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Five Steps<br />

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New Year, New You<br />

Brenda Cobb<br />

Journey In Joy:<br />

Being Bobby<br />

Cassandra Worthy<br />

Discovering Your<br />

Inner Self<br />

Ayesha Patel<br />

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<strong>Living</strong><br />

<strong>Authentically</strong><br />

Your best year yet!<br />

JANUARY 2015 ~ CAPRICORN December 21 - January 19 Volume 22 No. 8<br />

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Do not seek the treasure,...<br />

but again seek ye the holy grail<br />

for Burger King or Dairy Queen<br />

goodness...Thy choice.<br />

Joyous luck & Happyeth New Year<br />

to all ye seekers.<br />



YEAR YET!<br />

What is your authentic self<br />

What is your authentic life<br />

Are you living it, loving it,<br />

growing it Learn how to<br />

take off the masks, lower the<br />

walls, open the doors, and<br />


4 Publisher’s Page - Don Martin<br />

I really<br />

want<br />

to know...<br />

6 Geeks, Authenticity and Change - Christina James<br />

7 Five Steps to Authenticity - Wendel Matthews<br />

8 New Year, New You - Brenda Cobb<br />

10 Sun Signs<br />

11 Moon Calendar<br />

12 <strong>Living</strong> <strong>Authentically</strong> - Sherry Davenport<br />

13 Chiron - Cathy Burroughs<br />

14 Vedic Astrology - James Braha<br />

16 Dream Expert<br />

17 Authenticity At Work - Nan Russell<br />

25 Discovering Your Inner Self - Ayesha Patel<br />

25 To Be Or Not To Be - Darshana Patel<br />

27 Journey In Joy: Being Bobby - Cassandra Worthy<br />

27 Ask Ali - Ali Doodle<br />


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DON<br />

Here it coomes!!<br />

X3.1 Solar Flare of Oct. 24, 2014:<br />

2015 is here. By the time you read this, the new<br />

year will be out of the starting gates.<br />

This year has been identified as a very amazing year, when<br />

the manifestation of things that have been in the birthing or<br />

creating process will come forth. Last year - 2014 - had two<br />

cosmic events that are portentous…the beginning of a cycle<br />

of blood red moons, and a cycle of Mercury Retrogrades that<br />

had significant impact on human affairs.<br />

Two other things - probably less noticed but more significant<br />

- were the number of solar flares and the beginning of an<br />

alignment with our solar system to the energy vortex that<br />

blasts out from the center of our galaxy. (Most scientists and<br />

cosmologists agree that a very massive black hole is at the<br />

center of our galaxy. As this black hole consumes galactic<br />

debris, it emits powerful energy blasts - imagine lightning<br />

from a massive round ball - that shoots through the galaxy.<br />

Our particular arm of the galaxy began passing through a<br />

portion of that vortex this past year).<br />

Cosmic events. Do they really have any bearing on life on<br />

this little, out-of-the-way planet Well, think back…especially<br />

to the amount of turmoil, chaos and violence that has visited<br />

societies and cultures around our globe. Think back to the<br />

economic uncertainty, the social discord, the increasing sense<br />


Metaphysical practitioners, social scientists, and spiritual<br />

intuitives the world over are sensing “a disturbance in the<br />

Force.” Something big is coming…most people know it, and<br />

even though they may deny it, they feel it and it impacts the<br />

way they live their lives.<br />

What is the best thing we can do to position ourselves for<br />

whatever is coming Well, here are few things I believe are<br />

essential:<br />

Recognize that - whatever else happens - this “something big”<br />

that is coming is, at the core, spiritual. It is not political, social,<br />

economic or even cosmic. Political, social, economic and<br />

cosmic things are all manifestations of spiritual reality. Don’t<br />

pay so much attention to the manifestation that you forget to<br />

look at the spiritual forces working behind it.<br />

Does that make sense<br />

Ok - “spiritual” means…transcendent. Unseen. Above and<br />

beyond you. It is that force, or energy, or maybe even that<br />

Consciousness, that works in and around all of us. Here is an<br />

example: what happened in Ferguson, MO was a tragedy<br />

and exposed many cracks in American society. However, think<br />

beyond the details, and ask yourself - “what spiritual truth is<br />

being revealed through this event” When I do that, I think:<br />

love, reconciliation, trust, forgiveness, a new way of thinking<br />

about racial relationships and race in general.<br />

What do you think<br />

The best way to respond to spiritual energy is to be<br />

TRUTHFUL. When we are not being truthful, we limit the<br />

impact that any experience, or thought, or person can have<br />

on our selves.<br />

Does that make sense<br />

The best way to be truthful is to be AUTHENTIC. Take off the<br />

mask. Be honest to yourself about who you are, what you<br />

want, how you think and how you feel. When you act with<br />

authenticity, you take down the walls of delusion and provide<br />

an open receptacle to truth and spirit.<br />

Yes, authenticity requires vulnerability and courage. It is not<br />

easy. Most of us have years of practice in not being honest<br />

with ourselves. We are trained to not think about who we are,<br />

and to not give respect to our own personhood, or our own<br />

desires. We put up walls, we wear masks, and we fake it.<br />

All that does is keep the massive spiritual energy that is<br />

swirling around us now from impacting us and sweeping<br />

us up in its bliss.<br />

So…as the New Year begins, I encourage you to practice<br />

authenticity. Begin by being honest with yourself.<br />

This year, Aquarius is devoting its content to exploring ways in<br />

which we can prepare for spiritual revolution…because HERE<br />

IT COMES!! This issue - the first of the new year - is devoted to<br />

Authenticity.<br />

May your mask come off, your walls come down, and you<br />

become the powerful person that you are.<br />

Namaste!<br />

Don Martin is the owner of Aquarius Newspaper and CEO<br />

of Aquarius Media Network. He is a native of Atlanta, and<br />

has traveled extensively in this world and many others.<br />

He is a family man, an outdoorsman, a poet, a musician,<br />

a mystic, a writer, a photographer, and a metaphysical<br />

practitioner (Akashic Field Therapy). All he wants is love,<br />

a farm, and a few chickens and goats.<br />

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Jan. 18th Cleaning Up & Clearing Out<br />

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Jan. 19th A New You for the New Year!<br />

Creating a Journey Overflowing with<br />

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Jan. 20th The Resonance of Abundance <strong>Living</strong><br />

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Geeks, Authenticity,<br />

& Change<br />

As the wind blows the cold air of January into our homes, I’d like to take you back to a<br />

time of the year when the weather was warm and bright: Labor Day weekend. Every year<br />

at this time, downtown Atlanta fills with an enormously diverse crowd of people gathered<br />

together to celebrate their love for a variety of different pastimes; a mutli-colored, costumed<br />

swarm of faces forming from all across the United States and as far away as Germany and<br />

the United Kingdom. This is DragonCon, a convention that spans so many fan genres that<br />

the schedule for the weekend is the size of a graphic novel and the event itself spreads<br />

throughout five hotels.<br />

With all of these different interests – interests that range from the skeptic to the metaphysical<br />

practitioner, the science nerd to the fantasy geek – thousands of people, rich and poor,<br />

young and old, all form into something unexpected: a 62,000 person family. Yes. I said<br />

family. Not a disparate group of people with marginally similar interests, not acquaintances,<br />

not even friends...but Family.<br />

Why Family What is it that bonds each genre’s fans together so much that every person<br />

you speak to refers to this Atlanta mega-event as a giant family reunion What is it that<br />

brings the psychics to the same table as the evangelical skeptics to play a game of cards<br />

It isn’t the costumes, though there are definitely some incredible costumes to be seen. It<br />

isn’t the books, shows, games, or other interests that dominate one panel track or another<br />

– there are hundreds of other genre-specific conventions for people to go to if they want<br />

to focus on their individual favorite pastimes. No, it is the authenticity, the honesty, the<br />

transparency reflected within this community that makes its members family...and it is the<br />

acceptance of each individual’s truest expression of self that is the blood tie that binds them.<br />

Every person at DragonCon is likely to call themselves a “geek” but, really, a geek is simply<br />

someone who is unapologetically enthusiastic about the things they enjoy, someone<br />

who is genuine, true to themselves. When we talk about authenticity and the need for<br />

personal and community integrity, truth, and transparency, we have no better example to<br />

learn from than the community, the Family, which reunites each year in our own backyard<br />

at DragonCon:<br />

Here you find multiple generations of people who grew up being discouraged of their<br />

own authenticity; people who were beaten up or made fun of for liking Sci-Fi, comic books,<br />

fantasy novels, anime, or any other number of interests that didn’t conform to society’s<br />

standards of what “normal” was at the time. These people, now parents and grandparents,<br />

were expected to grow out of their fandoms...but they did what we all need to do...they<br />

refused. Instead, here they are, graying hair, still celebrating with the enthusiasm they had<br />

as children. Many, raising the next generation of proud non-conformists, are bringing<br />

these pint-sized geeks to DragonCon to show them the power of community, the power of<br />

mutual acceptance in the authentic embrace of the DragonCon family.<br />

Geek culture – and that is what DragonCon is truly about – shows us the true socially<br />

transformative power of authenticity. All of these authentic people, by the very nature<br />

of their refusal to “grow up,” to conform, to deny their own truth, risked loneliness and<br />

ostracism from a society that rejected them. Instead, however, they remained genuine.<br />

They had the most integrity of all and that integrity attracted others who had followed<br />

the same path. Like magnets, the geeks were drawn to each other, aided in large part<br />

by gatherings like DragonCon, amassing into larger and larger groups that eventually<br />

transformed society, as we know it. By refusing to sacrifice their authenticity, the geeks<br />

won the world, creating the “rise of the geek” and making fandom – once the purview of<br />

disenfranchised, bullied outcasts – COOL!<br />

On Thursday, Dec. 18, Aquarius was given an incredible gift.<br />

Ghandi, in his call to transform society through the<br />

practice of authenticity, said to BE the change you<br />

wish to see in the world. It turns out to be the geeks,<br />

the members of the DragonCon international<br />

family tree, who set that example perfectly for our<br />

age. Through their individual self-honesty, their<br />

stubborn refusal to be anything other than genuine<br />

in their pursuits, geeks have and will continue to<br />

remake the world in an image of acceptance and<br />

authenticity. It’s time we all followed suit.<br />

Christina James<br />

is a freelance writer and blogger. A secondgeneration<br />

geek with a penchant for passion,<br />

spirituality, and culture, she is dedicated to<br />

living and writing with authenticity. She can be<br />

found online at Geeks, Authenticity, & Change<br />

www.nerdandnurturer.blogspot.com<br />

The new Aquarius logo - AQ - was presented to us as a beautiful metal sculpture, handcrafted<br />

and created by Damon Lusky (son of Caroline Lusky, a long-term and familiar face to the<br />

Aquarius family).<br />

The logo - designed by our Creative Director, Mylon Gramling (left) - is an incredible artistic creation,<br />

incorporating elements of flowing water and mysticism (note the “Eye of Horus” hidden in the design).<br />

Damon (right), a respected and well-known metalurgist and sculptor in metal, created the beautiful<br />

wall-mounted sculpture. The gift was given by the Lusky family - Caroline, DeWayne (her husband),<br />

Damon and Jill (daughter-in-law). A great big “Thank You” to the artists, Mylon and Damon, and the<br />

Lusky family for the gift, the love and the support!<br />


•<br />

www. AQ -atl.com<br />

5 Steps to<br />

Authenticity<br />

Immersed in a sea of disguises, authenticity can be difficult to capture. Image is everything<br />

in a world of egos. We love to make good first impressions but we fear the idea of people<br />

knowing who we really are. Disconnected are those unable to be true to themselves on a<br />

daily basis. Self-actualization begins when you have the audacity to be authentic.<br />

Frequently, we seek authenticity in our political leaders only to find it’s opposite. A lack<br />

of authenticity is also found amongst our spiritual leaders (i.e. the history of sexual abuse<br />

insulated by the papacy). Additionally, as many languish at the deterioration of Bill Cosby’s<br />

image, we are reminded that celebrities and entertainers commonly compromise their<br />

authenticity to fulfill egocentric desires.<br />

With such a lack of authenticity in the leadership of our egocentric society, how do you<br />

know if you might have an issue with authenticity<br />

The old saying goes: “Character is defined by what you do when no one is watching.”<br />

Are you the same person when no one is watching<br />


1. Identify the Masks you wear. Society frequently compels us to put a different face<br />

on for the public. Whether at work or at home with our children, we often feel required to<br />

compromise our true values and sentiments. Think of moments when you are not true to<br />

yourself and others.<br />

Case in point, many cops anonymously disagreed with the outcome of the judicial<br />

proceedings surrounding the NYC police officer who choked an unarmed Eric Garner<br />

to death. However, none of these officers will speak up for fear of being ridiculed.<br />

Meanwhile, hearing the authentic perspective of these officers could raise our level of<br />

collective understanding on race relations and police brutality in law enforcement. It could<br />

inspire legislation to minimize risk by mandating race relations training for all officers and<br />

psychological screenings to identify subconscious racial biases. While that may seem like<br />

wishful thinking to some, authentic conversations open us to the potential for positive<br />

change. Remember, the coroner’s autopsy concluded that Garner’s death was neither<br />

asthma related, nor heart related, it was classified simply as homicide.<br />

2. Accept the Fears you are masking. There is no maturity without self-acceptance.<br />

Understanding why you are fearful of your authentic self is crucial to letting your mask(s)<br />

go. Only when we face our fears can we overcome them. When we avoid our fears, the<br />

problem only gets worse. When we do not openly communicate the truth, our pretentious<br />

outward exchanges foster an internal disconnection between our ego and our authentic<br />

self. This leads to inner conflict which manifests as mental and emotional imbalance.<br />

Self-acceptance resolves this conflict by restoring our internal connection thus promoting<br />

oneness and inner peace.<br />

3. Embrace your Ego for all you have learned from its attachments and disguises. In<br />

the holistic community, it is very popular to demonize or denounce our egos. However,<br />

just like brains and hearts, egos are necessary for us to fulfill our respective purposes<br />

on planet Earth. We need them to develop personas in the physical world. Therefore, it<br />

is important to reflect on what you have learned from your ego. By learning from your<br />

ego instead of demonizing it, you are more likely to be inspired along your journey of<br />

transformation. This prepares your ego for alignment with your authentic self so you can<br />

be true to yourself while in the physical world.<br />

4. Find your Truth. No one has the same experience you do. No one thinks and feels<br />

what you do when you do. Your conscious experience is the fingerprint of your existence.<br />

