter the sacrifices,” says her dad<br />

with pride.<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 9<br />


Text by : ABIGAIL VISAGIE Photography by: GYPSEENIA LION<br />

10 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Born to play!<br />

Born and raised in Thaba Nchu, Sarah Sease is definitely a force to be<br />

reckoned with – a softer, loving and caring force. Her passion and love<br />

for children can be seen right throughout her puppet shows.<br />

I grew up under<br />

the loving care of<br />

my parents and<br />

grandparents, so my<br />

business head was<br />

inspired by my paternal<br />

grandparents and my love<br />

and care for children comes from my maternal<br />

grandparents.”<br />

After matric in 2008, Sarah moved to <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein<br />

to study B Com <strong>Mar</strong>keting at the University of the<br />

Free State. She served at CRC Kids church and that’s<br />

where she met her supportive husband. “We got<br />

married in 2014 and have been blessed with our<br />

two little angels.”<br />

At a very young age, Sarah was bitten by the<br />

storytelling bug and it inspired her to start her<br />

own storytelling business called Papadi Park. “My<br />

grandmother always joked and said that during<br />

one parents’ meeting, the teacher said ‘Sarah speaks<br />

from the morning to the afternoon’.”<br />

Sarah reminisces how easily storytelling has been<br />

for her and how her love for puppets developed<br />

by watching The Muppets. “I remember when my<br />

cousins and I would gather at my grandmother’s<br />

for the school holidays and put on a puppet show.<br />

We would call it the ‘The Ma Big Show’ – that was<br />

our attempt at trying to say “The Muppet Show”.<br />

Sarah’s business falls within the early childhood<br />

development (ECD) industry. Puppetry, storytelling<br />

and music are used to enhance class lessons. This<br />

form of education is called edutainment. She loves<br />

this because a simple lesson has an everlasting<br />

impact on a child. “Our characters mimic the lives<br />

of the children, thereby creating an opportunity for<br />

peer-to-peer teaching. This enables the kids to see<br />

how similar we all are.”<br />

Her business, Papadi Park, enriched Sarah with<br />

the skill of creative and out-of-the-box teaching.<br />

When the time came to build a career, Sarah<br />

went for what felt natural to her: abusiness that<br />

lets her play!; a business that lets her teach while<br />

providing a sustainable income.<br />

Papadi Park visits schools, hospitals, and all sorts<br />

of gatherings of children across the Free State<br />

enabling Sarah and her team of three to meet<br />

many people from different walks of life. “Seeing<br />

how the teachers and children respond to a<br />

talking doll and learning from it, warms my heart<br />

the most.”<br />

But, it is not always just fun and games. Sarah<br />

mentions that their daily puppet shows at schools<br />

are guided by the national curriculum framework<br />

for children from birth to the age of four, as well<br />

as the national curriculum assessment policy<br />

statement for the foundation phase (children<br />

aged 5 to 9).<br />

“Our show scripts are written based on the various<br />

school lessons and themes. At Papadi Park, we<br />

also base our lessons on social issues facing<br />

children and current affairs.<br />

“As fun as playing seems, it tends to get emotional<br />

as well, especially when Papadi Park visits special<br />

little guests at children’s oncology wards. “Illnesses<br />

are not designed to be fun, nothing about it is<br />

designed for playing and to be silly, especially for<br />

young children. Throw on top of it a debilitating<br />

illness and it is just not good.”<br />

When she was first invited to the oncology ward,<br />

she saw children just like any other kiddies who<br />

were excited to see what’s behind the curtain.<br />

She noticed a longing and yearning to play. That’s<br />

when Sarah knew that this had to be a big part of<br />

the services Papadi Park offers. “This has to be the<br />

most fulfilling part of my career as a puppeteer<br />

and business woman. Not many people<br />

understand how fruitful the world of ECD is, how<br />

crucial it is to nation building.”<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 11

