June 24 Lowveld

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!


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The benefits of<br />

having a positive<br />

attitude<br />

Win!<br />

A pair of Metaspeed<br />

Sky Paris shoes up<br />

for grabs<br />

Spice it up!<br />

Awesome spoils<br />

for Father’s Day<br />

KarEn &<br />

Pieter Steyn<br />

On new adventures<br />

Devoted to dad<br />


june 20<strong>24</strong>

contents<br />

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02 Let your hair down at Innibos, learn all about snake<br />

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behaviour, enjoy classical music in the bush<br />

04 Read a good book, enjoy a glass of wine.<br />

All is well with the world!<br />


06 This month we are all about life’s little luxuries ...<br />

(actually, every month)<br />


08 The 20<strong>24</strong> Air Show took to the skies with great success<br />

09 Sampling fine wine at this year’s Unwined<br />

people<br />

10 We catch up with renowned local doctor Pieter Steyn<br />

to see what the road ahead has in store<br />

14 Romien Wait chats to us about life as<br />

an incomplete paraplegic<br />

FOOD<br />

18 It’s all sugar and spice and all things<br />

nice for Dad this Father’s Day<br />


26 Ready, steady, canvas!<br />

TRAVEL<br />

30 Safari on the Kariega<br />

Win<br />

09 Some Metaspeed Sky Paris shoes<br />

32 A Base Camp duffel bag<br />


Pieter & Karin Steyn.<br />

Photographer: Belinda Erasmus - Belle Grace Photography.<br />

june 20<strong>24</strong><br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 01

A hot date!<br />

Pencil these events into your <strong>June</strong> diary<br />

right now<br />

1Embark on a full-day course to expand your knowledge about the fascinating<br />

world of snakes. Learn how to handle snakebite emergencies, snake<br />

behaviour and identification, breaking down myths and superstition, spider and<br />

scorpion awareness, and more. Details: courses@asiorg.co.za or visit<br />

8www.africansnakebiteinstitute.com<br />

It’s time for the Furr Fiesta Dog Show! Bring<br />

your dog, big, medium or small, young or<br />

old, we would love to see them all. There are<br />

different categories, exciting prizes to be won<br />

and plenty of food and drink to be had at<br />

the local restaurants. The event is being held<br />

at King Bean Coffee Specialists at Bagdad<br />

Centre, from 10am to 5pm. Space is limited.<br />

Details: Pricille on 061 748 5513<br />

27-30<br />

Have the adventure<br />

27of a lifetime as<br />

you soak up the pristine<br />

surroundings of the stunning<br />

<strong>Lowveld</strong> at the Mac Mac<br />

Ultra. The race starts at 8am<br />

and promises to be epic.<br />

Details: 083 399 9564 or visit<br />

www.macmacultra.com<br />

Don’t miss this year’s Innibos Festival, featuring four days of fun,<br />

music and merriment! Watch some of South Africa’s top artists<br />

perform, enjoy the beer tents and food stalls, and a great variety of<br />

other entertainment at the <strong>Lowveld</strong>’s favourite social event. Festival<br />

terrain tickets start at R110 and go up to R660. See you there!<br />

Details: 013 741 5294 or visit www.innibos.co.za<br />

If you have a date for our diary, email the info at least a month in advance to mellissa@getitlowveld.co.za

7-8<br />

Following the sold-out concert in the Kruger National Park in March<br />

last year, the SANParks Honorary Rangers will offer two superb<br />

classical concerts, Classics in the Wild, to raise funds for conservation.<br />

Featuring members of the acclaimed Apple Green Orchestra under<br />

the direction of Tim Roberts and joined by the delightful young<br />

soprano, Sinesipho Mnyango, these exclusive performances will<br />

include the works of Strauss, Mozart, Bach, Puccini and Brahms, as<br />

well as works of modern composers such as Elton John, Gershwin<br />

and even ABBA. Proceeds of the concert go to the SANParks Honorary<br />

Rangers for conservation projects in the Kruger National Park. The<br />

classical concerts will take place at the beautiful Mdluli Safari Lodge,<br />

situated inside the Kruger Park, close to the Numbi Gate, on Friday<br />

and Saturday at 5pm each day. Tickets are R1 150 per person, and<br />

include a premium welcome experience with delicious snacks and a<br />

glass of complimentary wine. There will be a cash bar at the venue.<br />

Details: Linda on 082 933 1011

Book club<br />

A good book. A glass of wine. All is fine with the world!<br />

Lesley Pearse’s autobiography, The Long<br />

and Winding Road, is as incredible as<br />

her bestselling fiction ... from being found<br />

playing coatless in the snow while her<br />

mum lay dead in the house to a teenage<br />

pregnancy ... and finally marriage and<br />

children and a career as bestselling<br />

author. Michael Joseph • In André Aciman’s<br />

The Gentleman From Peru, a group of<br />

college friends meet a fellow guest at<br />

the luxurious hotel on the Amalfi Coast,<br />

where they’re marooned. A stranger - in<br />

more ways than one! Faber • Is there<br />

anything better than a new Marian Keyes?<br />

Yes. When it’s a new MK about the Walsh<br />

family. This one centres around Anna, but<br />

with loads of catch-ups with Claire and<br />

Helen and Margaret, Rachel and Luke,<br />

Mammy Walsh (as dramatic as ever), even<br />

the Real Men (remember them). And the<br />

tortured but gorgeous Joey. It’s just pure<br />

MK joy ... when she wants to emphasise<br />

something she uses italics ... all the time,<br />

which is just wonderful. Loved, loved,<br />

loved My Favourte Mistake. Book of the<br />

month! Penguin<br />

Not much more<br />

fun than Three Men<br />

in a Tub with a Rubber<br />

Duck ... Black Elephant<br />

Vintners’ playful red. A<br />

blend of Cab Sauv, Merlot,<br />

and Mourvèdre. R112 from<br />

bevintners.co.za<br />

04 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong>

Wild reads<br />

The Hawks, SA’s elite crime-fighting force, have put scores of our worst criminals<br />

behind bars. In Hunting With The Hawks, investigative journalist Graham<br />

Coetzer gives a glimpse of the secretive world of this police unit. Tafelberg<br />

