Concert and Awards Program - Cary Academy

Concert and Awards Program - Cary Academy

9 th Annual Pops on the Quad

Thursday, May 6, 2010

6:30 PM

Cary Academy Quad

Concert Program

Guantanamera (traditional)

Beginning Band

Cuban Folksong, arr. Lopez

Carnaval (2004)

Combined Beginning and MS Band

arr. Michael Sweeney

Low Rider (1975)

Amparito Roca (1935)

MS Band

US Band

War, arr. Michael Brown

Jaime Texidor, arr. Winter

Hot, Hot, Hot (1983)

Alphonsus Cassell,

arr. Lavender

Combined MS and US Band with US Drumline

Ketchup is Not a Spice (2008)

MS Jazz Band

Dean Sorenson

Manteca (1948)

Combined MS and US Jazz Band

Dizzy Gillespie,

arr. Sweeney

My Little Suede Shoes (1956)

A Night in Tunisia (1944)

La Negra Tiene Tumbao (2001)

US Jazz Combo

US Jazz Band

US Jazz Band

Charlie Parker

Dizzy Gillespie, arr. Ford

Osorio & George, arr. Lopez


09-10 Beginning Band Members

Flute Trumpet Trombone/Euphonium

Katie Barbrey * Michael Hopkins Ian Brundige

Avery Campbell Emilio Ochoa Shaan Buttar #

Kevin Kenna Griffin Matsuo *

Alto Saxophone

Clarinet Jeonghun Lee * Tuba

Arnav Goswami *

Jack Pullen

Owen Guard


Aiden LeFebvre Jahren Hubal # Percussion

Ian O'Rourke

Michael Dudash

Kevin Wu # Officer Tyler Gregory

* Section Leader Dre Ransdell *


09-10 Middle School Band Members

Flute Trumpet Baritone Saxophone

Emma Astrike-Davis Jonathan Avery Austin Mangelsdorf *

Lydia Field *

Matthew Hutzenbuhler

Varun Kasula


Clarinet Josh Milligan * Pujith Adusumilli

Andy Cooper # * D

Katie Shy

Nyal Patel Devon Witek * Electric Bass

Kat Stafford

Nick Trombetta


Alto Saxophone Kendall Bell Percussion

Mensheng Romano * Andrew Hamrick R S Pujith Adusumilli

Richard Van Vliet Daniel Sheitman R S Jake Buchanan *

Martin Kendrick


Brian Nelson

Matthew Aupperle #

# Officer * Section Leader

D All-District Band R All-Region Jazz Band S All-State Jazz Band


09-10 Upper School Band Members

Flute/Piccolo Alto Saxophone French Horn

Nicole Ackman Michael Averell Allen Yang, guest

Ruchi Desai

Alex Touzov

Melissa Geiss # * 10


Tyler Powell Baritone Saxophone Alex Ade DL

Wynton Wong DL Mike McCord * 10 Gerry Cuomo DL

Christine Yazdani # Matt Hamm DL # 10


Caelan Harshaw DL

Oboe Jen Kenyon Gaurav Judge DL

Ryan Cinoman

Kunal Kamerkar DL

Bass Clarinet

Yates Parrish DL


Chris Martin

Jack Hannon 10

# Officer

Michael Papich Trumpet * Section Leader

Andrew Tie # * Austin Crockett * 10 DL Drumline

Nick Schumann

10 Senior


09-10 Middle School Jazz Band Members

Clarinet Violin Piano

Nyal Patel Zoe Sheitman Kaavya Ashok

Alto Saxophone Trumpet Guitar

Andy Cooper Matthew Hutzenbuhler Pujith Adusumilli

Mensheng Romano Josh Milligan Max Gowan

Richard Van Vliet

Devon Witek


Tenor Saxophone Trombone Michael Todd

Micaela Rosen

Andrew Hamrick

Daniel Sheitman #


Baritone Saxophone Braden Saba Jake Buchanan

Austin Mangelsdorf

Tyler Gregory

# Officer Dre Ransdell


09-10 Upper School Honors Jazz Band Members

Alto Saxophone Trumpet Piano

Joe Calder Zach Graves Joseph Cornett C

Alex Coeytaux * C Daniel Orol *

Rachna Kuchibhatla Nick Schumann Guitar

Austin Cooper # 10 C

Tenor Saxophone Drums Jeremy Kleiman

Andrew Tie C Alex Cooper C Matt Rushin

Gerry Cuomo

Harrison Wicker

Baritone Saxophone

Gaurav Judge

Mike McCord 10 Brandon Wilson # * 10 Bass

Alex Rosenthal 10 C

Clarinet Vibes Thomas Worm

Michael Papich

Abe Hawari

C Combo

# Officer * Section Leader 10 Senior


Awards Program

Certificate Symbols of Participation


This represents the

effort made by any

student who

auditioned to

participate in an

honor ensemble.


