March 24 - Lowveld

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Helene van<br />

der Merwe<br />

Larger than life<br />

An egg-celent<br />

start to the day!<br />

Taking care<br />

of your<br />

pearly whites<br />

Win!<br />

A bottle of Oscar de la<br />

Renta Bella Tropicale<br />

is up for grabs<br />

Stronger<br />

together<br />

Spoil yourself<br />


MARCH 20<strong>24</strong>

BERRY<br />

LOVELY<br />

EGGS<br />

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Why don’t you ...<br />

02 Attend a night market, go for a run,<br />

or rock to some great SA music<br />

04 Enjoy fabulous Easter reads and a sublime wine<br />


06 Gorgeous pastel gingham to inspire<br />

SOcial<br />

08 The fun-fuelled annual Sabie Tube Race was a blast<br />

08 Great food, live music and fun at the Maroela Makiti<br />

09 An excellent turnout for the Sonpark Market<br />

09 The start of Pediatric Care Africa’s 7 000km journey<br />

people<br />

10 We catch up with live wire mum and all-round<br />

go-getter Helene van der Merwe<br />

BEAUTY<br />

14 Sweetly alluring<br />

HEALTH<br />

16 Mountain biking for the sheer joy of it ... and charity<br />

18 The importance of taking care of your pearly whites<br />

FOOD<br />

22 Sublime recipes to kick the day off the right way<br />


26 We chat to the CEO of GRIP in the <strong>Lowveld</strong> and<br />

find out why we are stronger together<br />

TRAVEL<br />

30 Pack your gear and embrace the simplicity of outdoor living<br />

Win<br />

32 A gorgeous floral, fruity fragrance<br />


Helene van der Merwe.<br />

Photographer: Belinda Erasmus - Belle Grace Photography.<br />

Make-up: Zuandri Jonker - Edge Beauty.<br />

Venue: Mediterranean Restaurant, Mbombela.<br />

march 20<strong>24</strong><br />

<strong>March</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 01

A hot date!<br />

Pencil these events into your <strong>March</strong> diary<br />

2Rock on with CrashCarBurn at<br />

Blue Moon. Cash bar and food<br />

stalls available (no ‘bring your own’).<br />

The gates open at 4 pm, tickets<br />

cost R150. Details: Monique on<br />

071 890 2020 (WhatsApp) or<br />

bluemoonlive2@gmail.com<br />

right now<br />

Meander around the<br />

2-3Dullstroom Village Market<br />

and shop the many arts and crafts<br />

while enjoying wine, gin, coffee and<br />

food stalls from 9 to 3 on Saturday and<br />

9 to 2 on Sunday. Even better, fur kids<br />

are welcome! Details: 082 075 4060<br />

2<br />

Don your running shoes and get ready for stunning scenery at the<br />

TRAC N4 Elands Marathon. Choose from the 42.2km (R400), 21.1km<br />

(R250) and 10km ( R100). Details: 078 208 5183<br />

If you have a date for our diary, email the info at least a month in advance to mellissa@getitlowveld.co.za

2-3<br />

Indulge in the splendour of magnificent orchids at the Afri Orchards<br />

Open House. The event is from 8 to 4 on Saturday and 10 to 3 on<br />

Sunday, with a potting demo on Sunday at 2 pm. Entry is free, no<br />

booking required. Details: afriorchids@me.com<br />

It’s time for the annual<br />

7-9three-day Mieliepop music<br />

festival! Like no other experience,<br />

Mieliepop is all about glorious<br />

swimming pools, magnificent lakes,<br />

a rave cave and forest stage and<br />

sweeping lawns. With an incredible<br />

music line-up, this is an event not<br />

to miss! Mieliepop takes place at<br />

the Tolderia Resort in Lothair,<br />

Mpumalanga, and tickets cost R899.<br />

Details: www.mieliepopfestival.co.za<br />

8Enjoy the <strong>Lowveld</strong> by moonnight<br />

at the Elmswood Evening Market,<br />

as you shop the many gorgeous crafts<br />

and delicious food stalls. There will be<br />

a cash bar, live music and a fantastic<br />

vibe! Details: 082 331 0712<br />

Get ready for the annual<br />

23NMC Fast Race 3-in-1 at the<br />

Mbombela Stadium. Options are the<br />

42km, 21km or 10km, from 5 am to<br />

11:30 am. Details: 083 951 0380<br />


Book club<br />

From young love to growing old disgracefully ...<br />

we’ve rounded up some fabulous reads for the Easter weekend<br />

Heather Winterbottom has worked<br />

alongside her husband in their rural<br />

GP practise for 40 years. They’ve<br />

just hung up their stethoscopes ...<br />

but their retirement isn’t all they<br />

thought it would be. She wants to<br />

travel to a Greek island. He wants<br />

to grow a veggie garden. Neither<br />

will compromise ... so he stays with<br />

his spinach, parsnips and pumpkin,<br />

and she heads off for a gap year... all<br />

sun, sea, sand and squid on Ithaca.<br />

Madly funny, hugely enjoyable ... Mrs<br />

Winterbottom Takes a Gap Year<br />

is Joanna Nell’s latest book centred<br />

around growing old disgracefully.<br />

Hodder and Stoughton<br />

04 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>March</strong> 20<strong>24</strong><br />