• Pursuing a dream instilled by David Attenborough’s television adventurers, as a<br />

young man Larry Patterson is advised to become a veterinary surgeon - his first<br />

step towards a career working with wild animals in Africa. Aiming to Save tells<br />

his story of finding adventure in Botswana ... as a vet, ecologist, survey pilot, game<br />

capture operator, hunter and then passionate conservationist. Rockhopper Books<br />

• Painting a Life In Africa is the story of Joan van Gogh - a direct descendant of<br />

artist Vincent - who has lived an unusual and adventurous life close to nature.<br />

Born in bedpan during a locust storm was just the start of it ... she explored some<br />

of the most remote and secretive spots in southern Africa. Warm and full of<br />

humour. Rockhopper Books • For the CEO in hiking boots and the adventurer in a<br />

suit ... here’s one showing how to use adventure principles in business. Johan de<br />

Villiers flits between crocodile-infested waters and high-stakes corporate decision<br />

making in Overlanding Through the Boardroom, offering the thrill seekers, the<br />

sole entrepreneur and the season large corporation<br />

executives a philosophical compass to navigate the unpredictable wilderness<br />

and the complex corporate world. Rockhopper Books<br />

Thrills and chills<br />

A black man accused of killing an elderly, wealthy white couple. In the<br />

tumultuous year of 1968 in southern Virginia, the odds are already against<br />

him, and his white lawyer. A courtroom, Civil Rights, a prosecution’s<br />

deliberate march towards a guilty verdict and the electric chair ...<br />

no one does this better than David Baldacci.<br />

Two murders, two suspects and A Calamity of Souls. Macmillan<br />

Abigail Dean’s Girl A was superb, as is her second chilling, gripping thriller.<br />

From it’s devastating, heartbreaking opening, Day One keeps you racing<br />

along, ducking twists at every turn. A lie. A media frenzy. Conspiracy theories.<br />

A small community changed forever ... with families torn apart. The novel,<br />

explains the author, was inspired by her long fascination with conspiracy<br />

theories ... the people who believe them, the people who peddle them,<br />

and the people they destroy! Hemlock Press<br />

All books available at Exclusive Books<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 05<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo

Wish list<br />

We’re all about life’s luxuries this <strong>June</strong>*<br />

*actually ... always!<br />

Where adventure meets chill! The chaps at Wild Coolers believe that<br />

every adventure should be accompanied by the perfect chill. Saying<br />

the brand is more than just about keeping things cool ... it’s about<br />

embodying the spirit of the wild and embracing the untamed<br />

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Or the snap of an open fire and the stories of old mates.<br />

The range - think hard shell bush boxes and soft shell wine<br />

coolers, flasks and utility mugs, utility bags and packing<br />

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Celebrating life’s luxuries ... we have a magnificent<br />

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The Connaught Bar - a gloriously sleek,<br />

silver-toned lounge with cosy chairs<br />

and a spectacular dark green bar - is<br />

one of the best bars in the world. And<br />

The Connaught Bar - Recipes and<br />

Iconic Creations, may well be one of<br />

the best cocktail books. With every<br />

cocktail tasted by Anistatia Miller - “one<br />

of the most pleasant tasks I have faced<br />

in my life” - it kicks off with essential<br />

bar tools, the correct glassware and<br />

mixing techniques, followed by how<br />

to make the perfect martini (four<br />

pages of instructions .. they take this<br />

drink suitably seriously), and 100<br />

Connaught Bar cocktails, with recipes,<br />

too, for homemade ingredients some<br />

of the cocktails call for. Sexy images of<br />

each cocktail, along with anecdotes<br />

and good humour ... an exceptional<br />

buy for the cocktail lover. Published<br />

by Phaidon, you’ll find it at Exclusive<br />

Books for R963.<br />

06 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong>

We’ve long been fans of UGG boots and slippers ... and just love these<br />

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But besides their aesthetic appeal, comfort<br />

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The Swish and Swank leather<br />

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Compiled by: Kym Argo<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 07

Simphiwe Mthombeni, Ntando Mnisi<br />

and Phiwokuhle Masuku<br />

The Master Power Extras<br />

Flying high!<br />

Still flying high after 30 years, the <strong>Lowveld</strong> Air<br />

Show took to the skies for an epic and spectacular<br />

adventure at this year’s event, held at the <strong>Lowveld</strong><br />

Airfield.<br />

Melanie, Johan, Kara and Sebastian Kleynhans<br />

Desireé Smith and Ayanna<br />

Mathebola<br />

08 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong><br />

The crowd enjoyed the Air Show<br />

Back: Vanessa Alexander. Front: Juane<br />

Naudé, Derrick Alexander and Leo<br />


Relax and<br />

Unwined<br />

Held at the Mbombela Gold Club, the<br />

Unwined Food & Wine Show brimmed<br />

with people tasting and enjoying a host<br />

of delicious and wonderful wines.<br />

Zante and DW Kotze<br />

Hanlie and Martin Lombard<br />

Corené Pieterse and Charlita<br />

Cordeiro<br />

Yulandi Theunissen and Irené Krafft<br />

Carthy Fakude and Cassendra Malinga<br />

Win!<br />

A pair of Metaspeed<br />

Sky Paris shoes up<br />

for grabs<br />

From better to best! Say hello to these new Metaspeed Sky Paris shoes ... a shoe<br />

that combines ASICS’s advanced technologies to support runners who want to<br />

feel and perform at their best when chasing down new personal bests. After<br />

a rigorous design and testing process involving a number of third-party<br />

testers and more than one hundred elite athletes around the world, this<br />

latest version in the Metaspeed Sky range is lighter (by 22g), softer and<br />

bouncier. Added cushioning helps support longer distance runs<br />

across both training and competition so that athletes can save<br />

their legs for when it matters the most. Arch support and a<br />

stable platform provide for even the quickest of runs.<br />

The Metaspeed Sky Paris shoes will be available<br />

for men and women from Totalsports,<br />

Sportsmans Warehouse, ASICS Running<br />

Expert Club retailers such as Athletes Foot,<br />

The Sweat Shop, Run-Away-Sport and<br />

Brian Bands for R5 299.95. We have a pair to<br />

give away ... visit @getitnationalmagazines on<br />

Instagram and Facebook to enter.<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 09

