Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2009 - St. Patrick Center

Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2009 - St. Patrick Center

Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2009 - St. Patrick Center


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Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2009

Our Mission

St. Patrick Center provides

opportunities for self-sufficiency and

dignity to persons who are homeless

or at risk of becoming homeless.

Individuals achieve permanent,

positive changes in their lives

through affordable housing, sound

mental health, employment and

financial stability.

From the CEO

From the Board President

To describe Fiscal Year 2009,

I borrow a famous line from

Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two

Cities: “It was the best of times; it

was the worst of times.” FY09 was

a year of unprecedented economic

downturn. Major job sectors

were dismantled, manufacturing

declined, unemployment grew,

the banking and financial

industries were overhauled, and

the need for social services and

mental health supports grew to

record numbers.

Dan Buck

In business terms, the demand for St. Patrick Center programs

and services was at a record high, while the supply of resources

was greatly strained. As we headed into the 2008 holiday

season, our agency faced a major economic crisis. With low

reserves and program costs outpacing donations, we had a midyear

operating deficit that threatened the shutdown of several

programs. The worst of times.

But then, something special happened! In the midst of

immense economic challenges, streams of light appeared at

St. Patrick Center! When presented with the fiscal crisis, our

committed staff and leadership team shined. They shared the

burden rather than protecting their own. The entire staff took

a five-percent pay cut to avoid any programmatic shutdowns or

employee layoffs. Some staff members agreed to a reduced work

schedule with a 20-percent cut in pay. The costs savings were


At the same time, our loyal donors stepped up like never before.

December 2008 was the largest single giving month in

St. Patrick Center history! We could not believe what we

were witnessing. In the midst of one of the biggest economic

downturns in recent history, people were giving more to an

agency that helps our most vulnerable neighbors.

To end Fiscal Year 2009 with a small surplus is nothing short of

a miracle — another shining example of how God can inspire

the best in people during the worst of times to bring about the

best of times!

Dan Buck

Chief Executive Officer

For the past two years, I’ve been

honored, humbled and blessed to

serve as President of the

St. Patrick Center Board of

Directors. I would like to thank

the Board, our executive team

and staff for their remarkable

commitment to this great agency.

For all of us associated with

St. Patrick Center, 2008 was

a lesson in faith. It was an

anniversary year to remember the

John F. Herber, Jr.

incredible work we’ve done over

the past 25 years. And in a time

of great economic uncertainty, we

moved forward with fresh initiatives and bold, new programs.

Great things are possible for those who believe! Still, the many

achievements realized in Fiscal Year 2009 were not made

without sacrifice and hard work. I’m humbled by St. Patrick

Center’s committed staff and leadership team, how they

unselfishly serve others every day.

My faith is inspired by the St. Patrick Center clients who

persevere in the face of despair each day; those who have every

reason to give up, but instead push on with determination to

build permanent, positive change. We witness the unemployed

getting jobs, the addicts finding recovery and the homeless

coming home! We believe in the human spirit and seeing God

touch so many troubled lives.

The work St. Patrick Center does is hard. That’s why so few

homeless agencies strive toward innovation. Accepting the

status quo is easier than investing in bold, new programs.

Led by an inspiring Board of Directors, St. Patrick Center

is willing to take those chances — calculated, educated

and well-planned chances — in order to work better.

While the work is hard, it is also rewarding. We are

grateful that so many St. Louis philanthropists believe in

our mission and are willing to invest in our approach to

ending homelessness. With their continued support, we will

continue to help build permanent, positive change in our


John F. Herber, Jr.

Board President, 2007-2009


St. Patrick Center Revenue & Expenses

Greg Vogelweid, Chief Operating Officer

For Fiscal Year 2009, operating revenues reached a record

high of $11.7 million and exceeded operating expenses by

$44,000 in the midst of a very tough economic climate.

Community giving maintained stability and government

funding increased from 34 percent to 42 percent of total


Fundraising and administrative expenses were reduced to

13 percent from 15 percent the previous year. This means

that 87 percent of all expenses went to the programs of the

agency in Fiscal Year 2009.

Greg Vogelweid

St. Patrick Center Operations Revenue & Expenses, Fiscal Year 2009

Revenue: $11.7 million

Expenses: $11.7 million


& fundraising: 31%




Program services: 87%

Grant funding:





goods & services:



& fundraising:


Statement has not been audited.


In Fiscal Year 2009, St. Patrick Center placed and maintained 431 clients

and their dependent children in permanent housing. We placed 689

clients into full-time and part-time jobs. We provided services to 2,279

clients dealing with mental illness and/or substance abuse.

Agency Programs & Services

Elaine St. Clemmons, Chief Program Officer

St. Patrick Center is Missouri’s largest provider of homeless services. Our 28 housing,

employment and mental health programs assist more than 9,000 individuals each

year who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Since 1983, St. Patrick Center

has helped more than 132,000 homeless and poor men and women build permanent,

positive change in their lives.

In Fiscal Year 2009, St. Patrick Center implemented many new programs and services.

Here are some of the highlights. A complete list of programs follows on page 6.

Elaine St. Clemmons

BEGIN Center

BEGIN New Venture Center: Startup

and early-stage companies receive daily

business guidance and assistance in this

small business incubator that opened

on our 4th floor in October 2008. In

FY09, 12 new companies signed on with

the BNVC, including AU Innovative

Land Management, Craig & Toni

Quality Products, Sweeties To Go and

Replenishing the Earth.

BEGIN Training & Education Center:

Individuals learn job skills in this new

training and education center that

opened on our 4th floor in October

2008. In FY09, 75 clients graduated from

BTEC employment programs, including

Sherwin-Williams painters training and

Amateur Softball Association of America

umpire training.

BEGIN New Venture Center small business AU Innovative Land Management


GO! Network seminar for professionals between jobs

Catholic Charities Conference Center: This

modern, state-of-the-art conference space that opened on our

5th floor in October 2008 offers a 220-seat auditorium plus

three breakout/reception rooms with full catering and audio/

visual support. In FY09, we hosted more than 25 community

meetings and non-profit conferences.

Celtic Creative: This social enterprise works with

non-profit organizations to build capacity and improve

outcomes, leveraging St. Patrick Center’s best practice

consulting, subject matter expertise and conference center

capabilities. In FY09, we worked with six faith-based and

community organizations.

GO! Network: This community initiative sponsored

by Anheuser-Busch, United Way of Greater St. Louis, Celtic

Creative, Worldwide Technology, Right Management and

Paramount Planning provides ongoing support, comfort

and advice to unemployed professionals through free weekly

seminars. GO! Network membership has grown to more

than 1,700 since it began in February 2009.

Project HERO: We provide transitional housing

and support services to honorably discharged veterans

with a history of mental illness and/or substance abuse.

In FY09, we placed 32 veterans in housing, ending more

than 90 years of homelessness.

Project Protect: This regional partnership provides

comprehensive services for homeless and poor families with

children in foster care, or children at risk of going into foster

care, due to parental

substance abuse. In

FY09, we assisted 155



Apartments: In

FY09, we placed 26

chronically homeless

men and women into

our 26-unit permanent,

supportive housing

complex that opened

on North Grand in

October 2008. Of the

26, 14 also received

supportive case Project Protect Halloween Party

management services.

