Transcript - Porsche Tennis Grand Prix

Transcript - Porsche Tennis Grand Prix

Transcript 30 April 2010

Post match press conference with Samantha Stosur (AUS)

“I was serving very well”

Stuttgart. Post match press conference with Samantha Stosur (AUS) after her 6-3, 6-3 win

against Na Li (CHN) in the quarterfinals of the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2010.

Eloise Tyson: Sam, could you start by telling us something about the match:

Samantha Stosur: Well I think I played very well today. It was hard to get a lot of rhythm out

there at the start. But I was serving very well and I felt comfortable on serve so I think that

helped me for the rest of my game.

Question: Your serving statistics were pretty amazing. Was that one of the best games

you’ve ever had serving?

Samantha Stosur: Yeah. Any match where you can go through and not lose serve is a good

day. I’m not sure what my percentage was or anything but I saw at the end of the first set it

was pretty hot. So I knew I was doing the right things and I think I was able to continue that

through the second set which, ultimately, I think was a big difference in the match.

Question: You’ll have a qualifier or unseeded player in the semis. Does that make it

easier or harder than having a bigger name?

Samantha Stosur: I think it could go either way. I could walk into that match thinking I

should win no matter what which, you know, it’s just one of those things or you know you get

nervous playing someone who you should beat, so it could go either way. I’ve played Lucie

before and have never played the other girl. Lucie is a very good player. Though she’s not

seeded she’s been higher ranked than what she is and has beaten very good players. So I

definitely can’t take it lightly, no matter who I play or because their rankings aren’t as high as

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Transcript 30 April 2010

mine. So, I mean, if they make it to the semifinal, they’ve won just as many matches as me.

So definitely I have to be ready for it.

Question: The WTA Notes today say now you’re in the semis you’ve gone up to No. 9.

If you go on like this for the next few couple of weeks it’ll obviously help you with the

seedings for Roland Garros, won’t it?

Samantha Stosur: Yeah absolutely. It’s great if I can be No. 9 now no matter what. So if I

can find myself inside 8 it would be a bonus for Roland Garros seedings. But if it happens

that’s great but if it doesn’t that’s not the end of the world. I’ll still be in the top 16, which is

good as well. But the higher up I can get, the better.

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