Therefore, you must identify what is true to you. Your authenticity is found in your truth. As<br />

your truth evolves, so do you.<br />

5. Liberate Yourself from popular beliefs, media sound-bites and poor role models<br />

who compromise your authenticity. With millions competing for your attention, it is not<br />

easy to liberate yourself from these influences. Fortunately, you were born with<br />

intelligence and intent before any of these externalities.<br />

Let it all go. Authenticity is difficult to capture because to<br />

be authentic is to be free.<br />

Wendel A. Matthews- inspirer, writer, counselor, and philosopher.<br />

He will help you discover your limitless nature. His Power Talks<br />

can improve your life or business. His self-discovery<br />

workshops promote revolutionary growth and<br />

transformation. His writings will elevate your mind<br />

and speak to your heart.<br />

www.wendelmatthews.com.<br />

www. AQ -atl.com<br />

•<br />


•<br />


New Year, New You<br />

The New Year gives us all the opportunity to adjust our thoughts, attitudes and decisions<br />

and prepare for a new direction as we move into 2015. This is a wonderful time to checkin<br />

with yourself and review your over-all health and well-being. You can create the best<br />

and healthiest year ever by deciding to do everything you possibly can to empower<br />

yourself. There are several important factors to consider when you are ready to live your<br />

best life.<br />



HAS MOVED.<br />



Mental Thinking – The way we think affects<br />

everything about us and our lives. Mental<br />

thinking has an energetic frequency that<br />

attracts to it exactly what the thought gives<br />

out. Positive thinking attracts good things.<br />

To attract abundance in your life replace the<br />

old negative thinking with this positive idea.<br />

“I am prosperous, rich and abundant in<br />

every way. My good follows me wherever<br />

I go. Prosperity comes to me from<br />

expected and unexpected resources.<br />

I am blessed in every way.”<br />

Emotional Stuff – There is an emotional<br />

reason for every illness. The emotional<br />

component of a disease is the foundation<br />

of how the disease develops. As an<br />

example with cancer some of the emotional<br />

components are grief, depression, deep<br />

hurt and longstanding resentment. In order<br />

to heal the physical body you must heal<br />

the emotional self. Getting in touch with,<br />

understanding and releasing emotional<br />

baggage is key to creating a body that is<br />

healthy in every way. A new thought to heal<br />

the body is:<br />

“I lovingly forgive and release all of the past.<br />

I choose to fill my world with joy.<br />

I love and approve of myself.”<br />

Stress – We have all heard that stress can<br />

be a killer and it is true. Stress can lead<br />

to high blood pressure, heart attacks,<br />

insomnia, skin breakouts, and a host of<br />

other serious diseases. Let’s face it, we<br />

live in a stressful world, but it is never what<br />

happens to us that makes any difference<br />

at all. It is our reaction to what happens to<br />

us that either creates more stress or helps<br />

us to move through challenging situations.<br />

Meditation, exercise, relaxation, hobbies,<br />

rest and a good attitude can help to<br />

combat stress.<br />

Toxicity – Most people are full of toxins<br />

from air, water, pollution, additives, dyes,<br />

chemicals, drugs, processed and junk<br />

food, pesticides, heavy metals, fungus,<br />

mold, yeast, worms and parasites. The<br />

more toxicity that has built up in the body,<br />

the sicker the body can become. To bring<br />

back and keep perfect health it is essential<br />

to cleanse and detoxify the body. Colon<br />

cleansing, lymphatic drainage, cleansing<br />

the blood and removing undesirable toxins<br />

are key to creating and keeping good<br />

health. Detoxification treatments, herbs,<br />

essential oils and specific foods can assist in<br />

the detoxification process.<br />

The cleaner the body, the better it runs and<br />

the healthier it is.<br />

Nutrition – There is so much food available<br />

that is downright unhealthy. Fast food is<br />

cheap, quick, easy and addictive. Greasy<br />

fried foods, processed, cooked dead<br />

food and genetically modified foods<br />

give the body little or no real nutrition.<br />

Cooking food kills vital enzymes which<br />

are necessary to help the body function<br />

on every level. If we continue to deplete<br />

enzymes in the body one day the body will<br />

become bankrupt and disease, illness and<br />

symptoms can easily take over. It is very<br />

important to learn which foods to eat to<br />

enhance health and well-being. Adding<br />

more organic raw and living sprouted<br />

foods to your diet will help you create the<br />

best health ever.<br />

Good health is a choice and if you<br />

want it for yourself you must participate<br />

wholeheartedly in doing the right things.<br />

Make your health a priority by making<br />

good decisions about your nutrition,<br />

thinking, cleansing and emotional health.<br />

When you feel good and have more energy<br />

everything in your life will improve.<br />

Her new location is<br />

200 Market Place, Suite 200,<br />

Roswell, Ga 30075<br />

770-355-5370<br />

Appointments available<br />

Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm. Sat. by request.<br />

Classes and other events are always<br />

posted on our website.<br />

www.allysonroberts.com.<br />

View our menus online at<br />

www.rthomasdeluxegrill.net<br />

Open 24 Hours<br />

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1812 Peachtree St.,<br />

Atlanta, GA 30309<br />

Our diverse menu is<br />

Veggie and Carnivore<br />

friendly.<br />

R Thomas is available for<br />

your Catering needs.<br />

“the namaste<br />

conspiracy”<br />

is a ground-roots movement<br />

to put respect back into our<br />

personal and social words and<br />

actions. Join us in telling others<br />

- and acting like we mean it -<br />

“I honor You.”<br />



Felecia L. Dawson, MD, FACOG<br />

Board Certified<br />

Brenda Cobb, is author of The <strong>Living</strong> Foods Lifestyle ®<br />

and founder of The <strong>Living</strong> Foods Institute, an Educational<br />

Center and Therapy Spa in Atlanta offering Healthy Lifestyle<br />

Courses on Nutrition, Cleansing, Healing, Anti-Aging,<br />

Detoxification, Relaxation and Cleansing Therapies.<br />

For more information, call 404-524-4488.<br />

livingfoodsinstitute.com<br />

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Phone (404) 733-6334<br />

wmn4wmn.com<br />


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www. AQ -atl.com<br />

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•<br />


2015 SUN SIGNS<br />

Cathy H. Burroughs, previous VP, Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society, is a gifted psychic, healer,<br />

astrologer, medium and travel writer. Email: cathyb108@aol.com or check out www.psychicsolutions.tv.<br />

p Capricorn (December 21 - January 19)<br />

Happy Birthday, Sea Goat. Your nourishing leadership<br />

ascends to new levels. Diplomatic and charming, innovative<br />

new ventures have a profound healing component and your<br />

courageous new path is karmically destined. Celebrity status,<br />

new found bliss and major dough are in the cards for you,<br />

Capricorn Baby. Bolt the gate of 2015. This could be big.<br />

[ Aquarius (January 20 - February 17)<br />

Let the games begin, Water-bearer, as 2015 launches a new<br />

cycle signed, sealed, and delivered by the gods. Brilliant new<br />

professional possibilities are off the chain and a project from<br />

the past may find new legs. You are officially the king or queen<br />

of the world now. Use your new authority wisely. If you do well,<br />

an even bigger cosmic promotion may be brewing behind the<br />

scenes.<br />

] Pisces (February 18 - March 19)<br />

Your instincts are running on optimal as is unconditional<br />

love and it goes both ways, fish sticks. Destiny has prepared<br />

radical new work possibilities so work those independently<br />

with action and freshness. Work hard and do take charge as<br />

your executive leadership soars and you get results for you,<br />

me and us! And yes, this month, dream it and it is so…or<br />

just…within reach, Noble Fish!<br />

q Aries (March 20 - April 19 )<br />

Brave Rambo, you are indeed a warrior and you’ve earned<br />

this badge of valor during this constant cauldron of change.<br />

It’s exciting, though and totally liberating. Decisions,<br />

decisions, decisions in the romance arena. Choose wisely as<br />

partnerships forged now could be futuristic, indeed. CEO<br />

promotions may lead to a spade of workaholic but success is<br />

virtually guaranteed, Pioneering One!<br />

w Taurus (April 20 - May 20)<br />

Creative Bull, you are sensual, artistic and tuned in this month<br />

and parties held at home will be the talk of the town. A<br />

honeymoon period in day-to-day life sees new balance and<br />

harmony. You are a charming and convincing spokesperson<br />

now so stand up for what is right. This month when Taurus<br />

speaks, everyone listens, particularly around the new moon of<br />

the 20th!<br />

e Gemini (May 21 - June 20)<br />

Write a book, publish a screenplay, apply for a contest this<br />

month, Twin, as your creative media projects may capture<br />

some high level attention! Hard work pursuing your dreams<br />

is lucky indeed and romance is written in the stars with<br />

commitment sure to follow. Prime time to go back to school<br />

or do some international travel with your sweetie. You may go<br />

independent this year as freelance opportunities open for you<br />

now, Sparkling Gem.<br />

r Cancer (June 21 - July 21)<br />

2015 sees an auspicious onset for you Sensitive Cancer.<br />

You thrive and are the star of the show at both work and on<br />

the home front. Do whip up one of your famous crab and<br />

artichoke appetizers open a bottle of wine and watch your<br />

personal luminary the full moon on the 4th and the new moon<br />

of the 20th, work its voodoo that you do so well, especially<br />

conducive on these dates but all month long. Nice.<br />

t Leo (July 22 - August 22)<br />

This is a truly red-letter year for you, Royal Lion, so go for the<br />

gold and the gusto. The pilot of your life just might get picked<br />

up. What happens this year could fill a book, so put your pedal<br />

to the medal and work your butt off. Listen closely; that’s your<br />

freedom and your true calling, is calling! Relish it, Lovely Lion/<br />

Lioness: you are and have so earned it!<br />

y Virgo (August 23 - September 22)<br />

A star kissed collaboration at work may be just what the doctor<br />

ordered, Virgo. Resist the urge to isolate and spend time with<br />

the kids or captain a speculative venture that requires a super<br />

human outpouring that most definitely pays off. Then follow<br />

your bliss and remember all work and no play makes our<br />

Lovely Virgin a dull girl or boy. So honor your wild side and<br />

retreat to the sacred realm as you follow your spirit’s call.<br />

u Libra (September 23 - October 22)<br />

This is your time, Harmonious Libra. Everything that has come<br />

before has been preparing you for this. Do launch a lucky<br />

project that aligns with your beliefs and larger objectives.<br />

You could work from home or your home is your work as<br />

you hunker down and take de-cluttering to a high art form.<br />

Remember you are a creative monster, and don’t forget you’re<br />

not just here for your sweetie. Don’t lose your wild creative<br />

streak, which could go large this month and take you further<br />

than you ever dreamed.<br />

i Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)<br />

You are reinventing yourself as a hard working visionary with<br />

potentially the Midas touch, Evolutionary One. Your words<br />

carry great weight now and you may find your neighborhood<br />

needs your executive abilities and be called to the fray! Feed<br />

your restless spirit with a spontaneous road trip and let your<br />

spirit lead you to mysterious outings both inner and outer,<br />

Mysterious Seeker. You may need to runaway and that may<br />

be with someone from the past or an entrepreneurial initiative<br />

may take off! Could go either way.<br />

o Sagittarius (November 22 - December 20)<br />

Your CEO potential is showing this month, Sagittarius, and<br />

you could be promoted or begin your own start up. You may<br />

reinvent the four-hour workweek, or travel the world and<br />

create a new business model while you’re at it, Fortuitous<br />

Centaur. If your life is Aladdin’s Lamp now, do take this<br />

opportunity to put it out there and you are not restricted to<br />

three!<br />

Capricorn Dec. 21 - Jan. 19<br />

Understanding Capricorn<br />

Happy Birthday, reliable leader Capricorn!<br />

As a practical earth sign ruled by the<br />

disciplinarian and planet of rules and regulations<br />

Saturn, you are the natural CEO of the Zodiac.<br />

Your focus generally is on: a powerful desire<br />

to succeed, your standing in society, fairness,<br />

wanting to treat everybody with respect, your<br />

willingness to learn the ropes and come up from<br />

the ranks.<br />

Represented by the sea goat or mountain goat,<br />

you assiduously advance to the helm of whatever<br />

endeavor you set your sights on and build your<br />

foundation from the ground up. In recent years<br />

the transiting planets in Capricorn have reshaped<br />

your goat’s psyche and helped you overcome old<br />

school notions that have outlived their usefulness.<br />

Naturally conservative and reserved, Caps can<br />

actually be kind hearted and charismatic even<br />

becoming warm and cuddly teddy bears, once<br />

people around them prove to be trustworthy.<br />

Also you can be extremely mature in youth and<br />

seem to become more youthful with age.<br />

In the professional realm you are noted for<br />

your fatherly compassion and you’ll find more<br />

Capricorn bosses than probably any other sign.<br />

They tend to provide employees who prove their<br />

worth and ability tremendous latitude to do their<br />

jobs with freedom and mutual regard. While they<br />

may not easily express emotion or give flattery a<br />

word of appreciation from a Capricorn boss will<br />

mean a great deal.<br />

Caps in 2015<br />

The evolutionary sign of Pluto has been in your<br />

sign for the past few years and will stay there<br />

through 2023. It has been forming a square to<br />

Uranus the planet of revolutionary change with<br />

a break out opportunity to completely recreate<br />

your path and sense of identity. Your inherent<br />

infrastructure is being torn down and rebuilt<br />

from the ground up. Saturn and Neptune are in<br />

harmonious aspect to your Sun indicating great<br />

creativity, hard work, spirituality and vision are<br />

keystones in the coming year.<br />

Some well known Capricorns include such high<br />

achievers as news caster Katie Couric; President<br />

Woodrow Wilson; founding father/scientist Ben<br />

Franklin; ground-breaking physicist Isaac Newton<br />

and Jeff Bazos, the founder of Amazon.com.<br />

*If you are a Capricorn and do not resonate to<br />

these attributes you’ll need to look at the rest of<br />

your chart as this description only relates to your<br />

sun sign and ascendant.<br />


•<br />

www. AQ -atl.com<br />

q Aries<br />

w Taurus<br />

e Gemini<br />

r Cancer<br />

t Leo<br />

y Virgo<br />

u Libra<br />

i Scorpio<br />

o Sagittarius<br />

p Capricorn<br />

[ Aquarius<br />

] Pisces<br />

þ Sun<br />

s Moon<br />

d Mercury<br />

f Venus<br />

g Mars<br />

h Jupiter<br />

j Saturn<br />

k Uranus<br />

l Neptune<br />

; Pluto<br />

JANUARY 2015 ** Note: Times are for time zone 5 hours West. DST is observed.<br />