Rosati Assertive Community Treatment

(ACT): We provide mental health, employment and

financial guidance services to 12 Rosati Apartments tenants

and up to 30 chronically homeless individuals living at other

sites in the community.


Program numbers for

Fiscal Year 2009


Independent Living Skills: 276

graduates learned parenting

and living skills to assist with

their move to permanent

housing and self-sufficiency.

Neighborhood Support: 326

poverty-level families in existing

housing received utility or

rent payment assistance to

overcome housing crises.

Project Protect: See page 5.

Rosati Apartments: See page 5.

Rosati Assertive Community

Treatment (ACT): See page 5.

Rosati Group Home: We provided

counseling, daily living skills training

and 24-hour protective oversight to

32 mentally ill clients. 12 moved into

more independent living quarters after

acquiring daily living skills and stability.




BEGIN Center: See page 4.

Building Employment Skills for

Tomorrow (BEST): 39 men and

women earned part-time wages and

completed on-the-job training. 24 were

placed into jobs and 13 were housed.

General Employment: We assisted

1,166 individuals who did not meet

eligibility requirements for our

funded employment programs.

Homeless Employment Program

(HEP): We helped 201 clients find fulltime

employment in this program that

works as an employment agency, with

no fee to the employer or applicant.

103 were placed into housing.

Homeless Veterans Reintegration

Program (HVRP): We placed


132 veterans into full-time jobs

and 84 into housing. 26 received

advanced employment training.

Job Experience Training (JET): 28

active clients participated in this

intense computer skills training

program that includes an eightweek

training class with stipend

followed by a four-week paid

internship with a local employer.

McMurphy’s Grill: 57 clients

participated in the first restaurant

training program in the nation

for homeless, mentally ill clients.

30 found employment.

Project HERO: See page 5.

Project REACH: We placed 148

ex-offenders into full-time jobs

after their release from prison.



Assertive Community Treatment

(ACT): We provided mental health,

psychiatric, employment and financial

guidance services to 53 clients,

ending 114 years of homelessness.

Casserole Program: 87 church

and community groups (2000+

volunteers) provided 155,823

hot, nutritious meals every day of

the year for our Shamrock Club,

Rosati Group Home and Shamrock

Evening Program (Alumni Club).

City Seeds Urban Farm: 29

clients participated in this

hands-on job training program

led by Gateway Greening. 16

graduated and 8 found jobs.

Mobile Outreach: 2 full-time

counselors, using bikes or vans,

developed trusting relationships

with 477 homeless mentally ill

people living on the streets.

Shamrock Day Program: We assisted

1,128 homeless clients experiencing

mental illness and/or substance abuse

issues with making a commitment

to work on personal goals, benefits

assistance, psychiatric assessment,

job training, employment and housing.

Shamrock Evening Program (Alumni

Club): We provided employment

training, financial counseling and

substance abuse counseling in a

safe, supportive environment to

an annual membership of 172.

Intensive Case Management (ICM,

mental health & substance abuse):

We helped 285 clients dealing with

substance abuse and mental illness.

Women’s Night Program: We provided

a safe place to sleep at night to

98 mentally ill and/or chemically

dependent women. We assisted 8 with

their move to permanent housing.


ABE/GED: We taught reading,

writing and math skills, and

tutored 64 clients in Adult Basic

Education (ABE) and General

Education Development (GED).

Celtic Creative: See page 5.

Child Drop-In Center: 240 children

ages 6 weeks to 6 years were

cared for in a safe, educational

and nurturing environment while

their parents received services.

Client Intake, Assessment &

Tracking Program: Counselors

completed 4,542 new, comprehensive

assessments of clients’ needs,

capturing vital information regarding

income, education, children, etc.

Healthcare Wing: This collaborative

effort of Grace Hill Health Services,

Logan Chiropractic Clinic and

the St. Louis Dental Society

provided comprehensive health

services to nearly 1,200 clients.

We have been permanently, positively changed!

St. Patrick Center is hope to me… hope.”

Mary Fitz

“Before I came to

St. Patrick Center, I had

no plans and no hope.

But I do today and

that’s because of

St. Patrick Center.”

Mary Fitz had an alcohol problem.

“I was drinking every day and didn’t

know any other way to live,” she recalls.

Mary was living in a condemned

building with no lights, water or

heat. Worse, she was thrown out of

a speeding van on the highway and

damaged the nerves in her arm. “I

thought I was through living, I felt I was

no longer complete.” When Mary came

to St. Patrick Center, she felt like she

didn’t belong. She got a case manager,

took an alcohol class, graduated from

the Living Skills program, moved into

an apartment, got her GED and her

favorite accomplishment, a job with

City Seeds Urban Farm. “City Seeds is

wonderful! I didn’t know I had a passion

for gardening, and now it’s what I want

to do!” Mary’s arm is improving. She

receives physical therapy two days

a week at the Partnership Center’s

Healthcare Wing. Mary is also a regular

in the Shamrock Club. “I come back

because I feel God led me here for a

reason. Those people I saw when I first

got here were me, and now I am here to

help them if they want, just as

St. Patrick Center is.”

The child of an alcoholic mother, Cedric

Winthrope battled alcohol abuse since

youth. He cared for his mother until her

death, but family problems afterward

led to his homelessness. When Cedric

was doing a demolition job two years

ago, a building wall fell on him and

broke his neck and leg. “Doctors told

me I’d never walk, talk or work again,”

Cedric recalls. He stayed with this sister

for about a year, until she motivated

him to get up and get stronger, and he

eventually proved his doctors wrong.

Cedric first came to St. Patrick Center

for lunch, but noticed the opportunities

available to him. He attended a drug

class and graduated from the Living

Skills program. Through volunteering at

his church, he met a man who referred

him to the Clean Team, and he was

soon hired to wear the purple uniform

and maintain the streets of downtown

St. Louis! Today, Cedric is a Clean

Team supervisor at Busch Stadium,

“The best part

about this

program is

I can sleep when

I want to and

get up when

I want to.”

Patti Cook

Patti Cook’s issues with

alcohol, losing a job and health problems

led to her homelessness. She says living

on the streets and in shelters was a way

of surviving, but a dangerous one for

women. When her “road buddies” started

passing away, she decided it was time

for a change. “I wanted something of my

own,” Patti recalls. “I was getting up there

Cedric Winthrope

where they clean the outside of the

stadium during baseball games. He feels

compassion for the homeless men and

women he runs into while working. “I

can see myself in them and I tell them

to go to St. Patrick Center. If they’re

serious about making a change, there’s

no way they can fail.”

in age, with a lot of health

problems, and I wanted to

better my life.” Patti first

came to St. Patrick Center

to get out of the cold and

have a hot meal. Later, she

participated in the Living

Skills, Shamrock Day and

Women’s Night programs.