The Williamson sisters, Josephine and<br />

Penny, are Britain's most treasured World<br />

War II veterans. Now in their nineties, they’re<br />

still in great form, and are in hot demand,<br />

appearing at commemorative events all<br />

over the country. The latest excitement is a<br />

trip to Paris to receive the Légion d'honneur,<br />

accompanied by their devoted greatnephew,<br />

who believes the pair had minor<br />

roles in the Women's Royal Navy and the<br />

First Aid Nursing Yeomanry. But that's only<br />

half the story. There's a reason sweet Auntie<br />

Penny can dispatch a would-be mugger<br />

with a brolly. This trip to Paris is not what it<br />

seems either. Scandal and crime have trailed<br />

the sisters since the war. Now armed with<br />

new information about an old adversary,<br />

these much decorated (but admittedly<br />

ancient) veterans intend to settle scores,<br />

avenge lost friends, and pull off one last<br />

heist. All hidden official secrets and double<br />

lives, CJ Wray’s The Excitements is a funny,<br />

charming, thrilling adventure read. Orion<br />

There are 18 plants and<br />

animals named after him.<br />

When asked by a reporter<br />

how many degrees he<br />

had*, he said it would be<br />

‘rude to count’. The single<br />

thing that would improve<br />

his quality of life would<br />

be ‘good, workable knees’.<br />

In The Wit and Wisdom<br />

of David Attenborough,<br />

which he has not endorsed<br />

and is not affiliated with,<br />

Chas Newkey-Burden has<br />

put together a fascinating<br />

collection of facts, tributes,<br />

quotes and anecdotes.<br />

Running chronologically,<br />

this book begins with his<br />

early days, to his first job<br />

at the BBC, to eventually<br />

becoming the most<br />

esteemed naturalist on<br />

the planet, as he is today.<br />

*More than 30! Gaia<br />

All books available at<br />

Exclusive Books and<br />


Set against the backdrop<br />

of modern Harlem and<br />

Renaissance glamour, A<br />

Love Song for Ricki Wilde<br />

by Tia Williams (Seven<br />

Days in June) is a steamy,<br />

swoon-worthy love story ...<br />

a florist who leaves behind<br />

family wealth to realise her<br />

dream of opening a flower<br />

shop, and an enigmatic<br />

musician ... two artists who<br />

are drawn to the magic of<br />

New York. Quercus<br />

A near-death experience.<br />

A collection of false<br />

memories. A perfect love<br />

story ... albeit one that<br />

didn’t exist. Two sisters, a<br />

vet and a mystery to solve.<br />

Throw in another love<br />

story and you’ve<br />

The Memory of Us by Dani<br />

Atkins ... light and<br />

frivolous for the<br />

long weekend.<br />

Head of Zeus<br />

For YA ...<br />

Set against the backdrop<br />

of Tehran and Los Angeles,<br />

Only This Beautiful<br />

Moment by Abdi Nazemian<br />

is a tale of intergenerational<br />

trauma and love - an ode to<br />

the fragile bonds of family,<br />

the hidden secrets<br />

of history and all the<br />

beautiful moments that<br />

make us who we are today.<br />

Harper Collins<br />

In Kate Thompson’s The<br />

Wartime Book Club, an<br />

island's only librarian is<br />

ordered to destroy books<br />

which threaten the new<br />

regime. Instead, she hides<br />

the stories, and with her best<br />

friend forms the wartime book<br />

club. But as the occupation<br />

drags on, the women's quiet<br />

acts of bravery become more<br />

perilous and they are forced<br />

to face the terrible cost of<br />

resistance. Hodder & Stoughton<br />

In Sophie Kinsella’s The<br />

Burnout, Sasha is well and<br />

truly over it all. Work (allconsuming).<br />

Friendships<br />

(on the back burner).<br />

Sex-life (non-existent).<br />

Armed with good<br />

intentions to drink kale<br />

smoothies and try yoga,<br />

she heads to a seaside<br />

resort. But how can she<br />

commune with nature<br />

when there’s a stressed<br />

out guy sitting on a rock<br />

watching her? A guy who<br />

scoffs at her burnout<br />

cures - manifesting,<br />

wild swimming, secret<br />

Mars bars, preferring<br />

his cure - drinking<br />

whisky. Penguin<br />

All nectarine,<br />

melon, rose petal<br />

and Turkish delight,<br />

the 2023 La<br />

Motte Vin de<br />

Joie Rosé is what<br />

we’ll be drinking<br />

at book club this<br />

month. Pair it with<br />

a leafy salad, some<br />

delicate salmon<br />

or trout, and a<br />

charcuterie board.<br />

R110 from your<br />

local wine store.<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo<br />

<strong>March</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 05

Wish list<br />

Softly softly ... pastel gingham for Easter<br />

Palest peach<br />

scrunchie, R170 for a<br />

pack of three from<br />

lovisajewellery.co.za<br />

Gingham notebook,<br />

R115 from takealot.com<br />

A3 disposable paper<br />

placemat set, R220<br />

from Print On Demand<br />

at takealot.com<br />

Easter lunch table sorted ... Linen House<br />

Oxford check light blue and white<br />

tablecloth in six, eight and ten seater.<br />

From R999 from yuppiechef.com<br />

The Fuchsia is Pink sailor bow tie for<br />

beautiful bitches and handsome<br />

hounds, R150 from lafurmilia.co.za<br />

06 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>March</strong> 20<strong>24</strong>

Mini babydoll dress in fresh<br />

apple green gingham,<br />

R799 from Glamorous<br />

at superbalist.com<br />

• Country Road organically<br />

grown cotton gingham<br />

pyjama set, available<br />

in sizes from 1-2 to 12.<br />

R599 from Country Road<br />

at Woolworths.<br />

Pink gingham 100 per cent washed<br />

cotton duvet cover. R899 from<br />

Phlo Studio at takealot.com<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo<br />

<strong>March</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 07

At the starting point of the Sabie Tube Race<br />

Fun-fuelled<br />

weekend<br />

Danie du Toit, lead<br />

singer of Spoegwolf<br />

The annual Sabie Tube Race was the usual<br />

action-packed weekend with great tubing, fab<br />

local music and a massive charity success!<br />

Marula magic<br />

Held at the Mbombela Stadium, the 20<strong>24</strong> Maroela Makiti<br />

was a blast, with great food, live music and two road races.<br />

Ndazalama Myambo, Isiah Mnisi and<br />

Naledi Mashego<br />

Barno Venter performed at the<br />

Maroela Makiti<br />

Nicholas Mbatha and Edwin Mashigo

Sonpark success<br />

The first Sonpark Market in two years was a huge success, with an<br />

excellent turnout and record number of stalls.<br />

Nokthula Mnguni, Banele Mhlongo and<br />

Dimpho Nkosi<br />

Bianka Joubert with her<br />

daughters Hanah and Abigail<br />

Biking for<br />

charity<br />

February saw the start of Pediatric Care<br />

Africa’s 7 000-kilometre journey around the<br />

country to raise funds for children.<br />

Dr André Hattingh of<br />

Pediatric Care Africa<br />

Bikers get ready to leave the White River Square

A glass half full<br />

Helene van der Merwe

The bubbly and vivacious Helene van der Merwe is living her very best life,<br />

