BeautyNZ Magazine Autumn 2024

BeautyNZ magazine is a professional beauty trade magazine published on behalf of the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals Inc. The NZARBP is recognised as the premier industry organisation with a 50 year history of supporting members, regulating the industry, and promoting a qualified workforce. The non-profit group educates, informs, provides advice, and keeps the industry up-to-date with the latest information through its magazine.

BeautyNZ magazine is a professional beauty trade magazine published on behalf of the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals Inc. The NZARBP is recognised as the premier industry organisation with a 50 year history of supporting members, regulating the industry, and promoting a qualified workforce. The non-profit group educates, informs, provides advice, and keeps the industry up-to-date with the latest information through its magazine.


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AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />

<strong>BeautyNZ</strong><br />

ASSN<br />

AWARDS<br />

BEAUTY<br />


ADVICE<br />


WOMEN<br />


NEWS &<br />

new products!<br />

GLOBAL<br />


Dr Iona Weir

2<br />


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FROM THE<br />


8 Executive Committee<br />

& Area Reps<br />

9 President’s message<br />

10 Office Managers report<br />

12 Association News<br />

14 Member profile:<br />

Jen Tairi<br />


16 <strong>BeautyNZ</strong> Association<br />

Awards <strong>2024</strong><br />


22 A fresh perspective:<br />

Dr Iona Weir<br />


32 NZ Hair & Beauty Expo<br />

38 Evolve Organic Beauty<br />

launches in NZ<br />

39 EmpowerHER <strong>2024</strong><br />

scholarship returns<br />

40 PHYRIS skin care<br />

41 Jane Iredale celebrates<br />

30 years<br />

42 Dental Boutique opens in<br />

New Zealand<br />

43 New Dermaviduals<br />

formulation<br />

44 Dermalogica unveils<br />

Pro-Collagen Banking Serum<br />

45 Lynton EXCELIGHT IPL<br />

machine<br />

46 Te Arikinui Pullman Auckland<br />

Airport Hotel opens<br />

48 EmFace launches at The Face<br />

Place MedSpa<br />

WHAT’S NEW?<br />

50 New product showcase<br />

GLOBAL<br />


Dr Iona Weir<br />

22<br />

4<br />

TABLE<br />



<strong>BeautyNZ</strong><br />

ASSN<br />

AWARDS <strong>2024</strong><br />

16<br />

BEAUTY &<br />

MAKEUP<br />

88 Makeup must-haves<br />

89 Special occasion makeup<br />

90 <strong>Autumn</strong> lip trends<br />

91 Lip Love<br />



BRANDS<br />



58 The beauty business of lashes<br />

60 Key learnings for business<br />

owners and entrepreneurs<br />

62 Business coaching with<br />

Rosie Holt<br />

64 Creating happy staff<br />

and clients<br />

66 The importance of teamwork<br />

68 Boost your beauty business on<br />

Instagram<br />

69 A fresh focus for you<br />

and your mindset<br />


70 Sustainable salons<br />


78 Technology & innovation<br />



80 A touch of luxury<br />

82 <strong>Autumn</strong> fragrance<br />

86 Handbag essentials<br />

92 Holski<br />

93 Raaie<br />

94 Pure Mama<br />

95 EmbodyMe<br />


98 Monique Edmond<br />

A TOUCH<br />


80<br />


72 Spice up your life with<br />

Feng Shui<br />

74 Why music matters<br />

76 Calming tips to help<br />

with anxiety<br />


AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Editor's LETTER<br />


Lisa Potter<br />

Editor<br />

Kelly Gillespie<br />

Graphic Designer<br />

marlee·mae<br />

Dee Clothier<br />

Office Manager<br />

NZARBP Publisher<br />


editor@beautynzmagazine.co.nz<br />

Welcome<br />

to<br />

the <strong>Autumn</strong> issue of<br />

<strong>BeautyNZ</strong> magazine.<br />

It’s with an extra sense of joy that we celebrate this issue, not only as our<br />

first for the year, but also as we recognise and champion finalists and<br />

winners of the <strong>BeautyNZ</strong> Association Awards <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Designed to showcase the expertise and excellence of NZARBP members<br />

in the beauty industry, the recent <strong>2024</strong> Awards were well attended and<br />

supported by many valued businesses and sponsors (more about this<br />

from page 16).<br />

It is one of the rare occasions which brings together community across<br />

all facets of the industry: from distributors and brands to salon and spa<br />

owners, trainers, therapists and beauty professionals, as well as the many<br />

individuals who support, encourage and help others thrive and succeed.<br />

Congratulations to everyone involved in this inspiring event and we look<br />

forward to sharing more detailed profile pieces in upcoming issues.<br />

We’re also proud to feature Dr Iona Weir on our front cover; a<br />

powerhouse of innovative thinking and a true pioneer around skin health<br />

research and scientific breakthroughs. The founder and CEO of Atopis<br />

shares some insights around business, resilience and determination from<br />

her first-hand experiences.<br />

There are also articles sharing a diverse array of knowledge and expertise<br />

on topics from sunscreen and wellbeing to Instagram and sustainability,<br />

so hopefully you’ll find plenty here to entertain and inform.<br />

As always, please do feel free to get in touch to share any<br />

thoughts around future interviews and<br />

articles – we appreciate all feedback.<br />

editor@beautynzmagazine.co.nzLisa<br />

Potter<br />

You can contact me directly at<br />


advertising@beautynzmagazine.co.nz<br />

<strong>BeautyNZ</strong> magazine is a professional beauty trade<br />

magazine published by the New Zealand Association<br />

of Registered Beauty Professionals Inc. The NZARBP is<br />

recognised as the premier industry organisation with<br />

a 50 year history of supporting members, regulating<br />

the industry and the promotion of a qualified<br />

workforce. The non-profit group educates, informs,<br />

provides advice and keeps the industry up to date with<br />

the latest information through its magazine.<br />

DISTRIBUTION: Nationwide to businesses via<br />

print and digital copy<br />

COPYRIGHT: <strong>BeautyNZ</strong> magazine is subject to<br />

copyright. No part of <strong>BeautyNZ</strong> may be reproduced<br />

in whole or in part without written permission<br />

from the publisher. Neither opinions expressed by<br />

contributing and in-house writers, nor facts stated in<br />

advertisements, are necessarily those of the editor,<br />

staff of Beauty NZ <strong>Magazine</strong>, or the NZ Association of<br />

Registered Beauty Professionals Inc. Whilst all efforts<br />

are made to ensure accuracy, no responsibility will be<br />

taken by the publishers or Association for inaccurate<br />

information, or for any consequence of reliance on<br />

this information. All articles and images are covered<br />

by copyright.<br />

COMPETITION TERMS & CONDITIONS: <strong>BeautyNZ</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong> competitions are open to all current<br />

members of the NZ Association of Registered Beauty<br />

Professionals. In the event that an ineligible entry is<br />

selected or we are unable to contact a winner within<br />

one week of the prize draw, having made reasonable<br />

attempts to do so, we may deem that winner’s entry<br />

invalid and select a new winner on the same terms<br />

as the original prize selection. Entrants may only<br />

enter once per prize draw. No prize is transferable,<br />

changeable, or redeemable for cash. All decisions<br />

made are final and no correspondence will be<br />

entered into. Good luck!<br />

COVER IMAGE: Steve Tilley<br />

PRINTING: Brebner Print<br />

ISSN: 1178-5802 (Print)<br />

ISSN: 3021-1522 (Online)<br />

WEBSITE: beautynz.org.nz<br />

6<br />


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Association NEWS<br />


President and Nail<br />

Technology Manager<br />


Vice President and<br />

Complaints Manager<br />

Become a member of the New Zealand<br />

Association of Registered Beauty Professionals;<br />

the membership organisation for the beauty<br />

industry in New Zealand.<br />

Dedicated to supporting members, regulating<br />

the industry and achieving a highly organised,<br />

qualified and professional workforce, the<br />

Association is a non-profit organisation.<br />

To become a member and find out more about<br />

member benefits, call: 021 062 4597 or email<br />

info@beautynz.org.nz<br />


Committee<br />


Documentation Manager<br />


Cosmetic Tattoo Manager<br />

KIM RYAN<br />

Government Regulations<br />

Manager<br />


Area Representative<br />

Manager<br />


Northland<br />

021 455 019<br />

amanda@masteracademy.co.nz<br />


Northland<br />

021 437 558<br />

michaella@masteracademy.co.nz<br />


Waikato<br />

021 064 8620<br />

jennypycraft@hotmail.com<br />


Taranaki<br />

027 282 9668<br />

accounts@urbanbeautyspa.co.nz<br />

AREA<br />


Hawkes Bay<br />

021 932 498<br />


Christchurch<br />

027 692 3456<br />

larissa.whitman@ara.ac.nz<br />


Christchurch<br />

027 544 2303<br />

rachellesowman@hotmail.co.nz<br />


8<br />


Association NEWS<br />


MessageKia ora and welcome<br />

to <strong>Autumn</strong> <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Kia ora and welcome to our first issue<br />

for <strong>2024</strong>. The months are already full<br />

steam ahead for the year.<br />

For the Association, the start to this year<br />

has been amazing with the <strong>BeautyNZ</strong><br />

Association Awards extravaganza held in<br />

February. Wow, what a fantastic evening<br />

and a huge success for all involved.<br />

In this issue you will see photos<br />

of our finalists and award winners.<br />

Congratulations to each and every<br />

entrant: you all did an outstanding job;<br />

making judging a delight as well as<br />

challenging, due to the professional<br />

standard of applications.<br />

A massive congratulations to all of our<br />

category winners. What an immense<br />

achievement that deserves to be<br />

celebrated.<br />

Thank you to all of our sponsors.<br />

Without your contributions and support,<br />

the Awards would not have been such a<br />

success. It was encouraging to see our<br />

industry come together to show support<br />

and unity while upholding the high<br />

professional standards of our industry.<br />

In the world we live in, it is so important<br />

to empower and support one another<br />

especially on a professional level. We<br />

are here to support individuals and<br />

businesses to achieve greatness. May<br />

this year bring renewed energy and<br />

success for everyone.<br />

Take time to enjoy all this magazine has<br />

to offer. It is another fantastic issue, one<br />

that we are proud to produce. There are<br />

plenty of excellent, thought-provoking<br />

articles and information so get that cup<br />

of tea, find a comfy spot<br />

and enjoy.<br />

Take care and look after one another.<br />

Kia kaha<br />

Emma<br />

HITO, your apprenticeship<br />

and training partner<br />

About us<br />

HITO offer apprenticeships and on-job training<br />

qualifications in hairdressing, barbering, and<br />

beauty therapy.<br />

HITO partner with business owners to support trainers<br />

and apprentices throughout the qualification journey,<br />

and we work to ensure our qualifications are nationally<br />

recognized and relevant for career and business success.<br />

HITO Is part of Te Pūkenga – New Zealand Institute<br />

of Skills and Technology (Te Pūkenga).<br />

Apprenticeship benefits<br />

Meet Colette, qualified Hairdresser and HITO<br />

Sales and Training Advisor<br />

Hi, I’m Colette, the Sales and<br />

Training Advisor for the<br />

Northern South region. I’m<br />

originally from Ireland and<br />

have worked in the hairdressing<br />

industry for over 11 years.<br />

100% NZ QUALIFIED<br />

P R O F E S S<br />

I O N A L<br />

100% NZ QUALIFIED<br />

Actual Size<br />

P R O F E S S<br />

I love helping people through the apprenticeship journey.<br />

Becoming fully qualified is an amazing achievement, and<br />

clients love to see your certificate hanging on the wall.<br />

Having a qualification opens a world of opportunity!<br />

I O N A L<br />

Earn while<br />

you learn<br />

Become<br />

100% qualified<br />

Gain on-the-job<br />

experience<br />

Join a global<br />

community<br />

www.hito.org.nz | (04) 499 1180 | support@hito.org.nz<br />



AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Association<br />

NEWS<br />


REPORT<br />

Kia ora from the<br />

Association office.<br />

Welcome to our first issue for <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

The office has been extremely<br />

busy through this first quarter with<br />

<strong>BeautyNZ</strong> Association Awards prep.<br />

NZARBP Office Manager<br />

Dee Clothier<br />

P: 021 062 4597<br />

E: info@beautynz.org.nz<br />

Now that our pinnacle event is over,<br />

it is time to sit back and reflect and<br />

catch up with other happenings in the<br />

Association.<br />

Thank you to all the entrants in the<br />

<strong>BeautyNZ</strong> Association Awards. It was<br />

a fabulous night, everyone looked<br />

amazing, and it created a lovely vibe<br />

having everyone who entered attend<br />

the event. You will see photos and<br />

a recap of the night in the following<br />

pages.<br />

Also thank you to the generosity of<br />

sponsors and brands who supported<br />

this Awards, by sponsoring categories,<br />

providing gorgeous products for our<br />

entrant and prize winner goodie bags<br />

and offering support of the event and<br />

those who attended.<br />

One of our next events of key<br />

importance coming up is our First Aid<br />

Day. This will take place in August this<br />

year. If you participated last time, then<br />

it will be time for your refresher, and<br />

if you haven’t taken advantage of this<br />

training previously, we look forward to<br />

having you join us. Further details will<br />

follow.<br />


Nicola Dyer<br />

Jasmine George<br />

Margaux Loyer<br />

Amanda Preston<br />

Naz Serdaroglu<br />

Bess Stembridge<br />

Eliva<br />

Weir Science Ltd<br />


Chantelle Bockman<br />

Kelly Karnahan<br />


Melody Hatch<br />


Nicole Cousens<br />

Olivia Harris<br />

Charmaine Kennedy<br />

Live Deeply<br />

OTAGO<br />

Olivia Legg<br />


WANAKA<br />

Lara Goggins<br />


Jessica Sayer<br />

Hello and welcome to our newest<br />

NZARBP members (18 new members,<br />

three re-joining members, and one<br />

student member) – we are delighted to<br />

welcome you to our community.<br />


Baeleigh Ching<br />

10<br />


15/16 JUNE<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />


CENTRE,<br />


Join the industry at<br />

NZ’s only B2B hair and<br />

beauty expo connecting<br />

professionals face-toface<br />

with brands<br />

Discover the perfect<br />

ticket category for you:<br />

Student Pass<br />

One Day Pass<br />

Weekend Pass<br />

Group Pass<br />

Weekend Group Pass<br />

For more information visit nzhairandbeauty.nz

Association NEWS<br />

NaSA VISIT<br />

NZARBP Area Reps Rachelle Sowman<br />

and Larissa Whitman visited The National<br />

School of Aesthetics (NaSA) where they<br />

discussed the benefits of Association<br />

membership, Safe Hands campaign and<br />

the Student of the Year Award category.<br />

Based in Christchurch, NASA is the South<br />

Island’s leading beauty therapy education<br />

provider.<br />

The <strong>2024</strong> February intake of students<br />

were highly engaged and the visit<br />

resulted in a full uptake of student<br />

memberships.<br />

“We discussed the importance of<br />

professionalism within the beauty<br />

industry and how being a member of the<br />

NZARBP supports industry in this way,”<br />

says Larissa. “We also discussed the<br />

benefits of being a member, not only as<br />

a student but as a qualified therapist or<br />

business owner.<br />

“It was agreed the information in the<br />

quarterly <strong>BeautyNZ</strong> magazine is a<br />

valuable resource of information around<br />

products, new innovations, business<br />

practice and so much more.<br />

“We also talked about the Student of the<br />

Year category.”<br />

Several of the students shared what<br />

inspired them to enrol at The National<br />

School of Aesthetics. Below are a few of<br />

their inspirational shares:<br />

“I love makeup and nails. I have an<br />

Instagram page where I share my work.”<br />

“My Mum completed the Beauty Therapy<br />

course the second year National School<br />

of Aesthetics opened, therefore I grew<br />

up watching her in her beauty therapy<br />

profession.”<br />

“I love doing treatments for people and<br />

find it really therapeutic, so decided<br />

to become qualified and make this my<br />

career.”<br />

“I love making people look and feel<br />

better about themselves and feel more<br />

confident.”<br />


for your skin<br />

During or postaesthetic<br />

medical treatments<br />

First Aid Training<br />

Save the date for the upcoming NZARBP St John training day,<br />

to be held in August <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

This one day course is ideal for first aiders in workplaces and<br />

anyone wanting to learn the basics of first aid.<br />

During the course, in-depth lessons and scenario-based<br />

activities will give:<br />

• the confidence to recognise and treat everything from<br />

common injuries to life-threatening medical emergencies<br />

• the skills to offer vital assistance and CPR before more<br />

experienced help arrives<br />

• the starting point for advancing your first aid training to the<br />

next level<br />

• a First Aid Level 1 certificate valid for 2 years upon successful<br />

completion<br />

The finalised date will be announced on beautynz.org.nz<br />

Suitable for<br />

sensitive skin<br />

Reduces wrinkles<br />

& fine lines<br />

Recovery after<br />

sun exposure<br />

Follow us on<br />

Instagram<br />

Available at www.rareskin.co.nz<br />

or email admin@rareskin.co.nz<br />

12<br />


atopis.co.nz<br />

Tried skin care invented<br />

by a celebrity?<br />

Now try skin science<br />

invented by a cell biologist.

Association NEWS<br />

Jen Tairi<br />

Getting to know:<br />

Waikato-based Jen Tairi is<br />

the Waikato Area Rep for the<br />

NZ Association of Registered<br />

Beauty Professionals. A longtime<br />

advocate of professional<br />

standards within the industry,<br />

the focused and organised<br />

busy mother is also passionate<br />

about thriving and helping<br />

others thrive in their lives.<br />

She has a strong focus around<br />

wellbeing and Jen is dedicated<br />

to helping educate therapists<br />

and support new therapists as<br />

they begin their careers in the<br />

beauty industry.<br />

What you enjoy most about the<br />

Q. role of Waikato Area Rep?<br />

A.<br />

I am relatively new to this role<br />

having been in it for just a few<br />

months but am very excited<br />

for the year ahead. What I’m<br />

looking forward to most is the<br />

opportunity to educate and<br />

connect within our industry,<br />

reinforcing the importance of<br />

professional standards and why<br />

being a NZARBP Member is<br />

so important. I look forward to<br />

meeting more industry peers<br />

and being more involved in the<br />

industry.<br />

14<br />


Association NEWS<br />

Why you think being a NZARBP<br />

Q. member is important?<br />

A.<br />

Being a member of a beauty<br />

association signals to clients that<br />

they're in the hands of a qualified<br />

professional who adheres to<br />

the highest health and safety<br />

standards. Membership not only<br />

reassures clients but also elevates<br />

the industry’s professionalism,<br />

setting the benchmark. Along<br />

with that, it weaves a network<br />

of connection and community<br />

among members.<br />

How many years have you been<br />

Q. in the industry and how you got<br />

started?<br />

A.<br />

Since graduating in 2005, I've been<br />

on quite the journey, starting with<br />

opening my own studio alongside<br />

a friend. Those early days were<br />

filled with learning from scratch,<br />

facing challenges head-on, and<br />

gaining invaluable insights into<br />

the beauty world. This foundation<br />

sparked a curiosity about the<br />

connection between diet and<br />

skin health, leading me to pursue<br />

a Diploma in Nutritional Science<br />

after the birth of my third child<br />

in 2016. This new knowledge<br />

changed my approach to beauty,<br />

highlighting the importance of<br />

lifestyle in skin wellbeing.<br />

While working and having a<br />

family, I continued to expand<br />

my skills within the beauty<br />

industry, learning about product<br />

formulation and ingredients,<br />

advanced facial treatments,<br />

further nutrition education and<br />

developing my ability to teach<br />

and train others. This journey<br />

enriched my perspective, allowing<br />

me to offer a holistic approach to<br />

wellness and beauty.<br />

I have worked in other Beauty<br />

Spa's and before my current<br />

position I was a Tutor at Elite. My<br />

current role is managing Exquisite<br />

Beauty in Hamilton which has<br />

been a joy, where I blend my<br />

passion for beauty with leading<br />

a team and creating a positive<br />

environment for our therapists to<br />

gain confidence in who they are<br />

and explore their passions.<br />

What you thought your career<br />

Q. path was going to be when you<br />

were younger?<br />

A.<br />

Where do I start!? I had a million<br />

ideas of what I wanted to do and<br />

changed my mind frequently.<br />

Before deciding on beauty, I knew<br />

I would do something involving<br />

health, wellness and people but<br />

couldn't figure out which way to<br />

go.<br />

What is some of the training<br />

Q. you have undertaken along your<br />

career path?<br />

A.<br />

My journey so far has<br />

encompassed a variety of areas<br />

in the beauty industry including<br />

therapist, business owner/<br />

operator, training in cosmetic<br />

tattooing, nutrition, advanced<br />

facial treatments, trainer, tutor<br />

,learning about formulation and<br />

ingredients, and management.<br />

What is your area of specialty in<br />

Q. this industry and why you love<br />

this focus?<br />

A.<br />

My passion lies in healing skin<br />

conditions holistically by fusing<br />

nutritional therapies with beauty<br />

therapy (skincare and treatments).<br />

Focusing on educating clients<br />

about the significant impact of<br />

diet and lifestyle on skin health<br />

and creating a long term skin<br />

health plan with good skincare<br />

and treatments . Sharing this<br />

knowledge and helping clients has<br />

been immensely rewarding.<br />

What’s the best piece of skincare<br />

Q. advice you’ve learned?<br />

A.<br />

lways aim for long term skin health<br />

and protecting the barrier, and gut<br />

health is essential.<br />

What is your favourite way to<br />

Q. pamper/treat yourself?<br />

A.<br />

Massage whenever the<br />

opportunity arises, along with<br />

road trips and swims in natural<br />

waters.<br />

What’s one of your wellbeing<br />

Q. pleasures?<br />

A.<br />

I follow a plant-based diet and<br />

steer clear of refined foods, so<br />

my go-to treat is a Little S & P raw<br />

vegan slice.<br />

What three things relating to selfcare/beauty<br />

are always in your<br />

Q.<br />

handbag?<br />

A.<br />

Hydrating mist, SPF and coconut<br />

water.<br />

What’s something about you<br />

Q. people may be surprised to learn<br />

about you?<br />

A.<br />

My favorite place to be is in<br />

gumboots, in a horse paddock.<br />

What’s the most important life or<br />

Q. business lesson you learned over<br />

2023?<br />

A.<br />

This past year has taught me that<br />

life’s journey isn’t meant to be<br />

smooth sailing all the time—if it<br />

were, it would be far too boring!<br />

I've come to embrace the up's and<br />

down's, trusting that the universe<br />

has a way of aligning things in<br />

our favour. An important lesson<br />

I've learned is the significance<br />

of respecting our bodies, being<br />

mindful of what we consume both<br />

physically and mentally. It’s about<br />

nurturing ourselves holistically,<br />

recognising that our wellbeing is a<br />

foundation for any success.<br />

I've also found that once I master<br />

a skill, it often leaves me feeling<br />

restless for new challenges.<br />

This realisation has been a<br />

game-changer, highlighting the<br />

importance of juggling multiple<br />

projects to keep my mind engaged<br />

and thriving. It’s this variety that<br />

fuels my creativity and drives my<br />

growth.<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Doubtless Beauty Retreat<br />



AWARD<br />

Winners<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

Jodi Osborne: Our win is humble confirmation that we genuinely give our<br />

team and clients the very best. This achievement could only be possible<br />

with the support of our incredible community, including our suppliers<br />

and the Association. It shows that a little and local Clinic can survive<br />

and thrive through passion, hard work and resilience. We feel honoured,<br />

ecstatic, overwhelmed and grateful to win this Award. In 2022 we set<br />

the goal to enter the Awards and submit an application we were proud<br />

of… and we did! For us, this was an achievement in itself, so to win has<br />

taken us by surprise, especially given the calibre of entrants.Personally I<br />

enjoy this industry as I absolutely love empowering women, whether it’s<br />

training a team member, performing a client treatment or giving a High<br />

School skincare presentation. I especially enjoy looking after the next<br />

generation of clients who have grown up seeing their Mums come to us.<br />

I also love creating a positive, fun work environment to nurture and grow<br />

new Therapists to give them the best start in our industry.<br />

FACE | Body & Beauty Clinic<br />

Annalysse Mitchell: We are so grateful for the recognition this award<br />

has given us. Not only are our team excited, but also our clients and<br />

community here in Clutha. We are honored the judging panel chose<br />

us as a standout among the other high calibre entrants. The award<br />

complements a lot of planning, hard work and resilience throughout<br />

the last year, and is an encouragement to keep doing what we are<br />

passionate about well, and contribute to the wider industry.: In our<br />

industry, sometimes stepping out of the box and taking a risk is required<br />

to overcome a challenge in business. This award recognises this, and has<br />

given me encouragement to keep going towards the goals that we have<br />

made. There are some incredible people in our industry behind us giving<br />

encouragement, inspiration and advice around what we are doing at<br />

FACE | Body & Beauty and this award is an honor to them also.<br />

16<br />


Arlena Phillips, Beau Beauty<br />

Angel Marshall, Blush Beauty Rolleston<br />

Arlena Phillips: I look up to so many in our industry and so to be<br />

named Therapist of the Year myself is such a surreal feeling! There<br />

have been moments over the last few years when I have questioned<br />

whether or not this is all worth it, because being a business owner<br />

definitely comes with its challenges, so to be recognised on a national<br />

level is proof to me that everything I have worked so hard for has<br />

been worth it. This award means everything to me: it has reassured<br />

me that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.Having a positive impact<br />

on someone’s journey to feeling confident in their own skin means a<br />

great deal to me and I am extremely grateful to every single person<br />

who chooses to work with me. I want to continue to educate my<br />

clients on how to properly care for their skin, as there is a lot of<br />

misinformation out there these days, especially on social media. I am<br />

currently transitioning my business to become a skin clinic, so I can<br />

focus on doing what I love the most!<br />

Angel Marshall: Winning this award is such an amazing<br />

achievement that highlights my commitment and passion for the<br />

beauty industry. I am so grateful and look forward to what this<br />

achievement may bring in years to come. I am so excited about<br />

winning Student of the Year. I am so appreciative of my tutors<br />

and family that have been so supportive since the beginning. It is<br />

such a great way to recognise the hard work that has been put in<br />

behind the scenes. I first became involved in the industry as I saw<br />

it as an opportunity to apply my creativity. I later found my passion<br />

for learning the science of skin and how every part of our lives can<br />

have an impact on how the skin functions. I love the opportunity<br />

we have as beauty therapists to help clients feel like the best<br />

version of themselves. It is such a rewarding and fulfilling industry.<br />

There is also an opportunity for continuous learning and growth<br />

which I love.<br />

Cherie Ayrton, Feather Touch Cosmetic Tattoo<br />

Melody Hatch, Orly Boutique<br />

Cherie Ayrton: It is really amazing to be recognised for my<br />

contributions to an industry I have so much passion and love for,<br />

as well as being involved with such an important organisation in<br />

our industry. As a business owner (Feather Touch Cosmetic Tattoo),<br />

this means the world to me. I am completely over the moon to be<br />

recognised for not only my art but my involvement.My passion has<br />

always been to help make my clients feel beautiful and a little more<br />

like themselves. As a beauty therapist adding cosmetic tattooing to<br />

my skill set was a no brainer. I am inspired daily by my clients that<br />

walk through my salon doors. When it comes to what I love most<br />

about the industry: I love the creative aspect, but most importantly<br />

I feel so lucky that I get to meet so many people from around the<br />

country who all have different backgrounds and a story to tell.<br />

Melody Hatch: This award means a lot to me. It has made me feel<br />

really recognised and appreciated in the industry which is all anyone<br />

could ever hope for when working in an industry they love and care for<br />

so much. On a personal level, whilst I’ve never had a specific goal to<br />

win any award, this has made me feel really accomplished in my own<br />

life which really does mean a lot going forward. I am extremely excited<br />

and honoured and this has given me a great boost of confidence to<br />

keep striving and working really hard for my business, and to better the<br />

industry we all love. Winning Nail Technician of the Year has made me<br />

reflect on all the great achievments I have received in this field and has<br />

made me hopeful and excited for all the other achievements to come.<br />

There are so many things I enjoy about working in this industry which is<br />

why I have been in it since 1995 - I just can’t get enough!<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />



Chelsea Karl, Skin by Chelsea<br />



AWARD<br />

Winners<br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

Chelsea Karl: Social media is free, organic and filled with attention seekers, I<br />

couldn’t think of a better place for me to fit in. When I didn’t have the money<br />

to invest in advertising to promote my business, I did have two skills I have<br />

been practising my whole life. Firstly, the ability to understand a brief and<br />

deliver exactly what was asked of me (aka people pleasing), and secondly,<br />

my love of networking (which some may call ‘yadeyada’). As someone who is<br />

dyslexic, writing has been my enemy most of my life and now I do it publicly<br />

for a living. I often post typos, I feel embarrassed when a stranger points it<br />

out. I’m still learning how to market myself and not someone else’s corporate<br />

approved voice. It’s brave to keep trying. This is my page (@_skinbychelsea on<br />

instagram) and I am speaking my truth. Even if it’s spelt wrong occasionally.<br />

18<br />



Oonagh Kirkpatrick, Louise Gray Skin Care<br />


Florence Barrett-Hill, Pastiche Training<br />

Oonagh Kirkpatrick: This award is a wonderful acknowledgment of my<br />

dedication, support and passion for the industry throughout my time on<br />

the Executive Committee. I feel incredibly honoured and it’s a privilege<br />

to be standing alongside another such recognised recipient, and great<br />

friend, Judy West. The experience I have gained throughout my career,<br />

along with my academic and professional development achievements<br />

have all been supported and influenced through the many inspirational<br />

people I have had the privilege to meet and share ideas with. I feel<br />

extremely passionate and committed in supporting our industry moving<br />

forward, to be educated and informed. I encourage others to step up and<br />

support the industry from the seat of the Executive Committee.<br />

Florence Barrett-Hill: Winning the <strong>BeautyNZ</strong> Association Award<br />

<strong>2024</strong> is a wonderful Affirmation that what I have done over the years<br />

and around the world has made a difference to Beauty Therapists<br />

knowledge base and extended their understanding of skin at a<br />

cellular level. I am overwhelmed and very humble that my industry<br />

appreciated my efforts, none of which would have been possible<br />

without the support of many people who all deserve credit for the<br />

influence they provided. As an independent post graduate tutor, I<br />

enjoy sharing my knowledge, my mistakes, and my successes. I also<br />

love the feeling of belonging when I meet colleagues who share the<br />

same passion for their clients, and profession.<br />


<strong>BeautyNZ</strong><br />




AWARDS <strong>2024</strong><br />

Entrants, Finalists<br />

+ Guests<br />

20<br />


<strong>BeautyNZ</strong><br />


AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


<strong>BeautyNZ</strong><br />




AWARDS <strong>2024</strong><br />

Judges<br />

Meet the esteemed judges of the <strong>BeautyNZ</strong><br />

Asssociation Awards, all of whom played a<br />

crucial role in supporting and assessing entrants<br />

across all categories. The Awards are designed to<br />

showcase and celebrate NZARBP members, their<br />

businesses, skills and dedication.<br />

Louise Gray Peter Willis Pauline De Thierry<br />

Larissa Whitman Maria Hyde-Smith Annette Mullligan<br />

Kim Ryan Rebecca Field Michelle Channon Elysa Sollis Jenny Barlow Oonagh Wolfkamp<br />

Emma Fraser<br />

Debbie Taylor<br />

Cris Amaral<br />

Debra Challis<br />

Cheryl Cook<br />

Amanda Viviers<br />

Juliette Miller<br />

Amanda Guerrin<br />

22<br />


<strong>2024</strong> finalists<br />

The NZARBP is proud to celebrate all of the finalists in the <strong>BeautyNZ</strong> Association<br />

Awards event. It was a privilege to acknowledge and honour them at the recent<br />

Awards evening. Congratulations to all finalists.<br />



Acacia Beauty<br />

Bella-Me Skin & Body<br />

Blush Beauty<br />

Doubtless Beauty Retreat<br />

FACE|Body & Beauty<br />

Juve<br />

Mia Dolce<br />

Mihi’s Place<br />

Pucker & Wink Beauty Lounge<br />

Silver Sixpence<br />

Skintopia Old Bank<br />

Totally Rad Beauty<br />

Xtreme Beauty Salon<br />


Chelsea Karl<br />

Renee Taylor<br />

Annalysse Mitchell<br />

Arlena Phillips<br />

Rachel Ryan<br />

Anastacia Shemiakina<br />

Yuan Song<br />

Christchurch<br />

Kawerau<br />

Rolleston<br />

Doubtless Bay<br />

Balclutha<br />

Gisborne<br />

Havelock North<br />

New Plymouth<br />

Auckland<br />

Wanaka<br />

Wellington<br />

Christchurch<br />

Auckland<br />

Skin by Chelsea, Auckland<br />

By Renee Taylor, Taupo<br />

FACE|Body & Beauty, Balclutha<br />

Beau Beauty Therapy,<br />

Otorohanga<br />

Skintopia Old Bank, Wellington<br />

Body Catalyst, Auckland<br />

Beautiful Aromas Massage &<br />

Beauty Boutique, Lower Hutt<br />

Amy Groot<br />

Pretty Digits, Putaruru<br />

Melody Hatch<br />

Orly Boutique Lower Hutt<br />

Elle Swales<br />

Orly Bouitique Carterton<br />



Sophie Abernethy<br />

Christchurch<br />

Maata Dzilic<br />

Hastings<br />

Lucy Greer<br />

Balclutha<br />

Cody Herlihy<br />

Doubtless Bay<br />

Amber Hewitt<br />

Wanaka<br />

Angel Marshall<br />

Christchurch<br />


Kimberley Atkinson<br />

Cherie Ayrton<br />

Emma James<br />

Nikki Moore<br />

Claire Smith<br />

Jessica Sonne<br />

Kimberley Atkinson Permanent<br />

Makeup, Hastings<br />

Feathertouch Cosmetic Tattoo,<br />

Wellington<br />

Prodigal Brows & Beauty,<br />

Cambridge<br />

Haus of Brows, Kerikeri<br />

Woven Ink, Auckland<br />

Luxe Aesthetics, Rolleston<br />

Congratulations<br />


<strong>2024</strong> FINALISTS<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


<strong>BeautyNZ</strong><br />


Premier Sponsors<br />

Introducing a whole new science of skin health<br />

– one invented right here in New Zealand.<br />

Kiwi cell biologist Dr Iona Weir was concerned<br />

by many of the trends she was seeing in the<br />

beauty industry where short term gain – such<br />

as the over-use of retinols and steroids – was<br />

creating hidden long term risks for women.<br />

So she used her 35 years of original research in<br />

human and plant cellular systems to invent a<br />

whole new science of skin health – Atopis® daily<br />

care and AtopisMed® dermatological products.<br />

Unlike “quick fix” skincare, Atopis is designed<br />

to reset and reactivate your own skin’s natural<br />

repair and renewal systems, bringing them back<br />

into a healthy balance. “There’s a tendency in<br />

the industry to treat women with skin issues<br />

as if they’re somehow broken. In fact it’s about<br />

giving our body’s complex cellular systems,<br />

which have been around for millions of years,<br />

some respect”, says Dr Weir. “I designed Atopis<br />

to get your skin out of the damage cycle so<br />

many women find themselves in and to reset<br />

your inbuilt biological renewal systems. Once<br />

that happens you get what our users call ‘The<br />

Atopis Glow’ – and you only need minimal<br />

maintenance to keep it! While cell biology is<br />

complex, our philosophy is actually simple:<br />

healthy skin is beautiful skin. Everything else<br />

follows from this principle.”<br />

Powering the Atopis range is Dr Weir’s big<br />

breakthrough: The Myrecil® Ingredient. She<br />

originally invented it for treating persistent<br />

dermatological conditions like eczema and<br />

rosacea. But Myrecil was soon found to be<br />

powerfully effective for damaged, sensitive and<br />

prematurely aged skin too. “I developed Myrecil<br />

here in New Zealand using totally natural<br />

ingredients.” she says. “It’s been successfully<br />

clinically trialled, and is now globally patented<br />

and OTC registered with the USFDA. Myrecil is<br />

as effective as leading retinols, but because I’ve<br />

used a completely different cellular pathway,<br />

Myrecil has no concerning retinol side effects<br />

such as skin thinning, sun sensitivity and<br />

redness.”<br />

“I founded Atopis® because while most skincare<br />

products are created for women, there's almost<br />

no genuine skin science invented by women.<br />

After all, women are different right down to the<br />

cellular level. It’s time for a new approach,” says<br />

Dr Weir.<br />

As a true New Zealand skin science innovator, Atopis is thrilled to support the <strong>BeautyNZ</strong> Association Awards <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Bespoke dermatological skincare, dermaviduals<br />

is the science in bespoke skincare. Changing<br />

the way you treat skin, utilising customisable<br />

solutions because, no one skin is the same!<br />

A unique, customised skincare range developed<br />

by leading scientist Dr Hans Lautenschläger.<br />

dermaviduals product formulations are based<br />

on the principles of corneotherapy - promoting<br />

healthy, balanced skin from within. The<br />

dermaviduals range intends to specifically<br />

target maintenance of the natural skin barrier<br />

and management of skin conditions.<br />

The dermaviduals difference is that its products<br />

are bespoke, that is, customised to the needs<br />

of the individual.<br />

All dermaviduals products are free from<br />

emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, mineral<br />

oils, silicones, dyes and amines, which is<br />

important for the overall health of the skin<br />

and to ensure ongoing, positive results in skin<br />

correction.<br />

As industry leaders in skin aesthetics,<br />

dermaviduals continues to reshape the<br />

business of skin through science, innovative<br />

products, and advanced education. As experts<br />

in education, it is committed to developing<br />

authoratitive resources for the benefit of<br />

practicing corneotherapists.<br />

Dermaviduals is proud to be a Premier Sponsor of the <strong>BeautyNZ</strong> Association Awards <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

24<br />


<strong>BeautyNZ</strong><br />


Premier Sponsors<br />

In the world of professional skincare,<br />

Dermalogica PRO offers gold standard<br />

innovation and effectiveness, carefully crafted<br />

through research led by The International<br />

Dermal Institute.<br />

With a focus on advanced and active<br />

formulas, this product range is engineered<br />

to address an array of skin concerns,<br />

boasting technologies such as microbiome<br />

technology, epigenetics, microencapsulated<br />

retinol, potent stabilized Ascorbic acid, and<br />

multifaceted Niacinamide.<br />

Dermalogica PRO is all about the professional<br />

skin therapist – none of its professional-only<br />

products are available to the public. This<br />

exclusivity ensures that industry professionals<br />

have unparalleled access to a comprehensive<br />

and potent product system, meticulously<br />

designed to deliver powerful results.<br />

Central to the ethos of Dermalogica PRO<br />

is the commitment to providing patented,<br />

targeted formulas that yield transformative<br />

outcomes. Through a dedication to staying at<br />

the forefront of skincare modalities, formulas<br />

and ingredients, Dermalogica continually<br />

endeavours to equip professionals with the<br />

tools and worldclass education necessary to<br />

address their clients’ diverse skin needs.<br />

Unlike brands that chase transient trends or<br />

rely on gimmicks, Dermalogica PRO remains<br />

steadfast in its commitment to listening<br />

to the needs of skin therapists, medical<br />

practitioners, and clients alike. By leveraging<br />

the expertise of leading skincare researchers,<br />

Dermalogica PRO transforms insights gleaned<br />

from the treatment room into tangible<br />

solutions, ensuring that every product and<br />

treatment offered is backed by rigorous<br />

scientific testing and real-world efficacy.<br />

In essence, Dermalogica PRO represents<br />

more than just a product line—it symbolizes<br />

a partnership between industry professionals<br />

and a brand dedicated to elevating the<br />

standards of skincare. With its unwavering<br />

commitment to innovation, efficacy, and<br />

education, Dermalogica PRO continues<br />

to redefine the landscape of professional<br />

skincare, empowering practitioners to deliver<br />

unparalleled results and helping clients<br />

achieve their best skin ever.<br />

Dermalogica PRO is proud to support the <strong>BeautyNZ</strong> Association Awards <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Gallagher has been helping protect what’s<br />

important to people and businesses for more<br />

than 95 years. Previously known as Crombie<br />

Lockwood, they arrange business, rural,<br />

personal, and life and health insurance for over<br />

160,000 clients. As one of the leading insurance<br />

broking companies in New Zealand, their size<br />

and scale gives them a significant advantage<br />

when negotiating premiums, terms and claims<br />

on a client’s behalf. In particular, the Gallagher<br />

advantage helps to secure more cover options<br />

and competitive pricing from a wide range of<br />

global insurers.<br />

In New Zealand they have been helping Kiwis with<br />

their insurance needs for more than 45 years.<br />

Clients are supported by teams of around 1000<br />

broking professionals in more than 30 offices<br />

around the country.<br />

With deep roots in the communities in which they<br />

live and work, Gallagher brokers combine regional<br />

understanding with the resources and backing<br />

of their global organisation. Their characteristic<br />

blend of local expertise and global reach means<br />

they can support their clients wherever they do<br />

business.<br />

Gallagher has developed an insurance<br />

programme specifically for The NZ Association<br />

of Registered Beauty Professional members. To<br />

find out more, please email Jordan Baldock at<br />

beautynz@ajg.co.nz<br />

Gallagher is proud to be a premier sponsor for the <strong>2024</strong> <strong>BeautyNZ</strong> Association awards.<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


<strong>BeautyNZ</strong><br />


Category Sponsors<br />

Kitomba Salon & Spa Software has proudly been helping top-rated<br />

salons, spas and clinics to achieve success for over 20 years.<br />

Founded in Wellington in 2002, our mission at Kitomba is simple: to<br />

help hair and beauty businesses become more successful.<br />

Over the past two decades, we’ve built industry-specific features<br />

to simplify the lives of busy salon, spa and clinic owners and their<br />

teams. Our reliable and easy-to-use software has everything you<br />

need to effectively run your business day-to-day, work smarter<br />

instead of harder, and have the tools you need to go – all paired with<br />

our commitment to offering unlimited, free customer support by<br />

phone, email and webchat.<br />

Kitomba has supported the <strong>BeautyNZ</strong> Association Awards for many<br />

years and is delighted to continue to support this incredible industry<br />

event in <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Book your free demo of Kitomba to find out why so many beauty<br />

businesses in New Zealand choose us to help them grow and succeed.<br />

One of the powerhouses behind the scenes of New Zealand’s beauty<br />

industry; Arrow Beauty is a leading distributor dedicated to elevating<br />

standards and fostering excellence. As a proud sponsor of this year’s<br />

<strong>BeautyNZ</strong> Association Awards <strong>2024</strong>, Arrow Beauty is thrilled to<br />

champion the country’s top talents in the coveted category of NZ<br />

Clinic of the Year.<br />

Spearheaded by long term industry associate and advocate Peter<br />

Willis, Arrow Beauty’s Managing Director, who also served as a<br />

distinguished judge this year, the company’s commitment to<br />

recognising and celebrating excellence is unwavering.<br />

Arrow Beauty’s influence extends far beyond sponsorship, with their<br />

portfolio boasting some of the industry’s leading brands such as<br />

Footlogix, Elleebana, Belmacil, Bondi Sands and Caronlab. Renowned<br />

for their innovation and quality, these brands have become staples in<br />

the beauty community, trusted by professionals to deliver exceptional<br />

results.<br />

26<br />

Arrow Beauty’s ethos remains the same today as it did 30 years ago: to<br />

empower clinics across New Zealand with products they need to thrive<br />

in a competitive landscape. With a steadfast dedication to quality,<br />

expertise, and innovation, Arrow Beauty continues to shape the future<br />

of beauty in New Zealand.<br />


<strong>BeautyNZ</strong><br />


The <strong>BeautyNZ</strong> Association Awards gratefully extends its thanks to all sponsors<br />

of this year’s event. As well as our Premier and Category Sponsors, the below<br />

businesses generously support our Welcome Drinks and Event.<br />

Our finalists and winners were treated to amazing Goodie Bags on the<br />

evening of the awards, full of highly respected brands and products.<br />

Thank you to:<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Cover<br />

STORY<br />

A FRESH<br />


28<br />

Dr Iona Weir has earned many titles – CEO, chief scientist, ethical skincare leader,<br />

cell biologist, researcher, pioneer; to name just a few. There’s no denying that her<br />

lifelong passion for both science and skincare is pivotal to her being an industry<br />

game changer. These titles combine harmoniously and continue to drive Iona’s<br />

passion around harnessing the healing power of nature and science.<br />


Cover<br />

STORY<br />

By Lisa Potter<br />

The founder and CEO of Atopis is one<br />

of a small minority of women scientists<br />

successfully globally patenting her<br />

research. Her innovative approach<br />

to long-term skin health is truly<br />

revolutionary.<br />

Although backed by decades of powerful<br />

knowledge and research, Atopis quite<br />

simply delivers around its driving<br />

philosophy: healthy skin is beautiful skin.<br />

Proven credentials<br />

With more than 35 years as a scientist,<br />

Iona gained her PhD from the Cancer<br />

Research labs of the University of<br />

Auckland by being first to discover that<br />

the fundamental cellular process of<br />

apoptosis (programmed cell death) in<br />

plants could be reversed.<br />

She later went on to apply this to human<br />

cancer and immune cells, which led<br />

her into fields such as botanical drug<br />

discovery, immune modulation and<br />

particularly gut health.<br />

Her most recent patent is Myrecil®,<br />

which is now at the heart of Atopis and<br />

AtopisMed® products. All Atopis and<br />

AtopisMed® products are not just made<br />

in New Zealand, they are invented here<br />

too.<br />

Added to that, Atopis is the only New<br />

Zealand skincare brand manufactured<br />

to pharmaceutical/GMP standards,<br />

rather than just cosmetic manufacturing<br />

standards.<br />

The breakthrough daily care and<br />

dermatological products are sold in New<br />

Zealand, Australia and the USA.<br />

Lifelong Goals<br />

Driven by science, discovery and a desire<br />

to innovate, over the years Iona has<br />

continued to explore the connections<br />

between cell signalling, gut health and<br />

immunology. This resulted in learnings<br />

around how these inner processes<br />

could have a remarkable effect on the<br />

outside too – on the skin. Adding to her<br />

motivation, Iona’s interest in skincare<br />

wasn’t just scientific – it was also<br />

personal.<br />

“I had skin problems for most of my<br />

adult life, and all the money I spent on<br />

so- called ‘beauty science’ not only didn’t<br />

work, it usually made things worse,” she<br />

admits.<br />

Armed with her experience with botanical<br />

chemistry, microbiology, probiotic<br />

encapsulation and how to manipulate<br />

plants to produce bioactives to reverse<br />

cellular apoptosis, Iona began the journey<br />

to create a radical new approach to skin<br />

health.<br />

As part of this undertaking, she also<br />

noted that at the time there was almost<br />

no skin science created by female<br />

scientists.<br />

“There’s nothing wrong with men<br />

creating skin care – they’ve got skin too!<br />

But women are different, right down to<br />

the cellular level. And I found there was a<br />

basic disconnect between what I needed,<br />

and what the beauty industry was trying<br />

to sell me. So as I’m a scientist, I thought<br />

I might as well figure out what was<br />

missing myself.”<br />

Her drive and fresh approach yielded<br />

impressive results, including research<br />

around what is now her patented<br />

Myrecil®.<br />

A biologically fermented set of isomers<br />

especially designed to reset natural<br />

cell renewal and defence systems like<br />

apoptosis and antibody activation, it’s so<br />

powerful and safe that as well as topical<br />

usage with Atopis creams, Myrecil® can<br />

be used in Atopis Dietary Supplements<br />

to work along the gut-skin axis for true<br />

inside-out treatment.<br />

“My approach is to reset and reactivate<br />

your skin’s fundamental natural systems<br />

– systems that can go awry for many<br />

reasons, such as the mostly artificial<br />

environment we now live in. Once your<br />

skin has reset – a process over usually<br />

30-60 days – you just need minimal<br />

maintenance, because obviously factors<br />

behind the issues, like genetics or<br />

environmental stressors, aren’t going<br />

anywhere.”<br />

Global implications<br />

Dr Weir’s innovative science, developed<br />

here in Aotearoa New Zealand using<br />

all-natural ingredients, is creating a stir<br />

internationally.<br />

Atopis and The Myrecil® Ingredient now<br />

hold multiple global patents, with more<br />

pending. Eczema clinical trials in the USA<br />

and New Zealand have demonstrated<br />

Myrecil® reduces the symptoms of<br />

eczema, but also as a side benefit<br />

appeared to plump the skin in a similar<br />

manner to retinoids.<br />

Cellular assays have confirmed that<br />

Myrecil has retinoid like activity, is more<br />

effective but without the side effects. This<br />

is a major breakthrough, as long-term use<br />

of retinols can cause redness, thinning<br />

and prematurely aging skin, increased sun<br />

sensitivity as well as more serious issues.<br />

“The Myrecil Ingredient works with your<br />

own natural cellular defence and renewal<br />

systems to restore skin,” she says.<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Cover<br />

STORY<br />

30<br />

In so many skin conditions – especially<br />

when overstimulated by too much retinol<br />

use – the natural process of apoptosis<br />

has become hyperactive, with too many<br />

cells turning over too quickly. Dr Weir’s<br />

breakthrough in controlling the rate<br />

of apoptosis lets this natural process<br />

rebalance itself, bringing cell defence and<br />

renewal systems back into balance.<br />

It also slows the cell aging process and<br />

increased hyaluronic acid production,<br />

strengthening skin cell structure.<br />

The successful results of two eczema<br />

clinical trials and GMP certified<br />

manufacturing, means it’s been<br />

registered for OTC (Over The Counter)<br />

pharmaceutical use in the United States –<br />

an amazing achievement for a small New<br />

Zealand brand.<br />

The Myrecil Ingredient also shows<br />

promise in other medical areas.<br />

No stranger to global success, Dr Weir’s<br />

previous scientific breakthroughs<br />

include the popular gut health product<br />

Phloe. It was her lifetime of research<br />

interconnected cellular systems that<br />

led on to her skin health discoveries. It’s<br />

also why Atopis offers Myrecil® in dietary<br />

supplement form, as well as creams and<br />

gels for true ‘inside-out’ skin health.<br />

As a pioneer both scientifically, as well as<br />

in how she approaches the business side<br />

of her research, Iona shares some of her<br />

insights:<br />

What sparked your early interest<br />

Q. in science and what kept you<br />

passionate about this?<br />

A.<br />

I have always wanted to know<br />

why something works the way it<br />


does and always been developing<br />

solutions, I love to fix things and<br />

solve problems. I was funded to<br />

attend Otago university for three<br />

weeks to experience different<br />

courses, I was totally hooked by<br />

the cellular biochemistry. This area<br />

of science links across all aspects<br />

of human, plant and microbial and<br />

affects all health issues.<br />

What sparked your interest in<br />

Q. skincare?<br />

A.<br />

I was not interested in skincare. I<br />

had spent 11 years developing an<br />

autoimmune pharmaceutical drug<br />

which also treated eczema. Having<br />

seen the damage that steroids do<br />

to children I decided to invent an<br />

alternative cream to steroids for<br />

eczema.<br />

How your research into the<br />

Q. science of skincare evolved into a<br />

business?<br />

A.<br />

Having developed the<br />

eczema treatment cream and<br />

successfully carried out two<br />

clinical trials on eczema, we<br />

then raised investment funds to<br />

commercialise the cream. While<br />

developing this, we expanded the<br />

technology beyond eczema and<br />

into beauty and other skin issues.<br />

What were your early interests<br />

Q. and do you still follow any of<br />

these today?<br />

A.<br />

When I was younger was into<br />

dance, gardening, outdoor beach<br />

and bush and music. I still do<br />

most of these; dance evolved<br />

into Les Mills classes and music is<br />

now listening instead of playing<br />

instruments.<br />

Where did you study and for<br />

Q. how long – resulting in what<br />

qualifications?<br />

A.<br />

Eight years study: five at<br />

Canterbury BSc, MSc then three<br />

years Auckland university PhD<br />

Have you experienced imposter<br />

Q. syndrome on your journey<br />

as a scientist and business<br />

entrepreneur and do you have any<br />

advice on dealing with this?<br />

A.<br />

As a young female scientist I did<br />

not fit the mould of the traditional<br />

scientist and was sure that one<br />

day that they would decide I<br />

was a fake. I did not do science<br />

the traditional way, I prefer to<br />

push things to the limit and see<br />

what happened rather than step<br />

wise – way too slow an approach<br />

for me. I realised in my 30s after<br />

working overseas that I would<br />

never fit the mould, but my<br />

different approach was actually<br />

my strength, as it enabled me to<br />

invent novel solutions rather than<br />

the traditional academic approach.<br />

This was because I got to work<br />

with other scientists who also did<br />

not fit the mould but instead were<br />

‘eccentric’ and had made world<br />

changing discoveries. I wanted to<br />

do that.<br />

What have been some of your<br />

Q. most memorable/meaningful<br />

career highlights?<br />

A.<br />

Winning an international award<br />

for best PhD. It showed me that

Cover<br />

STORY<br />

taking a massive risk and having<br />

a hypothesis that went against<br />

the dogma and proving it right<br />

was worth it. Also proving that<br />

apoptosis (programmed cell<br />

death) occurs in plants and is<br />

reversible, research that is still<br />

citated today by other scientists.<br />

Other career highlights include<br />

inventing technologies and<br />

products that I can see evidence<br />

of my research when I go into a<br />

supermarket; taking a botanical<br />

natural drug through the<br />

pharmaceutical route through<br />

to FDA approval; and inventing<br />

Myrecil which is the culmination of<br />

30 years research.<br />

Describe how your own<br />

Q. experience with rosacea<br />

has shaped your direction/<br />

understanding around the<br />

emotional impact of skin<br />

conditions for women?<br />

I would react badly to any make<br />

A. up, my skin would burn and<br />

developed broken capillaries.<br />

Several doctors told me it was in<br />

my head as in I was overblushing.<br />

Make up counters would say you<br />

have high colour you need green<br />

corrector. I was made to feel like<br />

it was my fault. People with skin<br />

conditions often feel like everyone<br />

is staring at them. They just want<br />

healthy skin and not to be made to<br />

feel it is their fault eg bad diet etc.<br />

What advice has proved impactful<br />

Q. in terms of being a successful<br />

business woman?<br />

Follow your gut instinct. There are<br />

A. a lot of people out there trying to<br />

rip you off or pretending they have<br />

skills they do not. Never rush into<br />

a deal, always take your time and<br />

do your homework.<br />

Three things you wish everyone<br />

Q. understood about skincare?<br />

Just because it says natural does<br />

A. not mean it is a good product.<br />

Natural products can also have<br />

damaging effects on the skin such<br />

as infections or skin irritations.<br />

Ingredient names may be<br />

the same, but how they are<br />

manufactured and quality is what<br />

makes the difference.<br />

When people say they formulated<br />

a skincare, what they often<br />

mean is that they went to a<br />

manufacturer who gave them<br />

the base and they added a few<br />

plant ingredients. To develop a<br />

cream from scratch involves an<br />

enormous amount of research<br />

and is about fully understanding<br />

the chemistry of every single<br />

ingredient and how they interact<br />

with each other.<br />

What beauty/wellbeing habits<br />

Q. you have formed which have<br />

proven beneficial?<br />

Sunscreen, antioxidant dietary<br />

A. supplement and exercise.<br />

Explain some of the stepping<br />

Q. stones which led to you<br />

recognising the importance of<br />

protecting your IP and research?<br />

I have been in patent litigation<br />

A. battles, I have seen IP stolen<br />

by competitors talking to junior<br />

staff, and I know that once you<br />

make a noise others will try and<br />

steal or copy your ideas. So I have<br />

always had the policy of staying<br />

quiet until ready to fight.<br />

What are you most proud of in<br />

Q. terms of your Myrecil research?<br />

That Myrecil actually changes<br />

A. people’s lives and they can stop<br />

worrying about skin conditions<br />

and enjoy healthy skin. We<br />

receive a steady stream of<br />

emails, phone calls and visits<br />

from people whose lives we<br />

have changed. That is why I do<br />

Myrecil.<br />

What are some of the highlights<br />

Q. of 2023 for you?<br />

We have taken the research<br />

A. to the next level proving that<br />

Myrecil stimulates hyaluronic<br />

acid synthesis and acts similar<br />

to a retinoid, but without the<br />

damaging side effects. We filed<br />

a patent on this technology and<br />

have now commenced marketing<br />

to go global with this technology.<br />

What are some goals for <strong>2024</strong><br />

Q. you can share?<br />

We are going big and taking on<br />

A. a skin issue that all women face<br />

and no one else has solved.<br />

What is your advice for women<br />

Q. in the beauty industry around<br />

the importance of recognising<br />

skin science?<br />

Don’t be fooled by the marketing<br />

A. hype. If someone claims<br />

scientifically tested – did they do<br />

the research or are they using<br />

third party information? Skin is<br />

very complex and the belief that<br />

you can stress the skin to renew<br />

it is causing long term damage.<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Association NEWS<br />

