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Five Steps

To Authenticity

Wendel Matthews

New Year, New You

Brenda Cobb

Journey In Joy:

Being Bobby

Cassandra Worthy

Discovering Your

Inner Self

Ayesha Patel


Ask Ali


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Your best year yet!

JANUARY 2015 ~ CAPRICORN December 21 - January 19 Volume 22 No. 8

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Joyous luck & Happyeth New Year

to all ye seekers.




What is your authentic self

What is your authentic life

Are you living it, loving it,

growing it Learn how to

take off the masks, lower the

walls, open the doors, and


4 Publisher’s Page - Don Martin

I really


to know...

6 Geeks, Authenticity and Change - Christina James

7 Five Steps to Authenticity - Wendel Matthews

8 New Year, New You - Brenda Cobb

10 Sun Signs

11 Moon Calendar

12 Living Authentically - Sherry Davenport

13 Chiron - Cathy Burroughs

14 Vedic Astrology - James Braha

16 Dream Expert

17 Authenticity At Work - Nan Russell

25 Discovering Your Inner Self - Ayesha Patel

25 To Be Or Not To Be - Darshana Patel

27 Journey In Joy: Being Bobby - Cassandra Worthy

27 Ask Ali - Ali Doodle


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others. It is the reader’s responsibility to make intuitive decisions that

are right for them.

Hear now...TRUTH be TOLD with Wendel Matthews interviewing Don Martin

photograph by Awilda

Aquarius is printed on 100% recycled paper.

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Here it coomes!!

X3.1 Solar Flare of Oct. 24, 2014:

2015 is here. By the time you read this, the new

year will be out of the starting gates.

This year has been identified as a very amazing year, when

the manifestation of things that have been in the birthing or

creating process will come forth. Last year - 2014 - had two

cosmic events that are portentous…the beginning of a cycle

of blood red moons, and a cycle of Mercury Retrogrades that

had significant impact on human affairs.

Two other things - probably less noticed but more significant

- were the number of solar flares and the beginning of an

alignment with our solar system to the energy vortex that

blasts out from the center of our galaxy. (Most scientists and

cosmologists agree that a very massive black hole is at the

center of our galaxy. As this black hole consumes galactic

debris, it emits powerful energy blasts - imagine lightning

from a massive round ball - that shoots through the galaxy.

Our particular arm of the galaxy began passing through a

portion of that vortex this past year).

Cosmic events. Do they really have any bearing on life on

this little, out-of-the-way planet Well, think back…especially

to the amount of turmoil, chaos and violence that has visited

societies and cultures around our globe. Think back to the

economic uncertainty, the social discord, the increasing sense


Metaphysical practitioners, social scientists, and spiritual

intuitives the world over are sensing “a disturbance in the

Force.” Something big is coming…most people know it, and

even though they may deny it, they feel it and it impacts the

way they live their lives.

What is the best thing we can do to position ourselves for

whatever is coming Well, here are few things I believe are


Recognize that - whatever else happens - this “something big”

that is coming is, at the core, spiritual. It is not political, social,

economic or even cosmic. Political, social, economic and

cosmic things are all manifestations of spiritual reality. Don’t

pay so much attention to the manifestation that you forget to

look at the spiritual forces working behind it.

Does that make sense

Ok - “spiritual” means…transcendent. Unseen. Above and

beyond you. It is that force, or energy, or maybe even that

Consciousness, that works in and around all of us. Here is an

example: what happened in Ferguson, MO was a tragedy

and exposed many cracks in American society. However, think

beyond the details, and ask yourself - “what spiritual truth is

being revealed through this event” When I do that, I think:

love, reconciliation, trust, forgiveness, a new way of thinking

about racial relationships and race in general.

What do you think

The best way to respond to spiritual energy is to be

TRUTHFUL. When we are not being truthful, we limit the

impact that any experience, or thought, or person can have

on our selves.

Does that make sense

The best way to be truthful is to be AUTHENTIC. Take off the

mask. Be honest to yourself about who you are, what you

want, how you think and how you feel. When you act with

authenticity, you take down the walls of delusion and provide

an open receptacle to truth and spirit.

Yes, authenticity requires vulnerability and courage. It is not

easy. Most of us have years of practice in not being honest

with ourselves. We are trained to not think about who we are,

and to not give respect to our own personhood, or our own

desires. We put up walls, we wear masks, and we fake it.

All that does is keep the massive spiritual energy that is

swirling around us now from impacting us and sweeping

us up in its bliss.

So…as the New Year begins, I encourage you to practice

authenticity. Begin by being honest with yourself.

This year, Aquarius is devoting its content to exploring ways in

which we can prepare for spiritual revolution…because HERE

IT COMES!! This issue - the first of the new year - is devoted to


May your mask come off, your walls come down, and you

become the powerful person that you are.


Don Martin is the owner of Aquarius Newspaper and CEO

of Aquarius Media Network. He is a native of Atlanta, and

has traveled extensively in this world and many others.

He is a family man, an outdoorsman, a poet, a musician,

a mystic, a writer, a photographer, and a metaphysical

practitioner (Akashic Field Therapy). All he wants is love,

a farm, and a few chickens and goats.

When the I Am Leads, the Path Follows

Where Will You Lead Your Path in 2015

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Jan. 18th Cleaning Up & Clearing Out

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Jan. 19th A New You for the New Year!

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Jan. 20th The Resonance of Abundance Living

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Jan. 25th Spiritual Potpourri

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Geeks, Authenticity,

& Change

As the wind blows the cold air of January into our homes, I’d like to take you back to a

time of the year when the weather was warm and bright: Labor Day weekend. Every year

at this time, downtown Atlanta fills with an enormously diverse crowd of people gathered

together to celebrate their love for a variety of different pastimes; a mutli-colored, costumed

swarm of faces forming from all across the United States and as far away as Germany and

the United Kingdom. This is DragonCon, a convention that spans so many fan genres that

the schedule for the weekend is the size of a graphic novel and the event itself spreads

throughout five hotels.

With all of these different interests – interests that range from the skeptic to the metaphysical

practitioner, the science nerd to the fantasy geek – thousands of people, rich and poor,

young and old, all form into something unexpected: a 62,000 person family. Yes. I said

family. Not a disparate group of people with marginally similar interests, not acquaintances,

not even friends...but Family.

Why Family What is it that bonds each genre’s fans together so much that every person

you speak to refers to this Atlanta mega-event as a giant family reunion What is it that

brings the psychics to the same table as the evangelical skeptics to play a game of cards

It isn’t the costumes, though there are definitely some incredible costumes to be seen. It

isn’t the books, shows, games, or other interests that dominate one panel track or another

– there are hundreds of other genre-specific conventions for people to go to if they want

to focus on their individual favorite pastimes. No, it is the authenticity, the honesty, the

transparency reflected within this community that makes its members family...and it is the

acceptance of each individual’s truest expression of self that is the blood tie that binds them.

Every person at DragonCon is likely to call themselves a “geek” but, really, a geek is simply

someone who is unapologetically enthusiastic about the things they enjoy, someone

who is genuine, true to themselves. When we talk about authenticity and the need for

personal and community integrity, truth, and transparency, we have no better example to

learn from than the community, the Family, which reunites each year in our own backyard

at DragonCon:

Here you find multiple generations of people who grew up being discouraged of their

own authenticity; people who were beaten up or made fun of for liking Sci-Fi, comic books,

fantasy novels, anime, or any other number of interests that didn’t conform to society’s

standards of what “normal” was at the time. These people, now parents and grandparents,

were expected to grow out of their fandoms...but they did what we all need to do...they

refused. Instead, here they are, graying hair, still celebrating with the enthusiasm they had

as children. Many, raising the next generation of proud non-conformists, are bringing

these pint-sized geeks to DragonCon to show them the power of community, the power of

mutual acceptance in the authentic embrace of the DragonCon family.

Geek culture – and that is what DragonCon is truly about – shows us the true socially

transformative power of authenticity. All of these authentic people, by the very nature

of their refusal to “grow up,” to conform, to deny their own truth, risked loneliness and

ostracism from a society that rejected them. Instead, however, they remained genuine.

They had the most integrity of all and that integrity attracted others who had followed

the same path. Like magnets, the geeks were drawn to each other, aided in large part

by gatherings like DragonCon, amassing into larger and larger groups that eventually

transformed society, as we know it. By refusing to sacrifice their authenticity, the geeks

won the world, creating the “rise of the geek” and making fandom – once the purview of

disenfranchised, bullied outcasts – COOL!

On Thursday, Dec. 18, Aquarius was given an incredible gift.

Ghandi, in his call to transform society through the

practice of authenticity, said to BE the change you

wish to see in the world. It turns out to be the geeks,

the members of the DragonCon international

family tree, who set that example perfectly for our

age. Through their individual self-honesty, their

stubborn refusal to be anything other than genuine

in their pursuits, geeks have and will continue to

remake the world in an image of acceptance and

authenticity. It’s time we all followed suit.

Christina James

is a freelance writer and blogger. A secondgeneration

geek with a penchant for passion,

spirituality, and culture, she is dedicated to

living and writing with authenticity. She can be

found online at Geeks, Authenticity, & Change


The new Aquarius logo - AQ - was presented to us as a beautiful metal sculpture, handcrafted

and created by Damon Lusky (son of Caroline Lusky, a long-term and familiar face to the

Aquarius family).

The logo - designed by our Creative Director, Mylon Gramling (left) - is an incredible artistic creation,

incorporating elements of flowing water and mysticism (note the “Eye of Horus” hidden in the design).

