June 24 Bloem

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Magnificent<br />

man cave meals<br />

WIN<br />

A pair of new ASICS<br />

Metaspeed Sky’s<br />

On-trend skincare<br />

Focus on<br />

Power Men<br />

Leaveil Ward<br />

Works on<br />

his hero<br />

JUNE 20<strong>24</strong>


Shop 14¨28 Graaff-Reinet St¨BFN¨Where <strong>Bloem</strong>papie<br />

House Of HOUSE Woven OF WOVEN Art ART<br />





Celebration<br />

SALE<br />

Cleaning<br />


Restoration<br />

Underlays<br />

Shop 14¨28 Graaff-Reinet St¨BFN¨Where <strong>Bloem</strong>papier Use To Be<br />




Cleaning<br />

Restoration<br />

Underlays<br />




Cleaning | Restoration | Underlays<br />


FROM R496<br />

3m-15m RUNNERS<br />

FROM R995<br />


FROM R4295<br />

051 555 0025 066 476 0177<br />


Shop 14 | 28 Graaff-Reinet St | BFN - Where <strong>Bloem</strong>papier Use To Be

GET IT<br />

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Justine Fortuin<br />

Warren Hawkins<br />

Abigail Visagie<br />

Photography<br />

Gypseenia Lion<br />

Production Manager<br />

Nita Lloyd<br />

Layout Artists<br />

Elmarie Venter<br />

Musa Khumalo<br />

Les-Leigh Douberend<br />

Sales<br />

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Danelle Janse van Rensburg<br />

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contents<br />


2 Get out and about despite the winter weather with events around<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein this <strong>June</strong>.<br />


6 All about life’s luxuries<br />

PEOPLE<br />

12 Leaveil Ward works on his hero<br />

14 Michael Garbett on impacting artistic innovation<br />

BEAUTY<br />

16 On-trend skincare<br />


18 A perfect monochromatic look for this winter season<br />

FOOD<br />

20 Magnificent man cave meals<br />

SPOIL<br />

48 WIN a Base Camp Duffel Bag worth R3599<br />

COVER<br />

Photographer: Gypseenia Lion<br />

Venue: Fire Forged Athletics <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein<br />

22<br />

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<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong>

Out & About<br />

Don’t let winter weather discourage you from getting out and<br />

about in <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein this <strong>June</strong>.<br />

28 - 01<br />

Enjoy the art of Mieke-<br />

Louise at Kotzé Art<br />

Gallery. Her exhibition, titled Awake<br />

Sleeper, will launch on Tuesday 28<br />

May at 6 pm. The exhibition will be<br />

on display until 1 <strong>June</strong>. Tickets for the<br />

opening night available at R100 each.<br />

Details: quicket.co.za<br />

02<br />

On Sunday 2 <strong>June</strong>, at 4 pm you can enjoy The Rhapsody Orchestra’s<br />

Romance & Royals concert at the Odeion School of Music. Tickets are<br />

available at R100 for adults and R50 for children under 18, and pensioners<br />

over 65. Details: WhatsApp – 073-651-2611<br />

Compiled by: WARREN HAWKINS<br />

The monthly French<br />

Market @ Villa Avianto,<br />

will be taking place once again<br />

on Saturday 1 <strong>June</strong> from 9 am.<br />

An entry fee of R40 for adults<br />

and reduced fees for students<br />

and those over 60 will gain you<br />

access to food and stalls with<br />

French flair.<br />

01<br />

01<br />

Be part of a special women’s<br />

morning at Summerwood<br />

Country Estate. Jy is Vrou! will<br />

take place from 9 am on Saturday<br />

1 <strong>June</strong> with Caroline Grace and<br />

Elzaan appearing at the event.<br />

The morning will be in support of<br />

the Reddersburg Children’s Home.<br />

Tickets are R350 each.<br />

Details: Franli on 072-904-0909<br />

08<br />

Learn to bake and decorate basic sugar cookies with<br />

perfect royal icing on Saturday 8 <strong>June</strong> at the Cookie<br />

Decorating class hosted by Smart School of Cake<br />

in <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein. Bookings are compulsory<br />

and tickets are R650 per person.<br />

Details: SweetArtBfn@gmail.com<br />

4 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

22 22 29<br />

The <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein Equestrian<br />

Centre will be hosting a<br />

Jumping Show on Saturday 22<br />

<strong>June</strong> from 8 am. There will be<br />

different classes on the day, as<br />

well as several challenges for more<br />

experienced equestrians.<br />

Enjoy live entertainment by the<br />

Belinda & Amy Band, as well<br />

as food stalls at the Preller Square<br />

Dakmark on Saturday 22 <strong>June</strong> from<br />

10 am. There will also be vintage cars<br />

on show for car lovers.<br />

Enjoy a day of<br />

performances from<br />

talented local artists at the Oh<br />

Natuurlik Lifestyle and Family<br />

Market on Saturday 29 <strong>June</strong>.<br />

The market will be hosted at the<br />

picturesque gardens at Leopards<br />

& Lace.<br />

22<br />

The Wolf Pack Tennis Academy is<br />

hosting its annual <strong>Bloem</strong>bledon Grass<br />

Tennis Tournament at the Marieko<br />

Estate from 7:30 am on Saturday 22<br />

<strong>June</strong>. Prices for participation are R550<br />

per mixed doubles team, and<br />

R375 per singles player.<br />

Details: Dawid – 084-584-4345

Book club<br />

A good book. A glass of wine. All is fine with the world!<br />

Lesley Pearse’s autobiography, The Long<br />

and Winding Road, is as incredible as<br />

her bestselling fiction ... from being found<br />

playing coatless in the snow while her<br />

mum lay dead in the house to a teenage<br />

pregnancy ... and finally marriage and<br />

children and a career as bestselling<br />

author. Michael Joseph • In André Aciman’s<br />

The Gentleman From Peru, a group of<br />

college friends meet a fellow guest at<br />

the luxurious hotel on the Amalfi Coast,<br />

where they’re marooned. A stranger - in<br />

more ways than one! Faber • Is there<br />

anything better than a new Marian Keyes?<br />

Yes. When it’s a new MK about the Walsh<br />

family. This one centres around Anna, but<br />

with loads of catch-ups with Claire and<br />

Helen and Margaret, Rachel and Luke,<br />

Mammy Walsh (as dramatic as ever), even<br />

the Real Men (remember them). And the<br />

tortured but gorgeous Joey. It’s just pure<br />

MK joy ... when she wants to emphasise<br />

something she uses italics ... all the time,<br />

which is just wonderful. Loved, loved,<br />

loved My Favourte Mistake. Book of the<br />

month! Penguin<br />

Not much more<br />

fun than Three Men<br />

in a Tub with a Rubber<br />

Duck ... Black Elephant<br />

Vintners’ playful red. A<br />

blend of Cab Sauv, Merlot,<br />

and Mourvèdre. R112 from<br />

bevintners.co.za<br />

6 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Wild reads<br />

The Hawks, SA’s elite crime-fighting force, have put scores of our worst criminals<br />

behind bars. In Hunting With The Hawks, investigative journalist Graham<br />

Coetzer gives a glimpse of the secretive world of this police unit. Tafelberg<br />

• Pursuing a dream instilled by David Attenborough’s television adventurers, as a<br />

young man Larry Patterson is advised to become a veterinary surgeon - his first<br />

step towards a career working with wild animals in Africa. Aiming to Save tells<br />

his story of finding adventure in Botswana ... as a vet, ecologist, survey pilot, game<br />

capture operator, hunter and then passionate conservationist. Rockhopper Books<br />

• Painting a Life In Africa is the story of Joan van Gogh - a direct descendant of<br />

artist Vincent - who has lived an unusual and adventurous life close to nature.<br />

Born in a bedpan during a locust storm was just the start of it ... she explored<br />

some of the most remote and secretive spots in southern Africa. Warm and full of<br />

humour. Rockhopper Books • For the CEO in hiking boots and the adventurer in a<br />

suit ... here’s one showing how to use adventure principles in business. Johan de<br />

Villiers flits between crocodile-infested waters and high-stakes corporate decision<br />

making in Overlanding Through the Boardroom, offering the thrill seekers, the<br />

sole entrepreneur and the season large corporation<br />

executives a philosophical compass to navigate the unpredictable wilderness<br />

and the complex corporate world. Rockhopper Books<br />

Thrills and chills<br />

A black man accused of killing an elderly, wealthy white couple. In the<br />

tumultuous year of 1968 in southern Virginia, the odds are already against<br />

him, and his white lawyer. A courtroom, Civil Rights, a prosecution’s<br />

deliberate march towards a guilty verdict and the electric chair ...<br />

no one does this better than David Baldacci.<br />

Two murders, two suspects and A Calamity of Souls. Macmillan<br />

Abigail Dean’s Girl A was superb, as is her second chilling, gripping thriller.<br />

From it’s devastating, heartbreaking opening, Day One keeps you racing<br />

along, ducking twists at every turn. A lie. A media frenzy. Conspiracy theories.<br />

A small community changed forever ... with families torn apart. The novel,<br />

explains the author, was inspired by her long fascination with conspiracy<br />

theories ... the people who believe them, the people who peddle them,<br />

and the people they destroy! Hemlock Press<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

All books available at Exclusive Books<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 7<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo

Wish list<br />

We’re all about life’s luxuries this <strong>June</strong>*<br />

*actually ... always!<br />

Where adventure meets chill! The chaps at Wild Coolers believe that<br />

every adventure should be accompanied by the perfect chill. Saying<br />

the brand is more than just about keeping things cool ... it’s about<br />

embodying the spirit of the wild and embracing the untamed<br />

beauty of the outdoors. It is the call of the wild. The thunder of<br />

migrating wildebeest. The splash of trout in a secret stream.<br />

Or the snap of an open fire and the stories of old mates.<br />

The range - think hard shell bush boxes and soft shell wine<br />

coolers, flasks and utility mugs, utility bags and packing<br />

pods - is all high performance, reliable, hardworking. Built<br />

to last, these are coolers you can pass down to the next<br />

generation of outdoor lovers. Details: wildcoolers.com.<br />

Celebrating life’s luxuries ... we have a magnificent<br />

hamper to give away. Valued at R11 745, it includes<br />

both hardshell and softshell coolers, a flask and a wine<br />

cooler. Visit @getitnationalmagazines on Instagram and<br />

Facebook, find the post and follow the prompts.<br />

The Connaught Bar - a gloriously sleek,<br />

silver-toned lounge with cosy chairs<br />

and a spectacular dark green bar - is<br />

one of the best bars in the world. And<br />

The Connaught Bar - Recipes and<br />

Iconic Creations, may well be one of<br />

the best cocktail books. With every<br />

cocktail tasted by Anistatia Miller - “one<br />

of the most pleasant tasks I have faced<br />

in my life” - it kicks off with essential<br />

bar tools, the correct glassware and<br />

mixing techniques, followed by how<br />

to make the perfect martini (four<br />

pages of instructions... they take this<br />

drink suitably seriously), and 100<br />

Connaught Bar cocktails, with recipes,<br />

too, for homemade ingredients some<br />

of the cocktails call for. Sexy images of<br />

each cocktail, along with anecdotes<br />

and good humour ... an exceptional<br />

buy for the cocktail lover. Published<br />

by Phaidon, you’ll find it at Exclusive<br />

Books for R963.<br />

8 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

SPONSORED: For that outdoor guy!<br />

Gear up for great winter outdoor adventures with the<br />

best camping equipment, braai must-haves, and tents.<br />

Cook up a feast fit for the bushveld, right from the<br />

comfort of your tent, while you spend the day at your<br />

favourite fishing hole, or bring it along for a weekend<br />

away. Featuring the Traeger Ranger Pellet grill’s Digital<br />

ARC controller, the Ranger gives you precise temperature<br />

control with an added “Keep Warm Mode” to make sure<br />

your food is ready to eat whenever you are.<br />

Next time adventure calls, answer it with the Traeger<br />

Ranger Pellet grill. From R13,999 at Checkers Outdoor<br />

at Preller Square Shopping Centre.<br />

The Swish and Swank leather<br />

collection is not only hand<br />

crafted, but hand stitched too<br />

... a thoughtfully created range,<br />

with leather and fittings sourced<br />

ethically within South Africa, that’s<br />

stylish, minimalistic, classic. There<br />

are exceptional lightweight duffel<br />

bags designed to fit in overhead<br />

airplane storage, handsome<br />

handbags and backpacks, toiletry<br />

bags and a wonderful range of<br />

leather and suede mules and<br />

sandals. Details: swish-swank.com.<br />

We have a massively desirable<br />

Swish and Swank Premium<br />

Leather Duffel to give away<br />

to a reader ... pop over to<br />

@getitnationalmagazines on<br />

Facebook or Instagram to enter.<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 9

Festival Cheer<br />

The Vrystaat Arts Festival launched its epic programme at Central Media<br />

Park. Delighted guests were treated to a star-studded event filled with glitz<br />

and glamour and of course, the exciting headliners for this year’s festivities.<br />

The annual festival will take place from 2 to 6 July 20<strong>24</strong>.<br />

Danelle Janse van Rensburg, Justine Fortuin,<br />

and Heidré Malgas<br />

Rethabile Liphoko,Lenthea Jantjies and Deon van Niekerk.<br />

Compiled by: ABIGAIL VISAGIE. Photographs: SUPPLIED<br />

Ria Deysel, Lucas Swart, Gerhard Hoogendoorn, Valamy Vermeulen,<br />

Amaria Reynders and Dr Cobus van Breda<br />

Central Media Group CEO, Nick Efstathiou<br />

10 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Frida Verster, Mbali Tshabangu, Michael Garbett, Tamsyn Alexander, Saajidah<br />

Fazluddin, Atie Kamper, Maritsa Barlow, Hanro Cloete, <strong>June</strong> Pretorius<br />

Karen Combrinck and Johann Rossouw<br />

Michael Garbett and De Villiers Brink<br />

Pagout, Nic Beukes, Susan Nel, Mia Kahts, <strong>June</strong> Pretorius, C.W. Laten,<br />

and Lorenzo Dampies<br />

Papillon entertained the audience on the evening<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 11

Charne Pretorius, Maryke Myburg<br />

en Mari Grobler<br />

Madeleine Peyper en Annette Kasselman<br />

’n Glansryke affêre<br />

Willem Botha-Grimeermeesterklas in <strong>Bloem</strong><br />

Compiled by: JUSTINE FORTUIN. Photographs: GYPSEENIA LION<br />

In samewerking met Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein, was dit ’n uitverkoopte affêre by vanjaar se<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>skou. Die oggend is begin met ’n heerlike ontbyt, gevolg deur ’n<br />

opwindende optrede deur Willem Botha, dan natuurlik die baie<br />

leersame stap-vir-stap grimeermeesterklas.<br />

Willem Botha wys gaste hoe hulle ‘n perfekte<br />

lipkombinasie op die model vir die dag, Stella<br />

Brand, kan doen<br />

Justine Fortuin, Marelize Dunlop en Gypseenia Lion<br />

12 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Suré en Marné Clase<br />

Katlego Mogorosi<br />

Henriette en Luzaan Pretorius<br />

Lara Rossouw, Elmarie Prinsloo, Alda Fourie<br />

en Jeanré du Preez<br />

Stella Brand en Willem Botha<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

Vicki le Roux en Elmarie Hugo<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 13

Leaveil Ward<br />

Works on his hero<br />

Leaveil Ward is a trainer at Quest Gym, the owner of a supplement shop<br />

as well as the founder of Leaveil Ward Fitness. He also recently embarked<br />

on a new journey, working at a rehab centre in Bainsvlei where he<br />

emphasises the importance of exercise in the recovery process.<br />

Text: Justine Fortuin<br />

Leaveil started his fitness journey at a young<br />

age. According to him, he focused more<br />

on training and the gym than he did on his<br />

books. This prompted him to drop out of<br />

varsity and fully focus on his journey in the fitness<br />

industry.<br />

From dropping out of varsity to battling selfdoubt,<br />

he was forced to face adversity head-on.<br />

Leaveil believes that “fitness doesn’t require talent,<br />

only discipline,” and this discipline has fuelled<br />

his transformation from a gym enthusiast to<br />

inspiration for countless individuals seeking to<br />

improve their lives.<br />

“I was naturally drawn towards it. Even in my<br />

teenage years. While other kids would dive into<br />

PlayStation games and have fun, I used to work at<br />

the gym, and that’s how my fitness journey started,”<br />

he says.<br />

In 2013, Leaveil started his supplement store<br />

from the back of his boot. He has built this brand<br />

over the years and the business has grown<br />

tremendously into a fully-fledged supplement<br />

shop in Quest Gym.<br />

Here he also focuses on assisting customers<br />

with nutritional solutions, whether it be through<br />

supplements or on-the-go smoothies.<br />

What sets Leaveil apart from other trainers is his<br />

unique philosophy of ‘Work on Your Hero’.<br />

This concept, rooted in self-belief and personal<br />

growth, is something that Leaveil resonates with in<br />

his personal journey.<br />

According to him, the concept puts oneself at the<br />

forefront of being your own hero. He describes it<br />

as actively working towards the ideal version of the<br />

person you see in your future. It’s a mindset that<br />

resonates with everyone, from students striving for<br />

academic success to parents balancing family and<br />

career aspirations.<br />

“When you work on your hero, it is the level that<br />

you aspire to be tomorrow, and doing everything<br />

in your power to become that person today,” he<br />

explains.<br />

Leaveil believes that true confidence comes from<br />

striving to be the best version of oneself every<br />

day, and he encourages his clients to embrace this<br />

mind-set both in and out of the gym.<br />

Though Leaveil battles with self-confidence and<br />

self-doubt from time to time, he believes that<br />

he becomes a force to be reckoned with when<br />

confidence starts to flow.<br />

“When I really start working on my hero and step<br />

out of my comfort zone and push myself on a<br />

mental and physical level, that’s when my true<br />

potential and confidence kicks in. The people I<br />

work with on a daily basis also fuel my confidence<br />

even more. That’s what makes me work on my<br />

hero and that’s how I incorporate it in my own life,”<br />

he says.<br />

“I really believe confidence and humility aren’t<br />

opposites. You’ve got to be humble enough to put<br />

in the work,” he expresses.<br />

For him, the most rewarding part of his journey<br />

is not the accolades or achievements but the<br />

opportunity to stay grounded and keep laying<br />

bricks, metaphorically speaking.<br />

Leaveil advises aspiring entrepreneurs to work hard<br />

because: “Hard work separates and sets you apart<br />

from others. Hard work beats talent every day.”<br />

Looking ahead, Leaveil dreams of creating<br />

inclusive, community-driven initiatives like ‘robot<br />

workouts’, where people of all backgrounds can<br />

come together to pursue their fitness goals. He<br />

further hopes to engage with schools, sports<br />

teams, and rehabilitation centres to spread his<br />

message of empowerment.<br />

Leaveil also recently launched his Work on Your<br />

Hero fitness apparel under his company Leaveil<br />

Ward Fitness and is looking forward to building this<br />

brand in the future by adding exciting fitness gear<br />

to this collection.<br />

14 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

“When you work on your<br />

hero, it is the level that<br />

you aspire to be tomorrow,<br />

and doing everything in<br />

your power to become<br />

that person today,”<br />

he explains.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 15

Michael Garbett<br />

on impacting<br />

artistic innovation<br />

Text: Abigail Visagie. Venue: Kotzé Art Gallery<br />

After freelancing on exciting productions across<br />

the country, he embarked on his Vrystaat<br />

Arts Festival journey in 2015, when Dr Ricardo<br />

Peach arrived, and has made one of the Free<br />

State’s largest annual festivals his home ever since.<br />

Michael now wears the title of Director of the Vrystaat<br />

Arts Festival.<br />

“I’ve always been drawn to creative expression in all its<br />

forms. It honestly feels like the arts have been a part of<br />

me from the very beginning,” Michael said.<br />

Although many might believe that artistic talent cannot<br />

bloom in <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein, Michael begs to differ. “South<br />

