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Salmo Minnow

Catching Fish Big Or Small

Softbaits And A New Pond

Berkley Powerbait Ripple Shad

Float Under Torture

MCin Huodan Float 24hours Torture

Abu Garcia Promax Spinning

Taking On The Groupers

Sneak Preview

Abu Garcia Gambit Iron Cavalier

Featuring: Daiwa SS AIR | Introducin’: Jurassic SW Pond



PENN Squall



The Squall Lever Drag 2-speed reel allows anglers to step up to the big

game tackle with confidence. PENN’s proprietary Dura-Drag system results

in smoother start up and virtually eliminates limitations, even under extreme drag settings. A Stainless Steel gear train and


our Quick Shift 2 speed system provide the perfect combination of strength and speed. With this reel in hand big pelagics

don’t stand a chance.

The stainless steel gear train in our Squall Lever Drag

reels doesn’t get much tougher. Machined from stainless

steel and drilled out for weight reduction, these gears offer

the perfect combination of strength and speed.

Our Dura-Drag ® material contains a special Phenolic

bonding agent that prevents premature breakdown

to water. We then pretreat each drag washer with a

special compound developed by PENN engineers.....


Mono Cap. Braid Cap. Max Drag Max Drag Line Retrieve Weight

Model Material # (yds/lb) (yds/lb) Bearings @ Strike @ Full Gear Ratio (in)High/Low (oz)

SQL16VS 1292936 1090/15 • 725/20 • 540/30 1490/30 • 1040/50 • 865/65 4 20 lbs 26 lbs 4.5:1 / 2.1:1 39/18 38.5

SQL30VSW 1292937 1395/20 • 1035/30 • 595/50 1995/50 • 1660/65 • 1435/80 4 24 lbs 32 lbs 4.2:1 / 1.8:1 41/18 47.0

SQL50VSW 1292938 1550/30 • 890/50 • 565/80 2485/65 • 2145/80 • 1835/100 4 30 lbs 40 lbs 2.9:1 / 1.5:1 33/17 55.6

• Lightweight graphite frame and sideplates

• Forged and machined aluminum spool

• Stainless steel main and pinion gear

• Dura-Drag ® washers virtually eliminate hesitation, even under extreme drag settings

• Quick-Shift 2-speed system

• 4 Shielded stainless steel ball bearings

• Double-dog ratchet anti-reverse

• Line Capacity Rings

Pure Fishing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (515617-X) Tel : +603 7832 3380 (H

PENN Fathom


The PENN Fathom Level Wind’s heavy duty contruction and powerful

4.3:1 gear ratio makes it a true workhorse and favourite of charter boat

Captains. It is designed to handle extreme abuse day-in and day-out. Whether you are bottom-fishing or casting live baits, the

Fathom will stand up to the hardest fishing conditions. A full metal body and sideplates keep precise gear alignment under

heavy loads. Powerful HT-100 Drag System .




Light Drag Range

up to 10 lbs. max drag


Medium Drag Range up

to 20 lbs. max drag


Heavy Drag Range up

to 30 lbs. max drag

VERSA-DRAG - By rearranging the sequence of the keyed metal

washers and eared

a wide range of drag settings without additional parts.


Model Material # Mono Cap. (yds/lb) Braid Cap. (yds/lb) Bearings Max Drag Gear Ratio Line Retrieve (in) Weight (oz)

FTH20LWLH 1259867 320/17 • 260/20 • 230/25 675/20 • 500/30 • 350/50 3+1 30 lbs 4.3:1 24 19.5

FTH25LWLH 1259868 330/20 • 290/25 • 220/30 650/30 • 450/50 • 380/65 3+1 30 lbs 4.3:1 24 20.0

• Full Metal Body and sideplates

• Marine-grade bronze alloy main gear

• Precision-machined stainless steel pinion gear

• Versa-Drag system with HT-100 washers

• 3 Shielded stainless steel ball bearings

• Instant anti-reverse bearing with silent back up ratchet

• Stainless steel TiN coated levelwind system

• Reversible Harness Lugs on 40 & 60 sizes

unting Line) Fax : +603 7832 3340 Email :


The Fastest Grow

Email your videos to oagwsb@gmail.

com together with your name, contact

number, and addresss. Open to all

citizens of Malaysia & Brunei.

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ing Lure Brand In America

Want A Reward For

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ZMAN Lure saying “Yeah! ZMAN!“ and we’ll

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, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

My fellow anglers and friends,

We have received feedback from a few readers about the

difficulty or rather un-user friendliness with flipping through

the magazine as the only way to move between articles

is to return to the Content Page.

With that in mind we have decided to change the system and we now provide

you with a content section right beside the issue. This means that you can flip

to any article from anywhere within the magazine.

* For those reading via a mobile device you can access the Content by clicking

on the box with the three horizontal lines on the top right hand corner of

the issue.

This month we take a tested the Salmo Minnow (sinking) lures testing them

in both fresh and saltwater. We also used them for big and smallish fishes. We

also tested the new Jurassic Pond in Sepang bringing along a few fishing tackle

to test. I like the place. Good layout and clean.

For bottom anglers we tested the MCin Huodan Float for over 24 hours to see

if could make survive the ordeal. We also tested Abu Garcia’s prototype rod

that will be launching in a few months; the Gambit Iron Cavalier. There are a

lot more in this issue.

Well, I hope you enjoy this issue.

Thank you for your support and happy reading.



Editor In Chief



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Passionate and

Professional Care

For VAG Cars

Like us on our........


Test Drives

Philemon Foo


lmo Minnow

Test Information

Testing Grounds: Jugra / Tasik Prima

(Lake Prima)

Models: Green Tiger, Rainbow Dace,

Golden Minnow, Grey Silver.

Sizes: 5 & 6 cm

Type: Sinking


The Look

Sports fishing has never wiped out

any species of fish. Just asked any fish if

it would eat plastic, wood, or metal and

I can assure you that it will say no. Wood

maybe... Then why on earth are we pulling

them up with plastic lures such as

the Salmo Minnow?


Have Fishes

Gone Mad?

About 2 months ago we saw hard plastic

beat soft plastics at a saltwater commercial

fishing pond pulling up grouper after grouper.

The Salmo Hornet Black Tiger ruled

the grouper pond while the Salmo Minnow

quietly pulled up a few trevallies.

This time at a freshwater and really dirty

lake, we were pulling up various species of

fish. Well, perhaps these fishes have gotten

used to plastic since the lake is littered with

plastic bags, plastic hoses, plastic this, and

plastic that. I don’t even want to mention

what other materials lie beneath the water’s


Sink, Swim,

And Catch A


This dirty lake where we fished at is

the Tasik Prima (Prima Lake) in Puchong.

It certainly is a good place to

fish if you don’t mind the dirty water

and snaggy bottom. Without the said

rubbish fishes would not have so many

places to hangout. We were casting at

areas littered with stuffs like asbestos

sheets, hoses, metal drums, etc. and

the Salmo minnow was catching fish.

One of the first fishes to go for the Salmo

Minnow is this close to 2kg catfish. All we

did was cast, let the Salmo Minnow sink,

and retrieve relatively slowly. After a few

times of casting the rod bent and within

about 3 minutes the catfish surfaced. Next

around some weeds (not the smoking

type) we pulled up red-monk after redmonk,

a few peacock bass, and a snakehead

(striped snakehead).



And Well


Most lures are tank tested these days

and so is the Salmo Minnow. These

tight swimming lures swim straight

right out of the packaging. We tested

5 of them and none of them ran away

from a hungry predator. This gave me

the assurance that it will not swim

into the snag if cast right beside them

(snags) and I did.



We tested a few lures too together with

the Salmo Minnow including a few

promising prototypes. They all caught

fish and that is what lures are supposed

to do (other than to catch the angler).

If you’re headed out to catch some GTs

at commercial ponds or around rocky

outcrops out at sea, or at certain lakes

the Salmo Minnow is a lure you may

want to bring along.

Built Quality


Ease Of Casting

Components (Quality)



Rating: 8

Test Drives

A Day With Berkley Powerbait Ri

Philemon Foo


pple Shad

Men have always been trying to

play God. We’ve tried to clone sheep,

travel back in time (and to the future),

create new creatures, and there are a

group of scientists who are growing

human limbs as you read. We also try

to turn rubber and plastic into fish;

well, somewhat like real.

