Issue No. 4 (August 2007) - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Issue No. 4 (August 2007) - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University



Young Scientist Paper

Award from American

Academy of Sciences in

ICEST 2006

美 國 科 學 學 會

青 年 科 學 家 論 文 獎

The Young Scientist Paper Award offered by the

American Academy of Sciences, at the 2nd International

Conference on Environmental Science and Technology

(ICEST) held in Houston, Texas, USA, from 19 to 22

August 2006, was given to Dr. Chan Kwai-hing Ada,

Postdoctoral Fellow, and Dr. Chu Wei, Associate

Professor from the Department of Civil and Structural

Engineering. There were 55 technical sessions and over

500 platform and poster presentations from all over the

world at the ICEST 2006.

The winning paper was entitled “Transformation

Mechanism of the Degradation of EDC by Photo-Induced

Fenton’s Process”. The winning paper successfully

demonstrated and compared different treatment

processes involving photo-induced catalytic oxidations on

a selected endocrine disrupter chemical (EDC). EDC is an

environmental issue currently well researched in the field

of environmental engineering, owing to its world-wide

impact to the aquatic life forms and public health.

Dr. Chu Wei and Dr. Ada Chan

(second and third from the left)

receiving the Award

Professor Shengwei Wang

Received the First Prize on

Science and Technology

Development of the

Ministry of Education on

Building Energy Research and


王 盛 衛 教 授 等 建 築 節 能 研 究 榮 獲

教 育 部 科 學 技 術 進 步 一 等 獎

Professor Shengwei Wang

and his Award Certificate

Professor Shengwei Wang, Department of Building

Services Engineering (BSE), received the (2007) First

Prize on Science and Technology Development of the

Ministry of Education. The award is in recognition of

joint research work achievements of “The Research and

Applications on Building Energy Efficiency Principles and

Air-conditioning Technology” coordinated by Hunan

University. Professor Wang was an overseas collaborator

in the joint research project. His major contributions

were in the development of fault diagnosis methods

of building air-conditioning and control systems, and

the system identification method for building dynamic


The work has taken place over the last four years, during

which, key contributors from Hunan University, such

as Professor Chen Youming, have worked jointly with

Professor Wang and his research group in The Hong

Kong Polytechnic University as post-doctoral researchers

to conduct other aspects of the research leading to the

above award.

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