sweet<br />

life!<br />

Saturday nights are for<br />

parties ... and Catrice<br />

has you covered. Colour<br />

Blast Eyeshadow Palette,<br />

R159.95 • CURL IT<br />

Volume & Curl<br />

Mascara, R125.95<br />

• Dream In Jelly<br />

Sparkle Nail Polish<br />

R75.95 • Neon Blast<br />

Nail Polish Strips,<br />

R88.95. Find Catrice<br />

at DisChem,<br />

Takealot and Clicks.<br />

Compiled by : KYM ARGO and MEGAN BRETT<br />

Made to set the mood ...<br />

Maybelline New York’s<br />

SuperStay Matte Ink<br />

liquid lipstick in Energize,<br />

R219.95 from Edgars<br />

Don’t throw shade, blend it! Scarlet<br />

Hill soft sponge strawberry beauty<br />

blender with 11 pieces, R29.99 from<br />


Teaology Peach Tea Face<br />

Mist with real antioxidant<br />

blue tea infusion. You can<br />

use several times a day,<br />

leaving your skin softer<br />

and brighter. R395<br />

from Dis-Chem.<br />

Young<br />

&<br />

BOLD<br />

Stay hydrated. Lavender<br />

SummitCo Mini 350ml<br />

insulated bottle, R299<br />

from cloudandco.co.za<br />

Beauty sleep ... yes please.<br />

Off The Grid eyemask (with<br />

manners!), R99.99 from Typo.<br />

Adél<br />

084 887 7040<br />

Essence Conceal<br />

Like a Pro Colour Correcting<br />

Palette, R95 from www.takealot.com

Advertorial<br />

Emoyamed BLOEMFONTEIN<br />

Where you are part of the family<br />

Emoyamed <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein has finally opened its doors under a new name<br />

and new management. The hospital now offers top-tier medical services<br />

with three state-of-the-art theatres.<br />


The private hospital is located in<br />

a serene estate right in the heart<br />

of the Free State, offering perfect<br />

tranquility to recover while offering<br />

the patient’s loved ones the<br />

opportunity to rest at a luxurious<br />

hotel and enjoy a day spa.<br />

Now named as “Emoyamed<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein”, the hospital offers<br />

specialist medical disciplines that<br />

includes Neurology, Oncology,<br />

Gynaecology and so much more.<br />

These disciplines are offered by<br />

a team of frontline specialists<br />

that ensures that your medical<br />

treatment at the intimate hospital<br />

is safe and sound.<br />

The new Hospital Manager, Dr<br />

Franco Erasmus, is a firm believer<br />

that the hospital will provide the<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein community with<br />

broader access to safe, private<br />

medical care.<br />

“The hospital is uniquely built,<br />

covering a large geographic part of central South Africa but the intimacy here makes<br />

you feel like you’re part of the Emoyamed family, which you are.”<br />

Managing Director, William du Plessis, says he is honoured and looks forward to serving<br />

the people of the <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein community.”<br />

Specialist Physician, Dr Solly Thible, mentioned that he joined Emoyamed <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein<br />

because of the admirable facilities and services they offer.<br />

The directors and the management of Emoyamed <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein with guests at the official<br />

opening on Monday, 5 February. From the left are William du Plessis (managing director), Pinki<br />

Belot (Free State Department of Health), Annabe le Roux (director of Emoyamed <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein),<br />

Elmien du Plessis (director of Emoyamed <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein), Dr Solly Thibile (physician at Emoyamed<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein), and Dr Franco Erasmus (hospital manager). Photo: Teboho Setena<br />