This represents the

effort made by any

student who

performed in an

honor ensemble.

Other Ensemble

This represents a


participation in a

second instrumental

music class at Cary


Jazz Band

This represents

membership in

either the US or

MS Jazz Band.

Pep Band or


This represents a


participation in Pep

Band or US

Drumline Club.

Officer or Section


This represents a


leadership role in


Competition or Festival

This represents a student’s

performance at the UNCW

Jazz Festival on March 26

or the Band Competition on

April 10, 2010


Award Descriptions

Director's Award for Leadership

Students exhibit leadership in many ways. Some motivate those around them to work together to

stretch personal limits. Others lead by example, teaching those around them by being prepared and

playing their music as it is meant to be played. Still, others lead by demonstrating consistent effort

and excellence in their overall approach to playing music on their instruments. Students receiving

recognition for outstanding leadership have served as role models throughout the year by

demonstrating exceptional musicianship and effort.

Director’s Award for Improvement

Playing a musical instrument seems to come easier to some people than others. However,

determination and hard work often make the difference in a student’s musical growth. In addition,

seeking help from a teacher or friends and incorporating their advice into practice habits yields

further growth. Musical ability is less inherited than it is earned. Students receiving recognition for

outstanding improvement have shown an intense desire to better their playing, exemplary effort,

and have demonstrated a dramatic increase in their musical skills.

Director’s Award for Spirit

Students also display spirit in many ways: Energy… Interest… Positive Attitude... Some see what

needs to be done, often without being asked, and do it. Others are curious and always interested in

doing or learning something new or different about music. Still others have a demeanor and

enthusiasm about playing music and about life that is simply contagious. Students receiving

recognition for outstanding spirit have inspired and challenged us all to strive for excellence

throughout the year through their enthusiasm, service, and attitude.

John Philip Sousa Band Award

This national award is given to an Upper School student in recognition of outstanding achievement

and interest in band, for singular merit in loyalty and cooperation, and for displaying the high

qualities of conduct that school music requires.

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

This national award is given to an Upper School student in recognition of outstanding achievement

and interest in jazz music. Exceptional ability in solo and ensemble playing are consistently

demonstrated by the recipient of this award.

Band Letter (first awarded in the 2004-2005 school year)

Upper school band students earn a band letter by being enrolled in a band class beyond the one unit

of credit required for graduation. Therefore, students enrolled in one band class per year earn band

letters during their third year. Students enrolled in both band and jazz band classes in their first

year earn band letters for enrolling in at least one band class during their 2 nd year.


A Brief History of the CA Band Program

In the fall of 1997, Mr. Grush began developing the instrumental music program, assisted by strings

teachers Dr. Charles Campbell and Ms. Gina Calabria. There were 10 students in the Upper School

Orchestra, 32 students in the Middle School (7th and 8th grade) classes and 25 students in the

Beginning (6 th grade) classes. All instrumental music classes were held in room 108 in the middle

school, now a science lab.

In the spring of 1998, twenty students in grades 6-9 formed an after school Jazz Band Club.

Beginning in ’98-‘99 rehearsals moved to twice a week before school at 7:00AM. Fall of 2000

marked the formation of MS Jazz Band - a club that met once per week for 45 minutes and was

open to all 6th - 8th grade students, regardless of their enrollment in Band class. US Jazz Band

became a class in fall of 2000, but still met before school twice per week until 2002. In 2001, Mr.

Qiao arrived to teach the orchestra classes and Mr. Grush focused on the Band and Jazz Band.

For the 09-10 school year, there are 19 Beginning Band students, 23 MS Band students, 24 US

Band students, 21 US Jazz Band students, 4 Jazz/Rock Improvisation Students, 13 Music Theory

Students, and many members of the MS Pep Band Club, US Drumline Club, and MS Jazz Band.

