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eport ’08 | Editorial

(l. to r.): Paul Herzfeld (Deputy Director General), Karl Stoss (Director General), Dietmar Hoscher (Director), Josef Leutgeb (Director)


Welcome to report ‘08, the Annual Report for Casinos

Austria AG and its subsidiaries. report ‘08

provides an overview of our key facts and figures

for 2008 and also offers an insight into the exciting

world of gaming, the broad portfolio of products

and services offered by the Casinos Austria Group

and other key issues like CSR, responsible gaming,

sponsoring and security.

The Poker boom that began in 2006 maintained

its upward momentum in 2008. This enthralling

game, where a little bit of luck and a clever bluff

at the right moment can decide the winner, continues

to enjoy tremendous popularity in casinos

around the world. This trend was clearly reflected

at Casinos Austria not only in the many tournaments

hosted by our casinos, but also in the

launch of a dedicated Pokerroom on our online

gaming platform in February 2008.

The only all-Austrian site of its kind, Pokerroom

has already built up a loyal fan base. But our casinos

offer far more than just Poker. report ‘08

also takes a look behind the scenes at our 12

casinos in Austria, before whisking you off on a

tour of the 63 casinos operated by Casinos Austria

International Holding on five continents and on

board 11 cruise liners.

In-depth reports on key topics like security, responsible

gaming, our staff, our ongoing support for important

social issues and, of course, a comprehensive

set of financial statements complete the spectrum.

report ’08 also takes you on a trip to relatively unknown

territory: to the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan,

where Austrian Lotteries are currently

developing the Republic’s new national lottery.

Last but by no means least, we would also like to

extend a very special word of thanks to our staff

for their dedication and hard work and, of course,

to our guests and customers for their continued

loyalty and support.

We hope you enjoy reading report ’08.

The Casinos Austria Board of Directors.

Karl Stoss Paul Herzfeld

Dietmar Hoscher Josef Leutgeb

Editorial | report ’08

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Dear Reader,

eport ’08 | The Group The Group | report ’08


MEDIAL Beteiligungs GmbH


Vienna Insurance Group

Raiffeisen Group

Bankhaus Schelhammer & Schattera






Austrian Mint


Bankhaus Schelhammer & Schattera





Private Shareholders


Organizational Chart (CASAG & Holdings)

A Sought-After Partner

At the end of 2007, the Casinos Austria Group implemented a new corporate structure. In 2008, this transformation

had already borne its first fruits: expansion into new countries and new product segments.

Russian hasn’t really been one of the languages

most commonly spoken by staff

at Casinos Austria throughout the company’s

40-year history. The Casinos Austria Group has,

of course, been doing business outside Austria

since the 1970s and, in addition to its 12 domestic

casinos, currently operates 63 casinos in

18 countries on five continents and on board 11

cruise liners. We have operations in Western and

Southeastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa,

North and South America, Asia and Australia.

But not in Russia.

But this was about to change: in 2008 the volume

of communication received from representatives

of the Russian Federation increased dramatically.

On an almost weekly basis, our main office in

Vienna was contacted by politicians, analysts or

journalists offering or seeking cooperation opportunities.

What had prompted this political interest

was a resolution that had come into effect at the

start of 2007. Under the terms of this resolution

to totally restructure the Russian gaming market,

all existing casinos – including an estimated 2,000

in Moscow alone – will have to close by mid-2009.

In their place, the Russian government plans to

establish four new Las Vegas-style gaming zones.

Located outside the main urban areas in the Altai,

Krasnodar and Primorye territories and the Kaliningrad

region, these new gaming centers should offer

eve rything the heart desires.

Needless to say, the provincial governments in

the selected zones were not going to entrust

an undertaking of this magnitude to just any

casino operator. To ensure everything would be

done by the book and revenues would be correctly

taxed – a key argument for the respective

Finance Ministers – their political representatives

began looking for appropriate casino op-

erators with international experience and an

impeccable reputation.

Their search quickly led them to Vienna. Or,

more precisely, to Casinos Austria when it came

to the question of who should operate the new

casinos. But also to Austrian Lotteries, who are

now already well on track with their first project:

the market entry in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

With a population of four million, the Russian

Republic of Bashkortostan was previously only

really known to a select few in Austria. But the

Republic has much to offer: rich oil reserves, a

flourishing petrochemical industry, a good overall

economic situation and plenty of potential.

At the beginning of 2008, the Bashkortostan Finance

Minister himself contacted the management

team at Austrian Lotteries. A few months

later, an agreement had already been reached.

The launch of the “Lucky Hearts” scratch-off

lottery at the end of 2008 was a clear initial

sign. The first draw of Bashkortostan’s new

national lottery is expected to take place mid-

2009. The new lottery will follow the established

formula used for the Austrian Lotto “6 aus

45”, adapted to suit the size of the population.

With this project, Casinos Austria and Austrian

Lotteries have successfully taken a very important

step: linking their extensive know-how in the

lottery business with their international experience

in the casino sector. They have also taken

their first step into the new Russian market. In

times of worldwide economic crisis, looking for

potential in new markets becomes all the more

important. There can be no doubting that the

Russian economy is currently being severely

shaken, perhaps even more severely than West- �


Casinos Austria AG and its subsidiaries offer highest quality

gaming and entertainment. Reliability, extensive experience

and respect for the special socio-political responsibility that

goes hand-in-hand with gaming guarantee the trust of guests,

customers, investors and, above all, the licensing authorities.

Our shared visions and capacity for innovation promote the

ongoing development of the Group and safeguard the jobs of

our employees. We encourage and value active participation

and constructive input.

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eport ’08 | The Group The Group | report ’08



Karl Stoss

Heads of Division:

Andreas Cieslar, Dieter Salzgeber,

Christian Schütz, Karl Vybiral


Dietmar Hoscher

Heads of Division/Directors:

Erwin Binder,

Philip Newald



Board of Directors

Head of Division:

Peter Ulovec


Dietmar Hoscher

Head of Division:

Peter Erlacher


Board of Directors

Head of Division:

Erhard Peinthor


Dietmar Hoscher

Head of Division:

Markus Eder


Bettina Glatz-Kremsner

Friedrich Stickler

Heads of Division:

Peter Ulovec,

Wolfgang Leitner


Dietmar Hoscher

Heads of Division/Managing Directors:

Wolfgang Sperl,

Robert Vierziger


Karl Stoss

Head of Division:

Stephan Walder


Bettina Glatz-Kremsner

Head of Division:

Erich Schuster


Karl Stoss

Head of Division:

Martin Himmelbauer


Bettina Glatz-Kremsner

Heads of Division:

Nathan Bomze, Oskar Berzsenyi,

Reinhard Summerer


Paul Herzfeld

Josef Leutgeb

Heads of Division:

Erwin Binder, Richard Hainzl,

Stefan Harra



Friedrich Stickler

Bettina Glatz-Kremsner

Heads of Division:

Martin Jekl,

Wolfgang Leitner


Josef Leutgeb

Head of Division:

Wolfgang Sperl


Josef Leutgeb

Head of Division:

Alexander Kiss


Josef Leutgeb

Head of Division:

Alexander Frisch



Friedrich Stickler

Head of Division:

Herbert Beck

ern European economies. But when the crisis ends

– as it is also sure to do one day – it will also offer

the greatest opportunities for growth – opportunities

that should not be ignored.

The results for the 2008 business year clearly

show that the Casinos Austria Group is well

equipped to stand its ground in difficult times.

Despite strong competition in the gaming market,

the introduction of new no-smoking regulations

in a number of European countries and

noticeable restraint among guests as a result

of the crisis, the Group reported significant

increases in a number of key indicators. 22.4

million guests worldwide, an increase of 12.6

percent year-on-year and 3.803 billion euro in

revenues, a rise of nine percent, are the kind

of results that speak for themselves. The upward

trend in guest numbers can be credited to

the 63 Casinos Austria International operations

posting a 14.3 percent rise in guest numbers in

2008. The clear growth in revenues can be attributed

to a large extent to the strong performance

Austrian Lotteries achieved with its Lotto,

Joker, Toto, Bingo, EuroMillions, ToiToiToi, Zahlenlotto,

Rubbellos, Brieflos and Klassenlotterie products.

Boosted by the first-ever five-time rollover

for Lotto “6 aus 45” and a number of EuroMillions

prizewinners in Austria in the double-digit

millions, Austrian Lotteries reported an increase

in sales of 15 percent to 2.378 billion euro in

2008. Positive developments were also reported

by the other companies in the Group: WINWIN

increased its number of outlets to 11 and will

complete the dozen in the course of 2009. tipp3

raised its profile as sponsor of the Austrian Football

Bundesliga and scored a clear win during

EURO ’08 with its professional sports betting services. exceeded the 400,000 registered

users mark, while the 12 Austrian casinos defied

the difficult operating conditions, reporting a 1.1

percent increase in revenues to 280 million euro.

Gaming in the Austrian domestic market is subject

to the explicit approval of the Federal Ministry

of Finance and the nine federal states (Bundesländer)

of the Federal Republic. Every new game

and every change to gaming rules and terms and

conditions – no matter how small – must be submitted

to the Ministry for approval before it is

implemented. Naturally, this makes a quick reac-

tion to market developments more difficult. But

it also serves as both guarantee and proof of the

particular level of care exercised by all companies

in their individual areas of business. Every

casino guest and every online user has to register

according to the rules and must be at least

18 years of age. If necessary, casino guests must

disclose whether they have sufficient means to

support their gaming activities. When it comes to

responsible gaming practices, Casinos Austria and

Austrian Lotteries are well known for setting new,

exemplary standards.

Another strength that results from this special position

is the Casinos Austria Group’s clear commitment

to social responsibility. In 2008, the companies

in the Group contributed a total of over 70

million euro (including Austrian Lotteries’ contributions

to the sponsoring of sports) to numerous

humanitarian and cultural projects, as well as to

popular sports in Austria. In many cases, these

projects and causes could not have been furthered

without this support.

The Casinos Austria Group now employs some

13,532 staff worldwide, including 2,332 in Austria

alone. Indeed, employee numbers in Austria even

show a slight increase year-on-year, not something

to be taken for granted in the current economic climate,

and when one large company after another is

introducing short-time working hours or announcing

major redundancy programs. The fact that many of

our staff have been with Casinos Austria for well over

10 years – and some of them even for more than 35

years – offers a clear indication that the chemistry

must be right.

But it is not only the economic crisis that has

made the operating environment more difficult.

Competition in the gaming industry is also on

the increase, particularly from the many operators

crowding the legally contested areas of the

market. A forthcoming Amendment to the Austrian

Gaming Act is set to reregulate and unify

the market across the whole country. Clear statutory

requirements regarding entry controls and

regulations that will be applicable not just to operations

run by Casinos Austria should ensure

that all operations comply with regulatory policies

and that appropriate measures are in place

to protect minors and players.

| 8 | | 9 |

eport ’08 | The Group The Group | report ’08

The Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries headquarters in Vienna

Only the State has the right to operate games of

chance in Austria. The State has issued licenses

to operate such games of chance to two companies:

Casinos Austria AG is authorized to operate

casino games, while Austrian Lotteries holds the

license to operate lottery games. As holders of

these licenses, both companies are subject to

strict conditions, state control and high taxes.

The legitimacy of national gaming monopolies

like the one found in Austria has been recently

upheld by the European Union: both through the

rulings of the European Court of Justice and


Revenues (win, registered tips, entrance) in millions EUR

CASAG CAI ÖLG Entertainment Group

2007 277 1,096 1,036 1,080 3,489

2008 280 1,094 1,123 1,305 3,802

+1.1% -0.2% +8.5% +20.8% +9.0%

Taxes paid in Austria in millions EUR


2007 132 349 481

2008 134 383 517

Casino Guests in millions


2007 2.44 (+0%) 17.5 (+5.4%) 19.94

2008 2.36 (-3%) 20.0 (+14.3%) 22.36

| 10 | | 11 |

Legal Framework

Employees *


CASAG CAI ÖLG Entertainment Group

2007 1,721 11,500 462 124 13,807

2008 1,752 11,200 442 138 13,532

Number of Slot Machines


2007 1,814 11,200 13,014

2008 1,846 11,600 13,446

Number of Gaming Tables

through the repeated confirmation by the Commissioner

for the Internal Market and Services,

Charlie McCreevy, that he sees no grounds to

fundamentally challenge national monopolies.