St. Patrick Center case

managers helped Patti fill

out an application to live in the agency’s

Rosati Apartments for the chronically

homeless. In December 2008, she moved

in. “When I walked in the door, it was

beautiful!” Patti says. “My apartment is

nice, new, furnished, with color/cable TV,

pots and pans… and I’m not homeless



From the CDO

Dear Friends of St. Patrick Center,

One the greatest rewards of being part of St. Patrick Center, beyond seeing so many lives

profoundly changed by our mission, is to be surrounded by a magnitude of service. There are

few places where you can interact and associate yourself with so many compassionate, dedicated

people. The more we grow our mission, the more love and service we are blessed with. When we

fear that we have taken on more than we can do, God always sends us the servants to help. That

is what happened last year, during one of the most challenging economic times we have faced at

St. Patrick Center.

Fiscal Year 2009 was a year of many miracles! In spite of the difficult economy, our donors

generously gave $1.8 million in December alone, exceeding all other year-end giving in our 26-

year history. The St. Patrick’s Irish Open celebrated 25 years in May – who could have imagined

that the Swing ‘n Swear, as it was originally named, would last so long and raise $715,000 on

its 25th anniversary! More than 1,500 donors, individuals and corporations, supported and

attended the Irish Open, as well as the Sports Trivia Championship in February. In March,

we “grew the circle” for our Pot O’ Gold Kettle Drive, increasing the numbers of volunteers

(400+), collection sites (49) and revenue ($54,000). Another incredible outcome was the housing

move-in-kit initiative. The Board of Trustees launched this new initiative last fall, collecting 47

move-in-kits and raising $18,000 for another 90 kits to sustain this resource for clients moving

into housing.

Jan F. Rasmussen

God is calling us to continue to find innovative, effective ways to combat homelessness

and poverty. Together with your support, we will continue to reduce homelessness in our


Most Gratefully,

Jan F. Rasmussen

Chief Development Officer


Major Donors


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph

T. Ambrose

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Aubrey

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Barta

Mr. and Mrs. James Bauer

Mr. and Mrs. John P.

Beckwith, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Benz

Mr. and Mrs. F. Gilbert Bickel III

Mr. and Mrs. Galen

D. Bingham

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Birkel

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip W. Bracken

Mr. and Mrs. John A.

Brennan, Jr.

G. J. Brown Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick

E. Brown, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. John Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis

W. Burkemper

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Canepa

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph

E. Coleman, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. James

J. Cunnane, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. James

J. Cunnane, Jr.

Marsha and Ron Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey


Mr. Louis G. Deutschmann

The Dierberg Foundation

Ms. Margaret C. Dierkes

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

P. Dunne, Jr.

Mr. Thomas P. Dunne, Sr.

Mr. Todd Epsten and

Ms. Sue McCollum

Fabick Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Fabick

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fabick

Mr. Thomas M. Fleming

Mr. and Mrs. William

C. Fogarty


Mr. John G. Gerstner

Marilyn and John Gibbs

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory

L. Goltermann

Ms. Mary M. Gotwals

Harold & Victoria Egner

Charitable Foundation

Hauck Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Heck

Mr. and Mrs. John

F. Herber, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley

W. Herndon

Mr. Joseph F. Holland II

Dennis M. Jones Family


Mr. Ehab Kaiser and

Ms. Dalia Soliman

Mr. and Mrs. James

P. Kavanaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore

A. Kienstra, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Kiley

Mr. JoAnn Kindle

Ladner Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis Lambert

Mr. Mark B. Leadlove and

Ms. Tara E. Ricci

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leonard

Ms. Carole Less

Ms. Katherine D. Lottes

Mr. Michael Loynd

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Michael


Mr. and Mrs. Gerald

T. McNeive, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

P. Meadows, Jr.

Dr. Ruth B. Murray

Ms. Kathryn Shank Nemanick

Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Richard

C. Nemanick

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. O’Brien

Mr. and Mrs. John T. O’Connell

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen

M. O’Hara

The O’Rourke Family



Mr. and Mrs. Sam Orlando, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Ott

Mr. Leo P. Paradis

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence

E. Parres

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Peacock

Mr. and Mrs. Christian

B. Peper, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Christian

B. Peper, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Placio, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Potthoff

Mrs. Ruth M. Powell

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Quinn

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Quinn

Ms. Jean M. Raybuck

Mrs. Deanie S. Reis

Mrs. Rosalinda M. Rosemann

Mr. Thomas J. Rosemann

Mrs. Angela Sanders and

Mrs. Chris Lineback

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

W. Santel

Mr. Arthur E. Santen

Ulrike and Tom Schlafly

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Seaton

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph

P. Sellinger

Mr. and Mrs. Michael

F. Shanahan, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael

F. Shanahan, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph

F. Shaughnessy

Simmons Charitable


Mrs. Sandra K. Stearns

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stebelman

Mr. Jack C. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy

H. Trout, Sr.

Mrs. Sarah H. Trulaske

Mr. and Mrs. John C.

Vatterott, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond

T. Wagner, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard

V. Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. Charles

D. Walbrandt

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Werner

WR Persons Charity Trust

Mr. and Mrs. John Yancey

Shamrock Society


Mr. and Mrs. Jeff D. Addison

Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Albers

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Albrecht

Ms. Margaret A. Alford

Mr. and Mrs. Clair W. Allyn

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce

J. Anderson

Rev. Msgr. Paul G. Anthony

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony V. Arena

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald

L. Aylward

Richard and Kathleen

Baalmann Fund

Mr. and Mrs. August

A. Baechle

Ms. Susan Barrett

Mrs. Mary Ann Beattie

Beck Family Foundation Trust

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond

J. Beidle

Mr. J. Russell Bley, Jr.

Daniel and Blanche

Bordley Fund

Ms. Nancy Box

Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Boyd

Mrs. Debby L. Brauch

Mr. and Mrs. James

A. Breaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Brown

Mr. Dan Buck

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Buck

The Bunce Charitable

Lead Unitrust

Ms. Angela Casimere

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph

S. Catanzaro

Dr. and Mrs. John N.


Mrs. Nina Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

J. Corcoran

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Costello

Mr. and Mrs. Michael

A. Cowan

Ms. Kimberly A. Cradock

Mr. and Mrs. Leo P.

Cremins, Jr.

Crestwood Tubulars, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James

E. Crowe, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Crowe III

Mrs. Lucille Curtin

Ms. Dorothy Cusick

Mr. Kevin A. Daly

George and Mary Rose

Desloge Family Fund

Mr. Jan DeYoung

Mr. and Mrs. John A. DiMaria

Mrs. William T. Dooley, Jr.

Edwin-Claude, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John F.

Eilermann, Jr.