The two-day NZ Hair & Beauty Trade Expo is taking place on June<br />

15-16 at the stylish Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland.<br />

The move to this venue in 2023 proved<br />

a huge success, offering a light and<br />

modern space for exhibitors and visitors.<br />

The NZ Hair & Beauty Expo brings<br />

together the hair and beauty industries<br />

to share, educate, network, and inspire.<br />

Offering an environment that supports<br />

and fosters education, the Expo is<br />

invaluable for building and strengthening<br />

relationships between businesses and<br />

customers, and driving sales, not only<br />

during the Expo, but in the months after.<br />

This is New Zealand’s only trade-event<br />

for the hair, male grooming and beauty<br />

industry in New Zealand that connects<br />

brands face-to-face with buyers.<br />

“There is a power in coming together,<br />

sharing knowledge, learnings, insights,<br />

and camaraderie and we hope both<br />

exhibitors and professionals to experience<br />

this the <strong>2024</strong> NZ Hair & Beauty Expo,”<br />

says Expo organisor Shaughan Woodcock.<br />

Throughout the event, workshops will<br />

take place in the Education Arena. The<br />

timetable will be finalised shortly and will<br />

be available at nzhairandbeauty.nz<br />

<strong>BeautyNZ</strong> finds out more about the Expo<br />

with Shaughan Woodcock.<br />

What are you most proud of in<br />

Q. terms of the <strong>2024</strong> event?<br />

I’m proud of the whole expo<br />

A. since taking ownership in 2019.<br />

As an industry we’ve battled<br />

Covid-19, high inflation, staff<br />

shortages, interest rates and<br />

yet we are still doing what we<br />

love and supporting our industry<br />

and clients. The Expo was only<br />

held every two years originally,<br />

but has been annual for three<br />

years now. demonstrating the<br />

importance of what we do<br />

and what the exhibitors and<br />

attendees bring.<br />

32<br />


Are there exhibitors who have been on board since the<br />

Q. Expo launched?<br />

I’m delighted to have the support of key businesses<br />

A. such as House of Camille, K-Cosmetics, Advanced<br />

Derma Care, Industry Associations from hair/barber<br />

and beauty to name just a few!<br />

Q. Who are some of the new exhibitors for <strong>2024</strong>?<br />

We are really pleased to welcome Beauty Gallery, De<br />

A. Spa Cosmetics, Holski Skincare, Live Deeply, Spring Spa<br />

Wear and Lumini Skincare among others. It’s fantastic<br />

to continue building our community each year.<br />

What should visitors to the show be aware of in order<br />

Q. to maximise the experience?<br />

We have a range of ticket categories to suit everyone:<br />

A. Student Pass, One Day Pass, Weekend Pass and Group<br />

Pass. Last year some attendees only purchased one<br />

day and wanted to come back a second meaning they<br />

needed to buy another ticket. Take advantage of the<br />

weekend and group passes, save some money and have<br />

a great weekend with exhibitors.<br />

Why do you think a unique event such as this is so<br />

Q. important for the industry?<br />

The main importance is bringing everyone together. It<br />

A. may sound a bit naff, but there is power and financial<br />

benefits to the industry when we join together as a<br />

group like this over two days. Networking, education,<br />

purchasing, and of course, samples galore! Don’t wait<br />

for a supplier to visit you, come and see them at the<br />

Expo and make the most of the time to thoroughly<br />

discuss your needs and products ranges.<br />

What key details about the Expo do potential visitors<br />

Q. sometimes miss?<br />

The need for industry ID. This specific event is for the<br />

A. industry, not the general public. Proof of industry ID<br />

is required and this ensures that general pubic don’t<br />

gain access and take advantage of purchasing direct to<br />

supplier. All our FAQ’s can be found on the website.<br />

Q. What were highlights of the 2023 event for you?<br />

One of the many highlights from 2023 was that the<br />

A. event sold out of exhibitor stands for the first time in a<br />

long time, showing that support within businesses has<br />

grown for the Expo which is amazing. Having the expo<br />

at the Viaduct Events Centre has certainly raised the bar<br />

for the event.<br />

What learnings /successes from the 2023 event have<br />

Q. led to changes or tweaks to the <strong>2024</strong> event?<br />

Our education arena has changed slightly and have<br />

A. been packaged as workshops. Attendees will need to<br />

purchase a ticket to these sessions.<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Product<br />




Harnessing the highly active Bioactive<br />

Totarol ingredient, and developed in<br />

New Zealand, this luxurious hydration<br />

cream delivers nourishment and<br />

radiance to the face, while helping<br />

restore dry skin back to good health.<br />

TWYG proudly delivers modern skincare<br />

with ancient roots and is driven by a<br />

desire to tackle environmental damage<br />

to skin. Twygskincare.com<br />


Six years of formulations and<br />

testing went into making this<br />

certified natural sunscreen for<br />

lips and skin. The anhydrous (no<br />

water) soothing balm also meets<br />

the ASNZ 2604:2012 sunscreen<br />

standard which includes<br />

broad spectrum coverage. The<br />

antioxidant-rich formula includes<br />

organic oils and butters and melts<br />

evenly and smoothly on skin.<br />

Goodbye.co.nz<br />


Made from ultra-luxe stainless steel, this<br />

ergonomically designed body blade can be<br />

used as a massage tool on both the body<br />

and the face for relaxing tight muscles,<br />

stimulating lymphatic drainage, depuffing<br />

and encouraging skincare to<br />

penetrate deeper. Tronque.com<br />

SKIN<br />

Lavish your skin with love and support, with a helping<br />

hand from some of these holy grail products that deserve a<br />

permanent place in your daily (or evening) routine<br />



Gentle and nourishing, this cream cleanser is<br />

a must-have for dry, damaged or sensitive<br />

skin. Enriched with natural ingredients<br />

including jojoba, echium seed and papaya,<br />

it’s also NATRUE Certified, vegan friendly<br />

and made with love in New Zealand.<br />

Lindenleaves.com<br />


Irresistibly lightweight and<br />

silky to apply, this full collagen<br />

protection serum can be used on<br />

both the face and body anytime,<br />

leaving skin feeling instantly hydrated.<br />

The vegan formulation promotes<br />

elastin synthesis, supports collagen<br />

production and safeguards<br />

skin against signs of aging.<br />

Ednibod.com<br />


Packed with a powerhouse of ingredients including<br />

niacinamide, Rumex Extract and Evodia Rutaecarpa<br />

Fruit Extract, these wipes provide an array of benefits<br />

including anti-wrinkle, anti-acne and skin barrier<br />

protection, while increasing skin radiance. Convenient<br />

and effective, specific areas of concern on both face and<br />

body can be targeted. These incredibly versatile wipes<br />

can be used for a variety of concerns including acneprone<br />

skin, hyperpigmentation, scarring and keratosis<br />

pilaris. Houseofcamille.co.nz<br />

34<br />


Product<br />




Boasting Pure Retinol (a clean, stablised<br />

form of retinol that promotes the<br />

skin’s natural cell renewing processes),<br />

this Augustinus Bader new release is<br />

formulated to reduce the appearance<br />

of deep lines and wrinkles, blemishes,<br />

and pigmentation, while also protecting<br />

against premature aging and future<br />

breakouts. The luxury brand pairs Retinol<br />

with TFC8®, or Trigger Factor Complex<br />

TFCTM - a patented blend of natural<br />

amino acids, high-grade vitamins and<br />

synthesized molecules that transform<br />

potent formulations into smarter,<br />

adaptive skincare capable of addressing<br />

individualised concerns. Mecca.com<br />


This ultra-concentrated oil-serum works to<br />

intensely replenish lipids and help regenerate and<br />

restore comfort to the most undernourished skin.<br />

Combining Cold Cream Marine Complex with marine<br />

pro-ceramides, it’s enriched with three plant oils<br />

(Rose Hip, Borage, Jojoba) chosen for their high<br />

concentration of omegas 3, 6 and 9 and antioxidant<br />

vitamin E. Thalgo.co.nz<br />




Unlock your skin health<br />

with this lush foundation,<br />

formulated to provide more<br />

than just coverage. The<br />

Decoded Triple-Complex<br />

Formula supports your skin's<br />

natural barrier; leaving skin<br />

hydrated, softer, smoother<br />

and protected against<br />

external environmental<br />

factors. Available in four<br />

shades for all skin types.<br />

Gracebeauty.co.nz<br />



Reclaim your radiant glow with this skin<br />

treatment designed to stimulate exfoliation,<br />

refresh and clarify skin for a fresh, healthy<br />

appearance. Specially formulated to restore<br />

the healthy epidermal appearance of skin,<br />

whilst assisting in refining texture, it also<br />

offers anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory<br />

benefits.(Pro-tip: ideal to help improve the<br />

staying power of makeup). gracebeauty.co.nz<br />



If you’ve left home fresh<br />

faced and carefree, this<br />

is the perfect nourishing<br />

and protective skin treat<br />

to keep handy. The selfadjusting<br />

tinted CC cream is<br />

compounded with platinum<br />

calibre zinc and titanium<br />

dioxide, to help calm skin,<br />

reduce pigmentation and<br />

offer SPF25. Plus it offers<br />

just enough coverage to<br />

even out skin tone for a nomakeup<br />

look, while providing<br />

cutting-edge DNA repair<br />

ingredients. livedeeply.nz<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Product<br />


Innovation<br />

and intelligent<br />

formulations<br />

Using a global approach to research and<br />

development, the iS CLINICAL line of<br />

products combines traditional botanical<br />

medicine with advanced scientific<br />

formulation expertise.<br />

36<br />


Product<br />


Offering an array of luxurious, powerful<br />

and dramatically effective professional<br />

facial protocols to address all skin types<br />

and concerns, iS CLINICAL products<br />

feature some of the most cutting-edge<br />

ingredients in skin care, such as the<br />

latest innovation: Extremozymes®.<br />

Extremozymes® are enzymes produced<br />

by plants living in extreme environments<br />

that assist survival and adaptability.<br />

These miracles of adaptation can also<br />

be used to protect human skin from<br />

damage caused by environmental<br />

extremes.<br />


Retinol+ Emulsion<br />

Both iS CLINICAL Retinol+ Emulsion<br />

0.3 and Retinol+ Emulsion 1.0 feature<br />

an innovative new form of Retinol<br />

of botanical origin, combined with<br />

a proprietary blend of Bakuchiol,<br />

other powerful botanical boosters,<br />

antioxidants and extremeozymes® to<br />

provide an elevated retinol experience.<br />

Think retinol reimagined.<br />

This highly active, fast-acting formula is<br />

designed to boost the intrinsic antiageing<br />

capabilities of retinol, with a host<br />

of carefully curated ingredients that<br />

work in synergy to help visibly reduce<br />

the appearance of fine lines and deep<br />

wrinkles, promote even skin tone and<br />

texture for a smooth, radiant complexion.<br />

Gently resurfacing yet nourishing,<br />

Retinol+ Emulsion 0.3, and the<br />

maximum strength Retinol+ Emulsion<br />

1.0 (for more rapid resurfacing) are<br />

encapsulated with bio-identical lipids,<br />

providing easy delivery to the skin<br />

to help improve skin resilience and<br />

enhance overall skin condition.<br />

The use of a mild keratolytic form of<br />

retinol also makes Retinol+ Emulsion 0.3<br />

and Retinol+ Emulsion 1.0 particularly<br />

beneficial for those with problematic skin<br />

that has been resistant to treatment.<br />

Designed to be well tolerated by the<br />

skin, the clinically advanced technology<br />

in this product minimises, if not<br />

altogether avoids, the usual peeling and<br />

skin irritation often experienced with<br />

retinol use, making it suitable for all skin<br />

types, including the most sensitive skin.<br />

Retinol+ Emulsion 0.3 is a highperforming,<br />

targeted skin solution,<br />

clinically proven to promote skin<br />

radiance and smoothness for a brighter,<br />

more youthful-looking complexion.<br />

Retinol+ Emulsion 1.0 offers the same<br />

results but is a professional-strength,<br />

high-performing, targeted skin solution<br />

– recommended for use only as advised<br />

by a skincare professional.<br />


• Helps reduce the appearance of fine<br />

lines and deep wrinkles<br />

• Helps minimise the appearance<br />

of uneven skin tone, texture, and<br />

blemishes<br />

• Helps protect from environmental<br />

stressors with Extremozyme®<br />

technology<br />

• Helps smooth, soften, and brighten<br />

the complexion<br />

• Helps to increase the appearance of<br />

skin firmness and elasticity<br />

• Helps provide antioxidant protection<br />

to defend against oxidative stressors<br />


Founded in California iS CLINICAL<br />

provides performance-driven<br />

clinically validated skincare products<br />

that use the highest quality active<br />

ingredients to deliver dramatic,<br />

visible results.<br />

Combining pharmaceuticalgrade<br />

ingredients with those<br />

that are botanically sourced, iS<br />

Clinical produces multi-tasking<br />

products that promote multiple<br />

improvements to the skin<br />

simultaneously.<br />

Meticulously formulated by a global<br />

team of experts using the most<br />

scientifically advanced technologies<br />

available, the iS Clinical range is<br />

not only powerful and efficacious,<br />

but also gentle, non-irritating, and<br />

aesthetically elegant.<br />


• Retinol – a well-delivered botanical<br />

form of retinol that boosts overall<br />

skin condition through its vitamin<br />

and antioxidant properties.<br />

• Bakuchiol – an ingredient that is<br />

even more powerful when combined<br />

with retinol, as it shares the same<br />

benefits but provides higher skin<br />

tolerability.<br />

• Ectoin - an Extremozyme®<br />

pioneered by iS Clinical, found in<br />

several plants thriving in high salt<br />

environments that help protect from<br />

environmental stressors<br />

• Vitamin C: Bio-available – a stabilized<br />

form of Vitamin C that helps protect<br />

against environmental stresses and<br />

delivers brightening benefits.<br />

For more information,<br />

visit isclinical.com.au<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />



Evolve launches in NZ<br />

Beauty Care has added Evolve Organic Beauty to its impressive stable<br />

of brands, bringing one of the UK’s leading ethical and sustainable<br />

award-winning skincare brands to the New Zealand market.<br />

38<br />

This impressive range offers a point<br />

of difference for professional skin<br />

therapists who are looking to become<br />

sustainable, helping them offer a wide<br />

range of certified organic products and<br />

treatments.<br />

One of the greenest and most ethical<br />

beauty brands available, Evolve Organic<br />

Beauty delivers more than 20 years<br />

of experience in organics and natural<br />

product formulation, delivering highly<br />

sensorial textures and fragrances, along<br />

with visible results backed by science.<br />

Evolve treatments offer a memorable<br />

experience around bespoke, sensory<br />

and compassionate rituals.<br />

Evolve Organic Beauty launched in 2009,<br />

with founder Laura Rudoe driven by<br />

the idea to create a natural and organic<br />

beauty range that would help people live<br />

a little greener every day.<br />


“My mission was to make affordable,<br />

highly sensorial products that deliver<br />

effective results, yet are healthier and<br />

kinder for you and the planet,” she says.<br />

“"I have always been interested in<br />

natural remedies and nature. As a child<br />

my Romanian grandmother taught me<br />

how to make skincare using traditional<br />

ingredients, such as oats and calendula<br />

flowers.”<br />

Evolve Organic Beauty has since evolved<br />

to garner global acclaim. It is also<br />

certified B Corp, Leaping Bunny and<br />

Vegan Society approved.<br />

“We use the best ingredients that<br />

nature has to offer, and over 40 of our<br />

products are COSMOS certified organic<br />

or natural.<br />

“We believe that organic ingredients<br />

are better for the soil as well as better<br />

for you and your skin as they have been<br />

grown without harmful pesticides.<br />

“Organic ingredients have also been<br />

shown to have more antioxidants,<br />

vitamins and minerals, making them<br />

more nutritious and efficacious for your<br />

skin.”<br />

Each product is lovingly handmade in<br />

small batches with the finest clinicallyproven<br />

natural and organic ingredients.<br />

This ensures the freshness of the natural<br />

oils, butters and extracts used for<br />

formulations which help achieve healthy,<br />

radiant-looking skin.<br />

The Evolve concept is based around<br />

four key focal points: Nurture, Nature,<br />

Knowledge and Inclusive. Beauty Care<br />

offers starter packages for interested<br />

salons and spas, and more information<br />

is available at beautycare.co.nz.

Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

empowerment<br />

The gift of<br />

Successful business leaders and entrepreneurs<br />

encouraging the next generation of business<br />

leaders is a driving force behind the popular<br />

EmpowerHER scholarship.<br />

Following its successful inaugural year,<br />

Dermalogica and SABEN are excited to<br />

announce the return of the EmpowHER<br />

scholarship for a second year in <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Both brands are trailblazing names<br />

in their industries and champions of<br />

female entrepreneurship. They have<br />

adapted the grant (with the help of the<br />

support of The Icehouse) to empower<br />

and inspire even more Kiwi women to<br />

take their businesses to the next level,<br />

fostering innovation, leadership, and<br />

diversity.<br />

Entries for the <strong>2024</strong> scholarship officially<br />

opened at www.empowher.co.nz on<br />

International Women’s Day (March 8).<br />

The EmpowHER Scholarship <strong>2024</strong> aims<br />

to take female entrepreneurship to even<br />

greater heights and will further extend<br />

the categories to benefit more women<br />

in business.<br />

THE <strong>2024</strong> PROGRAMME INCLUDES:<br />

• A total prize pool valued at over<br />

$22,000<br />

• A substantial prize for the runner up<br />

valued at over $5500<br />

• The addition of a new prize category<br />

for an up and coming femalefounded<br />

start-up to the value of<br />

$2999<br />

• One-on-one coaching with each of<br />

the three Chief Executive Officers<br />

for each of the prize categories<br />

Natasha Bourke, founder of Skintopia<br />

and CEO for Two Hundred Doors<br />

(the NZ distributors of Dermalogica)<br />

comments, “We’re proud to join forces<br />

again with SABEN and The Icehouse to<br />

launch the EmpowHER Scholarship for<br />

a second year.<br />

“We were overwhelmed by the<br />

response and the calibre of the<br />

entries we received in our first year<br />

of launching EmpowHER. In <strong>2024</strong>,<br />

we are excited to offer additional<br />

opportunities for the winner to<br />

develop their business acumen and<br />

financial skills. Plus, in <strong>2024</strong> we will<br />

also have prizes for the runner up and<br />

for a start-up business to help them to<br />

create their own path in their chosen<br />

industry.”<br />

Roanne Jacobson, founder of SABEN<br />

states: “The EmpowHER Scholarship<br />

is a testament to our commitment to<br />

fostering talent and innovation. We<br />

have loved working closely with Anna<br />

Barlow, the 2023 scholarship winner,<br />

to support her bringing her own line of<br />

products to the market and cannot wait<br />

to extend this prize to more women<br />

in business to help them take their<br />

businesses to the next level.”<br />

The EmpowHER Scholarship is set to<br />

make a profound impact on the lives of<br />

aspiring women in business, continuing<br />

the legacy of both Dermalogica and<br />

SABEN in championing women’s<br />

empowerment as it has for the 2023<br />

EmpowHER scholarship winner Anna<br />

Barlow.<br />

“The support and expertise from both<br />

Roanne and Natasha as well as their<br />

teams of experts has been invaluable,”<br />

says Anna Barlow, owner of Mom<br />

Store.<br />

Roanne Jacobsen,<br />

Anna Barlow and<br />

Natasha Bourke<br />

“I have already learned so much and<br />

been inspired to continue working on<br />

both our existing offering as a business,<br />

as well as working on our own product<br />

ranges. Getting this industry specific<br />

insight has been a game changer for my<br />

small business and has motivated us to<br />

continue growing and changing in what<br />

is currently a tough economic climate.<br />

“The Icehouse business course has<br />

also been great for me. I have no formal<br />

business training and this hands-on<br />

course has been relevant to the growth<br />

phase our business is currently in.”<br />

Entry and eligibility for the<br />

EmpowerHER Scholarship can be found<br />

at empowerher.co.nz<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Brand<br />


The PHYRIS<br />

beauty journey<br />

40<br />

Developed by international scientists<br />

and leading dermatologists, PHYRIS is<br />

a high-tech range of spa cosmetics and<br />

premium beauty products. Available<br />

in New Zealand from spa owner and<br />

beauty therapist Susanne James, the<br />

brand is favoured by some of the world’s<br />

top salons and spas in 52 countries.<br />

Formulated from top quality ingredients,<br />

PHYRIS boasts more than 100 unique<br />

cutting-edge products available as part<br />

of the range, designed to cater for every<br />

skin type and skin condition.<br />

“I’m passionate about educating and<br />

supplying this highly concentrated and<br />

premium natural brand to New Zealand,”<br />

says Susanne. “I became the distributor<br />

after the Covid crisis when the former<br />

distributor retired and I’m excited to<br />

grow awareness of PHYRIS throughout<br />

the country.”<br />

​Internationally qualified, Susanne has<br />

trained in five countries: France, USA,<br />

Australia, Thailand and New Zealand.<br />

With extensive experience and having<br />

tutored privately and in a beauty<br />

school. Susanne is still available for<br />

private tutoring in beauty treatments<br />

and thrives on introducing PHYRIS to<br />

beauticians and beauty business owners.<br />

“When I was tutoring in beauty I<br />

introduced it over five years to beauty<br />

students. I’m so looking forward to the<br />


possibility of having some of these past<br />

graduates see its availability, stock the<br />

brand and have follow up training with<br />

me,” she says.<br />

PHYRIS skin care<br />

This German natural product range is<br />

designed to deliver high concentrate<br />

vitamins and minerals to the skin, to<br />

promote wonderful skin for all ages.<br />

​PHYRIS’s forward-looking 3-Phase Care<br />

Concept optimally protects and cares<br />

for skin and skin problems while acting<br />

against aging of the skin.<br />

Spice It Up<br />

The newest range from Phryis, SPICEup<br />

is dedicated to skin regeneration,<br />

vitalisation and youthfulness. The<br />

pre-ageing line uses modern active<br />

ingredients to help invigorate skin and<br />

focuses on five products with wonderfully<br />

spicy fragrances for a sensuous moment<br />

that is good for the soul.<br />

“Spicy scents activate the senses and<br />

whisk users off into another world.<br />

The skin is revitalised at the same time<br />

and products vary from cleansing and<br />

priming to a lusciously rich cream,<br />

an oil mask and the popular SPICEup<br />

Ginger Shot.<br />

Susanne James<br />

“The PHYRIS-exclusive combination<br />

of SOMI, its exclusive active ingredient<br />

primer, and the perfectly matching<br />

SPICEup care products guarantees a<br />

memorable beauty ritual. SPICEup SOMI<br />

protects skin cells, gives them new<br />

energy and supports regeneration.”<br />

SPICEup features chilli extract and<br />

pepper extract for an energy boost<br />

to leave skin glowing and radiant. A<br />

curry tree extract increases the skin´s<br />

elasticity – for reduced wrinkles and lines<br />

and firmer facial contours. Szechuan<br />

pepper reduces lines and wrinkles while<br />

soothing and calming irritations.<br />

For more information on PHYRIS<br />

or to become a stockist, contact<br />


Industry NEWS<br />

jane iredale<br />



FOR 30 YEARS<br />

For 30 years, mineral cosmetics brand<br />

jane iredale has been sowing seeds<br />

of change in the beauty industry,<br />

cultivating a community of women who<br />

refuse to compromise.<br />

In <strong>2024</strong>, the brand that launched a<br />

movement to #cleanbeauty mineral<br />

makeup, celebrates 30 years of<br />

pioneering skincare makeup.<br />


Thirty years ago, Jane Iredale, while<br />

working in the television and film<br />

industry, realised that conventional<br />

makeup was undermining the skin’s<br />

health and wellbeing. Long before the<br />

world had even coined the term ‘clean<br />

beauty’, Jane set out to make a change.<br />

She envisioned a makeup that was<br />

good for skin; with equal parts clean<br />

ingredients, skin-loving benefits and<br />

no-fade performance. She knew that<br />

what you put on your skin can change<br />

you, and she decided to make a change<br />

for the better. That’s when jane iredale<br />

Skincare Makeup was born.<br />

And with a single product, Amazing<br />

Base Loose Mineral Powder, she<br />

revolutionised the beauty industry.<br />

Formulated with nourishing and<br />

protective ingredients like pomegranate<br />

and algae extracts, Amazing Base<br />

was immediately embraced by skin<br />

professionals all over the world.<br />

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons<br />

praised its ability to soothe, cover<br />

and protect, and patients loved that it<br />

didn’t feel like makeup. Free of known<br />

irritants and, with a skin-boosting<br />

formulation, Amazing Base helped<br />

restore and protect skin, without<br />

sacrificing performance and the brand<br />

quickly took off.<br />

Jane’s belief has always been that ‘skin<br />

health is the ultimate foundation’.<br />

Model image courtesy of Iredale Cosmetics.<br />

The Ready To Bloom Collection pays homage<br />

to 30 years and launches in April <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

The natural skincare formulas and<br />

multitasking mineral makeup are highperformance,<br />

clean (free of parabens,<br />

talc, phthalates, synthetic fragrance,<br />

fillers and GMO ingredients), preserved<br />

using only highly effective natural<br />

ingredients, and certified cruelty-free by<br />

CCIC (Leaping Bunny) with no animal<br />

testing and no products sold in markets<br />

where animal testing is required.<br />

Today, jane iredale Skincare Makeup<br />

boasts dozens of skin-loving beauty<br />

solutions for all skin types and in<br />

<strong>2024</strong> remains headquartered in rural<br />

Massachusetts, surrounded by the<br />

organic farms and gardens that feed<br />

Jane’s spirit and her work. The brand<br />

continues to be guided by the simple<br />

premise that makeup should look good,<br />

feel good and also be good, for the skin.<br />

And as a responsible brand, jane iredale<br />

is always searching out new ways to<br />

minimise its environmental impact<br />

and are committed to the following<br />

principles:<br />

Jane Iredale<br />

REFUSE: to use plastic packaging<br />

where possible<br />

REDUCE: our use of virgin plastic<br />

via light weighting or alternate<br />

materials<br />

REUSE: offer reusable products<br />

where possible<br />

RECYCLE: ensure our items are<br />

recyclable where possible<br />

Thirty years is only the beginning of this<br />

successful journey, with the pioneering<br />

brand continue to deliver innovative<br />

solutions and products. jane iredale is<br />

available in New Zealand from psb.net.nz<br />


Environ's dedication to consistent innovation and science has<br />

been recognised with not one, but three, prestigious awards at<br />

the international Aesthetic Everything® Aesthetic and Cosmetic<br />

Medicine Awards in the USA. Two pioneering advancements,<br />

Environ Cool Peel® Technology and Environ Electro-Sonic Ionzyme®<br />

DF Technology, were crowned winners in the “Best Medical Peels”<br />

and “Best in Class Professional Treatment Machine” categories<br />

for <strong>2024</strong>, respectively. Environ clinched an impressive hat trick by<br />

claiming the coveted “Top Medical Skin Care Line” award for the<br />

seventh consecutive year.<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Industry NEWS<br />