The Austrian Gaming Act, as amended, excludes

gaming machines with maximum bets of 50

cents and winnings of up to 20 euro. It remains

at the discretion of the individual federal states

whether they allow such gaming machines or

not. Lower Austria, Styria, Carinthia and Vienna

permit such gaming machines, the remaining

federal states do not.


2007 238 1,000 1,238

2008 236 1,000 1,236

CAI = Casinos Austria International = 63 casinos in 18 countries on 5 continents or on 11 cruise liners

CASAG = Casinos Austria AG = 12 casinos in Austria

ÖLG = Österreichische Lotterien GmbH = Austrian Lotteries

* Annual average full-time equivalents

** incl. CAGAST, CAST, CCB and CALL

eport ’08 | Board of Directors Board of Directors | report ’08

Board of Directors

Karl Stoss, Director General

born 26 November 1956 in Dornbirn

Karl Stoss studied Business Administration at the

University of Innsbruck, where he also worked as

a lecturer at the Institute of Industry and Trade

while completing his PhD. In 1984, he joined

Vorarlberger Landesversicherung, before moving

to MZSG Management Zentrum St. Gallen in Switzerland

two years later as Consultant and Partner.

In 1996, he relocated to Vienna, working as a Consultant

for Österreichische Postsparkasse for one

year before assuming the role of Deputy Director

General. He was appointed a Director of Raiffeisen

Zentralbank Österreich AG in 2001, joined the

Paul Herzfeld, Deputy Director General

born 17 August 1955 in Vienna

Paul Herzfeld joined Casinos Austria while studying

for his Masters Degree in Commercial Studies

at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration

from 1973 to 1979. In the years that

followed, he held a variety of positions ranging from

Door Inspector and Front Desk Cashier to Chip Cashier

at Casinos Wien, Baden, Bad Gastein and finally

Kitzbühel, where he was appointed Head of Administration

in 1989. In 1990, he returned to Vienna

to head up the new Organization/Information/IT

department established to develop and implement

a company-wide reporting and information system.

Three years later, he was appointed Secretary General

Board of Generali Holding Vienna AG as a Director

on 1 October 2004 and took over the role of Chairman

of the Board at the start of 2005. On the

recommendation of his predecessor, Leo Wallner,

Karl Stoss was appointed to the Board of Casinos

Austria AG with effect from 1 January 2007, where

he succeeded Leo Wallner as Director General in

May of the same year. In his free time, the father

of three is a keen mountaineer who has completed

several climbing tours in the Himalayas with Peter

Habeler, the Austrian extreme mountaineer famed

for his ascent of Mount Everest.

and Authorized Signatory of Casinos Austria AG, a

role which saw him responsible for coordination of

the various activities of the Casinos Austria Group

on behalf of the Board and for management of the

Group’s European business activities. In 1997, he

was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and

Director of Casinos Austria International Holding

GmbH, where he has since played a defining role

in the Group’s successful international expansion.

Paul Herzfeld has been a Director of Casinos Austria

AG since 2001 and is also a Member of the Board

of the European Casino Association. His hobbies include

travel and golf.

Dietmar Hoscher, Director

born 5 June 1962 in Vienna

After graduating with a Masters Degree in Economics

from the University of Vienna, Dietmar Hoscher

managed a research project into progressive consumption

tax at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for

Economic Policy Analysis before joining the Österreichische

Nationalbank (Austrian Central Bank) as

an Economic Advisor in 1987. Two years later, he was

appointed Economic Policy Advisor to the Austrian

Parliament, serving in this capacity from 1995 under

Ministers of Finance Staribacher, Klima and Edlinger.

In 1998, he joined Casinos Austria, initially as Head

of Division and Executive Manager. On 4 April 2000,

he was appointed Director of Österreichische Sport-

Josef Leutgeb, Director

born 27 March 1961 in Eggenburg

After completing his Masters Degree in Business

Administration at Vienna University of Economics

and Business Administration in 1987, Josef

Leutgeb began his professional career as an Auditor

and Consultant with the international auditing

firm BDO Auxilia in Vienna. In this capacity, he

worked with several leading Austrian companies,

including Casinos Austria AG. Impressed by his

expertise, Casinos Austria Director General Leo

Wallner recruited Josef Leutgeb in 1993 to set up

a new company-wide Controlling division. In 1997,

he was appointed to the Board of Casinos Austria

International Holding GmbH as Chief Financial Officer

(CFO) and also took up the role of Director of

wetten GmbH (tipp3), where he assumed the position

of Chairman of the Board in June 2008. On

1 January 2007, he was appointed Director of

Casinos Austria AG. He is Vice President of the Austrian

Bookmakers’ Association and the Vienna Business

Circle, a former Member of Parliament and as

Honorary President and Chairman of the Board of

Trustees of SK Rapid Wien, naturally also a big fan

of the legendary Vienna-based football club. Dietmar

Hoscher is an accomplished author and independent

music journalist who writes for various Austrian and

German journals and is a supporter of music festivals

like the Vienna Blues Spring.

Casinos Austria International Ltd. in Australia. On

1 January 2005, he was also appointed Director

of Casinos Austria AG by the Supervisory Board.

Responsible for managing the Group’s financial affairs,

he has played a leading role in driving a number

of key processes, including the turnaround of

its business in Australia and the restructuring of

several other international holdings. A keen traveler,

he does not mind the extensive travel that comes

with his role, and also likes traveling with his family

in his free time. Josef Leutgeb is also an enthusiastic

sportsman, who enjoys a number of different

sports – though always in moderation as he is

quick to point out.

| 12 | | 13 |

eport ’08 | Casinos in Austria

Beat’em all

2008 was a challenging year for the 12 Austrian casinos. But it also offered them a chance

to demonstrate their strengths over other gaming operators. An opportunity that Casinos

Austria put to impressive use.

The number surprised even the optimists among

us. In November 2008, 1,503 contestants

grabbed the chance to take part in “Beat’em all” –

Europe’s largest live Poker tournament. This major

event began simultaneously in ten casinos across

Austria, from Bregenz in the west to Baden in the

east, with the electrifying final held almost exactly in

the middle of the country in Casino Linz.

Of course, it was not just the money – a total prize

pool of 142,785 euro was at stake – that attracted

such a large number of Poker fans. They also

came to experience the thrilling atmosphere of a

live tournament in a casino and with the knowledge

that if they won, they would achieve instant fame in

the Poker world as the – direct or indirect – winner

among 1,503 contestants.

The winning combination of that very special Casinos

Austria’s flair and the possibility to buy-in at

casinos all across the country, once again proved

a major trump card. But it didn’t stop there: Poker

enthusiasts also had the chance to qualify through

a series of satellite tournaments on,

our very own online gaming platform. It goes without

saying that we will be repeating the tournament

in 2009.

“Beat’em all” was not just the name of this remarkable

live Poker tournament, it also proved to be the

Casinos Austria motto in the battle for supremacy

in the gaming industry. Casinos Austria might be

the only Austrian company with a clear mandate

and license from the Federal Ministry of Finance to

operate casino games in Austria, but competition

in the casino sector remains fierce nonetheless.

Some 50 casinos just across the country’s borders

have been increasingly courting Austrian customers

of late, and there is also a great deal of activity

in the domestic market. Add to this a major eco- �

Casinos in Austria | report ’08

| 14 | | 15 |

eport ’08 | Casinos in Austria


Casino National Guests International Guests Total

Wien 205,849 158,314 364,163

Baden 286,854 35,346 322,200

Bregenz 110,495 197,994 308,489

Velden 189,494 62,323 251,817

Innsbruck 135,649 99,162 234,811

Linz 196,135 28,490 224,625

Salzburg 108,826 80,427 189,253

Graz 163,970 19,777 183,547

Seefeld 38,368 100,464 138,832

Kitzbühel 30,699 31,101 61,800

Kleinwalsertal 5,152 54,145 59,297

Bad Gastein 9,435 14,741 24,176

Total 1,480,926 882,084 2,363,010


2008 Percentage of Total

Total Guests 2,363,010

National Guests 1,480,926 63%

International Guests 882,084 37%

Female Guests 1,012,196 43%

First-time Guests 391,395 17%


(in millions EUR, in % compared to previous year)

2004 205.0 -5.9%

2005 201.0 -2.0%

2006 181.7 -9.6%

2007 193.5 +6.5%

2008 196.9 +1.75%

nomic crisis looming on the horizon, and it quickly

becomes clear why companies really have to play

on their strengths to stay in the running.

To do so, Casinos Austria hosts far more than just

superb tournaments like “Beat’em all” or the traditional

Casinos Austria Poker Tour: we also try to

provide our guests with a unique range of entertainment

options not available anywhere else. These include

specials like our popular Ladies Nights, our

extensive choice of dining opportunities or our unrivalled

event facilities for unforgettable functions,

parties and congresses. Not forgetting, of course,

the superb gaming on offer: as of 31 December

2008, Casinos Austria’s 12 domestic casinos were

home to more than 236 gaming tables – with a

choice of games ranging from French and American

Roulette, Blackjack and Poker to Punto Banco

– and all managed by our excellent team of company-trained,

international standard croupiers.

With so much entertainment on offer, Casinos Austria

once again confirmed its position as clear market

leader, welcoming 2.36 million guests in the reporting

year. Although this figure was down three

percent year-on-year, it still offers a clear indication

of who holds the winning hand in Austria.

Maintaining this situation is not only in our own interests,

but also in the interests of our individual

host regions. Over the last 40 years, our casinos

have firmly established themselves as major tourist

attractions and bring significant added value

to their host states. This comes in many shapes

and forms: from redevelopment contracts (such

At the turn of the year, Casino Kleinwalsertal was given a whole new look

as those recently awarded in Vienna, Salzburg or

Kleinwalsertal) and the direct benefit for the tourism

and leisure industries (who view a casino as

a valuable asset) to supply agreements with local

food producers (for whom our casino restaurants

and F&B services are important and reliable partners

and customers). In cooperation with the Österreichischen

Hoteliervereinigung (Austrian Hoteliers

Association) and the key Austrian tourism journal

Tourist Austria International (T.A.I.), Casinos Austria

also recently launched a new “Konjunkturmotor

Tourismus” (Tourism as Economic Driver) initiative.

Networked services, i.e. linking gaming operations

directly to a central server, are not just a key

element in Casinos Austria's security policy, they

also open up extended gaming possibilities, such

as the progressive Mega Austria Jackpot, which

provides added excitement to slot machine gaming.

One lucky winner hit this jackpot in Casino

Wien at the start of 2009, taking home a prize of

1.02 million euro!

Each in their own special way, the 12 Austrian casinos

are extraordinary places. Many of them are

located in luxurious palace buildings, and they

boast a broad range of different interior designs.

Casinos Austria invests a great deal of energy, time

and money to maintain this status. Our operations

in Baden, Linz and Innsbruck were totally renovated

and relaunched in 2007, and the idyllic Casino

Kleinwalsertal was given a whole new look at the

end of 2008 and beginning of 2009. Further redevelopment

projects are also already in the pipeline

for the coming year.




Mega Austria Jackpot (in EUR)

Casinos in Austria | report ’08

French Roulette 6

American Roulette 71

Blackjack/Blackjack Imperial 57

Glücksrad (Wheel of Fortune) 2

Punto Banco/Baccara 5

Poker 58

Red Dog 1

Seven Eleven 1

Tropical Poker 15

Easy Poker 2

Easy Hold‘em 18

Total Live Gaming Tables 236

Slot Machines 1,846

Gross gaming revenues for the 12 Austrian casinos (in EUR)

Wien 43,656,209

Bregenz 32,404,212

Innsbruck 25,169,042

Velden 18,190,274

Linz 18,069,878

Baden 17,118,859

Graz 10,952,308

Salzburg 11,483,143

Seefeld 11,428,428

Kitzbühel 5,834,955

Kleinwalsertal 1,965,499

Bad Gastein 596,803

Total 196,869,610

Casino Velden 1,192,255 23.01.2008

Casino Kitzbühel 765,951 21.03.2008

Casino Wien 949,874 15.08.2008

Total 2,908,080

| 16 | | 17 |

eport ’08 | Casinos in Austria Casinos in Austria | report ’08


2500 Baden

Kaiser-Franz-Ring 1

Im Kurpark

Tel.: +43 /2252/ 444 96

Fax: +43 /2252/ 444 96-222






Guests: 322,200

Employees: 158

Revenues (in EUR): 17,118,859

Edmund Gollubits, Casino Director

It’s a balmy evening, and the scent of flowers

hangs in the air. Cocktail in hand, you stand on the

terrace of Grand Casino Baden contemplating the

light sparkling in the dancing fountain. Then you

step into the casino, hear people chatting and

laughing as you quickly become caught up in the

magic of the game. “Rien ne va plus. Would you like

another card? Flush wins.” Time to take a break,

relax on one of the sumptuous modern sofas and

cast your eyes around the room. Red leather, exquisite

rugs, the shiny Do&Co Bar – the charm of the

historic building harmonizes with the contemporary

interior, creating a very special and exciting

atmosphere all of its own.

