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heir unique partnership allows them to maximize

their strengths while maintaining an exceptional

level of client care. Individually, Kami Khorouzan,

Sam Rizk and Faith Nazarifar Salari established themselves

as top-notch professionals with notable experience

and solid industry knowledge. Together, they have exponentially

increased their capacity to maximize each

client’s experience.

There is fluidity to the partnership of these three real

estate professionals. “We examine the unique wants and

needs of each client,” notes Sam. “Sometimes it makes

sense for one of us to take the lead on a transaction with

the others providing support as needed. Other times,

we’re all collaborating actively. The end result is that

every client has access to the three of us at any given


Platinum Service from

a Powerful Team

By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa - Ian Wiant Photography

With three individuals come three distinct personalities

whose paths to real estate reflect unique stories of

professional success. Prior to earning his license Kami

built a veritable restaurant empire, at one point employing

upwards of 400 people. Well established and able to

successfully retire, he quickly discovered that he needed

a new challenge. “I was bored,” he acknowledges. “I

wanted to try something new.” Exceptional business

acumen, solid leadership and an inherent sense of

customer care provided an ideal foundation upon which

to build a real estate career, and Kami capitalized on

the opportunity. In 1998 he launched his business, and

has since sold millions of dollars of commercial and

residential properties. His patience and perseverance

have earned Kami the trust and respect of a fiercely loyal

clientele. “It may take time to find the right property,”

he explains. “But I’m here to ensure that my clients

Sam Rizk, Faith Naz Salari, Kami Khorouzan

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