'topless' feast for the 'Eyes'


'topless' feast for the 'Eyes'

June 24, 1999

Grosse Pointe News News

, Photo by Brad Lmdberg

Farms lakeside lookout

Steven and Kathy Bowler of Grosse Pointe Farms enjoy the Pointe's latest lakewatching

venue at the Farms Pier Park gazebo, Dedication of the structure on

Memorial Day capped extensive repairs and improvements to the lakefront park.

Much of the money and labor to complete the two-year park renovation was donated

by residents and city employees, Farms councilman and chairman of the parks

commlttee Ron Knelser saId. "This gazebo is a testament to the generosity of our

community and the hard work of the Farms Foundation."

Study -will detertnine future

of Hill cOIntnercial district

By Brad Lindberg

Staff Wnter

A study to determlOe the

best use for the HlII business

dIstnct lo Grosse Pointe Farms

should be finIshed lo tIme to

colOclde wIth the December

expIratIOn of a moratonum

prohlbltlOg the alterlOg of

structures Wlthm the commer-

CIal area

The $28,000 study WIll take

place m three steps and

mclude a "retall enhancement

program~ to explore everytlung

from roof pItches and color

schemes for "reVISIons to the

eXlstmg (Farms) master plan

whIch can encourage retal1

land uses," accordmg to contract-wmner

Robert GIbbs,

preSIdent of the Gibbs

PlannlOg Group, a market

research and urban plannIng

firm lo Blrmmgham

"All stake holders on the Hl1l

WIll be asked to partICIpate (m

the study)," saId Farms Mayor

John Danaher

"That's wonderful," SaId

Sandy GIllespIe, owner of

Somethmg SpeCial and

Somethmg SpeCIal Too gIfts

shops on the HIli "A strong

retaIl dlstnct WIll enhance the

commuruty and property values

around It ~

The analySIS WIll examme

the potential growth, changIng

uses, parkmg and utIhzatlOn of

the HIll from FIsher Road

through Cottage HospItal,

IncludIng the Central Branch

of the Grosse PolOte Pubhc

LIbrary and Richard

Elementary School

The analySIS WIll range to

"wherever HIll employees are

hkely to park, mcludmg Side

streets," saId RIchard Solak,

cIty manager of the Farms

Last year at reSIdents' request,

the Farms restncted parkmg

on Mapleton because Hill

employees routmely usurped

on-street parklOg

Gibbs saId the study WIll

examme the "cntIcal Issues~ of

"market potpntIal" and "the

phaslOg of urban shoppmg dlstnct

enhancements for reahstlc

long term growth through


He saId, "RetaIl uses need to

be umque and entertammg

enough to draw consumers regularly

from the adjacent neIghborhoods,

as well as tounsts

and travelers from a larger

trade area than IS tradItIOnal

for commercIal centers ..

"People want the ambIence

of a malO-street shoppmg dlstnct,"

added GIllespie "They

want to be able to shop locally"

The study and recent moratonum

on renovatmg Hili

bUlldmgs were prompted 10

March when a local builder

tned to replace a one-story

retaIl buslOE=!>sWith a twostory

office bUlldmg Prote~t~

by the commercial dlstnct'..,

dWlndhng supply of retailers

tK1,N'K .'I1~.R:!



.0' '. :2.%

, . .

, • OFF











17037 Kercheval



caused the Farms counctl to

ban 10 May the construction,

razlOg or changmg of structures

lo the Farms three bUSIness


In what many observers saw

as a case of mumclpallegerdemam,

the counCil III a 4-3 deCIsIOn

denIed the office bUIldlOg

scheme because the new facilIty

would have pressured and

already stressed the parkmg

SituatIOn on the HIll

Although the moratorium

applied city-wide, It was targeted

at the Hlll The moratonurn

expIres Dec 6, by whIch

tIme the land use study IS

expected to help solve some of

the area's groWIng palOS If

necessary, the ban can be


Because a full-scale parkIng

analySIS wasn't part of the

Gibbs proposal, the councll

dIrected the plannmg firm to

eIther perform a parklOg study

Itself or dole It out to someone


Either way, come December

the counCIl should have enough

data to conSIder amendmg zonmg

ordmances and layout the

first updated bluepnnt for the

HIll smce a land use and marketabIlity

study 10 1983


Fartns delays vote on Cottage

cancer center until Decetnber

By Brad Lindberg

Staff Wnter

The pubhc got a dose of 1Oformatlon

about X-rays thiS week

as executives from Cottage

HospItal addressed the Grosse

Pomte Farms cIty counCIl

about plans to bUIld a cancer

treatment center on the HIli

The counCIl delayed an op1o-

Ion until a newly commiSSIOn

exammation of HIll development

IS completed Dec 1

In pubhc bnefing dunng

wluch Cottage gauged community

support, RIchard Van Lith,

chief executive officer of Bon

Secours Cottage Health

System, said the project needed

state approval but would

"make a chnically excellent

and economically vlable~ treatment

center supported by the

eXIstlOg Cottage patient populatIOn.