Text: MELLISSA BUSHBY. Photographer: BELINDA Erasmus<br />

Well known in local circles, the name Pieter Steyn is synonymous with<br />

babies and maternity wards.<br />

Pieter’s upbringing was idyllic. Born in<br />

Kroonstad in 1963 to adoring parents,<br />

Pieter’s memories are of living the<br />

dream. “Then life changed and formal<br />

education started,” he smiles. “We moved<br />

to Pretoria [Pieter has two older siblings]<br />

and school became my whole world.<br />

I was academically very lazy, which<br />

infuriated my parents to no end. Lots of<br />

friends and fun and just being young<br />

and confused about my future and<br />

my place in the universe,” he laughs.<br />

“When my youngest brother was born,<br />

I became a father for the first time. We<br />

had an incredibly special bond. These<br />

were beautiful years without any real<br />

worries. We were middle-class people,<br />

and occasionally my dad had to sell our<br />

house to keep us afloat, but mostly we<br />

were OK.”<br />

With a lot of prodding, Pieter managed<br />

to finish matric with a somewhat poor<br />

academic performance. Choosing<br />

medicine as a career was not something<br />

Pieter would ever have contemplated if<br />

it weren’t for the inspirational effect of<br />

not really knowing what he wanted to<br />

do. His application to study medicine<br />

was rejected due to his academic<br />

record, so he decided to do his two<br />

years of compulsory military duties<br />

instead. “What followed was lots of dust,<br />

sweating and swearing, combined<br />

with a lot of running, shooting, loud<br />

explosions, fear of dying and longing<br />

for home.”<br />

Pieter’s memories of this part of his life<br />

include some very disturbing events<br />

and some very challenging times. “All the<br />

fear and how to cope under pressure<br />

has a way of changing you, and I was no<br />

exception,” he adds.<br />

“My Bushman platoon were my first<br />

black friends, and they saved my life<br />

more than once. We were brothers-inarms<br />

and depended on one another<br />

for our survival. They taught me how to<br />

track, how to hide and how to build a<br />

10 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong><br />

The start of a<br />

new chapter<br />

Pieter Steyn

shelter for the night. They laughed<br />

with me and cried with me. We<br />

experienced harrowing things<br />

involving war and all its ugliness. I<br />

learnt to pray under threat of death,<br />

and I learnt that politicians are a lying,<br />

deceiving lot. Up until then, I had no<br />

real political ideology. All I knew was<br />

that there was a worldwide battle<br />

going on between communism and<br />

capitalism, and by virtue of my birth, I<br />

had ended up on the capitalist side.”<br />

Eventually all of this ended, and Pieter<br />

reapplied for admission to med school.<br />

Those days having been a lieutenant<br />

and being part of a fighting unit in the<br />

SADF were seen as a sign of at least<br />

Pieter and his wife Karin<br />

some degree of grit, and with these<br />

bonus points Pieter was selected for<br />

medical studies. “To my amazement,<br />

I passed my first year at Tuks with a<br />

distinction,” he says. “It dawned on<br />

me that I might actually be able to<br />

make it! Commune life was wild and<br />

wonderful, but between the partying<br />

and swotting like a madman when<br />

needed, time flew by, and eventually I<br />

was a young, qualified doctor.”<br />

Working as a doctor in a public<br />

hospital is very similar to combat,<br />

Pieter explains, with lots of sights,<br />

sounds, smells, fear and desperation,<br />

and an all-pervasive sense of sadness.<br />

“I loved it, and realised I could do it<br />

well and make a huge difference in<br />

people’s lives,” he says. “The labour ward<br />

really overwhelms most med students<br />

when they enter it for the first time,<br />

but I thrived there despite the mindnumbing<br />

hours and the total physical<br />

exhaustion that comes from being on<br />

call for 36 hours.” Pieter got better and<br />

better at managing a busy labour unit,<br />

feeling at home in the gynaecology<br />

outpatients as well as doing theatre<br />

work. “Surgery was very challenging,”<br />

he adds, “but as time went on, I<br />

realised I had steady hands and<br />

could perform difficult procedures<br />

exceptionally well. Specialising was just<br />

the next logical step, and I took to it<br />

like a duck to water.”<br />

Pieter met his wife Karen in the busy<br />

labour ward in Kalafong Hospital, and<br />

says the minute he saw her, he knew<br />

they should get married and have<br />

children together. “It was a stormy<br />

affair, and after some pushing and<br />

shoving, we eventually settled down<br />

and realised we were meant to write<br />

our story together.” In 1995, after<br />

having graduated as a gynaecologist<br />

and Karen as a general practitioner,<br />

they decided to open a private<br />

consulting service in Nelspruit. “Karen<br />

and I worked like demons in those first<br />

few years,” says Pieter. “Permanently<br />

on call with lots of after-hours and<br />

weekend emergencies made for a<br />

stressful life, and it certainly took its toll<br />

on both of us. Somehow we managed<br />

to hold on and build something,<br />

including a home and a family with<br />

three boys.”<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 11

Pieter and Karin with their children, Jean, Markus and Simon<br />

The birth of his sons is still the most<br />

significant event to happen in Pieter’s<br />

life up to now. His father died from<br />

advanced pancreatic cancer in 2000,<br />

which hit Pieter hard. “I had loved him<br />

more than I can express in words,”<br />

he says. “This disease and my total<br />

defencelessness and inability to help<br />

my dad left deep wounds. Things<br />

fell apart after he eventually died. I<br />

couldn’t deal with the psychological<br />

anguish and felt totally alone and<br />

isolated by intense grief. Somehow,<br />

with the love of my wife and some<br />

very special friends, I started to breathe<br />

again. I developed an intense desire to<br />

have children of my own.”<br />

Unfortunately, unknown to the couple,<br />

more pain was to come. “We lost our<br />

baby girl due to a major congenital<br />

malformation,” Pieter explains. “The<br />

excitement of new life turned into<br />

sadness when, after having done an<br />

ultrasound to spy on our little girl, I<br />

realised with utter clarity that she was<br />

severely malformed. I experienced<br />

utter sadness again and started the<br />

difficult process of helping my Karen to<br />

get through the process of ending this<br />

cherished pregnancy. I felt proud and<br />

empowered by the fact that I could do<br />

her medical care myself. We sat there<br />

in that labour room holding our child<br />

and crying our hearts out. In those<br />

moments I loved my wife with an<br />

intensity and honesty that could only<br />

be described as supernatural.”<br />

Soon after, to their absolute joy, the<br />

Steyns were blessed with twins.<br />

12 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong><br />

“Yippee!” laughs Pieter. “We were over<br />

the moon. When I delivered them by<br />

caesarean section at 37 weeks, it was<br />

magical. Holding the first one choked<br />

me up so badly that I had to remind<br />

myself there’s another one in there, and<br />

that I am also busy doing surgery on<br />

my wife! Jean and Markus Steyn were<br />

born four years after my father had<br />

died, and with all my heart I wished he<br />

could see them and hold them.” Three<br />

years later, the Steyns again became<br />

proud parents, this time of Simon.<br />

‘The only constant thing<br />

is change, and I will<br />

tackle this new chapter<br />

with enthusiasm’<br />

“Another miracle,” says Pieter, “and life<br />

could not be more complicated and<br />

challenging, or more beautiful. I love<br />

being a father.”<br />

Being a gynae, on the other hand,<br />

isn’t as easy. It means constant and<br />

immense pressure to not make any<br />

mistakes, especially when dealing<br />

with high-risk situations. “The potential<br />

for litigation is always hanging over<br />

your head,” Pieter says, “plus lots of<br />

emergency and after-hours work, often<br />

late at night or in the early hours of the<br />

morning. This can be really taxing, and<br />

people deal with this kind of stress in<br />

different ways. My preferred coping<br />

mechanism was to become quiet and<br />

short-tempered. I really always tried my<br />

best to care well for those who trusted<br />

in me, but I know that I also often fell<br />

short. I have absolutely no regrets<br />

about my chosen career. Helping my<br />

patients to have their babies safely was<br />

a privilege.”<br />

Now, after almost 30 years of practice,<br />

Pieter was forced to make some<br />

radical changes. None of us are<br />

immune to death and disability, and<br />

after the Covid pandemic, he started<br />

experiencing strange symptoms,<br />

which eventually led to a diagnosis of<br />

Parkinson’s disease. “What a bummer.<br />

What a lucky break,” he says. “I couldn’t<br />

go on with business as usual, and I<br />

closed my practice. This episode in our<br />

lives once again changed everything<br />

forever. The only constant thing is<br />

change, and I will tackle this new<br />

chapter with enthusiasm and use it as<br />

an opportunity to discover new things<br />

and ideas. ”<br />

The journey ahead is an adventure,<br />

full of all the things Pieter didn’t get<br />

to do when he was rushing around<br />

delivering babies. He and Karen take<br />

us on a walk around their beautiful<br />

garden, stopping next to Pieter’s<br />

favourite tree, a boesmansgif, which is<br />

adorned with orchids. “Isn’t this lovely? I<br />

find plants very calming. I always like to<br />

remind myself - and anyone else who<br />

wants to listen - the only thing we have<br />

to fear is fear itself.”