Africa is a hotbed of creativity and world-class talent, and<br />

that makes <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein no exception! I’m constantly<br />

inspired by the innovative artists and fresh ideas that<br />

emerge from this vibrant city,” Michael mentioned.<br />

Although there’s never a dull moment in the director’s<br />

life, Michael enjoys the simple pleasures of home life. On<br />

his days off, Michael loves to recharge with soft music<br />

in the background and chooses between a really good<br />

book and working on a personal project.<br />

A day in Michael’s life starts very bright and early. He<br />

wakes up at 5 for light exercise, reading and exploring<br />

new music. After tackling emails and a strong coffee (he<br />

loves great coffee!), he faces the exciting challenges of<br />

the festival.<br />

“Right now, it’s all about the Vrystaat Arts Festival but I<br />

love to unwind with a final cup of coffee while catching<br />

up on international theatre design trends. Cooking a<br />

delicious meal and some follow-up work fills my evening<br />

before it’s time for bed,” the director said.<br />

Michael gushes about how incredible this year has been<br />

for him. “International collaborations have broadened<br />

my horizons and highlighted how intertwined the arts<br />

and human rights truly are. Of course, the Vrystaat Arts<br />

Festival from July 2-6 is the absolute highlight as well as<br />

setting the stage for our epic 25th anniversary next year,”<br />

Michael concluded.<br />

On a lighter note, three things Michael cannot live<br />

without, will have to be his sense of humour, music,<br />

and very good coffee!<br />

“I have a bit of an obsession with cleaning and<br />

cooking. I believe that it’s the perfect way to stay<br />

mentally sharp! (And yes, the director believes he’ll<br />

make the best househusband!) Of course, nothing<br />

beats quality time with loved ones.<br />

16 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Michael Garbett was fortunate enough to<br />

grow up in the charming town of Virginia with<br />

the most loving and caring grandparents.<br />

Moving to <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein aged ten sparked<br />

new adventures. His passion for the arts grew<br />

so profoundly within him, that he decided to<br />

study Drama and Theatre Arts at the University<br />

of the Free State.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 17

On-trend skincare<br />

Your must-have skincare ingredients to include in your change-of-season regime<br />

The search for the perfect skincare regime often leads us<br />

to explore a plethora of ingredients promising radiant,<br />

healthy skin. This winter, as the chill sets in and our skin calls<br />

for extra care, the spotlight is on a handful of powerhouse<br />

elements that are not only trending but are also backed by<br />

science for their rejuvenating effects. “The key to surviving<br />

winter skin — redness, dryness, flakiness, irritation, itching,<br />

overall sensitivity — is to incorporate ingredients to help<br />

nourish, hydrate and protect the skin,” explains marketing<br />

manager for Vitaderm Ruan Winter. Among the most<br />

sought-after are Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Ceramides, Hyaluronic<br />

Acid, and Vitamin C — each offering unique benefits to<br />

combat the harsh effects of the season.<br />

Vitamin E The protective shield – Embraced for its potent<br />

antioxidant properties, Vitamin E emerges as a winter<br />

skincare hero. Its ability to neutralise free radical damage<br />

helps shield our skin from factors such as pollution, sun<br />

damage and certain foods we consume. Plus, it assists in<br />

protecting our skin from environmental aggressors like harsh<br />

winds and indoor heating which can strip away moisture<br />

and lead to dullness. It aids in strengthening the skin barrier,<br />

reducing water loss, and promoting a supple, nourished<br />

complexion—perfect for combating the dryness that often<br />

accompanies winter.<br />

Vitamin A (Retinol) The age-defying elixir – For more<br />

youthful, glowing skin, Vitamin A, especially in the form of<br />

retinol, remains an unbeatable ally. Renowned for its cell<br />

turnover prowess, retinol helps to diminish the appearance<br />

of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. In winter, when<br />

our skin's renewal process can slow down due to the colder,<br />

drier air, incorporating Vitamin A into our routines can<br />

revitalise and rejuvenate.<br />

Ceramides The moisture lockers – In the battle against<br />

winter dryness, ceramides come out on top as the ultimate<br />

moisture saviours. These lipid molecules are naturally found<br />

in the skin, forming a protective layer to prevent moisture<br />

loss. When temperatures drop, and our skin's barrier<br />

weakens, ceramides step in to replenish and restore, leaving<br />

the skin soft, smooth, and hydrated.<br />

Hyaluronic Acid The hydration magnet – Hyaluronic<br />

Acid, or HA, has long been celebrated for its exceptional<br />

ability to attract and retain moisture. In the winter months,<br />

when dry indoor heat can leave our skin parched, HA<br />

becomes a coveted ingredient. By drawing in moisture from<br />

the environment and deeper layers of the skin, it plumps up<br />

fine lines and restores a healthy, dewy complexion.<br />

Vitamin C The brightening booster – The brightening<br />

powerhouse, Vitamin C not only helps to fend off<br />

environmental stressors but also works wonders in<br />

combating dullness and uneven skin tone. As the colder<br />

months can leave our complexion looking lacklustre, Vitamin<br />

C swoops in to restore radiance and luminosity.<br />

Text Ruan wINTER • vitaderm.co.za<br />

18 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

10<br />

For an easy, affordable beauty product for everyday use,<br />

look no further than petroleum jelly.<br />

Petroleum jelly<br />

beauty hacks<br />

In the realm of beauty and skincare, there exists a humble yet versatile hero.<br />

Petroleum jelly. This unassuming product holds a treasure trove of creative and<br />

unexpected uses for your beauty routine. ‘From nourishing lips to highlighting<br />

certain features, here are some hacks to make the most out of this classic staple,’<br />

explains Themba Ndlovu, Clere Petroleum Jelly brand manager.<br />

DIY cream highlighter Who<br />

needs expensive highlighters when<br />

you have petroleum jelly on hand?<br />

Mix a small amount of your favourite<br />

shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter<br />

powder with petroleum jelly to create<br />

a customised cream highlighter. Dab<br />

it onto your cheekbones, brow bones,<br />

and the bridge of your nose for a<br />

natural, dewy glow that catches the<br />

light beautifully.<br />

Makeup remover Stubborn<br />

makeup, meet your match.<br />

Petroleum jelly makes for an effective<br />

and gentle makeup remover,<br />

especially for waterproof mascara<br />

and long-lasting lipsticks. Simply<br />

apply a small amount onto a cotton<br />

pad and gently swipe away makeup.<br />

Not only does it dissolve makeup<br />

effortlessly, but it also hydrates the<br />

skin in the process.<br />

Lip stain Love the look of a natural lip stain? Create your own custom shade by<br />

mixing a small amount of petroleum jelly with a bit of powdered blush or lipstick.<br />

Apply this concoction to your lips for a subtle, flushed tint that lasts throughout the<br />

day. The petroleum jelly ensures your lips stay hydrated while adding a hint of colour.<br />

Lip care Dry, chapped lips are a<br />

common woe, especially during<br />

the change of seasons. Instead of<br />

constantly reapplying lip balm,<br />

consider slathering on a layer of<br />

petroleum jelly before bedtime.<br />

It creates a protective barrier that<br />

locks in moisture, leaving your lips<br />

soft and supple by morning. For a<br />

little extra TLC, mix a tiny amount of<br />

sugar with petroleum jelly to create<br />

a gentle lip scrub that exfoliates and<br />

hydrates simultaneously.<br />

soften elbows and knees<br />

Dry, rough elbows and knees can<br />

be a stubborn skincare challenge.<br />

Fortunately, petroleum jelly is up to<br />

the task. Regularly massage a thick<br />

layer of petroleum jelly onto these<br />

areas to soften rough skin and lock<br />

in moisture. For an added boost,<br />

consider mixing in a few drops of your<br />

favourite essential oil for a soothing<br />

and aromatic experience.<br />

Save those cuticles For those<br />

who love a good at-home manicure,<br />

petroleum jelly can be a gamechanger.<br />

Before painting your nails,<br />

apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly<br />

around the edges of your nails. This<br />

acts as a barrier, preventing nail polish<br />

from staining your skin. Additionally,<br />

it helps to soften and moisturise<br />

your cuticles, keeping them looking<br />

healthy and neat.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

Soft feet Say goodbye to dry,<br />

cracked heels with this simple trick<br />

... before bed, massage a generous<br />

amount of petroleum jelly onto your<br />

feet, paying extra attention to rough<br />

areas. Slip on a pair of socks and let<br />

the petroleum jelly work its magic<br />

overnight. Wake up to noticeably<br />

softer and smoother feet.<br />

Brow and lash tamer Apply<br />

a small amount of petroleum jelly<br />

onto a clean mascara wand or an<br />

old, cleaned-up eyebrow brush,<br />

then brush it through unruly<br />

eyebrows and your lashes. This not<br />

only shapes and grooms them but<br />

also conditions them over time,<br />

promoting healthier growth.<br />

Eyeshadow intensifier Transform any powder eyeshadow into a rich,<br />

creamy formula with the help of petroleum jelly. Mix a small amount of petroleum<br />

jelly with your desired eyeshadow colour to create a vibrant, long-lasting cream<br />

eyeshadow. Not only does this intensify the colour, but it also helps the eyeshadow<br />

adhere better to your lids, preventing creasing throughout the day.<br />

Protective barrier for hair dye Before starting your home hair dye<br />

session, protect your skin from staining with petroleum jelly. Apply it along your<br />

hairline, ears, and neck to create a barrier that prevents hair dye from clinging to<br />

your skin. This simple step makes cleanup a breeze and ensures your hair is the<br />

only thing that gets a vibrant new colour.<br />

You’ll find affordable Clere Petroleum Jelly at stores including Clicks, Pick n Pay<br />

and Takealot. For more great beauty tips visit clere.co.za<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 19<br />

