275 Times. June 2015

Mangere Community News.

Mangere Community News.


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EDITION #9<br />

JUNE <strong>2015</strong><br />

Free!<br />

<strong>275</strong> times<br />

<strong>275</strong><br />

times<br />

celebrating Māngere through sharing its stories<br />

māngere mum shares her story of success<br />

Uni lecturer Paula Nuku knows<br />

exactly what it takes to be a success<br />

at Te Wananga o Aotearoa. That’s<br />

because she’s gone from student to<br />

teacher in her time at the Mangerebased<br />

education provider.<br />

Born and raised in Mangere, Paula<br />

says getting qualifications was<br />

something her family put a lot of<br />

emphasis on.<br />

“Coming from a family of six,<br />

education was important to us.”<br />

Paula studied computing for two<br />

years with Te Wānanga o Aotearoa<br />

before going on to complete a threeyear<br />

Bachelor of Education degree<br />

at the Mangere Campus on Canning<br />

Crescent.<br />

Being a mum gave her the<br />

determination to push through<br />

those hard times as a struggling<br />

student.<br />

“You have to be the role model, so<br />

if you say education is a priority<br />

for them, you need to make it your<br />

priority too.”<br />

TE WANANGA TEACHER: Paula Nuku<br />

Out of the 16 Graduates from the Te<br />

Wānanga o Aotearoa, Bachelor of<br />

Education class, 15 of them are now<br />

working in Education and Paula is one<br />

of them.<br />

Paula is passionate about helping<br />

others achieve their goals and<br />

teaching in the same department<br />

where she began her learning<br />

experience is an added bonus.<br />

“I enjoy working with our people,<br />

it’s about taking them from here<br />

to there and giving them direction<br />

and purpose.”<br />

And it’s obvious seeing Paula<br />

working with the Youth Guarantee<br />

Multimedia Class that she can walk<br />

the talk too.<br />

Te Wānanga o Aotearoa has<br />

graduated over 300,000 graduates<br />

across New Zealand in the past<br />

30 years. If you're interested<br />

in studying, visit the Mangere<br />

campus, 15 Canning Crescent<br />

weekdays from 9am – 4:30 pm for<br />

more information.<br />

Enrolments are now being taken<br />

for semester B classes starting<br />

in July <strong>2015</strong> or visit the website<br />

www.twoa.ac.nz<br />

Whats<br />

inside:<br />

p2<br />

p3<br />

p4<br />

New<br />

housing<br />

Markets<br />

feature<br />

Notices<br />


Pak'n'Save<br />

mangere<br />

$3.09 Milk 2L<br />

$0.95 Bread<br />

$4.59 Nappies<br />

18 pack<br />

town centre<br />

countdown<br />

$3.19 Milk 2L<br />

$1.00 Bread<br />

$5.49 Nappies<br />

14 Pack<br />

mangere east<br />

countdown<br />

$3.19 Milk 2L<br />

$1.00 Bread<br />

$5.49 Nappies<br />

14 Pack<br />

Foodworld in<br />

town centre<br />

$2.99 Milk 2L<br />

$1.20 Bread<br />

$3.99 Nappies<br />

10 Pack<br />

fresh choice<br />

mangere brdg<br />

$3.59 Milk 2L<br />

$1.00 Bread<br />

$5.49 Nappies<br />

14 Pack<br />

*Our readers have asked where are some of the cheaper places to buy your shopping essentials. So we undertook an<br />

indiscriminate survey of prices at five randomly chosen supermarkets on May 25. Please make your own comparisons<br />

to your local dairy or service station. These prices are subject to change and in no way indicate what is very the lowest<br />

price in Mangere for a particular item. Nappies are for a 8-9kg baby. We welcome feedback on our Facebook page.<br />