Damon (right), a respected and well-known metalurgist and sculptor in metal, created the beautiful

wall-mounted sculpture. The gift was given by the Lusky family - Caroline, DeWayne (her husband),

Damon and Jill (daughter-in-law). A great big “Thank You” to the artists, Mylon and Damon, and the

Lusky family for the gift, the love and the support!


www. AQ -atl.com

5 Steps to


Immersed in a sea of disguises, authenticity can be difficult to capture. Image is everything

in a world of egos. We love to make good first impressions but we fear the idea of people

knowing who we really are. Disconnected are those unable to be true to themselves on a

daily basis. Self-actualization begins when you have the audacity to be authentic.

Frequently, we seek authenticity in our political leaders only to find it’s opposite. A lack

of authenticity is also found amongst our spiritual leaders (i.e. the history of sexual abuse

insulated by the papacy). Additionally, as many languish at the deterioration of Bill Cosby’s

image, we are reminded that celebrities and entertainers commonly compromise their

authenticity to fulfill egocentric desires.

With such a lack of authenticity in the leadership of our egocentric society, how do you

know if you might have an issue with authenticity

The old saying goes: “Character is defined by what you do when no one is watching.”

Are you the same person when no one is watching


1. Identify the Masks you wear. Society frequently compels us to put a different face

on for the public. Whether at work or at home with our children, we often feel required to

compromise our true values and sentiments. Think of moments when you are not true to

yourself and others.

Case in point, many cops anonymously disagreed with the outcome of the judicial

proceedings surrounding the NYC police officer who choked an unarmed Eric Garner

to death. However, none of these officers will speak up for fear of being ridiculed.

Meanwhile, hearing the authentic perspective of these officers could raise our level of

collective understanding on race relations and police brutality in law enforcement. It could

inspire legislation to minimize risk by mandating race relations training for all officers and

psychological screenings to identify subconscious racial biases. While that may seem like

wishful thinking to some, authentic conversations open us to the potential for positive

change. Remember, the coroner’s autopsy concluded that Garner’s death was neither

asthma related, nor heart related, it was classified simply as homicide.

2. Accept the Fears you are masking. There is no maturity without self-acceptance.

Understanding why you are fearful of your authentic self is crucial to letting your mask(s)

go. Only when we face our fears can we overcome them. When we avoid our fears, the

problem only gets worse. When we do not openly communicate the truth, our pretentious

outward exchanges foster an internal disconnection between our ego and our authentic

self. This leads to inner conflict which manifests as mental and emotional imbalance.

Self-acceptance resolves this conflict by restoring our internal connection thus promoting

oneness and inner peace.

3. Embrace your Ego for all you have learned from its attachments and disguises. In

the holistic community, it is very popular to demonize or denounce our egos. However,

just like brains and hearts, egos are necessary for us to fulfill our respective purposes

on planet Earth. We need them to develop personas in the physical world. Therefore, it

is important to reflect on what you have learned from your ego. By learning from your

ego instead of demonizing it, you are more likely to be inspired along your journey of

transformation. This prepares your ego for alignment with your authentic self so you can

be true to yourself while in the physical world.

4. Find your Truth. No one has the same experience you do. No one thinks and feels

what you do when you do. Your conscious experience is the fingerprint of your existence.

Therefore, you must identify what is true to you. Your authenticity is found in your truth. As

your truth evolves, so do you.

5. Liberate Yourself from popular beliefs, media sound-bites and poor role models

who compromise your authenticity. With millions competing for your attention, it is not

easy to liberate yourself from these influences. Fortunately, you were born with

intelligence and intent before any of these externalities.

Let it all go. Authenticity is difficult to capture because to

be authentic is to be free.

Wendel A. Matthews- inspirer, writer, counselor, and philosopher.

He will help you discover your limitless nature. His Power Talks

can improve your life or business. His self-discovery

workshops promote revolutionary growth and

transformation. His writings will elevate your mind

and speak to your heart.


www. AQ -atl.com



New Year, New You

The New Year gives us all the opportunity to adjust our thoughts, attitudes and decisions

and prepare for a new direction as we move into 2015. This is a wonderful time to checkin

with yourself and review your over-all health and well-being. You can create the best

and healthiest year ever by deciding to do everything you possibly can to empower

yourself. There are several important factors to consider when you are ready to live your

best life.






Mental Thinking – The way we think affects

everything about us and our lives. Mental

thinking has an energetic frequency that

attracts to it exactly what the thought gives

out. Positive thinking attracts good things.

To attract abundance in your life replace the

old negative thinking with this positive idea.

“I am prosperous, rich and abundant in

every way. My good follows me wherever

I go. Prosperity comes to me from

expected and unexpected resources.

I am blessed in every way.”

Emotional Stuff – There is an emotional

reason for every illness. The emotional

component of a disease is the foundation

of how the disease develops. As an

example with cancer some of the emotional

components are grief, depression, deep

hurt and longstanding resentment. In order

to heal the physical body you must heal

the emotional self. Getting in touch with,

understanding and releasing emotional

baggage is key to creating a body that is

healthy in every way. A new thought to heal

the body is:

“I lovingly forgive and release all of the past.

I choose to fill my world with joy.

I love and approve of myself.”

Stress – We have all heard that stress can

be a killer and it is true. Stress can lead

to high blood pressure, heart attacks,

insomnia, skin breakouts, and a host of

other serious diseases. Let’s face it, we

live in a stressful world, but it is never what

happens to us that makes any difference

at all. It is our reaction to what happens to

us that either creates more stress or helps

us to move through challenging situations.

Meditation, exercise, relaxation, hobbies,

rest and a good attitude can help to

combat stress.

Toxicity – Most people are full of toxins

from air, water, pollution, additives, dyes,

chemicals, drugs, processed and junk

food, pesticides, heavy metals, fungus,

mold, yeast, worms and parasites. The

more toxicity that has built up in the body,

the sicker the body can become. To bring

back and keep perfect health it is essential

to cleanse and detoxify the body. Colon

cleansing, lymphatic drainage, cleansing

the blood and removing undesirable toxins

are key to creating and keeping good

health. Detoxification treatments, herbs,

essential oils and specific foods can assist in

the detoxification process.

The cleaner the body, the better it runs and

the healthier it is.

Nutrition – There is so much food available

that is downright unhealthy. Fast food is

cheap, quick, easy and addictive. Greasy

fried foods, processed, cooked dead

food and genetically modified foods

give the body little or no real nutrition.

Cooking food kills vital enzymes which

are necessary to help the body function

on every level. If we continue to deplete

enzymes in the body one day the body will

become bankrupt and disease, illness and

symptoms can easily take over. It is very

important to learn which foods to eat to

enhance health and well-being. Adding

more organic raw and living sprouted

foods to your diet will help you create the

best health ever.

Good health is a choice and if you

want it for yourself you must participate

wholeheartedly in doing the right things.

Make your health a priority by making

good decisions about your nutrition,

thinking, cleansing and emotional health.

When you feel good and have more energy

everything in your life will improve.

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“the namaste


is a ground-roots movement

to put respect back into our

personal and social words and

actions. Join us in telling others

- and acting like we mean it -

“I honor You.”



Felecia L. Dawson, MD, FACOG

Board Certified

Brenda Cobb, is author of The Living Foods Lifestyle ®

and founder of The Living Foods Institute, an Educational

Center and Therapy Spa in Atlanta offering Healthy Lifestyle

Courses on Nutrition, Cleansing, Healing, Anti-Aging,

Detoxification, Relaxation and Cleansing Therapies.

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www. AQ -atl.com

www. AQ -atl.com




Cathy H. Burroughs, previous VP, Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society, is a gifted psychic, healer,

astrologer, medium and travel writer. Email: cathyb108@aol.com or check out www.psychicsolutions.tv.

p Capricorn (December 21 - January 19)

Happy Birthday, Sea Goat. Your nourishing leadership

ascends to new levels. Diplomatic and charming, innovative

new ventures have a profound healing component and your

courageous new path is karmically destined. Celebrity status,

new found bliss and major dough are in the cards for you,

Capricorn Baby. Bolt the gate of 2015. This could be big.

[ Aquarius (January 20 - February 17)

Let the games begin, Water-bearer, as 2015 launches a new

cycle signed, sealed, and delivered by the gods. Brilliant new

professional possibilities are off the chain and a project from

the past may find new legs. You are officially the king or queen

of the world now. Use your new authority wisely. If you do well,

an even bigger cosmic promotion may be brewing behind the


] Pisces (February 18 - March 19)

Your instincts are running on optimal as is unconditional

love and it goes both ways, fish sticks. Destiny has prepared

radical new work possibilities so work those independently

with action and freshness. Work hard and do take charge as

your executive leadership soars and you get results for you,

me and us! And yes, this month, dream it and it is so…or

just…within reach, Noble Fish!

q Aries (March 20 - April 19 )

Brave Rambo, you are indeed a warrior and you’ve earned

this badge of valor during this constant cauldron of change.

It’s exciting, though and totally liberating. Decisions,

decisions, decisions in the romance arena. Choose wisely as

partnerships forged now could be futuristic, indeed. CEO

promotions may lead to a spade of workaholic but success is

virtually guaranteed, Pioneering One!

w Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Creative Bull, you are sensual, artistic and tuned in this month

and parties held at home will be the talk of the town. A

honeymoon period in day-to-day life sees new balance and

harmony. You are a charming and convincing spokesperson

now so stand up for what is right. This month when Taurus

speaks, everyone listens, particularly around the new moon of

the 20th!

e Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Write a book, publish a screenplay, apply for a contest this

month, Twin, as your creative media projects may capture

some high level attention! Hard work pursuing your dreams

is lucky indeed and romance is written in the stars with

commitment sure to follow. Prime time to go back to school

or do some international travel with your sweetie. You may go

independent this year as freelance opportunities open for you

now, Sparkling Gem.

r Cancer (June 21 - July 21)

2015 sees an auspicious onset for you Sensitive Cancer.