14 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Advertorial<br />

Ultimate travelling experience<br />

worth your money<br />

Prime Apex Travel is a travel agency<br />

that focuses on giving its clients their<br />

best travelling experience.<br />

Prime Apex Travel<br />

was established<br />

in July 2017 by<br />

Yvonne Mlozana,<br />

who saw the<br />

need to make<br />

travelling, whether it’s local<br />

or international, as smooth,<br />

comfortable and cost-efficient<br />

as possible for her clients.<br />

As the company’s CEO, Yvonne<br />

has not only partnered with<br />

various hotels, car rental<br />

groups and airlines, but she has<br />

also further empowered the<br />

company by attending several<br />

presentations and undergoing<br />

training to acquire knowledge<br />

on how to run a successful<br />

travel agency.<br />

The company renders services<br />

as quickly as possible and also<br />

offers packages that cater to<br />

the specific client’s travelling<br />

needs.<br />

It is committed to offering<br />

quality services to satisfy the<br />

client. The packages are costeffective<br />

for both local and<br />

international travellers.<br />

Prime Apex Travel offers airline<br />

bookings, advising clients<br />

where and when to book to<br />

beautiful destinations. Car<br />

rental bookings can also be<br />

done by the company and<br />

special requests for petrol cards<br />

are possible.<br />

The company offers packages<br />

and international cruise trips to<br />

some of the most scenic tourist<br />

destinations.<br />

Explore Thailand with Prime<br />

Apex Travel’s custom package<br />

that includes flights and<br />

accommodation for two adults<br />

for seven days.<br />

Local is lekker so let Prime Apex<br />

Travel help you explore the<br />

beauty of South Africa with 50%<br />

off a 3-night stay in Limpopo.<br />

Get in touch:<br />

12 Reid Street, Westdene<br />

051-492-3388<br />

www.primeapextravel.co.za<br />

Facebook: @Prime Apex<br />

Travel<br />

Instagram:<br />

@primeapex_travel<br />

Text: Abigail Visagie<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 15

Stylish kids<br />

Let’s dress up our cover stars Eliano Wymers, Moela Wesi and Ellandri van<br />

Heerden! From a cute outfit for the baby boy to a stylish look for our teen.<br />

Eliano is our perfect<br />

boss baby replica! We’ve<br />

picked this adorable navy<br />

and white set to give<br />

him that exact look.<br />

R199.95 from<br />

Ackermans.<br />

A princess needs<br />

pretty bows. This<br />

accessory pack<br />

contains two<br />

individual<br />

hair clips,<br />

featuring<br />

flower and<br />

bow accents for an<br />

embellished look.<br />

R150 from Lovisa.<br />

To complete the ‘boss’ look, we’ve<br />

added these suede navy formal shoes.<br />

R149.99 from Edgars.<br />

Our dazzling<br />

toddler<br />

Moela makes<br />

for a perfect princess.<br />

This sleeveless dress has a<br />

square neckline, frill detail, an<br />

elasticated waistband and a<br />

glitter mesh overlay that gives<br />

off princess vibes. R119.99<br />

from Mr Price.<br />

These cross over sandals are<br />

just what an energetic toddler<br />

needs and they’re absolutely cute!<br />

R299.99 from Cotton On.<br />

16 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Teens love sparkly gem stones, sea<br />

shells and pearl finishes. This<br />

headband brings a bit of luxe<br />

and polish to the outfit. R129.99<br />

from Cotton On.<br />

For Ellandri, our stunning teen,<br />

we’ve selected this babydoll<br />

dress that features a square<br />

neckline, fixed straps, a front<br />

cut-out detail and an all-over<br />

print. R89.99 from Mr Price.<br />

What screams teen more than a necklace set<br />

for you and your bestie? This necklace set is<br />

perfect for two friends. It features two goldtoned<br />

necklaces. Both have a pendant at their<br />

centre with semi-precious elements. R250<br />

from Lovisa.<br />

To match that, we got these slides<br />

with cross-over straps and a plated<br />

straw detail on the sole. Versatile and<br />

comfortable – these sandals have it<br />

all. R149.99 from Mr Price.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 17