sun<br />

1<br />

29<br />

s | t<br />

Moon Void<br />

2:32a<br />

9:43p<br />

weds<br />

4<br />

s | y<br />

Moon Void<br />

12:00a<br />

10:20a<br />

5 s | ey<br />

!<br />

AQ moon calendar<br />

•<br />

fri<br />

6<br />

2 s | eu<br />

Moon Void<br />

5:31a<br />

10:01p<br />

7 s | ru<br />

Good day to express<br />

Step out and take a<br />

Adjustments are in order Release inner criticism<br />

Busy day to push<br />

Several ideas are viable<br />

Mercury retrograde<br />

Happy New Year.<br />

Moon in Gemini fills the<br />

Venus moves into<br />

your feelings with Moon<br />

chance and ask for what<br />

between what you can<br />

to achieve inner peace<br />

forward with what<br />

sxl<br />

to help you navigate<br />

in Cancer and Moon<br />

The year begins with sbd mind with brilliant ideas<br />

Aquarius bringing love f[<br />

in Cancer and Sun in<br />

you want.<br />

do and that which is out<br />

with what is.<br />

needs to get done.<br />

emotional quandaries.<br />

in Libra, rethink your<br />


d\<br />

Gemini.<br />

of your control.<br />

enthusiasm to think and sbf and accompanying<br />

and<br />

sb;<br />

emotional<br />

appreciation<br />

needs<br />

for our ack<br />

scf<br />

act big.<br />

sxj arguments over the how<br />

quirky scd<br />

fnl<br />

sca<br />

snh regarding friends. relationships.<br />

snh<br />

sng<br />

sbk<br />

gxh tos, what ifs, and whys.<br />

sbg szg<br />

szh<br />

sna<br />

scj<br />

snd<br />

snj<br />

ank<br />

sc;<br />

scl<br />

snk<br />

az;<br />

New FIRST Year's QUARTER Day<br />

Moon Void<br />

Moon Void<br />

Moon Void<br />

Moon Void<br />

Moon Void<br />

Moon 3:47p Void<br />

Moon<br />

8<br />

u<br />

12:00a Void<br />

Moon 10:21p Void<br />

12:11a<br />

11:59p 9<br />

i 10<br />

i<br />

13<br />

p<br />

1:04p 14 p 6:38a<br />

11:59p 11<br />

o<br />

12:00a<br />

11:23a 12 o Moon Void<br />

Moon Void<br />

4 s | r 11:53p<br />

5 s | r 12:00a<br />

6 s | t 12:00a<br />

7 s | t 8 s | y 12:05p<br />

9 s | y 10 s | y 10:46a<br />

11:59p<br />

11:59p<br />

6:03a<br />

5:58p<br />

11:59p<br />

Jupiter has stepped<br />

Neptune retrograde<br />

Sharp energy today that<br />

Endless options flood<br />

The full moon<br />

Full moon day carries the Mars square Pluto is snl<br />

Full moon in Cancer and d[ Moon in Cancer brings a The heart opens to<br />

If you listen to the inner<br />

Moon with Mars brings<br />

Moon in Virgo day<br />

Sun and Moon in<br />

pasts its shadow, all<br />

showers the opportunity lends to communicating<br />

the imagination; allow<br />

approaches with the<br />

desire to do more with life a dynamic energy that gc;<br />

Mercury in Aquarius sbl moody Monday morning<br />

laughter with the Moon<br />

whispers nudging you to<br />

strong emotions to the<br />

demands getting work<br />

earth signs help<br />

speed ahead to expand sxk to move between the<br />

to the point, whether or<br />

with the pesky irritations brings to the surface sz;<br />

sn; your visions to expand.<br />

longing for freedom to<br />

inspires )<br />

the heart<br />

alternative snj<br />

and let love<br />

after<br />

sba psychic,<br />

holiday<br />

creative,<br />

weekend.<br />

and<br />

in<br />

not<br />

Leo<br />

someone<br />

reminding<br />

is ready<br />

us to<br />

make changes, you will<br />

surface<br />

of material limitations.<br />

scg<br />

l\<br />

sxf<br />

live a life<br />

when<br />

that<br />

others<br />

feels true<br />

are<br />

done to go into the next<br />

bring<br />

fxj frustration<br />

grounding<br />

and<br />

and<br />

anger.<br />

solutions<br />

shine in.<br />

towards New sck Settle sck<br />

sch spiritual<br />

into<br />

worlds.<br />

the New Year<br />

appreciate<br />

sbd to hear what<br />

the<br />

you<br />

joys<br />

have<br />

of life, sbj see the result by April.<br />

non-appreciative. scl<br />

svj<br />

to the depths of your<br />

szh week caught up.<br />

practicality<br />

sxa Release and<br />

to dreams<br />

be free.<br />

Years dreams.) sx; with gentle care.<br />

large snj<br />

fb;<br />

sbl to say. and small. sxd<br />

sng<br />

sbh<br />

soul.<br />

sxg<br />

sxl and ambition.<br />

sbk<br />

sxd<br />

sxa<br />

dnj<br />

sxf<br />

sbk<br />

scj<br />

sb;<br />

sba sbf<br />



Moon Void<br />

2:07p<br />

15 [ 16 [ 17<br />

]<br />

2:26p 18 ] Moon Void<br />

20 q Moon Void<br />

Moon Void<br />

Moon Void<br />

Moon<br />

3:05p<br />

Void<br />

Moon Void<br />

Moon<br />

19<br />

q<br />

6:24p<br />

Void<br />

11 s | u 12:00a<br />

12 s | u 13 s | i<br />

4:46a<br />

14 s | i 15 s | i<br />

6:52p 5:26p 16 s | o 12:00a<br />

17 21 s | ow<br />

11:03p 2:25p<br />

6:57a<br />

6:44p<br />

11:59p<br />

3:01a<br />

11:59p<br />

Last<br />

Jupiter<br />

day<br />

on<br />

for<br />

the<br />

Mars<br />

Node<br />

in<br />

of<br />

Mars<br />

Do you<br />

moves<br />

want<br />

into be<br />

Pisces<br />

right<br />

All<br />

Mercury<br />

day for<br />

slips<br />

a void<br />

back<br />

moon,<br />

into<br />

Moon<br />

Great<br />

in<br />

mid-week<br />

Scorpio with<br />

day<br />

Some<br />

Mercury<br />

days<br />

once<br />

feel<br />

again<br />

like a<br />

Friday<br />

The last<br />

and<br />

day<br />

the<br />

of<br />

Moon<br />

the Sun<br />

Great<br />

The solstice<br />

weekend<br />

at<br />

to<br />

6:51am<br />

Saturn, Moon in Capricorn or do you want to be<br />

Gemini bringing back<br />

to spend the evening<br />

passes over the sun<br />

sbh<br />

in Gemini until 2015,<br />

reenacts the intense days<br />

Aquarius for nearly<br />

shifting time and effort g] good to listen to your<br />

tons of activity pushing dnk damn breaking open<br />

is in Sag, freedom is<br />

connect with friends and<br />

shifting to Aquarius, let go happy is the question<br />

situations to complete de enjoying the sunset or szl allowing to connect with snd prepare for the solstice<br />

of April, be on the lookout<br />

2 $<br />

of<br />

years,<br />

regrets<br />

organize<br />

and embrace<br />

towards<br />

for today.<br />

meditation, sbd intuition<br />

sbg from the<br />

and<br />

third<br />

follow<br />

week<br />

your snh<br />

in<br />

the<br />

scf other<br />

limits<br />

down<br />

of how<br />

to earth<br />

much sbl with an emotional tidal<br />

fnh inspiration and creative<br />

calling.<br />

sca celebration.<br />

encourage<br />

sc; for passionate<br />

each<br />

feelings<br />

other’s sbk<br />

and ar<br />

a holistic<br />

master<br />

view<br />

your<br />

of<br />

tech<br />

human<br />

music, and movies. sbf instincts<br />

snk May.<br />

of what to do sca you<br />

sba mystical<br />

feel in<br />

experiences.<br />

control. scd wave, today can be one<br />

sn; concepts.<br />

gcj<br />

szj dreams<br />

scd<br />

sxg directed<br />

and<br />

towards<br />

aspirations.<br />

unfair<br />

snd<br />

gadgets.<br />

sch<br />

foibles.<br />

sxk next. $ fnk<br />

sn; of those days.<br />

gch<br />

scg<br />

sxh<br />

scj<br />

sbd<br />

sbj<br />

azd<br />

szk situations.<br />

snf<br />

snj<br />

sc;<br />

sbg<br />

scf<br />

sna<br />

scl<br />

sbh<br />

snd<br />



Moon Void<br />

27 r Moon Void<br />

12:00a<br />

9:02p<br />

22 w Moon Void<br />

24<br />

e<br />

28<br />

| r<br />

7:05a 25 e Moon Void<br />

Moon Void<br />

Moon<br />

9:49p<br />

Void<br />

Moon Void<br />

Moon Void<br />

Moon<br />

7:56a<br />

Void<br />

Moon Void<br />

Moon Void<br />

18 s | p 12:00a<br />

19 23 s | pw<br />

26<br />

r<br />

11:59p 5:51a<br />

20 s | [ 12:00a<br />

21 s | [<br />

8:45a<br />

22 s | ] 12:00a 5:05p 23 s | ]<br />

6:13a<br />

24 s | q 12:00a 11:59p<br />

7:04a<br />

11:59p<br />

7:59a<br />

11:59p<br />

7:48a<br />

11:59p<br />

8:31a<br />

As<br />

Lovely<br />

we enter<br />

Sunday<br />

into<br />

to<br />

the<br />

do<br />

Mars<br />

Venus<br />

with<br />

moves<br />

Neptune<br />

into<br />

and<br />

New<br />

Allow<br />

moon<br />

for more<br />

in Aquarius<br />

than one<br />

Moon<br />

Mars<br />

in<br />

opposite<br />

Aquarius<br />

Uranus<br />

and<br />

Imagination<br />

The day before<br />

expands<br />

the new<br />

and Perfect<br />

New Moon<br />

evening Cancer<br />

to relax, Moon<br />

Strong<br />

in Aries<br />

energy<br />

inspires<br />

to catch<br />

exactly what brings you<br />

friendly Gemini, let go of<br />

way or one idea to be the is always a high energy<br />

moon is a release, relax,<br />

begins a journey of<br />

the wave of enjoying<br />

dark phase of the moon<br />

Venus opposite Jupiter<br />

brings a fresh<br />

Mercury retrograde d\ creative juices flow.<br />

unwind, forget what<br />

the weekend activities to<br />

peace and contentment.<br />

overbearing attachment<br />

right one.<br />

day when your head can<br />

and let go time.<br />

releasing thoughts that<br />

the bounty of all that<br />

prepare for new ideas as is an emotional day to sck perspective to the<br />

boost the need to find snk<br />

troubles # you and focus<br />

get out and about. sck<br />

sna to your romantic partner fe<br />

spin with distractions. gxk<br />

do not support your sza surrounds you.<br />

you recommit to what is<br />

seek higher wisdom,<br />

sbj<br />

snl and spend time with<br />

sz; year with new ways of a[ alternative solutions to a szd<br />

scj on<br />

sxj<br />

szf<br />

snk<br />

emotional<br />

blessings.<br />

wellbeing.<br />

most important. sng compassion and love.<br />

sbl<br />

scg<br />

sb; platonic friends.<br />

fxh connecting.# sza new problem.<br />

sxh<br />

szl<br />

anj<br />

sbj<br />

snl<br />

gzl<br />

snh<br />

snj<br />

scl<br />

szf<br />

sbg<br />

szg<br />

svd<br />

sn;<br />

sx;<br />

sna<br />

szh<br />

NEW MOON<br />

new MOON<br />

Moon Void<br />

s | t<br />

12:00a<br />

4:43a s | w<br />

s | w<br />

s | e<br />

s | e<br />

s | r<br />

25 s | q<br />

Focus<br />

Venus<br />

on<br />

square<br />

what you<br />

Neptune<br />

want<br />

day moves our heart to<br />

and trust you will know<br />

feel acceptance and<br />

what is best to do next.<br />

unconditional love.<br />

mon<br />

2 s | t<br />

30 s | t Moon Void<br />

26<br />

9:23a<br />

27<br />

11:37a<br />

sbk<br />

First<br />

Step<br />

quarter<br />

into your<br />

moon<br />

inner<br />

in<br />

place of confidence<br />

Taurus brings desire for<br />

and know that you do<br />

svk comfort, listen to your<br />

abl not need other peoples<br />

sc; body<br />

fcl approval<br />

and feed<br />

for your<br />

it what<br />

own<br />

snf<br />

snd it scj<br />

snf happiness.<br />

needs. ! snl<br />

sbh<br />

sca<br />

sng<br />


tues<br />

3<br />

s | t<br />

Venus goes into Pisces<br />

where romantic love is at<br />

its best.<br />

Moon Void<br />

10:42a<br />

11:59p<br />

Moon Void<br />

9:18p<br />

11:59p<br />

f]<br />

sng<br />

scd<br />

sb;<br />

sch<br />

28<br />

Energy see-saws today<br />

from wanting things to<br />

be set and known versus<br />

new and interesting.<br />

Moon Void<br />

12:00a<br />

5:36p<br />

dnk<br />

scf<br />

sxj<br />

thurs<br />

1<br />

29 s | e<br />

Intellectual day with<br />

plenty of messages<br />

interrupting the flow of<br />

events.<br />

Moon Void<br />

7:19a<br />

12:09p<br />

30<br />

Spiritual teachings find<br />

scl their way to inspire your<br />

sba thoughts.<br />

sbd<br />

snk<br />

scg<br />

Moon Void<br />

4:24a<br />

11:59p<br />

fcj<br />

snh<br />

gn;<br />

azd<br />

sat<br />

3<br />

31<br />

Connect with your<br />

emotional needs as you<br />

take care of mundane<br />

chores for home life.<br />

Moon Void<br />

6:55a<br />

8:08p<br />

Moon Void<br />

12:00a<br />

2:09a<br />

sbf<br />

sbl<br />

Forecast by Donna Page MS www.lovinglightastrologer.com<br />

www. AQ -atl.com<br />

•<br />


•<br />

JANUARY 2015 PG 11

Aquarius Press<br />


its first book…<br />

Pat Green<br />

experienced<br />

rejection from<br />

his church<br />

because of his stand<br />

on marriage equality, was threatened<br />

by the very people he ministered to on the<br />

dark streets of Chicago, discovered that his<br />

daughter viewed herself as a lesbian, went through a bitter<br />

divorce, abandoned by his church…and ended up on the<br />

streets, alone, broke, and unemployable.<br />

The only job he could get was as a taxi driver…<br />

on the night shift.<br />

It was like driving through a sick and twisted contemporary<br />

version of Dante’s “Divine Inferno.” He encountered faceto-face<br />

the most broken, violent, dangerous, deranged and<br />

drunken people at the darkest hour of their lives.<br />

Yet, incredibly, he encountered something else…something<br />

he did not expect, did not hope for, and (at first) did not<br />

trust. But it happened over and over again…and his journey<br />

through hell became an experience of love and light that<br />

radically changed his life…and the lives of every rider in his cab.<br />

This is Pat’s story…of how the night moves.<br />

“Night Moves” is an incredible story of an<br />

ex-preacher who, facing poverty and destitution,<br />

takes a job as a cabbie in Joilet, IL.<br />

Do you have a book inside of you<br />

Are you ready to make your dream of authorship come true<br />

Let us make it happen, for you! With the launch of “Night Moves”,<br />

Aquarius Media Network is launching Aquarius Press!<br />

Our vision is to publish books by new and emerging authors,<br />

that bring a metaphysical perspective to life, love, politics, fiction, poetry…<br />

