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AUGUST 29, 1977<br />


Including the Sectional News Pages of All Editions<br />

B<br />

"Another fascinating accomplishment by an<br />

extraordmarv' actress who remains as unique,<br />

fresh, and excitmg as ever!"<br />


"Real family entertainment that will brine<br />

the magic of Katharine Hepburn to the children<br />

of today."<br />


Intcrnoiional him hcMi<br />

^^^^<br />

Produced and Directed by<br />

Richard A. Colla<br />

Screenplay by Eugene Peine<br />

Story by Maria L deOssio, Richard A. Colla and Eugene Poinc<br />

Original Score by Bob Alcivar<br />

Introdui,<br />

Kevin McKi<br />

Dennis Dim


it already is the best I<br />



Published In Nine Sectional Edlthmi<br />

L :i.,;-in-Chief and Publisher<br />

ALPH M. DELMONT - Managing Editor<br />

ORRIS SCHLOZMAN .Business Mgr.<br />


luipment Editor<br />

ALPH KAMINSKY .. Western Editor<br />

uhlication Offices: 825 an Brunt Blvd.<br />

City, Mo. 64124. (816) 241-7777<br />

estern Offices: 6425 llollyuuod Bliil.<br />

ollywood, Ca., 90U28 (213) 465-1186.<br />

istern Offices: 1270 Si.vlh Avenue. Suite<br />

103, Kockefeller Center. New York, N.Y.<br />

)020. (212) 265-6370.<br />

Office; Auttmny Cruner. 1 Wuod-<br />

Vay, Flnchlcy, N. 12. Telephone<br />

illslde 6733.<br />

THE MODEKN THEATliE Section Is<br />

"in one Issue eacli niuiitli.<br />

buquerque: Cliuck Mlttlc,

?:"<br />

ionch Staffers Meet in<br />

NYC<br />

Al till- NSS iiuttii g ill New York Cilj arc, slaiidinj;, lett lo right: Kaiid><br />

Gulbranson. Los Angeles: Roy Woodall. Dallas; Robert Hirshberg. Boston; Norman<br />

Robbins, executive vice-president of NSS; Craig Hyland, Seattle; Frank Bruins, Los<br />

Angeles, and John Swarts jr., executive administrator, sales and marketing for<br />

NSS, New York. Seated, left to right are: Sue Foreman, Philadelphia; Barbara<br />

Bullis, Chicago; Jan Taylor, Atlanta; Debbie Richeson, Kansas City, and Terry<br />

Peavlev, Cincinnati.<br />

NEW YORK—National Screen Service<br />

recently called all its Paramount Pictures<br />

account representatives to New York for a<br />

tw/o-day meeting to give the staffers a<br />

chance to meet each other, as well as the<br />

executives of NSS and Paramoimt Pictures.<br />

The conclave also afforded the opportunity<br />

to restate the importance, in this joint pilot<br />

project, both companies place on their roles<br />

as distribution's "eyes and ears" at the point<br />

of sale.<br />

The greatest concern, beyond getting<br />

trailers to theatres as quickly as possible are<br />

methods for insuring their usage. Account<br />

representatives spend a large percentage of<br />

their time telephoning individual theatre<br />

managers at night to determine if the right<br />

trailer has been received and that it is being<br />

used.<br />

Other ideas are being discussed and a<br />

new communications system, AutEx, has<br />

been installed to assist in the process of<br />

tracking trailers and keeping tabs on inventories.<br />

'Search for Joseph Tully'<br />

On 20th-Fox 78 Slate<br />

NEW YORK—"The Search for Joseph<br />

Tully" has been set for 1978 production by<br />

20th Century-Fox by producers Ronald<br />

Shedlo and Marion Rosenberg, according to<br />

Jay Kanter. sen'or vice-president, worldwide<br />

production. Gary A. Sherman will<br />

adapt the screenplay from William S. Hallahan's<br />

novel, which is due for fall paperback<br />

release with a $ 1 00,000 campaign by<br />

Avon book publishers. Gabe Katzka will be<br />

executive producer of the film.<br />

Co-producer Rosenberg previously was<br />

the vice-president in charge of creative affairs<br />

for British Lion prior to its merger<br />

with EMI. His partner Shedlo will be making<br />

his first feature film since heading the<br />

TV division of Albert S. Ruddy's company.<br />

'Screen Play' by Glasser<br />

Has Opened in Hollywood<br />

LOS ANGELES—"Screen Play," a new<br />

play by former tradepress reporter Barry<br />

Glasser, opened Saturday (27) at the Cast<br />

Theatre in Hollywood after several previews.<br />

The show focuses on the stormy<br />

friendship of four young movie critics and<br />

two would-be actresses who meet once a<br />

week in the basement of an old Manhattan<br />

apartment building to watch old movies<br />

and to play trivia. Performances will be<br />

Thursdays through Sundays.<br />

Glasser once worked for the trade publications<br />

Motion Picture Daily, Motion Picture<br />

Herald and the Independent Film Journal.<br />

The cast of the Prom Productions presentation,<br />

as directed by Mark Rosin, includes<br />

six young actors who have appeared<br />

on the stage, in films and on TV. They are:<br />

Jed Mills, soon to be seen in Joan Rivers"<br />

film comedy "Rabbit Test"; Cynthia Hoppenfeld.<br />

recently seen in "A Star Is Born";<br />

Renny Temple, to be seen in MGM's "Stingray":<br />

Ken Lerner, who plays Rocco on<br />

TV's "Happy Days" show and can be seen<br />

in the film "Grand Theft Auto"; Marsha<br />

Meyers, a member of the War Babies improvisational<br />

comedy troupe at the Cast<br />

Theatre along with Hills and Temple; and<br />

Gary Weber, an Actors Studio member<br />

who played in the hit film "Joe."<br />

Glasser also is co-author of the upcoming<br />

Brut Productions feature "Body Work."<br />

held over for long runs in Canada. Two of<br />

the latest situations are the Imperial Theatre<br />

in Toronto, where the film has played<br />

26 days, and Loews in Montreal, 19 days.<br />

With an accumulative gross of $58,603 for<br />

the two houses, the runs are continuing.<br />

David Forbes to Rastar<br />

As Head of Marketing<br />

HOLLYWOOD — David M. Forbes resigned<br />

as director of marketing for Rastar<br />

Pictures, effective Monday (29). Forbes has<br />

moved into Rastar headquarters at the Burbank<br />

Studios to begin work on three current<br />

productions.<br />

First on the list of anticipated releases<br />

is Neil Simon's "The Goodbye Girl," a romantic<br />

comedy starring Richard Dreyfuss<br />

and Marsha Mason. Others are "Casey's<br />

Shadow," starring Walter Matthau in the<br />

Ray Stark-Martin Ritt production of a comedy-drama<br />

about quarter-horse racing, and<br />

Neil Simon's "The Cheap Detective," starring<br />

Peter Falk.<br />

Forbes also will follow through on "Smokey<br />

and the Bandit," produced by Mort<br />

Engelberg for Universal. Forbes started in<br />

show business ten years ago when he became<br />

manager of the Cooper Theatre in<br />

Omaha. For two years he was MGM's field<br />

man in Detroit and transferred to the company's<br />

headquarters in Culver City where<br />

he became assistant<br />

national advertising coordinator.<br />

He joined 20th-Fox in 1974 as director<br />

of special projects and eventually became<br />

director of marketing services.<br />

Marvin Goldman to Speak<br />

At TONE Closing Banquet<br />

NEW YORK—NATO president Marvin<br />

Goldman, continuing his close liaison with<br />

the membership, will be attending the 15th<br />

annual convention of the Theatre Owners of<br />

New England to be held at Treadway,<br />

Samoset Resort Golf and Racquet Club,<br />

Rockport, Me.. Monday (29) through<br />

Wednesday (31). The exhibitors will meet<br />

in conjunction with the Northeast regional<br />

group of the National Ass'n of Concessionaires.<br />

During informal sessions with the exhibitors,<br />

Goldman, accompanied by Joseph G.<br />

Alterman, executive director and vice-president,<br />

will give an updated report on recent<br />

national NATO activities and discuss issues<br />

of vital importance affecting TONE and<br />

other regional associations.<br />

Goldman will deliver his formal address<br />

at the closing banquet Wednesday evening<br />

(31).<br />

Key City Playdates Set<br />

For 'Pardon Mon Affair'<br />

BURBANK—"Pardon Mon Affair." latest<br />

souffle of a French-language comedy<br />

from Paris distributed by First Artists, is<br />

reporting excellent boxoffice grosses in engagemeiits<br />

in New York City, San Francisco,<br />

Minneapolis, Chicago and Washing-<br />

'Moreau' Scores in Canada ton, D.C. The film will have its Los Angeles<br />

BEVERLY HILLS—American International's<br />

"The Island of Dr. Moreau" is being Beverly Hills and it is set to open in early<br />

premiere September 28 at the Music Hall in<br />

September at the Guild 54th Street in Seattle,<br />

as well as in Boston.<br />

"Pardon Mon Affair" stars Jean Rochefort,<br />

Claude Brasseur, Guy Bedos, Victor<br />

Lanoux, Daniele Delorme and Anny Duperey.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: Augus;t 29, 1977

August 29, 1977

: -ahandisePlan<br />

S^naraling Interest<br />

NEW YORK—National Screen Service<br />

executives reported Friday (19) that ongoing<br />

negotiations with Columbia. Warner<br />

Bros.. Paramount and Buena Vista regarding<br />

national sale and distribution of "Movie<br />

Shirts" to theatres are proceeding with great<br />

enthusiasm.<br />

is<br />

Interest in<br />

this new merchandising project<br />

high, based on the outstanding reaction of<br />

theatres around the country to NSS" initial<br />

offer of "Movie Shirts" on "Star Wars" atul<br />

"New York. New York." "The Deep" and<br />

such superstar personalities as Farrah Fawcetl-Majors<br />

and Sylvester Stallone.<br />

Sales have been "gratifying beyond our<br />

highest hopes." Stewart Harnell. NSS general<br />

sales manager, stated. "What's more,<br />

each week more and more circuits are coming<br />

into our fold since we've proved that<br />

we have the merchandise and can deliver."<br />

In addition to the successful "Movie<br />

Shirt" campaign. NSS has entered into a<br />

special promotion campaign with Paramount<br />

Pictures on its Christmas release "Saturday<br />

Night Fever." starring John Travolta, which<br />

will inaugurate the sale of one-sheet posters<br />

as well as "Movie Shirts" in theatre lobbies.<br />

This unique merchandising offer includes an<br />

onscreen promotional trailer which will be<br />

free to exhibitors with every sizable quantity<br />

purchase of the posters.<br />

The most recent development resulting<br />

from NSS' push into the merchandisingthrough-theatres<br />

campaign is a rush of interest<br />

by large manufacturers of novelty<br />

accessories, who now are bidding for NSS<br />

distribution of their new products.<br />

Columbia Announces Sept.<br />

Opening for 'Deerfield'<br />

NEW YORK.—"Bobby Deerfield," Columbia<br />

Pictures' romantic drama starring<br />

Al Pacino and Marthe Keller, will have its<br />

world-premiere engagement at both the<br />

Coronet and the Baronet theatres in New<br />

York Thursday. September 29. a dual opening<br />

unprecedented in the history of the two<br />

theatres.<br />

A benefit premiere will be held the previous<br />

evening, September 28. at the Coronet,<br />

followed by a supper-party at the new<br />

restaurant, Jim McMullen's. Proceeds for<br />

the benefit will to go the Lenox Hill Hospital.<br />

Hospital benefit chairman is Mrs.<br />

Donald S. Stralem.<br />

Produced and directed by Sydney Pollack.<br />

"Bobby Deerfield" also stars Anny<br />

Diipercy. The screenplay is by Alvin Sargent<br />

and the score by Dave Grusin. John<br />

Foreman is executive producer.<br />

TEXPO 78 Dates Are Set<br />

DALLAS—TEXPO '78, the annual<br />

NATO of Texas convention, will be held<br />

Jan. 31 -Feb. L 1978, in the Fairmont Hotel,<br />

Dallas. The Texas NATO board of dir'ors<br />

also voted recently to stage TEXPO<br />

•he new Hyatt Reucncv Hotel in<br />

29-31. 1979.<br />

BUS STOP—Three shapely girls-<br />

Carol Weinstein, Sandy Schwartz and<br />

Pam Knapp—along with producer-director<br />

Bert I. Gordon and a giant ant,<br />

wait for a bus in Beverly Hills, Calif.,<br />

to take them to a picnic. Actually, the<br />

eight-foot-tall, ten-foot-long "nionster'^<br />

with mandibles and stinger tail<br />

was all part of promoting a new film<br />

in which ants grow into ferocious creatures<br />

after feeding on atomic waste.<br />

The picture? "Empire of the Ants,"<br />

from American International Pictures,<br />

starring Joan Collins. The "ant" is<br />

Michael Kahn, a UCLA student. The<br />

feature opened Wednesday (24) in the<br />

Southern California area.<br />

'Children of Rage' Opens<br />

In Florida September 30<br />

NEW YORK—"Children of Rage." set<br />

in the Middle East in the aftermath of the<br />

Six-Day War, will open September 30 at<br />

the Varsity Theatre in Tampa. Fla., in the<br />

first playdate of many across the country<br />

planned by Coliseum Films, Ltd.<br />

The film also is scheduled to open October<br />

12 at the Quad Cinema in New York<br />

and October 14 at the Omni Theatre in<br />

Miami. Subsequent dates will be announced<br />

shortly by Coliseum for Washington. D.C..<br />

Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and<br />

other cities.<br />

"Children of Rage" is the story of an<br />

Israeli doctor who seeks to establish a personal<br />

line of communication with the leaders<br />

of the Palestinian movement. The film<br />

has been screened for delegates at the United<br />

Nations, members of the diplomatic<br />

corps in Washington and the Senate Foreign<br />

Relations Committee.<br />

20th-Fox Film Retitled<br />

NEW YORK—"Damnation Alley" is the<br />

final title of the film previously titled "Survival<br />

Run." Directed by Jack Smight. "Damnation<br />

Alley" stars Jan-Michael Vincent.<br />

George Peppard. Dominique Sanda and<br />

Paul Winfield. The feature was produced<br />

by Jerome M. Zeitman and Paul Maslansky.<br />

with Hal Roberts and Bobby Roberts<br />

as executive producers. The picture will<br />

open in New York during the fall season.<br />

Prudhomme Is a New<br />

Production Source<br />

NEW YORK— Prudhomme Productions,<br />

an independent production company, has<br />

been formed with offices in New York and<br />

Los Angeles. Gil Gerard is the president,<br />

Joel Goldstein the secretary-treasurer and<br />

Ed Mann the vice-president of creative<br />

affairs. The company recently completed its<br />

first project. "Hooch."<br />

Starring Gerard and directed by Mann.<br />

"Hooch" was written by Mann with<br />

Goldstein as executive producer. The<br />

comedy about three mobsters who attempt<br />

to take over a North Carolina moonshine<br />

operation was shot in Shelby. N.C. It is now<br />

in F>ost-production editing and will go into<br />

general release this fall.<br />

Prudhomme will be engaged principally<br />

in the production of films for TV and theatrical<br />

release. The company is now acquiring<br />

several properties to comprise its production<br />

agenda over the next year.<br />

Weiss Is Leaving Rastar<br />

For Post at Martin Poll<br />

HOLLYWOOD—Nathan Weiss will resign<br />

as vice-president in charge of advertising<br />

and publicity at Rastar September 9<br />

to join Martin Poll Productions as executive<br />

director of creative affairs, heading the company's<br />

distribution, marketing and promotion<br />

activities.<br />

Weiss will take over his new duties September<br />

12 and will continue his present separate<br />

position as publicity coordinator on<br />

the Herbert Ross film "The Turning Point,"<br />

for 20th Century-Fox.<br />

Before joining Rastar, Weiss was production-publicity<br />

director for MGM in Europe<br />

and before that he was publicity manager<br />

of 20th-Fox when the home office was in<br />

New York.<br />

Poll formed his company last month with<br />

Saul Steinberg with plans to concentrate<br />

on major motion pictures and exceptional<br />

TV events. Poll has announced that he has<br />

signed Farrah Fawcett-Majors to make her<br />

movie debut in "Somebody Killed Her Husband."<br />

a romantic mystery-comedy written<br />

by Reginald Rose.<br />

Monarch Acquires Rights<br />

To 'Emanuelle in Bangkok'<br />

NEW YORK—Allan Shacklcton, president<br />

of Monarch Releasing Corp.. has announced<br />

the acquisition of "Emanuelle in<br />

Bangkok." starring Laura Gemser, for release<br />

October 19. The continuing story of<br />

Emanuelle's quest for happiness and her exploits<br />

throughout the world, the picture was<br />

filmed in Thailand, Casablanca and in exotic<br />

Far East locations.<br />

"Emanuelle in Bangkok" is one of five<br />

new releases which Monarch is presenting<br />

for the fall. Others are: "The Naked Peacock,"<br />

"The Tiger From Hong Kong," "My<br />

Secret Garden," starring Jamie Gillis and<br />

Jennifer Welles, and "Star Pilots," starring<br />

Kirk Morris and Gordon Mitchell.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: August 29. 1977

Commonwealth Has Higher<br />

Third-Quarter Earnings<br />

KANSAS CITY—Commonwealth Theatres"<br />

quarterly dividend rate was increased<br />

by the board of directors to 10 cents, up<br />

from 7'2 cents, for payment September 30<br />

to holders of record September 21, it was<br />

announced by Richard H. Orear. chairman<br />

of the board, and Douglas J.<br />

Lightner, president.<br />

Theatre operations in the third f'scal<br />

quarter ended June 28 resulted in net income<br />

of $371,151, up from $293,424 in the<br />

same period last year. Other income reported<br />

dropped from $110,886 in 1976 to $35,-<br />

943, resulting in total earnings of $407,994<br />

for the quarter, as compared with $404,310<br />

year ago.<br />

a<br />

Theatre operations for the nine months<br />

amounted to $596,471, while the 1975 ninemonth-period<br />

figure was $639,077. Accounting<br />

for the lower income was a drop<br />

in income from sales of land and other<br />

assets—$42,606 for the current nine-month<br />

report period, as against $125,004 year a<br />

ago.<br />

Third fiscal quarter operating revenues<br />

were $9,231,228, compared to $8,500,329<br />

in 1976. The nine-month revenues of $22.-<br />

151.250 compared with $20,448,054.<br />

Per-share earnings for the quarter were<br />

38 cents, against 32 cents last year: for the<br />

nine-month period, 47 cents, compared to<br />

58 cents in 1976.<br />

The improved third quarter was attributed<br />

to the excellent boxoffice results achieved<br />

with such motion pictures as "The<br />

Deep,"" "A Bridge Too Far,"" "Herbie Goes<br />

to Monte Carlo," "Exorcist II: the Heretic,""<br />

"The Rescuers'" and "Smokey and the Bandit."<br />

Commonwealth's newly constructed Coronado<br />

4 theatres in Albuquerque opened for<br />

business as scheduled June 15 and the new<br />

C'nema Twin in Lawrence, Kas., is targeted<br />

to begin operations during October<br />

1977. The circuit May 24 completed a lease<br />

on a twin to be constructed in the Southgate<br />

Shopping Center in Liberal, Kas., to<br />

complement an existing hardtop and ozoner<br />

in that community. Negotiations are continuing<br />

for the lease<br />

of other shopping center<br />

hardtops in Roswell, N.M.: Rapid City.<br />

S.D., and Casper, Wyo.<br />

Benji Is Set for Two TV<br />

Network Specials in 78<br />

NEW YORK—Canine star Benji will be<br />

featured in two major specials on the ABC-<br />

TV Network in the 1978 season, it was announced<br />

by Edwin T. Vane, vice-president<br />

and national program director of ABC Entertainment.<br />

The first special, "The Phenomenon<br />

of Benji," is scheduled to air in<br />

the first quarter of 1978. The second telecast<br />

will be shown as a Christmas special in<br />

December 1978,<br />

Joe Camp, creator of Benji and the president<br />

of Mulberry .Square Productions, said<br />

that all previous TV offers had been rejected<br />

until "we could achieve the best possible<br />

exposure in the proper mood with the<br />

right spirit."' The specials will be produced<br />

by Mulberry Square.<br />

Augu 29, 1977<br />

Coca-Cola Co,<br />

Completes Voluntary<br />

Probe Into 'Questionable Payments<br />

All ANIA— Ihe Coca-Cola C\\ Wedncsda)'<br />

(10) announced the completion of a<br />

nine-month investigation of questionable<br />

payments or practices which confirmed that<br />

approximately $1,300,000 was involved.<br />

This is the same amount disclosed by the<br />

company April I, 1977, when the investigation<br />

had been under way six months.<br />

The investigation was conducted voluntarily<br />

under the general guidance of the<br />

finance committee of the company's board<br />

of directors and carried out by Arnold &<br />

Porter, a Washington, D. C, law firm. Its<br />

purpose was to determine the extent to<br />

which the company or its divisions and<br />

majority-owned subsidiaries were involved<br />

in questionable payments or practices from<br />

Jan. 1. 1971, to completion of the investigation.<br />

Improper Payments Small<br />

In filing a current report on Form S-K<br />

with the Securities & Exchange Commission,<br />

the company stated that the Arnold &<br />

Porter report showed that<br />

"neither improper<br />

payments nor improper business practices<br />

are normal and accepted business practice<br />

within the company." Additionally, the<br />

Arnold & Porter report said that "the transactions<br />

found to be illegal or improper were<br />

small both individually and in the aggregate<br />

and were not material in relation to the<br />

company's overall operations."<br />

J. Paul Austin, chairman of the board,<br />

said, "We have reviewed the Arnold &<br />

Porter findings and it is the belief of company<br />

management that employees involved<br />

in these illegal or improper transactions<br />

were acting in a manner which they felt<br />

was in the best interest of the company.<br />

The report revealed no evidence that present<br />

employees of the company received personal<br />

gain by any of the illegal or improper<br />

pavmcnts or practices."<br />

Austin added, "One former employee at<br />

a low-level position in an overseas subsidiary<br />

may have gained personallv but the<br />

amoimt involved was minor."<br />

Involved 20 Countries<br />

The approximately $1,300,000 in illegal<br />

or improper payments or practices were<br />

made by the company, its divisions and majority-owned<br />

subsid'aries in 20 countries<br />

from Jan. 1, 1971, to completion of the<br />

investigation, a period of six and a half<br />

years during which the company reported<br />

revenues of more than $14,000,000,000<br />

from operations in 135 countries.<br />

Most of the payments were made outside<br />

of the U.S. to government officials and employees,<br />

political candidates and parties,<br />

as well as union officials in connection with<br />

applications for governmental approvals<br />

(approximately $60,000); political contributions<br />

(approximately $140,000); approvals<br />

of price increases (approximately $380,-<br />

000); tax and other legal disputes (approximately<br />

$95,000); termination of employees<br />

(approximately $98,000); cflorts to obtain<br />

favorable business treatment and goodwill<br />

(approximately $165,000); efforts to expedite<br />

routine governmental matters in foreign<br />

countries, including customs clearances,<br />

where such facilitating payments are customary<br />

(approximately $145,000), and other<br />

miscellaneous matters.<br />

During the period under investigation,<br />

approximately $14,500 of illegal or improper<br />

payments were made in connection with<br />

the operations and activities of the company<br />

and its divisions and subsidiaries in the<br />

U.S. Of that amount, approximately $8,000<br />

was expended for improper U.S. political<br />

contributions. At least $50 of the $8,000 of<br />

political contributions was contributed illegally<br />

to a candidate for federal office.<br />

Some of the other political contributions<br />

included in the $8,000 also may have been<br />

illegal. Others were included in the Arnold<br />

& Porter report because they were inaccurately<br />

recorded on the books of the company's<br />

subsid'aries. Arnold & Porter was<br />

able to identify only 25 recipients of about<br />

$2,200 of the political contributions and<br />

was unable to identify recipients of the remain-ng<br />

$5,800 of such contributions. The<br />

largest single contribution identified was<br />

approximately $500.<br />

Largest Pa.vment Was $6,500<br />

The remaining $6,500 was disbursed in<br />

the U.S. by an outside consultant who advised<br />

the company that he had used the<br />

mon'es for improper payments to three<br />

low-level government employees in connection<br />

with matters involving customs clearances<br />

and municipal approvals. The largest<br />

single payment included in the $6,500 was<br />

$4,000.<br />

None of the illegal or improper political<br />

contributions investigated was found to<br />

have been made by the company to<br />

candidates<br />

for Ihe U.S. presidency, the report<br />

said.<br />

"The illegal or improper payments and<br />

practices have been terminated," Austin declared,<br />

"with the exception of individually<br />

small expediting payments made in those<br />

foreign countries where such payments are<br />

customary, which will be properly recorded."<br />

Kane's 'French Quarter'<br />

Distribution by Crown<br />

HOLLYWOOD — Crown International<br />

Pictures" president Mark Tenser has announced<br />

the company"s acquisition of<br />

worldwide distribution rights to "French<br />

Quarter."' produced and directed by Dennis<br />

Kane.<br />

The story of Storyvillc at the turn of the<br />

century was filmed on location in New<br />

Orleans and stars Bruce Davison. Virginia<br />

Mayo, Lindsay Bloom, .Ann Michelle,<br />

Lance Legault, Vernel Bagneris and introduces<br />

Alisha Fontaine.

—<br />

1?I1 T<br />

Bm 1<br />

iiig Planning<br />

Masii-Markel Films<br />


NEW YORK—When yoifre only 22 and<br />

you ve produced and directed a hard-core<br />

adult film, where do you go from there? In<br />

Bill Lustig"s case, you progress to massmarket<br />

features. New York-based, Lustig<br />

made "The Violation of Claudia" when he<br />

was just 21. having worked his way up from<br />

an apprentice film editor to the man who<br />

calls all the shots. Associated with several<br />

sexploitation films, including the R-rated<br />

version of Peter Savage's current "Sylvia."<br />

Lustig was able to raise money for his own<br />

project.<br />

Quality Features Charted<br />

Now. by his own admission, he wants to<br />

do "legitimate, respectable and commercial<br />

films with mass appeal." Lustig plans to<br />

produce quality features for under a halfmillion<br />

dollars each, such as New World or<br />

American International can do. With the<br />

budgets on most X movies, one learns to<br />

control costs and Lustig will apply this<br />

abilitv to his init'al ventures. "Fear City"<br />

and "Slay Ride."<br />

A contemporary thriller to be made with<br />

an R in mind, "Fear City" is to be directed<br />

by Armand Weston from his own screenplay.<br />

A close friend of Lustig. who will<br />

produce for his own Caliber Films, Weston<br />

is the writer and director of such films as<br />

"Expose Mc Lovely" and "Defiance" and<br />

also is anxious to get out of the "adult"<br />

field. Filming is slated for New York locations<br />

in the late fall and half the production<br />

money already has been raised. Lustig may<br />

g:t the balance from the eventual distributor,<br />

be it a major or an independent.<br />

•Violence<br />

But Not Gore'<br />

Violence—but not gore— is the main ingred'ent<br />

of "Fear City." which also will be<br />





©Q©<br />


'<br />

Philip D. Pinder Elected<br />

To Bahamas Parliament<br />

NASSAU. N.P.. BAHAMAS—Elected in<br />

•he July 19 ceneral elections to the Bahamas<br />

House of Parliament<br />

was Philip<br />

Donald Pinder. He is<br />

a director of Sunshine<br />

Theatres. Ltd.. the<br />

urgest theatre circuit<br />

in the Bahamas.<br />

Pinder. .^9 and a<br />

Ireshman. is the governing<br />

Progressive<br />

(PLP)<br />

—<br />

Liberal Party<br />

representative for the<br />

I>. Pinder Delaporte constituency,<br />

Philip<br />

one of the western districts of<br />

New<br />

Providence.<br />

The director of Sunshine Theatres is one<br />

of 29 PLP representatives.<br />

Crown Announces Sales Up<br />

50 Per Cent Due to 'Van'<br />

HOLLYWOOD — The<br />

'Crownmanship<br />

•77 Sales Drive'" has hit the halfway mark<br />

and currently is running 50 per cent over<br />

the '76 sales drive, according to Crown International<br />

general sales manager George<br />

M. Josephs.<br />

The main reason for the increased percentage.<br />

Josephs stated, is the popularity<br />

of "The Van." which has been setting many<br />

boxoffice records in its summer playdates.<br />

A total of $8,000 prize money is to be<br />

awarded to the leaders of the 22 exchanges<br />

serving Crown product at the end of the<br />

drive. The No. 1 leader is now Denver,<br />

with Los Angeles in second place, Minneapolis<br />

third and San Francisco/ Seattle placing<br />

fourth, according to tabulations of July<br />

29.<br />

Farrah Fawcett-Majors<br />

Signed by Martin Poll<br />

HOI lAVVOOD — Farrah Fawcett-Majors.<br />

who stepped out of her starring TV<br />

"Charlie's Angels" with the announced<br />

role in<br />

intention of making motion pic-<br />

tures, has been signed to star in Martin<br />

Poll's feature "Somebody Killed Her Husband."<br />

The actress still faces a decision on her<br />

TV walkout as of press time. The show's<br />

producers. Aaron Spelling and Leonard<br />

Goldberg, maintain that she is still under<br />

contract to them. Ms. Majors has insisted<br />

that she never signed a long-term contract.<br />

Poll has scheduled an October 3 start on<br />

the picture, beginning on location in New<br />

York City. Reginald Rose wrote the script<br />

for the romantic mystery-comedy.<br />

^i<br />


^'/^t\' T-SHIRT<br />

-.J^'V \ ALL 33 MQV*** \ POBOX1218<br />

^ M^ .<br />

^^*^'^\ ^V'Sv \kC,Mo 6415<br />

'Rocky Global Receipts<br />

Over $124,000,000<br />

New York—United Artists' three<br />

Oscar-winner "Rocky" continues its<br />

boxoffice success worldwide, having<br />

grossed $124,607,500 in 33 nations as<br />

of Saturday (6), according to Eric Pleskow.<br />

United Artists president and<br />

chief executive officer.<br />

The Robert Chartoff/ Irwin Winkler<br />

production won Academy Awards as<br />

best picture and for its direction by<br />

John Avildsen and editing by Richard<br />

E. Halsey and Scott Conrad.<br />

Domestic distribution alone has<br />

grossed $100,075,000 since Nov. 21,<br />

1976. Overseas distribution, beginning<br />

in Italy, France and South Africa in<br />

late March 1977, has grossed $24,-<br />

600,000, including playdates in Japan,<br />

England, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Australia,<br />

Argentina, Venezuela and Finland.<br />

Appeals Board Has Upheld<br />

'Melting Man' R Rating<br />

NEW YORK — The Code and Rating<br />

Appeals Board, after a hearing Thursday<br />

sustained the R rating given to the<br />

film "The Incredible<br />

(18),<br />

Melting Man."<br />

In an appeal brought by American International<br />

Pictures, the board heard a<br />

statement on behalf of "The Incredible<br />

Melting Man" from Samuel W. Gelfman,<br />

producer of the film.<br />

The Code and Rating Administration was<br />

represented by Richard D. Heffner, its<br />

chairman.<br />

'Annie Hall' Is Opener<br />

At Edinburgh Festival<br />

NEW YORK — Woody Allen's comedy<br />

hit "Annie Hall" was selected to open the<br />

-(1st Edinburgh Film Festival at the ABC<br />

Theatre Sunday (21), with its regular British<br />

engagement commencing at Edinburgh's<br />

Cameo Theatre Sunday (28). One of the<br />

year's outstanding critical and boxoffice<br />

hits, the film bowed in New York April 20.<br />

Allen and Diane Keaton star in "Annie<br />

Hall." which was directed by Allen and<br />

written by Allen and Marshall Brickman.<br />

Charles H. Joffe produced the Jack Rollins-<br />

Charles H. Joffe production, a United Artists<br />

release.<br />

Festival of the Americas<br />

Will Feature 'Job Market'<br />

ST. THOMAS, V.I.— J. Hunter Todd,<br />

founder and president of the Festival of the<br />

Americas, announced that the 1977 event<br />

will feature a special "job market" to assist<br />

film-TV firms seeking talent.<br />

A special listing will he published during<br />

the 1977 Virgin Islands Film Festival, to be<br />

held November 11-20, which will list people,<br />

experience, openings and contacts.<br />

Ms. Peggy Crosby, festival assistant, will<br />

coordinate the new job market, Todd said.<br />

Comedian Groucho Marx<br />

Dies in LA at Age 86<br />

LOS ANGELES—Groucho Marx (born<br />

Julius Henry) died Friday (19) at Cedars-<br />

Sinai Medical Center. Los Angeles, at the<br />

age of 86. The last remaining member of<br />

the original Marx Bros, comedy team, an<br />

which spanned the century's entertainment<br />

world act<br />

from vaudeville to Broadway<br />

to Hollywood to TV. Groucho had been<br />

hospitalized since June 22 with pneumonitis,<br />

following extensive hip surgery earlier<br />

this year.<br />

The vivacious comedian's career began in<br />

1906 when his mother Minnie got him a job<br />

as a boy soprano. A tour with the LeRoy<br />

Trio followed, during which he became<br />

stranded in Denver while his voice changed.<br />

Groucho worked his way back to New<br />

York and by 1910 he had joined a vocal<br />

group organized by Minnie called the Three<br />

Nightingales. Changes in the act were frequent<br />

on the major vaudeville circuits and<br />

the group eventually led to the Four Marx<br />

Bros., as Harpo. Chico and Gummo took<br />

their places beside Groucho.<br />

Their first film was Paramount's 1929<br />

version of the Marx Bros.' Broadway hit<br />

"The Cocoanuts." After a brief stint in London<br />

playing in Charles Cochran's popular<br />

"Vanities." the brothers returned to Hollywood<br />

to make their string of comedy classics,<br />

including "Monkey Business," "Horsefeathers,"<br />

"Duck Soup," "A Night at the<br />

Opera," "A Day at the Races" and "Room<br />

Service." The last film to feature the Marx<br />

Bros, together was "A Night in Casablanca."<br />

the 1946 spoof. Groucho appeared alone in<br />

"Copacabana" in 1947.<br />

The author of four books—"Beds,"<br />

"Many Happy Returns," "Groucho and<br />

Me" and "The Groucho Letters"—Marx<br />

also was successful in a 14-year run of<br />

"You Bet Your Life" on NBC-TV.<br />

He leaves his son Arthur; two daughters.<br />

Maxine and Melinda. and brother Zeppo.<br />

'Chicken Chronicles' Wins<br />

PG From Appeals Board<br />

NEW YORK—A PG rating has been<br />

given to the film "The Chicken Chronicles"<br />

by the Code and Rating Appeals Board.<br />

The film previously had been rated R.<br />

In an appeal brought by Avco Embassy<br />

Pictures, distributor of the film, the board<br />

heard statements on behalf of "The Chicken<br />

Chronicles" from William Chaikin, president<br />

of Avco Embassy Pictures, and Walter<br />

Shenson, producer of the film.<br />

The Code and Rating Administration was<br />

represented by Richard D. Heffner, its<br />

chairman.<br />

'Schizo' Named for Award<br />

HOLLYWOOD— -Schizo." a Niles International<br />

release, has been nominated by<br />

the Academy of Science-Fiction and Horror<br />

Films as "Best Horror Film of 1977,"<br />

according to an announcement by Dr. Donald<br />

Reed, president of the academy. The<br />

winning picture will be announced at the<br />

awards ceremony to be telecast on national<br />

TV in January 1978.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: August 29. 1977