Text Themba Ndlovu • clere.co.za

Monochromatic grey<br />

Monochromatic outfits are the latest trend. We’ve selected different<br />

shades of grey, with some black accessories, of course, to achieve a<br />

perfect monochromatic look for this winter season.<br />

This fitted coat made of<br />

a Manteco wool blend is<br />

the statement piece for<br />

this look. It features<br />

a notched lapel<br />

collar and long<br />

sleeves with<br />

buttoned<br />

openings.<br />

R499.99 from<br />

The Fix.<br />

A pair of<br />

Vivienne<br />

everyday<br />

elasticated waist<br />

pants polishes your<br />

look and offers ultracomfortable<br />

wear<br />

thanks to the wide<br />

elasticated waistband.<br />

R399 from Foschini.<br />

Compiled by: Justine Fortuin<br />

A fitted polo<br />

neck jersey is a<br />

layering essential<br />

this season. This<br />

versatile winter<br />

basic looks great<br />

worn on its<br />

own with pants<br />

and boots or<br />

layered under a<br />

coat. R279 from<br />

Foschini.<br />

20 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

A pair of long boots will add an<br />

impeccably sleek touch to your<br />

look. They’re designed on a sturdy<br />

block heel, and faux leather upper<br />

with a metallic trim and have a<br />

zip for easy on and off. R999 from<br />

Woolworths.<br />



With its soft crinkle<br />

fabric and frayed edges,<br />

a simple scarf will<br />

complete your anytime<br />

look. R174.30<br />

from Woolworths.<br />

The Bwanda casual crossbody<br />

bag is the perfect bag<br />

for this look. It’s rendered in<br />

a structured dome shape<br />

with smooth faux leather<br />

accents, it includes an<br />

adjustable strap and<br />

a convenient pouch<br />

pocket. R1399 from<br />

Steve<br />

Madden.<br />


FROM R1400<br />


FROM R2000<br />


FROM R<strong>24</strong>00<br />




This beanie and glove<br />

set is the perfect cosy<br />

accessories for the<br />

winter season and a<br />

stunning add to the<br />

overall look. R149<br />

from Edgars.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />


051 446 0465<br />

Lhp@opticedge.co.za<br />


051 525 9071<br />

danpienaar@opticedge.co.za<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 21

Whether it is chilling and<br />

playing a game of table<br />

football, also known as<br />

foosball, with the gents in<br />

your man cave, or having<br />

a boys’ night in, a decent<br />

charcuterie board is the most<br />

essential item to make that<br />

evening more spectacular!<br />

Mariza Ebersohn, founder of Life on South,<br />

shared some helpful tips the next time the<br />

boys gather for a night in at your place!<br />

Meatballs, falafels, and mini sausages are<br />

always a go-to for man-cave treats. Add a<br />

slice of chicken or even cauliflower buffalo<br />

wings to spice things up!<br />

Mariza encourages you to get the main<br />

items that you’d like to theme your board<br />

with. “Easy food that can be eaten by<br />

hand, then additional add ins can fill in<br />

the nibbling gaps to accompany the main<br />

items,” Mariza said.<br />

Great healthy alternatives to<br />

compliment your charcuterie board:<br />

Plain, Unsalted Nuts<br />

Veggie Sticks<br />

Grapes<br />

Berries<br />

Mini Rosa Tomatoes<br />

Cucumbers<br />

Pro tip:<br />

Carrots are great for dipping in a proteinloaded<br />

hummus or cottage cheese dip.<br />

Plain unsalted nuts are great as well!<br />

Looking for a way to introduce your family<br />

to healthy living? Well, charity begins at<br />

home! Introduce healthy snacks in between<br />

meals, at the breakfast table and even as a<br />

late night snack. Your hubby and soon his<br />

friends too, will include healthy eating in<br />

their daily activities and outings with the<br />

friends.<br />


This Winter<br />

Bilateral LASIK @R18 000<br />

SAVE 35%<br />

Find out whether you are a suitable candidate for LASIK:<br />

info@bloemeyeclinic.co.za 051 522 6757<br />

Valid May & <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> | T’s & C’s Apply

Fast<br />

flavour!<br />

Lamb chops ... without the braai!<br />

Feel like chops, but don’t want the fuss of a fire. Fret not. These air-fried<br />

chops are delicious ... and so easy. Perfectly cooked succulent lamb chops,<br />

flavoured with fragrant herbs and roasted to perfection in the Defy Airfryer.<br />

Served with lashings of herby garlic sauce, all in under half an hour.<br />

You’ll need: 8 lamb chops; 1 bulb garlic and 2 Tbsp olive oil; 1 Tbsp fresh<br />

oregano, finely chopped; 1 Tbsp fresh rosemary, finely chopped; sea salt<br />

and freshly ground black pepper to taste; another 2 Tbsp olive oil<br />

To make: Preheat the Defy Airfryer to 200°C.<br />

Thinly coat the garlic bulb with 2 Tbsp of olive oil and put in the basket, set<br />

the timer to 12 minutes and 180°C. Roast the garlic until done.<br />

In the meantime, make the herb oil by mixing the herbs with some sea salt,<br />

pepper, and 2 Tbsp olive oil.<br />

Thinly coat the lamb chops with half a tablespoon of herb oil in total and<br />

leave them for 5 minutes.<br />

Replace the garlic with four lamb chops in the basket. Set the timer to 5<br />

minutes and 180°C. Roast until nicely done - keep an eye on them through<br />

the glass viewing window to avoid opening the basket and losing heat.<br />

Inside they may still be red or pink. Keep them warm in a dish and roast the<br />

other lamb chops in the same way.<br />

Make the garlic sauce by squeezing the garlic cloves between thumb and<br />

index finger, then combine with the remaining herb oil.<br />

Serve the cooked lamb chops with the garlic sauce.<br />

You get an unami burst of flavour with each<br />

grind of this new Oryx Chilli Salt... the latest<br />

flavour from Oryx Desert Salt. This hot new<br />

salt - with chilli-flakes making up 20 per cent of<br />

the volume of the grinder - comes as a result<br />

of a collaboration with Backyard Farms (BYF), a<br />

local, social-upliftment enterprise who’s created<br />

an innovative supply-chain business model,<br />

sourcing chillies from township-based, home<br />

and community gardeners. You’ll find it at<br />

premium Woolworths stores, Cape Union Mart,<br />

Pick ‘n Pay, Food Lovers Market, Dischem and<br />

Spar as well as most health shops and delis.<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo<br />

This Defy AirFryer (model DAF 3376 DB) has a<br />

generous capacity … the extra, extra large<br />

7.6L cooking basket allows you to prepare<br />

larger meals for the whole family. Another<br />

plus we love is the convenient basket<br />

view window, so no more opening<br />

and shutting the fryer constantly<br />

to check on your meal. The touch<br />

control panel provides access to<br />

various cooking functions, and the<br />

air fryer can reach temperatures of<br />

up to 200°C. You’ll find it for R1499 at<br />

Takealot, Hirsch’s and Makro.<br />

Also look out for the new biodegradable<br />

paper-tube packaging, which is in line<br />

with Oryx Desert Salt’s #RefillNotLandfill<br />

philosophy ... you can find these smart refill<br />

boxes alongside the reusable glass grinders<br />

with long-lasting ceramic grinder heads.<br />

<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Quick butter bean mash with dill salsa<br />

With a similar texture to hummus, this mash/dip is<br />

good with pita breads or sliced beef fillet. The dill salsa<br />

with briny capers and fresh herbs livens things up<br />

immensely. (Serves 6 as a dip)<br />

You’ll need for the mash: 2 x 400g tins butter beans, rinsed<br />

and drained; 30ml extra virgin olive oil; 30ml lemon<br />

juice; fine salt and freshly ground black pepper<br />

For the dill salsa: a generous handful each of fresh basil,<br />

dill and flat-leaf parsley, leaves picked; 30ml capers,<br />

rinsed and drained; 60ml extra virgin olive oil; 30ml<br />

lemon juice; fine salt and freshly ground black pepper<br />

To make: For the mash, place the butter beans, olive<br />

oil and lemon juice in a processor. Blitz until smooth<br />

and creamy. Season with salt and pepper, and pulse<br />

to combine.<br />

To make the dill salsa, bundle the herbs together and<br />

chop roughly. In a small bowl, combine the herbs,<br />

capers, olive oil and lemon juice. Season with salt and<br />

black pepper.<br />

Swirl the butter bean spread onto a plate<br />

and drizzle over the salsa.<br />

More good food<br />

with Bibby<br />

Spekboom Gin & Tonic<br />

A perfect elixir using local wonder-plant, Spekboom. (Makes 1)<br />

You’ll need: 60ml gin; 200ml tonic water; 30ml Spekboom Simple<br />

Syrup (place 125g white granulated sugar, 250ml water, 125ml<br />

spekboom stem, leaves plucked, one lemon with skin on, thinly<br />

sliced and 30ml lemon juice in a small saucepan; bring slowly to the<br />

boil and simmer for 10 to 12 minutes. Strain through a fine sieve<br />

and discard the solids. Set aside to cool, pour into a sterilised bottle<br />

and seal (keeps well for 3 to 4 weeks, chilled). To serve: lime slice, ice<br />

and a sprig of spekboom.<br />

To make: Fill a highball glass with plenty of ice. Add the gin and<br />

spekboom syrup, and stir to combine. Top up with the tonic water<br />

and ‘lift’ with a drink stirrer to retain as much of the fizz as possible.<br />

Finish with lime slices and a botanical sprig.<br />

This butterbean mash, and spekboom G&T. Or pumpkin waffles with date syrup,<br />

and butternut and leek soup with browned chilli butter. Perhaps chicken and chorizo<br />

rigatoni. Bibby’s More Good Food is just page after delicious page of Dianne Bibby’s<br />

sensational but achievable recipes ... a book, she says, she hopes you’ll reach for<br />

whether planning an intimate dinner for two or hosting a dressed-in-full-feature dinner<br />

party. Breads and plant-rich salads, Indian, Moroccan and Italian feasts, salty bits and<br />

bobs and golden hour cocktails ... it is, as Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen writes in the<br />

foreword, ‘a symphony of flavours’. R480, Penguin Books<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 25