The Terminator

In the world of fins and scales, the

Berkley Powerbait Ripple Shad

would probably be the Arnold

Schwarzenegger of “Fishywood” in

the movie; Terminator. The Ripple

Shad has deep ribs, a squared jaw,

and scary red eyes.


Why The Ribs?

No real fish comes so ribbed. Nature probably

intended them not to have such ribs since

have these ribs will caused them to become

swimming targets for predators. These ribs

are designed to create vibrations that wake

the senses nearby predators. Heck, if I were a

soldier at war I wouldn’t want to be running

around with a siren tied to my back.


Paddle Tails

I have been trying to figure out

what fish has such a tail. Rounded

tails, yes. Those would be fishes like

snakeheads, pike, groupers, fighting

fish, etc. Split tail or V shaped

tail fishes, yes. Those would be like

tarpons, barracudas, etc. Curly

tails... well, yes. I can think of the

ghost knife fish and featherback.

But paddle tail fish... I cannot think

of a fish that has a paddle tail. Probably

because in reality paddle tails

are not efficient swimming limbs if

that is what they are called. However,

with an angler pulling it the

paddle tail swims with a sexy side

to side motion that entices some

predators to take a bite.

Comes Scented

Scent is an added advantage and

the Berkley Powerbait Ripple Shad

comes scented. So, what? Well, for

one scent draws attention of nearby

predators looking for a meal. Scent

also hides away the human musk

of which can be a put off to fishes.

Most importantly fish tends to hold

on to the bait longer as compared

to non scented plastics.


Does It Work?

Retrieving slowly we managed to get

quite a few hits mainly from juvenile

kilo plus giant trevallies (juvenile

giansts... haha) and lazy groupers. These

soft baits are also quite tough being able

to withstand the pearly whites of a few

fishes each.


What We Think

They look great, swim well, and they

certainly do catch fish. I cannot say

that they are the best baits to use but

they certainly did well and caught it’s

fair share of fishes.

Watch A Video

Test Drives

Philemon Foo

MCin Huodan Float


We were recently handed some

floats to test and we started with the

MCin Huodan Float. The MCin Huodan

Float is a battery operated float with

a LED bulb inside. It is made of some

kind of foam that traps air and gives it


The MCin Huodan Float comes in black

and has gives out a bright light from the

LED inside. This light can be seen easily

within casting distances. It certainly ensures

that you never lose sight of it while

you sit back with a cup of coffee awaiting

a fish to take your bait.


Lab Test

24 Hours


Lab testing a float? Well, why not...

What we wanted to know is if can stay

lighted for at least last 24 hours. We are

pretty sure that the battery can handle it

but will the float itself be able to take the

heat. Anyway, we have not gone fishing

in total darkness for 24 hours. So if it

passes the 24 hours test, you can be sure

that it will not fail on you under normal


We secured a sinker to the bottom of

the Huodan Float and dropped it into a

plastic container of water at 1317hours

(or 1.17pm) on the 20th of February. We

then placed the container in a safe place

where it will sit untouched for at least 24



After more than 24hours we returned

to find the Huodan Float still floating

in place inside the plastic container and

with its lights on. We ended the test at

1748hours or 5.48pm on the 21st February

2015. The float didn’t feel hot, there

was no discoloration of any part of the

float. It passed the test.




While most of us would have turned

off the lights as the sun rises, even if

we did not, the MCin Huodan Float

will not give up and will continue to

shine. Good float.

Focus: Smoothn


ess & Strength

Focus: Toughness

Focus: Low Memor



Focus: Strength

Test Drives

By Philemon Foo

Abu Garcia Gamb

Philemon Foo


it Iron Cavalier

Test Information

Testing Grounds: Jurassic SW

Series: Gambit Iron Cavalier

Model: AGC662M A

Length: 6’6

Lure Wt.: 1/4 - 3/4oz.

Line Wt.: 8-15lb (mono) / 10-20lb (braid)

Configuration: 2 pieces

Opponents: Dragon groupers and Giant Trevallies

Knghts To Th

Modern day knights that battle

scaly finned creatures... In days of old

we hear of knights fighting scaly finned

creatures, dragons. These days the scaly

finned creatures are fishes and recently

we took a not so sneaky a peaked at the

soon to come Abu Garcia Gambit Iron


While dragons may or may not have existed,

cavaliers certainly did. They supported

and protected King Charles the

1st and 2nd. They led armies into battles

and... ok, enough of history. The Abu

Garcia Gambit Iron Cavalier brings together

a super hero and mighty warriors

to battle today’s scaly and finned brutes.

e Fore


Good Lookin


g Weapon

The Gambit Iron Cavalier is a good looking rod with a

matte black blank adorned with metallic dark red and silver

thread, and rings. Its cosmetics reminds me of the older

Abu Garcia Conolon colours of which looks good. A small

section of the rod where the Iron Cavalier sub brand sits is

coloured in some sort of matte maroon of which fits into

the design nicely.

Modern + Clas



The River Monster comes with high

quality EVA handles that are ergonomically

designed to sit comfortable

in one’s hands. It comes with K-guides

(non Fuji) that provides for tangle free

fishing of which is great especially

when one is battling monsters.

24 Ton Graphi


The blank is made of 24 ton graphite

of which is not too stiff giving it a

forgiving medium powered tip and

good casting ability allowing for various

casting techniques. It certainly has

more than enough power to manage

most fishes in our lakes, ponds, and


*To understand rod blank tonnage see

January 2014 issue pages 118



The Gambit Iron Cavalier is really well

balanced with the model tested being a

tiny bit tip heavy of which is great for

lure and soft bait anglers since we have

our rods pointed at the water most of

the time.


LAB Test

Tackle Used

Reel: Abu Garcia Revo STX

Line: Berkley Fireline Braid

Poundage: 20lb

After peeking we decided to jump in

and to actually experience the Gambit

Iron Cavalier rod. First thing we did

was to have it tested at our lab to see if it

can withstand the torture it claims to be

willing to take of which is a minimum

of 10lb to a max of 20lb on braid.

Pressure Test

We put it through the pressure test targeting

to reach at least 20lb of pressure.

As hard as we tried with some very

scary instances we only managed to get

it to about 16.8lb. with lots of acoustic

and without breaking. That is after three

attempts. It certainly touched its 15lb

(mono rating). I am not sure why the

double rating.

Field Test

Tackle Used

Reel: Abu Garcia Revo Beast

Line: Berkley Fireline Fused

Poundage: 15lb

Leader: Berkley Vanish

Poundage: 17lb

Being told that the newly launched Jurassic

SW pond in Sepang housed some

fierce fishes the likes of various groupers,

giant trevallies, red drums, etc. we

took the Gambit Iron Cavalier together

with bags of softbaits for our test.


What I like about the blank is that it is

great for casting allowing for various

casting techniques. It certainly cast well

giving good distances. Its tip flexes nicely

and shoots out lures with ease and



Fish Management

It has enough power to manage most brutes

very quickly subduing the largest fish caught

being a over 4kg dragon grouper and various

other groupers and giant trevallies. Fish

control is certainly easy.


Good rod with good looks. I was also

told that it will be quite pocket friendly.

Unfortunately you cannot buy one

now. The Abu Garcia Gambit Iron Cavalier

is targeted to arrive here in April

or May 2015.


Good rod with good looks. I was also told

that it will be quite pocket friendly. Unfortunately

you cannot buy one now. The Abu

Garcia Gambit Iron Cavalier is targeted to

arrive here in April or May 2015.

Built Quality


Ergonomics (Feel)



Components (quality)




Rating: 8


The Fastest Grow

Email your videos to oagwsb@gmail.

com together with your name, contact

number, and addresss. Open to all

citizens of Malaysia & Brunei.

OAG Worldwide Sdn. Bhd.

No. 5-1, Jalan Setia Dagang U13/AJ, Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam



ing Lure Brand In America

Want A Reward For

Catching Fish?

Shoot a video of you catching a fish on any

ZMAN Lure saying “Yeah! ZMAN!“ and we’ll

send you packet of ZMAN lures for free.

, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Test Drives

Abu Garcia Proma

Philemon Foo

Model tested: PM 2500H /


Max Drag: 14lb

Gear Ratio: 6.0:1

Bearings: 6

Weight: 238g


x Spinning

So you’ve got your paycheque and

have decided on rewarding yourself

with a spanking shining brand new

fishing reel. You make your way to your

favourite tackle store and... holy-cow!

you’re overwhelmed by the plethora

or reels available. Well, there are lots

of reels for every budget. This here is

one sitting at the mid price range hall

of fame.

Good Looker

Everybody wants a stunning looking

reel for whatever money that they are

willing to spend. The Promax may not

be stunning enough to stop you where

you are and open your mouth agape.

It however does look good indeed.

With gunmetal grey coloured body

and rotor, gold and chromed aluminium

spool and handle, with a rubber

T-knob, it certainly looks good but it

is the holes that make it look better

than good. The spool has holes, the rotor

has holes, even the stem has holes.

Holes are sexy.



Showing Off

Some Muscles

The Promax is somewhat of a show off

too. It has thick muscular bail wire and

it has no issues flaunting it. The solid

aluminium handle and solid aluminium

spool shows off toughness. But,

that’s about it. In reality, the Promax

is not a reel made to take on monsters,

no not this model that we have. It is

only capable of handling up to 14lb.


Smooth And



We all want a reel that is smooth as

silk, quieter than a mouse, and is super

balanced. The Promax is smooth

but not as silk, and is quiet but not

like a mouse. It also does not cost as

much as a Stella although we wished

it would performed just as well at its

current price. As for balance it is very

well balanced.

Lab Test


Items Used In Test

Rod: Berkley River Monster

Power: Medium Heavy

Line Wt.: 14-30lb

Line: Berkley Trilene Big Game

Poundage: 20lb

Whatever the claims made we want to

see how it will perform when thrown

into the fire. Would it emerge a beautiful

diamond or a piece of melted

sculpture. So we brought it to our lab

and forced it to do what it say it’ll do.

Pressure Test

Since it claims to be able to handle a

maximum drag pressure of 14lb, we

set our sights on 14lb. We filled it up

with 20lb lines, attached it to a monster

breaking rod, and employing slow

but painful pressure. The needle at our

drag meter started climbing, the bailarm

started flexing, and it touched

14lb. We have actually not maxed out

yet so we maxed the drag and managed

slightly over 17lb.


Field Test


Items Used During Test

Rod: Berkley River Monster

Power: Medium Heavy

Line Wt.: 14-30lb

Line: Berkley Trilene Big Game

Poundage: 20lb

Leader: Berlkley Vanish

Poundage: 17lb

For the field test we took it to a commercial

saltwater fishing pond in Jugra

(coastal town off Selangor) known

to harbour dragon groupers and various

other saltwater fishes. I turned up

the drag to about 70% and proceeded

to wait for a hungry brute to whack

the lure.



When the brute took the bait and

reel started screaming, the drag felt

smooth. Tightening the drag certainly

gave better resistance and it a short

time a dragon grouper was landed.

After some photos the grouper was released

and we were casting for another

one. The Promax performed well

throughout the fights subduing brute

after brute.



Points Lost

Although the Promax looks tough it

has some weak areas where flexes are

felt such as the stem and the rotor.

These were felt during the lab test as

we pushed the reel hard till the point

where cranking became difficult.

During the field test the biggest brute

landed was about 5kg, way below what

it can handle thus it was landed with

zero issues.



Nice looking reel and a decent performer.

With pay cheque in hand and

wanting to buy a reel, this can be considered

should your budget be mid


Attributes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 X

Built quality

Ergonomics (Feel)


Smoothness Rotation

Drag Smoothness

Drag Strength

Bail-arm Toughness

Line Management

Speed (Retrieve)



Rating: 6.5

New Launches

The Asian Angler

Note: Products in this section have not been tested b

Okuma Azores


y The Asian Angler magazine

The all-new Okuma Azores is a specialist

heavy duty spinning reel that advances

the saltwater spinning reel category

to new levels of strength and stability.

Featuring 6+1 stainless steel HPB bearings,

machine cut pinion gears, and the

Okuma Dual Force Drag system that produces

up to 20kg of drag pressure.

A die-cast aluminium body, side plate and

rotor have been combined to form an outer

shell that is extremely rigid, tough and

lightweight. The machined aluminium,

2-tone anodized spool provides ample

line capacity, making it ideal for a range

of heavy tackle situations.

Okuma Azores


In order to provide protection against

saltwater penetration, Okuma’s Mechanical

Stabilization System and

Corrosion Resistant Coating process

prevents the flow of electrolysis between

the aluminium body and stainless

internal parts.

Finished in stunning silver and black

cosmetics, the Okuma Azores is an

intelligently designed, tough and rugged

performer that you will be proud

to own and use.



• DFD: Precision Dual Force Drag system

• Precision click drag adjustment for more precise settings

• Multi-disc, Carbonite and felt drag washers for DFD

• 6HPB + 1RB corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings

• Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing plus ratchet system

• Dual anti-reverse system for maximum security

• Precision machine cut brass pinion gear

• CRC: Corrosion-resistant coating process

• HDGII: Corrosion-resistant, High density gearing

• ALC: Rigid diecast aluminum body, sideplate and rotor

• MSS: carbon Mechanical Stabilizing System

• Machined aluminum, 2-tone anodized spool with LCS lip

• Machined aluminum handle arm for added strength

• Hydro Block water tight drag seal

New Launches

The Asian Angler

Note: Products in this section have not been tested b

Pflueger Purist

To create a reel that was strong

yet light weight and smooth, engineers

at Pflueger has developed the

Hybrid Body System. The Hybrid

Body System incorporates aluminum

in critical strength areas like the stem

to maximize strength. Graphite is

used in less stressed areas to cut out

unnecessary weight.

y The Asian Angler magazine


Model # saP # Capacity: Mono Capacity: braid Max Drag Gear Ratio Inc

1325 1265678 115 yards / 4 lb. 145 yards / 6 lb. 8 lb. 5.2:1

1330 1265679 115 yards / 6 lb. 150 yards / 8 lb. 10 lb. 5.2:1

1335 1265680 145 yards / 8 lb. 200 yards / 10 lb. 12 lb. 5.2:1

1340 1265681 195 yards / 10 lb. 230 yards / 14 lb. 16 lb. 5.2:1

• 9 stainless steel ball bearings

• On/Off instant anti-reverse bearing

• Lightweight Hybrid construction provides the strength of an aluminum

body without the weight

• Machined ported and double anodized aluminum spool

• Smoothed sealed carbon fiber drag system

• Solid Aluminum Bail Wire

• Sure-click bail provides an audible signal when bail is fully opened and

ready to cast

• Anti-twist titanium line roller

• Convertible Left and Right hand retrieve

Hybrid Body System

The Hybrid Body System uses both aluminum and graphite

body components to provide the best of both worlds.



hes-Per-Turn Weight

22.4 7.3 oz.

25.2 8.6 oz.

27.4 10.3 oz.

30.2 11.3 oz.

New Launches

The Asian Angler

Note: Products in this section have not been tested b

Pflueger Trion

Pflueger has created a good freshwater

spinning reel, the Trion GX-7.

It is a good looking reel with smooth

rotations thanks to its 6 ball bearing

system and smooth drag system.

They come with a 5.2:1 gear ratio.