18th <strong>June</strong> | 10:00 - 2:30 | 15 Canning Crescent,<br />

Mangere - <strong>275</strong><br />

OPEN DAY<br />

0800 355 553 / www.twoa.ac.nz

2<br />

Faith and fellowship at heart of new village<br />

Lay Pastor Moi Kaufononga of the Lotofale’ia Congregation in Mangere<br />

What started as one man’s dream<br />

has become a place of beauty and<br />

hope for a whole community. The<br />

Matanikolo Housing development<br />

is the brainchild of Lay Pastor<br />

Moi Kaufononga of the Lotofale’ia<br />

Congregation in Mangere. The<br />

property at the end of Hall Road<br />

in Mangere has been turned<br />

from a large community garden<br />

into a modern-day village of 22<br />

houses, with more still to come. Mr<br />

Kaufononga says there are two basic<br />

needs all humans have - one is for<br />

food, and the second is for a roof over<br />

their heads. The gardens used to fulfill<br />

that first basic need, but now, thanks<br />

to a $4 million Government subsidy<br />

and some wise investment from the<br />

church, the Matanikolo development<br />

has meant 22 families will have their<br />

own quality home at a very affordable<br />

rental rate. Mr Kaufononga's dream is<br />

driven by the desire to see people live<br />

and learn together.<br />

“When you work together, learn<br />

together, and eat together – that’s<br />

when you experience Jesus. Jesus<br />

is here in Matanikolo when we are<br />

together, loving one another.”<br />

The development was named<br />

Matanikolo by the Tongan King’s<br />

brother Prince Fatafehi which means<br />

gateway in English as it represents<br />

the beginning to a new life that so<br />

many families will experience in this<br />

urban village nestled in a quiet corner<br />

of Mangere. This development has<br />

also received support from local<br />

police, Auckland Council and the<br />

Methodist Church’s LIfewise social<br />

workers to ensure the families living<br />

in the development get any necessary<br />

support and protection they need<br />

so the community can flourish as a<br />

whole. Mr Kaufononga says it’s taken<br />

a lot of hard work and faith to get to<br />

this point, but there's still a further<br />

eight to ten units for the elderly, an<br />

apartment block and a community<br />

hall to be built in the coming years.<br />

Samoa House set to wow Māngere<br />

and a three storey building. It’s all<br />

about going with the flow. We opened<br />

our consulate on K Rd in the late 60s<br />

to be near where most Samoans lived,<br />

so now that most are in the south it<br />

makes sense for us to move.”<br />

Mr Pogi says the new building will<br />

be completed by early 2016 and its<br />

construction will cut his own commute<br />

into the city dramatically as the Consul<br />

General’s residence is in Favona.<br />

Samoan Consul General Faolotoi Reupena Pogi<br />

Not sure what’s going on at the corner<br />

of Bader Drive and Mascot Ave?<br />

Well here’s the low-down: it’s going<br />

to be the new home of the Samoan<br />

Consulate.<br />

Samoan Consul General Faolotoi<br />

Reupena Pogi says the multi-million<br />


Words: Justin Latif Design: Jo Latif<br />

Publisher: Mangere East Family Service Centre<br />

<strong>275</strong>times@gmail.com | www.<strong>275</strong>times.com<br />

www.facebook.com/<strong>275</strong>times<br />

dollar project will make the consulate’s<br />

services more accessible for the<br />

majority Samoans who generally live<br />

in South and West Auckland and it<br />

will also add something special to the<br />

community of Mangere.<br />

“The site will include a fale, a Marae,<br />

Print<br />

Your printing house<br />

022 1612 927<br />

(09) 2575887<br />

www.minzltd.co.nz<br />

info@minzltd.co.nz<br />

Massey Road, Mangere<br />

Samoan Consul General Faolotoi Reupena Pogi<br />

Check our Special Deals on<br />

Invitation Cards such as:<br />

Birthday<br />

Wedding<br />

Special Events<br />

Call us for a free quote

Sustainability network<br />

continues to blossom<br />

Umu: Food from the garden was cooked traditionally and enjoyed!<br />

The Mangere Otahuhu<br />

Sustainability Network goes<br />

from strength to strength<br />

and another successful hui<br />

just goes to prove it. Around<br />

70 locals, many of whom are<br />

neighbours of the Old School<br />

Reserve Teaching Gardens in<br />

Kirkbride Rd, which hosted<br />

the event (with support<br />

from Mangere East Family<br />

Service Centre) attended<br />

the event on a beautiful<br />

autumn morning on the first<br />

of May. This gathering also<br />