Round off<br />

your kitchen<br />

Kitchen trimmings to warm your cooking space this winter,<br />

without having to pay for a complete kitchen makeover.<br />

Combine<br />

convenience and<br />

style with this<br />

easy to use, multifunction<br />

mobile<br />

kitchen island from<br />

Mr Price Home.<br />

Add another kitchen<br />

counter to your<br />

space for R1400.<br />

Serving up winter warmers could not<br />

get easier than with this full ceramic set<br />

from Mr Price Home. Make your cooking<br />

experience easier for R339.90.<br />

Compiled by: WARREN HAWKINS<br />

Superbalist has the answer to<br />

two problems in your kitchen:<br />

This bread tin with a lid that is<br />

also a cutting board – solve two<br />

problems for R2359.<br />

@Home has you<br />

covered when it<br />

comes to a complete<br />

set of twelve kitchen<br />

utensils and adds the<br />

stylish glass holder for<br />

a total of R1299.<br />

26 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

This two-tone printed tea<br />

towel from PEP Home<br />

will help round off your<br />

kitchen countertops,<br />

especially when you<br />

have guests over this<br />

winter. Get yours for<br />

R29.99.<br />

Keep all your wine in one<br />

place, and make sure it’s<br />

accessible this winter.<br />

Make this wine rack<br />

from Takealot<br />

yours for R499.<br />

There is no need to have your coffee<br />

bottle on display when you can have<br />

this coffee tin that matches your kitchen<br />

space for R299 from Superbalist.<br />

Do not have boring tiles. Get your hands on<br />

the on-trend black and white tile to bring<br />

a whole new look to your kitchen without<br />

doing a complete overhaul. Available from<br />

Builders Warehouse at R279 per pack.<br />

Store your fruit<br />

stylishly with this<br />

trendy fruit bowl.<br />

Available from Takealot<br />

for R<strong>24</strong>9.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 27

Treat aching muscles<br />

and sore feet with the<br />

powerful combination<br />

of sea and epsom salts,<br />

mustard seeds, and<br />

the uplifting scent of<br />

peppermint ... Earthsap<br />

Mustard Bath Bath<br />

Salts, R89.99 from<br />

faithful-to-nature.co.za<br />

This men’s packable,<br />

ultra-warm 700-fill down<br />

The North Face 1996<br />

Retro Nuptse Jacket<br />

is ideal for everyday<br />

exploration.<br />

R7899 from<br />

thenorthface.co.za<br />

When fashion meets<br />

fitness ... overhead<br />

hooded sweat<br />

(R1499) and Koby<br />

sneaker (R1799)<br />

from Country<br />

Road at Woolies.<br />

From bodybuilding enthusiasts<br />

tired of the same old chicken and<br />

broccoli to plant-based eaters in<br />

search of protein-rich options to<br />

health-conscious seniors prioritising<br />

vitality and longevity ... Macro Mixes<br />

have a collection of high-protein,<br />

sugar-free, and calorie-controlled<br />

bakes, porridges, and pantry staples.<br />

Think Chocolate Protein Oats, Nana<br />

Loaf (love it!) and this Golden Crunch<br />

Protein Bar. Loads of vegan friendly<br />

options, too. Details: macromixes.co.za<br />

Complied by: KYM ARGO<br />

28 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

From better to best! Say hello to these new Metaspeed Sky Paris ... a shoe that<br />

combines ASICS’ advanced technologies to support runners who want to feel and<br />

perform at their best when chasing down new personal bests. After a rigorous<br />

design and testing process, involving a number of third-party testers and<br />

more than one hundred elite athletes around the world, this latest version<br />

in the Metaspeed Sky range is lighter (by 22g), softer and bouncier.<br />

Added cushioning helps support longer distance runs across both<br />

training and competition so that athletes can save their legs for<br />

when it matters the most. Arch support and a stable platform<br />

provide for even the quickest of runs. The Metaspeed<br />

Sky Paris shoe will be available for men and<br />

women from Totalsports, Sportsmans<br />

Warehouse, ASICS Running Expert Club<br />

retailers such as Athletes Foot, The Sweat<br />

Shop, Run-Away-Sport and Brian Bands for<br />

R5299.95. We have a pair to give away visit<br />

@getitnationalmagazines on Instagram and<br />

Facebook to enter.<br />

Fighting<br />

fit<br />

Bob and weave your way over to Mr Price Sport,<br />

where you’ll find a range of Everlast gear ...<br />

the American brand that has been the pre-eminent<br />

name in boxing since 1910, known for its top-quality<br />

products in the field of boxing, mixed martial arts,<br />

and fitness-related sport goods. This Mr Price Sport<br />

and Everlast SA partnership offers an exclusive<br />

range of sportswear, athleisure, and equipment ...<br />

without breaking the bank.<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 29

POWER UP!<br />

Active much? We get the lowdown on the best nutrition to<br />

power up active lifestyles from dietitian Kelly Scholtz<br />

With an abundance of good weather, scenic outdoor<br />

environments and a national culture infused with a love of<br />

sports, it’s not surprising that active lifestyles are important<br />

to many South Africans.<br />

Gym, walking and hiking, running, cycling and swimming,<br />

soccer, tennis and lately, padel are popular pastimes<br />

helping us to keep fit and offering welcome respite from<br />

the daily grind. If you’ve been a sports enthusiast all your<br />

life or are just starting to explore physical activities that you<br />

enjoy, it’s essential to understand the role that nutrition<br />

plays in an active lifestyle.<br />

ADSA spokesperson and registered dietitian Kelly Scholtz<br />

says ‘Whether you exercise routinely or play a favourite<br />

sport weekly or fit the definition of a lifestyle athlete<br />

who participates in competitive events, it’s important<br />

to recognise that you have somewhat different nutrient<br />

requirements than average.<br />

Your nutritional intake must be tailored to support<br />

the additional demand for energy, as well as for the<br />

micronutrients, protein and anti-inflammatory nutrients<br />

that are required for healthy recovery from exercise. As<br />

beneficial as it is, exercise does represent a form of stress<br />

to the body. Although this is a positive type of stress, your<br />

body still requires adequate nutritional support for optimal<br />

adaptation to your exercise routine. Paying attention to<br />

your nutrition boosts not just your performance in your<br />

favourite sport but plays a preventative health role that<br />

enhances your overall enjoyment of your active lifestyle.’<br />

Complied by: KYM ARGO<br />

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Start with a balanced diet<br />

Your nutritional choices before, during and after exercise<br />

influence both performance and recovery. However, this<br />

all rests on the foundation of having an overall healthy,<br />

balanced diet. People with active lifestyles start with<br />

supporting their health, well-being and performance<br />

with a general eating regime that prioritises fruit and<br />

vegetables, legumes, lean proteins, whole grains, low-fat<br />

dairy and healthy fats such as olive and avocado oils. It’s<br />

best to focus on meals made from whole foods versus<br />

those that are highly processed. Limit your alcohol intake<br />

and the use of tobacco or nicotine products. Kelly says,<br />

‘During exercise, particularly higher intensity exercise, your<br />

body uses glucose as its preferred fuel. Glucose is usually<br />

readily available in your blood after a recent meal or is<br />

quickly delivered from your body’s stores of glycogen in<br />

the muscles and liver. In the case of lower intensity activity,<br />

your body is also able to tap into fat stores for energy. If you<br />

are training for less than or up to an hour there is probably<br />

no need to eat or drink any extra calories or carbohydrates<br />

during that session. Plain water for hydration will do. Your<br />

body can fuel a training session of that length provided<br />

you are eating a healthy diet, which enables your body to<br />

top up its glycogen stores.’<br />

Overlay your energy, macro and micronutrient needs<br />

For endurance activities lasting anywhere from an hour<br />

to up to two-and-a-half hours, refuelling during the<br />

session with 45 to 60g of carbohydrates per hour is<br />

generally recommended. There’s no need for expensive<br />

supplements or special branded products, as typical<br />

sports drinks, water and everyday foods like bananas,<br />

dates and peanut butter sandwiches can be effective<br />

during endurance activities. Kelly says, ‘The exact foods<br />

or drinks you consume can vary, and it’s a good idea to<br />

see what works for you during training rather than trying<br />

something new on race day. Individuals can have different<br />

reactions to different foods and drinks, and you don’t<br />

want to get a stomach-ache or worse at a critical time.<br />

So, if you are preparing for a sports event, then use your<br />

training sessions to test out the foods and drinks that<br />

work best for you.’<br />

Rehydrate and recharge post-workout<br />

After a high-energy sports or training session you can<br />

support your body’s recovery from the strain of exercise<br />

and promote muscle repair and adaptation with a snack or<br />

drink within 30 minutes. Optimal recovery snacks include<br />

a mix of protein and carbohydrates like milk with a banana,<br />

chocolate milk, an energy bar with lean biltong, or eggs or<br />

hummus on toast.<br />

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Nutrition for elite athletes<br />

