Issue 3 January - February 2012 - Manila Polo Club

Issue 3 January - February 2012 - Manila Polo Club

Issue 3

January - February 2012

Polo Season 2012


Trunkline 817-0951 to 62

Gen. Manager 201 / 889-1024

exec. secretary 290

Membership 210 / 202 / 203

publications 205 / 817-7031

library 228

sports and Games 260 / 269

Fitness Center 256

Golf Driving range 288

polo & equestrian 270

Mis 207 / 208

hrD 222 / 217


General ManaGer


spOrTs & aThleTiCs


About the Cover

3 president’s Message 4 From the General Manager’s Desk


6 Design Development

for the new Main lounge

7 MpC Goes Green with

proposed Gray Water


IT’S CLASSIC. Polo transcends time,

age and gender. Its tradition lives

as seasoned players give way for

the younger breed.


8 pre-Christmas Cocktails

10 Welcome 2012


12 stem Cell Transplant

a Journey of hope

Medical Clinic 252

security 204 / 276

General services Dept. 223

Concierge/lobby 235

housekeeping 219 / 261

information 889-2507

Finance 239 / 291

billing 214 / 215

General Cashier 216

purchasing 220 / 221

banquet sales & Mktg. 300/ 244 /240


General serViCes



ManaGeMenT inFOrMaTiOn sysTeM



14 Monthly specials

15 Chef ely a. nacional Joins aboard

sports & athletics

18 lee-biTanGa Tandem Tops

the 2nd MpC Member-Guest

Golf Classic

19 young MpC archer Wins Gold

at the batang pinoy 2011

20 The 2012 polo season Opens

22 The Other side of a Club Champion

David Vorbeck


24 Welcome to the Club

30 bookstop

employees nook

28 MpC employees Go back to school

for Christmas

29 Model employees

F&b 242 /279

sports lounge 281

sports Cafe 246

Cameron Forbes 292

Willow root - nanten 230

soda bar 250

last Chukker 273

Men’s locker 259

ladies’ locker 286

ladies’ Massage 254

hairwatch salon 237 / 238

resTauranT & bar serViCes

banQueT serViCes

banQueT sales

POLO POST is the official publication of the Manila Polo Club, Inc. Members and their dependents are welcome to submit their

contributions to the POLO POST c/o the Publications Office, Manila Polo Club, Inc., McKinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati City or

email us at Whole or part of this publication may not be reproduced without the written permission

of the Publications Department of Manila Polo Club, Inc. Official website:


roman a.V. azanza, Jr.


Ma. lourdes D.b. buenaventura

First Vice President

alfredo V. Wieneke iii

Second Vice President

sheila i. ramos

Corporate Secretary

roberto F. de Ocampo


santiago r. elizalde


Jaime C. laya


agustin r. Montilla iV


paolo Gabriel s. santos



rafael llamas

General Manager

Victor r. inalves Jr.

Exec. Assistant Manager

Thelma sugay

Membership & Marketing


rose de Guzman

Internal Auditor

Ma. Teresa l. ilagan

Banquet Services Director

lily a. Del rosario

Banquet Sales Manager

Dinna a. adalia

F&B Sales and Services


Mark u. lopez

Sports & Athletics Manager

enrique Z. agus

GSD Manager

Grace a. Fernandez

HRD Manager

rhai e. revisa

Assistant Finance


Marites J. Canada

Chief Accountant

Dax C. ilog

MIS Manager

Criselda D. Candolesas

Executive Housekeeper

Gertrudes T. sarmiento

Purchasing Manager

Doris D. reyes

Billing Manager


isabel Caro Wilson


lorena J. sambile

PR & Communications


april r. Gonzales

PR & Communications


Omar M. Tiambeng

Creative Design Specialist

Dear Fellow Members,

We hope everyone had a happy and memorable

new year and Christmas. We entered 2012 with

the most successful new year celebration in the

recent history.

by this time, you may have noticed all of the

Cogon Village including its extension is now

open and functional. soon to be finished is the

relocated and completely modernized kitchen

and bar area in the Cogon. This will be quickly

followed by the development and reopening of

the kiddie playground.

in april, we commence the complete renovation

of the Main lounge and lobby. During this

period, the Main lounge will be closed for all


Weather permitting we had our two Club cups

of the year, the past presidents’ and Cameron

Forbes on the improved turf of the polo field.

