275 Times. Mangere Community News. Dec 2014

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EDITION #4<br />

DECEMBER <strong>2014</strong><br />

times<br />

<strong>275</strong> times<br />

celebrating Māngere through sharing its stories<br />


YOUTH DRIVEN: From left; Gloria Finau, Wilz Puiri and Naomi Kaleta.<br />

A dream to see <strong>Mangere</strong> celebrating<br />

Christmas all together is about to<br />

become a reality thanks to a group of<br />

inspiring young people.<br />

A day of fun and Christmas fare for<br />

all ages will be taking place at Centre<br />

Park from midday and into the<br />

evening on Monday, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 22.<br />

It kicks off at 12.30pm with face<br />

painting, free train rides and kid’s<br />

games, then from 4pm there will<br />

be karaoke, line dancing and tai<br />

chi for the nannas, grandpas, kuia<br />

and kaumatua. Things go up a gear<br />

from 6pm to 9.30pm with a concert<br />

of music, culture and dance for the<br />

teens and young adults.<br />

The masterminds behind this<br />

festive extravaganza are Ashlee<br />

Niuia, Andrew Balbe, Khatema<br />

Bakhshi, Priscilla Molesi, Simone<br />

Tomlinson, Wilz Puiri and Gloria<br />

Finau.<br />

Wilz is a rangitahi leader at the<br />

Papatuanuku marae and has got<br />

involved to give something back to<br />

the community.<br />

“It’s an event for the youth, run by the<br />

youth of <strong>Mangere</strong>,” he says.<br />

“I’m passionate about this because<br />

it’s about giving youth an opportunity<br />

to try something different.”<br />

Gloria was doing a placement with<br />

the <strong>Mangere</strong> <strong>Community</strong> House as<br />

part of her AUT University studies<br />

and stayed on after her placement<br />

finished. She says pulling such a<br />

big event together has been hard,<br />

but it could not have been possible<br />

without generous sponsorship from<br />

the <strong>Mangere</strong>-Otahuhu Local Board,<br />

Mercury Energy and Life church on<br />

Montgomery Drive.<br />

“There’s a lot of pressure to make this<br />

happen, but if this is good we hope<br />

to make it an annual thing."<br />

Providing oversight for the youth<br />

organising this event is the Auckland<br />

Council’s Naomi Kaleta.<br />

“This is really about the journey of<br />

seeing our young people step up<br />

and the event is just the icing on the<br />

cake,“ she says.

C<br />

B<br />

2<br />

Giving like a king also needs to be wise<br />


“We three kings” is a popular<br />

carol that you’ll probably hear<br />

sung around churches and carol<br />

services over this festive season.<br />

It retells that familiar part of the<br />

Nativity story of the three wise men<br />

giving gifts of gold, frankincense and<br />

myrrh to the baby Jesus. Gift giving<br />

is probably the most popular of the<br />

Christmas' practices and whether<br />

you see Jesus’ birth as the Coming<br />

Saviour or not, there’s a good chance<br />

you’ll give or receive some sort of<br />

gift between now and the end of<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember.<br />