“It’s the wonderful mix of styles that makes Grand

Casino Baden so unique,” explains Casino Director

Edmund Gollubits, reflecting on a very exciting year:

“We were delighted to welcome so many international

guests during the annual European Poker Championship

in the fall and be able to impress them with

our thoroughly professional tournament and event

services. A further highlight in 2008 was definitely

the glamorous Undine Gala, which was attended by

numerous national and international celebrities and

stars of stage and screen.”

Las Vegas might have a lot to offer, but there’s one

thing the casino capital in the desert sure doesn’t

have and that’s snow-capped mountains. Winter

sports paradise Bad Gastein, on the other hand, is

positively surrounded by them and offers visitors a

very special place to while away the hours after a day

on the slopes. At an altitude of 1,000 meters above

sea level, Casino Bad Gastein in the glamorous

Grand Hotel de l’Europe welcomes guests from literally

all over the world. No matter whether skiers or

hikers, international visitors never fail to succumb to

the appeal of the mountains and the charm of the

Belle Époque villas in this picturesque spa town.

“In 2008, we welcomed guests from over 80 different

countries to Casino Bad Gastein. Our international

clientele is quite typical for the sport crazy Gastein

region,” explains Casino Director Michael Leczek.

“Offering perfect service is top priority for our small

team. That way we can make sure our guests enjoy

an unforgettable casino experience – a perfect combination

of personal service and the unique atmosphere

created by our historic setting.” A seasonal

operation, Casino Bad Gastein is very much in tune

with holidaying guests, operating from Christmas to

mid-March and from July to mid-September.





5640 Bad Gastein

Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Str. 14

Grand Hôtel de l’Europe

Tel.: +43 /6434/ 24 65

Fax: +43 /6434/ 24 65-222


| 18 | | 19 |


Michael Leczek, Casino Director

Guests: 24,176

Employees: 18

Revenues (in EUR): 596,803

eport ’08 | Casinos in Austria





6900 Bregenz

Am Symphonikerplatz 3

Tel.: +43 /5574/ 45 127

Fax: +43 /5574/ 45 127-12222



Guests: 308,489

Employees: 158

Revenues (in EUR): 32,404,212

Josef Semler, Casino Director

For many years now, Bregenz and Casinos Austria

have been inextricably linked by the Arts. The

symbiosis of art and gaming is reflected not only

in the company’s sponsorship of the Bregenz

Festival, but also throughout Casino Bregenz itself.

When you stroll into the casino from the Festival

House next door with the music still ringing

in your ears, you simply can’t help but admire

the impressive fountain created by Styrian sculptor

Hans Muhr as you approach the stairway to

the live gaming area.

“Two exceptional events proved to be particular

highlights in 2008. Throughout the entire UEFA

EURO 2008 Football Championship, the German TV

channel ZDF broadcast its EM’08 Studio program

direct from the Bregenz Festival’s floating stage.

Then there were the scenes for the 2008 James

Bond movie “Quantum of Solace“ that were filmed

just next to Casino Bregenz, generating publicity for

Bregenz all over the world,” explains Casino Director

Josef Semler. “Bregenz has now gone down in film

history as a James Bond town. Both these events

and the resultant increase in the level of awareness

of the town have also had a positive impact on guest

numbers and revenues at Casino Bregenz.”

Casino Graz, located in the city’s celebrated

Congress Center, blends in perfectly with the

Styrian capital’s historic townscape. After all,

the old city center in Graz is a UNESCO World

Heritage Site, a status that carries its own obligations.

Any renovations and changes made to

the casino and the Congress Center itself are

never loud and garish, but always discrete and

fully in keeping with the style of the building.

The arched stained glass windows designed by

Austrian artist Hans Staudacher, for example,

form a delightful contrast to the building’s late-

Classicist façade.

“2008 again saw Casino Graz as one of the leading

locations for social events in the Styrian capital.

With our special atmosphere, countless cultural

and entertainment events, our unique Piano

Bar with live music and top quality restaurant,

we’ve been one of the most popular venues in

Styria for nearly 25 years,” says Casino Director

Andreas Sauseng, describing his casino’s special

appeal. “We were particularly pleased with the

positive feedback on our tournaments, especially

the Casinos Austria Poker Tour and our ever-popular

Preisschnappsen card competition.”

Casinos in Austria | report ’08




Andreas Sauseng, Casino Director

| 20 | | 21 |


8010 Graz

Landhausgasse 10

Grazer Congress

Tel.: +43 /316/ 83 25 78

Fax: +43 /316/ 83 25 78-222



Guests: 183,547

Employees: 118

Revenues (in EUR): 10,952,308

eport ’08 | Casinos in Austria






6020 Innsbruck

Salurner Str. 15

Hotel Hilton

Tel.: +43 /512/ 58 70 40-0

Fax: +43 /512/ 58 70 40-222



Guests: 234,811

Employees: 141

Revenues (in EUR): 25,169,042

Kurt Steger, Casino Director

The “youngest” of the 12 Austrian casinos offers

far more than just exciting gaming entertainment.

Casino Innsbruck first opened in 1992

and in the meantime has become a hot tip on

the Tyrolean comedy scene, with a calendar of

cultural events that reads like a “Who’s Who” of

Austrian comedians and satirists. The contemporary

interior of the casino combines exquisite

green stone, glass and brass elements with

clever lighting effects, including a fully electronic

LED system both on the gaming tables and the

Roulette wheels to effortlessly change the mood.

The monumental wall painting by the renowned

Tyrolean artist Max Weiler in the main gaming

area adds a further vibrant splash of color.

“In the spring, we successfully completed the innovative

redesign of our popular Casineum event

room, giving it a totally new look and equipping

it with the very latest in technology. These changes

have gone down very well with our guests, who

have clearly taken to our event philosophy,” reports

a delighted Casino Director Kurt Steger.

“We’re also particularly proud of our new terrace,

which is real gem. And we have modernized our

Jackpot Casino too!”

Casino Kitzbühel is situated in one of the most

attractive buildings in town, the Hotel Goldener

Greif, a historic family-owned building built in

1274. The cosmopolitan Alpine town hits the media

spotlight each year when it hosts the Hahnenkamm

Alpine Ski Race – just one of the many attractions

that have made Kitzbühel a destination

of choice for celebrities and VIPs from all over the

world. The town’s popular casino is the perfect

place to get away from it all for a few hours and

enjoy a fun evening of entertainment away from

the flashlights.

“Both table gaming and slot machine revenues

at Casino Kitzbühel in 2008 were by far the highest

ever achieved in the casino’s 75-year history,”

says Casino Director Hannes Huber delightedly.

“The enormous efforts we have put into establishing

Casino Kitzbühel as a year-round operation are

proving very successful. Absolute highlights in the

2008 event calendar were the ‘Racers Night’ party

organized for the Hahnenkamm Alpine Ski Race

and the gala evenings held during the Triathlon

World Cup and the Tour of Germany. Given the success

of these and other events, the casino will be a

talking point for many years to come.”

Casinos in Austria | report ’08





6370 Kitzbühel

Hinterstadt 24

Tel.: +43 /5356/ 623 00

Fax: +43 /5356/ 654 66


Hannes Huter, Casino Director

| 22 | | 23 |


Guests: 61,800

Employees: 50

Revenues (in EUR): 5,834,955

eport ’08 | Casinos in Austria






A-6991 Riezlern

D-87567 Riezlern

Walserstraße 31

Tel. (Austria): +43 /5517/ 50 23-240

Tel. (Germany): +49 /8329/ 50 23

Fax: +43 /5517/ 50 23-16222



Guests: 59,297

Employees: 46

Revenues (in EUR): 1,965,499

Gerhard Steurer, Casino Director

Casino Kleinwalsertal in Riezlern is definitely

worth a visit. If only for the fact that Kleinwalsertal

can only be reached by car via Germany! But

it’s not just the route and its setting that makes

Casino Kleinwalsertal so unique. On the outside,

a modern glass façade sets it apart from the typical

house fronts in this romantic Alpine village.

And on the inside, the casino boasts a whole new

look following its renovation in 2008. The crackling

open fire in the gaming area is the sole reminder

of its rustic interior prior to the redesign:

an extravagant wall of brown leather now sweeps

from a pure white entrance area through the

whole casino, where soft lounge chairs invite you

to linger and relax.

“2008 was a real year of change for Casino Kleinwalsertal.

The renovation work began in June, and

after 35 years it was high time for a facelift. First on

the cards were our multipurpose event facilities. By

December, the whole casino was shining in its new

splendor, and we celebrated our reopening with a

fantastic party,” explains Casino Director Gerhard

Steurer proudly. “With our new look and our great

team, I am very positive about the coming year – despite

the turbulent times ahead.”

When you enter Casino Linz in the four-star Hotel

Schillerpark, you find yourself surrounded by a

wonderful combination of color, light and architecture.

Completely renovated in November 2007, the

casino is now clearly drawing on the full benefits

of its fantastic facilities. The long, curved bar, the

light pillars that bathe the gaming area in constantly

changing light and the mosaic-like window frieze

by Austrian artist Hans Staudacher all combine perfectly

to create a contemporary, stylish whole. The

200 square meter Casineum event room offers plenty

of space for large events.

“One of our goals for 2008 was to introduce our

guests to our newly redesigned casino, and we are

immensely proud of the extremely positive feedback

we have had from all our guests,” says Casino

Director Josef Kneifl. “The great atmosphere perfectly

supports our efforts to position Casino Linz

not just as a gaming venue, but also as a place

where people meet up to enjoy exciting entertainment,

great events and upmarket cuisine. Among

the many events we hosted in 2008, two definite

highlights were the final of the ‘Beat’em all’ Poker

Tournament – Europe’s largest live Poker competition

– and the European Blackjack Championship.”

Casinos in Austria | report ’08




Josef Kneifl, Casino Director

| 24 | | 25 |


4020 Linz

Rainerstraße 2-4

Hotel Schillerpark

Tel.: +43 /732/ 65 44 87

Fax: +43 /732/ 65 44 87-17222



Guests: 224,625

Employees: 127

Revenues (in EUR): 18,069,878

eport ’08 | Casinos in Austria






5071 Wals-Siezenheim

Schloss Klessheim

Tel.: +43 /662/ 85 44 55-0

Fax: +43 /662/ 85 44 55-222



Guests: 189,253

Employees: 120

Revenues (in EUR): 11,483,143

Kurt Pipal, Casino Director

What better place to dream of fantastic winnings

than in a beautiful palace! Set in the magnificent

Schloss Klessheim, Casino Salzburg boasts a truly

majestic ambience. Grand staircases, sparkling

chandeliers and intricate stucco ceilings – you

don’t have to be royalty to feel special in such a

wonderful setting. In 2008, Casino Salzburg began

an extensive redesign program to maintain its

fitting position on the cutting edge of modern casino


“We began by redesigning the ground floor area,

and from the middle of the year we had the complete

north wing ready for use as a multipurpose

event area for receptions, gaming related activities

like Poker tournaments and all manner of other

functions and events,” reports Casino Director Kurt

Pipal. “New furniture and heating were installed on

the terrace, enabling us to use it as an upscale

lounge in the summer months and creating space for

our first-ever outdoor Blackjack table.” In November,

work then began on the new, contemporary look for

the reception area. The renovations will continue into

2009, with the extensive new lighting concept implemented

at the end of February adding further sparkle

to this glittering casino.

