Mid Rivers Newsmagazine 5-15-24

Local news, local politics and community events for St. Charles County Missouri.

Local news, local politics and community events for St. Charles County Missouri.

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Vol. 21 No. 10 • May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />

midriversnewsmagazine.com<br />

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Add Sen. Tom Cotton<br />

to VP shortlist<br />

Headlines are now filled with names<br />

reported to be on Donald Trump’s “shortlist”<br />

of possible VP candidates.<br />

These individuals, some of whom I know,<br />

indeed have serious qualifications and<br />

experience and are appropriate to be considered<br />

for the No. 2 position in the executive<br />

branch of the nation’s government.<br />

This vetting process is, as they say, par<br />

for the course. It’s exactly what we expect<br />

the presidential candidate to be doing.<br />

However, in my view, these are not “par<br />

for the course” times. The domestic and<br />

international challenges we face are without<br />

precedent.<br />

Trump will not be running for reelection<br />

in 2028, and so whoever holds the vice<br />

presidency will almost certainly be on the<br />

shortlist to be the Republican candidate for<br />

the presidency then.<br />

Given all of this, there is one name I<br />

have not seen among those that Trump is<br />

considering that I think would be a superb<br />

addition.<br />

It is Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.<br />

Cotton is young, 46 years old, but with a<br />

resume packed with experience, all on target<br />

and relevant to the kind of leadership that<br />

our country needs to restore our national<br />

vitality and international leadership.<br />

At home, we are fiscally and culturally<br />

bankrupt.<br />

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO)<br />

is projecting federal spending to continue<br />

to wastefully gush, mostly financed by<br />

borrowing. CBO shows debt held by the<br />

public reaching 116% of GDP by 2034,<br />

139% by 2044 and 166% by 2054.<br />

For this entire period, CBO shows real<br />

GDP growth less than 2%.<br />

A new report from the Centers for Disease<br />

Control and Prevention’s National<br />

Center for Health Statistics shows that<br />

our fertility rate – the rate at which we are<br />

bringing babies into the world – is at an alltime<br />

low.<br />

The state of marriage, family, children –<br />

the pillars of a healthy society – are dismal.<br />

Globally, the forces of evil – Iran, Russia,<br />

China – move forward with impunity.<br />

Our country needs leadership that can<br />

change all this. We need leadership that<br />

has the strength and courage to turn our<br />

pathetic fiscal situation around and that can<br />

restore the USA to its appropriate role as<br />

leader of the free world.<br />

With undergraduate and law degrees<br />

from Harvard, Cotton was elected to the<br />

Senate at age 37, already having had a distinguished<br />

military career.<br />

Cotton served as an Army officer in Iraq<br />

and Afghanistan, winning a Bronze Star<br />

medal.<br />

He is a fiscal and social conservative,<br />

ready to hold the line on our massive<br />

wasteful spending while bolstering our faltering<br />

defense budget, which is now dangerously<br />

hovering at a historical low as a<br />

percent of GDP.<br />

Cotton has earned an A-plus score from<br />

the pro-life Susan B. Anthony organization.<br />

He pushed back on the Defense Department<br />

initiative to pay for women soldiers<br />

to travel to other states to get an abortion<br />

when they are stationed where abortion is<br />

not available.<br />

Most timely now is Cotton’s bold, courageous<br />

and correct aggressive stand against<br />

the chaos that has taken over so many of<br />

our universities.<br />

Cotton called for the immediate use of<br />

police force to stop the disruptions and has<br />

challenged the pro-Hamas, pro-terrorist,<br />

antisemitic rhetoric and tone of these demonstrations.<br />

Cotton has been courageously clear that<br />

the First Amendment is there to protect<br />

freedom, not to protect antisemitism or the<br />

disruption of education and interference<br />

with the lives of those at universities to<br />

learn.<br />

His zero tolerance for the prevailing<br />

moral chaos is the kind of leadership our<br />

country badly needs.<br />

The unwavering stance of Cotton for<br />

American values – commitment to limited<br />

government, protection of property, recognizing<br />

the sanctity of life and clarity that<br />

national defense includes being engaged<br />

around the world – is exactly on target.<br />

The vice presidency, a heartbeat from<br />

the presidency, is where this outstanding<br />

American belongs.<br />

Cotton would be a great addition to the<br />

outstanding list Trump is already considering.<br />

• • •<br />

Star Parker is president of the Center for<br />

Urban Renewal and Education and host of<br />

the weekly television show “Cure America<br />

with Star Parker.”<br />

© 20<strong>24</strong> Creators.com<br />

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May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


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6 I OPINION I<br />

May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />





Is the election already over?<br />

Today is May <strong>15</strong>, and the Nov. 5 presidential<br />

election might be fait accompli.<br />

(That’s French. It means already over, but<br />

we didn’t want to say already over again<br />

because we already said already over in<br />

the headline.)<br />

Anyhoo, the results might have been<br />

decided already. Not in a conspiracy<br />

theory, fake ballot kind of way, but rather<br />

in a “these candidates are so terrible<br />

that the race may have been decided six<br />

months before election day” kind of way.<br />

Yes, we are saying that it looks like<br />

President Joe Biden has lost the election.<br />

That wording was deliberate (unlike the<br />

“already over” linguistic calamity from<br />

the first paragraph). We are not saying that<br />

Donald Trump has run a great campaign<br />

and sewed this thing up. We are saying<br />

that Biden has likely rendered himself<br />

unelectable, thus paving the way for<br />

President Donald Trump, Part Deux (also<br />

French). Here are the three reasons why:<br />

1. The cost of things. Nearly every<br />

economic report tells us that inflation is<br />

and has been going down. Doesn’t feel<br />

like it. Nearly every economic prediction<br />

says we will be able to avoid recession.<br />

Doesn’t feel like it. Most predictions had<br />

the Fed lowering interest rates before the<br />

end of the year. Doesn’t seem like it. The<br />

cost of things is too dang high. We feel it<br />

every time we buy food. Business owners<br />

feel it when they hire. Business workers<br />

feel it when they get hired. Nobody is<br />

happy with the rate of wages, nobody is<br />

happy with the price of goods. Inflation<br />

easing is not the same thing as deflation.<br />

Is this all Biden’s fault? Nope. Is it likely<br />

to change much under Trump? Nope. But<br />

it happened on Biden’s watch, so Biden<br />

gets the blame. It’s the economy, stupid.<br />

2. Biden is baseless. The proverbial<br />

straw that broke the camel’s back might<br />

have come from, of all places, college<br />

campuses. Protests over the Israel-<br />

Hamas conflict raging in Palestine broke<br />

out all across the liberal strongholds<br />

of university quads. This just served to<br />

remind the nation that progressives have<br />

no love for Biden. Conservatives certainly<br />

have no love for Biden. Centrists<br />

viewed Biden as the guy who could calm<br />

down the country, and that is clearly not<br />

the case. Listen, plenty of Democrats<br />

will hold their nose and vote Biden in<br />

November, but there is no indication that<br />

a single voting bloc will be excited to cast<br />

their ballot. Say what you will about his<br />

detractors, Trump has a large, extremely<br />

energetic base of support. Biden doesn’t.<br />

There are plenty of people eager to vote<br />

against Trump, but that won’t be enough<br />

to move the needle.<br />

3. Kamala chameleon. There are two<br />

things that are 100%, absolutely baked<br />

into this election already: Biden is too<br />

old and Trump is too crazy. Stop talking<br />

about it, we get it. These are the top-ofthe-ticket<br />

candidates we’ve got, and those<br />

are their primary identifiers. That brings<br />

us to the bottom of the ticket. Trump can<br />

prioritize sanity and steadiness when<br />

choosing a vice president. Biden is stuck<br />

with Kamala Harris, and she has even<br />

less of a base of support than Biden does.<br />

Ostensibly, Harris has spent the last three<br />

years going out of her way to showcase<br />

the fact that she is simply not capable of<br />

being president of these United States.<br />

That’s not a good look when the number<br />

one concern about your boss is that he is<br />

too old.<br />

Obviously, an awful lot can happen<br />

between now and Nov. 5. That said, as we<br />

sit here today it looks like Trump will win<br />

almost by default. Sacre bleu!<br />

Founder<br />

Publisher Emeritus<br />

Publisher<br />

Managing Editor<br />

Associate Editor<br />

Staff Writer<br />

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Business Manager<br />

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May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I 7<br />

Your health. Your voice.<br />

Be heard at Mercy’s<br />

community roundtable.<br />

You’re invited to a roundtable discussion on the future of<br />

health care and how Mercy can best care for Wentzville.<br />

Share your thoughts with your friends and neighbors,<br />

community leaders and Mercy.<br />

Community Roundtable Discussions<br />

May 28 and 29 | 5-7 p.m. June 5 | 5-7 p.m.<br />

Bear Creek Golf Club Water’s Edge Banquet Center<br />

<strong>15</strong>8 Bear Creek Dr. 200 Salt Lick Rd.<br />

Wentzville<br />

St. Peters<br />

A light dinner will be served.<br />

Scan to reserve your place<br />

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mercy.net/WentzvilleForum<br />


GAME ON.<br />

And double-down on life.<br />

At The Landing of O’Fallon, you can trust that it will be all right. From our<br />