They come with a large diameter

titanium line roller that reduces line

twist and wear. Toughness can be

seen at the aluminium handle and

spool that feels solid. The handle

knob is made of wood (Rosewood)

that gives it a classic and elegant


y The Asian Angler magazine


Model # saP # Capacity: Mono Capacity: braid Max Drag Gea

TRI20 1292357 Box / 1292358 Clam 100 yards / 4 lb. 125 yards / 6 lb. 6 lb. 5

TRI25 1292369 Box / 1292370 Clam 110 yards / 4 lb. 140 yards / 6 lb. 8 lb. 5

TRI30 1292371 Box / 1292372 Clam 145 yards / 6 lb. 190 yards / 8 lb. 10 lb. 5

TRI35 1292373 Box / 1292374 Clam 185 yards / 8 lb. 220 yards / 10 lb. 12 lb. 5

TRI40 1292375 Box / 1292376 Clam 230 yards / 10 lb. 280 yards / 14 lb. 16 lb. 5

• 6 stainless steel ball bearings (20 size has 4 ball bearings)

• On/Off instant anti-reverse bearing

• Machined and double anodized aluminum spool

• Aluminum handle with soft touch knob

• Threaded main gear design eliminates play in the handle

• Smooth multi-disc drag system with stainless steel and oiled felt washer

• Sure-click bail provides an audible signal when bail is fully opened and

ready to cast

• Anti-twist titanium line roller

• Convertible Left and Right hand retrieve

Aluminum Spinning Spool

The standard spool is made from strong, dependable

aluminum that will not fail under stress.



r Ratio Inches-Per-Turn Weight

.2:1 20.7 5.9 oz.

.2:1 22.4 7.1 oz.

.2:1 25.2 8.6 oz.

.2:1 27.4 10.4 oz.

.2:1 30.2 11.4 oz.

New Launches

The Asian Angler

Note: Products in this section have not been tested b

Pflueger Supreme XT


The Supreme XT is the lightest

reel is in class, and delivers years of

quality performance. Its super-lightweight

magnesium body and rotor,

braid ready aluminum spool, and

sealed carbon fiber drag are perfect

for freshwater or inshore fishing. This

reel is also incredibly comfortable to

fish, featuring a lightweight carbon

fibre handle, EVA handle knob, and

effortless retrieve.

Carbon Inlay Drag Design

Pflueger’s lightest drag design yet, wi

compact knob design and an externa

y The Asian Angler magazine

th an extremely

l carbon fiber inlay.

Magnesium Body, Rotor & Sideplate

Specially coated magnesium reels allow for a lightweight

design, without sacrificing strength or durability.

Carbon Handle with EVA Knobs

The Pflueger carbon handle design is 21% lighter than a

comparable aluminum handle design, without sacrificing

any strength.



Model # saP # Capacity: Mono Capacity: braid Max Drag Gear

sUPXTsP25 1323780 110 yards / 4 lb. 140 yards / 6 lb. 8 lb. 5.2

sUPXTsP30 1323781 145 yards / 6 lb. 190 yards / 8 lb. 10 lb. 6.2

sUPXTsP35 1323782 185 yards / 8 lb. 220 yards / 10 lb. 12 lb. 6.2

sUPXTsP40 1323783 230 yards / 10 lb. 280 yards / 14 lb. 14 lb. 6.2

• 9 stainless steel ball bearings

• On/Off instant anti-reverse bearing

• Ultra lightweight magnesium body, rotor, and sideplate

• Machined ported and double anodized braid ready

aluminum spool

• Carbon inlay drag design with a sealed carbon fiber


• Solid aluminum bail wire

• Lightweight carbon handle

• EVA handle knobs for the ultimate in lightweight comfort

• Approved for use in salt water

• Sure-click bail provides an audible signal when bail is

fully opened and ready to cast

• Anti-twist titanium line roller

• Convertible Left and Right hand retrieve


Ratio Inches-Per-Turn Weight

:1 22.8 6.3 oz.

:1 31.8 7.1 oz.

:1 33.8 8.0 oz.

:1 38.6 8.7 oz.

New Launches

The Asian Angler

Note: Products in this section have not been tested b

Abu Garcia Orra SX


y The Asian Angler magazine

The Orra SX series of spinning reels

is packed with proven on-the- water technology

that gives anglers an edge. The

construction begins with an aluminum

reinforced C6 carbon body design that

seamlessly combines the X-Cräftic gearbox

with a C6 carbon body. The result is a

lightweight body that houses gears in perfect






8 stainless steel HPCR bearings +

1 roller bearing provide increased

corrosion protection while maintaining

smooth and consistent operation.

The new Rocket line management

system provides better casting

control of all types of fishing lines.

Working in tandem with the Rocket

spool lip design, this system actively

controls the line coming off the spool

during a cast for improved control

and accuracy.




A stainless steel main shaft and components

improve corrosion resistance

while the Everlast bail system

delivers improved durability. The

Carbon Matrix hybrid drag system

delivers super smooth drag performance

throughout the drag range.



8 stainless steel HPCR bearings + 1 roller

bearing provides increased corrosion protection

ARC-6 (Aluminum reinforced C6 carbon)

body design combines an X-Cräftic gearbox

design with a C6 carbon body, which

gives a lightweight construction that houses

gears in perfect alignment

Rocket line management system provides

better control of all types of fishing lines

Rocket spool lip design allows better control

of line coming off the spool

Machined aluminum braid ready spool allows

braid to be tied directly to the spool

without any slip

Slow Oscillation provides even line lay with

all types of line

Carbon Matrix drag system provides

smooth, consistent drag pressure across the

entire drag range

Everlast bail system for improved durability

Stainless steel main shaft and components

for improved corrosion resistance

Watch A Video


New Launches

The Asian Angler

Note: Products in this section have not been tested b

Abu Garcia Ambassade

Power, reliability and value. The

Ambassadeur SX features a powerful

multi disk drag system that yields up

to 12.5 pounds of drag pressure. A

recessed reel foot keeps this reel low

on the rod making it easy to palm

and cast. The addition of a compact

bent handle and drag star deliver

an ergonomic feel for all day fishing

without fatigue. Both the 5600

size and 6600 are available in left and

right hand models.


y The Asian Angler magazine

ur SX







3 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing

provides smooth operation

Multi disc drag system gives smooth drag


Compact bent handle and star provide a

more ergonomic design

6 pin centrifugal brake gives consistent brake

pressure throughout the cast

Synchronized level wind system improves

line lay and castability

Watch A Video



The Asian Angler

Jurassic SW Pond

Looking for a place to fish? Don’t know

where to fish? Guess we are in the same

boat. Recently a friend, Jeffery decided to

start another fishing pond this time going

saltwater instead of fresh (his previous two

ventures). He named this pond the Jurassic

SW Pond, SW as in Saltwater.




The Jurassic SW Pond is located

at Bagan Lalang, Sepang, near the

Avani Golden Palm Tree Resort.

From Kuala Lumpur city centre, it

will take about an hour 15 minutes

to get there (depending on traffic).

Google maps:



Google maps:





The Jurassic SW Pond opened its

doors to the public on the 26th of

January 2015. It consists of three

ponds. Two of which are for saltwater

fish fishing (Pond A & Pond B)

while the other, that looks more like

a swimming pool is for tiger prawn


Jurassic SW Pond is a sports fishing

pond whereby only artificial baits

such as lures, softbaits, etc. are allowed.

Studies are currently ongoing

to see how long a duration is needed

for a fish (depending on fish species)

to recover after being caught, to bite


According to Jeffery, the reason for

doing so is to allow for constant bites.

This will give him an idea of how often

new fish stocks and of which species

need to be released into the pond

to ensure continuous bites.


Pond A

As at time of visit only one pond

(Pond A) was open while works were

ongoing with the other two. Pond A

averages 9 feet in depth with fishes

such as giant groupers, tiger dragon

groupers, greasy groupers, barramundi,

giant trevally, red drum,

mangrove jack, red snapper, cobia,

and golden snapper.

On both sides of the pond are sections

where a wooden platform has

been built for anglers to fish on. One

can choose to fish from the bank or

from these platforms. Fishing from

the bank allows one to cast beside as

well as under the platforms. Fishes

could be hiding below them for some

shade from the sun.


Pond B

Target launched date: 28th March


Jeffery did extensive studies and decided

to build underwater mounts

for fishes to congregate as they would

out at sea. This makes fishing easier

as anglers will only need to fish the

mounts to fill their desires for a good

fight. This feature will be available at

Pond B of which is 8 feet deep.

Pond B is planned for group bookings

only and will not be open daily

as with Pond A. This will allow the

fishes to get rest and despook (if

there is such a word), what I am trying

to say is for their spook level to

reduce. This should provide for better

bite rates.