and it is jam-packed with sparkling, effervescent colour and laughter.<br />

Text: MELLISSA BUSHBY. Photographer: Belinda Erasmus<br />

go-getter by nature, Helene loves<br />

saying that instead of one, she has<br />

three jobs.<br />

“In a nutshell,” she smiles, “I run<br />

PrettyBelle, which went from<br />

a fun hobby to a full-time<br />

job. I’m the owner of Pienkvoet-Pret<br />

Nelspruit (weekly mummy-and-me<br />

classes from three months to 3+ years<br />

old), and I’ve recently launched my<br />

very own exclusive fashion channel<br />

called Pocket Fashion, where I share<br />

weekly style and beauty tips in the<br />

form of vlogs, videos and shopping<br />

links via WhatsApp with subscribers.<br />

Enjoying the beach<br />

Basically, it’s like having your own<br />

personal shopper in your pocket!”<br />

Helene started PrettyBelle eight<br />

years ago when her daughter, Minki,<br />

was born. “I was sitting on the bed,<br />

breastfeeding, my boobs hanging out,<br />

gauze panties on, and crying. I asked<br />

my mum, is this it? Is this really going<br />

to be my life from now on? My mum<br />

looked at me and said, you can choose<br />

to sit here and feel sorry for yourself,<br />

because yes, motherhood is hard. Or<br />

you can choose to get up, wash your<br />

hair, put on a nice dress and some<br />

red lipstick and get on with life (while<br />

looking fabulous).”<br />

Needless to say Helene decided to<br />

follow her mum’s advice. “I got up,<br />

put on a nice rokkie, took a mirror<br />

selfie and posted it on Facebook (that<br />

was before Instagram was a thing).<br />

People loved it; I think they related<br />

to the realness. Fast-forward eight<br />

years and I have a combined social<br />

media following of 40k+ (on Insta and<br />

Facebook).”<br />

Helene describes Minki as being very<br />

special right from the get-go. She’s<br />

quick to add that she knows all parents<br />

think their kids are special, but Minki<br />

has some kind of X-factor. “She just<br />

lights up a room and draws people to<br />

her with her energy. I love that she’s my<br />

little mini me, she also loves wearing<br />

red lipstick! And her application is<br />

faultless.”<br />

‘You can choose<br />

to get up, wash<br />

your hair, put on a<br />

nice dress and some<br />

red lipstick’<br />

Before he was born, Helene wondered<br />

how on earth this little dude was going<br />

to live up to his fabulous sister. “She’s<br />

just got a huge personality, but then<br />

Joshie came along and he’s just such<br />

a cool little dude. I can honestly say I<br />

enjoy my kids so much. I laugh with<br />

them, I play with them, sometimes I<br />

get mad at them, but I cannot imagine<br />

a life without Minki and Joshie.”<br />

Helene studied journalism and<br />

photography at Tukkies, which is<br />

where she met hubby Joseph. “After<br />

my degree, I did my postgrad in<br />

teaching, and ended up working as a<br />

Grade R and RR teacher, I absolutely<br />

adore kids and I have a passion for<br />

<strong>March</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 11

Joseph, Minki, Helene and Joshie<br />

learning through play. Fun fact, at the<br />

tender age of 28, I was the principal of<br />

a private nursery school in Centurion!<br />

From headmaster to influencer,” she<br />

laughs. “But jokes aside, the dream was<br />

to work at a magazine, which is why I<br />

studied journalism and photography in<br />

the first place. Ultimately I saw myself<br />

as a fashion editor at Cosmo or Elle.<br />

Also, I have absolutely adored fashion<br />

since I can remember. To me it’s like<br />

having a superpower - you can dress<br />

according to your mood/personality,<br />

swipe on your favourite lipstick and the<br />

day will just get better from there.”<br />

She explains that while it may sound<br />

a bit crazy, somehow it all fits her<br />

personality like a glove. “I’ve always<br />

said all roads lead to PrettyBelle, it’s<br />

everything I love rolled into one,<br />

writing, fashion, styling, being creative<br />

and of course being a mum!” A few<br />

years after she started PrettyBelle,<br />

Helene told Joseph that although<br />

she loves being an influencer,<br />

sometimes it gets lonely. “I’m totally<br />

a people’s person, and it’s not always<br />

as glamorous as it seems, especially<br />

behind the scenes. And then the<br />

Pienkvoet-Pret Nelspruit franchise<br />

became available and I thought this<br />

is perfect, because I get to do it from<br />

home, three days a week. The rest of<br />

12 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>March</strong> 20<strong>24</strong><br />

the week I can do my social media.”<br />

Helene adds that when she became<br />

a mum, she realised how important<br />

having ‘mum’ friends was. With<br />

Pienkvoet she wanted to create a<br />

Helene and Joseph<br />

safe haven for mummies, a place<br />

where they can walk in, breathe and<br />

just be - no judgement. “Just quality<br />

time spent with baby, enjoying<br />

warm coffee. Because gosh, while<br />

motherhood is beautiful, let me tell<br />

you it’s also damn hard work,” adds<br />

Helene. Balancing three businesses,<br />

two kids and a husband can’t be easy,<br />

but in true Helene style, she laughs as<br />

she says that she wouldn’t have it any<br />

other way. “I thrive on being busy. Of<br />

course, sometimes I also just want to<br />

go to the gym, pick up the kids and<br />

watch a show, but there’s always work.<br />

Mum-guilt is real! But I try to remind<br />

myself that I am a good mum, and I’m<br />

showing my kids that you can achieve<br />

anything if you work hard and dream<br />

big. Joseph and I also try to have a<br />

date night at least once a month. I<br />

have to say I have the most amazing<br />

husband (he cooks!) and he keeps<br />

me calm.”<br />

The family love to spend time<br />

together at Sabie Park next door<br />

to the Kruger, enjoying the peace<br />

and quiet of the bush, and Sundays<br />

are for playing tennis, a favourite<br />

pastime. Both Helene and Joseph<br />

were serious players in their heyday<br />

and still love the sport. The family are<br />

also big homebodies, and Helene<br />

loves to rearrange rooms and sort<br />

and pack closets (something she finds<br />

calming and therapeutic). If given<br />

the opportunity to go anywhere, her<br />

first choice would be Paris (obviously,<br />

she says laughingly), but on a more<br />

practical level, she would love to<br />

spend a weekend in a five-star room,<br />

complete with white linen, room<br />

service, free Wi-Fi and no kids. “But<br />

only for two days,” she stresses. “After<br />

that I’ll miss the kids too much!”<br />

Helene’s big personality has stood<br />

her in good stead, and no doubt<br />

will continue to fuel this outgoing<br />

and livewire mum. Every day brings<br />

something new that she delights<br />

in - random compliments from shop<br />

assistants, a takeaway coffee that has<br />

The world is your oyster inscribed<br />

on it, or hearing the nation sing the<br />

national anthem. “I absolutely love<br />

living in such an amazing place in<br />

such an amazing country,” she smiles.<br />

“For the most part, people are kind<br />

and friendly, and what you give out is<br />

what you get back. And I think that’s<br />

pretty cool.” As do we!