Paul Newman Set to Make<br />

'Paradise' for Columbia<br />

HOLLYWOOD—Columbia Pictures has<br />

signed a deal with Projections Unlimited,<br />

the George Englund-Paul Newman company,<br />

to produce "Paradise," in which Newman<br />

will star as a cunning and ambitious<br />

casino executive at the center of a Las Vegas<br />

operation.<br />

The original story written for the screen<br />

by David Shaber is centered on the complex<br />

backstage of Las Vegas with its paradoxical<br />

combination of Eastern financial<br />

institutions and the Runyonesque men who<br />

operate the casinos.<br />

still<br />

Englund, set to produce the film, has<br />

made pictures in the past for MGM, Warner<br />

Bros, and Universal through his independent<br />

production company.<br />

'Grande Bourgeoise' Sets<br />

Record at LA's Royal<br />

BOSTON—Toin Coleman and Mike<br />

Rosenblatt of Boston-based Atlantic Releasing<br />

Corp. reported that "La Grande<br />

Bourgeoise," starring Catherine Deneuve<br />

and Giancarlo Giannini, set a new house<br />

record at the Royal Theatre in Los Angeles.<br />

The gross surpassed the previous record set<br />

by "Small Change."<br />

"It has become obvious that this is going<br />

to be the largest-grossing foreign film of<br />

the year," stated Coleman, "especially when<br />

you consider that, with a star such as<br />

Catherine Deneuve, we are doing excellent<br />

business outside of the normal 'art' market.<br />

We have grossed over $100,000 in just<br />

three weeks in Manhattan."<br />

"La Grande Bourgeoise" soon will play<br />

situations in San Francisco. Seattle, Portland,<br />

Baltimore and Atlanta.<br />

Videocassettes Available<br />

From Modern Video Center<br />

NEW YORK— Modern Video Center, a<br />

division<br />

of Modern Talking Picture Service,<br />

has just published a new brochure of freeloan<br />

three-fourths-inch U-Matic videocassette<br />

programs. The programs are compatible<br />

with U-Matic Videocassette Systems.<br />

The brochure descibes videocassette programs<br />

covering such diverse subjects as<br />

sports, travel, home economics, science and<br />

business.<br />

The programs, presented in cooperation<br />

with leading companies and organizations,<br />

are available on free loan to schools, civic,<br />

business and community groups and adult<br />

organizations throughout the country.<br />

Danny Thomas Presented<br />

American Legion Award<br />

DENVER—Danny Thomas was the<br />

first<br />

recipient of the American Legion's Humanitarian<br />

Award at its national convention in<br />

Denver Tuesday (23).<br />

The award cited the veteran entertainer,<br />

who spoke at the evening banquet, for his<br />

"outstanding service to humanity" on behalf<br />

of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital<br />

in Memphis.<br />


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14 15 16 17 18 19 20<br />

21 22 23 24 25 26 27<br />

28 29 30 31<br />

4 5 6 7<br />

T W T F S<br />

AUGUST<br />

29-31, Theatre Owners of New England and Natit<br />

France.<br />

9-18, Festivol of Festivols, Horbour Castle Hilton<br />

Hotel, Toronto, Ont., Canado.<br />

10-21, San Sebastian Film Festival, San Sebastian,<br />

12-14, NATO of Idaho conventio<br />

Twin Falls, Ida.<br />

Blue<br />

Lokes<br />

15-18, VVOMPI Internationol convention, Hyatt Regency<br />

Hjtel, Memphis.<br />

Sept. 23-Oct. 9, 15th New York Film Festival, Lincoln<br />

Center, Alice Tully Hall, New York City.<br />


3-5, Tri-Stote NATO convention, sponsored by NATO<br />

of West Virginia, Ogelbay Park, Wheeling, W. Va.<br />

3-7, CISCO tradeshow. Pare des Expositions de la<br />

Porte de Versoilles, Paris, Fronce.<br />

5-6, NATO of New Mexico convention, Albuquerque<br />

Inn & Convention Center, Albuquerque.<br />

16-21, Society of Motion Picture & TV Engineers convention.<br />

Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles.<br />

25-28, Nationol NATO convention, Fontoinebleau<br />

Hotel, Miami Beach, Fla.<br />


4-17, 13th Chicago International Film Festival.<br />

11-20, Tenth annual Festival of the Americas, St.<br />

Thomas, V.I.<br />

15-16, Theatre Owners of lndi<<br />

vention, Marriott Inn, lndi(<br />

'Shrinking Woman' Charted<br />

For Univ. by Lily Tomlin<br />

UNIVERSAL CITY—Lily Tomlin will<br />

produce and star in Universal's "The Incredible<br />

Shrinking Woman." it was announced<br />

by Ned Tanen. president of Universal<br />

theatrical motion pictures. Jane Wagner<br />

will write the screenplay based on "The<br />

Incredible Shrinking Man," produced by<br />

Universal in 1957.<br />

This will be the first project under Ms.<br />

Tomlin's contract with Universal, which<br />

calls for her to produce and star in two<br />

motion pictures over a three-year period.<br />

Universal executive Thom Mount will<br />

supervise the project on behalf of the company.<br />

Stuntman Carey Loftin<br />

Signed for 'Stingray'<br />

ST. LOUIS—The dean of Hollywood's<br />

car slunt drivers, Carey Loftin. has been<br />

signed by executive producers Bill L. Bruce<br />

and Donald R. Ham to coordinate the auto<br />

action in producer Peter Maris" "Stingray."<br />

starring Chris Mitchum. Sherry Jackson<br />

and Sondra Theodore and currently filming<br />

in St. Louis under Richard Taylor's direction.<br />

In his 30-year career, Loftin has been<br />

responsible for staging some of the most<br />

spectacular car chases recorded on film.<br />

including those in "The French Connection,"<br />

"Bullitt" and "The Getaway."<br />

J. Edward Shugrue Dies<br />

Following Long Illness<br />

NEW YORK— Private burial services<br />

were held in Lowell, Mass., for J. Edward<br />

Shugrue, who died Wednesday night (17)<br />

following a long illness. He was 71 years of<br />

age.<br />

Born in Lowell, Shugrue was educated at<br />

Yale University and spent his entire adult<br />

for the Saturday Evening Post and the U. S.<br />

Treasury Department. He also was director<br />

of the motion picture and special events<br />

section of the War Finance Division<br />

of the<br />

life in the motion picture or related industries,<br />

producing the "Four Freedoms Show"<br />

Treasury Department, director of public relations<br />

and information for the American<br />

Heritage Foundation and organized and directed<br />

the Freedom Train activity.<br />

Shugrue was executive director of the<br />

Will Rogers Memorial Fund from 1951 to<br />

1973. when he retired for health reasons.<br />

He leaves his wife Martha: two sons, J.<br />

Edward Shugrue and J. Christopher Shugrue.<br />

and three sisters. Mrs. Harry Masterson<br />

of New Haven, Conn.. Mrs. George<br />

Davidson of Portland. Ore., and Mrs. Joseph<br />

Rothchild. also of Portland.<br />

The family suggests donations to the Will<br />

Rogers Memorial Fund.<br />

Sebastian Cabot Is Dead;<br />

Film. Stage and TV Star<br />

VICTORIA. B.C.—Sebastian Cabot, star<br />

of motion pictures, stage and TV. died early<br />

Tuesday (23) of a stroke at his home in this<br />

Canadian city. He was 59 years old.<br />

A native of London, England, Cabot<br />

moved to the U.S. in 1955 with his wife<br />

and family after a checkered career in his<br />

homeland. Leaving school at the age of 14<br />

to work as a helper in a garage, Cabot later<br />

became a chef. Then, while working as a<br />

chauffeur to British actor Frank Pettingell,<br />

he became interested in the theatre and<br />

joined a repertory company. His first London<br />

stage role was in the show "A Bell for<br />

Adano" (1945). In the U.S.. he appeared<br />

on the New York stage in Sir John Gielgud's<br />

"Love for Love."<br />

Motion pictures which Cabot made in<br />

England included "Othello," "Romeo and<br />

Juliet," "Ivanhoe" and "The Captain's Paradise."<br />

In America he appeared in a number<br />

of films, among them "Kismet," "The Time<br />

Machine" and "Seven Thieves." Additionally,<br />

he was narrator for many films.<br />

He is survived by his wife, two daughters<br />

and a son.<br />

Columbia Reports Lively<br />

Grosses on 'You Light Up'<br />

NEW YORK—Columbia Pictures' "You<br />

Light Up My Life" reportedly is doing very<br />

well in its first two opening engagements in<br />

Seattle and Houston. The Joseph Brooks<br />

film about a young girl's attempt to break<br />

into the pop music industry grossed $41,134<br />

in five days at five situations in Seattle,<br />

In Houston, Tex., "You Light Up My<br />

Life" opened to a three-day gross of $50,-<br />

562 in 1 1 theatres.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: August 29, 1977 11

. .<br />

. .<br />

. . Warner<br />

. . Amy<br />

. . Nick<br />

. . Lisa<br />

. .<br />

. .<br />

^^ ^J^oliuwood f\eport m<br />

f<br />

Midnight Express' Will Roll<br />

In September for Columbia<br />

Production is to begin in September on<br />

"Midnight Express." a Columbia picture to<br />

be produced by Casablanca Record and<br />

FilmVVorks. with Alan Parker,<br />

on locations<br />

in Malta and Greece. Peter Guber will be<br />

executive producer and David Puttnam will<br />

produce. The script is by Oliver Stone .<br />

Paramount has signed John Berry to direct<br />

"The Bad News Bears Go to Japan." from<br />

a screenplay by Bill Lancaster. Berry already<br />

has begun preproduction in Japan,<br />

with plans to begin photography September<br />

1 . . . "Beatles 4 Ever" is the working title<br />

for Universal's picture about six youngsters<br />

from New Jersey and how their lives were<br />

changed by the Beatles" first visit to America<br />

.. . "Good Times. Bad Times." based<br />

on the novel by James Kirkwood. will be<br />

made by Bradley-Saslaw Productions, headed<br />

by James Bradley and Gary Saslaw. Cliff<br />

Robertson has been signed for the cast and<br />

filming is set to begin in October in New<br />

Hampshire . . . Independent producer Greg<br />

H. Sims will begin shooting Monday (29)<br />

on "Get It On," a youth-oriented feature<br />

"'Figer Ten." based on a novel by William<br />

Blankenship. will be directed by John<br />

Frankenheimer under his exclusive contract<br />

with Paramount Pictures. Robert<br />

Rosen will produce the film, with a screenplay<br />

Walt Disney<br />

by Kenneth Ross<br />

Productions is in preproduction stages on a<br />

futuristic space film to be titled either<br />

"Space Station I" or "Space Probe I." This<br />

picture is expected to be the company's<br />

highest-budgeted non-animation feature,<br />

with an anticipated cost of approximately<br />

$10,000,000. The screenplay about life in<br />

the year 2100 is being written by Jeb Rosebrook.<br />

Ron Miller, vice-president in charge<br />

of production, will be the producer. Release<br />

has been set for the summer of 1979 . . .<br />

Silent Partners, Ltd., slated a Monday (22)<br />

production start in Toronto on "The Silent<br />

Partner," with stars Elliott Gould, Christopher<br />

Plummer and Susannah York signed.<br />

Garth H. Drabinsky is the executive producer<br />

and Joel B. Michaels and Stephen<br />

Young are producers. Daryl Duke is directing<br />

the screenplay by Curtis Hanson .<br />

The Oasis Co., headed by producer Michael<br />

S. Laughlin, began filming .Saturday (27) in<br />

Paris on "Paperback." an original screen-<br />

• "iv written by British photographer David<br />

^ l:'-v. who alsO'ts directing. In the' cast<br />

T-'miit Berger, ?nul Morrissey and<br />

.Vlarie Helvin .<br />

. . Michael Gitter is planning<br />

to make "Zelinsky's Chronicle" as a<br />

project of Mijen Productions, which he<br />

operates with his wife, actress Jennifer<br />

Ashley.<br />

Warner Bros. Has Acquired<br />

The Thorn Birds' Rights<br />

Warner Bros, has acquired rights to Colleen<br />

McCullough"s novel "The Thorn<br />

Birds." which will be produced by Edward<br />

Lewis . . . The Movie Machine. Inc.. has<br />

acquired "Snoop." an original screenplay<br />

written by Jeffrey and Peter Bates . . .<br />

Actor Peter Graves and director Jack Smight<br />

have optioned British writer George Markstein's<br />

new mystery novel "The Man From<br />

Yesterday," about a CIA agent who becomes<br />

a marked man unable to find shelter<br />

in any country . . . Criterion Pictures of<br />

Montreal has acquired rights to Gerald<br />

Green's story. "Johnny Guts," and has set<br />

Jack F. Murphy as producer, with filming<br />

planned in Queens, N.Y. . Bros.<br />

secured the rights to "The Bodyguard." an<br />

original screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan<br />

. . . Paramount has the film rights to Gene<br />

Thompson's novel. "Lupe." a story of murder<br />

by supernatural forces and the terror of<br />

starring Jacqueline Kaye. with Susan Baldwin<br />

and Gene Hamilton also signed for the witchcraft in 20th century California.<br />

cast . . . Sandy Howard and Gabriel Katzka<br />

have added Run Run Shaw as a third coproducer<br />

Andrew Stevens Joins Cast<br />

on "Meteor." on which photogra-<br />

Of Frank Yablans' 'Fury'<br />

news reporter covering a<br />

Sportscaster Jim Murphy will play<br />

national<br />

a TV<br />

union<br />

phy will begin late this year with a budget Andrew Stevens has joined the cast of convention in "F.I.S.T."<br />

expected to be approximately $11,000,000. "The Fury." which Brian De Palma is directing<br />

for<br />

Parslow Set as Executive<br />

John Frankenheimer to Meg<br />

producer Frank Yablans. Other<br />

recent additions to the cast of "The Fury," Producer of 'I, Tom Horn'<br />

'Tiger Ten' ior Paramount<br />

which will be released by 20th Century- Philip L. Parslow has been signed by<br />

Fox, are Donald O'Connor, Vivian Blaine, Steve McQueen's Solar Productions to be<br />

Fiona Lewis, Carol Rossen, Joyce Easton, executive producer of "I. Tom Horn," First<br />

Patric McNamara, Eleanor Mirriam, Melody<br />

Thomas and Darryl Hannah . . . Hilary<br />

Beane will play a high school teacher on a<br />

computer date at a disco in Columbia Pictures'<br />

"Thank God It's Friday." a Casablanca<br />

Record and FilmWorks-Motown<br />

production now being directed by Robert<br />

Klane on location in Los Angeles. John<br />

Friedrich is cast as a shy. sensitive college<br />

student on the prowl for girls at a fantastic<br />

nightclub in the contemporary comedy. Neil<br />

Bogart is the executive producer and Rob<br />

Cohen is the producer of "Thank God It's<br />

Friday," an original screenplay by Barry<br />

Armyan Bernstein and Klane . . Gianni<br />

.<br />

Russo has been set by producer Charles<br />

Band to co-star in "Laser Blast." Charles<br />

Band Productions film which started principal<br />

photography Monday (22). Michael Rae<br />

is directing from an original screenplav by<br />

Frances Schachi and Frank Ray Pcrilli.<br />

MGM Signs Nanette Ne'wman<br />

For 'International Velvet'<br />

British actress Nanette Newman has<br />

joined the cast of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's<br />

"International Velvet" in the role of Velvet<br />

Brown, the character played as a youngster<br />

by Elizabeth Taylor in the classic MGM<br />

film "National Velvet." Christopher Plummer<br />

also has been added to the cast of<br />

"International Velvet." to be produced and<br />

directed by Bryan Forbes from his own<br />

screenplay. Shooting starts in Devon, England.<br />

September 1 . . . Alexandra Hay has<br />

been signed for "The Cop Who Played<br />

God." a Cal-Am/ Atilla Films production<br />

which got under way in June . . . Harry<br />

Rhodes has been set in the role of a hospital<br />

psychiatrist in MGM's "Coma." while<br />

John Larch will play a hospital director.<br />

Tom Selleck and Robin Cook will portray<br />

patients in the picture.<br />

Former Tarzan Jock Mahoney<br />

Added to Cast of UA's 'End'<br />

Jock Mahoney, a former Tarzan, has<br />

been cast in United Artists' "The End," as<br />

has Sam Jaffe, who will play a hospital patient<br />

in the comedy written by Jerry Belson.<br />

Burt Reynolds will direct; Hank Moonjean<br />

is the executive producer . . . Jeffrey Kramer<br />

and Dana Elcar have been cast in Universal's<br />

"Jaws 2." with Kramer repeating<br />

his "Jaws" role as an assistant to the police<br />

chief and Elcar portraying a wealthy real<br />

Kenneth McMillan<br />

has joined the cast of Warner Bros.' "Bloodbrothers"<br />

Ronee Blakley and Scott<br />

. . . Glenn have been signed for "She Came to<br />

the Valley," to be produced by Albert Band<br />

and Frank Ray Perilli. Previously cast were<br />

Dean Stockwell and Freddy Fender . . .<br />

Gloria Grahame and her daughter Paulette<br />

Howard will play mother and daughter in<br />

"The Game," a Jack Sidney production .<br />

Artists feature for Warner Bros. . . . Film<br />

assignments for 20th Century-Fox's "The<br />

Fury" include Richard H. Kline, cinematographer;<br />

Paul Hirsch. editor; Bill Malley.<br />

production designer; Theoni V. Aldredge.<br />

costume designer, and Audrey Blasdel-Goddard,<br />

set decorator .<br />

Mordente will<br />

be a choreographer for "The End," the<br />

Lawrence Gordon/ Burt Reynolds production<br />

for United Artists . . . Cydney Michals,<br />

a registered nurse on the staff of Los Angeles'<br />

Critical Care Services, is serving as<br />

technical adviser on scenes in MGM's<br />

"Coma" . Jones has been signed as<br />

film editor on MGM's "Stingray"<br />

Producer Euan Lloyd has selected Jack<br />

Hildyard to be cinematographer for "The<br />

Wild Geese." an African adventure film on<br />

which shooting will begin October 3. John<br />

Glen has set a supervising editor and second<br />

unit director for the film. Andrew V. Mc-<br />

Laglen is directing the cast which includes<br />

Richard Burton. Roger Moore and Hardy<br />

Kruger . Niciphor. who attended<br />

the use Film School, has been inked by<br />

Roger Corman to debut as a feature-film<br />

director of New World Pictures' "Deathsport<br />

2020," set to begin shooting in the<br />

fall,<br />

with David Carradine starring.<br />

12<br />

BOXOFFICE :: August 29. 1977

. . Without<br />

—<br />

—<br />

. .<br />

Tor the Love of Ben/T (Mulberry Square)<br />

Chosen June Blue Ribbon Award Winner<br />

T IKE ITS predecessor "Benji," Mulberry Square's "For the love of Benji" was chosen<br />

by the National Screen Council as a Blue Ribbon Award winner for June. Hxecutive<br />

producer Joe Camp also directed and wrote the screenplay for the sequel in which<br />

the popular canine star, now almost 18, becomes embroiled in an international oil<br />

intrigue while visiting Greece. The original "Benji" was Blue Ribbon Award winner in<br />

August 1974.<br />

"For the Love of Benji" carries an<br />

MPAA rating of G and has grossed about<br />

225 per cent of average business in its<br />

first-run bookings in key cities. Boxofficf<br />

reviewed the winner in its issue of June 20.<br />

stating in part:<br />

"That lovable ragamuffin mutt from the<br />

Burbank Animal Shelter is back again in<br />

a new comedy adventure for the entire<br />

family. Set in the cities and islands of ancient<br />

Greece, it is a delightful, suspenseful<br />

sequel to 'Benji." . . . Patsy Garrett, Cynthia<br />

Smith and Allen Fiuzat continue in<br />

the same roles as in the first film. Special<br />

guest star is Ed Nelson . . . However,<br />

these human beings are only supporting<br />

players for the real star of the film, Benji.<br />

This award-winning animal star is 'America's<br />

most huggable hero.' . . . The familiar<br />

music of Euel Box again enhances<br />

the lilting quality of the story. Producer<br />

Ben Vaughn co-authored the original story<br />

with Joe Camp. The animal trainers again<br />

deserve much credit for their successful<br />

efforts . . . This picture should prove a<br />

popular sequel and a solid hit which both<br />

children and parents (and other adults)<br />

will enjoy."<br />

NSC members offered the following<br />

comments as they registered votes "For<br />

the Love of Benji":<br />

Magic . . . Delightful<br />

Even better than the original "Benji."<br />

Josephine Thomas, Hickory Daily Record,<br />

Hickory, N. C. . a doubt, a<br />

real charmer for the whole family. Take<br />

the neighborhood children.— Mrs. Harold<br />

families, truly excellent fare these days.<br />

Tom Hodge, Johnson City Press-Chronicle,<br />

Johnson City, Tenn. . . . Always delightful.—Fred<br />

Souttar, retired district<br />

manager, Shawnee Mission, Kas.<br />

Everyone loved "Rescuers," but I'm continuing<br />

my loyalty to Man's Best Friend.<br />

"Benji." Mighty fine entertainmcnti— Justin<br />

Jacobsmeier, Dubinsky Bros. Theatres.<br />

Sioux City, la. . . . Engaging entertainment,<br />

done with fanciful flair.— Allen M.<br />

Widem, syndicated columnist. West Hartford,<br />

Conn. . . . They just couldn't resist<br />

this pooch the second time around. Nathan<br />

Street, WKSR Radio, Pulaski, Tenn.<br />

... A real travelog of Greece with a<br />

lovable little dog, with such expressive<br />

eyes. A picture for just everyone.— Mrs.<br />

Paul Gebhart, Cleveland WOMPI .<br />

I'm a sucker for those eyes!— Holly D.<br />

Spence, Lincoln Journal-Star, Lincoln,<br />

Neb.<br />

To me, another delightful picture for all<br />

ages. This splendid dog. offsprirg of the<br />

first "Benji," is equally excellent, and the<br />

Greek scenes, authentic or not, are lovely.<br />

— Mrs. Julie Steiner, New York City Federation<br />

of Women's Clubs . . . Best of the<br />

crop for the kids.—John Anthony, WITI-<br />

TV, Milwaukee . . . Children and adults<br />

alike must have enjoyed "For the Love of<br />

Benji," as it is such a warm and exciting,<br />

heartfelt movie.— Laura Ray, Indianapolis,<br />

Ind. ... It was so wonderful seeing the<br />

mothers and children filling the theatre.<br />

Mrs. Henry Augustine, Sheboygan Better<br />

Films Council, Sheboygan, Wis.<br />

Along with many others, my famih<br />

loves Benji. Suspense, adventure, and photography<br />

add to the exploits of "For the<br />

Love of Benji," certainly my first choicL\<br />

Follow up "Benji" with "The Rescuers"<br />

for a lot of entertainment, good entertainment.—Mrs.<br />

C. M. Stewart, Soroptimist<br />

L. Gee, Landmarks Council of Calif., Sacramento<br />

. . . Mulberry Square rides again, outstanding selections of titles for this<br />

International, Lincoln, Neb. ... Of the<br />

with the greatest canine star of all.—Philip month, "Beau Geste" is funny but too deep<br />

Wuntch, Dallas Morning News, Dallas, for children to comprehend: "Sinbad" is a<br />

Tex. . . . Benji works a special magic for little too violent for the youngsters. Therefore,<br />

"Benji" stands out as my choice to<br />

entertain all.—Angelo J. Mangialetta,<br />

WAGA-TV, Atlanta.<br />

Take all the family to see "For the Love<br />

of Benji." It is delightful, and it will make<br />

you forget your worries.— Mrs. Shirley H.<br />

Gunnels, GFWC, Fowler, Ind.<br />

The Cast<br />

Benji Himself Chandler Die/rich Ed Nelson<br />

Mary Patsy Garrett Stelios Art Vasil<br />

Cindy Chapman Cynthia Smith Ronald Peter Bowles<br />

Paid ChapiiHin Allen Fiuzat Llizahcth Bridget Armstrong<br />

Production Staff<br />

Produced by Ben Vaughn. Animal Trainer Frank Inn<br />

Joe Camp<br />

r,. .,,,•• .<br />

Directed and W riiten h\ Joe Camp<br />

nirectnr of Phoiof;raph\ f i<br />

Don R eddy<br />

Based on a Story hy Ben Vaughn. ' 'l'>u-d in Panavision<br />

Joe Camp Color b\ CFI<br />

\v<br />

This award is given each month by the National<br />

Screen Council on the basis of outstanding<br />

merit and suitability for family entertainment.<br />

Council membership comprises motion<br />

picture editors, radio and TV film commentators,<br />

representatives of better films councils,<br />

civic, educational and exhibitor organizations.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: August 29, 1977



300<br />

1^^^<br />

This chart records the performance of current attractions in the opening week of their first runs in<br />

cities five the 20 key checked. Pictures with fewer than engagements are not listed. As new runs<br />

ore reported, ratings are added and averages revised. Computation is in terms of percentage in<br />

to relation average grosses as determined by the theatre managers. With 100 per cent as average,<br />

the figures show the gross ratings above or below that mark. (Asterisk * denotes combination bills)

The<br />

. ; : .::.d<br />

,<br />

—<br />

New Yorkers Enjoy<br />

'Hard Candy' Diei<br />

NEW YORK— It was nothing but adult<br />

films in the first three spots as "Hard Candy"<br />

took the lead with a huge 670 in its<br />

debut at Rialto II. "Inside Jennifer Welles"<br />

was deposed for the first time, coming in<br />

second but still very big (505) in the fifth<br />

round at the World. Third was "Heat<br />

Wave." 380 in the first week at Rialto I.<br />

The new Italian horror thriller "Suspiria"<br />

earned 370 and fourth place in the opening<br />

at the Crit.'rion. "Outrageous!", the only<br />

other holdover from last week aside from<br />

"Jennifer," moved down from second to<br />

fifth spot, while still being potent with 345<br />

in the third installment at Cinema II. A<br />

new Giancarlo Giannini film. "The Sensual<br />

Man" (actually made in 1973, but being released<br />

here for the first time), placed sixth<br />

with its 260 opening week at the newly-reopened<br />

Little Carnegie.<br />

On showcase, it was "Star Wars" first, of<br />

course, followed by "Sinbad and the Eye of<br />

the Tiger," "The Bad News Bears in Breaking<br />

Training," "Ruby," "The Deep," "A<br />

Bridge Too Far," "The Spy Who Loved<br />

Me." "Greased Lightning." "Smokey and<br />

the Bandit." "Fantastic Animation Festival"<br />

and the Disney bill "The Arislocats"<br />

and "The Littlest Horse Thieves."<br />

(Average Is 100)<br />

Baronel—Pardon Mon Afiaire (First Artists),<br />

9th wk<br />

Beekman—La Grande Bourgeoise<br />

215<br />

(Atlantic Releasing), 5th wk 210<br />

Cinema I— I Never Promised You a Rose Garden<br />

(New World), 6th wk 195<br />

Cinema II Outrageous!<br />

(Steinmann-BaxNsr/Cinema 5), 3rd wk 345<br />

Cinema 3— Cria! (i^-n Allen), 5lh wk 180<br />

Cinema Si -i. Slroszek (New Yorker), 115<br />

6th wk<br />

Criterion Suspina • Fox) 370<br />

f Fine Arts Sandakan ppercorn-Wormser)<br />

8<br />

2nd wk 115<br />

Sensual Man<br />

Uttle Cg:t:<br />

(Peppt- 260<br />

New Yo-E Chac wk 95<br />

La Grande Bourgeoise<br />

Pcrramo:.n<br />

(Atlant- h . : 20<br />

and While in Colo, Pans—Black AA<br />

15th<br />

P!aza-In the Realm of the Senses A-3ci Fi.rr.s),

I<br />


QADIO CITY MUSIC HAl.L will hold a<br />

^<br />

New York Pop Arts Festival September<br />

i6-November 2. The aim is to bring varied<br />

quality entertainment that exists in such<br />

regional festivals as the Saratoga Festival<br />

(New York), the Garden State Festival<br />

(New Jersey) and the Greek Theatre (Los<br />

Angeles) to the heart of Manhattan. This<br />

will be the first of the series, which is to be<br />

a semi-annual presentation, in fall and<br />

spring, of major star attractions at the<br />

Showplace of the Nation.<br />

The program is as follows:<br />

September 16-18. Marvin Gave. Motown<br />

recording star; 19-20. September "Shalom<br />

77." a multi-media program with the Official<br />

Israeli Dance Company; September<br />

21-22, "Yatran." marking the American<br />

debut of the Ukrainian Dance Company;<br />

September 23-24. Kris Kristofferson and<br />

a blues show with B. B. King. Bobby "Blue""<br />

Bland. Muddy Waters and Albert King, and<br />

November 1-2. Helen Reddy. Additional<br />

programs will be announced.<br />

Following the festival, the Hall will rei<br />

COLOR or Black and White<br />

F»<br />

FOR<br />







' U^ (312)<br />

1327 S WABASH AVI<br />

^ ttl/^tri'^<br />


. . And<br />


ized by opulence and grace, read: '"Walt<br />

Disney Productions and Buena Vista take<br />

great pride in extending to you and your<br />

leading lady on behalf of Miss Helen Hayes,<br />

our leading lady, a warm welcome to 'Candleshoe."<br />

"' The event will be held in White<br />

Flint Mall's Movies 5. Rockville. Md.<br />

Since the Supreme Court ruled in 197.^<br />

that individual communities have the right<br />

to decide what constitutes pornography, local<br />

courts have been ruling on local standards<br />

in connection with "pornographic matter."<br />

Police here, as well as elsewhere, have<br />

made numerous drives to close so-called<br />

"adult" theatres. The results of a series of<br />

studies, as expressed in the Post by Amitai<br />

Elzioni, Columbia University professor, revealed<br />

that suppression of alleged pornography<br />

would "entail censorship far beyond the<br />

closing of X-rated theatres. Censorship enhances<br />

the material with the lure of forbidden<br />

fruit. Pornography is not the cause<br />

of prostitution or mugging and its concentration<br />

in such places as Times Square is<br />

largely the result of its being condemned<br />

elsewhere.<br />

"Were it accessible to those wanting it in<br />

their own neighborhoods, X-rated theatres<br />

would be sprinkled throughout the community."<br />

Etzioni continued, "About half of<br />

the antiporn people are intolerant, dogmatic,<br />

arch-conservative Americans unwilling<br />

to abide by the tenets of the Constitution."<br />

The pres.s run of American Film, the<br />

magazine of film and TV arts published by<br />

the American Film Institute, for July-August<br />

was 42,000 copies. Among the featrres<br />

in the issue are George Weed's story on how<br />

Buster Keaton produced "The General":<br />

Andrew Sarris' clarification of his "auteur"<br />

theory: a profile on director Joan Darling,<br />

and an article titled "Considering De Palma,"<br />

by Royal S. Brown.<br />

Howard Smith, prodticer of "Gizmo."<br />

while here to promote the film's world premiere<br />

at David Levy's Key Theatre, explained:<br />

"All successful innovations are<br />

built on countless failed attempts." (Considerable<br />

footage recorded the "calamitous<br />

demonstration of some ingenious mechanical<br />

device.") Howard continued: "I've tried<br />

to structure the material so that audiences<br />

who begin laughing at these people will end<br />

up laughing with them." The Post's Gary<br />

Arnold wrote: " "Gizmo' is an entertaining<br />

miscellany . . . dredged up from the newsreel<br />

libraries of the world." The Star's Tom<br />

Dowling explained: "For parents it"s a Ci<br />

fjarry Howar, Buena Vista branch manager,<br />

picture in the best sense, a film that makes<br />

through the courtesy ot Walt Dis-<br />

the himian spirit of our oddly earthb


pop music coming up: Leo Sayer plus Melissa<br />

Manchester Wednesday (31) in the<br />

Century Theatre: George Benson. September<br />

s». Kleinhans Music Hall: Bob Marley plus<br />

Garland Jeffreys September 30 in Toronto<br />

Maple Leaf Gardens.<br />

Magician Jay Malbroiigh of Buffalo has<br />

been receiving extra attention from his fellow<br />

professionals since the publication of<br />

his book. "The Magic of the Forks Hotel."<br />

.^s a result, he has been booked at the prestigious<br />

Magic Castle in Hollywood, Calif.,<br />

for a week beginning Labor Dav. September<br />

5.<br />

Swiss On Wry—"The Wonderful Crook,"<br />

from Switzerland, is a gentle comedy about<br />

a son and heir who has to turn to bank robbery<br />

to make his late father's business pay.<br />

It's on the highly successful foreign-film<br />

series at the Valu-.S Cinema.<br />

"Everything thafs good in my life I owe<br />

to poverty— to running away from it," declared<br />

comedian David Brenner, who did a<br />

single show at Melody Fair Dome Sunday<br />

Victor Danna sr., 95, who played with<br />

the first Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra<br />

and later taught music in Buffalo schools,<br />

died Tuesday (9) after a lengthy illness. For<br />

a time Mr. Danna played in theatrical pits<br />

for the silent movies, providing percussion<br />

sound effects for rolling trains and thundering<br />

horses. When the "talking" pictures came<br />

around, Mr. Danna found employment in<br />

area high schools and elementary schools as<br />

musical director. He was a lifelong member<br />

of Musicians' Union Local 92. His father,<br />

Joseph, a professor of music, taught Mr.<br />

Danna and his 1 I brothers and sisters to<br />

play various instruments.<br />

Dale Evan.s Rogers, the "Queen of the<br />

Singing Cowgirls" has become the "Queen<br />

of the Christian Evangelists" and her audiences<br />

love her more than ever. A crowd of<br />

more than 10,000 jammed into the Niagara<br />

Falls Convention Center Thursday (11) to<br />

hear her address the International Charismatic<br />

Conference.<br />

Pete Skoczwias, assisting manager Tony<br />

Ragusa jr. in screen selections for the Valu-<br />

5 complex in Cheektowaga, reports that attendance<br />

at the summer film series has been<br />

so good that it will be continued in the fall.<br />

At least ten foreign and "uncommercial"<br />

U.S. films are being lined up for the fall<br />

months after the current scries, now featuring<br />

the Swiss-made "The Wonderful<br />

Crook."<br />

Al Wright has installed in-car Cinema-<br />

Radio at his East Twin and West Twin<br />

drive-ins. Patrons now can tune car radios<br />

to 1620 to pick up the sound from the<br />

screens. It's more convenient, produces a<br />

better sound, allows for tight windows on<br />

chilly nights and, as it happily noted, in the<br />

'ong run will allow for more parking, with<br />

V- removal of the speaker poles.<br />

The system operates off underground<br />

cables; the sound can't be picked up much<br />

more than 50 feet away from the cable, so<br />

it won't jam the sound of autos passing on<br />

Walden Avenue.<br />

Shea's Buffalo Theater has re-appointed<br />

Charles F. Chauncey as executive director<br />

for another year.<br />

"I Am a Dancer," featuring Rudolf Nureyev<br />

and Margot Fonteyn was performed<br />

at Shea's Buffalo Theatre Thursday (18).<br />

"Can I Do It ... til I Need Glasses?"<br />

was accompanied by a TV campaign at the<br />

Valu 5 Cinema Thursday (11).<br />

"Before the Revolution," Italian with English<br />

subtitles, booked at the Valu 5 Cinema<br />

(17): "Fire Sale," an Alan Arkin black<br />

comedy Wednesday (17) at Holiday Theatre:<br />

"March Or Die," Foreign Legion drama with<br />

Gene Hackman at Amherst and Como Mall<br />

Cinema Theatres (19).<br />

Mini Reviews: Courier-Express on "For<br />

the Love of Benji." further adventures<br />

of a smart mutt, Tim Wendel, Friday (12);<br />

"If it gets a little slow for you, watch the<br />

kid in the next seat, that's where the show<br />

is." (Three chairs). "Greased Lightning,"<br />

Doug Smith, Friday (12): "A pleasant film<br />

of fair-mindedness, perseverance and good<br />

cheer." (Four chairs.)<br />

Charles E. Funk, former general manager<br />

of the Century Theatre here, has been appointed<br />

general manager for Lippert Theatres<br />

in Southern California, with headquarters<br />

at the Americana 6 theaters in Panorama<br />

City. The circuit has 28 screens<br />

around town. Charlie has purchased a home<br />

in Northridge.<br />

Ike Ehrlichman of Frontier Amusement<br />

Corp. and his wife Mary have returned<br />

from a trip to Oceanside, Long Island, where<br />

they attended the wedding of their son Richard,<br />

to Vicki Shemin of that city and formerly<br />

of Little Rock, Ark. After a honeymoon<br />

to Bermuda the couple will reside in<br />

Baltimore, where Richard will enter his<br />

second year of Medical School at the Johns<br />

Hopkins School of Medicine. Vicki, who<br />

graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins<br />

University, will attend graduate school<br />

at the University of Maryland, working for<br />

her master's degree.<br />

The editor of "Big Top," the monthly<br />

publication of Variety Club Tent 25 is Dave<br />

Friedman, a former member of Tent 7 here<br />

and now a producer of films in Los Ange-<br />

Thc world famous Vienna Boys Choir<br />

ill open their 1977 American tour with<br />

vo performances in Shea's Uiillalo Tlicalre<br />

in September. The event is sponsored by the<br />

Junior Board of Buffalo General Hospital.<br />

The "Superman" company, which earlier<br />

received permiss'on to<br />

film the spoof on the<br />

flying marvel in Ontario's Niagara Falls<br />

Park, apparently has changed its mind. Lige<br />

Brien, press relations for Warner Bros.,<br />

which will distribute the movie once finished,<br />

told the News that the shoot has<br />

been canceled.<br />

The Marine Band, traditionally referred<br />

"The Own," again<br />

Toronto openings: Sammy Davis, jr., at<br />

the O'Keefe Center. Jay Boy Adams at the<br />

to as President's will<br />

perform here this fall under the sponsorship El Mocambo, Joe Hall at the Groaning<br />

of the Evening News. The date is Thursday. Board. Canadian recording groups each evening<br />