Dick and Mary Ernst

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Farley

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Farrell

Mr. and Mrs. William

J. Fechner

Mr. Brian Fey

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fiala

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond

J. Flunker

Ms. Gretta Forrester

Mr. and Mrs. Steven N. Frank

Ms. Linda F. Gerhardt

Ms. Peggy Gilligan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert

E. Gleason

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond

F. Goldkamp

Mr. and Mrs. Michael

J. Gorman

Mr. Mark R. Grieman and

Ms. Sara H. Paynter

Mr. Gerald Walter Grindler

and Ms. Kathy A. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Gund

Mr. and Mrs. Mark


“We decided

to support

St. Patrick Center

because it is an

agency that gives

people the tools they

need to get back on

their feet. It is also

an agency that has

low overhead and

administrative costs,

allocating our money

where we want it to

go… to help build

permanent, positive

change. Marilyn and

I are happy to give to St. Patrick Center because it provides

meaningful and measurable outcomes; people are making

changes in their lives and getting out of the cycle of

poverty. There is no other organization that provides so

many sources of help under one roof.”

John & Marilyn Gibbs

Mr. and Mrs. James

O. Hacking

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Hagan

Lt. Colonel and Mrs.

Calzona Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Haller

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard

M. Hempstead

Mr. and Mrs. Duane

A. Hercules

Mr. and Mrs. Brian

S. Herrmann

Mr. Nathaniel Hershberger

and Ms. Joy Jenne

Ms. Janice E. Hetland

Mrs. Susan J. High

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hilton

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hoelscher

Ms. Mary F. Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hoppin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Horas

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher

R. Horner

Lt. Colonel and Mrs.

James W. Hrubes

Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Huether

Ms. Rosemarie Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Tony L. Hutson

Ms. Karen Jacobi

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Jacobi

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. James

Mr. and Mrs. James

L. Johnson III

Mr. and Mrs. John

R. Jordan, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence

P. Keeley, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

J. Keeline

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Kelley

Ms. Veronica Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. K. James Kerin

Reverend Paul J. Kersgieter

Mrs. Frank Key

Mr. and Mrs. Alois J. Koller, Jr.

Mr. David J. Kolnik

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kurtz

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Kutz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lachky

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory

P. LaVigne

Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Ley

Mr. and Mrs. Urs Lottenbach

Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Maher

Mr. and Mrs. M. Robert Malone

Mr. and Mrs. James

V. Maloney

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Marquitz

Ms. Joanna May

Ms. Tracy L. McCord

Ms. Marjorie McEnany

Mr. and Mrs. Michael

E. McEnery

Mr. Edwin J. McGuire

Mr. Timothy J. McLaughlin

Mrs. Joanne R. Merker

Mr. and Mrs. George

F. Meyer, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Millman

Mrs. Mary C. Millsap

Mr. and Mrs. William

B. Moskoff

Ms. Barbara Ann Murphy

Jerry and Ruth Murphy

Trust Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. Myers

Ms. Margaret M. Nolan

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Oberle

Mr. Patrick J. O’Connor


Dr. and Mrs. James

P. O’Grady, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence

E. Parres

Richard Pautler and Mary


Mr. James M. Penilla and

Ms. Meera R. Patel

Pershing Charitable Trust

Ms. Doris A. Phelan

Ms. Rosemary Pitlyk

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Pollock

Ms. Lindsey Porlier

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Pratl

Mr. and Mrs. David

R. Puettmann

Mr. Sid Raile

Ms. Jan F. Rasmussen

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Richey

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Ross

Mr. Mike J. Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Ross

Ms. Ann M. Rotermund

Mr. Paul L. Rotermund, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Ruffino

Mr. and Mrs. William

C. Rusnack

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Sauer

Ms. Sherrie Schroder

Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Schulte

Mr. and Mrs. Richard

A. Schweer

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Seiler

Thomas and Ursula Shaner

Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Shores

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Sly, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Smith

Ms. Elaine St. Clemmons

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Staack

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Steinhubl

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Taiclet

Senator and Mrs.

James M. Talent

Mr. Timothy Tegeler

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen

H. Theobald

Mr. Bryan Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Michael

J. Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth

E. Thompson

Mr. Steve R. Thorne

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth

A. Tillman

Mr. Michael Trausch

Ms. Linda M. Trebing

Mr. and Mrs. William

Tunney, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Vaccaro

Dr. and Mrs. Jorge

A. Viamontes

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Virant, Jr.

Mr. Gregory A. Vogelweid

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Wade

Ms. Sandra L. Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. T. Michael Ward

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Warnusz

Ms. Barbara C. Weakley

Mr. Daniel R. Welby and

Ms. Maureen McGlynn

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene

C. Wienke

Mr. and Mrs. David Winslett

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Wittig

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Wolff

Ms. Lisa Wood, Howard and

Joyce Wood Family Fund

Mrs. Jacqueline Wyrwitzke

Mr. Daniel G. Yelich

Lt. Colonel Robert S. Zbylut

Ann and Ken Zimmermann




Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

H. Abernathy

Ms. Carmen V. Arata*

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Aubrey

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Barry

Mr. Oliver A. Baumann*

Ms. Lynn Beckmann

Mr. Curtis T. Bell in Memory

of Josephine T. Bell*

Mr. and Mrs. John A.

Brennan, Jr.

Gustavus A. Buder, Jr.*

and Kathryn M. Buder*

Ms. Rosemary Cappel*

Ms. Ann M. Cronin

Edith and Jim Cunnane

Mr. Patrick Dolan*

Miss Ellen A. Essig*

Father John J. Ghio

Mr. Melvin R. Giles*

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Goerke

Ms. Sophia Goetemann*

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Heck

Ms. Loretta L. Klostermann*

Ms. Ruth Kay Koncen*

Ms. Lucille R. Koopman*

Ms. Evelyn Leach*

Mr. Ernest J. Lessard*

Ms. Florence Loch*

Mr. James J. McGovern*

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Melka

Mr. Dennis B. Mertz*

Ms. Theresa A. Meyer

Ms. Mary Ellen Mooney

Ms. Anna M. Nichols*

Mrs. Lucille Novoson*

Ms. Margaret I. O’Rourke*

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Peterson

Ms. Ana Pizarro

Miss Jean Primeau*

Mr. Kenneth E. Raumschuh*

Ms. Catherine S. Reydon*

Mrs. Rosalinda M. Rosemann

Miss Jaqueline M. Roxlau

Mrs. Dorothy M. Santen*

Ms. E. Suzanne Siebert*

Mrs. Lenora Simon*

Ms. Rosemond E. Slabaugh*

Mr. and Mrs. Donald

R. St. Julian

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Staack

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel

W. Steinmann

Ms. Mary K. Wentker

World Wide Technology is

committed to giving back to

our community and we think

St. Patrick Center is a great

way to do that.

St. Patrick Center is an

amazing organization, made

up of hard-working, dedicated

people committed to solving

chronic homelessness. Our

investment in the agency’s

Communications Center is

perfectly aligned with our goal of providing technology

solutions to help businesses solve challenges. As CEO of

World Wide Technology, I believe in St. Patrick Center’s

mission to build permanent, positive change, and

encourage other corporate leaders to step up and support

this impactful agency.

Jim Kavanaugh

CEO, World Wide Technology

Corporate Donors


American Direct Marketing

Anheuser-Busch, Incorporated

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Bank of America

BNP Paribas

BSI Constructors, Incorporated

Community Program

Development Corporation

Community Wholesale

Tire Co., Incorporated

Crown Excel Disposal, LLC

Distribution Management Inc.