Smile<br />

empowerment<br />

Dental Boutique, Australia's largest<br />

premium cosmetic dental practice has<br />

launched in New Zealand.<br />

Based in Auckland, the Herne Bay Dental<br />

Boutique is the first Dental Boutique<br />

international clinic, and meets demand<br />

for the range of treatments provided,<br />

with many patients having previously<br />

travelled from New Zealand to Australia<br />

to get treatment done at Dental<br />

Boutique.<br />

Headed up by principal dentist Dr Aftab<br />

Moosa, the clinic opened in February<br />

with seven chairs available for the wider<br />

New Zealand community.<br />

Emmes West travelled from<br />

New Zealand to Melbourne to<br />

get implants at Dental Boutique<br />

“I was fortunate that the dentist that I<br />

saw as a child was down to earth and<br />

friendly,” says Dr Aftab.<br />

“When I got into dentistry, I<br />

remembered that positive experience<br />

and try to channel that into my patient’s<br />

experience. I love the fact that I can help<br />

people change the way that they see<br />

themselves.<br />

“We treat everyone like a family or<br />

friend. I hear what the patient is<br />

saying and then give them my<br />

professional opinion. I love<br />

helping people feel more<br />

confident.<br />

Dr Aftab is also<br />

an International Clinical<br />

Speaker for Invisalign.<br />

He runs a consultation<br />

and education company<br />

The Dental Boutique team:<br />

Dr Terrence Reid, Dr Aftab<br />

Mossa, Dr Aiyaan Abzal,<br />

Dr Natasha Manuson,<br />

Dr May Chan, Dr Reuben Sim<br />

that streamlines and makes dental<br />

businesses more efficient, has a BDS<br />

(Otago) qualification and has been<br />

working as a dentist for over 15 years.<br />

Dental Boutique offers a wide range<br />

of cosmetic dentistry services such as<br />

veneers, Invisalign and implants, as well<br />

as general dentistry from checks ups<br />

and cleaning to fillings. Dental Boutique<br />

completed 50,000 veneers alone in<br />

Australia and is both the largest Invisalign<br />

provider, and the largest Straumann<br />

Neodent implant provider in Australia.<br />

Dentalboutique.co.nz<br />

42<br />


Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

NEW<br />



Bespoke skincare experts<br />

dermaviduals have released a new<br />

formulation, ushering in a new<br />

era of personalised skincare.<br />

Dermaviduals Individual Lotion provides<br />

the ultimate in customisation. The<br />

intense moisturising lotion can be<br />

fortified with dermaviduals actives to<br />

create a personalised skincare solution<br />

for every skin and its condition.<br />

The ultra hydrating lotion is boosted<br />

with Saccharide Isomerate which<br />

uniquely bonds with the skin's keratin.<br />

This bonding mechanism promotes the<br />

formation of a long-lasting reservoir of<br />

hydration within the skin's epidermis,<br />

essential for various functions, including<br />

the support of the skin's barrier integrity<br />

and protection against environmental<br />

stressors.<br />

The Individual Lotion is housed<br />

within a convenient 30ml spray bottle<br />

holding 28ml of solution which can<br />

be customised with 2ml of active<br />

concentrates. This provides the basis<br />

for personalised skincare solutions with<br />

applications including:<br />

• Targeted Spot Treatment: Whether<br />

focused on age-management, acne,<br />

pigmentation, eczema, or psoriasis,<br />

this formulation is designed to adapt<br />

to and address a wide variety of skin<br />

concerns. With the addition of active<br />

concentrates selected for individual<br />

skincare needs, the Individual<br />

Lotion is a tailored solution that can<br />

be incorporated into any skincare<br />

prescription.<br />

• Travel Ready Essential: Designed<br />

for on-the-go travel, this compact<br />

30ml size effortlessly fits into travel<br />

essentials, ensuring a seamless<br />

skincare routine anywhere in the<br />

world. The Individual Lotion blended<br />

with Liposome NMF Complex Plus<br />

and Boswellia Nanoparticles can help<br />

reduce trans-epidemal water loss<br />

(TEWL) and inflammation (which can<br />

increase when flying).<br />

• After Sun Barrier Restoration: A ‘go to’<br />

for after sun care, the Individual Lotion<br />

customised with Green Tea Extract<br />

and CM-Glucan is perfect for warmer<br />

months and supports skin barrier<br />

restoration post sun exposure. Simply<br />

apply to the skin after cleansing<br />

and prior to the application of other<br />

dermaviduals formulations.<br />

• Enhance Deco Foundation:<br />

Achieve a flawless complexion with<br />

dermaviduals deco foundation and<br />

Individual Lotion to elevate your<br />

makeup application. Hyaluronic Acid<br />

Concentrate and Aloe Vera Extract<br />

added into the formulation, provide<br />

long lasting skin smoothing, which<br />


dermaviduals is a unique,<br />

customised skincare range<br />

developed by leading scientist<br />

Dr Hans Lautenschläger. The<br />

product formulations are<br />

based on the principles of<br />

corneotherapy, to promote<br />

healthy, balanced skin from<br />

within. The dermaviduals range<br />

intends to specifically target<br />

maintenance of the natural<br />

skin barrier and management<br />

of skin conditions. All<br />

dermaviduals products are free<br />

from emulsifiers, preservatives,<br />

fragrances, mineral oils,<br />

silicones, dyes and amines,<br />

which is important for the<br />

overall health of the skin and<br />

to ensure ongoing, positive<br />

results in skin correction.<br />

also leaves skin with a luminous glow.<br />

Apply Individual Lotion to ‘set’ deco<br />

foundation.<br />

• All Day Skin Hydrator: Poor enzyme<br />

function due to a lack of free water,<br />

can leave skin feeling rough, tight<br />

and flaky. Individual Lotion fortified<br />

with Hyaluronan NAG Liposomes<br />

and Laminaria Digitata Liposome<br />

Serum provide the boosted hydration<br />

the skin requires to actively reduce<br />

the signs of dehydration. Apply this<br />

blend throughout the day as the skin<br />

requires.<br />

This unique product can be tailor made to<br />

cater for a wide variety of skincare needs.<br />

As with all dermaviduals formulations,<br />

a thorough skin consultation with a skin<br />

treatment therapist is a must and will<br />

ensure you get the best formulation<br />

created just for you.<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

PLUMP<br />

UP THE<br />

VOLUME<br />

Today’s skin health-savvy consumers understand the<br />

importance of protecting and preserving their<br />

skin’s youthful appearance from an early age.<br />

44<br />

They know that the key to maintaining<br />

healthy, radiant skin is to safeguard its<br />

natural collagen. Our bodies produce<br />

less collagen every year, and factors like<br />

exposome and pollution can speed up<br />

collagen degradation, leading to visible<br />

signs of ageing such as sagging skin,<br />

hyperpigmentation, rough texture, and<br />

fine lines.<br />

Dermalogica’s Pro-Collagen Banking<br />

Serum is a revolutionary new serum<br />

that helps to futureproof skin by<br />

preserving its existing collagen,<br />

protecting it against the signs of<br />

premature ageing.<br />

This powerful formula supports<br />

more resilient, visibly plumper, and<br />

more luminous skin and reduces the<br />

appearance of future fine lines and<br />

wrinkles.<br />

The gel-to-serum formula glides across<br />

skin to visibly plump skin and helps slow<br />

collagen breakdown. Cheeks and jawline<br />

look firmer within 7 days.*<br />

It is also staggeringly, 94 percent more<br />

effective in preserving skin’s collagen*<br />

for plumper, fuller skin.**<br />


“The complex in Pro-Collagen Banking<br />

Serum is truly groundbreaking, packed<br />

with actives such as a Potent Pro-Collagen<br />

Preservation Complex, Collagen Amino<br />

Acids,” says Caroline Parker, Head of<br />

Education for Dermalogica New Zealand.<br />

“This powerful serum helps protect and<br />

preserve so you have more collagen for<br />

tomorrow, and who doesn’t want that?<br />

“It suits a variety of ages, from those in<br />

their 20’s, hoping to preserve collagen,<br />

to those in their 30’s,40’s and beyond<br />

who are looking to slow down the ageing<br />

process.”<br />



• Potent Pro-Collagen Preservation<br />

Complex which helps save collagen<br />

by creating and defends a healthy<br />

environment for skin<br />

• An innovative blend of Collagen<br />

Amino Acids, soothing Jojoba Ester,<br />

and Polyglutamic Acid to nourish the<br />

skin’s moisture barrier while hydrating<br />

skin to visibly plump for a firmer<br />

appearance<br />

• Wild Indigo Extract and Arginine PCA<br />

help to restore skin’s radiance<br />

• Carnosine Dipeptide and Pink<br />

Carnation Flower Extract help improve<br />

skin’s softness and overall resilience<br />


• Helps collagen last longer<br />

• Hydrates and plumps for a firmer<br />

appearance<br />

• Helps minimise the appearance of fine<br />

lines and wrinkles<br />

Dermalogica has been sold for 30<br />

years in New Zealand by Two Hundred<br />

Doors (previously trading as Skin<br />

Health Experts). In 1993 founder of Two<br />

Hundred Doors, Jane Bourke met with<br />

Dermalogica founder Jane Wurwand and<br />

started distributing Dermalogica in New<br />

Zealand not long after. Dermalogica is<br />

made in the USA.<br />


* results after 7 days. Obtained during<br />

independent clinical testing of 60 people.2<br />

applications/day for 12 weeks.<br />

** versus untreated skin, based on a sample of<br />

Human Dermal Fibroblast

Technology<br />


Unlocking Your Clinic's Full Potential:<br />

The Power of Lynton's<br />

EXCELIGHT ® IPL Machine<br />

For beauty professionals and businesses<br />

looking to take their skin clinic to the<br />

next level and offer clients the latest and<br />

most effective aesthetic treatments, the<br />

Lynton EXCELIGHT® is a powerful and<br />

compact medical-grade IPL machine.<br />

Made in Britain by the UK's No.1 IPL<br />

manufacturer and leading NHS supplier,<br />

this certified medical device is a gateway<br />

to success in the world of advanced<br />

aesthetics.<br />

The Excellence of<br />


The Lynton EXCELIGHT® is more than<br />

just a machine; it's a game-changer for<br />

your clinic. This versatile IPL device allows<br />

you to introduce one of the most indemand<br />

advanced aesthetic treatments,<br />

all within the compact and easy-to-use<br />

design of a single device.<br />

Let's delve into why adding Lynton Lasers<br />

EXCELIGHT® to your clinic is a decision<br />

that will transform your business:<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

Broad Treatment Spectrum<br />

EXCELIGHT® isn't limited to<br />

a single treatment – it offers<br />

a wide range of aesthetic<br />

procedures, including permanent<br />

hair reduction, vascular lesion<br />

treatment, pigmentation removal,<br />

and much more. With two highly<br />

effective IPL handpieces, you<br />

can diversify your offerings and<br />

cater to a broader client base.<br />

Clinical Effectiveness<br />

EXCELIGHT® has earned<br />

a reputation among<br />

dermatologists as the most<br />

clinically effective IPL in the<br />

marketplace. This recognition<br />

speaks to the device's ability<br />

to deliver exceptional results<br />

consistently. Your clients<br />

will experience noticeable<br />

3.<br />

improvements after just a few<br />

sessions, making them eager to<br />

return for more.<br />

Made in Britain, Trusted Worldwide<br />

Being made in Britain adds a<br />

stamp of quality to EXCELIGHT®<br />

It's a certified medical device under<br />

the Medical Devices Directive,<br />

ensuring the highest standards<br />

of safety and efficacy. Trusting<br />

Lynton means aligning your clinic<br />

with a brand that dermatologists<br />

and skincare professionals<br />

worldwide recognize and rely on.<br />

Ease of Operation<br />

4. EXCELIGHT® is designed for ease<br />

of use. Its built-in treatment<br />

parameters simplify the process,<br />

enabling all therapists to operate<br />

it safely and effectively. This userfriendly<br />

device ensures that your<br />

staff can maximize its potential<br />

with minimal training, translating<br />

into a rapid return on investment<br />

for your clinic.<br />

5.<br />

Exceptional Power and Speed<br />

EXCELIGHT® delivers industryleading<br />

power and speed. With<br />

this IPL machine in your<br />

clinic, you'll reduce treatment times<br />

while maintaining the highest standards<br />

of safety and effectiveness. Your clients<br />

will appreciate the efficiency and<br />

effectiveness of your services.<br />

If you are ready to elevate your skin clinic<br />

to new heights, Lynton EXCELIGHT® is<br />

key to offering cutting-edge aesthetic<br />

treatments that will leave clients<br />

thrilled with the results. Say goodbye<br />

to limitations and hello to exceptional<br />

power, versatility, and clinical<br />

effectiveness.<br />

To learn more about how EXCELIGHT®<br />

can transform your clinic, get in touch<br />

with the team at House of Camille to<br />

book a demonstration.<br />

houseofcamille.co.nz<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


News<br />



A whole new world of<br />

possibilities just opened<br />

up for those arriving<br />

and departing Auckland<br />

Airport, with the official<br />

opening of Te Arikinui<br />

Pullman Auckland<br />

Airport Hotel.<br />

46<br />


Te Arikinui is the<br />

third Pullman<br />

hotel to open in<br />

Aotearoa<br />

The first five-star hotel at the Auckland<br />

Airport precinct offers an escape from<br />

the frenzied pace of life, with self-care,<br />

relaxation and exquisitely thoughtful<br />

spaces for business, dining, working<br />

out and of course, resting.<br />

Located a mere 100 metres from the<br />

international terminal entrance, it<br />

presents a radically different experience<br />

for those travelling (or just wanting<br />

to treat themselves to a luxurious<br />

overnight stay).<br />

Owned by New Zealand’s largest hotel<br />

operator, Accor, the name ‘Te Arikinui’<br />

is gifted to the hotel by Kiingi Tuheitia<br />

Pootatau Te Wherowhero VII, the Maaori<br />

King. Its meaning is ‘Supreme Ariki’ or<br />

‘Supreme Paramount Chief’.<br />

From the hotel’s name to its distinctive<br />

three-pointed star shape, the<br />

architecturally designed building is a<br />

stunning expression of the significance<br />

of this location to the iwi of the<br />

Tainui waka. Throughout the interior<br />

and exterior are an array of unique<br />

cultural designs embedded in its<br />

DNA; from locally made iwi-designed<br />

bed throws, to carved cultural design<br />

elements in both the stonework and<br />

timber panelling, as well as a custom<br />

designed carpet referencing the wash<br />

of the ocean as it reaches the shores of<br />

Manukau Harbour.<br />

For those wanting just a brief sojourn,<br />

a gymnasium workout followed by<br />

tempting grab ‘n’ go artisan food and<br />

coffee in the lobby ticks all the boxes.<br />

Accor Pacific Chief Operating Officer<br />

PME, Adrian Williams, said the opening<br />

of the hotel was well-timed, with global<br />

travel making a strong comeback after<br />

the last three years.<br />

“It is incredibly exciting to welcome<br />

this architectural landmark to our hotel<br />

portfolio. This hotel is a first in its class<br />

example of indigenous cultural design.<br />

“We are already seeing strong interest<br />

and demand for Te Arikinui Pullman<br />

Auckland Airport Hotel, offering guests<br />

exceptional premium hospitality<br />

experiences alongside a stunning fusion<br />

of cultural and superior design.”<br />

Te Arikinui is the third Pullman hotel to<br />

open in Aotearoa, New Zealand and is<br />

joining another eighteen Pullman hotels<br />

across Australia and the Pacific. It is<br />

jointly owned by Auckland Airport and<br />

Tainui Group Holdings.<br />

Even if you’re not on a flight anywhere,<br />

the upper-level Te Kaahu restaurant<br />

helmed by esteemed chef Nancye Pirini<br />

(Te Whanau aa Apanui, Te Rarawa)<br />

is well worth a visit (or three). An<br />

astonishingly thoughtful menu which<br />

celebrates Aotearoa’s finest cuisine<br />

offers your palate memorable new<br />

flavour combinations.<br />

Boasting 311 guestrooms, the decor<br />

is welcoming, refined and stylish, and<br />

every moment of comfort is assured.<br />


EmFace<br />


Widely known as ‘pilates for the face’, revolutionary new facial<br />

rejuvenation treatment EmFace is now exclusively available in<br />

New Zealand from The Face Place MedSpa.<br />

EmFace is a non-surgical facial<br />

treatment that simultaneously treats<br />

facial skin and muscles without<br />

needles in just 20 minutes.<br />

Clinical research showed 37% fewer<br />

wrinkles and 23% more lift, on average,<br />

without needles, 6-12 weeks after the<br />

fourth and final treatment*.<br />

This one-of-a-kind, innovative<br />

hands-free facial treatment lifts<br />

and volumises the face while also<br />

rejuvenating the skin, creating new<br />

collagen and elastin.<br />

“EmFace is an easy, non-painful and<br />

needle-free treatment that helps lift<br />

and define the face, while improving<br />

skin texture and lines in the cheeks and<br />

forehead,” says The Face Place founder,<br />

Dr Cat Stone.<br />

“It’s great for naturally lifting around the<br />

cheekbones and mid face, lifting the<br />

mouth corners, reducing the signs of<br />

sagging, like early jowls, defining the<br />

jawline and lifting the brows.<br />

Dr Cat Stone<br />


Treatment<br />


“The result is a more youthful, refreshed<br />

look that is very natural.”<br />

EmFace simultaneously emits<br />

radiofrequency with High-Intensity<br />

Facial Electrical Stimulation (or HIFES)<br />

to contract and strengthen the delicate<br />

facial muscles, causing a lifting and<br />

tightening effect.<br />

The homogenous radio frequency heats<br />

collagen and elastin fibres while the<br />

HIFES stimulation emits thousands of<br />

pulses per session to contract delicate<br />

facial muscles.<br />

The technology has been not only<br />

clinically proven but also undergone<br />

extensive testing, as safety is paramount<br />

to The Face Place team.<br />

Ideal for those wishing to reduce the<br />

signs of ageing, for optimal results<br />

between four and six 20-minute sessions<br />

are recommended, completed 7-10 days<br />

between each session.<br />

With EmFace you can apply makeup to<br />

your skin straightaway after a treatment,<br />

therefore it has also been recognised as a<br />

‘Cinderella Treatment’, with people often<br />

booking in to get it done as a little spruce<br />

up before an event.<br />

Dr Cat Stone shares some additional<br />

EmFace information:<br />

Is EmFace suitable for<br />

everyone and are there<br />

any contradictions?<br />

Almost anybody can<br />

have EmFace – all ages<br />

can find it helpful. The best age group is<br />

the 35-55 age group, who are noticing<br />

the early sag creating flattening of<br />

the cheeks, early jowls, heavier – tired<br />

looking – brows, deepening of the<br />

nasolabial folds and/or loss of definition<br />

of the jawline. Younger people in their<br />

20-30’s like it for improving the shape<br />

and contour of the cheeks and jawline,<br />

and also as prevention of ageing, while<br />

the 55+ age group may use it to maintain<br />

surgical results if they have had a facelift<br />

or brow lift, or as a way of gently lifting<br />

the face and improving the skin without<br />

surgery. As with all treatments there<br />

will be some who are unsuitable (dental<br />

implants can cause issues).<br />

This is a great treatment for those who<br />

are scared of needles, fillers or looking<br />

overdone, as it is non-invasive and<br />

easy, and it’s just stimulating your own<br />

muscles, so it gives very natural looking<br />

results. It also works really well alongside<br />

other cosmetic treatments.<br />

This treatment may not be advisable if<br />

you have a pacemaker or metal plates<br />

or screws in your face, and as with<br />

most cosmetic treatments, you cannot<br />

have EmFace if you are pregnant or<br />

breastfeeding.<br />

What is the recovery process like after<br />

an EmFace treatment? Most patients will<br />

see both an instant result and then the<br />

results continue to improve over time.<br />

We’ve had a lot of patients comment<br />

about how much they love the instant<br />

result. An initial course of treatments will<br />

be between four or six treatments of 20<br />

min, each a week apart. We then review<br />

with photos three months after the final<br />

treatment. This is because the results<br />

continue to improve over the following<br />

months. This is a treatment you can top<br />

up at any time – there are no restrictions<br />

on the number of treatments. I have<br />

personally used it just before having my<br />

makeup done for a gala dinner and my<br />

makeup artist commented on how lifted<br />

and glowy my face was! We would expect<br />

that more treatments over time would<br />

continue to provide more results. (Side<br />

note - I’ve just had my 8th treatment in<br />

five months, I love this machine!)<br />

Can I have EmFace and injectable<br />

treatments? Yes, absolutely. We<br />

recommend no neuromodulator<br />

treatment for at least one week (ideally<br />

two weeks) before EmFace and no filler<br />

for 4-6 weeks prior to EmFace treatment,<br />

as you want the products to be fully<br />

integrated into the tissues. However, you<br />

can have injectables immediately after<br />

your final EmFace treatment should you<br />

choose to.<br />

What does it feel like? The treatment<br />

starts with RF going through the pads,<br />

a gentle warming sensation similar to<br />

the warmth of stones in a hot stone<br />

massage. Then pulses of HIFES will<br />

run in sequence through the forehead,<br />

then cheeks, then cheeks and forehead<br />

– this feels to me like caterpillar feet,<br />

little tingles in the tissues – and then<br />

the muscles start to contract, causing a<br />

smile/grimace of the cheeks and lifting of<br />

the brow with each sequence.<br />

The Face Place is a<br />

boutique Cosmedicine<br />

clinic in its 23rd year,<br />

specialising in injectables,<br />

skinand intimate wellness<br />

treatments where safety and<br />

training are paramount. The two<br />

locations arein Britomart and Takapuna, Auckland.<br />

Founded and headed up by Dr Cat Stone, an industry pioneer who<br />

is globally recognised. Dr Cat as undergone her own health journey<br />

recently, having battled breast cancer since 2020. Dr Cat travels<br />

extensively exploring new innovations and attending conferences.<br />

With an ethos centred around their clients – the entire The Face Place journey<br />

is bespoke and designed to help enhance their client's natural beauty, so they<br />

will look and feel their very best.<br />

EMFACE applicator and electrodes are Class IIb medical devices to provide local muscle stimulation and local tissue heating to elevate<br />

temperature and increase local blood circulation. EMFACE works to strengthen facial muscles and reduce the appearance of facial<br />

lines and wrinkles. All medicines, medical devices and treatments carry benefits and risks. Individual results may vary. Speak to<br />

your qualified Medical Skin Therapist to see what might be right for you and to explain the possible side effects. Always follow any<br />

instructions provided in terms of treatment aftercare. BTL NZ Ltd, Auckland.<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


What’s New<br />

Say hello to some of the newest beauty<br />

and skincare products on the market<br />

Phi Cosmeceutical Rescue<br />

The newest addition to the Phi Cosmeceutical family, Rescue is a beautiful<br />

combination of enriched oils can help rebalance oil production, provide moisture to<br />

keep skin clear and give powerful anti-ageing properties. Phi Rescue is enriched with<br />

lanolin, manuka honey and squalane<br />

moisturisers and provides an antiinflammatory<br />

protective barrier for<br />

skin. The perfect everyday must-have,<br />

it aids the healing of acne, eczema,<br />

chapped lips/nipples, sunburn and<br />

nappy rash. livedeeply.nz<br />

Lycon Beaded Wax<br />

Your favourite Lycon Hot Wax is<br />

available in the long-awaited beaded<br />

form. Elevate your hair removal<br />

routine with Australia’s premier wax<br />

conveniently infused into beads. Delight<br />

in a premium waxing experience with<br />

this low-temperature formula, expertly<br />

designed for sensitive areas like the<br />

face, neck, knees, underarms, and<br />

intimate regions. Available in 800g<br />

bags in Rosette, LYCOJET Lavender and<br />

LYCOdream. Houseofcamille.co.nz<br />

Algotherm Ocean Hydra<br />

Revitalize your skincare routine with Algotherm<br />

Nutri Resource Serum, a powerhouse that<br />

reactivates the moisturisation process,<br />

recreating a protective anti-evaporation film to<br />

retain water in the skin. Formulated to provide<br />

essential nutrients, it is also hypoallergenic,<br />

paraben-free, and phenoxyethanol-free.<br />

Livedeeply.nz<br />

50<br />


What’s New<br />

DermaFIX Tinted SPF40<br />

Elevate your sun care routine with DermaFix<br />

Tinted SPF 40 Sunscreen. Offering high<br />

UVA/UVB protection alongside HEV light<br />

defence, this broad-spectrum formula is<br />

your go-to shield against sun damage.<br />

Infused with colour corrective coverage, it<br />

flawlessly blends with various skin tones,<br />

perfect for Fitzpatrick<br />

I to IV. Tested in a<br />

photobiology lab, it<br />

even hides redness<br />

post-skin treatments.<br />

Simply apply<br />

generously before<br />

sun exposure and<br />

reapply as needed.<br />

With Zinc Oxide and<br />

Titanium Dioxide<br />

as key ingredients,<br />

enjoy the benefits of<br />

effective UV protection<br />

in this 30ml tube. Stay<br />

radiant and protected.<br />

Houseofcamille.co.nz<br />

The Beauty Chef<br />


Supercharge your inner beauty routine<br />

while supporting energy levels and vitality,<br />

with the newest launch from The Beauty<br />

Chef. TGA listed innovation SUPERGENES<br />

Energy & Vitality are herbal probiotic<br />

capsules used to support energy production<br />

and brain function, and designed to<br />

support qi (vital life force). Contains potent<br />

ingredients that have been hand-selected,<br />

including evidence-based herbs, powerful<br />

nutrients, vitamins and minerals, to<br />

improve the bioavailability of the formula.<br />

Thebeautychef.co.nz<br />

RAAIE Cocoon Ceramide Cream<br />

A worthy addition to RAAIE’s award-winning collection<br />

of botanically rich skincare, Cocoon Ceramide Cream<br />

is designed to hydrate, soothe and protect skin<br />

by strengthening its natural defensive barrier and<br />

helping repair from within. Featuring a unique blend of<br />

high-tech ingredients with nutrient-rich New Zealand<br />

botanicals, the luxurious, rich, whipped cream texture<br />

absorbs effortlessly into skin and<br />

provides a perfect base for<br />

makeup. Raaie.co.nz<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


What’s New<br />

Say hello to some of the newest beauty<br />

and skincare products on the market<br />

Infinity Hybrid Scissors & Tweezers<br />

Essential tools are not all created equal. The new Infinity Hybrid Spring Scissors<br />

and Pointed Brow Tweezer are high quality tools specifically designed for<br />

professional brow artists. Made with recycled gold plated stainless steel, these<br />

tools are hand-sharpened and feature gold. Designed for detailed work, they offer<br />

precision, style and durability. Fun fact: when the team at Cosmetologists first saw<br />

these, they groaned, ‘not another brow tool’! When they got their hands on them: “we’re<br />

pleased to say, we discovered how amazing they actually are!” cosmetologists.co.nz<br />