You thrive and are the star of the show at both work and on

the home front. Do whip up one of your famous crab and

artichoke appetizers open a bottle of wine and watch your

personal luminary the full moon on the 4th and the new moon

of the 20th, work its voodoo that you do so well, especially

conducive on these dates but all month long. Nice.

t Leo (July 22 - August 22)

This is a truly red-letter year for you, Royal Lion, so go for the

gold and the gusto. The pilot of your life just might get picked

up. What happens this year could fill a book, so put your pedal

to the medal and work your butt off. Listen closely; that’s your

freedom and your true calling, is calling! Relish it, Lovely Lion/

Lioness: you are and have so earned it!

y Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

A star kissed collaboration at work may be just what the doctor

ordered, Virgo. Resist the urge to isolate and spend time with

the kids or captain a speculative venture that requires a super

human outpouring that most definitely pays off. Then follow

your bliss and remember all work and no play makes our

Lovely Virgin a dull girl or boy. So honor your wild side and

retreat to the sacred realm as you follow your spirit’s call.

u Libra (September 23 - October 22)

This is your time, Harmonious Libra. Everything that has come

before has been preparing you for this. Do launch a lucky

project that aligns with your beliefs and larger objectives.

You could work from home or your home is your work as

you hunker down and take de-cluttering to a high art form.

Remember you are a creative monster, and don’t forget you’re

not just here for your sweetie. Don’t lose your wild creative

streak, which could go large this month and take you further

than you ever dreamed.

i Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

You are reinventing yourself as a hard working visionary with

potentially the Midas touch, Evolutionary One. Your words

carry great weight now and you may find your neighborhood

needs your executive abilities and be called to the fray! Feed

your restless spirit with a spontaneous road trip and let your

spirit lead you to mysterious outings both inner and outer,

Mysterious Seeker. You may need to runaway and that may

be with someone from the past or an entrepreneurial initiative

may take off! Could go either way.

o Sagittarius (November 22 - December 20)

Your CEO potential is showing this month, Sagittarius, and

you could be promoted or begin your own start up. You may

reinvent the four-hour workweek, or travel the world and

create a new business model while you’re at it, Fortuitous

Centaur. If your life is Aladdin’s Lamp now, do take this

opportunity to put it out there and you are not restricted to


Capricorn Dec. 21 - Jan. 19

Understanding Capricorn

Happy Birthday, reliable leader Capricorn!

As a practical earth sign ruled by the

disciplinarian and planet of rules and regulations

Saturn, you are the natural CEO of the Zodiac.

Your focus generally is on: a powerful desire

to succeed, your standing in society, fairness,

wanting to treat everybody with respect, your

willingness to learn the ropes and come up from

the ranks.

Represented by the sea goat or mountain goat,

you assiduously advance to the helm of whatever

endeavor you set your sights on and build your

foundation from the ground up. In recent years

the transiting planets in Capricorn have reshaped

your goat’s psyche and helped you overcome old

school notions that have outlived their usefulness.

Naturally conservative and reserved, Caps can

actually be kind hearted and charismatic even

becoming warm and cuddly teddy bears, once

people around them prove to be trustworthy.

Also you can be extremely mature in youth and

seem to become more youthful with age.

In the professional realm you are noted for

your fatherly compassion and you’ll find more

Capricorn bosses than probably any other sign.

They tend to provide employees who prove their

worth and ability tremendous latitude to do their

jobs with freedom and mutual regard. While they

may not easily express emotion or give flattery a

word of appreciation from a Capricorn boss will

mean a great deal.

Caps in 2015

The evolutionary sign of Pluto has been in your

sign for the past few years and will stay there

through 2023. It has been forming a square to

Uranus the planet of revolutionary change with

a break out opportunity to completely recreate

your path and sense of identity. Your inherent

infrastructure is being torn down and rebuilt

from the ground up. Saturn and Neptune are in

harmonious aspect to your Sun indicating great

creativity, hard work, spirituality and vision are

keystones in the coming year.

Some well known Capricorns include such high

achievers as news caster Katie Couric; President

Woodrow Wilson; founding father/scientist Ben

Franklin; ground-breaking physicist Isaac Newton

and Jeff Bazos, the founder of Amazon.com.

*If you are a Capricorn and do not resonate to

these attributes you’ll need to look at the rest of

your chart as this description only relates to your

sun sign and ascendant.


www. AQ -atl.com

q Aries

w Taurus

e Gemini

r Cancer

t Leo

y Virgo

u Libra

i Scorpio

o Sagittarius

p Capricorn

[ Aquarius

] Pisces

þ Sun

s Moon

d Mercury

f Venus

g Mars

h Jupiter

j Saturn

k Uranus

l Neptune

; Pluto

JANUARY 2015 ** Note: Times are for time zone 5 hours West. DST is observed.




s | t

Moon Void





s | y

Moon Void



5 s | ey


AQ moon calendar



2 s | eu

Moon Void



7 s | ru

Good day to express

Step out and take a

Adjustments are in order Release inner criticism

Busy day to push

Several ideas are viable

Mercury retrograde

Happy New Year.

Moon in Gemini fills the

Venus moves into

your feelings with Moon

chance and ask for what

between what you can

to achieve inner peace

forward with what


to help you navigate

in Cancer and Moon

The year begins with sbd mind with brilliant ideas

Aquarius bringing love f[

in Cancer and Sun in

you want.

do and that which is out

with what is.

needs to get done.

emotional quandaries.

in Libra, rethink your




of your control.

enthusiasm to think and sbf and accompanying






for our ack


act big.

sxj arguments over the how

quirky scd



snh regarding friends. relationships.




gxh tos, what ifs, and whys.

sbg szg












Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon 3:47p Void




12:00a Void

Moon 10:21p Void


11:59p 9

i 10




1:04p 14 p 6:38a

11:59p 11



11:23a 12 o Moon Void

Moon Void

4 s | r 11:53p

5 s | r 12:00a

6 s | t 12:00a

7 s | t 8 s | y 12:05p

9 s | y 10 s | y 10:46a






Jupiter has stepped

Neptune retrograde

Sharp energy today that

Endless options flood

The full moon

Full moon day carries the Mars square Pluto is snl

Full moon in Cancer and d[ Moon in Cancer brings a The heart opens to

If you listen to the inner

Moon with Mars brings

Moon in Virgo day

Sun and Moon in

pasts its shadow, all

showers the opportunity lends to communicating

the imagination; allow

approaches with the

desire to do more with life a dynamic energy that gc;

Mercury in Aquarius sbl moody Monday morning

laughter with the Moon

whispers nudging you to

strong emotions to the

demands getting work

earth signs help

speed ahead to expand sxk to move between the

to the point, whether or

with the pesky irritations brings to the surface sz;

sn; your visions to expand.

longing for freedom to

inspires )

the heart

alternative snj

and let love


sba psychic,










is ready

us to

make changes, you will


of material limitations.




live a life




feels true


done to go into the next


fxj frustration






shine in.

towards New sck Settle sck

sch spiritual



the New Year


sbd to hear what





of life, sbj see the result by April.

non-appreciative. scl


to the depths of your

szh week caught up.


sxa Release and

to dreams

be free.

Years dreams.) sx; with gentle care.

large snj


sbl to say. and small. sxd





sxl and ambition.









sba sbf



Moon Void


15 [ 16 [ 17


2:26p 18 ] Moon Void

20 q Moon Void

Moon Void

Moon Void




Moon Void






11 s | u 12:00a

12 s | u 13 s | i


14 s | i 15 s | i

6:52p 5:26p 16 s | o 12:00a

17 21 s | ow

11:03p 2:25p

















Do you



into be





day for


a void








Scorpio with








like a


The last






the Sun


The solstice





Saturn, Moon in Capricorn or do you want to be

Gemini bringing back

to spend the evening

passes over the sun


in Gemini until 2015,

reenacts the intense days

Aquarius for nearly

shifting time and effort g] good to listen to your

tons of activity pushing dnk damn breaking open

is in Sag, freedom is

connect with friends and

shifting to Aquarius, let go happy is the question

situations to complete de enjoying the sunset or szl allowing to connect with snd prepare for the solstice

of April, be on the lookout

2 $





and embrace


for today.

meditation, sbd intuition

sbg from the





your snh



scf other



of how

to earth

much sbl with an emotional tidal

fnh inspiration and creative


sca celebration.


sc; for passionate



other’s sbk

and ar

a holistic







music, and movies. sbf instincts

snk May.

of what to do sca you

sba mystical

feel in


control. scd wave, today can be one

sn; concepts.


szj dreams


sxg directed









sxk next. $ fnk

sn; of those days.








szk situations.












Moon Void

27 r Moon Void



22 w Moon Void




| r

7:05a 25 e Moon Void

Moon Void




Moon Void

Moon Void




Moon Void

Moon Void

18 s | p 12:00a

19 23 s | pw



11:59p 5:51a

20 s | [ 12:00a

21 s | [


22 s | ] 12:00a 5:05p 23 s | ]


24 s | q 12:00a 11:59p










we enter
















for more

in Aquarius

than one









The day before


the new

and Perfect

New Moon

evening Cancer

to relax, Moon


in Aries



to catch

exactly what brings you

friendly Gemini, let go of

way or one idea to be the is always a high energy

moon is a release, relax,

begins a journey of

the wave of enjoying

dark phase of the moon

Venus opposite Jupiter

brings a fresh

Mercury retrograde d\ creative juices flow.

unwind, forget what

the weekend activities to

peace and contentment.

overbearing attachment

right one.

day when your head can

and let go time.

releasing thoughts that

the bounty of all that

prepare for new ideas as is an emotional day to sck perspective to the

boost the need to find snk

troubles # you and focus

get out and about. sck

sna to your romantic partner fe

spin with distractions. gxk

do not support your sza surrounds you.

you recommit to what is

seek higher wisdom,


snl and spend time with

sz; year with new ways of a[ alternative solutions to a szd

scj on







most important. sng compassion and love.



sb; platonic friends.

fxh connecting.# sza new problem.



















new MOON

Moon Void

s | t


4:43a s | w

s | w

s | e

s | e

s | r

25 s | q





what you



day moves our heart to

and trust you will know

feel acceptance and

what is best to do next.

unconditional love.


