Examples - Grayfield Optical Inc

Examples - Grayfield Optical Inc

Examples - Grayfield Optical Inc


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http://www.grayfieldoptical.com – info@grayfieldoptical.com – USA: (702) 425-7775 – UK: (020) 8133 4321 – EU: +49 221 20046970<br />

3DOM – 3D <strong>Optical</strong> Macro-Microscope<br />

<strong>Examples</strong><br />

Whereas normal microscopes often have just a paper thin depth of field, we can demonstrate up to 1.2” (30mm) depth of field<br />

along with a unique lighting system to allow for shadow free imaging even with high samples. In this image we show an<br />

electronic circuit with a height of 28mm (1.1”). As can be seen, the entire circuit is fully resolved.<br />

This innovative 3D microscope targets the needs of Forensic Science, Metallurgy, Geology, Archaeology, Biology, the<br />

diamond industry, and other disciplines.<br />

This microscope system introduces an entirely new approach in light microscopy by creating a variable cylinder of focus<br />

plane: the basis for the three dimensional view. Another innovation, incorporating a parallel light path, results in sharp<br />

contours. This system is not only superior to all known light microscopy techniques, but also renders obsolete the use of<br />

stereoscopic microscopes that create an illusion of depth and 3 dimensions. The inherent parallax errors (distortion from<br />

oblique paths) experienced by traditional stereo microscopes are eliminated by the 3DOM. The way the system controls the<br />

light path results in an extremely sharp image with true colors and the flexibility to vary the color contrast.<br />

The result of these revolutionary techniques is parallax error-free, true 3D images and a depth of field of up to 1.2”.<br />

3DOM was developed by Kurt Olbrich of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Basic Research, as part of the range of Ergonom<br />

microscopes and portable lens adapter microscopes.<br />

Registered Office European Office Research & Development by Kurt Olbrich Contact Telephone/Fax Company Mission<br />

P.O. Box 27740 Kohlenstr. 23 Institute for Interdisciplinary Basic Research USA: 1 (702) 425-7775 <strong>Grayfield</strong> <strong>Optical</strong> <strong>Inc</strong>. specialises in sales and marketing of the<br />

Las Vegas 50825 Köln (Cologne) Hardtstr. 11, 64756 Mossautal, Germany UK : +44 (0)20 8133 4321 Olbrich Lens Systems developed by German engineer Kurt Olbrich.<br />

Nevada 89126 Germany Tel: +49 (0)6062-3282, Fax: 06062-61360 EU : +49 (0)221 20046970 The Olbrich Lens System features enhanced true resolution, depth<br />

U.S.A. www.grayfieldoptical.com www.mikroskop-olbrich.de Fax: +49 (0)221 20046973 of field in real time and true color without parallax errors.

3DOM – 3D <strong>Optical</strong> Macro-Microscope<br />

Parallax-free<br />

reflected light<br />

<strong>Examples</strong><br />

3D-Illumination<br />

(both sides)<br />

1.5" pipe section with a heavy crust. Sample height 0.9” (23mm)<br />

Fractured sample from a tensile testing machine. Sample height 0.37” (9.5mm)<br />

Fiber mat (0.03” / 0.8mm thick), picture on right at a higher magnification<br />

Pipe samples approx. 0.24” (6mm) diameter. Sample height 0.55” (14mm).<br />

Both images taken with shadow free coaxial illumination<br />

Further examples available on our website www.grayfieldoptical.com<br />

We reserve the right to make technical changes and improvements at any time without notice. See our website for the latest details. 3DOM-<strong>Examples</strong>-US 2007-03-14 22:35

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