Eastern Missouri Laborers

District Council

Edward Jones

Ehab M. Kaiser, LLC

Ernst & Young LLP



Fred Weber, Incorporated

Fuze Beverage, LLC

The Gatesworth

Gregory L. Goltermann P.C.

Hardee’s Food Systems, Inc.

Human Resource

Management Corp.

Interco Charitable Trust

IX Incorporated

Kellwood Company Family

Support Program

Kienstra Enterprises, Inc.

Lewis, Rice and Fingersh, L.C.

Lumière Place Casino & Hotels

McKnight Place Assisted

Living, LLC

McKnight Place Extended

Care L.L.C.

Major Brands

Mechanical Contractors


National City Bank of the

Midwest now part of PNC

Nestle Purina PetCare


Orlando Banquets

Parc Provence

Management, LLC


Safety National Casualty


Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Wells Fargo Home

Mortgage Incorporated

World Wide Technology,



Allen P. and Josephine

B. Green Foundation


The Bank of America

Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Boeing Charitable


Catholic Charities Foundation

The Clifford Willard

Gaylord Foundation

The Crawford Taylor


Disabled American Veterans

Charitable Service Trust

Employees Community

Fund of Boeing St. Louis





Fox Family Foundation

Greater St. Louis

Health Foundation

The Guth Foundation

Herman T. & Phenie R.

Pott Foundation

International Distribution

Corporation Charitable


John Allan Love Charitable


John R. Goodall

Charitable Trust

The Kellwood Foundation

Lutheran Foundation

of St. Louis

Macy’s Foundation

Marian Foundation

The Mildred, Herbert and

Julian Simon Foundation

Missouri Foundation for Health

Office Depot Foundation

The Olive A. Dempsey

Charitable Trust

Realtor Housing

Assistance Fund

The Saigh Foundation

Shanahan Family Foundation

The Sidney R. Baer,

Jr. Foundation

Sigmond and Marie P.

Baer Charitable Trust

Sovereign Military

Hospitaller Order of Malta

American Association

St. Louis Book Fair

TJX Foundation

U.S. Bancorp Foundation

William T. Kemper Foundation

Government and

Other Funders


St. Louis Affordable

Housing Commission

St. Louis Mental Health Board


Missouri Department

of Mental Health

Missouri Department of

Social Services: Missouri

Emergency Shelter Grant

Missouri Housing Development

Commission: Affordable

Housing Assistance

Program Tax Credits

Missouri Department of

Economic Development:

Neighborhood Assistance

Program Tax Credits;

Youth Opportunity

Program Tax Credits



Federal Emergency

Management Agency:

Emergency Food and

Shelter Program

U.S. Department of

Commerce, Economic

Development Administration

U.S. Department of Health

and Human Services,

Administration for

Children and Families

U.S. Department of Housing

and Urban Development:

Empowerment Zone;

Supportive Housing

Program; Federal Emergency

Shelter Grant Program

U.S. Department of Labor:

Prisoner Reentry Initiative;

Homeless Veterans

Reintegration Program

U.S. Department of Veteran

Affairs: Per Diem Program

Other St. Patrick

Center Funders

Catholic Charities,

Archdiocese of St. Louis

The Roman Catholic

Archdiocese of St. Louis

United Way of Greater

St. Louis

Special event




Allen Roofing & Siding

American Airlines

Anchor Packaging

Anderson Advertising

Promotion Products

Angelica Corporation

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Anheuser-Busch, Incorporated

Anthem Blue Cross

Blue Shield

Ardent Outdoors

Armstrong Teasdale LLP

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Assurant Employee Benefits


Avatar Studios

AXA Advisors, LLC

Axent Productions

B & P Partnership, LLC

Bank of America N. A.

Bank of America Private

Client Group

Bazan Painting

Behlman Builders Inc.

Bell Electrical

BEST Transportation

Biomedical Systems

Birkel Electric

Lamond Allen, former Project REACH client, now business

owner of Heaven Sent Building Maintenance located in

St. Patrick Center’s BEGIN New Venture Center.

“Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis, through one of its

funding focus areas, is committed to supporting the

successful social reintegration of prisoners/ex-offenders

by restoring their lives, families and communities, which

thereby enhance community stability and public safety.

St. Patrick Center’s Project REACH complements

this outcome through its comprehensive community

reintegration efforts for ex-offenders. The Foundation was

pleased to help the program strengthen its wrap-around

services by adding substance abuse treatment for clients.”

Ann L. Vazquez

President/CEO, Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis

Bi-State Utilities

Bloomsdale Excavating

Co., Inc.


Brennan Staffing LLC

Brown Shoe Company,

Inc. Charitable Trust

Bryan Cave, LLP

BSI Constructors, Incorporated

Build Momentum

Carol House Furniture, Inc.

Catholic Charities of St. Louis

Centric Group

CI Select

Citi Smith Barney

Clark Painting Company, Inc.

Clayco, Inc.

Coca-Cola Enterprises

Coca-Cola North America

Coldwell Banker Commercial

Collins & Hermann, Inc.

Color Art Integrated Interiors

Commerce Bank N.A.

The Commerce Trust Company

Community Program

Development Corporation

Community Wholesale

Tire Co., Incorporated


CPI Philanthropic Trust

Crestwood Tubulars, Inc

Crown Excel Disposal, LLC

Crump Insurance Group

The Dave Glover Band

The Delta Institute

DHD Entertainment

Directions In Design

Doubletree Hotel

Dynamic Vending, Inc.

Eastern Missouri Laborers

District Council

Edward D. Jones &

Company Foundation

Emmis Communications

Ernst & Young LLP

Fabick CAT

Family Harvest

First Bank

Footwear Unlimited, Inc.

Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis

Fred Weber, Incorporated

FS Midwest

G. H. Voss Co., Inc.

GameSafe, Inc.

The Gatesworth

Gateway Foundation

Gateway Grizzlies

Gateway International


General Waste Services, Inc.


Genovese Jewelers


Gregory L. Goltermann P.C.

Grey Eagle Distributors, Inc.

Group 360

Growler’s Pub

Guido’s Pizzeria & Tapas

Hardee’s Food Systems, Inc.

Hays Companies

HM Capital Management, LLC

Hogan Motor Leasing, Inc.

Human Resource

Management Corporation

Ingram Barge Company

Interface Construction


Interlock Pharmacy

Systems, Inc

JBC Studio, LLC

Jeffco Trucking Company

John Bardgett &

Associates, Inc.

K & B Underwriters, LLC

Kienstra Enterprises, Inc.

Kohn, Shands, Elbert,

Giahoulaskis & Giljum, LLP

Krieger’s Hometown

Sports Grill


Kutis Funeral Home, Inc.

Laurence Maroney “39”

Foundations, Inc.

Learn About Media, Inc.

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken

Leonhardt Communications

Lewis, Rice and Fingersh, L.C.

Lindell Bank & Trust Company

Lumière Place Casino & Hotels

Maggie O’Brien’s Ltd

Major Brands, Inc.