2 Alpha Street, Orchard View, Mbombela<br />

info@crafthomes.co.za 3 Bedrooms from R 1 675 000<br />

08600 CRAFT (27238)<br />

4 Bedrooms from R 2 050 000<br />


sweet<br />

life!<br />

Saturday nights are for<br />

parties ... and Catrice<br />

has you covered. Colour<br />

Blast Eyeshadow Palette,<br />

R159.95 • CURL IT<br />

Volume & Curl<br />

Mascara, R125,95<br />

• Dream In Jelly<br />

Sparkle Nail Polish<br />

R75,95 • Neon Blast<br />

Nail Polish Strips,<br />

R88,95. Find Catrice<br />

at DisChem,<br />

Takealot and Clicks.<br />

Compiled by : KYM ARGO and MEGAN BRETT<br />

Made to set the mood ...<br />

Maybelline New York’s<br />

SuperStay Matte Ink<br />

liquid lipstick in Energize,<br />

R219.95 from Edgars<br />

14 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>March</strong> 20<strong>24</strong><br />

Don’t throw shade, blend it! Scarlet<br />

Hill soft sponge strawberry beauty<br />

blender with 11 pieces, R29.99 from<br />


Life is one big party when you’re young.<br />

You might as well live it looking your best.<br />

Stay hydrated. Lavender<br />

SummitCo Mini 350ml<br />

insulated bottle, R299<br />

from cloudandco.co.za<br />

Teaology Peach Tea<br />

Face Mist with real<br />

antioxidant blue tea<br />

infusion. You can use<br />

several times a day,<br />

leaving your skin softer<br />

and brighter. R395<br />

from Dis-Chem.<br />

Purple ombre<br />

Gummy Bear Huggie<br />

Earrings, R110 from<br />

lovisajewellery.co.za<br />

Beauty sleep ... yes please.<br />

Off The Grid eyemask (with<br />

manners!), R99.99 from Typo.<br />

Taking a shower never felt this good.<br />

Tree Hut Moroccan Rose Foaming<br />

Gel Wash lathers luxuriously, nourishes<br />

your skin and leaves a long lasting<br />

scent. R395 from Clicks and Takealot.<br />

Essence Conceal<br />

Like a Pro Colour Correcting<br />

Palette, R95 from www.takealot.com<br />

<strong>March</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 15


Roger Taylor, Brenda Rebro and Jayson Stanley<br />

TO THE TOP<br />

16 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>March</strong> 20<strong>24</strong><br />

After a bout of Covid in 2020, dad, husband and business owner<br />

Jayson Stanley decided it was time to get fit.<br />

Looking for something that would<br />

suit an individual with a young family,<br />

Jayson went out and bought himself<br />

a mountain bike - and has never<br />

looked back. “After I bought my bike<br />

and started on a few training rides,<br />

I was hooked … especially in the<br />

cross-country format of mountain<br />

biking. I really enjoy the endurance<br />

training for long distances,” he<br />

explains. “This will be my fourth year of<br />

cycling, so I don’t have all that much<br />

experience behind me, but what I lack<br />

there I make up for with plenty of will!<br />

I’m still learning, but I love it, especially<br />

when I’m out training and riding with<br />

mates.” To date, Jayson has competed<br />

in about 15 races, but this year he<br />

is upping the bar considerably. He<br />

and a friend from high school, Roger<br />

Taylor, have decided to enter the<br />

ultimate mountain bike stage race in<br />

the world, the Cape Epic. “To compete<br />

in the Cape Epic, two people have to<br />

partner up, and when I decided to<br />

enter, Roger was the first guy I called.<br />

We go way back,” Jayson says, “since<br />

our school days. Riding the Epic was<br />

on Roger’s bucket list, so I was hoping<br />

he would jump at the opportunity,

which he did. We’ve done quite a few<br />

races together over the last year or so,<br />

and we train together regularly.<br />

To be honest, I don’t think we would<br />

be here if he hadn’t joined me as my<br />

partner. We have been training for the<br />

Epic for most of 2023, and with over<br />

two months to go, we are starting to<br />

see the benefits of early preparation<br />

and consistency in training.”<br />

‘We knew this would<br />

be a once-in-a-lifetime<br />

ride and a definitive<br />

bucket list moment’<br />

Apart from being the most televised<br />

mountain bike race in the world,<br />

the Epic is also the only eight-day<br />

mountain bike stage race classed as<br />

hors catégorie by the Union Cycliste<br />

Internationale (a French term used to<br />

label a climb in stage bicycle races as<br />

‘beyond categorisation’). Six hundred<br />

and eighty teams from all over the<br />

Riding hard<br />

Jayson and Roger<br />

world compete over eight days,<br />

negotiating a gruelling 700km<br />

of untamed terrain and up to a total<br />

16 000m of uphill climbing in the<br />

Western Cape. Every year a different<br />

route is followed. “It’s a tough race to<br />

enter and a tough race to compete<br />

in,” says Jayson. “20<strong>24</strong> will be the 20th<br />

edition of the Epic, which is one of<br />

the reasons why we wanted to do it<br />

this year. We knew this would be a<br />

once-in-a-lifetime ride and a definitive<br />

bucket list moment for any mountain<br />

biker.”<br />

The duo decided that they will not<br />

be the only ones to benefit from this<br />

year’s Epic. Once registered and set<br />

for the race, Jayson got to thinking<br />

and decided that it seemed like the<br />

ideal opportunity to benefit those in<br />

need and put the publicity generated<br />

around the Epic to good use. He<br />

approached Sinani.org, a local charity<br />

that works with local children and<br />

helps provide for local communities,<br />

and they have been on board with<br />

support ever since.<br />

While an undertaking like this isn’t<br />

easy, Jayson is quick to add that they<br />

are lucky to have a great support team<br />

backing them. “It’s tough going, and<br />

with a race like this you give up your<br />

weekends - and a lot more besides - to<br />

train. We have a good crew. My wife<br />

Angela and my kids Gabriella, Travis<br />

and Ross are behind me all the way.”<br />

What’s next for the fighting-fit<br />

mountain biker? After the Epic, Jayson<br />

says that he will be riding the Sabie<br />

Experience, a three-day stage race, his<br />

third in a row. “It’s a lovely local stage<br />

race, right here close to home,” he<br />

smiles. “And then I think a lekker break<br />

is needed before the next big ride …<br />

Whatever or wherever that may be.”<br />

Details:<br />

Jayson at jaystanlley@gmail.com<br />

<strong>March</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 17


A healthy smile is a stunning smile<br />

Protect your oral health by practising good hygiene habits and the odds are in your favour<br />

that you may very well keep your teeth for the duration of your life. We chatted to a few of<br />