September 29, with two concerts, a matinee<br />

and an evening performance in Kleinhans Pavilion<br />

in the<br />

Theater<br />

Canadian<br />

at the<br />

Recording<br />

Canadian<br />

Industry<br />

National<br />

Music Hall.<br />

Exhibition, which opened Wednesday (17).<br />

Singer Tom Jones held forth at the Melody<br />

Fair Monday (15) through Saturday<br />

(20).<br />

Superfcst 12. the last of the 1977 summer<br />

season concerts in Rich Stadiimi, was held<br />

Saturday (20). Music started at noon instead<br />

of the slated 3 p.m. Gates opened two hours<br />

before the show. British progressive rockers<br />

Yes headlined, with Donovan, the T. GelK<br />

Band and Bob .Seger and the Silver Bullcl<br />

Band.<br />

Paul Sharits showed and discussed his experimental<br />

film "Razor Blades" in the University<br />

of Buffalo's Baird Hall, Amherst<br />

Campus Monday (15). Thom Anderson<br />

showed and discussed his documentar\'<br />

about Muybridge Thursday (18) in Fillmore<br />

Collegiate Center of UB's Amherst Campus.<br />

The musical "Gypsy" with Angela Lansbury<br />

opened Monday (22) at Melody Fair.<br />

The death of John Spense, musical conductor<br />

and arranger, in Los Angeles, caused<br />

the cancellation of the Thursday night (IS)<br />

performance of Tom Jones at Melody Fair<br />

here. The cast flew to the West Coast for<br />

the funeral, and returned on Friday to finish<br />

the weekend commitment.<br />

Robbery Suspects Arrested<br />

After Exchange of Gunfire<br />

PHILADELPHIA — Two robbery suspects<br />

were captiued by State Police after<br />

they allegedly stole $2,000 from the night<br />

manager of the Eric Twin Concordville in<br />

Delaware County. The two suspects took<br />

$2,000 in cash receipts at gunpoint which<br />

the manager was taking to his car for a<br />

night bank deposit, police said. The Eric<br />

Twin Concordville is linked with the locally-based<br />

Sameric Theatres.<br />

The robbery suspects, James W. Walker<br />

and Robert J. Bruce, led police on a highspeed<br />

auto chase. Police exchanged gunfire<br />

and finally arrested the men after shooting<br />

out a right rear tire, disabling the escape<br />

car. A third suspect ran from the car as it<br />

stopped and eluded a police dragnet despite<br />

the use of search dogs. The pair were held<br />

in jail in lieu of $25,000 bail and charged<br />

with attempted homicide, armed robbery,<br />

resisting arrest and other offenses. .All the<br />

money was recovered.<br />

E-4<br />

BOXOFTICE :: August 29, 1977

.<br />

. .<br />


Jack Infald, owner ;ind opcralor oi the<br />

Franklin in Niitiey. has taken over<br />

operation of the Lincoln Theatre in the Arlington<br />

section of Kearny, it was announced<br />

recently. The I.OOO-seat Lincoln, oriainally<br />

opened in 1937 by Maurie Stahl. had been<br />

operated since 1956 by Stanley Sobelson.<br />

an industry veteran of over 35 years. Ben<br />

Broski. who has managed the Lincoln since<br />

it was acquired by Sobelson. will remain as<br />

manager under the new ownership. Broski.<br />

also an industry veteran, had managed numerous<br />

area theatres prior to the Lincoln,<br />

including the Ampers in East Orange and<br />

the Kent and West End theatres in Newark.<br />

Fred De Anijelis, a former manager and<br />

district manager with Stanley Warner and<br />

RKO-SW in the North Jersey area for the<br />

past 25 years, recently was appointed managing<br />

director of Loews' State I and 2 on<br />

Broadway in New York City. Most recently<br />

De Angelis had served as district manager<br />

for RKO-SW in the Bergen County area,<br />

as well as managing the Stanley Warner<br />

Triplex in Paramus. a post he had held<br />

since 1966. Prior to that, he had managed<br />

SW's Regent in Elizabeth for many years.<br />

Veteran manager Margaref Wall retired<br />

from the industry, ending a 36 year career.<br />

all of which had been spent with RKO<br />

Theatres. Mrs. Wall joined RKO in 1941 a*^<br />

assistant manager of its Proctor's in Newark,<br />

a post which she retained until the<br />

theatre closed in 1969. Subsequently, she<br />

was appointed manager of RKO-SW's Sanford<br />

in Irvington. She remained at the<br />

Irvington house until its acquisition two<br />

months ago by Paul Peterson.<br />

New .Tersey Gov. Brendan Byrne, comment'ng<br />

at the recent swearing-in ceremonies<br />

of members to the state's first Motion<br />

Picture and Television Development<br />

Commission, said he had been informed<br />

that comedian Woody Allen was interested<br />

in making a film in New Jersey. The governor<br />

also told reporters that the producers<br />

of the musical "Hair" want to use sites in<br />

New Jersey for future films. Byrne attended<br />

the swearing-in ceremonies at the home of<br />

Sidney Kingsley in Oakland. Kingsley. a<br />

Pul'tzer Prize-winning playwright, is the<br />

chairman of the commission. Sworn in were:<br />

stage and film actress Celeste Holm, who<br />

resides in nearby Washington Township;<br />

Jacqueline Beusse, director of planning and<br />

development at Caldwell College in Caldwell;<br />

Robert G. Thomas, president of a TV<br />

product'on company located in Bloomfield.<br />

and Paul Peterson, owner and operator of<br />

six film theatres in Essex and Morris counties.<br />

The commission's objective is to bring<br />

the production of motion pictures, as well<br />

as TV, back to New Jersey, where motion<br />

P'Ctures began manv years ago in Fort Lee<br />

and West Orange.<br />

The Colonial in Seaside Heights on the<br />

South Jersey shore, closed since 1972. has<br />

been reopened by Tom Carr. The 6nfl-seal<br />

house, operated many years as a summerseason-only<br />

theatre by Waller Reade. imtil<br />

its closing, reopened with "Jaws." Last<br />

\ear, Peter Firmino had reopened Seaside's<br />

only other theatre, the Strand, which also<br />

had been closed by Reade in 1972. In addition<br />

to the Colonial. Carr operates several<br />

other shore area locations in various partnerships.<br />

May Boyd, manager of UA's Colony in<br />

Livingston, recently returned from a oneweek<br />

vacation spent at Point Pleasant on<br />

the Jersey shore. Taking over for her during<br />

her absence was relief manager John Reynolds<br />

. . . Loews in Parsippany is offering<br />

special "Bargain Nights" every Monday and<br />

Tuesday, at which time all seats are reduced<br />

to $1.99 . . . Reade's Community in Toms<br />

River presented midnight showings of "The<br />

Rocky Horror Picture Show" Friday and<br />

Saturday nights for three successive weekends.<br />

Manager John Chrisman reports that<br />

attendance for the special performances has<br />

increased each week.<br />

A double bill of "Superbug, the Wild<br />

One" plus "Superbug, Super Agent," was<br />

shown, matinees only, for one week at<br />

Mann's Fox in Woodbridge and Grant's<br />

Movies in Long Branch.<br />

Spyros Lcnas' Sliowboaf cinemas 1-2-3-4<br />

in Edgewater recently had a gala grand<br />

opening which fealined ribbon-cutting ceremonies<br />

by Edgewater Mayor Francis Meehan.<br />

Opening attractions were: "A Bridge<br />

Too Far," "New York, New York." "Ann'c<br />

Hall" and "The Little Girl Who Lived<br />

Down the Lane." The Showboat cinemas<br />

seat a total of approximately 1,400 persons,<br />

350 per unit. Charles Santora has been appointed<br />

manager of the new quad.<br />

Distance Between Ginyard<br />

And Jailyard May Be Short<br />

PHILADELPHIA — Detectives of the<br />

District Attorney's office arrested 35-yearold<br />

Virgil Ginyard, aka Isaiah Ginyard,<br />

on charges that he is trying to sell prospective<br />

investors in the production of a motion<br />

picture. The film, called "The Distances Between,"<br />

he told an unknown number of<br />

people between February and May of this<br />

year in selling them stock, would star such<br />

personalities as Richard Pryor, Rosalind<br />

Cash, Billy Dee Williams and Robert Hook.<br />

Investigators said the actors knew nothing<br />

about the film. The show, Ginyard allegedly<br />

promised, would be released<br />

through Paramount Pictures and would<br />

gross $2 million. He also allegedly promised<br />

that for each $100 invested there would be<br />

return "bonus" of $5,900. The stock certificates<br />

a<br />

bore the corporate seal of "The<br />

National Hair and Scalp Clinic of Pennsylvania."<br />

Ginyard also used two other corporate<br />

names. Virgil Ginyard Productions and Elegant<br />

Productions Inc.. it was charged. Released<br />

on his own recognizance following<br />

arraignment to await trial on September I.<br />

Ciinyard is<br />

facing charges of theft by deception<br />

:ind \iol;Uions of ihe stale's securities<br />


piiil Glazcr, Associated Pictures honcho,<br />

accompanied by his wife and his son<br />

Charles, spent a lone weekend in Ocean<br />

City, havinc left here Saturday (13) and returned<br />

Wednesday (17) . . . Mr. and Mrs.<br />

Walter Gettinger, Gettinaer Enterprises<br />

Inc.. returned from a week of business activities<br />

in Florida. Wednesday (171,<br />

Theodore Bikel, inlernat'onally renowned<br />

actor and singer, whose talents encompass<br />

stage, screen, radio and TV, will appear at<br />

the Jewish-American Festival at the Inner<br />

Harbor, September 3 . . . Kris Kristofferson.<br />

film star-singer, appeared in concert with<br />

Rita Coolidge and special guest Billy Swan,<br />

at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia,<br />

Wednesday (17).<br />

To err is human, to forgive divine .<br />

we (the regional editor) were guilty of the<br />

former and we hope that reporter Kate<br />

Savaae. Rita Greenfeld (not Greenfield)<br />

and Francia Feikin (not Feikinc. ex. not<br />

present. JF Theatres publicity head) will<br />

exercise the latter quality in our behalL<br />

Mca Maxima Culpa!<br />

Lawmen, Censors in Raid<br />

On Pair of Adult Houses<br />

BALTIMORE—Vice squad detectives<br />

and Maryland Censor Board inspectors hit<br />

two adult film establishments in three days,<br />

confiscating five films and uncovering 200<br />

censor board seals at one theatre.<br />

Tuesday (9) they raided the North Cinema.<br />

East North Avenue, corralinn three<br />

allegedly pornographic films and 200 censors<br />

seals discovered in the projection<br />

booth.<br />

Franc's Pollard jr.. the state board's chief<br />

inspector stated that the agency, which licenses<br />

all motion pictures shown in Maryland<br />

theatres, had not reviewed these films<br />

which were "definitely hardcore pornography."<br />

Pollard said the films, "China Lust." "Run<br />

Jack Run" and "Just Like Mother," were<br />

viewed by the detectives and inspectors before<br />

a search and seizure warrant autho.rizing<br />

the raid was issued. He went on to point<br />

out that they had raided the same theatre in<br />

April and appropr'ated three other films the<br />

board considered as "bevond the pale." The<br />

North is owned by a California corporation.<br />

Three days later. Friday (12). the team of<br />

detectives and inspectors hit the Gayety<br />

Plaza Theatre in the 400 block of E. Baltimore<br />

St.. picking up a pair of films that did<br />

not have the state censor's seal, according<br />

to<br />

police.<br />

Confiscated were "Pleasure Before Business"<br />

and "Innocent Girls."<br />

A doorman at the house, located on "the<br />

block" also known as the city's "Great<br />

White Way." offered his opinion that the<br />

strike was "unjustified" and adding that after<br />

the raid the h;udlop was closed the balance<br />

of the da\<br />

BOXOFFICE August 29. 1977 E-5

. . The<br />

. . Exploiting<br />

. . Rudolf<br />

. . The<br />

. . Coming<br />

. . Tom<br />

. . The<br />

. . Exhibitors<br />


rieoTge and Olga Elmo will observe their<br />

sjolden<br />

wedding anniversary September<br />

2 in 'Miami and the "Class of 1928" of<br />

Paramount Pictures here met at a luncheon<br />

in the Pittsburgh Press Club Thursday (25)<br />

to mark the occasions, their reunion plus the<br />

Elmo anniversary. George Tice rounded up<br />

Peg O'Connell. Phoebe Homer Gordon,<br />

Minnie Gable Nixon. Belle Mandcl Rodin,<br />

Rae Lefkowitz Firestone and Dave Kimmelnian.<br />

who was Paramount branch manager,<br />

and John Navoney was expected to be added<br />

to the list. The "Class" was to be photographed<br />

with a print copy delivered to the<br />

Elmos at their affair September 2.<br />

George Elmo. First National Pictures<br />

aud'tor at Havana, came to this city in<br />

1928 as Paramount branch auditor, then<br />

became booker and later salesman. We<br />

join with the Elmo friends here in extending<br />

best wishes and greet the Paramount<br />

"Class of 1928." old friends. Minnie Gable<br />

Nixon of the Paramount clan is a classmate<br />

of your correspondent and we plan to meet<br />

in reunion with other surviving members of<br />

our Wilkinsburg High School graduation<br />

class of .5.5 years ago October 8 at Churchill<br />

Valley Country Club.<br />

Bob Galvin, manager of Cinema Follies<br />

Club and the Penthouse Adult Theatre, vacationed<br />

in Washington. D.C. CFC has<br />

units at Atlantic City. Washington. Baltimore<br />

and in this city . . . Amen Corner's<br />

annual stag picnic is dated for Lovuola's<br />

Farm. Grcentree. September 14. starting at<br />

3 p.m. .<br />

. . Sunday evening pro wrestling<br />

has enjoyed a good season at St. John's<br />

Arena. Steubenville. Ohio<br />

Township Showcase cinemas will have a<br />

total capacity of 3.000 in its five auditoriums<br />

. Art Cinema gets a lot of free<br />

publicity in the August Pittsburgher Magazine,<br />

with a large photo of the exterior . . .<br />

Homeowners here, as well as in Cincinnati.<br />

Cleveland and Columbus, pay about twice<br />

as much for electricity as those who live in<br />

Seattle, Portland and other Pacific Northwest<br />

cities.<br />

The Chatham Cinema showed "And Now<br />

My Love" . South Hills Village,<br />

Creegan Productions' "Hooray for<br />

Hollywood," seen in continuous showings<br />

for several weeks, remains there through<br />

Labor Day.<br />

The Castelli brothers, longtime ownersoperators<br />

of the Super 71 Twin drive-ins<br />

near Belle Vernon, closed one of the ozoners<br />

in mid-August, continuing the second<br />

unit. The property vacated was being remodeled<br />

into a McDonald's fast-food outlet.<br />

Herb Joseph states that his parents, the<br />

Abe Josephs, are in residence here and are<br />

as well as could be expected at their age.<br />

Abe. who was proprietor of the Triangle<br />

rheatre. East Liberty, for many years, is<br />

' The theatre was wiped away in a rede-<br />

II program . Nureycv's<br />

.1 Ken Russell production, is<br />

opening earlv in October at the Squirrel<br />

Garden offered "Sweet<br />

.^<br />

Hill<br />

The 1977 "Raffle Night" at<br />

Cakes" . . .<br />

Variety Club Tent 1 is set for Friday. September<br />

9. Action begins at 8 p.m.. with a<br />

drawing at midnight for $1.500—or a Caribbean<br />

cruise.<br />

Area theatres have been offering "The<br />

Deep." "Orca," "Thunder and Lightning."<br />

"Relations." "Violation of Claudia." "The<br />

Lords of Flatbush," "The Spy Who Loved<br />

Me," "Stay Himgry." "Smokey and the<br />

Bandit." "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" and<br />

other<br />

films.<br />

Minnie Silverberg, for a half-century a<br />

leading film industry secretary-booker, died<br />

at her Squirrel Hill apartment Monday (15).<br />

The last of her family, her late brothers<br />

Harris and Maurice "Red" Silverberg, were<br />

among top film salesmen, the former being<br />

one of the original Three Musketeers, along<br />

with the late Harry Millstein and Abe<br />

Schnitzer. Another brother. Minor, was a<br />

noted baby doctor. Minnie started as a<br />

clerk at the Universal exchange and for<br />

most of her four decades there was secretary.<br />

Until her retirement last year, she<br />

had been Screen Guild secretary for another<br />

decade. Efficient and hard working. Minnie<br />

all held the respect of connected with<br />

the<br />

business.<br />

Gibby Katz is "dying the death" at the<br />

Sheridan Square where a second-run policy<br />

failed to click. He sa'd he is losing $1,000<br />

a week on his one-year lease at the East<br />

Liberty house, the loss continuing with admissions<br />

dropped from $3 to $1. Operator<br />

of the downtown Palace burlesque stage and<br />

screen theatre and the Ritz Mini on the<br />

north side (with the same policy), Katz tried<br />

adult movies when he took over at the<br />

Sheridan Square. But authorities ordered<br />

such films off the screen there, as a city<br />

ordinance enacted last fall prohibits new<br />

adult theatres from opening and prevents<br />

established theatres from entering into an<br />

adult film or stage plan. Katz may fight the<br />

politicians in court.<br />

William Jiidson, curator of film at the<br />

Museum of Art, announces that Catherine<br />

Newman is the new curatorial assistant, succeeding<br />

Rebecca Craft, who resigned. Judson<br />

says that the film section's monthly bulletin,<br />

the Travel Sheet, to aid filmmakers<br />

and exhibitors in the U.S. and abroad in arranging<br />

screen'ng-lecture tours by independent<br />

filmmakers, now has a European<br />

counterpart, based in London.<br />

Valley Cable TV's Microwave reception<br />

facility on Crestas Terrace in North Versailles<br />

is bringing Home Box Office pay<br />

TV movies, special sports programs and<br />

night club programs to most communities<br />

east of Wilkinsburg . to the air<br />

soon will be UHF^Channel 22. WBCP-TV,<br />

from studios located in Wall Borough, four<br />

miles south of the Turnpike at Monroevillc.<br />

Showcase Cinemas at two locations here<br />

have licensed Christmas films including<br />

"Semi-Tough" and "The Gairntlet."<br />

Miss Nude World (.lean Fisher. 2fi. aka<br />

Annette Duchenc) and a male companion<br />

were jailed here on charges of robbing a<br />

man in an empty lot off Federal Street near<br />

the Ritz Mini where the exotic dancer was<br />

appearing.<br />

Robert C. Kintz, president of Cinemette,<br />

announces that the circuit advertising and<br />

film department remains under the supervision<br />

of George S. Stern, vice-president. Directors<br />

elected Paul Simendinger as director<br />

of advertising. Simendinger was a former<br />

Associated Theatres house and district manager,<br />

then served similar duties with Cinemette.<br />

Dean Zaimes, youngest son of Tom and<br />

Aglaia Zaimes of the Monroeville Drive-In<br />

theatre, and Laurie Von Osinski were joined<br />

in marriage in Holy Cross Greek Orthodox<br />

Church, Mt. Lebanon, and will res-de<br />

at Washington, Pa.<br />

Nude love scenes in Nureyev's portrayal<br />

feature . . .<br />

of "Valentino" have pre-sold the Ken Russell<br />

<strong>Boxoffice</strong>'s full-page photo<br />

of Henry Winkler, advertising Universal's<br />

"Heroes" in the issue of August 1. is in<br />

demand by fans of the Fonz.<br />

The late Tex Ritter's son John continues<br />

into his second season in the TV show<br />

"Three's Company."<br />

Quote from Doris Lilly's<br />

Hollywood gossip<br />

column: "At some Hollywood parties,<br />

cocaine is being passed around instead of<br />

dessert." . . . More and more restaurants<br />

have installed 16mm projection equipment<br />

for showing of oldtime silent movies, and<br />

the bars in all directions have six-foot projected<br />

television reception for the football<br />

season. Some of the cafes show adult slides.<br />

Hassan B. Mohamed, Art Cinema's longtime<br />

good service floor manager, has been<br />

vacationing, but will resume duties soon. He<br />

is known as "Ruby" to thousands of theatregoers<br />

here. In his younger years, "Ruby"<br />

traveled the world as a circus performer.<br />

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre will host a special<br />

benefit premiere of "The Turning<br />

Point" at Chatham Cinema November 21.<br />

Ballerina Dagmar Kessler is in charge. The<br />

movie will be the Christmas attraction at<br />

the Chatham . . . Gina Martin, daughter of<br />

Dean Martin, is a ballet member of Ice<br />

Caoades, coming to the Civic Arena September<br />

15-25 . Bate has completed<br />

a quarter-century as backstage company<br />

manager for the Civic Light Opera, starting<br />

with CLO at Pitt Stadium, then following to<br />

the Melody Tent, Civic Arena and in recent<br />

years at Heinz Hall.<br />

George Romero's locally-produced "Martin"<br />

seems headed for an early premiere via<br />

Cinemette here . Liberty advertised<br />

"Bring Some My Way" . . . "Teenage Perverts"<br />

was the Art Cinema offering, following<br />

"My Fair Baby" and "Christy."<br />

"Convoy Buddies" is handled here by<br />

John Majdiak . took particular<br />

interest in the <strong>Boxoffice</strong> Letters column<br />

of Monday (15). from projectionist Frank<br />

Bolkovac of the Monroe Theatre, Monroeville.<br />

E-6<br />

BOXOFFICE August 29. 1977

Films, Felines. Forsythia<br />

Fill Kathy Norman's Days<br />

BAI.n.VIOKH—rilm^. Icliiics and lorsythia<br />

arc fcutLircd in the busy world ol<br />

Kathy Norman. Towson Theatre manager.<br />

The film, in this case, is "Star Wars" which<br />

has already been praised to death, yet draws<br />

still more flowery oratory from Norman.<br />

"It ("Star Wars') has been going great; it<br />

has been terrific! Thousands of people have<br />

come to see it. They just cat it up— they<br />

live it! It's going marvelous. We had late<br />

midnight shows the first two weeks, now<br />

we are having them on Friday and Saturday<br />

nights only." she raved.<br />

"It's amazing." she continued "that they<br />

still come to the midnight shows. We're<br />

going into the ninth week and business has<br />

only dropped 25% since opening day. Still<br />

the volume continues to be great. For this<br />

film we start at 1 p.m. instead of our usual<br />

2 p.m. All ages like it—the middle aged as<br />

well as the young and the elderly. Just<br />

amazing."<br />

Kathy derives a great deal of her offthe-job<br />

pleasure from her cats and her<br />

flowers. Tragedy struck, recently, when her<br />

favorite feline "Blackie" was struck and<br />

killed by a car, leaving her only "Kitty."<br />

Anyone who has owned a pet knows that<br />

such an accident is deeply felt.<br />

The busy Towson hard-top manager also<br />

finds time to work out in her garden and<br />

she told us she "planted an informal hedge<br />

of yellow forsythia along the sidewalk. It<br />

makes a charming, natural fence."<br />

Flowers, felines and film— Kathy Norman<br />

certainly finds little time to be bored.<br />

'Citizens Band' Scheduled<br />

For Lincoln Center Film Fest<br />

NFW YORK— Paramount Pictures' Citizens<br />

Band." a Fields Co. production, has<br />

been announced as a selection for this year's<br />

New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center.<br />

The festival, featuring new works by filmmakers<br />

from around the world, will be the<br />

15th to be held at Lincoln Center and will<br />

run from September 2.'i through October 9.<br />

Active Retiree Bringing<br />

A Glow to Golden Agers<br />

BAl IIMOKi; - Retired proieelionisl<br />

Carrol Streeks and his wife do some of the<br />

things common to most retirees— for instance,<br />

travel. Early this month they spent<br />

two weeks at the Ocean City Spa, staying at<br />

the Ocean Villa on 75th Sfeet. In mid-<br />

August they headed north for a fortnight in<br />

Nova Scotia.<br />

It is Carroll's other activity that sets him<br />

apart, for it brings a glow to Golden Agers<br />

confined to retirement centers and nursing<br />

homes. Taking the skill and savvy he acquired<br />

during his career, he shows 16mm<br />

films to the senior citizens.<br />

"In September I'll start showing films at<br />

the homes." he said. "One is Mercy Villa,<br />

a retired nun's home. I'll also go to the<br />

Armacost Nursing Home and the Holly Hill<br />

Nursing Home showing various pictiues<br />

once a week."<br />

He recently purchased some new motion<br />

pictures including "Naughty Marietta,"<br />

"Banjo on My Knee., "Road to Rio" and<br />

"A Millionaire for Christy."<br />

"I paid $150 for 'Naughty Marietta'." he<br />

revealed. He also has a library of Jeanette<br />

MacDonald classics: "Rose Marie," "Maytime"<br />

and "Firefly," and presents his features<br />

on the third Monday of each month,<br />

normally.<br />

"I'll be taking my camera along on my<br />

Nova Scotia trip to film my vacation. I have<br />

a Super-8." he told us prior to leaving. He<br />

also pointed out that next month will mark<br />

his sixth year as a member of the Green<br />

Springs Valley Country Club.<br />

More important, however, is his lifetime<br />

membership in the exclusive fraternity of<br />

people who care and do for their fellow<br />

men.<br />

Paul Newman will star in "Paradi<br />

George Englund production.<br />


^ajor Frank S. Rizzo officially proclaimed<br />

National Film Day here on which<br />

day local exhibitors and nine major film<br />

companies contributed half their gross receipts<br />

to the American Film Institute.<br />

All the local TV stations pre-empted films<br />

previously scheduled for Elvis Preslev features<br />

during the weekend of his funeral<br />

with one station. WCAU-TV, substituting<br />

four Presley films in one day—one on Saturday<br />

afternoon and three that same evening.<br />

A teaser phone-in was set up to promot'^<br />

the opening of "Naked Rider" at a dozen<br />

ozoners in the area, more than half of them<br />

linked with Budco Quality Theatres based<br />

here.<br />

A summer film festival of D.W. Griffith<br />

and Cecil B. De Mille films offered without<br />

charge at the Hoyt Library in Kingston,<br />

Pa., starting with Griffith's "America."<br />

starring Lionel Barrymore and Neil Hamilton.<br />

Not getting the service<br />

Linda Goldenberg, publicity and promotion<br />

director for Budco Quality Theatre,<br />

hosted two previews on successive evenings<br />

for "You Light Up My Life" at the Top of<br />

the Fox Screening Room.<br />

U.S. Magistrate Edwin E. Naythons, in<br />

U.S. District Court here, ruled in favor of<br />

Budco Inc., and Budco Quality Theatres<br />

Inc., as defendants in a suit brought by the<br />

Savage Is Loose Co. The locally-based theatre<br />

circuit was given leave to join Boasberg<br />

and Boasberg-Goldstein, Inc., as third party<br />

defendants and to file cross-claim against<br />

the Savaee Is Loose.<br />

you deserve?<br />

"Citizens Band" will be screened twice at<br />

Alice Tully Hall, at a date to be announced<br />

later. Except for the opening and closing<br />

nights, which are held at Avery Fisher Hall,<br />

all festival selections are screened at Alice<br />

Tully Hall.<br />

A comedy-drama about the current CB<br />

radio phenomenon and its effects on personal<br />

relationships, "Citizens Band" stais<br />

Paul Le Mat, Candy Clark. Ann Wedgeworth,<br />

Marcia Rodd. Charles Napier, Roberts<br />

Blossom. Bruce IVlcGill and Ali.\ Elias.<br />

Jonathan Demme directed from an original<br />

screenplay by Paul Brinkman. the associate<br />

producer of the film. Shep Fields is the<br />

executive<br />

producer.<br />

The picture is distributed in the U.S.<br />

and Canada by Paramount Pictures, a member<br />

of The Leisure Time Group of Gulf +<br />

Western Industries. Inc.. and throughout the<br />

rest of the world b\' Cinem.i International<br />

Corp.<br />

CALL Allied Theatre Equipment Co.. Inc.<br />

SOUND &<br />




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Baltimore, Md. 21218<br />

(301) 235-2747<br />

:oxorFicE .'Xuijusl 2y. 1977

, v^riMORE—<br />

• of<br />

—<br />

Mills Bros., Rich Little<br />

Deserve Critic's Laurels<br />

Rich liiile and ihc<br />

-ii., Broihers appeared at Painter's Mill<br />

Music Fair from Tuesday through Sunday<br />

(9-14). drawing the following comments<br />

from Cindy Powers of the News-American.<br />

"In 1925 there were four brothers and a<br />

guitar. They could sound like all the instruments<br />

of the orchestra and developed a<br />

close-harmony style that influenced generations<br />

to come.<br />

"Today there are only three brothers<br />

Harry. Herbert and Donald. An orchestra<br />

accompanies most of their songs, but they<br />

still have the harmony that Crosby. Sills<br />

and Nash could envy . . .<br />

"(Rich) Little is one of the few impressionists<br />

who can still be considered a superstar.<br />

His current show still gives gliinpses<br />

into his character and humor.<br />

'.<br />

. . Little is still worth seeing. His impressions<br />

are not the ones you'll hear and<br />

see everyone doing.<br />

"How many times have you seen impressions<br />

of Jack Nicholson, Foster Brooks,<br />

Raymond Burr and Peter Sellers?<br />

"Not to mention the president?<br />

"Although a few miss the mark Richard<br />

Burton, Anthony Newley, Bing Crosby and<br />

many others are bullseyes."<br />

Century Circuit Offers<br />

To Purchase Debentures<br />

Nt;W HYDE PARK. N. Y.—Leslie R.<br />

Schwartz, president of Century Circuit, has<br />

announced that the company intends to<br />

purchase up to S 1.000.000 principal amount<br />

of its -TO-year subordinated debentures due<br />

July 1. 1980. at a price of $950 net per<br />

.$1,000 principal amount of such debentures.<br />

Schwartz stated that the offer to purchase<br />

was mailed Wednesday (24) to the holders<br />

of such debentures. The offer will expire<br />

Tuesday (30) unless extended.<br />

Accrued interest will be paid by the company<br />

to Tuesday (.10) as to all such debentures<br />

validly tendered to and accepted by<br />

Ih.' company prior to that date. In the event<br />

the offer is extended, the company will pay<br />

accrued interest from October 1 to the date<br />

of payment.<br />

As of Monday (1), there was $2,345,100<br />

in aggregate principal amount of such debentures<br />

outstanding. Holders of debentures<br />

registered in the name of a broker or nominee<br />

are advised to contact such broker or<br />

nominee if they desire to tender their debentures.<br />

*^^*<br />

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move up in profits . . . PIC'S<br />

in-car Mosquito Repellent Ctoils<br />

drive mosquitoes, sand flies, and gnats<br />

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(c;<br />

Theatre to Open Again Labor Day<br />

PITTSTON, PA.—The American Theatre<br />

in this northeastern Pennsylvania community<br />

is expected to be open again as a<br />

motion picture theatre on the Labor Day<br />

weekend. The new lessee of the theatre<br />

building. James Ahonen, said he plans to<br />

•.how family-type movies in the theatre.<br />

•\honcn. who is leasing the building from<br />

r- r;i'.i('llino, of nearby Scranton, is in<br />

remodeling the long-dark<br />

Get all the facts...<br />

CallyourPICsupplieror<br />

PIC Corporation 201 862-1880<br />

Pic Corporation, Linden, New Jersey 07036<br />


'Star Wars' Tops List<br />

For 13ih Denver Week<br />

DENVER— -Star Wars" remained at Ilic<br />

pinnacle of the list for the 13th week with<br />

grosses of 525 at the Cooper Theatre. The<br />

newcomers to the area received a mixed<br />

reception as "One on One" managed to<br />

draw enough patrons to ten theatres to cam<br />

an average of 225 while "Fire Sale" earned<br />

a mark of 200 at the University Hills One.<br />

However. "March or Die" finished it debut<br />

week with 130 while "The Van" trailed<br />

slightly beh'nd with 125.<br />

(Average Is 100)<br />

Cenlury 21—Rollercooster (Univ), lllh wlc i'<br />

Centre—Suspiria (20lh-Fox), 2nd wit 1:<br />

Cherry Creek. Villa Ilolia—The Other Side ol<br />

Midnight (20th-Fox). 10th wk<br />

I'f<br />

Colorado Four—The Last Remake of Beau Geste<br />

(Un.v), 6lh wk<br />

1-'<br />

Continenlal-MacArlhur (Univ), 3rd wk 2nn<br />

Cooper— Star Wars (20th-Fox), 13th wk S."<br />

Eight theatres—Smokey and the Bandit (Univ),<br />

4lh wk IMi<br />

Five theatres—March or Die (Col) 130<br />

Four theatres—Race lor Your Lite, Charlie<br />

Brownl (Para), 2nd wk 100<br />

Nine theatres-The Van (SR) 125<br />

Seven theatres— Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo<br />

(BV), 3rd wk I'O<br />

Six theatres—The Bad News Bears in BreaWng<br />

Training (Para), -I'h v.-k ICO<br />

Six theatres-The Spy Who Loved Me (U.A)<br />

Bth wk 135<br />

Tamarac Six—New York. New York (UA)<br />

8th wk i;'5<br />

Ten theatres—One 225<br />

on One (WB)<br />

Three theatres—Final Chapter—Walking Tall<br />

(AIP), 2nd wk 115<br />

University Hills One—Fire Sale (20'h-rox) 200<br />

University Hills Three. Fhck—labberwocky iSR)<br />

4lh wk I?5<br />

Army Helps 'MacArthur'<br />

Opening at Regency<br />

S.Al.l LAKE CITY — Several colorful<br />

events and activities marked the opening of<br />

"MacArthur" at the Regency Theatre Friday<br />

(5), according to manager Richard Easter<br />

and assistant manager Bill Abeyta.<br />

Before both evening shows opening night,<br />

the Army recruiting command presented a<br />

color guard show with both U. S. and state<br />

flags in addition to a filmed version of the<br />

National Anthem.<br />

Lobby displays were furnished by the<br />

.Army recruiters. National Guard Univers'tv<br />

of Utah ROTC and the Ft. Douglas<br />

Museum Ass'n.<br />

Military vehicles also were on display in<br />

the parking lot. Rick Setner. information<br />

officer for the 96th Unit, handled the arrangements<br />

for all military displays.<br />

Cheryl Smith in 'Laser'<br />

HOLLYWOOD—Cheryl Smith has been<br />

set to co-star with Gianni Russo in "Laser<br />

Blast." feature film which will be produced<br />

bv Charles Band Productions. Her last feature<br />

part was in "The Choirboys." Michael<br />

Rae will direct from an original screenplay<br />

bv Frances Schacht and Frank Ray Perilli.<br />

Chuck Sacci, Terri Nunn Signed<br />

BURBANK—Chuck Sacci and Terri<br />

Nunn have been signed for co-starring roles<br />

in "Thank God It's Friday," a Motown-<br />

Casablanca Record and FilmWorks production<br />

for Columbia Pictures now being dilected<br />

by Robert Klane on location in Holh<br />

wood.<br />

LIFE P.\TRON—Tom Fiiiu.). sck.ikI Iroin ri};ht, reeeiMd his lite palroii<br />

card in Variety Clubs International from Donald I. Gillin, second from left, vicepresident<br />

of Tent 25 in charge of the life patron program in Southern California.<br />

Fenno is executive vice-president of Tent 25. At left is Murray Propper, president<br />

of Tent 25, and at right. M. J. Frankovich, chairman of the charities committee<br />

and past president of Variety Clubs International.<br />

RKO-Stanley Warner Files<br />

Suit in Federal Court<br />

LOS ANGELES— RKO-Stanley Warner<br />

Theatres, a wholly owned subsidiary of<br />

Cinerama, Inc., Tuesday (23) filed a counterclaim<br />

in federal court in New York<br />

against United Artists Theatre Circuit and<br />

various of its subsidiaries, as well as a thirdparty<br />

complaint against Loews Corp. and<br />

various of its subsidiaries; Century Theatres,<br />

and a number of motion picture film<br />

distributors. RKO-SW claimed a conspiracy<br />

among them in violation of the antitrust<br />

laws in the licensing and exhibition of motion<br />

pictures in the metropolitan New York<br />

area.<br />

The alleged conspiracy, asserted to have<br />

begun in 1970, consists of "refusal of the<br />

parties to the conspiracy to permit RKO to<br />

obtain the right to exhibition, on a first-run<br />

basis, quality feature-length motion pictures,<br />

unless RKO participated in certain<br />

exhibition and theatre allocation arrangements<br />

specified by the parties to the conspiracy.<br />

The result of such conspiracy has<br />

been to exclude RKO from the first-run<br />

exhibition in the New York metropolitan<br />

area of the most desirable motion pictures."<br />

RKO seeks treble damages in excess of<br />

$60,000,000 from the above theatre circuits<br />

and from Warner Bros. Distributing Corp.,<br />

Recent Personnel Changes<br />

Made at Plitt Theatres<br />

SALT LAKE CITY — Ernie Hoffman,<br />

division) manager for Plitt Theatres' Intermountain<br />

district, recently announced several<br />

personnel changes, which began with<br />

Robert Bathey, who worked in the Phoenix-<br />

Tuscon district before moving north to his<br />

new position as city manager for the Paramount<br />

and Uinta theatres, Provo.<br />

Richard Easter, who previously managed<br />

the Paramount and Uinta theatres and also<br />

worked for Mann Theatres in Provo before<br />

returning to Plitt in March, is now headquartered<br />

at the Regency Theatre.<br />

Additional personnel changes at the Regency<br />

included Bill Abeyta, who was appointed<br />

assistant manager. Abeyta joined<br />

Plitt in May as the assistant manager of the<br />

Centre Theatre.<br />

Grant Sorenson, former manager for<br />

Mann Theatres in Utah and Montana who<br />

has been working since May for Plitt as an<br />

assistant manager at the Woodland Drive-<br />

In under manager Ron Page, was transferred<br />

to the Centre Theatre to work under<br />

manaucr Calvin Ellertson.<br />

Columbia's "Paradise" is being written<br />

Universal Schedules Bob<br />

Zemeckis' Beatles Story<br />

UNIVERSAL CITY—"Beatles 4 Ever"<br />

Universal Film Exchanges, United Artists is the working title for a Universal film<br />

Corp. and Mctro-Goldwyn-Mayer.<br />

project about six k-ds in New Jersey whose<br />

lives are changed by the Beatles' first visit<br />

Stein Goes to Far East<br />

to .America. The film's executive producer<br />

is Steven .Spielberg.<br />

BEVERLY HILLS—Jules Stein, senior Shooting is scheduled to begin in early<br />

vice-president of American International November. Bob Zemeckis will direct the<br />

Pictures Export Corp., departed for the Far screenplay he co-wrote with Bob Gale. Tamara<br />

Asseyev and Alex Rose are producing.<br />

East, where he will meet with distributors in<br />

Tokyo, Hong Kong and Manila regarding Gale is associate producer.<br />

an extraordinarily large number of open-<br />

for the screen by David Shaber.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: August 29, 1977 W-1

Paramount pictures' -citizens<br />

Band." a Fields Co. production, will be<br />

>creened twice at the New York Film Fesaval,<br />

to be held September 23 to October<br />

*<br />

Hugo Valasquez. Mexican still photographer<br />

for United Artists" "Dog Soldiers," has<br />

been commissioned by the Mexican government<br />

to compile a touring exhibit of his<br />

motion picture stills dating back to 1955,<br />

when his first assignment was "The Tall<br />

Man," starring Clark Gable, .lane Russell<br />

and Robert Ryan.<br />

•<br />

l.con P. Blender, executive vice-president<br />

in charge of sales and distribution for Amer-<br />

starring Woody Allen and Diane Keaton.<br />

opened the Edinburgh Film Festival at the<br />

ABC Theatre Sunda\' (21). The film began<br />

its regular Brit'sh engagement in Edinburgh<br />

al the Cameo Theatre Sundav (2

!<br />

Pictures for both tcature films and telemovies,<br />

plus developing new TV series. Before<br />

coming to Paramount, he was in production<br />

and development for international<br />

and domestic markets at Cinema Center.<br />

He also has been a special projects executive<br />

with 20th Century-Fox. an executive assistant<br />

to the president of CBS 'Cinema<br />

Center Films and handled special promotions<br />

for Columbia Pictures.<br />

•<br />

The Manson Distributing Corp. has signed<br />

an agreement to distribute "Too Hot to<br />

Handle" in Hong Kong through Raymond<br />

Chow's Golden Harvest Films. The feature,<br />

a Ralph Desiderio-Don Scham production,<br />

stars Cheri Caffaro and is released in the<br />

U. S. through New World Productions.<br />

•<br />

Joseph C. Youngerman. for 27 years the<br />

national executive secretary of the Directors<br />

Guild of America, will leave that position<br />

to become a consultant for the DGA under<br />

a lifetime contract, with the title of national<br />

executive secretary emeritus. He will leave<br />

six weeks after a new contract with film<br />

employers is signed.<br />

*<br />

Mrs. Phyllis Stewart, president of the<br />

Screen Smart Set, has been presented with<br />

a plaque for distinguished service to the<br />

Motion Picture & Television Fund for<br />

which the group has raised $613,000 during<br />

the past nine years. The Screen Smart Set<br />

was founded in 1968 by Lillian McEdwards,<br />

mother of director Blake Edwards, and<br />

Bettv Lou Oppenheim. mother of actress<br />

Jill St. John.<br />

*<br />

"Homage to Chagall: The Colours of<br />

Love," a feature-length film about the life<br />

and works of painter Marc Chagall, will<br />

premiere in I os .Angeles September 28 at<br />

the Laemmles' Westland Twin theatres.<br />

Sci-Fi Academy Nominates<br />

Collins 'Best Actress'<br />

BEVERLY HILLS— Joan Collins has<br />

been nominated "Best Actress 1977 in a<br />

Science-Fiction. Fantasy or Horror Film"<br />

by the Academy of Science-Fiction. Fantasy<br />

and Horror Films, for AIP's "Empire of<br />

of the Ants" opens in the Los Angeles, area<br />

Wednesday (24).<br />



455 Bearcat Drive<br />

Times Square Park<br />

SUPPLY<br />

Salt Lake City, Utah 84115<br />

801-466-7642<br />


foiii IVloyer of Luxiuv Thealics. Portland,<br />

Ore., announced the appointment of<br />

Ralph W. Ossood, who formerly work-d<br />

for General Cinema Theatres, as openit'ons<br />

manager of Oregon, Washington and Idaho.<br />

Osgood will be headquartered in Portland.<br />

"Smokey and the Bandit" opened Friday<br />

(19) at the followina theatres: .*ith Avenue,<br />

SeaTac 6, Bellevue Crossroads, Renton Village,<br />

Aurora and Valley.<br />

Current attractions are; "You Light Up<br />

Mv Life," Lewis & Clark I, Lake City.<br />

John Danz and Lynn 2; "One on One,"<br />

Southcenter, Northgate and Bellevue: "Kentucky<br />

Fried Movie," Music Box; "Herbie<br />

Goes to Monte Carlo," Aurora, Renton<br />

Village, Bellevue Overlake, SeaTac 6 and<br />

Sno-King; "Star Wars," UA Cinema 150;<br />

"The Other Side of Midnight," UA Cinema<br />

70; "The Spy Who Loved Me," Cinerama;<br />

"Black and White in Color," Harvard Exit;<br />

"The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training,"<br />

SeaTac 6, Crossroads Twin and Varsity;<br />

"MacArthur," Coliseum: "March or<br />

Die," Bellevue Overlake, Renton Village.<br />

ALirora and Valley: "The Last Remake of<br />

Beau Geste." King, and "The White Buffalo."<br />

Bel-Kirk and Duwamish.<br />

Stu Goldman and Joe McCann of Fun,<br />

the Entertainment Weekly continued to visit<br />

stud'os, observe films in production and<br />

talk with personalities whose films are readv<br />

for release. They visited with Ron Howard<br />

of "Grand Theft Auto," which will open in<br />

the area Wednesday (31), and Henry Winkler<br />

in regard to "Heroes." They also vis'ted<br />

with Linda Haynes who has the female lead<br />

in "Rollins Thunder," which will be released<br />

in October. They previously visited<br />

with Jeff Lee, Columb'a Pictures branch<br />

manager; Pete Latsis, publicity staffer for<br />

American International Pictures: Jeff Reiniis,<br />

who works in AIP's advertising department,<br />

and Julian Meyers who works for<br />

.MP's publxitv department. They also viewed<br />

"Coma" in production at the MGM<br />

studios and had a personal interview with<br />

Ants."<br />

director and writer Michael Crichton.<br />

the<br />

Ms. Collins stars in the H.G. Wells drama Members of the motion pictLire industry<br />