Target launch date: 15th March 2105

The tiger prawn fishing pond is build

like a swimming pool the shape of a

rectangle. I am not sure how deep it

is but it looks like it is about 6 feet

deep. The tiger prawn fishing pond

sits in the shade and provides for a

nice place to relax and still catch

something on a pole and line.


The Jurassic Pond is clean and well

kept with rubbish being swept daily

after closing time. This adds on comfort

of which is great. There is also

a stall selling local food such as rice,

noodles, etc. as well as drinks like

tea, coffee, etc. During a hot day ice

is important and ice tea is a refresher.

Toilets are available and they are clean

concrete toilets. There is also a surau

or prayer room for the convenience

of Muslim anglers. Around the pond

are wooden structures for anglers to

rest their rods on while they take a

break from fishing. Benches are available

around the pond for relaxation

as well. Well thought off indeed.




My favourite baits being softbaits

tend to get the thumbs up or fins up

from the fishes. They seem to like

shrimp type baits and minnow type

baits. Scented baits tend to be more

effective although non scented baits

work too.


Bite Rates

As of now bite rates are pretty good

but when the temperature rises above

a certain level, the fishes tend to laze

and bites thus reduce. When this

happens it is time to fish the shadows

or the area of the pond where shade

is available for the fish to hide in.




We paid RM100.00 for 4 hours of

fishing of which is a promotion rate.

Promotion period ends on the 8th of

March but Jeffery and his team are

still deciding whether or not they

should extend the promotion period.

Great if they do.


Jeffery has done a good job with the

pond making it look good and with

added comforts. I certainly will fish

there again and I hope the promotion

rate stays on longer. Give it a go.

Skill Enhancers

Fishing With Spoons, The Bas


Philemon Foo

ics: Part 3 Spoon Actions

We all know that spoons are reliable,

tough, versatile, and good for anglers

unless one decides to use them as

nose rings, then it becomes weird. Imagine

thinking this, “hmmm, perhaps I

will wear the Siam Spoon today.” With

regards to this article let’s take a look at

spoon actions.


Spoon Actions

You probably would have figured by now that spoons

come in many shapes and designs. These shapes and

designs are not meant to just capture the heart of anglers.

These shapes and designs gives the spoons certain

actions with the aim of enticing a fish to bite. In

this article we will take a look at some of the more common

designs but before that let us look at factors that

affect action and characteristics of spoons by design.




There are various factors other than design

that will determine the action of a

spoon. Factors include speed of retrieve,

weight distribution of spoon, as well as

nature of the retrieve (spoon presentations).

In general, the faster the retrieve

the greater the wobble / flutter, and also

the more erratic.




Spoons can either be flat, have some

form of bent, ribbed, or concaved. Being

flat, bent, ribbed, or concaved gives

spoons certain actions. Flat spoons such

as certain jigs will drop to the bottom

faster than spoons that are bent, ribbed,

or concaved. Being bent, ribbed, and

concaved creates various character or in

this sense, flutter. Now we move on to

the general designs that spoons come in.

The Long And Narrow S

(Slight Bent / Shallow C




Long and narrow spoons or elongated

spoons with slight bent or shallow concaved

designs generally have a narrow

flutter action with less erratic movements

during the retrieve. The greater

the bend or the deeper the concave, the

wider the flutter.


Long And



Long and wide spoons generally have a

wide more erratic flutter action as they

have a wider surface of which provides

more resistance underwater. How erratic

will again depend on how deep or

shallow the concave, degree of bend,

bent sections, curvature, etc. are.


Tear Drop


Teardrop designed spoons such as the

Abu Island spoons come in a teardrop

shape with a concave. This gives it an erratic

flutter underwater while it is being


Watch A Video

Video courtesy of SG Tan





There are spoons that are rounder is

shape and slightly bent such as the Abu

Garcia lillöringen spoon. Such designs

gives the spoon a jerky erratic and unpredictable


Watch A Video



Drop Or

Fall Action

Drop or fall action refers to the action of

the spoon as it drops to the bottom after

the cast. One tip I would like to lay out is

that after you’ve made your cast and the

spoon hits the water, allow it to sink as

fish do hit them while they are falling to

the bottom.

Different spoon designs will have different

fall action. Generally concaved

spoons will flutter to the bottom on a

side to side motion with a tumble here

and there, while flat spoons will fall

straight down (depending on weight

distribution) or at an angle.



With These


Generally these actions try to mimic the

actions of bait fishes or injured fishes.

Sometimes while standing on the bank

of a clear stream with fishes swimming

around, you may notice sudden flashes

of lights. These flashes are created when

fishes flip to their side as they scratch

their body on the sand. Many a spoon

mimic this action.

Injured or dying fishes tend to swim erratically

sometimes swimming on its

sides, sometimes turning upside down,

sometimes falling to the bottom on its

side, etc. Many a spoon mimics these actions


Pics courtesy of MGFA, Pure Fishing



There are many types of spoons and

there are many types of actions. Even

the type of flutter will vary depending

on spoon designs (deep or shallow concave

for example). To know what spoons

to use where, knowing their actions will

be a great help with helping you catch

more fish.

Knowledge Wise

Fishing With

Part 2: Ultraviolet


Philemon Foo


Last issue we look at colours and

how they affect our fishing. In this

issue we will look at one unique colour

that is invisible to most of us

and most animals. Ultraviolet Rays

of UV rays for short. If you are wondering

what has UV got to do with

fishing. I say plenty but perhaps not

in the way you are thinking right


We know that the reason colours

play an important role in fishing is

that they are affected by light from

the sun as well as the moon. We

know that water absorbs light thus

why the deeper we go the darker it

gets. We also know that certain colours

disappear faster than others

due to the diminishing amounts of





Ultraviolet simply means beyond violet.

Violet is the colour at the total opposite

side of red. While red is the first colour

to disappear under water, violet is the

last. Ultraviolet will stay on even after

violet has disappeared but for how far

deeper, no one truly knows.

Many things have been invented to help

anglers catch more fish especially in the

arena of sports fishing and yes, there is

such a thing called a UV varnish. This

UV varnish makes you lures, jigs, etc.

more visible underwater somewhat like

using luminous paint.


Does UV



It actually does. UV varnish become visible

with UV lights or rays from the sun.

It works like how cashiers use UV lights

to light up certain inks that are unseen by

the naked eye to see if notes are counterfeit

or real.

Since the sun’s UV rays penetrate

through the water’s surface, it is amongst

the last few spectrum of lights to disappear.

The idea of using UV varnish is that

the UV rays from the sun lights up the

varnish making your jigs or lure more

visible to predators at deeper depths.



They do work. Certain fishes can see UV patterns

even in dark waters. How effective these varnishes are

will depend very much on how much UV is available

underwater to light it up. Things such as vegetation,

creatures, impurities, etc. absorbs a certain amount of

light including UV. The more impurities in the water

the lesser the amount of UV. So it is really impossible

to say how deep will your UV coated lure stay visible.

However, being a colour that will stay on longer in

deeper waters after all other visible colours have gone

missing, UV varnishes are worth considering.



Paint Vs. UV

Luminous paint and UV varnishes were created for

one reason and that is to make lures visible in deeper

low light waters. They both work differently. Luminous

paint need charging. This means that they will

need to be brought up often to be charged at a light

source. UV varnishes on the other hand does not require

charging. What it requires is enough UV rays to

keep it lighted.



UV varnishes brings on a new colour to the lure colour

stable. It will allow for more effective fishing at

deeper depths. The catch is that UV rays must be

available. It may be wiser to switch to luminous coloured

lures as the sun prepares to go to sleep.


The Asian Angler



This is the latest model in Daiwa’s

stable, the Daiwa SS AIR of which comes

from the Steez Platform. The SS AIR is

ergonomically designed to sit comfortably

in the palm thus giving countless

hours of comfortable cast. It is also built

light using advanced materials such as

G1 duralumin (Spool), Super duralumin

(handle knobs), and ZAION (Star

Drag) allowing it a low weight of only

145 grams.


The Daiwa SS AIR is made for finesse

fishing where fishing lightweight lures

comes into play. This reel can cast really

light lures. All it takes is some simple

adjustments and you are ready to cast.

However do note that the max recommended

weight of anything you intend

to cast should not exceed 15 grams.