Mbombela’s well-known dentists to find out a little more.<br />

Dr Zoli Grimbeek<br />

Van der Walt Dental Practice<br />

Dr Zoli Grimbeek<br />

Van der Walt Dental Practice opened its doors seven years ago with<br />

the motto to provide quality dental treatment at affordable medical<br />

aid prices in a child-friendly modern environment to the <strong>Lowveld</strong><br />

community. We are happy to say that this is still our motto today!<br />

We are a family practice offering a full range of services and<br />

believe a dentist visit should be a fun and positive experience. We<br />

understand that treating a family can be costly, and provide the<br />

option of claiming directly from our patients’ medical aid. Patients<br />

without medical aid will still be charged at rates similar to affordable<br />

medical aid fees. Please refer to our website, www.vdwdental.co.za,<br />

under the section “fees” for an estimation of prices.<br />

Visit our friendly team; you might just be pleasantly surprise!<br />

Details: 013 744 3520 / info@vdwdental.co.za<br />

Haidey Meya, Dr Karen Kromhout, Brezette Venter,<br />

Dederé Nolan and Gisela Erichsen<br />

Transform your smile with Dr Zoli Grimbeek, your trusted family dentist.<br />

Dr Zoli has recently joined forces with her dad, Dr Johann Grimbeek,<br />

and expanded the practice into orthodontics.<br />

Dr Grimbeek’s family practice is based in Mbombela and Hoedspruit.<br />

With over 55 years of combined experience, they value precision with<br />

a gentle touch to provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages.<br />

Experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which your family’s<br />

dental needs are met with the highest standards of professionalism,<br />

from routine check-ups to advanced orthodontic treatments and facial<br />

aesthetics.<br />

Experience the confidence that comes with an aligned smile. Your<br />

journey to optimal oral health and a beautiful smile begins here..<br />

Details: 013 752 4048 / info@healthandaesthetics.co.za<br />

Van der Walt Dental team<br />

MySmile Dental Studio<br />

This month we celebrate 11 years at Casterbridge! We thank all<br />

our old patients for their ongoing support.<br />

Husband-and-wife team, Dr Auke van der Meulen and Dr Karen<br />

Kromhout, are the dentists. Practise makes perfect and with<br />

years of experience between us, we are equipped to give you the<br />

best dental care. We stay at the forefront of new developments<br />

by regularly attending dental courses and congresses.<br />

Gisela Erichsen is our experienced oral hygienist. She uses EMS<br />

cleaning technology to give you the gentlest, most thorough<br />

dental cleaning. Dederé Nolan is our friendly receptionist.<br />

Brezette Venter assists the dentists and Haidey Meya cleans and<br />

sterilises our instruments.<br />

Details: 013 751 3144 or WhatsApp on 072 311 9863

advertorial<br />

Take pride in<br />

your smile<br />

Dr Suliman Patel is a well-known figure in the <strong>Lowveld</strong>’s dental<br />

circles. His flagship practice at the Promenade Centre in central<br />

Mbombela has been open for over 20 years, while the new kid on<br />

the block, Riverside Dental, is one and a half years old.<br />

For those seeking aesthetic<br />

enhancements, cosmetic dentistry<br />

services are available, offering solutions<br />

such as teeth whitening to brighten<br />

smiles. Additionally, Riverside Dental also<br />

offers restorative dentistry, including the<br />

creation of crowns, bridges and implants<br />

to restore function and appearance.<br />

“Whether it’s enhancing the cosmetic<br />

appeal or addressing structural concerns,<br />

Riverside Dental is committed to<br />

providing quality and personalised care.<br />

Our emphasis lies mainly in cosmetic and<br />

family dentistry, ensuring that patients of<br />

all ages depart with smiles they’re proud<br />

to showcase confidently.”<br />

While a dental visit might be the last<br />

thing on many people’s list of important<br />

things to do, Suliman stresses that it is<br />

in fact imperative to schedule dental<br />

appointments twice a year for a general<br />

check-up, and scale and polish (cleaning).<br />

This ensures that your dentist can detect<br />

if there are any problems or if your teeth<br />

are beginning to decay, and it allows<br />

for treatment to be carried out before it<br />

turns into a bigger issue.<br />

This also prevents future trauma in the<br />

dental chair, since the treatments carried<br />

out are less invasive. The good old saying<br />

‘Prevention is better than cure’ definitely<br />

holds strong in dentistry. When it comes<br />

to what you can do at home to protect<br />

and care for your teeth, Suliman says<br />

adults and kids should be brushing their<br />

teeth twice daily, flossing and making<br />

use of mouthwash.<br />

Spend at least two minutes brushing<br />

your teeth to ensure that they are<br />

thoroughly clean, as the adage goes:<br />

‘Only brush the teeth you want to keep’.<br />

“Remember that brushing hard does not<br />

necessarily mean your teeth are cleaner,”<br />

he smiles. “Technique is important. Use a<br />

medium/soft toothbrush and brush in a<br />

circular motion. This prevents toothbrush<br />

damage to the gums and teeth, as<br />

brushing too hard can cause your teeth<br />

to become sensitive long-term.”<br />

Children should be supervised while<br />

brushing, as hand and eye co-ordination<br />

is only fully developed by the age of<br />

The Riverside Dental team<br />

eight, which means that the little ones<br />

may be missing important areas when<br />

brushing, thereby resulting in cavities<br />

forming.<br />

Flossing is an essential part of daily<br />

oral health care, as brushing alone<br />

does not allow for trapped food<br />

particles and bacteria to be removed,<br />

especially between the teeth. This is<br />

one of the most common areas where<br />

decay begins, due to the collection of<br />

unremoved debris. Flossing also helps<br />

keep the gums healthy, preventing<br />

bleeding gums.<br />

It is also important to brush your<br />

tongue and palate, as the tongue can<br />

trap bacteria, which are a leading cause<br />

of bad breath. Following these basic<br />

oral healthcare steps will help you keep<br />

your mouth clean and healthy.