Thrice as nice<br />

when packing lunch for babies, tots and teens!<br />

Get your kids ready for the day with these creative<br />

lunch box meal ideas for any age, prepared by<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>iza Ebersohn, a plant-based food content<br />

creator from <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein.<br />

Tiny Tot Cheesy Pesto ABC Pasta<br />

Ingredients<br />

2 cups dry alphabet pasta, cooked according to<br />

packet instructions<br />

1/3 cup milk of choice<br />

1/4 cup vegan cream cheese or regular<br />

1 heaped tbsp pesto of choice<br />

1 tbsp. nutritional yeast<br />

Date, Coconut, and Lime<br />

Bliss Balls<br />

Ingredients<br />

2 cups brown dates, soaked in<br />

warm water to soften<br />

2 cups shredded coconut<br />

1/2 cup oats<br />

1/4 cup smooth nut butter like<br />

cashew of peanut butter<br />

1-2 tbsp coconut cream or<br />

milk<br />

1/4 cup lime juice<br />

1/4 tsp lime zest<br />

Pinch of salt<br />

Coconut to roll<br />

Method<br />

1. Place the bliss ball<br />

ingredients in a high<br />

speed blender and blend<br />

until it forms a dough, add<br />

more oats if too soft of<br />

more milk if too dry.<br />

2. Roll into balls and then roll<br />

in the shredded coconut.<br />

Chill in the fridge and<br />

enjoy for up to 4/5 days<br />

and freeze for future use.<br />

Method<br />

1. Cook the pasta and drain, add in the milk,<br />

cream cheese, pesto, nutritional yeast and<br />

season according to taste.<br />

2. Serve and watch your little one enjoy!<br />

Photography and Recipe: MARIZA EBERSOHN<br />

18 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Cheesy Polenta Muffins<br />

Ingredients<br />

1/3 cup dry polenta<br />

1/2 cup self-rising flour<br />

1 tbsp brown sugar<br />

1 tsp baking powder<br />

1/4 cup oil<br />

1/2-3/4 cup milk<br />

1 tbsp nutritional yeast<br />

1/2 cup shredded vegan<br />

cheddar or regular cheddar<br />

Salt to taste<br />

Cheese stars to decorate<br />

1/3 cup corn kernels or sweet<br />

corn (optional)<br />

Method<br />

1. Preheat the oven or<br />

air-fryer to 180 degrees<br />

Celsius.<br />

2. Add the polenta, flour,<br />

sugar, baking powder,<br />

nutritional yeast and<br />

cheese in a bowl.<br />

3. Mix the oil and the milk<br />

and gradually pour in to<br />

the dry mixture and mix<br />

well, add more milk if<br />

needed.<br />

4. Scoop 2-3 tbsp of the<br />

batter into paper-lined<br />

muffin pan and add the<br />

cheese stars on top.<br />

5. Bake for 15-18 minutes<br />

until golden.<br />

6. Chill and serve or freeze<br />

for future use.<br />




051 011 00<strong>24</strong><br />

info@jumperslane.co.za<br />

3 Lebomboberg Ave<br />

Bainsvlei<br />


Level up<br />

your teen’s space<br />

Promote that old playroom to the next level. Create a teen game room with<br />

colourful picks that match the gaming aesthetic.<br />

Gaming rooms can be dark places, so bring some<br />

light into your teen’s gaming space with this<br />

battery-operated neon LED light for R229.99 at Mr<br />

Price Home.<br />

This is the perfect<br />

clock for gamers,<br />

outlining the<br />

lifecycle of a teen<br />

gamer, and adding<br />

colour to their game<br />

room. Get it at Game<br />

for R79.99.<br />

Compiled by : WARREN HAWKINS<br />

Be the coolest gamer’s parent by<br />

getting hold of this soft controller<br />

shaped rug for the gamer in your<br />

house. Available from Mr Price<br />

Home for R299.99.<br />

20 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Ergonomics are important, especially in a<br />