attracted a number of schools<br />

and children from the area.<br />

Garden co-ordinator Yvonne<br />

Thomas opened the hui<br />

with a talk on the history<br />

of this amazing community<br />

resource before participants<br />

took part in tours,<br />

workshops and community<br />

notices. The event was<br />

rounded out with a delicious<br />

umu.<br />

More gatherings are coming,<br />

so email Justine@mefsc.org.<br />

nz to go on the database,<br />

or check out the Mangere<br />

Otahuhu Backyard Project<br />

page at www.facebook.com/<br />

wastechamps.<br />

Katoteu, kafa and kahoa<br />

Beauty<br />

Services<br />


AND<br />


Welding +<br />

Panel beating<br />

Recreation<br />

& Sport<br />

Business<br />

Admin and<br />

Computing<br />

Forces<br />

Pre-Entry<br />

Don’t<br />

just dream it.<br />

Warehousing<br />

& Forklift<br />

Operations<br />

BECOME IT!<br />

Retail<br />

3<br />

Crafty family: From left, Taufa Vaka'uta, Taeao Vaka'uta and Akosita Takai<br />

The Mangere Markets is home<br />

to not just an amazing range<br />

of fruit and veges, but also the<br />

place to go for all your Pacific<br />

cultural needs. Akosita Takai<br />

and her family run one of the<br />

many stalls selling Tongan<br />

necklaces and baskets every<br />

Saturday morning. Despite<br />

the competition, they do a<br />

roaring trade in baskets or<br />

“katoteu”, traditional belts or<br />

“sisi” and “kafa” and necklaces<br />

or “kahoa”. Akosita says it<br />

can take a day to make the<br />

baskets, whereas she can<br />

make up to four necklaces in<br />

a day. Flanked by her sister<br />

and niece, the Mangere<br />

resident says selling in the<br />

markets can be a fun way<br />

to spend a Saturday. “We<br />

want to have fun, and help<br />

to promote Tongan culture –<br />

and hopefully we are one of<br />

the best in the market.”<br />

ZERO FEES &<br />


FOR 16-19YRS<br />



20+ YEAR OLDS<br />

HANDS ON<br />


Conditions apply<br />


(09) 257-5732<br />


(09) 818-1257<br />


(09) 296-0511<br />

If you want to see your ad appear in our next issue<br />

or if you have a suggestion for a story email us at:<br />


Community Notices<br />

Fitness Expo<br />

“Let’s Get Moving Mangere” is a healthy lifestyles expo being held<br />

at the Mangere Town Centre from 9am -2pm, <strong>June</strong> 27 to promote<br />

ways to stay healthy. It’s going to be an action-packed day of<br />

Zumba, salsa dancing, boxfit and yoga demonstrations plus<br />

heaps of helpful info on how to get fit and stay that way. If you’re<br />

interested in being a stall holder email: <strong>275</strong>times@gmail.com<br />

Talent Quest<br />

Te Puea Memorial Marae is hosting the "Inter-marae Challenge"<br />

at 10am, <strong>June</strong> 6, Miro Rd, Mangere Bridge. Includes food stalls/<br />

bric a brac/corporate stalls. Contact: Johnboi Nepia Kukutai<br />

02102348215 or tepueamemorialmarae@gmail.com<br />

Study Information and tours<br />

MIT is hosting a range of information sessions over <strong>June</strong> for<br />

Semester 2. These will cover a range of areas including carpentry,<br />

creative arts and automotive studies. Sessions run through <strong>June</strong><br />

so go to manukau.ac.nz or email: experience@manukau.ac.nz<br />

Workshops for new migrants<br />

The Auckland Regional Migrant Services (ARMS) is holding a<br />

series of workshops in Mangere to help new Pacific migrants.<br />

Please tell those you know who are new to New Zealand. They<br />

are; a Job Search Workshop, 9.15am <strong>June</strong> 19, Mangere Town<br />

Centre Library, Bader Drive, NZ Legal System and Legal Rights<br />

and Responsibilities in NZ, 9.30am <strong>June</strong> 9, Mangere Community<br />

Law Centre, Tenancy and Home Ownership, 9.30am <strong>June</strong> 16,<br />

Mangere Community Link, ,NZ’s Education and Health Systems,<br />

9.30am <strong>June</strong> 30, Mangere Community Law Centre.<br />

South Auckland Comedy Jam<br />

Comedian Guy Williams (from Jono and Ben) has wrangled up a<br />

few of his comedy mates for a night of hilarity at the Mangere arts<br />

centre. <strong>June</strong> 5, call 0800 BUY TIX for tickets.<br />

Innovation injection sessions<br />

InnovateChange is holding a series of brainstorming sessions in<br />

Mangere. By participating you’ll get a $30 shopping voucher. Call<br />

378 7642 or email hello@innovatechange.co.nz - for more info.<br />

'Re-new' - Mangere Baptist Church Op Shop<br />

Hours are 11am - 4pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

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