Growing up on a farm to a<br />

schoolteacher mother and dad who<br />

came from a long line of farmers,<br />

Romien had no idea just how much<br />

life could change, or how quickly.<br />

Romien Wait<br />

14 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong><br />

Journey of<br />

Romien Wait’s childhood<br />

years were idyllic. She lived<br />

the epitome of the happy<br />

family ideal.<br />

“I led a perfectly normal, happy and<br />

healthy life. My brother and I took the<br />

school bus to school, and there were<br />

many neighbourhood children to play<br />

with,” she says. “I remember how we’d<br />

sometimes miss the school bus and<br />

Mum would race after it to get us to<br />

school on time! We had no worries<br />

in the world; I don’t even remember<br />

anyone ever getting sick in our family.”<br />

After completing high school, Romien<br />

went to university and studied human<br />

resources management. Then she<br />

added a financial management<br />

degree to the pot. “I was fortunate<br />

and landed management positions<br />

at companies at an early age, and<br />

finally a high-profile job as head of<br />

corporate governance and finance<br />

at an international pharmaceutical<br />

company,” she remembers. “I loved my<br />

job. It was rewarding and stimulating,<br />

but it was also very demanding - to<br />

such an extent that I sometimes<br />

neglected my family due to very long<br />

hours at the office. I was happy. I was a<br />

successful career woman, and I could<br />

never imagine doing anything else.”<br />

Not for one minute did she think this<br />

could all end in a heartbeat - and that<br />

a mere few years later, she would be<br />

diagnosed with a rare spinal tumour.<br />

Romien recalls how two years before<br />

her diagnosis, her legs started<br />

feeling slightly numb with a burning<br />

sensation. “I consulted with several<br />

general practitioners, as well as<br />

specialists, who all told me they could<br />

not find anything wrong,” she explains.<br />

“Spinal cord tumours are rare and<br />

difficult to diagnose. They are less<br />

common than brain tumours. Patients<br />

may experience symptoms like trouble<br />

walking or using their arms and hands,<br />

muscle weakness, a general sense<br />

of inco-ordination [loss of sense of<br />

position in space], numbness, tingling,<br />

even paralysis to varying degrees and<br />

many more.”<br />

These tumours are usually found<br />

strictly by coincidence when scans are<br />

done for other medical reasons, also<br />

because a doctor will first investigate<br />

other potential causes for pain and<br />

muscle weakness. Patients have mixed<br />

symptoms - all of which can lengthen<br />

the diagnosis process. “It was on what<br />

I thought would be another perfectly<br />

ordinary day that I received the news,”<br />

Romien says. “I had a very rare tumour<br />

inside my spinal cord, which could<br />

eventually leave me paralysed, even

Romien and her daughters, Madelei and Tarene<br />

if treated. One in a million people<br />

worldwide gets diagnosed with an<br />

intramedullary spinal cord tumour.<br />

If South Africa has a population of<br />

60 million people, it means that only<br />

60 people in South Africa have such<br />

a tumour. I was carrying a ticking<br />

time bomb, needing urgent, lifethreatening,<br />

life-changing surgery.”<br />

The prognosis was grim. If left<br />

untreated, the tumour would<br />

eventually paralyse her from the neck<br />

down, but the surgery could also do<br />

the same. Sharing the diagnosis with<br />

her two daughters, Madelei and Tarene,<br />

was almost more devastating than the<br />

diagnosis itself for Romien. They had<br />

already lost their father at a very young<br />

age, and now they would have to deal<br />

with the knowledge that the only<br />

parent they have left could end up<br />

being a paraplegic or a quadriplegic.<br />

“My heart broke for them,” she says,<br />

“but I made a promise to them after<br />

their father died that no matter what, I<br />

would walk them down the aisle when<br />

they got married one day, and that was<br />

the goal that kept me going. A positive<br />

attitude and faith go a long way. In the<br />

days, weeks and months that were to<br />

come, I would learn more about the<br />

importance of these attributes than I<br />

imagined was possible.”<br />

Romien was initially hospitalised for<br />

106 days after the neurosurgeon<br />

performed a laminectomy procedure<br />

to remove the tumour. Immediately<br />

afterwards, Romien could not feel<br />

anything below her upper chest, and<br />

Romien walks Tarene down the aisle<br />

had no movement in her legs and<br />

feet. She could move her toes very<br />

slightly and was paralysed from<br />

the chest down to her feet. “I often<br />

touched my legs with my hands to<br />

ensure they were still there, that’s<br />

when I started to realise that life would<br />

never be the same.”<br />

After surgery, Romien had to learn to<br />

walk again. For the first four months,<br />

the time she spent in hospital, she<br />

suffered every textbook complication<br />

possible, which hampered her<br />

progress. “It certainly was not an easy<br />

road to recovery. Today, six years<br />

later, I am an incomplete paraplegic.<br />

People may think, when they see<br />

me, that I have not healed, but then<br />

they fail to see the miracle. Within<br />

my new limitations, I enjoy a full<br />

and independent life. And most<br />

important of all, I could, with aid, walk<br />

my daughters down the aisle on their<br />

wedding days!”<br />

While not physically the same as<br />

she was before the surgery, Romien<br />

is happy with her new normal. “We<br />

always have hope to cling to,” she<br />

smiles, “and to me, the realisation that<br />

I still have so much to be grateful for<br />

and that there are still so many things<br />

I can do, and that I can still enjoy life,<br />

helped carry me through. How you<br />

manage the inevitable determines<br />

your destiny and happiness in the days<br />

and years to come. I knew immediately<br />

this was a journey I had to be on, and<br />

that it would be part of me for the<br />

rest of my life. I knew my struggles<br />

could help others; therefore, I was<br />

willing - and in a strange way eager -<br />

to go through this. I knew I would be<br />

able to tell my story one day, which<br />

could become part of someone else’s<br />

survival.”<br />

Romien has learnt to appreciate the<br />

small things in life and strives to not<br />

take anything for granted. “Things<br />

could have turned out very differently<br />

for me,” she says. “I could have been<br />

a quadriplegic, but I am only an<br />

incomplete paraplegic. I still have the<br />

full use of my arms and there is still so<br />

much I can do. And that in itself is a<br />

miracle!”<br />

Details: Read Romien’s story<br />

in her (free) e-book, Silent Thunder -<br />

A Journey of Grace With a Rare<br />

Tumour, available to download from<br />

www.romienvanzylwait.co.za.<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 15

In recent years, the spicy food<br />

trend has taken the culinary world<br />

by storm, transcending cultural<br />

boundaries and finding its way<br />

onto plates worldwide.<br />

Love of India<br />

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Holistic wellness:<br />

Explore our range of Ayurvedic remedies and herbal<br />

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18 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong><br />

Epa!<br />

Nestled on the escarpment, overlooking the quaint town<br />

of Emgwenya, you will find Epa!. Our award-winning<br />

products are deliciously fresh and gluten-free, catering for<br />

various diets, including vegan. Use our natural sauces and<br />

pesto/pastes as marinades, to cook with, or as condiments<br />

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From traditional dishes like Sichuan hotpot and fiery Indian curry to modern<br />

favourites such as piquant Korean kimchi or sriracha-infused snacks, spicy foods<br />

have become a staple in kitchens and restaurants worldwide. And you need<br />

only see the huge variety of home-made tongue-tingling chilli sauces, jams and<br />

relishes at local markets to know that in the <strong>Lowveld</strong>, we like it hot.<br />

