City Link 2011-1.pdf - City of Fruita

City Link 2011-1.pdf - City of Fruita

Mayor Ken Henry



Winter Spring 2011

Lori Buck


Bob Fuller


Mel Mulder




Years of community discussions, meetings, fundraising efforts, design,

construction, and finally…IT’S OPEN! The Fruita Community Center

officially opened on Monday, January 24th and hundreds of people per day

have been taking advantage of the amenities the facility has to offer – the

senior center, indoor pool, gymnasium, meeting rooms, child care, fitness/

wellness area, and of course, the new Fruita Branch Library.

Community response has been extremely positive and more and more

people have been making good use of the new facility, including Governor

Hickenlooper, who hosted a regional economic development meeting at

the new center.

There are many groups and people who have helped make the Fruita Community Center a reality and each and every

person who has been involved deserves credit and a great big THANKS! First and foremost, the Fruita senior community

is credited with planting and nurturing the idea for the Community Center twelve years ago. Since then, the seniors

collected enough aluminum cans to raise approximately $90,000 to put towards the construction.

The Fruita Community Center wouldn’t be standing today if it weren’t for the many organizations and people who

campaigned, fundraised and donated to the project. The Citizen Campaign Committee and the Citizens Fundraising

Committee deserve a great amount of gratitude for coordinating these critical efforts. Over $2 million was raised to help

pay for the construction of the center – Thank you to all those who donated! Here is a list of the major donors to the

Fruita Community Center:

Stacy Mascarenas


Department of Local Affairs

Great Outdoors Colorado

City of Fruita Senior Task Force

Boettcher Foundation

Gates Family Foundation

El Pomar Foundation

The Daniels Fund

Grand Junction Lions Club

Mesa County

Bacon Family Foundation

Mesa County Area on Aging

Be Cool! Fill the Pool Campaign

Goodwin Foundation

Alpine Bank

Fruita Thrift Shop

Jamie and Deb Hamilton

Fruita Rotary Club

Fruita Lions Club

Terry Moss


A special thanks goes to the team that designed and constructed the Fruita Community Center: Sink, Combs, Dethlefs

(architects) and FCI Constructors, Inc. (contractor). The team members worked every day to design a functional and

efficient facility while constructing a high-quality product that was cost effective. At the end of the project and with their

assistance and guidance, Sink Combs, Dethlefs and FCI Constructors helped the City of Fruita to come in under budget

on the project and open the facility ahead of schedule.

Bruce Bonar


Fruita City Council

If calling City Hall at 858-3663

does not answer your questions,

please feel free to contact any

of your City Council members.

See inside for more info on the Rec Center,

progress on the new wastewater facility,

winter construction projects and more!



The City of Fruita’s primary partner in the Community Center

project is Mesa County Public Libraries. Located off the main

lobby of the Fruita Community Center, the new 6,646 square

foot Fruita Branch Library is the first new library constructed

in the valley since 1901. The new facility offers a quiet reading

room, an expanded children’s room, tremendously expanded

computer access, and an outstanding staff to answer all your

questions. This partnership has proven to be a win-win for the

entire community.


The Fruita Community Center staff has been working

tirelessly to open the Community Center in the most

successful manner possible. Everyone from lifeguards to

maintenance to the front desk is working to balance large

crowds while learning the operational intricacies of a brand

new facility. Everyone (community members and city

staff alike) is working together to create an outstanding

experience for Fruita and provide a tremendous asset to the


In the first two weeks of operations, the Front Desk staff

worked with over 2,000 pass holders and they continue to

explain policies and procedures to all our new attendees.

The Senior Center has hosted its first few lunches and has

been experiencing great participation. Fitness and wellness

programs are just the beginning at the center. The aquatics

staff continues to keep a watchful eye on the indoor pool

to ensure that all patrons are safe. We are continually

evaluating to ensure that the proper staff levels are in place

to provide a safe, comfortable environment for everyone.

As the facility continues to get off the ground and get into

an operational groove, city staff is looking for feedback. We

are constantly evaluating the comments we are receiving in

order to improve the Fruita Community Center experience.

Please be sure to fill out a comment form or talk to a staff

member to give us your insight into the operations of the


The Fruita Community Center is a great example of

people coming together to build a facility that the entire

community can use and be proud of. If you haven’t visited

the Community Center yet, come on down and discover

what’s available to you!