McEnery Automation


McMahon, Berger, Hanna,

Linihan, Cody, & McCarthy

Meramec Valley Bank

Midtown Printing Company

Midwest Mudjacking &

Construction Co. Inc.

Millstone Bangert, Inc.

Missouri Department of

Mental Health Foundation

Mitchell James Salon

Motivation Technologies

MPP & W, P.C.

National City Bank of the

Midwest now part of PNC

Nestle Purina PetCare


Northstar Management

Co., L.L.C.

Norwood Hills Country Club

Nos Energy Drink

Nue Money LLC

One on One Services

Orlando Banquets

P.R.P. Wine International, Inc.

Paramount Planning of

St. Louis, L.L.C.

Paric Corporation

Pasta House Company

Pelopidas, LLC

Performance Food Group

Plaza Financial Advisors, Inc.

“The United States Department of

Labor (DOL)/Veterans Employment

and Training Service (VETS) has

supported the efforts of St. Patrick

Center’s employment programs,

specifically the Homeless Veterans

Reintegration Program (HVRP). DOL

funding has supported

St. Patrick Center because of the

agency’s holistic approach to ending

homelessness through training, health

and employment. The St. Patrick

Center team works together with

VETS Local Veteran Employment St. Patrick Center veteran clients

Representatives (LVER) and Disabled

Veteran Outreach Personnel (DVOP)

to train clients and help them find job opportunities. With DOL/VETS grant funding,

St. Patrick Center continues a steady growth of the HVRP program, and has achieved

successful outcomes for the agency’s homeless and low income clients.”

William Benzel

Director, U.S. Department of Labor, Veterans Employment & Training Service

Plaza Motors

Plumbers and Pipefitters,

Local 562

Porlier Outdoor Advertising Co.

Pranger and Associates, Ltd

Purina Pro Plan

Readus Miller Project

Regions Bank

Replacement Window


Rib City

Right Management


Rio Syrup Company, Inc.


Russo’s Catering

Safety National Casualty


Saint Louis University Billikens

Savannah’s Food

Service Solutions

SBP Image Solutions

Sheraton Saint Louis

City Center Hotel


Spencer Fane Britt

& Browne LLP

St. Louis Blues

St. Louis Cardinals, L.P.

St. Louis Casa Loma Ballroom

St. Louis German Open

St. Louis Institute

for Rehabilitative &

Sports Massage

St. Louis Rams

St. Louis Sports Magazine

Starbucks Coffee Company

Sterling Company

Stiarwalt Electric

Stifel Nicolaus & Co., Inc.

Studio Ladue Fine Art

Sweeties to Go

Swett & Crawford

TALX Corporation

Teamsters National

Black Caucus

Telepictures Productions, Inc

Tesson Heights Orthopedic &

Arthroscopic Association

Thompson Coburn LLP

Tri-Star Tire Sales, Inc.


U.S. Bank

U-Gas, Inc.

Unique Toy And Game

Visual Ingenuity, LLC

Vito’s Sicilian Pizzeria

& Ristorante

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Wells Fargo Home

Mortgage Incorporated

Welsch, Flatness &

Lutz, Incorporated

Wines for Humanity

Wolff & D’Agrosa, LLC

World Martial Arts Academy

World Wide Technology,


Yvonne Niemann Photography

Special event




Mr. and Mrs. John P. Abels

Mr. Jonathan Andres and

Ms. Laura Frame

Mr. and Mrs. Wiley D. Angell

Mr. Michael Atkin and

Ms. Colleen Dusek

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Barta

Mr. Walter Bazan

Mr. Thomas L. Benson

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Benz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Galen

D. Bingham

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Birkel

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip W. Bracken

Mr. Patrick Brannon, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John A.

Brennan, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Brewer

Mr. Tom Briggs

Mr. Daniel Bruns

Mrs. Barbara Budde

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bush

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Buss

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Capps

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Cavato

Mr. and Mrs. Charles

E. Coyle, Sr.

Mr. Jeffrey L. Crump

Mr. and Mrs. John Csik

Mr. and Mrs. James

J. Cunnane, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. James

J. Cunnane, Jr.

Mrs. Lucille Curtin

Marsha and Ron Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey


Mr. Charles J. Deutsch

Ms. Margaret C. Dierkes

Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Doyle

Mr. Thomas P. Dunne, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

P. Dunne, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Elbert

Mr. Todd Epsten and

Ms. Sue McCollum


Fabick Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Fabick

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fabick

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Fagan

Mr. William E. Faulkner III

Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Fitzmire

Mr. Daniel W. Flayer, Jr.

Mr. Tom Florig

Mr. Jason Flowers

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Gamache

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Geller

Mr. and Mrs. Armit Gill

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory

L. Goltermann

Mr. Tod Greenberg

Mr. Mark R. Grieman and

Ms. Sara H. Paynter

Mr. and Mrs. Sean M. Griffin

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur

P. Gross, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hannah

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

L. Hebson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Heck

Mr. Steven G. Heck

Mr. Mark Helbig

Mr. and Mrs. John

F. Herber, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley

W. Herndon

Ms. Barbara Hershfelt

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hoelscher

Dr. and Mrs. Loren E. Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Michael

L. Jerome

Mr. James R. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Judd

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Kadel

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Kaiser

Mr. and Mrs. James

P. Kavanaugh

Ms. Pamela Kelley

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Kenter

Mr. and Mrs. Emory

L. Kesteloot

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Kiel

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore

A. Kienstra, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Quinn T. Kiley

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew

E. Kopsky

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Krebel

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory

P. LaVigne

Mr. Mark B. Leadlove and

Ms. Tara E. Ricci

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leonard

Mr. and Mrs. John E. McClusky

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph

B. McGlynn, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mercurio

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Moldthan

Mr. and Mrs. Edward

J. Moloney

Mr. and Mrs. William

B. Moskoff

Ms. Susanne G. Mulholland

Mr. and Mrs. James Muniz

Sheriff Jim and Marilyn Murphy

Mr. Richard W. Murphy

Dr. Ruth B. Murray

Mr. Gregory J. Nooney, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Rich Obertino

Mr. and Mrs. Walter

J. Obremski

Ms. Megan C. O’Brien

Mr. Corey M. O’Conner

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen

M. O’Hara

Mr. and Mrs. John O’Mara

Mr. and Mrs. Michael

E. O’Mara

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Orlando, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Ott

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence

E. Parres

Mr. Mike Paule

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Pavelec

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Peacock

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Piccirilli

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Pilcher

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Potthoff

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Pratl

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pschier

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Quinn

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Quinn

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Rolwes

Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Ruben

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip

G. Saunders

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

J. Schawang

Mr. and Mrs. Bryant T. Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Michael

F. Shanahan, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael

F. Shanahan, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James

A. Shaughnessy

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph

F. Shaughnessy

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J.