as a resort developer attacked by huge mutant<br />

extend their deep sympathy to A. B. Mc-<br />

ants. Final voting by the Academy's Glinchey, branch manager of National<br />

400 members will be in December. "Empire<br />

Screen Service, on the death of his \\'if«'<br />

Christina. Services were held Wednesday<br />

(10) at Green's Sunset Hills ChapM in<br />

Bellevue.<br />

Theatre Operators. Inc.<br />

Holds Annual Convention<br />

BIG SKY, MONT.—Theatre Operators.<br />

Inc.. recently held its annual managers' convention<br />

here at which time the "Manager of<br />

the Year" award, which is given annually<br />

to the city manager who does the best overall<br />

job in supervising the theatres under him.<br />

was given to Dan Klusman. the Bozeman<br />

city manager.<br />

Klusman and his wife received an allexpense-paid<br />

trip to the national NATO<br />

convention in Miami Beach this fall. The<br />

"Showman of the Year" award was presented<br />

to Lanny Wagner, the city manager<br />

in Billings. This award is given to the manager<br />

who best promotes a number of molion<br />

pictures during the year. Wagner and<br />

his wife will receive an all-expense-pa'd trip<br />

to a national convention or a film company<br />

convention.<br />

A cash award was given to Ron Lewis.<br />

manager of the Ellen Theatres. Bozeman.<br />

for the best lobby display. The "Traveling<br />

Cleanliness" award was given to the World<br />

Theatre. Missoula. Mont. A cash award,<br />

which was part of the prize, went to the<br />

theatre's janitor for excellence in maintenance.<br />

Approximately $1,500 'n cash prizes<br />

were given for successful efforts to increase<br />

sales during the annual popcorn and drink<br />

contest<br />

promotions.<br />

Business sessions were held on two separate<br />

afternoons, and a grand banquet concluded<br />

the convention. Humerous skits were<br />

used at the business sessions to introduce<br />

the top'cs. which included concessions,<br />

drive-in operations, personal growth, advertising<br />

and miscellaneous revenue.<br />

Mornings were devot-^d to recreational<br />

ictivities such as horseback ridina, tennis,<br />

hiking and aolf. A family picnic and marathon<br />

volleyball game opened the three-day<br />

conclave.<br />

The chairmen of the convention were<br />

Dan Klusman. Kelvin Plumb and Ron Lewis<br />

of Bozeman. Theatre Operators is comprised<br />

of 21 theatres in a four-slat.- area.<br />

Members of the board of directors awarded<br />

the prizes and directed the business sessions.<br />

This time do things right<br />

[PN . IN-HOUSE<br />


.<br />



GLENDALE. CALIFORNIA, 91201 (21^247-6550<br />


5^-.,,MA/C/SC0<br />

"yVarner Bros, screened "Greased Lightning"<br />

for a variety of groups in order<br />

i;i build good word-of-moulh ... In town<br />

for a sneak of "The Goodbye Girl" were<br />

Neil Simon and Marsha Mason. The film<br />

was screened Friday (19) at the Norihpoint.<br />

Marilyn Chambers is in town for interviews<br />

promoting "Rab'd," opening here<br />

Wednesday (31).<br />

UATC booker Bob Lenihan took the traditional<br />

UAT bookers" summer trek—he<br />

did a lour of the theatres in his Monterey-<br />

Santa Cruz territory.<br />

KTVU-TV's Bob Wilkins. host .il th:<br />

popular "Creature Features," greeted himdreds<br />

of his fans in Sacramento. San Jose<br />

and this city Saturday and Sunday (20.21)<br />

as he hosted special screenings of "Kingdom<br />

of the Spiders."<br />

Paramount will be doing a test engagement<br />

of two classic sci-fi films. "War of the<br />

Worlds" and "When Worlds Collide." The<br />

double bill opens Wednesday (31).<br />

The previously announced prenverc of<br />

Lina Wertmuller's "Night Full of Rain,"<br />

which was to have been the San Francisco<br />

Film Festival's opening-night film, will not<br />

be shown. The "Evening with l.ina Wertmuller"<br />

also has been canceled. In explanation,<br />

Wcrlmullcr said, "Because part of the<br />

film was made in San Francisco, 1 had hoped<br />

to rush completion in order to show it<br />

for the first time anywhere in that city.<br />

Unfortunately, as the date came closer and<br />

closer, it became obvious that the production<br />

schedule would not permit me to finish<br />

in time." The new opening programs have<br />

yet to be announced.<br />

Snoopy made an appearance at Macv's<br />

Saturday (27) to give away passes to his<br />

newest movie, "Race for Your Life, Charlie<br />

Brown!" The well-known beagle also handed<br />

out Dolly Madison cakes and showed<br />

h's new line of accessories for the back-toschool<br />

season.<br />

'Deep' Sets Columbia<br />

Record in Australia<br />

Sydney — "The Deep" pulled In a<br />

Columbia Pictures record one-week<br />

total of $230,133 in seven cities in<br />

.Australia, it was reported by Patrick<br />

,M. WiilianiEon, executive vice-president<br />

of Columbia Pictures International.<br />

Leading the way was the $100,505<br />

gathered in a six-theatre engagement<br />

in Sydney and suburb.<br />

Two Mar Vista Features<br />

At Deauville Festival<br />

LOS ANGELES—Two Mar Vista product'ons.<br />

"The Last of the Cowboys" starring<br />

Henry Fonda, Eileen Brennan and Susan<br />

Sarandon, and "Dogs" starring David<br />

McCallum, have been selected for presentation<br />

at the Deauville, France, Film Festival,<br />

to be held September 4-10, it was announced<br />

by Mar Vista president Allan F.<br />

Bodoh, who also produced the two features.<br />

Michael Leone served as executive prodiicer.<br />

Another Leone film, "Meanwhile, Back<br />

at the Ranch ..." also has been chosen for<br />

showing at the festival.<br />

"Dogs" currently is in release, both domestic<br />

and foreign, while "The Last of the<br />

Cowboys" is scheduled for fall release.<br />

Giant Ant Stalked LA<br />

To Promote New Film<br />

LOS ANGELES—American International<br />

Pictures attracted extra attention to the<br />

opening of H. G. Wells' "Empire of the<br />

Ants" throughout the area Wednesday (24)<br />

by turning loose an eight-fool walking ant.<br />

Like the giant mutant ants in the drama,<br />

this model could walk upright, and did so<br />

in many locations. Ominous in appearance,<br />

it was shown on TV news programs and in<br />

newspapers.<br />

On Sunday (21) the ant battled Radio<br />

K-lOO's Giant Wiener at the foot of the<br />

Venice pier.<br />


V5S HUB vs frWBi V9S<br />


zona Theatre Equipment<br />


24HKC9II!<br />

602) 254-0215<br />

(602) 971-9429<br />

^<br />

ALSO!<br />

^ PROFESSIONAL 16m ^<br />

Fiimeo • Hoffson Elmo<br />

410 E. Wdshinglon St- P.O. Box 20522 Phoenix, Aj. 8503G<br />

DENVER<br />

Jerry Bullard who operates the Sage Theatre<br />

in Upton. Wyo., was in the area<br />

to visit the exchanges and set playdates.<br />

Bullard's trip to this area was twofold since<br />

he also visited various oil production companies<br />

on behalf of his venture Goodwell,<br />

Inc.. an oilwell logging and perforating service<br />

that he also operates from his headquarters<br />

in Upton.<br />

Former Columbia branch manager Jerry<br />

Smith, who now operates a buying and booking<br />

service in Salt Lake City, was in town<br />

to renew acquaintances and to set dates for<br />

his theatres in this area . . . Dick Klein of<br />

the Trojan Theatre, Longmont, Colo., and<br />

Neal Lloyd of the Westland Theatres, Colorado<br />

Springs, were also in the area to set<br />

dates.<br />

Columbia Pictures branch office is in the<br />

final stages of settling into its new quarters<br />

in suite 1102 in the Lincoln Tower Building,<br />

1860 Lincoln St. The new phone nimibe7<br />

is 303-861-9048.<br />

City Restraining Order<br />

Blocks Theatre's Plans<br />

HOLLYWOOD — Vincent Miranda's<br />

Walnut Properties has acquired the Buena<br />

Vista Theatre in Duarte but faces a restraining<br />

order obtained by the city which<br />

blocks, at least temporarily, plans to screen<br />

adult films, beginning with "Deep Throat"<br />

and "The Devil in Miss Jones."<br />

A court hearing has been set for September<br />

2 on the city's move to enforce its new<br />

antipornography zoning ordinance. As a<br />

result,<br />

the theatre must switch to other than<br />

X-rated films within five<br />

days.<br />

Lack of Amenities Causes Exodus<br />

HARTFORD—A regional conference of<br />

the National League of Cities was told by<br />

New Haven Mayor Frank Logue that a<br />

"lack of amenities" has contributed to the<br />

mass exodus of resident taxpayers from<br />

northeastern cities. He grouped theatres with<br />

libraries and museums among key amenities.<br />

"Although such amenities are the most<br />

expensive," he said, "they pay off."<br />


DRIVE-IN<br />


T/ie Quality Totver that never<br />

hns had to be replaced."<br />

* • *<br />


D & D Fabrication<br />

and Erection<br />

Co.<br />

Post Office Box 3524<br />

Shawnee, Kansas 66203<br />

913-631-9695<br />

W-4 BOXOFFICE :: August

Gala Benefit Slated<br />

At Fox in St. Louis<br />

ST. LOUIS — A different type of<br />

(.loLible feature" will be the atrraction at<br />

Arthur's Fox Friday, September 2, starting<br />

at 8 p.m., when a benefit film showing will<br />

be accompanied by an organ concert. Slated<br />

for unspooling is the classic motion picture<br />

"Phantom of the Opvera," starring the<br />

la;e, great Lon Chaney.<br />

Stan Kann. former organist at the Fo.x.<br />

who has been featured on network talk<br />

shows displaying his antique household<br />

gadgets, will provide the musical score for<br />

the 1920s silent film playing the Fo.\ Wurlitzer<br />

organ, which is second in size only<br />

to the one at the Radio City Music Hall in<br />

New York City.<br />

The event will benefit the St. Louis and<br />

Chain of Rocks Railroad, which operates<br />

three miles of track along the Mississippi<br />

River in the northern part of St. Louis<br />

County and allows passengers to ride along<br />

the route free the second Sunday of each<br />

month. Proceeds from the concert will be<br />

used to maintain and improve the railroad's<br />

museum, which has a year-round program.<br />

Tickets for the show are $4.50 in advance<br />

and $5 at the door. A limited number of<br />

benefactor tickets at $20 each are available,<br />

providing reserved orchestra seating and an<br />

after-the-event buffet at Stan Musial's restaurant<br />

with a reception for Kann, who<br />

formerly played the organ at "The Man's"<br />

popular eatery before departing for California<br />

where he now makes his home (it's<br />

more convenient for Stan's TV appearances).<br />

"The Phantom of the Opera" still is considered<br />

by many film critics to be the greatest<br />

horror presentation of the silent-picture<br />

era. with the unmasking scene described as<br />

one of the most brilliant episodes ever<br />

photographed.<br />

During the three-hour program, Kann<br />

also will play favorite numbers from his<br />

years at the Fo.x console.<br />

Lincoln Village Theatre<br />

Boosts 'Bad News Bears'<br />

CHICAGO— Enthusiasm on the part of<br />

Lincoln Village Theatre management and<br />

staff has inspired patron interest and increased<br />

volume at the boxoffice in relation<br />

to a number of films. "The Bad News Bears<br />

in Breaking Training" has been no exception.<br />

As a preopening stunt, a 60x40-foot sign<br />

on a side of the building drew a lot of preliminary<br />

comment and subsequent substan-<br />

business to the boxoffice.<br />

tial<br />

Advance publicity also included yellow<br />

Bears pennants and baseballs in the lobby<br />

and around the candy counter. With the<br />

baseball motif as a feature in the overall<br />

decor, a new price sign for bleachers, box<br />

seats for adults and grandstand seats for<br />

children was posted at the boxoffice along<br />

with a showtimes scoreboard.<br />

At a sneak preview, three youngsters representing<br />

"Bad News Bears" were introduced<br />

on the theatre stage by Robert Ken-<br />

THE LINEUP—Old-timers a( Plitt llieatres were reminded of "the good old<br />

days," back when patrons waited for some time to see film attractions at Balaban<br />

& Katz theatres in the Loop, when they saw the moviegoers lined up recently at<br />

the Orland Square 3 in Chicagoland. The eager ticket-buyers were waiting to enter<br />

the triplex to see "The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training."<br />

nedy, general manager of Brotman & Sherman<br />

Theatres.<br />

Credit for the effective exploitation also<br />

goes to Bob Silverman, George Aniehini<br />

and Hillside Theatre manager Bill Rivkin.<br />

Chicago Was Filmmaking<br />

Capital From 1907-1918<br />

CHICAGO—Filming of "The Fury" in<br />

Chicago is coming to an end. Shooting has<br />

taken place in the Old Town area, the near<br />

north side and in suburban Bolingbrook.<br />

Interior lensing will be done on the West<br />

Coast.<br />

The moviemaking activity which was<br />

done in Chicago during the past several<br />

weeks reminded many longtime citizens that<br />

the Windy City is where filmmaking began.<br />

Research shows that in 1907 Chicago was<br />

the film capital—and it remained so until<br />

1918.<br />

According to information gleaned by<br />

George Estep of the Chicago Tribune, it<br />

was in November 1918 that William N.<br />

Selig, owner of the Selig Polyscope Co.,<br />

was shooting "The Count of Monte Cristo."<br />

A search for information revealed that Chicago<br />

is where the serial movie came into<br />

focus and it also has been revealed that<br />

early stars, including Charlie Chaplin, Edward<br />

Arnold, Ben Turpin, Francis X. Bushman,<br />

Lillian Drew and a number of others,<br />

appeared in films produced at the Essanay<br />

Film Studios at 1333 West Argyle St.<br />

As the story goes, Selig discovered Tom<br />

Mix. Mix reportedly was a U.S. marshal in<br />

Oklahoma but he started visiting Essanay<br />

Studios while S:lig was shooting on location.<br />

Selig, it is recorded, took Mix to Los .Angeles<br />

for "Ranch Life in the Great SoiUhwest"<br />

for scenic reasons but he kept his<br />

Chicago studios.<br />

The first full-length five-reel epic made<br />

Chicago at Essanay was "Graustark,"<br />

in<br />

starring Francis X. Bushman.<br />

Recorded among other Selig accomplishments<br />

are "The Coming of Columbus."<br />

which won Selig a medal from Pope Pius X.<br />

Hartford vs. the Russo's<br />

In Land War-Part II<br />

HARTFORD—The Russo brothers, once<br />

owners of the land on which the 2,100-car<br />

capacity Meadows Drive-In was situated in<br />

Hartford's North Meadows district, have<br />

filed suit for $5 million against the Hartford<br />

Redevelopment Agency in Hartford<br />

County Superior Court.<br />

Anthony and John Russo, who operate<br />

an excavating company, seek the return of<br />

the condemned 42.5-acres; when condemned<br />

in July, 1975, the city paid $1,243,-<br />

000, a price immediately contested in the<br />

same court by the Russos. State referees<br />

Louis Shapiro, Abraham S. Borden and Joseph<br />

Klau have since awarded the brothers<br />

$403,892 more from the city, but the Russos<br />

argue the land was worth more than<br />

$2.5 million.<br />

The Russos assert that although the redevelopment<br />

agency formed its final plan for<br />

the North Meadows Industrial Business<br />

Project in September. 1971, not until four<br />

years later was their land condemned. The<br />

delay, they continue, hindered continuing<br />

negotiations to sell, lease or develop the<br />

land. They add that at one point General<br />

Cinema Corp. was ready to convert the<br />

Meadows into a twin underskyer: this<br />

project, however, was blocked by the condemnation.<br />

The new suit claims that the redevelopment<br />

agency illegally condemned the property<br />

because the site did not fit the definition<br />

of a slum area and was not really necessary<br />

for the redevelopment project.<br />

city<br />

The Russos, for their part, claim that the<br />

needs only "two or three" acres of the<br />

property to relocate Weston Street. They say<br />

that about nine acres of the land is illegally<br />

leased by the redevelopment agency to<br />

World Jai Alai of Hartford for use as a<br />

parking lot. such use putting the redevelopment<br />

agency into improper competition with<br />

other parking lot<br />

renters.<br />

EOXOFFICE Angus 1977 C-1

. . . Tom<br />

JUIS<br />

lyjfary Sfetgios has joined the Mid-America<br />

Theatres staff as the newest employee<br />

in ihe advertising department.<br />

United Artists has scheduled a special<br />

wide multiple double-dip which will begin<br />

Wednesday (31). The duo is composed of<br />

"The Return of the Pink Panther" and<br />

•The Pink Panther Strikes Again." Both<br />

features, of course, have Peter .Sellers starring<br />

as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau.<br />

Donald O'Connor, popular stage and motion<br />

picture star who most recently appeared<br />

in "That's Ent.-rtainmcnt!" and "That's Entertainment,<br />

Part 2." will be starring in the<br />

title role of "Charle's Aunt" at the Barn<br />

Dinner Theatre through September 25<br />

Smothers, actor-comedian-guitarist<br />

(and brother of Dick Smothers who now<br />

prefers auto racing to performing), comes<br />

to the Plantation Dinner Theatre Tuesday,<br />

.September 6. He will be starred in "Play<br />

It Again. Sam." which runs through October<br />

16.<br />

For the fourth consecutive vear.<br />

Ringold<br />

Cinema<br />

Equipment Inc.<br />

the Jerry<br />

8421 Gravois St. Louis, Mo. 63123<br />

Lewis Labor Day Telethon, which benefits<br />

the Muscular Dystrophy Ass'n of America's<br />

research and service programs, will be carried<br />

by KSD-TV. Channel 5. KSD-TV newsmen<br />

Cliff St. James and John Auble will<br />

co-host the live entertainment segments from<br />

the Breckenridge Inn at Lindbergh and<br />

With the aid of a grant from the Missouri Clayton Road and the Northwest Plaza<br />

Arts Council, the University City Library Shopping Center from 10:30 p.m. Sunday.<br />

hopes to have on its fall schedule of films September 4, through 5:30 p.m. Monday,<br />

such attractions as "Cimarron." "A Woman<br />

September 5. The fund-raising marathon<br />

Rebels." "Dames." "Up Ihe River." orginates in Las Vegas. Aimee Lynn Weh-<br />

"Mark of the Vampire." "This Day and meier of St. Charles is the Missouri MD.A<br />

Age," "Shanghai Express." "Thunderbolt" 1977 poster child. A six-year-old victim of<br />

is<br />

and "Cabin in the Cotton."<br />

spinal muscular dystrophy. Aimee conlined<br />

to a wheelchair. She will represent<br />

the association in fund-raising campaigns.<br />

Citizens Mount Anti-Smut Attack<br />

CLAREMONT, N.H.—The display of<br />

pornographic material is under fire in this<br />

New Hampshire city, 500 persons signing a<br />

petition asking Mayor Charles Puskta to<br />

recommend that such material be displayed<br />

at least six feet from the floor.<br />

'Tall' Scores in KC Run<br />

KANSAS CITY — "Final Chapter-<br />

Walking Tall," a Bing Crosby Productions<br />

feature starring Bo Svenson, grossed $76,-<br />

622 in its first week in ten theatres in Kansas<br />

City, according to James Whiteside,<br />

BCP's vice-president in charge of sales and<br />

marketing. The film is released by AIP.<br />

RojoB Promotes 'Bears'<br />

KANSAS CITY—Cookie Rojas, infieldcr<br />

of the Kansas City Royals, helped promote<br />

the opening of "The Bad News Bears<br />

in Breaking Training" at the AMC Springs<br />

4 theatres here by holding an autograph<br />

session and giving away Square Shooter<br />

suckers, a new concession item.<br />

SALT Talks are Successful<br />

In Syracuse Negotiations<br />

SYRACUSE — A citizens group has<br />

agreed to purchase the downtown Locw's<br />

Theatre to save it from demolition.<br />

The non-profit group, Syracuse Area<br />

Landmark Theatre (SALT) will have 90<br />

days to raise the $65,000 purchase price.<br />

SALT wants to reopen and restore the<br />

downtown "picture palace," according to<br />

SALT president Joyce Schreiver.<br />

At the contract signing Friday (12) Mrs.<br />

Schriever said she is confident the $65,000<br />

can be raised by the deadline. She reported<br />

SALT has about $5,000 in membership<br />

pledges in hand and gave $1,000 of that as<br />

a down payment to the Sutton Real Estate<br />

Corp.<br />

Corporation vice-president Daniel Sutton,<br />

who signed for the film, described the<br />

possibility of reopening Loew's as a "much<br />

needed shot in the arm for downtown Syracuse."<br />

Peter Baum, SALT attorney, said Loew's<br />

will not be reopened as the first run house<br />

it used to be, but for "entertainment of all<br />

types."<br />

He noted that the 3,000-seat theatre,<br />

built<br />

in 1928, is the largest entertainment area in<br />

the city outside of the War Memorial and<br />

that SALT already has received inquiries<br />

from agents anxious to book live shows into<br />

Loew's.<br />

He said the theatre could reopen in late<br />

September or October.<br />

City Councilor Armond Magnarelli, who<br />

is<br />

also a member of the State Council on the<br />

Arts, said that he felt it would be possible<br />

to cut taxes on the theatre since SALT is a<br />

non-profit group.<br />

The chairman of renovation and restoration<br />

committee is Harris Cooper, who owns<br />

a theatrical decoration business.<br />

Ed Hunt will direct "War of the Ali<br />

Norman Glick production.<br />

ALL<br />

MAJOR<br />

LINES OF<br />



DECOR<br />

DRAPES<br />


CHAIRS<br />


Harry or John<br />

Phone (314) 352-2020<br />

Filmacic «<br />

..""..".'.<br />

,-<br />

'iV-<br />

..^ tudioi<br />

C-2 August 29, 1977

—<br />

—<br />

KC Newcomers Net<br />

Variety of Grosses<br />

KANSAS CITY—A mixed reception<br />

awaited the newcomers to the area this<br />

report week as the grosses ranged the full<br />

gamut from 350 to 90. Newcomer "I Never<br />

Promised You a Rose Garden" along with<br />

holdover "Smokey and the Bandit" topped<br />

the list. "The Last Remake of Beau Geste,"<br />

which completed its first week at the Glenwood,<br />

along with "MacArthur." which<br />

completed its second week at the Plaza,<br />

tied for second place with a mark of 300<br />

while "Final Chapter—Walking Tall" took<br />

the third place slot with an average of 250<br />

at ten theatres.<br />

Eight theatres—Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo<br />

(BV), 3rd wk 175<br />

11 theatres—Outlaw Blues (WB) 125<br />

r.ne Arts—Black and White in Color (AA)<br />

3rd wk 95<br />

Five theatres—Fire Sole (20th-Fox) 90<br />

Glenwood I—The Last Hemake ol Beau Gestc<br />

(Univ) 300<br />

Plaza-MacArthur (Univ), 2nd wk, 300<br />

Ranchmart—A Bridge Too For (UA), 9!h wk 55<br />

Seville I Never Promised You a Rose Garden<br />

(New World) 350<br />

Six theatres—The Bad News Bears in Breaking<br />

Training (Para), 3rd wk 230<br />

Six theatres—Smokey and the Bandit (Univ),<br />

3rd<br />

.350<br />

Ten theatres—Final Chapter-Walking Tall<br />

(AlP)<br />

Three theatres-The Other Side oi Midnight<br />

'Suspiria' Tops Chicago List<br />

For the Second Straight Week<br />

CHICAGO— Although five new films<br />

debuted in the area this week none of them<br />

were able to capture the lead from "Suspiria."<br />

which earned the highest grosses for<br />

the second straight week. The second place<br />

slot was shared by "Greased Lightning"<br />

and "The Bad News Bears in Breaking<br />

Training." which both earned grosses of<br />

275.<br />

Chicago, Hyde Park—Greased Lightning (WB),<br />

3rd wk 275<br />

Cinema—Block and Wiile in Color (AA),<br />

8lh wk 250<br />

Eight theatres—The Spy Who Loved Me (UA) 250<br />

Five theatres—MacArthur (Univ) 225<br />

Five theatres—Star Wars (20th-Fox), 12th wk 240<br />

Five theatres The Last Remake oi Beau Geste<br />

(Univ), 2nd wk 225<br />

Four theatres—March or Die (Cc'.l 200<br />

Golf Mill 2, Portage—Smokey and the Bandit<br />

(Univ), 3rd wk 225<br />

Highland Park 1, Riviera—Herbie Goes to Monte<br />

Cotlo (BV). 3rd wk 150<br />

Nine theatres One on One iWB) 2 =<br />

Ookbrook, Woodfield 2—The Other Side oi<br />

Midnight (20th-Fox), 9th wk :'50<br />

Six theatres-The Bad News Bears in Breaking<br />

Training (Para), 3rd wk 27,=i<br />

Slate Lake— Suspiria (20th-Fox), 2nd wk .100<br />

Three theatres—Fire Sale (20th-Fox) FO<br />


^^<br />


s SCREENS<br />

^ XRL (l-ENTICULAR) ^^<br />

y/////iiimwxxxv^<br />

Available from vouroufhoriied<br />

'^Theotre Equipment Supply Deoler<br />

Itichnii TECHNIKOTE CORP.<br />

3<br />

63 S.obrln, St.. Bktyn ]<br />


^idwest Films' Gene Irwin cekbrated his<br />

birthday Friday (26)—and it was celebrated<br />

in proper fashion, with co-workers<br />

Mary Pickett. Jo Ann Bergman and Sharon<br />

Richeson surprising him with a party on the<br />

big<br />

day.<br />

Laurie Hanson, New World's office manager<br />

and part-time jock, has racked up another<br />

trophy for her showcase. Laurie played<br />

on a coed Softball team in a Johnson<br />

County Parks & Recreation League and she<br />

and her mates just finished the season in<br />

first place, with ten wins and no losses. One<br />

wonders how much more awesome the team<br />

could have been if they had played while<br />

sober.<br />

Biiena Vista held a special invitational<br />

screening Thursday afternoon (25) at the<br />

Fine Arts Theatre of the upcoming release<br />

"Candleshoe," with David Niven. Cake and<br />

coffee was served to augment the popcorn.<br />

Summer is winding down and so are vacations<br />

but a few people are still out there<br />

getting their licks. One is Marilyn Pulver.<br />

Universal clerk, who spent last week recreating<br />

in southern Missouri, amidst the Mark<br />

Twain National Forest in the Ozarks.<br />

Nearly all the film exchanges will be closed<br />

Monday, September 5, in observance of<br />

Labor Day.<br />

Valerie Hood, National Screen secretary,<br />

reports she had a "wonderful" time on Florida<br />

beaches earlier this month. Her time was<br />

spent sitting in the rain on the beach. "It<br />

was a nice option." she said. "You could<br />

get wet in the ocean or get wet on the<br />

beach." Valerie, incidentally, is a new member<br />

of Women of Variety.<br />

Universal has a new clerk-typist in its office.<br />

Kathleen Huff began her duties Thursday<br />

(18). She is a newcomer to the industry<br />

but Kathleen is not a total stranger to Filmrow<br />

personnel. Her mother Pat Nylund also<br />

is a co-worker at Universal.<br />

Debbie Richeson, account representative<br />

for National Screen Service, traveled to<br />

New Orleans last week to meet with Paramount<br />

sales executives.<br />

Bob Jackson and Jesse Graves each celebrated<br />

25 years service with American Muiti<br />

Cinema here. Both are custodians who<br />

begin their AMC careers at the Roxy Theatre,<br />

where they remained until the house<br />

fell victim to the city's urban renewal<br />

project in 1972. In recognition of their<br />

combined half-century of service, the staff<br />

and management presented Jackson and<br />

Graves with gifts and congratulations.<br />

Bev and Mary-Margaret Miller, Mercury<br />

Film Co., went to Poplar Bluff Thursday<br />

(18) to attend funeral services for Bev's<br />

aunt Etta Gram, who died Tuesday (16)<br />

at age 89 following a stroke. The Millers<br />

returned to their Overland Park, Kas.. home<br />

Simday (21).<br />

Walt Disney is in the thoughts of people<br />

in the Kansas City area. In the "TV Scene"<br />

section of the Sunday (21) Kansas City Star<br />

three writers to the "Mailbag" had questions<br />

about Disney productions. One letter a.sked,<br />

"Can you tell me why Walt Disney movie<br />

classics such as 'Uncie Remus' and Mary<br />

Poppins" and the like are not rereleased very<br />

often? My son is coming to the age where I<br />

would like to take him to see these movies,<br />

hopefully a couple of times while he is still<br />

a child. But it seems that many years pass<br />

before these movies come back. Besides. I<br />

want to see them again, too." The answer:<br />

"Disney Productions has followed a strict<br />

policy of reissuing the classics every seven<br />

years. What is magic about a seven-year<br />

cycle? 'Years ago we tried having them<br />

come out more often.' Irving H. Ludwig,<br />

president of Disney's distribution organization,<br />

said. ".Attendance was not what we<br />

hoped it would be. Every seven years a new<br />

cycle develops and we stick to it, almost in<br />

a religious manner.' "<br />

Irving Marx, Buena Vista branch manager<br />

in Minneapolis, was in town last week.<br />

Screening at Commonwealth: Friday (26),<br />

"The Contest" (Atlas), distributed by<br />

Thomas & Shipp.<br />

Cinema Prospects Studied<br />

NARRAGANSETT. R.I.—A town council<br />

authorized study on the possibility of<br />

improving available entertainment within<br />

the town limits for summer visitors is exploring<br />

the prospects of a town supported<br />

cinema. Narragansett at present has no such<br />

facility. A report will be submitted to the<br />

town council by Sidney Kramer at its<br />

September 6 meeting. Thrust of the study<br />

is understood to be geared to halt continuing<br />

criticism of insufficient entertainment<br />

for Narragansett's many summer tourists.<br />




When you come to Waikiki,<br />

"^o" f "T^'ss the famous<br />

BlufijlClk'<br />

fiiW'AiTi<br />

Don Ho Show. . . at<br />

l5?^ Cinerama's Reef Towers Hotel.<br />


MID-CONTINENT Theatre Supply Corp.<br />

1800 Wyandotfe, Kansas City, Mo. 64108<br />

Phone (816) 221-0480 W. R. "Bill" Davis, Mgr.<br />



August 29. 1977

'Siar Wars' Regains<br />

Lead in Memphis<br />

MEMPHIS—A decrease in the competition's<br />

might enabled "Star Wars," which<br />

toppled to the third place position last week,<br />

into the second place slot with grosses of<br />

420 while the area's newcomers faced receptive<br />

crowds as "Orca" opened with substantial<br />

grosses of 230 and "Jabberwocky"<br />

ended its debut week with a mark of 210.<br />

(Average Is 100)<br />

Malco Quartel 1—Nasty Habits (SR), 5th wk 135<br />

Memphian, Paramount 1—Star Wars (20lh-Fox),<br />

_ 6th wk 435<br />

3za 2—Iabber\<br />

dgeway Four<br />

(UA), 5th wk.<br />

Ridgeway Four 3, Malco Quartet :—The Other<br />

Side of Midnight (20th-Fox) 7th wk<br />

Soulhbrook 2, ParamounI 2—Orca (PnrnJ<br />

Three theatres—A Bridge Too Far (UA!<br />

7th wk<br />

Three theatres—The Spy Who Loved Me lUA)<br />

2n6 wk<br />

Rescuers (BV), 2nd wk.<br />

Elvis Presley's Death<br />

Mourned in Memphis<br />


MEMPHIS — Local citizens were<br />

shocked and saddened by the sudden death<br />

of Elvis Presley who suffered a heart attack<br />

Tuesday (16).<br />

He was not only Memphis' favorite and<br />

most famous citizen but a well behaved,<br />

good and generous person whose contributions<br />

to numerous charities and individuals<br />

brought happiness to thousands.<br />

The private funeral, which was conducted<br />

by Rev. C. W. Bradley of Wooddale<br />

Church of Christ, was held at Graceland<br />

mansion and burial was in the mausoleum<br />

at Midtown Forest Hill Cemetery, both of<br />

which are located on Elvis Presley Boulevard.<br />

Calls came from foreign cities and<br />

people arrived from all over the world in<br />

order to pay their respects to the rock 'n'<br />

roll king who had touched so many lives.<br />

Approximately 100,000 persons pressed<br />

at the gates of the mansion in order to enter<br />

and view the body and thousands were still<br />

waiting in lines when the gates were finally<br />

closed to the public. Many people spent<br />

the entire night standing in lines and some<br />

fainted and collapsed from the heat and<br />

emotional strain. At one point a drunken<br />

driver crashed into the crowd of mourners<br />

and killed two teenage girls from Monroe.<br />

La., also injiirina one airl from St. Clair.<br />

Mo.<br />

About 100 vans were required to transfer<br />

the flowers, which lined the mansion's<br />

driveway, from the mansion to the cemetery.<br />

Memphians will miss their idol. Although<br />

only a select group were allowed to enter<br />

his gates and associate with him. the example<br />

he set with wholesome living together<br />

with the magnetism of his voice and personality<br />

along with his generosity and graciousness<br />

will live on.<br />

Gov. Ray Blanton of Tennessee was<br />

among llic crowd of about 200 persons iliai<br />

attended the private services, l.imousuu's<br />

were brought in for the celebrities that included:<br />

John Wayne. Sammy Davis jr..<br />

Ann-Margret, Burt Reynolds, James Brown.<br />

George Hamilton, Chet Atkins and several<br />

executives from RCA, the company for<br />

which Presley recorded.<br />

to recapture its previous position at the pinnacle<br />

Pallbearers were Billy and Gene Smith,<br />

of the list with grosses of 435. "The cousins of Presley; Joe Esposito, Presley's<br />

Spy Who Loved Me" was narrowly edged road manager; Dr. George Nichopoulos,<br />

Presley's personal physician; Charles<br />

Hodge, a close friend; Felton Jarvis, a<br />

Nashville producer who handled Presley's<br />

records; George Klein, a former Memphis<br />

radio announcer who is now the director<br />

of Libertyland and a good friend, and Jerry<br />

Schilling, road manager for the Beach Boys<br />

and a longtime friend.<br />

Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the late<br />

President John F. Kennedy, visited the mansion<br />

to pay her respects and later talked to<br />

fans.<br />

Presley kept busy the two weeks before<br />

his death by enjoying a visit with his nineyear-old<br />

daughter Lisa Marie and his father<br />

Vernon Presley. He was scheduled to leave<br />

on a tour Tuesday night that was to begin<br />

in Portland. Ore., and end in Memphis Sunday<br />

(28). Bill Minkus of American International<br />

Pictures had scheduled a private<br />

showing of "One on One" for Presley on<br />

Tuesday night.<br />

In addition to his success as a singer.<br />

Presley had also made 31 movies.<br />

Bert D. Benton Sr. Dies;<br />

Famed Filmrow Veteran<br />

JACKSONVILLE—Bert D. Benton sr..<br />

the elder statesman to generations of Filmrow<br />

people in exhibition, distribution and<br />

allied industries throughout the Southeast,<br />

died Saturday (13). Benton with his younger<br />

brothers founded Benton Bros. Film Express,<br />

which operated a fleet of freight<br />

trucks.<br />

Benton also headed the Jax Film Service,<br />

which was an offshoot of Benton Bros. Film<br />

Express, and held prominent positions in<br />

Masonic orders.<br />

Benton is survived by his widow, a son<br />

Bert D. Benton jr., three grandsons, Bert<br />

D., Patrick F. and James F.; a sister Mrs.<br />

Arthur Swaim of Atlanta, Ga., and an aunt<br />

Mrs. John Bishop of Marietta, Ga.<br />

Giveaways and Displays<br />

Highlight AMC Promos<br />

GREENSBORO. N. C—Ron Anderson,<br />

assistant manager of the Carolina Circle 6<br />

theatres here, arranged a motorcycle giveaway<br />

in conjunction with the Harley-Davidson<br />

dealer here to promote "Viva Knievcl!"<br />

The drawing was advertised over three local<br />

radio stations.<br />

A display of health club posters and stills<br />

of the facilities of the Greensboro Health<br />

Clubs was arranged by manager Don Emmert<br />

of the same AMC multiplex to promote<br />

Cinema 5's body-builder documentary<br />

"Pumping Iron."<br />


WARDED—Tony Bruguicre, manager<br />

of the Santa Rosa Cinema III, Mary<br />

Esther, Fla., is pictured above holding<br />

the "Showmanship Award," which he<br />

won for his promotion of "The Deep.''<br />

Besides receiving the certificate, Bruguiere<br />

also received a $100 check. Ogden-Perry<br />

Theatres instituted the<br />

awards program this year to reward<br />

and acknowledge their theatre managers<br />

who produce innovative and productive<br />

promotion campaigns.<br />

NC Pornography Law<br />

Challenged in Suit<br />

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—A suit challenging<br />

the constitutionality of North Carolina's<br />

new pornography law has been filed in federal<br />

court here, presenting what is thought<br />

to be the first test of the statute.<br />

John G. Ncwitt jr.. a local lawyer, filed<br />

the papers in the U.S. District Court here.<br />

Newitt represents Jolar Cinema which<br />

operates several peep shows, and W&S Enterprises,<br />

which operates theatres and adult<br />

bookstores in Greensboro and High Point,<br />

N.C.<br />

Newitt said he was challenging the new<br />

law on "grounds of the First Amendment<br />

freedom of speech and freedom of the press,<br />

and second, on taking of property without<br />

just compensation and without due process<br />

of law."<br />

Under the law, which took effect Monday<br />

(1). an attorney general or district attorney<br />

can seek to have firms such as X-<br />

rated theatres and adult bookstores closed<br />

as public nuisances. When the bill passed<br />

the state Senate on June 30. state Atty.<br />

Gen. Rufus L. Edmisten said he was concerned<br />

about the bill's constitutionality and<br />

was reluctant to become "a censor."<br />

Edmisten was named as a defendant in<br />

Newitt's suit along with local Dist. Atty.<br />

Peter Gilchrist and Greensboro Dist. Atty.<br />

E. Raymond Alexander jr.<br />

Ncwitt said he hoped U.S. District Judge<br />

James B. McMillan jr. would hold a hearing<br />

on the suit within two weeks.<br />

"It (the law) is the first of its kind that<br />

I've seen in the U.S.," Newitt said.<br />

BOXOFFICE Augu.st 29, 1977 SE-1


Mg Elliott of locally based International<br />

Pictures, which produces motion pictures<br />

in addition to buying and distributing<br />

lilms. was in Hollywood to put the finishing<br />

touches on the company's new production<br />

"The Billion Dollar Hobo." starring<br />

Tim Conway and Will Geer. Anne Ander-<br />

.son. Elliott's secretary, reported that the<br />

company has moved to new headquarters at<br />

Omni International, 500 North. Atlanta<br />

.»0303. The telephone number is 522-7075.<br />

Two locations quickly booked Elvis Presley<br />

films and did a good business. Georgia<br />

Theatres' Westgate Triple advertised "A<br />

Tribute to the King—A Legend in His Own<br />

Time" and offered the four films "Elvis on<br />

Tour," "That's the Way It Is." "Girl Happy"<br />

and "The Trouble with Girls." Storey<br />

Theatres chose an outdoor showcase, the<br />

North 85 Drive-In. for its trio of offerings,<br />

with "That's the Way It Is." "The Trouble<br />

with Girls" and "Spinout" advertised under<br />

the banner "Elvis . . .<br />

Three of His All-<br />

Time Best Pictures."<br />

Jack Rigg, head honcho at New World<br />

Pictures, is an innovator when it comes to<br />

arranging vacations for his family. Last<br />

year they spent their holidays in Hawaii by<br />

way of Mexico City. This year Jack opted<br />

:<br />

COLOR<br />

or Black and White j<br />

FOR<br />




.<br />


to see what New England had to offer. He<br />

led his entourage, including his wife, two<br />

sons Champ and Kenny and daughter Carol.<br />

into a plane destined for Boston. There they<br />

boarded a Winnebago in order to take a<br />

leisurely trip and enjoy the scenery of<br />

Maine. Massachusetts. Connecticut. New<br />

Hampshire. Vermont and Rhode Island.<br />

Louise Cathy, Paramount's head cashier<br />

and the historian for the WOMPIs, vacationed<br />

with her daughter-in-law and grandchildren<br />

for two days and then set out for<br />

Columbia, S.C, where she participated in<br />

a Fred Astaire Dance Studio competition.<br />

Betty Smith, secretary to Paramount's<br />

branch manager Mack MacAfee. returned<br />

from a whirlwind holiday to such interesting<br />

places as Virginia Beach, Baltimore and<br />

Washington. D.C. She is now storing up<br />

energy that she will need when she attends<br />

the WOMPI International convention in<br />

Memphis.<br />

Trade and press screenings at Century<br />

Cinema's facilities included "The End of<br />

the World." distributed by Clark Film Releasing,<br />

and "To Love, Perhaps to Die" and<br />

"Black Tulip." distributed by Film Gems<br />

International . . . Century Cinema's screening<br />

room was pre-empted one evening by<br />

Joe Harper, who is the vice-president of<br />

Cobb Theatres in charge of booking, for a<br />

party that was highlighted by the screening<br />

of Paramount's "Islands in the Stream."<br />

The WOMPIs staged their August board<br />

meeting at the Century Cinema's plush quarters<br />

and were delighted with the accommodations.<br />

They hope to utilize the room in<br />

the future due to its proximity to a large<br />

segment of the membership.<br />

The name of WOMPI president J one<br />

Ackerly was inadvertently left off the list<br />

of delegates to the WOMPI International<br />

convention in Memphis. WOMPI presidents<br />

automatically are delegates to the annu;<br />

conclave.<br />

arc determined to take over the illegal operation.<br />

The film was written and directed by<br />

Ed Mann, produced by Thierry Pathe and<br />

stars Gil Gerard with co-stars Erika Fox and<br />

Melody Rogers. After the local opening,<br />

the film will break in the Charlotte. N.C..<br />

and Jacksonville, Fla.. territories in early<br />

fall.<br />

Susan Morgan, New World Pictures'<br />

billing<br />

clerk, and Beverly Barnett. front desk<br />

receptionist, joined the company's staff during<br />

the summer.<br />

Bob Oda and his wife returned from their<br />

vacation in Ohio and Missouri where they<br />

visited friends and relatives. Bob says that<br />

his company is counting heavily on two<br />

"biggies," "Valentino" and "Semi-Tough,"<br />

which are due this fall and winter. The<br />

former is set for October<br />


release.<br />

Pill South, a shipper for American International<br />

Pictures, and his wife Frances<br />

traveled to New York for a two week vacation<br />

to visit relatives and sightsee.<br />

Maggie Gaines, secretary for AIP's bookers,<br />

spent a week relaxing at home and<br />

visiting her parents . . .<br />

Valerie Davis. AIP<br />

staffer'^ spent her vacation at home on Chip<br />

Road.<br />

WOMPI president Deltine Craig of Malco<br />

Theatres called a board meeting Monday<br />

(15) to discuss plans for the International<br />

convention that will be held in Memphis<br />

September 15-18.<br />


rm, (312)<br />

F»i<br />

'"McTTIZ^ ^^3 tudlo5<br />

Michael Rothschild, president of locally<br />

based Omni Pictures. reported that<br />

"Hooch." the kickoff film for Prudhomme<br />

Productions, will premiere September 30<br />

throughout the city. "Hooch" is a PG-rated<br />

action film about a peaceful North Carolina<br />

moonshining community that is suddenly invaded<br />

by a mob of inept New Yorkers who<br />

Screens<br />

Ask Your Supply Dealer or Write<br />


26 Soroh Drive ForminodoU. L. I., N. Y., n73S<br />

©<br />

5E-2<br />



OUR 29th YEAR<br />

21M Jackson Parkway, N.W.<br />

713 Sudekum Bldg.<br />

Allania, Georgia 30318<br />

Nashville, Tennessee 37219<br />

(404) 792-8424<br />

(615) 256-0347<br />

Lombert Drive N.E.<br />

ita, Ga. 30324<br />

£76-0347<br />

^<br />

"fveryt/i/ng for your theatre— except film"<br />

©Q(s)<br />

800 S. Graham St.<br />

Charlotte, N.C. 28202<br />

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Sotisfoctlon Guoronteed<br />


