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Mangere Community News

Mangere Community News


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EDITION #3<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2014</strong><br />

times<br />

<strong>275</strong> times<br />

celebrating Māngere through sharing its stories<br />

Vege Oasis says no booze here<br />

The owner of Vege Oasis is challenging other Mangere business<br />

owners to consider following his lead and stop selling alcohol.<br />

Kenny Qian (pictured) applied for an alcohol licence earlier this year,<br />

but after hearing from schools, residents and local service providers he<br />

decided the right thing to do was to withdraw his application.<br />

He says business is not always about making a profit.<br />

“People are calling me a hero, but I’m just doing what’s right,” he says.<br />

“After hearing about all the bad things that were happening in this area<br />

because of alcohol I decided to withdraw my application."<br />

He’d like to see Mangere become a safer place – and he sees this as<br />

his way to do his part.<br />

“Everyone should do something for the sake of making this area safer.”<br />

Prime Minister for the day<br />

Jin Nguyen.<br />

“I’d get all the world leaders<br />

to discuss world peace.”<br />

Aiesha Menea.<br />

“I would provide homes for<br />

all the homeless and give<br />

more money for the rebuild of<br />

Christchurch.”<br />

Longolongo Fifita.<br />

“I would make it completely<br />

free to go to school.”<br />

We asked a<br />

group of year 7<br />

students from<br />

Southern Cross<br />

Campus what<br />

they would do<br />

if they were<br />

Prime Minister<br />

for the day.<br />

Here’s what<br />

they said...<br />

Eric I’a.<br />

“I would increase the wages<br />

of those working on the<br />

minimum wage.”<br />

William Kiria.<br />

“I would invest more money<br />

into preschools and make it<br />

completely free.”<br />

Teilyn Teika.<br />

“I would raise the wages of<br />

South Auckland and I would<br />

try and help people who<br />

need more help.”