www.AQ -atl.com<br />

Call us at 770-641-9055<br />

or write Don Martin, Publisher/CEO,<br />

at: donmartin@aquarius-atlanta.com.<br />

<strong>Living</strong> <strong>Authentically</strong><br />

The phrase, living our truth, seems like<br />

such a simple task. We all go about our day<br />

doing our best to be the true version of<br />

ourselves … or do we<br />

Are we really living our truth or merely<br />

reflecting what we believe the world and<br />

others expect us to be<br />

<strong>Living</strong> authentically allows us to tell the<br />

world our story. It enables us to have<br />

genuine connections to others as well as<br />

with ourselves.<br />

What does it mean to be authentic<br />

Most dictionaries define authenticity as<br />

“being genuine; of undisputed origin”. I<br />

define being authentic as being our true<br />

selves without the confines of who we have<br />

been conditioned to think we should be. It<br />

can only happen when our thoughts, words<br />

and actions are in alignment with our inner<br />

beliefs and principles.<br />

As we move from infancy into toddlerhood,<br />

we begin to become influenced by the<br />

programming and belief systems of those<br />

around us. Many people spend their entire<br />

lives living someone else’s ideals. There are<br />

those however, who feel the yearning for<br />

more fulfillment and set out on a quest to<br />

discover their authentic selves. I realized<br />

early on that I was one of those who<br />

marched to the beat of my own drum and<br />

I was a seeker on a journey to discover the<br />

real me.<br />

The freedom that comes from living<br />

authentically is monumental,<br />

but isn’t for the faint of heart.<br />

As we grow ... we evolve, but often times<br />

we are fearful of change and the potential<br />

judgment of others that can come with it.<br />

I battled with what I interpreted as letting<br />

people down, when in turn I was actually<br />

imprisoning all those involved, including<br />

myself, in unauthenticity.<br />

Authenticity requires a commitment to<br />

the process of continual growth and selfdiscovery.<br />

It is learning who we are and<br />

accepting our genuine self. It is necessary<br />

to have complete and full acceptance of<br />

our past and present choices and to have<br />

learned unconditional self-love. It requires<br />

us to be open to change and to allow<br />

ourselves to be vulnerable. It is about being<br />

comfortable in our own skin. We must be<br />

willing to take off the mask and let the world<br />

truly see us.<br />

<strong>Living</strong> authentically is a process that doesn’t<br />

happen overnight. There are old patterns<br />

we must let go of and roles we have taken<br />

on that we find we can no longer fulfill.<br />

Release is an essential part of the process to<br />

achieve complete authenticity. Often times<br />

Sherry J Davenport - Sherry Davenport is a Spiritual<br />

Intuitive Counselor, Energy Worker, Writer and Teacher. She<br />

lives her life’s purpose by serving others and assisting them<br />

in becoming the best version of themselves.<br />

sherrydavenport.com<br />

as a result our connections to others and<br />

relationships shift.<br />

My life has been a multifaceted series<br />

of transformations and my pursuit of<br />

living authentically has certainly come in<br />

stages. One of the most difficult stages<br />

has been learning to let go. I certainly<br />

have not mastered it, but I can say that my<br />

ability to release myself from inauthentic<br />

connections with jobs, friends, family, and<br />

relationships has allowed me to continue<br />

growing unimpeded as a person mentally,<br />

emotionally and spiritually.<br />

The more authentic we become, the more<br />

we want deeper and more meaningful<br />

relationships.<br />

Without authentic relationships we cannot<br />

continue to develop. It, in effect, inhibits<br />

our heart and soul, which are both crucial in<br />

living authentically.<br />

Inauthentic relationships are often created<br />

as result of two individuals struggling with<br />

their own authenticity and many times<br />

carries with it an unsustainable illusion of<br />

happiness.<br />

Authentic relationships require total and<br />

complete honesty, love and acceptance of<br />

one another for who they truly are and not<br />

someone we wish or want them to be, open<br />

communication, and must be built on a<br />

foundation of absolute trust.<br />

Carl Jung said it best “The privilege of a<br />

lifetime is to become who you truly are.”<br />

<strong>Living</strong> an authentic life is not stagnate. It’s<br />

constant acceptance of change, a challenge<br />

of old beliefs, a shift in our ways of thinking,<br />

disengaging from past facades and letting<br />

go of unhealthy connections, but with it<br />

comes a desire to attract and embrace<br />

constructive and beneficial relationships,<br />

the courage to live in complete freedom<br />

in a place where we are truly alive, where<br />

our hearts are full and we can live fully<br />

embracing and realizing our purpose and<br />

mission in this life.<br />

Live in authenticity ... you and the world<br />

will both be better for it.<br />


•<br />

www. AQ -atl.com<br />

CHIRON<br />

at 50:<br />

The Chiron Return poses the question:<br />

“Your vision will become<br />

clear only when you can<br />

look into your own heart.<br />

Who looks outside,<br />

dreams;<br />

who looks inside,<br />

awakes.”<br />

C.G. Jung<br />

What am I going to do<br />

with this last part of my<br />

life - Astrologer Melanie Reinhart<br />

After the Saturn Return at 30, and the<br />

midlife crisis at 40, one of the lesser known,<br />

but most significant rites of passage, at<br />

50, is the formidable Chiron Return. It is,<br />

perhaps, due to the relatively new discovery<br />

of Chiron, in November 1977, that so little<br />

is known about this profound period of<br />

transformation, that reveals so much about<br />

the secrets of the human psyche.<br />

Neither planet nor asteroid, Chiron<br />

has been determined to be a comet or<br />

planetoid (minor planet). Found between<br />

the orbit of Saturn (representing tradition)<br />

and Uranus (representing progress), Chiron<br />

forms a bridge between the old and the<br />

new, historical origins and individual<br />

expression. Chiron mediates between the<br />

conscious awareness and reality-basis of<br />

the practical personal and social planets<br />

(Sun through Saturn) and the multidimensional<br />

cosmic consciousness of the<br />

outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).<br />

It provides a gateway forward or back,<br />

whichever is deemed essential for growth,<br />

forming our own link between the natural<br />

and the supernatural, the physical and the<br />

metaphysical.<br />

Part horse and part human; part mortal<br />

and part immortal, Chiron, a Centaur,<br />

is associated with the archetype of the<br />

“wounded healer.” Mythically, Chiron,<br />

born a mutant, was rejected at birth by his<br />

mother, who thought him an abomination.<br />

Chiron was forced to raise himself. Facing<br />

many rejections and trials, ultimately,<br />

his accomplishments as a great teacher<br />

and healer (he was personally trained by<br />

Apollo), self-sacrifices (he relinquished<br />

his immortality to Prometheus who was<br />

imprisonment in the underworld for<br />

bringing fire to earth), and wisdom (tutored<br />

personally by Athena), brought him the<br />

respect of Zeus, who gave him his own<br />

constellation.<br />

Chiron represents (and is given definition,<br />

by sign, house placement and aspect)<br />

where we feel fundamentally wounded.<br />

He also embodies our dualities and inner<br />

contradictions: where we have the potential<br />

to be both: godlike and human; instinctive<br />

and reasoning, where we feel most rejected<br />

and ashamed, but where, too, we have the<br />

capacity to heal.<br />

The fact that Chiron has been so difficult to<br />

categorize is emblematic of the Wounded<br />

Healer’s dilemma: that of feeling unable<br />

to find one’s niche or place in the world.<br />

Hence Chiron in our charts also represents<br />

where we feel disenfranchised and where<br />

we can contribute most to those who<br />

themselves feel to be outcasts.<br />

Chiron, himself an accomplished teacher<br />

and healer, is thought to be prominent<br />

in the charts of healers, astrologers and<br />

spiritual teachers. The symbolism goes<br />

further to say that embodied in the primal<br />

wounding of a being, either physically,<br />

spiritually or incarnationally, is the secret to<br />

their healing.<br />

Perhaps the most universally acknowledged<br />

image of Chironic consciousness is the<br />

image and person of Christ. Other famous<br />

Chironic figures in our culture include<br />

Martin Luther King, Jr., who was born with<br />

Chiron direct and stationery, inspiring many<br />

future generations with his “dream.”<br />

Another Chironic theme is the conversion<br />

of the “ugly duckling” types who<br />

metamorphsize at 50, just as Chiron<br />

returns to the position it was at birth. In<br />

Magi Astrology, Chiron is the center of<br />

their astrological universe with Chiron<br />

aspects and transits indicating soul mate<br />

opportunities and indications when your<br />

ship will come in for your destiny.<br />

Turning 50, or thereabouts (for some, it<br />

is 49; other’s 51) marks a new paradigm<br />

in Western Astrology, as Chiron returns<br />

to its natal position. This momentous<br />

watershed delineates the end of the heroic<br />

youth, as we enter the realm of “elder.<br />

Like the Chinese character for crisis, the<br />

Chiron Return represents a “dangerous<br />

opportunity.” Here, we revisit ancient<br />

patterns; have the opportunity to go back<br />

to the source of our deepest, unresolved<br />

wounds; to heal them, once and for all, so<br />

that we can live the remainder of our lives<br />

in keeping with our true soul purpose.<br />

Some say, however, that it may not be<br />

possible to fully understand the<br />

repercussions of this passage, until Chiron<br />

itself has completed an entire cycle, in<br />

the year 2028, 51 years after its discovery.<br />

opportunity we all have now: to produce<br />

both a personal and universal elixir of<br />

mysterious and inordinate possibilities.<br />

How fortunate<br />

we all are to be<br />

positioned at<br />

such a juncture!<br />

Cathy H. Burroughs,<br />

former VP, Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society<br />

(MAAS). For more info www.psychicsolutions.tv,<br />

call 404-543- 1080 or 404-292-2000.<br />

cathyb108@aol.com.<br />

psychicsolutions.tv<br />

www. AQ -atl.com<br />

•<br />


•<br />

JANUARY 2015 PG 13

For the Love of Vedic Astrology: James Braha’s Historic a<br />

Lectures, Workshops, Sessions and Special Events In Honor of the Renowned Vedic Astrologer<br />

By James Braha and<br />

Cathy H. Burroughs<br />

of The Aquarius Newspaper staff<br />

James Braha is one of the most influential astrologers<br />

of our time. He has written extensively on Hindu astrology,<br />

and is considered the leading international expert on<br />

Vedic Astrology.<br />

Cathy Burroughs: You use both systems, Western and<br />

Eastern. Why do you love the Hindu/Vedic so much<br />

James Braha: Alan Leo, the famous British astrologer, once<br />

wrote that astrologers with Sun-Neptune conjunctions are<br />

the most predictive of all. I have a three degree Sun-Neptune<br />

conjunction, so his statement always makes me laugh<br />

because I just love the more predictive, fate oriented Eastern<br />

system. But truly, I think my mind is just more comfortable with<br />

Eastern methods and philosophies.<br />

CB: For example<br />

JB: I’m fascinated by the way Hindu philosophy categorizes<br />

life into four areas: dharma, artha, kama (not karma) and<br />

moksha. Dharma is duty or purpose, and relates to the fire<br />

houses, 1, 5, and 9. So, if these houses are prominent, then<br />

the person focuses mainly on his or her mission. The person<br />

lives to fulfill some specific purpose or career.<br />

CB: What is artha<br />

JB: Artha means money matters, and relates to the earth<br />

houses, 2, 6, and 10. If these houses are prominent, the<br />

person is interested in making money. He or she is more<br />

practical. Then comes kama, as in kama sutra, which means<br />

desires. Not sexual desires, but desires in general. Kama<br />

houses are 3, 7, and 11.<br />

CB: Air.<br />

JB: Yes. When these houses are powerful, then the person<br />

has tons of desires and gets them fulfilled, unless other chart<br />

features negate that fact. If I see a client with a great kama<br />

horoscope, that person has likely already succeeded in<br />

several careers, and satisfied so many different desires.<br />

CB: Sounds wonderful.<br />

JB: Not necessarily, because these people don’t know what<br />

to do with themselves. They always ask me: “What do I do<br />

with my life”<br />

CB: What do you say<br />

JB: I tell them to try and enjoy the fact that they get so many<br />

desires fulfilled. And then I look to the dasas and bhuktis, the<br />

periods and subperiods for which Hindu predictive astrology<br />

is so famous, to guide them in what nature has in store for<br />

them during upcoming periods.<br />

By the way, Hindu astrology uses a different house system and<br />

zodiac than Western - sidereal, not tropical – so don’t assume<br />

that because certain houses are prominent in your Western<br />

chart they will still be so in the Hindu chart.<br />

CB: I see.<br />

JB: Finally, there are the water houses, 4, 8, and 12, that relate<br />

to moksha, which means enlightenment and final liberation.<br />

CB: Spiritual matters.<br />

JB: Yes. So, this dharma, artha, kama, moksha feature is an<br />

overarching theme that sometimes dominates a chart. I say<br />

sometimes because not all charts are heavily weighted in one<br />

area. Many charts are balanced between 2, 3 or 4 qualities.<br />

My horoscope is heavily weighted toward moksha and<br />

dharma - spiritual matters and personal mission.<br />

But this isn’t what hooked me. What hooked me was the six<br />

weeks of private sessions with my first mentor in Delhi where<br />

we spent four hours every night discussing horoscopes.<br />

CB: Celebrity or well known persons’ charts<br />

JB: No, charts of my closest friends and relatives. In 1983,<br />

when I first went to India I brought about thirty charts with<br />

me in case I found a teacher. What hooked me was when<br />

Santhanam, my teacher, took one look at my brother’s chart<br />

and said “Did he have trouble with his family when he went<br />

to get married” This was true; my brother, who has the Sun<br />

in his 7th house, married a lady of a different religion and my<br />

parents hit the roof. Santhanam also had Sun in the 7th house,<br />

and had to elope because his family objected to the wife’s<br />

small dowry.<br />

CB: Wow.<br />

JB: What hooked me was Santhanam saying about one of my<br />

closest friends “This man will care little of his appearance”. He<br />

didn’t know it, but he was talking about a man who had once<br />

showed up in court wearing shorts and sandals for his divorce<br />

proceedings! The prediction was so accurate.<br />

CB: How was that seen<br />

JB: Fallen Mars in Cancer in the 1st house, and some<br />

affliction to the 1st house ruler. Then there was the case of<br />

an acquaintance who has a phenomenal singing voice, and I<br />

mean phenomenal. Santhanam saw the chart and said, “this<br />

man, will have a “ mellifluous voice”.<br />


In 2015,<br />

the Aquarius Compassion Project<br />

is launching two programs:<br />


1<br />

“the namaste conspiracy”<br />

is a ground-roots movement to put respect back into our<br />

personal and social words and actions. Join us in telling others<br />

- and acting like we mean it - “I honor You.”<br />

the namaste affirmation:<br />

I believe in the sacred worth<br />

of every person<br />

young old rich poor<br />

male female black white<br />

gay straight atheist christian<br />

buddhist hindu shinto muslim<br />

wiccan jew<br />

every human who has ever lived is unique<br />

there will never be another me, or another you<br />

that is why i believe in the sacred worth<br />

of every human<br />

namaste<br />

that’s what it means<br />

2<br />

“we are home”<br />

bringing together the<br />

spiritual community to<br />

address homelessness<br />

in our communities.<br />


•<br />

www. AQ -atl.com<br />

•<br />

The principle of compassion lies at the heart of all religious, ethical and spiritual traditions,<br />