2 s | t

30 s | t Moon Void









into your




place of confidence

Taurus brings desire for

and know that you do

svk comfort, listen to your

abl not need other peoples

sc; body

fcl approval

and feed

for your

it what



snd it scj

snf happiness.

needs. ! snl







s | t

Venus goes into Pisces

where romantic love is at

its best.

Moon Void



Moon Void









Energy see-saws today

from wanting things to

be set and known versus

new and interesting.

Moon Void








29 s | e

Intellectual day with

plenty of messages

interrupting the flow of


Moon Void




Spiritual teachings find

scl their way to inspire your

sba thoughts.




Moon Void










Connect with your

emotional needs as you

take care of mundane

chores for home life.

Moon Void



Moon Void





Forecast by Donna Page MS www.lovinglightastrologer.com

www. AQ -atl.com


JANUARY 2015 PG 11

Aquarius Press


its first book…

Pat Green


rejection from

his church

because of his stand

on marriage equality, was threatened

by the very people he ministered to on the

dark streets of Chicago, discovered that his

daughter viewed herself as a lesbian, went through a bitter

divorce, abandoned by his church…and ended up on the

streets, alone, broke, and unemployable.

The only job he could get was as a taxi driver…

on the night shift.

It was like driving through a sick and twisted contemporary

version of Dante’s “Divine Inferno.” He encountered faceto-face

the most broken, violent, dangerous, deranged and

drunken people at the darkest hour of their lives.

Yet, incredibly, he encountered something else…something

he did not expect, did not hope for, and (at first) did not

trust. But it happened over and over again…and his journey

through hell became an experience of love and light that

radically changed his life…and the lives of every rider in his cab.

This is Pat’s story…of how the night moves.

“Night Moves” is an incredible story of an

ex-preacher who, facing poverty and destitution,

takes a job as a cabbie in Joilet, IL.

Do you have a book inside of you

Are you ready to make your dream of authorship come true

Let us make it happen, for you! With the launch of “Night Moves”,

Aquarius Media Network is launching Aquarius Press!

Our vision is to publish books by new and emerging authors,

that bring a metaphysical perspective to life, love, politics, fiction, poetry…

www.AQ -atl.com

Call us at 770-641-9055

or write Don Martin, Publisher/CEO,

at: donmartin@aquarius-atlanta.com.

Living Authentically

The phrase, living our truth, seems like

such a simple task. We all go about our day

doing our best to be the true version of

ourselves … or do we

Are we really living our truth or merely

reflecting what we believe the world and

others expect us to be

Living authentically allows us to tell the

world our story. It enables us to have

genuine connections to others as well as

with ourselves.

What does it mean to be authentic

Most dictionaries define authenticity as

“being genuine; of undisputed origin”. I

define being authentic as being our true

selves without the confines of who we have

been conditioned to think we should be. It

can only happen when our thoughts, words

and actions are in alignment with our inner

beliefs and principles.

As we move from infancy into toddlerhood,

we begin to become influenced by the

programming and belief systems of those

around us. Many people spend their entire

lives living someone else’s ideals. There are

those however, who feel the yearning for

more fulfillment and set out on a quest to

discover their authentic selves. I realized

early on that I was one of those who

marched to the beat of my own drum and

I was a seeker on a journey to discover the

real me.

The freedom that comes from living

authentically is monumental,

but isn’t for the faint of heart.

As we grow ... we evolve, but often times

we are fearful of change and the potential

judgment of others that can come with it.

I battled with what I interpreted as letting

people down, when in turn I was actually

imprisoning all those involved, including

myself, in unauthenticity.

Authenticity requires a commitment to

the process of continual growth and selfdiscovery.

It is learning who we are and

accepting our genuine self. It is necessary

to have complete and full acceptance of

our past and present choices and to have

learned unconditional self-love. It requires

us to be open to change and to allow

ourselves to be vulnerable. It is about being

comfortable in our own skin. We must be

willing to take off the mask and let the world

truly see us.

Living authentically is a process that doesn’t

happen overnight. There are old patterns

we must let go of and roles we have taken

on that we find we can no longer fulfill.

Release is an essential part of the process to

achieve complete authenticity. Often times

Sherry J Davenport - Sherry Davenport is a Spiritual

Intuitive Counselor, Energy Worker, Writer and Teacher. She

lives her life’s purpose by serving others and assisting them

in becoming the best version of themselves.


as a result our connections to others and

relationships shift.

My life has been a multifaceted series

of transformations and my pursuit of

living authentically has certainly come in

stages. One of the most difficult stages

has been learning to let go. I certainly

have not mastered it, but I can say that my

ability to release myself from inauthentic

connections with jobs, friends, family, and

relationships has allowed me to continue

growing unimpeded as a person mentally,

emotionally and spiritually.

The more authentic we become, the more

we want deeper and more meaningful


Without authentic relationships we cannot

continue to develop. It, in effect, inhibits

our heart and soul, which are both crucial in

living authentically.

Inauthentic relationships are often created

as result of two individuals struggling with

their own authenticity and many times

carries with it an unsustainable illusion of


Authentic relationships require total and

complete honesty, love and acceptance of

one another for who they truly are and not

someone we wish or want them to be, open

communication, and must be built on a

foundation of absolute trust.

Carl Jung said it best “The privilege of a

lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

Living an authentic life is not stagnate. It’s

constant acceptance of change, a challenge

of old beliefs, a shift in our ways of thinking,

disengaging from past facades and letting

go of unhealthy connections, but with it

comes a desire to attract and embrace

constructive and beneficial relationships,

the courage to live in complete freedom

in a place where we are truly alive, where

our hearts are full and we can live fully

embracing and realizing our purpose and

mission in this life.

Live in authenticity ... you and the world

will both be better for it.


www. AQ -atl.com


at 50:

The Chiron Return poses the question:

“Your vision will become

clear only when you can

look into your own heart.

Who looks outside,


who looks inside,


C.G. Jung

What am I going to do

with this last part of my

life - Astrologer Melanie Reinhart

After the Saturn Return at 30, and the

midlife crisis at 40, one of the lesser known,

but most significant rites of passage, at

50, is the formidable Chiron Return. It is,

perhaps, due to the relatively new discovery

of Chiron, in November 1977, that so little

is known about this profound period of

transformation, that reveals so much about

the secrets of the human psyche.

Neither planet nor asteroid, Chiron

has been determined to be a comet or

planetoid (minor planet). Found between

the orbit of Saturn (representing tradition)

and Uranus (representing progress), Chiron

forms a bridge between the old and the

new, historical origins and individual

expression. Chiron mediates between the

conscious awareness and reality-basis of

the practical personal and social planets

(Sun through Saturn) and the multidimensional

cosmic consciousness of the

outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).

It provides a gateway forward or back,

whichever is deemed essential for growth,

forming our own link between the natural

and the supernatural, the physical and the


Part horse and part human; part mortal

and part immortal, Chiron, a Centaur,

is associated with the archetype of the

“wounded healer.” Mythically, Chiron,

born a mutant, was rejected at birth by his

mother, who thought him an abomination.

Chiron was forced to raise himself. Facing

many rejections and trials, ultimately,

his accomplishments as a great teacher

and healer (he was personally trained by

Apollo), self-sacrifices (he relinquished

his immortality to Prometheus who was

imprisonment in the underworld for

bringing fire to earth), and wisdom (tutored

personally by Athena), brought him the

respect of Zeus, who gave him his own


Chiron represents (and is given definition,

by sign, house placement and aspect)

where we feel fundamentally wounded.

He also embodies our dualities and inner

contradictions: where we have the potential

to be both: godlike and human; instinctive

and reasoning, where we feel most rejected

and ashamed, but where, too, we have the

capacity to heal.

The fact that Chiron has been so difficult to

categorize is emblematic of the Wounded

Healer’s dilemma: that of feeling unable

to find one’s niche or place in the world.

Hence Chiron in our charts also represents

where we feel disenfranchised and where

we can contribute most to those who

themselves feel to be outcasts.

Chiron, himself an accomplished teacher

and healer, is thought to be prominent

in the charts of healers, astrologers and

spiritual teachers. The symbolism goes

further to say that embodied in the primal

wounding of a being, either physically,

spiritually or incarnationally, is the secret to

their healing.

Perhaps the most universally acknowledged

image of Chironic consciousness is the

image and person of Christ. Other famous

Chironic figures in our culture include

Martin Luther King, Jr., who was born with

Chiron direct and stationery, inspiring many

future generations with his “dream.”

Another Chironic theme is the conversion

of the “ugly duckling” types who

metamorphsize at 50, just as Chiron

returns to the position it was at birth. In

Magi Astrology, Chiron is the center of

their astrological universe with Chiron

aspects and transits indicating soul mate

opportunities and indications when your

ship will come in for your destiny.

Turning 50, or thereabouts (for some, it

is 49; other’s 51) marks a new paradigm

in Western Astrology, as Chiron returns

to its natal position. This momentous

watershed delineates the end of the heroic

youth, as we enter the realm of “elder.

Like the Chinese character for crisis, the

Chiron Return represents a “dangerous

opportunity.” Here, we revisit ancient

patterns; have the opportunity to go back

to the source of our deepest, unresolved

wounds; to heal them, once and for all, so

that we can live the remainder of our lives

in keeping with our true soul purpose.