signature program, PrimeFit Wellness, to a community calendar filled<br />

with activities, it’s the right place and the right time. Right now.<br />

Call 636-791-4625 today for more information and to schedule<br />

your visit.<br />

1000 Landing Circle | St. Charles, MO 63304<br />

636-791-4625<br />


8 I NEWS I<br />

May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




The Krekel train rides were a hit with attendees, organizers said.<br />

(O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce photo)<br />

NEWS<br />

BRIEFS<br />

O’FALLON<br />

Fastest baby in city identified<br />

The O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce<br />

and Industries partnered with the O’Fallon<br />

Community Foundation<br />

to create and conduct the<br />

first-ever O’Fallon Rail<br />

District Festival in Civic<br />

Park from 2-8 p.m. on<br />

Saturday, April 27.<br />

The event exceeded<br />

expectations. Organizers<br />

originally anticipated<br />

about 1,000 people, but<br />

more than 2,000 people<br />

attended. Between 80-90<br />

businesses were expected<br />

to participate, but organizers<br />

reported more than<br />

100, including five food<br />

trucks.<br />

“The Krekel train rides<br />

were a big hit and the St.<br />

Charles Model Railroad<br />

Club helped everyone<br />

aboard the train,” said<br />

chamber Signature Events<br />

Coordinator Rachel Page.<br />

“The kids’ zone was another big hit. With<br />

a wristband, kids were able to jump on the<br />

inflatables all day.”<br />

O’Fallon Theatre Works and the Count<br />

O’Fallon’s fastest baby - Bryer -<br />

with trophy<br />

(O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce photo)<br />

of Monte Carlo band provided live entertainment.<br />

Proceeds from the event support the<br />

O’Fallon Community Foundation for<br />

scholarships for students at the Renaud<br />

Center, sending O’Fallon police officers<br />

to Police Week and similar Community<br />

Foundation-sponsored initiatives.<br />

This will be an annual event going forward.<br />

The festival included a unique special<br />

activity sponsored by Washington University<br />

Orthopedics: a baby crawl race, to<br />

identify the fastest baby<br />

in O’Fallon. The winning<br />

baby’s name is Bryer.<br />

The trophy is enormous.<br />

His mom, Summer, was<br />

proud.<br />

The O’Fallon Rail<br />

District is what originally<br />

was designated as<br />

the “downtown overlay<br />

district,” running from<br />

I-70 in the south to St.<br />

Joseph Avenue in the<br />

north, Sonderen Street<br />

in the east, Woodlawn<br />

Avenue in the west and<br />

Main Street running<br />

north to south through<br />

the center. It includes<br />

the active railroad<br />

tracks crossing Main<br />

Street near Civic Park<br />

and city hall.<br />

The chamber intended<br />

this festival to be a “celebration of<br />

O’Fallon’s history, local businesses and<br />

a way to bring families out to celebrate<br />

everything O’Fallon is.”<br />

Local woman wins Ms.<br />

Missouri Senior title<br />

O’Fallon resident Darla Behlmann has<br />

been crowned Ms. Missouri Senior 20<strong>24</strong><br />

at the annual pageant hosted by the Missouri<br />

Senior Cameo Club on April 27. She<br />

competed with eight other contestants to<br />

earn the title. For her talent she sang Nat<br />

King Cole’s “L-O-V-E.”<br />

Music has long been a part of Behlmann’s<br />

life. She said she remembers singing publicly<br />

as early as 4 years old and her family<br />

traveled and sang at churches when she was<br />

a teenager. Additionally, she has been a featured<br />

vocalist in productions and recordings.<br />

Widowed after 39 years of marriage,<br />

Darla met and married Mark Behlmann<br />

with whom she loves to travel. She has<br />

been to 25 states and six different countries.<br />

This September, Darla will travel to<br />

Atlantic City, New Jersey, to compete in<br />

the Ms. Senior America Pageant.<br />

In addition to representing Missouri at<br />

the pageant, Darla will join other Cameo<br />

Club members in performing at local<br />

senior centers, retirement communities,<br />

events and special occasions. Proceeds<br />

from Showcase performances go to local<br />

and statewide charities, including Whole<br />

Kids Outreach, which works to meet the<br />

unmet health and developmental needs of<br />

children, youth and pregnant women.<br />

To learn more about the Cameo Club or<br />

how to audition for the 2025 Ms. Senior<br />

America Pageant, visit msmissourisenior.org.<br />

ST. PETERS<br />

Aldermen, mayor sworn<br />

in for new terms<br />

A new St. Peters Board of Aldermen<br />

member was sworn in along with four<br />

re-elected officials at the April 25 board<br />

meeting. In addition, former alderman Dr.<br />

Gregg Sartorius was honored for his service<br />

before leaving office.<br />

Alderman Randy Green (Ward 2) and<br />

Sartorius had competed for the Ward 2 seat<br />

in the April 2 General Municipal Election,<br />

with the former winning with 736 votes.<br />

Sartorius received 612 votes, according to<br />

the St. Charles County election results.<br />

Green gave his oath of office beside his wife,<br />

children and grandchildren. In his remarks,<br />

he said they represented three generations<br />

of St. Peters residents, and he described the<br />

reception to his campaign from the residents.<br />

“I was very humbled by the support I got<br />

from the community,” Green said. “I just<br />

want to say ‘thank you’ to everybody who<br />

encouraged me and supported me to get<br />

me where I am.”<br />

Before Green was sworn in, city officials<br />

recognized Sartorius for his work done for<br />

St. Peters.<br />

Alderman Judy Bateman (Ward 2) presented<br />

him with a plaque from the city.<br />

“You’ve been a great partner,” Bateman<br />

said. “I’m just happy to know that you’re<br />

going to stay involved with the city.”<br />

Sartorius thanked those present for their<br />

support.<br />

“It’s not goodbye, it’s just a ‘see you<br />

later,’” he said.<br />

Mayor Len Pagano nominated Sartorius<br />

to serve on the Parks, Recreation and Cultural<br />

Arts Advisory Board, and the motion<br />

passed unanimously.<br />

Pagano and aldermen Patrick Barclay,<br />

Melissa Reimer and John “Rocky” Reitmeyer<br />

were also sworn in to their new<br />

terms, having been re-elected.<br />


Council asks circuit court to<br />

reinstate prisoner trash program<br />

At its April 29 meeting, the St. Charles<br />

County Council voted 6-0 to approve a<br />

resolution that encourages the St. Charles<br />

County Circuit Court to reinstitute its program<br />

of allowing convicts in nonviolent<br />

felony cases to “pay off their debts to society<br />

by cleaning up local roads.”<br />

The resolution was sponsored by council<br />

members Tim Baker (District 7) and Joe<br />

Brazil (District 2).<br />

In 2018, former 11th Circuit Court Judge<br />

Ted House had established a program that<br />

allowed convicts to work off community<br />

service sentences by picking up litter. The<br />

program involved the circuit court working<br />

in conjunction with the Missouri Department<br />

of Transportation and the Missouri<br />

Division of Probation and Parole.<br />

House had said the program was a success,<br />

however, the program was halted<br />

because of the COVID-19 pandemic.<br />

The council resolution says the impacts<br />

of the pandemic are beginning to abate,<br />

stating the “time is ripe for the circuit court<br />

to consider reinstituting this program for<br />

the betterment of the community.”<br />


View exclusive stories and<br />

content on our website.



May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I NEWS I 9<br />

Prior to the vote, Baker said this program<br />

could lower costs, because the detention<br />

center space is overcrowded, and the<br />

county must pay for medical care, food<br />

and other prisoner needs. He said he had<br />

spoken to County Sheriff Scott Lewis and<br />

he would not have any problem with this<br />

program. Baker noted the prisoner cleanup<br />

program actually would be managed by<br />

the Department of Corrections<br />

County Justice Center<br />

improvements continue<br />

The St. Charles County Council has<br />

approved additional improvements in the<br />

County Justice Center housing unit and the<br />

Juvenile Justice Center.<br />

The Criminal Justice Center will add 22<br />

more beds in units H and I, and according<br />

to county documents, will replace furniture<br />

with new molded plastic furniture to<br />

prevent self-harm by the inmates.<br />

The current cell furnishings will be<br />

replaced with bunk beds, desks, shelves<br />

and stools to double the capacity on the<br />

main floor. This also will be a system that<br />

does not pose a strangulation risk and uses<br />

a highly durable molded plastic specifically<br />

designed for detention environments.<br />

CorTech USA will provide these materials<br />

for $102,337.40.<br />

According to county documents, the<br />

Juvenile Justice Center/Juvenile Detention<br />

Center has not had any major renovations<br />

since it was built in 2002. Standards of care,<br />

safety and security protocols have changed<br />

since then. Cells currently have metal bed<br />

frames and metal wall shelves, which can<br />

pose a threat to the residents because they<br />

contain sharp metal edges.<br />

Due to deterioration and rust, some<br />

of the beds and shelves now must be rewelded<br />

or replaced. Use of plastic material<br />

is becoming more prevalent to ensure<br />

safety in detention facilities.<br />

The Juvenile Justice Center will replace<br />

their beds with the same products from<br />

CorTech as those used in the County Correctional<br />

Facility. The one-piece beds feature<br />

two molded-in openings beneath the<br />

bed surface for personal storage. This bed<br />

can be secured to the floor, preventing the<br />

concealment of contraband.<br />

Mattresses and pillows will also be<br />

replaced with materials that are fluid-resistant,<br />

flame-retardant, and easy to sanitize.<br />

Laundry carts and beverage dispensers will<br />

be replaced with tamper-resistant hardware.<br />

CorTech USA will provide these materials<br />

for $69,393.<br />

Tougher regulations<br />

for ‘nuisance animals’<br />

At its April 29 meeting, the St. Charles<br />

County Council proposed amending the<br />

county code relating to “nuisance animals,”<br />

and a related bill sponsored by council<br />

members Joe Brazil (District 2) and Tim<br />

Baker (District 7) was introduced.<br />

The current code states, “It shall be<br />

unlawful for any person to own, keep,<br />

possess or maintain an animal in such a<br />

manner so as to constitute a nuisance.”<br />

A nuisance dog is defined as “allowing<br />

or permitting a dog to bark, yelp or howl<br />

in a persistent or loud and habitual manner<br />

that disturbs the peace of any other person.”<br />

This amendment would include any<br />

animal (not just dogs) that “will cause<br />

a nuisance with excessive, unwarranted<br />

noise, behavior or property damage.”<br />

Asked what prompted this proposed<br />

amendment, Baker said a constituent had<br />

complained to him about a Macaw (a large,<br />

colorful parrot) that was placed outside<br />

by its owner. Baker said the bird was so<br />

loud it could be heard several houses away,<br />

and disturbed neighbors. The current code<br />

does not include birds, but the amended<br />

wording would include any animal that is<br />

a noise nuisance.<br />

Baker said this amended code also<br />

would enable complaints to be handled by<br />

calling animal control instead of the police.<br />

A “noisy animal” means an animal that<br />

makes any noise for an extended period of<br />

Let’s Be Active Together!<br />


gardenviewcarecenter.com<br />

636-<strong>24</strong>0-2840 | O’FALLON<br />

636-537-3333 | CHESTERFIELD<br />

636-861-0500 | DOUGHERTY FERRY<br />

A<br />

C<br />

T<br />

I<br />

V<br />

E<br />

time (more than 30 minutes) to the disturbance<br />

of any person at any time of day or<br />

night, regardless of whether the animal is<br />

physically situated in or upon private property.<br />

The ordinance would not apply if the<br />

animal is making noise due to a brief disturbance<br />

on or near private property on which<br />

the animal is situated, due to a person trespassing<br />

or threatening to trespass upon private<br />

property where the animal is situated, or<br />

due to the animal being teased or provoked.<br />

No other questions or comments about<br />

the proposed bill arose at this meeting; the<br />

bill will receive a vote for passage at the<br />

next council meeting on May 13.<br />

ctivity promotes physical,<br />

cognitive and emotional<br />

well-being<br />

hair yoga is just one of<br />

the physical activities<br />

we promote<br />

herapists are at all of our<br />

locations to monitor a<br />

resident’s mobility<br />

and movement<br />

ndividual care programs<br />

include activities and<br />

exercise therapies<br />

itality<br />

is the key<br />

to happiness<br />

veryone<br />

is encouraged<br />

to be active

10 I NEWS I<br />

May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


St. Charles honors fallen Marine<br />




St. Charles leaders and residents came<br />

together on Friday, May 3, to honor<br />

Marine Corps. Sgt. Colin Arslanbas’s life.<br />

People lined Interstate 70 and provided<br />

a hero’s welcome that stretched from St.<br />

Louis Lambert International Airport to St.<br />

Charles County.<br />

“In the early morning of April 19, 20<strong>24</strong>,<br />

we learned that our oldest son, Colin, died<br />

in a training accident off the coast of North<br />

Carolina the night before,” Nicole Arslanbas<br />

said in a statement. Afterward, it was a<br />

blur, Nicole said, with the family trying to<br />

plan a service for Colin’s fellow marines,<br />

and handling the logistics of bringing him<br />

home.<br />

“Just weeks before Colin was set to<br />

deploy, he learned he was going to be a<br />

father,” Nicole said. “He was so excited<br />

and had so much life ahead of him. It<br />

brings us peace to know that Colin’s life,<br />

although cut short, was full of love and<br />

anticipation for the future.”<br />

Mark Schmitz, the father of Lance Cpl.<br />

Jared Schmitz — who died in a 2021 suicide<br />

bombing in Kabul – was a driving<br />

force behind urging people to line the roadways<br />

to support the family.<br />

He encouraged everyone to come out<br />

and line the procession path as they had for<br />

Jared, and discussed the plans with Nicole<br />

before the memorial.<br />

“I told her what we went through, and I<br />

said ‘this is one of the memories I will hold<br />

onto forever,’” Schmitz said. “To have the<br />

opportunity to witness your community<br />

come out and show the support and love<br />

that they do, is something that you’ll carry<br />

with you for the rest of your life.”<br />

Schmitz was determined to do whatever<br />

he could to help the family, stating, “They<br />

just need to worry about Colin.”<br />

After the event, Nicole described it<br />

as healing and stated, “We’re thankful<br />

that our community showed up to help<br />

welcome him home, and also let us see<br />

the support we had from our community.<br />

Thousands of people lined the streets along<br />

the route from Lambert St. Louis Airport<br />

to St. Charles County. We are thankful for<br />

every person.”<br />

“Though we will never understand why<br />

Colin had to leave us, we are forever grateful<br />

for the love and support shown to us<br />

during this time,” she said.<br />

Missouri House Rep. Tricia Byrnes<br />

(R-District 63) noted the similarities in the<br />

turnout for Schmitz’s son and Colin.<br />

“Everybody wants to do something to<br />

show honor and respect,” Byrnes said.<br />

Residents watch as the motorcade approaches.<br />

(Photo by Jessica Marie Baumgartner)<br />

“Sometimes it’s just two feet on the ground<br />

in the right place at the right time. That’s<br />

all that matters.”<br />

Missouri House Rep. Wendy Hausman<br />

(R-District 65) spoke about her experiences<br />

with the Arslanbas family. Her son<br />

swam on the same swim team with Colin<br />

when they were children.<br />

“This hits hard,” Hausman said.<br />

The community echoed these sentiments<br />

as they lined the entrance to the funeral<br />

home and decorated the area with flags<br />

and memorial pictures of other fallen soldiers.<br />

Even though the motorcade suffered<br />

a delay, supporters remained, determined<br />

to support the family.<br />

O’Fallon alderwoman Linda Ragsdale<br />

(Ward 5) was adamant about the importance<br />

of showing up. Having been born<br />

into a gold star family, after the death of<br />

her uncle who served in Vietnam she said<br />

she was raised to honor those who serve.<br />

“It’s for everybody in my family,” Ragsdale<br />

said. “I got here early and seeing the<br />

people show up and seeing what it means<br />

to people, (it) means a lot to me.”<br />

Visionary group opens eyes for St. Charles County leaders<br />


Vision St. Charles Leadership members prepare to enter a burning building in April.<br />