Air Brake System

The Daiwa SS AIR comes with the Air Brake System that is said to dramatically

enhance accuracy and reduce backlash extremely well. It uses a lightweight

rotor that is placed within the spool to give better control.

However, during pitching the popup brake rotor provides very much lower

brake forces (lighter cast lower revs) allowing for better distances while providing

ample brake forces to control the spool reducing the chance of a backlash


G1 Duralumin Spool AIR

The G1 Duralumin Air spool is made of air craft grade extra strong duralumin

of which is claimed to be about 2 times stronger than normal alluminium

as verified by CAE strength analysis. It is also machined trimmed to

remove excess weight of which allows for easier rotation start-ups that is

needed when casting light lures.

ZAION Material

The housing (frame-set plate) is highly rigid, minimizing distortions or bending

of the spool shaft, resulting in an improved casting and retrieving rotation

performance. The high-density carbon resin used is strong and light,

and will not corrode. The star drag and handle as well as the side plates are

made of a material called “ZAION”.

Note: ZAION is a new material, composed of carbon resin and long carbon



Ultimate Tournament Drag

By adopting a special grease and carbon drag washer

the drag’s power and performance has increased with

better smoothness.

80mm Handle & ZAION Star


ZAION star drag is larger in diameter and has longer

arms (30mm). This allows for one hand line retrieve using

the middle finger and added advantage during flipping.

The 80mm handles and the high gear ratio of 8.1

provides better leverage and power.


ZAION is both a strong and light weight material that is

also strong and rigid. Using ZAION handle knobs have

given them a very light weight of only 4.6 grams.

Lucky Draw Contest

In just four steps and you could win yourself any of the prizes


1st Prize

- FX-400N(AccurateReel)-1pc

2nd Prize - 7435(PfluegerReel)-1pc

3rd Prize

- 6930-1pc(PflugerReel)-1pc

4th to 30th - OAG RM50.00 Voucher for buying Zman products that are

available in OAG Worldwide Sdn. Bhd.

All you need to do is to:

1. Take a photo of your catch using any ZMAN products (must be clearly


2. Download the Lucky Draw Contest Form.

3. Answer 3 simple questions, place the photo of your catch, and the proof

of purchase.

4. Send your entrant to OAG Worldwide Sdn. Bhd.

No. 5-1, Jalan Setia Dagang U13/AJ,

Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam,

Selangor Darul Ehsan,


Tel: +603-3358 6003





Terms & Conditions

1. This lucky draw contest is open to all citizens of Malaysia and Brunei, except for

employees / staffs or OAG Worldwide Sdn. Bhd., immediate family members, and

other parties involved in this contest.

2. This lucky draw contest will be held two months once starting1st February 2015

to 31st January 2017.

3. Participants can send in multiple entries. All entries must include a OAG Halogen

Sticker that comes on the packaging of all ZMAN products including ZMAN

soft baits, ZMAN DieZel Spin, Chatterbait, JigheadZ, Shaky HeadZ packaging as

proof of purchase. All entries are accumulative.

4. All entries must include personal details.

* The organizer will not be responsible should prizes sent out not reach the winner

of the said prize.

Terms & Conditions continues on the next page.


5. All entries must be complete with photo, answers, OAG Hologram Sticker,

and personal details.

6. All entries must reach OAG Worldwide by the 30th of each contest month.

7. Any incomplete entry and late entries will automatically be disqualified.

8. All photos submitted will be the property of OAG Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. and

participating in this lucky draw automatically consents the used of said photographs

to be used in any legal way by OAG Worldwide Sdn. Bhd.

9. The organizer reserves the rights to substitute prizes with any other prizes of

same value should the need arise.

10. The organizer reserves the rights to change or amend any rules, terms, and

regulations at any time without prior notice.

11. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for cash.

12. All decisions made by the organizer are final and no correspondence will be


Hologram Sticker As Proof Of Purchase


Lucky Draw Contest Form


Select True or False on the following question:

a) Zman is USA brand.



b) Most of the Zman products are made in the USA.



c) OAG Worldwide Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor of Accurate Fishing Pro

ducts, and Pflueger Products in Malaysia, and OAG Worldwide Sdn Bhd

also carries Zman , Smith and Hots Products.



Personal Information:

Name (as in NRIC/IC): _________________________________________

IC (Identification Card) number: __________________________________

Contact Number: _____________________________________________

Email Address: _______________________________________________

Correspondence Address: ______________________________________



Stuffs And Goodies

The Asian Angler

OAG Bottle Holder With

Bottle holders are great in so many scenarios.

How many times have you gone casting

by a river and have to walk back to get

your stuffs, get back to where you last stood

and cast, and continue casting doing the walk

back thing over and over again? If possible we

want all our things on us as we cast and walk

along the river.



The OAG Bottle Holder with Compass is

a nice bottle holder. It comes with nylon

strap that is strong. On one side is the

aluminium bottle holder and on the other

side is a carabineer that can be used to

secure the bottle holder to your belt, back

pack, etc. Right smack in between them is

a compass.



Let’s put it this way, it wouldn’t even cost

you half a cup of frappuccino at Starbucks.

To those who love accessories, you

know what to do.

Note: May not be available in some markets

Stuffs And Goodies

The Asian Angler

LifeProof Cases

Proof - Take the plunge!

LifeProof delivers the highest rating against water ingress of any case

on the market. That means you can surf, swim or soak without dunking

your device. And, when it comes to everyday drenchings like wild weather,

surprise spills and kitchen calamities, your electronics stay high and


A final word on water: we water test every case we make. If it leaks, we

scrap it. We do this to give you the confidence that your phone or tablet is

100% protected.

Note: May not be available in some markets


Stuffs And Goodies

The Asian Angler

LifeProof Cases

Dirt Proof - Do it in the dirt!

The same superior water protection that keeps your device dry also

seals it from dust, dirt and sand. Take your device hiking, biking,

hunting and fishing. Use it on the job, on the field or on the beach.

Dirt, dust, sand, grit and mud stay out – your music, apps, calls and

camera stay active.

Note: May not be available in some markets


Stuffs And Goodies

The Asian Angler

LifeProof Cases

Shock Proof-Just drop it!

Phone fumbles and tablet tumbles are the most common forms of device

destruction. LifeProof cases are built to exceed stringent Military

Specifications for drop protection, keeping your electronics protected

from the bumps and bruises of day-to-day living.

Note: May not be available in some markets


Stuffs And Goodies

The Asian Angler



The all-day comfort of lightweight diecast aluminum blends with the

subtle flexibility of O MatterTM for an iconic look that honors the core

of our culture, including the DNA that drives our relentless obsession to

shape innovation with style.

Inspired by the attitude of our famed X Metal® collection, Badman combines

the glare-reducing performance of HDPolarizedTM lenses with

XYZ Optics® for unrivaled clarity at all angles of view, even with a full

8.75 base lens curvature that blocks peripheral sun and wind. We tooled

the comfortable Three-Point Fit with the gripping power of Unobtainium®

components and the precision of custom-engineered spring hinge




Note: May not be available in some markets

Get Your Kids Fish

Junior Anglers

An Initiative By The Asian Angler Magazine

Fishing is a very healthy sport.

As anglers we enjoy fresh air, we

experience nature, we improve

our analytical skills, we absorb

vitamins from the sun, we expend

our minds, we learn about the

environment, etc.

There are so many benefits to

fishing and we should reduce our

kids addiction to video games,

computer games, playing with

mobile devices, etc. We should get

them to interact more with our

environment and teach them a

thing or two about life and living


With this in mind we hope to

encourage you to take your kid(s)

fishing and have dedicated a section

of our magazine to Junior



* Picture courtesy of Pure Fishing


Junior Anglers

February Fishing


By Amirul Irfan

February has been a tough month of fishing

for me. I had a ton of fun in January, but other

commitments started to consume my time in

February. I still tried to fish whenever I could.

The hot weather has made fishing tougher with

water levels dropping low everywhere.

Started the second day of February

with some topwater action.

Small but healthy Striped

Snakehead on the Rapala

Skitter Pop 7 in Chrome. The

colour resembles the baitfish

here and matching the hatch

produced this fish.