Some say, however, that it may not be

possible to fully understand the

repercussions of this passage, until Chiron

itself has completed an entire cycle, in

the year 2028, 51 years after its discovery.

opportunity we all have now: to produce

both a personal and universal elixir of

mysterious and inordinate possibilities.

How fortunate

we all are to be

positioned at

such a juncture!

Cathy H. Burroughs,

former VP, Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society

(MAAS). For more info www.psychicsolutions.tv,

call 404-543- 1080 or 404-292-2000.



www. AQ -atl.com


JANUARY 2015 PG 13

For the Love of Vedic Astrology: James Braha’s Historic a

Lectures, Workshops, Sessions and Special Events In Honor of the Renowned Vedic Astrologer

By James Braha and

Cathy H. Burroughs

of The Aquarius Newspaper staff

James Braha is one of the most influential astrologers

of our time. He has written extensively on Hindu astrology,

and is considered the leading international expert on

Vedic Astrology.

Cathy Burroughs: You use both systems, Western and

Eastern. Why do you love the Hindu/Vedic so much

James Braha: Alan Leo, the famous British astrologer, once

wrote that astrologers with Sun-Neptune conjunctions are

the most predictive of all. I have a three degree Sun-Neptune

conjunction, so his statement always makes me laugh

because I just love the more predictive, fate oriented Eastern

system. But truly, I think my mind is just more comfortable with

Eastern methods and philosophies.

CB: For example

JB: I’m fascinated by the way Hindu philosophy categorizes

life into four areas: dharma, artha, kama (not karma) and

moksha. Dharma is duty or purpose, and relates to the fire

houses, 1, 5, and 9. So, if these houses are prominent, then

the person focuses mainly on his or her mission. The person

lives to fulfill some specific purpose or career.

CB: What is artha

JB: Artha means money matters, and relates to the earth

houses, 2, 6, and 10. If these houses are prominent, the

person is interested in making money. He or she is more

practical. Then comes kama, as in kama sutra, which means

desires. Not sexual desires, but desires in general. Kama

houses are 3, 7, and 11.

CB: Air.

JB: Yes. When these houses are powerful, then the person

has tons of desires and gets them fulfilled, unless other chart

features negate that fact. If I see a client with a great kama

horoscope, that person has likely already succeeded in

several careers, and satisfied so many different desires.

CB: Sounds wonderful.

JB: Not necessarily, because these people don’t know what

to do with themselves. They always ask me: “What do I do

with my life”

CB: What do you say

JB: I tell them to try and enjoy the fact that they get so many

desires fulfilled. And then I look to the dasas and bhuktis, the

periods and subperiods for which Hindu predictive astrology

is so famous, to guide them in what nature has in store for

them during upcoming periods.

By the way, Hindu astrology uses a different house system and

zodiac than Western - sidereal, not tropical – so don’t assume

that because certain houses are prominent in your Western

chart they will still be so in the Hindu chart.

CB: I see.

JB: Finally, there are the water houses, 4, 8, and 12, that relate

to moksha, which means enlightenment and final liberation.

CB: Spiritual matters.

JB: Yes. So, this dharma, artha, kama, moksha feature is an

overarching theme that sometimes dominates a chart. I say

sometimes because not all charts are heavily weighted in one

area. Many charts are balanced between 2, 3 or 4 qualities.

My horoscope is heavily weighted toward moksha and

dharma - spiritual matters and personal mission.

But this isn’t what hooked me. What hooked me was the six

weeks of private sessions with my first mentor in Delhi where

we spent four hours every night discussing horoscopes.

CB: Celebrity or well known persons’ charts

JB: No, charts of my closest friends and relatives. In 1983,

when I first went to India I brought about thirty charts with

me in case I found a teacher. What hooked me was when

Santhanam, my teacher, took one look at my brother’s chart

and said “Did he have trouble with his family when he went

to get married” This was true; my brother, who has the Sun

in his 7th house, married a lady of a different religion and my

parents hit the roof. Santhanam also had Sun in the 7th house,

and had to elope because his family objected to the wife’s

small dowry.

CB: Wow.

JB: What hooked me was Santhanam saying about one of my

closest friends “This man will care little of his appearance”. He

didn’t know it, but he was talking about a man who had once

showed up in court wearing shorts and sandals for his divorce

proceedings! The prediction was so accurate.

CB: How was that seen

JB: Fallen Mars in Cancer in the 1st house, and some

affliction to the 1st house ruler. Then there was the case of

an acquaintance who has a phenomenal singing voice, and I

mean phenomenal. Santhanam saw the chart and said, “this

man, will have a “ mellifluous voice”.


In 2015,

the Aquarius Compassion Project

is launching two programs:



“the namaste conspiracy”

is a ground-roots movement to put respect back into our

personal and social words and actions. Join us in telling others

- and acting like we mean it - “I honor You.”

the namaste affirmation:

I believe in the sacred worth

of every person

young old rich poor

male female black white

gay straight atheist christian

buddhist hindu shinto muslim

wiccan jew

every human who has ever lived is unique

there will never be another me, or another you

that is why i believe in the sacred worth

of every human


that’s what it means


“we are home”

bringing together the

spiritual community to

address homelessness

in our communities.


www. AQ -atl.com

The principle of compassion lies at the heart of all religious, ethical and spiritual traditions,

calling us always to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Compassion impels us

to work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of our fellow creatures, to dethrone ourselves from

the centre of our world and put another there, and to honor the inviolable sanctity of every

single human being, treating everybody, without exception, with absolute justice, equity and


It is also necessary in both public and private life to refrain consistently and empathically

from inflicting pain. To act or speak violently out of spite, chauvinism, or self-interest, to

impoverish, exploit or deny basic rights to anybody, and to incite hatred by denigrating

others—even our enemies—is a denial of our common humanity. We acknowledge that we

have failed to live compassionately and that some have even increased the sum of human

misery in the name of religion.

nd Rare Visit to Atlanta: January 15 – 20, 2015

CB: He said mellifluous

JB: He was quoting directly from ancient astrological

scriptures, referring to what are called planetary yogas, or

unions. There are thousands of these unions, and Indian

astrologers memorize as many of them as they can. My

friend had a planetary union that the scriptures said

would give a mellifluous voice, and boy was that true.

CB: How do they memorize thousands of yogas

JB: Well, we memorize as many as we can. But let me

be honest here; some astrologers really focus on yogas,

while others prefer fundamentals.

CB: Thank goodness.

JB: So, one night we were analyzing charts and

Santhanam says: “This lady will be wealthy because she

Laxmi Yoga.”

CB: Laxmi is the Goddess of love and money

JB: Correct. And there are many different kinds of Laxmi

yogas. One is to have a Moon-Mars conjunction, where

the moon is in a higher degree than Mars. Another one

is when there is a planet, any planet, including the North

or South Node (but not the outer planets since those

aren’t used traditionally), in the following houses: 2, 6, 8,

and 12.

CB: That indicates wealth

JB: Yes, and there’s no particular logic to it. So,

astrologers simply memorize them and use them when

they come up.

CB: And they work

JB: Nothing in astrology is 100%, but yes, they work. This

woman had lots of money and her 2nd house (money)

wasn’t especially strong. There are also yogas that can

ruin a chart. Sometimes these are logical, like when Saturn

or some other malefics are overly prominent. But, other

times, there’s little logic involved.

There’s a fascinating one called Kalasarpa Yoga, which

occurs when all of the planets sit on one side of the North

and South Nodes. It means the person killed a pregnant

snake in a past life and now has certain problems because

of it. I don’t take the snake concept literally; the snake

represents energy or potential, which the person wasted

or abused in past lives.

CB: What’s the effect

JB: Huge ups and downs, and a very karmic or fated


I was totally floored the night Santhanam told me about

Kujadosha or Mangaldosh or Manglik. These are three

terms that all mean the same thing - “Mars Affliction.” It’s a

condition that harms married life and causes divorce. After

analyzing charts for about two weeks, Santhanam turned

to me and said: “Doesn’t anyone in America have happy

married life”

CB: Because so many of your friends had Mars Affliction

JB: Yes. Mind you, Kujadosha is fairly common. It occurs

if Mars occupies the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house – with

a few exceptions depending on the zodiac sign involved.

But still, the dreaded condition seems more prevalent in

the US, or at least in the charts I brought with me.

One of my favorite techniques is known as the Great Years of

the Planets. Planets mature, or come of age, in a particular year.

For example, Mars is the 28th year, Mercury is the 32nd, Saturn

is the 36th year, and so on. I learned about this on my second

trip to India when I asked my next mentor, P.M. Padia when my

career would take off and whether I would ever achieve any

fame. He looked at the chart and said “You will get fame, but

not until your 36th year of life, or anytime after that year.”

CB: What was that about

JB: Saturn matures in the 36th year, and it rules my 10th house

(career). I was 32 when I was with Padia. My first book, Ancient

Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer, came out

in 1986, the 36th year of my life.

CB: Does it matter if your Saturn is strong or weak

JB: Absolutely. My Saturn is extremely strong. If it were weak, I

would have had huge career problems in my 36th year.

CB: And these are completely separate from the main

predictive technique, the dasas and bhukti planetary periods.

JB: Yes. Does that tell you why I love this system

For more about the love of Vedic Astrology don’t miss any of

the James Braha Atlanta Events.













Wendel Matthews

is a brilliant writer, speaker, poet,

and prophet! You cannot listen to him

or read his words and not be transformed!

Talk, interviews with leaders and with people on the street…

covering every topic with a view to transforming society

and empowering the evolution of humanity.


every Sat. night at 7:00pm

Listen to


on blog radio!!!