My thanks to the polo Committee for their fine

work over the past months.

We’re now in the middle of the peak season of

the Club and well into the polo season itself.

i am glad to say that f&b, banquet and other

facilities are showing record level of usage.

last month, we also ushered in the year of the

water dragon in the Chinese calendar. We hope


you enjoyed the festivities the Club held in

celebrating the annual event.

a couple of weeks from now, the new

Membership lounge will also be available for

everyone’s convenience. This area is part of

the newly renovated Membership office at the

admin building.

in closing, i would like to thank all the

Club members for the kind and generous

contributions to the victims of typhoon sendong.

Contributions are still open for this noble cause.

rOMan a.V. aZanZa, Jr.




Dear Members,

a happy new year to all!

Thank you for joining us as we welcomed year

2012. We saw how you and your dependents,

as well as our other distinguished guests, were

delighted by the sumptuous dinner buffet, the

astounding beat of rockin’ revival, and the dazzling

fireworks display. your enjoyment and keen

participation showed us that our celebration was a

rollicking success!

Good time celebrations continued with our

sunday polo Cups, the Dragon and lion Dance

in observance of the Chinese new year up to a

sumptuous lunch on Valentine’s Day. in addition,

we hope that our special menu offerings (please

see page 14), newly renovated 25-meter pool and

extended seating at the last Chukker, and soon to

open, pancake house at the Tennis pavilion will give

you more reasons to rest and reward yourself

at the Club.

We also like to invite all kids to join our upcoming

2012 summer Camp program. Our sports and

Games Office is currently working on a schedule

of activities that we are sure you will like! We are

excited for the coming summer, and your consistent

enthusiasm encourages us year after year to make

your summer vacation fun and entertaining.

please be reminded that effective March 1, 2012,

cars without 2012 MpC stickers will not be allowed

to pass the members’ lane of the MpC



entrance. you may secure a car sticker application

form from the Office of the General Manager/

Membership Office. The office is open Mondays to

saturdays, from 8am to 6pm. each sticker costs

php 100.00.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and

understanding of our continuing implementation of

the recurring policies of the Club. please understand

that we do this for the benefit of all our members.

Trust that we will continue to work hard to preserve

and maintain the heritage and prestige of the Club

for you and your successors.


raFael r. llaMas


The Main lounge renovation includes the

expansion of the new admin lobby, connecting

to the existing Main lounge lobby. This new

expanded lobby will be a central access point

to the function areas like the Turf room and

McKinley rooms, the poolside areas and

sports facilities, and the Main lounge and

adjacent areas like the bar, Willow root and

the east and West lounges. a new staircase

will be introduced to connect the expanded

admin lobby to the existing hallway of the

library at the lower ground floor, bringing



Design Development for the

new Main Lounge

For Your Information

effective March 1, 2012, cars without 2012 MpC

stickers will not be allowed to pass the members’

lane of the MpC entrance. you may secure a car

sticker application form from the Office of the

General Manager/Membership Office. The office is

open Mondays to saturdays, from 8am to 6pm.

natural light and better ventilation to this

lobby area.

improvements will be introduced to the east

lounge, bar, and Willow root, including a

new service bar, relocated powder rooms for

more integrated event functions, and improved

facilities for stand-alone event.

The renovation adheres to the original arts

and Crafts concept of the club. in the Main

lounge, the existing wooden floors and ceiling

beams will be lightened and refinished to bring

out the wood's natural grain and luster. The

adobe walls will be improved; the lighting will

be made more dramatic with a re-evaluation of

lighting types, and the introduction of ceiling

uplights and other light fixtures. Doors and

curtain treatments will be upgraded in order to

tie-in with the newer areas of the club. Overall,

the Main lounge will maintain its existing


each sticker costs php100.00.

To avoid inconvenience in availing of the senior

citizen’s discount, senior Club members are

requested to pre-register their senior citizen’s card

at the Membership office. senior non-members on

the other hand, are still required to present their

senior citizen’s id each time they dine in the Club.

