“We eat and drink to live! But we don’t live to eat and drink!“ That‘s what the adage says, telling us
that both wine and food are consequences of man‘s economic endeavours, a form of social cohesion
and a reflection of the immense variety of cultural creativity. That is why it is through wines
and dishes that we can recognise life styles, ordinary days and holidays, the efforts of individuals,
families and inhabitants of towns, villages and regions. Through this publication we invite you
to discover the richness of all three wine-growing regions of Slovenia, which, with its hundreds
of years of cultural entanglements, is building its modern recognisability at the junction of the
European Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain. It is this very junction that also gives
a special and recognisable character to all of our wines and cuisine. Our numerous, often quite
boutique and extremely natural wines, include quite a few original or autochthonous specialties,
which, along with other wines, can very quickly create unique experiences and relationships for
you. Here the path from heart to soul is a very short one... That is exactly why we are offering you
several wine routs, which will lead you through the wine-growing regions of Podravje, Posavje and
Primorska... To good people and dishes and to noble wines!



Kurentovanje – is a Slovenian folk custom

practised in pre-Lent celebrations

for the purpose of driving winter away. It

is marked by a dancing march of kurenti

through the village in special clothing

and with loud bell ringing.



The Pruning of the Old Vine has developed

into a highly popular event as part

of the annual cycle of events dedicated

to the Old Vine, culminating in festive

grape harvesting. The pruning of the oldest

vine in the world is a very important

wine-growing and social event at Lent. It

is also the time when the master of the

Old Vine, the mayor of Maribor, bestows

grafts on selected towns.



Holiday of wine and home-made dishes

and wine evaluation

Podgorci, Ormož

34 slovenian wine roads


Fish and žganci in 101 ways


June – July

LENT festival

The Lent festival is an international multicultural

festival that features more than

400 events for all tastes and generations

over the course of more than 14 days.

The festival venues offer concerts of

classic, jazz, pop and world music, singer-songwriters’

evenings and chanson

evenings, theatrical, puppet and dance

performances, sports events, creative

workshops for children, stand-up comedy,

the Folkart folk festival, the Jazzlent

festival and a street theatre festival.Maribor


The main dish is a special film programme

intended for true film buffs, enthusiasts

without prejudice and those

who are prepared to venture out of the

boundaries of good taste and morals.

The festival features fantasy, horror, in-

dependent and cult films, which go beyond

the established genre forms through

the indispensable conceptual addition of

wine, for which Prlekija is most famous,

and we traditionally open up completely

new horizons of culinary and cinematic

enjoyment to all our guests.



Rafter’s christening

This tourist event, based on reinterpreted

elements of the Drava river’s rafting

heritage, attracts a multitude of visitors

and renowned guests every year.


Harvesting of the oldest vine in the

world – the ceremonial harvest of the

400-plus-year-old vine at Lent in downtown



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