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Mangere Community News

Mangere Community News


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Edition #2<br />

<strong>Oct</strong>ober <strong>2014</strong><br />

times<br />

<strong>275</strong> times<br />

celebrating Māngere through sharing its stories<br />

Su'a says big thank you to Mängere<br />

Su’a William Sio has high hopes for the Labour Party despite the heavy defeat in the general election.<br />

<strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong> editor Justin Latif<br />

caught up with victorious<br />

Mangere electorate MP Su’a<br />

Williams Sio to see what the<br />

next three years will look like<br />

for Su’a and the Labour Party.<br />

You had another big win in the<br />

Mangere electorate - what do you put<br />

that down to?<br />

To the overwhelming support of the people<br />

of Mangere and to a fantastic campaign<br />

team. And particularly to the involvement<br />

of the young people in that campaign team.<br />

They reinvigorated the campaign, added a lot<br />

more energy, innovation and created some<br />

songs and dances - and that was particularly<br />

important as we do have a large youth<br />

population in Mangere.<br />

What are your goals for this term?<br />

I am pleased with our result in Mangere, but<br />

while we’ve won the battle here, we lost the<br />

war. So my task is to get the Government to<br />

recognise that they have to address certain<br />

issues. Whether people like it or not there is<br />

a housing crises and we have issues around<br />

homelessness. In order to build a thriving<br />

community, people have to be in jobs with good<br />

incomes, children have got to be consistently<br />

attending schools and in order to have that<br />

consistency you’ve got to have a home – it’s<br />

just a fundamental. We won’t release our full<br />

potential as a country if we don’t address<br />

these fundamental issues.<br />

Do you think the big housing<br />

developments planned for Mangere<br />

are good for the community?<br />

I’ve heard that the developments will be<br />

ensuring that people in Mangere will be able<br />

to access a home – and that’s a wonderful<br />

thing. But I would be very disappointed if these<br />

housing developments don’t address the<br />

needs of people living here and instead act as<br />

a stepping stone for people from other areas to<br />

upgrade themselves.<br />

What excites you about Mangere at<br />

the moment?<br />

With so many young people wanting to get<br />

involved in our campaign I’ve now established<br />

a youth movement within the local Labour<br />

electorate and I’m excited about that as that’s<br />

the future. And one day I hope one of these<br />

young people steps forward to take my place.<br />

You’ve also got the Mangere-Otahuhu Youth<br />

Advisory Panel who are challenging the recent<br />

liquor licenses being approved. They are saying<br />

we care about our community and it’s not right<br />

for liquor licenses to be approved when the<br />

community clearly says there is enough harm<br />

already caused by the easy access of liquor. So<br />

it’s exciting that young people are becoming<br />

more involved.<br />

Pacific voters really supported Labour<br />

at this election – is it time Labour had a<br />

Pacific leader in the near future?<br />

There’s been discussion about that and it’s<br />

certainly an area which I’m encouraging the<br />

Party to keep discussing. At some stage the<br />

Party as a whole has to consider breaking that<br />

glass ceiling. New Zealand is no longer a monoculture<br />

country. It’s now a diverse multicultural<br />

country and it’s important this is reflected at<br />

the highest levels of decision making.<br />

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good tidings, Is.52:7.<br />