It VotVeV Word Popcorn Co. ''A°ii!S"5°S<br />

500 lbs. Prepold • SOO Mil* ArM<br />

BOXOFFICE :: August 29. 1977


^op grosses of the week: The Bad News<br />

Bears in Breaking Training." Park Terrace<br />

II and Eastland Mall II; "Star Wars."<br />

Charlottetown Mall II: "Greased Lightning,"<br />

Charlottetown Mall III. and "The<br />

Spy Who Loved Me." Tryon Mall II.<br />

Mrs. Arietta Black ot Hxhibitors Service<br />

has organized a halfway house named<br />

Hope Haven for women alcoholics. So far<br />

only $3,500 of the $25,000 goal has been<br />

raised, and an urgent appeal is being made<br />

for private donations. Anyone interested in<br />

this project may call Mrs. Black at 372-3100<br />

from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or at 527-31 16 during<br />

the evenings and weekends.<br />

^^^<br />

Lee Collins, who formerly worked for<br />

Variety Films, is now running his own<br />

company Collins Film Distributors, which<br />

is located at 115 Barkley Rd. He said that<br />

his first film "Lovers Like Us" is doing<br />

well in its opening engagements despite<br />

heavy competition and that it is slated for<br />

wide exposure in September.<br />

Deepest sympathy is extended to the family<br />

of Joe Rector of Drexel who died recently.<br />

He worked as an exhibitor for several<br />

years.<br />

"The People That Time Forgot" debuted<br />

in the area . . . Double Nickel" from<br />

Galaxy Films was screened at the Car-mel.<br />

Frank Savage, a salesman for American<br />

International Pictures, made a recent swing<br />

into the western part of the state to visit<br />

the Coopers in Burnsville and Spruce Pine.<br />

Doyle Norris of the Norris Drive-In,<br />

Lenoir, is now recuperating from a heart<br />

attack.<br />

Nu-Image Films Sponsors<br />

Free Screening of 'Chac'<br />

MIAMI—Nu-Image Films in association<br />

with the Miami Department of Parks and<br />

Recreation presented a free public screening<br />

of "Chac" in Peacock Park on Wednesday<br />

(10).<br />

In an unprecedented procedure "Chac."<br />

which details how a Mayan chief searches<br />

for a sorcerer to end a severe drought, was<br />

shown in other open-air screenings throughout<br />

the country on the same date.<br />

The film, which is G-rated and in a<br />

Mayan dialect with English subtitles, won<br />

the Silver Venus award for best feature,<br />

the Americas award for best Latin American<br />

film, the Best Director award for Rolando<br />

Klein and the Special Jury award at<br />

the 1975 Festival of the Americas held in<br />

th-.; Virgin Islands.<br />

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Frank Lowry . . . Bill Cline<br />

Phone: (704) 377-9341<br />

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PIC Corporation 201 862-1880<br />

Pic Corporation. Linden, New Jersey 07036<br />

BOXOFFICE :: August 29. 1977 SE-3

. .<br />

Charlie<br />


yyOMPI news: Community service events<br />

during August included a social eveoms<br />

at Woodstock Park that was attended<br />

bv more than 100 handicapped teenagers<br />

and a similar party for elderly residents of<br />

the Florida Christian Health Center. Both<br />

parties included games and refreshments<br />

provided by the WOMPI hostesses ... A<br />

group of 20 WOMPI volunteers continued<br />

their support of educational TV station<br />

channel 7. by answering 20 telephones during<br />

a showing of -'South Pacific" in order<br />

to'help boost the station's membership drive<br />

Mrs. Estelle Greene, who is known as<br />

the WOMPI "randmother in the local media,<br />

is being cared for by WOMPI members<br />

during a stay in St. Luke's Hospital following<br />

a stroke.<br />

R. L. "Bob" Jones, local manager for<br />

ABC Florida State Theatres, reported that<br />

five of the circuit's ten local theatres had<br />

132 morning matinees for children from<br />

June 6 to Wednesday (17), which set records<br />

at the Regency I. Edgewood, Kingsley<br />

I. San Marco and Florida theatres. The<br />

Monday and Tuesday morning shows were<br />

co-sponsored by the Duval County School<br />

Board and the Wednesday shows were<br />

billed as public service attractions by the<br />

Florida Times-Union and the Journal,<br />

which contributed large newspaper advertisements<br />

four days each week. Attendance<br />

at the 132 matinees exceeded 50.000 children<br />

in addition to a substantial number of<br />

parents.<br />

Loews Names Manager<br />

For Madison Theatre<br />

NASHVILLE, TENN.— Kirby Jeffreys,<br />

who has been with Loews Theatres since<br />

1973, has been appointed manager of the<br />

circuit's Madison Theatre.<br />

Jeffreys joined the circuit as an assistant<br />

manager at Loews Crescent and Melrose<br />

theatres.<br />



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MABEN, INC.<br />

1980 N.W. 139th St., Opa Locka, Fla. 33054<br />

Phone: (305) 681-2021<br />

New England Film Industry<br />

Folks Hold Fun Day Picnic<br />

BOSTON—The New England Motion<br />

Picture Club unwound with a fun day picnic<br />

at Harry Browning's estate on Mystic<br />

Lake. The event was the culmination of<br />

hard work by chairman Ben Cammack,<br />

Universal, aided by Wendy Hess, Rita Keegan<br />

and Richard Myerson. Festivities got<br />

underway at 1 p.m. under sunny skies.<br />

While the youngsters quaffed soft drinks<br />

(known as tonic in New England) their<br />

elders sipped somewhat sturdier stuff. The<br />

usual outdoor menu of hot dogs, hamburgers,<br />

cake, watermelon, etc., was available<br />

to those who craved solid food.<br />

Evy Titleman, Gasper Urban, Jack Keegan<br />

and most of the small fry brought bathing<br />

suits and romped in the cool water while<br />

we less foresighted folks stood around and<br />

suffered. Evy also kept busy assisting the<br />

food service department, earning thanks<br />

from one and all.<br />

Even the flock of ducks patroling the<br />

lake got in on the act as a certain distributor<br />

(who shall remain nameless) threw two<br />

pieces of bread upon the waters. One duck,<br />

faster than the rest, outraced his feathered<br />

brethren and gobbled up both tidbits, reminding<br />

us of a certain exhibitor (who<br />

shall also remain nameless).<br />

Six of the more athletic types spent the<br />

entire day playing games—poker. At approximately<br />

five of the clock Ben, who had<br />

been on the go constantly, was forced to<br />

yield to a case of "the wearies" and Harry<br />

the host made several attempts to say farewell,<br />

some subtle and some otherwise, as<br />

he noted that he was due at his drive-in in<br />

Medford.<br />

When all was said and done, it was a relaxing<br />

and enjoyable outing and Ben, Harry<br />

and all who made it possible must be<br />

aware that their efforts were appreciated.<br />

Faces in the Fun<br />

Jim. Jeanne, John and Mark Engle with<br />

Jim in a "Star Wars" T-shirt , . . Joe, Helen<br />

and Kathy Leahy with Joe apologizing for<br />

not bringing Harold Levin along . .<br />

Jerry<br />

.<br />

Kravitz, Jay Sands in a "The Deep" T-<br />

shirt and telling everyone how he threw a<br />

frisbec about 100 yards into Joe Morana's<br />

lap (arc the "Pats" still looking for a backup<br />

quarterback?) Hoyt and<br />

.<br />

Anita Magee brought the glad tidings that<br />

Tarsisio Fava, one of their bookers, was<br />

married recently in Joe's presence, in New<br />

York . . . George Abbot, Gasper Urban's<br />

wife Blanche, Henry Neveau, Plainville<br />

D.l.<br />

Bob<br />

with Phil<br />

Rancatore and Bruce Quackenbush<br />

from Sunn Classic headquarters in Marblehead<br />

Ray Swank. 16mm distributor<br />

. . .<br />

from Braintree ... and th-th-that's all,<br />

folks.<br />

It's Comedy Night in Walertown<br />

WATERTOWN, MASS.—"Swiss Miss,"<br />

Laurel & Hardy comedy classic, plus Buster<br />

Keaton and Three Stooges shorts, were<br />

shown at the Watertown Public Library as<br />

a free attraction program.<br />

BOXOFFICE :; August 29. 1'

.<br />

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Key people in Distribution:<br />

1,151* distributors and sales executives, home office<br />

managers, bookers and publicity people<br />

Key people in Equipment:<br />

449* supply dealers, sales agents and executives<br />

Key people in Production:<br />

350* producers, directors, studio executives,<br />

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iblisher's Statement for 6 mos. ending Dec. 31, 1975<br />

August 29, 1977 SE-5

. . Don<br />

.<br />

/""J<br />

M I<br />

.<br />

3^iK and Alyce Weinstock just returned<br />

from a trip to Las Vegas. Alex reported<br />

that they are renaming the poker<br />

room of the MGM-Grand Casino after<br />

him and Bobbie Gallagher and<br />

iheir children left on Friday (5) for a two<br />

week vacation in Montana and Colorado.<br />

It's their first visit back home since moving<br />

h;re one year ago ... Jim Carey, Wometco<br />

Enterprises e.xecutive. and his wife Ruth are<br />

anxiously anticipating their Labor Day departure<br />

for Europe. They will be spending<br />

three glorious weeks drinking and eating<br />

their way across France. It is almost an annual<br />

event for the Careys.<br />

Happy anniversary to Manford and Berneice<br />

Pickrell who celebrated their 50th on<br />

•Saturday (6). Family members from all<br />

over the U.S. arrived in Orlando for the<br />

event including their son Pick, president of<br />

Carbons. Inc. ... On the same date Fred<br />

and Mary Anderson celebrated their 40th.<br />

Mary said it was lovely despite having to<br />

work that day. She is the manager of the<br />

Village Theatre in Hialeah where she says<br />

they have been filling the house with "The<br />

Rescuers."<br />

There has been standing-room-only business<br />

the Wurtzburg's Movies of Kendall,<br />

at which has been featuring "One on One."<br />

Martin Hornstein, the producer of the film,<br />

was in the area recently on a whirlwind<br />

publicity tour accompanied by G. D. Spradlin<br />

who plays the despicable coach of Western<br />

University in the summer feature, which<br />

also stars Robbie Benson and Annette<br />

OToole.<br />

Ted Freiwald has assumed the operation<br />

of the Ruskin Drive-In, Ruskin. Fla,, from<br />

the former owner Charles Utley.<br />

Bill<br />

Sanders, service engineer from Chris-<br />


Changeable<br />

Letters<br />

Hard ba1

Cash ¥low.<br />

In 180V America found herselt up<br />

Tlu- Mississippi, that is.<br />

\ aluablc goods were being produced in the<br />

Midwest, and the mights' Mississippi was our on<br />

link to the sea. But the outlet in New Orleans<br />

belonged to France.<br />

So President Jefferson sent agents to Paris u<br />

negotiate tor the addition of New Orleans.<br />

Surprisingly, Napoleon offered to sell<br />

entire Lx)uisiana Territory tor onlv<br />

$15,000,000.<br />

Thanks to Americans taking<br />

stock in their new country by<br />

buying over $11, 000,000 in<br />

gm'ernment securities, we made<br />

th<br />

. Stock<br />

i^^^nerica.<br />

the purchase. And doubled our si:e o\'ernight.<br />

Today, Americans still take stock in their<br />

country by buying U.S. Savings Bonds through<br />

the Payroll Savings Plan.<br />

They know there's no safer way to save for an<br />

education, \-acation or retirement. And they know<br />

that while they're helping themsel\-es, they're<br />

helping America, too.<br />

So buy U.S. Sa\'ings Bonds.<br />

And help ycKir cash tlcnv into saxings.<br />

K Bond.s pav 6% interest when<br />

hild to maturity of 5 years (4V2% the<br />

fir.st year) Interest is not subject to stati<br />

or local income taxes, and federal tax<br />

may be deferred until redemption.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: August 29. 1977

. . Pop<br />

. . "Looking<br />


Qii National Film Day, Monday (22),<br />

movie distributors and exhibitors coniiibtiied<br />

part of the day's boxoffice receipts<br />

to the American Film Institute. Andre<br />

Guttfrcund and Peter Werner were in town<br />

recently on pari of a ten-day tour to promote<br />

the event since they have an interest<br />

in the AFl— it paid for their Academy<br />

Award-winning film "In the Region of Ice."<br />

Gulf States Theatres hosted a reception for<br />

the filmmakers and for members of the<br />

press and this city's film exhibitors.<br />

The tragic passing of Elvis Presley<br />

brought the return of several of his films<br />

to local screens. The films were "That's the<br />

Way It Is" and "Elvis on Tour." Kenilworth<br />

Cinema II and "Clambake" and "Frankie<br />

and Johnny," Panorama.<br />

The Midway Drive-In, Lake Charles, La.,<br />

closed because of a recent fire that destroyed<br />

the snack bar and projection building.<br />

New titles on the marquees include: "The<br />

Last Remake of Beau Geste," Lakeside Cinema;<br />

"Empire of the Ants," four theatres,<br />

and "Kingdom of the Spiders."<br />

WOMPI news: At the first closed meeting<br />

this year delegates were selected for<br />

the International convention that will be<br />

held September 15-18 in Memphis. The<br />

delegates are Anna Power, president, and<br />

Marie Berglund, first vice-president. Joan<br />

Winstell and Catherine D'Alfonso were<br />

elected alternates. Other members planning<br />

to attend are: Eunice Peeples, Yvette Ogden,<br />

Imelda Giessinger, Gene Barnette,<br />

Earline Dupuis, Ruth Cook. Agnes Garcia<br />

and Lee Nickolaus, who is one of only two<br />

WOMPIs in the entire organization that has<br />

not missed a convention since the first one<br />


\7DReSTAURANTS..,<br />

brjng'em in, make'em happy,<br />


JIFFY<br />

FRANKS<br />

in 1953. Blanche Boyle from Dallas is the<br />

other holder of a perfect attendance record.<br />

Bernice Chauvin, social chairperson, and<br />

her committee have been busy working on<br />

plans for the annual "outgoing officer's party"<br />

that was scheduled for Sunday (28) at<br />

Bernice's camp in Little Woods.<br />

Yvette Ogden, financial chairperson, reported<br />

that her committee is in the process<br />

of compiling a cookbook, which consists of<br />

recipes that were donated by members and<br />

friends. Currently advertisements are being<br />

solicited to sponsor the project and anyone<br />

who wants a copy can place an order with<br />

any of the members. All proceeds will benefit<br />

the ABBE Nursing Home and the Hickory<br />

Heights retirement homes.<br />

News from the Byrne Watts Storey Agency:<br />

Luana Anders, who signed for an important<br />

role in Paramount's "Goin" South,"<br />

directed by and starring Jack Nicholson, is<br />

reunited with Nicholson for the fourth time<br />

cinematically. The three previous occasions<br />

were "The Missouri Breaks," "Easy Rider"<br />

and "The Last Detail" . . . Jack Warden,<br />

who was nominated for an Oscar when he<br />

co-starred with Warren Beatty in "Shampoo,"<br />

has been signed by Beatty for a starring<br />

role in "Heaven Can Wait," which is<br />

a Paramount film currently before the cameras<br />

in San Francisco that Beatty is producing,<br />

co-directing and starring in.<br />

When Agatha Christie's famed Belgian<br />

detective Hercule Poirot returns to the<br />

screen in Paramount's "Murder on the<br />

Nile," the actor portraying him will be twotime<br />

Oscar winner Peter Ustinov. Among<br />

the murder suspects he'll be questioning on<br />

a paddle-wheeler cruising on the Nile in<br />

the 1930's will be several other Oscar winners<br />

including Maggie Smith, Bette Davis<br />

and David Niven . recording star<br />

Yvonne Elliman who is currently scoring<br />

with her smash single of "Hello, Stranger"<br />

.<br />

next record two songs composed by the<br />

will<br />

Bee Gees for Paramount's disco-drenched<br />

musical "Saturday Night Fever," which<br />

stars John Travolta for Mr.<br />

Goodbar" is the third No. 1 bestseller that<br />

Richard Brooks has directed for the screen.<br />

The previous two were Robert Ruark's<br />

chiller "Something of Value" and Truman<br />

Capote's autopsy of American crime "In<br />

Cold Blood."<br />

Film to Help Raise<br />

Funds for Memorial<br />

MILWAUKEE—When Universal Pictures'<br />

"MacArthur" opvened at the Northtown<br />

and Southtown Theatres on Friday<br />

(5), color guard from the U. S. Army<br />

a<br />

made a presentation of colors immediately<br />

preceding the screening at 7:15 p.m. at<br />

the south-side house. The army also displayed<br />

a large, lighted exhibit of various<br />

combat and non-combat aspects of the military<br />

in the theatre's lobby. Army recruiters<br />

were on hand to distribute copies of General<br />

of the Army Douglas MacArthur's<br />

moving farewell address that he had delivered<br />

to the cadets at West Point. "Duty.<br />

Honor and Country."<br />

The Northtown Theatre also had an exhibit<br />

set up in its lobby devoted to medals<br />

and it contains every Army medal ever<br />

given from the Medal of Honor to campaign<br />

ribbons.<br />

A native of Milwaukee, MacArthur left<br />

his home here in 1898 to attend United<br />

States Military Academy, West Point. N.Y.<br />

Inasmuch as 1978 will mark the SOlh anniversary<br />

of his entry to West Point, the local<br />

War Memorial Corp. established a Mac-<br />

Arthur Memorial Committee which has announced<br />

plans to commemorate MacArthur<br />

in the following ways: to assemble a major<br />

MacArthur exhibit at the Milwaukee County<br />

Historical Society; to place a historical<br />

marker at MacArthur Square; to place a<br />

marker at the MacArthur family home site<br />

on Marshall Street; to prepare a booklet<br />

on the MacArthurs in Milwaukee; and to<br />

erect a statue of Gen. Douglas A. Mac-<br />

Arthur to be placed at MacArthur Square.<br />

The initial raising of funds for these<br />

memorials have been coordinated with the<br />

"MacArthur" film. A three foot-tall, bronze<br />

miniature of the MacArthur statue will be<br />

publicly displayed for the first time in the<br />

lobby of the Southtown Theatre throughout<br />

the exhibition of the film. The Marcus<br />

Theatres management has announced it<br />

shares the War Memorial Committee's enthusiasm<br />

in commemorating Gen. Douglas<br />

MacArthur. To help support these projects,<br />

envelopes will be available at the<br />

Southtown Theatre explaining the project<br />

and requesting patrons to forward their<br />

contribution to the War Memorial Corporation.<br />


. . Bob<br />

Frels Charts Luxury<br />

4-Plex in Victoria<br />

VICTORIA, TEX.— Alter 42 years of<br />

operation, the Uptown Theatre in the downtown<br />

section of Victoria is scheduled to<br />

give the Frels circuit 15 indoor screens and<br />

one underskyer. The company already has<br />

a fourplex in Victoria and a Spanish-language<br />

house, as well as its luxurious Salem<br />

6 multitheatre, which was unveiled May 19<br />

and currently is enjoying a highly successful<br />

run with "Star Wars" in Dolby sound.<br />

The new Uptown, according to Sides,<br />

very likely will have two auditoriums<br />

equipped for stereo, as well as a completely<br />

automated projection booth with platter<br />

systems. A novel and attractive feature of<br />

the yet-to-open quad will be a concession<br />

stand with a patented barbeque pit for cooking<br />

hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. This eatery<br />

will be available to walk-in trade and not<br />

confined to serving moviegoers exclusively.<br />

A large, glassed-in portico will be provided<br />

for the convenience of diners, many of<br />

whom probably will be members of the<br />

downtown business community.<br />

Sides stressed that<br />

stereo sound would be<br />

offered in the new Uptown, since it is a<br />

presentation plus for which Frel Theatres is<br />

well known. "Like the other multitheatres,<br />

the auditoriums probably will have Dolby<br />

sound systems," he commented.<br />

Will Rogers Fund Support<br />

DALLAS— In a letter to Texas theatre<br />

owners, NATO of Texas president Brandon<br />

Doak urged Texas theatres to support the<br />

industry's Will Rogers Hospital by conducting<br />

audience collections for one week's performances<br />

before school starts in late August.<br />

Doak stressed the importance of the<br />

hospital and called it a real fringe benefit<br />

since theatre employees and their families<br />

can receive the finest treatment available<br />

for pulmonary problems. He said theatre<br />

owners and managers should order the<br />

trailer and campaign kit from National<br />


^^ith siuns stating their sentiments, young<br />

and old alike joined forces Saturday<br />

(20) to protest the showing of two X-rated<br />

movies at the Westwcod Twin Theatres,<br />

which have become a member of the Pussy-<br />

Mann Theatres has sold the Central Park<br />

Fox Theatre 3 to Santikos Theatres Inc.<br />

John Evans has been named manager of the<br />

theatre complex. Ken Squier, director of<br />

operations for Santikos Theatres, Inc., with<br />

Tom Bridge, vice president and general<br />

manager and Ken Higgins, booker were on<br />

hand for the appointment of Evans and the<br />

takeover of the theatre by the new owners<br />

. . . Hollywood star Virginia Mayo is expected<br />

to purchase a ranch in the hill country<br />

near San Antonio to be near her daughter<br />

and son-in-law Mary and Kent Johnston<br />

who will move to San Antonio.<br />

A "Can-I-Do-It Girl" contest is being<br />

conducted by KBUC and the Century South<br />

Theatre in conjunction with the showing<br />

of "Can I Do It ... Til I Need Glasses?"<br />

Included among the prizes are an AM-FM<br />

clock radio, a dinner for two at the Royal<br />

Street Crossing Cape Restaurant and Pub, a<br />

gift certificate from Mary B's Boutique plus<br />





250 VoM<br />

h<br />

'"<br />

FUJeD<br />

I I<br />

mixnMsivt<br />

tfPtACE<br />

rusts<br />

IMSUAD Of<br />

tmiU TUBf<br />

^BKiMai»ggBB-lillHilNI-M<br />

west Six claims to he the only theatre with<br />

guts enough to play two Monty Python<br />

movies together, "Jabberwocky" and<br />

"Monty Python and the Holy Grail."<br />

Local theatres booked a number of Elvis<br />

shutter after the last showing September 1,<br />

Frels Theatres executive Bill Sides told cut Theatres of San Antonio. The films are<br />

Presley films for showing following the<br />

BoxoFFicE Tuesday (23).<br />

"Eruption" and the double bill of "Resiurection<br />

of Eve" and "Behind the Green San Pedro triple screen outdoor, the Trail<br />

sudden death of the singing star. At the<br />

The site, however, is not destined to become<br />

another dark monument to a glorious Door." Admission is $3.50, for military outdoor and the Valley Hi outdoor it was<br />

cinematic past. "We are making preparations<br />

now, finishing the blueprints, to start tres in the circuit includes Woodlawn I & west Six consisting of "Elvis on Tour" and<br />

with ID, $2.50 and couples $5. Other thea-<br />

"Tickle Me" and a double bill at the North-<br />

construction of the new Uptown October II and Josephine . Polunsky, whose "Elvis—That's the Way It Is" . . . The<br />

1," "The new Flicker Footnotes appears San Antonio<br />

"Monty Python<br />

in the Sides explained. facility will<br />

film Meets Light was in Hollywood attending a Fringe" will have its Texas premiere Sept.<br />

Beyond the<br />

be a quadplex with a total seating capacity<br />

300 of 1.200, with approximately seats press conference for "The Other Side of<br />

in<br />

I and 2 at Trinity University.<br />

each auditorium."<br />

Midnight" and an interview with Susan<br />

The addition of the quad, which tentatively<br />

Sarandon.<br />

Proceeds<br />

from the showing will go to muscular dystrophy.<br />

The film will be shown Sept. at<br />

1<br />

and and is slated for a June 1978 debut, will<br />

7 10 p.m., Sept. 2 at 3:30, 7 and<br />

10 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room of<br />

a trip to Hollywood and a featured role in and Northwest Six.<br />

a new, major motion picture . . . The North-<br />

Trinity's Coates Center. Admission will be<br />

75 cents . . . The San Antonio Film .Society<br />

will screen "Au Hasard Balthasar" by Robert<br />

Bresson, "The End of August at the<br />

Hotel Ozone" by Jan Schmidt at the Chapman<br />

Graduate Center of Trinity University.<br />

The midnight show at the Olmos includes<br />

"The Cool Cat Is Back." "Fritz the Cat,"<br />

"Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat": the KTFM-<br />

FM midnight show at the Northwest Six<br />

was "Fantastic Animation Festival,": "The<br />

Hills Have Eyes" was the attraction at midnight<br />

at the Town Twin while "Can I Do<br />

It ... Til I N2ed Glasses?" was featured at<br />

Century South Six . . . New film titles appearing<br />

here include "The Happy Hooker<br />

Goes To Washington" at the Cine Cinco<br />

and Movies 4; "Fantastic Animation Festival"<br />

at the Northwest Six, Century South<br />

Six and Cine Cinco; "Can I Do It . . . Til<br />

I Need Glasses?" at the Century South Six<br />


Screen Service and solicit the help of outside<br />

groups (Scouts, church groups, etc.) to<br />

help with passing collection cans. At driveins,<br />

Doak suggested that a pretty girl in<br />

shorts be stationed at drive-in entrances to<br />

pass the collection can while customer's<br />

cars are lined up waiting to buy tickets :ii<br />

the boxoffice.<br />

Robert Vaughn and Christopher Lee will<br />

star in "War of the Aliens."<br />




When you come to Waikiki,<br />

BlUtiSlCA'<br />

*-'°"'* ^^ ^^^ famous<br />


. . what<br />

. . "Rolling<br />

. . Industry<br />

LAS<br />

:^ Dallas fireman, Grady Moore, of 13017<br />

Vi-rdani Street. Kleburg, Texas 75145<br />

is the new owner of the Showcase Theatre,<br />

i.formerly the Showcase Cinema) in Balch<br />

Springs. Texas. Tel. 286-5790. Claudia Elliott.<br />

500 So. Ervay. Suite 603-B, Dallas,<br />

Tel. 744-3165 will do the booking. Confirmations<br />

and bids are to be sent to Claudia.<br />

Contracts and payments will come from<br />

Grady Moore.<br />

Mary Crump, Genevieve Koch and Jo<br />

Ellen Greenlee of the WOMPI Club visited<br />

the Big Town Nursing Home Wednesday<br />

(17) and took 240 tray-favors, (beautifully<br />

wrapped cones filled with hard candies) and<br />

a number of personal gifts to one of the<br />

patients, a former United Artists Corp.<br />

employee. Ila Sample. Visiting a nursing<br />

home where residents are living far away<br />

from their family and friends is a touching<br />

experience. Ila has no family in the Dallas<br />

area and the visit meant much to her. The<br />

tray-favors were well received by the other<br />

residents in this home.<br />

Beverly Foster, a new WOMPI member<br />

from 20th Century-Fox just returned from<br />

her vacation in Tennessee.<br />

Congratulations to Mozelle Jamison of<br />

United Artist Theatres, whose husband<br />

bought her a mobile home about eight weeks<br />

ago. After spending the weekends at Cedar<br />

Creek Bay area they have cleared out the<br />

brush, had ih; water and light connections<br />

turned on. so Mozelle could hardly wa't<br />

for the weekend of Saturday (20) to get<br />

down there in her new home on wh;els.<br />

She feels proud that he bought it in her<br />

name . a nice surprise gift.<br />

Velde at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New<br />

York. Wednesday (10). From Dallas there<br />

was Mr. and Mr?. John Rowley. Rowley<br />

is a member of the Board of Directors<br />

of the Will Rogers Memorial Foundation.<br />

Also, there was Brandon Doak, chairman of<br />

the reg'onal Will Rogers Memorial fundraising<br />

drive, Fred Mound and his daughter<br />

Carol. From Houston there was Charlie<br />

Paine and Bob Park. From San Antonio was<br />

Maurice Braha.<br />

Reports indicate great pride and satisfaction<br />

with the new Will Rogers Memorial<br />

plans and dedication services. Theatres<br />

throughout the country are asked to participate<br />

in the audience collection drive so<br />

all funds can be in before school starts in<br />

late<br />

August.<br />

The newly revived Windmill Dinner Thetre<br />

has been sold to Perry Cloud, owner of<br />

Granny's Dinner Theatre. Cloud is a successful<br />

innovator in the field who will seek<br />

to satiate Dallasites' thirst for "name" entertainers<br />

... "I Never Promised You a<br />

Rose Garden" at the Village, is labeled as<br />

a "sleeper" . pundits are puzzled<br />

by the failure of "New York, New<br />

York" and the success of "The Spy Who<br />

Loved Me."<br />

"Semi-Tough" with a host of Dallasites<br />

on screen got a sneak peek recently to generally<br />

positive comments . . . Localite Buddy<br />

Boren announced plans to film a semi-documentary<br />

on drag racing . . . Dallas may also<br />

serve as the site of "Semi-Tough's" world<br />

premiere according to filmmaker Michael<br />

Ritchie . Thunder" filmed in<br />

and around San Antonio is slated for October<br />

release.<br />

From what we can learn Texas was well John Special and Gary Sebastian are<br />

represented at the Will Rogers* Memorial working hard to make the Borzoi (named<br />

Fund SlOO-a-phite dinner, honoring James after Sebastian's dog. Veruska) a profitable<br />