(Source: VSCL)<br />

“I have a whole new respect for first<br />

responders,” confided Jacquie Vick, director<br />

of development for Habitat for Humanity<br />

of St. Charles County.<br />

She was sharing how she recently was<br />

asked to put on full firefighter gear and<br />

enter a burning building. Tasked with operating<br />

a hose, she had to crawl below the<br />

smoke. Of course, it was a controlled burn,<br />

but it was eye-opening nonetheless – and<br />

that was the point.<br />

The firefighter experience is part of<br />

Vision St. Charles County Leadership’s<br />

First Responders Day. Held this year in<br />

late April, it was the final step in a ninemonth,<br />

immersive journey.<br />

Vick shared her experience as her fellow<br />

Vision Leadership classmates, friends,<br />

family and local business leaders and dignitaries<br />

gathered for the 20<strong>24</strong> graduation<br />

gala on May 1.<br />

Since 1998, Vision Leadership has provided<br />

professionals with educational leadership<br />

experiences to give them insight<br />

into everything from the county’s inner<br />

workings to local nonprofits to service providers,<br />

such as police, fire and ambulance<br />

operations, to what’s happening in Jefferson<br />

City.<br />

“We spend a full day in the Capitol meeting<br />

with state senators and representatives,<br />

getting the chance to spend time with<br />

the lieutenant governor, the state treasurer,<br />

state auditor, secretary of state and<br />

learning how St. Charles County fits into<br />

the economy and political aspects of our<br />

state,” explained Mark Hollander, Vision<br />

Leadership’s executive director. “On the<br />

second day, we have the opportunity to<br />

have breakfast or lunch with the governor<br />

and visit the Jefferson City Correctional<br />

Center.”<br />

In addition to increasing awareness,<br />

the program aims to help its participants<br />

develop leadership skills, actively engage<br />

in county activities at the professional and<br />

volunteer levels and foster lifelong relationships.<br />

“We have a thriving alumni group consisting<br />

of more than 500 distinguished<br />

individuals. We encourage each of them to<br />

keep in touch or reconnect with us at an<br />

upcoming activity day or special event,”<br />

Hollander said.<br />

One such special event was the graduation<br />

gala for the class of 20<strong>24</strong>, which was<br />

not only attended by alumni but celebrated<br />

them, specifically the 20<strong>24</strong> Visionary of<br />

the Year, Rabbi Chaim Landa, co-director<br />

of the Chabad Jewish Center of St. Charles<br />

County.<br />

Landa, a class of 2022 alum, was chosen<br />

from among eight nominees by Vision<br />

Leadership’s board of directors.<br />

In 2019, Landa and his wife, Bassy, cofounded<br />

the Chabad Center with the goal<br />




May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I 11<br />


12 Month CD<br />

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Fees could reduce earnings on the account.<br />

Serving the St. Charles Community<br />

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May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


If you or a loved one has<br />

experienced a fall within the last<br />

few months, you probably already<br />

know how life-altering it can be.<br />

Once you fall, your whole world<br />

changes. Where you once felt<br />

comfortable and confident, you now<br />

start to doubt your abilities. To<br />

avoid having another fall, you start<br />

to give up the things you love to do.<br />

When this happens, you become<br />

less mobile, and your strength and<br />

independence start to decline. You<br />

begin to lose your confidence and<br />

everyday tasks such as going out to<br />

the grocery store can become too<br />

much to handle.<br />

If you or a loved one are caught in<br />

this downward spiral, you’re not<br />

alone. There are ways to take<br />

control of your balance and regain<br />

your active lifestyle, again.<br />

Even though it's normal to<br />

experience some declines as you<br />

age, it is NOT normal to lose your<br />

balance and fall. Fortunately, no<br />

matter what your age, physical<br />

therapy can help to improve your<br />

balance and make you more steady<br />

on your feet.<br />

If you're ready to live a life without<br />

the fear of falling, we can help. Our<br />

Physical Therapy Team has helped<br />

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your risk of a fall right away.<br />

The 4 phases of the falling<br />

cycle.<br />

How to decrease your risk of<br />

injury with a fall<br />

The top 6 balance exercises<br />

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Consequences of not being<br />

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A severe storm in mid-March cut along<br />

Interstate 70 from west to east through<br />

Wentzville, Lake Saint Louis, O’Fallon,<br />

St. Peters, St. Charles City and St. Charles<br />

County, depositing hailstones ranging from<br />

the size of golf balls to baseballs. The repercussions<br />

of the storm are still being felt.<br />

Residences and businesses suffered<br />

damage from the storm, as well as vehicles<br />

and buildings belonging to the city<br />

of O’Fallon. The storm also substantially<br />

damaged city employees’ personal vehicles,<br />

including those parked at city hall for<br />

a City Council meeting that day.<br />

While a preliminary damage assessment<br />

was presented at the end of March,<br />

on April 25 the city’s Human Resources<br />

Director Tanya Davies, shared a detailed<br />

update at a council work session.<br />

Davies first said there actually was some<br />

good that resulted from the storm.<br />

“I am proud,” she said, “to highlight the<br />

acts of selflessness exhibited by our city<br />

employees during this trying time.”<br />

She said that despite facing their own<br />

personal losses (vehicles and homes),<br />

dedicated city staff rose to the occasion,<br />

providing assistance and support to their<br />

colleagues and neighbors, “embodying the<br />

true spirit of teamwork.”<br />

She said staff at both city hall and environmental<br />

services provided much-needed<br />

assistance and comfort in the midst of chaos.<br />

“Trucks were quickly deployed to ensure<br />

the safety of fellow coworkers on the journey<br />

home,” Davies said.<br />

She also thanked the city’s police officers,<br />

“who continued to patrol that day, even with<br />

tornado warnings and hail pelting their<br />

vehicles and destroying their windshields.”<br />

The final note of good news was that no<br />

employees were injured.<br />

Davies then outlined the “not-as-good<br />

news.”<br />

Regarding city property, 21 city structures<br />

were damaged, including city hall,<br />

the senior center, veterans museum, Alligator’s<br />

Creek Aquatic Center, several park<br />

facilities, the Ozzie Smith Sports Complex,<br />

environmental services, log cabin, justice<br />

center and others.<br />

Three of those structures need emergency<br />

attention: the veterans museum<br />

(roof), the stadium and Alligator’s Creek.<br />

An estimate on repair costs for all property<br />

is expected mid-May from CHUBB,<br />

the city’s real estate insurance company.<br />

Davies clarified that the city has a 1%<br />

deductible with a minimum of $100,000.<br />

That 1% applies to the building values<br />

on the Statement of Values. She said for<br />



City of O’Fallon still recovering<br />

from March 14 hailstorm<br />

example, if city hall’s value is $28 million,<br />

the deductible is 1% of that ($280,000).<br />

She said once all damaged building<br />

deductibles are totaled and damage<br />

applied, and if it is less than $100,000 out<br />

of pocket for the city, CHUBB will apply a<br />

minimum $100,000 deductible.<br />

“The damage will be more than $100,000,”<br />

she said.<br />

A total of 174 city vehicles were damaged,<br />

including cars, trucks, dump trucks and<br />

trailers. Sixty-seven of those were totaled<br />

or listed as borderline, and the other 107<br />

needed repairs.<br />

Hail during the March 14 storm reached the<br />

size of baseballs in some locations.<br />

(Source: O’Fallon Police Department)<br />

For vehicles, O’Fallon uses Safety<br />

National, an insurance company in Maryland<br />

Heights. However, the city also uses<br />

$100,000 self-insured retention, meaning<br />

the city is responsible for the first $100,000<br />

of claims damage per event.<br />

The 107 vehicles have repair estimates<br />

totaling $644,637. The city will work<br />

through the first $100,000, then work with<br />

Safety National for the rest. Windshield<br />

repairs are already completed, with the<br />

cost totaling $29,000.<br />

However, none of these vehicle repairs<br />

were budgeted for 20<strong>24</strong>. Davies asked the<br />

council to authorize proceeding with those<br />

repairs, with the staff bringing a formal budget<br />

amendment to the council. The council unanimously<br />

agreed, and a bill with the budget<br />

amendments was introduced at the regular<br />

council meeting following the workshop.<br />

The 67 vehicles totaled or borderline<br />

are still being assessed. Jason Del Pozo,<br />

the city’s fleet manager, is working with<br />

Safety National to assess and negotiate<br />

which vehicles should be actually totaled,<br />

where the city receives the cash value, and<br />

which should be rehabbed and repaired.<br />

The overall cost for the vehicles is anticipated<br />

to be more than $1 million, but the<br />

$100,000 self-insured retention is all the<br />

city will need to pay.<br />

Davies said many more months of work<br />

will be required to restore city buildings and<br />

vehicles. The mayor and council thanked<br />

Davies and city staff for their hard work.


West News Magazine SZW <strong>24</strong>0876.pdf 1 5/6/<strong>24</strong> 2:49 PM<br />


May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


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nerves in the hands and<br />

feet which causes the<br />

nerves to begin to die.<br />

The blood vessels that<br />

surround the nerves<br />

become diseased then<br />

shrivel up which causes<br />

the nerves to not get<br />

the nutrients to continue<br />

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When these nerves begin to die<br />

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determine the extent<br />

of any nerve damage.<br />

The treatment that is provided<br />

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1. Decrease pain<br />

2. Increase blood flow<br />

3. Stimulate and increase small<br />

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Limited appointments available for the<br />





636-<strong>24</strong>4-01<strong>24</strong><br />

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4710 MEXICO ROAD • ST. PETERS, MO 63376<br />