MPC goes green with Proposed

gray Water Facility

The Facilities Oversight Committee (FOC) hired

the services of nbF Consulting headed by

engr. noel Franco. Known for being at the

forefront of conducting technical studies,

evaluation and design recommendation for gray

water facility, nbF will design a system suited to

the Club’s requirements for gray water recycling.

The project will cover several phases.

after the closure of the Club’s deep wells,

watering the polo fields has become costly.

Without water wells, the Club resorted to

supplied water from Manila Water which costs

php54 per cubic metre. The Club’s combined

daily water consumption for domestic and

irrigation use amounts to 800 cubic metre.

This results to water monthly bill of at least

php1.2 M—triple the amount as compared

to using deep well water.

Last Chukker expansion

Due to increasing patronage, the last Chukker

underwent expansion in november 2011.

The restaurant added a new area consisting of

two function rooms that can be converted into

one big function area. both areas are equipped

with air conditioning and proper amenities.

The architectural finish is similar to the

main dining area. The kitchen area was also

refurbished and new restrooms were built.


The first phase of the project is to determine

the present water requirement of the Club for

domestic use and irrigation. The data will be

compared to the water distribution design of

Manila Water. next, the aquifer’s water level

will be determined as possible alternative

sources of water for irrigation. The result of

the technical study in the first phase will be

documented and presented to the national

Water resources board (nWrb) for possible

reversal of its ruling to close the Club’s deep

wells. Moreover, the result will also be used in

the second stage of the study as the basis for a

design recommendation of a gray water facility.

The third phase will be the construction of the

agreed facility and its implementation.

Through this project, the Club will not only save

money but also contribute in making the world a

greener place.

With the recent improvements, members can

expect a better and more comfortable dining

experience at the last Chukker.


Pre-Christmas Cocktails

november 23, 2011 • Main Lounge




Welcome 2012

December 31, 2011 • Main Lounge






Stem Cell Transplant - A Journey of Hope

Linds Boughton organized a lecture on Stem Cell Transplant on 11-11-11 at the

Manila Polo Club. The lecturers, Dr. Francisco Lopez and Dr. Arvin Faundo, shed light on

the non-invasive procedure; how one can be a donor to save someone’s life and how to

preserve the stem cells of a woman’s placenta at childbirth to help cure that child later.

“sam (14), do you know why Dad’s doing the

bone marrow transplant? it’s because if i don’t, i

may be gone in 2 months’ time. My bone marrow

is drying up.” Chris said this to our son the night

before we left Manila for singapore to have his

stem cell transplant on December 6 last year.

Chris has acute Myeloid leukemia.

Chris’ chance to get his life back is made possible

by a non-related donor from the united states

who made an effort to register himself as a donor.

When he got the call from the registry that his

hla (white blood profile) has been matched, he

went for further screening and when cleared, took

the time to have the procedure done so Chris

could have the transplant before Christmas, on

December 15.



by linds edralin boughton

as i write, my husband Chris boughton has just

been discharged from singapore General hospital

after five weeks in isolation in a “chamber” where

your immunity is pushed to register nil. and whilst

witnessing the horrors weighed on Chris by the

treatment, the only consolation was to hear from

doctors and nurses that We are On TraCK.

it will take another 3 months before we can return

to Manila.

God works in mysterious ways and in his perfect

time. and what better time could it be for the

transplant to happen during the season when

we await the birth of Jesus, our saviour and our

hope. The doctors said it would be 16 days

before the new cells grafted, for Chris it happened

6 days earlier when the white blood cell count

started to tick up on Christmas Day.


Specials of the Month



Combination of grilled Tiger prawns with asian

hollandaise and grilled Tenderloin au Jus, php550


australian inspired sautéed creamy Chicken breast with

Carrots, Celery and peas in parmesan lined phylo pastry

cups drizzled with Choron sauce, php495.00


Grilled salmon and seasonal Vegetables

with balsamic Vinaigrette, php320.00



steamed Chicken leg

Quarters in black bean

sauce mixed with red

and Green pepper


Quarterly Specials


Fish Fingers coated in a

mixture of Corn and Catfish

flakes served with the two

seasoned Mango sauce on

the side, php495


Grilled porkchops seasoned in

apple Cider sauce with a dash

of salt and pepper and topped

with caramelized apple bits.