operation with good films at prices the public<br />

can afford. Formerly the Capri which<br />

showed Spanish-language films before it<br />

lapsed into the so-called "adult market,"<br />

the Borzoi has been battling the stigma<br />

associated with its predecessor.<br />

Exhibitors, Distributors<br />

Facing Antitrust Charges<br />

HOUSTON—Tercar Theatre Company<br />

said Monday (15), in a suit filed against 12<br />

motion picture exhibition and distribution<br />

companies, that it has been pushed out of<br />

competition for superior first-run shows in<br />

the Houston area.<br />

The antitrust suit filed in federal court<br />

alleged that competing circuits have agreed<br />

among themselves to divide the first-run<br />

films and are aided in the conspiracy by<br />

distribution companies.<br />

The defendants use an unlawful system<br />

of bid-rigging to exclude Tercar, according<br />

to the suit which seeks $5 million in damages.<br />

It also said Tercar is prevented from<br />

screening new pictures along with other<br />

circuits.<br />

Cinema Del Norte Open in Laredo<br />

LAREDO—United Artists' Cinema Del<br />

Norte opened Friday (12) at Mall Del Norte.<br />

On the premiere bill were "Star Wars,"<br />

"Sorcerer," "The Bad News Bears in<br />

Breaking Training" and "Rocky." The new<br />

quadplex uses a boxoffice computer system<br />

that is a first for the UA circuit.<br />

BOOK Association<br />

Pinkston Sales & Service<br />


Complete Scdes Service or Repair<br />


Ed Cernosek<br />

2017 Young St.<br />

Dallas, Tex. 7520:<br />

R.W. (Pinky) Pinkston<br />

214-741-1637<br />

"Go Modern...For All Your Theatre Needs"<br />

^<br />

SALES & SERVICE, iKlC.<br />

"Co Modtrm . . . Efmifmnt, ^Supflia & Strrk^"<br />



patrons attending the showing of "Tentacles"<br />

at the Allen Center, Almeda 9<br />

Majestic OST, Northwest 4, Northwood<br />

East,<br />

6, Park 3, Shamrock 6. Soiilhway 6<br />

and Town & Country 6 indoors and Irvington,<br />

King Center 3, McLendon Triple.<br />

Parkway, Thunderbird 2 and Tidwell driveins<br />

are being given a miniature sea creature<br />

while the supply lasts . . . "Smokey" Robinson<br />

appeared live in concert in two shows<br />

on Wednesday (17) at the Majestic Metro.<br />

His movie "Big Time" was screened on the<br />

same program with tickets $6.50 per person.<br />

Tickets tor the capacity of the theatre<br />

were sold for the two shows held at 7 and<br />

10 p.m.<br />

Big Splashc!i in<br />

the Cinema was the theme<br />

for the final week of the ninth annual Alley<br />

Theatre simimer film festival. Tallulah<br />

Bankhead in Alfred Hitchcock's "Lifeboat"<br />

is to be shown Tuesday and Wednesday (30-<br />

31): Esther Williams. Peter Lawford and<br />



144 1/4 Pounder Per Case<br />

Shipping Wt. 32 lbs.<br />

$53.00 Per Case<br />

General Office and<br />

Dallas Warehouse<br />

2251 VANTAGE<br />

DALLAS, TEXAS 75207<br />

Phone<br />

Doilos QVi) 688-0021<br />

Houston (713) 681-0618<br />

Jimmy Durante in "On An Island With<br />

You" on Sept. and 2 and Jean Harlow.<br />

1<br />

Clark Gable, Rosalind Russell and Wallace<br />

Beery in "China Seas" on .Sept. 3 and 4.<br />

The Friday Midnight Sleaze series featured<br />

the showing of "Carry on Camping" on<br />

Sept. 2 . . . Cesar Romero ended his engagement<br />

at the Windmill Dinner Theatre<br />

in the stage production of "Never Get<br />

Smart with an Angel." The play was well<br />

attended by the many fans of the star.<br />

New titles appearing on local marquees<br />

include "Between the Lines" at the Galleria<br />

and Westwood; "Happy Hooker Goes to<br />

Washington" at the Tower, Woodlake and<br />

Clear Lake and "Stas and Nell" at the Village<br />

. . . The Rice Media Center screened<br />

"Ulysses;" the Jewish Commimity Center<br />

test presented "Captains Courageous" at<br />

Kaplan Theatre; in the Children's Series the<br />

Museum of Fine Arts presented "Ichabod<br />

and Mr. Todd" and "King Kong" in Brown<br />

Aud toriimi ... A number of drive-ins have<br />

a policy of free admission to youngsters<br />

tmder 12 when accompanied by their par-<br />

TEXAS<br />


1/4 POUND'R<br />

ents. i hese include the .Airline, king Center<br />

2, Parkway, Pasadena. Telephone Road<br />

2, Thunderbird 2. Tidwell and Town &<br />

Country.<br />

Houston's own Annette O'Toolc is being<br />

'<br />

seen in "One on One ciurently at the Almeda<br />

9 East, Shamrock 6, Festival 6, Northshore<br />

and Woodlake 3 . . . The Beatles have<br />

taken over screen number 2 at the Bijou<br />

Twin with "Yellow Submarine" and "Help!"<br />

being shown ... In a recent column Houston<br />

Post film writer Eric Gerber himnorously<br />

recalled some of his more difficult interviews<br />

from Ryan O'Neal to Ossie Davis.<br />


^he death of Elvis Presley brought a raft<br />

of calls to the United Artists' office to<br />

book any Presley picture that they had<br />

prints on. They had several of the MGM<br />

releases, but were booked up as fast as possible<br />

through August. This reminds us of<br />

the time when Will Rogers was killed in a<br />

plane accident. There was a great demand<br />

for the showing of his movies. They too,<br />

were big boxoffice.<br />

Peggy Leasure, UA staffer, attended a<br />

meeting of th; 15th district of lATSE<br />

and MPMO held in Muskogee recently.<br />

International president Walter DichI was<br />

present.<br />

Jerry Smith and his wife have returned<br />

from Denver, to make their home here. Jer-<br />

going into independent<br />

ry is<br />

film<br />

planning on<br />

distribution. He was a former MGM<br />

salesman.<br />

Jack Box, Universal manager in Denver<br />

(Continued on next page)<br />

COLOR or Black and White :<br />

IJJ II J.H.-I.III . IJ;yiHl<br />


.'r.wj.fa.i.MK.i.—......-i»..--^..»<br />

FOR<br />





3732 N. Shepherd<br />

Houston, Texas 77018<br />

Jim Mustard<br />

Your Total Equipment Dealer<br />

New anci Used Equipment — Complete Turn Key Jobs<br />

Sales — Service — Installations<br />


XZ.<br />

(713) 691-4379<br />

24 hrs — 7 days<br />

Jeannie Graham<br />

1702 Rusk-Houston, Texas 77003-713-654-1461<br />

ist—Dependable Service III Full Line of Concession Supplies &<br />

Your Complete Equip. EquI<br />

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& Supply House<br />

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Filmao^tudi<br />

'WE OFFER YOU^^^^^^^^^<br />

only the finest merchandise the market<br />

has to offer."<br />

"Your Complete Equipment House"<br />


628 West Grand Oklahomo City<br />

BOXOFFICE :: August 29. 1977 SW-3

...„ /0Af4 CITY<br />

(Continued fom preceding page)<br />

,\::d wife Lou were in to visit with children,<br />

grandchildren and friends.<br />

John Buffo, Liberty Theatre, Hartshorne,<br />

IS recuperating here at St. Anthony Hospital,<br />

alter open heart surgery. His wife Lou is<br />

staying here to give him comfort.<br />

George Gnibe. 14 Flags Drive-In is glad<br />

to be back, at his desk, taking care of advertising<br />

and bookings, after a trip to the<br />

Baptist<br />

hospital.<br />

Jerry Brewster and Jerry Malone. U.-^<br />

sales managers, made a trip to northeastern<br />

Oklahoma, to re-acquaint Malone with former<br />

customers. Malone had traveled this<br />

territory for Columbia pictures several years<br />

ago.<br />

In lo book and buy: George Grube, 14<br />

Flags Drive-In; Everett Mahoney. Guymon<br />

and Perryton; Phil and Jake Guiles, Continental<br />

Film Distributors, Dallas.<br />

There was a Pearl Harbor Navy Motion<br />

Picture Exchange get-together at Lake Tenkiller,<br />

when Ed Ray, former Warner Bros,<br />

office manager, George Friedel, and Jack<br />

Whelihan. former 20th Century-Fox salesman<br />

and Eddie Greggs. UA salesman, got<br />

together and reminisced about their duties<br />

distributing films during World War IL<br />

Hookers in a Frail Tale<br />

Of Goodnight-Loving Trail<br />

WACO— ESI Films of Waco has just<br />

completed location filming on a comedy<br />

western entitled "The Hooker Bunch." The<br />

film was shot entirely on location in southern<br />

Montana.<br />

Co-producers of the film, Zack and Mary<br />

Belcher, said it is a rollicking story of an old<br />

con artist and his three female companions<br />

as they work their way up the Goodnight-<br />

Loving cattle trail in 1885.<br />

The picture stars veteran actor Dub Taylor<br />

as Dr. Isiah Beauregard Hooker. He is<br />

supported in the picture by Buck Taylor,<br />

formerly Newly on "Gunsmoke." Also starring<br />

in the film is Otis Sistrunk, defensive<br />

lineman for the Oakland Raiders.<br />

Dr. Hooker's three companions on the<br />

trail are Gaetana Campbell, Danielle Hibbard<br />

and Linda Mann, all<br />

of Dallas.<br />

At one point in the film, "The Hooker<br />

Bunch" is ambushed by a group of drunk,<br />

inexperienced bandits led by Hollywood<br />

character actors John Chandler and John<br />

Furlong.<br />

"The Hooker Bunch" has the use of a<br />

traveling "entertainment center" while they<br />

work their way up the trail. A trick wagon<br />

was constructed for the picture which includes<br />

a dance stage complete with piano, a<br />

complete bar and a gambling casino.<br />

The Belchers say the film will be ready<br />

for release in late October or early November.<br />

It will probably be rated PG.<br />

New Wage Law Proposal<br />

NATO Write-in Target<br />

DALLAS—HR 3744 proposes to increase<br />

the Federal Minimum Wage from the<br />

present $2.30 to $2.65 per hour. It is before<br />

the House now and should be voted upon<br />

very soon.<br />

The NATO exemption attempt failed by<br />

one vote in the Labor Committee but it will<br />

be brought up again before the House.<br />

NATO urges all members to write their<br />

congressmen and senators and seek their<br />

support of a minimum wage category for<br />

employees under the age of 21 years. With<br />

all the teenage unemployment, the new<br />

minimum will further increase unemployment<br />

for young people since most exhibitors<br />

feel $2.65 is too high for teen help.<br />

Dallas Industrialist<br />

Enters Pay TV Market<br />

DALLAS—A by-lined story in the Dallas<br />

Times revealed that wealthy industrialist<br />

Clint Murchison has purchased a controlling<br />

interest in a New York-based pay TV equipment<br />

company and has filed with the Federal<br />

Communications Commission to operate<br />

in several major metropolitan markets.<br />

Subscription Television of America, a<br />

new Dallas company owned by Murchison<br />

already has an application filed in its behalf<br />

to operate in Dallas according to STA<br />

president Sam Price, who stated that a move<br />

is underway to get the greenlight for operations<br />

in other metropolitan areas.<br />

All Theatre Exhibitors Are Invited<br />

Southwestern Independent Theatre<br />

Exhibitors<br />

Association<br />

Meeting Wed. Sept. 7th, 10 a.m.<br />

at HOLIDAY INN — 4070 No. Central Expressway<br />


Tel. Area 214 — 827-0880<br />

Exhibitors from 7 States are invited . . . OKLAHOMA, TEXAS,<br />



IF<br />

you have not already signed up as a member of the<br />

S.W.I.T.E. Association . . . please become a member of<br />

this ACTION GROUP NOW!<br />





Heor President Tom Patterson of<br />

N.I.T.E. outline details of plans to assist independent theatre<br />

exhibitors and provide additional film product for Associated members.<br />

Southwestern Independent Theatre Exhibitors Association<br />

Post Office Box 30051 — Dallas, Texas 75230<br />

Telephone Area 214 - 361-5381<br />

Aucust 29. 1977

Ozoners Offer Plus<br />

To Economy-Minded<br />

DES MOINES—What kind of people go<br />

to drive-ins? People who don't want to dress<br />

up. people who balk at indoor theatre prices,<br />

people who can't afford baby-sitters, people<br />

who have trouble getting into theatre seats<br />

and outdoor freaks.<br />

Sure there are the unmarrieds who aren't<br />

worried about admission prices and who<br />

At an indoor theatre there is always the<br />

chance of sitting close to theatre critics and<br />

noisy children. Also, you can't prop up your<br />

feet, you can't smoke or drink beer, you<br />

can't make out with your date, and you can't<br />

talk to your friends. There is also a cost factor.<br />

Most drive-in admissions are $2.50 per<br />

person with children under 12 free, a policy<br />

long abandoned by traditional theatres. On<br />

the other hand indoor theatres cost $3.50 a<br />

head plus refreshments and cost of a babysitter,<br />

if necessary. At a drive-in many people<br />

come equipped with lawn chairs, coolers<br />

full of pop, beer, popcorn and candy from<br />

home.<br />

"We have many people who come to<br />

drive-ins saying that they can't go to the<br />

movies during the winter because they can't<br />

afford baby-sitters," says Blank. As for<br />

bringing small children to R-rated movies<br />

there usually is no problem. By the time the<br />

show starts, the kids have had some popcorn,<br />

watched the cartoons and are asleep<br />

in the back seat. "I come here so I can get<br />

some peace and quiet while the kids are<br />

up there," said Marilyn Cheek of Des<br />

Moines, whose daughter and a friend were<br />

watching "Jaws" from atop the quilt-draped<br />

car. "After a while, the kids poop out and<br />

I can watch the second feature." The quality<br />

of the picture is<br />

not necessarily important.<br />

Fewer Ozoners Now<br />

Despite their advantages the number of<br />

drive-ins nationwide has fallen from a high<br />

of almost 6,000 in the early '60's to about<br />

4,500 today. Skyrocketing land prices arc<br />

a factor. "I used to be able to go out, get a<br />

location outside the city, get ground at a<br />

reasonable price and build a theatre," Blank<br />

said. "But today land values have changed<br />

and it costs a lot more to build. Also, you<br />

can't use a drive-in for anything else." It<br />

lakes aboiU 15 acres for the average drivein.<br />

Long-time theatre owners were encouraged<br />

to sell their holdings to shopping mall<br />

and apartment complex developers. Despite<br />

the financial problems, many operators are<br />

struggling to keep alive the tradition long<br />

enjoyed by filmgocrs who like to smoke,<br />

eat, or neck while watching a show. The<br />

key, say today's operators, is to attract a<br />

full parking lot in order to offset high fixed<br />

costs such as property taxes. Robert Selig,<br />

chairman of the drive-in committee of the<br />

National Association of Theatre Owners<br />

says "Drive-ins are the great middle-American<br />

pastime. "Where else can families go<br />

films just don't pay for themselves."<br />

Baltimore Radio Station<br />

Working Film Promotions<br />

BALTIMORE—Motion picture companies<br />

are flocking to WLPL-FM for its promotional<br />

assistance in publicizing their summer<br />

releases.<br />

American International Pictures' "The<br />

Island of Dr. Moreau" received a great shot<br />

in the arm by WLPL. The station promoted<br />

the appearance of the Humanimal at the<br />

Baltimore Zoo. A member of the Adventures<br />

Group Agency, dressed in the himianimal<br />

costume, was caged at the zoo on a<br />

Sunday afternoon while Casey Jones,<br />

WLPL's midday radio personality, solicited<br />

donations for the Baltimore Zoo Animal<br />

Fund. Two-for-one admission passes were<br />

also given away with Humanimal T-shirts<br />

on WLPL's "Constant Contest." The station<br />

also staged a private screening of the film<br />

at the JF screening room.<br />

Ray Thompson & Associates gave 92FM<br />

a chance to promote the new 007 feature,<br />

"The Spy Who Loved Me" via an on-air<br />

James Bond trivia contest. Audience response<br />

was phenomenal, as this contest ran<br />

two weeks. United Artists Records tied into<br />

the promotion by supplying soundtracks to<br />

be given away with complimentary passes to<br />

see the film for all winners. United Artists<br />

was interested in promoting the new Carly<br />

Simon single, which is the featured song<br />

on the soundtrack.<br />

The Robert Kriger Advertising Agency<br />

has used WLPL's "Constant Contest" as a<br />

means of promoting the Paramount releases<br />

of "Sorcerer," "Bad News Bears in Breaking<br />

Training" and "Orca."<br />

Twin Cities Expect<br />

Fall Doldrums Early<br />

MINNEAPOLIS—Even with its first-run<br />

engagement "augmented" with competing<br />

dates, "Star Wars" at the Park Theatre<br />

continued to perform in leggy style, 310 in<br />

its 12th orbit and still flying high enough<br />

to lead the Barometer pack. As the summer<br />

play-time neared its end, only three multiples<br />

bowed . . . and "The Bad News Bears<br />

in baby-sitters<br />

don't have children need of<br />

in Breaking Training" was easily the strongest<br />

of these, hitting 235 in a three-screen<br />

but who find theatre seats aren't too cozy.<br />

for<br />

"Drive-ins have always had<br />

$5 and not have to<br />

a reputation<br />

pay for<br />

for<br />

parking, a spread. "The Teasers," exploitation fare,<br />

baby-sitter,<br />

being<br />

or a<br />

passion<br />

big<br />

pits." says Myron Blank,<br />

expensive<br />

president<br />

of<br />

dinner." Selig found a 125 across four screens. And "Final<br />

insists the<br />

Central States Theatre Corp. which<br />

economic appeal of drive-ins will Chapter—Walking Tall" in a six-house<br />

owns help<br />

four Des Moines<br />

them to<br />

drive-ins. "But<br />

overcome their current<br />

I'd<br />

slump. spread was in with a 1 15.<br />

say about 80% of our cars normally have<br />

That and maybe the fact that the industry "MacArthur" was marching along with<br />

is planning<br />

children.<br />

to unveil<br />

I don't think young couples have<br />

new equipment next fall a 270 in a second lap at the Cooper, but<br />

that will enable owners to show X-rated films other figures were trailing off with little<br />

to go to drive-ins, they have other places to<br />

go. According to a recent University of Minesota<br />

to customers in the theatre on a special con-<br />

product excitement in view. School starts<br />

survey, people who tainment screen that will<br />

go<br />

appear totally<br />

to drive-ins are<br />

blank early here this year, even before Labor Day.<br />

about ten years older than those who go to<br />

And so the dreaded early-fall doldrums<br />

to motorists outside. But, Blank says, the<br />

indoor theatres." Comfort seems to rate the<br />

highest priority in a recent check of Des<br />

screen is a "very expensive, elaborate thing,<br />

whether it will be profitable, I don't know."<br />

could arrive prematurely.<br />

(Average Is 100)<br />

Moines drive-ins. Most of them felt that the<br />

indoor theatres posed too many restrictions.<br />

He added that he doesn't think it will ever<br />

be in general use, although Selig said it has<br />

.270<br />

a future in theatres showing X-rated films.<br />

Why the need for X-rated films if the industry<br />

Perils of Hardtop<br />

Edina 1—Jabberwocky (SR) 3rd v.-k<br />

is so dedicated to the family? "Econom-<br />

wk<br />

11—Black Edincr and White in Color :AA1<br />

5th<br />

ics, naturally," Blank said. "Family-type

m<br />

VAUKEE<br />

NC-2 August 29. 197

photos. Don was interviewed by the reporters<br />

and quoted in the front page story as<br />

explaining how the mishap occurred. He<br />

said the two men heard the bridge give way<br />

and tried to get out of the way but did not<br />

have time.<br />

Don tells Boxoffich "We are now in the<br />

process of having our marquee sandblasted<br />

and painted, and we are giving ii and the<br />

neon a general facelift."<br />

80 actors recruited from the Neenah-<br />

Menasha area of Wisconsin were used in<br />

the two-week filming of an Occupational<br />

Safety and Health Act (OSHA) training film<br />

made in New Holstein. Completed by the<br />

first of August, the film is now being edited<br />

and will be ready for viewing by the end of<br />

November. It will be used primarily to train<br />

management personnel, union representatives<br />

and state and federal inspectors.<br />

Another in the periodic series of Baker<br />

Shoe Store display ads that look like movie<br />

ads and are run on the local theatrical page<br />

is the current one with its headline: "New<br />

Rope, New Rope." Its stars are listed as<br />

Liza Cushionelli and Robert De Neato with<br />

the accompanying message: "Get high on<br />

this sole story." Head drawings of the two<br />

stars are located at each end of an illustration<br />

of a shot possessing a very high, cushiony<br />

sole. "Daily 16.99' the ad announces<br />

and adds: "Now showing at the Bakers<br />

near you."<br />


pick Hayes, Dick Hayes Enterprises, has<br />

been hop-scotching the Midwest with<br />

one of the most attractive and delightful<br />

traveling companions imaginable: lovely<br />

Linda Wong, star of the "Jade Pussycat."<br />

During a promotional tour for her picture<br />

the pair spent July 27— 30 in Kansas City,<br />

Wednesday—Sunday (10-14) in Denver.<br />

Wednesday— Friday (17-19) in Davenport,<br />

and Saturday—Tuesday (20-23) at the 1536<br />

Theatre in Des Moines. Producer Dick Aldrich<br />

will join them their first day in Des<br />

Moines for an appearance at the theatre.<br />

Linda will continue her triumphant midwestern<br />

tour after her visit here.<br />

Central States reported several items of<br />

interest leading off with the good news that<br />

Gayle Gustafson of the hard top booking<br />

department has been promoted to assistant<br />

booker with Peggy Miller joining the organization<br />

as Gayle's successor as secretary<br />

ports that his wife Wilma is recovering nicel><br />

from nerve surgery at Mercy Hospital<br />

. . . Phyllis Patterson, purchasing, spent a<br />

week in Hudson, N.Y. enjoying a visit with<br />

her son and his family . . . Richard Ellenberger,<br />

a traveling auditor, retired Friday<br />

(19) which is good news for Richard but<br />

bad news for the company he has served<br />

so well and where he will be missed.<br />

Bill Dippert, erroneously listed as employed<br />

by Paramount is actually on the<br />

payroll at United Artists . . . UA"s division<br />

manager, Carl Olson, visited here Tuesday<br />

(16) and took off for Lincoln with Don<br />

Bloxham the following day to talk shop<br />

with Dubinsky and Brehm.<br />

Dennis Voy, Maquoketa and Harold<br />

Guyctte, Guy-Con, Kansas City, rounded<br />

out the list of visitors to the area.<br />


gteve Johnston, Sunn Classic Pictures<br />

branch manager here, reports that<br />

Mitchell, S.D., exhibitor Jeff Logan (Roxy.<br />

State Theatres) staged a benefit shoot on<br />

behalf of the Variety Heart Hospital here<br />

—and raised $1,000 in pledges . . . Meanwhile,<br />

Johnston is set with "The Lincoln<br />

Conspiracy," Sunn Classic's prime effort<br />

of the coming season. It will break October<br />

5 with 25 territorywide dates set.<br />

Ted Bolnick, former manager of the Hollywood<br />

and 5th Avenue Theatres. La Crosse,<br />

Wis., returned from California (where he's<br />

living in retirement) to visit old friends in<br />

the Badger city. Bolnick helped open the<br />

theatres in December of 1936—and was<br />

manager until September, 1944. "Admission<br />

was 35 cents in those days—and the theatres<br />

were filled," he recalled. (Today, tickets<br />

are $2.50.) Bolnick remembered that during<br />

the 1930s, his theatres had Bank Nights,<br />

"and I got cited once, not for not giving<br />

the money but for blocking the street. There<br />

were so many people lined up outside, the<br />

Greyhound bus couldn't get through!" These<br />

days, the 5th Avenue is the location of a<br />

community theatre, and the Hollywood is a<br />

Plitt theatre managed by Dave Teague.<br />

Tent No. 12, Variety of the Northwest,<br />

has set two September events. The 42nd<br />

annual golf tournament will be held (with<br />

the first annual tennis tourney) at the Minnesota<br />

Valley Golf Club September 9. Tennis<br />

starts at noon—and golfers may tee off<br />

any time between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Golfers<br />

arrange to play by calling Forrie Myers.<br />

Paramount branch chief, at 544-01 12, while<br />

tennis players set their times with Jim Wilson<br />

at 333-2281. And the 25th anniversary<br />

Stag Dinner will be held Sept. 15 at 7:30<br />

p.m. at the Calhoun Beach Athletic Club.<br />

Ben Bcrger at 333-6481 is dinner chairman.<br />

Filmrow visitors: Bud Woodard. Chief<br />

Theatre, Bemidji, Minn.; Jerry Hickcrson,<br />

Galaxy, Thief River Falls, Minn.; Jeff Logan,<br />

Roxy Theatre, Mitchell, S.D. . . .<br />

Frank Zanotti, Universal branch boss, is<br />

delighted with the performance thus far of<br />

"MacArthur." "It's doing very nicely in<br />

both of its Twin Cities dates," he says, "at<br />

the Cooper Theatre here and the Grandview<br />

in St. Paul."<br />

Jeff McBride, former Paramount branch<br />

manager here, who retired to St. Louis, is<br />

seriously ill and is hospitalized. Cards from<br />

his many friends in this territory would be<br />

greatly appreciated by McBride. For mailing<br />

details, contact Forrie Myers at the<br />

Paramount branch here at 544-0112.<br />

Wayne Peterson, Dell Theatre, Cottonwood,<br />

Minn., now retired, was a Filmrow<br />

caller, visiting his friends and swapping<br />

stories . . . "One<br />

on One"—in a multiple<br />

run in both Minneapolis and St. Paul— performed<br />

very well, and Warner Bros, kicked<br />

off the second week with full-page ads in<br />

both Minneapolis and St. Paul papers, a<br />

rare push for the second stanza of an engagement<br />

and for a picture not really rated<br />

a major release. The ads were stunners and<br />

were the talk of film folk in each city.<br />

Action and Mutual Renew<br />

Quebec Distribution Pact<br />

MONTREAL—The continuation of an<br />

exclusive distribution agreement between<br />

the production company Action Films and<br />

distributor Mutual Films was announced<br />

here recently. Upcoming Action Films<br />

product includes Alain Resnais' "Providence."<br />

starring Dirk Bogarde, John Gielgud,<br />

Ellen Burstyn and David Warner; "La<br />

Dentelliere," a film by Claude Goretta toplining<br />

Isabelle Huppert, and Yves Boisset's<br />

"Le Sheriff," starring Patrick Dewaere.<br />

In production for Action Films are Jean-<br />

Louis Bertucelli's "L'Imprecateur," "Reperages,"<br />

by Michel Soutter, which stars Jean-<br />

Louis Trintignant, Lea Massari and Delphine<br />

Seyrig, the new Jacques Deray film<br />

"Un Papillon sur L'Epaule (A Butterfly on<br />

My Shoulder)," starring Lino Ventura, and<br />

Francois Le Terrier's "Va Voir Papa,<br />

Maman Travaille" starring Marlene Jobert.<br />

. . . Earl Lehman, head of accounting, re-<br />

Dolby Stereo<br />

Factory Authorized Sales & Service<br />

C^c^Ci<br />

5f ic^^' ^ilC-<br />

P.O. Box 16036<br />

Minneapolis, Minn.<br />

(612) 339-4055<br />

August 29. 1977 NC-3

The only handicap to hiring us<br />

is not knowing where to find us.<br />

You won't find guys like us selling<br />

pencils on street corners. We're<br />

skilled, able-bodied workers. We're<br />

industrial designers. Salespeople.<br />

Secretaries. Managers. Accountants.<br />

Technicians. Blue collar and<br />

white collar.<br />

, ^<br />

Unfortunately, though, too many<br />

of us are unemployed.<br />

Andtheironyof it is, it snot that<br />

men and women like yourself don't<br />

want to hire us. It's simply that you<br />

don't know how to go about it.<br />

Every state in this country has a<br />

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.<br />

Its function is not only to ence and skills required.<br />

to be filled. The background, experi-<br />

evaluate a person's disabilities and He'll be more than happy to put<br />

to help him rehabilitate himself. you in touch with the right people<br />

But to help place him in a job that for your company or organization.<br />

allows him to fulfill his capabilities. People who will appreciate the opportunity<br />

to help your company<br />

If you are interested in tapping<br />

your state's supply of hard-working,<br />

capable men and women, write to<br />

your State Director of Vocational<br />

Rehabilitation. His office is located<br />

in your state capital.<br />

Tell him what kind of business<br />

you're in. What job openings need<br />

grow. Who wril work to their fullest<br />

potential. And help your company<br />

— and our nation — prosper.<br />

Write: Director, State Department<br />

of Vocational Rehabilitation at your<br />

state capitol.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: August 29. 1977

—<br />


J^ew World Pictures' "I Never Promised<br />

You a Rose Garden" premiered at the<br />

Dayton Mall Cinema Friday (12). All female<br />

patrons were given a red rose. The<br />

film opened at the Kenwood and Studio<br />

cinemas Wednesday (17).<br />

The premiere of 'Billy Jack Goes to<br />

Washington" was held at Midstales Theatres'<br />

Skywalk Cinema Tuesday (23). The<br />

premiere, which benefited the Campbell<br />

Lodge Home for Boys in Campbell County,<br />

Ky., was attended by several of the film's<br />

cast including: Tom Laughlin, the star and<br />

creator of the film; Laughlin's wife Delores<br />

Taylor and daughter Teresa; John Lawler,<br />

Dick Gautier, William Wellman jr. and<br />

Kathy Cronkite.<br />

Donna Bastillung and Ella Smith joined<br />

the acounting department at Midstate Theatres<br />

. . . Morris Hale, head booker at 20th<br />

Century-Fo,\, and his family vacationed<br />

in Florida for two weeks.<br />

Susan Schadler of Midstates' film department<br />

married Douglas Laws Sunday (7).<br />

They spent their honeymoon in Gatlinburg,<br />

Tenn.<br />

Wednesday (10), which marked the first<br />

round of softball tournaments for the Filmrow<br />

sluggers, turned out to be a calamityfilled<br />

day. A muddy and slick diamond<br />

helped cause four disabling injuries. Buena<br />

Vista's Jill Simminger broke her finger and<br />

National Screen Service's Debbie Thullen<br />

suffered a broken ankle. Tri-State's girls<br />

received more than their share of injuries<br />

when Rosie Boardman was hit in the eye<br />

with the ball and Tina Von Bokern suffered<br />

a severely sprained ankle that will require<br />

her to stay on crutches for several weeks.<br />

Production manager Joan Carson visited<br />

Phil Borack to check on locations for the<br />

filming of "Harper Valley PTA," which will<br />

be a 1978 release by April Fools Productions.<br />

"The Last Remake of Beau Geste"<br />

opened at the Showcase Springdale and<br />

Showcase Erlancer Fridav (19).<br />

Hite Named Warner Bros.<br />

Chicago Branch Manager<br />

CHICAGO—Terry Semel, executive vicepresident,<br />

general sales manager for Warner<br />

Bros.. Burbank, Calif., announced the<br />

appointment of Seymour Hite as Chicago<br />

branch manager, effective July 18. Hite<br />

previously served as sales manager in the<br />

Windy City.<br />

Semel said, "We feel Seymour Hite is an<br />

excellent executive and are pleased to have<br />

him in the key position he has assumed."<br />

Hite joined Warner Bros, in November<br />

1973 and previously had functioned for<br />

other film companies as branch manager<br />

in Milwaukee and Indianapolis and, for a<br />

period of time, as an assistant branch manager<br />

in the Chicago area.<br />

Capitol Theatre to Reopen<br />

Under New Management<br />

FLINT, MICH.—The Capitol Theatre,<br />

which has been closed since last fall, is lo<br />

reopen under the direction of its new manager<br />

George S. Farah who recently purchased<br />

the theatre and the building that<br />

houses it and about 30 other stores and<br />

Farah said that through offering firstrun<br />

films and live entertainment that is<br />

suitable for the entire family he hopws to<br />

make the theatre a focal point that will<br />

instigate the revitalization of the downtown<br />

area.<br />

Farah bid on undisclosed first-nm features<br />

for fall showings and is considering<br />

offering ethnic films in their native languages.<br />

He also may add international foods<br />

to the menu at the concession stand. Plans<br />

to convert the bowling alley in the building<br />

into a night club are also underway.<br />

Frank Marzonic will act as the "entertainmsnt<br />

counselor" and Farah will manage the<br />

theatre and continue to rent out the other<br />

stores and offices. Farah feels that there will<br />

be a great potential for the entertainment<br />

business in the downtown area when the<br />

University of Michigan riverfront campus<br />

and other projects are completed.<br />

Farah has hired the former Capitol employees<br />

and cleaned the theatre. The stage<br />

has been refinished and the lighting and<br />

projection equipment have been overhauled.<br />

The theatre was built in 1927 by the<br />

Capitol Theatre Building Co. who eventually<br />

leased it to Butterfield Theatres, Inc.. who<br />

operated it until last fall.<br />

Promotions for "Herowork"<br />

Discussed in Cleveland<br />

CLEVELAND— Paul Yeskel of International<br />

Harmony Productions traveled here<br />

to meet with Morrie Zryl of Selected Pictures<br />

to design a campaign for "Herowork,"<br />

which IHP is promoting.<br />

Yeskel also met with Mike Mooney of<br />

Academy Advertising regarding the "Fantastic<br />

Animation Festival."<br />

Political Era in Chicago<br />

Subject of New Film<br />

CHICAGO—The first feature length<br />

spoof of big-city politics to hit the screen<br />

in 25 years will take form this fall when<br />

the movie version of "The Election<br />

Chicago Style" is filmed in the Windy City<br />

for national distribution.<br />

Chicago Talking Pictures has acquired<br />

motion picture rights to the paperback of<br />

the same name written by a judge who took<br />

shelter under the alias of "Ward Heeler."<br />

The book has sold over 30,000 copies.<br />

The entire film will be shot in this area<br />

and a predominantly local cast with tvso<br />

stars will be used according to Alan Davis,<br />

who will serve as director, and Ray Saeger,<br />

company president. The production budget<br />

is $1,250,000.<br />

Chicago Talking Pictures previously concentrated<br />

on industrial and educational<br />

films.<br />

'MacArlhur' In Charge<br />

Of Cincinnati List<br />

CINCINNAII— It was a busy week for<br />

area boxoffice personnel as numerous films<br />

earned hefty grosses. "MacArthur" landed<br />

on area screens and ended up towering over<br />

the list with a mighty 1,000 mark for its<br />

debut week. "Star Wars" orbited close behind<br />

with an average of 950 for its llth<br />

week while newcomer "Smokey and the<br />

Bandit" stole a substantial share of patrons<br />

and ended the week with 800.<br />

Five -healr.- The Deep ' -:; v.,:<br />

Five theat;.-^ Oullaw Blues iWRi

I<br />

, jiied<br />

.<br />

-1<br />

\<br />

. . Newman<br />

^' '<br />

ELAND<br />

vas the "green man" respon-<br />

. r aiming summer into fall on<br />

! he Deer Hunter," which was<br />

in this area. He transported<br />

.i:. l)ags of leaves from Pittsburgh in<br />

oiuei U) give the scene the look and feel of<br />

aiiuiinr.. He also sprayed the trees suriOiindiny<br />

the St. Theodosius Cathedral with<br />

a chemical to temporarily defoliate them.<br />

Basso created forests for "Camelot." "Hello<br />

Dolly" and "The Island of Dr. Moreau."<br />

He is reputed to be able to convert a parking<br />

lot into Central Park.<br />

Five stage and screen personalities including<br />

Kitty Carlisle. Olivia de Havilland<br />

and producer Cheryl Crawford will lecture<br />

to the Play House Women's Committee this<br />

season. John Cairney. who has appeared<br />

with the Bristol Old Vic Theatre in Europe,<br />

and Robert Strane, the artistic director of<br />

the Asolo State Theatre, Sarasota, Fla., will<br />

also<br />

lecture.<br />

Ray Walston, an alumni of the Play<br />

House, will return this season for guest appearances<br />

in their productions. He has<br />

many film roles to his credit including "Silver<br />

Streak" and "The Sting." He will direct<br />

and act in this season's opening production<br />

COLOR or Black and White<br />

Tnnouncewent<br />

I3QS&<br />

FOR<br />






Filnnack -<br />


of Moliere's "The Learned Ladies."<br />

The Cleveland papers gave lengthy coverage<br />

to the activities of Paul Newman who<br />

is racing at Warren, Ohio. On a recent<br />

Sunday Newman raced in the Sports Car<br />

Club of America races at Nelson Ledges<br />

Road Course. Newman, who is a native of<br />

Shaker Heights and the defending SCCA<br />

D-Production champion, started that event<br />

from the pole in his TR-6, but finished in<br />

the llth place slot. In the B-Sedan event,<br />

Newman piloted a Datsun 510, but completed<br />

only three laps before blowing his<br />

engine . was seen dining on<br />

chicken and cans of Budweiser beer at the<br />

Mark Restaurant. Lakefront Airport. Newman<br />

also visited the Cleveland Clinic.<br />

Conscientious Mark Bladd, Detroit publicity<br />

director for United Artists, visited the<br />

area for two days to count heads at the<br />

promotional radio screening of "New York,<br />

New York" at the Village Theatre.<br />

Films for both young viewers and adults<br />

at area theatres are: "Star Wars," six theatres;<br />

"Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo," five<br />

theatres, and "The Rescuers," three theatres.<br />

Alfred Hitchcock's "Topaz," which stars<br />

John Forsythe and Karin Dor. was shown<br />

free Monday (22) at the public library auditorium.<br />

Bob Bruce, Buena Vista Cincinnati<br />

branch manager, visited the area.<br />

Margaret Ulmer Ezekiel, who was recently<br />

promoted to associate professor of<br />




When you come to Waikiki,<br />

theatre at Cleveland State University, died.<br />

She graduated from Northwestern University,<br />

received her masters from Yale University<br />

and earned her doctorate from Case<br />

Western Reserve University. She acted in<br />

many productions but her preference was<br />

the behind-the-scenes work.<br />

«-^-<br />

^^Vj7<br />

-jlii^H' don't miss the famous<br />

'HAWAII' ^on Ho Show. .<br />

.<br />

at<br />

J*?!^!^. Cinerama's Reef Towers Hotel.<br />


Let ASC repair or rebuild your sound heads, projectors, intermittents,<br />

lamp houses and other booth equipment, in our new and fully<br />

equipped repair facility.<br />

•Highest quality workmanship "Extremely competitive rates<br />

•Superfast turn-around •Outright exchange "Loaners 'Parts<br />

•All equipment test run<br />

Contact Turner Honea Shop manager 214-234-1458<br />

-<br />

214-234-3270<br />

ASC P.O. Box 5150 • Richardson, Texas 75080<br />



Witness Threatened<br />

In Adult Store Case<br />

HOUSTON—Adult book stores<br />

and theatres<br />

will continue to operate until the end<br />

of August when a federal judge says he will<br />

consider whether to permanently enjoin a<br />

city ordinance that would close most of the<br />

businesses here that sell adult books, films<br />

and magazines, it was reported by Jorjanna<br />

Price of the Houston Post.<br />

U.S. District Judge Ross Sterling, Friday<br />

recessed a hearing until Tuesday (30) and<br />

extended an order which temporarily restrains<br />

the city from enacting an ordinance<br />

that forbids adult commercial establishments<br />

to operate within 2,000 feet of a<br />

church, school or other educational or<br />

charitable<br />

institution.<br />

City Attorney Otis King said the city<br />

would abide by a previous agreement to<br />

forestall action against any adult commercial<br />

establishment not protected by Sterling's<br />

order.<br />

A group of adult bookstore and theatre<br />

operators won postponement of the ordinance,<br />

due to go into effect last week, after<br />

filing suit in federal court in opposition to<br />

the antipornography law.<br />

At Friday's hearing, a Spring Branch<br />

woman. Nancy Brinsdon, testified that two<br />

female leaders in the move to close adult<br />

establishments warned her to leave town<br />

and destroy a tape recording of an antipornography<br />

rally that Brinsdon said she had<br />

been asked to play at the hearing.<br />

Brinsdon said she was threatened by Beverly<br />

Heinrich and Geneva Kirk Brooks,<br />

outspoken opponents of adult bookstores<br />

and theatres. She said Heinrich told her to<br />

say she did not have the tape and to destroy<br />

it. Brooks suggested it would "be very convenient<br />

for me" to leave town, Brinsdon<br />

said.<br />

Heinrich. sitting in the back of the courtroom,<br />

shouted, "That's a lie." As she rose<br />

to leave. Sterling admonished her.<br />

Brinsdon said she also had received a<br />

telephone call from an unidentified man<br />

who said "I wouldn't make it to court with<br />

the tape." The hour-long tape, played over<br />

the objections of King, recorded the rt<br />

marks of four city councilmen, state and lo<br />

officials who spoke at a rally held by the<br />

cal<br />

Spring Branch Oaks Civic Center on June<br />

21. Clyde Woody, attorney for the book<br />

store and theatre owners, said he introduced<br />

Brinsdon's testimony to show harassment.<br />

Heinrich later denied she wanted the<br />

tape destroyed and charged that Brinsdon<br />

had committed perjury.<br />

Parking Lot in Theatre's Spot<br />

DES MOINES—History in the form of<br />

the venerable Galaxy theatre, met destiny<br />

in the shape of a wrecking ball, Po make<br />

room for progress in the configuration of<br />

a parking lot. The 64-year-old former RKO<br />

house was the last of this city's grand old<br />

cinemas. It was closed by its owner last<br />

April because of low attendance and will<br />

reopen,<br />

according to the contractor, as a parking<br />

lot.<br />

ME-2<br />

BOXOFFICE :: August 29, 1977

Give her love<br />

Give her a healthy start.<br />

She needs you to teach her good health habits now<br />

to reduce her risk of heart attacic and stroke later in life.<br />

Your Heart Association advises:<br />

Serve her foods low in saturated fats<br />

and cholesterol.<br />

Teach her not to begin smoking cigarettes.<br />

Help her maintain normal body weight and<br />

exercise regularly.<br />

Make regular medical check-ups a family routine.<br />

co,,ribu,.jb ,b r ki k<br />

Give Heart Fuiidrf^<br />

American Heart Association \!/<br />

BOXOFHCE :: August 29, 1977

3<br />

. . The<br />


h.;:'.i\n Theatres' operations in East Lansing.<br />

Ann Arbor and Benton Harbor<br />

imII be handled by Leon Hoofnagle. who<br />

.an be contacted at Mann Theatres. P. O.<br />

Box 10180. Kansas City. Mo, Phone number<br />

is 816-561-2920.<br />

well.<br />

Columbia Pictures presented "You Light<br />

Up My Life" at a special advance screening<br />

at the Towne Theatre Tuesday (23). The<br />

film with music comparable to "A Star Is<br />

Born" was billed as "intimate in nature,<br />

modest in budget, which captures the hearts<br />

of the moviegoing public—a film filled<br />

with emotion, warmth and love."<br />

The Detroit News letter box ran the following<br />

note from a reader. "I've seen a<br />

dozen current movies rated PG. No wonder<br />

we hear such foul language from children.<br />

I suggest PG be redefined as for liberal<br />

parents and grandparents only—and not be<br />

left to mean parental guidance."<br />

The tip-off column of the Free Press<br />

reported<br />

that the wife of teamsters president<br />

Frank Fitzsimmons will make her acting<br />

debut in the film "Now I Lay Me Down<br />

to Sleep." which is currently being shot in<br />

the Ann Arbor area. The movie is a fictionalized<br />

account of the slayings of seven<br />

coeds in that area from 1967-69.<br />

The filming of "The Betsy," a PG-rated<br />

film based on the novel by Harold Robbins<br />

that is planned for release next March by<br />

United Artists, has received extensive media<br />

coverage by local newspapers. Director Dan<br />

Petrie and the entire crew and cast related<br />

to a local paper that they "found Detroit<br />

to be a delightful experience and that goes<br />

for downtown Detroit as well. Wha^ is<br />

more. I plan to spread the positive word<br />

about your city, which is continually bad<br />

mouthed" ... On another front. Little Harry's<br />

Restaurant, which was used as a filming<br />

site, has added a drink called the "Bcl-<br />

We can handle it! —<br />

><br />

•^-•-"<br />

nteds ond<br />

')<br />

Coll:<br />



.^44-441<br />

213 Delaware Ave.<br />

P.O. Box 782<br />

Charleston, W. Va.<br />

25323<br />

sy" to its list. It is made of champagne, blue<br />

curacao and ice. The bartender has been<br />

getting requests to mix a blue drink for the<br />

extras . . . Larry Doss, president of New<br />

Detroit. Inc., and Fred Matthaei jr.. chairman<br />

of the company, were invited to meet<br />

actor Laurence Olivier upon his arrival at<br />

A Clark Theatre representative reported<br />

City Airport where a scene was filmed. The<br />

she plays opposite Richard Pryor and the<br />

gave away that they are the sole agents for Toledo<br />

station complimentary tickets to<br />

invitation was made in appreciation of their<br />

Cinema Systems, Inc.. which operates the<br />

highlight the opening of the film at the<br />

efforts and help in finding locations for<br />

Vine North in Toledo . Pantheon<br />

Hippodrome and Timonium drive-ins, Ray<br />

filming in the city and for helping to expedite<br />

Theatres. Toledo, will also be represented<br />

Thompson & Associates coordinated Ms.<br />

the shooting of the movie.<br />

by Clark Theatre Service. The new lessee<br />

Grier's promotional tour through Baltimore.<br />

Inc.,<br />

Scenes from the $5.5 million dollar movie<br />

were shot at the Metro Airport, Kings-<br />

and operator is Welcum Productions,<br />

2.^09 Warren St.. Toledo. The president<br />

WSID also has undertaken is<br />

a major promotional<br />

campaign with the AdVentures<br />

wood School, the Detroit Towers penthouse<br />

W. Charles Welch.<br />

and at several other local sites . . . One area Agency to hypo Smokey Robinson's first<br />

made Nate Levins of Levins Distributions, resident his apartment available for<br />