RevitaLash® Cosmetics<br />

Icons Collection<br />

RevitaLash® Cosmetics has unveiled its Lash<br />

and Brow Icons Collections; testament to the<br />

iconic RevitaLash formulas. Each collection<br />

features an exclusive, limited-edition product.<br />

The Lash Icons Collection (offering a 27%<br />

discount) boasts the award-winning full-size<br />

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner,<br />

full-size Defining Eyeliner in the limited-edition<br />

shade Dark Brown, and a mini Double-Ended<br />

Volume Set Primer/Mascara. The Brow Icons<br />

Collection (offering a 33% discount) includes<br />

the 11x Allure Best of Beauty winning full-size<br />

RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner,<br />

full-size Hi-Def Brow Pencil in Soft Brown, and a<br />

limited-edition mini Double-Ended Hi-Def Brow<br />

Gel in Soft Brown/Dark Brown. Revitalash.co.nz<br />

Katherine Daniels Anti-Fatigue Mask<br />

This skin resurrection miracle energises, brightens,<br />

firms, and plumps your complexion in just two<br />

minutes. Infused with a Hydra-Energising Marine<br />

Complex, it stimulates skin’s energy and creates a<br />

supportive microfilm for a hydrated, radiant look. With<br />

organic oat sugar for immediate firming and organic<br />

sunflower oil for nourishment, this mask is ar go-to for<br />

vibrant, luminous skin. Plus, it’s free from parabens,<br />

mineral oils, sodium laurel sulphate, and phthalates, and<br />

cruelty-free. Houseofcamille.co.nz<br />

LALICIOUS Sugar & Spice Collection<br />

52<br />


This luscious seasonal limited-edition collection, Sugar & Spice,<br />

delivers heavenly scents of candied orange, warm cinnamon<br />

and spiced clove. The LALICIOUS body range is the ‘must have’<br />

in luxurious body products and treatments. With the power of<br />

natural ingredients designed to nourish skin, and the power of<br />

crafted fragrances to uplift your mood, Sugar & Spice is available<br />

in Sugar Scrub, Body Butter and a three- piece travel set.<br />


What’s New<br />

Bader FOCUS Drink<br />

Enhance your performance naturally<br />

and enjoy nootropic brain support with<br />

Bader FOCUS Drink. Crafted to support<br />

mental acuity and focus, the scientifically<br />

developed blend of ingredients is designed<br />

to support cognition, mental performance,<br />

and focus. Available in a delicious chocolate<br />

mint flavor, it can be enjoyed hot or cold,<br />

or transformed into a delightful Facuccino,<br />

offering a refreshing twist to your morning<br />

routine. baderbrand.com<br />

Dr. med. Christine Schrammek<br />

Triple Effect Peeling<br />

Boasting a triple combination of ingredients, triple<br />

efficacy and triple effect peeling (fruit acids (AHA),<br />

enzymes, mechanical peeling), this Dr.med offering<br />

supports natural skin renewal, while helping<br />

refine and smooth skin. The combination<br />

of natural fruit acids, enzymes and<br />

gentle mechanical peeling ensures<br />

deep cleansing of the pores, a<br />

fresh glow and an anti-aging<br />

effect. Without mineral oil,<br />

silicones, microplastics,<br />

PEG emulsifiers<br />

and colorants.<br />

k-cosmetics.com<br />

Ashley & Co<br />

Washup All-Over<br />

Wash, nourish and restore with this<br />

everyday body wash and bathing staple.<br />

Formulated especially for the body (not just the<br />

hands), this extra silky wash glides effortlessly<br />

over skin while nourishing and cleansing. pH<br />

balanced and loaded with beneficial plant-based<br />

essential oils and extracts, including Harakeke,<br />

Ginger Root and Aloe; cleanse and revive<br />

from tip to toe while being uplifted with<br />

the indulgent scent of Tui & Kahili.<br />

Ashleyandco.co<br />


What’s New<br />

Say hello to some of the newest beauty<br />

and skincare products on the market<br />

Thalgo Cold<br />

Cream Marine<br />

To meet the needs of dry<br />

and very dry skin deficient<br />

in lipids, Thalgo has created<br />

a complex of marine active<br />

ingredients highly bioavailable<br />

to skin. The new Thalgo Cold<br />

Cream Marine Complex is<br />

boosted with marine Proceramide,<br />

Omegas 3,6,9<br />

and sterols, plus Micronised<br />

Marine Algae Filtrate which<br />

works to intensely comfort<br />

and replenish, smooth an<br />

undernourished epidermis<br />

and assist in revitalising and<br />

strengthening the skin barrier<br />

for skin that feels stronger,<br />

softer, supple and more<br />

radiant.Thalgo.co.nz<br />

Juvenate<br />

ReShield SPF20<br />

A natural SPF20 that uses superfine<br />

(but nano) zinc and titanium<br />

dioxide to filter UVA and UVB, with<br />

added antioxidants such as Kakadu<br />

plum to mop up cellular damage.<br />

Multi weight hyaluronic acid helps<br />

moisturise and protect, with hemp<br />

seed oil (rich in omega fatty acids to<br />

balance oil production) along with<br />

an industry first use of a botanical<br />

antioxidant (with impressive<br />

studies showing UVA, UVB, and IR<br />

protection along with 100% blue<br />

light protection and protection<br />

against elastosis). ReShield makes<br />

a perfect BB crème or primer under<br />

makeup. Juvenate.co.nz<br />

54<br />


Loloma Fiji Coconut Melt<br />

The ultimate natural multi-tasker, Loloma is a<br />

Fijian born company created by a mothers plight<br />

to soothe her children of uncomfortable eczema.<br />

Sourced from organic plantations in Fiji, Loloma<br />

virgin coconut oil is free of harmful chemicals,<br />

parabens or sulphites. Beautifully presented in a<br />

stylish globe, it is also available in a Hibiscus Infused<br />

or Mango Infused version. Add to a bath soak,<br />

apply it as a hair mask, or use it on your cuticles to<br />

replenish lost moisture. Lolomafiji.com<br />

Dr. med. Christine<br />

Schrammek Soft Lip Balm<br />

This luscious Soft Lip Balm cares for lips sustainably,<br />

helping improve texture and prevent fine wrinkles.<br />

Combining a plant extract and a peptide to help improve<br />

lip volume, it also protects and cares for the sensitive skin<br />

of the lips and moisturises for a naturally full and youthfullooking<br />

lip area. Without mineral oil (paraffin oil), silicones,<br />

PEG emulsifiers and colorants. k-cosmetics.com<br />

MenoMe®<br />

New formulations are part of the<br />

MenoMe® lineup for <strong>2024</strong>. The<br />

New Zealand company specialises<br />

in providing natural, evidencebased<br />

supplements to help<br />

women navigate menopause.<br />

Designed to help women restore<br />

mental balance and inner<br />

wellbeing, as they welcome a<br />

new phase in their lives, the<br />

range includes Merry Peri®, Perky<br />

Post®, LotsaLocks® and Happy Go<br />

Tummy®. Bswnz.co.nz<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


What’s New<br />

Say hello to some of the newest beauty<br />

and skincare products on the market<br />

Azure Tan Preserve<br />

& Protect Tan-<br />

Friendly Body Wash<br />

Treat your tan with the utmost care,<br />

utilising Azure Tan Preserve & Protect<br />

Tan-Friendly Body Wash to gently<br />

cleanse skin to remove impurities, dead<br />

skin and excess oil, leaving it ultrahydrated<br />

and supple soft. Designed to<br />

preserve and protect your tan to keep<br />

skin glowing for longer, Azure Tan Body<br />

Wash is paraben free, SLS free, and<br />

contains no harsh chemicals. Formulated<br />

with Organic Coconut Water, Aloe Vera and<br />

Hyaluronic Acid, with a deliciously refreshing<br />

cucumber fragrance. cosmetologists.co.nz<br />

Velež by Vesna Masks<br />

Evolve<br />

Bio-Retinol<br />

Gold Mask<br />

Delivering Intense post-treatment hydration and awardwinning<br />

technology, the Velež masks rapidly restore,<br />

soothe and cool compromised skin. Developed for<br />

dry and post-procedure skin, these masks have a high<br />

water content that delivers deep hydration penetration<br />

while providing immediate cooling relief for up to<br />

two hours. Originally developed to assist accelerated<br />

healing for injured and traumatised skin, the biotech<br />

multi-patented material of Velež by Vesna masks<br />

promotes rapid skin restoration making it the perfect<br />

post-treatment solution. Hightechmedical.com.au<br />

A touch of decadent luxe:<br />

this gorgeously gold<br />

organic face mask works<br />

to reduce signs of ageing<br />

whilst nourishing skin. Made<br />

with Bio-Retinol, a natural<br />

extract from the plant Bidens<br />

Pilosa (which delivers<br />

similar rejuvenation<br />

and cellular renewal<br />

benefits to Retinol, but<br />

without any irritation).<br />

It also contains organic<br />

Argan Oil and Rosehip<br />

Oil to deeply nourish<br />

and moisturise skin.<br />

Beautycare.co.nz<br />

56<br />


What’s New<br />

Whish Pink<br />

Guava Botanical<br />

Body Scrub<br />

Treat your skin to the benefits of powerfully<br />

effective naturals with this new Pink Guava<br />

offering from Whish. The luscious body<br />

scrub provides an intense moisturising<br />

treatment; exfoliating and refreshing<br />

skin with an amazingly effective blend<br />

of exfoliants and moisturisers.<br />

Sisterhoodbeauty.co.nz<br />

Aspect DR<br />

Cryo-Energising Mask<br />

Revitalise and detoxify dull, stressed and<br />

fatigued skin with this invigorating creambased<br />

mask, and elevate your skincare<br />

regimen with its intense rejuvenating,<br />

cooling and uplifting benefits. Inspired by<br />

the science behind cryotherapy, Aspect<br />

DR Cryo-Energising Mask harnesses the<br />

power of clinically proven ingredients<br />

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Environ Super Moisturiser<br />

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Super-Size 100ml. The Enhanced Super Moisturiser is a<br />

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the multiple skin benefits of Environ’s favoured super<br />

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(while stocks last). psb.net.nz<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Business INSPO<br />


of potential<br />

The business of beauty is richly diverse and constantly evolving. Across the<br />

ditch in Australia, the lash industry is fast becoming the ‘go to’ sector for women<br />

looking to start their own business – and spreading to New Zealand also.<br />

This new frontier in home-based<br />

entrepreneurship ticks many of the<br />

boxes for those looking for a business<br />

which offers work flexibility and<br />

independence.<br />

The beauty industry is well known<br />

for experiencing growth known as<br />

the 'lipstick effect' during economic<br />

downturns, as women turn to personal<br />

services to make themselves look<br />

and feel better in the face of financial<br />

challenges and increasing stress<br />

and angst.<br />

According to Verified Market Research the<br />

lash extension market size was valued at<br />

USD $1.36 billion in 2020 and is expected<br />

to reach USD $2.31 billion by 2028.<br />

Australian lash business icon, Ayla<br />

Akyol, is one of the world's leading<br />

lash entrepreneurs and confirms that<br />

demand for lash courses, mentoring<br />

and products is continuing to grow at an<br />

unprecedented rate.<br />

“We are experiencing significant growth<br />

in response to demand from mums who<br />

want to be able to pursue a business<br />

career that provides excellent financial<br />

returns and the flexibility to work around<br />

their family needs,” says Ayla.<br />

“The lash industry provides the ideal<br />

business opportunity for mums who<br />

want it all.”<br />

From landscape<br />

design to lashes<br />

With a degree in landscape architecture<br />

design and a background in influencer<br />

marketing, a career change into the lash<br />

extension industry was not something<br />

Ayla originally envisioned.<br />

Yet, after starting up her own lash<br />

extensions small business in her home,<br />

she is now the founder and director of<br />

a multi-million dollar booming business<br />

'Lash Boss Melbourne' that began in<br />

Melbourne but soon expanded to cover<br />

New Zealand, Canada and the USA.<br />

“Lash Boss Melbourne is one of<br />

Australia's fastest growing eyelash<br />

extension academies for onsite training<br />

and at-home online courses,” says Ayla.<br />

58<br />


“We offer exceptional training programs that are<br />

nationally recognised, and also provide unwavering<br />

support and business mentorship to our students<br />

throughout their journey, from day one of training to<br />

long after they've completed our courses. Many of our<br />

students are mums,” she says.<br />

“The lash industry is actually one of the most profitable<br />

for beauty businesses. Lash products are relatively<br />

inexpensive to buy. It is the time or services that add<br />

value and this is where the benefits lie for lash business<br />

owners. The more hours they undertake, the more<br />

money they make.<br />

Ayla also emphasised that career satisfaction across the<br />

lash industry is also high compared to other sectors.<br />

Starting small from home<br />

“I started off as an eyelash extension technician from<br />

a home salon. I quickly saw the potential for growth in<br />

the sector. Through word of mouth and social media<br />

marketing, I soon found myself booked out for weeks<br />

at a time,” she says.<br />

“After the birth of my son, I wanted to develop the<br />

business further, so I turned towards providing eyelash<br />

extension supplies and the training of other lash<br />

technicians. An eyelash extension business is one of<br />

the most rewarding and flexible at-home businesses<br />

you could ever dream of owning.<br />

“Besides all this, I just love the flexibility of being able<br />

to spend time with my two boys and it gives me the<br />

satisfaction of working and owning my own business<br />

and being my own boss!<br />

“Many other women across Australia and New<br />

Zealand are seeing this also and are undertaking<br />

training online and setting up their own businesses<br />

at home.<br />


Lash Boss Melbourne is Australia's leading<br />

and fastest growing eyelash extension<br />

academy for onsite training and at-home<br />

courses. The training provider delivers<br />

nationally recognised certification in<br />

eyelash extension application including<br />

classic, volume and hybrid lash<br />

extensions. Training courses are delivered<br />

in person or as an at home online course.<br />

Lash Boss Melbourne services lash<br />

extension technician students Australia<br />

wide and has branched out to include<br />

New Zealand, Canada and USA.<br />

lashbossmelb.com<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Business BITES<br />

for business owners<br />

Key and entrepreneurs<br />

learnings<br />

Some people look at business owners and 'believe they have<br />

it made’. Little do they know the hard work that has been<br />

invested to take the business to where it is; what you have<br />

not spent, the late nights and weekends you work and the<br />

holidays taken where your business goes with you.<br />

From my learnings these<br />

are what I know:<br />

• Get expert advice and advisors, such<br />

as a Business mentor/coach/external<br />

consultant, especially in the early<br />

stages or when things change.<br />

• Build a competent and committed<br />

team, lead them and don’t let<br />

gossip in.<br />

• Maintain a positive outlook to<br />

your team, customers/clients and<br />

celebrate success with them.<br />

• Embrace continuous learning.<br />

• Prioritise customer experience<br />

and adapt to industry trends and<br />

innovations as this will benefit them<br />

and in turn your business.<br />

By<br />

Bridgette Jackson<br />

Bridgette Jackson is a CDC-certified<br />

Divorce/Separation Coach with a<br />

post graduate dispute resolution<br />

qualification. She is also a trained<br />

divorce mediator (AIMNZ)<br />

Relationship Coach (Institute for<br />

Life Coach Training) and member of<br />

the Institute of Executive Coaching<br />

and Leadership (accredited by<br />

the ICF - International Coaching<br />

Federation). Bridgette is also an<br />

enrolled barrister and solicitor of<br />

the High Court of New Zealand.<br />

Originally I started a business in 2001,<br />

with my now ex-husband, after we had<br />

moved to Sydney. We started with<br />

$25,000 capital and launched Castle<br />

Hampers. In the first few years, we<br />

lived above the office, relied on canned<br />

goods for dinners, and favoured the<br />

warmth of the office downstairs. This<br />

was so we could put as much money<br />

back into the business as we could. I<br />

managed the HR, admin, marketing and<br />

charity aspects.<br />

After three years we relocated Castle<br />

Hampers from Sydney to Melbourne,<br />

growing from a team of two to a team of<br />

200. After multiple offers, we accepted<br />

a multi-million dollar deal, selling<br />

to Chrisco. We moved back to New<br />

Zealand still in our 20’s, by then with<br />

children. It may sound like we lived the<br />

dream, but it wasn't without hard work<br />

and sacrifice, such as having my first<br />

child and returning to work days later.<br />

Many years later I founded Equal Exes<br />

having navigated a non-amicable divorce.<br />

During this time I knew there had to<br />

be a better and more positive way and<br />

wanted to help other people avoid what<br />

I had gone through. Five years on, I cofounded<br />

Equal Group, expanding Equal<br />

Exes. This hasn’t come without sacrifice,<br />

hard work and determination.<br />

• Practicing effective time<br />

management, delegating where<br />

you can will allow you to focus on<br />

high-value opportunities that will<br />

contribute to growth.<br />

• Embrace challenges as opportunities<br />

to learn.<br />

• Set clear goals and strategies and<br />

review them often and take nothing<br />

for granted.<br />

• Take time out to see ahead – you<br />

cannot work in and on your business,<br />

without a clear head.<br />

• Eat right for your body type, exercise<br />

and keep a clear head in order to lead<br />

people.<br />

• Remember your team are not your<br />

friends.<br />

• Collaborate, connect and be a<br />

connector.<br />

• Employ specialists in the areas that<br />

are not your strengths.<br />

• Don’t be afraid to make the hard calls.<br />

• You don’t know what you don’t know<br />

– look to other aligned businesses<br />

and what you can learn from them.<br />


Some of Bridgette’s<br />

favourite books<br />

• Monitor financial health and seek<br />

professional advice to ensure<br />

financial stability and growth.<br />

• Join or create a business support<br />

group in your industry, be open to<br />

learning from each other instead of<br />

reinventing the wheel.<br />

My mantra is, “there is always a positive<br />

in a negative, you just need to find<br />

it”. This can set the scene for you as a<br />

business owner to improve systems and<br />

processes and to rethink business values<br />

and recruitment when you encounter<br />

a negative. Always look to turn around<br />

what will feel like an issue so it becomes<br />

a positive rather than at face value, a<br />

negative.<br />


I believe without passion for what you<br />

do, you have nothing and everything will<br />

feel hard and it will show. Any business<br />

owner will start with a passion for their<br />

business.<br />

Amidst the daily demands<br />

of running the business,<br />

juggling numerous<br />

tasks while facing<br />

challenges<br />

and personal<br />

responsivities<br />

at home,<br />

it is not<br />

uncommon<br />

to lose sight of<br />

that passion.<br />

When you<br />

do, you can<br />

be left feeling<br />

emotionally challenged and tired. This is<br />

where a support network of people can<br />

bring you back and become your guide.<br />

I myself, employed a business mentor<br />

early on who helped to provide clarity<br />

to my business plan and ideas. He was<br />

there for me to bounce my ideas off and<br />

was the person I was accountable to.<br />

For me he was invaluable and still is, five<br />

years later.<br />

Remember too that a mentor’s<br />

effectiveness is also based on your<br />

willingness to implement their advice.<br />

Also know that having the right mentor<br />

for you and your business is crucial.<br />

Look for someone who aligns with your<br />

values, has experience in your industry<br />

or one that has the same synergies.<br />

You also need to have a mutually<br />

compatible working style and trust<br />

for building a strong mentor-mentee<br />

relationship.<br />

Coming back to “there is always a<br />

positive in a negative, you just need<br />

to find it”, sometimes it will feel all too<br />

hard, but there will be a positive. You<br />

will find strength in every challenge,<br />

if you bring your personal power.<br />

Embrace setbacks as opportunities for<br />

growth and when you come up against<br />

them, use your professional network<br />

as a sounding board. Success lies in<br />

adapting, learning and staying resilient<br />

and remember you are not alone.<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Business BITES<br />

The power<br />

of business<br />

coaching<br />

When it comes to supporting<br />

and celebrating women<br />

in business, Rosie Holt<br />

knows a thing or two<br />

(or three).<br />

Before launching her coaching business,<br />

Rosie worked alongside skincare<br />

powerhouse Dermalogica to launch the<br />

Empow/HER Scholarship for women in<br />

business. Unable to shake the cup-filling,<br />

joy-inducing sense of fulfillment she<br />

gained from the scholarship, she knew<br />

that’s what was missing from her career.<br />

Having launched Rosie Holt High<br />

Performance Coaching in 2023,<br />

she is now a full-time business and<br />

success coach for female founders and<br />

entrepreneurs.<br />

The role ticks all of Rosie’s personal<br />

and professional boxes, as she goes<br />

beyond surface level advice and strives to<br />

empower business owners with practical,<br />

personalised strategies to guide them<br />

from a place of overwhelm, to conquering<br />

workloads with efficiency and clarity.<br />

“It’s incredible working with business<br />

owners, helping them to realise that their<br />

dreams are achievable and validating<br />

their ambitions. The work we do together<br />

isn't about ticking off to-do lists but<br />

approaching mindset, priorities and<br />

sustainable habits which go beyond<br />

surface level advice to empower clients<br />

with practical, personalised strategies.<br />

“It’s exciting to work together to define<br />

and understand what will grow their<br />

business and re-ignite their love of<br />

entrepreneurship, as they continue to<br />

grow a business they love.<br />

A wise person<br />

learns from their<br />

mistakes.<br />

A wiser person<br />

learns from<br />

the mistakes<br />

of others.<br />

62<br />


Business BITES<br />


Rosie Holt is a business and success coach who helps entrepreneurs and<br />

creatives understand what’s getting in the way of achieving their big juicy<br />

goals. Her mission is to create a world where business owners always have<br />

a reason to pop the bubbly.<br />

To find out more about Rosie, the transformations she’s had on business<br />

owners and how she could help your business; reach out, she loves a chat.<br />

Or better yet, tell her which of the above tactics you’ve tried in your business.<br />

rosieholt.co | @rosie.coaches | rosie@rosieholt.co<br />

Rosie’s entrepreneurial journey started<br />

almost a decade ago. One of the many<br />

learnings which stands the test of<br />

time, is to make sure that goal setting<br />

isn’t done with a paint by numbers<br />

approach, but by tapping into people’s<br />

individual WHY.<br />

Why are these goals and milestones<br />

important to you and your business?<br />

Why are they your focus? What impact<br />

will they have on the business and most<br />

importantly, are they FUN?<br />

Every business has its own challenges,<br />

and every business owner has their own<br />

goals and desires for their business.<br />

To help plan your best year yet, think<br />

like a business coach and make goal<br />

setting truly aligned with what you want<br />

from your business. Here are six tips<br />

from Rosie designed to help clarify and<br />

develop an effective business plan.<br />

Fast forward 12 months<br />

Ask yourself ‘Where do I want to be in a<br />

years time?’ What does your business<br />

look like? Which clients and customers<br />

do you want to work with? Start at<br />

the finish line and reverse engineer<br />

your goals to fit the business you’ve<br />

dreamed of.<br />

Understand your daily priorities and put<br />

them first.<br />

Starting your day with ‘non-essential’<br />

tasks? A quick check of emails can lead to<br />

unending distraction and wasted time. By<br />

prioritising your essential tasks (the ones<br />

that add value to your clients or help<br />

motivate your team), you can take a load<br />

off and know that if those non-essential<br />

tasks are don’t later, you have done<br />

something important. Unsure what your<br />

priorities are? Go back to that question<br />

you asked yourself at the start of the day.<br />

Adopt a success focused mindset<br />

Mindset isn’t everything but it HELPS.<br />

A wise woman once told me ‘what you<br />

appreciate, appreciates’. In business,<br />

you’re not going to have wins and<br />

successes every day, but focusing your<br />

energy on the negative has a selfperpetuating<br />

effect. Whenever you come<br />

up against blocks, flip the script.<br />

Turn ‘I don’t know how to make this work’<br />

into ‘I know exactly what to do’<br />

‘This isn’t working’ turns into ‘I will<br />

figure it out’<br />

‘I’m not ready turns into ‘I have<br />

everything I need and just need to start’<br />

your process. What’s working? What’s<br />

not? What’s FUN! What tasks can you<br />

ditch? Who can you ask to hold you<br />

accountable?<br />

How will you know what’s working if<br />

you’re not reviewing or measuring your<br />

success or your challenges?<br />

Ditch the guilt<br />

Don’t use the goal achieving process<br />

to define your worth. If you don’t hit<br />

those goals, it doesn’t mean you’re a<br />

failure. It’s not about achieving the goals<br />

but who we become in the process.<br />

Instead of feeling guilt or shame for<br />

not achieving a goal, ask yourself, ‘has<br />

pursuing this goal helped me become<br />

the person I want to be?’<br />

Celebrate your wins<br />

We all need this little reminder, right? It’s<br />

so easy to get caught up in the day to day<br />

that we forget to share and celebrate the<br />

wins, big and small.<br />

Write down those little wins throughout<br />

your weeks and keep them on hand.<br />

On the notes on your phone or post its<br />

on the wall in your office. Seeing a nice<br />

juicy list of wins is bound to pick you<br />

up. Getting disheartened about your<br />

progress? Remember, it’s a marathon,<br />

not a sprint.<br />

7 lessons<br />

Here are 7 lessons I personally learned<br />

the hard way:<br />

• Not setting tangible goals<br />

• Work smarter, not harder<br />

• Ask for help. There’s no need to<br />

go it alone.<br />

• Embrace failure. There really is no such<br />

thing as failure, just opportunities to<br />

learn from our mistakes.<br />

• Knowing your strengths (and<br />

outsourcing your weaknesses).<br />

• There’s never a perfect time to start. If<br />

nothing changes, nothing changes.<br />

• Find a coach or mentor to help you<br />

navigate the journey<br />

At the start of each day,<br />

ask yourself this question<br />

‘What do I want to achieve today?’<br />

Doing this will anchor your decision<br />

making for the day. When questions or<br />

decisions arise, you can revert back to<br />

what you want to achieve. Will doing<br />

this task/doing this collaboration help<br />

my business? It will save you time and<br />

brainpower to focus on what REALLY<br />

matters, ultimately giving yourself more<br />

time (isn’t that what we all really want?)<br />

Even if you don’t have the solutions at<br />

hand, believing in yourself and telling<br />

yourself that you can find the solution is<br />

the first step.<br />

Review your progress and hold<br />

yourself accountable<br />

Hands up who’s set goals before and<br />

ignored them *sheepishly raises hands*.<br />

If you’re not reviewing your progress,<br />

how will you grow? Set time aside every<br />

quarter or every month if you’re really<br />

motivated. Check in and regularly review<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Business BITES<br />