calling us always to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Compassion impels us<br />

to work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of our fellow creatures, to dethrone ourselves from<br />

the centre of our world and put another there, and to honor the inviolable sanctity of every<br />

single human being, treating everybody, without exception, with absolute justice, equity and<br />

respect.<br />

It is also necessary in both public and private life to refrain consistently and empathically<br />

from inflicting pain. To act or speak violently out of spite, chauvinism, or self-interest, to<br />

impoverish, exploit or deny basic rights to anybody, and to incite hatred by denigrating<br />

others—even our enemies—is a denial of our common humanity. We acknowledge that we<br />

have failed to live compassionately and that some have even increased the sum of human<br />

misery in the name of religion.

nd Rare Visit to Atlanta: January 15 – 20, 2015<br />

CB: He said mellifluous<br />

JB: He was quoting directly from ancient astrological<br />

scriptures, referring to what are called planetary yogas, or<br />

unions. There are thousands of these unions, and Indian<br />

astrologers memorize as many of them as they can. My<br />

friend had a planetary union that the scriptures said<br />

would give a mellifluous voice, and boy was that true.<br />

CB: How do they memorize thousands of yogas<br />

JB: Well, we memorize as many as we can. But let me<br />

be honest here; some astrologers really focus on yogas,<br />

while others prefer fundamentals.<br />

CB: Thank goodness.<br />

JB: So, one night we were analyzing charts and<br />

Santhanam says: “This lady will be wealthy because she<br />

Laxmi Yoga.”<br />

CB: Laxmi is the Goddess of love and money<br />

JB: Correct. And there are many different kinds of Laxmi<br />

yogas. One is to have a Moon-Mars conjunction, where<br />

the moon is in a higher degree than Mars. Another one<br />

is when there is a planet, any planet, including the North<br />

or South Node (but not the outer planets since those<br />

aren’t used traditionally), in the following houses: 2, 6, 8,<br />

and 12.<br />

CB: That indicates wealth<br />

JB: Yes, and there’s no particular logic to it. So,<br />

astrologers simply memorize them and use them when<br />

they come up.<br />

CB: And they work<br />

JB: Nothing in astrology is 100%, but yes, they work. This<br />

woman had lots of money and her 2nd house (money)<br />

wasn’t especially strong. There are also yogas that can<br />

ruin a chart. Sometimes these are logical, like when Saturn<br />

or some other malefics are overly prominent. But, other<br />

times, there’s little logic involved.<br />

There’s a fascinating one called Kalasarpa Yoga, which<br />

occurs when all of the planets sit on one side of the North<br />

and South Nodes. It means the person killed a pregnant<br />

snake in a past life and now has certain problems because<br />

of it. I don’t take the snake concept literally; the snake<br />

represents energy or potential, which the person wasted<br />

or abused in past lives.<br />

CB: What’s the effect<br />

JB: Huge ups and downs, and a very karmic or fated<br />

lifetime.<br />

I was totally floored the night Santhanam told me about<br />

Kujadosha or Mangaldosh or Manglik. These are three<br />

terms that all mean the same thing - “Mars Affliction.” It’s a<br />

condition that harms married life and causes divorce. After<br />

analyzing charts for about two weeks, Santhanam turned<br />

to me and said: “Doesn’t anyone in America have happy<br />

married life”<br />

CB: Because so many of your friends had Mars Affliction<br />

JB: Yes. Mind you, Kujadosha is fairly common. It occurs<br />

if Mars occupies the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house – with<br />

a few exceptions depending on the zodiac sign involved.<br />

But still, the dreaded condition seems more prevalent in<br />

the US, or at least in the charts I brought with me.<br />

One of my favorite techniques is known as the Great Years of<br />

the Planets. Planets mature, or come of age, in a particular year.<br />

For example, Mars is the 28th year, Mercury is the 32nd, Saturn<br />

is the 36th year, and so on. I learned about this on my second<br />

trip to India when I asked my next mentor, P.M. Padia when my<br />

career would take off and whether I would ever achieve any<br />

fame. He looked at the chart and said “You will get fame, but<br />

not until your 36th year of life, or anytime after that year.”<br />

CB: What was that about<br />

JB: Saturn matures in the 36th year, and it rules my 10th house<br />

(career). I was 32 when I was with Padia. My first book, Ancient<br />

Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer, came out<br />

in 1986, the 36th year of my life.<br />

CB: Does it matter if your Saturn is strong or weak<br />

JB: Absolutely. My Saturn is extremely strong. If it were weak, I<br />

would have had huge career problems in my 36th year.<br />

CB: And these are completely separate from the main<br />

predictive technique, the dasas and bhukti planetary periods.<br />

JB: Yes. Does that tell you why I love this system<br />

For more about the love of Vedic Astrology don’t miss any of<br />

the James Braha Atlanta Events.<br />

TRUTH<br />

be TOLD<br />

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JANUARY 2015 PG 15

the dream experts Movie Titles &<br />

Numerology<br />

Carl Gabriel has a Reverend of<br />

Metaphysical Studies Degree from<br />

the Atlantean Mystery School since<br />

2004 and is a perennial student of<br />

Astrology and Numerology. Contact<br />

info carlgabriel2000@hotmail.com.<br />

Welcome to “The Dream Experts” where you can wake up to the meaning of your dreams.<br />

Dreams are messages from your subconscious mind that reflect your thoughts and attitudes.<br />

Dear Dream Expert,<br />

I dreamt I was a teacher’s helper and I was<br />

working with the teacher and planning<br />

lessons. I had a small group of kids in one<br />

class that I was going to do a project with.<br />

When I came in the classroom one day the<br />

janitor was saying there was a fire outside the<br />

door. The door flung open and a little piece<br />

of paper that was on fire floated in and a little<br />

piece of it touched my hand and I screamed.<br />

Later I went to the bathroom because I knew<br />

it would be cool there because there was all<br />

this mist in the air.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

The Teacher<br />

Dear Teacher,<br />

This dream indicates you are focused on<br />

parts of yourself that have knowledge and<br />

you are seeking ways to transfer your wisdom<br />

to less developed parts of yourself (kids).<br />

All this focus on your wisdom is creating a<br />

lot of mental expansion within you (fire). You<br />

feel that the expansion is a bit out of control.<br />

The expansion is affecting your life purpose<br />

(hands). Your mind is so busy, you feel the<br />

need to release (going to the bathroom). As<br />

you begin to relax and release, you settle<br />

down a bit.<br />

Dear Dream Expert,<br />

I dreamt I was with people who were turning<br />

into aliens. This man is sitting in a hot tub and<br />

it starts to bubble, then the man comes out<br />

and looks superhuman with big muscles, and<br />

he had turned into an alien. Then the aliens<br />

take other people and turn them into aliens.<br />

Then they are all dressed like people that<br />

others recognize. So then the people trust the<br />

aliens and go with them when they come.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Spaced Out<br />

Dear Spaced Out,<br />

People represent an aspect of yourself.<br />

Describe the people in one or two words to<br />

understand the qualities that they represent.<br />

Aliens are aspects of yourself that are foreign<br />

to you. The man in the hot tub represents an<br />

aspect of yourself that seems to have become<br />

stronger through emotional experiences. This<br />

part of yourself also seems foreign to you.<br />

Many aspects of yourself that once seemed<br />

familiar now seem strange. You are having<br />

trouble relating to them.<br />

Dear Dream Expert,<br />

I dreamt this guy Steve asked me to go out<br />

with him, and I said yes. When I got to his<br />

house he first cooked this big dinner and we<br />

ate together. Then we went to this concert.<br />

We stood up and were singing and dancing<br />

to this music. At the end of the night he said<br />

he would call me. I was wondering if he liked<br />

me romantically or not.<br />

Then I received this card in the mail saying<br />

Steve and his wife had a baby named Gunter.<br />

I learned that his wife Sheila died during<br />

childbirth. I figured that was why Steve<br />

wanted to go out with me because he was<br />

already looking for someone to replace his<br />

wife who died.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Romanced<br />

Dear Romanced,<br />

There is a part of you that seeks harmony<br />

(Steve). You are taking in new information and<br />

making this a part of yourself (dinner). You<br />

are also experiencing harmony in other ways<br />

(concert, music and dancing). There is an inner<br />

communication that is intended, but you are<br />

not sure if there is the potential to create.<br />

You have used parts of yourself (the qualities<br />

Steve and his wife Sheila represent to you)<br />

to create a new idea (the baby Gunter). This<br />

creation caused a major change in you (the<br />

wife dying is an aspect of yourself). You<br />

recognize the power of the part of yourself<br />

represented by Steve (when you cooperate<br />

with this part of yourself you can create<br />

something) and so there is a desire to create<br />

more with that part of yourself (his interest in<br />

you.)<br />

Patrick and Kathryn Andries, the Dream Experts, are teachers and co-founders of the<br />

School of Intuitive Arts and Sciences. Send your dream and watch for the answer in the next<br />

Aquarius. If you would like a dream interpreted, please submit it in the body of an e-mail to<br />

intuitiveschool@sbcglobal.net. To learn more about dreams visit www.intuitiveschool.com.<br />

What is the meaning behind<br />

a great movie title<br />

Could it have another resonance in<br />

addition to the meaning of the words or<br />

the metaphors or symbolism they may<br />

represent Let’s explore.<br />

What numbers 1-9 mean:<br />

1- Individuality, brave new worlds<br />

2- Relationships, friendships<br />

3- Communication, siblings<br />

4- Foundation, security<br />

5- Chaos, a wild ride<br />

6- Beauty, home<br />

7- Spirituality<br />

8- Power<br />

9- Philosophy, a loss for a<br />

higher purpose<br />

Numbers correspond to letters<br />

as follows:<br />

A,J,S =1 B,K,T =2 C,L,U =3<br />

D,M,V =4 E,N,W =5 F,O,X =6<br />

G,P,Y =7 H,Q,Z =8 I and R =9<br />

If we want to see what a name or title<br />

resonates to, we add all the individual<br />

numbers that correspond to each letter.<br />

For example the title: JAWS. That would<br />

be J (1) + A (1) + W (5) + S (1), or 1 + 1<br />

+ 5 + 1 = 8. JAWS would be an 8. (Any<br />

double digit, for example 24, would be<br />

reduced to its lower expression - i.e., 2 +<br />

4 = 6).<br />

Now that we know the key, let’s play.<br />

I looked at some of the most successful<br />

movies in popular culture and some other<br />

memorable titles and decoded their<br />

numerology to see if they fit our code.<br />

The results were as follows:<br />

Movies with a 1 vibration: Alice In<br />

Wonderland, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial<br />

Movies with a 2 vibration: Star Wars,<br />

When Harry Met Sally, Ruthless People<br />

Movies with a 3 vibration:<br />

The Sound of Music<br />

Movies with a 4 vibration:<br />

Gone with The Wind, Titanic<br />

Movies with a 5 vibration:<br />

Superfly, I’m Going To Git You, Sucka<br />

Movies with a 6 vibration:<br />

Madea Family Reunion<br />

Movies with a 7 vibration:<br />

The Witches of Eastwick, Harry Potter and<br />

the Chamber of Secrets<br />

Movies with an 8 vibration: The Ten<br />

Commandments, Jaws, Jerry McGuire,<br />

The Producers<br />

Movies with a 9 vibration: My Best<br />

Friend’s Wedding, Avatar and yes, Shaft<br />

Alice in Wonderland and E.T. are<br />

films where the main characters are<br />

in a different world, both literally and<br />

metaphorically, which perfectly fits the<br />

individualistic vibration of the number 1.<br />

Relationships can be between lovers,<br />

family and friends. “Luke, I am your<br />

father.” Star Wars represents the universal<br />

relationship between father and son.<br />

When Harry Met Sally is the classic story<br />

of friends that become lovers. In the case<br />

of Ruthless People, the story tells the<br />

extreme case of when a captor becomes<br />

a friend.<br />

There could not be a better example than<br />

siblings and communication through song<br />

than the classic The Sound of Music to<br />

represent the vibration of the number 3.<br />

In film, we need drama and conflict, so<br />

if we have an issue such as foundation<br />

and structure, its going to be a shattering<br />

experience. And great classics like Gone<br />

with the Wind and Titanic, both which<br />

represent that moment when all that you<br />

hold dear is gone with the wind, or goes<br />

down in the cold Atlantic. These are<br />

fourth vibration movies.<br />

Exploitation movies of the seventies<br />

such as Superfly represented a chaotic<br />

underworld. It is funny indeed that movies<br />

that satirized such chaos in comedy form<br />

such as I’m Going to Git You, Sucka have<br />

the same 5 vibration.<br />

Madea Family Reunion is an example<br />

of a six level vibration in comedy form.<br />

Although some could argue The Witches<br />

of Eastwick and Harry Potter and the<br />

Chamber of Secrets are on the lighter<br />

side of spirituality or depth, they do<br />

represent the basic principles of the seven<br />

vibration in its more basic form.<br />

Great examples of number eight power<br />

struggles are: The Ten Commandments<br />

(God vs Man), Jaws (man and beast), Jerry<br />

McGuire (man vs work).<br />

In My Best Friend’s Wedding, Julia<br />

Robert’s character lets go of an old love.<br />

When you listen to the lyrics of the theme<br />

from Shaft, there is a nine-vibration clue:<br />

“Who is the man who would risk his neck<br />

for his brother man...Shaft. Can you dig<br />

it”<br />

So there you have it, our brief exploration<br />

on movie titles and how they translate into<br />

numerological meanings. For those of<br />

you naming projects, books, songs, now<br />

you have a little guide to how numerology<br />

can shape and influence the story that<br />

is being put out there. May the force be<br />

with you.<br />


•<br />

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Authentic Trust at Work<br />

