L T Serie S L T75A L T90A - AGCO Iron


L T Serie S L T75A L T90A - AGCO Iron

LT Series LT75A • LT90A

your all-day,

do-it-all tractor

Feeding livestock in the morning, spraying

crops before lunch and making hay in the

afternoon. You’ve got a full day every day

and you need a tractor that works as hard as

you do—an AGCO LT Series tractor. This is

one versatile tractor that makes every task go

easier and faster. Whether you’re planting,

loading, spreading, hauling or mowing, these

high-performance tractors help you work more

efficiently day after day.

In fact, the hardest task may be choosing your

own LT Series model: the LT75A (75 PTO hp)

or LT90A (90 PTO hp), cab or platform, 2-

or 4-wheel drive. Choose the one that meets

your specific requirements and go to work in

one of the most versatile tractors on earth.

More Power to Grow Your Business

AGCO LT Series tractors provide more power

and hydraulics than ever to help you boost


• Fully structural turbocharged 4.4L AGCO engine

for more responsive power on the job

• Auto-4 transmission with four powershifts in each

of four ranges provides 16F and 16R speeds

• Standard 26 GPM of hydraulic flow at the remotes

makes your loader work go faster and smoother

• Optional 29 GPM closed center load sensing

hydraulics for greater control of pressure and flow

at the remotes

• Electronic 3-point hitch with more than 9,100

(optional) pounds of lift capacity gives you more

control and flexibility

• Standard three function forward/reverse power

shuttle—not only do you have the ability to shuttle

from forward to reverse but you can also powershift

the transmission and declutch the tractor

• Rock-solid transmission with proven durability

LT Series LT75A • LT90A

Take Comfort in

Your Work Today

Standard three function forward/reverse power shuttle—not only do you have

the ability to shuttle from forward to reverse but you can also powershift the

transmission and declutch the tractor.

What’s in this LT Series tractor for you

Everything. Every detail of the operator

area is designed to give you exceptional

control, convenience and comfort. That

means less fatigue, more efficiency and

more productivity.

Wide doors on either side offer easy access

to the spacious, uncluttered platform.

Ergonomic design of controls makes them

easy to reach, read and operate. The tilt and

telescopic steering column offers maximum

flexibility. The Auto-4 transmission offers four

powershift ratios in four ranges providing 16

forward and 16 reverse speeds allowing the

right gear ratio to match engine rpm speed

for almost any operation. The standard

three function power shuttle control lever is

located on the left side of the steering column

allowing the right hand to be free to operate

other tractor and implement controls.

In-cab Electronic Lift Controls (ELC) for the

3-point hitch allow you to respond quickly

and easily to changing conditions in the

field. For added convenience, the rotary

ELC controls are located to the rear of the

right console.

When the 3-point hitch is in the raised

position, the Automatic Transport Control

(ATC) provides a shock-absorbing cushion

for heavy mounted implements and improved

stability when you’re traveling over rough


A More Satisfying Cab All Around

• 61 square feet of glass for optimal visibility

• Standard heating and air conditioning for

year-round comfort

• Optional air-ride suspension seat with seat belt

• Optional instructor’s seat with seat belt

• One of the quietest cabs in the industry

LT Series LT75A • LT90A

Auto-4 transmission – four powershift ratios in four ranges providing

16 forward and 16 reverse speeds.

The rotory ELC controls are located to the rear of the right console.

Your High-Performance,

Lower Costs tractor

AGCO LT Series tractors offer you big tractor performance and comfort at a small

tractor price. You can see the value for yourself with a test drive or two. Plus, these

hardworking, easy-to-service tractors are built to deliver more value each year. For

instance, more efficient engines and rock-solid, reliable transmissions help you control

costs and the economy PTO option saves fuel and reduces wear, noise and vibration.


Also, the 3-point hitch on LT Series tractors provides telescopic lift arms, electronic lift

control and up to 9,100 (optional) pounds of lift capacity to handle a wide range of

implements such as planters, rear blades, cultivators, mowers and more—providing

more versatility and a greater return on investment. Hydraulic couplings have been

designed for easier access to reduce hookup time and improve productivity. Yes,

feature for feature, there’s just not much competition in the field today.

Expert Dealer Support

As an AGCO tractor owner, you’ll value your productive partnership with trusted

AGCO dealers. These local, independent dealers are top professionals in the industry,

often with generations of experience to offer your business, and they back every

machine they sell with a factory-trained staff of parts and service experts.


1. The optional economy PTO saves fuel and rdueces wear, noise and vibration.

2. Hydraulic couplings have been designed for easier access to reduce hookup time and

improve productivity.

In addition, every LT Series tractor is backed by radiator-to-drawbar coverage

for 2 years or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first. An optional extended warranty

is also available.

You’ve Gotta Drive One

Even the best dealer (or sales brochure) can’t describe all the control, convenience

and comfort you get with AGCO LT Series tractors. Test drive your own LT Series

tractor today at your local dealership and see how AGCO tractors help you

grow your business.