The good news is that beyond the thrill of the burn, spicy foods offer a plethora<br />

of benefits, ranging from improved metabolism to a distinctly enhanced culinary<br />

experience. We delve into the spicy foods trend and take a look at the advantages<br />

of adding a little spice to your life.<br />

Enhanced flavour profile<br />

Spicy ingredients like chilli peppers,<br />

jalapenos, ginger, garlic and curry<br />

powders add depth and complexity to<br />

dishes, elevating them from ordinary<br />

to extraordinary. The heat from these<br />

ingredients stimulates the taste<br />

buds, awakening the palate to new<br />

sensations and flavours.<br />

Metabolism boost<br />

Capsaicin, the compound responsible<br />

for the heat in spicy foods, has been<br />

linked to increased metabolism and<br />

calorie burning. Incorporating spicy<br />

foods into your diet may aid in weight<br />

management and promote fat loss<br />

over time.<br />

Pain relief<br />

Believe it or not, the same compound<br />

that causes the burning sensation in<br />

spicy foods, capsaicin, can also provide<br />

pain relief. Capsaicin creams are often<br />

used topically to alleviate muscle and<br />

joint pain, making spicy foods not only<br />

delicious, but potentially therapeutic<br />

as well.<br />

Mood enhancement<br />

Capsaicin also triggers the release of<br />

endorphins, the body’s natural moodenhancing<br />

chemical. Endorphins help<br />

relieve stress, reduce pain and improve<br />

your general sense of well-being.<br />

Potential health benefits<br />

Beyond their culinary appeal, spicy<br />

foods may offer several health<br />

benefits. Capsaicin has been linked<br />

to improved heart health, reduced<br />

inflammation and even pain relief.<br />

Additionally, the antimicrobial<br />

properties of certain spices may<br />

help ward off pathogens. Never<br />

mind the apple - a chilli a day<br />

keeps the doctor away!<br />

Keep in mind that if you’re new to<br />

spicy foods, it’s a good idea to start<br />

with milder options and gradually<br />

work your way up to spicier dishes.<br />

This will allow your taste buds<br />

to adapt to the heat over time.<br />

Don’t be afraid to experiment<br />

with different spices and flavour<br />

combinations. Whether it’s<br />

adding chipotle powder to chilli<br />

or drizzling sriracha on pizza, the<br />

possibilities are endless. For a true<br />

taste explosion, balance your fiery<br />

dishes with cooling ingredients<br />

like tzatziki (a delicious yogurt,<br />

lemon, garlic and cucumber dip)<br />

or avocado to help temper the<br />

heat and balance the flavours.<br />

The spicy foods trend opens<br />

the door to a world of flavour<br />

and potential health benefits<br />

for adventurous eaters, and<br />

fortunately for us, there are a<br />

host of local eateries that offer<br />

scrumptious tongue-tingling food<br />

options, from fiery Arrabiata pasta<br />

to peri-peri prawns and chicken<br />

tikka masala.<br />

By incorporating spicy<br />

ingredients into your diet in<br />

creative ways and experimenting<br />

with different tastes, you can<br />

experience the full spectrum of<br />

heat and flavour that spicy foods<br />

have to offer. So go ahead, spice<br />

up your meals and ignite your<br />

taste buds with the fiery delights<br />

of the spicy foods trend.

We chatted to a couple of local dads to find out what<br />

makes Father’s Day special.<br />

Theo Naidoo, general manager of Emnotweni<br />

Get it (GI): How do your kids normally<br />

spoil you on Father’s Day?<br />

Theo Naidoo (TN): The kids spoil me<br />

rotten, starting with the classic treat,<br />

breakfast in bed. They usually go all out<br />

to make the day special. Apart from<br />

breakfast, they make me the nicest<br />

home-made cards, and then maybe a<br />

small gift they’ve picked out or often<br />

made themselves.<br />

GI: Where do you like to spend the day,<br />

at home or out and about?<br />

TN: Sometimes we’ll have a little family<br />

outing. We’ll go somewhere we all love,<br />

or the kids will plan a fun activity we<br />

can all do together. But to be honest,<br />

just spending quality time with them is<br />

the best gift of all.<br />

GI: What is your favourite spicy dish?<br />

TN: A delicious family meal is always<br />

part of the equation, and I love hot<br />

food. My favourite dish is a spicy lamb<br />

curry with roti, with its fragrant blend<br />

of spices. I also loves fish curry and the<br />

rustic charm of trotters and beans.<br />

GI: What do you love most about<br />

being a dad?<br />

TN: Everything!<br />

All-purpose chilli and<br />

garlic oil<br />

Immensely versatile and easy to make,<br />

this chilli and garlic oil is the perfect<br />

accompaniment to so many things.<br />

Ingredients<br />

• 1/3 cup vegetable oil • 5 to 6 garlic cloves,<br />

minced • 1½ tbsp crushed red chilli flakes<br />

• A pinch of sea salt<br />

Method<br />

Gently heat the oil in a small saucepan. Add<br />

all ingredients<br />

and heat over low heat until the garlic<br />

starts to turn golden (but don’t let it burn!).<br />

Remove from the heat and leave to infuse.<br />

Once cool, pour into a jar or ramekin to<br />

serve. Store in the fridge for up to five days.

