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Risk of toxoplasmosis related to foodstuff

Risk of toxoplasmosis related to foodstuff

00 million years ago

00 million years ago life on earth begins 00 mya Protozoa appear 00-500 mya Apicomplexan protozoa develop major clades today piroplasms haemosporinids gregarines cryptosporidians enteric coccidia ibley Vet Parasitol 2003 (Theileria, Babesia) (Plasmodium) (Eimeria, Cyclospora) tissue cyst forming coccidia (Toxoplasma, Neosp Sarcocy

ssue cyst forming coccidia oxoplasma, Neospora, Sarcocystis, Hammondia, Besnoitia ommon ancestor - 250 mya ammalian hosts diverge and expand over similar period Sibley Vet Parasitol 2003

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