served with steamed rice with

a spoonful of apple sauce

for added flavor, php450


bangus belly baked to

perfection and seasoned with

lemon Juice, Olive Oil, bell

peppers, Onions, chopped

Tomatoes and Garlic with

a dash of pepper and salt



Thinly sliced beef marinated

in soy sauce, rice Wine,

Ginger, Garlic and sesame

Oil served with Kimchi and

plain rice, php485

January – March 2012

armed with diverse experience in both local and

international cuisine, Chef ely a. nacional is one

versatile chef. he started from the ranks and

worked his way up where he had the opportunity

to have an over-all view of kitchen operation.

abroad, he worked in fine hotels and restaurants

notably the Jeddah hilton and the Kuwait hilton.

here in the philippines, Chef ely was part of the

pre-opening team of the philippine plaza hotel

(now sofitel plaza hotel) and the shangri-la

hotel. While at the peninsula Manila, he was the

senior sous Chef specializing in both banquet

and ala carte operations.

aside from Continental dishes, authentic

Mediterranean and arabian Cuisine are also


Valentine’s Date

Treat your love or loved ones on February 14.

enjoy our special Valentine set menu

and the roses are on us.

C O M I N G S O O N !

pancake house settles to its new home at the Club’s tennis area in april 2012.

Watch out for your favorite pancakes, snacks, desserts and more!

Chef ely A. nacional is on board

part of his specialty as he

had worked mostly in the

Middle east. he creates

culinary fusions of both

cuisines and his own

version of native Filipino

dishes. in 2006, he was

appointed as the Catering

head Chef of the asian

Games held in Doha, Qatar.

Today, Chef ely embarks

on a fresh journey where he’s bound to present

new culinary delights as the new executive Chef

of the Manila polo Club.




Lee-BITAngA Tandem Tops

the 2nd MPC Member-guest golf Classic

The team of MPC Member Carmela Lee and

her guest, Edgar Bitanga, captured the over-all

plum in the Annual MPC Member-Guest Golf

Classic held at the Ayala Greenfield Golf Club

on December 9, 2011.

Despite the extra challenge due to rain

through most of the 18-hole round, Carmela

secured 47 points while her partner

contributed 35 points in their victory.

The tandem of Aristeo Lara and Emil Alviar emerged

as the CLASS A Champions with a combined score

of 77 points, followed by the Team of Mr. Jaime

Panganiban and his partner Dakila Fonacier. In Class

B, Max Paca and his teammate Edwin Villanueva’s

66 points won by only one point over the team of

Jade Bernas and Rene Domingo who also just past

the 2 nd runner-up team of Daniel Lee and his father

Francis Lee by one point.

It was a runaway victory for the team of Tony Olbes

and Kirk Sweeney in the CLASS C division.



Their combined score of 60 was 12 points ahead

of Richard Upton and Elmer Forte’s 48-point finish.

Meanwhile, in the LADIES division, the team of

Rosalie Heo and Carina Ricamonte were virtually

unchallenged with their combined score of

92 points.

Despite the wet playing conditions, all the

participating teams, drenched as they were,

managed to cheerfully finish the competition and

went home with a handful of prizes. The lucky raffle

winners were Mr. Ruffy Taingco who went home

with the TOSHIBA 32” LCD TV and Mr. Richard

Upton who went home with the 3 cu.ft.

personal refrigerator.

Fourteen year-old Bianca Roxas-Chua Gotuaco

won two gold medals each in the Qualifying

and Olympic round of the Batang Pinoy 2011

NCR Regional Leg held from November 29 to

December 2. Representing Makati City, Bianca

scored 274 and 273 points at the Double Fita

18 meters category. She also won a gold medal

representing NCR in the Batang Pinoy Nationals

held in Naga City, Camarines Sur last December


Batang Pinoy is a sports competition program

developed for the youth to address the need for a

sports program where budding athletes can start

training. The program is centered on formation

of values through the practice of sports and play.