gaming chair, because that’s probably where<br />

your child will be spending most of their day.<br />

Get one at Decofurn for R1999.<br />

Bring all the colours in your teen’s gaming room<br />

together with this A0 sized framed artwork.<br />

Available from Makro online for R1665.<br />

This bookshelf from Takealot offers a versatile<br />

storage solution. Whether your teen gamer<br />

needs to store games, books or an old<br />

console, get them one for R799.<br />

Who better to hold your<br />

gaming controller than<br />

Crash Bandicoot? He is<br />

stronger than he looks<br />

and brings a sense<br />

of gaming nostalgia.<br />

Available from<br />

Koodoo for R399.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 21

Advertorial<br />

Create. Feast. Celebrate.<br />

Introducing Anliri Brown, the creative force behind Ramblers Club<br />

Wedding & Function Venue. She has taken on this role full-time and will<br />

be taking over the reins from her mom, Corlia.<br />


Anliri Brown and her Mom, Corlia Brown<br />

Anliri Brown, Venue Coordinator and Manager at Ramblers Club<br />

Wedding & Function Venue, crafts seamless and unforgettable<br />

events with a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating<br />

memorable experiences. She ensures that every event exceeds<br />

expectations by coordinating all the moving parts involved.<br />

“It starts with planning, deciding on nuances such as the theme<br />

and all the little details that make an event special. Then, there’s coordinating with<br />

vendors, managing schedules, and ensuring everything is set up and ready to go<br />

on the big day. Albeit stressful, the day of the event is my favourite part, seeing how<br />

months of planning come together,” she says.<br />

Anliri’s favourite events are ones where clients give her a blank canvas to let her<br />

creativity flow.<br />

“A really great event isn’t just about a beautiful venue or great food; it’s ultimately<br />

about the experience you create for the guests. Seeing them enjoy themselves<br />

and knowing that I played a part in making it happen is incredibly rewarding,” she<br />

explains.<br />

Selecting the right vendors, Anliri believes is paramount for ensuring the success<br />

of any event. At Ramblers, they partner with esteemed companies in <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein,<br />

chosen based on their positive experiences.<br />

“These vendors are instrumental<br />

in bringing our event visions<br />

to life, whether it’s through<br />

captivating decorations, engaging<br />

entertainment, or seamless<br />

technical support. Through close<br />

collaboration with these trusted<br />

partners, we ensure that every detail<br />

is meticulously attended to, resulting<br />

in unforgettable experiences for our<br />

clients and their guests,” says Anliri.<br />

They take pride in their ability to<br />

create unforgettable experiences, no<br />

matter the occasion. From weddings<br />

to corporate events and celebrations,<br />

the venue surpasses expectations.<br />

“Our venue is adaptable for largescale<br />

music festivals and gatherings<br />

on the rugby field, providing<br />

22 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

ample space and amenities for<br />

memorable outdoor events,” boasts<br />

Anliri.<br />

What sets them apart is their<br />

unique blend of nostalgia, history,<br />

and old-school charm.<br />

“Our venue exudes a timeless<br />

elegance that captivates guests<br />

from the moment they arrive.<br />

Beyond the ambience, we take<br />

immense pride in our culinary<br />

offerings prepared by Chef Corlia.<br />

Combined with exceptional service<br />

and attention to detail, they stand<br />

out as a premier destination for<br />

events,” Anliri emphasises.<br />

They aim to be a catalyst for<br />

change, offering innovative<br />

concepts that energise the local<br />

event scene.<br />

“There are a multitude of exciting<br />

events on the horizon, from music<br />

and gin festivals to grand balls.<br />

We’re introducing something new<br />

and unheard of in <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein -<br />

an experience set to launch later<br />

this year. Expect the unexpected<br />

as we redefine entertainment in<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein,” says Anliri.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 23