WWW.MORNINGSTARNPTC.COM • 636-<strong>24</strong>4-01<strong>24</strong>

14 I NEWS I<br />


May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


The revival of downtown Defiance is<br />

gaining momentum, with a new meat<br />

market soon to open in a recently closeddown<br />

business.<br />

In 2021, the Hoffmann Companies purchased<br />

the two-address building at 2998<br />

and 3002 S. Missouri Hwy. 94 in Defiance.<br />

They also purchased Don’s Place (a biker<br />

bar) around the corner and the Defiance<br />

Roadhouse across the street.<br />

2998 S. Hwy. 94 was formerly the Kickstand<br />

Katy Trail bike rental and bike shop<br />

business.<br />

3002 S. Hwy. 94 had become the Defiance<br />

General Store, opened in September<br />

2023, with space leased from the Hoffmanns,<br />

and still in full operation today.<br />

The Katy Trail runs behind that building.<br />

In November 2023, the Hoffmanns shuttered<br />

Kickstand Katy Trail, Don’s Place<br />

and the Defiance Roadhouse. All three<br />

were “closed for the winter season.” However,<br />

they were all listed as commercial<br />

property for sale. The future was uncertain<br />

for downtown Defiance.<br />

On March 8, Tiffany and Larry Winkler<br />

purchased the building at 2998 and 3002 S.<br />

Hwy. 94, and began the rehab at 2998, the<br />

left portion of the building. The Defiance<br />

General Store continues to operate in the<br />

right side of the building, with that space<br />

now leased from the Winklers.<br />

Asked about plans for the building, Tiffany<br />

said they will open a Circle 6 meat<br />

market, with a goal of being open for business<br />

by Memorial Day weekend, Saturday,<br />

May 25.<br />

Tiffany said they are proud to be the<br />

first local Defiance and St. Charles County<br />

family to buy a Hoffmann property, in<br />

keeping with the Winklers’ philosophy of<br />

“By the community, for the community.”<br />

She said they also strongly believe in the<br />

philosophy of, “Shop local, eat local.”<br />

The new business will be named “Circle<br />

6,” because the meat source for the market<br />

will be Circle 6 Acres, the family farm only<br />

about three minutes away in Defiance. The<br />

farm is owned and operated by Tiffany,<br />

Larry and their five children. The children<br />

all are active participants in running<br />

the farm, as well as being active in local<br />

4H clubs. Their farm specializes in prime<br />

Angus beef, Wagyu (Japanese cattle) beef<br />

and also pasture-raised pork products.<br />

Tiffany said her family will manage<br />

and run Circle 6. Their plans include an<br />

“indoor farmers market,” where they have<br />

arranged for local farmers’ products to be<br />

sold in addition to Circle 6 Acres meat<br />

products. Those products will be from<br />

farms in Defiance, Augusta, New Melle<br />

and Foristell.<br />

Tiffany said that Circle 6 Acres will continue<br />

to sell their meat products at the New<br />

Melle Country Market and the Farmers<br />

and Artisans Market of O’Fallon.<br />

One of the first challenges with the building<br />

arose when they were getting started<br />

with replacing floorboards. They found<br />

the underlying wood and supports were so<br />

rotted in the building dating to 1886 that<br />

they “had to gut the place.”<br />

The Winklers plan to bring in a 36-foot<br />

trailer housing a commercial kitchen, to<br />

be placed at the back of the building. That<br />

will enable Circle 6 to cook and serve<br />

local items from the market, in true farmto-table<br />

fashion. They plan to take that<br />

kitchen trailer to other locations as well.<br />

Circle 6 also plans to add something to<br />

the patio area behind the building, facing<br />

the Katy Trail, where live country-western<br />

music will be played.<br />



Circle 6 meat market to launch in Defiance next to Katy Trail<br />

Circle 6 building front, with Tiffany Winkler.<br />

(John Tremmel photo)<br />

Tiffany said they plan to obtain a liquor<br />

license to be able to serve adult beverages<br />

in the Circle 6 business.<br />

As an homage to the past and to support<br />

users of the Katy Trail, Tiffany said,<br />

“We kept 34 bikes that were part of Kickstand<br />

Katy Trail. We will offer bike rentals<br />

and minor repairs for bikes as part of<br />

Circle 6.”<br />

“We see God’s hand on this place,” Tiffany<br />

said. “We have been trying since<br />

2019 to find a place to open a meat market.<br />

We bought about 1.25 acres at the corner<br />

of Hwy. 94 and Route F, where a tornado<br />

had severely damaged several homes a<br />

few years ago, with that corner home completely<br />

demolished. But that location and<br />

a few others just did not work out. Then<br />

this building came on the market, the location<br />

is perfect, and we were able to make<br />

it happen. We still have plans, though, to<br />

build something of value for the community<br />

at that Hwy. 94 and Route F corner lot<br />

in the future.”<br />

In addition to running the farm, starting<br />

this new business and raising five children,<br />

Tiffany and Larry stay occupied in the<br />

community.<br />

“Larry coaches a football team that is a<br />

feeder to Francis Howell, and I coach a<br />

feeder team to Francis Howell cheerleading,”<br />

Tiffany said. “We also own an HVAC<br />

company, Country Air Heating and Cooling.”<br />

In April 20<strong>24</strong>, Marla Conn signed a<br />

lease-to-purchase agreement with the<br />

Hoffmanns and will soon be opening<br />

Wente’s Defiance Roadhouse in the former<br />

Defiance Roadhouse space. The future<br />

appears brighter for downtown Defiance<br />

once again.<br />

VISIONARY GROUP, from page 10<br />

of building community. To accomplish that<br />

goal, the center provides programs geared<br />

toward connecting the nearly 6,000 Jews<br />

who call St. Charles County home.<br />

“Our hope is that our programs serve as<br />

gates through which a person can meet<br />

new people, make meaningful connections<br />

and be inspired to do more good. To<br />

see a Jewish community really blossom, I<br />

think this is something that every citizen<br />

of St. Charles County can be very proud<br />

of,” Landa said. “It’s not the result of one<br />

person or two people, it’s really a cultural<br />

shift and we’re very, very grateful for that.<br />

“When we moved here four-plus years<br />

ago, we really didn’t know how people<br />

were going to respond. I knew that Jews<br />

out here were going to be excited and very<br />

positive. But I wasn’t sure how the greater<br />

community would react. And just to see all<br />

that come together reflects very well on<br />

our county.<br />

“There’s a spirit of shared success in<br />

St. Charles County. People want you to<br />

be successful. They want good things to<br />

happen and when those things happen, it’s<br />

celebrated. So it’s really been a wonderful<br />

journey.”<br />

Landa said Bassy deserves credit as well<br />

for the center’s success.<br />

One way the greater St. Charles County<br />

community celebrates with the Chabad<br />

Center is at its annual Jewish Festival,<br />

which will take place on Sunday, Aug. 25<br />

in the parking lot at the Lewis and Clark<br />

Boathouse on the riverfront.<br />

“It’s coming at a time when leaning into<br />

our Jewish pride and celebrating the local<br />

community is that much more important,”<br />

Landa said.<br />

In a Facebook post announcing Landa’s<br />

selection as the Visionary of the Year<br />

Rabbi Chaim Landa with Mark Hollander<br />

award recipient, Hollander noted that<br />

Landa “has made a tremendous impact on<br />

our community over the last several years.”<br />

“The revitalization of the Jewish community<br />

in St. Charles has been nothing short<br />

(Ashley Brown photo)<br />

of astounding and his ever-presence all over<br />

town has been refreshing,” Hollander wrote.<br />

Likewise, the O’Fallon Chamber of<br />

Commerce and Industries wrote that Landa<br />

is “truly a community leader!”


May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


Memorial Day Weekend<br />

May <strong>24</strong>, 25, 26<br />

Lewis & Clark Boathouse<br />

Parking Lot<br />



Summer in St. Charles County<br />

means free concert season is here<br />


The Elders<br />

Irish Aires<br />

Lore<br />

Celtica<br />

St. Louis Irish Arts<br />

Eileen Gannon & Friends<br />

Keltic Reign<br />

The Wee Heavies<br />

Dan Jackson<br />

Brianna Brown & Friends<br />

Clarkson Irish Dancers<br />

Presented by:<br />

City of St. Charles<br />

&<br />

St. Charles Sister Cities - Irish Chapter<br />


(Boathouse Museum Classroom)<br />

Irish in STL Author<br />

Rugby 101<br />

Professor, Dr. Wall<br />

Geanealogy<br />

Lewis & Clark Historian<br />

Sister Cities Information<br />


Inflatables<br />

Clarkson Crafts<br />

Irish Culture<br />

Irish Bingo<br />

Sidewalk Chalk Fun<br />

Hopscotch<br />


(Memorial Pavilion)<br />

Learn Guinness Pour<br />

Whiskey Tasting<br />

Craft Beer Tasting<br />

Meade Tasting<br />

Five Farms Irish Cream<br />

Pub Games<br />

Other Outdoor Fun<br />

+ Retail & Food Vendors including Shamrocks Pub & Grill<br />

Pop-up restaurant<br />

For more information, go to mrifsc.com<br />

FREE<br />



SERIES<br />

EVERY THURSDAY * thru October <strong>24</strong><br />

*Weather Permitting<br />

6:30pm to 8:30pm | Clocktower Plaza<br />






BRING A<br />



AND YOUR<br />



Beale Street Concerts<br />


Music lovers rejoice! The time has come<br />

to gather with friends and family under<br />

the stars and enjoy free summer concerts.<br />

Whichever concerts you attend, some<br />

basics generally apply:<br />

• Do bring your own lawn chairs and<br />

blankets.<br />

• Do bring the whole family, but leave the<br />

furry members at home.<br />

• Do support the local vendors, restaurants<br />

and concession stands if you can;<br />

that’s how admission remains free. But if<br />

you can’t, feel free to bring a picnic basket.<br />

Just note that most venues ask for glass<br />

containers to be left home.<br />

• Do arrive early; most concessions open<br />

at least 30 minutes before the concert<br />

begins.<br />

• Do have a plan for parking. Some sites<br />

only have off-site parking.<br />

• Do hang on to this list so you won’t<br />

miss a single minute of summer fun.<br />

Cottleville • Twilight Tuesdays<br />

Legacy Park, 5490 Fifth St.<br />

Paved parking is available in Legacy<br />

Park; however, the first two rows of paved<br />

parking are reserved for golf carts and<br />

accessible parking. No parking is allowed<br />

on the grass. Concerts begin at 6 p.m.<br />

May 21: That 80’s Band (‘80s pop rock)<br />

June 4: Joe Dirt & The Dirty Boys<br />

(rock ‘n roll)<br />

June 18: Butch Wax & The Hollywoods<br />

(hits of the ‘50s-‘70s)<br />

July 9: Wildfire (country)<br />

July 23: No Diggity (‘90’s hits)<br />

Aug. 6: Up All Night (pop and country)<br />

Aug. 20: Dr. Zhivegas (party rock)<br />

Sept. 10: Funky Butt Brass Band<br />

(brass and soul)<br />

(Source: Streets of St. Charles)<br />

Dardenne Prairie<br />

Concert & Food Truck Rally<br />

City Hall Park, 2032 Hanley Road<br />

Food offerings include Chick-fil-A,<br />

Sugarfire and SNS Goodies. The concert<br />

series culminates with a Saturday concert<br />

that coincides with Prairie Day on<br />

Sept. 28 and concludes with a spectacular<br />

fireworks display. All concerts begin<br />

at 6:30 p.m.<br />

May 17: Butch Wax & the Hollywoods<br />

(hits of the ‘50s-‘70s)<br />

June 21: Joe Dirt & The Dirty Boys<br />

(rock ‘n roll)<br />

July 19: Trixie Delight (‘70s to now)<br />

Aug. 16: Dr. Zhivegas (party rock)<br />

Sept. 28: Well Hungarians (country,<br />

rock, pop and Motown) – followed by fireworks<br />

at 9:30 p.m.<br />

Lake Saint Louis<br />

Summerfest at The Meadows<br />

Technology Drive at<br />

Lake St. Louis Boulevard<br />

Concerts are held on Thursdays in<br />

Clocktower Plaza and begin at 6:30 p.m.<br />

May 16: Comparato Trio (rock, pop<br />

and country)<br />

May 30: Michael Marciano (singer/<br />

songwriter)<br />

June 6: Cole Blue Steel (country rock)<br />

Additional concerts were not announced<br />

at press time.<br />

O’Fallon • Jammin’<br />

Civic Park Bandstand,<br />

403 Civic Park Drive<br />

For information on the various food<br />

trucks making an appearance at Jammin’ or<br />

the city’s Food Truck Frenzy events, visit<br />


At Hackmann &<br />

McClay Roads in<br />

St. Charles<br />

Elegant, Carefree Living in the Perfect Location!<br />

Manor Collection<br />

Heritage Collection<br />

Estate Collection<br />

Townhome Collection<br />

COTTLEVILLE 63304<br />

Prairie Bluff, 5261 Gutermuth Rd<br />

Estate Collection from the $720s<br />

COTTLEVILLE 63304<br />

Cottleville Trails, 9001 Camino Trail<br />

Villa & Cottage displays open for tours only<br />

LAKE SAINT LOUIS 63348<br />

Windsor Park, 305 Clewer Park Ct<br />

Heritage Collection from the $500s<br />

FORISTELL 63376<br />

Del Creek Crossing, 121 Delcreek Ests Dr<br />

Estate Collection from the $750s<br />

Villa Collection<br />

ST. CHARLES 63301<br />

Manors at Elmhaven, 1 Havenhill Ct<br />

Move-In Ready Homes from the $460s<br />

ST CHARLES 63303<br />

Oakleigh Townhomes, 2845 Hackmann Rd<br />

Townhomes from the $310s<br />

Cottage Collection<br />

ST. CHARLES 63304<br />

Reserve at Lakeview Farms, 1<strong>15</strong>9 Tower Park Dr<br />

Heritage Collection from the $530s<br />

O’FALLON 63385<br />

Harvest, 2697 Hopewell Rd<br />

Cottage Collection from the $300s<br />

Villa Collection from the $350s<br />

Heritage Collection Coming Soon!<br />

EUREKA 63025<br />

Windswept Farms, <strong>24</strong>87 Windswept Farms Dr<br />

Move-In Ready Villas from the $440s<br />


Estate Collection from the $440s<br />

Prices subject to<br />

change without notice. Please visit our website, FandFHomes.com, or call 314-283-6510


May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




Ensuring that the voices of<br />

the American people are<br />

heard in Congress<br />

<br />

<br />

Superjam<br />

SUMMER CONCERTS, from page 16<br />

“Things to Do” on ofallon.mo.us. Concerts<br />

begin at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays.<br />

May 28: The LustreLights (party band)<br />

June 4: Pink Houses USA (tribute to<br />

John Cougar Mellencamp)<br />

June 11: Larceny (alternative rock)<br />

June 18: Drawl (country)<br />

June 25: Johnny Rock-Itt (rock ‘n roll)<br />

July 9: The RetroNerds (‘80s hits)<br />

July 16: Count of Monte Carlo (party<br />

band)<br />

July 23: The Breakdowns (classic rock<br />

& original blues)<br />

July 30: Queens Blvd (‘70s rock hits)<br />

Aug. 6: Mark Perkins (country)<br />

(Official photo)<br />

St. Charles • Beale<br />

Street Concerts<br />

Streets of St. Charles, off Fifth Street,<br />

south of I-70<br />

Concerts are held on Wednesdays from<br />

6-8 p.m.<br />

June 12: Hollywood 5 (current pop to<br />

classic rock)<br />

July 10: Russo and Co. (country/Americana)<br />

Aug. 14: RetroNerds (‘80s hits)<br />

Sept. 11: John Hughes Experience<br />

(‘80s hits)<br />

Oct. 9: Superjam (classic rock)<br />

See SUMMER CONCERTS, page 20<br />

www.americansfirst20<strong>24</strong>.com<br />

VOTE<br />



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• Much more!<br />

H A Ceremonial American Flag<br />

The American flag is the fabric of our nation. Call<br />

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H A Special Commendation<br />

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How about a newly minted Eagle Scout? Let me know.<br />