The casino in Seefeld has become almost an emblem

of the Tyrolean Alpine town, with its towerlike

Münzturm building literally dominating the

skyline. Affectionately described as theAustria's

coziest casino”, Casino Seefeld captivates

all aficionados of traditional rustic style. Regional

baroque and handcrafted rural antiques and

artifacts complement the interior wood paneling

to complete the Alpine look. And as host of the

annual Baccara World Championships, Casino

Seefeld becomes the center of attraction for a

large international fan community each year.

“When we ask our guests to describe Casino

Seefeld, they repeatedly emphasize our unique

ambience, extensive gaming mix, great choice of

entertainment and excellent customer service,”

says Casino Director Ernst Hubmann, referring

to the casino’s all-round entertainment concept.

A range of different initiatives in all these areas

also characterized our policy in 2008. “We increased

our popular Poker and tournament activities,

hosted around 2,500 guests at our bigprize

club events and created yet another feel

good factor with our newly designed casino bar,”

explains Hubmann.

Casinos in Austria | report ’08





Ernst Hubmann, Casino Director

6100 Seefeld

Bahnhofstraße 124

Hotel Karwendelhof

Tel.: +43 /5212/ 23 40

Fax: +43 /5212/ 23 40-222


| 26 | | 27 |


Guests: 138,832

Employees: 103

Revenues (in EUR): 11,428,428

eport ’08 | Casinos in Austria






9220 Velden

Am Corso 17

Tel.: +43 /4274/ 20 64

Fax: +43 /4274/ 20 64-222



Guests: 251,817

Employees: 132

Revenues (in EUR): 18,190,274

Othmar Resch, Casino Director

Only a privileged few are fortunate enough to have a

house on the shores of Lake Wörthersee with breathtaking

views over Austria’s most beautiful lake. Casino

Velden is one of those lucky few and happily shares its

good fortune with all its guests. True connoisseurs like

to arrive in style by boat, docking at the casino’s private

landing pier. The most popular spot in the casino

is, of course, the terrace, where not only do guests

enjoy the fantastic view over the lake, they also have

the chance to try their luck at the open-air gaming

tables. The Casineum provides the casino with its very

own function center offering a perfect setting for any

event, while the glass façade ensures that the main

attraction – the lake – always remains center stage.

“Casino Velden enjoys a unique location overlooking

the Wörthersee bay and exudes a very special flair

with its mix of seeing and being seen, high-level conventions,

exquisite cuisine and impressive gaming

area,” says Casino Director Othmar Resch, praising

Casino Velden’s many attractions. Just some of the

events regularly hosted at the casino include the traditional

Fête Blanche celebrations, when over 10,000

party-goers dressed all in white flock to the town, or

the CEE Forum attended by leading representatives

from the worlds of politics and industry.

The oldest building in Vienna’s Kärntner Straße,

Palais Esterházy, is now a mecca for top-class

gaming in the Austrian capital. With its central

location close to both the State Opera and

the landmark St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Casino

Wien indulges its guests with cutting edge gaming

on three lavish floors – from slot machines

to its very own first-class Poker Lounge. It was

the increased demand for Poker that prompted

Casino Director Reinhard Deiring to convert

the second-floor bistro into a dedicated Poker

Lounge in 2008. With the conversion completed

in a record-breaking three weeks, the new Poker

Lounge is styled in contemporary gray and purple

flannel, dark wood and leather, features a

sparkling bar of glass, mirrors and flat screens,

and offers guests a choice of five Poker tables.

This conversion, together with the restyling of

the impressive Fuchs Room and a complete

facelift to the gaming area in the Jackpot Casino

have all added to the casino’s attraction.

“International gaming and unique service combined

with the sheer elegance of a Viennese palace

are the best possible ingredients for success,”

says Reinhard Deiring confidently.

Casinos in Austria | report ’08




Reinhard Deiring, Casino Director

| 28 | | 29 |


1010 Vienna

Kärntner Straße 41

Palais Esterházy

Tel.: +43 /1/ 512 48 36

Fax: +43 /1/ 512 48 36-21222



Guests: 364,163

Employees: 213

Revenues (in EUR): 43,656,209

eport ’08 | Food & Beverage

Panem et circenses

Fine dining is one of the many highlights of a great night out at the casino. Casinos Austria’s restaurants

and bistros offer a broad range of mouthwatering culinary delights in some of the most

attractive and elegant settings in Austria.

Marcel Vanic stands in his shiny stainless

steel kitchen, watching his team of

chefs with a look of absolute concentration on

his face. Ten servings of olive-crusted sea bass

on a bed of saffron linguine with braised tomato

and fennel are about to be dispatched to the

restaurant, and every last move must be timed

to perfection. One last adjustment on the plate,

a final sprinkling of fennel fronds. Then a procession

of waiters sweeps through the electric

doors, and within seconds the plates are gone.

Silently, the chefs turn, their attention already

focused on the next order.

A typical snapshot of life behind the scenes in

the restaurant at Casino Velden. As if its location

on the shores of beautiful Lake Wörthersee

in one of Casino Austria’s most impressive buildings

were not enough, the trend-setting restaurant

has also set itself the highest culinary goals. TV

chef Marcel Vanic is the casino’s Food & Beverage

(F&B) Manager, directing not only the award-winning

restaurant (praised by the Gault Millau Guide

for its “distinctive style and elegance”), but also

four bars, two terraces and a bistro. And there’s

more: when the Casineum, the casino’s multipurpose

conference and event center, hosts a really

large event, Vanic and his team are naturally also

on hand to conjure up culinary delights for up to

1,000 guests. And when the reputation of such a

well-established team whets the appetite of customers

far beyond the casino walls, the opportunity

cannot be ignored – so the F&B department

at Casino Velden now also handles catering in the

VIP area at Klagenfurt football stadium.

Special events and culinary highlights have always

played a starring role at Casinos Austria. It’s

part of our corporate branding strategy to market

a visit to the casino as an all-round experience

and establish our casinos as leading tourist attractions

and pillars of society in their host regions.

The restaurants and bars in most of our casinos

are run by partner companies, while teams

of professional event organizers are on hand to

provide support at major events, when thousands

of visitors can represent a huge challenge for the

local infrastructure.

Casino Innsbruck, for example, works hand-inhand

with the Hilton Hotel just next door. In Linz,

the Tourist Office provides the necessary infrastructure,

while in Graz it’s the adjacent Congress

House. The situation in Baden is rather unique

the casino’s proximity to Vienna can mean a

huge difference between weekdays and weekends.

There are often three times as many guests –

we’re referring to the restaurant here – on a Saturday

as there would be on a typical weekday. Since

Grand Casino Baden is also a regular conference

venue, not to mention a highly popular location

for ball nights in the carnival season, there is really

only one partner who can handle such strong

fluctuations in demand, confirms F&B Manager

Oliver Kitz: “We’ve been working successfully with

Do&Co for many years.”

In 2004, Casinos Austria founded a subsidiary

company – Casinos Austria Gastronomiebetriebs

GmbH (CAGAST) – to operate the restaurants in

a number of casinos. CAGAST currently runs the

Lake Wörthersee F&B emporium, the bar at Casino

Seefeld, as well as the gourmet restaurants at the

casinos in Kleinwalsertal, Kitzbühel and Bregenz.

Over in Kitzbühel, master chef Walter Hiedl is

renowned for his love of adding a contemporary

twist to traditional Austrian cuisine. Although the

tastes of the town’s clientele – a mix of more conservative

local residents and international visitors �

Food & Beverage | report ’08

| 30 | | 31 |

eport ’08 | Food & Beverage

– can be hard to play to, this particular culinary

approach has proved extremely popular. Austrian

specialties naturally also feature strongly on

the menu at the other casino restaurants, even

if they are complemented by the occasional turbot

or Italian-influenced creation, as Oliver Kitz

explains: “The Austrian touch is an important part

of our F&B concept. We cater to many international

guests, and they would be really disappointed

if all we offered them was standard, international

fare and none of the world-famous Viennese

dishes.” This is why CAGAST restaurants – and all

the other casino F&B operations – primarily use

locally sourced Austrian products. They also work

closely with the Bund Österreichischer Gastlichkeit

(“Austrian Hospitality Association”), an organization

set up to promote traditional cooking skills

and styles in the restaurant industry. And when it

comes to ingredients that cannot be sourced lo-

cally – like exotic fruits, spices and coffee – the

casino restaurants are careful to choose Fairtrade

products wherever possible.

An important part of our concept is ensuring that

we offer a high standard of cuisine without trying

to overshoot the mark. In our experience, casino

guests tend to be the kind of people who enjoy

good food and appreciate quality. But dining is

just one element of the casino experience – the

card tables, the Roulette wheel and the slots are

all equally part of the fun.

That probably explains why our dining packages

are some of our most popular products, offering

guests the chance to combine an elegant meal with

a few hours excitement at the gaming tables at

unbeatable prices. In 2008, over 180,000 guests

purchased packages from this range.

Our Dinner & Casino package, for example, costs

57 euro and includes a four-course meal and welcome

chips to the value of 25 euro, valid at both the

tables and the slot machines. This package is also a

very popular gift – a four-course meal in a glamorous

casino setting is a wonderful experience in itself

– whether Lady Luck proves to be on your side or not.

If you don’t have the time or appetite for four

courses, there are also a range of “lighter” options

to choose from – such as the Surf & Turf

Package (steak, shrimp and welcome chips to the

value of 25 euro) for just 40 euro or Bistro & Casino

(a choice of dishes from the Bistro menu and

welcome chips to the value of 25 euro) for only 29

euro. The Dinner & Roulette Package probably has

the greatest fun factor and is particularly recommended

for small groups: after they have finished

their four-course dinner, a portable Roulette table

is wheeled in, and the guests are given the chance

to play for the price of their meal. The number the

ball lands on is the price the guest pays, in other

words between 0 und 36 euro. Winning in this

kind of fun atmosphere tends to bring on a fit of

generosity: whenever someone lands on zero, they

almost always choose to celebrate by ordering a

round of drinks.


If you want to spoil someone special with an exciting

night out at the casino, an excellent meal and an exquisite

overnight stay, our Dinner & Casino Night package

is the perfect gift:

� The exclusive four-course Dinner & Casino menu

� Welcome chips to the value of 25 euro

� A glass of sparkling wine at the casino bar

� One night’s hotel accommodation with buffet

breakfast for only 129 euro per person sharing a

double room (supplement for single occupancy

on request)

With Austrian cuisine, Austrian hospitality and

Austrian wines all so closely linked to the fine

dining on offer in our casinos, Casinos Austria

has a long history of promoting these important

aspects of our national culture. We sponsor the

annual Goldene Traube (“Golden Grape”) award,

which recognizes particularly exceptional wines

from the Burgenland region. The Österreichische

Wein Salon (“Austrian Wine Salon”) also tours all

12 Austrian casinos each year, with a series of

events offering guests the opportunity to taste

and compare the several dozen prize-winning

wines selected by the Salon’s independent jury

of experts from literally thousands of entries

from all wine-growing areas in Austria.

The most prestigious of the Casinos Austria gourmet

awards is undoubtedly the Goldene Roulette

Kugel (“Golden Roulette Ball”). This quite simply

recognizes the best of the best and is presented

each year in cooperation with the leading restaurant

guide Gault Millau. Former prize-winners include

many of Austria’s most famous restaurants,

including Steirereck and Korso in Vienna, Obauer

in Werfen and the Arlberg Hospiz in St. Christoph,

with the 2008 award going to Lisl Wagner-Bacher

of Landhaus Bacher in Mautern.


For only 57 euro, why not enjoy our:

� Exclusive four-course Dinner & Casino menu

� Welcome chips to the value of 25 euro

� A glass of sparkling wine

Food & Beverage | report ’08

� 4 Paroli chips (place your Paroli chips on the right

number in three successive spins of the Roulette

wheel to win 7,777 euro in gold)

Not available on 24 and 31 December.

| 32 | | 33 |

eport ’08 | Casinos Austria International

A Global Player

The Casinos Austria Group is renowned throughout the world for its diverse

range of top-class casinos. Its international subsidiary, Casinos

Austria International, was founded in 1977 and is now a leading player in the

global casino industry. With its unique portfolio of casino consulting, development,

management and investment services, Casinos Austria International

has successfully realized more casino projects in more jurisdictions than

any other casino operator worldwide. Service, quality, integrity, responsibility

and innovation are the driving forces behind the company's success and are

reflected in all its business activities.