Tony Mancos, CEO of Kishugu Training Group<br />

Get it (GI): How do your kids normally<br />

spoil you on Father’s Day?<br />

Tony Mancos (TM): Father’s Day<br />

mornings normally greet me with a<br />

fresh cup of coffee, cuddles from the<br />

children and Mum spoiling me with<br />

little gifts while in bed. The dogs also<br />

get in on the action with Fudge, the<br />

boxer, getting his fair share of love. We<br />

then move on to a bit of chaos with my<br />

eager kids preparing me my favourite<br />

breakfast, fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy<br />

bacon, Alheira (a Portuguese breakfast<br />

sausage) and another steaming cup<br />

of coffee, all presented with beaming<br />

smiles. I’m really spoilt and grateful for<br />

having such loving, close-knit family.<br />

GI: What is your favourite spicy dish?<br />

TM: I love a hot crab curry with lots<br />

of curry sauce. The crabs must be<br />

pretty large with plenty of meat. I<br />

prefer making the curry myself with<br />

additional curry and chilli powder and<br />

a bunch of fresh coriander added to<br />

enhance the seasoning. It’s a messy<br />

dish to eat, but one that allows a meal<br />

to last a while, especially when family<br />

and friends are visiting.<br />

GI: Where do you like to spend the day,<br />

at home or out and about?<br />

TM: Father’s Day spent outdoors with<br />

my family is a priceless gift, filled with<br />

laughter, love and cherished memories.<br />

Whether we’re braaiing at home<br />

or enjoying a picnic outing, every<br />

moment shared under the open sky is<br />

a family bonding experience.<br />

GI: What are your hobbies?<br />

TM: Cooking is a big thing in the<br />

Mancos household, and I have started<br />

a small Portuguese deli shop called<br />

Titos with a friend. We supply spicy<br />

chouriço, specialist cold meats such<br />

as presunto, salchichoa and paio – it’s<br />

a hobby that delights the palate and<br />

nourishes the soul.<br />

GI: What do you love most about being<br />

a dad?<br />

TM: As a dad, the most fulfilling part is<br />

witnessing the growth, laughter and<br />

love of my children. Every moment<br />

shared is a treasure, forming bonds<br />

that last a lifetime.<br />

GI: What’s your favourite meal to cook?<br />

TM: I love cooking prawns à la<br />

Portuguese style. Preferably queensized<br />

prawns (and Mozambican)<br />

marinated in lemon, garlic and<br />

chilli overnight. These are braaied<br />

or skottel-fried, served on a bed of<br />

savoury chouriço rice or chips with a<br />

Portuguese salad, with a lemon garlic<br />

butter and chilli butter sauces to douse<br />

over the meal.<br />

GI: Do you like to cook on Father’s Day<br />

or do the family cook for you?<br />

TM: The kids spoil me with breakfast<br />

on Father’s Day, and I love preparing<br />

the lunch for the family. It is a heartwarming<br />

tradition. I whip up a spicy<br />

feast that’s seasoned with love and<br />

served with a side of pride. From<br />

sizzling on the stove and chopping<br />

veggies to stirring pots and garnishing<br />

with care, the meal becomes another<br />

cherished memory for our family,<br />

especially for my father.


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Well known in the <strong>Lowveld</strong>, the <strong>Lowveld</strong> Canvas brand is synonymous with<br />