Happy<br />

STAFF =<br />


Most business owners would agree that<br />

the key to a salon’s success is an on-going<br />

steady stream of happy clients, willing<br />

to pay for services and products, happy<br />

to return repeatedly, while giving hot<br />

referrals for your business to their<br />

friends and families.<br />

The key to achieving happy customers<br />

is to focus on employee happiness first.<br />

It is simple; happier employees make<br />

happier customers, which will have a<br />

direct impact on revenue. Staff who<br />

are totally engaged will automatically<br />

build better customer relationships<br />

because they provide outstanding<br />

customer service.<br />

Steps to build a more<br />

employee focused culture:<br />

• Offer more meaningful employee<br />

development: Staff want to feel there<br />

is opportunity for advancement<br />

within the business they work for.<br />

Let them know their options and<br />

how they can get there. If they feel<br />

there have a solid career path ahead<br />

of them, they will be more inclined<br />

to provide great service to clients,<br />

knowing it will also benefit their longterm<br />

goals.<br />

• Make training part of the company<br />

culture: Employees want to gain<br />

new skills that will make them more<br />

successful in current positions,<br />

more on trend and potentially lead<br />

to advancement. Provide on-going<br />

training and coaching that teaches<br />

employees new skills, because these<br />

skills will ultimately shine through<br />

in customer interactions. Vary your<br />

range of training and don’t limit<br />

this to just technical work. Include<br />

on-going customer services, sales,<br />

personal development and wellness<br />

topics.<br />

• Continually show employees they<br />

are supported: Interaction between<br />

management and employees is key<br />

to compounding the lessons learnt<br />

at training. A combination of on-<br />

64<br />


Business BITES<br />

going praise and feedback are critical<br />

to team members feeling positive<br />

about the difference they are making<br />

on the salon floor. Good managers<br />

who create a healthy, caring and<br />

supportive work environment will<br />

help cultivate a more inter-dependent<br />

team environment.<br />

It is important to<br />

recognise employees<br />

for a job well done<br />

• What’s your company policy about<br />

‘fun at work’? Research shows that a<br />

workplace that is seen as fun-loving<br />

generates enthusiasm. Enthusiasm<br />

leads to increased productivity,<br />

better customer service, a positive<br />

attitude and significantly higher<br />

odds that your talented stars will<br />

stay. Most people want to have<br />

some light moments at work. A<br />

boring, humourless and too serious<br />

work environment could send your<br />

star players searching for a better<br />

workplace option at which to spend<br />

the majority of their waking hours.<br />

As you think about the pleasant and<br />

enjoyable workplace that you have<br />

the power to shape, ask your staff<br />

what would make work more fun<br />

for them. While employees seem to<br />

greatly appreciate being treated to<br />

elaborate outings, most report that<br />

it is day to day work environment<br />

that matters most to them – it<br />

simply has to be enjoyable.<br />

• Give rewards and recognition:<br />

Following on from creating a fund<br />

a work environment, it is also<br />

important to recognise employees<br />

for a job well done. A rewards<br />

programme where management<br />

recognise top employees can also<br />

foster a culture to camaraderie.<br />

Rewarding strong employees for<br />

outstanding reviews and customer<br />

service interactions will set an<br />

example for the team and, hopefully<br />

inspire them to go the extra mile in<br />

providing improved customer service<br />

with the clients they engage with.<br />

Creating a happy culture on the salon<br />

floor takes time, energy and effort<br />

on the salon owner’s part. Therefore,<br />

deliberately set and implement<br />

structure in your salon to facilitate the<br />

standards you aspire to. Be seen to<br />

recognise the importance of workplace<br />

health and wellbeing among all team<br />

members.<br />

Train salon managers, team leaders<br />

and supervisors to manage people<br />

very well. Salon managers are key to<br />

employee wellbeing and should ensure<br />

people’s workloads are manageable<br />

It is important they provide clear<br />

objectives and give constructive<br />

feedback, as part of a trust-based<br />

relationship with the team. They should<br />

have the confidence to have difficult<br />

and sensitive conversations with<br />

people and offer support and flexibility<br />

if a team member needs adjustments<br />

to help manage their health and work.<br />

Provide early access to specialist<br />

sources of help such as counselling<br />

or occupational health support. (Most<br />

small business HR companies will<br />

provide these services as part of their<br />

HR packages). Foster a culture where<br />

people can ask for help if they need it.<br />

Tailor policies and practices to the<br />

salon and employee needs. There is no<br />

‘one size fits all’ approach to designing<br />

and effective employee wellbeing<br />

strategy – it will be based on the salon’s<br />

unique needs and the characteristics of<br />

the team.<br />

If employees are treated right, they<br />

treat the outside world right, the<br />

outside world will use the salon’s<br />

services again and again, making<br />

the business successful. Similarly, an<br />

unhappy employee could ruin the salon<br />

brand experience for not just one, but<br />

numerous clients, costing the business<br />

in so many ways.<br />

The formula is simple and it works –<br />

happy employees equal happy clients!<br />

By<br />

Liz McKeon<br />

Liz McKeon is a Beauty<br />

Business Expert and Founder<br />

of the International Salon<br />

Business School.<br />


AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Business<br />

BITES<br />

Team work makes<br />

the dream work<br />



Your business’s success is<br />

determined by a range of factors:<br />

strategy, marketing and finances<br />

to name a few. But a major<br />

factor that’s often not given the<br />

attention it deserves is culture.<br />

Make culture a priority in <strong>2024</strong> to<br />

create a highly engaged and motivated<br />

team that will help your business<br />

become more successful.<br />

If you’re noticing culture and motivation<br />

among your staff isn’t where you want it<br />

to be yet, here are three simple steps to<br />

help improve it:<br />

1.<br />

Have regular team meetings<br />

Team meetings and events can<br />

be a great way of enhancing<br />

your salon’s culture by bringing<br />

everyone together, getting on the<br />

same page, and collaborating.<br />

They are a space where everyone<br />

can stop their work, connect, learn,<br />

and get inspired. To maintain a<br />

great culture, here are some things<br />

you should focus on to keep your<br />

meetings productive:<br />

Make sure everyone can attend.<br />

The worst feeling is when the<br />

entire team is getting together,<br />

and one person is still stuck with<br />

a client or needs to leave early for<br />

an upcoming booking. It stops<br />

your team from forming important<br />

connections and can make them<br />

feel left out. To avoid this, plan your<br />

team meetings well in advance<br />

and block out that time in your<br />

appointment book so everyone can<br />

attend. Often early morning before<br />

opening for the day is a good time.<br />

You also want to have a mix of<br />

fun tasks and icebreakers, along<br />

with serious things like financial<br />

information or team news. You<br />

want your staff to enjoy the<br />

meetings and not view them as a<br />

waste of time.<br />

Another important part is to make<br />

the team feel like they have input<br />

into the meeting. Rather than<br />

telling them about things, try to<br />

get everyone to collaborate and<br />

discuss ideas about upcoming<br />

promotions or things to focus on<br />

to make the salon or spa amazing.<br />

2.<br />

Encourage collaboration<br />

with a team-wide challenge<br />

A lot of times when you create<br />

a promotion for your business<br />

and challenge your staff, it’s on<br />

an individual level. Each staff<br />

member is pitted against each<br />

other in a competition to sell the<br />

most, which can harm the culture<br />

of your salon or spa. Instead, try<br />

creating a team-wide challenge.<br />

A team-wide challenge brings<br />

staff together to achieve a<br />

common goal, such as selling<br />

$2500 worth of retail products on<br />

a chosen week. Once the goal is<br />

achieved, everyone wins and gets<br />

rewarded.<br />

Your software should allow you<br />

to set up a tracking chart for<br />

the entire business for metrics<br />

like retail sales. By making this<br />

information accessible to them,<br />

you can encourage your team to<br />

check it daily and see how close<br />

they are to reaching their goals.<br />


Business BITES<br />

3.<br />

Get your team invested in your salon or spa<br />

Getting your team invested in your business and its results is a<br />

great way to increase their commitment, sense of responsibility and<br />

willingness to work as a team, which helps to improve the culture of<br />

your salon or spa.<br />

By<br />

Kamrin Hira<br />

One effective way to achieve this is by sharing your business<br />

financials with your team. This creates a sense of transparency<br />

which leads to ownership and shared responsibility, showing your<br />

staff that their hard work truly makes a difference. It fosters trust<br />

and shows your staff that they are valued members of your team,<br />

making them happier, strengthening that team bond, and helping<br />

improve the culture.<br />

We recommend that you hold weekly team meetings to discuss<br />

your key performance indicators (KPIs) and encourage your team<br />

to contribute ideas and suggestions for improving them. It not only<br />

provides you with a fresh perspective but also makes your staff feel<br />

heard and valued. Your salon and spa software should allow you to<br />

generate the most important metrics in one handy report, like total<br />

sales figures, rebooking rates and retail attachment rates.<br />

By implementing these three simple tips in <strong>2024</strong>; sharing financials to get<br />

your team invested in the business, incentivising their performance with<br />

rewards, creating a team-wide challenge, and getting together for regular<br />

meetings, you can help to create a great culture that boosts happiness and<br />

loyalty and ensures your team is fully engaged to perform at their very best<br />

in the upcoming year.<br />

Kamrin Hira is a marketing<br />

expert at Kitomba Salon and Spa<br />

Software. To learn about how<br />

Kitomba can help cultivate a great<br />

team culture and assist you in<br />

achieving your vision of success in<br />

<strong>2024</strong>, call 0800 161 101 or visit<br />


www.kitomba.com<br />

0800 161 101<br />

Achieve your vision of success<br />

We understand that your business is unique, so<br />

whatever success means to you, Kitomba can help<br />

you achieve it.<br />


AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Business BITES<br />

BOOST<br />





COMMON<br />


68<br />

Are you struggling to attract<br />

customers on Instagram? Many<br />

beauticians and beauty professionals<br />

make common mistakes on social<br />

media that hinder their success.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

Insufficient Content Publishing:<br />

To grab attention on Instagram,<br />

consistency is key. Many beauty<br />

professionals post randomly or<br />

infrequently, leading to limited<br />

reach. Prioritize regular content<br />

sharing, including posts, stories,<br />

and reels, to showcase your daily<br />

work, products, promotions,<br />

and treatments. It's not about<br />

perfection; authenticity matters<br />

more than flawless content.<br />

By consistently publishing, you<br />

signal dedication and hard work,<br />

positively influencing customers to<br />

book appointments.<br />

Irrelevant Content:<br />

Your customers want more than<br />

vacation photos; they seek value.<br />

Share tips, before-and-after<br />

photos, customer feedback, and<br />

insights into your daily work and<br />

philosophy. Authenticity beats<br />


3.<br />

professional production; a simple<br />

cell phone photo can suffice.<br />

Integrating content creation<br />

into daily processes is efficient<br />

and strengthens customer<br />

relationships. Engage with<br />

customers to understand their<br />

preferences, building a stronger<br />

connection.<br />

Non-Specific Targeting:<br />

Tailor your content to your target<br />

audience. Understand their needs<br />

and preferences. Delete irrelevant<br />

content from your profile and<br />

focus on what interests your target<br />

group. This strategy ensures that<br />

your relevant services receive the<br />

attention they deserve, ultimately<br />

increasing bookings.<br />

Lack of Interaction:<br />

4. Merely publishing articles isn't<br />

enough. Interact with your<br />

audience by liking, responding<br />

to comments, and addressing<br />

inquiries promptly. Initiate<br />

conversations, ask questions, or<br />

conduct surveys to engage with<br />

5.<br />

your followers. Every interaction,<br />

no matter how small, adds value<br />

and can turn a prospect into a<br />

customer. Invest time in engaging<br />

with your audience to stay top of<br />

mind.<br />

Neglecting Advertising:<br />

Implementing the previous<br />

tips establishes a foundation,<br />

but competition is fierce.<br />

Utilize targeted advertising to<br />

expand your reach and profile<br />

visibility. In the current social<br />

media landscape, advertising<br />

is a necessity. Paid highlights<br />

on Instagram are not just a nice<br />

addition but a crucial pillar of<br />

success. They guarantee faster<br />

breakthroughs and long-term<br />

growth for your beauty business.<br />

In conclusion, a well-thought-out<br />

social media strategy, consistent<br />

content creation, targeted audience<br />

engagement, and strategic advertising<br />

can transform your Instagram profile<br />

into a powerful tool for attracting and<br />

retaining customers. Avoid these<br />

common mistakes, and watch your<br />

beauty business flourish on social<br />

media.<br />

Article and information supplied by<br />

K-Cosmetics (k-cosmetics.com)

Inspiration<br />

Fresh<br />

focus<br />

As we farewell summer and usher in a<br />

new season, it’s the perfect opportunity<br />

for a quick refocus. Auckland-based<br />

wellness coach Niki Loe shares three<br />

important questions which are perfect<br />

to ask yourself at the start of a new<br />

week, new month (hello March!) or in<br />

any precious moment of your life:<br />

Q. What kind of person do I want to be<br />

this week?<br />

Define the qualities, characteristics and<br />

adventures you might devour…<br />

Q. What kind of life do I want to live<br />

this week?<br />

Imagine it.. What does it look like, what<br />

surrounds you, who is in it..?<br />

Q. How do I want to feel this week?<br />

Lean into these sensations with every<br />

cell in your body. Are you smiling?<br />

When you can answer these questions<br />

with clarity, you can stop imagining<br />

and start aligning with the reality you<br />

deserve.<br />

By checking in with your heart regularly,<br />

weeks turn<br />

into months,<br />

and months turn<br />

into a big, brave<br />

and beautiful life.<br />

These are questions I visit<br />

often in my personal life. I<br />

share them with you, knowing<br />

how deeply they have transformed the<br />

way I show up in this world.<br />

It's time to stop underestimating your<br />

unique, innate power that comes<br />

with being human. We are each more<br />

powerful than we can even dare to<br />

imagine!<br />

A series of words, thoughts, beliefs and<br />

actions can change your whole world<br />

too..<br />

Keep discovering.<br />

Keep asking the questions and keep<br />

answering them.<br />

Stay hungry.<br />

Keep becoming you.<br />

It's not supposed to be easy. Just really,<br />

really worth it!!!<br />

“You deserve to live a joyous life in a<br />

body that you love.”<br />

By<br />

Niki Loe<br />

Niki Loe is a wellness<br />

coach, naturopath and personal<br />

trainer who hosts wellbeing<br />

workshops and retreats.<br />


AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Sustainability<br />

LOOK<br />

SHARP,<br />

DO GOOD<br />

Clients want to look good, feel good and do good.<br />

Sustainable Salons’ Sharps Program is the easiest<br />

way to up your clinic’s sustainability credentials.<br />

By Paul Frasca<br />

While most clinics can’t change the<br />

amount of materials produced posttreatment,<br />

they have a say in what<br />

happens to their discarded materials<br />

and how their non-recyclables are<br />

disposed of.<br />

An innovative solution<br />

Sharps have long presented a challenge.<br />

Unsafe disposal of sharps can lead to<br />

needlestick injuries, and sharps that end<br />

up in landfills can leak their biohazard<br />

contents. While many people love some<br />

subtly placed filler, the earth certainly<br />

does not.<br />

Sustainable Salons provides<br />

a convenient salon-specific<br />

resource recovery program<br />

for the hair and beauty<br />

industries.<br />

While recently turning<br />

its attention to the<br />

issue of sharps disposal,<br />

Sustainable Salons runs a<br />

safe, convenient and costeffective<br />

sharps disposal for<br />

dermal clinics.<br />

Our program eliminates in-person<br />

returns. Simple YES/NO labelling<br />

means staff don’t have to remember<br />

what can and can’t go in the container,<br />

and each sharps container is easily<br />

returned with other salon resources.<br />

70<br />


Sustainability<br />

Hearing from our members<br />

Sustainable Salons dermal clinic<br />

members give their perspectives on<br />

the program, the changes they’ve seen<br />

since joining Sustainable Salons, and<br />

how their clients have responded.<br />

Zoë Wilde of Tuesday Skin Studio in<br />

Kerikeri Northland says her medical<br />

background inspired her to become<br />

a Sustainable Salon and shares some<br />

information about her decision and the<br />

clinics sustainability journey:<br />





PROGRAM.<br />

Q.<br />

A.<br />

Q.<br />

A.<br />

Q.<br />

A.<br />

How long have you been on the<br />

Sustainable Salons program?<br />

The clinic has been a Sustainable<br />

Salon for almost a year, and<br />

it's been a really easy program<br />

to implement. I believe it's a<br />

no-brainer for any business to<br />

decrease their footprint and do<br />

their bit for the planet.<br />

Why is it essential to<br />

incorporate sustainability into<br />

dermal clinics?<br />

I came from a hospital<br />

background where a majority of<br />

nurses know the sheer amount<br />

of waste produced, with very few<br />

systems in place to reduce or<br />

recycle.<br />

Sustainability and recycling were<br />

one of the many things I wanted<br />

to implement in my own clinic,<br />

and it feels good!<br />

How does the Sustainable<br />

Salons Sharps Program set you<br />

apart from other dermal clinics?<br />

My clients 100% support the<br />

program. No one has questioned<br />

the small sustainability fee that<br />

helps cover the cost of the<br />

program, and it's something that<br />

sets us apart that I’m proud of.<br />

It is not only me and my<br />

employees doing our bit,<br />

we have attracted and are<br />

Q.<br />

A.<br />

Q.<br />

A.<br />

continuing to attract new clients<br />

who care about the environment<br />

and the future of the planet.<br />

What benefits has your clinic<br />

seen since implementing the<br />

Sharps container?<br />

It’s easy, fuss-free disposal of<br />

sharps. Before the Sustainable<br />

Salons Sharps Program, I would<br />

have to book a special collection.<br />

Now I just include my sharps<br />

container in my Sustainable<br />

Salons collection with my other<br />

recyclables and off they go.<br />

How have your clients<br />

responded to the Sustainable<br />

Salons program?<br />

Everyone is on board. I'm yet<br />

to have anyone complain and I<br />

highly doubt anyone would - I<br />

really do have the best clients<br />

(baddies).<br />

Sustainable Salons strives to help dermal<br />

clinics reach their sustainability goals<br />

every day. Like many of its members,<br />

joining Sustainable Salons was a nobrainer<br />

for Zoë. After all, she says: “It is<br />

not only me and my employees doing<br />

our bit, we have attracted and are<br />

continuing to attract new clients who<br />

care about their environment and the<br />

future of the planet.”<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Wellbeing<br />

love<br />

FENG<br />

SHUI<br />

While Valentine’s Day may have been and<br />

gone, that doesn’t mean paying attention<br />

to yourself and your relationship, as well as<br />

your romantic life, should be neglected.<br />

Kellie Richardson, respected interior designer and founder<br />

of Kurved by Design, reveals how strategic use of Feng Shui<br />

principles, colours, lighting, and textures can significantly<br />

enhance your mood and help rekindle romance at home.<br />

Discover how simple changes in decor can<br />

turn up the heat and improve your love life<br />

When it comes to creating some sizzle at home with your<br />

partner, the role of colours and textures cannot be overstated.<br />

Colour influences our emotions, moods and overall health and<br />

wellness, so it stands to reason that it can also help to improve<br />

our love life at home too.<br />

According to Kellie, who is also creator of the term 'Botox<br />

for your home’; simple changes to your home can positively<br />

impact your mood and your love life.<br />

“There is a strong relationship between home interior design<br />

and our moods because humans respond emotionally to the<br />

designs, smells, furnishing, surfaces and items in their homes,”<br />

she says.<br />

“Good interior design should be customised to each person's<br />

individual history and taste. A well designed interior can create<br />

a space that feels welcoming, comforting and relaxing. Factors<br />

such as soft shapes, natural materials and good lighting all<br />

work together to boost your mood.<br />

“On the contrary, mistakes in decoration such as bad lighting<br />

and choosing the wrong colours, can have the opposite<br />

effect on your mood leading to sadness, anxiety and an angry<br />

household," she says.<br />

“The ancient art of Feng Shui also provides important guidance<br />

72<br />


Wellbeing<br />

on the different energies that exist in the<br />

home and one of the most important<br />

is love. Feng Shui principles can help to<br />

enhance and harmonise the energy of<br />

love through the right choice in colours.<br />

“The energy of love provides a feeling<br />

of calm, tranquility, peace and serenity.<br />

There are also other tactics you can<br />

use through lighting, sound, smell and<br />

texture to emphasise the feeling of<br />

warmth, passion and seduction."<br />

Kellie’s tips on how<br />

to create more passion<br />

at home<br />


Lighting is perhaps one of the most<br />

important aspects of interior design. The<br />

right lighting has the ability to change the<br />

perception and temperature of a room.<br />

To create a more sensual feel in your<br />

home, opt for floor lamps and table<br />

lamps with warm hues. When selecting<br />

bulbs, opt for warm lighting. Avoid bright<br />

lighting.<br />

Warm lighting creates a feeling of comfort<br />

and warmth. The hue-heat hypothesis<br />

states that low colour temperatures<br />

will feel warmer while higher colour<br />

temperatures will feel cooler.<br />

When creating a more loved-up feeling,<br />

you will definitely need to increase the<br />

amount of warm lamp lighting through<br />

your home.<br />


In Feng Shui, the colour red represents<br />

fire and passion. Symbolic of one of the<br />

strongest elements in nature, the colour<br />

red should be used with great thought<br />

and care. It is a very powerful colour and<br />

can overshadow other energies.<br />

The best way to incorporate red into your<br />

home is to place small objects around<br />

the room such as a candle on a side<br />

table, some art pieces on the walls with<br />

red tones, throw cushions on the lounge<br />

or floor, a bowl of apples on the kitchen<br />

counter, or a vase of red flowers on the<br />

sideboard.<br />

Red colour can be added in a very<br />

considered way without impacting the<br />

overall interior design of the home. If you<br />

are already in a relationship, adding more<br />

of the colour red around your home can<br />

help to rekindle some of its energy and<br />

ignite a fresh spark of passion.<br />

In addition to its amorous role, red also<br />

symbolises warmth and good luck. You<br />

may want to bring these energies into<br />

your home by choosing objects that have<br />

other symbolic meanings like a pair of<br />

decorative red butterflies, a stained-glass<br />

panel, or a lamp with a red bulb.<br />


Fabrics are a great way to create a<br />

seductive atmosphere. Plush scatter<br />

cushions in deep red with velvet fabrics<br />

are a great way to make a sensual<br />

statement. Placed on the bed, lounges<br />

and the floor, they make a space look<br />

much more inviting.<br />

Leather also has a great effect. Don't<br />

underestimate this finish when focusing<br />

on décor. Leather on chairs, sofas or<br />

ottomans can be soft and supple. In deep<br />

rich colours it can draw attention in a<br />

room and create warmth.<br />


Art is a very powerful tool for creating<br />

moods in the home. You can arouse<br />

feeling through your choice and<br />

placement of art. Black and white<br />

photography, charcoal figure drawings<br />

or beautiful and exotic curves found<br />

in paintings can all add an element of<br />

sensuality to your space.<br />

Depending on your style and mood, you<br />

can completely change the atmosphere<br />

of your home with art. Along with<br />

different aromas such as scented candles,<br />

you can turn your home into a sensual<br />

environment of love and seduction.<br />

By<br />

Kellie Richardson<br />

Kellie Richardson founded<br />

Kurved by Design in 2016. Based<br />

in Melbourne and providing a<br />

range of home design services,<br />

in 2020, Kellie won the global<br />

CEO Excellence award for ‘Best<br />

Property Styling and Interior<br />

Design Business’. The company<br />

umbrella comprises five<br />

different companies: interior<br />

design, property staging, retail<br />

furniture and homewares,<br />

property maintenance and its<br />

interior design academy.<br />


AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Wellbeing<br />

Why<br />

music matters<br />

Music is not only an integral part of being human, but research shows that music<br />

can have a powerful effect on mood, emotion, energy, and even mental health.<br />

I’m sure almost everyone has that<br />

one song or piece of music they can<br />

think of instantly that provokes a<br />

strong emotional response within<br />

themselves, whether it’s happiness,<br />

excitement, sadness or transports<br />

them to a core memory.<br />

I grew up around music and have<br />

worked within the Cutting Edge Group,<br />

market leaders in creating magical<br />

music moments on screen for both TV<br />

and film. I've witnessed the creation<br />

of emotionally powerful music scores<br />

for many well-known film and TV<br />

programmes, and seen the effects<br />

of those melodies on the emotions<br />

surrounding the scene.<br />

Recognising that this method of audio<br />

emotional manipulation could be applied<br />

to wellness and improved wellbeing,<br />

this led us to create Myndstream, which<br />

creates musical experiences for the spa<br />

and wellness sector.<br />

How can sound improve wellness?<br />

Using sound for wellbeing is not a<br />

new or modern idea. Sound therapy<br />

or sound healing was first thought<br />

to be used by the Aborigines, via a<br />

didgeridoo. The art of ‘Sound Bathing’<br />

dates back 5000 years, originally comes<br />

from Nepal, India and Tibet, where<br />

shamans would use the bowls to<br />

journey with sacred sound.<br />

In Chinese Qigong, there are sounds<br />

that are thought to stimulate certain<br />

parts of the body, which is why gongs,<br />

and heavy vibrational sounds are often<br />

favoured for improved wellbeing. These<br />

sounds help the brain to reach delta<br />

and theta wave states which we only<br />

experience when daydreaming or in a<br />

deep sleep. Reaching these waves when<br />

conscious helps natural healing and a<br />

nurturing feeling.<br />

74<br />


Wellbeing<br />

Applying these understandings to<br />

modern day, Myndstream works closely<br />

with leading experts in healthcare<br />

and wellness to create validated and<br />

intentionally programmed audio for<br />

wellness.<br />

Why does music matter in the spa<br />

experience? A wellness experience<br />

is about bringing tranquillity to all the<br />

senses. Just as guests seek treatments<br />

for touch, and enjoy nourishing food for<br />

taste, sound should be equally valued.<br />

That's why we have created a product<br />

that elevates spa music to an integral<br />

part of the spa experience, resulting in<br />

tangible wellness benefits.<br />

Offering guests an unparalleled music<br />

selection gives them the power<br />

to decide how they want to feel,<br />

putting the power into their hands.<br />

Myndstream partners with awardwinning<br />

wellness musicians to deliver<br />

ready-to-go or bespoke playlists, that<br />

are produced in a dedicated music lab<br />

and have been meticulously curated to<br />

elevate the customer experience to an<br />

unprecedented level.<br />

The power of movement and music<br />

Therapists will know that performing<br />

a treatment is much like a dance. A<br />

sequence of routine movements in<br />

a certain order, that is carried out<br />

through the body can be elevated even<br />

more with a rhythmic soundtrack.<br />

Myndstream doesn’t just stop at<br />

spas, we work with product houses to<br />

create music that will soundtrack their<br />

treatments – a bit like creating a dance<br />

routine to a certain song. Collaboratively<br />

working together to discuss speed,<br />

direction, or incorporate any cultural<br />

influences too, means we create a truly<br />

immersive experience that goes beyond<br />

just touch, working the guest towards<br />

an intended feeling, rather than just<br />

hoping they get there on their own.<br />

What trends emerged in 2023?<br />

Touchless Technology and Multisensory<br />

Experiences. With up to a quarter of<br />

spa treatment rooms not in use for<br />

a number of reasons including lack<br />

of availability from therapists, we<br />

saw two influential trends emerge<br />

in 2023 – Touchless Technology and<br />

Multisensory Experiences. Touchless<br />

spa treatments such as Salt Chambers<br />

and Vibroacoustic massage beds, have<br />

been used to utilise these previously<br />

overlooked spaces. By pairing these<br />

experiences with music and scent, spas<br />

have been able to create a sensory<br />

immersion that relaxes both body and<br />

mind. These add on experiences have<br />

not only enhanced the overall spa<br />

experience but have also provided an<br />

additional revenue stream for the spa.<br />

What’s on the radar for <strong>2024</strong>?<br />

Two exciting trends are poised to<br />

revolutionise the world of wellness<br />

music:<br />

Authentic Audio Experiences: Spa music<br />

is no longer just about background<br />

ambiance; it's about crafting authentic<br />

audio experiences that connect with the<br />

essence of the spa and its surroundings<br />

and deliver health and wellbeing<br />

outcomes. This year we'll see a growing<br />

emphasis on incorporating the sounds<br />

of nature, local culture, and the spa's<br />

unique ambiance into the music design<br />

to enhance the spa's overall brand<br />

identity and client experience.<br />

AI-Powered Music Experiences: The<br />

world of artificial intelligence (AI) is<br />

transforming the music industry, and<br />

its impact on wellness music is just<br />

beginning to emerge. Expect to see the<br />

issue of copyright be resolved so that AIpowered<br />

tools that enable personalised<br />

and adaptive music experiences can<br />

come to the fore.<br />

AI-powered music solutions have the<br />

potential to revolutionise the way<br />

we experience music in spa settings,<br />

offering tailored and personalised<br />

experiences that enhance the overall<br />

wellness journey.<br />

By<br />

Freddie Moross<br />

Freddie Moross, CEO of<br />

Myndstream is the Winner of<br />

the Global Wellness Summit<br />

2023 Debora Simon Award<br />

for Leader in Furthering<br />

Mental Wellness. Moross has<br />

worked with neurodiverse<br />

communities, helping children<br />

with Autism and seniors with<br />

Alzheimer’s. Myndstream<br />

is a revolutionary global<br />

music brand that offers<br />

pioneering cloud-based spa<br />

music streaming service.<br />

Myndstream aims to transform<br />

the spa experience by providing<br />

highly curated and intentional<br />

audio soundtracks that<br />

promote relaxation, mental<br />

clarity, and overall wellness.<br />


AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Wellbeing<br />

calm<br />

Finding<br />

moments of<br />

With the start of a new year<br />

often comes a renewed focus<br />

on creating more moments of<br />

joy and happiness. Achieving<br />

this usually involves reducing<br />

stress, anxiety and overwhelm.<br />

Rebekah Ballagh is a wellness<br />

coach, counsellor and author<br />

who places strong focus<br />

on helping people on their<br />

individual journey to wellness.<br />

It was Rebekah’s determination to<br />

change her path which led to her<br />

specific career focus. Having battled<br />

with insecurities, anxiety and panic<br />

attacks, she knows firsthand the<br />

challenges of an overwhelmed and<br />

dysregulated nervous system.<br />

“To feel like you’re battling your own<br />

mind, or being betrayed by your body. I<br />

understand the up-hill climb. I’ve been<br />

there, in that place, of having daily<br />

anxiety and feeling stuck on auto-pilot,”<br />

she says.<br />

Rebekah’s commitment to redefining<br />

mental health has seen her train and<br />

immerse in the mental health field since<br />

2009, working across a wide range of<br />

counselling and mental health roles;<br />

from private coaching and group work to<br />

corporate workshops and conferences.<br />

76<br />


Wellbeing<br />



What started as an Instagram page to<br />

publish her illustrations, Journey to<br />

Wellness rapidly became a growing<br />

community of over 450,000 people,<br />

interested in Rebekah’s tips and advice<br />

on creating a calm, connected and<br />

centred life.<br />

“For me, it’s simple - I’m on a mission to<br />

remove the barriers that prevent people<br />

from working on their mental health.<br />

I want to see a world where people<br />

prioritise their wellness and get the<br />

support they deserve,” she says.<br />

Rebekah set out to create her own<br />

resources by illustrating therapy tips<br />

and counselling concepts that are<br />

relatable, colourful, digestible and<br />

accessible. Her work simplifying<br />

thousands of support methods, as<br />

well as creating her own, has seen the<br />

creation of an online membership and<br />

courses blending a mix of cognitive<br />

and somatic practices at her website<br />

journeytowellness.online.<br />

“I combine elements from all of the<br />

modalities I have trained in - somatic<br />

based interventions (Yin, Polyvagal<br />

Exercises, Somatic Therapies, Breath<br />

Work, Mindfulness & Meditation),<br />

Mindfulness teaching and facilitation,<br />

Grounding, Narrative & IFS/Parts Work,<br />

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, &<br />

incorporating skills from DBT & ACT.<br />

“You don’t have to know what all of that<br />

means,” she laughs, “But my approach<br />

is evidence based and strengthened by<br />

my years of training, my own journey<br />

to wellness, my experience of working<br />

with thousands of clients and my<br />

deep respect for trauma informed and<br />

scientifically researched practices.”<br />

With seven books now under her belt,<br />

her newest release is 101 Ways To Find<br />

Calm, a delightfully presented and<br />

illustrated book packed with simple<br />

powerful tools for everyday resilience.<br />

In 101 Ways to Find Calm, Rebekah<br />

outlines a different tool on each page<br />

to calm and connect. Learn how to<br />

safely feel and process your emotions,<br />

how to rewire your brain and nervous<br />

system, and how to deeply connect<br />

with yourself.<br />



1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

Take micro moments to pause and check-in with yourself. Scan your body for<br />

sensations, tension, emotions etc and listen to the language of your nervous<br />

system. It’s often sending us signals that we ignore, like a tight chest, shallow<br />

breathing or breath holding (aka laptop apnoea!), shoulder tension etc. If you<br />

can start to tune in and respond to these cues by meeting your own needs<br />

you will feel more safe and connected to your body.<br />

Discharge the stress response. Often at work you’re overloaded by to-do<br />

lists and rushing. To the nervous system this feels like a threat and anxiety<br />

and stress creep in, letting you know that your sympathetic nervous system<br />

is dominant (ask fight/flight). Rather than moving straight to a calming tool,<br />

help your body complete the stress response. To do this you could: stand up<br />

and shake out your arms and legs, throw a pillow repeatedly into the ground,<br />

tense up all your muscles for seven seconds then release, push into a wall for<br />