Over the past 13 years, US and MS Band students have performed in the following locations and

have earned numerous honors and awards.

Performance Locations

On Campus

Dining Hall




Admin Building

Off Campus

SAS building V



NC School of the Arts


Campbell University

Meymandi Concert Hall

Cary Senior Center

Carmen’s Cuban Cafe

District Festivals

Jacksonville, NC

Shelby, NC

Monroe, NC

Tarboro, NC

Asheboro, NC

Hillsborough, NC

Morrisville, NC

Other Festivals and


Myrtle Beach, SC

Orlando, FL

Atlanta, GA

Williamsburg, VA

Charlotte, NC

Richmond, VA

Winston-Salem, NC

Honors and Awards

Performed at the NC Music Educators Association Convention – November 10, 2008

2 Grand Champion/Highest Score Awards

9 First Place Awards

4 Superior Ratings at District Festivals

71 Students in All-District Band

10 Students in All-Region Jazz Band

18 Students in All-State Honors Band

2 Students in All-State Jazz Band

2 students in NC Governor's School

16 students in NCAIS Honor Band

15 students in CA Band for all 7 years

2 Performances at Meymandi Concert Hall

3 Videos with CA soundtracks from Disney

Over 225 pieces of music played in 13 years

More than 70 performances in 13 years


Melissa Geiss


Band Class of 2010 when they started

Brandon Wilson


Alex Rosenthal


Austin Crockett


Matt Hamm


Jack Hannon


Mike McCord


Austin Cooper


2010 Band Seniors


To the band class of 2010 from Mr. Grush . . .

Participating in the instrumental music program and putting up with me for this long does indeed deserve

special recognition and some reminiscing! I look back to 2003, when Melissa started playing flute and

Brandon played percussion in Beginning Band and Alex played guitar in MS Jazz Band. Austin Crockett

joined the MS band in 2004 and Matt came in 2005. Jack started playing clarinet as a 9 th grader in 2006, and

Mike jumped on board in 2007. It took me 3 years to convince him, but Austin Cooper started playing in

jazz band this year. The eight seniors have played for a total of 42 years in the Cary Academy Band

Program! Wow!!! I am proud of your musical growth, but most proud of the exceptional young people you

have become. Without your amazing talent, dedication, and leadership, the Cary Academy Band Program

would not have approached the level of success we have attained. I admire each of you, am deeply grateful

to you, and will dearly miss you.

Do you remember . . .

03-04 the Beginning Band in-class demonstration when you wrote your own music to perform.

04-05 the Busch Gardens competition? MS Band earned Superior! US Jazz Band won Grand Champion!

05-06 the performance at Campbell University.

06-07 the Disney Trip - our own video soundtrack and performance in the Magic Kingdom.

07-08 the Dixie Classic – US Jazz Band and Jazz Combo earned Superiors!

08-09 the NCMEA Convention – US and MS Jazz Bands performed for the state’s jazz teachers.

08-09 Kansas City Jazz – Cecil, Ramon, the CA Swing Dance Club Assembly, and the 30’s style outfits.

Band Class of 2010 Future Plans

Austin Cooper UNC-Chapel Hill English, French, Physics, or History

Austin Crockett Texas A&M Engineering

Melissa Geiss Quinnipiac University Physical Therapy

Matt Hamm Lenoir-Rhyne University Play baseball - Government, Business, Biology, or Pre-med

Jack Hannon UNC-Chapel Hill Psychology/Sociology

Mike McCord High Point University Political Science

Alex Rosenthal McGill University Psychology

Brandon Wilson Campbell University Play baseball - double major in Kinesiology and Spanish

Senior Band Memories: Class of 2010

Austin Cooper

Memories are sometimes difficult to pinpoint; the fluid and indistinguishable quality

of reminiscence truly does define the experience. However, if I were to choose a

specific moment as my "favorite memory," it would be that time when everything

clicked for the Combo. We were in the deafeningly loud practice room, sans

directeur, and the music just clicked -- everything sounded right. This experience is

a lovely paradigm for what being in band has meant to me: I've taken it upon myself

to assist disparate elements in the process of coalescence. Underclassmen, just listen

- to yourself, to the recordings, to your band mates (and maybe Mr. Grush?).


