Automatic parking system for

10 - 80 cars in up to 30 levels

above each other

Very small floor plan area e.g.

47 m 2 for parking 59 cars

Available as tower, pit or

tower/pit version with the transfer

area at an intermediate level

Multiple row arrangements with

2 to 3 rows next to the vertical lift

No need for ramps and driving


Safe for user and cars: no driving

on narrow ramps, no walking on

dark stairs, no danger of damage,

theft or vandalism

No coslty illumination and

ventilation necessary

Well adaptable to individual

project requirements

Integrated turntable option

Fast access times

Different car heights possible,

e.g. minibuses

Large sedan cars up to 2,5 t,

e.g. Mercedes S-class and SUVs

can be parked

Easy operation with different

control options: from transponder

chip to remote control

WÖHR Parksafe series can be used for installations in:

Condominiums, offices, public parking, hotels, administration offices and so on. And the car display tower for the presentation

of cars behind glass façades with car dealers, rent-a-car companies and so on.

Parksafe 580

The Parksafe 580 is an automatically

controlled parking system with a

central vertical lift and storage shelves

arranged next to it on both sides.

The Parksafe does not need any ramps

or driving lanes, offers safety against

theft, damage and vandalism and

is environment-friendly due to its

compact construction and reduced

CO 2 emissions.

Parksafe 582

The Parksafe 582 allows to arrange 2

parking grids behind each other. Via

the shuttle, installed on the vertical lift,

it is possible to reach all parking places

in the 1st and 2nd grid. Within the parking

levels 1, 2 or 3 parking places can

be accommodated on each side of

the vertical lift. Drive-through is also

possible with entrance via the first grid

and exit via the second grid.

Parksafe 583

The most compact Parksafe offers 3

parking grids behind each other. The

vertical lift is three times as long and

via the shuttle on the vertical lift all

parking places are accessible. Like the

other Parksafes 1, 2 or 3 parking spaces

can be arranged on each side of the lift,

even differently in each parking grid.

The various option combinations allow

an optimised utilisation of unusual floor

plan areas.

Car Display Tower

The WÖHR car display tower is a pioneering

solution for car dealers to store and

present cars. Especially in city centres

where space is limited and valuable the

presentation area is multiplied. The

»point of sale« is transformed into a

»point of information« by the far visible

glass tower.

The Parksafe can be designed for various requirements:

Tower, pit or tower/pit versions with the transfer areas below, on top or at intermediate levels, next to the vertical lift 1 - 3 parking rows can be arranged.

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