Issue 4: November 28, 2 - Lake Stevens School District #4

Issue 4: November 28, 2 - Lake Stevens School District #4


November 28, 2012 Check out more photos on Facebook at “Lshs Valhalla”

Drama Club presents Cab Night

An unexpected spin on the usual fall play

by Kaelyn King

Staff Reporter

T h e



Club hosted its first Cabaret

Night on November 17 instead

of the usual fall play.

Cab Night showcased a variety

of acts and included

performers from the high

school and the community.

Freshman Brittney Wood

A Viking welcome for Lake Stevens veterans

More than 50 veterans gathered in the gym to be celebrated

Photo by Marissa Fredrickson

Loren Sperry gave an influential speech. He

recognized students who had family in the

military by asking them to stand.

from Cavelero performed

a scene from “Willy Wonka

and the Chocolate Factory.”

Professional actor, Kori Just,

performed as the MC, alumni

Riley Fraser and Ivanca

Olanu came back to sing

songs from “Grease” and

“Beauty and the Beast” and

a special guest from Nathan

Hale High School performed

Photo by Marissa Fredrickson

All of the performers ended the night by performing “We Go Together” from the

Broadway musical and movie “Grease.” The night was full of fun and laughter.

by Marissa Fredrickson



a n d

a song from “Hairspray”.

“Some of the best moments

of my high school

career happened in Drama

Club, and to be able to relive

the excitement and passion

of the club once again was a

real treat,” Riley Fraser said.

Many crew members

saw Cab Night as a great opportunity

to shine on stage

since they’re used to working

behind the scenes.

“It was a really great opportunity

for me to be a cast

member, so I loved it,” junior

Brittney Swank said. “It felt

more open to me because I

felt like I had a better chance

of making it in Cab Night

rather than the musical.”

Alumnus, Katie Anderson,

brought her goats to

do tricks that captivated the


At the end of the night,

the spring musical was announced

to be “Calamity

Jane” and auditions will be

held on the 28 and 29 of


Leadership worked many weeks

to prepare for the annual Veterans’

Day Assembly. As the veterans

walked in, they noticed the giant

American flag backdrop and felt

the welcoming feeling that LSHS

produced. As the students walked

in for the assembly, the feeling of

thanks and appreciation for the

veterans filled the gym.

The assembly started with Boy

Scout Troop #187 presenting the

colors, which included seniors Cole

Nickerson and Stephen Higbee,

junior Kaleb Reeves and sophomore

Chase Reid. The choir then

performed the national anthem,

and seniors Mawuli Attipoe and

Samantha Smith introduced the

speaker, Loren Sperry, Washington

State Commander of the American

Legion. Sperry talked about the importance

of military families and

the hard times they face when the

service men and women are away.

This year the Leadership class

added something new. They made

a Chain of Service. Each red, white

and blue link represented individuals

in Lake Stevens who are either

serving in the armed forces or who

have previously served, the black

links represented the soldiers

Lake Stevens Strategic Planning

After six years, the district makes a new plan

by Alexandra Mulvaney

Staff Reporter


school district


begun a strategic planning process,

which hasn’t happened in six years.

Strategic planning is when the district

and community decide where money

will be allocated to what programs.

They are also rewriting the district

mission statement, which is a goal for

the schools and their students.

“The strategic plan that we want

to create is a vision for what students

will hopefully be able to experience

and achieve. The goal is to make Lake

Stevens the best place to live, learn

and teach, and that doesn’t happen by

accident,” David Iseminger, Lake Stevens

School District Board President


The district wants to help students

be their best and achieve the most

from their school experience. Offering

students a better variety of classes

and programs should help students be

more motivated to go to school and

boost graduation rates.

“I hope we find ways to be more

flexible in our course offering and

scheduling, and we need more vocational-

technical courses so kids who

aren’t great at reading and writing,

sitting classes can be successful too,”

missing in action and the yellow

links represented veterans who

had died serving. The length of the

chain required all of the leadership

students to carry it into the gym.