by Nan Russell<br />

Trust is the most misunderstood word at work, resulting<br />

in perceptions of broken promises and trampled<br />

expectations. The new workplace currency of trust<br />

is centered on authentic trust, which comes from<br />

authentic people. Only when there is a commitment<br />

to the relationship is authentic trust built. When mutual<br />

commitments are delivered without concern for personal<br />

advantage or attempted manipulation or control, trust<br />

grows.<br />

Consider these misunderstood truths about authentic<br />

trust - the kind of trust that builds workplaces and ignites<br />

engagement:<br />

1. Non-authentic, basic trust can be unrealistic, naïve,<br />

foolish, or blind. Yet, many people still operate at work with<br />

this simple kind of trust most of us started with as babies.<br />

2. Mistrust is not the opposite of trust. Control is. Notice<br />

where there is a lack of authentic trust and you’ll see<br />

controlling people.<br />

3. There is always risk when giving trust. Authentic<br />

trust is an action developed through critical thought<br />

and experience. It doesn’t deny the past or ignore the<br />

possibility of future trust broken, either intentional or<br />

unintentional.<br />

4. Trust is a process. Authentic trust is not a screensaver<br />

waiting in the background until it’s needed. Authentic trust<br />

is a learned emotional skill. It involves an ongoing process<br />

of relationship building, where the relationship is more<br />

important than the outcome.<br />

5. Trust is about people not things. People confuse trust<br />

with “dependable” or “reliable.” Authentic trust requires<br />

commitments made and commitments honored. It<br />

necessitates decision, action, and response.<br />

6. Trust is conditional. There are limits and conditions with<br />

authentic trust. When we say we trust someone, there is<br />

a presumed statement of conditionality. I may trust my<br />

mechanic to work on my car, but I don’t trust him to do my<br />

root canal.<br />

7. To get trust you must give it first. You may be loveable,<br />

but that won’t get you love - loving will. As a relationship<br />

process, authentic trust is no different. Contrary to popular<br />

belief, trust is not earned. You start trust by giving trust.<br />

Authentic trust, like love, is cultivated, grown, and nurtured.<br />

We make it by what we do and how we do it. We make it<br />

by what we say and how we say it. We make it by showing<br />

up and being authentic. We make it by giving it away.<br />

Troubling trends, discouraging statistics, sound bites<br />

and attention grabbing headlines heralding distrust<br />

affect our collective psyche, diminish our sense<br />

of well-being, and reinforce the impression<br />

Do You Have a<br />

Conscious Business<br />

Conscious business is about people who are<br />

aware of the impact each of their habits and<br />

actions has on their environment (people<br />

and planet). It is about individuals who live<br />

their lives based on knowing that everything<br />

is interconnected. It is about people who<br />

know who they are, recognize their strengths<br />

and weaknesses and desire to live and work<br />

with joy, creativity and ease instead of fear<br />

power and domination.<br />

AQ conscious business<br />

•<br />

that everyone from teachers to businesses to politicians<br />

are not worthy of our trust. But let’s be honest about the<br />

challenge. Trust is not just about corporate or political<br />

America, it’s also about us in everyday America.<br />

Consider these representative examples:<br />

In a survey for CNNMoney.com 71 percent of participants<br />

admitted to lying about money or keeping money secrets<br />

In a Reader’s Digest Survey, 63 percent of employees<br />

admitted calling out sick when they weren’t<br />

In a CareerBuilder.com survey, employers reported nearly<br />

half of the resumes received contained falsehoods<br />

Reduced trust impacts relationships, bottom-lines,<br />

innovative solutions, cooperative endeavors, and wellbeing.<br />

You and I aren’t going to rebuild that broken trust,<br />

but that shouldn’t stop us from replenishing the trust<br />

deficits in own businesses, work groups, and relationships.<br />

Here are some tips to get you started:<br />

Start with self-trust. It’s hard to trust others if you don’t<br />

trust yourself. Lack of self-trust is a precursor to distrusting<br />

others. Can you trust your motives, intentions, impulses<br />

and judgment The most important relationship you have<br />

is with yourself.<br />

Keep perspective. You can find examples of untrustworthy<br />

people, broken promises, and trust-busting actions, but<br />

perspective helps. Don’t extrapolate what you read or<br />

hear to your workplace or community.<br />

Check the mirror. When we denounce looters, but help<br />

ourselves, to our employers supplies we share in the<br />

accountability of dishonesty. But when our word or our<br />

handshake is as good as a contract with those we give it<br />

to, we share in the benefits of replenished trust.<br />

Build a pocket of excellence. People work for people,<br />

not for companies. No one needs permission to create<br />

his or her own pocket of excellence founded on trusting<br />

relationships.<br />

You may not be able to change your boss’s behavior<br />

or the bosses above her, but you can influence the<br />

environment of those you<br />

work with and those<br />

who work for you.<br />

Conscious Businesses:<br />

1 - aim to provide positive value in the domains of people, planet and profit.<br />

2 - seeks to benefit both the external livelihood as well as the internal lives<br />

of its shareholders and employees.<br />

3 - seeks to minimize its impact on the environment.<br />

The Aquarius Conscious Business page is currently looking to highlight<br />

local conscious businesses. If you feel your business meets most of the<br />

criteria described above, please send a write up of your business to us<br />

and we will feature it in upcoming issues.<br />

We are also looking article submissions.<br />

Have your ad on the Conscious Business page. It is<br />

important to let the public know of your efforts to put<br />

people and the planet first in your organization.<br />

Nan S. Russell, award winning speaker and author of Trust: The New Workplace Currency. She writes an insight column called<br />

“Winning at Working,” and a life reflections column called “In the Scheme of Things.” She also blogs for PsychologyToday.com.<br />

Contact www.nanrussell.com.<br />

www. AQ -atl.com<br />

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to Emory University. For more information about amenities, dates<br />

available and pricing please contact:<br />

amy@withloveandlight.com<br />

www.withloveandlight.com<br />


Meditation MIni Retreat.<br />

Saturday, February 7th, 2015 - 10am to 3pm.<br />

Two sessions: (1) Yoga Body-Breath-Mind-<br />

Spirit Practices and (2) Science of Breath<br />

and Pranayama. $20 each session, $30<br />

for both. All are welcome - RSVPs to sue@<br />

neshamainterfaithcenter.org.<br />

Check www.neshamainterfaithcenter.org for<br />

more details.<br />

FEBRUARY 14-15<br />


CLASSES. Learn muscle testing and touch<br />

techniques to balance the body’s energy for<br />

optimal health. Level II, February 14-15. Heal<br />

Center, North Atlanta. 770-992-3914. www.<br />

etouchforhealth.com<br />


•<br />

www. AQ -atl.com<br />

AQ mmunity classifieds<br />

•<br />

30 WORDS FOR 3 MONTHS FOR $50.00<br />

CALL 770-641-9055<br />


Reuter Clinic of Chiropractic - Assisting you to a healthier state<br />

of being. Dunwoody. 770-455-4547. www.reuterchiropractic.<br />

com.<br />

CHURCH<br />

Inner Quest - Full ministerial services available, including<br />

weddings. 12830 New Providence Road, Alpharetta, GA<br />

30004. 770-521-2875.<br />


As seen on The Dr. Oz Show - Reconnective Healing. Melissa<br />

Mintz, Energy Medicine Healer. In Person or Distance Healings.<br />

I also facilitate Animal Healings. Credit cards accepted. 770-<br />

517-2516 or http://melissamintz.com.<br />

REIKI<br />

Reiki Energy Healing Clinic - Sunday, Jan. 25 . 1:30 pm to 5:30<br />

pm. Experience a stress reducing, relaxing, and rejuvenating<br />

non-invasive energy session that promotes healing and<br />

increases your life force energy. The Center for Love and Light<br />

- 1145 Zonolite Road, Suite #7, Atlanta. www.keithdykes.com/<br />

events/<br />

Reiki- 3rd Sat. each month 10:00 am - 4:30 pm. Become a<br />

Certified Reiki Practitioner in a one day class in Lawrenceville.<br />

Class includes guided meditation, spiritual attunement, history<br />

of reiki, and learning basic hand positions for treatment. $75.<br />

Call 678-682-3812.<br />

www.awakeningspiritministries.org.<br />

Inner Quest - Cindy Fuller and Patrick Abent, Reiki Masters.<br />

Treatments and classes available daily. 770-521-2875.<br />


HARMONY PLACE - Have your next event or workshop here!<br />

Roswell, GA, a large open room (30 x 40 area). Easy access to<br />

GA 400, off exit 7-B, excellent restaurants and hotels in area.<br />

Call: 678-524-9607. ATTN: Psychics and Healers! Hourly rates<br />

now available.<br />


Cindy Fuller - Master RoHun Therapist, Minister at Inner Quest,<br />

12830 Providence Rd. Alpharetta. 770-521-2875.<br />


Tree of Life Montessori School - Holistic education in<br />

my home in Doraville for children age 3 - 6 yrs. http://<br />

treeoflifemontessori.com 770-458-9955 Marla<br />


Myst of the Wildwood, established & ethical Coven of Wicca<br />

accepting Adult seekers for training. Our roots are Traditional,<br />

Celtic & light Native American. Call: 404-723-7549 or<br />

e-mail mystwild@bellsouth.net. Classes.<br />

Sunday: Meditiation 10:30am. Gathering 11:00am. Weekly<br />

discussions, classes for body, mind, and spirit. Metaphysical<br />

gift shop, books, candles, and gemstones. Marietta (Austell &<br />

Callaway).<br />

http://interfaithtruth.com. 770-319-8757.<br />


“Dead Issues” Workshop. Completion with deceased,<br />

internal experience, spiritual forces. Readings, channeling,<br />

psychometry. Gratitude gift. Dates: Jan.8th and 22nd.<br />

Registration 6:45 pm. Doors Close 7-8 pm. Synchronicity,<br />

861 Holcomb Bridge Rd., Roswell. 404-200-5955.<br />

Atlanta Arts & Culture<br />

AQ mmunity Events<br />

•<br />

It’s Saturday night in Atlanta. The city vibrates with anticipation of the many events the night<br />

holds in store. Myself, I’m heading down Memorial Drive to a place called WonderRoot for the 8th Annual<br />

Homebrew Hootenanny, a yearly benefit for the Music Maker Relief Foundation. Arriving just in time, I make<br />

my way into an unassuming house, the main floor of which has a library, computers, and several other<br />

community resources contained within its rooms. I’m first greeted with the smell of a home-cooked buffet, the<br />

scents of pulled pork, roasted vegetables, and mac and cheese filling my stomach with longing as I make my<br />

way past several small groups of 20-30 somethings eating the delicious spread laid out in the main room.<br />

Climbing down a narrow staircase into the basement, I am met with a packed room full of music lovers,<br />

partaking in an excellent selection of donated local homebrews and jittery with excitement for the concert<br />

about to begin. The music starts and I am lost, pulled along by the foot-stamping, thigh-slapping sounds of<br />

some of the best folk music this city has to offer. The night begins with the bluegrass and rock stylings of Blue<br />

Blazes, getting everyone’s blood pumping and toes tapping. From there, we are treated to the bluesy folk<br />

lyricism of Hothouse Peaches followed by Appalachian bluegrass by the Shoal Creek Stranglers that would<br />

make Earl Scruggs stand up and applaud. Lily & The Tigers enter next, uplifting the crowd with their indie folk<br />

reminiscent of Nora Jones. The evening reaches its pinnacle as the headliner, I Want Whiskey, takes the stage<br />

and the audience can’t help but dance and sway furiously to their modern interpretation of classic bluegrass<br />

chords and rhythms.<br />

As the concert finally ends, the audience slowly straggles out, music still melding with our minds and melodies<br />

still drifting through our hearts. And, with all of the proceeds going to the Music Maker Relief Foundation, this<br />

is a benefit surely worth revisiting year after year.<br />

Rebirthing<br />

&<br />

Breathwork<br />

Debi Miller<br />

Facilitator & Trainer<br />

20 years experience<br />

404-299-1575<br />

debim11@aol.com<br />

Homebrew<br />

Hootenanny at<br />

WonderRoot<br />

by Christina James<br />

Lily & The Tigers<br />

Christina James, freelance writer and blogger, is a closet culture-vulture and appreciator of all things interesting.<br />

She can be found online at: http://nerdandnurturer.blogspot.com.<br />

www. AQ -atl.com<br />

•<br />


•<br />

JANUARY 2015 PG 19

AQ mmunity business directory<br />

•<br />


SINGLE COLUMN $85.00 / DOUBLE $145.00 CALL 770-641-9055<br />

Ahimki...Your One-Stop Center for Energy Balancing Services<br />

Energy balancing services can help you with:<br />

Energy balancing modalities include:<br />

Li Hua,<br />

L. Ac. TCMD<br />


Dr. Liu<br />

275 Carpenter Dr.<br />

Suite 200<br />

Atlanta, GA. 30328<br />

(Roswell, Sandy Springs)<br />

Office: 404-250-9903<br />

E-mail: LiHua@aac2000.com<br />


Dr. Lui was born in China, studied in Bejing. As a physical therapist he worked with the Chinese Olympic Team.<br />

With over 20 years of experience, His hands-on energy work focuses on bringing the body back into balance.<br />

