Issue No. 4 (August 2007) - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Issue No. 4 (August 2007) - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University



In conclusion, the strength, resilience and astonishing

adaptability of Hong Kong people has been mirrored by

the different milestones of the growth of the Faculty.

Since Mr. Ng Wing Hong was taken as an example of

the earlier graduates, we will conclude with a story of a

graduate of modern times.

The story shows the same strength and application.

It tells of a student who gained a Higher Diploma,

began a job in the construction Industry and then

to the dismay of his boss left because he felt that

only further education could enable him to fulfill his

dreams. He joined the degree programme in the CSE

Department, whilst at the same time having a part time

job, and progressed to a postgraduate degree. With the

encouragement and help of his postgraduate supervisor,

he launched his own company based on a state of the

art product involving recycled glass, a product central to

his postgraduate studies. Recently, he received 3 awards:

1. the Eco – Products award 2006 organised by the

Business Environment Council.

2. the Green Building Award 2006 (merit) given to

Professor C.S. Poon’s research team (of which the

Graduate was part), organized by the Professional

Building Council

3. the Live Wire: Gold Award awarded by Shell to the

newly established company.

In keeping with the philosophy of the Trade School days

and subsequently maintained, the Faculty remains true

to the mission of: remaining closely attuned to the needs

of the Hong Kong construction industry, by undertaking

research in many areas at leading international levels

and educating students in the innovative stimulating

environment thereby created.

Alumni of the early years look with pride at the

development of their alma mater and some, also wonder

how much greater their own personal achievements

might have been, if they had been beneficiaries of the

educational opportunities in place today.

(The Editor would like to thank the following for their

valuable and essential help in the preparation of this


Mr. Ng Wing Hong, Dr. Dan Waters, Professor Kenneth

Pang, Professor Peter Mok, Mr. Johnny Fan, Dr. K.H.

Lai, Dr. S.L. Tang, Professor John Burnett, Professor J.M.

Ko, Professor Francis Wong, Mrs. A. Cheung, Professor

Esmond Mok, Professor W.K. Chow, Professor K.T. Chau,

and Professor Mike Anson)

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