The noise and bubbles produced by

the Rapala Skitter Pop is perfect for

luring snakeheads out of cover. I lost

this popper after getting it stuck in

heavy cover. One of the best lures I

have ever had.


Despite the morning heat, my

younger brother managed to fool

this little Striped Snakehead with

the DUO Realis Crank 48SR. The

fire tiger like colour still seems to

be a deadly colour for snakeheads.


A few minutes later my younger

brother scored another juvenile

snakehead. Fishing the spinnerbait

close to structure was successful.

Snakeheads hang tight to

cover when it is hot.


Spinnerbait with a grub trailer. The

snakeheads in the pond I fish shun

plain spinnerbaits. Adding a trailer

seems to turn trigger the bites.


Idlan with a solid snakehead on the

Ofmer Frozz soft plastic. Fishing the

frog close to cover proved successful

again. This snakehead gave a good

fight, making fast run into thick



A weed guard is essential for fishing in

heavy cover. Texas rigging the bait is another

way. This fish released itself right

after the photo.


During the Chinese New Year holidays,

I managed to visit the National

Park in Pahang. The recent floods have

changed the landscape of the areas surrounding

the National Park.


Back to business – heading

up river to some fishing holes.

Heavy rains the day before made

the conditions opposite of ideal

for fishing. Along the way I witnessed

the destruction caused by

the recent floods


Quiet bend of the river. Listening

to the sounds of nature was relaxing.

Once in a while boats transporting

tourists passed through. I

tried luring without any success.


Mr.Hafizi, a teacher at a local school

was our fishing guide. He caught this

shrimp with worms. He says other

species that can be found here are

Ikan Krai, Baung Kenerak ( Goonch),

and even Patin (Iridescent Shark).


In the afternoon I fished at Sungai

Pengau ,in Kampung Pagi. This

river used to be a good place to fish

at. The murky water however, did

not help me, again. Some rasboras

were flying out of the water because

of the Jungle Perch chasing them.


A local angler’s catch with the most

universal bait in fishing, worms

.He says that he intended to catch

shrimps, but he caught these 2

valuable fish. You never know

what will come up when fishing.


Around 3 p.m we headed for Sungai

Tahan after acquiring our fishing permits.

We planned to lure for Jungle

Perch. The waters seemed promising.


I tried everything from spoons to

poppers, but the Jungle Perch were

shy. I only saw 2 groups of rasboras

trying to escape from the

jungle perch, and despite having

my lure right in the group of rasboras,

the Jungle Perch were elusive.


A sizeable Giant Snakehead trailed my

Ofmer buzz bait right at dusk, and I

made a crucial mistake of pausing the

bait after seeing a wake. The fish chased

it a bit more and turned around back

into the darkness.


A juvenile snakehead on the Rapala

Countdown 5 in the Golden Alburnus

colour. Matching the hatch scored again.


A second juvenile, slightly bigger than

the first. The single hooks were essential

for fishing the countdown. Sight casting

with the countdown produced countless

hits and misses.



Rod Ford rubber frog. The flat body produces

a great action. I’ve had some big

blow ups with this frog. I lost one snakehead

because I debarbed the hooks. Not

a good start but I will keep trying.

Tight lines and happy fishing.




Fuji Alconite Guides Carbon X-Wrap blank Signature Swedish Crest



The new Hornet Stinger (2nd generation) rods are composed of 3 graphite layers of

differing torque wrapped with 3-axis of high rigidity carbon composite. Each blank is

then finished with a low resin and attaching the Carbon X-Wrap taping system for

maximum backbone freature. The actions and tapers have been refined and tested

in the toughest conditions. This precised engineeered rods offers the top level

performance worthy of the Abu Garcia name


The new generation Hornet Stinger SMG Multi-modulus X-Wrap graphite scrim

for better control & minimizes twist when fighting fish

• Fuji guides (Semi Micro Guide)

• Fuji ECS reel seat

• Integrated graphite lock-ring

• Full handle Cork & Hyper-EVA for better ergonomics

• Machined-aluminum wind check, handle trim accent and butt cap with trademark

logo badge




HS2C622M SMG 6'2" 2 M 1/8 - 3/8 oz 4 - 12lb

HS2C672M SMG 6'7" 2 M 1/8 - 1/2 oz 6 - 14lb

HS2S622M SMG 6'2" 2 M 1/8 - 3/8 oz 4 - 12lb

HS2S672M SMG 6'7" 2 M 1/8 - 1/2 oz 6 - 14lb

HS2S632M 6'3" 2 M 1/5 - 3/5 oz 6 - 16lb





Abu Garcia Red Boron X is the second generation series. It is a combination of the

latest multi-flex graphite and boron composite blank to feel the bite and set the hook

with force. It makes the rod immensely sensitive and feather-light. They are beautifully

crafted and surprisingly affordable. It boasts a dynamic taper and fast action

enabling the rod as an ideal tool for casting hard-bodied lures and soft-plastics.

The Red Boron X blanks are individually hand-tested for precision taper and accurate

cast action.


• 30 ton graphite construction for lightweight application High-modulus matte graphite

scrim for unmatched strength & durability

• Lightweight rod, weighing at only 92 grams

• Stainless-steel guides with ceramic insert

• Split reel seat for the ultimate in light weight & sensitivity.

• Carbon-lock fore hood

• High-density EVA & Cork grips




RBXC602MH 6'0" 2 MH 1/4 - 3/4 oz 8 - 18lb

RBXC662MH 6'6" 2 MH 1/4 - 3/4 oz 8 - 18lb

RBXC531MH SMG 5'3" 1 MH 1/8 - 2/5 oz 6 - 14lb

RBXC581M SMG 5'8" 1 M 1/8 - 2/5 oz 4 - 12lb

RBXS562MH 5'6" 2 MH 1/4 - 3/4 oz 6 - 16lb

RBXS602MH 6'0" 2 MH 1/4 - 3/4 oz 8 - 18lb

RBXS662MH 6'6" 2 MH 1/4 - 3/4 oz 10 - 20lb

RBXS702MH 7'0" 2 MH 1/4 - 1 oz 10 - 25lb

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FUJI Reel Seat

FUJI Reel Seat

FUJI Guides (Casting)

Latest FUJI Guides

Ergonomic Split Handles


Ergonomic Split Handles


EVA Rod Butt &

Trademark Swedish Crest



The latest Bass Beat II is the latest version under the Bass Beat series. It is known for its

fast-action, high modulus graphite blanks, matte metal black finishing and fitted them with

the latest Fuji Guide System. The rod weighsfeather light and provides a good lifting power

for a medium light action rods. Suitable for all sorts of lurecasting application from jerkbait,

crankbait, spinnerbait and bait-finesse applications.


• High-modulus matte graphite scrim for unmatched strength & durability

• Latest FUJI guide system (guide spacing)

• Latest carbon-lick forehood

• Split-grip/high-grade rubber cork & EVA handle.

• High-end spigot joint system



BBC-652ML II 6’5” 2 Med. Light 1/8 - 5/16 oz 7-14lb 113g

BBC-662M II 6’6” 2 Medium 3/16 - 3/4 oz 8-20lb 118g

BBC-672MH II 6’7” 2 Med. Heavy 1/4 - 1 1/2 oz 10-30lb 126g





6’2” 2 Ultra Light 1/32 - 1/4 oz 2-6lb 92g

6’3” 2 Light 1/32 - 5/16 oz 2-8lb 96g

6’5” 2 Med. Light 1/16 - 3/8 oz 3-10lb 103g





The Ares rods are known for its fast-action, high modulus graphite blanks, matte metal

black finishing and fitted them with the latest Fuji ACS reel seat. The rod weighs at an

amazing 92 grams and provides that power-to-weight ratio you have to feel to believe.

The advanced blank construction produces intense sensitivity that transmits the

underwater world with brilliant clarity and resolution.


• 24 ton graphite construction for lightweight application

• High-modulus matte graphite scrim for unmatched strength & durability

• Lightweight rod, weighing at only 92 grams

• Stainless-steel guides with ceramic insert

• Split-grip/high-grade cork handle.