Casinos Austria International – Facts and Figures 2008

At the end of 2008, Casinos Austria International operated a total of 63 casinos

in 18 countries and on board 11 cruise liners, including new casinos in

Chile and Argentina. Together, these 63 casinos welcomed 20 million guests

and employed 11,200 people in 2008. They offered gaming entertainment at

a total of 1,000 gaming tables and 11,600 slot machines, generating aggregate

revenues (win, registered tips, entrance) of 1.1 billion euro. Particularly

strong growth was reported by operations in Argentina, Australia, Belgium,

Egypt and Switzerland.

Organizational Changes and New Horizons

Over the past 30+ years, Casinos Austria International has successfully

achieved its goal of becoming a leading player in the international casino

industry. But these are dynamic times for the international gaming industry.

New products are constantly appearing on the market, innovation cycles are

becoming shorter and the regulatory environment is increasingly complex.

To address these developments, the Casinos Austria Group underwent a major

restructuring process in 2008 – bringing the individual companies in the

Group closer together and creating the first gaming group in a position to

offer its clients a complete range of gaming solutions and products from a

single source.

As part of this restructuring process and to support the integration of new

gaming products into our portfolio, the Board of Casinos Austria International

was extended with effect from 15 July 2008. CEO Paul Herzfeld and

CFO Josef Leutgeb were joined on the Board by Karl Stoss as Chairman and

Dietmar Hoscher as Director.

Casinos Austria International | report ’08

International Developments 2008

For Casinos Austria International and for the casino industry in general, 2008

was a challenging year, characterized by contradictions and regulatory issues,

in particular the introduction of smoking bans and announcement of

future increases in gaming taxes in a number of countries. But for Casinos

Austria International, it was also a year of new beginnings.

We added a further country to our casino map in July with the opening of Gran

Casino Los Angeles in Chile and consolidated our entry into the Chilean market

at the end of August with the award of the concession for a second casino, this

time for the city of Ovalle in the Coquimbo region. Our local subsidiary in Argentina,

Entretenimientos y Juegos de Azar (ENJASA), the only company licensed to

operate games of chance (casinos, lotteries and slot machines) in the northern

province of Salta, continued its development program, launching live gaming at

two of its popular slot venues. The new fully-fledged casinos were renamed

Casino Oran and Casino Tartagal to reflect their new status.

Following the successful opening of Queens Casino and Casino Silverstar in

December 2007, our partner in South Africa, JSE-listed gaming and entertainment

company Gold Reef Resorts, marked the opening of all facilities

at Casino Silverstar – which boasts the largest water feature in the Southern

Hemisphere - with an extraordinary launch function in April.

In Europe, Grand Casino Beograd in the Serbian capital celebrated its completion

with a spectacular Gala Weekend in February, an event that will be talked

about in the European casino industry for many years to come. Spielbanken Niedersachsen,

our subsidiary in Germany, consolidated its activities in Osnabrück,

merging the two existing casinos in the city into a new ultra-modern themed

venue. The “new” Hollywood Casino Osnabrück opened in April 2008.

Naturally, the global economic crisis also had its impact on the casino and gaming

industries. This led to two of our smaller casinos in the Czech Republic

– Casino Ceske Budejovice and Casino 777 Teplice – being closed in October.

Similarly, the casinos on board two luxury cruise yachts, the SeaDream I and

SeaDream II, no longer proved economically viable, and we withdrew from these

operations in December. Several of our casinos also felt the impact of the introduction

of smoking bans or increases in gaming taxes in their jurisdictions. �

| 34 | | 35 |

eport ’08 | Casinos Austria International

At the end of 2008, Casinos Austria International operated 63 casinos in 18 countries and on board 11 cruise liners

Outlook 2009

All in all, Casinos Austria International can look back on a positive business

year in 2008, with its casinos around the world continuing to demonstrate

their strength and class. This was again recognized by the industry,

and we were voted “Best European Casino Operator” for the

second year in succession at the Empire Events Gaming Awards in London

in January 2009.

We remain optimistic for the future and see strong potential in our existing

casino operations and new strategic growth opportunities established

through our new product portfolio and our ongoing casino development

projects. We were awarded an operating license for the United

Kingdom in October 2008 and will be opening our new casino in Ovalle,

Chile in early 2011. New casinos are currently under development in

Prague, Czech Republic, and in Hanover, Germany, while construction

work continues on the permanent location for Grand Casino Brussels in

the city’s former Anspach Center. At the end of 2008, we announced our

intention to sell our stake in Grand Casino Beograd to Club Hotel Loutraki

– where Casinos Austria International is already a shareholder – and

intensify our business relationship with our Greek partners through their

possible investment in Grand Casino Brussels.

We are also evaluating further projects and investment opportunities in

other parts of the world. We follow global developments closely and are

constantly on the lookout for expansion opportunities. Our new product

portfolio is a core element in our expansion strategy, and we intend to

use our international market know-how to develop and market the entire

Casinos Austria International | report ’08

range of Casinos Austria Group products and services – from casinos

and lotteries to sports betting, online gaming, video lotteries and slot

parlors – in the international marketplace.

Casinos Austria International will naturally also continue to draw on its extensive

experience to improve the product and entertainment opportunities

on offer at its existing operations around the globe. Our well-established

knowledge and best practice exchange programs, annual casino conference

and international market research activities all contribute greatly

to assisting our casinos and local partners to grow successfully in their

local markets.

The Casinos Austria International Board of Directors with the “Best European Casino Operator”

award: (l. to r.) Josef Leutgeb, Paul Herzfeld, Karl Stoss, Dietmar Hoscher

| 36 | | 37 |

eport ’08 | Casinos Austria International

Grand Casino Brussels, Belgium

Set in the heart of the capital of Europe, Grand Casino Brussels opened in December

2005. With its contemporary amber and red interiors, the casino offers an exciting

blend of elegant and relaxed gaming and entertainment. Each of its three floors has

its own very unique ambiance: from the ground floor gaming areas with over 20 tables

and 200 slot machines to the VIP club, newly refurbished and rebranded 360° steak

restaurant and Cotton Club multipurpose function room on the upper levels.


Casinos Austria International | report ’08

| 38 | | 39 |


Casinos Austria International opened its casino in the Belgian capital in December 2005,

celebrating the event with a spectacular Gala Opening in January 2006. Following legislative

changes in 1999 and the creation of the Belgian Gaming Commission, the region of Brussels

had requested the right to have a casino in its territory to complement the eight existing casinos

in the Flanders and Wallonia regions. An international tender was launched, and in June

2004 Brussels City Council voted to award the concession to Casinos Austria International.

The result was the elegant yet contemporary Grand Casino Brussels – the ninth and final casino

concession in Belgium. Currently located in the beautifully restored Salle de la Madeleine,

construction work was ongoing throughout 2008 at the permanent location for Grand Casino

Brussels in the city’s former Anspach Center.

Czech Republic

Casinos Austria International has been active in the Czech Republic since 1989. Our six casinos

in the country – Casino Grand in Brno, Casino Palais Savarin in Prague, Casino Savoy in

Folmava, City Casino in Pilsen, Pupp Casino Club in Karlovy Vary and Casino 777 Brno – are

managed by two subsidiaries: Czech Casinos a.s. and Casinos 777, which will be merged in

2009 to streamline operations. Both companies are represented in the European Casino Association,

and Czech Casinos has held the presidency of the Czech Casino Association since

2002. As part of a restructuring process in 2008, we closed two casinos (Casino Ceske Budejovice

and Casino 777) in the Czech Republic and began construction work at a new site in

Prague. Our casino in the capital will relocate to its new, modern venue in the course of 2009.

Casino Grand (2)

Casino Grand is located in the Grand Hotel in Brno, the principal city of the province of

Moravia, a region famous for its quality white wines. Brno is home to the largest exhibition

center in Central Europe, attracting thousands of visitors each year. Casino Grand

is one of the leading casinos in Brno, offering a wide range of facilities, including table

gaming, slot machines, TouchBet Roulette, extended opening hours and a foreign currency

exchange service.

Casino Palais Savarin (1)

Currently located in Prague’s famous Palais Savarin, Casinos Austria International’s flagship

casino in the Czech capital will move to a prime new location in a pedestrian zone

nearer the city center in mid-2009. The luxurious new Chevalier’s Casino will be situated on

the ground floor of a refurbished former bank and will set itself apart from other casinos

in the city’s competitive gaming market with its unique hybrid casino lounge bar concept,

contemporary design and cutting edge gaming mix.

Casino Savoy (3)

First opened in 2001, Casino Savoy is located near the Czech-German border town of Folmava

in the beautiful Sumava and Böhmerwald national park area and attracts visitors from as far

afield as Munich and Regensburg. Casino Savoy is one of our largest operations in the Czech

Republic, offering a choice of table games, slot machines and TouchBet Roulette, as well as a

hotel and a separate Spielstub'n bar with additional slots and Multi-Roulette terminals.




eport ’08 | Casinos Austria International

1 2



Casino 777 Brno (1)

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. A convenient location close to

Prague and neighboring Austria and Slovakia makes Brno an active commercial center,

with its impressive medieval architecture attracting visitors all year round. The

main town square dates back to the 13th century and is now also home to Casino

777 Brno, offering guests relaxed gaming in a warm and friendly ambience, as well

as a bar service and a satellite TV lounge.

City Casino (2)

Pilsen is situated on the main route between Bavaria and Prague and is an important

business, industrial and cultural center intrinsically linked with the acclaimed Pilsen

Urquel beer. City Casino was opened in 1991 and moved to a prime location on Pilsen's

main square in 1998. The lively casino has rejuvenated the city's casino business with its

contemporary design, delicate pastel shades, spacious table gaming area and excellent

bar and lounge facilities.

Pupp Casino Club (3)

Pupp Casino Club is located in the Grand Hotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary, a town dating back

to 1358 and one of Europe's best known spas. Karlovy Vary was once a popular destination

for the European aristocracy and regularly visited by Czar Peter the Great. The cultured

atmosphere of the casino, with its broad gaming mix, classic-style interior design

and historic ambience makes it a popular meeting point for local guests and the many

tourist visitors to the town.


Casinos Austria International opened its first casino in Denmark in 1990 and currently operates

three of the country’s six casinos: Casino Copenhagen, Casino Munkebjerg Vejle and

Casino Odense. All Danish casinos are represented both on the Danish Casino Association –

which is chaired by Casino Copenhagen – as well as on the European Casino Association. The

implementation of the nationwide smoking ban that came into effect in all public buildings

and private businesses in Denmark in August 2007 continued to impact the gaming industry

throughout 2008, and most of the country’s casinos initiated restructuring measures to

respond to the changing trading conditions. Table gaming was less affected by the ban, with

Poker products in general and Poker tournaments in particular continuing to prove extremely

popular with guests.

Casino Copenhagen (4)

The only casino in the Danish capital is situated in the luxurious Radisson SAS Scandinavia

Hotel, which enjoys an enviable location overlooking the old city ramparts. Casino

Copenhagen complements its attractive gaming mix of 23 tables and 150 slot machines

with a range of exclusive packages offered in cooperation with the hotel's four world-class

restaurants. Opened in 1990, the elegant casino has been a venue for several movies,

including Bille August's "Smilla's Sense of Snow".

Casino Munkebjerg Vejle (5)

Set in the Munkebjerg Forest in Central Jutland, with superb views of the stunning Vejle

Fjord, Casino Munkebjerg Vejle shares its facilities with one of Denmark's finest hotels.

As part of the Hotel Munkebjerg complex, the casino is linked to the 27-hole Munkebjerg

Golf Club and offers a range of themed packages like “Golf and Gourmet”, “Dinner and

Casino” and “Weekend Breaks”, which perfectly complement its state-of-the-art gaming

mix and dining facilities.

Casino Odense (6)

A popular tourist destination with a strong cultural heritage, Odense is the birthplace of

Hans Christian Andersen. Casino Odense is set in the luxurious Radisson SAS H. C. Andersen

Hotel, whose Hans Christian restaurant is praised by gourmets around the world for its

fine cuisine. The casino was extensively refurbished in 2008 with the support of local architects

and artists and successfully combines traditional and modern interior elements

with clever lighting features.