Austin Crockett

My favorite band memory is when we went to Disney in my freshman year.

I had a lot of fun playing with a professional conductor and in a sound studio.

Also the music we were playing was a lot of fun. Then the time we spent in

the park was extremely enjoyable.

Melissa Geiss

My favorite band memories would be going to Disney my freshman year and

making All-District Band in 8th grade. In All-District it was really cool to play

with a large group of talented musicians and being able to prepare a full concert

in only a couple days. For Disney, It was fun attending those workshops with a

professional conductor, allowing us to get a different perspective on our pieces.

Of course the time in the parks was awesome as well :) I’ve learned a lot over the

7 years I’ve been in band, both in becoming a better musician and a better leader.

I had never played the flute before coming into CA, and I’ve come such a long

way since then. It’s pretty cool to see how much everyone has progressed over

the years. Thank you Mr. Grush for everything you’ve done for us.

Matt Hamm

Being in band has meant a lot to me these past few years. It has given me the

opportunity to pursue my goals of playing music. Mr. Grush has also helped me

improve my skill in music, and become a better musician. Without him, I do not

believe my skills would be at the level they are today. Mr. Grush is also a fun

guy, but sometimes thinks he’s funnier than he really is. Thanks Mr. Grush.

Jack Hannon

My favorite memory was going to Williamsburg for the band competition and

going to Busch Gardens afterwards. Band has been a wonderful experience for

me, one that means a lot more considering I picked up the clarinet in 9th grade.

It has been a great way to be part of a performing group and make friends.


Mike McCord

My favorite band memory was playing with the NCAIS Honor Band down at

Campbell University. It was great to work incredibly hard all day with talented

musicians and then put on a wonderful performance almost immediately


Alex Rosenthal

My favorite memory in Jazz Band brings me back to the time the combo

played Charlie Parker's My Little Suede Shoes. Having never played together

as a group, the combo somehow tackled one of the most difficult pieces in the

Real Book's repertoire and came out alive. We really took Charlie Parker's

piece and made it our own. I first played Tenor Sax in Jazz band. When I got

a taste of the bass guitar, I was hooked. I did not leave the jazz band despite

this instrumental change, however, and instead decided to try my hand at the

rhythm section. I have felt quite comfortable here and I hope to further the

musical journey on which the Cary Academy Jazz Band has started for me in


Brandon Wilson

My first favorite band memory doesn't actually involve Jazz Band; it is

making all district band on timpani in 8th grade. That was my first experience

playing with a large group made up of so many talented musicians and it was

really exciting that the group sounded so good. For a Jazz Band memory, I

would choose this whole year as well as our competition in Virginia. I've

really enjoyed listening to Latin music since traveling to Ecuador in my

sophomore year and this year gave me a chance to gain a little understanding

of Latin style. Thanks for the last 7 years Mr. Grush.


Mr. Grush’s memories of seniors and future predictions

Austin Cooper

Austin, well it took 3 years, but I finally talked you into joining jazz bandand everyone in jazz band has

benefited immensely. You are easily one of the most creative and talented musicians we have had in the 13

years of Cary Academy. When we first met, you thought you knew more than me about music, and you

were partially right. At that point, to you, music meant blues guitar and your band, Citizen. Since then, you

have spent a week at Berkley studying music theory and now have started jazz guitar lessons. Now I smugly

say, I knew that you had more in you and a world of music in jazz that you had not explored. I thank you for

all that you have taught me. Future Prediction – At UNC, Austin spends most of his time on Franklin

Street, playing, listening, and talking with musicians. Over his 10 years there, he amasses enough hours for

4 undergrad degrees plus 2 masters’ degrees without earning any, because he could not make up his mind to

declare a major!

Austin Crockett

Austin, I was thrilled to find out we had a new 7 th grade trumpet player joining band. But little did I know

what an invaluable addition you would be! You instantly became a musical leader in the class because of

your work ethic and dedication to take weekly private trumpet lessons. Each year I saw improvement and

then a huge leap your junior year, as effort and experience helped you put it all together. You never made

All-District Band, but you auditioned almost every year to improve yourself. We can all learn from your

persistence and desire. You have also been a steadfast member of the swim and lacrosse teams. However,

your biggest band claim to fame in my book is that you and Melissa hold the record for the longest CA Band

relationship in history . . . and it all started on the Band trip to Disney in 2007! Future Prediction –

Although he loves to swim and play lacrosse, Austin is forced to choose one sport at Texas A&M. Unable to

pick just one, Austin combines the two by playing club Water Polo. Through incredible hard work he makes

it to the varsity team and eventually the USA Olympic Team.