film, "Big Time." Smokey is the executive<br />

Southfield. is recovering from a severe hand<br />

producer, as well as the composer of the<br />

filming and even went to the expense of<br />

injury. Although<br />

Nate returned<br />

the latest features<br />

his hand<br />

to work<br />

are<br />

is still bandaged,<br />

and reported<br />

doing exceptionally<br />

that<br />

having a white rug dyed for almost $400.<br />

soundtrack music. "Big Time" stars Jayne<br />

However. the apartment management Kennedy and Christopher Joy, who did an<br />

thought that the filming would be "too disruptive."<br />

As a result the disgruntled apartment<br />

dweller left his $500 a month apartment<br />

with the gripe that he felt the management<br />

refused to help the company make<br />

a positive movie about Detroit.<br />

The Studio 4 Theatre in Birmingham,<br />

which has been dark since May 1 1 when<br />

the police ordered it not to open without<br />

a license, has apparently closed. Since the<br />

marquee, which once read "opening soon<br />

for mature audiences." is now bare, the<br />

residents will not have to worry for a while<br />

at least about having X-rated movies in<br />

their downtown area.<br />

The Corn Corner of the Detroit News<br />

printed the following item on Thursday<br />

(18). "Bill Kreifeldt overheard the desk man<br />

at Howard Johnsons in downtown Detroit<br />

receive a complaint from a guest about an<br />

R-rated movie 'The Sailor Who Fell from<br />

Grace with the Sea." 'You shouldn't be<br />

showing that movie on TV. It's all about<br />

sex and my children are seeing it all.' she<br />

said. 'How long have you been watching<br />

it?', inquired the man. 'About an hour or<br />

so,' she said. That's life."<br />

'Rituals' Applauded<br />

At World Premiere<br />

SAULT STE. MARIE, ONT.—The motion<br />

picture "Rituals," $600,000 suspense<br />

picture filmed north of here approximately<br />

a year ago, received an enthusiastic reception<br />

from a capacity audience at its recent<br />

world premiere in this city. "Rituals" is the<br />

story of five doctors who take their annual<br />

vacations together. During their adventure in<br />

the wilderness, the men find themselves individually<br />

menaced by an unknown terror.<br />

American Hal Holbrook, who played the<br />

lead role in the film, attended the premiere.<br />

"Rituals" was produced by Larry Dane.<br />

with Peter Carter directing. The picture was<br />

financed by Astral-Bellevue-Pathe-Canart<br />

Films of Toronto, with additional funding<br />

provided by the Canadian Film Development<br />

Corp, and Famous Players.<br />

WSID Steps Up Promotion<br />

Of Black-Oriented Films<br />

BALTIMORE—WSID-AM, this city's<br />

very popular black station, recently has<br />

been involved in promoting new black-oriented<br />

films in Charm City.<br />

Pam Grier stopped by the station to appear<br />

on the Bob Greene show to discuss her<br />

new starrer. "Greased Lightning," in which<br />

interview with WSID's morning personality<br />

Harry Boomer.<br />

Additionally, the station is giving away<br />

T-shirts<br />

and soundtrack albums to ballyhoo<br />

the film. Four of the lucky winners in a<br />

contest staged by WSID were slated to be<br />

chauffered in a limousine to join Harry,<br />

Smokey, Jayne and Christopher for dinner<br />

at the Chesapeake Restaurant. They also<br />

were to attend Robinson's live concert and<br />

the Baltimore premiere of "Big Time" at the<br />

Hippodrome Theatre Thursday (11).<br />

Peep Show Proprietor In<br />

Plea Pictures Peekable<br />

BALTIMORE—A total of 1 1 peep show<br />

films have been submitted to the city circuit<br />

court by the state attorney general after the<br />

state board of censors refused to license<br />

them on the grounds that they were obscene.<br />

The films were listed in a suit filed<br />

by the state against Anthony J. Varano of<br />

Diversified Investment Corp., Ltd. Monday<br />

(1).<br />

Under Maryland law, the court is required<br />

to set a hearing date and view the films<br />

promptly. If the court concurs with the censors'<br />

findings the peeps can be banned from<br />

exhibition in the coin-operated projectors<br />

usually found in<br />

adult bookstores.<br />

F. Todd Taylor jr.. an assistant attorney<br />

general, stated in the suit that the board<br />

turned thumbs down on the pictures in an<br />

order dated July 29. The 200-foot-long<br />

films are usually shown in 25 cent segments.<br />

The state law has long required that<br />

all films shown commercially, including<br />

those viewed on coin-operated machines,<br />

must be screened and approved by the censor<br />

board prior to exhibition.<br />

In a board-approved film the explicit<br />

sexual activity associated with the peepers<br />

would have to be blacked out which might<br />

discourage potential peep show peckers.<br />

Operators face a fine, under this law, should<br />

they show films that do not have the approval<br />

of the state regulatory agency.<br />

Warner Bros, will distribute "War of the<br />

Aliens."<br />

ME-4<br />

August 29, 1977

Hub Circuit Leaders<br />

Laud Summer Records<br />

BOSTON—Film business in Boston is<br />

hitting high marks and exhibitors are experiencing<br />

the best summer in 25 years.<br />

Bigger pictures, bigger prices and bigger<br />

grosses are the order of the day. Factors<br />

include the elimination of smaller houses,<br />

concentration of product with the same<br />

picture playing two or more houses simultaneously,<br />

perimeter breaks and moveovers<br />

of films from house to house possible only<br />

in large circuits. Another factor is this summer's<br />

elimination of art houses and reissue<br />

houses in downtown Boston. The heads of<br />

the two biggest circuits based in Boston.<br />

Sack Theatres and General Cinema agree<br />

that this summer's business, paced by "Star<br />

Wars" has been phenomenal.<br />

This week finds exhibition moving right<br />

along with two new big entries: "Outrage-<br />

ous!" which is high above average. 225 at<br />

the Orson Welles I and "Final Chapter-<br />

Walking Tall." 300 at the Gary.<br />

(Average Is 100)<br />

Beacon Hill—One on One (WB), 2nd wk _ 130<br />

II, Charles Chestnut Hill I—Morch or Die (Col),<br />

2Tid wk 90<br />

Cheri I—I Never Promised You a Rose Garden<br />

(New World), 2nd wk 300<br />

Chen II. Chestnut Hill Il-Bad News Bears in<br />

Breaking Training (Para), 4th wk 75<br />

Cheri III—The Last Remake of Beau Geste<br />

(Univ), 6th wk - 130<br />

Cinema 57 I, Circle Cii<br />

(Univ), 3rd wk<br />

Cmema 57 II—New York. New York (UA),<br />

8th wk<br />

.175<br />

Exeter—Black and White in Color (AA),<br />

5th wk liiU<br />

Gary—Final Chapter—Walking Tall (AlP) 300<br />

Orson Welles 1— Outrageousl (SR) 225<br />

Pi Alley, Savoy I—The Spy Who Loved Me (UA),<br />

3rd wk -..-600<br />

Lightning (WB), 2nd wk 300<br />

Thr the s—Star Wars (20th-Fox 12lh<br />

Old Record Breaker Repels<br />

Challengers in New Haven<br />

NEW HAVEN—Three newcomers, brisk<br />

grossers all, failed to outpace the season's<br />

champion figure-setter, 20th Century-Fox's<br />

"Star Wars" (an unprecedented 400 for its<br />

sixth week, auditorium five. Redstone<br />

Showcase 5). Universal's "MacArthur"<br />

chalked up 275. auditorium one, same plex.<br />

Columbia's "March or Die," auditorium<br />

two, RKO-Stanley Warner Cinemart 2, and<br />

auditorium one. General Cinema Corp. Milford<br />

II. registered 250. And 20th-Fox's<br />

"Thunder and Lightning" (double-bill). Milford<br />

Drive-In. hit 175.<br />

Cine I, North Haven—Smokey and the Bandit<br />

(Univ) 2nd wk

BOSTON<br />

yA iinudson, vice-president of advertising<br />

and publicity at Redstone Theatres.<br />

be hard to live with after a glamor<br />

»>ill<br />

-Tuise of Europe. On his three-week hiatus.<br />

Ed visited Great Britain, Denmark. Sweden.<br />

Norway and Russia ... A belated, but<br />

nonetheless sincere, "Happy Birthday" to<br />

Redstone's Alan Naglin, assistant director<br />

of advertising and a two-and-a-half year<br />

veteran.<br />

NFB Film Distributors office staff gave<br />

a warm welcome to pert and purty Barbara<br />

Hurlberl who is heading up the billing department.<br />

Barbara lives in Franklin and was<br />

with the Foxboro Co. before she came to<br />

NFB . . . Harvey Appell and Paul Peterson,<br />

also NFB. announced that their new<br />

release "The First Nudie Musical" is rated<br />

"R" and will open in September at Sonny<br />

and Eddy's Allston Cinema.<br />

i<br />

I<br />


SCREEN<br />

41 ft. Height<br />

91 ft. Width<br />



Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, N.H..<br />

where he watched the National Tennis<br />

Championships.<br />

Richard Myerson and David Landau<br />

proudly announce the formation of Regal<br />

Films Distributing Co., Inc., 46 Church<br />

St.. Boston. Two of their new releases.<br />

"Mystery of the Gods" starring William<br />

Shatner. rated "G," and "The Lion Who<br />

Thought He Was People" also rated "G."<br />

will be out this fall.<br />

Bruce Gildstein and Monty Rome of the<br />

Metro Provincetown continue to do the<br />

unusual in promotions. Recently they<br />

booked the original "Phantom of the Opera"<br />

with Lon Chaney for showing at the stroke<br />

of midnight accompanied by Lee Irwin, the<br />

world famous master of the theatre organ,<br />

in person at the Conn console. Irwin got a<br />

standing ovation after each performance<br />

and business increased with each succeed-<br />

. . .<br />

. .<br />

Walter Dyer, sales manager at Universal,<br />

was at<br />

for of radio<br />

the uninitiated) now living in Westbrook<br />

soap operas, played regularly on the<br />

and has generally week-ended there the past<br />

Arthur Godfrey show and is often heard<br />

few years. He's an ardent golfer (and not too<br />

at the Carnegie Hall Cinema in<br />

shabby on the links, either). He<br />

New York.<br />

played in a<br />

member-guest tourney over the weekend<br />

Under Personals in the Boston" papers,<br />

of<br />

ing show. The<br />

NBC console<br />

TV<br />

master organist<br />

hundreds<br />

the<br />

and<br />

is a "Mainiac" (State of Maine native, to<br />

August 6-7. with his twosome copping low<br />

net honors with a tidy 59. That Sunday.<br />

the following ad:<br />

"Wanted! Former members of the French<br />

Walter went around in 63 to walk off with<br />

individual low net honors. Look out Tommy<br />

Foreign<br />

to take<br />

Legion,<br />

part in<br />

officers<br />

the opening<br />

or enlisted<br />

of Columbia<br />

men.<br />

Watson.<br />

Pictures' spectacular adventure 'March or<br />

Die" Please contact John Marklc. Columbia<br />

Advance notice to all in the film district<br />

8980."<br />

Pictures. Telephone (617) 426-<br />

that the New England Motion Picture Club<br />

Markle. publicity chief at Columbia,<br />

will hold their annual luncheon at Nick's<br />

placed the ad as part of a widespread campaign<br />

Restaurant. October 14, is hereby issued<br />

to drum up interest in the film which<br />

. Genial Solly Simons, Columbia sales<br />

representative (retired) and now a perennial opened Friday (12) at the Sack Charles<br />

vacationer was on Church Street gladhanding<br />

Cinema and five shopping center houses.<br />

old friends and regaling them with the Within<br />

details of his two-week stay at the Mount<br />

24 hours, according to John, he<br />

was beseiged with responses to the ad.<br />

Technical Advice Sought<br />

From Woods Hole Institute<br />

WOODS HOLE, MASS.—The Woods<br />

Hole Oceanographic Institute has been approached<br />

by two documentary film companies<br />

for advice on technical problems involved<br />

in location-shooting on a story about<br />

finding and photographing the Titanic, according<br />

to published reports.<br />

An institute spokesman has now remarked<br />

that an institute scientist (Robert Ballard)<br />

had been approached by the film companies,<br />

neither identified.<br />

"It's still in the talking stage." the spokesman<br />

added, "and nothing would be done<br />

until 1979."<br />

Marian Mack Will Attend<br />

Buster Keaton Film Fest<br />

CAMBRIDGE—J. D. Pollack, manager<br />

of the Orson Welles Cinema here, announced<br />

that a Buster Keaton Retrospective is<br />

planned for September 28-Novcmber I. The<br />

event, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of<br />

Keaton's classic "The General." will be<br />

highlighted by a visit from his leading lady<br />

in the film. Marian Mack.<br />

Miss Mack will be in town for two days<br />

of receptions and interviews. The retrospective<br />

will serve as this year's annual, fall<br />

comedy series offering and will present the<br />

following Keaton features and two-reelers:<br />

"The General," "Sherlock, Jr.,"" "Battling<br />

Butler," "Neighbors,"' "Playhouse," "Our<br />

Hospitality," "Coney Island."' "The Scarecrow,"<br />

"Steamboat Bill Jr.," "College,"<br />

"The Butcher Boy,"' "The High Sign," "Go<br />

West," "The Blacksmith," "The Haunted<br />

House," "The Navigator," "The Saphead,"<br />

"Seven Chances," "The Pale Face," "Good<br />

Night Nurse," "Cops,"" "The Cameraman,"<br />

"One Week," "Sunset Boulevard," "Tlie<br />

Boar."' "Daydreams" and "Backstage."<br />

Capitol Theatre Annex Doomed<br />

NEW LONDON. CONN.—The New<br />

London Redevelopment Agency has been<br />

given City Council authority to demolish<br />

the Capitol Theatre annex. The theatre itself,<br />

once part of M&P Theatres and later<br />

operated by American Theatre Corp., has<br />

been shuttered in recent years: it was a<br />

long-time eastern Connecticut premiere site<br />

for Paramount Pictures.<br />


— Connecticut—<br />

Parmalee Hills Productions Inc.. Wallace<br />

Parmalee Hill Rd.. Newtown 06470; Art<br />

Wallace, president-treasurer; Carole Wallace,<br />

vice president-secretary.<br />

Ocean State Twin Bill Admission<br />

PROVIDENCE—The one-time Loews<br />

State, now called the Ocean State Theatre,<br />

has adopted a double-feature policy, charging<br />

$2 admission. Bulk of area cinemas<br />

operate on a single-feature plan.<br />

(Cost $25,000)<br />

Make an offer<br />

Route 9, Hadley, Mass. I<br />

(413) 665-2518<br />

|<br />





When you come to Waikiki,<br />

glUgjIHUHl<br />

.<br />

[5^J]]<br />

^f«r^<br />

don't miss the famous<br />

Don Ho Show. . at<br />

isorasj Cinerama's Reef Towers Hotel.<br />


NE-2 August 29. 1977

I chairman<br />

. .<br />


J^Morney James H. Shulnian, 31. ol the<br />

Shulmun exhibition family, has entered<br />

the political wars, as predicted earlier in<br />

BoxoFFicE. A partner in the Hartford law<br />

firm of Ribicoff & Kotkin. he has been<br />

nominated by the Democratic party in West<br />

Hartford to run for the Board of Education<br />

in November. His father Maurice W. Schulman;<br />

uncle. Joseph L. Shulman; and grandfather.<br />

Max Shulman. (all deceased) were<br />

in exhibition, and his uncle. Albert H.<br />

Shulman. is still in the industry in Connecticut.<br />

WHNB-TV, the NBC affiliate, has<br />

mounted a sizable promotion effort for a<br />

continuing Sunday morning (7:30 starting<br />

time) "Advenline Theatre" feature film<br />

series comprised of vintage Warner Bros,<br />

product, titles including "Silver River" (Errol<br />

Flynn, Ann Sheridan); "Captains of the<br />

Clouds" (James Cagney. Dennis Morgan);<br />

"The Adventures of Robin Hood" (Flynn<br />

and Olivia deHavilland). among others.<br />

The Roger's Comer Drive-In. Pleasant<br />

Valley, had a Friday and Saturday drawing<br />

for two sets of tickets to Hartford Civic<br />

Center boxing; on the screen were United<br />

Artists' "Rocky" (which has a boxing<br />

theme, of course) and "From Noon Till<br />

Three."<br />

William R. Daltoii, lifelong concert organist,<br />

died recently at his Hartford home.<br />

His theatre ties included status as featured<br />

organist and associate conductor for a 50-<br />

piece orchestra at Loews Ohio. Columbus,<br />

and stints at New York's Radio City Music<br />

Hall, among other showplaccs.<br />

Westporter Paul Newman, a veteran<br />

sports-car racing driver, entered the tougher<br />

world of stock-car driving for a day. renting<br />

the Stafford Speedway to see what it would<br />

be like to drive a modified stock car. The<br />

day's events were given considerable media<br />

coverage across Connecticut.<br />

The Greater Hartford Community College<br />

introduces its fall/spring Friday night<br />

free film series September 23 with "Small<br />

Change." Since some of the titles are not<br />

"G" rated, the college is emphasizing in<br />

publicity releases: "All persons wishing to<br />

attend the films may be asked to provide<br />

proof of majority (college ID. driver's license,<br />

majority card, et al)."<br />

The Sampson & Spodick Grolon and<br />

Norwich Cinemas 2 (auditorium two at<br />

both theatres) advertised. "It's A Smash<br />

Hit!" with playdale of Buena Vista's "Herbie<br />

Goes to Monte Carlo."<br />

Bigger Meal Tax Bite Planned<br />

HARTFORD—The possibility of new<br />

taxes on meals of less than $1. a move<br />

expected to generate $15-million annual<br />

state revenue, has been recommended for<br />

Connecticut state legislative attention.<br />

State Rep. Gardner E. Wright (D-Bristol).<br />

of the finance committee, would<br />

apply the existing 7-per cent sales tax to<br />

meals under $1.<br />

Woodward's TV Film Earns<br />

Mass. Film Bureau Kudos<br />

BOSJON~A major. made-for-TV. film<br />

starring Joanne Woodward, is to be shot in<br />

the Bay State, the newly formed Massachusetts<br />

Film Bureau reported. The film will<br />

be made by Projections Unlimited which<br />

is owned by Woodward's husband, actor<br />

Paul Newman and George England, who<br />

is also the producer.<br />

Woodward is cast as the divorced mother<br />

of two, living in Boston, who decides to<br />

attempt the internationally renowned Boston<br />

Athletic Association Marathon. The 26-<br />

mile. 385-yard event draws runners from<br />

all over the world every Patriot's Day. During<br />

this year's running, last April, Newman<br />

got some shots of his wife chugging the<br />

long road from Hopkinton to Boston.<br />

Lensing is slated to begin in the Boston<br />

area September 19 and continue for a<br />

month. The entire film, interior shots as<br />

well as exterior, is to be produced in the<br />

state. Lt. Gov. Thomas P. O'Neill III and<br />

John J. Marino, state commerce commissioner,<br />

praised this aspect of the film as<br />

they pointed out that most filmmakers take<br />

their work to New York or California<br />

studios for the inside shots.<br />

Richard Heffron. with a long and impressive<br />

list of TV shows to his credit is<br />

the director. The high caliber of the cast<br />

and crew also drew words of approbation<br />

from Marino as a key to attracting more<br />

such ventures to the state. Economics, of<br />

course, is the prime mover in such undertakings<br />

and motion pictures bring dollars<br />

into the state and provide a boost for tourism.<br />

Marino added.<br />

The film bureau was formed by Marino<br />

to attract filmmakers to the area and it<br />

is headed by Jack McGlyn, director and<br />

his assistant. Patricia Barry, both of whom<br />

have assured the production company of<br />

the fullest across-the-board support before<br />

and during the shooting.<br />


^^arners Bros.' "Greased Lightning" had<br />

its New Hampshire premiere, day-anddate<br />

at the Movie Center. Hookset; Hookset's<br />

Skyray Drive-In and the Nashua<br />

Drive-In.<br />

The state cannot set fair tax rates lor its<br />

local communities imtil the state legislature<br />

acts in October on a state budget. Revenue<br />

Administration Commissioner Lloyd Price<br />

said last week. He added that New Hampshire<br />

programs for $43-million in local aid<br />

could change, thus upsetting any tax rates<br />

set now.<br />

Star to Make Horse Show Awards<br />

WENHAM. MASS. — Actress Tatum<br />

O'Neal and actor Anthony Hopkins, who<br />

have been on location in England for MGM-<br />

United Artists' "International Velvet." are<br />

to participate in the Ledyard Farms International<br />

Horse Trials here in October. The<br />

players are to award trophies.<br />


JJcw titles on Western Massachusetts marquees:<br />

Columbia's "March or Die."<br />

Warner Bros." "One on One," AIP's "The<br />

Island of Dr. Moreau." United Artists' "The<br />

Spy Who Loved Me." Universal's "The<br />

Last Remake of Beau Geste." and 20th<br />

Century-Fox's "Thunder and Lightning."<br />

The Air-Line Drive-In, Chicopee, is continuing<br />

its Monday and Tuesday "Date<br />

Nile" plan, ads asserting, "Bring Your<br />

Date Tonight—You Pay Regular Admission<br />

and Your Date Is Free!"<br />

General Cinema Corp.'s Eastfield Mall<br />

Cinemas 2 participated in sizable promotion,<br />

including use of cooperative newspaper<br />

advertising, by mall businesses welcoming<br />

the J.C. Penney Co. department store<br />

chain to the shopping center. Ads were<br />

captioned. "You'll find Big Values throughout<br />

the mall during The Big Celebration!"<br />

The Morning Union is now including<br />

Motion Picture Ass'n of America (MPAA)<br />

ratings after each title listed in its daily<br />

amusement pages "Movie Timetable."<br />

Newhouse News Service entertainment<br />

writer Frances Taylor, writing in the Sunday<br />

Republican, commented: "The real<br />

movie fans of the U.S. are impatient for<br />

more films. Money ready, they scan the<br />

ads, searching for what they want and deserve.<br />

"Where, for example, is Dustin Hoffman?<br />

Who's seen him on any screen since<br />

'All the President's Men?' This fine actor,<br />

with his everyman quality, creates a strong<br />

bond with his audience in any role he plays.<br />

Dustin. we need you and want you .<br />

"A return to the past isn't very healthy<br />

and it's often a disappointment. I'm not<br />

looking backward at all, just hoping for a<br />

re-discovery of the fun of life as well as the<br />

problems, hoping for movies that will give<br />

us our favorite people in movies rich with<br />

the materials of our lives."<br />

Old 3 for 2 Trunk-Aided<br />

BROCKTON. MASS.—Area police, investigating<br />

a report that a couple had put a<br />

man into a car trimk. tracked the vehicle<br />

down with a registration supplied by an<br />

onlooker. It was learned that the "body"<br />

was the friend of the couple; the intent,<br />

police said, was to avoid paying an admission<br />

charge for the man at the nearby Avon.<br />

Sports Arena Plans Greenlighted<br />

NEW LONDON. CONN —The city<br />

Redevelopment<br />

Agency has approved plans of<br />

Robert McKearnon and Coleman Burke for<br />

construction of a .$2-million hockey rink<br />

and sports arena off Winthrop Blvd.<br />

Ghost Hunters Gamble at Granada<br />

MALDEN. MASS.—The Granada Twin,<br />

in a change-of-pace booking, scheduled the<br />

Warrens, billed as "ghost hunters," for a<br />

"live" 9 p.m. show on a recent Wednesday,<br />

charging $2.50 for adults: $1.50. .senior<br />

citizens and $1. children.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: AuausI 29. 1977<br />


. . Lana<br />

. .<br />

./ i. RMONT<br />


. . Odeon<br />

. .<br />

Mutual Has Quebec Rights<br />

To International Films<br />

MON IRIt.M,-- Ihc pmduclion c-onip;mv<br />

Orphcc Arts has signed an agreement VMlh<br />

Mutual Films for distribution of Orphce"s<br />

films in both French and English versions<br />

throughout Quebec and the Maritime provinces.<br />

Orphee's upcoming product, included in<br />

the agreement, includes a film of Albert<br />

Camus" "The Plague"; "Giants on the<br />

Road," a story of truckers on the Paris-<br />

Afghanistan route; "Girl in Blue Velvet."<br />

a '40s romance by Alan Bridges; "Stars," a<br />

Hollywood story, and "Louisiana Love" by<br />

Nicolas Gessner.<br />

Mutual Films also has acquired Quebec<br />

distribution rights to the thriller "Communion,"<br />

which Allied Artists will distribute in<br />

the U. S, and English Canada.<br />

Films still in production for which Mutual<br />

has distribution rights in Quebec include<br />

Alain Resnais" "Providence." starring Dirk<br />

Bogarde. John Gielgud. Ellen Burstyn and<br />

David Warner; "Un Taxi Mauve," an Yves<br />

Boisset film starring Philippe Noiret. Charlotte<br />

Rampling. Fred Astaire and Peter<br />

Ustinov; a new Claude Chabrol work with<br />

Sylvia Kristel titled "Alice"; Jacques Rouffio"s<br />

"Violette et Francois." starring Isabelle<br />

Adjani; a biography in which Rod Stciger<br />

plays "Mussolini." supported by Henry<br />

Fonda and Franco Nero; "Je T'Aime, Moi<br />

Non Plus" by Serge Gainsbourg. with Joe<br />

Dallesandro and Jane Birkin. and Francois<br />

Legrand's "Casanova et Co." toplining Tony<br />

Curtis and Marisa Berenson.<br />

Two other internationally respected directors<br />

have films in the works which Mutual<br />

will distribute in Quebec. Joseph Losey's<br />

"Les Routes du Sud" stars Yves Montand<br />

and Isabelle Adjani and Ingmar Bergman<br />

will direct Ingrid Bergman and Liv<br />

Ullman in "Sonate d'Automne."<br />

Quadrant's Trent Plans<br />

Independent Productions<br />

lORONTO — Quadrant Films has anniuineed<br />

that production manager John<br />

licnt will expand his activities to include<br />

is production is a three-hour limited scries<br />

titled "The Albertans," directed by Ron<br />

Weyman for CBC.<br />

David Perlmutter continues as president<br />

of Quadrant Films, supervising financing<br />

and distribution of film product through<br />

Quadrant's affiliated companies. National<br />

Film Finance Corp. and Compass Film<br />

Sales. Currently available Quadrant films<br />

are "Love at First Sight." starring Dan Ackroyd.<br />

and "Why Shoot the Teacher?", toplining<br />

Bud Cort and Samantha Eggar.<br />

Scheduled for fall release is "Alien Encoimter,"<br />

produced by Hal Roach Studios.<br />


Qordon Nojus is substituting lor manager<br />

Dick Letts at the Downtown while<br />

Dick enjoys his annual holidays. Since the<br />

weather has been so warm and sunny, with<br />

lovely evenings, it is safe to assume that<br />

Dick has spent at least a part of each day<br />

enjoying the air at Exhibition Park while<br />

he handicaps the bangtails. Oh. that your<br />

correspondent were there!<br />

Bill Gibson, who spent a couple of years<br />

up at the Capitol. Prince Rupert, now is<br />

relieving for Famous Players in the lower<br />

mainland . district manager Norm<br />

Reay left on a holiday, as did Margaret<br />

Copping of Victoria Film Services, who<br />

spent a week at the transcendental meditation<br />

seminar at UBC. Ellen McKeever,<br />

16mm inspector, left for her holidays after<br />

Margaret returned.<br />

Kathy Kasendix of Bellevue Films had<br />

a leisurely tour of Vancouver Islands and<br />

the Gulf Islands during July—the Riviera<br />

for one-fourth the price and no language<br />

Cathy Froelich<br />

or money problems<br />

went just a short distance across the line<br />

to northwest Washington's lake country to<br />

join thousands of other British Columbia<br />

people at Lake Whatcom.<br />

Elsie Kalz left the office chores at Astral-<br />

Columbia in the capable hands of Theo<br />

Ross while she spent a couple of restful<br />

weeks . . Janet Wisniuk, laid low by a<br />

.<br />

back ailment, was back at work<br />

painful<br />

at Canfilm. During her absence, Kevin<br />

Norman did double duty covering her position.<br />

The husband-and-wife team of Laara and<br />

Zaie Dalen, as competent a show business<br />

couple as has appeared in this province for<br />

many years, went over to Victoria to promote<br />

the opening of their picture "Skip<br />

Tracer" in the Counting House Friday (5).<br />

They returned Thursday (11) in time for a<br />

session with CB.S's "Hourglass." after which<br />

Laara flew to Toronto for a scries of interviews<br />

and talks for a national release. Zale<br />

The first two days of the August holidays<br />

were not beach weather, so any house with<br />

a kiddies picture got a very big play. Cashing<br />

in—and in a big way—were "Smokey<br />

and the Bandit" (Odeon Vancouver and<br />

New Westminster. Haida, Dolphin, Totem.<br />

North Vancouver, Clova and Surrey Drivein)<br />

and "Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger,"<br />

which was big in the Hillcrest Drive-In. with<br />

both ozoners capitalizing on special duskto-dawn<br />

shows one night . . . Once again.<br />

Vancouver Island and the interior exchanged<br />

weekend trippers with the lower<br />

mainland to clog the highways and till the<br />

motels and hotels. Places of amusement got<br />

a big play but stores were almost uniformly<br />

quiet on Saturday.<br />

The Granville Mall scene: That bewitching<br />

blonde beauty seen strolling downtown<br />

really was Elizabeth Montgomery .<br />

Clancy Loranger, veteran sports columnist<br />

of the Province, told Johnny Bernard about<br />

the Alpen Club type who tried to write a<br />

new drinking theme song for the Oktoberfest:<br />

couldn't get past the first two bars.<br />

Ms. Terry Einfeld of Warner Bros, was<br />

away enjoying the perfect August weather<br />

and Vi Hosford returned from a couple<br />

of weeks at her trailer hideout at Oroville.<br />

Wash.<br />

Mike Radulovich of the Auto-Vue Trail<br />

says the only way to avoid the unending<br />

parade of slow-moving campers and leisure<br />

vehicles on our interior highways is to<br />

travel at night—and then hit the lower mainland<br />

after the commuters have left for work<br />

in this city.<br />

The August week which ended Saturday<br />

(13) was a rare one in this city! You<br />

could have fried eggs on the downtown<br />

sidewalks and shot guns off in the stores<br />

(and in some theatres) without hitting a<br />

body. The drive-ins, however, were loaded.<br />

CKNW's Bill Hughes, who runs the<br />

longest-playing "Man on the Street" broadcast,<br />

had his roving mike on a Greyhound<br />

btis heading for the Howe Sound scenic<br />

trip. Asking an English chap what he did<br />

for a living, he was told he was a film salesman<br />

and that his latest big one was "The<br />

Spy Who Loved Me." He added that we all<br />

should be sure to see it, if and when it ran<br />

here. Bill didn't have the heart to tell the<br />

man the film already was in its third week<br />

at the Capitol 6 and had broken a house<br />

record there. (Guess that to some of our<br />

English cousins, this area still is "The Colonies.<br />

Outpost of the Empirah.")<br />

iiuicpendent producing and directing while d^d a long interview with CKVU-TV just<br />

ni.iintaining his present office at Quadrant, before leaving for Victoria.<br />

iS Isabella St. here. His current co-productuni<br />

activities are involved with the CBC<br />

The Varsity is now back to its regular 'Who Has Seen the Wind'<br />

fare of outstanding films of more than passing<br />

interest. Immediately following the In-<br />

.mil independently with William Stevenson<br />

Premiere Set for Fall<br />

.Mui screenwriter Tony Sheer.<br />

REGINA. SASK.— "Who Has Seen the<br />

ternational Festival, it opened with "Edvard<br />

front's first production assignment is<br />

Munch," which<br />

Wind," film version of W. O. Mitchell's<br />

played a special holiday<br />

I he Fighting Men." a 90-minute CBC-TV<br />

novel, will premiere in Saskatchewan this<br />

show last winter, winning customer approval.<br />

drama to be directed by Don Shebib. Also<br />

fall, according to Gwen Iveson of Souris<br />

Rivers Films, Toronto, associate producer.<br />

The original intention was to release the<br />

EOXOFFICE :: August 1977<br />

picture in the spring of '77; however, the<br />

film's debut was delayed to permit extra<br />

editing.<br />

Plans are to hold the world premiere in<br />

Areola. Sask.. near where the production<br />

was made, in late September or early October.<br />

Release in larger centers would he<br />

scheduled for the following day.<br />

Lensed entirely on location in southern<br />

Saskatchewan last year at a cost of $1,100.-<br />

000, "Who Has Seen the Wind" stars Canadian<br />

actor Gordon Pinsent.

,'<br />

; . ; The<br />

Herbic<br />

:<br />

'<br />

—<br />

i<br />

this<br />

. . Also<br />

. . Dave<br />

r xcdIenY and 'Very<br />

Good Grosses<br />

arned by All Colgary Newcomers<br />

CALGARY — Receptive crowds gener-<br />

.lU'd hefi\ boxofl'ice business that resulted<br />

in substantial grosses for thj five newcomers<br />

10 the area this report week, "One on One,"<br />

"The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training,"<br />

"Smokey and the Bandit" and "The<br />

Last Remake of Beau Gestc" were joint<br />

residents of the "excellent" category while<br />

"Grand Theft Auto" checked in a notch<br />

below with "very good" grosses.<br />

Brentwood—For the Love ol Benji (PRl. 2nd wk Fair<br />

Calgary Place 2—Orca (Para), 2nd wk Very Good<br />

Chinook—A Bridge Too Far iUA),<br />

7lh wk Excellent<br />

Market Mall 1— One on One (WB1 Excellent<br />

Market Moll 4, 5 d (^The Spy Who loved Me<br />

(UA), 2nd wk. .<br />

Excellent<br />

Norlh Hill, Uptown I-Stai Wars ! : ),<br />

6th wk<br />

. .Excellent<br />

Odeon l~Hollercoasler<br />

Fair<br />

Od-.-:: :-SIapShot ; . v.,: Good<br />

Pa::.<br />

Bad News Bears in<br />

'<br />

Breaking Training Excellent<br />

Pa..., .:.-.:: , Goes to Monte Carlo<br />

'';-<br />

:L:V;:'; .. ,. Excellent<br />

Three Ihealres- Grand Thell Auto (IFD) ..Very Good<br />

Towne Blue—The Other Side ol Midnight<br />

(BVFD), 6th .-.k Very Good<br />

Towne Red—Smokey and the Bandit<br />

(Univ)<br />

Excellent<br />

Uptown 2—The Last Remake oi Beau Geste<br />

(Univ)<br />

Excellent<br />

Average Grosses Earned by Majority<br />

Of Films on Vancouver Marquees<br />

VANCOUVER—"Fair" grosses tended<br />

—T<br />

Para), 14th wk<br />

Cajii d News Bear: Breaking<br />

Traming Fara), ^nd<br />

Cai;itol—The Island ol<br />

Capitol— One on One (WB:i<br />

Coronet—The Last Remake of Beau Geste<br />

(Univ)<br />

Coronet—The Other Side of Midnight (BVFD),<br />

8th<br />

Downtown—Outlaw Blues (WB)<br />

Odeon—Smokey and the Bandit (Univ),<br />

2nd wk<br />

Park—MacArthur (Univ)<br />

Stanley—A Bridge Too Far (UA), 8ih wk.<br />

Vancouver Centre—The Rescuers (BV), 5th wk.<br />

Vancouver Centre—New York, New York (UA),<br />

5th<br />

Vogue—Star Wars (BVFD), 7th wk Very Good<br />

Variety of Nev^ Films Debut<br />

On Edmonton Area Screens<br />

EDMONTON—The grosses earned by<br />

at the Provincial Museum Sunday (7) . . .<br />

. . The<br />

"Treasure Island" was screened Friday (12)<br />

by the National Film Theatre in its "Family<br />

Film Favorites" presentation . University<br />

of Alberta Chaplains" "Summer Session<br />

Series" offered "Jesus Christ Superstar"<br />

Monday (1) in the Tory Lecture Theatre.<br />

The screening was followed by a discussion<br />

on the theme of "The Quiet Violence<br />

of Society."<br />

Bill Chernyk, who has worked the past<br />

20 years in his neatly pressed doorman's<br />

tuxedo at the Westmount (previously known<br />

as the Sahara Theatre), retired recently at<br />

the age of 68. Bill's duties included everything<br />

from maintaining order in the theatre<br />

to rousing sleepy projectionists, he told Joe<br />

Sornberger of the Edmonton Journal. Admitting<br />

that he had seen few motion pictures<br />

in their entirety. Bill's favorite film<br />

probably was "The Sound of Music." The<br />

one he liked least, he told Sornberger. was<br />

"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" "I never<br />

gave a heck for that one," he explained,<br />

"and that darned thing won an Academy<br />

Award."<br />

able on a loan basis to schools, associations,<br />

community groups, etc.—in fact, to anyone<br />

interested enough to screen them for a<br />

group of people. Details of the various<br />

movies and titles are available from Metric<br />

Commission Canada, Box 4000, Ottawa,<br />

Ont.<br />

A big welcome to Harvey Levin, who is<br />

booking again at Astral Films . . . More<br />

news will be forthcoming on a new business<br />

venture in this city that will bring a movie<br />

buffs some of the greatest films ever made<br />

in an earlier era. Flemming Nielson and<br />

Don Carrol, both former CBC staff members,<br />

have purchased the Plaza Theatre on<br />

Kensington Road in the northwest section<br />

of town and are converting it to an "art<br />

house." The two neophyte theatremen are<br />

even going back to the silent films hoping<br />

that there will prove to be an audience for<br />

such pictures in this city. It is a new approach<br />

for Calgarians who like a "different"<br />

evening at the movies.<br />

Work is well under way—in fact almost<br />

to the completion stage— at the two-screen<br />

Mill Woods Drive-In, Edmonton. I'he theatre<br />

is equipp>ed with heaters and will be a<br />

year-round operation. Cinema 1 will have<br />

a capacity of 442 cars, with Cincm;i 2 able<br />

to host 355 vehicles.<br />

Sandra McBean, daughter of Ken Mc-<br />

Bean, Landmark Theatres, has enjoyed several<br />

friends from Swift Current who have<br />

been visiting with her. The young ladies<br />

have taken in some of our more outstanding<br />

attractions, gone on shopping jaunts, visited<br />

with friends and—what else?— gone to the<br />

movies. The primary reason for the girls<br />

arriving in lown was to help Sandra celebrate<br />

her birthday Tuesday (2), which they<br />

did with a lovely supper at Ihe McBcan<br />

home.<br />

For the first time since its opening, the<br />

Market Mall 6 here is showing one film in<br />

three auditoriums. United Artists' "The Spy<br />

Who Loved Me' bowed in Cinema 4, Cinema<br />

5 and Cinema 6 to excellent grosses in<br />

all<br />

situations.<br />

The big news here in the motion picture<br />

industry is the shooting of some of the<br />

footage for the upcoming feature "Superman,"<br />

with auditions being held for<br />

several "Superkids." The film company<br />

scanned talent at the Calgary Inn and was<br />

on the lookout for children (particularly)<br />

in the age groups of three, five and ten<br />

years.<br />

Publicity director Gordon Arnell said<br />

the youngsters will be involved in scenes<br />

depicting the arrival from the planet Krypton<br />

of the future Superman. It is expected<br />

that these sequences will be photographed<br />

in this area. The film has been under way<br />

in southern Alberta and the crew was in<br />

town to start lensing in the nearby Exhaw<br />

area, as well as in the Blackie and Drum-<br />

The poor Canadian taxpayer is footing<br />

heller regions. Stars in the city, or arriving<br />

the bill for yet another metric conversion<br />

soon, to take part in the picture were Glenn<br />

aid. This time, it is several films that have<br />

been made specifically for Metric Commission<br />

Canada to assist the general public Ned Beatty and Margot Kidder. Total bud-<br />