• Carbon-lock fore hood

• Ergonomic Fuji ACS reel seat



ARC642L 6'4" 2 L 1/32 - 3/16 oz 4 - 12lb

ARC652ML 6'5" 2 ML 1/16 - 1/4 oz 6 - 14lb

ARC662MH 6'6" 2 MH 1/4 - 5/8 oz 8 - 16lb


ARS642ML 6'4" 2 ML 1/32 - 3/16 oz 4 - 12lb

ARS652MF 6'5" 2 MF 1/16 - 1/4 oz 6 - 14lb

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Ergonomic EVA Handles

Fuji Graphite Reel Seat

Double wrapping specification

Butt-Joint Ferrule

Fine Detailings Signature Swedish Crest

KR Concept Guides Abu Garcia X-Wrap Concept



The KR-X Offshore Casting series is meticulously engineered and designed Abu Garcia

Japan design team. It is built on the finest Abu Garcia X-Wrap carbon graphite blank,

utilizing the top end KR concept guides. The X-carbon tape wrapping gives an unparalleled

backbone structure and features a soft tip design. This is to emphasize precise swimming

action on your pencil baits, poppers, sinking minnows, etc. KR-X is rated one of the best

offshore casting rod in the market today !


• Specialized Abu Garcia Carbon X-Wrap graphite blank for unparalled strength


• HyperDense EVA shaped for better ergonomics and comfort

• Precise backbone tuning and blank’s tapers for superior performance.

• Fuji KR guides


• Fuji DPS graphite reel seat for increased comfort

• Fitted with high-quality machined aluminum fittings and engravings

• Length and diameter of EVA handles are ergonomically shaped to fit hands with gloves



SOCS-74MH-KR 7'4" Butt-Joint MH 35 - 80 g PE #3 - #5

SOCS-77H-KR 7'7" Butt-Joint H 50 - 110 g PE #4 - #6

SOCS-79L-H-KR 7'9" Butt-Joint MH 20 - 80 g PE #2 - #5

SOCS-87L-H-KR 8'7" Butt-Joint MH 30 - 100 g PE #3 - #5


234 g

329 g

330 g

368 g


Ergonomic Split Handles

Machined Aluminum &

Graphite Trims

Detailed designs & fittings

Latest Mirco Guide System

(KR Guides)

Abu Garcia X-Wrap Concept




Fine Graphics & Detailings EVA Rod Butt &

Tapered Rear Grip

Signature Swedish Crest

The KR-X Light Jigging series is meticulously engineered and designed Abu Garcia Japan

design team. It is built on the finest Abu Garcia X-Wrap carbon graphite blank, utilizing the

top-end KR concept guides. The X-carbon tape wrapping gives an unparalleled backbone

structure and features a soft tip design. This light jigging rod series isdesigned to present

your jig using ‘slow-pitch’ and ‘slow-lift & drop’ style. This has proven to be an extremely

productive Japanese-style jigging system. Not only they are lightweight, these are powerful

light-finesse action rods.

• Specialized Abu Garcia Carbon X-Wrap graphite blank for unparalled strength


• HyperDense EVA shaped for better ergonomics and comfort

• Precise backbone tuning and blank’s tapers for superior performance.

• Fuji KR guides


• Fuji graphite reel seat for increased comfort

• Fitted with high-quality machined aluminum and graphite fittings

• Length and diameter of EVA handles are ergonomically shaped to fit hands with gloves



SXLC-632-80-KR K 6'3"

1 ML MAX. ~ 80 g MAX. ~PE 1.5 137 g

SXLC-632-120-KR K 6'3"

1 ML MAX. ~ 120 g MAX. ~PE 1.5 142 g

SXLC-632-150-KR K 6'3" 1 ML MAX. ~ 150 g MAX. ~PE 1.5 148 g

SPINNING SXLS-632-120-KR 6'3"


SXLS-632-150-KR 6'3"




MAX. ~ 120 g MAX. ~PE 1.5

MAX. ~ 120 g MAX. ~PE 1.5

142 g

148 g

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Rod Ford first ever collaboration with Azahar MJ, a fishing guide and

boat captain of Pekan, Pahang. Greatly known for his prowess in

hunting the Ebeks with metal jigs and wild mackerel chase, Rod Ford

built coastal class saltwater jigging rods to Azahar’s own specification


Each of the Sinister Ebek Special models come in dual handles. The

extended with split rear end for jigging and a shorter full EVA handle

for lure casting in estuaries, bay, coastal lines or around islands.

The perfection is in which each model is equally well balance with

both handles.



The 7’3” model is made to execute long fall technique with fluttering

metal jigs on a spin outfit. Though contradictory to what the native

Japanese suggest to using a multiplier reel for this option; our local

shallow waters of South China Sea allows the different setup combination.

Constructed from 24TON + 30TON Carbon and equipped with standard

K SiC guides and Fuji ACM/VSS reel seats.

Comes in two section models with butt joint and dual handles.




PE1.0-2.0 JIG100g

PE0.8-2.0 JIG 100g

PE0.8-2.0 JIG 100g

For more information please contact:

MGFA (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Tel: 607-861 9289

Fax: 607-863 2189





A revival of a hit from 2010, the Halfmoon was a favorite among

snakehead lure anglers then for its moderate action which cleverly

impart better swimming action to deep diving minnows and a tough

blank you can push to its limit during a do or die tussle.

Rod Ford designs the new Halfmoon with Carbon Veil concept; layering

the outer blank with additional carbon scrim to increase strength

and toughness. This is visually evident with the wavy carbon patterns

throughout the blank’s surface. A concept adopted by the older

model too; difference lies in the finer finishing on the latter. Handle

section is further wrapped with Aramid (Kevlar) for stiffness and cool




Constructed from 24TON Carbon and equipped with standard K SiC

guides and Fuji ACM/VSS reel seats.

Comes in only one section models.


5’ 6” 6-12 L B 4-20G LURE MEDIUM ACTION WT : 110G BAIT


6’ 3” 8-14 L B 6-20G LURE MEDIUM ACTION WT : 120G BAIT


6’ 3” 8-14 L B 6-20G LURE MEDIUM ACTION WT : 120G SPIN

For more information please contact:

MGFA (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Tel: 607-861 9289

Fax: 607-863 2189





Zen KON is a polyhedron shape jig that is designed for

slow jigging approach and long fall method. Fishes usually

get excited and attack when the jig free fall with its

enticing built in action. Comes in 2 different sizes ranging

20G &40G; Zen Kon offers 5 different colors in reflective

laser effect which prove to be an effective visual attractant

for SW game fishes from afar. Color available: Blue

smelt, Sardine, Dorado, Shinner, & Mullet.

For more information please contact:

MGFA (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Tel: 607-861 9289

Fax: 607-863 2189





Pop, Gurgling, slide and pushes water with each rod twitch,

K-RU Pop float and maintain a horizontal profile even when

motionless on the water. The enticing swimming leg action during

retrieve sends lurking snakehead into frenzy, Made with

TPR material, K-RU Pop is very lifelike and incredibly tough.

Available in 7cm/4gm and 9cm/10gm with 3 colors to choose.

For more information please contact:

MGFA (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Tel: 607-861 9289

Fax: 607-863 2189



Rod Ford ATOM Tune


Rod Ford ATOM Tune up stage rod designed for those crazy

lure caster out there with made with quality composite graphite

to make it light for long hours casting, sensitive and tough

to suit the every challenging fishing environment where are

the predator hiding. This Rod ford ATOM rod action which enhances

the lifting power with a handing feel while minimizing

the fatigue and exhaustion experiences by the angler. FUJI

component guide and reel seat.

Model available:





Up Stage

For more information please contact:

MGFA (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Tel: 607-861 9289

Fax: 607-863 2189




If life squid is the ultimate bait for sea fishing as what

all saltwater anglers swear by; Rod Ford Loligos should

make the ultimate metal bait for micro jigging and shore

casting. 15gms in weight, the LOLIGOS flashes in daylight

with its reflective laser sticker front and back body

and glow in luminous green under dark conditions. The

LOLIGOS slightly protruded fins imparts a irresistible

swimming that provokes strike without fail. Either reel it

in or let sink and jig it up. Highly effective for “Cencaru


Color Avalible: Green, Blue, Pink, Silver & Black.

For more information please contact:

MGFA (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Tel: 607-861 9289

Fax: 607-863 2189


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