The act of giving is a beautiful thing,<br />

and on a certain level it requires us<br />

to make a sacrifice of some kind and<br />

show a bit of selflessness to consider<br />

another’s needs. And the best kinds<br />

of gifts are those which are given with<br />

no secret agenda or expectation of<br />

return.<br />

Tradition has it that the wise men in<br />

the biblical story were in fact kings<br />

from a variety of eastern kingdoms<br />

in places like Arabia, Persia and<br />

India. The gifts they brought held<br />

the significance in that they were<br />

what was normally given to a newly<br />

appointed king rather than a newborn<br />

child – obviously showing the<br />

significance of Jesus’ birth. But given<br />



"Do Not Knock"' stickers which will be<br />

delivered to every letterbox in <strong>Mangere</strong>.<br />

these guys were also ‘wise’ men they<br />

probably didn’t give something that<br />

was beyond their means.<br />

It is really wonderful so many today<br />

have carried on this practice of<br />

showering loved ones with amazing<br />

gifts. However, the not-so-nice side<br />

to gift-giving is the pressure it puts on<br />

our wallets. Whilst the wise men used<br />

their gifts to welcome a new king,<br />

we shouldn't match their generosity<br />

this Christmas if it’s going to mean<br />

there’s no money for food on the<br />

26th or things like school uniforms<br />

come January. Probably the worst<br />

part of this tradition is the way pushy<br />

salesmen take advantage of our<br />

generous spirits by promising the<br />

latest products with the costs differed<br />

to a later date via a loan.<br />

Whilst these sales people have the<br />

right to enter your property, that<br />

right can be immediately rejected if<br />

you ask them to leave. Their pushy<br />

tactics and the oppressive interest<br />

theycharge on every purchase means<br />

we need the same wisdom as the<br />

'wise' to warn our friends and families<br />

to beware. What is even better is if<br />

we place a “Do Not Knock” sticker on<br />

our letterbox or front door. If salesmen<br />

ignore these stickers then we can<br />

bring a charge against them under<br />

common law.<br />

So where do you get such a sticker?<br />

Su’a William Sio is launching a<br />

campaign to raise awareness about<br />

your right to say “NO” to harassing<br />

salesmen at the <strong>Mangere</strong> Town<br />

Centre, 130pm, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 18 to<br />

inform the public and give out<br />

stickers.<br />

Contact Su’a office on<br />

mangeremp@parliament.govt.nz or<br />

(09) <strong>275</strong> 5345 for more info.<br />

Genesis brings touch of fun to Māngere youth<br />

B<br />

M<br />

P<br />

a<br />

S<br />

o<br />

Q<br />

c<br />

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f<br />

c<br />

o<br />

b<br />

m<br />

S<br />

t<br />

t<br />

P<br />

p<br />

f<br />

w<br />

c<br />

R<br />

a<br />

t<br />

Team supreme: The annual Tags Out Touch Tournament saw schools<br />

from across <strong>Mangere</strong> and beyond come together for the theme of<br />

"WALK the TALK" against bullying. Congrats to Kedgley Intermediate for<br />

winning and thanks to the <strong>Mangere</strong>-Otahuhu Local Board for making the<br />

day possible and the team at Genesis Youth Trust (pictured above).<br />

Touch: The event took place at House Park.<br />

Dance off: Students battled it out<br />

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N<br />

M<br />

o<br />

n<br />

t<br />

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k<br />

a<br />

l<br />

M<br />

H<br />


Messages of Hope from Sutton Park Primary<br />

3<br />

By Justine Skilling<br />

Messages of hope from Sutton Park<br />

Primary students will form part of<br />

an unique art installation bound for<br />

Silo Park to be shown throughout<br />

of <strong>Dec</strong>ember in Auckland's Wynard<br />

Quarter. The installation is the brain<br />

child of Roots, a collective of creative<br />

entrepreneurs from Otara with a<br />

passion for creativity, sustainability<br />

and community. Building on this<br />

foundation, the installation will<br />

culminate in the creation of a “wave<br />

of hope” woven from 4000 plastic<br />

bottles containing the children’s<br />

messages.<br />

Schools across Auckland were invited<br />

to participate, with twelve taking up<br />

the opportunity. Sutton Park Deputy<br />

Principal Basanti Sathu said the<br />

project fitted well with the school’s<br />

focus on innovation and invention,<br />

with students learning about the<br />

creative uses waste can be put to.<br />

Roots came out to the school for<br />

an initial visit, where they inspired<br />

teachers and students alike with<br />

Art in a bottle: Sutton Park students with one of their recycable creations.<br />

their vision for the project. A total of<br />

526 students from Sutton Park took<br />

part in the project, ranging from new<br />

entrants to year 8s. Each message<br />

was photographed and these will be<br />

projected onto one of the silos as part<br />

of a continual slideshow.<br />

The installation will also include<br />

a timed obstacle course made<br />

from upcycled materials and free<br />

workshops held every Friday,<br />

Saturday and Sunday, from<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember 5 -21, between 10am and<br />