I’d be honored to send a congressional commendation.<br />

SUMMER CONCERTS, from page 18<br />

Hot Summer Nights<br />

St. Charles Frenchtown • Second Street<br />

Concerts begin at 7 p.m. Food trucks and<br />

local breweries begin serving at 6 p.m.<br />

June 8: Anita Jackson (jazz)<br />

July 13: All Together Now (rock)<br />

Aug. 10: Anthony Gomes (blues)<br />

Sept. 14: Twisted Road (country)<br />

St. Peters • Sunset Concerts<br />

Fridays & Saturdays<br />

370 Lakeside Park<br />

As in recent years, the city’s popular<br />

Sunset Friday concert series now includes<br />

two Sunset Saturday concerts. Friday concerts<br />

begin at 6:30 p.m. with food and drink<br />

sales beginning at 6 p.m. For the Saturday<br />

concerts, the park opens at 3 p.m. with the<br />

music getting underway at 4:30 p.m. on<br />

June 22 and 4 p.m. on Sept. 21.<br />

Sunset Fridays<br />

May 17: Mardis Gras in May, featuring<br />

Zydeco Crawdaddys (music of New<br />

Orleans)<br />

May <strong>24</strong>: Serapis (multiple genres)<br />

May 31: Joe Metzka Band (blues, soul,<br />

funk and jazz)<br />

June 7: To be determined<br />

June 14: Jeremiah Johnson (southern<br />

rock)<br />

Aug. 16: Bag Lunch Blues and The<br />

Salamander Slide (rockin’ blues)<br />

Aug. 23: WildHorse Creek Band with<br />

Jim Keefe (Americana)<br />

Aug. 30: Mantia & McCready (multiple<br />

genres)<br />

Sept. 6: The Paul Bonn Band (blues)<br />

Sept. 13: Power Play (multiple genres)<br />

Sunset Saturdays<br />

June 22: Butch Wax & The Hollywoods,<br />

The Charles Glenn Group and fireworks!<br />

Sept. 21: Fabulous Motown Revue and<br />

Funky Butt Brass Band<br />

Cole Blue Steel<br />

(Photo by Bob Vogt)<br />



BEAT<br />

THE<br />

HEAT!<br />

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wagner.house.gov<br />

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Retractable Awnings<br />

Sunset Concerts<br />

are back!<br />

www.stpetersmo.net/sunset<br />

Sponsored by:<br />

NOTE: Bands and food options are subject to change.<br />

Joe Metzka Band<br />

Sunset Fridays Concerts<br />

370 Lakeside Park • Corporate Pavilion<br />

• 6:30 p.m. Concerts<br />

• 6 p.m. Food Trucks/<br />

Beverage Sales<br />

Live<br />

music!<br />

Plan date night along the lake in a<br />

winery-style setting with great music!<br />

May 17 - Mardis Gras in May with<br />

Zydeco Crawdaddys<br />

May <strong>24</strong> - Serapis<br />

May 31 - Joe Metzka Band<br />

June 7 - Sunset with the Symphony<br />

June 14 - Jeremiah Johnson<br />

Sunset with the Symphony<br />

370 Lakeside Park • Corporate Pavilion<br />

Friday, June 7 at 7 p.m.<br />

This hour-long concert will end with a community<br />

performance of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy and everyone is<br />

invited to play or sing with the Symphony.<br />

Beginner and intermediate parts along with special<br />

lyrics are available for free download and RSVPs are<br />

requested at www.slso.org.<br />

The concert is presented in community partnership with the<br />

St. Charles City-County Library and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.<br />

Butch Wax & The Hollywoods<br />


SUNSET<br />


June 22, 4:30 p.m.<br />

• Butch Wax<br />

and The Hollywoods<br />

• The Charles Glenn<br />

Group<br />

Sunset Fridays “On The Road” at SPTVnow.net!<br />

How’d you like to see great local favorites like<br />

Garden Party, Cole Blue Steel, Serapis or Wade<br />

Trent anytime, anywhere? SCAN THE QR CODE<br />

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Francis Howell baseball family cleans up highway<br />


Three times a year a group of high schoolers<br />

can be found walking alongside Hwy.<br />

94, sporting gloves and toting trash bags.<br />

They scour the shoulder and neighboring<br />

greenery for trash tossed out by passersby<br />

or carried in by the wind. For over a decade,<br />

this team-building effort and community<br />

service has been a staple for the Francis<br />

Howell Vikings baseball team.<br />

Head varsity coach Anthony Perkins is<br />

no newcomer to coaching, having been in<br />

the field for 39 years, 34 of which have<br />

been spent with the up-and-comers at<br />

Francis Howell.<br />

Always on the lookout for nurturing<br />

talent and giving his students the best<br />

chance at a baseball career, Perkins isn’t<br />

just looking to build a team, he’s looking<br />

to build character and community.<br />

“Any time we can go out in the community<br />

to serve, it is a good thing,” Perkins<br />

said. “I mean, we got the manpower!”<br />

Each team – freshman, junior varsity<br />

and varsity – takes turns throughout the<br />

year to keep the nearby roads clean and<br />

free of litter.<br />

“This year, every team member showed<br />

up,” Perkins said. “I think the kids enjoy<br />

doing good for others. It’s cool to see the<br />

guys outside of practice, kids that don’t<br />

know each other otherwise, and learning<br />

to get along with other people.”<br />

Perkins, along with his wife Tracy,<br />

raised four baseball-playing sons, but says<br />

his family is much bigger than that.<br />

“All my players are family. We rely on<br />

each other and help each other out,” he<br />

said. “It’s about the relationship.<br />

“Kids have evolved. It’s different. It’s<br />

hard. You got to get to know your kids.<br />

Where they come from, what’s going on<br />

at home. Take the time to find out what’s<br />

going on with them.”<br />

The family ties Perkins has built are evidenced<br />

in the lives that have at one point<br />

or another landed at home base with him.<br />

“Cool thing about relationships is that you<br />

could have a kid whose dad I’ve coached or<br />

Francis Howell Vikings baseball team cleans up on Hwy. 94.<br />

a kid I’ve known since they were born,” Perkins<br />

said. “It’s fun to run into the kids I’ve<br />

coached at different places over the years.”<br />

The success of the team isn’t down to<br />

him alone, Perkins said. He mentioned<br />

his support system including varsity<br />

assistants Matt Feldt, Darin Cissell and<br />

Anthony Herron; junior varsity coaches,<br />

Clark Cranston and Rich Barnes; freshmen<br />

(Source: Francis Howell School District)<br />

coaches, Brett Schroeder and Seth Fortner,<br />

and Activities Director Sean Erwin.<br />

“You can’t run a program without all<br />

the other coaches who are there for me,”<br />

Perkins said. “I can ask them to do something,<br />

and they may not like it, but it will<br />

get done in a timely fashion. A successful<br />

program is surrounding yourself with successful<br />

people.”<br />

Vikings Addyson Brown breaks 42-year-old record with discus toss<br />


The old saying in sports about records<br />

is that they are made to be broken. Some<br />

just take longer to shatter than others, as<br />

Francis Howell junior Addyson Brown<br />

discovered.<br />

She threw a discus 127 feet, 4 inches<br />

at the recent Parkway North Fred Lyon<br />

Invitational. That was not only a personal<br />

record, but a school record as well.<br />

In fact, Brown’s toss broke a record that<br />

was 42 years old.<br />

According to Vikings records, Becky<br />

Beier back in 1982 threw the discus 126.64<br />

feet.<br />

Brown didn’t know at first she had a<br />

record throw.<br />

“It’s actually a funny story, when they<br />

announced my mark I didn’t hear the entire<br />

mark,” Brown said. “I just heard 38 meters<br />

Francis Howell junior Addyson Brown is<br />

the new record holder in the discus for the<br />

Vikings.<br />

(Elisabeth Brown photo)<br />

which was the previous school record as<br />

well, so I knew it was going to be close.<br />

For about <strong>15</strong> minutes we didn’t even know<br />

that I had broken the school record.<br />

“They later announced what my best<br />

throw of the meet was and I swear my<br />

heart stopped beating for a second. It was<br />

so unexpected but so exciting.”<br />

Brown said she would like to talk to<br />

Beier about the record.<br />

“The previous record holder has not yet<br />

reached out, but it would be really cool to<br />

talk to her someday,” Brown said. “It has<br />

definitely become a goal of mine to break<br />

a school record, especially this season, but<br />

I thought the record I would break would<br />

be shot put. Now I’m really focused on setting<br />

the record for both by the end of this<br />

season.”<br />

Before that throw, Brown did not even<br />

have a top 10 throw in the school record<br />

book. She set a personal best in the shot<br />

at the Lyon meet with a heave of 39 feet,<br />

7.25 inches.<br />

“So to throw a personal record and<br />

break the record, was totally unexpected,”<br />

Brown said.<br />

Coach Dressel Huston is in his first year<br />

as the head coach for the girls team, but<br />

has been coaching track for the past <strong>15</strong><br />

years Francis Howell.<br />

When Brown joined the girls program,<br />

Huston believed he had someone who<br />

could do well for the Vikings.<br />

“Addy just showed up her freshman year<br />

and right away you could see the potential<br />

she had to become a formidable force in<br />

our throws program under the guidance<br />

of coach John Brune,” Huston said. “By<br />

the end of her freshman season, you could<br />

recognize that she was on a (trajectory) to<br />

be really successful by finishing fifth at the<br />

See BROWN, page 31


SCC is pushing beyond expectations, reimagining higher education,<br />

and creating the most innovative and future-focused environment<br />

for higher learning in our region. You will receive the best instruction,<br />

resources, and support services to help you succeed.<br />

stchas.edu<br />

636-922-8000<br />

Start When You’re Ready<br />

Summer Main Term starts June 3<br />

Summer Accelerated Term #1 starts June 3<br />

Summer Accelerated Term #2 starts July 1<br />

Fall Main Term starts August 19<br />

For more info, and to register:<br />

SCC is an equal opportunity employer/program.