30 seconds etc - following your nervous systems natural instincts.<br />

Find moments of stillness. Allowing yourself to slow down and find calm<br />

in small pockets throughout the day tells your nervous system that you’re<br />

safe. You could try belly breaths while the jug is boiling for your afternoon<br />

cuppa, sitting outside with your bare feet on the ground or five minutes of<br />

‘legs up the wall’ on your lunch break or putting your hand on your heart and<br />

repeating some affirmations at your desk for 30 seconds (or any of the bitesized<br />

tools in my new book!).<br />

Focus on what’s within your control. Tick off items on your to-do list and<br />

release and let go of the things that you simply cannot do today. It is within<br />

your control to break tasks down into manageable chunks or to weave some<br />

nervous system regulation practices into your workday.<br />

Sit with it. Don’t resist or fight your emotions. If you say things like “I can’t<br />

stand this feeling” or numb them with doom scrolling, emotional eating<br />

and over-thinking, this takes you away from processing the emotion,<br />

embodiment and it actually results in the emotion getting stuck. You need<br />

to create space for your feelings and to work them through with somatic<br />

practices in order to manage them.<br />

Journeytowellness.online<br />


Every time you boil the jug for a cuppa, rather<br />

than scrolling on your phone or rushing off to do<br />

something else, stand by the jug with one hand on<br />

your chest and the other hand on your belly and<br />

breathe deeply and slowly.<br />

Stay here until the jug has boiled, breathing and<br />

listening to the sound of the bubbling water.<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />



&<br />


Samsung Galaxy S24 Series<br />

Organising and streamlining your life and business just<br />

got a whole lot easier. Enter the new era of mobile AI<br />

with the Samsung Galaxy S Series potentially forever<br />

changing how mobile devices empower users. AI<br />

amplifies nearly every experience on the Galaxy S24<br />

series, from enabling intelligent text and call translations<br />

(in more than 13 languages) to maximising creative<br />

freedom with speech-to-text technology to transcribe,<br />

summarise and even translate recordings. Then there’s<br />

a suite of AI-powered tools that transform photographic<br />

and video capabilities, along with advanced security<br />

and privacy, and an upgrade of everyday experiences<br />

such as Chat Assist, Note Assist, and innovative Galaxy<br />

AI editing tools among many others. It’s Galaxy’s most<br />

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Smart<br />

TECH<br />

The world of technology<br />

is evolving rapidly, with AI<br />

playing an increasing role as<br />

we learn how to harness it<br />

for our own requirements.<br />

Welcome to the most recent<br />

innovations on the market.<br />

GESKE<br />

SmartAppGuided<br />

MicroCurrent Skin<br />

Scrubber & Blackhead<br />

Remover<br />

There’s a reason this innovative new<br />

device has such a lengthy name –<br />

because it performs so many tasks.<br />

The 9-in-1 device is designed to<br />

help achieve flawless skin with its<br />

SmartAppGuided technologies.<br />

Features include Thermo Facial<br />

Exfoliation, Intense Facial<br />

Moisturisation, and cutting-edge<br />

technologies for a comprehensive<br />

skincare routine. Equipped with<br />

AI-powered Skin Scan, it tailors a<br />

personalised routine, while advanced<br />

technologies like SmartSonic<br />

Pulsation, MicroCurrent Face-Lift,<br />

and Red Light Active Regeneration<br />

fight signs of aging. The GESKE<br />

German Beauty Tech App ensures<br />

optimal device usage with tailored<br />

recommendations and video-guided<br />

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Livedeeply.co.nz<br />

Dyson Supersonic r<br />

Achieving professional hair results is easier<br />

than ever with the new The Dyson Supersonic<br />

r hair dryer. Dyson’s lightest, smallest and<br />

most precise styling tool yet boasts five new<br />

attachments to cater for everything from sleek<br />

straight tresses or bouncy waves to a nonfrizzy<br />

riot of curls. Dyson has doubled down<br />

on the core technology and re-engineered a<br />

machine to deliver precision for professionals<br />

in an entirely new form factor. The Dyson<br />

Supersonic r professional hair dryer is 30%<br />

smaller, 20% lighter, and more manoeuvrable<br />

- delivering fast drying, smoother, frizz free<br />

and shinier results. Paired with three precise<br />

airflow settings and four heat modes, including<br />

constant cold shot, the ergonomically placed<br />

controls are within a thumb’s reach along with<br />

LED indicators on the handle. Ideal for stylists<br />

to use with ease without interrupting the<br />

styling session, it has been designed to help<br />

prevent strain related injuries due to its lightweight<br />

design. Dyson.co.nz<br />

Radiance Flex LED Mask<br />

Lightweight, flexible, and crafted from soft-medical-grade silicone, this professional ‘on-the-go’<br />

glow achiever offers seven colour treatments to choose from, with clinically proven wavelengths<br />

of red light and near infra-red to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Made from super soft,<br />

flexible silicone that moulds gently to each unique face shape, the Radiance Flex silicone mask<br />

sits right on the skin, allowing the light source to reach the deeper layers. With comfort a priority,<br />

the full face-fitting mask feels like a second skin and ensures that the LED lights can reflect more<br />

closely to your skin (approx.0.3-1cm as opposed to the standard 3 -10cm). Suitable for all skin<br />

types. Youthbeauty.co.nz<br />

78<br />



&<br />


GHD<br />


Cult hair-beauty brand ghd is<br />

consistently at the forefront of<br />

innovation – both in terms of<br />

technology and sleek high-performing<br />

stylers. The new Chronos is the most<br />

advanced ghd styler to date, working<br />

three times faster * than previous tools<br />

without compromising on damage. And<br />

in these busy days, being able to style<br />

your hair in less time and with more<br />

dramatic results is a definite win.<br />

Offering an almost mesmerising array of<br />

breakthrough features, from HD motionresponsive<br />

TM technology for ultimate<br />

performance and styling speed, it’s<br />

also touted to deliver up to 85% more<br />

shine † , 2x less frizz †† and up to 3x more<br />

breakage protection *** making this the<br />

ultimate holy grail of hair styling.<br />

Named after the goddess of time,<br />

the straightener styler represents the<br />

pinnacle of 22 years of understanding<br />

and mastering how to use heat to style<br />

hair. And with one stoke high-definition<br />

results that last 24 hours ** , it’s easy to<br />

understand just what all the Chronos<br />

excitement is about.<br />

“Breakthrough high-definition<br />

technology allows ghd Chronos<br />

to flawlessly monitor styler plate<br />

temperature, preserving the perfect<br />

styling temperature of 185 degrees,”<br />

says ghd Global Director of Education<br />

Dafydd Thomas.<br />

“I can’t wait for everyone to discover ghd<br />

Chronos and the power to unlock ultradefined,<br />

glossier waves and glass-like<br />

straights. As a professional, Chronos has<br />

allowed me to raise my hair game with<br />

unparalleled and impeccable results.”<br />

Whatever the hair style, <strong>2024</strong> is the year<br />

of stronger, shinier hair that lasts.<br />

Ghdhair.com<br />

*<br />

Vs. ghd original. Results measured by shine on brunette hair compared to naturally dried, lab test. ** Consumer testing, Jan’21.<br />

86% of 142 consumers agreed their hair lasted 24 hours after styling. *** Vs. competitor styler working at 235°C. † Technical test in<br />

a lab on brunette hair, measured vs. naturally dried hair. †† Technical test in a lab on frizzy hair, vs. naturally dried hair.<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Indulge<br />

A TOUCH<br />


Welcome to our edit of the most luxurious,<br />

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Whish Black Cherry Lip Balm<br />

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Katherine Daniels Gentle<br />

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Victoria Curtis Cosmetics<br />

Luxe Lashes<br />

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Tronque Everyday Revelation<br />

Exfoliating Refining Serum<br />

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Henné Organics Lip Serum<br />

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Vani-T L’Amour De Soi<br />

aromatherapy oil blend<br />

youthbeauty.co.nz<br />

80<br />


Glasshouse Fragrances<br />

Limited-Edition Palm<br />

Springs Panache soy candle<br />


Indulge<br />

Mamaku Advanced<br />

Hydra Gel<br />

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RevitaLash Volume<br />

Enhancing Foam<br />

revitalash.co.nz<br />

RAAIE Morning Dew<br />

Vitamin C Serum mini<br />

raaie.co.nz<br />

Feniu Anti Aging Hydrator<br />

feniu.com.au<br />

Sasy n Savy Golden Silk<br />

Shimmer Lotion<br />

livedeeply.co.nz<br />

Fur Ingrown Hair Care Duo<br />

sisterhoodbeauty.co.nz<br />

Geske SmartAppGuided<br />

MicroCurrent Face-Lifter<br />

6 in 1 device, with Geske<br />

Hydrating MicroCurrent Gel<br />

livedeeply.co.nz<br />

SkincareRX Hydrafix<br />

youthbeauty.co.nz<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Indulge<br />


Fragrance is evocative, thought-provoking and<br />

nostalgic. It can also set a mood and create your<br />

vibe for the day (or evening); from sensual or<br />

dramatic to fresh and flirty. Treat yourself or<br />

your space to the uplifting atmosphere of a<br />

new fragrance experience (or two).<br />


This limited-edition candle delivers a truly<br />

harmonious blend of tuberose, jasmine<br />

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marine accords. The crowning glory is a<br />

woven rattan lid specially conceived for<br />

the medium-sized Tuberose candle.<br />



Transform your personal<br />

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82<br />


Transport your senses with these highly sophisticated<br />

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Treat your guests and clients to<br />

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Spray on linen or clothes.

Indulge<br />



A refreshingly fruity floral<br />

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the peony flower. Lusciously<br />

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Distinctively unique, with<br />

main accords of rose,<br />

oud and floral, this divine<br />

amber floral fragrance is<br />

perfectly unisex and infinitely<br />

memorable.<br />


A sophisticated fragrance likely like<br />

no other you’ve experienced. With<br />

top notes of dragonfruit and basil,<br />

middle notes of violet and wild fig<br />

and base notes of vetiver and green<br />

hay, it glows with depth and life.<br />


Take a dreamy trip to Italy and the<br />

glorious tradition of dolce far Niente<br />

(pleasant idleness), surrounded by<br />

delectable notes of sunlit lemon,<br />

woody vetiver and lush fig.<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Sun<br />

SENSE<br />

Unravelling<br />

sunscreens<br />

In New Zealand we are possibly (or should be) more sun<br />

conscious than the rest of the world. Alongside Australia, we<br />

have the highest incidence of malignant melanoma in the world.<br />

Did you know melanoma is the second<br />

largest cause of death in New Zealand?<br />

That’s scary stuff and also serves as<br />

a reminder to check in around what<br />

we really know about sunscreen,<br />

and if we’re up to date with recent<br />

information.<br />

Many therapists are knowledgeable<br />

on the subject, but equally a large<br />

number of people understand that we<br />

need to use sunscreen, but without<br />

understanding the difference between a<br />

physical and chemical sunscreen.<br />

With that in mind, if we as industry<br />

leaders in skin are potentially confused,<br />

how can we expect our customers<br />

to understand the differences, and<br />

be confident in what the best option<br />

for their skin is? It also pays to be<br />

knowledgeable about being able to<br />

offer advice around what ingredients<br />

in sunscreen will work best for their<br />

requirements and skin type.<br />

When it comes to chemical sunscreens,<br />

there is not one chemical ingredient<br />

that will protect the skin from all the UV<br />

rays - UVB, UVA1 and UVA2.<br />

84<br />


Sun SENSE<br />

Different chemical sunscreens work<br />

in different wavelengths, so some are<br />

effective with one type of UV rays and not<br />

another. As therapists and professionals,<br />

we need to understand different<br />

ingredients and where they work.<br />

Most chemical sunscreens contain<br />

avobenzone, which covers only higher<br />

UVB rays. However it also covers all<br />

the UVA rays, so for broad spectrum<br />

protection it will be combined with<br />

oxybenzone or perhaps Octinoxate.<br />

There is a plethora of other chemicals<br />

to brush up your knowledge around, so<br />

if your clinic offers chemical sunscreens<br />

without zinc, you need to know<br />

whether they are also giving broad<br />

spectrum protection.<br />

If we look at physical sunscreens, there<br />

are just two: titanium dioxide and zinc<br />

oxide. Titanium will cover all UVB, UV2<br />

and a short amount of UVA1. The only<br />

full broad spectrum sunscreen ingredient<br />

is zinc oxide. This covers the entire<br />

spectrum, so is always going to give you<br />

the best protection. It is my personal<br />

option always.<br />

All that aside, we still should have<br />

antioxidants in sunscreens. These<br />

work as a secondary filter, blocking any<br />

potential holes in the sunscreen and<br />

giving added protection.<br />

Education is the key, educate your<br />

customers on the difference between<br />

a chemical sunscreen which work on<br />

absorption of the UV rays changing<br />

the light into heat, whereas a physical<br />

sunscreen sits on the surface of the skin<br />

and reflects and scatters the rays away<br />

from the skin.<br />

Educate your customers on the what the<br />

SPF means. SPF is your personal sun<br />

protection factor. So, if you were to go<br />

out into the sun without protect how long<br />

would it be before you could feel the heat<br />

in your skin? For Fitzpatrick types 1-2 it<br />

would be 5-7 mins, for Fitz 3-4 10-20, Fitz<br />

5-6 longer is a general guideline. Once<br />

you know this score then the protection<br />

factor is number of minutes x the SPF<br />

rating = your protection. This is where the<br />

real education starts because it does not<br />

matter how many minutes you have the<br />

maximum protection you will get from<br />

the UV rays is 120mintues. So, our clients<br />

need to be reapplying every 2 hours<br />

regardless. If they have been in the water<br />

they need to reapply, if they have been<br />

sweating after a run they need to reapply.<br />

Some common mistake people make<br />

with their sunscreen are keeping it for<br />

too long and not being aware of which<br />

sunscreen will work best with their skin<br />

type and lifestyle.<br />

Sunscreen should be used within 12<br />

months of opening as a standard rule, but<br />

check the manufacturers guidelines just<br />

to be sure. A good service to offer your<br />

clients who have purchased sunscreen<br />

from your business is to remind them via<br />

text when it is due to be renewed.<br />

With sunscreen needing to be applied<br />

every couple of hours (at least), many<br />

clients won’t want to have to reapply over<br />

make-up, etc. This is where a mineral<br />

powder foundation or a mineral powder<br />

sunscreen is useful, as it can be reapplied<br />

without disrupting make-up.<br />

Please always remind your clients, friends<br />

and family that sunscreen should be part<br />

of their daily routine. Even though we<br />

don’t get burnt in winter, the rays are still<br />

present. We also now know that there<br />

is a fourth ray damaging our skin: HEV<br />

(High Energy Visible light). This comes<br />

from phones, computers, televisions and<br />

artificial light and can cause deep dermal<br />

damage to skin.<br />

For those who enjoy winter sports like<br />

skiing, particularly if taking place at<br />

higher altitudes, remember your skin will<br />

need additional protection, so it’s extra<br />

important to reapply sunscreen every<br />

two hours. Hint: Carry a mineral powder<br />

so you don’t need to keep taking off<br />

your gloves.<br />

When it comes to storing sunscreen,<br />

don’t leave it sitting for weeks (or<br />

months) inside your hot vehicle. Ideally<br />

it needs to be stored under 30°C. If<br />

you’re going to the beach, keep it in your<br />

chilly bin, and if you’re in the car, keep it<br />

in a chilly bag.<br />

Here’s to keeping ourselves and our<br />

customers educated around being<br />

sun safe, knowing how to choose the<br />

correct sunscreens for their individual<br />

needs, and the correct way to store<br />

their sunscreens. We can all play a role<br />

in hopefully bringing down the rate of<br />

melanoma in New Zealand.<br />

By<br />

Kim Ryan<br />

Passionate about skin,<br />

knowledge and training, Kim<br />

Ryan is a trained nurse and<br />

beauty therapist who founded<br />

Advanced Derma Care. She<br />

is also an executive board<br />

member of the New Zealand<br />

Registered Beauty Therapy<br />

Association (including two<br />

terms as President).