The morning<br />

power boost<br />

Do you rush out the door with nothing more than a cup<br />

of coffee in hand, thinking that by skipping breakfast you<br />

are saving time?<br />

Hit the pause button on that habit,<br />

because breakfast is not just a meal,<br />

it’s a powerhouse of benefits that set<br />

the tone for your day. Here are just a<br />

few of the advantages to making a<br />

healthy start to the day.<br />

Gut health: Fuelling the microbial<br />

symphony<br />

Picture your gut as a bustling city<br />

where trillions of microbes reside,<br />

working tirelessly to maintain<br />

balance. Breakfast kick-starts your<br />

digestive system, promoting a<br />

diverse microbial community. A<br />

well-balanced breakfast, rich in<br />

fibre, pre- and probiotics, can keep<br />

those gut inhabitants content,<br />

ensuring a smooth operation<br />

throughout the day.<br />

Concentration: Breakfast is the<br />

brain’s best friend<br />

Do you ever find yourself zoning<br />

out or struggling to focus on tasks?<br />

Your brain needs fuel, and breakfast<br />

provides the essential nutrients for<br />

cognitive function. A combination of<br />

complex carbohydrates, proteins and<br />

healthy fats provides a steady release<br />

of glucose, the brain’s preferred<br />

energy source.<br />

By giving your brain the boost it<br />

craves, breakfast becomes the secret<br />

weapon to enhancing concentration,<br />

memory and overall mental<br />

performance.<br />

Weight loss: Start your day with a<br />

slimmer you<br />

Contrary to the belief that skipping<br />

meals leads to weight loss, breakfast<br />

plays a pivotal role in a successful<br />

weight management journey. Eating<br />

a nutrient-dense breakfast revs up<br />

your metabolism, signalling to your<br />

body that it’s time to burn calories<br />

efficiently. Moreover, a satisfying<br />

morning meal can help curb midmorning<br />

snack cravings, preventing<br />

you from reaching for those<br />

unhealthy options that may sabotage<br />

your weight loss goals.


Heart health: A hearty breakfast for a<br />

healthy heart<br />

A morning feast that includes<br />

wholegrains, fruits and nuts can<br />

contribute to lower cholesterol levels<br />

and better cardiovascular health. The<br />

fibre content aids in reducing blood<br />

pressure and maintaining optimal<br />

cholesterol levels, protecting your<br />

heart from potential risks later on<br />

down the road.<br />

Mood boost: Rise and shine with a<br />

smile<br />

Ever noticed how your mood can be<br />

directly influenced by what’s on your<br />

plate? Breakfast is like a mood-boosting<br />

potion, influencing the production<br />

of neurotransmitters like serotonin. A<br />

well-balanced morning meal can help<br />

regulate mood, reducing the likelihood<br />

of irritability and stress.<br />

From supporting gut-health to<br />

enhancing concentration,<br />

promoting heart health, aiding in<br />

weight loss and even influencing<br />

your mood, breakfast is the key to<br />

unlocking a healthier, happier you.<br />

Next time you think of giving it a skip,<br />

remind yourself that your body and<br />

mind will thank you for a nourishing<br />

start to the day.<br />

Powerhouse bowl<br />

Think of this yummy bowl<br />

of nutritional marvels as the<br />

cornerstone of your day.<br />

Ingredients<br />

• ½ cup prepared granola • ¾ cup<br />

yogurt or milk • 2 tbsp each of<br />

mixed nuts, shaved coconut<br />

and pomegranate seeds • A light<br />

drizzle of honey or maple syrup<br />

Method<br />

Place the granola, yogurt or milk<br />

in a bowl. Top with honey or<br />

syrup and scatter the remaining<br />

ingredients on top. You can<br />

also add ½ cup of fruit such as<br />

blueberries, strawberries, bananas<br />

or sliced peaches, or ¼ cup of<br />

dried fruit such as dates, raisins,<br />

prunes and/or apricots.<br />

5-ingredient all day bars<br />

Ingredients<br />

• 1 cup pitted dates • ¼ cup<br />

maple syrup or agave nectar<br />

• ¼ cup salted peanut butter<br />

• 1 cup chopped nuts (almonds,<br />

pistachios, pecans, cashews,<br />

peanuts - whichever you fancy)<br />

• 1½ cups rolled oats • A handful of<br />

dried cranberries<br />

Method<br />

Pulse the dates in a food<br />

processer for about a minute or<br />

until they come together (the<br />

consistency of bread dough).<br />

Place into a mixing bowl<br />

along with the nuts, oats and<br />

cranberries. Set aside. Over a low<br />

heat, warm the peanut butter<br />

and honey or syrup in a small<br />

saucepan. Pour this over the oat<br />

mixture and mix well, breaking<br />

up the dates. Transfer the mixture<br />

to a baking tray or dish that has<br />

been lined with baking paper<br />

to prevent them from sticking.<br />

Press down firmly until equally<br />

flattened; you can use a spatula or<br />

the bottom of a wide glass. Cover<br />

with parchment paper and leave<br />

in the fridge to firm up, about 20<br />

to 30 minutes. Remove from pan<br />

or tray and chop into 10 equalsized<br />

bars. Store in an airtight<br />


Berry lovely eggs<br />

It’s Easter this month. And the Easter weekend calls for long, leisurely,<br />

sweet breakfasts. Nothing wrong with that ... particularly since this trio of treats<br />

are made with eggs ... full of protein and so good for you.<br />

Sunday Morning Pancakes<br />

We’re making these for breakfast on Easter Sunday,<br />

but there’s nothing stopping you from adding a<br />

scoop of ice-cream or some thick cream and serving<br />

as pud. Makes 12.<br />

You’ll need: 100g flour; 2 eggs, beaten; 300ml milk;<br />

1 Tbsp sunflower oil, plus a little extra for cooking;<br />

pinch of salt; selection of mixed berries; honey or<br />

syrup to taste<br />

To make: Sift the flour into a large mixing bowl, make<br />

a well in the centre and then add the beaten eggs.<br />

Use a whisk to beat the eggs into the flour and<br />

gradually whisk in the milk until just smooth.<br />

Brush a non-stick medium frying pan with the oil<br />

and when very hot pour in about 3 Tbsp of the<br />

batter. Quickly tilt the pan from side to side to form<br />

a thick, even layer of batter and cook for one minute.<br />

Flip the pancake over with a spatula and cook until<br />

the underside is slightly golden. Continue with<br />

the rest of the batter, re-coating the pan with oil<br />

when required.<br />

Serve with fresh berries and honey or syrup.<br />

<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>March</strong> 20<strong>24</strong><br />

Berry French Toast<br />

French toast is always a hit ... top with berries for a<br />

sweet treat. Serves four.<br />

You’ll need: 4 large eggs; ½ cup milk; 2 tsp<br />

cinnamon; 1 tsp vanilla essence; a pinch of salt<br />

to taste; 8 thick slices 2-day-old bread – it’s better<br />

if slightly stale; butter for cooking; 60ml honey;<br />

strawberries or seasonal berries<br />

To make: In a medium bowl whisk eggs, milk,<br />

cinnamon, vanilla essence and salt until well<br />

blended. Transfer into a shallow dish that is<br />

suitable for dipping the bread into the egg<br />

mixture. Dip the bread, on both sides.<br />

Melt a little butter in a large skillet over medium<br />

high heat. Shake off the excess egg mixture from<br />

the bread and place the bread slices onto the hot<br />

pan. Fry the French toast until browned on one<br />

side, then flip and brown the other side.<br />

Serve the French toast hot with butter, honey,<br />

and fresh berries.

