275 Times. May 2015

Mangere Community News. Edition #8

Mangere Community News. Edition #8


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Edition #8<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2015</strong><br />

<strong>275</strong> times<br />

<strong>275</strong><br />

times<br />

celebrating Māngere through sharing its stories<br />



A passion for Samoa’s ancient stories has led Helen Tau’au<br />

Filisi to fulfil a long held dream to write and illustrate her<br />

own children’s book.<br />

O tala o Samoa mai le vavau, o se vaisu e fa'amomosi<br />

ia Fa'alava'au Helen Tau'au Filisi. O le mafua'aga lea o<br />

se fa'anaunauta'iga sa mo'omo'o ma moemiti i ai ina<br />

ia tusiaina tala ma ata mo tamaiti.<br />

But it’s been no easy task. The book, called Sina and the<br />

Tuna, is the result of two Masters degrees, a number of<br />

trips back to the islands and countless hours refining and<br />

retouching the stories and illustrations for this dream to<br />

become a reality.<br />

E le'i faigofie lenei galuega. O le tusi ua fa'aigoaina o Sina<br />

ma le Tuna, o se fa'amanuiaga lenei o le taunu'uga o tusi<br />

pasi o Masters tikeri e lua. Sa tele ina femalaga'ai i Samoa<br />

ma le tele o itula fa'aalu i le toe iloiloina ma va'ili'ili atili o<br />

tala ma ata ina ia tino lenei fa'amoemoe.<br />

As part of her first Masters degree, which was in<br />

Geography, she compiled a number of ancient Samoan<br />

stories or “tala o le vavau” whilst on a field trip to Savaii.<br />

And it was during her second Masters in creative writing<br />

that she began turning those stories into a book which has<br />

now been translated by her husband Fritz into Samoan.<br />

O le tusi pasi Master Tikeri muamua i le Geography<br />

(si'osi'omaga), sa fa'amautuina ai le tele o nisi o tala<br />

o le vavau a'o i ai i malaga fa'asu'esu'ega i Savai'i. O<br />

le tusi pasi Master tikeri lona lua i le Creative Writing<br />

(fa'ailoateleina o fatuga i mafaufauga ma manatu)<br />

sa amata ai loa ona fa'amautuina nei tala i le tusi ua<br />

fa'aliliuina e lona al'ii o Tofilau Fritz Filisi i le gagana<br />

Samoa.<br />

proud author: Helen Tau’au Filisi displays her book<br />

Helen works at Te Wananga O Aotearoa in Mangere as the<br />

Degree Learning Advisor and launched the book at the<br />

campus on March 19.<br />

O lo'o galue nei Helen o ia o le Degree Learning<br />

Advisor(faufautua mo polokalame fa'atikeri) i le Te<br />

Wananga O Aotearoa i Magele. O le nofoaga fo'i lea sa<br />

tatala aloa'ia ai le tusi ile aso 19 o Mati.<br />

She says that she hopes to reinforce to Samoans that they<br />

have an unique heritage worth preserving.<br />

Sa ia saunoa fo'i o lona fa'amoemoe ina ia toe<br />

fa'amausaliina i tagata Samoa lona tofi ma<br />

fa'apolopolo e matua taua tele ma ia puipuiina.<br />

“Often New Zealand born or raised Samoans know<br />

European fairy tales in great detail but few know their own<br />

heritage stories and so these important ancient stories<br />

reminds us of our point of difference.”<br />

“O le tele o taimi e sili atu le silafia e Samoa sa<br />

fananau i Niu Sila pe sa tutupu a'e fo'i i Niu Sila o tala<br />

fa'afagogo mai Europa ae itiiti lava se iloa o latou lava<br />

tala'aga fa'asolopito. O tala nei o le vavau o se pine<br />

fa'amau e iloa ai lo tatou e'see'sega.”<br />

Translation provided by Fritz Filisi<br />

sina and the tuna: A story about the origins of the coconut.<br />

To order your own copy of Sina and the Tuna email:<br />

helentauaufilisi@gmail.com or visit her website:<br />


2<br />

Families at the heart of MEFSC's success<br />

LIKE A FAMILY: The original staff members of the Mangere East Family Service Centre.<br />