Melissa Geiss

Melissa, early in your 6 th grade year I remember a day when we had a playing quiz in class. You played well

and I gave you some suggestions on what to improve, but you were upset. I have come to know over the

past 7 years that you are a sensitive and extremely caring person, not being satisfied with anything but your

best. I admire that in you. You are a superb musician and have been a musical leader in each of your band

classes, auditioning for All-District Band almost every year. In addition, you are an excellent student and

athlete, being a leader on the tennis, swimming, and softball teams. My most vivid memory of you was

seeing you together with Austin on the Disney trip in 2007. You two hold the record for the longest CA

Band relationship in history! Future Prediction – After Quinnipiac, Melissa opens her own physical

therapy office. For those who need patient, sustained focus, she plays tranquil music on flute. For those

who need motivation to push themselves, she pulls out her piccolo and they work harder to get away from the


Matt Hamm

Matt, as the last remaining original member of the drumline, you have done more to encourage and promote

the drumline than anyone in its history. You have been an excellent drumline captain, dealing with members

with varied levels of talent, experience, and commitment. You have played drumset in jazz band. As a

junior, you indentified your strengths and interests and focused solely on drumline and concert band. Also,

you have been the foundation of the baseball team for the past 5 years. You had to learn how to catch

Brandon’s fastball, which you did, and you helped make him a better player as well. The Lenoir Rhyne

baseball team will be lucky to have you! Future Prediction – After Lenoir-Rhyne and medical school, Matt

becomes one of the team physicians in the Atlanta Braves organization. To help an injured pitcher rehab his

wrist, Matt prescribes some unorthodox physical therapy – playing marching percussion instruments.

Before long, the entire bullpen is playing cadences before games as part of their warm-up routine!


Jack Hannon

Jack, I remember our first meeting the summer before you entered CA. You had played piano, but now

chose clarinet. I have never seen someone pick up a band instrument in 9 th grade and turn into such a

marvelous player. Everyone else in our class had at least 3 years of experience - some up to 7 years. You

were extremely patient and worked incredibly hard to develop your skill to the same level as your

classmates. By this past summer, you were even ready to tackle picking up a 2 nd instrument – Tenor Sax.

Jack, your success is testimony to your perseverance and dedication. In addition to band, you have been an

important member of the swimming and track teams. Future Prediction – At UNC, Jack joins the marching

and pep bands. After graduating with a degree in psychology, Jack begins work on a PHD in Sociology and

proposes as his thesis, “the multi-layered social structure of an athletic band”. What does he hope to learn?

Nothing – he just wants to go to the bowl games, the ACC Tournament, and the NCAA Tournament (or

maybe the NIT)!

Mike McCord

Mike, as our Bari Sax player, you have literally been the foundation of US Band and Jazz Band for the last 3

years. You have been willing to cover parts for so many instruments we did not have in the band. Usually

that has meant cutting and pasting from 2 or more parts to come up with the music you would play. There is

no way we would have been as successful without your talent and effort. On a personal note, I truly

appreciated your hand-written thank you card during “CA one week”. I have not known you to talk much

about yourself or how you feel about things, but the times you have opened up, you have spoken from the

heart. Alright, enough of the sentimental stuff - let’s talk business. You gave me money to buy reeds for

you in August, but not enough to cover the entire cost. Where is the $15 you owe me?!

Future Prediction – As a summer job, Mike begins working for the family business of two former students

who played saxophone in jazz band. It is a modeling job, but they don’t want Mike for his body or his

ruggedly handsome facial features . . . the family business is Mitchell’s Hair Styling.