Fluffy Pancakes with Fresh Berries<br />

This is a brilliant recipe since you can make a batch of these pancakes and freeze the ones you don’t use, making next<br />

Sunday’s breakfast so easy. Serves 8.<br />

You’ll need: 2 cups milk; 2 extra large eggs; 4 Tbsp melted butter or neutral oil; 2 cups flour; 4 Tbsp sugar; 1 Tbsp baking<br />

powder; ½ tsp salt; Maple syrup or honey and fresh berries for serving<br />

To make: In a large bowl- whisk together milk, eggs, and melted butter. Add the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Whisk<br />

well to combine. Set the batter aside and allow to rest for 15 minutes.<br />

Heat a large non-stick frying pan over medium heat Wipe the pan with a piece of paper towel dipped in neutral oil or the<br />

butter. Scoop ¼ cup batter per pancake into the hot pan. Cook on the first side until bubbles appear on the surface, then<br />

flip and cook for another two to three minutes until both sides are golden brown. Transfer to a plate in a warm oven. Repeat<br />

using the remaining batter.<br />

Stack pancakes and top with fresh berries and a drizzle of maple syrup or honey.<br />

To freeze: Stack pancakes between wax paper or baking paper, and place in a Ziplock / resealable bag to freeze.<br />

To reheat: Microwave - Place frozen pancakes on a microwave-safe plate, and microwave for 20 seconds intervals checking<br />

until warm and soft. Oven - Preheat oven to 180ºC. Place the frozen pancakes in a flat layer on a baking tray and cover the<br />

pan tightly with foil. Bake for about 10 to 15 minutes, until the pancakes are warm and soft.<br />

Complied by: KYM ARGO Recipes and images: The South African Poultry Association<br />

<strong>March</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 25

Stronger<br />


Tarryn Lokotsch is one tough cookie. The survivor of a vicious attack, she<br />

not only overcame the odds, she also became a fighter for others who had<br />

experienced similar gender-based trauma.<br />

Now the CEO of GRIP (Greater Rape<br />

Intervention Programme), Tarryn<br />

is faced with the helplessness of<br />

survivors who, unfortunately, easily<br />

become just another number,<br />

swallowed up by crime statistics.<br />

The sad reality is that people often<br />

aren’t given the care and support<br />

they need to overcome the trauma<br />

caused by gender-based violence.<br />

Tarryn explains that this isn’t always<br />

necessarily because the police or<br />

nurses and other rights bearers<br />

don’t care; sometimes it could be a<br />

shortage of staff and resources, or a<br />

lack of the specific training required<br />

to handle situations like this.<br />

It also boils down to the fact that<br />

sometimes survivors don’t know<br />

what to do. “For example, how many<br />

people know that if you are raped,<br />

you need to go to a public hospital<br />

such as Rob Ferreira Hospital, as<br />

Mediclinic doesn’t have forensicmedico<br />

services available?” she asks.<br />

“How many people know that you<br />

need to report within 72 hours to<br />

ensure that you are initiated on<br />

PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis)<br />

medication to prevent you from<br />

contracting HIV? People tend<br />

to have an incredibly negative<br />

outlook towards public hospitals,<br />

but the forensic-medico facilities<br />

at Rob Ferreira are first-rate. It has a<br />

dedicated Thuthuzela Care Centre<br />

(TCC), which is one of the many<br />

one-stop facilities introduced as a<br />

critical part of South Africa’s anti-rape<br />

strategy. Everything is monitored by<br />

the National Prosecuting Authority<br />

in their role as site co-ordinators, all<br />

26 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>March</strong> 20<strong>24</strong><br />