Ford, Gene Hackman, Valerie Perrine,<br />

with the system of measurements. In color<br />

get for the feature is $25,000,000—and<br />

and 16mm, the films are from 20 to 30 some of that will enter into Alberta's economy,<br />

minutes in length. The pictures are avail-<br />

as well as creating a number of spinoff<br />

jobs in connection with the filmmaking.<br />

Cinematheque 16 in Edmonton continues<br />

to delight the true movie buff with classic<br />

film fare. Pictures scheduled for August included<br />

"Through a Glass Darkley," "Winter<br />

Light." "The Silence" and "Smiles of<br />

a Summer Night." The first annual Summer<br />

Festival of International Cinema (presented<br />

Thursdays and Fridays) offered "Bed<br />

and Board" (France, 1970), "The Fifth<br />

Horseman Is Fear" (Czechoslovakia. 1964).<br />

"The Milky Way" (France-Italy. 1968) and<br />

"Seven Samurai" (Japan, 1954). The very<br />

knowledgeable Sam Koplowitz has arranged<br />

for a new season of international features<br />

and retrospective series to begin September<br />

1. With Sam's know-how, the films should<br />

make September a very interesting month<br />

for Edmontonians.<br />

Some time ago, there were plans afoot<br />

to make a motion picture about the life of<br />

Alberta's black cowboy, John Ware, but<br />

the company involved ran afoul of the Security<br />

Commission and to date the film has<br />

not been completed. The National Film<br />

Board, however, has made a documentary<br />

on this colorful pioneer and his daughter<br />

Jeannette (Nettie) has a top role in this<br />

film. The interest in Ware was touched off<br />

by the publication of the book "John Ware's<br />

Cow Country." written by the Hon. Dr. J.<br />

Grant MacEwan. During Stampede week.<br />

the NFB crew was in Nanton shooting<br />

footage for this interesting picture. Ware's<br />

childhood was spent in slavery and much<br />

of this time in his life is based on interviews<br />

with his daughter. Ware came to Alberta<br />

in 1882 and became known throughout the<br />

West as a very capable roper, rider, sharpshooter<br />

and rancher. A fall from a horse<br />

in 1905 resulted in his death, just a few<br />

months after his wife had died. Another<br />

daughter. Mildred, still is living in Alberta,<br />

with one son, Robert, living in this city.<br />

Another, Arthur, makes his home in Vancouver,<br />

No date has been set for the release<br />

of the film.<br />

.<br />

Stan Phillip.s, 16mm booker lor Bellevue<br />

It's not<br />

Films, departed on vacation . .<br />

that Susan Pietrowski of Victoria Shipping<br />

Services has had more holidays than anyone<br />

else— it's just that she has split up her<br />

three weeks and is away for another short<br />

hiatus from daily toil.<br />

Edmonton has experienced some real deluges<br />

of rain in the past few weeks— heavy<br />

pounding rains that really have shown up<br />

as poor nights at ozoner boxoffices. Lack<br />

of rain in the south and east sections of Alberta<br />

also has affected theatre attendance.<br />

With no prospect of a crop in that area,<br />

people are becoming very cautious in<br />

money matters and reduced spending is reflected<br />

in some very low grosses.<br />

Cinemobile Display Set<br />

As Feature of Festival<br />

TORONTO— Parked at Harbourfront<br />

and showing films which will include National<br />

Film Board shorts and some fulllength<br />

features, as well as films by independent<br />

Canadian filmmakers and some animation<br />

and classic films, will be the Cinemobile.<br />

The Cinemobile is a van with an inflatable<br />

theatre coming out of its back. It<br />

looks like a giant carrot and has to be seen<br />

to be believed!<br />

This "inflatable" mobile theatre was devised<br />

by Martin Heath, director of projects,<br />

and Chriss Clifford, design engineer, of<br />

Mobile Cinema Systems. It seats approximately<br />

75. The balloon environment creates<br />

excitement among adults and children,<br />

creating a delightful new way to view film.<br />

The Cinemobile is an all-weather yearround<br />

mobile cinema with continuous projection<br />

and a self-contained generating system.<br />

In the environment created by the inflatable<br />

auditorium, people become enthusiastic<br />

about viewing film and in the process<br />

seem to enjoy themselves and find that the<br />

person next to them also is "getting off" on<br />

the experience.<br />

The Cinemobile will be at Harbourfront<br />

the weekends of the festival, September 10-<br />

11 and September 17-18. All of the films<br />

are free and part of the festival's Harbourfront<br />

activities.<br />

BOXOFFICE :; August 29, 1977 K-3

.<br />

;<br />

New Sreec/ of Filmmaker Making Mark<br />

^ylth British Columbia Productions<br />


VANCOUVER—A new group of young<br />

West Coast movie producers, far removed<br />

from the types of the last decade who first<br />

sought Canada Council grants before<br />

shooting the "great" Canadian cultural and,'<br />

or sex epic, have been learning their trade<br />

quietly in local studios and on location on<br />

behind-the-camera assignments associated<br />

with documentaries, commercials and educational<br />

subjects. Heading this list are the<br />

Dalens of Highlight Productions, who have<br />

just put the dramatically and artistically successful<br />

"Skip Tracer" into release.<br />

Zaie Dalen. who entered filmmaking<br />

after he was fired as a news reporter, has<br />

worked in commercial productions for others.<br />

Dalen, 28. plays guitar and piano, rides<br />

an antique Royal Enfield motorcycle, has<br />

a pet Florida king snake named Andy,<br />

practices fast-draw with his .44 magnum<br />

and can take a cigaret out of your mouth<br />

with a 12-foot bullwhip. He's also dedicated<br />

Wife Versatile<br />

Aide<br />

His wife Laara also has spent considerable<br />

time behind the cameras in assignments<br />

ranging from gaffer to script girl. She's<br />

also had some distribution experience, having<br />

an educational subject which she told<br />

your reporter grossed $14,000 in 16mm<br />

film library rentals.<br />

Barry Healey. creator of the super-short<br />

"Outtakes," likewise has had a checkered<br />

career in the field of "sink or swim" professional<br />

show business. Everything he<br />

owns, except his guitar and typewriter, is<br />

jammed into eight cardboard boxes so that<br />

he can move fast in pursuing his bread-andbutter<br />

occupation as a folk singer. He<br />

worked at this endeavor three years after he<br />

left Vernon for a struggling band— to earn<br />

tea and cakes. It was named, appropriately.<br />

Heartaches.<br />

Became Freelance Writer<br />

Healey then became a freelance writer<br />

for CBC doing variety and comedy shows<br />

for such people as Mike Neun. He also<br />

wrote for Rolph Harris and the short-lived<br />

'Celebrity Revue," which was shot in Vancouver's<br />

Cave for domestic syndication. He<br />

got into films by being an extra in Trevor<br />

Wallace's "Journey into Fear" and then was<br />




When you come to Waikiki,<br />

don't miss the famous<br />

glljgjjUJjUi<br />

[Smi^ Don Ho Show. .<br />

mi^ Cinerama's Reef Towers Hotel.<br />


George Segal's stand-in for "Russian Roulette,"<br />

also lensed in Vancouver.<br />

Seeing the unconscious comedv that went<br />

on behind the camera led to "Outtakes." a<br />

comedy of the boo-boos committed during<br />

the making of a motion picture that never<br />

show up in the finished product.<br />

His lead. Richard Romanus. played a hit<br />

man in "Russian Roulette," which he does<br />

again in "Outtakes." but for laughs. Local<br />

performer Bill Reimer plays a movie director.<br />

John Holbrook, who helped lens "Shadow<br />

of the Hawk," was the director of<br />

photography. The whole crew, Healey explained,<br />

"was a feature-film crew" who. in<br />

two days, shot enough film for a 118-minute<br />

feature and it was "cut to 18 minutes<br />

for short release." They gave a lot of love<br />

to the project, according to Healey.<br />

Belief<br />

Always Works<br />

He is optimistic about "Outtakes." explaining,<br />

"Everytime I do something I believe<br />

always works. I'm not going<br />

the growth to of the British Columbia film<br />

in, it to<br />

industry and represented western Canada make a lot of money but it's a nice feeling."<br />

on the Canadian Film Development Corp.<br />

advisory committee.<br />

To quote the Vancouver Sun's Les Wedman:<br />

"In some ways. Phil Borsos is typical<br />

of young filmmakers but he's also unique.<br />

He's broke. He complains a lot and yet he<br />

finds there is nothing as exciting as making<br />

a film. He says he will never make another<br />

short film yet he's already doing another<br />

(since completed). That's what makes him<br />

unique. He keeps doing and doesn't just<br />

keep talking about making films."<br />

Borsos is 23 and his short "Cooperage."<br />

the story of barrel-making at Sweeney's,<br />

won the Canadian Film Awards' Etrog as<br />

the best documentary short in Canada last<br />

year. It beat out the National Film Board's<br />

competition—sweet justice, since the NFB<br />

earlier had withdrawn its support from Borsos'<br />

subject (he quite likely lacked the necessary<br />

academic credits to qualify for the<br />

august body). He got the film into theatres<br />

across Canada and almost wound up with<br />

an Oscar nomination in Hollywood.<br />

Idea From Helicopter<br />

Borsos got the idea for "High Rigger"<br />

when he saw a Vancouver Sim photo taken<br />

from a helicopter of a giant fir being toppled<br />

in Capilano Canyon because it was<br />

infected with dry rot. With the prestige and<br />

the film rental results of "Cooperage" behind<br />

him, Borsos swung a bank loan and,<br />

recruiting a crew, was in business.<br />

Unable to get the high-rigger he wanted<br />

in British Columbia, he tabbed veteran<br />

Washington timber-topper Hap Johnson of<br />

Castle Rock. Next was young professional<br />

stuntman John Thomas, to add the necessary<br />

pizzaz, along with special-effects assistants<br />

John Wardlow and Graham Langley.<br />

After several false starts, due to high<br />

winds and unexpected snow, they literally<br />

were able to gel production off the ground<br />

in April and. with the aid of high-rigger<br />

Marv Trudcau of Honeymoon Bay and<br />

Robbie Carrol, a speed climber from Squamish,<br />

making set-ups and slinging cables<br />

for cameraman Dave Geddes, managed to<br />

get the actual aerial shots completed in four<br />

days. Not seen—but very necessary—was<br />

high-rigger Art Williams, whose bullhorn<br />

instructions scared off the birds and bears,<br />

while 12 cameras were planted high in the<br />

trees.<br />

Look for "High Rigger" first on TV this<br />

fall, after which Borsos and his Mercury<br />

Pictures. Inc.. hope to launch another short<br />

which hopefully will be the pilot through<br />

which he intends to sell investors to back<br />

him on his first feature, a Pacific Coast<br />

western.<br />

Perhaps this might be a good place for<br />

the circuits to invest their money—with<br />

young, no-nonsense pros.<br />

Unexpected Rain Dampens<br />

Hot Comedy on Location<br />

MONTREAL—Cinepix set up to begin<br />

location shooting of its sex comedy "Heads<br />

or Tails" at the J. K. Walden, Ltd., fur store<br />

here but suddenly was rained out as the<br />

lights on the set triggered the store's automatic<br />

sprinkler system.<br />

Cinepix insisted that the sprinklers had<br />

malfunctioned but Superior Court Judge<br />

Denis Levesque didn't see it that way. He<br />

awarded $45,000 damages to the fur store<br />

and the Tokyo Marine & Insurance Co.<br />

Scriptwriting Contest<br />

Has October Deadline<br />

ATHENS, OHIO—October 3 is the deadline<br />

for the first annual scriptwriting contest<br />

sponsored by the Athens International Film<br />

Festival. All scripts from both new and experienced<br />

writers are eligible except those<br />

that have already been produced or are in<br />

the process of being produced for film or<br />

TV.<br />

The scripts, which must be of original<br />

material and not adaptations from published<br />

works, can be entered in the following categories:<br />

Screenplay, feature film or short<br />

story film; TV drama. 60 or 90 minutes, and<br />

TV pilot, 30 or 60 minutes.<br />

The contest's entry procedures require<br />

that all scripts be typed on 8'/2 x 1 1 inch<br />

white bond paper in master scene form for<br />

film and a similar format for TV writing.<br />

In addition, all scripts must be well bound<br />

so that there are no loose pages and they<br />

must have a title page that lists the author's<br />

name and address and the title of the script.<br />

All scripts submitted will be judged by a<br />

panel selected by the festival management<br />

that will include: Steve Barker, associate<br />

professor of Cinema at Loyola University;<br />

John Block, screen and TV writer and instructor<br />

in screenwriting at the American<br />

Film Institute; Peter Bukalski, chairman of<br />

cinema and photography at Southern Illinois<br />

University, and Richard M. Blumenberg,<br />

associate dean and professor at Southern Illinois<br />

University.<br />

Additional information can be obtained<br />

by writing to: Athens International Film<br />

Festival, Scriptwriting Competition, Box<br />

388, Athens, Ohio 45701.<br />

BOXOFFICE August 29. 1977


An interpretive am ysis of lay and tradepresa riiviews. Running time is in parentheseB. The plu3<br />

minus signs indict e diigree oi merit. Listings cover current reviews regularly. Symbol ti dei<br />

BOXOFFICE Blue F Dbon Award; All iilms are in color except those indicated by (bcSw) lor black


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.<br />

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I<br />

George<br />

I The<br />

I<br />

Burt<br />

; IMi^'in<br />

•<br />

.<br />

.<br />

.<br />


kin Ticklfr (78) ..C. Apr 77<br />

s:'ednim KUms picture)<br />

i of Gore (SO) ..Ho. .Hay 77<br />

Srst of Laurel & Hardy (90) .<br />


LTD.<br />

Conspiracy (87) Ho.<br />

Belween Hoieti and Hell (87) . . D<br />

Virility (87) C.<br />

ImpMsible U»e (90) D.<br />

JOSEPH<br />


Rape Killer Oct 76<br />

The Cheaters Oct 76<br />

Autopsy Nov 76<br />

Cry of a Prostitute Nov 76<br />

The Winners D..<br />

Evil Eyes Sus-D .<br />

Ifs Not the Size Thai<br />

Counts Sex C.<br />

Bike Scimmer, VIncenI Price<br />

Lady J Ac-Ad.<br />

Naked Sacrifice Ad-D..<br />


Between the Covers Auo 76<br />

Secrets of Sweet Sixteen Auo 76<br />

Superknight Sept 76<br />

Journey Into the Beyond . . . .Jan 77<br />

The Holes (Les Gaspards) . . .Jan 77<br />

14 and Under Feb 77<br />

2069. a Sex Odyssey May 77<br />


Super Bug, Super Agent . S<br />

Andy Warhol's Young Dracula<br />


Rel.<br />

Date<br />

The Booby Hatch (86) Jan 77<br />

on Joy Miller, Rudy RIcd<br />

The Groove Room (S3) Feb 77<br />

Ollle Solloft, Sue Lonehurst<br />

The Fabulous Fanny (87) ...Feb 77<br />

.\lan SpUz. Diane Suromerfleld<br />

Crazy House (89) Mar 77<br />

Frankle Howerd. Ray MUland<br />

Lucifer's Women (88) Mar 77<br />

Urry Hankln, Jane Brunei-Cohen<br />

Night of the Howling Beast ..Mar 77<br />

Paul Naschy, Sllrla Solar<br />



Assassin (82)<br />

The Raw Report (70) StK C. Aug 77 I.in Hendry<br />

MItcli Morrill. Polly nemcnto Tiger Bay (156)<br />

Curves Ahead! (81) ..Sex C. Oct 77 .lasdish Prem, Itart Shankar<br />

(Wrlif-near. W.K. Margoki<br />

The Sky Is Falling (91) ....<br />

Carnal's Duties (80) Sex C. Dec 77 Richard Tndd, Dennis Hopper,<br />

.Muffin Macintosh<br />

Carroll Baker<br />

Rumps ... Is There One in<br />

Shriek Out (90)<br />

Your Past? Sex C. Feb 78 •Iiidd Hlrsch<br />

My Brother Has Bad Dre,-ms/<br />

Sisters of Satan (97/85) .<br />

Paul VIcent/.Anne Hej-»ood<br />

Saga of Dracula/Vcngeance of<br />

the Zombies (91/91)<br />

The Vampire Happenings/The<br />

Swinging Monster (90/85) .<br />

Pia neEermark, Tony Kendall<br />


Curse of the Devil<br />

Kung Fu Brothers<br />

Bruce Lee and I<br />

Kung Fu Master— Bruce Lee Style<br />

Shanghai Connection<br />

Vampire Beast Craves Blood<br />

North of the Yukon<br />

Cops Is Cops<br />

.<br />

Hlrls (Tiitlpll. Jacqueline 1,!<br />

I<br />

,<br />

'<br />

'<br />



Emili!<br />

licole<br />

Two Against the Law .Aug<br />

Swedish Minx (99) C.<br />

By the Blood of Others Sept<br />

Maria Lynn, Ble Warbiirc<br />

The Slap (104) D. Sept 76<br />

My<br />

Girl on Her Knees D.<br />

Husband, His Mistress and<br />

(9S) C-D..Sept76<br />

Easy Come. Easy Go C.<br />

Something Creeping in the<br />

It.-miis VptU. Heidi Ka[)plpi<br />

Dark (90) Sus 76<br />

Belmondo Is the Swashbuckler<br />

(100) Hl-C-D. .Scpl76<br />


The Prophet (90) C-D. .Oi<br />

Vlltnrln Cassman<br />

Vnn-Marcret.<br />

Three Way Love Mar 77<br />

Sicilian Connection .. .Cr-D. Oct 76<br />

Cherry Hill High Apr 77<br />

What Might Have Been May 77<br />

The Last Wilderness May 77<br />


The Happy Hooker Goes<br />

to Washington June 77 Refle<br />

Bed<br />

.Sex.<br />

Intimate Playmates Sex.<br />

Naughty Co-eds Sex.<br />

Smartie Pants Sex<br />

Hanky Panky Sex<br />

Willing Wives Sex.<br />

Terror From Under the<br />

House<br />

Sus-D<br />

CINEMA S<br />


Harlan County, USA<br />

Her Last Fling (75) Sex D. Dec 76<br />

(103)<br />

Ultimate Pleasure<br />

Pumping Iron (85) . Doc. .Jan 77 (80) Sex D. .May 77<br />

Providence (104) F. Jan 77 Jungle Blue Sex C. .July 77<br />

nirk Rneardp. RUrn nur^tvn<br />

The New Adventures of<br />

We All Loved Each Other So<br />

Casanova Sex-Ad .. Sept 77<br />

Much (124) Q and<br />

b&w<br />

C-D..June77<br />

Vlllorlo Oa-wman. Ninn Manfredi<br />

Jabberwocky INDEPENDENT-INT'L<br />

(100) C. May 77<br />

MlrhacI<br />

Nurses for Sale (84) ...Ac<br />

Palln. Max Wall,<br />

Dcbt.rah<br />

Losing Cousins (87) . . . . D.<br />

Rallendcr<br />

Volcano<br />

The Naughty Stewardesses/<br />

(100) O and b&w Doc<br />

Blazing Stewardesses<br />

(102/85) Sex C<br />

The Lonely Woman (81) .0<br />

Horror of the Zombies . Ho Jan 77<br />

Girls' Hotel (93) D Feb 77<br />

Uncle Tom's Cabin (108) D Mar 77<br />

llorliert l.om, Olive Mooreflelrt<br />

Nurse Sherri (92) Ho,.N<br />

Game Show Models ..Sex D. ./<br />

Cinderella 2000<br />

(95) SFSex /<br />

r.itharlnc Erhardt<br />

Rel. Date<br />


ttle Miss Innocence<br />

(SO) Sex D.. May 77<br />


Dicktator C-D.. May 77<br />

s on 6th Street D.. Aug 77<br />

An Affair in Cannes D.. Oct 77<br />

The Abductor Cr. .Nov77<br />

Man of<br />

Convictions<br />

Cr..Dec77<br />

Fog 0., Feb 78<br />

Raices<br />

D..Mar78<br />


For the Love of Benjl<br />

(85) C-Ad..June77<br />

Patsy Garrett, Cynthia Smith<br />


chizo (105) Ho. .June 77<br />

Lynne Frederick, John Lfl>1on<br />

Love All Summer<br />

(95) C-D.. Aug 77<br />

Rill Dana, Marty Allen<br />

Wonder Who's Killing Her Now<br />

(84) C. Aug 77<br />

Rnb DIshey. .loanna Barnes.<br />

Bill Dana<br />


Invasion of the Blood Farmers/<br />

She Beast/The Embalmer<br />

(80/74/83) Ho.. Apr 77<br />

The Carhops (88) May 77<br />

The New Adventures of Snow<br />

While (76) May 77<br />

Naunhly School Girls/Teenage<br />

Tramp/Teenage Hitchhikers<br />

(86/80/74) May 77<br />


Kiss of the Tarantula May 76<br />

Death Driver (90) , . Apr 77<br />

Frank Challenge— Manhunter<br />

(88) Ac. Apr 77<br />


My Wife the Hooker (65) ...Feb 77<br />

Confessions of Linda Lovelace<br />

(72) Apr 77<br />

Do You Wanna Be Loved<br />

(85) Aug 77<br />

Please Please Me (75) Sept 77<br />

Candy Stripers (SO) Oct 77<br />

Mondo Magtc<br />

Sandakan, No.<br />

(120)<br />


Hollywood High (81)<br />


hrislian the Lion . .Ad-Doc .. Jan 77<br />

Rlll Traver^^, VirRinla McKenna<br />

The Ninhl They Robbed<br />

Big Bertha's (88) C.<br />

list CENTURY<br />

The Demon Lover<br />

Salut I'Artiste (96) ..C-D. N<br />

M.in-tlln MastroiannI, Francoisi<br />

l':ilii:n(. Cirla flravina<br />

The Three Fantastic<br />

llr.i.l lliirrli. Tony Kendall,<br />


Magic Legend of the Juggler<br />

Blood Freak (80)<br />

Bedroom Magic (90)<br />

Europa (80)<br />

.357 Magnum .<br />


The Father Kino Story<br />

(115) Ac-D .Sepl77<br />


Ulchard F.giin. Itlcardn Monlalban VANGUARD RELEASING, INC.<br />

Battle Command (100) Jan 7? Run for Blue (86) .W-Doc. .Sept 77 The Hills Have Eyes<br />

Frederick Stafford. Van Johnson<br />

Itev Allen. Tanya Tucker<br />

(89) Ac-Sus..June7<br />




The Betsy Feb 78 Deathsport 2020<br />

SF-Ae.<br />

Laurence Olivier, Katharine Ross, David Carradlne<br />

Robert Duvall. Tommy Lee Jones Phibes Rejurrectus Ho-C<br />

(A United .Artists Co-release)<br />

Vincent Price. Roddy McDowall<br />

Such Men are Dangertus<br />



Mean Dog Blues Feb 78 (103) C-Ad..0ct77<br />

George Kennedy, Kay Lenj<br />

Ann-Margret. Peter Firth,<br />

Rolling Thunder<br />

John Glelgud, Hugh Griffith<br />

William Devanc, Tommy Lee Jones Looking for Mr. Goodbar ....Oct 77<br />

The Black Pirate Ad..<br />

. le Keaton. Richard Kiley<br />

Mel Ferrer<br />

Pretty Baby Feb 78<br />


Ann of St. Tropez<br />


Rabbit Test C. Oct 77<br />

Jnan Prather, Alex Rocco,<br />

Paul Lynde, Alice Ghostley<br />

The Manitou<br />

Susan Strasberg, Tony Oirtis.<br />

Michael Ansara, Burgess Meredith<br />

Yockowald<br />

Tom Jones. Harry (Juardlno.<br />

Su.san Sarandon, Kdth Carradlne<br />

Born on the 4th of July<br />

Al Padno<br />

Fraternity Rov» (101) 0..<br />

Peter Fox, Gregory Harrison<br />

Seven Nights in Japan<br />

Michael York<br />

The Duellists<br />

Harvey Keitel, Keith Carradlne<br />

Sextette<br />

Mae West, Timothy Dalton.<br />

Dom DeLiilse, Rlngo Starr<br />

First Love R-D-<br />

WiUiam Katt, Susan Pey<br />

Strother Martin, Arthur Hill<br />

Bessie D .<br />

20TH-FOX<br />

_<br />

Aretha Franklin<br />

Julia D.. Nov 77<br />

Jane Fonda, Vanessa lledgrave,<br />

Jason Rohards. Maximilian Srhell<br />


Survival Run Ac- Ad.. Dec 77<br />

Pete's Dragon ....An M-F..Nov77 Jan-Mlchael Vincent, George<br />

Helen Reddy. Mickey Rooney.<br />

Peppard, Dominique Sanda.<br />

Red Buttons, Shelley Winters<br />

Paul Wlnfleld<br />

Counterfeit Countesi Milo .<br />

The World's Greatest<br />

Jodie Foster. David NIven<br />

Dee 77<br />

Hero From Otherwhere Ad-F..<br />

The Cat From Outer Space ..An..<br />

Ken Berry. McLean Stevenson.<br />

Dec 77<br />

Sandy Duncan. Roddy McDowall<br />

Hayburgh, Alan Bates<br />

Return From Witch Mountain<br />

A Wedding<br />

Bette Davis, Oirlstopher Lee,<br />

Carol Bun Geraldlne Chaplin.<br />

Kim Richards<br />

Lillian Gish, Lauren nntton<br />

Turning Point ,;•••;''<br />

Shlrlev MacLaloe .\nne Ranrrnfl<br />


Aces High (114) ... .Ac-D. Oct 77<br />

John Gielgud. Trevor Howard, UNITED ARTISTS<br />

Richard Johnson. Malcolm McDowell Equus D. .Oct 77<br />

Godzilla on Monster<br />

Richard Burton, Tony Perkins<br />

Island<br />

SF-F..N0V77 Valentino "0177<br />

Ultra Secret<br />

Rudolph Nureyev, Ml-heite PhUlliis<br />

Le.slie Carnn, Carol Kane<br />

The Betsy Eeb 78<br />


Laurence Olivier. Katharine Ross.<br />

Close Encounters of the Third<br />

Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones<br />

Kind<br />

SF..Nov77 (,\n Allied .\rtists Co-release)<br />

Richard Dreyfuss, Terl Garr,<br />

Semi-Tough<br />

Francois Truffaut, Mellnda Dillon Riirt Revnolds, Kris Krlstoffersnn.<br />

Six Weeks<br />

Jill Oayburgh, Robert Preston<br />

Audrey Hepburn. Tatum O'Neal<br />

Eyes<br />

Kris Krlsoff'ersVn'.'Ail Macljraw,<br />

Faye Dunaway<br />

Burt Yoimg, Ernest Borjnlne<br />

Casey's Shadow<br />

Coming Home "<br />

Walter Matthau. Alexis Smith<br />

Jane Fonda, Jon Volght,<br />

Watch the Skies<br />

Bruce Dern, Robert Carradlne<br />

Richard Dreyfuaa<br />

The Dog Soldiers •<br />

The Cheap Detective<br />

Nlrk Nolte, Tuesday Weld,<br />

Ann-Margret. Peter Falk,<br />

Gall Strickland, Michael MoMarty<br />

Louise Fletcher, Stockard Channlng That's Comedy (MGM)<br />

Telefon (MGM) Ho-Sus.<br />

Annie Glrardot, Jacques DutronI Charles Brnnson. Lee Remick<br />


Pom Girls. Part<br />

Gym Teacher<br />

The Coach .<br />

Love Buggies<br />

The Majorettes<br />


Cat<br />

Noi<br />

Donald Pleasence, Nancy Kwan<br />

The Tiger's Claw<br />

Bruce LI<br />

Man Monster<br />

The<br />

GROUP 1<br />

Alligator<br />

The Deadly Menace<br />

The Black Box<br />

Eat It Raw<br />

While Slavers<br />


Emanuelle in<br />

Bangkok , . .<br />

Laura Oemscr<br />

.Sex<br />

Kirk Morris, (hirdon Mitchell<br />

Shining Star<br />

Harvey Keltcl, Ed Nelson,<br />

Earth, Wind & Fire<br />

Melo..0ct77<br />


9/30/55 D. Oct 77<br />

Richard Thomas. Susan TMr.ll<br />

Gray Lady Down Nov 77<br />

Charlton Heston. Ciirndlne<br />

David<br />

Blue Collar C-D Feb 78<br />

Ri'liard Pryor. Harvey Keitel<br />

Which Way Is Up?<br />

Richard Pryor<br />

Heroes<br />

C-D..<br />

Henry Winkler. Sally Field,<br />

Lawrence Turman<br />

The Deer Hunter Ac-0..<br />

Robert De Nlro. John Cazale<br />

The Lonely Lady<br />

Susan Blakely<br />

Checkered Flag—or Crash<br />

Joe Don Baker. Su=an Sarandon<br />


The Gauntlet Ad-D Dec 77<br />

Clint Eastwood. Sondra Locke<br />

A Piece of the Action C.<br />

Sidney Poitler. Bill Cosby<br />

Operation Daybreak Ac<br />

Timothy Bottoms. Anthonv Mi.lr.-";<br />

An Enemy of the People<br />

Steve McQueen. Nlrnl Williamson<br />

The Day the World Ended Ad. Sus<br />

Yul Brynner. Henry Fonda<br />

Oh, God<br />

I<br />

Burns, John Denver<br />

Stuntman C-Ad.<br />

Reynolds<br />

Bloodbrothers<br />

D--<br />

Paul Sorvlno, Tony LoBlancn<br />

Straight Time<br />

Hoffman, Katby Bates<br />

BOXOFFICE BookinGuide :: Aug. 29. 1977

• ADUREs * Bmjtmn

*<br />

Who Loved' Hyped<br />

¥id Media Blitzkrieg<br />

.\ massive electronic media blitzkrieg<br />

. launched in New England by North-<br />

I Theatre Corp.'s Edgar A. Knudson.<br />

.e-president. advertising and publicity, for<br />

playdates of United Artists' "The Spy Who<br />

Loved Me" at the circuit's Showcase cinemas.<br />

In Springfield, where WHYN Radio has<br />

an annual promotion at Mountain Park (all<br />

rides are free, etc.). contests were conducted<br />

live via remote broadcasts for a giveaway<br />

campaign that involved 25 soundtrack albums.<br />

25 Model 007 cars and 25 pairs of<br />

passes to Showcase cinemas. Approximately<br />

50,000 visitors were at the park on the day<br />

of the promotion, which had received an<br />

advance hypo through a total of 100 air<br />

spots. Total value of the ballyhoo was pegged<br />

at $2,000.<br />

WLLH in Lawrence has been running a<br />

"James Bond Trivia Contest," with five<br />

questions daily for four days. The first caller<br />

with the correct answer was awarded a<br />

James Bond kit consisting of a pair of<br />

passes, a 007 model car and a soundtrack<br />

album. Fifty promotional spots were aired,<br />

valued at S800. and 25 kits were given to<br />

winners. An almost identical tub-thumping<br />

campaign was carried out in New Haven<br />

via a tie-in with WPLR. while WAAF in<br />

Worcester sponsored a trivia contest, giving<br />

out 25 kits. A $550 value was placed on<br />

100 radio spot announcements.<br />

In Hartford. WTIC-FM has a regular<br />

jackpot promotion going which is called<br />

"The Cash Connection." All listeners who<br />

call in and don't win the jackpot are awarded<br />

a consolation prize. As a tie-in with the<br />

UA film, the latter was (for a given period)<br />

a pair of passes to sec "The Spy Who Loved<br />

Me" at Showcase cinemas, a soundtrack<br />

album or a 007 model car. Seventy-five air<br />

spots were valued at $1,500. it was reported<br />

by Knudson.<br />

As par! of the kickof/ for "A Bridge Too Far" when it opened at the Times Tinvne<br />

Cinema in Cincinnati. Mid States Theatres' Don Wirtz arranged for a man in a<br />

parachute to he suspended over the Sixth and Walnuts streets intersection in the<br />

downtown area. A parade which wound its way through the business section of<br />

the city incUided a color guard from the original 82nd Airborne Division, with<br />

military music played by the award-winning Roger Bacon High School Band. The<br />

end of the route was the Times Town Cinema and, at right. Shirley Gossett. secretary<br />

of tlie 82nd Airborne, speaks to the throng assembled at the theatre for the<br />

opening of the United Artists release. Looking on. right, is Wirtz. who conceived<br />

the effective tub-thumping campaign for the debut of "A Bridge Too Far."<br />

Selective Radio Campaign on 'New York, New York'<br />

George Pritchett, manager of Ogden-<br />

Perry's Jackson Mall Cinema in Jackson,<br />

Miss., conducted a successful promotion for<br />

the run of "New York, New York" at the<br />

duo. relying heavily on the area's<br />

electronic<br />

media for saturation publicity.<br />

Two months in advance of the opening<br />

of United Artists' Liza Minnelli-Robert De<br />

Niro starrer, the film was cross-plugged at<br />

the twin with posters and trailers. Knowing<br />

that "New York. New York" would appeal<br />

to the over-30 group, the promotion was<br />

designed to catch the attention of that particular<br />

segment of the citizenry.<br />

Pritchett arranged with WSLI (considered<br />

the radio station for the "over 30" group)<br />

for ballyhoo on Jackson's most popular talk<br />

show and. in addition, the station gave<br />

passes two weeks in advance of opening<br />

day. The tie-in netted over $240 in free<br />

radio spots and greatly aided grosses.<br />

Through a tie-in with WJDX, Jackson's<br />

top-rated station, another ticket giveaway<br />

was held opening week, netting $300 in free<br />

airtime.<br />

The final phase of the promotion was<br />

carried out by making up invitations for<br />

special guests for the first and second showings<br />

of "New York. New York." Among<br />

those invited were Mississippi Gov. Cliff<br />

Finch; Mississippi Lt. Gov. Evelyn Gandy,<br />

Jackson Mayor Dale Danks, and members<br />

of all the officials' staffs. Also included on<br />

the guest list were regional TV personalities.<br />

To add impact, the invitations were handdelivered<br />

by Pritchett personally.<br />

As a promotion for the<br />

multiple engagement of<br />

Cinema 5's "Jabberwocky"<br />

in San Franci.ico. the Jan<br />

Zones Agency staged a<br />

"Monty Python Jabberwocky<br />

Tournament and<br />

Noble Twit of the Year<br />

Contest" at the Cannery.<br />

The zany put-on included<br />

medieval swordfighting. a<br />

mummer's play and dances<br />

from the Middle Ages, all<br />

staged by the Society for<br />

Creative Anachronism.<br />

The society is a Bay Area<br />

group which specializes in<br />

historical theme events and<br />

creates its own costumes<br />

and productions from<br />

studies done on the period.<br />

Needless to .uiy. the<br />

promotion garnered plenty<br />

of word-of-mouth.<br />

— 29 — BOXOFFICE Showmandiser :: Aug. 29. 1977

'<br />

over<br />

"<br />

i<br />

:<br />

:<br />

-J5,<br />

IaTES: 50c per word, minimum $5.00 CASH WITH COPY. Four consecutive insertions lor price<br />

|< three. When using a <strong>Boxoffice</strong> No. figure 2 additional words and include Sl.OO additional, to<br />

cost oi handling replies. Display Classified, S38.00 per Column Inch. No commission<br />

llowed. CLOSING DATE: Monday noon preceding publication date. Send copy and answers<br />

5 Box Numbers to BOXOFFICE, 825 Van Brunt Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 64124.<br />

cuflmne<br />


THEATRE MANAGER Alaska the<br />

xperience in theatre manogng,<br />

promotion, concession sales and workig<br />

knowledge of operating projectors<br />

'alary negotiable. Send resume. Indicate<br />

alary desired and include photograph,<br />

end Boxollice. 3943,<br />

to<br />


hesler County N. Y, needs Managinc<br />

lirector. Must have multiple theatre ex<br />

erience including advertising, publicity<br />

romotion etc. No film buying. Grouj<br />

isurance and commissions port ot com<br />

ensation. Send resume, photo and salar><br />

jquired to Hank Lightstone, 505 Pari<br />

.ve. N. Y., NY. 10022.<br />

TWIN TERRACE DRIVE-IN needs orojec<br />

lonist. Send resume to 3818 Blossom Lone<br />

!351.<br />

;a, Tx 79762 or call nights (915) 3"2<br />


and Ohio. Must be experienced<br />

alary negotiable. Reply with ccmplel:<br />

;sume in strict confidence to O. Bo:<br />

P<br />

2151, Lexington, KY 40512.<br />


rcuit, expansion minded, benefits, Eastn<br />

shore, Virginia, Maryland. Send<br />

TOP MIDWEST CIRCUIT has excellen<br />

penings for managers. Benefit progran<br />

icludes liberal accident, health and life<br />

nee, vacations, concession and ac<br />

irate with experience. Send com<br />

resume with recent photo to Boxof-<br />

lete<br />

included. Everything in excellent condi-<br />

Wr; xoffi,<br />

MODERN THEATRE serving popula'ior<br />

if 8,500 in mountains of Northern New<br />

lexico. Building (210 seats), equipment<br />


needed now by Southern California<br />

eatre equipment dealer. Experienced in<br />

;non, automation and all major booth<br />

quipment. Good position for apprentice<br />

.d/or experienced person. Send resume<br />

nd photo if possible with salary expecilion.<br />

<strong>Boxoffice</strong>, 3958.<br />

MANAGING DIRECTOR for top crossing<br />

eatre. Should be young and aggressive<br />

ith extensive experience in theatre mangement,<br />

promotions, advertising and<br />

quipment. 30% commission on misceljs<br />

revenue, stock options, highest<br />

idustiy salary and 3% concession comission.<br />

Only top drawer perfectionir-t<br />

cmagers need apply. All correspondence<br />

anlidentiol. Send resume and references<br />

Bill Warren, President, American Enterlinment.<br />

Inc., P. O. Box 18209, Wichito,<br />

s 67218.<br />

MANAGER, large m<br />

I the New England<br />

enefits. Please send<br />

ith recent photo to<br />



MIDWEST (flB) 523-2699 Boxolhce, 3913<br />

SEATS,<br />

used/n<br />

COMPLETE BOOTH $2250 00, Two 135<br />

AMP Rectifiers (Kritron) Ballantyne Drivein<br />

Genera-or 20 HP 200 electric m-caheaters<br />

several small rectifiers, lamphouses,<br />

pedestals, 500 seats, antique<br />

em electric equipment. Eds Discount<br />

west<br />

1655<br />

North Atherlon, State College, Penna<br />

16801 1814) 237-5112.<br />

HERE'S A BUYI Complete equipment for<br />

twin cinema—new 1975—404 American<br />

in<br />

Desk chairs, 2 Simplex PR 1014 projectors<br />

lens lurrents. Simplex soundheads LL7<br />

pedestals, large reel arms, 2 PAS1500<br />

Sound systems, Simplex makeup<br />

2 platters,<br />

table, Gemini automations, 2 2 inter-<br />

mission music programmers, ORC Xenons<br />

Magnacom lenses, ticket machine, etc. AH<br />

for $29,500.00 STAR CINEMA SUPPLY, 217<br />

West 21st Street, New York 10011.<br />

CLOSING DRIVE-IN. Must sell 60x60<br />

surface, excellent condition. Also. 600 RCA<br />

speakers with posts, used only one sea<br />

son. Priced for quick sale. Contact R E<br />

Farley, 2909 South Sheridan, Tulsa, Okla<br />

homo 74129 or call (918) 627-4363.<br />

NEW EPRAD Golden in-car heaters, 240<br />

oils, $29,00 each, original boxes, Gemin<br />

inve-In. Box 183, Eau Claire, WI 54701<br />

HOUSE<br />



IDE JOSEPH Box 31406, Dallas 75231<br />

214; 363-2724<br />

INDOOR THEATRE, 350 seats. Onh<br />

black theatre in county over of 50,00C<br />

people, 40% black population. Located ir<br />

acres included in sale price of $93,000'<br />


^s<br />

: s, Lubbock, Texas. Jin<br />

'<br />

P"- 341-0240.<br />


TfieNafionj^ hcJttest. .<br />

mostout-of-coritrol movie/<br />

New York - 8 Theatres -<br />

247553<br />

First 12 Days<br />

Los Angeles -13 Theatres - First 12 Days<br />

«302.8<br />

^g^od\um§r...freshness...rreverenca<br />



Assodale Producer LARRY KOSTROFF • Executive Producer KIM JORGENSEN • Saeenplay by JERRY ZUCKER.<br />



For yocT piece of the'Kentucky Fried' action call or write Harry Goldman<br />

United Film Distribution Co.. 1111 West 22ncl Street, Oakbrook. III. 60521 (312) 323-8022

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