Casinos Austria International | report ’08

| 40 | | 41 |


The acquisition of Spielbanken Niedersachsen GmbH (SNG) in 2005 provided Casinos

Austria International with a major foothold in the German casino market. SNG is the

third largest casino operator in Germany and the only company licensed to operate

casinos in the state of Lower Saxony. In addition to the launch of a corporate reorganization

process, two major construction projects dominated events at SNG in 2008. In

Osnabrück, the casino at the railway station site was extensively redeveloped and the

city’s two casinos merged into a stunning new Hollywood-themed casino that opened in

5 6 7

8 9

April. Construction work also continued throughout the year on SNG’s largest project to

date: the development of its new casino in the state capital due to open in early 2010.

Aquamarin Casino Seevetal (8)

Lower Saxony's first themed casino makes quite a splash on the outskirts of Hamburg,

taking its unique, underwater theme to new depths. Guests at Aquamarin Casino Seevetal

try their luck alongside an 8,000 liter aquarium of tropical fish at a choice of over

150 slot machines, at Multi-Roulette or in Germany's first intranet casino, CyberGame.

The casino is located in Hotel and Restaurant Krohwinkel, where a range of culinary

delights awaits.

Casino Bad Zwischenahn (7)

Luck has been in season in Bad Zwischenahn since 1976, when a beautiful half-timbered

building in the lakeside spa town became home to its casino. Casino Bad Zwischenahn

offers an extensive choice of gaming tables and the latest slot machines and regularly

hosts the German Poker Championship. Extraordinary flair and an array of culinary delights

are also close at hand in the hotel's gourmet Fischer- and Jägerstuben or awardwinning

Apicius restaurants.

Hollywood Casino Osnabrück (9)

Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Charlie Chaplin all found their way to Casino Osnabrück in

April 2008. With its "Hollywood" theme, the new Casino Osnabrück offers an impressive

selection of gaming machines as well as live gaming at a choice of American Roulette,

Blackjack and Poker tables. Major sporting events are broadcast live on 14 high tech

screens, and the casino complements its top-class gaming mix with a wide variety of

events to ensure every guest enjoys a winning night out.

eport ’08 | Casinos Austria International




6 7



Spielbank Bad Bentheim (1)

Nestled at the foot of historic Bad Bentheim's imposing medieval castle lies another winning

attraction. Opened in 1976, Spielbank Bad Bentheim offers exciting gaming entertainment

with over 100 of the latest Multi-Roulette terminals and slot machines and is always a popular

destination with visitors to this romantic spa town near the Dutch-German border. The casino’s

gaming operations were updated and extensive renovations to its facilities completed in 2008.

Spielbank Bad Harzburg (3)

With its enviable location in the Harz National Park, the historic spa town of Bad Harzburg is

a popular tourist destination. Its stylish, elegant casino is located in the spa park and offers

Roulette and Blackjack tables and a selection of the latest video and slot machines. Spielbank

Bad Harzburg shares its premises with the spa hotel Michels Kurhotel Vier Jahreszeiten,

where guests can enjoy fine dining in the gourmet restaurant after a drink at the bar.

Spielbank Bad Pyrmont (2)

The neo-classic architecture of the concert hall sets the tone for the casino in the popular

spa town of Bad Pyrmont, where traditional and modern elements interplay harmoniously

under one roof. First opened in 1975, Spielbank Bad Pyrmont was completely

renovated in 2004 and now focuses solely on slot machine gaming, offering a choice of

over 100 slot machines and Multi-Roulette terminals, including the Niedersachsen Jackpot

that links all casinos in Lower Saxony.

Spielbank Borkum (4)

Everyone is a winner on the North Sea island of Borkum. This popular holiday destination offers

something for all its visitors, and a vacation on Borkum is guaranteed to be an unforgettable

experience. But no stay would be truly complete without a visit to the island's casino.

Spielbank Borkum first opened in 1978 and offers guests gaming fun and excitement at an

extensive selection of the latest slot machines and Multi-Roulette terminals.

Spielbank Hannover (6)

Spielbank Hannover, the casino in the heart of Lower Saxony’s capital, has welcomed over six

million visitors since it opened in 1975 and offers a choice of Roulette, Blackjack and Poker tables

as well as an impressive selection of slot machines and Multi-Roulette terminals. Throughout

2008, work also continued on the development of the new casino in Hanover, which will

combine state-of-the-art gaming with extensive entertainment, dining and conference facilities.

Spielbank Norderney (5)

Miles of beaches, unspoilt sand dunes and fresh sea air: just some of the spectacular outdoor

treats to be found on the North Sea vacation island of Norderney. But holidaymakers also

find themselves treated to some equally delightful indoor fun at the island's casino. With a

choice of modern slot machines and Multi-Roulette terminals, Spielbank Norderney offers so

many different ways to win, including the chance to hit the regional Niedersachsen Jackpot.

Spielbank Wolfsburg (7)

Wolfsburg is not only home to Volkswagen, it is also becoming an increasingly popular tourist

destination, and visitors are spoilt for choice by the many attractions it has to offer. A visit

to the casino complements a tour of the famous Autostadt car city or a seat in the stadium

cheering on local soccer heroes VfL Wolfsburg. Spielbank Wolfsburg offers exciting entertainment

at an extensive selection of the latest slot machines and Multi-Roulette terminals.


Casinos Austria International has been active in the Greek gaming market since the

1980s and currently holds a stake in the country’s leading casino, Club Hotel Casino

Loutraki. Located in a stunning resort complex overlooking the Corinthian Gulf in the

coastal spa town of Loutraki some 70 km south of the capital, Athens, Club Hotel Casino

Loutraki is not only the top casino in Greece, it is also one of the largest, best-known

and most successful casinos in Europe. Procedures for the extension of the geographical

exclusivity of Greek casinos are expected to commence in 2009.

Casinos Austria International | report ’08

Club Hotel Casino Loutraki, Greece

Club Hotel Casino Loutraki opened in 1995 and is integrated in a resort complex that includes

a luxurious designer hotel with 255 rooms, 20 suites and a sophisticated, multipurpose

conference center. The resort’s impressive, newly renovated 5,000 square meter

gaming hall offers 80 gaming tables and 1,000 cutting-edge slot machines and welcomed

almost 1.17 million guests in 2008. The casino’s extensive support for culture and tourism

confirms its strong reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.

| 42 | | 43 |

eport ’08 | Casinos Austria International

Casinos Austria International | report ’08




Casinos Austria International has long played a pioneering role in the Hungarian casino

industry and launched our first casino in Budapest in 1981 – the first casino to

open behind the Iron Curtain and be run by an international operator. Over the past

25+ years, we have gone on to launch a total of 15 casinos across the country and

continue to operate three of them to this very day: Casino Györ, Casino Kecskemét

and Casino Sopron. All of these casinos are members of the Hungarian Casino Association

(HCA), which is also represented on the European Casino Association. Competition

in Hungary’s gaming sector remained strong in 2008, with lottery products

and slot halls competing with casinos for a share of the action, Poker continuing

to grow in popularity and a continued rise in the number of so-called Poker clubs

across the country.

Casino Györ (1)

Györ is situated in western Hungary near the borders with Austria and Slovakia,

close to both Vienna and Bratislava. A bustling border shopping destination with

a celebrated town center, Györ is a melting pot of Hungarian, Austrian and Slovak

culture and business. The elegant Casino Györ opened in 1993 in a historic building

in the main pedestrian zone and features an extensive selection of table games and

slot machines, many of which were updated in 2008.

Casino Kecskemét (3)

Only a short drive from the capital, Budapest, in the heart of Hungary's puszta plain

region, Kecskemét is famous for its culinary specialties, spas, viniculture, equestrianism

and hunting. Casino Kecskemét is situated in the town’s main hotel, offers

special room rates and dinner for out of town visitors and hosts regular party nights.

In keeping with market trends, a new form of Poker – Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker –

was introduced in Casino Kecskemét in 2008.



Casino Sopron (2)

Casino Sopron is situated prominently in Sopron's cultural center. The beautifully

designed casino prides itself on its high customer service standards and offers one

of the most competitive slot mixes in the region. Roulette is the game of choice for

most guests in the spacious table gaming area, and state-of-the-art betting terminals

are linked directly to one of the Roulette tables. The casino also offers nightly

buffets, weekly draws and regular themed party nights.


Casinos Austria International has played an active role in the competitive Romanian casino

market for over 17 years and was awarded the first casino license to be issued in the country

after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Our highly popular casino in the capital, Bucharest, was

launched to great acclaim in 1991 as the first casino to open in the new Romania. Inspired

by its location in the heart of the city, this stylish, modern casino, with the warm and welcoming

appeal of a players’ club, has firmly established its position at the center of Bucharest

night life. Casino Bucharest remains the destination of choice for those seeking a

great night out and the finest gaming experience in Bucharest, and is dedicated to offering

the ultimate entertainment experience to both casual visitors and gaming enthusiasts alike.

Casino Bucharest (4)

Located in the heart of the city in the five-star InterContinental Hotel, Casino Bucharest

is distinguished by its contemporary elegance, sophisticated ambience and excellence

in guest services. Guests enjoy an enticing selection of popular casino games and the

latest slot machines, all with flexible limits and the most generous game rules in town.

The elegant bar and lounge areas are perfect for relaxing over a drink whilst taking in the

exhilarating energy of the casino.

Grand Casino Beograd, Serbia

Grand Casino Beograd is a multi-faceted luxury complex offering the largest selection of

casino games and entertainment in South Eastern Europe. In addition to cutting edge gaming,

the venue offers gourmet dining in its top-class Diva, Ginger and Chameleon restaurants,

function facilities, two bars, retail outlets and a separate VIP gaming area. With 25

tables and 230 slot machines, Grand Casino Beograd presents the very best in casino

gaming and entertainment in a contemporary, yet glamorous setting.

| 44 | | 45 |

eport ’08 | Casinos Austria International


Grand Casino Beograd was the first casino to open in Serbia since the introduction of a

new Gaming Act in 2004 paved the way for the opening of up to 10 casinos across the

country. A subsequent Government Resolution allowed for the award of one concession

for Belgrade in 2005 and a further four licenses outside the capital by the end of 2008.

In December 2005, the Belgrade concession was awarded to Casinos Austria International

and its partners, Club Hotel Loutraki of Greece and the State Lottery of Serbia.

Grand Casino Beograd was subsequently completed in record time and began operations

in June 2007. The complex was continuously expanded throughout 2007 and celebrated

its success with a spectacular Gala Weekend in February 2008. Grand Casino Beograd is

the official representative of the Serbian casino industry in the European Casino Association.

In December 2008, Casinos Austria International announced its intention to sell its

stake in Grand Casino Beograd to Club Hotel Loutraki.





Casinos Austria International has been active in the Swiss casino market for almost a

decade. Our equity participations in Switzerland are managed by our local holding company,

Casinos Austria (Swiss) AG, which also acts as know-how provider for our Swiss

cooperation partners and the Swiss Casino Association. Our first casinos in the country

– Grand Casino Bern, Grand Casino Luzern, Grand Casino St. Gallen, Casino St. Moritz,

Casino Schaffhausen and Casino Zürichsee – opened in 2002. In 2007, Casinos Austria

(Swiss) AG also successfully acquired a stake in Casinò Lugano, bringing its number of

casinos in Switzerland to seven, the largest portfolio of any operator in terms of number

of operations. Recent developments in the Swiss gaming market included the introduction

of smoking bans in some cantons and the announcement of planned changes to the

casino licensing and tax system.

Grand Casino Bern (2)

Embedded in the Kursaal Bern complex in the heart of the Swiss capital, Grand Casino

Bern offers panoramic vistas extending from the historic old town (a UNESCO World Heritage

Site) to the snow-capped Alps. The casino boasts 15 gaming tables and 266 cashless

slot machines with 66 different games. The complex also features the four-star Hotel

Allegro, acclaimed Meridiano and Yù restaurants with 17 and 13 Gault Millau points respectively,

and extensive congress and banqueting facilities.

Grand Casino St. Gallen (1)

Located close to the border with Austria, St. Gallen is the largest city in eastern Switzerland.

Its elegant casino is ideally situated adjacent to the city's exhibition grounds and

the Radisson SAS Hotel St. Gallen and offers a choice of 15 live gaming tables and over

160 of the latest gaming machines, including the Swiss Jackpot, Europe’s largest widearea

progressive jackpot. Grand Casino St. Gallen also offers an American-style lounge

bar and extensive parking facilities.