Jamie Butler, author, speaker,

channel, spiritual counselor

contact Wendel at 404-545-7848 to discuss a topic,

setting up an interview, and how to start your own show.


www. AQ -atl.com


JANUARY 2015 PG 15

the dream experts Movie Titles &


Carl Gabriel has a Reverend of

Metaphysical Studies Degree from

the Atlantean Mystery School since

2004 and is a perennial student of

Astrology and Numerology. Contact

info carlgabriel2000@hotmail.com.

Welcome to “The Dream Experts” where you can wake up to the meaning of your dreams.

Dreams are messages from your subconscious mind that reflect your thoughts and attitudes.

Dear Dream Expert,

I dreamt I was a teacher’s helper and I was

working with the teacher and planning

lessons. I had a small group of kids in one

class that I was going to do a project with.

When I came in the classroom one day the

janitor was saying there was a fire outside the

door. The door flung open and a little piece

of paper that was on fire floated in and a little

piece of it touched my hand and I screamed.

Later I went to the bathroom because I knew

it would be cool there because there was all

this mist in the air.


The Teacher

Dear Teacher,

This dream indicates you are focused on

parts of yourself that have knowledge and

you are seeking ways to transfer your wisdom

to less developed parts of yourself (kids).

All this focus on your wisdom is creating a

lot of mental expansion within you (fire). You

feel that the expansion is a bit out of control.

The expansion is affecting your life purpose

(hands). Your mind is so busy, you feel the

need to release (going to the bathroom). As

you begin to relax and release, you settle

down a bit.

Dear Dream Expert,

I dreamt I was with people who were turning

into aliens. This man is sitting in a hot tub and

it starts to bubble, then the man comes out

and looks superhuman with big muscles, and

he had turned into an alien. Then the aliens

take other people and turn them into aliens.

Then they are all dressed like people that

others recognize. So then the people trust the

aliens and go with them when they come.


Spaced Out

Dear Spaced Out,

People represent an aspect of yourself.

Describe the people in one or two words to

understand the qualities that they represent.

Aliens are aspects of yourself that are foreign

to you. The man in the hot tub represents an

aspect of yourself that seems to have become

stronger through emotional experiences. This

part of yourself also seems foreign to you.

Many aspects of yourself that once seemed

familiar now seem strange. You are having

trouble relating to them.

Dear Dream Expert,

I dreamt this guy Steve asked me to go out

with him, and I said yes. When I got to his

house he first cooked this big dinner and we

ate together. Then we went to this concert.

We stood up and were singing and dancing

to this music. At the end of the night he said

he would call me. I was wondering if he liked

me romantically or not.

Then I received this card in the mail saying

Steve and his wife had a baby named Gunter.

I learned that his wife Sheila died during

childbirth. I figured that was why Steve

wanted to go out with me because he was

already looking for someone to replace his

wife who died.



Dear Romanced,

There is a part of you that seeks harmony

(Steve). You are taking in new information and

making this a part of yourself (dinner). You

are also experiencing harmony in other ways

(concert, music and dancing). There is an inner

communication that is intended, but you are

not sure if there is the potential to create.

You have used parts of yourself (the qualities

Steve and his wife Sheila represent to you)

to create a new idea (the baby Gunter). This

creation caused a major change in you (the

wife dying is an aspect of yourself). You

recognize the power of the part of yourself

represented by Steve (when you cooperate

with this part of yourself you can create

something) and so there is a desire to create

more with that part of yourself (his interest in


Patrick and Kathryn Andries, the Dream Experts, are teachers and co-founders of the

School of Intuitive Arts and Sciences. Send your dream and watch for the answer in the next

Aquarius. If you would like a dream interpreted, please submit it in the body of an e-mail to

intuitiveschool@sbcglobal.net. To learn more about dreams visit www.intuitiveschool.com.

What is the meaning behind

a great movie title

Could it have another resonance in

addition to the meaning of the words or

the metaphors or symbolism they may

represent Let’s explore.

What numbers 1-9 mean:

1- Individuality, brave new worlds

2- Relationships, friendships

3- Communication, siblings

4- Foundation, security

5- Chaos, a wild ride

6- Beauty, home

7- Spirituality

8- Power

9- Philosophy, a loss for a

higher purpose

Numbers correspond to letters

as follows:

A,J,S =1 B,K,T =2 C,L,U =3

D,M,V =4 E,N,W =5 F,O,X =6

G,P,Y =7 H,Q,Z =8 I and R =9

If we want to see what a name or title

resonates to, we add all the individual

numbers that correspond to each letter.

For example the title: JAWS. That would

be J (1) + A (1) + W (5) + S (1), or 1 + 1

+ 5 + 1 = 8. JAWS would be an 8. (Any

double digit, for example 24, would be

reduced to its lower expression - i.e., 2 +

4 = 6).

Now that we know the key, let’s play.

I looked at some of the most successful

movies in popular culture and some other

memorable titles and decoded their

numerology to see if they fit our code.

The results were as follows:

Movies with a 1 vibration: Alice In

Wonderland, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Movies with a 2 vibration: Star Wars,

When Harry Met Sally, Ruthless People

Movies with a 3 vibration:

The Sound of Music

Movies with a 4 vibration:

Gone with The Wind, Titanic

Movies with a 5 vibration:

Superfly, I’m Going To Git You, Sucka

Movies with a 6 vibration:

Madea Family Reunion

Movies with a 7 vibration:

The Witches of Eastwick, Harry Potter and

the Chamber of Secrets

Movies with an 8 vibration: The Ten

Commandments, Jaws, Jerry McGuire,

The Producers

Movies with a 9 vibration: My Best

Friend’s Wedding, Avatar and yes, Shaft

Alice in Wonderland and E.T. are

films where the main characters are

in a different world, both literally and

metaphorically, which perfectly fits the

individualistic vibration of the number 1.

Relationships can be between lovers,

family and friends. “Luke, I am your

father.” Star Wars represents the universal

relationship between father and son.

When Harry Met Sally is the classic story

of friends that become lovers. In the case

of Ruthless People, the story tells the

extreme case of when a captor becomes

a friend.

There could not be a better example than

siblings and communication through song

than the classic The Sound of Music to

represent the vibration of the number 3.

In film, we need drama and conflict, so

if we have an issue such as foundation

and structure, its going to be a shattering

experience. And great classics like Gone

with the Wind and Titanic, both which

represent that moment when all that you

hold dear is gone with the wind, or goes

down in the cold Atlantic. These are

fourth vibration movies.

Exploitation movies of the seventies

such as Superfly represented a chaotic

underworld. It is funny indeed that movies

that satirized such chaos in comedy form

such as I’m Going to Git You, Sucka have

the same 5 vibration.

Madea Family Reunion is an example

of a six level vibration in comedy form.

Although some could argue The Witches

of Eastwick and Harry Potter and the

Chamber of Secrets are on the lighter

side of spirituality or depth, they do

represent the basic principles of the seven

vibration in its more basic form.

Great examples of number eight power

struggles are: The Ten Commandments

(God vs Man), Jaws (man and beast), Jerry

McGuire (man vs work).

In My Best Friend’s Wedding, Julia

Robert’s character lets go of an old love.

When you listen to the lyrics of the theme

from Shaft, there is a nine-vibration clue:

“Who is the man who would risk his neck

for his brother man...Shaft. Can you dig


So there you have it, our brief exploration

on movie titles and how they translate into

numerological meanings. For those of

you naming projects, books, songs, now

you have a little guide to how numerology

can shape and influence the story that

is being put out there. May the force be

with you.


www. AQ -atl.com

What’s happening










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March Cruise from Miami featuring

Led by Dora Locklear,

Licensed DM Facilitator & Reiki Master Teacher

Karin Kabalah Center

The Staff of the Karin Kabalah Center and the St.

Thomas Christian Church wish you and yours all

the blessings and joy of the Holiday Season.

“Kabalah: A Process of Awakening”


2531 Briarcliff Rd., Suite #217

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2nd Wednesday every month

7:00PM-8:00PM $ 20.00

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Bring blanket

Atlanta Metaphysical Center 5505 Roswell Road, Suite 275, Atlanta, GA.

Authentic Trust at Work

by Nan Russell

Trust is the most misunderstood word at work, resulting

in perceptions of broken promises and trampled

expectations. The new workplace currency of trust

is centered on authentic trust, which comes from

authentic people. Only when there is a commitment

to the relationship is authentic trust built. When mutual

commitments are delivered without concern for personal

advantage or attempted manipulation or control, trust


Consider these misunderstood truths about authentic

trust - the kind of trust that builds workplaces and ignites


1. Non-authentic, basic trust can be unrealistic, naïve,

foolish, or blind. Yet, many people still operate at work with

this simple kind of trust most of us started with as babies.

2. Mistrust is not the opposite of trust. Control is. Notice

where there is a lack of authentic trust and you’ll see

controlling people.

3. There is always risk when giving trust. Authentic

trust is an action developed through critical thought

and experience. It doesn’t deny the past or ignore the

possibility of future trust broken, either intentional or


4. Trust is a process. Authentic trust is not a screensaver

waiting in the background until it’s needed. Authentic trust

is a learned emotional skill. It involves an ongoing process

of relationship building, where the relationship is more

important than the outcome.

5. Trust is about people not things. People confuse trust

with “dependable” or “reliable.” Authentic trust requires

commitments made and commitments honored. It

necessitates decision, action, and response.

6. Trust is conditional. There are limits and conditions with

authentic trust. When we say we trust someone, there is

a presumed statement of conditionality. I may trust my

mechanic to work on my car, but I don’t trust him to do my

root canal.

7. To get trust you must give it first. You may be loveable,

but that won’t get you love - loving will. As a relationship

process, authentic trust is no different. Contrary to popular

belief, trust is not earned. You start trust by giving trust.

Authentic trust, like love, is cultivated, grown, and nurtured.

We make it by what we do and how we do it. We make it

by what we say and how we say it. We make it by showing

up and being authentic. We make it by giving it away.