Advertorial<br />

Embrace the warmth<br />

of Europe’s hidden gems<br />

This season, escape the conventional and dive into the heart of Europe’s<br />

lesser-known marvels with Sure Etnique Travel. Discover experiences that<br />

promise to dazzle your senses and etch memories of awe-inspiring moments.<br />

1<br />

Alpine mountain biking<br />

Feel the adrenaline of mountain<br />

biking across the Alps’ challenging<br />

terrains. It’s an invigorating ride<br />

amidst some of the world’s most<br />

magnificent landscapes.<br />

French wine regions<br />

by boat:<br />

Journey through France’s<br />

esteemed wine regions at a<br />

leisurely pace with a self-drive<br />

boat along the Canal du Midi.<br />

Savour exceptional wines<br />

and culinary masterpieces in<br />

picturesque settings.<br />

3<br />

2<br />

The Dolomites’ call to<br />

adventure<br />

A stone’s throw from Venice, the<br />

Dolomites offer an escape into nature’s<br />

grandeur. Here, the spirit of adventure<br />

thrives with summer activities like hiking,<br />

cycling, and paragliding set against the<br />

backdrop of stunning peaks.<br />

<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

4<br />

Aboard the Bernina Express<br />

Embark on a journey beyond the ordinary with<br />

the Bernina Express. Traverse the heart of the Swiss<br />

Engadin Alps and uncover the beauty of 25 aweinspiring<br />

stops. Each turn unveils a new vista, each<br />

more breathtaking than the last.<br />

Soča Valley’s untouched beauty<br />

In Slovenia’s Soča Valley, adventure and history merge<br />

in a tapestry of experiences. Paddle through emerald<br />

waters, fish in tranquility, and trek historical trails, each<br />

telling stories of the valley’s past.<br />

6<br />

5<br />

Melodies in Prague<br />

The Prague Spring Music Festival transforms the<br />

city into a stage for world-class musicians. Immerse<br />

yourself in a cultural feast where music fills the air and<br />

ignites the soul.<br />

Flying with kids - A Sure Etnique guide to ease<br />

• Smart seating choices - Opt for spacious seating near the front or bulkhead seats for extra comfort.<br />

• Essential packing - Keep snacks, entertainment, and essential care items handy in your carry-on.<br />

• Simplify security - Prepare your kids for the security process to ensure a smooth experience.<br />

• Comfort is key - Dress in layers and bring comforting items to make the journey cozy.<br />

• Patience and flexibility - Stay adaptable to manage any unexpected changes with ease.<br />

• Leverage early boarding - Settle in comfortably before the crowd with early boarding.<br />

• Entertainment on the go - Keep children engaged with pre-loaded movies, games, and books.<br />

• Stay nourished - Regular snacks and hydration are the secrets to happy, healthy travellers.<br />

051 406 2500 083 461 2561<br />

info@etniquetravel.co.za<br />

www.etniquetravel.co.za<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 25

Visit ... Paternoster<br />

A trip down to the Cape<br />

West Coast is a real treat<br />

... even more so when<br />

it includes a few days‘<br />

stop-over in Paternoster.<br />

One of the oldest fishing<br />

villages on the West Coast,<br />

it’s all white-washed<br />

fisherman’s cottages and<br />

massive boulders, lobsters<br />

and mussels, jagged cliffs<br />

and gorgeous beaches.<br />

Stay ...<br />

Paternoster is awash with self-catering and guest house accommodation ... our<br />

preference goes hands down to the Gonana Collection. There’s a guesthouse, two<br />

fully-furnished, self-catering houses and an exclusive three-roomed Villa, all part of<br />

the Cape Country Routes collection. And they’ve recently added three self-catering<br />

studios ... the Scallop, Oyster and Mussel studios.<br />

As with the original guesthouse, Paternoster’s first sustainable and environmentally<br />

conscious guesthouse and brainchild of Swedish entrepreneur and interior designer<br />