Casinò Lugano (3)

Set against an Alpine backdrop on the shores of Lake Lugano, Casinò Lugano is more

than just a sophisticated gaming venue. Located in a refurbished former theater, its open

architecture has been designed to reflect modern gaming culture, yet still fit in perfectly

with its host city. With 30 tables and over 350 gaming machines, Casinò Lugano features

the largest gaming mix in Switzerland, a top-class panorama restaurant, five bars and

extensive banqueting facilities.

Casino St. Moritz (6)

Opened in December 2002 on thetop of the world” in the renowned Alpine resort’s

Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, Casino St. Moritz combines classic elegance with

warm Italian flair, featuring 6 gaming tables and a selection of 75 slot machines. Guests

can relax over a drink in the stylish Ivory Ball Lounge Bar or enjoy one of the casino's

many special events or regular promotions. A seasonal operation, Casino St. Moritz is

closed in May and November.

Casino Schaffhausen (4)

Located in the center of the medieval town of Schaffhausen in the north of Switzerland,

Casino Schaffhausen opened in 2002 and blends a unique combination of state-of-the-art

Casinos Austria International | report ’08

casino standards with the traditions of its historic setting and landmark building. With its

Las Vegas-style interior design, Casino Schaffhausen features a selection of 8 gaming tables,

over 120 slot machines, as well as fine dining and banqueting facilities for up to 180 guests.

Casino Zürichsee (5)

Casino Zürichsee is located in the 4-star Seedamm Plaza Hotel on the southern shores

of Lake Zurich and has been themed to depict the many famous landmarks in the city of

Zurich, including the historic late-baroque Opera House or the famous "Bahnhofstrasse".

Casino Zürichsee offers a warm and relaxed atmosphere and features 12 gaming tables

and a choice of 150 state-of-the-art slot machines. Casino guests also have access to the

hotel's extensive parking lot.

| 46 | | 47 |




eport ’08 | Casinos Austria International

Grand Casino Luzern, Switzerland

With its magnificent setting on the shores of Lake Lucerne, Grand Casino Luzern offers

unparalleled, highest quality entertainment and dining. At the heart lie its Grand

Jeu and Jackpot casinos, with 13 gaming tables, 245 slot machines and 16 TouchBet

Roulette machines. Mediterranean cuisine is the order of the day in the acclaimed

Olivo restaurant with 14 Gault Millau points, while the extensive variety of events in

the Casineum ensure its place as a firm fixture in Lucerne’s nightlife.

Africa – Middle East

Casinos Austria International | report ’08

| 48 | | 49 |


Casinos Austria International has a long history of success in the buoyant and competitive

Egyptian casino gaming market, opening our first casino in the country almost

twenty years ago in 1990. Together with our local partners, Casinos Austria International

operated two top-class casinos in Egypt in 2008: Casino Semiramis in the capital, Cairo,

and Casino Royale in the holiday destination of Sharm El Sheikh. Both these casinos are

located in five-star hotels in accordance with the country’s strict gaming laws.

Casino Royale (1)

Casino Royale enjoys a prime site in the five-star Maritim Jolie Ville Resort in the heart of

Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh on the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula. With its beautiful

surroundings and elegant colonnade, the casino has become a focal point in the city and is

its premier gaming venue. Refurbished in early 2009, the interior is classic in design, offering

guests a choice of popular table games and slot machines in a relaxed club-like atmosphere.

Casino Semiramis (2)

Situated in the heart of the Egyptian capital in the five-star Semiramis Inter-Continental Hotel,

Casino Semiramis enjoys spectacular views of the River Nile. The casino has been a leader

in the Egyptian casino industry since it opened in 1990 and continued this trend-setting role

in 2008. Known for its hospitality and excellent service, the casino features a comprehensive

gaming mix with 13 live gaming tables and a wide selection of the latest slot machines.

Palestinian Autonomy

Casinos Austria International and its partners began operations in the Palestinian Autonomy

in September 1998. While operational, the Oasis Hotel Casino Resort in Jericho was

one of the company’s most successful operations worldwide, opening 24 hours a day and

featuring 124 tables and 278 slots. However, in July 2000, shortly after completion of the

resort’s five-star hotel, increasing political unrest in the region and the closure of the area

around Jericho to Israeli citizens and tourist visitors forced the casino to cease operations.

Oasis Hotel Casino Resort (3)

Although the Oasis Hotel Casino again remained closed throughout 2008, Casinos Austria

International closely monitors developments in the region, and the casino itself is kept

fully equipped, maintained and ready to reopen as soon as the political situation allows.

The hotel itself has always remained open and recently underwent refurbishment to its

pool areas and guest rooms.

South Africa

Casinos Austria International has been active in the South African casino market since the

1990s and holds a 22 percent economic interest in its local partner, Gold Reef Resorts

Limited. Listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange, Gold Reef Resorts is a gaming

and entertainment company that operates world-class resorts and entertainment complexes

throughout South Africa and currently has interests in seven resorts: Gold Reef City, Garden

Route Casino, Golden Horse Casino, Goldfields Casino, Mykonos Casino, Queens Casino

and Silverstar Casino. Each resort offers a diverse choice of entertainment, the highest levels

of customer service and world-class facilities: from casino gaming, fine dining and hotels,

to cultural and outdoor activities. Gold Reef Resorts is committed to offering its shareholders

consistent growth and contributing to the country as a responsible corporate citizen.


2 3


eport ’08 | Casinos Austria International

Gold Reef City Casino, South Africa

Gold Reef City Casino near Johannesburg is a flagship operation in the Casinos Austria

International network. Set in a magnificent complex offering a winning combination of

theme park, Apartheid museum and casino gaming, Gold Reef City Casino opened in

May 2000 and has a look and feel best described as “Pure Jozi, Pure Gold”. Open 24/7,

the casino features 1,600 slot machines, 50 tables, a Salon Privé for high rollers and

“Barneys” – one of the largest smoking casinos in Southern Africa.

1 2

Garden Route Casino (4, see page 49)

Garden Route Casino opened in 2002 in one of the most beautiful locations in South

Africa: the town of Mossel Bay on the Garden Route overlooks the Indian Ocean and

boasts 24 km of unspoilt beaches. The thrilling facilities on offer at the casino include

376 slot machines, 16 gaming tables, a Salon Privé, buffet restaurant and sports bar, as

well as the award-winning Pinnacle Point golf course, 71 four-star golf lodges, 24 villas

and the 43-room Garden Route Hotel and Spa.

Golden Horse Casino (2)

Golden Horse Casino in Kwazulu-Natal is much more than just a casino. Set in the Pietermaritzburg

hillside, the only casino in Africa linked to a racecourse promises a unique gaming

experience. The casino shares its premises with the Scottsville Racecourse and boasts a

96-room hotel, restaurants, conference facilities and the world’s largest statue of a horse: the

14-meter Pegasus. Its casino floor offers 450 slot machines, 16 tables and the exclusive Rosewood's

Room for high rollers.

Goldfields Casino (1)

Goldfields Casino and Entertainment Centre opened in December 2003 and is located in Goldfields

Plaza on Stateway, the main street in the city of Welkom. The contemporary design of

this premier destination combines an eclectic mix of style elements, with a clever use of colors

and textures creating warm, inviting spaces. The casino boasts 250 slot machines, 9 gaming

tables and a Salon Privé, as well as extensive banqueting, dining and bar facilities.

Mykonos Casino (3)

Mykonos Casino in Langebaan some 120 km north of Cape Town opened in December 2000

and brings great gaming entertainment to a resort already renowned as a water sports mecca.

Set in a Greek-styled self-catering and conference resort, the casino boasts an impressive selection

of 278 slot machines and 9 table games. The resort’s extensive facilities cater to both

young and old with its games room, choice of restaurants and bars, crèche service and health

and beauty spa.

Queens Casino (4)

Queens Casino opened its doors to the public in December 2007 in Queenstown in

the Eastern Cape Province. Designed with a focal railway theme, the casino features

a beautifully restored steam locomotive once used to transport the then Princess

Elizabeth during a visit to South Africa. In addition to a choice of 180 slot machines

and 6 gaming tables, the new casino also offers a hotel, buffet restaurant, sports bar,

games facility and crèche.

Silverstar Casino (5)

Opened in December 2007, Silverstar Casino is Gauteng’s first non-themed casino with

its unique, contemporary style and neo-African influences designed to reflect the natural

aesthetics of the area. The casino boasts 756 slot machines, 26 gaming tables and a

luxury hotel, whose 38 suites have superb views of the Fountain Spectacular, the biggest

water feature in the Southern Hemisphere. It also offers a choice of restaurants, bars and

conference facilities for up to 500 delegates.

Casinos Austria International | report ’08

| 50 | | 51 |


4 5

eport ’08 | Casinos Austria International

1 2

3 4


The Americas


Casinos Austria International’s first casino in Argentina opened in 1987 in the Andean

winter sports resort of Valle de Las Leñas. In 2000, we entered a cooperation with Entretenimientos

y Juegos de Azar (ENJASA), the only company licensed to operate casinos,

lotteries and slot parlors in the province of Salta, and reinforced this long and

successful partnership with the acquisition of a majority shareholding in December

2006. In an eventful year, 2008 saw the introduction of table gaming at Casino Oran

and Casino Tartagal in the interior of the province and the launch of the new Reno slot

hall in the capital, expanding ENJASA’s portfolio to 5 casinos and 15 slot halls. Lottery

developments throughout the year included the introduction of new lottery games and

the implementation of 500 online point of sale units.

Boulevard Casino (1)

Opened in 2004, Boulevard Casino is located in Salta's popular Alta NOA center, the region’s

main retail mall. The lively casino offers visitors a chance to take a break from their shopping

and try their luck at its Blackjack and American Roulette tables or extensive selection

of electronic gaming machines. Boulevard Casino was refurbished in 2008, offers a full bar

service and can be accessed either directly from Avenida Virrey Toledo or through the mall.

Casino Golden Dreams (2)

The popular Casino Golden Dreams first opened in January 2002 and is located in the downtown

pedestrian zone in the provincial capital, Salta City. It offers guests top-class gaming in

an expansive gaming area with a selection of more than 350 state-of-the-art electronic gaming

and slot machines and live gaming tables for American Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco

and Caribbean Poker. Casino Golden Dreams also has its own exclusive guest parking facility.

Casino Oran (4)

Located in San Ramon de la Nueva Oran (known locally simply as "Oran") in the interior of the

province about 270 km from the capital, Salta, the lively Casino Oran first opened in December

2000 as a slots-only venue. The modern casino expanded its gaming mix in June 2008 to

offer live gaming from Wednesday to Sunday at its American Roulette and Blackjack tables. A

popular destination for locals and visitors alike, the casino also offers a complete bar service.

Casino Salta (5)

Opened in August 2005, Casino Salta is located on the ground floor of Salta City's Sheraton

Salta Hotel only a few blocks from the downtown area in an exceptional location that

offers panoramic views of the city, the Lerma Valley and the Andes. The casino offers a

choice of American Roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean Poker and Craps tables, as well as a

large selection of state-of-the-art slot machines. It also features a VIP Lounge, bar and

piano area and valet parking.

Casino Tartagal (3)

Located in Tartagal in the north-west of the province of Salta, Casino Tartagal first opened in

December 2002 as a slots-only venue. This lively casino moved to a new location on the city's

main square in September 2008 and expanded its gaming mix to offer American Roulette,

Blackjack and Poker tables from Wednesday to Sunday. With its proximity to the borders with

Bolivia and Paraguay, the casino is popular with both local guests and international visitors.

Casinos Austria International | report ’08

Great Blue Heron Charity Casino, Canada

Located on reserve land near the town of Port Perry, the Great Blue Heron Charity

Casino is one of Ontario’s finest casino properties. Aboriginal themes are depicted

throughout the building and on the uniforms worn by staff. Open 24/7, the casino

boasts an extensive gaming mix with 60 tables and 545 TITO-enabled, latest generation

spinning reel and video slot machines. It also features the Waters Edge buffet

restaurant and Lucky Stone and Heron Bar serving snacks and light meals.

| 52 | | 53 |

eport ’08 | Casinos Austria International

1 2

Casino Las Leñas (1)

Set at an altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level, Casino Las Leñas is the highest casino in

the world and was the first private casino in Argentina. The casino is located in the five-star

Hotel Piscis and offers a choice of live gaming tables and slot machines as well as a VIP gaming

room and a lively casino bar. A seasonal operation, the casino is only open in the southern

hemisphere's winter season, welcoming guests each year from mid-June to mid-October.