Each year, tens of thousands of South African sports<br />

enthusiasts enter a range of gruelling endurance<br />

competitions such as the upcoming Comrades Marathon<br />

as well as numerous trail, mountain biking and triathlon<br />

events over the course of a year. Performance is important<br />

to them with this year’s best-ever time representing a<br />

significant affirmation that they are living their best lives.<br />

At this level of focus, it is most likely that participants<br />

understand the nutritional basics and are searching for the<br />

‘magic bullet’.<br />

The nutritional needs of well-trained athletes may<br />

be different to the lifestyle athlete, and Kelly explains<br />

‘Some well-trained or elite athletes participating in ultraendurance<br />

(more than two-and-a-half hours) events at high<br />

intensities may benefit from 90 to 120g carbohydrate per<br />

hour during the event, but in that case their gut would<br />

be well-adapted to this, having trained with specific mixes<br />

of carbohydrate-based products.” She therefore advises<br />

“Athletes who are serious about their events need to be<br />

thoughtful about the science of sports nutrition and tailor<br />

this to their unique requirements.’<br />

In terms of supplements, she says, “Worldwide, the<br />

sports nutrition supplement market is huge, and it’s no<br />

different in South Africa. There’s a dazzling array of athletic<br />

performance promises but too often, no evidence to back<br />

them up. As a nutrition expert with many years of sports<br />

nutrition experience and rooted in the latest science, I’m<br />

not linked to specific sports nutrition brands and products.<br />

At whatever level of athletic performance, amateur or<br />

professional, what works brilliantly for someone you<br />

compete against may fail you. The diet and supplements<br />

that power one athlete into the top ten, can sink another.<br />

My approach is food-first. From there, we can see what<br />

supplementation can boost your performance. The right<br />

sports nutritional supplements should be the cherry on<br />

top, not the meal.’<br />

One also needs to consider potential side effects of<br />

supplements, how and when to use them, and athletes<br />

need to be aware of banned substances that may be<br />

advertently or inadvertently included in nutritional<br />

supplements. Kelly concludes, “This is an industry buffeted<br />

by marketing trends. So, from time to time, you will see<br />

the market flooded with compelling content about the<br />

newest craze supplement. In response, the audience<br />

shifts focus and suddenly, we have athletes obsessed with<br />

the latest ‘magic pill’ or ‘salt’ which may not meet their<br />

specific requirement. Ultimately, this kind of blowing in the<br />

wind due to mercurial marketing forces falls far short of<br />

addressing the essential, complex and multi-dimensional<br />

needs of athletes, who must be focused on their<br />

individuality, their goals at a particular phase of training,<br />

the circumstances of their event, including their travelling<br />

and competition demands, the environment and access<br />

to food, and their nutritional preferences. The beauty of a<br />

dietitian-led, sports-specific and athlete-centred approach<br />

is that it can address this level of uniqueness.’<br />

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We trolled ... and came<br />

up with a decor catch<br />

worth boasting about<br />

(it was THIS BIG!)<br />

Gone<br />

fishing<br />

Fish print from South Sea Fishes collection on<br />

Cabo Vintage Prints<br />

Compiled by: Kym Argo<br />

Imagine a shoal of sardines<br />

swimming along your<br />

dining room wall. Rich in<br />

Portuguese heritage, these<br />

Bordalo Pinheiro’s Ceramic<br />

Sardines are extraordinary<br />

earthenware decorative<br />

pieces - and a striking<br />

talking point. Around 50<br />

designs, each handmade.<br />

R850 from vidabela.co.za<br />

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POWER<br />

MEN<br />

From rising stars to captains<br />

of industry, from real estate<br />

agents to tax consultants, and<br />

from entrepreneurs to education<br />

specialists, Get It is celebrating<br />

the visionaries, the thought<br />

leaders and the industry stalwarts<br />

who have built impressive<br />

careers by doing what they love<br />

and loving what they do. Here<br />

we salute the Power Men in<br />

our city; those who lead the<br />

pack in the ever changing,<br />

ever evolving and ever<br />

challenging world of<br />

modern business<br />

and industry. They’re<br />

on our radar and they<br />

should be on yours as<br />


Text: WARREN HAWKINS. Photographer: GYPSEENIA LION<br />

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon<br />

Dr Nathan<br />

Kaplan<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein’s newest plastic and<br />

reconstructive surgeon, Dr Nathan Kaplan,<br />

strives to make his mark in the field.<br />

With a keen eye for detail, he blends skill,<br />

dedication, and compassion to bring<br />

confidence and healing to those he serves.<br />

A consultant plastic surgeon at Universitas Academic Hospital,<br />

Dr Nathan, has established his own plastic surgery practice at<br />

Emoyamed <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein. “I’ve created a welcoming, patientcentric<br />

environment where individuals can feel empowered to<br />

explore their aesthetic goals and address their concerns with<br />

confidence,” he said.<br />

His practice offers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical<br />

procedures, ensuring that each patient receives the care they<br />

deserve. “My goal is to empower individuals to embrace their<br />

beauty and feel confident in their own skin,” said Dr Nathan.<br />

“My inspiration to become a plastic surgeon stems from the<br />

desire to blend science, artistry, and compassion,” he added,<br />

“witnessing the profound impact that plastic surgery can have<br />

on individuals’ self-esteem and confidence.” Dr Nathan’s advice<br />

to young surgeons, is: “By combining clinical proficiency with<br />

compassionate care, you’ll be well-positioned to thrive in<br />

your own plastic surgery venture.” Away from work, he enjoys<br />

recharging by spending time outdoors with family, or doing<br />

DIY projects around the house.<br />

Get in touch : 051 <strong>24</strong>7 5066, admin@drkaplaninc.co.za<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />


General Practitioner<br />

Dr Henk<br />

Jacobs<br />

Dr Henk Jacobs is the owner of Dr HM<br />

Jacobs Inc & associates and <strong>Bloem</strong> Med<br />

Rehab. Besides being a medical doctor,<br />

he is a father to two beautiful girls and<br />

husband to a beautiful wife.<br />

According to Dr Henk, he has wanted to be a doctor since<br />

primary school.<br />

He started in private practice in 2011 and in 2015 he started<br />

with Greymil Physical Rehabilitation, as a rehabilitation GP for<br />

patients after strokes, major surgery, and long-term admissions.<br />

When it comes to a healthy work-life balance, he says: “I believe<br />

in a thing called a healthy imbalance. The good must be better<br />

than the bad – not balanced at all. Family first and then work!<br />

Patient care stays a high priority, but we can rest as well when<br />

we are off, good boundary setting works for me.”<br />

Dr Henk says as doctors, they tend to be overachievers and<br />

take on more than they can handle. “Sometimes our business<br />

models fail and we need to reset and restart. Handling difficult<br />

family meetings during rehabilitation is a rocky road that has<br />

to be navigated well. My current team members makes this<br />

easier.” His advice to aspiring doctors is: “Instead of finding<br />

opportunities try and create opportunities. Answering a need<br />

goes far in creating a sustainable business.”<br />

Outside of work, he enjoys mountain biking, family activities<br />

and movies, a Netflix series or some social media escapes.<br />

Get in touch : 051 444 2304<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 35<br />


Financial Advisor TBS Brokers<br />

Kevin Stevens<br />

Initially from Harrismith, the 37-year-old Kevin Stevens moved<br />

to <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein to attend school at Grey College from Grade<br />

10 and nestled his roots firmly in <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein. He went on to<br />

become a proffesional local financial advisors.<br />


Kevin is a loving husband and a<br />

devoted father to three boys. He is also<br />

a financial advisor and key individual<br />

of TBS Brokers, an intimate authorised<br />

financial services provider (FSP) that<br />

consists of five employees. It was<br />

founded by Stevens in 2016.<br />

“My role model, the late Theo du Toit,<br />

was also a financial advisor and once<br />

asked me what I wanted to do for a<br />

living. I had no answer at the time.<br />

He then told me that he has a strong<br />

belief that I would thrive as a financial<br />

advisor and saw something in me. I<br />

will always be grateful to him for his<br />

belief in me,” Kevin reminisced.<br />

Kevin was forced to look for another<br />

alternative in 2013 when his<br />

professional rugby career came to an<br />

abrupt halt as his contract was not<br />

renewed. “As a newlywed, I had no<br />

other choice but to start looking for a<br />

different career path to build a stable<br />

future for my family.” This was where<br />

his mentor, Du Toit, guided Kevin into<br />

becoming a financial advisor and was<br />

enrolled as a young advisor.<br />

At 29 years of age, Kevin decided to<br />

start and oversee his own insurance<br />

brokerage. “Fast-forward eight years<br />

along the line, I have yet to regret this<br />

decision,” Kevin said.<br />

He encourages young men to put in<br />

the hard work and develop strong<br />

work ethics. “But to really make a<br />

difference and to stand out a ‘head’<br />

above the rest, you need to be willing<br />

to give back to the community, as the<br />

community in the end becomes your<br />

clients and your biggest supporters.”<br />

Get In touch:<br />

Kevin Stevens 082 087 1152<br />

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Angels Funeral Parlour<br />