2<br />

My Mangere:<br />

Ihumātao<br />

By Qiane Matata-Sipu<br />

Some people call it Ishy. Others know<br />

it as ‘that village by the airport’. If<br />

you’ve watched The Dead Lands in<br />

cinema you might recognise it as the<br />

backdrop of the first fight scene. And<br />

it is most often referred to as ‘The Pa’.<br />

To me, Ihumātao (Te Ihu o Mataoho),<br />

is home.<br />

While Mangere is famous for its<br />

abundance of churches, its arts<br />

scene, its sporting prowess and its<br />

melting pot of ethnicities, Ihumātao<br />

adds to that richness with its cultural<br />

and historical significance. The area<br />

is reputedly the longest continual<br />

settlement of Maori in New Zealand<br />

and was once a home away from<br />

home for the first Maori King, Pōtatau<br />

Te Wherowhero.<br />

Three kilometres from Auckland<br />

International Airport, Ihumātao boasts<br />

80-plus houses where almost all of<br />

the residents are whanau, descents<br />

of Te Wai o Hua and Waikato-Tainui<br />

iwi. Oruarangi Awa is on the pa’s back<br />

doorstep, and the Otuataua Stone<br />

Fields and Manukau Harbour are on<br />

its front.<br />

At its core stands Makaurau Marae,<br />

the wharenui built by hands of the<br />

iwi’s men.<br />

I can whakapapa here to as far back<br />

as my tupuna Hape, who travelled to<br />

Aotearoa on the back of Kaiwhare, a<br />

stingray.<br />

To this day, much like my<br />

grandmother’s, the kids own the<br />

culdesac, the dogs roam free and<br />

no matter who’s front door you land<br />

on there is always an aunty, cousin,<br />

nanny or nephew ready for a catch<br />

up and a cuppa tea.<br />

Years of development have caused<br />

environmental degradation and<br />

changed the surrounding landscape.<br />

Qiane Matata-Sipu<br />

is a documentary<br />

photographer. Her<br />

first solo exhibition,<br />

IHUMATAO taku<br />

tangata-taku whenua<br />

spent six weeks at<br />

the Mangere Arts<br />

Centre and has since<br />

gained international<br />

recognition. Her work<br />

is set to show at<br />

the Angkor Festival<br />

of Photography in<br />

Cambodia, later this<br />

month.<br />

www.Qiane.co.nz<br />

FB/IG @qianephoto<br />

Jet fuel is sent through our skies,<br />

wastewater into our awa and<br />

urbanisation has crept onto our<br />

doorsteps bringing significant social<br />

changes. But, our now ‘Urban Pa’<br />

is still very much a reflection of<br />

yesteryear. Back then my great<br />

grandfather, Papa Mac, was the<br />

community-appointed warden - 10<br />

years running. Pastimes included<br />

gathering kaimoana and picking<br />

watercress.<br />

Today most of us run the rat race.<br />

We blend our careers, families and<br />

commitments with working on our<br />

marae and upholding the tikanga<br />

and mana of our papakainga. It is<br />

an ongoing commitment spanning<br />

generations, with our tamariki at the<br />

core. We’re a proud lot here and no<br />

matter where in the world we venture,<br />

we’re always blessed to come home<br />

to our semi-rural piece of paradise.<br />

Creating a resilient, sustainable local economy<br />

By Justine Skilling<br />

Mangere East Family Service<br />

Centre’s Waste Minimisation<br />

Facilitators Koia Teinakore and<br />

Justine Skilling used the opportunity<br />

provided by the Sustainable South<br />

week to host a workshop with a<br />

difference in September.<br />

Billed as a conversation for anyone<br />

interested in “taking scraps of time,<br />

waste, food, land, and turning their<br />

life around”, the workshop offered a<br />

space to talk about microbusiness<br />

as an alternative way of building<br />

wellbeing for families and creating<br />

opportunities for employment.<br />

Hosted in the heart of the community<br />

at the Mangere East Rugby League<br />

Club, the workshop attracted over<br />

60 participants. Local residents,<br />

business owners, workers, Council<br />

staff and representatives, as well as<br />

Sustainable South week participants<br />

Wharenui: Makaurau Marae<br />

from around Auckland, joined<br />

together to hear inspiring local stories<br />

and make connections.<br />

The day began with five ‘pechakucha’<br />

style talks by local people,<br />

all at varying stages on their<br />

microbusiness journey.<br />

After hearing these and other stories<br />

from the community and beyond,<br />

people gathered in smaller groups<br />

to discuss some of the challenges<br />

and successes people have had in<br />

starting microbusinesses.<br />

Mangere East Family Service Centre's<br />

chief executive Peter Sykes summed<br />

up the conversations by calling to<br />

mind the story of Stone Soup, which<br />

starts out as nothing but turns into<br />

something wonderful once everyone<br />

has made their unique contribution.<br />

He felt the key idea was that people<br />

were talking about creating “real jobs,<br />

not waiting for someone to come and<br />

employ us”.<br />

Introducing the Mangere East<br />

Family Service Centre's Waste<br />

Minimisation Facilitators’ Koia<br />

Teinakore (left) and Justine Skilling.<br />

If you have a small business idea that<br />

would benefit the environment or<br />

your community and would like to talk<br />

more about it with the team, please<br />

contact justine@mefsc.org.nz or<br />

koia@mefsc.org.nz.<br />

If you have business skills or<br />

resources that you’d like to share with<br />

others, they’d love to hear from you as<br />

well!<br />

If you want to see your ad appear in our next issue, email us or if you'd like to make a donation<br />

to help with printing costs visit: http://www.givealittle.co.nz/cause/<strong>275</strong><strong>Times</strong>News<br />

I<br />

o<br />

t<br />

R<br />

p<br />

a<br />

g<br />

T<br />

Y<br />

M<br />

m<br />

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f<br />

o<br />


Garden paradise one of Mangere’s hidden gems<br />

3<br />

Visionary gardener: Yvonne Thomas would love to see more people make use of the community<br />