What are you doing this weekend? Why not take a trip of discovery<br />


Question: Where can you find a worm<br />

wrangler, a beekeeper, a jam maker and a<br />

whole host of produce producers?<br />

Answer: At a farmers market. And that’s<br />

exactly why it’s so much fun to get up on Saturday<br />

or Sunday mornings and go exploring.<br />

You never know who you’ll meet or what<br />

you’ll find.<br />

Ben Beussink (aka “Worm Master General”)<br />

and his wife, Monica (aka “Dr.<br />

Worm”) are the brains behind Suburban<br />

Worms. The company, serving Lincoln, St.<br />

Charles and St. Louis counties, sells worms<br />

(mostly Red Wigglers), castings and compost<br />

mix. Castings are the excrement produced<br />

when worms digest organic matter. In other<br />

words, it’s poop – and it’s great for flower and<br />

garden beds.<br />

Ben started farming worms with the<br />

thought that he would have a free supply of<br />

bait but then he found himself growing fond<br />

of his cylindrical friends.<br />

“I couldn’t bear to put them on a hook and<br />

drown them,” he said. Plus, Ben was learning<br />

that worms were wonderful composters.<br />

Ben and Monica Beussink, of Suburban<br />

Worms<br />

(Source: Facebook)<br />

“We actually canceled our trash service a<br />

couple of years ago because our composting<br />

worms will eat anything that’s compostable,<br />

that’s biodegradable,” Ben said. “So they<br />

eat the food that we don’t eat. They’ll also<br />

eat shredded paper, junk mail, cereal boxes,<br />

Amazon boxes. They’ll eat leaves, grass clippings,<br />

anything like that. It’s pretty wild.”<br />

Want to learn more? Visit Ben from 8<br />

a.m.-noon on Saturdays at the Lake St. Louis<br />

Farmers & Artists Market in The Meadows<br />

Shopping Center.<br />

Ben and Monica aren’t the only wild<br />

animal tamers found at farmers markets.<br />

Most also have at least one apiarist, and the<br />

delicious bounty of their endeavors is enough<br />

to make visitors buzz with excitement. Have<br />

you guessed it? An apiarist is the formal title<br />

of a beekeeper.<br />

At the Farmers & Artisans Market of<br />

O’Fallon (FAMO), guests can get up close<br />

and personal safely with Dwain Jansen’s<br />

honeybees each and every Sunday from<br />

9 a.m.-1 p.m. at <strong>24</strong> O’Fallon Square (the<br />

StorCo Storage parking lot).<br />

“We try to always bring an observation hive<br />

to the farmers market if the weather allows,”<br />

Jansen explained.<br />

What he discovered was that adults were<br />

just as interested as kids, especially in searching<br />

for the queen.<br />

“The queen bee is always marked with a<br />

dot,” Jansen said, “but she might not be easy<br />

to find. Still, we can show people some pretty<br />

incredible things, including baby bees being<br />

born. That’s something most people don’t get<br />

to experience in a lifetime.”<br />

Jansen said he enjoys doing farmers markets<br />

because of the people he meets and the<br />

camaraderie year after year.<br />

“I have had people come back for three<br />

years now just to see the bees,” he said.<br />

Like almost every vendor at a farmers<br />

market, Jansen puts a high priority on educating<br />

people and he invites questions.<br />

So, have you ever wondered how pollen<br />

and nectar from flowers are turned into<br />

honey? Why is it that eating local honey can<br />

help you stay healthy and help with allergies?<br />

How many bees are in a typical hive<br />

or colony? If you want answers, ask a beekeeper.<br />

Here’s a fun game of discovery: Buy honey<br />

from vendors at three different farmers markets<br />

and have a taste test. Honey from different<br />

regions, harvest times and flowers will<br />

each have a unique taste.<br />

Something else that is delicious and easily<br />

found at farmers markets is jam.<br />

“I focus on using fresh in-season, local<br />

fruit in my small batch jams, so right now<br />

I’m focusing on a strawberry and variations<br />

of strawberry jams,” explained Erin Krohn,<br />

urban gardener and owner of Lettuce Love<br />

Bladder or bowel out of control?<br />

Attend an educational event with SSM Health<br />

Date: Wednesday, June 26<br />

Time: 6:00 PM CT<br />

Location: SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital<br />

300 First Capital Drive, St. Charles, MO<br />

Dr. Kevin Enger will discuss the symptoms, conditions, and causes<br />

for loss of bladder and bowel control and treatment options.<br />

Bladder and bowel control issues affect both men and women,<br />

yet many suffer in silence due to embarrassment. Fortunately,<br />

conditions like incontinence and overactive bladder are highly treatable.<br />

Scan the QR code to register<br />

or visit tinyurl.com/DrEnger



Kitchen.<br />

Krohn also sells simple syrups, microgreens<br />

and microherbs at the Lake Saint<br />

Louis Farmers Market in The Meadows.<br />

“Microgreens are greens that are between<br />

a sprout and a baby green.<br />

Because they are harvested<br />

at an earlier stage, they’re<br />

very nutrient dense. So if<br />

you’re trying to get your<br />

recommended daily amount<br />

of veggies, you kind of get<br />

a little more bang for your<br />

buck with microgreens,”<br />

Krohn explained. “They’re<br />

considered a superfood.”<br />

Krohn said she sees a lot of<br />

families coming through the<br />

market.<br />

“The kids are always so<br />

excited and they ask questions<br />

so that’s always fun. It’s<br />

Dwain Jansen, of Jansen<br />

Bees, LLC<br />

interesting because it’s more of the teenagers<br />

who are the ones who want to learn how to<br />

grow microgreens,” she said. “I think kids<br />

today are more interested in eating healthier<br />

and farmers markets are a great place to start.”<br />

Patricia Knoll, who operates FAMO with<br />

her husband, John, couldn’t agree more. The<br />

O’Fallon market is held on Sundays with kids<br />

in mind. Throughout the season, the market<br />

hosts family-friendly activities and entertainment,<br />

such as visits from local first responders,<br />

the St. Charles City-County Library and<br />

local authors, the occasional bounce house<br />

and even mini-concerts by local musicians.<br />

Special event days are also a big deal at the<br />

Saint Charles Riverwalk Market held in conjunction<br />

with the St. Charles<br />

County Lions Club on the<br />

parking lot of the Foundry<br />

Arts Centre.<br />

“We actually have a Strawberry<br />

Festival on Saturday,<br />

June 8 with all of our vendors<br />

participating in some strawberry-themed<br />

way,” said<br />

Jessie Schoenrock, market<br />

manager for the city of Saint<br />

Charles. “We’re also going to<br />

have a juried strawberry jammaking<br />

contest. The signup<br />

link and details will be available<br />

soon on the city’s Facebook<br />

page under events.”<br />

Special market days give guests the opportunity<br />

to enjoy entertainment and activities<br />

outside the norm.<br />

“But mostly the market is about local farmers<br />

and artisans, and all they have to offer,”<br />

Schoenrock said.<br />

So, here’s one last question: Which farmers<br />

market are you going to first? Let me know<br />

by emailing me your thoughts and photos at<br />

kuptergrove@newsmagazinenetwork.com<br />

and we’ll share them on Facebook.<br />

May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I FAMILY & KIDS I 25<br />




Adult & pediatric dental services<br />

Medicaid accepted • Sliding scale available<br />

State-of-the-art equipment<br />

Board certified dentists & hygienists<br />


Exams • Urgent care visits • X-rays<br />

Cleanings • Fluoride treatments<br />

Sealants • Fillings • Routine extractions<br />

Crowns & bridges • Dentures & partials<br />

CALL 844-843-8937<br />




1030 Wolfrum Road<br />

Weldon Spring, MO 63304<br />


26 I HEALTH I<br />

May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




HEALTH<br />



Benefits of the Brood<br />

By this newspaper’s press time, Brood<br />

XIX (19) of periodical cicadas will likely<br />

be making its noisy appearance in the St.<br />

Louis area, joining the swarms of other<br />

insects residents already deal with at this<br />

time every year.<br />

Although not harmful to humans in any<br />

way, this giant wave of cicadas, projected<br />

to number as many as 1.5 million per acre<br />

in our neighborhoods, are sure to be an<br />

annoyance for the next several weeks. With<br />

that in mind, here are a few ways in which<br />

these huge bugs can actually provide health<br />

benefits – which might offer some consolation<br />

when you are kept awake by their raspy<br />

screeching in the middle of the night:<br />

• Fried, roasted or prepared in recipes,<br />

cicadas are a great low-fat source<br />

of protein – just boil them briefly first to<br />

eliminate any potential bacteria, entomologists<br />

advise. Many who enjoy their flavor<br />

describe it as buttery or nutty, resembling<br />

the taste of shrimp.<br />

• If you are an angler, cicadas also make<br />

excellent fish bait, according to the Missouri<br />

Department of Conservation. Bass<br />

in particular are known to be extremely<br />

partial to cicadas, making it easier to bring<br />

home a healthy, fresh fish dinner for your<br />

family.<br />

• Parts of the cicada have been used in<br />

Chinese herbal medicine for centuries,<br />

to treat sore throats, allergies, itching<br />

and upper respiratory problems. Cicada<br />

“slough,” which is the exoskeleton shed<br />

by the larva when it becomes an adult, is<br />

reported to have anti-inflammatory and<br />

antibacterial properties.<br />

• For home gardeners, cicadas can be<br />

added to compost or beds, boosting beneficial<br />

bacteria and fungus in the soil and<br />

helping to create a rich medium for growing<br />

flowers, fruits and vegetables.<br />

The noisy invasion of periodical<br />

cicadas actually does have some<br />

potential health-related benefits.<br />

(Adobe Stock photo)<br />

Hungry grocery shoppers<br />

spend more, survey shows<br />

The adage “Never go to the grocery store<br />

when you’re hungry” really does prove true<br />

when it comes to overspending on food, a<br />

recent OnePoll survey found.<br />

The mid-April survey of 2,000 adults<br />

asked about their grocery shopping habits,<br />

including how much they spend, when<br />

and how often they usually shop and what<br />

foods they buy most frequently.<br />

More than three-fourths of participants<br />

in the survey said shopping while they’re<br />

hungry causes them to buy unhealthy<br />

foods they would otherwise avoid. They<br />

also spend up to 20% more than planned<br />

on those items, for an average of $26 extra<br />

in a typical shopping trip.<br />

Otherwise, they said, the typical weekly<br />

grocery budget is $162 on average for a<br />

family of two. Most people visit two stores<br />

to purchase the food items they want, and<br />

just over half usually shop with a grocery<br />

list. The top six most frequently purchased<br />

foods mentioned in the survey were bread,<br />

eggs, meat, milk (or milk substitutes)<br />

coffee and bananas<br />

Having their preferred food brands on<br />

the shelves is also important to many<br />

shoppers. About 40% said they are willing<br />

to visit another store to find their<br />

favorite brands if their usual store is out<br />

of stock.<br />

Product quality is another important consideration;<br />

respondents said they would be<br />

willing to pay about 10% higher prices<br />

to get high-quality produce and nutrientdense,<br />

healthy foods.<br />

Price, however, was also mentioned<br />

as the top factor influencing respondents’<br />

choices when grocery shopping.<br />

Sprayed products settle in<br />

homes, polluting indoor air<br />

Products we commonly spray inside our<br />

homes, including household cleaners and<br />

disinfectants, hair products, cosmetics and<br />

even sunscreen, end up left behind as invisible<br />

particles on our floors, say scientists<br />

from Rutgers University. When people<br />

walk through a room, the particles are<br />

stirred up and rise into the air we breathe,<br />

which could be contributing to a form of<br />

indoor air pollution.<br />

These types of products contain<br />

nanoparticles – microscopic grains of<br />

engineered material often made from<br />

silver, copper or zinc. According to the<br />

Rutgers team, properties of nanoparticles<br />

are different from those of the same products<br />

in bulk form, causing researchers to<br />

worry that they could be more strongly<br />

toxic and have more negative health consequences.<br />

This may be especially true for children,<br />

their recent experimental study showed.<br />

“If an adult is walking in a room, and<br />

steps on some of these deposited particles,<br />

we found that the particles will be re-suspended<br />

in the air and rise as high as that<br />

person’s breathing zone,” said Gediminas<br />

Mainelis, Ph.D., an environmental science<br />

professor at Rutgers. “A child playing<br />

on the floor inhales even more because<br />

the concentrations of particles are greater<br />

closer to the ground.”<br />

In a specialized lab, the team tested how<br />

sprayed products are deposited on both<br />

carpet and hard flooring. Using a small<br />

robot to simulate a child’s movements,<br />

they found children could be exposed to<br />

higher particle mass concentrations than<br />

adults during resuspension of deposited<br />

particles. The study also showed carpets<br />

produced a higher concentration of particles<br />

in the air than those deposited on<br />

hard flooring.<br />

On the calendar<br />

BJC St. Louis Children’s Hospital offers<br />

a Helmet Check event on Saturday, May<br />

18 from 9:30 a.m.-noon at Lafayette High<br />

School, 17050 Clayton Road in Wildwood.<br />

Children may bring their own helmets to<br />

this check, where a trained professional<br />

will ensure that it is an approved helmet<br />

and fit it correctly (no braids or ponytails,<br />

please). Register for this free event at<br />

classes-events.bjc.org.<br />

• • •<br />

Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital<br />

offers a free Bariatric Surgery Information<br />

Session on Monday, May 20 from<br />

5:30-6:30 p.m., live via Zoom. To register,<br />

visit classes-events.bjc.org.<br />

• • •<br />

A St. Luke’s Nutrition Class is on<br />

Wednesday, May 29 from 2-3 p.m. at<br />

Schnucks Eatwell Market, 220 THF Blvd.<br />

in Chesterfield. The registration cost is $5;<br />

all participants will receive a $10 Schnucks<br />

gift card. Register at stlukes-stl.com.<br />

• • •<br />

BJC St. Louis Children’s Hospital presents<br />

a Staying Home Alone in-person<br />

class on Saturday, June 1 from 10-11:30<br />

a.m. at the SLCH Specialty Care Center<br />

West County, 13001 N. Outer Forty Road<br />

in Town and Country, in the third-floor<br />

conference room. Parents and children<br />

attend the class together. The registration<br />

fee is $25 per family. To register, call<br />

(314) 454-5437.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Luke’s Hospital presents Mind<br />

the Mind: Let’s Listen, Talk and Heal<br />

Together on Thursday, June 6 from 6:30-<br />

7:30 p.m. in St. Luke’s Desloge Professional<br />

Building A, 121 St. Luke’s Center<br />

Drive in Chesterfield, in Classroom 3.<br />

Attend this free presentation where we will<br />

discuss common mental health conditions<br />

and strategies to support mental well-being.<br />

Register at stlukes-stl.com.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Luke’s Hospital presents Conversations<br />

for Women: The Power of Positive<br />

Touch on Tuesday, June 11 from 6:30-7:30<br />

p.m. in the St. Luke’s Desloge Outpatient<br />

Center, 121 St. Luke’s Center Drive in<br />

Chesterfield, in Building A. Register at<br />


May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


Ambassador <strong>Mid</strong>-West Floor: Built on a passion for flooring that lasts<br />