Troubling trends, discouraging statistics, sound bites

and attention grabbing headlines heralding distrust

affect our collective psyche, diminish our sense

of well-being, and reinforce the impression

Do You Have a

Conscious Business

Conscious business is about people who are

aware of the impact each of their habits and

actions has on their environment (people

and planet). It is about individuals who live

their lives based on knowing that everything

is interconnected. It is about people who

know who they are, recognize their strengths

and weaknesses and desire to live and work

with joy, creativity and ease instead of fear

power and domination.

AQ conscious business

that everyone from teachers to businesses to politicians

are not worthy of our trust. But let’s be honest about the

challenge. Trust is not just about corporate or political

America, it’s also about us in everyday America.

Consider these representative examples:

In a survey for CNNMoney.com 71 percent of participants

admitted to lying about money or keeping money secrets

In a Reader’s Digest Survey, 63 percent of employees

admitted calling out sick when they weren’t

In a CareerBuilder.com survey, employers reported nearly

half of the resumes received contained falsehoods

Reduced trust impacts relationships, bottom-lines,

innovative solutions, cooperative endeavors, and wellbeing.

You and I aren’t going to rebuild that broken trust,

but that shouldn’t stop us from replenishing the trust

deficits in own businesses, work groups, and relationships.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Start with self-trust. It’s hard to trust others if you don’t

trust yourself. Lack of self-trust is a precursor to distrusting

others. Can you trust your motives, intentions, impulses

and judgment The most important relationship you have

is with yourself.

Keep perspective. You can find examples of untrustworthy

people, broken promises, and trust-busting actions, but

perspective helps. Don’t extrapolate what you read or

hear to your workplace or community.

Check the mirror. When we denounce looters, but help

ourselves, to our employers supplies we share in the

accountability of dishonesty. But when our word or our

handshake is as good as a contract with those we give it

to, we share in the benefits of replenished trust.

Build a pocket of excellence. People work for people,

not for companies. No one needs permission to create

his or her own pocket of excellence founded on trusting


You may not be able to change your boss’s behavior

or the bosses above her, but you can influence the

environment of those you

work with and those

who work for you.

Conscious Businesses:

1 - aim to provide positive value in the domains of people, planet and profit.

2 - seeks to benefit both the external livelihood as well as the internal lives

of its shareholders and employees.

3 - seeks to minimize its impact on the environment.

The Aquarius Conscious Business page is currently looking to highlight

local conscious businesses. If you feel your business meets most of the

criteria described above, please send a write up of your business to us

and we will feature it in upcoming issues.

We are also looking article submissions.

Have your ad on the Conscious Business page. It is

important to let the public know of your efforts to put

people and the planet first in your organization.

Nan S. Russell, award winning speaker and author of Trust: The New Workplace Currency. She writes an insight column called

“Winning at Working,” and a life reflections column called “In the Scheme of Things.” She also blogs for PsychologyToday.com.

Contact www.nanrussell.com.

www. AQ -atl.com


JANUARY 2015 PG 17

AQ mmunity calendar


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The Center for Love and Light Upcoming Events …

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January 17 at 10am

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JANUARY Convenient 5 midtown location FEBRUARY at 1145 Zonolite 7 Road.

For a complete event calendar and pricing for venue rental,


please visit our website at www.withloveandlight.com

MEDITATION provides a dynamic service

to the world and powerful personal spiritual

development. Introductory talk. Monday

January 5, 2015, 7:30 pm. Phoenix and

Dragon Bookstore Annex, 5505 Roswell Rd.,

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Our studio is now

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The Consciousness Quest

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The Center for Love and Light

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parties and more. The Center is

perfect for a broad range of

instructional classes because the

space easily morphs into any

design of choosing. The space

features surround sound,

wireless microphones, a

projector and portable screen,

and Wireless internet is also

available. For inquiries on rental

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January 16 at 8 pm

With Love and Light,

Amy Nyland




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Atlanta Arts & Culture

AQ mmunity Events

It’s Saturday night in Atlanta. The city vibrates with anticipation of the many events the night

holds in store. Myself, I’m heading down Memorial Drive to a place called WonderRoot for the 8th Annual

Homebrew Hootenanny, a yearly benefit for the Music Maker Relief Foundation. Arriving just in time, I make

my way into an unassuming house, the main floor of which has a library, computers, and several other

community resources contained within its rooms. I’m first greeted with the smell of a home-cooked buffet, the

scents of pulled pork, roasted vegetables, and mac and cheese filling my stomach with longing as I make my

way past several small groups of 20-30 somethings eating the delicious spread laid out in the main room.

Climbing down a narrow staircase into the basement, I am met with a packed room full of music lovers,

partaking in an excellent selection of donated local homebrews and jittery with excitement for the concert

about to begin. The music starts and I am lost, pulled along by the foot-stamping, thigh-slapping sounds of

some of the best folk music this city has to offer. The night begins with the bluegrass and rock stylings of Blue

Blazes, getting everyone’s blood pumping and toes tapping. From there, we are treated to the bluesy folk

lyricism of Hothouse Peaches followed by Appalachian bluegrass by the Shoal Creek Stranglers that would

make Earl Scruggs stand up and applaud. Lily & The Tigers enter next, uplifting the crowd with their indie folk

reminiscent of Nora Jones. The evening reaches its pinnacle as the headliner, I Want Whiskey, takes the stage

and the audience can’t help but dance and sway furiously to their modern interpretation of classic bluegrass

chords and rhythms.

As the concert finally ends, the audience slowly straggles out, music still melding with our minds and melodies

still drifting through our hearts. And, with all of the proceeds going to the Music Maker Relief Foundation, this

is a benefit surely worth revisiting year after year.




Debi Miller

Facilitator & Trainer

20 years experience




Hootenanny at


by Christina James

Lily & The Tigers

Christina James, freelance writer and blogger, is a closet culture-vulture and appreciator of all things interesting.

She can be found online at: http://nerdandnurturer.blogspot.com.

www. AQ -atl.com


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This website is led by Li Hua, Licensed

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Lorna is a renowned healer, spiritual counselor and a motivational speaker.

Her ministry began in 1986. During these years through God’s grace there have been

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emotional healings. Lorna’s purpose is to work with you on all levels, helping you to aspire

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Call Lorna to reserve your healing appointment. 770-928-2035


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Your Inner Self

As a teenager, the phrase is constantly repeated to me, even

though I am still in the midst of exploring my identity and who

I really am.

However, when I hear the phrase, I have to remind myself that I am not

the “me” society refers to. I am not my outward appearance, my grades, my athletic

abilities, or whatever role these characteristics might prepare me to portray. Instead,

I have to remind myself that the genuine essence of who I am is defined through my

soul; the only source of true authenticity in this inauthentic world. The soul is the purity

of the matter you come to Earth with, long before you are molded to fit into the puzzle

that constructs our society today.

In this world, it is difficult to be freed from the puzzle that we are unconsciously

trapped in, and a part of, because people do not even realize that society promotes

inauthenticity. To “be yourself”, one must look at his or her own identity. But how is

identity found

In our society, the people and the environment around you constantly influence who

you are. They determine the ideas and lifestyles that you are exposed to and the range

of options you may have for learning what you like or don’t like, what you want, or

what you believe. So in our society we must rely on one another to “be yourself.” The

concept that most people mean when they say, “be yourself” then, is not truly who you

are in the inside.

That is why we must refer back to the authentic source – the soul – to explore our

higher selves and get to know identity at a more profound level. Although some of us

know that we are not our human body and instead are beings from a much greater

level, it’s easy to become wrapped up in the human experience.

We might not realize it, but we are all unconsciously lured by the desire to fit in.

Sometimes this can go unnoticed, as we become accepted as members of a group

that shares similar perspectives. In the process of fitting in, we often relinquish our

individuality. We become like the people we are surrounded by. We absorb the

group’s beliefs and values, allowing our personal views to evaporate over time.

So “be yourself” is inherently limiting since “you” are molded through cultural

influences that can contradict the true self. “Be your self” is tainted with limitations and

restrictions. This is why we must constantly ask ourselves, “Does the outer match the

inner Am I being myself, my true self Or am I striving to

conform, to fit into the cultural pegs”

To truly be yourself is to honor your soul, your higher self.

Look within versus outward to explore who you really

are. When you find yourself unexplainably joyful and

peaceful, you are on the path to authenticity. And on this

path and the journey shedding of what’s not you, you will

rediscover what it means to “be yourself.”

Ayesha Patel is a high school student who strives

to see the bigger picture of life and existence.


Full Moon

Monday, January 5 TH

7:30 PM - FREE

Phoenix & Dragon Annex

(Clifford Steele Building)

5505 Roswell Road

Atlanta, Georgia

To Be Or Not to Be

That is the Authenticity


“To be, or not to be, that is the question…”

Hamlet’s words resonated in my soul as

a disillusioned and frustrated teenager.

Now, nearly thirty years later, I have a

greater appreciation for the seeds of

consciousness embedded in this insightful

soliloquy. Who is Hamlet conversing with

in this monologue Himself Yes. We

all talk to ourselves, right I had no idea

how profound the notion of conversing

with oneself could be in understanding

authenticity, until many years into


Take a moment to tune into the voice in

your head. If you ask, “What voice” That’s

the voice. Keep listening. Are you present

to the chatter “What chatter” it may ask.

That chatter, that voice. “What is she talking

about” Yes, that’s what I’m talking about…

the voice that asked the question. Tuned

in yet

Although this voice is ever-present, many

of us have not yet fully distinguished its

existence. It’s always there. Always talking

to us. Always asking questions. It’s the

voice in our mind that sings useless 1980’s

song lyrics on a Monday morning at work.