2pm at Wynard Quarter in the CBD.<br />

Sowing seeds for our future generation<br />

Centre Co-ordinator: Moana Waa.<br />

By Justine Skilling<br />

Nestled at the base of <strong>Mangere</strong><br />

Mountain, the Education Centre is<br />

one of <strong>Mangere</strong>’s real treasures. It is<br />

not only providing a place for people<br />

to learn food-growing skills and<br />

natural health wisdom, but is also<br />

keeping the stories of the land alive<br />

as an outworking of a vision held by<br />

local iwi, including the late kaumatua<br />

Maurice Wilson.<br />

His granddaughter Moana Waa<br />

has been the co-ordinator at the<br />

Centre for the lastseven years and<br />

is just about to pass the mantle on<br />

to someone new. Moana says her<br />

grandfather wanted stories of local<br />

iwi to be shared with everyone who<br />

visited the area, “to keep the culture<br />

and history alive”.<br />

The Centre offers guided walks<br />

around <strong>Mangere</strong> Mountain, which<br />

paint a picture of the natural history<br />

of the volcano and how local iwi lived<br />

and survived on and around it for<br />

centuries. A mara kai heritage garden<br />

demonstrates gardening techniques<br />

of old, including the planting, growing,<br />

harvesting and storing of kumara,<br />

potatoes and gourds. A medicinal<br />

garden and associated workshops<br />

give visitors an understanding of how<br />

local iwi traditionally treated illness<br />

and injury. Workshop participants<br />

learn that “people couldn’t just go<br />

to hospital. They had to work with<br />

what they had and rely on nature to<br />

survive”. Traditional herbal medicines<br />

are brewed at the Centre and<br />

available for sale.<br />

The Centre also houses a small<br />

community garden, established with<br />

funding from Counties Manukau<br />

District Health Board. The 10 plots<br />

are leased out, for a small fee, for<br />

22-week periods. The garden bears<br />

the name Toitu Te Whenua, calling<br />

to mind the Maori proverb which<br />

translates as “People come and go<br />

but the land will always remain”. And<br />

the vision of the gardens is for people<br />

to “learn gardening techniques of old,<br />

as an extension of the mara kai”.<br />

The gardens are fully equipped and<br />

ready to go, but more plot holders are<br />

needed.<br />

People who already have some<br />

gardening skills but need space to<br />

grow are encouraged to get in touch<br />

with the Centre and lease a plot for<br />

the season. <strong>Community</strong> groups and<br />

organisations are also welcome.<br />

Please contact the Centre on<br />

6347305 or mangeremountain@xtra.<br />

co.nz if you’d like to find out more<br />

about the community garden or to<br />

lease a plot this growing season.<br />

If you want to see your ad appear in our next issue, email us or if you'd like to make a donation<br />

to help with printing costs visit: http://www.givealittle.co.nz/cause/<strong>275</strong><strong>Times</strong><strong>News</strong>

Upcoming Events<br />

Christmas in Centre Park<br />

22 <strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2014</strong>. Mini Xmas (0-12 Years) 12pm - 3pm,<br />

Forever young for Nanny's & Papa's 4pm-5.30pm, Youth<br />

Xmas 6pm-9.30pm. 141 Robertson Rd <strong>Mangere</strong>. Contact<br />

(09) <strong>275</strong> 4920<br />

<strong>Mangere</strong> Arts Centre<br />

‘Dead Pigs Don’t Grow on Trees’ finishes on 19 <strong>Dec</strong>ember<br />

with a closing performance starting at 6.30 pm, FREE.<br />

*Both galleries will be closed on the 20 <strong>Dec</strong>ember. They<br />

will reopen on Saturday 17 January with an exhibition<br />

titled, ‘Sign Here’ by photographer Mark Adams.<br />

Social Netball<br />

Every Thursday night @ 7pm <strong>Mangere</strong> East Hawks Netball<br />

Club, Walter Massey Park. Cost $1 per player per game.<br />

Teams welcome! Enquiries to Tash 0211663636<br />

Free <strong>Community</strong> Fitness<br />

Family friendly, children welcome, building community<br />

relationships through healthy active lifestyle.<br />

Every Saturday morning 7am @ Walter Massey Park<br />

Ring: Tash - 0211663636 or Josh - 0211040382<br />

Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa Pool<br />

The outdoor pool will be opening up for the summer season<br />

from <strong>Dec</strong>ember 13 until the end of March 2015. The pools<br />

are still free entry for all.<br />

Free sports every Wed<br />

Strive are offering a free sports/tag programme @ Moyle<br />

Park, Bader Drive every Wednesday 3.30pm-6pm. Contact<br />

255-0144 or larry.c@strive.org.nz<br />

<strong>Community</strong> Campaign launch<br />

The Do Not Knock campaign against door-to-door<br />

salesmen will be launched at the <strong>Mangere</strong> Town<br />

Centre, 1.30pm, <strong>Dec</strong>ember 18. Contact Su’a office on<br />

mangeremp@parliament.govt.nz or (09) <strong>275</strong> 5345<br />

NZRL Moyle Park Playroup gather before the <strong>Mangere</strong><br />

Bridge parade begins.<br />


Editor: Justin Latif<br />

Designer: Jo Latif<br />

Publisher: <strong>Mangere</strong> East Family Service Centre<br />

e: <strong>275</strong>times@gmail.com f: www.facebook.com/<strong>275</strong>times

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