Tui-Na Acupressure Massage techniques treat both acute and chronic<br />

musculoskeletal conditions, as well as many non-musculoskeletal conditions.<br />

See me at the Big Psychic Fair the 1st weekend each month<br />

Atlanta Acupuncture Center<br />

Services included:<br />

Acupuncture, Needleless Acupuncture, Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage),<br />

Acupressure, Chinese Herbs, Tai Chi, Qi Gong<br />

Health problems treated:<br />

Arthritis, Allergies/Asthma, ADD, Back Pain, Cancers, Candida, Depression/Anxiety, Digestive Disorders, Fatigue,<br />

Fibromyalgia, Headaches/Migraine, Hypertension, Infertility, Irregular Bowel Movement, Insomnia, Low Back Pain,<br />

Menopause, Neck Pain, PMS, Sport Injuries, Stop Smoking, Stress, Weight Management, Many Other Illnesses<br />




Learn how and why we age, and how it’s possible to reset our youth genes.<br />

Gloria 678.524.9607 or email: gloria.parker@gmail.com<br />

Call for your appointment now.<br />

678-429-9231<br />

www.aac2000.com<br />

This website is led by Li Hua, Licensed<br />

Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine<br />

Doctor. It introduces the Center, Chinese<br />

Medicine and culture to you. Every month,<br />

it features new articles on health, healthy food<br />

recipes, Chinese music and recent news.<br />

Cell: 404-660-2387<br />


• Discover the key to your future.<br />

• Learn secret creative power times.<br />

• Understand intimate relationships.<br />

• Joyfully walk your spiritual path.<br />

• Embrace your soul’s journey.<br />

Vedic and Tantric Astrology<br />

The Hidden Key to Love and Success<br />

“Spiritual Remedies for Earthly Problems”<br />

www.astroprashna.com<br />

Donna Page MS<br />

Free Astrology Chart Service<br />

Learn Astrology - only $19.95 month<br />

www.lovinglightastrologer.com<br />

Consultations starting at $25.<br />

Astrology and Tarot Readings<br />

Mantras and Chants for Positive Changes<br />

Guidance on Love, Money, Health Issues<br />

Kavadi Prashna 108 Cowry Shell System<br />

from South India<br />

Daniel<br />

Buvaneshwar<br />

Call<br />

470-331-7717<br />


2002<br />

Retailer of<br />

the Year<br />


P H O E N I X & D R A G O N B O O K S T O R E<br />

B o o k s a n d G i f t s C e l e b r a t i n g t h e H u m a n S p i r i t<br />

• Listen to over 800 CDs in our listening stations<br />

• Delight in clothing, jewelry & accessories fit for a goddess<br />

• Explore our diverse selection of books & tools for conscious living<br />

• Choose from our exotic array of natural oils, candles & incense<br />

5531 Roswell Rd. • 1/2 mile inside I-285 • 404-255-5207 • www.phoenixanddragon.com<br />

Open Daily<br />

Mon - Sat 10 to 8<br />

Sunday 12 to 6<br />

Professional Psychics<br />

Available Daily<br />


•<br />

www. AQ -atl.com<br />


Monday<br />

Tue - Thur<br />

Friday<br />

Saturday<br />

Sunday<br />

Closed<br />

10 - 6:30<br />

10 - 9:00<br />

10 - 6.30<br />

12 - 6:00<br />

New Age Emporium<br />

770-516-6969<br />

7830 Highway 92 • Woodstock, GA 30189<br />

New and used books • Large selection of crystals and tumbled stones • Jewelry<br />

• Candles • Aromatherapy oils • Ceremonial herbs • Teas • Incense • Clothing<br />

• Greeting cards • Positive Thinking/Affirmation/Conscious <strong>Living</strong> Products<br />

Abundant selection of spiritual tools - divination, statuary, sweetgrass and sage<br />

• Intuitive readings - psychic, astrology, tarot, palmistry, crystal • Life coaching<br />

• Bodywork and massage - Asian, acupressure, energy work/Reiki, therapeutic<br />

• Classes • Psychic Fair the 2nd Saturday of each month.<br />

www.ForeverAndADay.biz<br />

All new books 20% off cover price, every day!<br />


Big Blue Barn<br />

Gloria Parker<br />

678.524.9607<br />


Have your next event or workshop here.<br />

1035 Green St., Roswell, GA 30075 / Close to GA. 400, off exit 7-8. / Excellent restaurants, hotels & galleries.<br />

The<br />

Big<br />

Psychic Fair<br />

Jan. 3-4 • Feb. 7-8<br />

1st Weekend of Every Month except July.<br />

Psychics and Healers,<br />

looking for a place to see clients<br />

Hourly rates available. Call Gloria 678.524.9607<br />



Dr. Larry<br />

Reuter,<br />

D.C.<br />

Our Chiropractic Clinic is dedicated to the<br />

restoring, maintaining, and building of good<br />

health through natural, safe, scientific chiropractic<br />

methods. Our clinic offers massage, nutritional<br />

counseling and other support programs. We accept<br />

all cases regardless of ability to pay.<br />

For a revolutionary experience, take a ride on<br />

the VibraSound, the dynamic union of the Neuro<br />

Sciences and Innovative technology, involving<br />

music, sound, light vibration and much more.<br />

Experience how the VibraSound can create a<br />

synchronized state of sensory resonance which<br />

may yield relaxation, enhanced creativity,<br />

increased energy, personal rehabilitation and<br />

transformational experiences.<br />

We look forward to working with you.<br />

www.reuterchiropractic.com<br />



4675 N. Shallowford Road, Suite 100<br />

Dunwoody, GA 30038<br />

770-455-4547<br />

www. AQ -atl.com<br />

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JANUARY 2015 PG 21

AQ mmunity business directory<br />

•<br />

ALWAYS<br />


SINGLE COLUMN (10” X 1.181) $85.00<br />

DOUBLE (10” X 2.25”) $145.00<br />




4255 Sandy Plains Rd.<br />

Marietta, GA 30066<br />

678-819-9100<br />

www.unitynorth.org<br />

Sunday Services<br />

9:00am & 11:15am Sanctuary<br />

Wednesday Meditation Service<br />

7:30pm Peace Chapel<br />

When the “I AM” Leads The Path Follows<br />

“You are a remarkable<br />

expression of Source<br />

energy. Now is the time<br />

to live your truth.”<br />

Rev. Tony Crapolicchio<br />

Are You Ready to Be a Conscious Creator <br />

Are You Ready to Transform Your Journey by<br />

Transforming Your Thought<br />

Are You Ready to Interact with People Who Believe<br />

and Feel the Way You Do<br />

Great! The Trinity Center for Spiritual <strong>Living</strong> is Ready for You!<br />

1095 Zonolite Rd Atlanta GA 30306 WWW.TRINITYCRS.ORG 404-296-6064<br />

Sunday Services at 11:00 A.M.<br />

Meditation Service at 10:30 A.M.<br />

Consciousness Transforming Classes<br />

Throughout the Week<br />


•<br />

www. AQ -atl.com<br />


“Health is based on Internal Cleansing”<br />

Become Healthy Today!<br />

Ask about our Inner Cleansing Workshop located in Buckhead<br />

We offer: Colon Cleansing • Personal Consultation<br />

Facials/ Facial Muscle Workout • Micro Current and LED Treatment<br />

Weight Control Programs • Foot Reflexology • Detox Massage • and More<br />

The Global Mall Professional Suites<br />

5675 Jimmy Carter Blvd.<br />

Suite 728<br />

Norcross, GA 30071<br />

770-729-8507<br />


Spiritual Direction &<br />

Counseling for Women<br />

Joan Chabib M. Ed., Ed. S, LPC<br />

Certificate of Spiritual Direction<br />

Spiritual counseling is about looking at the ordinary events, challenges and inspirations<br />

of our life, and understanding them as the means by which God or the Divine tries to<br />

reach us. Our life then becomes a revelation and expression of our most authentic self.<br />

www.caravansoftheheart.com j_chabib@bellsouth.net Call for Counseling: 770.722.5297<br />



Individual and Group Work<br />

Offering<br />

Individual Somatic and ThetaHealing® Sessions<br />

ThetaHealing® Basic, Advanced and<br />

Manifesting & Abundance Workshops<br />

404-929-9030 www.RoseLightWorks.com<br />

Rose D’Agostino<br />

Certified Teacher of ThetaHealing®<br />

Graduate of The Institute of Core Energetics &<br />

Barbara Brennan School of Healing<br />

Holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology<br />

Laura Halls, CHT , CSC<br />

Private Consultations offered in:<br />

Hypnotherapy • Past Life Regression • Angel Readings • Life Between Lives Regression<br />

DNA Healing • Spiritual Counseling • Energy/Crystal Healing<br />

Laura has been trained by Michael Newton, Doreen Virtue, Margaret Ruby & Dick Sutphen.<br />

Call: (770) 565-6105<br />

Email: laurahalls@yahoo.com<br />

Laura Halls is certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy<br />

and is also registered with The Newton Institute, the National Assn. of<br />

Transpersonal Hypnotherapists, the International Hypnosis Federation,<br />

and PossibilitiesDNA.<br />

Call for an appointment today to experience your life in a new way!<br />


For: Peace, Clarity, Guidance, Life Purpose, Health, Joy, Boundaries, Creativity, Power, Intimacy, Intuition, Past Lives<br />

Release: Fears, Pain, Trauma, Co-dependency, Addictions, Sabotage, Sexual Issues, Loneliness, Abuse, Rage, Insomnia<br />

DEBBIE UNTERMAN, Alchemical Hypnotherapist & Trainer; Author: Talking to My Selves;<br />

Game<br />

of Clarity and Satori; 25 years in practice<br />

404-297-5705<br />

“The Amazing resolution-oriented work Debbie provides is the missing piece to the body/mind puzzle.<br />

I send many of my massage clients to her and she performs miracles.” -Shari Aizenman, LMT<br />

www. AQ -atl.com<br />

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•<br />

JANUARY 2015 PG 23


Intuitive Reader • Medical Intuitive • Tarot • Medium • Reiki Master • Energy Medicine Practitioner<br />

To Schedule call Phoenix And Dragon Bookstore<br />

Damaris is available Tues.- Thurs., Every 3rd Sat. 404-255-5207<br />

Also at “The Blue Barn” Psychic Fair every first weekend of the month<br />

www.damarisstarr.com | www.thestarrbar.blogspot.com | damaris9@gmail.com | Check PhoenixandDragon.com for Damaris’ Classes<br />

Shirley Kelly<br />

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor<br />

Reiki Master<br />

• Intuitive Body Scans<br />

• Soul readings<br />

• Pure Energy Clearing<br />

• Free Soul Boot Camp<br />

• Chakra Reading & Alignment<br />

• Sacred Bowl Ritual<br />

New Meditaiton CD!<br />

Chakras On The Go<br />

guided meditation audio CD for everyday people<br />

Essence From The Ancients<br />

Protection and<br />

Purification Products<br />

404-697-1854<br />

s.kelly828@yahoo.com<br />

Specializing in Readings - Private & Phone<br />

Available for Parties • Meet your Guides and Angels<br />


Psychic Reader, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Minister, Pianist.<br />

Check out Karen's website:<br />

www.metaphysicalhealer.net<br />


Readings: Psychic Readings. $125 for an hour<br />

Healings: Healing Sessions to achieve deep<br />

states of peace, relaxation, and healing.<br />

$125 for an hour<br />

Classes: Yoga, Past Life Regression, Shamanic<br />

Journeying, Learning to Read the Tarot, etc.<br />

Contact Karen to register for a class<br />

(required) or to schedule an appointment<br />

for a reading or healing session<br />

Karen@metaphysicalhealer.net<br />

or 404-995-0756<br />

Atlanta Metaphysical Center<br />

5505 Roswell Rd., Suite 275, Atlanta, GA 30305<br />





770-928-2035<br />

Lorna is a renowned healer, spiritual counselor and a motivational speaker.<br />

Her ministry began in 1986. During these years through God’s grace there have been<br />

multitudes of medical documentations of lasting physical healings and life changing<br />

emotional healings. Lorna’s purpose is to work with you on all levels, helping you to aspire<br />

on your spiritual journey.<br />

Call Lorna to reserve your healing appointment. 770-928-2035<br />


•<br />

www. AQ -atl.com<br />

Discovering<br />

Your Inner Self<br />

As a teenager, the phrase is constantly repeated to me, even<br />

though I am still in the midst of exploring my identity and who<br />

I really am.<br />

However, when I hear the phrase, I have to remind myself that I am not<br />

the “me” society refers to. I am not my outward appearance, my grades, my athletic<br />

abilities, or whatever role these characteristics might prepare me to portray. Instead,<br />

I have to remind myself that the genuine essence of who I am is defined through my<br />

soul; the only source of true authenticity in this inauthentic world. The soul is the purity<br />

of the matter you come to Earth with, long before you are molded to fit into the puzzle<br />

that constructs our society today.<br />

In this world, it is difficult to be freed from the puzzle that we are unconsciously<br />

trapped in, and a part of, because people do not even realize that society promotes<br />

inauthenticity. To “be yourself”, one must look at his or her own identity. But how is<br />

identity found<br />

In our society, the people and the environment around you constantly influence who<br />

you are. They determine the ideas and lifestyles that you are exposed to and the range<br />

of options you may have for learning what you like or don’t like, what you want, or<br />

what you believe. So in our society we must rely on one another to “be yourself.” The<br />

concept that most people mean when they say, “be yourself” then, is not truly who you<br />

are in the inside.<br />

That is why we must refer back to the authentic source – the soul – to explore our<br />

higher selves and get to know identity at a more profound level. Although some of us<br />

know that we are not our human body and instead are beings from a much greater<br />

level, it’s easy to become wrapped up in the human experience.<br />

We might not realize it, but we are all unconsciously lured by the desire to fit in.<br />

Sometimes this can go unnoticed, as we become accepted as members of a group<br />

that shares similar perspectives. In the process of fitting in, we often relinquish our<br />

individuality. We become like the people we are surrounded by. We absorb the<br />

group’s beliefs and values, allowing our personal views to evaporate over time.<br />