L-R Karen Matata, Poe Tuiasau, Kula Alapaki, Sue Stunzner, Peter Sykes, Phillina Kauri-Tumai.<br />

Photo: Qiane Matata-Sipu<br />

Twenty-one years.<br />

That’s a special number for most<br />

people growing up – but it’s even<br />

more special if you’re the Mangere<br />

East Family Service Centre. That's<br />

because they've just celebrated the<br />

21st anniversary since they began<br />

as a little childcare centre at the<br />

Mangere East Primary School hall. In<br />

his address to the audience gathered<br />

for the birthday celebrations, MEFSC<br />

Growing gardens inspires children<br />

By Justine Skilling - Waste Minimisation<br />

Facilitator, MEFSC<br />

The opening of Te Whakatupu<br />

Kakano, the gardening aspect of<br />

Barnardos’ Te Korowai Mokopuna<br />

project, at their Mangere Early<br />

Learning Centre last month was a<br />

real family affair. Funded with a<br />

$10,000 grant from the Auckland<br />

Airport Trust, the project will see the<br />

establishment of four gardens in<br />

Centres around South Auckland, as<br />

well as 40 home gardens for many<br />

of the Centres’ families. Children,<br />

parents, kaumatua, Centre staff and<br />

invited locals gathered in the sunshine<br />

for karakia, waiata and celebration of<br />

the planting of the Mangere Centre’s<br />

new raised beds. After some words of<br />

encouragement and a blessing from<br />

Barnardos kaumatua Bill Barlow, the<br />

first sod in the new garden beds was<br />

turned and then everyone got stuck<br />

into planting the vegetables.<br />

chairman Peter Cleland rightly pointed<br />

out that the organisation has become<br />

more than just a childcare centre and<br />

now includes the Waste Minimisation<br />

team, the Men's Shed, <strong>275</strong> <strong>Times</strong><br />

and social workers in almost every<br />

Mangere primary school. Mr Cleland<br />

also made special mention of chief<br />

executive Peter Sykes.<br />

“I want to especially acknowledge our<br />

CEO who has selflessly given to the<br />

Centre over the whole 21 years and<br />

made us what we are.<br />

“Peter has made us more than a team<br />

- we are a family, the Mangere East<br />

Service Centre family!”<br />

Peter Sykes says all the programs<br />

and services the Centre provides are<br />

aimed at helping people reach their<br />

potential "through participation".<br />

"We aim to create space for people to<br />

participate and be empowered, and<br />

while we don't need to be the soleprovider<br />

of that, we need to promote<br />

that it is people's right to access that<br />

space.<br />

"We aim to be one of the main drivers<br />

of inter-connectedness in Mangere.<br />

"So once our neighbours know who<br />

we are and respect us, then maybe<br />

that's when we've done our job."<br />

Mr Sykes says the ultimate goal is for<br />

the future generations of Mangere to<br />

experience holistic success.<br />

"It's about whole growth, not just in<br />

the dollar, and the measure of that<br />

is that our great-great grandchildren<br />

reap the benefit. The question that<br />

drives me is - what is the legacy that<br />

we will leave for our great-great<br />

grandchildren?"<br />

For more information go to:<br />

https://www.facebook.com/MEFSC<br />

READY TO PLANT: Children learning about gardening at the opening of Te Whakatupu Kakano<br />

If you want to see your ad appear in our next issue or if you have a suggestion for a story email<br />