Jonas Sandström, the trio of studios are rich in detail, exquisite in taste, and above all<br />

else, considerate to the environment. So you’ll be living off-the-grid, with solar panels<br />

providing sustainable energy.<br />

With an Afro-Scandi vibe, the studios have been beautifully thought out, and are<br />

wonderfully comfortable. With one queen bed and sleeper couch, each comfortably<br />

sleeps three - and a pet, since four-legged friends are welcome! The beds are extra<br />

length, with high-quality, 100% organic bedding and pillows, and there’s a neat<br />

compact bathroom with shower.<br />

For those who want to eat in, there’s a fully fitted kitchenette with a gas hob and<br />

all the utensils you could possibly need, and a small dining room table. The studios<br />

have a welcome fruit basket (so appreciated ... we always arrive starving!) and are fully<br />

serviced (no time for making beds on holiday).<br />

There are also two private terraces ... one fully enclosed out back, another at the<br />

front with a braai, both with dining tables and chairs. The studios, set just one road<br />

back and about 50 metres from the beach, overlook the small, secluded indigenous<br />

garden. For lazy afternoons, there are recliners for relaxed sunbathing and there are<br />

private, outdoor showers. If you visit in Winter, make sure you try the Kolkol – a South<br />

African made, four-seater spa bath-type tub heated by wood fire, hidden in the<br />

garden between the fynbos.<br />

The only thing you won’t find is a television ... thank heaven, since this is a spot to<br />

relax, unwind, snooze, read, chat, explore. Just lovely!<br />

26 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Play ...<br />

Loads of activities in and around the village ... hikes and<br />

cycling tracks through the Columbine Reserve, horse<br />

riding on the beach, and scenic kayaking trips ... spot<br />

the dolphins, seals, penguins and, in winter, whales. The<br />

greatest fun of all is the WoweBikes tour. It’s brilliant for<br />

the whole family, and you don’t have to be particularly<br />

fit, either ... we had one seasoned, ultra-fit mountain bike<br />

rider in our party, and then the complete opposite ... unfit,<br />

hadn’t been on a bike for 50 years, and no balance or<br />

co-ords at all. A three minute (wobbly) test around the car<br />

park, then off to the beach for an hour-and-a-half coast<br />

line ride. Massively enjoyable, and easy peasy ... particularly<br />

once the not-a-bike-rider discovered the accelerator<br />

button, and raced along, passing all! There’s the beach<br />

option and a Cape Columbine tour, which meanders<br />

through the nature reserve, past Tieties Bay (depending<br />

on who you chat to, named after a well-known fisherman<br />

Jacob Titus, who drowned there, or from the massive<br />

smooth round boulders on the beach and in the sea) and<br />

up to the lighthouse (built in 1936, it’s perched on Castle<br />

Rock, and is open for visitors to climb ... views from the top<br />

take in the whole of the village).<br />

Eat ...<br />

Paternoster is home to some sensational restaurants<br />

- including Wolfgat (a tiny spot that boasts being<br />

awarded Restaurant of the Year at the World Restaurant<br />

Awards in Paris in 2019), Voorstrandt (sitting right on the<br />

beach in an historic red and green house), De See Kat<br />

(on the water’s edge ... build your own seafood platter<br />

... brilliant) and the incredible, can’t-miss-it Leeto at The<br />

Strandloper (amazing chilled views over the beach<br />

and ocean, first class service and fine, fine dining ... the<br />

Spring Risotto’s worth travelling for). For a hippy vibe,<br />

hit the Noisy Oyster, where there’s a fun, flirty menu in<br />

a bright arty garden setting; for those travelling with<br />

children, The Waffle Wharf is tremendous ... breakfast<br />

waffles, savoury versions and dozens and dozens of<br />

sweet, sweet options too.<br />

For guests at the studio who don’t want to make<br />

breakfast, you can select to have breakfast at the<br />

guesthouse, a short walk away.<br />

Info ...<br />

Rates for Oyster studio from R1950 per couple<br />

per night, R300 for children 1 to 18. Breakfasts at<br />

guesthouse additional R150 per person.<br />

Gonana Collection: stay@gonanaguesthouse.com or<br />

www.gonanaguesthouse.com<br />

Cape Country Routes: capecountryroutes.com<br />

WOWeBIKES: bookings@wowebikes.co.za<br />

or 083-261-9921.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 27<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo

100<br />

95<br />

75<br />

25<br />

5<br />

0<br />

Ready for a<br />

change?<br />


TO HEAR<br />

is ear<br />

replaceable<br />

Are you interested in<br />

anti-ageing treatments<br />

or would like to promote your<br />

overall health?<br />

We offer a wide variety of aesthetic<br />

medical procedures including<br />

meso-therapy, dermal fillers,<br />

medical weight loss, thread lifting<br />

biostimulators, wrinkle treatment<br />

and IV nutraceuticals<br />

by Specialist Professionals.<br />

21 Brill Street, Westdene | 051 447 4070 | info@deonceronio.co.za<br />

www.deonceronio.co.za<br />



100<br />

95<br />

75<br />

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0<br />

Don’t wait<br />

make a booking today!<br />

060 923 6295<br />

bookings@contourmed.co.za<br />

15 President Steyn Ave, Westdene<br />

securiforce.co.za 051 101 1601

At our neurosurgery practice,<br />

we blend cutting-edge<br />

techniques with personalised<br />

care to provide unparalleled<br />

solutions for your neurological<br />

needs, empowering you to<br />

reclaim your quality of life with<br />

confidence and compassion.<br />

Dr Justin Basson<br />

Neurosurgery<br />


BLINDS<br />




DECOR<br />



082 387 7439<br />

www.houseofint.co.za<br />

38 Abrahamskraal Road, Bainsvlei<br />

4 Brebner Road, Westdene<br />

Scan the QR Code<br />

to see upcoming<br />

events!<br />

+27 (0)51 492 5440 +27 (0)72 184 6412<br />

www.neurosurgery.org.za<br />

Reception - reception@neurosurgery.org.za<br />

Prof. Nurse - case@neurosurgery .org.za<br />

Pr no: 110 3903 | MP 0500291<br />

Life Love<br />

& Libido<br />



6 PM TILL LATE<br />



079 882 6714<br />

38 Abrahamskraal Road<br />

Bainsvlei<br />

Mediclinic Hospital<br />

Room A 104<br />

Mediclinic - 3rd Avenue<br />

Westdene<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein<br />


GLIMLAG,<br />


Moeder van die bruid-uitrustings, langbroeke, baadjies, bloese,<br />

toppies asook Barrington jeans beskikbaar<br />

Somersuitverkoping op geselekteerde voorraad<br />

Wye reeks van<br />

tandheelkundige<br />

dienste<br />

vir die hele gesin.<br />

Kindervriendelike<br />

praktyk.<br />

Voorkomende<br />

behandeling en<br />

vroeë diagnose is<br />

vir ons belangrik.<br />

DR<br />

JG<br />


Tandarts BChD (Pret.)<br />

Wynand Mouton Rylaan 74, Universitas, 051 - 522 9150

Spoil<br />

<strong>Mar</strong>ch<br />

A bottle of<br />

Oscar de la Renta<br />

Bella Tropicale<br />

For a chance to win<br />

our Spoil, pop over to<br />

our Facebook or<br />

Instagram pages and<br />

follow the prompts.<br />

Entries close <strong>Mar</strong>ch 25.<br />

We’d buy this just to have the bottle front and centre on our dressing table.<br />

Too gorgeous for words. Luckily Bella Tropicale by Oscar de la Renta lives up to its<br />

looks ... a glorious floral fruity fragrance with notes of pineapple and coral reef, followed<br />

by ylang-ylang, orange blossom and coconut water, finishing with sea notes, musk,<br />

sandal and tonka bean. R1425 from DisChem.<br />

32 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>Mar</strong>ch 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

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