Alex Rosenthal

Alex, as one of three 7 year seniors, you have come full circle – starting in the rhythm section as a 6th grader

in MS Jazz Band (guitar), then to Tenor Sax in MS Band, US Band, and US Jazz Band. You’re a good sax

player, but little did we know the immensity of your musical talent until your inner bass player was

unleashed! I think you could play any instrument, if you tried. Your drive to excel is evidenced by your

exceptional success in wrestling and by your performance tonight on string bass, an instrument you have

taught yourself during free periods and lunch periods over the last few months. I am amazed by how quickly

you can hear something and play it. You have one of the best ears for music of any student I have ever

taught. Your enthusiasm is contagious as you have been the MC for countless school events. Future

Prediction – After missing yet another important email message from a professor, Alex becomes

disillusioned with educational institutions’ dependence on email and computers. He joins a commune in the

southwest where all electronic technology is banned, the members wear knit hats (even in hot weather,) and

they spend all day playing music together.

Brandon Wilson

Brandon, you are one of two 7 year seniors this year. You have played concert percussion and drumset, but

this year also became our steel drummer. I forgot to check, did you play steel drum with your mouth open

like you sometimes do with drum set? Seriously, you are one of, if not THE, hardest working students I

have ever seen at CA. I have never heard you complain or make excuses. You keep going and going (like

the energizer bunny) until you complete what you set out to do – in academics, arts, and athletics. The

baseball team would have loved to have you pitch every inning of every game, if you could have. One piece

of advice: learn how to spell Kinesiology before next fall (you spelled it wrong when you wrote it for me!)

Future Prediction – After his days playing baseball at Campbell are over, Brandon is drafted and

eventually makes his way to the big leagues. When asked what inspired him to start playing baseball when

he was young he answers, “my Mom and Dad”. Why is that? “They encouraged and supported me, but I

never would have spent so much time outside if there wasn’t all that incessant music practicing in my



2009-2010 Band Event Descriptions

Music Camps (Summer 2010)

Ryan Cinoman (’12)

Music Camps can be many things, including just a way to get in some practice before coming back to school.

At a music camp, you can get specialized tutoring and lessons, as well as group ensemble practice, and

hopefully you’ll get to try something you’ve never done before. There are many opportunities you can get at

summer camps that you can’t get here at Cary Academy, such as teaching from College Professors or other

experienced teachers. Depending on what camp you sign up for, you could get music theory classes or

private lessons with professional teachers. But, of course the best part is meeting fellow musicians of your

same level, and playing in groups with them in the concert on the final day.

US Drumline Club (Year-long)

Matt Hamm (’10)

The drum line this year played a variety of different songs and

instruments. First, Yates and I went to a retirement home to play for

their annual Olympic games. That was a blast because everyone was

getting into it and dancing to the beat. We also got to get out of class,

which was an added plus. Next the drum line learned a few different

songs that we made up on our own and played at Homecoming.

Finally, at the Variety show, we decided that we wanted to switch it up

a little bit and play trash cans. The song we played was called Stinkin’

Garbage. This song consisted of us playing on each other’s drums

(trash cans) and reaching over each other’s hands. I’ve had a lot of fun

with the drum line this year, and I’m sad to be leaving it behind.

Island Music Theme for the year (Year-long)

Michael Papich (’11)

At the end of last year, Mr. Grush told us he had an interest in us playing

island music the next year. Many of us were skeptical, but by the end of

this year, we can see why he wanted to play it so much. From the highly

stylized Salsa music, mainly of Cuban origins, to classic Reggae, a

“movement of ja people”. I honestly had fun playing these high-paced,

exciting pieces and I’m sure most other people did as well.

Beginning Band In-Class Demonstration (September 2010)

Kevin Wu (’16)

The in-class demonstration was a good opportunity to show our parents how hard it actually is to start

playing a wind instrument. This demonstration was the Beginning Band who had just started playing their

instruments, with the exception of a few people who had already played their instrument. We didn’t sound

too good at that time, but we could still blow decent notes. Then at the end the parents got to try playing our

instrument. They couldn’t even make a sound! This was a good experience and it showed our parents how

hard we have worked. How about an encore?!


Jazz on the Quad and Panyelo (October 2009)

Micaela Rosen (’16)

Even though “Jazz on the Quad” turned out to be “Reggae in the Auditorium”, everybody still had fun

listening to reggae music performed by Cary Academy’s Jazz Bands and Panyelo. Both the US and MS Jazz

Bands had a great time working with Panyelo, a steel drum band. We learned a lot from the members of the

Panyelo band, and our pieces were very much improved after having worked with them. We even got to

hear the story of how the steel drums came to be! I would definitely recommend having Panyelo come

again; it was an awesome experience!