together<br />

Tarryn with programme manager Nomshado Ndlovu<br />

equipment is in good working order<br />

and the unit is always clean. Our<br />

GRIP first responders at the TCC are<br />

available <strong>24</strong> hours a day and provide<br />

comprehensive trauma containment<br />

- from the time of entry into the TCC,<br />

they explain exactly what will happen<br />

step by step, from statement taking<br />

with the SAPS (if they have not come<br />

from the police station already) to the<br />

forensic examination and introduction<br />

to our GRIP social worker for longer<br />

term support.”<br />

The truth is that none of us really<br />

know what to expect, and the last<br />

thing you are thinking about in the<br />

case of sexual violence is protocol.<br />

People don’t always know where<br />

to go first - the police station or the<br />

hospital. We tend to think that it won’t<br />

happen to me, but the reality is that<br />

it could happen to anyone. “Rape<br />

doesn’t discriminate, not in any way,”<br />

Tarryn says.<br />

“I work with amazing people who<br />

have come from all walks of life, and<br />

many are also survivors. It is important<br />

to know that you are not alone,

The GRIP office team<br />

and that at every stage of the ordeal,<br />

someone from GRIP will be there to<br />

ease the background noise. We have<br />

SAPS care rooms, hospital care rooms<br />

and court care rooms throughout<br />

Mpumalanga. We try to add a personal<br />

touch to what is an almost robotic<br />

procedure. And we don’t stop there;<br />

after a few days, we phone to check<br />

that the survivor is managing OK, that<br />

they are taking their medication (to<br />

prevent HIV/Aids), that sort of thing. We<br />

do this on a weekly basis. We even do<br />

home visits. We provide a full circle of<br />

care - so that each survivor knows they<br />

are not alone.”<br />

Since starting at GRIP, Tarryn and her<br />

team have done a lot of awareness<br />

and advocacy work, making sure<br />

that conditions have improved for<br />

survivors; that the stigma around GBV<br />

is addressed and to make sure that the<br />

police, for example, are more sensitive<br />

to survivors’ needs.<br />

“We try to fill in the gaps in the system.<br />

When someone has been through a<br />

traumatic event like rape, the last thing<br />

you want are indifferent strangers<br />

asking questions or poking and<br />

prodding at you, so a lot of what we<br />

do is to prepare survivors for what is<br />

ahead. Our staff are specially trained<br />

to support survivors with as much<br />

empathy as possible. When you have<br />

experienced something like this, you<br />

feel helpless, and on top of that you<br />

have to go through the requisite<br />

motions of reporting. We are there to<br />

explain what is happening throughout<br />

a survivor’s journey to recovery. We<br />

also provide care packs, which contain<br />

soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste,<br />

deodorant, a facecloth, shampoo,<br />

cream, panties that are your size (we<br />

keep all sizes), and even clothing if<br />

necessary. This goes a long way to<br />

upholding survivors’ dignity and make<br />

them feel human again.”<br />

Small-scale vegetable farming<br />

GRIP also runs prevention programmes<br />

in the community to educate people<br />

about gender-based violence, for<br />

example, ‘No Means No’, as well<br />

as empowerment programmes<br />

on financial literacy, sexual and<br />

reproductive health and mentorship.<br />

Further, GRIP runs two fully fledged<br />

shelters for vulnerable women and<br />

children who can stay for up to six<br />

months. Here they have <strong>24</strong>-hour<br />

access to social and social auxiliary<br />

workers, healthy, regular meals and<br />

childcare assistance. “We have various<br />

skills development programmes<br />

to empower these residents to be<br />

more independent - such as sewing,<br />

beading, computer literacy and baking.<br />

Not only does this give them a sense<br />

of achievement and purpose, but also<br />

serves as a possible source of future<br />

income. And we teach them smallscale<br />

vegetable farming in an effort<br />

to enable them to become more selfsustainable.”<br />

Sometimes life deals us a bad hand,<br />

and it may seem like getting through a<br />

tough time is an insurmountable task.<br />

But not letting fear win and learning<br />

to overcome trauma is the first step<br />

towards getting control of your life<br />

back, and just knowing that there is<br />

someone there to help you through it<br />

can make all the difference.<br />

Details:<br />

Call line: +27 82 776 1130, Facebook: GRIP<br />

NPO, website: grip.org.za<br />

<strong>March</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> 27


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Some things to<br />

remember<br />

Water management<br />

• Carry enough water for your<br />

entire trip.<br />

• Bring a water purification system<br />

for emergencies.<br />

• Conserve water by using it<br />

efficiently for cooking and cleaning.<br />

Connect with nature<br />

• Leave the phones at home,<br />

only bring along one in case<br />

of emergencies. It’s time to<br />

disconnect from electronic devices<br />

and enjoy the serenity.<br />

• Engage in outdoor activities like<br />

hiking, fishing or stargazing.<br />

• Capture memories with a camera,<br />

but remember to be present in the<br />

moment.<br />

Community and courtesy<br />

• Respect quiet hours in<br />

campgrounds.<br />

• Be mindful of fellow campers and<br />

keep noise levels low.<br />

• Offer assistance if anyone needs<br />

help. Remember that it could be<br />

you with a flat tyre or missing tent<br />

pegs next time.<br />

Be prepared for emergencies<br />

• Share your travel itinerary with a<br />

friend or family member.<br />

• Carry a charged phone and<br />

emergency contacts.<br />

• Familiarise yourself with the<br />

nearest medical facilities and<br />

emergency services.<br />

The school holidays are almost upon us (gasp!) and it’s<br />

time to let your hair down and do what <strong>Lowveld</strong>ers love<br />

most - spending time outdoors with friends and family.<br />

Heading into the<br />

Embarking on a camping adventure<br />

brings you closer to nature, offering<br />

an escape from the hustle and<br />

bustle of everyday life. And with the<br />

economic crunch, it’s the perfect<br />

way to get back in touch with nature<br />

while not breaking the bank.<br />

Whether you’re pitching a tent,<br />

towing a caravan or setting up camp<br />

in your vehicle, campers love to be<br />

done and dusted, beer in hand and<br />

feet up before the rest of the world<br />

has turned down their four-poster<br />

bed in their exclusive B & B.<br />

But, keep in mind that to get the<br />

benefits of a well-deserved break,<br />

you need to tick off a few crucial<br />

boxes. Take it from us, there is<br />

nothing worse than arriving at your<br />

destination unprepared.<br />

Firstly, plan ahead. Ensure everything<br />

is in good working order before you<br />

set off, and check your tent or caravan<br />

for wear and tear. It’s a good idea to<br />

practise pitching your tent before your<br />

trip to save time, this way you’ll be able<br />

to set it up easily, and be forewarned if<br />

anything needs attention.<br />

Carry essential tools for basic repairs,<br />

check tyre pressure and make sure<br />

your spare is fine. Research your<br />

destination and understand local<br />

regulations, and check the weather<br />

forecasts. It might also be a good idea<br />

to book ahead, especially in popular<br />

camping areas.<br />

Invest in top-quality gear, including<br />

a durable tent, sleeping bag and<br />

camping stove. Pack a first aid kit (and<br />

know how to use it), insect repellent<br />

30 Get It <strong>Lowveld</strong> <strong>March</strong> 20<strong>24</strong>

lue yonder<br />

and a general multipurpose tool. Take<br />

layers of clothing to anticipate all<br />

weather conditions, and plan meals in<br />

advance to avoid taking excess food.<br />

Pack non-perishable items as well as<br />

a cooler for fresh food and use ecofriendly<br />

utensils and dishes to reduce<br />

waste. Use designated braai areas and<br />

never leave a fire unattended.<br />

When choosing your campsite, look<br />

for level ground. Remember to respect<br />

nature and follow ‘leave no trace’<br />

principles. Put safety first, familiarise<br />

yourself with local wildlife and potential<br />

hazards, and keep a safe distance from<br />

wild animals.<br />

Always follow food storage guidelines.<br />

Not only will you lose your food or<br />

possibly a hand if you get too close<br />

or feed them, but animals become<br />

reliant on people for food and end<br />

up getting destroyed due to human<br />

thoughtlessness.<br />

Minimise the impact on nature by<br />

staying on paths and always observe<br />

wildlife from a distance. When you<br />

leave, take all traces of yourself<br />

with you; and throw away rubbish -<br />

including food scraps - in designated<br />

bins. If there aren’t any, take your<br />

refuse with you and dispose of it<br />

when you do get to a dustbin.<br />

A memorable camping, caravanning<br />

or tenting experience recharges<br />

the soul and quitens the mind, so<br />

why not make the most of what our<br />

beautiful country has to offer? Get<br />

the kids involved, you are never too<br />

young to embrace the simplicity of<br />

outdoor living.

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