The Cottage plan comes at a

time when St John HospItal

and MedIcal Center on Mack 10

DetrOit IS planning ItS own

cancer treatment center

LIke St John, Cottage has

apphed to the state for a

Certificate of Need to Justify

the expense of estabhslung a

new treatment center

Opponents of the Cottage

proposal lIkened the concept to

a hlstorlcally benl/{Il small

town hospItal expandIng needlessly

to the detnment of the

local comm'inIty it was founded

to serve

Some reSidents were concerned

about how the new

faclhty would affect traffic and

parkmg on and near the Hlll,

whl1e others worned If X-rays

could escape mto the neighborhood

"We don't need a bIg, gargantuan

hospItal lo the Farms,~

saId Peter Kross, a Farms reSIdent

and property owner on the


"Cottage used to be a small

commumty hospltal,~ said

Farms reSident Ken Harle

"HospItals get larger, not

smaller, (and on the Hdn,

there's only Just so much

room ~

George Negn III, a reSIdent

hVlng near Cottage who has

already gone on record agamst

the proJect, asked, "Is tIus the

opemng of a floodgate?~

Van LIth answered, "We

don't have plans to create a

massIve cancer center"

About 80 percent of Cottage-

Bon Secours patients come

from the Grosse Pomtes,

Harper Woods, St ClaIr

Shores and the eastSIde of

DetrOIt, saId Van Lith Data

shOWIng how many Cottage

patients hve 10 the Farms WIll

be forthcommg, he added

Because the hospItal's plan

10cludes cooperative efforts

WIth large cancer research





and a lmll' bit of luck

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from us to benefit the


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nng set with a 2 carat pear shape

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lake place on July 9 1999

edmund t. AHEE Jewel.,.

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Grosse Pointe Woods, MI48236

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mstltutlOns, ~uch a!> Henry

Ford HospItal an'd die

Umverslty of MichIgan,

"patIent.. can be dlagnl,lsed

elsewhere and treated locally,~

saId Van LIth "Access IS everythmg"


Stili, Kross saId, "Farms re ..-

Idents are some ofthe best educated

and wealthiest m the

country I bl.'heve that our reSIdents

WIll choose thmr cancer

center based on expertise

rather than how convemently

located It IS ~

The faclhty WIllbe constructed

around a hnear accelerator

that zaps tumors WIth concentrated

non-nuclear X-rays The

umt can treat up to 35 patIents

per day, accordlOg to Ray

Carlson, a medIcal nuclear and

dIagnostic phYSICiSt

To keep the rays contained,

the faclhty w111 have "overshIelded

walls~ made of high

denSIty concrete eight feet

thIck that exceed state standards,

saId Carlson, who was

hired by Cottage to make sure

the treatment center IS

deSIgned properly and sealed


The concrete walls are the

protectIve eqUIvalent of 12

lOches of lead, whIch because It

IS a soft yet extremely dense

metal, would buckle under ItS

own weight If fashIOned m such

dImenSIOns, said Carlson By

companson, normal X-ray

machmes are shIelded by lead

only Vl6-lOch thick

Although Van LIth saId,

"There aren't elans to use

(nuclear equIpment) currently,"

he dIdn't rule out usmg

breakthrough cancer-fightlOg

eqUIpment as It becomes avaIlable

Carlson said the accelerator

machme doesn't use nuclear

matenal, Just X-rays

"You turn the maclune on

and off There's nothlOg reSIdual,"

said the phySICIst

BeSIdes, he said, Cottage and

Bon Secours "already have

departments of nuclear medlclOe,

yet nothmg - none - IS

released lOto the envIronment"

"Flghtmg cancer WIth

machmes that don't leak IS

wonderful," saId Sarah MarchI,

who lives a block away from

Cottage, "but I'm concerned



Belt time to caU


- A4us~ be IS -

about traffic People are

whlzzmg by (my house) all the

time ~

A ho~pltal.sponsored traffic

study conducted by Dr Tappan

Datta of Wayne State

Umver~lty concluded that traffic

won't be a problem Even If

traffic Increases 5 percent

beyond proJectIOns, It WIll sttll

"be operatlOg at acceptable levels,"

~ald Datta, who recently

concluded a study of Grosse

Pomte Boulevard on behalf of

the Farms

Farms Mayor John Danaher,

an employee of Cottage's parent

company, Henry Ford

Health System, recused hImself

from the proceedlOgs and

saId he will do so whenever a

Cottage-Bon Secours Issue

enters the councIl's pUrVIew

Mayor pro tern Ed Gaffney,

chamng the meetmg as

Danaher watched nearby ("I'm

sIttlOg on the sldelines,~ said

Danaher), adVised delaymg a

council deCISion on the hospItal

untIl the Farms learns the

findIngs of a $28,000 land-use

study of the Hl1l

"It's appropnate that we

know what to do With the HIll

before we vote on thiS proposal,"

saId Gaffney

Man dies in fall

Grosse PolOte Park public

safety officers were called to a

home lo the 1200 block of

Maryland at about 3.15 pm on

Thursday, June 17, to help rescue

a man who had Just fallen

off a scaffold

Accordmg to pohce the VICtim,

Andre J PlavlJamch, 35,

of Grosse PolOte Park, was

pamtlOg restmg on an extensIOn

ladder that on was a scaffold

over 35 feet above the

ground Apparently the scaffold

fell away from the apartment

and he fell to the ground

An InvestlgatlOn by Park

public safety officers revealed

that the scaffold was not properly

secured agamst the bUlld-

109 and that the PlavljanIch's

weIght on the ladder moved the

structure away from the buIldmg,

causlOg the aCCIdent


City Zip

Phone lopdHo!) Work Phone lopllou1)

- Jlm Stlckford

"Making the world a stronger place"


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If you're looking for a place to work out or want to

make a change from your present facility and/or workout

situation, fill out the brief form below and send it to;

"Pointe Fitness Cr Training, 17243 Mack, G.P. 48224".

Tell us if you would like to be contacted or receive

information about our faclhry. We Will send you a copy of

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