quality and superior workmanship. We caught up with Duanne Henning to<br />

find out a little more about its history.<br />

<strong>Lowveld</strong> Canvas opened its doors in<br />

the early 1960s, and was originally<br />

called SA Canvas. “It changed hands<br />

a few times until my dad Gerhard<br />

bought the company in 1996,” says<br />

Duanne. “To incorporate all the<br />

neighbouring towns in our area, he<br />

changed the name to <strong>Lowveld</strong><br />

Canvas. He proudly operated it for<br />

26 years. I took over approximately<br />

eight years after the day I first started<br />

working there.”<br />

‘I love my father for<br />

many reasons, but I<br />

am especially grateful<br />

for all the knowledge<br />

he passed on to me’<br />

During this time, Duanne’s dad taught<br />

him not only about how the company<br />

should be run, but also how to always<br />

listen first, and most importantly, how<br />

to conduct himself in business. “I can<br />

honestly say the best way to ensure a<br />

successful working relationship with<br />

your parents is extremely easy. Apart<br />

from the basic company rules, you<br />

only need to follow these three simple<br />

steps: listen, do the work and then raise<br />

your opinion afterward. In that order.”<br />

Duanne purchased the company<br />

two months before Covid and the<br />

Duanne, Eliana and Nanda Henning<br />

subsequent lockdown. Not the<br />


CANVAS<br />

26 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong>

greatest timing, but unavoidable. “I<br />

must say, I missed my father’s day-today<br />

support a lot during those days,<br />

especially with all the Covid rules and<br />

regulations, and the tough economic<br />

times felt by us and everyone else in<br />

the country. My father was a very strict<br />

but also very fair boss. There wasn’t a<br />

grey area with him. It was either black<br />

or white. I have to add that my mother<br />

later put my mind at ease by saying<br />

that she had also been keeping an eye<br />

on me, but trusted I could manage.<br />

That was a real sign of respect.”<br />

Duanne’s father always said if the<br />

business was not performing as it<br />

should, you first have to look for the<br />

mistake within the company. Duanne<br />

and his management team, Frank<br />

Fouché and Sharon van der Merwe,<br />

went through every aspect of the<br />

company, leaving no stone unturned<br />

when it came to ideas to help the<br />

company grow. “With a combined<br />

experience of 70 years, it really is a case<br />

of three heads being better than one,”<br />

he smiles. “I love my father for many<br />

reasons, but I am especially grateful<br />

for all the knowledge he passed on to<br />

me. He taught me the value of being<br />

focused on quality, which is something<br />

we have always been proud of.”<br />

Duanne says his BComm degree<br />

has come in handy on more than<br />

one occasion when it came to<br />

implementing new ideas. “My vision<br />

was to modernise and to introduce<br />

new products without compromising<br />

on our quality. At first, I made minor<br />

changes, such as testing the market<br />

with a reasonable budget. This helped<br />

me to identify our top sellers in the<br />

process and helped us to modernise<br />

and improve our products. Examples<br />

of these are our patio blinds and<br />

pool covers, and retractable foldarm<br />

awnings, among others. I also<br />

introduced more luxurious materials,<br />

as well as cheaper yet more durable<br />

ones to our catalogues, to cater to all<br />

budgets and tastes.”<br />

Duanne’s passion for <strong>Lowveld</strong> Canvas<br />

comes down to the fact that he<br />

loves working with people, especially<br />

when designing and manufacturing<br />

a positive add-on to their houses or<br />

vehicles. He smiles as he says his<br />

most rewarding project but also<br />

biggest challenge is the tented<br />

camps. “We were recently published<br />

on the front page of a very popular<br />

German magazine for the luxury tents<br />

we installed at Elephant Points,” he<br />

adds proudly.<br />

“My wife, Nanda, my greatest support<br />

and mum to our two-year-old jewel,<br />

Eliana, always reminds me that it’s<br />

not only the big wins that make an<br />

impact, but all the smaller ones that<br />

end up being the most valuable.<br />

When I think back to the days I<br />

worked with my father, I’m reminded<br />

about the simple things that made<br />

it all worthwhile, and so I’m glad he<br />

is enjoying his well-earned semiretirement,”<br />

he smiles.<br />


Family together




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Bodycure Boogie!<br />

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Safari<br />

on the<br />

Kariega<br />

Text Kym Argo<br />

It’s always the unexpected that keeps travelling exciting.<br />

And for those who’ve been on safari in South Africa, and<br />

think they’ve experienced everything, Sibuya Game<br />

Reserve in the Eastern Cape offers up a few surprises.<br />

Yes ... it’s a fusion of luxury and environmental<br />

awareness. Yip ... it’s home to the Big Five. And with<br />

almost 400 different species in the area, it really is a bird<br />

lover’s paradise.<br />

But it’s the country’s only game reserve that is only<br />

reached by boat ... boarded at the Sibuya reception near<br />

the Kariega river mouth in Kenton on Sea, you’ll take a<br />