Model LT75A LT90A


Drive System 2WD or 4WD 2WD or 4WD

Operator Area Platform or Cab Platform or Cab


PTO HP (kW) @ Rated Engine RPM 75 (55.9) @ 2200 90 (67.1) @ 2200

Fuel Tank Capacity Gallon (L) 39 (147) 39 (147)

Optional Fuel Tank Gallon (L) 15 (56.7) 15 (56.7)

AGCO Engine

Number of Cylinders/Aspiration 4/Turbocharged 4/Wastegated Turbo

Type of Cooling/Fuel Water/Diesel Water/Diesel

Displacement Liters (CID) 4.4L (269) 4.4L (269)

Starting Aid Grid Heater Grid Heater


Auto-4 4-speed Powershift 4-speed Powershift

Speeds - Foward/Reverse 16F/16R 16F/16R

Three Function Power Shuttle Standard Standard

Creeper Optional Optional

Brakes and Final Drives

Type of Final Drives Inboard Planetary Inboard Planetary

Type of Brakes Wet Disc Wet Disc


Speeds RPM 540&1000 Standard 540&1000 Standard

Optional Economy PTO Economy PTO

Engagement Electrohydraulic Electrohydraulic

2WD Front Axle

Standard Heavy-Duty Telescopic Heavy-Duty Telescopic

Optional Wide Row Crop Wide Row Crop

4WD Front Axle

Engagement Electro Hydraulic Electro Hydraulic

Maximum Steering Angle 55º 55º


System Type – Std/Opt Open Center/Closed Center Open Center/Closed Center

Flow @ Remotes – Open gpm (lpm) 26 (100) Std / 15 (57) Opt 26 (100) Std / 15 (57) Opt

Flow @ Remotes – Closed gpm (lpm) 29 (110) 29 (110)

Remotes – Std/Opt 2/4 2/4

Three-Point Hitch

Category II II

Stabilizers Telescopic Telescopic

Lift Capacity @ 24” lbs (kg) 7,817 (3,545) 7,817 (3,545)

Optional Lift Capacity @ 24” lbs (kg) 9,189 (4,168) 9,189 (4,168)

Model LT75A LT90A

Operator Area

Cab Glass Area ft 2 (m 2 ) 61 (5.6) 61 (5.6)

Steering Wheel (Cab Models Only) Tilt & Telescopic Tilt & Telescopic

Operator Seat (Cab) Standard/Optional Mechanical/Air Mechanical/Air

Operator Seat (Platform) Mechanical Mechanical

Transmission Control Location Right Console Right Console

Forward/Reverse Shuttle Location Left Side Left Side

Cab Doors Standard 2 2

Dimensions and Weight

Wheelbase in (mm) 97 (2,464) 97 (2,464)

Overall Length in (mm) 165.5 (4,205) 165.5 (4,205)

Maximum Height Over Cab in (mm) 110 (2,802) 110 (2,802)

Height Over Folded ROPS in (mm) 62.5 (1,587) 62.5 (1,587)

Approx. Weight 2WD Platform lbs (kg) 8,620 (2,668) 8,620 (2,668)

Approx. Weight 4WD Platform lbs (kg) 9,140 (4,145) 9,140 (4,145)

Approx. Weight 2WD Cab lbs (kg) 8,980 (4,072) 8,980 (4,072)

Approx. Weight 4WD Cab lbs (kg) 9,500 (4,309) 9,500 (4,309)


AGCO FL400A Loader

Quick Attach Pedestal Mount

Quick Lock Bucket Attach System

4,817 Lb Lift Capacity @ Pivot Pins

3,500 Lb Lift Capacity @ 31.5” Forward Pivot Pins

142” Lift Height (4WD)

Optional Attachments:

72” STD Bucket w/welded cutting edge

72” HD Bucket

84” STD Bucket w/welded cutting edge and Grapple Fork Mounting

84” HD Bucket w/welded cutting edge and Grapple Fork Mounting

5-Tooth Grapple Fork w/Twin Cylinders

Round Bale Spear

Pallet Fork Attachment w/42” Tines

Bolt-on Bucket Tooth Bar Edge for HD Buckets

Bolt-on Reversible Cutting Edge for HD Buckets

Hydraulic Self-Leveling (3” cylinders)

3rd Function Solenoid Valve w/Quick Couple

Grille Guard

LT Series LT75A • LT90A

Printed in the U.S.A. AGCO‚ may at any time, and from time to time, for technical or other necessary reasons,

modify any of the data, specifications or warranty of the products described herein. Some equipment shown

may be optional. The information contained in this brochure is intended to be of a general nature only, specific

operations may vary from the average, and both crop and machine management, as well as the weather, are

important factors in the end result. Attention: Photographs in this publication may show protective shields or

guards open or removed for the purposes of illustration. Be certain all shields and guards are in place during

operation. AG07104 ()

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