Gert and<br />

Eugene Goeieman<br />

Inspired by watching their father manage his own transport business<br />

when they were younger, brothers Gert and Eugene Goeieman have<br />

made it a mission to inspire young people in their community while<br />

making the most of their entrepreneurial journey as partners.<br />

For them it is about improving yourself<br />

as a business person, being active in<br />

your business, and also about expanding<br />

your knowledge to boost yourself.<br />

“You have to make time for stuff if you<br />

really want it to work. For your loved<br />

ones, for your business, and for the<br />

passion that you have for your business.<br />

We have a good relationship when<br />

it comes to supporting each other,”<br />

said Gert. Being able to relieve each<br />

other from responsibilities helps the<br />

brothers to respectively make time<br />

for their personal lives. Eugene, who is<br />

responsible for marketing, highlighted<br />

that it is not an easy task to start a<br />

business from scratch. It requires your<br />

full focus and attention.<br />

“If you are able to work for yourself, you<br />

must work harder than your staff. If you<br />

have a good team and you take care of<br />

each other it will work out,” he expressed.<br />

Founded a decade ago, Angels Funeral<br />

Parlour in Heidedal has gradually<br />

adapted to the ever-changing business<br />

landscape. The owners explained<br />

that the first few years were quite<br />

challenging but recently, post-Covid-19,<br />

they had the opportunity to grow.<br />

“We always have tried to come up<br />

with new ideas for the business,”<br />

expressed Gert. Their advice for aspiring<br />

entrepreneurs is that they stay away<br />

from negative and bad influences as<br />

they can impact how they think. “It<br />

depends on you and how you want<br />

to live your life moving forward. If you<br />

mingle with the wrong people and the<br />

wrong crowd, you will not be able to<br />

become who you want to be.”<br />

Angels Funeral Parlour offers funeral<br />

services across the country as well.<br />

Get in touch: 076-405-3704,<br />

angelsfuneralparlour@gmail.com,<br />

angelsfuneralparlour.co.za<br />

Text and Photographer: GYPSEENIA LION<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

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UDY Net<br />

Larry Smith<br />

Larry Smith has always had an interest in technology, creating, and fixing<br />

electronics. He studied Computer Systems Engineering at CUT, and today runs<br />

several businesses that offer internet services within his community.<br />

“While studying, I learned how to<br />

nurture my entrepreneurial skills, and<br />

how to turn my products into money,”<br />

said the owner of UDY Net.<br />

“It was always within me to be in<br />

business and create my own destiny.”<br />

His first entity was established in 2005<br />

when he provided hardware support to<br />

his immediate community, schools, and<br />

small businesses in the<br />

Heidedal area. “What<br />

inspired me to do<br />

it was the need.<br />

“People had to go to town with a big<br />

box on their lap and they had to look for<br />

assistance.<br />

“There were no such services in our area.”<br />

Larry started working from his parents’<br />

garage and developed his businesses<br />

from there.<br />

“As technology progressed, the need for<br />

communication, connecting to other<br />

devices and the worldwide web became<br />

a need, and in 2013 I built my first tower<br />

and transmitted signals so that I could<br />

provide services to people in my area.”<br />

He started providing internet services to<br />

his immediate community. It became an<br />

essential service within his community,<br />

and he now provides internet to rural<br />

and underserviced communities in the<br />

Free State, and his experiences have<br />

inspired him to build and develop<br />

business models to cater for the lower<br />

LSM in the townships and rural areas as<br />

well as other business people in these<br />

communities.<br />

Larry enjoys combining his travel for<br />

work with travelling for leisure, as well as<br />

playing golf to blow off steam.<br />

Text: WARREN HAWKINS. Photographer: GYPSEENIA LION<br />

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CEO of Central Media Group<br />

Nick Efstathiou<br />

“Find a problem you’re passionate about solving, research your<br />

target market thoroughly, and prioritise building a strong team<br />

to complement your skill set.”<br />

Twenty-eight years ago, on 6 February<br />

1996, Nick Efstathiou presented his first<br />

radio show on a community station in<br />

Nelson Mandela Bay. Today, he is the<br />

CEO of Central Media Group based in<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein.<br />

“On that very day, I fell in love with radio<br />

and media. I said to myself, I want to do<br />

this as a career and the rest is history. I<br />

have worked at Central Media Group for<br />

23 years now, having been promoted to<br />

eleven different<br />

positions over<br />

the course of my<br />

career. I started as<br />

a producer of the<br />

breakfast show, a<br />

sports presenter,<br />

a marketing<br />

coordinator to<br />

now being the CEO of a business I truly<br />

love. My people are amazing at what<br />

they do,” expressed Nick.<br />

Nick highlighted the CMG mantra which<br />

he has adopted in his personal life when<br />

it comes to maintaining a healthy worklife<br />

balance.<br />

“Time poverty is a real thing. Time for<br />

work and family is not always easy<br />

but we make the time to balance this<br />

effectively. At CMG a mantra that we live<br />

out each day is ‘Family First’ – a mantra<br />

we support when there are sharks in<br />

the water and leadership is required to<br />

balance professional responsibilities and<br />

personal needs.”<br />

His advice for aspiring entrepreneurs<br />

is that they should build a team that<br />

complements their skill set. It is also<br />

important for an entrepreneur to<br />

remember that success also requires<br />

cultivating their personal strengths. “Be<br />

prepared to adapt and learn as you go,<br />

and don’t be afraid to seek guidance<br />

from mentors but remember to balance<br />

their experience with your vision,” he<br />

said.<br />

Nick enjoys watching Manchester<br />

United play football, reading, and riding<br />

his static bicycle to take his mind off the<br />

business, although that doesn’t help<br />

much because he is always thinking<br />

about work.<br />

Central Media Group (CMG) is a leading<br />

media and entertainment company with<br />

a focus on reaching Central South Africa.<br />

Get in touch: 051 5050 900, 7 Christo<br />

Groenewald Street, Wild Olive Estate<br />


getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

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Dent Doctor<br />

Arthur<br />

Schmidt<br />

Ruan<br />

Schmidt<br />

Charl<br />

Schult<br />


Proud owner of Dent Doctor.<br />

He is a passionate, loving and fun<br />

person to be around. “I put my all into<br />

everything I do and believe in living life<br />

to the fullest. I work hard and I play hard,”<br />

says Arthur. Arthur bought Dent Doctor<br />

<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein in 2011 and expanded<br />

so much so that in 2019, he noticed<br />

the gap and opened another branch in<br />

Bethlehem. “I grew up in panel shops<br />

as a young boy as both my father and<br />

grandfather were auto body repairers<br />

who owned their own panel-beating<br />

shops. So it is safe to say that auto<br />

body repair is in my blood,” gushed<br />

Arthur. He mentioned he is fortunate<br />

enough to work closely with both his<br />

children and son-in-law. This enables<br />

the businessman to have a balanced<br />

home and work life. Arthur advised<br />

aspiring entrepreneurs to never forget<br />

one’s core values and respect. “Respect<br />

of where you come from and where<br />

you are heading. If you have a dream<br />

it is your responsibility to work hard,<br />

put in the effort and make it a reality,”<br />

he mentioned. Arthur is an avid rugby<br />

supporter and is part of the Harley<br />

Davidson Club. When he wants to spend<br />

quality time, he enjoys the open road on<br />

his Harley.<br />

Get in Touch: 081 010 5339<br />

email: arthur@dentdocbfn.co.za<br />

Recently married to the<br />

love of his life, Ruan enjoys<br />

spending time with his<br />

wife, Loami, and their two<br />

fur babies.<br />

After completing his degree in<br />

accounting in 2017, he joined the Dent<br />

Doctor team in 2022. He now manages<br />

the <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein branch alongside his<br />

father, Arthur. “It was always my dream<br />

to work with my dad, so after doing my<br />

articles the most natural thing for me to<br />

do was to join the family business.” Ruan<br />

enjoys spending time on the golfing<br />

field. “I am an eager golfer and try to play<br />

at least once a week.<br />

One of our mission statements at Dent<br />

Doctor is to give to the less fortunate,<br />

so we often support charity golf days<br />

and this then in return also gives me the<br />

opportunity to play some extra golf,” said<br />

Ruan.<br />

Running a successful business can<br />

be challenging, Ruan advises aspiring<br />

entrepreneurs to be prepared to work<br />

hard for what you wish to achieve, know<br />

that some days will be harder than<br />

others, but don’t give up.<br />

Get in Touch: 076 476 0147<br />

email: ruan@dentdocbfn.co.za<br />

Accuracy and precision are<br />

words best used to describe<br />

him.<br />

Charl finds strength in his quiet way<br />

of getting the job done. “I thrive<br />

on challenges, my greatest joy lies<br />

in extending a helping hand to<br />

others,” said Charl. He mentions that<br />

Dent Doctor Bethlehem showcases<br />

passion, resilience, and a willingness<br />

to confront challenges head-on,<br />

showing that anything is possible. Charl<br />

focuses on balancing work and life by<br />

consciously establishing boundaries<br />

between the two. He ensures that he<br />

and his wife, Ashley, take moments<br />

to disconnect from the demands of<br />

emails, meetings, and deadlines and just<br />

spend quality time together. Moving<br />

from <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein to Bethlehem<br />

was a daunting experience for the<br />

couple. They had to leave behind their<br />

comforting support system and embark<br />

on a journey of entrepreneurship in<br />

a different town. Looking back, he<br />

is amazed by the unity between his<br />

wife and him. “United by our shared<br />

determination and refusal to entertain<br />

the notion of giving up, we pressed on<br />

through the uncertainties,” said Charl.<br />

Get in Touch: 073 338 1628<br />

email: charl@dentdocbhm.co.za<br />

40 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

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42 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Herbs to sow in Winter<br />

