Six Trait Analytical Scoring Rubric
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Six Trait Analytical Scoring Rubric

Six Trait Analytical Scoring RubricDoes not meet expectations Adequate but could be improved Meets or exceeds expectationsWord ChoiceVoiceConventionsWriter struggles with a limitedvocabulary that is basic; wordchoice reduces effectiveness ofmessage. Language is vague, so onlygeneral message comesthrough Phrasing seems unnatural;there are numerous unclear orawkward phrases Language is basic oroverdone There is little descriptivelanguage; descriptors aregeneral, overused, and weak Unnecessary repetition is aconstant problemThe writer seems indifferent ordistanced from the topic. Writingis lifeless or mechanical. It’s difficult to sense theperson behind the words The writers flattens the highsand lows of the message The writer shows little or nocommitment to the topic Tone is flat; as a result, paperis not interesting to read There are no attempts atfigurative language or theattempts are unclearErrors in conventions distract thereader and make the text difficultto read There are many problems withgrammar/usage There are numerous problemswith both end and internalpunctuation There are manyspelling/capitalization errors There are many problems withsubject/verb agreement,pronoun/antecedentagreement, and consistentverb tenseWord choice is functional andunderstandable but not sophisticatedor precise. Words are adequate for purpose,but general, less specific wordsreduce effectiveness Language is either basic oroverdone Colorful descriptions aresometimes appropriate but maybe overdone Some redundancy existsThe writing seems sincere, but thepersonality and feelings of thewriter/speaker are not clear. The person behind the words isrecognizable but not vividlyportrayed Commitment to the topic isunclear at times Writing lacks interesting tone butmay be convincing or compelling Tone is appropriate for purposebut could be improved – morefeeling could improve impact There is an attempt at figurativelanguage but it is may beoverdone or ineffectiveThe writer shows reasonable controlover a standard range of conventions. There are problems withgrammar/usage, but not enoughto distort meaning End punctuation is usuallycorrect; internal punctuation issometimes missing or incorrect Spelling and capitalization isusually correct There is usually subject/verbagreement, pronoun/antecedentagreement, and consistent verbtenseWords convey the intended meaningin precise, interesting, natural, andhighly sophisticated way. Words are accurate and specificto the purpose Language is sophisticated but notoverdone Colorful descriptors (activeverbs, interesting adjectives andadverbs) and precise nouns makethe paper interesting to read Writer avoids unnecessaryrepetitionThe writing makes an impact byrevealing emotions and personality ofthe writer and/or speaker. Reader has strong sense of theperson/speaker behind the words Writing reflects a strongcommitment to the topic Writing is compelling, interestingand convincing Tone is expressed and easilyidentifiable Use of figurative language helpsto enhance the voiceThe writer demonstrates an excellentgrasp of a wide range of conventions. Correct grammar/usagecontribute to clarity Punctuation is accurate andguides the reader through the text Spelling and capitalization iscorrect There is subject/verb agreement,pronoun/antecedent agreement,and consistent verb tense

OrganizationSent. FluencyIdeas/ContentDoes not meet expectationsPaper lacks a clear sense ofdirection; ideas, details, orevents are strung togetherrandomly. Sequencing is unclear andrambles Thesis is unclear; paperdoes not follow thesis Weak introduction and/orconclusion or missing eitherof these Paragraphs are illogical/donot follow format Writer spends too muchtime on insignificant detailsand skips importantconcepts There are few andunsophisticated transitionsbetween sentences (“gluewords”)Sentences do not flow togethereasily and seem disconnected,short, and choppy. There is little to novariation in length andstructure The are significantproblems with run-onsand/or fragmentsWriter struggles with a limitedcontent which is oftenirrelevant or ineffective; writerlacks focus. Thesis is unclear or notstated Details do not support oreven negate thesis There are insufficientsupporting details tosupport the thesis; manydetails are inaccurate Details are not explained orare unclearAdequate but could beimprovedOrganization is adequate to movethe reader through the text. Sequencing is somewhatlogical Thesis is clear Introduction and conclusionmay be well-developed butlack certain points Paragraphs are logical butmay lack development or notfollow format Writer sometimes spends toomuch time/little time oncontent Transitions between sentences(“glue words”) are basicand/or repetitiveThe flow of sentences isfunctional, but not sophisticated. There is some variation inlength and structure There are limited problemswith run-ons and/or fragmentsWriter is making progress towarddefining a topic/explaining a topic,but the development is basic,unoriginal, or overly generalized. Thesis is clear but could bemore original Supporting details adequatelysupport thesis There are sufficient details tosupport the topic; most areaccurate Most details support the thesis Most details are wellexplainedand clearMeets or exceeds expectationsOrganization enhances the centraltheme. Sequencing is logical andeffective Thesis is well-developed andclear Inviting introduction andcompelling conclusion thatfollow correct format Paragraphs are welldeveloped,logical, and followcorrect format Thoughtful transitionsbetween sentences (“gluewords”) enhance readabilitySentences are well-constructedwith varied sentences structureand length. Variation in structure andlength makes sentences flow No run-on sentences.Fragments are used for impactPaper is clear, interesting, andoriginal; includes significantsupporting details that explain orprove the thesis; holds the reader’sattention. Thesis is clear and original Supporting details effectivelysupport the thesis All details support the thesis Supporting details are wellexplainedand clear

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