Grandparents Day Performance (November 2009)

Rachna Kuchibhatla (’13)

NCAIS Honor Band (NC Association of Independent Schools)

(November 2009) Christine Yazdani (’11)

This year was the first of the NCAIS Honor Band. Cary Academy

participated amongst many independent high schools in North

Carolina. The members of this band were selected by their band

directors to play along with the Campbell University music

students directed by Dr. Dwayne Wilson (CA parent). We played

a variety of music that was challenging and fun. As the band

practiced together the day before the concert, we got to experience

playing with a university band. We performed the concert on

Saturday. I think that it was a great opportunity and experience as

we got to play at a higher level which pushed us to work harder.

Grandparents Day was a day when all of the Grandparents of students gained the opportunity to come and

visit their grandkids at school. It was also the day that they had the chance to listen to the Upper School Jazz

Band. During the first trimester, we focused on playing Reggae and Calypso pieces. We performed Limbo

Jazz by Duke Ellington, El Carribe by Lalo Cavila, and Exodus by Bob Marley. I personally enjoyed

performing in this concert as it was one of the first concerts of the year, as well as one of my first times

playing jazz music. I hope there will be another Grandparents Day performance next year as well!!!!

Winter Band Concert with Mickey Mills (December 2009)

Owen Guard (’16)

The Winter Band Concert with Mickey Mills was the Beginning Band’s first concert. Some of the people

involved in the concert were the Beginning Band, the MS Band, the US Band, and guest steel drummer

Mickey Mills. I really enjoyed learning and playing with a professional musician (Mickey Mills). It was also

fun playing for my friends in the Middle School. I would recommend that we do the winter concert again,

and I would encourage more people to come to it next year, because it will be even more fun!

Homecoming Pep Rally and MS Pep Band Games (December 2009 and February 2010)

Emma Astrike-Davis (’14)

What do you get when you combine peppy music with intense basketball playing? An awesome band

playing opportunity! Pep Band was a lot of fun, because it allowed anyone from a middle school band to

play familiar songs together in front of a relaxed crowd. At the same time it gave us a way to help cheer on

our basketball playing friends at several of their games. I felt that we played well together and sounded good,

but the most important thing was that we had a great time, and everyone at the game was able to enjoy our



All-District Band Auditions (January 2010)

Andy Cooper (’14)

The All-District Concert Band Auditions was an event that involved hundreds of 6 th -12 th grade musicians in

the state. Anyone who played a concert band instrument, had a band director who is a member of the NC

Music Educators Association, and lived in the central area of NC was eligible. It was very fun because it was

a huge audition with talented musicians trying out for a large band. It was a great opportunity to experience a

professional audition: playing scales, a challenging solo piece, and sight-reading. It involved a lot of

practicing! I definitely encourage people to try this next year because it’s a fun and challenging event that

will help you progress as a musician.

All-Region Jazz Band Auditions and Weekend (January/February 2010)

Daniel Sheitman (’14)

The NC Middle School All-Region Jazz Band is similar to the older, larger All-District Concert Band. The

audition process is also similar; about a couple hundred students play scales, a solo, improvise for a few bars,

and sight read a piece. Those who make the band travel to a school where they will rehearse for a day and a

half with pieces of music members only have a short amount of time to learn, before performing a concert.

Unfortunately, we had to leave a day early because of heavy snow. However, I enjoyed it and I will likely

try out for the high school version next year.

US Salsa Assembly with Orquesta Gardel (February 2010)

Wynton Wong (’11)

After weeks of work with the talented musicians of Orquesta Gardel, the US Band and US Jazz Bands were

proud to debut our salsa music to the entire Upper School. The entire band had fun experimenting with such

an energetic genre of music because of the musical arrangements made especially for us by Orquesta Gardel

director, Andy Kleindienst. Orquesta Gardel members accompanied us on vocals and instruments, elevating

the performance to a whole other level. The quick, upbeat tempo of the music alongside some jamming

percussion got people in the audience tapping their feet and dancing. Soon enough the Salsa Club feel was

completed as the stage was full of dancers and everyone was enjoying the music. The assembly was fun and

light-hearted, something that got everyone grooving.

