January - Minneapolis Club


January - Minneapolis Club

Valentine’s Gala

To RSVP contact 612.332.2292 or concierge@mplsclub.org

Make your reservation for the Valentine’s

Gala and have access to these great Spa


60 Minute Massage and a 60 Minute Facial $ 80

60 Minute Facial and a Bodywrap $80

2 – 60 minute massages $100

30 Minute Facial & Bodywrap for Her

with a 60 Minute Massage for Him $120

*services available February 4 - February 18

Valentine’s Gala Romance Package:

Guest Room, Bottle of Champagne, and

Continental Breakfast $100

*room available February 11th

February 11th, 2012

Join us for a night of Romance and Jazz

6:00 pm Champagne Reception

7:30 pm Chocolate Infused

Four Course Dinner

9:00 pm Dance

music by Patty Peterson

$150 per couple

***♦ formal attire, black tie optional

Valentine’s Day



Gift Certificates




Serenity Spa:

60min facials



Other Gift Certificates also available.

Call (612) 332-2292 x440 for details

5 for




Jayme Sussner

Health and Fitness


Another holiday season is behind us and a new year with

new challenges lies ahead. I would like to reach out to

all of those who are looking to set weight loss New Years

Resolutions and offer some helpful hints as you start

to watch those pounds come off. A question that I get

asked a lot is: “Why should I track calories or log what

I am eating” Research shows that only nine percent of

Americans accurately track daily calories and statistics show

that people who track calories lose twice as much weight

as others. If you do not track calories, you are likely eating

more than you think. Some of the main culprits are:

Picking and Nibbling

A few bites of your kid’s mac and cheese, a piece of

chocolate out of the office candy bowl, a few pretzels, etc.

These items can add up to more than 1,000 calories per day.

Liquid Calories

The calories in juice, soda, lemonade, sweetened iced

tea, flavored coffee, alcohol, and other drinks rack up the

calories quickly. Try low-calorie options like flavored water

and avoid adding sugar to coffee or tea.

Skipping Meals

Your body needs fuel on a regular basis. Those who skip a

meal usually overeat at the next one. When you go without

Yoga + Chocolate + Wine

Guided by Melissa Schoeller

January, 31st

5:30 pm

The Yoga+Chocolate+Wine experience highlights the sensual

exploration of taste as a secret gateway to the richer life

available in the present moment. Participants will taste a

variety of chocolates, and wines after a rich, yet accessible

practice of Yoga postures.

$25 per person or $40 for two -

registration required

You taste so much more of the

chocolate and wine. Even the

chemistry of your saliva is different

when you’re relaxed. The piece

of chocolate is a metaphor for

everything in life. When you’re in

the moment, everything is sweeter,

and richer.

eating for a long period of time your blood sugar drops,

zapping your energy. Plan snacks to keep your energy up

and hunger at bay.

Dining out

An International Food Information Council study found that

most people order meals based on taste and price rather

than nutritional value. Some dishes, however, can rack up

more than 1,500 calories. Even if you think you’re making

a healthier choice, there are often hidden calories in salads

and sandwiches from creamy sauces and toppings. Read

the calorie counts now provided in many menus before


Portion Distortion

Do you think you can accurately eyeball a half-cup of

pasta or one ounce of cheese Many people routinely

underestimate how much they are really eating. Try

measuring your food for a week. You will have a much

better idea of how much food is enough.

Keep these tips in mind and your New Year’s resolution may

not be so daunting. If you would like more nutritional tips

I would invite you to meet with the Club’s Dietitian Lyndia

Enright. I look forward to seeing you around the Club and

in the Fitness Center this year.


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