us at: <strong>275</strong>times@gmail.com

From fishing to frocks<br />

3<br />

CATCH OF THE DAY: Noelene Ramsey has swapped selling fish for<br />

frocks and furniture at the Mangere Baptist’s Re-New Op Shop.<br />

Much like the Apostle Peter,<br />

Noelene Ramsey has given<br />

up working on fishing boats<br />

to become the rock for her<br />

church’s op shop.<br />

Noelene worked in Tonga<br />

for 11 years fishing around<br />

the coast and selling her<br />

catch to the villages and local<br />

markets.<br />

But when family asked her to<br />

return to New Zealand she<br />

didn’t hesitate. And a place<br />

that she started to regularly<br />

visit was the Mangere Baptist<br />

Op Shop.<br />

“I started coming here as a<br />

customer,” she says. As time<br />

went on, Noelene went from<br />

customer to shop assistant.<br />

Firstly as a volunteer and<br />

now currently as the day-today<br />

manager.<br />

Noelene says the best part<br />

of working there is knowing<br />

she’s part of something<br />

bigger than just selling<br />

clothes.<br />

“My favourite part of<br />

working at the shop is the<br />

prayer time at the start<br />

of the week and I also<br />

enjoy meeting lots of new<br />

people.<br />

“The op shop offers really<br />

cheap clothes, furniture<br />

and other goods and<br />

because we have a budget<br />

service next door it’s<br />

somewhere people can<br />

come straight after they’ve<br />

seen the budgeters.”<br />

Noelene hopes the shop<br />

will expand over time.<br />

”It’d be nice to get a bit<br />

bigger and maybe have<br />

a lunchbar where people<br />

can buy a pie or drink<br />

too.“<br />

The op shop recently<br />

changed it’s name to<br />

Re-New and extended<br />

it’s opening hours from<br />

11am – 4pm, Tue, Wed<br />

and Thur. Corner of<br />

Bader & Ashgrove Rd.<br />

If you want to see your ad appear in our next issue or if you have a suggestion for a story email<br />

us at: <strong>275</strong>times@gmail.com

Community Notices<br />

New Mangere East website<br />

Check out the amazing new Mangere East Community Centre<br />

website. It’s full of great photos, events, activities as well as an<br />

awesome blog. Go to: http://www.mangereeast.org/<br />

Free Theatre<br />

Village Collective in association with Tala Pasifika present the <strong>2015</strong><br />

season of SPARK. A theatre piece about superheroes, a new super<br />

product, and a movement to SPARK change.<br />

Venue: Mangere Arts Centre. Admission is FREE and showings are<br />

on <strong>May</strong> 14 & 15; 7-8pm and 12.30-1.30pm.<br />

Mangere’s libraries get musical<br />

To celebreate New Zealand Music Month the Mangere Libraries<br />

are all holding a variety of music related events to promote local<br />

talent. There will be a musical storytime with Puna o le Atamai on<br />

<strong>May</strong> 14 and 21, 10.30am - 11.15am at the Town Centre Library and<br />

Ukulele workshops on <strong>May</strong> 13 and 14, 4pm - 5pm at the Mangere<br />

East Library. Go to aucklandlibraries.govt.nz for more info.<br />

Employment workshops<br />

ARMS is holding free employment workshops for Pacific migrants.<br />

Attendees will learn language skills, job searching techniques,<br />

business culture insights, how to make a CV and interview tips.<br />

Workshops are <strong>May</strong> 19, Friendship House and June 19, Mangere<br />

Town Centre Library from 9.30am – 3pm. Call 625 2440 or email<br />

reception@arms-mrc.org.nz to register.<br />

Law In A Nutshell<br />

The Mangere Community Law Centre's Law In A Nutshell starts up<br />

again on <strong>May</strong> 6. Think about enrolling for the next 8 week course.<br />

Call <strong>275</strong>4310 for more information.<br />


Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board<br />

Community Volunteer Awards<br />

We couldn’t do without you<br />

The Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board is seeking your nominations, for volunteer people<br />

or groups whose outstanding work is making a positive difference to our community.<br />

These special people and groups will be officially thanked at the Māngere-Ōtāhuhu<br />

Local Board Community Awards function.<br />

For more information please contact Lana Roberts.<br />

Address: Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board Office,<br />

Shop 17, 93 Bader Drive, Māngere, Auckland 2022<br />

Email: lana.roberts@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz<br />

facebook.com/mangereotahuhu<br />

Nominations close 5pm, 29 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2015</strong>.<br />

Find out more: phone 09 256 5133 or visit<br />

aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/mangereotahuhu<br />


Words: Justin Latif<br />

Design: Jo Latif<br />

Publisher: Mangere East Family Service Centre<br />

e: <strong>275</strong>times@gmail.com f: www.facebook.com/<strong>275</strong>times<br />

w: www.<strong>275</strong>times.com

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