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Patterns for Parallel Software Design


The Quick Python Book

Beskrivelse: Software patterns have revolutionized

the way we think about how software

is designed, built, and documented, and the

design of parallel software requires you to

consider other particular design aspects and

special skills. From clusters to supercomputers,

success heavily depends on the design

skills of software developers.

Forfatter: Ortega-Arjona

ISBN: 9780470697344

Normalpris: 388,00

Tilbudspris: 300,00

Beskrivelse: A Domain Specific Language (DSL)

helps a developer clearly express the intent of the

code, and thus make it easier to work on the core

business problem. This guide shows how to write

DSLs for .NET and provides a fast-paced Boo tutorial.

Forfatter: Rahien

ISBN: 9781933988603

Normalpris: 410,00

Tilbudspris: 310,00

Beskrivelse: The book begins with basic but useful

programs that teach the core features ofsyntax,

control flow, and data structures. It then moves

to larger applicationsinvolving code management,

object-oriented programming, web development,and

converting code from earlier versions of Python.

Forfatter: Harms

ISBN: 9781935182207

Normalpris: 321,00

Tilbudspris: 250,00

Bioinformatics Programming Using Python

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Beskrivelse: Bioinformatics -- applying

information technology to the molecular

biology field -- will be extremely hot in the

coming years, and this book helps simplify

the process. With this book, biologists will

learn how to use basic scripting to simplify

their computational tasks, and how to write

more substantial programs. It will also help

programmers who want to learn more about

bioinformatics programming.

Forfatter: Model

ISBN: 9780596154509

Normalpris: 510,00

Tilbudspris: 350,00

Cloud Computing with the Windows Azure Platform

Beskrivelse: Cloud-based applications

make it easier to share data, and the

Azure Platform moves processing and

storage from individual corporate servers

and websites to large Microsoft

data centers. With this book, Roger Jennings

offers you an overview of cloud

computing and shares his approach for

hands-on programming of Windows

Azure Storage Services (tables, blobs,

and queues) and web, worker, and .NET

Services applications.

Forfatter: Jennings

ISBN: 9780470506387

Normalpris: 299,00

Tilbudspris: 210,00

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