Mr. and Mrs. William

R. Shocklee

Mr. Jeffrey Siudzinski

Mr. David A. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Snider

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stebelman

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Stiarwalt

Mr. David Stiffler

Mr. Kevin Stirnaman

Mr. Eric Stockton

Mr. David Stokes

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Stremlau

Mr. Tim Swank

Mr. Thomas N. Tener

Dr. and Mrs. Jorge

A. Viamontes

Ms. Beth L. Viviano

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Voss

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Voss

Mr. and Mrs. William

F. Wachter

Mr. and Mrs. Richard

V. Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Watson

Mr. John Watzke

Mr. Daniel R. Welby and

Ms. Maureen McGlynn

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles

Wittenberg, III

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Wolff

Mr. and Mrs. John Yancey

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Zerman

3rd party events,

corporations and



The Bridge Club

Charles L. Crane Agency Co.


Full Throttle Midwest LLC

Girl Scouts of Eastern MO

Global Day of Prayer St. Louis


International Distributing

Corporation Charitable


Jacobs Engineering

McCormick & Schmicks

Mercy Health Plans

Nathanael’s Creed

P.R.P. Wine International, Inc.

SA Services LLC

St. Charles Chapter Spebsqsa

St. John’s Mercy

Medical Center

Stifel Bank & Trust

TALX Corporation

Wines for Humanity

World Wide Technology,


3rd party event



Aaron Brickmann Bar Mitzvah

Hoette, Sansone and

Walshauser Pot

O’ Gold Party

David Hults and Brad

Fuller Oscar Night

Lauren Mazurek Birthday Party

Catherine Peach

100th Birthday

Patti and Dave Reed

Anniversary Party

St. Patrick’s Day Party

in Memory of Sally

and Butch Schulze

Trevisano Teddy Bear

Christmas Land

Client event



Name on annual report

Advanced Nursing Services

Anheuser-Busch Employees

Annunciation Parish

Assumption Parish, Mattese

Centric Health Resources

Christ the King Parish

Church of the Annunziata

Community School

Computer Sciences


Distribution Management Inc.

Dot Foods

Edward Jones

Engineered Thermal

Systems, Inc.

Epiphany of Our Lord Parish

Ernst & Young LLP

Fabick CAT

Fed Ex

Forsyth School

Fox Theatre

Girl Scout Troop #1303

Good Times Inc.

HDA, Inc.

Immacolata Parish

Immaculate Conception,


Immaculate Conception

Parish, Dardenne Prarie

Incarnate Word Parish

Insituform Technologies

JD Kutter Insurance



Kellwood Company

LDI Pharmacy Services

Macy’s Logistic and Operations

Major Brands

Mark Andy, Inc.

Marsh and Mercer

Metro Tix

Murray’s Travel

National City Bank of the

Midwest now part of PNC

Nooter Corporation

Ottolino Winters Huebner, Inc.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

Our Lady of Lourdes

Parish, University City

Painting and Decorating

Contractors of America

Rohan Woods School

Saint Louis Zoo

Schnucks Supermarkets, Inc.

Sextant Technology

Partners, Inc

South Side Lionettes

Southwest Bank

St. Ambrose Parish

St. Andrew Parish

St. Angela Merici Parish

St. Anselm Parish

St. Bernadette Parish

St. Charles Borromeo Parish

St. Clare of Assisi Parish

St. Clement of Rome Parish

St. Ferdinand Parish

St. Gabriel the

Archangel Parish

St. James the Greater Parish

St. Joseph Parish, Clayton

St. Joseph Parish, Cottleville

St. Joseph Parish, Imperial

St. Luke the Evangelist Parish

St. Monica Ladies Guild

St. Monica Parish


St. Norbert Parish

St. Peter Parish, Kirkwood

St. Robert Bellarmine Parish

St. Roch Parish

St. Rose Philippine

Duchesne Parish

State Farm Insurance

Ste. Genevieve du Bois Parish

Union Pacific Railroad

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Welsch, Flatness, &

Lutz, Incorporated

Whitfield School

World Wide Technology,


Client event



Mr. and Mrs. Jeff D. Addison

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ahlering

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Albus

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Allen

Ms. Renee K. Altier

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Anstoetter

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T. Davis, Jr.

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L. Doorack, Sr.

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Ms. Sharon Lentin

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Gladbach, Jr.

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F. Hempstead

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F. Herber, Jr.

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Ms. Laura Jacobsmeyer

Mrs. Sue Jernigan

Ms. Carolyn Johns

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kelley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kenkel

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Kenney

Ms. Peggy Kiefer

Ms. Deborah King

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Kirby

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Kissel

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Knizel

Ms. Christy Koch

Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Koehler

Ms. Nancy Kollmar

Ms. Heather Krapf

Mr. Jim Howerton and

Ms. Robin M. Kuo

Ms. Katie Lake

Mrs. Cathy LaRue

Ms. Julie Latia

Mr. and Mrs. David Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leeper

Ms. Grace Lohman

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Long

Ms. Suzanne Lorenz

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Lucas

Mr. and Mrs. John Mabry

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Maier

Ms. Heather Main

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Mallow

Ms. Shelley Marren

Ms. Nancy McAnany

Mr. and Mrs. William

F. McCarty

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McCoy

Ms. Marjorie McEnany

Dr. Patricia F. McKelvy

Deacon and Mrs.

Joseph Meiergerd

Ms. Lori Messina

Ms. Sherryl Mettar

Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Meyers

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Milam

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Milford

Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Miller

Ms. Janice Mollett

Mr. Paul Mueller

Mr. David Muich

Mrs. Beverly Muniz

Ms. Bettilu Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. George

C. Murphy, Jr.

Ms. Lila Murray

Ms. Naomi Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Newell

Mrs. Lisa Novelly

Mr. and Mrs. Denny T. Nugent

Ms. Megan C. O’Brien

Dr. and Mrs. James

P. O’Grady, Jr.

Ms. Erica Orrison

Mr. and Mrs. Rich Orso

Ms. Martha Overcash

Mr. Leo P. Paradis

Mr. Walter Parham

Mr. and Mrs. A. Kent Peccola

Mr. and Mrs. Greg A. Pestinger

Ms. Margie Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Petruso

Ms. Yvonne Pfeil

Mr. Daniel Pierce

Ms. Lori Piper

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Politte

Ms. Marianne Powers

Ms. Cheryl Praechter

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Prag

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Pratl

Ms. Lynda Lee Prebil

Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Purcell

Mr. and Mrs. David

M. Purschke

Ms. Kristine Ramsey

Ms. Jessica Rathert


Mr. and Mrs. Boris

A. Raykhman

Kasey J. Reader

Mrs. Barbara Redington

Chris Redington

Mr. Sean Redington

Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Reinders

Ms. Jo Ann Reitenbach

Mr. Greg Reiter

Mr. and Mrs. Dale J. Reller

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent

C. Rheinheimer

Ms. Angela Ribaudo

Mr. Dominic Ribaudo

Ms. Cheryl Ricchio

Ms. Sharon Robertson

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph

R. Robinson

Mr. John Rodgers

Mr. and Mrs. Al Rohling

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Roth

Mr. and Mrs. John Rottsachalk

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rubin

Ms. Doris Runge

Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Ryan

Mr. John P. Sahrmann

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip

G. Saunders

Mr. David Schmitt

Ms. Pamela Schneider

Ms. Staci Schniepp

Ms. Betty Schott

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Schulte

Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Schulte

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Schwarz

Mrs. Nadine G.