Inspiration<br />

Handbag<br />

essentials<br />

Some things in life deserve to be enjoyed on repeat.<br />

With this in mind, we’ve put together some of our<br />

favourite everyday essentials that accompany us for<br />

work and play, and all the moments in between.<br />

Wellbeing<br />

Boost<br />

For an instant pick-meup,<br />

treat yourself to the<br />

great tasting vitamin<br />

effervescent range<br />

from Healtheries’ Boost<br />

collection. Support<br />

your daily vitamin<br />

intake with a choice of<br />

five variations (we never<br />

leave home without the Boost Vit Bs + Vit C,<br />

or Boost Magnesium). Healtheries.co.nz<br />

Brush On Block Lip Oil<br />

Forget carting several different lipsticks around<br />

in your bag. This absolute game changer takes<br />

care of protecting your lips (SPF32) whilst<br />

nourishing, hydrating and adding a burst<br />

of shine. Choose from Nude, Coral or Fig,<br />

as well as the satisfaction of knowing that<br />

your delicate lip skin is also being protected<br />

against Blue Light damage from screens.<br />

Houseofcamille.co.nz<br />

Saben<br />

The perfect finishing touch to any<br />

look, Saben bags are exquisitely<br />

designed for everyday pleasure.<br />

This iconic New Zealand brand<br />

is unashamedly dedicated<br />

to aesthetic beauty; both in<br />

form and function. Saben also<br />

proudly champions conscious<br />

manufacturing. This season’s AW24<br />

collection embraces the everchanging<br />

seasons and continues<br />

the Saben legacy of stylish luxury<br />

leather. Saben.co.nz<br />

Westman Atelier<br />

Liquid Super<br />

Loaded Tint<br />

When your appearance needs<br />

a quick supercharge, this<br />

lightweight sheer complexion<br />

enhancer adds life to skin in an<br />

instant. It the ultimate go-to<br />

for shimmering healthy skin,<br />

with multidimensional pearls<br />

reflecting light for an instant<br />

glow, while also letting your<br />

true skin shine through.<br />

Wear alone, under<br />

foundation or as a<br />

liquid highlighter.<br />

Mecca.com<br />

Alivio Pro-Collagen Eye Mask<br />

There’s nothing like a quick midday pick-me-up before a<br />

busy work meeting or event. These Alivio beauties revive<br />

tired eyes in minutes. A potent blend of aloe vera, glycolic<br />

acid, green tea and cucumber extracts help combat<br />

puffiness and give eyes some instant love and care.<br />

Aliviowellness.com.au<br />

86<br />


Stay Mindful<br />

Keep a physical connection<br />

to mindfulness with you at all<br />

times, with this Ed&I Mindfulness<br />

Journal. Journalling can be an<br />

important part of self-care,<br />

helping with reminders around<br />

gratitude, purpose and positivity.<br />

Ednibod.com<br />

Victoria Curtis<br />

Luxe Lashes<br />

If you don’t have time for a full<br />

glam look for an unexpected<br />

event, keep a pair of Curtis<br />

Collection Luxe Lashes handy<br />

for an instant pop of drama.<br />

Available in four styles, they’re<br />

quick and easy to apply and are<br />

designed to enhance and define<br />

eyes. Sisterhoodbeauty.co.nz

Skincare<br />

SKIN<br />


Our skin is the body’s largest organ<br />

and is the first line of defence against<br />

damaging external aggressors, which is<br />

why we need to protect it.<br />

Maintaining an optimum level of<br />

hydration year-round is key to helping<br />

safeguard the skin’s barrier function<br />

which can often be compromised in<br />

the face of environmental stressors,<br />

particularly in the harsh warmer summer<br />

and autumn months.<br />

Effects from exposure to humidity, UV<br />

rays, air conditioning, chlorine, saltwater<br />

from the beach, pollutants and lifestyle<br />

are likely to be exacerbated by dry skin.<br />

Dehydrated skin often means an<br />

impaired skin barrier, trans epidermal<br />

water loss and susceptibility to<br />

environmental damage, which can<br />

lead to an increase in the appearance<br />

of visible lines and wrinkles, flaking<br />

skin and reduced appearance of skin<br />

elasticity and firmness.<br />

A simple solution of course is to ensure<br />

you drink plenty of water. Beneficial<br />

for the entire body, inside and out,<br />

adequate water intake is not only vital<br />

for overall health but also to help protect<br />

against dry skin.<br />

However, it is also important to<br />

supplement skin hydration topically<br />

with high-quality skincare. Well<br />

hydrated skin is healthy-looking<br />

skin. To ensure optimal hydration,<br />

look for products that provide deep<br />

moisturising benefits to keep skin<br />

looking and feeling visibly supple and<br />

smooth, radiant and glowing.<br />

Skincare tips from iS CLINICAL include<br />

the following skin saviour advice:<br />

1. Swap out your moisturiser<br />

During warmer months, swap<br />

a highly-occlusive moisturiser<br />

for a lighter formulation. This is<br />

particularly beneficial for blemishprone<br />

skin as the combination<br />

of heat, sweat and oil with an<br />

occlusive moisturiser may lead to<br />

breakouts.<br />

iS CLINICAL experts recommend<br />

Eclipse SPF 50: a unique fusion of<br />

scientifically advanced physical<br />

UV filters – transparent Titanium<br />

Dioxide and micronized Zinc Oxide<br />

– coupled with pure Vitamin E. An<br />

antioxidant-rich blend, Eclipse SPF<br />

50 provides water-resistant broadspectrum<br />

UVA/UVB protection<br />

with an ultra-sheer, lightweight<br />

formula that absorbs quickly.<br />

2. Source a serum<br />

Harness happy, healthy-looking<br />

skin on the face and body with a<br />

deeply hydrating serum featuring<br />

hyaluronic acid. A naturally<br />

occurring humectant, hyaluronic<br />

acid attracts and retains moisture<br />

more than 1000 times its own<br />

weight, leaving the complexion<br />

looking hydrated, nourished and<br />

supple. When hyaluronic acid<br />

is combined with niacinamide<br />

(vitamin B3) they work in synergy<br />

to enhance one another's<br />

moisturising properties and<br />

prevent trans epidermal<br />

water loss.<br />

iS CLINICAL recommends<br />

Poly-Vitamin Serum: an intensive,<br />

revitalising formula that delivers a<br />

powerful combination of essential<br />

vitamins, bio-nutrients and agedefying<br />

antioxidants, including<br />

hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. It<br />

provides deep hydration and helps<br />

improve the overall integrity of<br />

the skin.<br />

iS CLINICAL recommend Youth<br />

Body Serum: a refreshing<br />

lightweight serum mist that<br />

provides powerful hydration<br />

plus antioxidant protection<br />

against damaging environmental<br />

aggressors. Designed specifically<br />

for the body, it features the<br />

purest form of Hyaluronic Acid,<br />

potent extracts of Watermelon,<br />

Blue Microalgae, Liquorice<br />

Root and Holy Herb, combined<br />

with essential Vitamin B5<br />

and iS Clinical’s proprietary<br />

Extremozymes® to deliver a<br />

nourishing body treatment that<br />

leaves skin feeling fresh, soft and<br />

deeply hydrated.<br />

3. When the sun goes down<br />

We are all aware of the<br />

detrimental effects the sun's UV<br />

rays can have on the skin, from<br />

sunburn and premature skin<br />

ageing to increased risk of skin<br />

cancer, which is why applying<br />

sunscreen is non-negotiable.<br />

However, what you put on your<br />

skin post-exposure to the sun is<br />

also important. While it may not<br />

reverse skin damage, a highquality<br />

hydrating and soothing<br />

skincare product will address the<br />

after-effects of dryness, redness<br />

and sensitivity experienced from<br />

sun exposure.<br />

iS CLINICAL experts recommend<br />

Hydra-Cool Serum: a refreshing,<br />

powerful, penetrating serum that<br />

cools, calms and soothes the<br />

look and feel of dry, irritated skin.<br />

Combining superior antioxidants<br />

with essential botanicals and bionutrients<br />

to rejuvenate, hydrate,<br />

and visibly soothe the skin, while<br />

providing antioxidant protection.<br />

Isclinical.com.au<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />




The golden solution to dull skin, this Guerlain<br />

Radiance Booster Primer trilogy offers three<br />

primers infused with a hint of 24-karat gold.<br />

Choose from yellow gold, pink gold or white<br />

gold to bring a shot of radiance suited to every<br />

skin tone. Guerlain.com<br />

Absolute gold – this shimmering mineral<br />

eyeshadow can be used for subtle<br />

elegance or intense drama. The choice<br />

is yours. Rich golden pigments offer<br />

prolonged wear and an impeccable finish<br />

that stays vibrant throughout the day (or<br />

evening). Bellavicosemetics.com<br />


heroes<br />

Flawless skin and shimmering highlights<br />

set the tone for autumn beauty<br />



A truly multi-tasking<br />

concealer that helps disguise<br />

the appearance of redness,<br />

pigmentation, age spots and<br />

discolouration. This full coverage<br />

formula offers flawless coverage<br />

under eyes with a long-lasting<br />

silky matte finish. Brightening<br />

and anti-ageing ingredients help<br />

leave eyes looking refreshed.<br />

Sisterhoodbeauty.co.nz<br />


Enjoy a natural skin glow, with this creamy and hydrating<br />

liquid mineral foundation. Offering a long-lasting and<br />

full-coverage base, whilst still allowing skin to breathe, the<br />

formulation also assists in healing and protecting, while<br />

flawlessly concealing. Plus it offers UVA+B protection.<br />

Saintminerals.com<br />


Multi-dimensional highlighters which elevate<br />

any look with instant shimmer and sparkle. This<br />

powder highlighter blends like a dream and is full<br />

of shine, plus is lusciously smooth and buttery<br />

to apply, and packed with pigment. Wear as<br />

an everyday highlighter or apply to brow bone<br />

and cupid’s bow for some extra va va voom.<br />

Basalajbeauty.com<br />

88<br />


Beauty<br />

Special occasion<br />

MAKE UP<br />

Whether you're the bride, a wedding guest or<br />

preparing for a special event, these makeup<br />

looks are suitable for any occasion and are<br />

designed to celebrate your natural beauty.<br />

Smooth Affair® Illuminating Glow Face Primer<br />

PurePressed® Base SPF 15 - Cognac<br />

Pommisst Hydration Spray<br />

PureBrow Shaping Pencil - Soft Black<br />

Mystikol® Powdered Eyeliner Onyx - Jet Black<br />

Beyond Lash® Volumizing Mascara - Black Ink<br />

PureBronze Matte Bronzer Refill - Dark ColorLuxe<br />

Hydrating Cream Lipstick - Rosebud<br />

PurePressed® Blush - Sunset<br />

Glow Time® Blush Stick - Afterglow<br />

Luminous Glow<br />

This Luminous Glow makeup look from jane iredale<br />

features defined brows, bold eyeliner, long lashes,<br />

golden apricot cheeks and rosy peach lips.It’s the<br />

perfect go-to for glowing skin beauty.<br />

jane iredale products used<br />


Soft +<br />

subtle<br />

This lusciously feminine bridal makeup look<br />

focuses on defined brows, soft glamorous<br />

eyeshadow, pink shimmer cheeks, and neutral<br />

rosy lips. It’s a soft and subtle look which can<br />

be worn year round for any special event.<br />

jane iredale products used:<br />

Smooth Affair® Brightening Face Primer<br />

Enlighten Plus TM Under-Eye Concealer No. 1<br />

PurePressed Base® SPF 20 - Riviera<br />

Pommisst TM Hydration Spray<br />

PureBrow TM Shaping Pencil - Med Brown<br />

PurePressed® Eyeshadow Palette - Naturally Glam<br />

Mystikol Powder eyeliner - Dark Topaz<br />

BeyondLash® Mascara<br />

Glow Time® Blush Sticks - Fervor & Mist<br />

ColorLuxe Hydrating Cream Lipstick - Magnolia<br />

Lip Pencil – Rose<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


Beauty NEWS<br />

AUTUMN<br />

BEAUTY<br />

Lipstick Queen Karen<br />

Murrell shares her insights<br />

around what’s going to be on<br />

everyone’s lips this <strong>Autumn</strong>.<br />

This <strong>Autumn</strong>, we’re bucking the trend<br />

and going against the grain of the usual<br />

berries and browns. As the months<br />

cool, our makeup colour palette is not<br />

predicted to follow suit. Bright colours<br />

are set to reign supreme this season;<br />

Expect to see bold and bright eyeliners,<br />

lip colours and for those who dare,<br />

brightly hued hair.<br />

There is also a new term titled "soft<br />

grunge" which allows for a more soft,<br />

modern twist on the harsher looks<br />

of the 90’s which encapsulates last<br />

season’s darker liners and brown lips,<br />

and recreates them using more muted,<br />

barely there glosses and softer brown lip<br />

colours. Healthy, glowing skin still reigns<br />

over the matte look, and encourages us<br />

to put the emphasis on great skincare<br />

and natural looks, rather than the<br />

application of thick foundation. There’s<br />

also a kind of “cute girl" beauty look<br />

which looks like rose cheeks, doll like<br />

lashes and soft feathery brows which<br />

we’re seeing a lot of online. " Soft glam"<br />

is a new term I like. We all need a bit of<br />

glam in our lives even if it’s soft, and it<br />

looks like natural, balanced makeup but<br />

elevated - think glazed cheeks, lined<br />

lips paired with a soft gloss or Lip Tint,<br />

feathered brows and elevated lashes.<br />

If you’re daring and opting to rock the<br />

bold lip colours this season, I advise<br />

balancing the colour and pairing<br />

them with the same well-groomed<br />

feathered eyebrows and elevated<br />

lashes.<br />

I’m absolutely thrilled with the<br />

reception our freshly illustrated boxes<br />

have received, and we are starting<br />

to see an immediate lift in the colour<br />

21 Fiery Ruby, this shade sold out!<br />

16 Lavender Laughter is also proving<br />

to be very popular, and the colour 21<br />

Blushing Rose (a pink nude) has also<br />

gained very strong ground again.<br />

This season you’ll find me loving<br />

16 Lavender laughter, and I’ve been<br />

alternating it with 23 Blushing Rose<br />

which I wear on my lips and as a blush<br />

on my cheeks.<br />

Above: Karen Murrell Fuchsia Shock, Rymba<br />

Rhythm and Passion create this seasons bright<br />

bold lip looks perfectly.<br />


Above: Karen Murrell Coconut Infusion Lip Tint,<br />

Island Illusion Lip Tint and Orchid Bloom create<br />

this seasons ‘Soft Glam’ trend.<br />

Above: Karen Murrell Lavender Laughter, Fiery<br />

Ruby, and Blushing Rose are proving to be best<br />


Beauty<br />


Treat your lips to intense overnight<br />

hydration. This delicious Black Cherry Lip<br />

Mask with Bakuchiol is rich and buttery, melting deep into your<br />

lips overnight to provide long lasting, intense moisturisation.<br />

Sisterhoodbeauty.co.nz<br />


Luxurious lip love in its ultimate form, this decadent collection of<br />

Henné Organics Lip Tints adds a wash of colour to enhance your<br />

natural lip (whilst also deeply moisturising). (Bonus – they can also be<br />

used as a cheek tint!). For the complete Henné Organics experience,<br />

treat your lips to the range of exfoliators also. Henneorganics.co.nz<br />



A true ‘salve’ balm: works to<br />

replenish, repair, nourish and<br />

hydrate dry and damaged lips<br />

while helping reduce chapping.<br />

Ingredients include shea butter<br />

and boosted Thalgo cold cream<br />

marine complex with marine<br />

pro-ceramide. Thalgo.co.nz<br />

love<br />

Lip<br />

Often a smile is one of the first things people notice about<br />

each other, hence the attention paid to keeping lips lush,<br />

hydrated and nourished. Try these lip treats for some<br />

moments of self-care, as well as impressive results.<br />

ED&I OMG<br />


Made in New Zealand,<br />

this ultra lightweight<br />

formula of luxurious<br />

red vanilla frosting<br />

gives lips a delectable<br />

hint of colour and<br />

shimmer. Offers<br />

antioxidant protection<br />

and anti-aging<br />

properties along with<br />

moisturisation and<br />

gloss. Ednibod.com<br />



Skincare meets makeup,<br />

with this new Lipstick<br />

Crayon range harnessing<br />

the skincare benefits of<br />

gamma oryzanol (ferulic<br />

acid) in a natural twoin-one<br />

chubby lipstick.<br />

Providing all-day wear,<br />

these high-pigment delights<br />

serve as both a lip liner and full<br />

coverage demi-matte lipstick, with<br />

a soft focus effect. lukbeautifood.com<br />



A multitasking, cosmeceutical<br />

lip treatment developed with<br />

a powerhouse of ceramides and<br />

advanced actives to instantly plump<br />

and target common lip concerns.<br />

including lip volume, vertical lines,<br />

dryness, and dehydration. Formulated<br />

to deeply nourish, hydrate,<br />

and enhance lip definition.<br />

aspectskincare.com<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />



Spotlight on:<br />

We’re celebrating New Zealand brands, from those you may be familiar<br />

with, to some perhaps new on your radar. <strong>BeautyNZ</strong> has long been a<br />

proud supporter of Kiwi businesses, Kiwi brands and products.<br />

HOLSKI<br />

Wellington-based sisters-in-law Jill and<br />

Emma Hughes came up with the idea<br />

for their beauty brand Holski (a blend<br />

of the words holistic and skincare) after<br />

discussing studies that showed that<br />

when effective ingredients are both<br />

ingested and applied topically to the<br />

skin, better results are achieved than<br />

using them separately.<br />

The pair spent a significant amount<br />

of time working with a top skincare<br />

cosmetic chemist and herbalist to<br />

formulate the range, creating Holski's<br />

simple two-step system; top-quality<br />

ingestible collagen supplement<br />

Collagen Beauty Builder and single<br />

skincare product Collagen Activation<br />

Hydrator.<br />

The New Zealand made range<br />

of 'Supplemetics' (a marriage of<br />

supplements and cosmetics) is<br />

designed to achieve maximum results<br />

from minimum products. Providing<br />

a dermatologically tested offering<br />

Holski founders Emma and Jill Hughes<br />

of age specific formulas, ingestible<br />

collagen and topical collagen are<br />

utilised together to supercharge the<br />

regeneration and rejuvenation<br />

of skin.<br />

Holski’s two products are<br />

available in three versions;<br />

20+, 35+ and 50+ - with agespecific<br />

formulas designed<br />

to meet the changing<br />

needs of skin as it ages.<br />

“In our twenties, our<br />

bodies are running at their<br />

most optimal performance,<br />

so it’s all about protection.<br />

As we get older, the focus<br />

shifts to replenishment and<br />

repair. As we age further, cell<br />

communication slows down and<br />

environmental factors take their<br />

toll,” explains Jill.<br />

“Holski formulations get stronger and<br />

have slightly different ingredients as you<br />

step through the different age levels to<br />

match a person’s age and stage of life.<br />

For example, our 50+ has three-times<br />

more signalling peptides than our 20+<br />

age level because our cells are still<br />

communicating quickly at that age.”<br />

Holski take a holistic approach, with<br />

the two products when used together<br />

designed to work from the insideout,<br />

and the outside-in, utilising a<br />

supplement meets cosmetic approach,<br />

hence its trademarked use of the term<br />

‘Supplemetics’.<br />

Holski products are available online<br />

from holski.com and from an expanding<br />

network of stockists nationwide.<br />

92<br />



Spotlight on:<br />

RAAIE founder<br />

Katey Mandy<br />

RAAIE<br />

Botanical skincare brand RAAIE<br />

(pronounced ray) shot to popularity in<br />

2022 following the launch of its first<br />

two products - Morning Dew, a morning<br />

vitamin C serum and Yellow Moonbeam,<br />

an evening retinal elixir.<br />

More recent additions to this now awardwinning<br />

active skincare brand are its<br />

luscious tinted SPF50+ sunscreen, Sun<br />

Milk Drops; and Cocoon Ceramide Cream,<br />

designed to hydrate and protect skin.<br />

Having spent 11 years working in the<br />

fashion and beauty industries in London<br />

and New York, founder Katey Mandy’s<br />

return to New Zealand saw her inspired<br />

to create her own brand, harnessing<br />

the power of some of Aotearoa’s most<br />

resilient and antioxidant rich plants,<br />

and backed by the latest ingredients in<br />

cosmeceutical science.<br />

Katey teamed up with carefully selected<br />

native ingredient specialists and scientists<br />

to select New Zealand’s most active and<br />

effective ingredients.<br />

“Aotearoa is a goldmine of plants and<br />

sea botanicals that are some of the<br />

most bio actively rich in the world,” says<br />

Katey. “We embrace a holistic approach<br />

that harnesses the power of the natural<br />

world with the hard learned knowledge of<br />

science.”<br />

RAAIE has been a trend setter since it<br />

launched, both for its luxury skincare<br />

and for its unique minimalist packaging<br />

in sculptural, stone-like vessels (well<br />

ahead of similar concepts by other global<br />

brands).<br />

The word RAAIE comes from Ra, both the<br />

ancient Egyptian sun god, as well as the<br />

Māori word for sun, and ray of light.<br />

“RAAIE is an ode to our complicated<br />

relationship with the sun. We adore her,<br />

we worship her warmth and light, but she<br />

makes us look wrinkly and old. It’s like a<br />

toxic relationship with your ex; we know<br />

she’s damaging us, but we can’t stay<br />

away.<br />

“80% of ageing is due to the effects of<br />

the sun, and yet, we shouldn’t hide from<br />

the sun out of fear of ageing. The sun<br />

is a literal force of life-giving energy. It<br />

is essential to our existence. It’s good<br />

for our mood. It's good for our immune<br />

systems. It’s good for our gut. It regulates<br />

melatonin, which regulates sleep, which<br />

regulates skin repair.<br />

“There is no such thing as good skin<br />

without the sun. We do, however, need<br />

the right skincare and this is the driving<br />

force behind our proven skin-regenerating<br />

clean cosmeceuticals.”<br />

RAAIE is available at raaie.co.nz and at<br />

retailers across New Zealand.<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />



Spotlight on:<br />

PURE<br />

MAMA<br />

The driving force behind a number of<br />

successful businesses has been a desire<br />

to find a high-quality product for a<br />

personal need.<br />

When Lara Henderson was pregnant<br />

with her first child in 2018, she was both<br />

surprised and frustrated by the lack of<br />

natural, high-quality pregnancy-specific<br />

body products available, especially<br />

considering that the skin undergoes<br />

significant changes during this time and<br />

requires extra support.<br />

Now with two beautiful children, her early<br />

search has become a thriving business:<br />

PURE MAMA; specialising in pregnancy<br />

skincare.<br />

94<br />

"After tirelessly searching for the right<br />

products, I was not only overwhelmed<br />

with conflicting information on the<br />

safety of ingredients but was shocked<br />

by the amount of synthetic ingredients<br />

and fragrances that were been used,”<br />

she says.<br />

“This coupled with an outdated market<br />

landscape that failed to acknowledge the<br />

complexity of motherhood, especially<br />

around the physical, psychological and<br />

emotional changes women go through,<br />


led me to start change in the pregnancy<br />

skincare industry.<br />

“It was clear that design led, effective<br />

products targeting modern mothers<br />

did not exist and it was my calling to do<br />

something about it.<br />

"My intention is not only to support<br />

women on their journey with high-quality<br />

skincare they can trust, but to encourage<br />

women to take a moment to connect<br />

with their bodies throughout pregnancy."<br />

Pure Mama has evolved naturally and<br />

organically. The range now encompasses<br />

everything from the hero Belly Oil to a<br />

Magnesium Body Rub, Bump<br />

Scrub and Nipple Butter.<br />

“Our hero product is our<br />

Belly Oil and we recently<br />

launched Deluxe 10ml<br />

minis of this product that<br />

have been quite the hit.<br />

“Our most recent product<br />

is the Magnesium Body<br />

Rub, the first of its kind<br />

in this space. It’s been<br />

incredibly popular and is<br />

expertly formulated using<br />

both Magnesium & SyriCalm (a natural<br />

skin anti-inflammatory) to help ease<br />

discomfort, promote muscle relaxation,<br />

and encourage skin suppleness during the<br />

second and third trimester of pregnancy<br />

(or anytime!).”<br />

With plans and development underway<br />

to launch four new products later this<br />

year, Lara is passionate about continuing<br />

to support women through all phases of<br />

their pregnancies and beyond.<br />

“There's no denying it: pregnancy is a<br />

roller coaster of emotions, thoughts,<br />

and feelings. One minute, you are so<br />

overwhelmed with joy and excitement,<br />

the next, you are wondering how<br />

you are going to get through the day.<br />

While no two pregnancy journeys are<br />

the same, this conflict of emotions is<br />

something that unifies us all. We call it the<br />

#pregnancyparadox.<br />

“PURE MAMA is here for the women who<br />

are on this wild ride. To normalize both<br />

sides, to embrace both feelings, and<br />

ultimately, to create a safe space to be<br />

honest about the pregnancy journey we<br />

all experience.”<br />



Spotlight on:<br />


Embodyme<br />

founder<br />

Sarah Reid<br />

Women are often the first to take care<br />

of others, and the last to take care of<br />

themselves. Embodyme is on a mission<br />

to change that.<br />

Having launched with a range of four<br />

signature nurturing body oils made<br />

from powerful plant-based ingredients,<br />

Embodyme is a collection of carefully<br />

curated body care that empowers<br />

women to prioritise self-care and<br />

reconnect with their body and mind<br />

through daily rituals.<br />

Driven by a deep understanding of<br />

the demands and challenges faced by<br />

modern women, Embodyme founder<br />

Sarah Reid was propelled to create a<br />

brand that transcends conventional<br />

beauty norms.<br />

With a background in luxury beauty<br />

brands (such as Bulgari, L'Oréal,<br />

Kerastase and Lancôme) and<br />

qualifications as a health coach, Sarah<br />

created Embodyme as a powerful<br />

reminder that self-care is a necessity, not<br />

an indulgence.<br />

Embodyme’s Nurturing Body Oils serve<br />

as a precious moment to slow down,<br />

connect with yourself and appreciate<br />

your body.<br />

Thoughtfully named Peace, Joy, Courage<br />

and Kindness, each oil is crafted from<br />

the highest quality ingredients nature<br />

has to offer, guided by science, and<br />

designed to stimulate the senses, deeply<br />

nourish skin and nurture the mind; with<br />

unique signature aroma blends that<br />

evoke feelings of peace, joy, courage or<br />

kindness with every use.<br />

“It’s time to appreciate that caring for<br />

ourselves is not selfish - it’s an act of<br />

love and strength that positively impacts<br />

everyone around us,” says Sarah.<br />

“Embodyme believes women should<br />

unapologetically prioritise self-care<br />

beyond just products for the skin, so<br />

our aim is to inspire women to embody<br />

the best version of themselves and<br />

embrace moments of self care everyday<br />

to reconnect.”<br />

Inspired by her own personal wellbeing<br />

journey and desire to share her passion<br />

for wellness, through Embodyme, Sarah<br />

aims to shift the paradigm for self-care<br />

from the traditional view of being seen<br />

as an indulgence to recognising it as an<br />

essential necessity for overall wellbeing.<br />

Embodymedaily.com<br />

AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />



A feast of fresh reads; Set aside some time to indulge<br />

in the pages of delicious new book releases.<br />

Be Kind To Your Mind<br />

By Julia Grace<br />

Jelly Buddy Publishing, $29.99<br />

What Can I Bring?<br />

By Sophie Hansen<br />

Murdoch Books, $55<br />

The Healthy Skin Kitchen<br />

By Karen Fischer BHSc, Dip.Nut<br />

Exisle Publishing, $39.99<br />

Hot on the heels of The Eczema Detox, comes<br />

best-selling author Karen Fisher’s wonderfully<br />

informative The Healthy Skin Kitchen. This<br />

inspirational array of recipes and tips for<br />

helping create radiant skin from the inside out<br />

is packed with mouth-watering allergy-friendly<br />

recipes. There’s also a wealth of information<br />

around ingredients, nutrition and helping<br />

nurture and care for your immune system:<br />

from reducing the chemicals in your diet to the<br />

mind-skin connection, inflammation and the<br />

vagus nerve. For anyone who’s ever struggled<br />

with skin or sensitivity issues, it’s a vital<br />

educational tool.<br />

Whatever your lifestyle, it’s fair to assume<br />

that most of us experience a ‘wobbly day’<br />

(often on a regular basis). Author Julia<br />

Grace offers honest and well-researched<br />

practical tools for mental health and<br />

wellbeing, sharing her own experiences<br />

and challenges. Each chapter comes with<br />

bite sized nuggets of information as well<br />

as useful worksheets and activities. It’s<br />

perfectly set up to read cover to cover, or<br />

to dip into at your leisure when looking for<br />

help in testing times. (Pro-Tip: read with<br />

a highlighter in hand to capture advice<br />

which really resonates so you can easily<br />

reference it).<br />

That flustered moment of ‘What Can I<br />

Bring’ need strike fear into your heart<br />

no longer. Sophie Hansen shares an<br />

absolutely winning line up of ideas<br />

for every occasion, from shared office<br />

morning tea to salads of substance,<br />

biscuits for the tin and celebration cakes.<br />

There are also suggestions for a family<br />

banquet, potluck dinner and crowd<br />

pleasers, so you’ll never be caught short<br />

of inspiration again. There’s a deep<br />

sense of joy around these approachable<br />

recipes, all perfect for shared gatherings,<br />

and likely to ignite your enthusiasm for<br />

entertaining.<br />

The Habit Revolution<br />

By Dr Gina Cleo<br />

Murdoch Books, $37.99<br />

The Simple Dinner Edit<br />

By Nicole Maguire<br />

MacMillan Publishing, $44.95<br />

Invigorate your mealtimes by embracing<br />

refreshingly simple recipes, while overhauling<br />

your everyday cooking routine at the same<br />

time. Decluttering expert Nicole Maguire<br />

serves up quick-result meals such as cheat’s<br />

laksa and one-pan peanut chicken, alongside<br />

ideas for flavour-bombing pantry staples like<br />

rice and noodles. As well as valuable insights<br />

into meal planning, Nicole shares tips for<br />

saving money on grocery shopping (yes<br />

please) and keeping your kitchen (and cooking<br />

space) more streamlined.<br />

A helping hand to rewire your brain and work towards<br />

changing lifetime habits: whether unwanted patterns or a<br />

lack of motivation or willpower: The Habit Revolution is a<br />

must-read for anyone who aspires to work on themselves<br />

for positive change. Chapters include creating new<br />

habits, mastering motivation and importantly, dealing<br />

with setbacks. Each chapter has a useful summary<br />

section for a quick recap and activities to really cement<br />

new ideas. Dr Gina Cleo is a leading habit researcher who<br />

shares practical insights, inspiring stories and surprisingly<br />

simple activities to try in your own space.<br />


Lifestyle<br />

FRESH<br />

FINDS<br />

It’s hard not to be tempted by the thrill of a shopping spree, but with a growing trend<br />

towards shopping more thoughtfully, we’re celebrating brands which pride quality,<br />

design aesthetic and long-term use over a quick-fire trend.<br />

A Strong Showing<br />

Workout and enjoy life with confidence,<br />

with the impressive new fashion-forward<br />

athleisure range from a partnership<br />

between iconic brand The Upside and<br />

fast-growing fitness franchise STRONG<br />

Pilates. Designed to encourage high<br />

performance and everyday style and<br />

comfort – from studio to street, the<br />

beautifully crafted collection utilises<br />

100% cotton, sustainably focused<br />

fabrics for sweat-free sophistication and<br />

breathable quick drying comfort. It’s<br />

also addictively comfortable to wear and<br />

offers a perfect relaxed sophistication.<br />

The STRONG x The Upside Collaboration<br />

is a limited-edition collection grounded<br />

in authenticity.<br />

Best Foot Forward<br />

Once upon a time, we needed to<br />

choose between all-day foot comfort<br />

or style. Thanks to modern design and<br />

technology innovation, the two are no<br />

longer mutually exclusive. Case in point:<br />

the New Balance Made in USA seasonal<br />

collection. In stylish shades of grey,<br />

accented with black and white, they’re<br />

the perfect fit for any occasion, and<br />

ideal to take you straight from work to<br />

any social setting. The New Balance 990<br />

style colourways include maize, winter<br />

fog, sandstone, macadamia nut and<br />

arctic grey, offering a fresh perspective<br />

on timeless New Balance classics.<br />

Luxe Carry All<br />

Creating the perfect mix of practicality<br />

and desirability, with stylish design,<br />

is a rare achievement. Yet Australian<br />

sisters Coraline and Célia Dufroux have<br />

done just this with the launch of their<br />

luxe vegan leather bag – complete<br />

with a built-in liquid bladder (perfect<br />

for motherhood, work trips and<br />

festival time – take your pick!). The<br />

Fae is designed under their brand<br />

Okumé Australia and features cleverly<br />

concealed compartments for your<br />

laptop, personal items and up to 1 litre<br />

of liquids with an insulated pocket.<br />

With its soft vegan leather exterior and<br />

beautiful red nylon lining, it’s fitting for<br />

every aspect of your lifestyle.<br />




AUTUMN <strong>2024</strong> EDITION<br />


THElast<br />

WORD<br />

98<br />

A lifelong passion for skin health has<br />

seen Monique Edmond enjoy more<br />

than 30 years in the beauty industry<br />

as a beauty therapist, aromatherapist,<br />

spa therapist, business development<br />

manager and trainer. As founder of<br />

Live Deeply – Mind.Body.Skin, a beauty<br />

distribution business and flagship spa<br />

(based in Christchurch), Monique is<br />

dedicated to helping people throughout<br />

New Zealand create and maintain<br />

vibrant, healthy skin through daily rituals<br />

and quality products.<br />

Q. What is your professional background?<br />

A.<br />

Q.<br />

I started my journey at The New<br />

Zealand Beauty Therapy College, then<br />

pursued Marketing and Advertising<br />

diplomas. I managed a French<br />

perfumery in Guernsey, working for<br />

renowned brands Clarins, Dior, Chanel<br />

and Georgio Armani. After returning<br />

to NZ, I became National Events<br />

Manager for Estée Lauder. Following<br />

this I raised three children and worked<br />

for Look Good Feel Better as their<br />

workshop tutor. I then spent 12 years<br />

as a Business Development Executive<br />

for Celtine and then ProBeauty.<br />

Eager to spread my wings, I founded<br />

my Live Deeply distribution business<br />

and Live Deeply flagship spa. These<br />

ventures fulfil my dream of providing<br />

customers the best in devices, skin<br />

care and treatments from around<br />

the world, along with experiences<br />

they will cherish. The spa serves<br />

as a hands-on space for product<br />

exploration, retail training and sharing<br />

merchandising tips.<br />

What are some of the brands you<br />

represent?<br />


A.<br />

Q.<br />

A.<br />

GESKE Devices and Skincare,<br />

Algotherm marine cosmeceuticals,<br />

Phi New Zealand-made<br />

cosmeceuticals, Science Skincare<br />

medical grade skin solutions, and<br />

Sasy n Savy vegan organic skincare<br />

and wellbeing products.<br />

What keeps you inspired about the<br />

beauty industry?<br />

The fact it’s ever changing. You never<br />

know what is around the corner with<br />

respect to ingredients, treatments<br />

and devices. My mission is to stay<br />

abreast of new innovations and help<br />

ensure New Zealand businesses stay<br />

at the forefront of the industry.<br />

Q. Who/what inspires you in general?<br />

A.<br />

Monique<br />

Edmond<br />

My inspiration is multifaceted; from my<br />

family to the resilience and courage<br />

of the average person who takes a<br />

chance on themselves. I’m particularly<br />

moved by individuals with a genuine<br />

passion for making a difference. It’s the<br />

stories of everyday people navigating<br />

challenges and pursuing their dreams<br />

that fuel my motivation and drive for<br />

positive change.<br />

Q. How do you start your day?<br />

A.<br />

Q.<br />

A.<br />

Q.<br />

A.<br />

I like to start my day with meditation<br />

then yoga to put me in the right<br />

mindset for the day.<br />

What are some of your greatest<br />

business/personal learnings from the<br />

last two years?<br />

Over the past two years, running<br />

my own business has taught me<br />

valuable lessons. Self-belief is<br />

key, providing the foundation to<br />

overcome challenges and make<br />

confident decisions. Recognising<br />

and appreciating the strength<br />

in people around me has been<br />

crucial. Embracing challenges as<br />

opportunities for growth has built<br />

resilience, preparing me for the next<br />

steps in my entrepreneurial journey.<br />

What is your forecast for <strong>2024</strong><br />

beauty/business/product trends?<br />

As we look ahead to <strong>2024</strong>, the beauty<br />

and business landscape is poised<br />

for a dual trend that addresses the<br />

evolving needs of consumers. On one<br />

hand, there’s a growing demand for<br />

at-home solutions, with an emphasis<br />

on homecare treatment devices as<br />

customers are increasingly seeking<br />

convenient, user-friendly devices that<br />

empower them to achieve effective<br />

results from the comfort of their<br />

homes.<br />

Simultaneously, the importance of inclinic<br />

experiences remains steadfast.<br />

While there is a desire for quick and<br />

impactful treatments, there’s an<br />

equally strong emphasis on creating<br />

a truly relaxing experience. Beauty<br />

businesses are expected to strike a<br />

balance by offering fast, results-driven<br />

treatments alongside an immersive<br />

and indulgent experience for their<br />

clientele.<br />

In essence, the forecast for <strong>2024</strong><br />

envisions a beauty industry that<br />

seamlessly integrates at-home<br />

convenience with in-clinic luxury,<br />

acknowledging the dual desires of<br />

customers for efficient results and a<br />

rejuvenating experience.<br />


Favourite drink: Champagne, love the<br />

taste but more importantly the reasons<br />

to drink it.<br />

Favourite destination: Where there is<br />

music, awesome chat, friends (known<br />

and unknown) and importantly, family.<br />

Favourite Instagram/podcast: Huberman<br />

Lab. Fascinating insights - from medical to<br />

motivational<br />

Favourite movie: Avatar - a visual<br />

extravaganza, with romance, facing fears,<br />

challenges and with life lessons.

Celebrating<br />

30 Beautiful Years<br />

“<br />

It’s always been more than makeup.<br />

Thank you for 30 beautiful years.<br />

”<br />

New Ready to Bloom Anniversary Collection Launching April<br />

Clean makeup can deliver beautiful results.<br />

Long before ‘clean’ there was ‘care’. In 1994 Jane Iredale launched a first-of-its-kind skincare<br />

makeup hybrid that revolutionized the beauty industry. Today, jane iredale remains<br />

the trusted choice of skincare professionals worldwide.<br />

Beauty that can deliver beautiful results. Beauty that can perform without harmful toxins.<br />

Beauty that can strengthen skin with beneficial botanicals.<br />

Beauty that can bring out your absolute best.<br />

For stockist enquiries – info@psb.net.nz www.psb.net.nz<br />



100% VEGAN<br />




THE FLUFF.<br />

PRO-GRADE SINCE 1979.<br />


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