leisurely cruise up the Kariega River Estuary. Depending<br />

on what you discover, the gentle cruise takes anything<br />

from 45 minutes to a little over an hour ... spotting longlegged<br />

Black-winged Stilts and gorgeous Sacred Ibis and<br />

brightly coloured Kingfishers and impressive Fish Eagles.<br />

It’s a gorgeous, relaxing way to kick off your Sibuya safari,<br />

which is one of the Cape Country Routes South Africa<br />

privately owned destinations.<br />

More of the unexpected. You will be offered early<br />

morning and evening game drives a day, but there are<br />

other options too ... fishing on the Kariega is hugely<br />

popular, either from the bank or from one of the small<br />

boats, there’s canoeing on the river, and you can opt for<br />

a beach walk as well as one in the bush. Excluded from<br />

the rates, but possible to book, are deep sea fishing<br />

excursions, and beach and reserve horse riding outings.<br />

Accommodation wise, there are a trio of choices ... two<br />

luxurious tented camps and an exclusive lodge. We<br />

stayed at Forest Camp ... where each of the eight tents,<br />

connected by wooden walkways, are private and well<br />

30 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong><br />

concealed in the indigenous thicket. With king size beds<br />

and a surprisingly comfortable pull out sleeper divan, it’s<br />

a great option for those travelling with older children - no<br />

under 12s allowed. There’s also the River Camp, with four<br />

spacious tents, so great for a group of friends travelling<br />

together, and where younger children are welcome. Both<br />

camps are comfy, have fireplaces for chilly evenings, and<br />

have central living areas where guests gather for meals<br />

and game drives. The third option is the more luxurious<br />

thatched Bush Lodge, with four suites, personal viewing<br />

decks, indoor and outdoor showers and a swimming<br />

pool. Bush Lodge, unlike the other two camps, has<br />

electricity - and air-conditioning - in the rooms ... for Bush<br />

and River camps you rely on solar as they’re all about<br />

living off the grid and embracing sustainability.<br />

The area is lush, with Eastern Cape Valley bushveld,<br />

grasslands and coastal forests, so game is plentiful, and<br />

game drives thrilling with elephant, rhino, antelope,<br />

including the rare Bontebok and Oribi, and plenty of<br />

giraffe and zebra. On our visit the leopards lived up to<br />

their elusive title, but lion - in a separate, enclosed part of<br />

the reserve, were seen proudly strutting their king of the<br />

jungle stuff.<br />

Rates start at R4931 per person in low season, excluding<br />

Rhino Conservation Levies, including accommodation,<br />

all meals and local drinks, morning and evening game<br />

drives, boat transfers, fishing, canoeing and bush walking.<br />

Children under 2 stay free.<br />

Details: Sibuya on sibuya.co.za, Instagram @sibuya_game_<br />

reserve, Facebook SibuyaGameReserve. Cape Country Routes<br />

on capecountryroutes.com, Instagram @ capecountryroutes,<br />

Facebook @CapeCountryRoutes

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 31

Spoil<br />

<strong>June</strong><br />

The North Face ...<br />

and the icons of exploration<br />

Born way back in 1966, The North Face has<br />

served the needs of expeditions in the<br />

harshest regions in the world. And a few of<br />

the items have become icons ... taking on<br />

lives of their own. Harnessing cuttingedge<br />

technology, innovative design<br />

and athlete insights, they were<br />

revolutionary. Now, they are iconic,<br />

worn and used everywhere from city<br />

streets to mountain tops. These include the<br />

Himalayan Parka - this ultra-warm parka became<br />

the gold standard in high-altitude climbing and<br />

cold-weather survival. The Mountain Jacket - worn by<br />

the first American team to scale the six classic north<br />

faces of the Alps in a single season. The Nuptse -<br />

one mile southwest of Everest, five miles up and<br />

bitterly cold, this jacket named after the Nuptse<br />

summit is famed for its game-changing warmth.<br />

The Denali - which made its debut on the backs<br />

of Todd Skinner and Paul Piana during their<br />

historic, 30-day free climb of Yosemite’s Salathé<br />

Wall, where it set a new standard for technical<br />

fleece. And The Duffel - if there could be just<br />

one bag to symbolise epic adventures, it’d<br />

be this. Made of burly fabrics, and built to<br />

be transported by porters, yaks and camels,<br />

these hard-wearing gear totes journey<br />

everywhere from expedition base camps to<br />

urban metropolises.<br />

To enter our<br />

<strong>June</strong> Spoil, visit<br />

@getitnationalmagazines<br />

on Instagram or Facebook.<br />

Entries close <strong>June</strong> 25.<br />

32 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong><br />

All of these iconic items, plus so many more<br />

desirable garments for adventure or city wear,<br />

can be found on www.thenorthface.co.za<br />

We’re giving away a Base Camp Duffel Bag<br />

worth R3599 ... tough and practical, with<br />

loads of thought-through features - think zippedend<br />

pocket for dirty shoes and wet clothes,<br />

mesh pockets, detachable adjustable ergonomic<br />

shoulder straps. Use a duffel when in transit, or a<br />

backpack when you’re on the move. In a nutshell,<br />

it’s an explorer’s best friend.

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