Family owned for over 80<br />

years, Ambassador <strong>Mid</strong>-West<br />

Floor is a company born from<br />

two local flooring companies –<br />

<strong>Mid</strong>west Floor, founded in 1939,<br />

and Ambassador Floor, founded<br />

in 1985. The companies merged<br />

in 2019, combining decades<br />

of industry experience and<br />

knowledge.<br />

“By combining our company’s<br />

expertise, we are now able to<br />

offer the community even more<br />

flooring design options, better<br />

prices and expanded purchasing<br />

power,” Brian McGee, vice president<br />

of sales and marketing for Ambassador<br />

<strong>Mid</strong>-West Floor, explained. “We<br />

really do have more experience than<br />

other flooring companies in the area.”<br />

Ambassador <strong>Mid</strong>-West Floor isn’t<br />

just a business for Brian, it’s a personal<br />

passion and his customers know<br />

it. Hundreds of online reviews reveal a<br />

consistent timeline of customer service,<br />

attention to detail and quality installation<br />

work that provides consistent<br />

results, time and time again.<br />

“From budgeting, planning, choosing<br />

the carpet, to delivery and placement<br />

– they were wonderful,” Paula<br />

Inside the Ambassador <strong>Mid</strong>-West Floor showroom in<br />

Chesterfield.<br />

(Photo provided)<br />

E. wrote in an online review. “(My salesperson)<br />

helped me so that I got great<br />

quality, color and fit. He communicated<br />

without delay for every step. Delivery<br />

and set up team was extremely tidy and<br />

professional. I could not have asked for<br />

more. My home is beautiful! I will be<br />

back when we plan the finishing of the<br />

basement and replace the bedroom and<br />

den carpets. They are the best!”<br />

As Paula’s review confirms, Ambassador<br />

<strong>Mid</strong>-West Floor’s team of experienced<br />

designers and union craftsmen<br />

listen to customer needs and offer flooring<br />

options from the world’s best manufacturers,<br />

including Karastan, Karndean,<br />

Mirage, Shaw, Armstrong<br />

and more. Customers can choose<br />

from carpet, tile, hardwood, luxury<br />

vinyl plank, natural stone, laminate<br />

and custom area rugs that are<br />

a perfect fit for their home and<br />

their lifestyle.<br />

“We offer free in-home measuring<br />

to provide the most accurate<br />

estimate,” Brian explained. “And<br />

our recently updated website features<br />

a room visualization tool for<br />

homeowners to see how the flooring<br />

they choose will look in their<br />

home.”<br />

To use the room visualization tool, visit<br />

ambassadorfloor.com and check out the<br />

“Getting Started” tab.<br />

“All of our installers have gone through<br />

four years of master craftsman schooling<br />

and on the job site training, which consistently<br />

equals quality and consistency of<br />

craftsmanship,” Brian said.<br />

Ambassador <strong>Mid</strong>-West Floor also is<br />

a proud member of the National Flooring<br />

Alliance, an elite group of carpet and<br />

flooring dealers selected from an industry<br />

consensus of the largest and finest in North<br />

America. In fact, the company is the only<br />

Missouri member of the Alliance. As a<br />

result of its membership, Ambassador<br />

<strong>Mid</strong>-West Floor can offer exclusive products<br />

and warranties other flooring companies<br />

cannot offer.<br />

Plus, in 2020, the company was named<br />

a Better Business Bureau Torch Award<br />

winner, recognizing its long history of<br />

exceptional ethics and customer service.<br />

“We love this city!” Brian exclaimed.<br />

“Everyone that works for us lives in the<br />

St. Louis area, so we want the best for our<br />

community. We take part in Habitat for<br />

Humanity and other local charities because<br />

we are committed to giving back to this<br />

community.”<br />

The company has three locations, including<br />

a large, convenient showroom in Chesterfield.<br />

Located in western Chesterfield<br />

Valley at 17770 Chesterfield Airport Road,<br />

the flooring center is positioned for easy<br />

access from both St. Louis and St. Charles<br />

counties. And according to Brian, “it’s the<br />

largest flooring showroom in the area.”<br />

Ambassador <strong>Mid</strong>-West Floor<br />

17770 Chesterfield Airport Road<br />

Chesterfield • (636) 728-1600<br />

Hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday;<br />

9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturdays<br />

St. Louis Community College's new<br />

bachelor of science in respiratory<br />

care program offers an affordable<br />

pathway to a fulfilling profession.<br />

<br />

<br />

Respiratory therapists assess, diagnose and<br />

treat patients who have breathing difficulties<br />

and specialize in areas such as critical care<br />

transport, sleep medicine, neonatal and<br />

pediatric care. Bachelor of science graduates<br />

will develop the skills needed to advance<br />

within the field in areas of leadership,<br />

education, research and advanced clinical<br />

practice. Learn more about this affordable<br />

and in-demand degree in a high-paying<br />

industry where you can positively impact lives.<br />

Learn more at stlcc.edu/respiratory

28 I<br />

May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />





POWER WASHING GUTTERS ∙ Cleaning ∙ Repairs ∙ Guards<br />

• Siding<br />

• Patios<br />

• Decks<br />

• Fences<br />

636-<strong>24</strong>4-0461<br />

Serving the area since 2003<br />

• Driveways<br />

• Sidewalks<br />

• Gutters<br />

• Windows<br />

Call for a<br />

FREE Estimate!<br />





$175<br />



$<strong>24</strong>0<br />

Walk outs & larger house<br />

slightly more. Valid only with<br />

coupon. Not valid with other<br />

offers. NO hidden costs.<br />

JetStreamCleaningServices<br />

The Perfect Solution for the Outdated Kitchen<br />

3444 N. Lindbergh • St. Louis, MO 63074<br />

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20% OFF<br />

Complete Kitchen<br />

Cabinet Refacing<br />

Expires 6/30/<strong>24</strong><br />

Don’t Replace - Reface!<br />

Solid Wood Refacing<br />

Custom Countertops • Tile Backsplash<br />

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Coupon required at the time of purchase. One Coupon<br />

Per Person, Per Day, Per Order. Expires 6/18/<strong>24</strong><br />

636-628-2679<br />

331 COSTCO WAY | ST. PETERS 63376<br />


Serving the St. Charles, St. Louis, and Surrounding Counties<br />

Military<br />

& Senior<br />

Discounts<br />

Available!<br />

Fully<br />

Insured!<br />

All Work<br />

Guaranteed!<br />


• Tree Trimming • Stump Grinding •<br />

• Storm Damage Clean Up •<br />

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Tree Removal<br />

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Any other Service<br />

Any tree removal estimated value<br />

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with other discounts. Exp: 6/30/<strong>24</strong><br />

Need An Electrician?<br />

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House Stand-By<br />

Generators!<br />

Free Estimates • Fast Service<br />

Service Upgrades • Replace Outdated Fuse Box With New Circuit<br />

Breaker Box • Rewiring of New & Old Homes • Room Additions<br />

Remodeling • Rathskelter Specialists • Motion Detector Lights<br />

Install Fans, Fixtures, Outlets, A/C, etc. Landscape Lighting<br />

Over 20 Years Experience • Licensed, Bonded & Insured<br />

Full Service Electrical Contractor • Radio Dispatched<br />

Trenching & Bucket Truck Service Available By F.E.S.<br />

Fielder Electrical Services<br />

Fully Licensed by St. Louis County & City! WE WORK IN YOUR AREA!<br />

314-966-3388 • www.fielderelectricalservices.com<br />


$<br />

$ 25 OFF OR<br />

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$ 100 OFF<br />

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Applies to regular priced in-stock merchandise only. Excludes previous<br />

purchases and special order items. Coupon required at the time of<br />

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$<br />

20<br />

OFF<br />

Any electrical job<br />

of $ 100 or more<br />

Save For Future Use!<br />


St.Peters | 301 Costco Way | 636-279-1700<br />

Festus | 1212 S. Gannon Dr. | 636-931-6380<br />

Fenton | 88 Western Plaza | 636-600-9881<br />

House Springs | 4401 Hwy 30 | 636-671-0079<br />

Farmington | 4162 Overall Rd. | 573-756-4718<br />

Natural Bridge | 9009 Natural Bridge Rd. | 314-427-<strong>24</strong><strong>15</strong><br />


$50 OFF<br />

Any New Annual<br />

Service Agreement<br />

• General Pest Control<br />

• Mosquito Control<br />

• Rodent Control<br />

Mr. Fence<br />

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Do Decks!<br />

(636) 294-6358<br />

Call Today For A No Pressure FREE Estimate<br />

We Offer a<br />


• Vinyl • Wood<br />

• Ornamental Aluminum<br />

• Chain Link<br />

Licensed, Bonded & Insured<br />

Call Mr. Fence<br />

636-294-6358 Comprehensive Warranties<br />

We also do<br />

Fence Repairs<br />

on any type of<br />

Fence or Gate<br />

Offer expires 6/<strong>15</strong>/<strong>24</strong><br />

Termites • Mosquitoes • Moles & More<br />

Certified & Insured<br />

Locally Owned & Operated<br />

314.502.4607 • AdvancedPestSpecialists.com<br />

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New Fence or<br />

Repair<br />

No Minimum Required<br />

With Coupon Expires 6/30/<strong>24</strong>



May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I EVENTS I 29<br />

LOCAL<br />

EVENTS<br />


Self Portrait Art Exhibition is through<br />

Tuesday, May 28 at the Crossroads Arts<br />

Council, 310 West Pearce in Wentzville.<br />

Gallery hours are 11 a.m.-3 p.m. For<br />

details, visit crossroadsartscouncil.org.<br />

• • •<br />

Calls for Art - The Color of Water<br />

Exhibition is from 2-4 p.m. on Sunday,<br />

June 2 at Crossroads Arts Council, 310<br />

West Pearce in Wentzville. Artist drop-off<br />

date is May 29 and the pick-up date is June<br />

25. Gallery hours are from 11 a.m.- 3 p.m.,<br />

Thursday-Sunday. Apply online at crossroadsartscouncil.org.<br />

• • •<br />

Block Party is from 11 a.m.-5 p.m.<br />

on Saturday, June <strong>15</strong> at the Foundry Art<br />

Centre, 520 N. Main Center in St. Charles.<br />

This free event features interactive art projects<br />

for all ages, food trucks, beer booths,<br />

live music, and steamroller printing. For<br />

details, visit foundryartcentre.org.<br />


A blood drive is from 8:30 a.m.-1:30<br />

p.m. on Sunday, June 2 at Sts. Joachim &<br />

Ann Church School, 4112 McClay Road in<br />

St. Peters. Snacks & drinks provided. To<br />

register, call ImpactLife at (800) 747-5401.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Charles Optimist Club Golf Tournament<br />

is at 6:30 a.m. on Monday, June 3<br />

at the St. Peters Golf Club, 200 Salt Lick<br />

Road in St. Peters. The 4-person scramble<br />

is $500 per team, an individual is $125<br />

each. Reservations must be made by May<br />

30 at (314) 393-0706.<br />


For summer concert series information,<br />

see page 16.<br />

• • •<br />

Twilight Market is from 3-7 p.m. on<br />

the 2nd Saturday of every month through<br />

November at 301 Main Street in St. Peters,<br />

featuring artists, makers, vendors, musicians,<br />

food and drink. Free event. For<br />

details, visit stpetersmo.net.<br />

• • •<br />

St. Charles County Youth Orchestra<br />

performs at 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 18<br />

at Grace Baptist Church, 3601 Ehlmann<br />

Road in St. Charles. Hear a selection of<br />

classical favorites from three youth ensembles.<br />

Tickets are $9 for adults and $5 for<br />

children at sccyotickets.org or at the door.<br />

• • •<br />

Paint the Town: A Frenchtown Street<br />

Mural Art Festival is from 11 a.m.-9 p.m.<br />

on Saturday, May 18 and from noon to 5<br />

p.m. on Sunday, May 19 on Second Street<br />

in St. Charles. This event will features vendors,<br />

crafts, music and more. For details,<br />

visit stcharlescitymo.gov.<br />

• • •<br />

History in Harmony is from 1-4 p.m.<br />

on Sundays, May 19 & 26 and June 23<br />

& 30 on Main Street, 230 South Main<br />

Street in St. Charles. A rotating line-up<br />

of guest musicians stroll through the historic<br />

district.<br />

• • •<br />

<strong>Mid</strong>west Maifest is from 2-6 p.m. on<br />

Sunday, May 19 at the New Town Amphitheater<br />

in St. Charles. Food and craft vendors<br />

and product samples from local craft<br />

breweries, wineries and spirit distilleries are<br />

featured. Details at midwestmaifest.org.<br />

• • •<br />

Missouri River Irish Fest is May <strong>24</strong>-26<br />

at the Lewis and Clark Boathouse parking<br />

lot, 1050 S. <strong>Rivers</strong>ide Drive in St. Charles.<br />

Live music, Irish dancing, food vendors,<br />

See EVENTS, page 30<br />

Publicity!<br />

You need it.<br />

We’ve got it!<br />

Let us help publicize your event. Send<br />

the who, what, when, where, why and<br />

how to<br />

events@newsmagazinenetwork.com<br />

to get your event details published<br />

online and in print.<br />

Event notices for print publication are<br />

due at least six weeks out from the<br />

date of the event. Events with advance<br />

registration should be submitted six<br />

weeks out from that deadline.<br />

All events will be listed online and<br />

in print when sent in with enough<br />

advance notice.<br />

Save $500 NOW<br />

ambassadorfloor.com<br />

Chesterfield Valley<br />

Glendale | Shiloh IL

30 I EVENTS I<br />

May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




EVENTS, from page 29<br />

cultural exhibits and more. Cost is $5 for<br />

individuals; $20 for a family of four or<br />

more. Hours vary. Details and tickets at<br />

discoverstcharles.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Food Trucks in Frontier Park, 500 S.<br />

<strong>Rivers</strong>ide Drive, is from 5-8 p.m. on Tuesday,<br />

June 11 in St. Charles. Some trucks<br />

may be cash only. Bring seating but leave<br />

alcoholic beverages, glass and pets at<br />

home.<br />


After School Art Club is from 5-6 p.m.<br />

weekly on Thursdays at the Foundry Art<br />

Centre, 520 N Main Center in St. Charles.<br />

This drop-in weekly art club is for ages<br />

7-11 and costs $10 per week. To register,<br />

visit foundryartcentre.org/kids-workshops.<br />

• • •<br />

Family Fridays are from 2-4 p.m. on the<br />

second Friday of every month at the Heritage<br />

Park Museum, 1630 Heritage Landing<br />

in St. Peters. Each session has games and<br />

crafts, storytime and hands-on displays.<br />

Free event. Details at stccparks.org.<br />

• • •<br />

Art Start is at 10 a.m. every Tuesday<br />

at The Foundry Art Centre, 520 N. Main<br />

Center in Saint Charles. Children create<br />

small art projects that pair with a story.<br />

Free event. For ages 2-5 with a caregiver.<br />

Details at foundryartcentre.org.<br />

• • •<br />

Jr. Picasso’s Lines and Shapes Workshop<br />

is from 6-8 p.m. on Monday, May<br />

20 at the Renaud Center, 2650 Tri Sports<br />

Circle in O’Fallon. For ages 6-13. Cost is<br />

$39 for residents; $44 for non-residents at<br />

ofallon.mo.us/parks&rec.<br />

• • •<br />

Ollie’s Sensory Trail opens at 3 p.m. on<br />

Thursday, May 23 at City Centre Park, 1 St.<br />

Peters Centre Blvd. Be the first to experience<br />

the new, inclusive park and one-of-akind<br />

nature route.<br />


The 20<strong>24</strong> Plant America Garden Expo<br />

is from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, May<br />

18 at the Weldon Springs Interpretive<br />

Center, 7295 Hwy. 94 in St. Charles. Free<br />

event. For details, email PlantAmericaGardenExpo@aol.com<br />

or call (314) 750-1373.<br />

• • •<br />

Whiskers & Wags Pet Adoption Drive<br />

is from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Sunday, May<br />

19 at Civic Park, 308 Civic Park Drive<br />

in O’Fallon. Free event. For details, visit<br />

ofallon.mo.us/whiskers.<br />

• • •<br />

Container Garden Workshop is from<br />

9-10 a.m. on Thursday, May 23 at the<br />

Webster Park Community Bldg, 2201 S.<br />

River Road in St. Charles. Participants will<br />

create container gardens using summer<br />

ornamentals. $30 per person.For details,<br />

visit stcharlesparks.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremony<br />