garden at the back of Kirkbride Road Reserve<br />

If you ever venture behind the<br />

old school hall in Mangere<br />

to the back of Kirkbride Road<br />

Reserve you’ll find a garden<br />

paradise brimming with life -<br />

and if you’re in luck you’ll also<br />

get a cup of tea from Yvonne<br />

Thomas.<br />

Yvonne and her co-worker<br />

Mona Nimmo have been<br />

managing the ‘teaching<br />

gardens’ for almost five years<br />

now and would love for more<br />

locals to uncover this hidden<br />

gem.<br />

Over the years Yvonne and<br />

Mona have developed small<br />

streams, a wetland area<br />

around the gardens, whilst<br />

also creating a beautiful<br />

demonstration herb garden<br />

completely out of recycled<br />

materials.<br />

Yvonne describes working at<br />

the site as an addiction.<br />

“We work here six days a<br />

week, but get paid for much<br />

less – because it’s like a<br />

drug."<br />

Yvonne and Mona both live<br />

locally and they love being able to<br />

give back to the community.<br />

“Our dream is to see a food forest<br />

established here, serving the local<br />

kindies and schools and we hope<br />

that it will go some way to changing<br />

people’s attitudes about gardening<br />

and growing their own food.<br />

“You can buy a grubby $3 bunch of<br />

spinach from the supermarket - or<br />

you can grow it - it’s so much cheaper<br />

and it’ll taste nicer than what you’ll<br />

get at the supermarket."<br />

The garden was established by Robert<br />

Findlay under the former Manukau<br />

City Council and if you'd like a plot<br />

make enquires at the site or call 261<br />

8137 for more information.<br />

Water feature: Yvonne Thomas and Mona Nimmo have transformed a<br />

swampy piece of land into a gardening paradise.<br />

Continued... Profiles on the pecha kucha speakers<br />

Tasha Tasmania,<br />

Chairperson of<br />

the Mangere<br />

East Rugby<br />

League Club.<br />

Tasha talked<br />

about the club’s<br />

dream to become<br />

financially<br />

sustainable and<br />

open a healthy<br />

food restaurant<br />

out of the club’s<br />

kitchen.<br />

Darrell Joseph,<br />

professional<br />

gleaner and<br />

artist. His<br />

special skill<br />

is "finding a<br />

treasure in<br />

what other<br />

people think<br />

of as rubbish."<br />

Darrell posed the<br />

question “How<br />

do you turn this<br />

into a business?”<br />

King Homeboy,<br />

beat boxing<br />

champion and<br />

local resident,<br />

talked about the<br />

challenges of<br />

gaining funding<br />

for artistic<br />

pursuits through<br />

traditional<br />

sources. His<br />

message was<br />

that “each of us<br />

has something of<br />

value."<br />

Recommended<br />

Dosage told us<br />

the story of his<br />

journey from<br />

WINZ beneficiary<br />

to musician and<br />

founder of his<br />

own Mangerebased<br />

record<br />

label and radio<br />

station (REP FM).<br />

“I’m 100% about<br />

my community,"<br />

he says.<br />

Natasha Lilo<br />

connected<br />

her health<br />

and nutrition<br />

microbusiness<br />

story to the<br />

legacy of her<br />

grandfather.<br />

Building on his<br />

foundation, she<br />

has created<br />

employment for<br />

herself that fits<br />

around her family<br />

responsibilities.<br />

Verse of the month: The light of the eyes rejoices the heart,and good news refreshes the body.<br />

Proverbs 15:30 Sponsored by Bill and Bridie Keenan

Local focus for festival<br />

Cosy vibe: Hone Fowler is helping put together this year’s Mangere<br />

East Xmas Festival<br />

Christmas is coming and so is the Mangere East Xmas<br />

Festival.<br />

It will be on <strong>Nov</strong>ember 29 from 10am – 2pm at the Mangere<br />

East Village Green and Mangere East Community Learning<br />

Centre’s Hone Fowler says it’s going to be another great<br />

get-together.<br />

“It’s got a nice community vibe and the village green is a<br />

cosy place to hold it,” he says.<br />

“The main focus is on being local, so we’ll have local performances,<br />

local stalls, local music acts plus face painting<br />

and fun activities for families and kids.“<br />

The festival has been running for over ten years and Hone<br />

says it’s a cherished community tradition - so don't miss it!<br />

Upcoming Events<br />

Social Netball<br />

Every Thursday night @ 7pm Mangere East Hawks Netball<br />

Club, Walter Massey Park. Cost $1 per player per game.<br />

Teams welcome! Enquiries to Tash 0211663636<br />

Free Community Fitness<br />

Family friendly, children welcome, building community<br />

relationships through healthy active lifestyle.<br />

Every Saturday morning 7am @ Walter Massey Park<br />

Ring: Tash - 0211663636 or Josh - 0211040382<br />

Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa Pool<br />

The outdoor pool will be opening up for the summer season from<br />

December 13 until the end of March 2015. The pools are still free<br />

entry for all.<br />

Free sports every Wed<br />

Strive are offering a free sports/tag programme @ Moyle Park,<br />

Bader Drive every Wednesday 3.30pm-6pm. Contact 255-0144 or<br />

larry.c@strive.org.nz<br />

Moyle Park Play Group<br />

NZRL Community Playgroup @ Magpies RLC. Free for all kids under<br />

5 years. Runs during school term. Contact: Johanna 0210332727<br />

Summer Skate Series<br />

Want to qualify for the Auckland-wide skate series Grand Final on<br />

March 7? Then be at David Lange Park, Dec 13, 10am - 2pm.<br />


Editor: Justin Latif<br />

Creative Director: Jo Latif<br />

Publisher: Mangere East Family Service Centre<br />

e: <strong>275</strong>times@gmail.com f: www.facebook.com/<strong>275</strong>times

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