The gym décor set the tone for

the more than 50 veterans who

were honored. Among the veterans

honored was LSHS alumnus Robert

Longstreth who graduated in 2007.

Sperry made it clear when he

asked students to stand whose

families are serving that Lake Stevens

is a military-linked community.

The assembly is one way that

this town shows its appreciation

for the soldiers that are fighting for

our country.

teacher Jeff Page said.

They are holding district- wide

meetings where community members,

students, and teachers can volunteer

and voice their opinions. At

the meetings that have already been

held, they have talked about the high

school’s strengths and weaknesses as

a whole.

One meeting, held at LSHS in the

library on November 6 focused on

student input; it was the first meeting

with students. Students shared that

some of LSHS’s strengths are its welcoming

and spirited environment and

that students are very involved with

school activities.

Some of the things that the students

want to improve are energy conservation,

providing smaller and more

balanced classes, syncing curriculum,

and helping students make the transition

from Cavelero to the high school.

Some say the lunches are too large,

and that there needs to be more discipline

for kids who distract others from


“Students are the ones who know

what’s going on. It’s important to see

from students’ perspective. Student

voice is really important,” Mari Taylor,

Lake Stevens Legislative representative


Photo by Marissa Fredrickson

2007 graduate Robert Longstreth came back

to be one of the many veterans in the assembly.

He is currently serving in the Army.

Obama wins another term

by Caitlyn Chandler

Opinion Editor

At 8:18 p.m. on

November 6, CNN

made it official.

President Barack Obama was re-elected to a

second term as President of the United States.

At that time, with the projection of Ohio’s 18

electoral votes going to Obama, the President

held 274 electoral votes. He only needed 270

votes to win re-election. Poll results started

coming in at 5 p.m. Pacific-Time and the first

counted results had Mitt Romney ahead, he

held 33 electoral votes and the President held

only 3. Romney stayed ahead for most of the

time as the votes from the historically Republican

Mid-West and South came in. The race

stayed extremely close

until the historically


west coast’s

votes came in

at 8p.m.



Obama won.

I be-



lieve that he will do well these next four years

because this next term isn’t a second chance

for Obama. It’s just more time for him to accomplish

what he promised to accomplish,”

junior William Stratmeyer said.

During the election, one of the main points

of discussion was what each of the candidates

planned to do about jobs and unemployment

in America.

“I believe that Obama shouldn’t have won

the election. Romney had better intentions; a

better 5-point plan to solve the job crisis in

America. But, oh well. Obama will do an all

right job the next four years; laws can always

change in the future,” junior Lyndsie Slavin


After the results were counted,

President Obama took the

stage in Chicago to address

America about his victory.

Regardless of whom voters

wanted to become the

44 th president, the United

States has peacefully




FFA harvests a win at club fair

by Kaylee Nunley

Staff Reporter




the school again. Fourteen

clubs prepared their own

station to attract people

and advertised themselves

in the cafeteria during

lunches on Halloween.

ASB sponsored a competition

for best decorated

booth. FFA club (Future

Farmers of America) won

$300 towards their ASB

account for first prize.

Clubs were judged based

on criteria of the interaction

with students, information

provided and overall

best decorations.

“Based on the criteria,

it was determined that FFA

did a very nice job representing

their group. The

decorations at their booth,

along with the activities,

presented very well,” Associate

Principal Leslie

Ivelia said. “There were

interactive games, but one

of the most impressive

things was the representatives

of the booth were

out circulating amongst

the crowd inviting people

back to learn more or participate.”

One Voice’s décor

placed second, earning

$200 and Drama Club took

third place and $100 with

their photo booth. Every

club that participated received

$100, as well. Hip

Hop also earned honorable

mention. ASB adviser

Suzanne Kerker believes

this was by far the most

successful club fair.

“The amount of interaction

the kids had with each

club was unpredicted,”

Kerker said. “It was much

more like a fair and less

like an information booth

like it’s been in the past.”

Photo by Marissa Fredrickson

Junior Tyler Granston and senior Jennifer Conley walked around the

cafeteria advertising FFA. They won “best booth” due to their festive fall


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