is at 9 a.m. on Monday, May 27<br />

at the Veterans Memorial at City Centre,<br />

One St. Peters Centre Blvd. Special guest<br />

speakers Marine Sgt. Maj. Carlos J. Askew<br />

and Army Lt. Col. Kevin R. Franke. For<br />

details, visit stpetersmo.net.<br />




• NO Spraying or Rolling Mess!<br />

• NO Money Down!<br />

• Fully Insured • References<br />




314-852-5467<br />

www.deckstainingbybrushonly.com<br />

43 Years!<br />




Ceiling Fans • Wholehouse Fans<br />

Gable Vent Fans • Recessed Lighting<br />

Specializing in installation for two story homes<br />

with no wiring on first floor.<br />

When Handyman Quality Just Won't Do.<br />

(314) 510-6400<br />

HOUSE<br />


STARTING AT $100<br />



636.697.8090<br />

• 1 Room Or Entire Basement<br />

• FREE Design Service<br />

• Finish What You Started<br />

• As Low As $<strong>15</strong> sq. ft.<br />

• Professional Painters, Drywall<br />

Hangers & Tapers<br />

Call Rich on cell 314.713.1388<br />

30+ YEARS<br />


County House Washing<br />

& Painting<br />

A+<br />

RATED<br />




Mike Lynch 636.394.0013<br />




Build and Repair Decks & Fences,<br />

All Painting, Wallpaper Removal,<br />

Powerwash/Stain Decks, Finish Basements,<br />

Remodeling, Kitchens, Baths<br />

Senior Discounts • Military Discounts<br />

First responders must show ID<br />

Call Today • 636-466-3956<br />

GunnFamilyConstruction@gmail.com<br />

When you want it<br />

done right...<br />

Check our<br />

ads first.<br />


H O M E P A G E S<br />

636.591.0010<br />


www.stlroofi ng.com<br />




314-968-7848<br />

When you want it done right...<br />

Check our ads first.<br />

636.591.0010<br />





May <strong>15</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I 31<br />

BROWN, from page 22<br />

district meet in shot put.”<br />

Before the Lyon Invitational, Brown’s<br />

season was going well.<br />

“Discus has always been more of a<br />

challenge, but the few meets before the<br />

Lyon Invitational I was making progress,”<br />

Brown said. “It was actually frustrating<br />

because I had been doing great in practice,<br />

but those results were not showing in my<br />

meets. Shot has been pretty amazing this<br />

season, and I feel like I have been consistently<br />

progressing.”<br />

Huston agreed.<br />

“Addy has been a reliable medal winner in<br />

the shot put all season. She had been close<br />

to breaking the school record in shot put,”<br />

Huston said. “Getting this discus record<br />

was a pleasant surprise. Katie Thwing, her<br />

teammate, was the first to make the discus<br />

all-time top 10 list this spring, but we knew<br />

Addy was getting close to busting loose<br />

with the discus, too.”<br />

Brown was hopeful going into the Lyon<br />

Invitational. She had a feeling something<br />

might happen.<br />

“Honestly, before I threw my mark, I was<br />

feeling a lot of adrenaline and was<br />

ready to throw a good one out there,”<br />

Brown said. “I had been doing really<br />

well in practice the previous week<br />

and I really wanted that to come out<br />

in this meet.”<br />

Brown and her coaches were more<br />

focused on the shot than the discus<br />

in the meet, but her coach had been<br />

“pointing out that I had a few really<br />

amazing discus throws in practice.”<br />

“I have to admit I was just hoping<br />

for a decent PR in discus,” Brown<br />

said.<br />

The record came on her second<br />

throw.<br />

“Going into my throw, I felt it was<br />

going to be a powerful one,” Brown<br />

said. “It felt like everything was<br />

clicking better than any other meet I had<br />

this season. Throughout the past three<br />

years I have done this sport, shot has<br />

always been my personal favorite.<br />

“I was hoping to break the shot put school<br />

record that day, because I was only 23<br />

centimeters away from breaking it. I even<br />

joked to myself after my shot performance<br />

that I didn’t break the shot record but hey<br />

Brown winds up for her throw.<br />

(Ryan Barr photo)<br />

I could break the disc record. When I saw<br />

the disc land I was in shock and knew it<br />

was a personal record. But not once did I<br />

think it was the new school record.”<br />

Brune and fellow throws coach Paul<br />

McGuire both saw the entire event.<br />

“She had a smooth throw with a little<br />

extra pop and an amazing flight,” Brune<br />

said about her record-breaking throw. “We<br />

knew it was probably good enough to<br />

finally break Addy into the all-time top 10<br />

list, but we did not expect it was going to<br />

break the school record.”<br />

Brune said his reaction was straight out<br />

of the movies.<br />

“You know the scene in ‘Home Alone’<br />

when Kevin puts on the aftershave?” Brune<br />

asked. “Yeah, it was kind of like that look,<br />

only with joy, not pain. We celebrate PR’s<br />

without shame. Records are always made<br />

to be broken.”<br />

Brune believes it’s only a matter of time<br />

before Brown owns the shot put record,<br />

too. Brown is hopeful of success in the<br />

postseason.<br />

“With districts, sectionals, and state<br />

coming up, I’m super excited to compete<br />

against a bunch of super talented athletes,”<br />

Brown said. “I hope to get as far as I can<br />

and hopefully make it to state. I’m always<br />

keeping an eye on the best throws in the<br />

state and I just really hope that if I make it<br />

that far, I can throw my best.<br />

“I’m super grateful for everyone who<br />

has supported me through this process. I<br />

couldn’t ever have made it this far without<br />

my amazing coaches, teammates, and<br />

family.”<br />



Steward Self Storage<br />

101 N. Service Rd.<br />

St. Peters, MO 63376<br />

Notice is hereby given that the<br />

contents of the following unit will<br />

be sold in compliance with<br />

Missouri state law via online<br />

auction at: www.storageauctions.<br />

com for non-payment of past rent.<br />

All items in the units below will<br />

be released for sale. Auction date<br />

is on or after May 22, 20<strong>24</strong> at<br />

10:00 a.m.<br />

10X16 Outside Non-Climate –<br />

This unit may contain freezer<br />

or fridge, construction supplies,<br />

box springs, dressers or armoire,<br />

bed frame, nightstands, chairs,<br />

tables, décor, plastic containers,<br />

clothing, misc. boxes, misc. items,<br />

exercising equip., and suitcases.<br />



Fine Jewelry<br />

Fine Art & Antiques<br />

Luxury Handbags & Couture<br />

Decorative Arts,<br />

Memorabilia & Collectibles<br />

314.942.1132<br />

info@hallmarkauctions.com<br />

Current Online Auction at<br />

hallmarkauctions.com<br />




for your home or business.<br />

Specializing in everyday cleaning<br />

of homes, rentals, move outs &<br />

home buying, etc.<br />

Family owned & operated<br />

Call today (636) 777-9319<br />

to schedule your cleaning<br />

or a FREE ESTIMATE.<br />

Email: spotless.dina@gmail.com<br />




Baseball Cards, Sports Cards,<br />

Cardinals Souvenirs and<br />

Memorabilia. Pre-1975 Only.<br />

Private Collector:<br />

314-302-1785<br />



Buying quality collections of<br />

Rock, Jazz, Blues and More!<br />

No collection to large or small<br />

Private Collector: JP<br />

Call or Text 636-342-1616 or<br />

Email: Jp.vinyl57@gmail.com<br />

DECKS<br />

Deck Staining<br />

Brushed & Rolled Only<br />

No money up front/Warranty<br />

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EverythingDecks.net<br />

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Licensed, Bonded and Insured:<br />

Service upgrades, fans, can lights,<br />

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code violations fixed, we do it<br />

all. Emergency calls & back-up<br />

generators. No job too small.<br />

Competitively priced.<br />

Free Estimates.<br />

Just call 636-262-5840<br />


DSI/Door Solutions, Inc.<br />

Garage Doors, Electric Openers.<br />

Fast Repairs. All makes & models.<br />

Same day service. Free Estimates.<br />

Custom Wood and Steel Doors.<br />

BBB Member • Angie's List<br />

Call 314-550-4071<br />

www.dsi-stl.com<br />


J & J HAULING<br />


Service 7 days. Debris, furniture,<br />

appliances, household trash, yard<br />

debris, railroad ties, fencing, decks.<br />

Garage & Basement Clean-up<br />

Neat, courteous, affordable rates.<br />

Call: 636-379-8062 or<br />

email: jandjhaul@aol.com<br />



Kitchen Remodeling, Wainscoting,<br />

Cabinets, Crown Molding, Trim,<br />

Framing, Basement Finishing,<br />

Custom Decks, Doors, Windows.<br />

Free estimates!<br />

Anything inside & out!<br />

Call Joe 636-699-8316<br />

Mizzou Crew LLC (Since 2004)<br />

We can’t do everything,<br />

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Landscaping, Demolition,<br />

Flooring, Light Construction,<br />

Furniture Assembly, Fencing,<br />

Deck Repair, Rough Carpentry.<br />

Call/text Jeff 314-520-5222 or<br />

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"Don't Worry Get Happy"<br />

Complete home remodel/<br />

repair kitchen & bath, plumbing,<br />

electrical, carpentry. <strong>24</strong>HR<br />

Emergency Service. Commercial<br />

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Seniors/Veterans.<br />

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Rotted wood, Painting, Tile,<br />

Drywall, Floors, Electrical,<br />

Carpentry, Plumbing,<br />

Power Washing. Insured.<br />


Tom Streckfuss 314-910-7458<br />

sbacontractingllc@gmail.com<br />


Chris' Lawn &<br />

Tree Service LLC<br />

Locally owned & operated<br />




Mowing • Mulch • Shrub Trimming<br />

And Much More<br />

636-734-3217<br />

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Best Landscaping Values in Town!<br />

-Mizzou Crew-<br />

Mulch, Shrub Trimming,<br />

Yard Cleanups, Power Washing,<br />

Moles, Small Walls & Paver Patios.<br />

Hauling Services, Demolition,<br />

Handyman Services<br />

& Rough Carpentry<br />

Call/Text Jeff<br />

314-520-5222<br />

or www.MizzouCrew.com<br />

-General Landscaping & Repair-<br />

Planting of shrubs, mulch,<br />

topsoil, fertilizing, grub control,<br />

and stone walls repaired<br />

& installed.<br />

Specializing in Water Issue<br />

Erosion Control.<br />

Call or Text<br />

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INTERIOR SPECIAL 20<strong>24</strong><br />

$75 Per Avg. Rm Size<br />

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Exterior Painting!<br />

DEFINO’S<br />


EST. 2006<br />

Interior & Exterior Painting<br />

Deck Staining<br />

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definospainting.com<br />

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Good Prices! Basement<br />

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Certified, licensed plumber - MBC<br />

Plumbing - Call or text anytime:<br />

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ALL CASH - AS-IS<br />

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Lyndon Anderson<br />

314-496-5822<br />

Berkshire Hathaway<br />

Select Prop.<br />

Office: 636-394-<strong>24</strong><strong>24</strong><br />


Complete Tree Service for<br />

Residential & Commercial<br />

Tree Pruning & Removal<br />

Plant Health Care Program<br />

Deadwooding • Stump Grinding<br />

Deep Root Fertilization<br />

Cabling & Storm Clean Up<br />

ISA Certified Arborists<br />

Doug Beckmann MW-5255A<br />

Teresa Hessel MW-5754A • Brad Meyer MW-5286A<br />

Free Estimates • Fully Insured<br />

314-426-2911<br />

meyertreecare.com<br />



- CEREMONIES -<br />

Marriage Ceremonies • Vow Renewals<br />

Baptisms • Pastoral & Graveside Visits<br />

Full Service Ministry<br />

(314) 703-7456

*$1 share deposit required. Must quality for membership. Loan subject to credit approval. Offer of $500 savings good when you apply for a first mortgage 5/1/<strong>24</strong> through 6/30/<strong>24</strong> and will be credited at the time of closing. Rates, terms, and conditions<br />

subject to change without notice. Not valid with any other offer. Offer does not include refinances on First Community loans. Maximum LTV is 95%. If LTV >80% Private Mortgage Insurance required. Assumptions: purchase price of $300,000 with<br />

10% down payment, amount financed of $270,000.00 monthly payment will be $1,847/for 30 years, 7.273% APR. Homeowners insurance, real estate taxes, flood & mortgage insurance (if applicable) are not included in these payment examples and<br />

your actual monthly payment amount will be higher based on these items. Homeowners insurance, real estate taxes, and interim interest must be pre-paid at closing. An escrow account is required. First Community Credit<br />

Union NMLS ID # 684198. We offer first mortgage loans in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Colorado, Kansas, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina only Federally insured by<br />

NCUA. Equal Housing Lender.

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