It’s the voice that occupies the quiet with its

narration of what’s happening, what might

happen, or what has happened. It judges

what the person next to you is wearing. It

tells you you’re having a fabulous hair day.

It whispers how you will never live up to

your potential. It keeps you up at night

worried about tomorrow’s presentation. It’s

like a mother that won’t quit with its advice.

It has you weigh all options for any situation

until you’re so confused you can’t make

a decision. The voice in your head is the

soundtrack of your life. It just won’t stop.

And we are listening to it, knowingly or


I realized I had a nice co-dependent

relationship with the voice. She tells

me the things no one else has the

guts to tell me. She tells me I’m

not really worthy of love. She

tells me I’m not the great

mother I could be. She tells

me I’m looking pretty good but I

need to lose these last 10 pounds.

She’s a brave voice, she is. And I

appreciate her frankness.

But I like to keep her in line. So I like

to do some affirmations to redirect

her attention and tone. “I love myself

for all my perfections and imperfections

for I am a creation of God.” I give the

voice positive direction. I reprogram

the voice. I change my thoughts to

change my life. I dictate what the

voice tells me.

But wait. Who is the “me” What the voice

tells me Huh Who is “the voice” and who

is “me” If the voice tells me something, I

must be other than the voice. If the voice is

telling me something, I can’t be the voice.

I communicate with the voice. Therefore,

logically, there are two entities. There is “I”

and there is “voice.” There is the voice that

speaks and the I that listens. Hmm… so I

am separate from the voice.

Ah, Hamlet was on to something! What is

the door to authenticity Realize you are

not the voice; you are the observer of the

voice. Ego is the voice. Authentic, divine

Self is the observer.

You see, the voice’s job is to help you make

sense of the world, to align it with how you

deem it should be. Its job is to defend

and protect this perspective. It continually

recreates the world in your mind with its

chatter because you can’t control the real

world. So it regulates what you perceive.

The voice deletes, distorts, and generalizes

all the information you take in to match its

viewpoint. It filters, justifies, or challenges

what doesn’t fit. It makes you feel validated

in your viewpoints and beliefs. This

ego-based approach is inauthentic. It’s

disconnected with the divine Self.

Authenticity in our lives and the world

emerges when we become aware of and

release this false self, perpetuated by the

voice. In this letting go – the dying off of

the ego and the voice – we give space for

the emergence of the divine Self.

Take it from Hamlet and be

in the inquiry of “To be or

not to be.” But, allow the

death of the ego.



Southeast Region





Darshana Patel is a gifted Energy Healer/

Reiki Master and Spiritual Activist specializing in

energy alignment and pattern release to support

optimal health, joy, and vitality.


www. AQ -atl.com


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All God’s creatures

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Caroline Lusky

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Ali Doodle

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EFT Center

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Walt Rodenberger



Meeting Fridays 7:30 PM

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Kabbalistic Healing Techniques

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Brennan Healing Science

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Lisa M. Larsen-Moss

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Cassandria Hanna


Medium, Whole Body Intuitive, Palmist, Palmistry Classes

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Being Bobby

– A Work of Fiction

Meet Bobby. Bobby is an awesome being.

But Bobby isn’t exactly like you or I. Bobby

was born inside a giant. And because

of indescribable forces, he’s lived inside

that giant ever since. He is not the giant

but given he dwells within, he’s able to

communicate directly with the giant. He

sees, hears, and feels everything the giant

does. It’s actually a beautifully symbiotic

relationship, well, at least it used to be.

As Bobby was growing up, he and his

giant were the best of friends. His wonder

of the world outside ran rampant, and his

giant always listened and as a result shared

his wonder. Many of the things Bobby

wanted to say and do, the giant did. It was

a wonderful and peaceful time in both their

lives. The giant had never been so happy

to have his very best friend living inside

him, able to communicate and listen to him

at any given moment. Whenever he faced

a hard choice, he would always consult with

Bobby to ensure he made the best decision

for himself. As a result, Bobby felt one

with his giant, experiencing everything he

wanted in the world without ever actually

stepping foot in it.

But one morning Bobby woke up to loud

talking. Actually it was more like yelling.

Arguing. It was unlike anything he had ever

heard before. It wasn’t the gentle voice

of the giant he had come to know and

love so well. As he explored his dwelling

he came upon two new tenants in his

giant. They were arguing back and forth

with one another…suitcases, luggage,

boxes, papers, and trash strewn all around

them. They were yelling so loudly at each

other and over each other, there’s no way

either heard or understood what the other

was saying. Bobby couldn’t get a word

in edgewise. It was only by straining to

understand what their argument was about

that Bobby was able to pick up their names:

Fear and Fit In.


Brothers the giant had allowed to move in.

Both were extremely unfortunate looking

and the epitome of rude. Neither made

any attempt to introduce themselves even

though they saw Bobby standing outside

their door. Eventually Fit In strolled over,

still yelling over Fear, gave Bobby a horrible

stare and shut the door in his face.

Cassandra Worthy

is a life lover, risk taker, wit injector, blogger, and

chemical engineer. Her dedication spans across

family, joy, experiencing the new,

and all things science.

Follow her at www.journeyinjoy.net

Email: worthy.cd@gmail.com

Bobby was crushed. Why would his best

friend allow these…things…to move in with

him Without even consulting him His

giant had always consulted him…about

every major choice in his life. Fear and Fit In

were so loud he could barely even hear the

voice of his giant anymore and vice versa.

As time passed, and the awful brothers

remained making themselves more and

more comfortable with every passing day,

Bobby’s friendship with his giant began

to deteriorate. His giant no longer relied

on him to help with tough choices. He

had began listening to Fear and Fit In

instead. For the life of him, Bobby could

not understand why. No matter how hard

he tried listening to them he could never

make out what they were saying. To Bobby,

it was just noise. Incessant noise. They had

taken this terrible hold on his giant and no

matter how hard Bobby tried…how loudly

he yelled…he couldn’t come through to

the giant over the distraction that was those

awful brothers.

Bobby had dreamed of growing old with

his giant. Helping to create a beautiful life

for both of them. Exploring the best the

world had to offer, never forgetting that

sense of wonder and adventure that drove

him. But Fear and Fit In changed all that.

When he looked outside into his giant’s

world now it was safe. It was mundane. It

was ordinary. It wasn’t nearly filled with

the level of wonder and intrigue he knew

it should be. He hardly recognized it

anymore. It was nothing like the place he

and his giant had created when they were

younger. And now Bobby was forced to

listen to the idiot clan day in and day out.

All he could do was hope for the day when

he would awaken to see them gone…

evicted. And hope he did. Every single

day. Relying on his unwavering love and

belief in his giant to keep the course.

Bobby represents authentic self. We all

have an authentic self inside us. That little

voice that attempts to guide us through

life. As we grow older, this voice can grow

fainter and fainter if we allow fear or a

sense to ‘fit in’ overwhelm and take hold. I

challenge you to fight those forces. Keep

your doors closed to them. Don’t allow

them to take permanent residence inside.

Allow your authentic self to continue

propelling you through the life for which

you’re meant.




Great question. The spiritual culture is

already an anomaly to the standard way

of living, but even in a progressive culture

there is always room for thinking outside

of the box. It is easy for us spiritualists

to accidentally box ourselves in while

attempting to explore a more positive,

exciting, and grounded way of living

because happiness is the most convenient

and raw drug on the market. It is addicting,

and many of us have craved bliss for a

long time, it is our incontestable birthright.

A birthright that, for many, has been

ignored and suppressed for centuries.

Now that consciousness is sweeping the

western world like some type of infectious

fashion trend, it is significant we, as a

metaphysical culture, remain conscious of


Consciousness is merely the mind’s

awareness of itself and the world, yet

many spiritualists adopt a much broader

approach to the term, and believe

consciousness is defined as the ascension

of suffering. Although suffering can be

transcended when a certain understanding

of love is embraced and experienced, I

do not believe this is the single intention

behind the word consciousness. My

definition of consciousness is as follows:

awaken to the suffering with in.

It is sort of hard to ascend suffering if you

are ignoring it. In our spiritual culture the

ascension of suffering so often becomes

the prevention of suffering, and with

this approach to life we are ignoring the

humanity, the finite part of this earthly


We are depriving ourselves of the organic

wonder etched between the fine lines of

emotion and release. Some of us deprive

ask Ali

“The spiritual and self-help community seems to revolve

around joy, bliss, excitement, happiness, etc. I am noticing

there is minimal focus on our darker sides, and to me, it

appears that this is what needs to be looked at and healed

most in humanity. Turning a blind eye and repressing things

like jealousy, guilt, and anger don’t feel like the right thing to

do, so what do you suggest” ~Michael L.

Ali is practicing spiritual vulnerability

in a culture that craves invincibility,

amidst a fragile world.


emotion from existing, while others can’t

seem to let it go. The key, as always, is to

find balance in the chaos.

Intense emotion is suffering, and emotion

is energy in motion. If we are courageous

enough to surrender ourselves to energy

in motion (emotion) then the energy will

pass through our psyche like the nice

little storm it has been all along. However,

if we deny the emotions our human

body wishes to experience, then we are

denying a little piece of ourselves. It is

human nature to feel emotion, even if

such emotion is extreme or unbearable at

the time. Let the ‘shadow’ or ‘dark side’ of

you shine, that is- let it exist. Don’t shame

the pain. Open your heart up so wide that

even the darkest of fears fall in love with

the light. And the light is you. At the very

core you are love, love participating in the

human experience so don’t be scared to

jump in to this life and embrace emotion.


~Ali Doodle

“Your eye’s must do some raining,

if you’re ever gonna grow.”

~Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes

If you wish to ask Ali

a question or respond to her

latest answer, please email Ali@

Aquarius-Atlanta.com Maybe

your question or reply will be

featured in next month’s Aquarius!

www. AQ -atl.com


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