Donahue Selkirk

Mr. Hugh Share

Ms. Suzanne Sierra

Mrs. Nancy Simon

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Sodko

Dr. and Mrs. Allen D. Soffer

Ms. Barbara J. Sopp

Ms. Julie L. Spellman

Ms. Alexis Spinks

Ms. Shelly Stackpole

Mr. Ron Staetter

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stebelman

Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Stettes

Ms. Elizabeth J. Stewart

Mr. and Mrs. Mercial

A. Stewart

Mr. Steven Stolze

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley

S. Strahorn

Mr. Tom Sweeney

Mr. and Mrs. Shariq Tabrez

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tallo

Mr. Gary Teeter

Mr. Dave Telken

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer

W. Thompson

Mr. Christopher M. Timpone

Ms. Betty J. Tisius

Mr. Ted Toliver

Ms. Natasha Toon

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Torretta

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Tripp

Mr. and Mrs. William

Tunney, Jr.

Ms. Leslie Turner

Mrs. Amelia T. Umbeck

Mrs. Angeline Venegoni

Mr. Stephen Vitale

Mr. and Mrs. James

M. Volansky

Ms. Dianne Walker

Ms. Brenda Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Gary

A. Weissmann

Mr. and Mrs. David Werner

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Wheeling

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene

C. Wienke

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne

R. Wilhelm

Ms. Mary Williams

Mr. Don Williams

Dr. and Mrs. John H. Winter

Mr. Bob Winters

Ms. Barbara Wittemberg

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wolff

Mr. and Mrs. Kenton C. Wood

Ms. Joan Woodside

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Yanics

Ms. Autumn Yasher

Ms. Anne Zanola

Ms. Brenda Zanola

Dr. and Mrs. Peter

H. Zimmerman

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen

W. Zimmerman

Mr. and Mrs. Kent

W. Zschoche

Dr. and Mrs. William

C. Zschoche

Key Players

Mr. and Mrs. John Buelt

Commerce Bank Community

Service Committee

Cookie Bake-off

Computer Sciences


Financial Enhancements, Inc.

Greensfelder, Hemker

and Gale, P.C.

Interco Charitable Trust

Kellwood Foundation

Kohl’s Cares for Kids

Kohl’s Department Stores

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leonard

Missouri American Water


Annunciation School

Assumption School,

O’Fallon, MO

Bishop DuBourg High School

Christ the King School

Francis Howell Central

High School, National

Honor Society

St. Patrick Center’s 2009 Volunteer Appreciation Party

spotlighted the Casserole Program’s 2,300 volunteers.

In Fiscal Year 2009, more than 750 volunteers assisted

St. Patrick Center with major fundraising events. Hundreds

of others came to our agency to serve meals, sort donations,

file papers, stuff envelopes and make us more efficient and

effective in countless other ways. In addition, St. Patrick

Center is blessed to have an army of 2,300 Casserole

Program volunteers, many of whom have never entered our

doors. For 25 years, parishioners from Alton to Wildwood

have provided homemade casseroles 365 days a year to feed

St. Patrick Center clients. The Casserole Program supplies

recipes and pans, and volunteers purchase ingredients and

make the casseroles in their homes. Since the program began

in 1984, these volunteers have provided 4.2 million hot,

nutritious meals!

Holy Infant Parish

Holy Rosary School

Holy Spirit School

Immaculate Conception

School, Dardenne Prairie

Immaculate Conception

School, Union

Incarnate Word Academy

Little Flower School

Mary, Queen of Peace School

Our Lady of Lourdes

School, University City

Our Lady of Providence School

Our Lady School, Festus

Rosati Kain High School

Sacred Heart School, Eureka

Sacred Heart School,

Valley Park

St. Alban Roe School

St. Bridget of Kildare School

St. Catherine Laboure School

St. Clare of Assisi School

St. Dominic High School

St. Ferdinand School

St. Francis of Assisi School

St. Ignatius Loyola School

St. James the Greater School

St. John The Baptist

Elementary School

St. Joseph School,

Bonne Terre

St. Joseph School, Imperial

St. Joseph School, Josephville

St. Joseph School, Manchester

St. Joseph School, Zell

St. Justin Martyr School

St. Katharine Drexel School

St. Margaret Mary

Alacoque School

St. Mark School

St. Mary Magdalen School

St. Mary’s High School

St. Michael the

Archangel School

St. Norbert School

St. Paul School, Fenton

St. Peter School, Kirkwood

St. Roch School

St. Rose Philippine

Duchesne School

St. Theodore School

St. Vincent School, Dutzow

Ste. Genevieve du Bois School

Ursuline Academy

Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill School


St. Patrick Center, Fiscal Year 2009



John F. Herber, Jr.


Maureen A. McGlynn

Vice President

Stephen M. O’Hara

Vice President, Strategic Direction

James P. Kavanaugh


Margaret C. Dierkes


Joseph T. Ambrose

Bruce J. Anderson, Ed.D

Margaret R. Benz, RN, MSN, C-ANP

Galen D. Bingham

Phillip W. Bracken

Charles E. Coyle

Roy E. Gillespie

Diane B. Herndon

Harry Kennedy

Robin M. Kuo

Robert G. Leonard


Judge David C. Mason

Ruth Murray, RN, Ed.D

Michael E. O’Mara

Janice Orlando

Leo P. Paradis

David A. Peacock

Christian B. Peper, Jr.

Gerald A. Potthoff

Pamela Talley, MSN, APRN, BC, CSACII

Reverend Monsignor Mark C. Ullrich

Raymond T. Wagner, Jr.


Michael Heck

Alicia Albus

Margaret Aylward

James G. Blase

Pat Brannon

John Bruenger

Kenneth Coyne

Leo Cremins

Edith Cunnane

Laraine Davis

Jeffrey Deckelbaum

John Denneen

Anna Doyle

Mike Doyle

John Eilermann, Jr.

Harry Fabick

Betty Farrell

Sherman George

Ed Glotzbach


Mark Grieman

Barbara Hershfelt

Jeff Hoelscher

Julia J. Jackson-Fowler

Nancy LaVigne

Mark Leadlove

Carole Less

Mark Leverenz

Michael Loynd

Kevin Marvin

John McClusky, Ph.D.

Marjorie McEnany

Helen McGlynn, Ph.D.

Joseph McGlynn, Jr.

Rick Meyer

Alvin Miller

Megan O’Brien

Anthony O’Connor

Larry Parres

Jason Pfitzinger

Suzanne Pratl

Anne Geraghty-Rathert

Susan Reese

Rick Ross

Joel Sarmiento

Marie Saunders

Carol Sheahan

Nancy Simon

Dolores Smiley MSN, MPH, EdD

Cori Stebelman

David Stiffler

Michael Trausch

William Tunney, Jr.

Andy Voss

John Watzke

Llynn White

Charles H. Wittenberg III

Jeff Wolff

Rhae Yancey

George B. Zamborsky*


800 North Tucker Boulevard

St. Louis, MO 63101 • 314.802.0700



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