6:00 am – 9:00 pm


6:30 am – 8:30 pm


9:00 am – 6:00 pm

8:00 am – 1:00 pm AND

4:00 pm – 8:00 pm (Except Friday)


7:00 am – 8:00 pm


7:30 am – 7:30 pm


9:00 am – 4:00 pm


8:00 am – 12:00 pm


Noon – 6:00 pm


Noon – 5:30 pm





Hours are subject to change



Most Coloradoans are familiar with a typical spring season starting with an onslaught of orange barrels lining the streets and traffic detours

allowing us to take the scenic route. However, those of you who have been driving around Fruita this winter may have wondered if the seasons

have shifted early. This is because there has been a considerable amount of construction completed over the winter. Of course, there are the

two large-scale facility projects including the continued construction of the new Wastewater Treatment Plant and the completion of the Fruita

Community Center, but there have also been a few less glamorous (but equally critical) projects going on, too. These projects include roadway

improvements, utility upgrades, and a new pedestrian bridge. The following provides some information on these other City of Fruita projects.

East Ottley Avenue Reconstruction

This roadway reconstruction improvement project is a joint project between the City of Fruita and Mesa County that includes upgrading utilities,

widening of the roadway, and installing sidewalks on East Ottley Avenue between Arches Drive and Fremont Street (18 ½ Road). This section of

Ottley Avenue has been closed to limited traffic since early January for the installation of the underground utilities with anticipated road closures

continuing through April until the final asphalt paving is completed. This project will complete the road section for Ottley Avenue east to Fremont

Street (18 ½ Road) with a Mesa County roadway improvement project planned for the near future to widen the road from Fremont Street to 19

Road. We realize the inconvenience this closure presents and appreciate your patience.

South Mesa Storm Sewer

Over the winter, there have been 10 manholes, 6 inlet structures and approximately 4,000 feet of storm sewer pipe installed along South Mesa

Street south of Concord Drive. This project is entirely funded through an Energy Impact Grant and development impact fees collected. This

project has also had a considerable amount of traffic detours and lane closures for the installation of the storm sewer improvements. However,

the completion of the project will provide reduced potential flooding and improved drainage for the neighboring subdivisions along South Mesa

Street. Completion of this project is anticipated to be in April once all asphalt patching can be completed.

Little Salt Wash Pedestrian Bridge

A new pedestrian bridge crossing Little Salt Wash is now open to the public. This very cool pedestrian bridge provides a critical link to the city’s

trail system and access to Little Salt Wash Park from the subdivisions on the opposite side of the wash. The uniqueness of this pedestrian bridge is

evident by its extra sturdy appearance that is a direct result of custom fabricating primarily from materials the City had on hand from past projects.

This method proved to culminate into a cost savings of over 30% compared to purchasing a traditional pedestrian bridge. Although the pedestrian

bridge is open to the public, final work will include paving of the trail up to the bridge once warmer weather allows.

Little Salt Wash Pedestrian Bridge

As spring approaches, additional construction maintenance projects will begin with a number of roads to be overlaid, chip sealed, and/or restriped.

Again, the City appreciates your patience during these types of construction projects and encourages you to call the Engineering Department at

(970) 858-8377 if you have any questions or concerns.



Over 30 Fruita residents attended an Open House on

January 19th to give the City their views on future pedestrian

and bike improvements they would like to see constructed

in Fruita. The Open House was part of the Fruita Bike/

Pedestrian Study the City is conducting for the next few


The study will look at the need and locations for pedestrian

walkways, crosswalks, trails, transit stops, bicycle facilities

and bike lanes, as well as safety issues for both bicyclists

and pedestrians. The safety of children walking or biking

around schools will get significant attention.

It’s important for people who live in the Fruita area to give

us their opinions to help us prioritize our capital program

for improving bicycle, pedestrian and transit projects.

We’ve received a lot of valuable comments from the Open

House and the surveys, and we will use that to compile a list

of possible future improvements. The list will be evaluated

by criteria such as cost of the project, availability of right-ofway,

proximity to schools, and overall benefit of the project.