So “be yourself” is inherently limiting since “you” are molded through cultural<br />

influences that can contradict the true self. “Be your self” is tainted with limitations and<br />

restrictions. This is why we must constantly ask ourselves, “Does the outer match the<br />

inner Am I being myself, my true self Or am I striving to<br />

conform, to fit into the cultural pegs”<br />

To truly be yourself is to honor your soul, your higher self.<br />

Look within versus outward to explore who you really<br />

are. When you find yourself unexplainably joyful and<br />

peaceful, you are on the path to authenticity. And on this<br />

path and the journey shedding of what’s not you, you will<br />

rediscover what it means to “be yourself.”<br />

Ayesha Patel is a high school student who strives<br />

to see the bigger picture of life and existence.<br />


Full Moon<br />

Monday, January 5 TH<br />

7:30 PM - FREE<br />

Phoenix & Dragon Annex<br />

(Clifford Steele Building)<br />

5505 Roswell Road<br />

Atlanta, Georgia<br />

To Be Or Not to Be<br />

That is the Authenticity<br />

Question.<br />

“To be, or not to be, that is the question…”<br />

Hamlet’s words resonated in my soul as<br />

a disillusioned and frustrated teenager.<br />

Now, nearly thirty years later, I have a<br />

greater appreciation for the seeds of<br />

consciousness embedded in this insightful<br />

soliloquy. Who is Hamlet conversing with<br />

in this monologue Himself Yes. We<br />

all talk to ourselves, right I had no idea<br />

how profound the notion of conversing<br />

with oneself could be in understanding<br />

authenticity, until many years into<br />

adulthood.<br />

Take a moment to tune into the voice in<br />

your head. If you ask, “What voice” That’s<br />

the voice. Keep listening. Are you present<br />

to the chatter “What chatter” it may ask.<br />

That chatter, that voice. “What is she talking<br />

about” Yes, that’s what I’m talking about…<br />

the voice that asked the question. Tuned<br />

in yet<br />

Although this voice is ever-present, many<br />

of us have not yet fully distinguished its<br />

existence. It’s always there. Always talking<br />

to us. Always asking questions. It’s the<br />

voice in our mind that sings useless 1980’s<br />

song lyrics on a Monday morning at work.<br />

It’s the voice that occupies the quiet with its<br />

narration of what’s happening, what might<br />

happen, or what has happened. It judges<br />

what the person next to you is wearing. It<br />

tells you you’re having a fabulous hair day.<br />

It whispers how you will never live up to<br />

your potential. It keeps you up at night<br />

worried about tomorrow’s presentation. It’s<br />

like a mother that won’t quit with its advice.<br />

It has you weigh all options for any situation<br />

until you’re so confused you can’t make<br />

a decision. The voice in your head is the<br />

soundtrack of your life. It just won’t stop.<br />

And we are listening to it, knowingly or<br />

unknowingly.<br />

I realized I had a nice co-dependent<br />

relationship with the voice. She tells<br />

me the things no one else has the<br />

guts to tell me. She tells me I’m<br />

not really worthy of love. She<br />

tells me I’m not the great<br />

mother I could be. She tells<br />

me I’m looking pretty good but I<br />

need to lose these last 10 pounds.<br />

She’s a brave voice, she is. And I<br />

appreciate her frankness.<br />

But I like to keep her in line. So I like<br />

to do some affirmations to redirect<br />

her attention and tone. “I love myself<br />

for all my perfections and imperfections<br />

for I am a creation of God.” I give the<br />

voice positive direction. I reprogram<br />

the voice. I change my thoughts to<br />

change my life. I dictate what the<br />

voice tells me.<br />

But wait. Who is the “me” What the voice<br />

tells me Huh Who is “the voice” and who<br />

is “me” If the voice tells me something, I<br />

must be other than the voice. If the voice is<br />

telling me something, I can’t be the voice.<br />

I communicate with the voice. Therefore,<br />

logically, there are two entities. There is “I”<br />

and there is “voice.” There is the voice that<br />

speaks and the I that listens. Hmm… so I<br />

am separate from the voice.<br />

Ah, Hamlet was on to something! What is<br />

the door to authenticity Realize you are<br />

not the voice; you are the observer of the<br />

voice. Ego is the voice. Authentic, divine<br />

Self is the observer.<br />

You see, the voice’s job is to help you make<br />

sense of the world, to align it with how you<br />

deem it should be. Its job is to defend<br />

and protect this perspective. It continually<br />

recreates the world in your mind with its<br />

chatter because you can’t control the real<br />

world. So it regulates what you perceive.<br />

The voice deletes, distorts, and generalizes<br />

all the information you take in to match its<br />

viewpoint. It filters, justifies, or challenges<br />

what doesn’t fit. It makes you feel validated<br />

in your viewpoints and beliefs. This<br />

ego-based approach is inauthentic. It’s<br />

disconnected with the divine Self.<br />

Authenticity in our lives and the world<br />

emerges when we become aware of and<br />

release this false self, perpetuated by the<br />

voice. In this letting go – the dying off of<br />

the ego and the voice – we give space for<br />

the emergence of the divine Self.<br />

Take it from Hamlet and be<br />

in the inquiry of “To be or<br />

not to be.” But, allow the<br />

death of the ego.<br />



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Darshana Patel is a gifted Energy Healer/<br />

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JANUARY 2015 PG 25

AQ mmunity business cards directory<br />

•<br />

animal<br />

communicator<br />

All God’s creatures<br />

have a voice<br />

Caroline Lusky<br />

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Internal Happiness is Eternal<br />

Spiritual Guidance by:<br />

Ali Doodle<br />

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[ Natural Body Care Products<br />

The Global Mall 5675 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Suite 732 Norcross, GA 30071<br />

Shirley Kelly<br />

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor<br />

Reiki Master<br />

Specializing in Readings<br />

Private & Phone<br />

Available for Parties<br />

Meet your Guides and Angels<br />

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www.EFTCenter.com<br />

EFT Center<br />

Emotional Freedom Techniques<br />

Walt Rodenberger<br />

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Walt@eftcenter.com<br />

Meeting Fridays 7:30 PM<br />

155 Powers Ferry Road, Marietta, GA 30067<br />

Integrated Energetic Healing<br />

Healing for Body, Mind & Spirit<br />

Kabbalistic Healing Techniques<br />

Reiki Master<br />

Brennan Healing Science<br />

ThetaHealing Practitioner<br />

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lmlarsen-moss@att.net<br />

Lisa M. Larsen-Moss<br />

Spiritual Healer<br />

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Cassandria Hanna<br />

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Medium, Whole Body Intuitive, Palmist, Palmistry Classes<br />

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Being Bobby<br />

– A Work of Fiction<br />

Meet Bobby. Bobby is an awesome being.<br />

But Bobby isn’t exactly like you or I. Bobby<br />

was born inside a giant. And because<br />

of indescribable forces, he’s lived inside<br />

that giant ever since. He is not the giant<br />

but given he dwells within, he’s able to<br />

communicate directly with the giant. He<br />

sees, hears, and feels everything the giant<br />

does. It’s actually a beautifully symbiotic<br />

relationship, well, at least it used to be.<br />

As Bobby was growing up, he and his<br />

giant were the best of friends. His wonder<br />

of the world outside ran rampant, and his<br />

giant always listened and as a result shared<br />

his wonder. Many of the things Bobby<br />

wanted to say and do, the giant did. It was<br />

a wonderful and peaceful time in both their<br />

lives. The giant had never been so happy<br />

to have his very best friend living inside<br />

him, able to communicate and listen to him<br />

at any given moment. Whenever he faced<br />

a hard choice, he would always consult with<br />

Bobby to ensure he made the best decision<br />

for himself. As a result, Bobby felt one<br />

with his giant, experiencing everything he<br />

wanted in the world without ever actually<br />

stepping foot in it.<br />

But one morning Bobby woke up to loud<br />

talking. Actually it was more like yelling.<br />

Arguing. It was unlike anything he had ever<br />

heard before. It wasn’t the gentle voice<br />

of the giant he had come to know and<br />

love so well. As he explored his dwelling<br />

he came upon two new tenants in his<br />

giant. They were arguing back and forth<br />

with one another…suitcases, luggage,<br />

boxes, papers, and trash strewn all around<br />

them. They were yelling so loudly at each<br />

other and over each other, there’s no way<br />

either heard or understood what the other<br />

was saying. Bobby couldn’t get a word<br />

in edgewise. It was only by straining to<br />

understand what their argument was about<br />

that Bobby was able to pick up their names:<br />

Fear and Fit In.<br />

Brothers.<br />

Brothers the giant had allowed to move in.<br />

Both were extremely unfortunate looking<br />

and the epitome of rude. Neither made<br />

any attempt to introduce themselves even<br />

though they saw Bobby standing outside<br />

their door. Eventually Fit In strolled over,<br />

still yelling over Fear, gave Bobby a horrible<br />

stare and shut the door in his face.<br />

Cassandra Worthy<br />

is a life lover, risk taker, wit injector, blogger, and<br />

chemical engineer. Her dedication spans across<br />

family, joy, experiencing the new,<br />

and all things science.<br />

Follow her at www.journeyinjoy.net<br />

Email: worthy.cd@gmail.com<br />

Bobby was crushed. Why would his best<br />

friend allow these…things…to move in with<br />

him Without even consulting him His<br />

giant had always consulted him…about<br />

every major choice in his life. Fear and Fit In<br />

were so loud he could barely even hear the<br />

voice of his giant anymore and vice versa.<br />

As time passed, and the awful brothers<br />

remained making themselves more and<br />

more comfortable with every passing day,<br />

Bobby’s friendship with his giant began<br />

to deteriorate. His giant no longer relied<br />

on him to help with tough choices. He<br />

had began listening to Fear and Fit In<br />

instead. For the life of him, Bobby could<br />

not understand why. No matter how hard<br />

he tried listening to them he could never<br />

make out what they were saying. To Bobby,<br />

it was just noise. Incessant noise. They had<br />

taken this terrible hold on his giant and no<br />

matter how hard Bobby tried…how loudly<br />

he yelled…he couldn’t come through to<br />

the giant over the distraction that was those<br />

awful brothers.<br />

Bobby had dreamed of growing old with<br />

his giant. Helping to create a beautiful life<br />

for both of them. Exploring the best the<br />

world had to offer, never forgetting that<br />

sense of wonder and adventure that drove<br />

him. But Fear and Fit In changed all that.<br />

When he looked outside into his giant’s<br />

world now it was safe. It was mundane. It<br />

was ordinary. It wasn’t nearly filled with<br />

the level of wonder and intrigue he knew<br />

it should be. He hardly recognized it<br />

anymore. It was nothing like the place he<br />

and his giant had created when they were<br />

younger. And now Bobby was forced to<br />

listen to the idiot clan day in and day out.<br />

All he could do was hope for the day when<br />

he would awaken to see them gone…<br />

evicted. And hope he did. Every single<br />

day. Relying on his unwavering love and<br />

belief in his giant to keep the course.<br />

Bobby represents authentic self. We all<br />

have an authentic self inside us. That little<br />

voice that attempts to guide us through<br />

life. As we grow older, this voice can grow<br />

fainter and fainter if we allow fear or a<br />

sense to ‘fit in’ overwhelm and take hold. I<br />

challenge you to fight those forces. Keep<br />

your doors closed to them. Don’t allow<br />

them to take permanent residence inside.<br />

Allow your authentic self to continue<br />

propelling you through the life for which<br />

you’re meant.<br />

Michael,<br />

Question:<br />

answer:<br />

Great question. The spiritual culture is<br />

already an anomaly to the standard way<br />

of living, but even in a progressive culture<br />

there is always room for thinking outside<br />

of the box. It is easy for us spiritualists<br />

to accidentally box ourselves in while<br />

attempting to explore a more positive,<br />

exciting, and grounded way of living<br />

because happiness is the most convenient<br />

and raw drug on the market. It is addicting,<br />

and many of us have craved bliss for a<br />

long time, it is our incontestable birthright.<br />

A birthright that, for many, has been<br />

ignored and suppressed for centuries.<br />

Now that consciousness is sweeping the<br />

western world like some type of infectious<br />

fashion trend, it is significant we, as a<br />

metaphysical culture, remain conscious of<br />

consciousness!<br />

Consciousness is merely the mind’s<br />

awareness of itself and the world, yet<br />

many spiritualists adopt a much broader<br />

approach to the term, and believe<br />

consciousness is defined as the ascension<br />

of suffering. Although suffering can be<br />

transcended when a certain understanding<br />

of love is embraced and experienced, I<br />

do not believe this is the single intention<br />

behind the word consciousness. My<br />

definition of consciousness is as follows:<br />

awaken to the suffering with in.<br />

It is sort of hard to ascend suffering if you<br />

are ignoring it. In our spiritual culture the<br />

ascension of suffering so often becomes<br />

the prevention of suffering, and with<br />

this approach to life we are ignoring the<br />

humanity, the finite part of this earthly<br />

experience.<br />

We are depriving ourselves of the organic<br />

wonder etched between the fine lines of<br />

emotion and release. Some of us deprive<br />

ask Ali<br />

“The spiritual and self-help community seems to revolve<br />

around joy, bliss, excitement, happiness, etc. I am noticing<br />

there is minimal focus on our darker sides, and to me, it<br />

appears that this is what needs to be looked at and healed<br />

most in humanity. Turning a blind eye and repressing things<br />

like jealousy, guilt, and anger don’t feel like the right thing to<br />

do, so what do you suggest” ~Michael L.<br />

Ali is practicing spiritual vulnerability<br />

in a culture that craves invincibility,<br />

amidst a fragile world.<br />

alidoodlelovesme.com<br />

emotion from existing, while others can’t<br />

seem to let it go. The key, as always, is to<br />

find balance in the chaos.<br />

Intense emotion is suffering, and emotion<br />

is energy in motion. If we are courageous<br />

enough to surrender ourselves to energy<br />

in motion (emotion) then the energy will<br />

pass through our psyche like the nice<br />

little storm it has been all along. However,<br />

if we deny the emotions our human<br />

body wishes to experience, then we are<br />

denying a little piece of ourselves. It is<br />

human nature to feel emotion, even if<br />

such emotion is extreme or unbearable at<br />

the time. Let the ‘shadow’ or ‘dark side’ of<br />

you shine, that is- let it exist. Don’t shame<br />

the pain. Open your heart up so wide that<br />

even the darkest of fears fall in love with<br />

the light. And the light is you. At the very<br />

core you are love, love participating in the<br />

human experience so don’t be scared to<br />

jump in to this life and embrace emotion.<br />

Namaste<br />

~Ali Doodle<br />

“Your eye’s must do some raining,<br />

if you’re ever gonna grow.”<br />

~Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes<br />

If you wish to ask Ali<br />

a question or respond to her<br />

latest answer, please email Ali@<br />

Aquarius-Atlanta.com Maybe<br />

your question or reply will be<br />

featured in next month’s Aquarius!<br />

www. AQ -atl.com<br />

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JANUARY 2015 PG 27

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