If you are longing for fresh greens, but<br />

it is too cold to sow anything outdoors,<br />

sow tasty herbs like chervil, mustard<br />

and chives in a window box on a sunny<br />

windowsill. If you make a mix of them,<br />

they can be harvested as cut-andcome-again<br />

baby leaves for garnishes,<br />

salads and sandwiches. Fill the window<br />

box with a damp seedling mix, sprinkle<br />

the seed and cover with a fine layer of<br />

seedling mix, gently pressed down so<br />

that it makes contact with the seeds.<br />

Water lightly and keep the soil damp<br />

while the seeds germinate. Mimic a<br />

warm greenhouse by covering the<br />

window box with plastic clingwrap<br />

while the seeds are germinating.<br />

It keeps in the heat and moisture.<br />

Remove once the herbs have sprouted.<br />

Feed with a liquid fertiliser like Margaret<br />

Roberts Organic Supercharger at half<br />

strength once a week.<br />

Good to know: If the window<br />

boxes or trays are on the inside<br />

of the window, place them a few<br />

centimetres away from the glass.<br />

Because glass is a heat conductor, the<br />

trays might get very cold overnight<br />

and burn during the day as the<br />

sun shining through the glass gets<br />

magnified. Details: www.kirchhoffs.co.za<br />

Text by: ALICE COETZEE<br />

We’re planting ...<br />

Primula Acaulis Bonnelli<br />

for the dazzling flowers that add<br />

pops of colour indoors and outdoors.<br />

These cold-hardy little primroses thrive as<br />

houseplants if placed in a position that gets<br />

bright light (but not direct sun) or as patio<br />

plants in hanging baskets or containers. Keep<br />

the potting mix moist but not soggy and feed<br />

once a month with a liquid fertiliser. Add a<br />

splash of colour to small gardens by planting<br />

Bonnelli as a border, in Winter sun or semi<br />

shade. Plant in fertile soil that drains<br />

well and keep the soil moist but<br />

don’t over water. Details:<br />

www.gropak.co.za<br />

44 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

sharpen up<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein<br />

Time to protect young plants, prepare for Winter pruning<br />

and position your pots in bright light<br />

Indoor plant of the month<br />

Iron Cross begonia is a fancy leaf begonia that is grown as a decorative houseplant.<br />

Originally from China and Vietnam, this begonia gets its name from the dark chocolate<br />

centre marking on the leaves that resembles the Iron Cross used on shields during the<br />

Crusades. To bring out its bright green and brown colours, position this begonia where it<br />

receives bright filtered light. Keep the soil moist but not wet, and don’t get water on the<br />

leaves. When it goes into dormant mode, reduce watering so that the surface of the soil is<br />

almost dry before watering again. To provide a humid environment, especially in Winter,<br />

place the pot on a gravel-filled saucer that contains water. Details: www.lvgplant.co.za<br />

Garden tasks for <strong>June</strong><br />

• Water Winter annuals like<br />

pansies, violas, cineraria, and<br />

primulas once a week and<br />

feed every two weeks with a<br />

liquid fertiliser to boost their<br />

flowering ability.<br />

• Don’t let Spring flowering<br />

bulbs dry out. A rule of thumb<br />

is to water for 40 minutes every<br />

five days but this depends on<br />

the soil type and temperatures.<br />

• Fertilise and water Spring<br />

flowering shrubs.<br />

• This is the best time to move<br />

roses, shrubs and perennials<br />

that are in the wrong position.<br />

• Add colourful succulents<br />

to the garden as the cold<br />

intensifies their many<br />

different colours.<br />

• Protect young plants and<br />

newly planted shrubs and<br />

trees from frost with frost<br />

guard cloth. Plants lower<br />

to the ground are more<br />

vulnerable to frost.<br />

• Sharpen secateurs, long<br />

handled loppers, and hedge<br />

clippers in preparation for<br />

Winter pruning next month.<br />

Get the lawnmower serviced<br />

and the blades sharpened.<br />

<strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein 45


GLIMLAG,<br />


Wye reeks van<br />

tandheelkundige<br />

dienste<br />

vir die hele gesin.<br />

Kindervriendelike<br />

praktyk.<br />

Voorkomende<br />

behandeling en<br />

vroeë diagnose is<br />

vir ons belangrik.<br />

DR<br />

JG<br />


Tandarts BChD (Pret.)<br />

Wynand Mouton Rylaan 74, Universitas, 051 - 522 9150<br />

Moeder van die bruid-uitrustings, langbroeke, baadjies, bloese,<br />

toppies asook Barrington jeans beskikbaar<br />

Nuwe wintervoorraad beskikbaar

Safari<br />

on the<br />

Kariega<br />

Text by: Kym Argo<br />

It’s always the unexpected that keeps travelling exciting.<br />

And for those who’ve been on safari in South Africa, and<br />

think they’ve experienced everything, Sibuya Game<br />

Reserve in the Eastern Cape offers up a few surprises.<br />

Yes ... it’s a fusion of luxury and environmental<br />

awareness. Yip ... it’s home to the Big Five. And with<br />

almost 400 different species in the area, it really is a bird<br />

lover’s paradise.<br />

But it’s the country’s only game reserve that is only<br />

reached by boat ... boarded at the Sibuya reception near<br />

the Kariega river mouth in Kenton on Sea, you’ll take a<br />

leisurely cruise up the Kariega River Estuary. Depending<br />

on what you discover, the gentle cruise takes anything<br />

from 45 minutes to a little over an hour ... spotting longlegged<br />

Black-winged Stilts and gorgeous Sacred Ibis and<br />

brightly coloured Kingfishers and impressive Fish Eagles.<br />

It’s a gorgeous, relaxing way to kick off your Sibuya safari,<br />

which is one of the Cape Country Routes South Africa<br />

privately owned destinations.<br />

More of the unexpected. You will be offered early<br />

morning and evening game drives a day, but there are<br />

other options too ... fishing on the Kariega is hugely<br />

popular, either from the bank or from one of the small<br />

boats, there’s canoeing on the river, and you can opt for<br />

a beach walk as well as one in the bush. Excluded from<br />

the rates, but possible to book, are deep sea fishing<br />

excursions, and beach and reserve horse riding outings.<br />

Accommodation wise, there are a trio of choices ... two<br />

luxurious tented camps and an exclusive lodge. We<br />

stayed at Forest Camp ... where each of the eight tents,<br />

connected by wooden walkways, are private and well<br />

concealed in the indigenous thicket. With king size beds<br />

and a surprisingly comfortable pull out sleeper divan, it’s<br />

a great option for those travelling with older children - no<br />

under 12s allowed. There’s also the River Camp, with four<br />

spacious tents, so great for a group of friends travelling<br />

together, and where younger children are welcome. Both<br />

camps are comfy, have fireplaces for chilly evenings, and<br />

have central living areas where guests gather for meals<br />

and game drives. The third option is the more luxurious<br />

thatched Bush Lodge, with four suites, personal viewing<br />

decks, indoor and outdoor showers and a swimming<br />

pool. Bush Lodge, unlike the other two camps, has<br />

electricity - and air-conditioning - in the rooms ... for Bush<br />

and River camps you rely on solar as they’re all about<br />

living off the grid and embracing sustainability.<br />

The area is lush, with Eastern Cape Valley bushveld,<br />

grasslands and coastal forests, so game is plentiful, and<br />

game drives thrilling with elephant, rhino, antelope,<br />

including the rare Bontebok and Oribi, and plenty of<br />

giraffe and zebra. On our visit the leopards lived up to<br />

their elusive title, but lion - in a separate, enclosed part of<br />

the reserve, were seen proudly strutting their king of the<br />

jungle stuff.<br />

Rates start at R4931 per person in low season, excluding<br />

Rhino Conservation Levies, including accommodation,<br />

all meals and local drinks, morning and evening game<br />

drives, boat transfers, fishing, canoeing and bush walking.<br />

Children under 2 stay free.<br />

Details: Sibuya on sibuya.co.za, Instagram @sibuya_game_<br />

reserve, Facebook SibuyaGameReserve. Cape Country Routes<br />

on capecountryroutes.com, Instagram @ capecountryroutes,<br />

Facebook @CapeCountryRoutes<br />

48 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein

Light up the romance with an<br />


of a lifetime...<br />

2023<br />

Voted as the BEST<br />



<strong>Bloem</strong>fontein<br />

051 406 2500 083 461 256<br />

1info@etniquetravel.co.za<br />


Spoil<br />

<strong>June</strong><br />

The North Face ...<br />

and the icons of exploration<br />

Born way back in 1966, The North Face has<br />

served the needs of expeditions in the<br />

harshest regions in the world. And a few of<br />

the items have become icons ... taking on<br />

lives of their own. Harnessing cuttingedge<br />

technology, innovative design<br />

and athlete insights, they were<br />

revolutionary. Now, they are iconic,<br />

worn and used everywhere from city<br />

streets to mountain tops. These include the<br />

Himalayan Parka - this ultra-warm parka became<br />

the gold standard in high-altitude climbing and<br />

cold-weather survival. The Mountain Jacket - worn by<br />

the first American team to scale the six classic north<br />

faces of the Alps in a single season. The Nuptse -<br />

one mile southwest of Everest, five miles up and<br />

bitterly cold, this jacket named after the Nuptse<br />

summit is famed for its game-changing warmth.<br />

The Denali - which made its debut on the backs<br />

of Todd Skinner and Paul Piana during their<br />

historic, 30-day free climb of Yosemite’s Salathé<br />

Wall, where it set a new standard for technical<br />

fleece. And The Duffel - if there could be just<br />

one bag to symbolise epic adventures, it’d<br />

be this. Made of burly fabrics, and built to<br />

be transported by porters, yaks and camels,<br />

these hard-wearing gear totes journey<br />

everywhere from expedition base camps to<br />

urban metropolises.<br />

To enter our<br />

<strong>June</strong> Spoil, visit<br />

@getitnationalmagazines<br />

on Instagram or Facebook.<br />

Entries close <strong>June</strong> 25.<br />

All of these iconic items, plus so many more<br />

desirable garments for adventure or city wear,<br />

can be found on www.thenorthface.co.za<br />

We’re giving away a Base Camp Duffel Bag<br />

worth R3599 ... tough and practical, with<br />

loads of thought-through features - think zippedend<br />

pocket for dirty shoes and wet clothes,<br />

mesh pockets, detachable adjustable ergonomic<br />

shoulder straps. Use a duffel when in transit, or a<br />

backpack when you’re on the move. In a nutshell,<br />

it’s an explorer’s best friend.<br />

50 Get It <strong>Bloem</strong>fontein <strong>June</strong> 20<strong>24</strong> getitmagazine.co.za/bloemfontein


we can create it<br />

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Waistcoats | Ties & Accessories | Tailoring & Styling<br />

To make an appointment - 072 222 1771<br />

vilestecouture@gmail.com | www.vilestecouture.co.za<br />

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