It is designed in partnership with the Department

of Education (DepEd), Department of Interior

and Local Government (DILG), the Leagues of

Provinces, Cities, Municipalities and Barangays,


Young MPC Archer Wins gold

at the Batang Pinoy 2011

Gold: Bianca Roxas-Chua Gotuaco, with a total

score of 547

Silver: Diane Elises, with a total score of 458

Gold: Caitlin Miciano, with a total score of 450

with Commissioner Jolly Gomez

The Philippine Olympic Committee and the

National Sports Associations.

Athletes who will perform outstandingly in this

program will undergo a high-level training for

three (3) years in preparation for the second

Youth Olympic Games 2014 in Nanjing, China.

Hopefully Bianca will be one of the country’s

representatives in the said competition.




The 2012 Polo Season Opens

The 2012 Polo Season formally opened with the Past Presidents’ Cup

on January 15 at the newly improved Enrique Zobel Field. The event

was attended by over 200 Club members and distinguished guests from

various embassies, organizations and media.

MPC President Roman Azanza, Jr. along with former leaders of the

Club and GM Rafael Llamas led the ceremonial throw-in and awarding

ceremonies. Everyone enjoyed the action packed matches and the

sumptuous cocktails.





14 January 2012


Butch Albert 3

Ray del Rosario 4

Nino Pamplona 3


Paola Zobel 1

Gabby Roque -

Gina Padilla 7



15 January 2012


Jerome Hernandez 2

Sonny Borromeo 3

Santi Elizalde -

Fred Borromeo 1


Jim Donovan -

Benjie Toda 1

Jose Constantino 2

Jun Juban -



15 January 2012


Cole Aguirre 3

Iñigo Zobel 2

Santi Laborde 6

Alfie Araneta 0

WHITES 7+1= 8

Manot Montilla 1

Jake Zobel 1

Mark Field 3

Gus Aguirre 2

Master of Ceremonies: Rom Vildzius


The Other Side of a Club Champion

David Vorbeck

While growing up, David and his brothers were

exposed to different sports, but tennis was the

one that captured his interest. At the age of nine,

David won a national tournament in Ecuador,

ranking him among the top seeds of the country.

Currently, David trains with a group of high

performance tennis players. His daily routine is:

7 to 9 a.m. physical training, 10am to 12:00 noon

drills, 2pm to 5:00 p.m. match play…having only

Sundays to rest. David sustains his tough training

with preference to healthy foods over junk foods.

Despite the strenuous and repetitive training,

David does not get bored with it, he feels that

training is “supposed to feel like a routine” so

he'll be able to perform as best as he can when

confronting other very good players in a match.

David maintains a healthy lifestyle, mentally and

physically, while doing something he really loves.

In addition to home schooling, he enriches his

mind with good readings. He recommends the

books “The Secret” and “MindGym". These books

tackle self-control and mental toughness— both

essential values in this dynamic world. When he

reads stories about people succeeding in sports

or sees any professional tennis player, such as

Rafael Nadal play live, he gets very inspired.

Defeating most senior opponents at the Club

Championship, David believes that his intense



training, hard work and self-control make him

perform at his very best during competitive

games despite his age difference with more

experienced players.

Based on his experience, David suggests looking

for a coach that fits one’s personality. You should

feel comfortable, have great communication,

and the coach should be like a friend and mentor

outside the court which is also important to

improve your playing performance in addition to

the physical and technical tennis training. One

of his favorite mottos is actually from his coach:

Make your opponent cry on the court.

David, only 15 years of age, does not take things

hastily. He is patient and a firm believer that

one “must work hard for everything you want in

life, if you take the easy way, you won’t go far.”

His other side may not be far different from the

tennis champion he is known for. The other side

of David is just molded from the very best of his

athletic side. He is living a very normal teenage

life, only made better with the values he learned

as he pursues his dream of becoming the best

tennis player he can be.


before 2011 formally drew to a close, the board of Directors and

the Membership Committee welcomed 34 new Club members on

December 15 in a cocktail-induction held at the McKinley room.