MS Salsa Assembly with Orquesta Gardel (February 2010)

Jake Buchanan (’14)

The band assembly for the Middle School was a “Salsa Club”. Rather than just

listening to the music, the audience got to be involved by dancing to the live music

of the MS band classes with guests. These guests were from a group called the

“Orquesta Gardel,” with some of them from areas such as Puerto Rico and the

Dominican Republic, where Salsa music is one of the most popular genres. I liked

the whole idea as well as the new genre of music we played. I also enjoyed having

these special guests help us incorporate their indigenous style into the music.

Salsa Club Evening at Carmen’s Cuban Cafe (February 2010)

Kendall Bell (’15)

The Salsa Club at Carmen’s Cuban Café (try saying that 5 times fast) was awesome. You can’t really go

wrong with good food, good music, and great musicians. The Salsa Club was a time for the MS and US

bands to play in front of a small crowd, listen to the professional musicians play, dance, and enjoy the club

environment. We played standing up with some professional accompaniment and, believe it or not, we

sounded pretty good. This is something we have to do again. Overall the crazy Salsa Club at Carmen’s

Cuban Café was muy bueno.


UNCW Jazz Festival (March 2010)

Joseph Cornett (’13)

The UNCW (UNC-Wilmington) Jazz Festival was a wonderful opportunity for the Jazz Combos (both MS

and US) to hear performances by jazz ensembles from regional schools. It was a one-day event (on a Friday,

even!), and while there were no awards given, nor a competitive aspect of any sort, the praise and feedback

given to the ensembles after their respective performances was in greater volume and, most importantly,

more specific to playing the jazz genre. The remarks received from the judges and UNCW faculty also

helped prepare the ensembles for the Williamsburg competition, and the lack of a competitive aspect to the

event created less pressure on the ensembles; any of the participants can say with conviction that it was an

event definitely worth attending.

All-State Jazz Band Auditions and Weekend (March/April 2010)

Andrew Hamrick (’14)

On April 3-4, Daniel Sheitman and I participated in the All-State Jazz Band. We drove down Friday

morning and practiced from 10:30 in the morning to 9:00 at night. The all-state jazz band consisted of one

drummer, one bass, one piano, two alto saxophones, two tenor saxophones, one bari saxophone, five

trumpets, and five trombones. We learned five pieces in only a day and half and sounded great on our

concert. The high school jazz band was unbelievably good. After the concert Daniel, Mr. Grush, our

families, and I went to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. It was a long weekend but it was worth it.

Williamsburg Competition (April 2010)

Alex Coeytaux (’12)

After nearly two trimesters of preparing the same pieces, the

CA band community got the opportunity to show off their

skills in Williamsburg. For the new additions to band, this

was their first experience playing in front of judges in a

competitive setting. Despite the pressure, though, Cary

Academy exceeded expectations and took home a total of

nine awards, including overall high school and middle school

jazz champions. To end what was already an exciting day, the

group spent the afternoon having a great time in Busch

Gardens. The overall experience was educational and

entertaining, and everyone enjoyed participating.

2009-2010 Honor Band Participants

NCAIS Honor Band NCAIS Honor Band MS All-District Band

Ryan Cinoman Caelan Harshaw Andy Cooper

Andy Cooper

Jen Kenyon

Austin Crockett Mike McCord MS All-Region Jazz Band

Gerry Cuomo Daniel Orol Max Gowan

Ruchi Desai Michael Papich Andrew Hamrick

Melissa Geiss Daniel Sheitman Daniel Sheitman

Andrew Hamrick

Andrew Tie

Jack Hannon Christine Yazdani MS All-State Jazz Band

Andrew Hamrick

Daniel Sheitman


Band Pins 09-10

Since we have started a tradition of awarding band letters to Upper School students who have participated in

more than two band classes, we want to give all students the opportunity to begin earning pins to wear as

well. Budget constraints prohibit awarding so many pins, but students who have earned special pins may

purchase their own to wear on their concert outfit if they wish, until they have earned a band letter. This is

strictly optional.

Pins cost $6 each. Special pins for which students may be eligible include:

Students may also want a pin of the instrument they play. Instrument pins also cost $6 each.

Options include:

You may order pins tonight if you wish. See the Band Pin Eligibility List to see who is eligible. We will

place a group order from the pin vendor next week. Our goal is to receive the pins before the end of year and

distribute them in class.


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