Many Fruita residents have already done just that. There

are two online surveys about the study on the City’s website

at The surveys will remain online through

March. Look for the link from the home page to the “Fruita

Pedestrian/Bike Survey.” Residents are being asked to give

us their list of the top three “worst” places to walk or bicycle

in Fruita, and the three “best” places to do so. You can take

the survey and/or see the results to date.

Fruita residents will also be able to weigh in on their

priorities at the second Open House this spring. That

event is scheduled for Wednesday, March 30 from 4 to 7

PM at the Fruita Community Center, 324 N. Coulson.


The City is continuing efforts to improve the downtown

area and spur more business activity. To provide more

room on Aspen Avenue sidewalks for outdoor dining and

other activities, the City will be widening the sidewalk in

front of Sullivan’s Grill and Camilla’s Kaffe. The planters

near these businesses will remain.

While shopping downtown, don’t forget; in addition to

the parking available on Aspen Avenue, there is free public

parking farther east along Aspen Avenue, at the Civic

Center, on Mulberry Street across from the Hot Tomato,

and north of the Police Station on Mesa Street. There is

also on-street parking along most other downtown side

streets. Additional signage to point visitors to these spaces

will be erected as part of these improvements.



Mesa County Solid Waste Management is offering an

annual Free Day at their facilities again this spring. Please

note the following schedule:

Fruita Transfer Station, 1275 17 ½ Road

Saturday, April 2nd from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Phone 858-1034

Mesa County Landfill, 3071 Hwy. 50

Saturday, April 9th from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Phone 241-6846

The Fruita Transfer Station accepts most residential

waste, including some old appliances (NOT refrigerators/

freezers), furniture, etc. The transfer station cannot accept

construction debris, tires, batteries or other hazardous waste,

but these can be disposed of at the Mesa County Hazardous

Waste Facility at 3071 Highway 50 on Thursdays, Fridays,

and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you have

questions, please call the numbers above.



The new wastewater treatment facility construction

continues. Construction began November 5, 2009, and

was expected to be complete by February 2012. The

present schedule being maintained by the general contractor

indicates that substantial completion will be in late October,

2011; four months ahead of schedule. This means that the

facility will most likely begin operations in September of

this year.

Currently, the project is officially 40% complete, with

approximately 5,300 yards of concrete having been poured

to date. The new facility will have a total of eight structures

at completion.

The new wastewater treatment plant is designed to remove

harmful pollution/nutrients that may have adverse effects

on the Colorado River aquatic life in the future. The

advanced nutrient removal will be mandated by State and

EPA regulations beginning in 2013. After that date, all cities

that discharge into the Colorado River will be required to

meet these new regulations.


A financial analysis of the new sewer system was

conducted to determine the monthly sewer charge

needed for operation, maintenance and debt service of

the new Wastewater Treatment Plant when it comes on

line in 2012 and to evaluate the billing methodology

for the various classes of customers. A $4.00 per month

rate increase is scheduled to take effect later this year on

October 1, 2011 for residential customers. This will

increase the current charge of $35 to $39 per month. No

rate changes are projected for 2012 at this time.

Sewer charges for non-residential (commercial)

customers will change on October 1, 2011 from a flat

rate formula-based structure to a structure based on

actual water consumption by an individual customer.

Additional information will be mailed to non-residential

(commercial) customers within the next month regarding

the impact this change in billing methodology will have

on their monthly sewer bills.



Recycle Sony, LG, Zenith, and Gold Star brand names at no cost

The City of Fruita will team up with Waste Management and the Fruita

Monument High School Recycling Club to offer Fruita residents an

opportunity to recycle their electronic devices on April 2, 2011 from

1:00-5:00 p.m. at Fruita City Hall located at 325 E. Aspen, Fruita, CO.

Waste Management will collect several brand name electronics at no cost,

including: Sony, LG, Zenith, and Gold Star. In addition, all cords, cables,

laptops, and cell phones will be collected at no cost. All other electronics

will have a nominal fee. These include:

TVs and Monitors

19” or smaller $12

Larger $15

CPU’s $8

Desktop Printers/ Copiers $5

All other peripherals $3 and under

Residents can feel confident that their electronics will be recycled in an

ethical and environmentally sound manner with Waste Management’s

involvement. Please call 858-3663 if you have any questions.

Presort Std.

US Postage


Grand Jct., CO

Permit No.34

325 E. Aspen Avenue

Fruita, Colorado 81521

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