Mr. anthony Joseph Vecchio, Committee Chair, bambina

buenaventura, Mr. benigno T. Toda iii and Ms. sonja F. Vodusek

Mr. arsenio Z. locsin, president roman a.V. azanza Jr.,

Ms. Maria Teresa Chan sola and Mr. enrique Dominic C. sola

Ms. anubha sahasrabuddhe,

atty. susan a. Mendoza,

Mr. nikhiel r. Genomal,

Ms. raissa romina r. bautista,

Ms. Desiree l. Colyer,

Mr. Dennis T. Co

and Ms. nina ricci ynares



22 Proprietary

11 Life

1 Courtesy

Mr. enrique Mario M. reyes, Ms. Michell Marie C. reyes,

Ms. Ma. rosario a. poe and Mr. Cesar b. poe

Mr. alexander s. narciso, Ms. Ma. Concepcion Q. narciso

and Ms. Maria lourdes a. senn

Mr. Javier M. Claparols, Mr. antonio M.

Claparols and GM rafael llamas

Mr. Fisher T. Chua and

Ms. Jenifer T. Chua

Mr. anthony Joseph Vecchio, Mr. Michael philip Ciprian a. Chan,

Ms. sonja F. Vodusek, Ms. Carmelita e. Carlos and Mr. Juan J. Carlos, sr.


Dir. alfredo V. Wieneke iii, Ms. Katharine Denise

llamas and Mr. John peter hager

Mr. rodolfo V. Feliciano, Mr. Javier M. Claparols, Mr. Marcos C. roces, Mr. abelardo b. licaros, Mr. edgardo M. pineda,

Mr. antonio M. Claparols, Mr. luis T. Chuidian, Mr. alonzo Q. ancheta, Mr. Francisco J. Colayco, Ms. Ma. Georgina V. perez

and Mr. philip l. yupangco

Mr. Martin roberto G. Tirol and

Ms. annette W. Tirol




Ms. Claire louise lewis, Mr. David John reynolds

and Mr. Trevor James lewis

Mr. Victor a. Consunji and atty. susan a. Mendoza Mr. Wilfredo M. pamplona, Ms. anna isabel pamplona,



Ms. raissa romina r. bautista, Ms. emmanuelle reye Colyer,

Ms. Desiree l. Colyer, Mr. paul Grant Colyer, Mr. louis paul heussaff

and Mr. Jose andres D. bautista

Ms. stephan raphael C. Golangco, Mr. arsenio Z. locsin, Ms. Ma. lucia J. Carlos, Ms. aileenette Moleen Del rosario,

Mr. robert raymond b. Del rosario, Ms. Thalassa Mary adela e. Del rosario and Mr. roberto n. Del rosario

Ms. rita l.y.C. Tan and Mr. Marcos C. roces


MPC employees

go Back to School

for Christmas

Wearing cute school

uniforms, backpacks

with water jugs, the MpC

employees made their way

“back to school” this time for

their annual Christmas party

on December 13, 2011 at

the McKinley room.

Club president Mr. roman

a.V. azanza attended the

event together with GM

rafael llamas. Mr. azanza

expressed his gratitude

and appreciation to all the

employees for their hardwork

and dedication to the Club.

he also cited the MpC

employees union for making

the Christmas party possible

hr Manager babeth ignacio,

together with pres. azanza



and GM llamas handed out

the traditional awards for

the top performers of the

year. nominees and winners

were given certificates and

cash prizes in recognition

of their remarkable work


For “recess”, the employees

had fun dining at the buffet

courtesy of interpro Food

specialist inc. raffle prizes

from our loyal suppliers

and contractors were also

given away. staying past

their bedtime, the “students”

beat their school blues and

danced the night away with

music from Mini-stixxs.


10 yEARS oF SERVICE - Plaque & P2,500.00

rommel a. Carbon sports Coordinator

lynn a. Dela Cruz Tel. Operator / service


rosalie O. Julian head librarian

aires V. reoganis Cashier

15 yEARS oF SERVICE - Plaque & P3,000.00

rhodeville T. Manalang asst. Manager for

polo & equestrian

rosario C. protacio Chief Cashier

ronald s. sanao sports Coordinator

benito V. Taylo sports Coordinator

25 yEARS oF SERVICE - Plaque & P5,000.00

rhodora G. astilla Compen. & benefits Officer

30 yEARS oF SERVICE - Plaque & P6,000.00

Damian T. bonifacio asst. Maintenance head


Certificate & p2,000.00

rank & File:

William r. rivera section leader 1

rico n. rodriguez accounting assistant


Damian T. bonifacio assistant Maintenance

reynaldo D. Manansala head, Concierge

Cesar b. soriano procurement & Cost

Control supervisor


outstanding R&F Employee winner

plaque & p7,500.00

remedios D. baniqued (Company nurse)

outstanding Supervisor winner

plaque & p10,000.00

rhodora G. astilla (Compensation & benefits Officer)

outstanding Assistant Manager

plaque & p15,000.00

pinky F. arceo (executive assistant)

outstanding Manager - plaque & p20,000

enrique Z. agus (GsD Manager)


(Male & Female) - p3,000 each

Mary Joy endaya banquet sales executive

ramil Orciga banquet supervisor

enaTO berMas, waiter,

returned the shawl of

Ms. patricia Ottiger which

was left at the sports Cafe.

Model employees

Happy Returns

The Management commends honest employees and encourages everyone to follow their lead.

GreGOriO rOJas, janitor,

turned over a mobile phone left

at the new lobby couch. The

mobile phone was claimed by

Ms. Josephine Teo Ong.

Each employee received a P1,000 cash reward for their ethical behavior.

DanTe bOGabil, sports

coordinator, returned the mobile

phone of Mr. alfonso Cruz which

was left at the Fitness Center.

ClariTa alarCOn, janitress,

turned over a green wallet with

cash and cards left at the Cameron

ladies’ room. The wallet was

claimed by Ms. Justine Tantoco.



The Litigators by John Grisham ----

partners at Finley & Figg, grouchy Oscar

Finley and unethical Wally Figg, often

refer to themselves as “a boutique law

firm.” always in search of their big break,

their specialties however are quickie

divorces and Duis.

along comes David Zinc, a man who can

no longer take the hundred-hour work

a week at a legal firm where 600 other

lawyers are employed. he gets drunk

one night and passed out hours later

at the steps of Finley & Figg. With their

new associate on board, F&F is ready

to tackle a really big case— a case that

could make the partners rich without

requiring them to actually practice much


Zero day by David baldacci --- Combat

veteran John puller is the best military

investigator in the u.s. army’s Criminal

investigative Division. as his father, also a

fighting legend, and his brother serve life

sentences for treason in a federal military

prison, puller tries to uncover the truth

behind. now, he is called out on a case

in a remote, rural area in West Virginia

coal country far from any military outpost

where a family was slaughtered. The

local homicide detective, a headstrong

woman with personal demons of her

own, joins forces with puller in the

investigation. as puller digs through

deception after deception, he realizes

that no one and nothing in this town is

what they seem.


Steve Jobs by Walter isaacson ----

isaacson's riveting story of the rollercoaster

life of a creative entrepreneur

whose passion for perfection and

ferocious drive revolutionized six

industries: personal computers, animated

movies, music, phones, tablet computing,

and digital publishing.



steve Jobs indeed wanted to change the

world— or “put a dent in the universe.” and he

did. if you are interested in his life and want

to know how Jobs changed it right before our

eyes, you must read this book.

yOunG aDulT / ChilDren's bOOKs

Inheritance by Christopher paolini ----- not so

very long ago, eragon—shadeslayer, Dragon

rider—was nothing more than a poor farm

boy, and his dragon, saphira, only a blue

stone in the forest. now the fate of an entire

civilization rests on their shoulders. long

months of training and battle have brought

victories and hope, but they have also brought

heartbreaking loss. and still, the real battle lies

ahead: they must confront Galbatorix. When

they do, they will have to be strong enough

to defeat him. and if they cannot, no one

can. There will be no second chances. The

rider and his dragon have come further than

anyone dared to hope. but can they topple

the evil king and restore justice to alagaësia?

This is the much-anticipated, astonishing

conclusion to the worldwide bestselling

inheritance cycle.

• The Graveyard book by neil Gaiman

• Virals by Kathy reichs

• The berenstain bears Come Clean for school

by Jan berenstain

• The berenstain bears and the Wishing star by Jan berenstain

• a Child’s First story of Jesus by lois rock

• pinky pye by eleanor estes

• little beaver and the echo by amy Macdonald

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