Verse of the month sponsored by Bill and Bridie Keenan

2<br />

Whats going on?!<br />

Nitty Gritty<br />

Pollywood Film Festival<br />

POLLYWOOD TWELVE<strong>2014</strong> boasts 9 films<br />

that will screen for first time. Premieres<br />

November 2, Mangere Art Centre, Contact:<br />

021 02555 211, pollywood@orcon.net.nz<br />

Free Community Fitness<br />

Family friendly, children welcome,<br />

building community relationships through<br />

healthy active lifestyle<br />

Every Saturday morning 7am<br />

@ Walter Massey Park<br />

Ring: Tash - 0211663636<br />

or Josh - 0211040382<br />

Runway Funday<br />

Free community cycling event for the<br />

whole family. Bikes and helmets provided.<br />

Spot prizes, giveaways, refreshments and<br />

a bouncy castle. Saturday, November 22<br />

10am - 2pm @ Ansett Place.<br />

Contact: Tee - 022-3605748<br />

Email: teau<strong>275</strong>@gmail.com<br />

Mervan St Playgroup<br />

Playday<br />

Free Playday event for ages 0-5. Free<br />

sausage sizzle, face painting, cupcake<br />

decorating and more.<br />

Thursday <strong>Oct</strong>ober 30 @ 18a Mervan St,<br />

Mangere East, 9am-12pm.<br />

Contact: <strong>275</strong> 1065<br />

Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa Pool<br />

The outdoor pool will be opening up for<br />

the summer season from December 13<br />

until the end of March 2015. The pools<br />

are still free entry for all.<br />

Free sports every Wed<br />

Strive are offering a free sports/tag<br />

programme @ Moyle Park, Bader Drive<br />

every Wednesday 3.30pm-6pm. Contact<br />

255-0144 or larry.c@strive.org.nz<br />

Moyle Park Play Group<br />

NZRL Community Playgroup @ Magpies<br />

RLC. Free for all kids under 5 years. Runs<br />

during school term.<br />

Contact: Johanna 0210332727<br />

Editor: Justin Latif<br />

Creative Director: Jo Latif<br />

Publisher: Mangere East Family Service Centre<br />

e: <strong>275</strong>times@gmail.com f: www.facebook.com/<strong>275</strong>times<br />

If you want to see your ad appear in future issues email us or<br />

if you’d like to make a donation to help with printing costs<br />

visit:<br />


Hawks celebrate a great year in style<br />

3<br />

The Mangere East Hawks Rugby<br />

League club celebrated another<br />

fantastic year with a glitzy senior<br />

prize-giving ceremony on September<br />

20. It was a great night of revelry and<br />

laughter and <strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong> was honoured<br />

to be able to attend. One particularly<br />

emotional moment came when Moira<br />

Chan was awarded the Hawk of the<br />

Year award for her contribution to<br />

the club. Moira’s husband Roy passed<br />

away suddenly last year, but despite<br />

her loss, Moira continued to be<br />

involved in the club, including providing<br />

sponsorship and supporting the teams.<br />

MC Tony Tietie with Hawk of the Year award winner<br />

Moira Chan and chairperson Tash Tasmania.<br />

Alec Brown and Zion Tesese. Zion was player of the<br />

year for <strong>2014</strong>.<br />

Burger King Auckland Area Manager Arun Augustine,<br />

Tash Tasmania, Auckland Rugby League's Pat Carthy<br />

and Jenkins Tesese.<br />

Club Awards<br />

Mad Butcher Trophy Most Improved Junior Overall <strong>2014</strong> – Topani Katoa<br />

Junior Team of the Year – U 20's<br />

Neil & Barbara Carpenter Trophy Junior Coach of the Year – Trent Silbery<br />

Trixie Best Trophy Best Senior Trainer – Alex Siulua<br />

Jack Neil Trophy Best First Year Senior – Samuel Lulia<br />

Ross Robertson Trophy – Excellence in Sports – Raymond Talimalie<br />

Glen Gallagher Trophy – Chairperson Choice – Mareta Fraser Kaitai<br />

Sullivan Trophy – Outstanding Club Spirit –Vaaiga Autagavaia<br />

Clark Trophy – Senior Coach of the Year – Max Laiman<br />

Hawk of the Year Trophy – Hawk of the Year – Moira Chan<br />

Christian Trophy – Premier Runner Up Player of the Year – Jacob Aki<br />

Faye & Hayes Trophy – Premier Player of the Year – Zion Tesese<br />

facebook.com/<strong>275</strong>times | <strong>275</strong>times@gmail.com | twitter.com/<strong>275</strong>timesEd

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