Casinos Austria International has been managing the Great Blue Heron Charity Casino – a

gaming complex 100 km northeast of Toronto, Ontario – for over a decade. Operated on behalf

of the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming

Corporation, the venue first opened in 1997 with a simple vision of providing economic de-


Australia - Asia

velopment and advancement opportunities for the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation.

The casino has since evolved into a significant economic driver and one of the largest

employers in the region, reaffirming its ongoing commitment to strengthening and enhancing

its image as a model corporate citizen. The Great Blue Heron takes its role as a community

partner very seriously and has been widely praised for the active support provided by the

casino and its charitable foundation to many groups and organizations.


Casinos Austria International was awarded the concession to develop and operate our firstever

casino in Chile in July 2006. This latest development takes us further south on the map

than ever before – to Los Angeles, the capital of Chile’s Bío-Bío Region. Completed in record

time, the opening of the new Gran Casino Los Angeles was a highlight for Casinos Austria

International in 2008. Our expansion strategy in Chile was reinforced in August 2008, when

the gaming board awarded us the concession for a second operation in the country – the new

casino and tourism center in the city of Ovalle in the Coquimbo Region. Casino Gran Ovalle

will open in 2011 and combine gaming, tourism and culture in one luxury complex, with a

modern casino, a 4-star hotel, restaurants, bars, a conference center, museums, an open-air

theater and retail outlets promoting local products and crafts.

Gran Casino Los Angeles (2)

Opened in July 2008, CAI’s newest casino in the central Chilean city of Los Angeles reinforces

the city’s position as the gateway to the south of the country. Set in the heart

of the city, Gran Casino Los Angeles boasts a spacious design with striking woodwork

features, a bar, a restaurant and an unrivalled gaming experience at 12 tables, 200 slot

machines and a 40-seat Bingo room. The complex will also feature a top-class hotel with

90 rooms, spa facilities and a conference center, opening in 2009.


Casinos Austria International has a long and successful history of operations in the Australian

market and currently operates two casinos in the country: Casino Canberra in the

nation’s capital and The Reef Hotel Casino in Cairns, North Queensland. Both casinos

are members of the Australian Casino Association (ACA) and play an active role within

the organization. Casinos Austria International also holds direct and indirect interests

of approximately 42 percent in the Reef Casino Trust, the holding company that owns

The Reef Hotel Casino complex in Cairns. The Australian casino industry is competitive,

with a total of 13 casinos operating across the country, one in each state capital, as well

as a number in other regional locations. Casino gaming is regulated at state level and is

subject to stringent standards and gaming rules, as well as high levels of security.

Casino Canberra (3)

Casino Canberra is located on the eastern side of Canberra’s CBD in beautiful Glebe Park

adjacent to the National Convention Centre. The world-class gaming and entertainment

on offer at the casino includes an extensive selection of popular casino games, three welcoming

bars and the renowned The Grill Brasserie restaurant overlooking the park. The

heart and the soul of the city, Casino Canberra is known for its good corporate citizenship

and support for the community.

Casinos Austria International | report ’08

The Reef Hotel Casino, Australia

Situated in Cairns, the capital of Queensland, The Reef Hotel Casino opened in 1996 and

is one of Australia's finest boutique casinos. The lavishly appointed casino offers an exciting

range of table games and over 500 state-of-the-art gaming machines. It also features

VIP facilities for premium players, two main bars and designated outdoor smoking areas.

The complex boasts a five-star hotel with 128 luxury suites, 4 restaurants, a nightclub

and a variety of bars and retail outlets.

| 54 | | 55 |

eport ’08 | Casinos Austria International


Casinos Austria International has been active in the Indian casino market since 1999 when

the western state of Goa amended its Gambling Act to allow the provision of table and slot

machine gaming on board offshore vessels in the inland waters off the state. At the time,

Casinos Austria International and its local partners were granted the only such license to

be awarded, securing their status as the first casino operator on the Indian sub-continent.

Due in part to the pioneering work carried out by Casino Goa, acceptance of casino gaming

as a form of entertainment has grown enormously in India over the past few years. Recent

gaming policy changes in Goa have led to the issue of further offshore licenses, and four additional

offshore casinos began operating on the Mandovi River in late 2008, with two more

vessels expected to join the market in 2009.

Casino Goa (1)

Located on the M.V. Caravela, a twin-engine catamaran named after the first Portuguese

armada to sail to Goa in the 16th century, Casino Goa opened in February 2001 and was

India’s first live gaming offshore casino. The vessel is specially designed to sail the inland

waters off Goa and features a wide choice of gaming tables and slot machines in a

unique, club-style atmosphere, complemented by live entertainment on the sundeck, in

the casino and in the lavish restaurant.

Shipboard Operations

With over 25 years of experience in the cruising casino sector, Casinos Austria International’s

turnkey solutions range from designing and equipping customized onboard casinos, recruiting

staff and managing the casino to developing the operation to ensure maximum returns

for the cruise line. We launched our first shipboard casino in 1981 and have since opened

casinos on board some of the world’s most prestigious ocean-going vessels. Management

of our cruising casinos in 2008 was shared between two subsidiaries: Casinos Austria Maritime

Corp. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Shipboard Casino Services in Piraeus, Greece. Together,

they operated casinos on board vessels in the following fleets: Discovery Cruise Line,

Indian Ocean Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, SeaDream Yacht Club, Silversea Cruises

and Windstar Cruises. The office in Greece was closed in February 2009, when management

of its vessels was transferred to Casinos Austria Maritime.

Discovery Cruise Line

Casinos Austria Maritime has operated the casino on the 1,400-passenger Discovery Sun

since 1995. Discovery Sun makes daily trips from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Freeport,

Grand Bahama, and has been voted “Best Day Cruise” to the Bahamas by the readers of

Porthole Cruise Magazine for eight consecutive years. The casino was remodeled in 2008 to

incorporate a 10-seat electronic Texas Hold’Em table to complement its existing 8 gaming

tables and 117 slot machines.

Indian Ocean Cruises

Skillfully refurbished in 2006, the four-star, 250-passenger Ocean Odyssey offers the distinctive,

intimate atmosphere of a sea-going yacht, backed by the excellent service of an experienced

and highly professional crew. Indian Ocean Cruises is the first cruise line to offer cruises

to the untouched tropical Lakshadweep Islands in the Arabian Sea, India’s smallest Union

Territory. Casinos Austria closed the casino on board the Ocean Odyssey at the end of 2008.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Casinos Austria International has a long history of cooperation with Regent Seven

Seas Cruises and extended its concession agreements with the cruise line in 2007.

Cruising Casinos

1 Regent Seven Seas Mariner

In 2008, Casinos Austria International operated casinos on board the sister all-suite, allbalcony,

700-guest Seven Seas Voyager and Seven Seas Mariner and all-suite, 90 percent

balcony Seven Seas Navigator. Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers exclusive, unparalleled,

all-inclusive cruise vacations and consistently ranks as one of the world’s most

prestigious cruise lines. The company was voted “Best Large Ship Cruise Line” by

Condé Nast Traveler in 2008.

SeaDream Yacht Club

The SeaDream Yacht Club’s twin, ultra-luxury mega-yachts, SeaDream I and SeaDream

II, each cater to only 116 passengers, offering the ultimate in elegant yachting, first-class

service and absolute privacy. The SeaDream Yacht Club has received numerous awards

and accolades and was recognized with a “World’s Best” in the prestigious Condé Nast

Traveler’s January 2007 Gold List. Casinos Austria International closed the casinos on

board the SeaDream I and SeaDream II at the end of 2008.

Silversea Cruises

In 2008, Casinos Austria International operated casinos on three vessels in the Silversea

Cruises ultra-luxury, all-inclusive fleet: the 382-guest Millennium Class Silver Shadow, the

382-guest all-ocean-view-suite Millennium Class Silver Whisper and the 296-guest capacity

Silver Wind. Silversea Cruises reflects generations of maritime and travel experience and

pledges to build and operate the highest quality ships in the ultra-luxury segment. The company

is consistently lauded by leading consumer and trade publications and was honored

with Travel + Leisure’s “World’s Best Award” in 2008 for the seventh time.

Windstar Cruises

The casinos on board the three vessels in Seattle-based Windstar Cruises unique fleet of

exclusive five-star sailing yachts all opened in 2007: the 148-guest multi-sail-yachts Wind

Star and Wind Spirit and the 308-guest Wind Surf. A market leader in luxury small ship

cruising, Windstar Cruises offers cruise vacationers the chance to see the world in contemporary

luxury from the romantic, intimate setting of an elegant yet informal yacht.

Windstar Cruises has an impressive list of awards and was listed on Condé Nast Traveler’s

Annual Gold List of “Best Cruise Lines” in 2008.

Wind Surf Silver Shadow

Casinos Austria International | report ’08

| 56 | | 57 |

eport ’08 | Austrian Lotteries

(l. to. r. ): Karl Stoss (Chairman), Bettina Glatz-Kremsner (Director), Friedrich Stickler (Deputy Director General)

A Stroke of Luck

Lady Luck was definitely watching over Austrian Lotteries and its customers in 2008. Defying

the odds in a not particularly favorable economic climate, the company succeeded in increasing

its total sales for the year by 15 percent to 2.378 billion euro. Luck was also on the side

of the players, with total winnings hitting an unprecedented 1.7 billion euro.

There are some sales factors you can influence,

such as the timing of special promotions or

the introduction of bonus or additional cash prizes.

And there are some events that cannot be influenced:

they simply lie in the nature of the game and are

purely a matter of chance – like rollover jackpots,

where the prospect of even higher winnings or dream

of total financial independence and freedom produce

a significant increase in the number of lottery tickets


At Austrian Lotteries, there were more such chance

events in 2008 than ever before. Its flagship national

Lotto “6 aus 45” (literally “6 from 45”) and

EuroMillions lotteries produced a particularly high

number of single and rollover jackpots, including

the first-ever five-times rollover jackpot in the 22year

history of Lotto “6 aus 45”. A six-times rollover

Europot for EuroMillions resulted in total prize

money of over 100 million euro.

There were also a number of impressive wins in

the double-digit millions in Austria: one player from

Carinthia won 55.6 million euro, another from Vorarlberg

almost 29 million euro and yet another from

Lower Austria more than 28 million euro. 31 other

lucky players also successfully matched six numbers

to become lottery millionaires.

Lotto "6 aus 45" Lottery

The company’s flagship lottery product recorded

555.34 million euro in sales in 2008, a 7.4 percent

rise compared to the previous year. The increase can

be attributed both to the large number of jackpots

(three additional jackpots and the first-ever five-time

rollover jackpot in the lottery’s history more than

compensated for three fewer triple rollover jackpots

than in 2007) and to the change in price of a Lotto

ticket to one euro.

Toto and Torwette Football Pools

Three special quarter-million rounds to mark the

UEFA EURO 2008 along with a six-times and an eighttimes

Extra Toto rollover jackpot boosted the Toto football

pool (incl. Extra Toto) in 2008 and resulted in a

2.8 percent increase in sales year-on-year to 11.66

million euro. The Torwette football pool (incl. Extra Torwette)

posted sales of 1.08 million euro.


Bingo remained equally attractive to its fans in 2008

as it had been in the previous year. Sales for the year

amounted to 11.29 million euro, an increase of 1.02

percent compared to 2007.


Ticket sales for the EuroMillions lottery profited greatly

from four major jackpot winners in Austria in 2008.

Favorable jackpot constellations – longer runs with

larger Europots than in the previous year – also had

a positive effect: EuroMillions sales increased by 17.6

percent to 170.88 million euro.

ToiToiToi Numbers Lottery

The ToiToiToi numbers lottery, drawn daily from Monday

to Saturday, posted sales of 17.04 million euro

– a slight decrease of 0.6 percent compared to 2007.

Zahlenlotto 1-90 Numbers Lottery

With three draws each week (on Tuesdays, Thursdays

and Saturdays), sales for the Zahlenlotto 1-90 numbers

lottery decreased by 3.2 percent in 2008 to 4.51

million euro.


Following on the heels of Lotto “6 aus 45” and

EuroMillions, sales for the Joker tote game showed

a very positive trend and were further boosted by a

price adjustment introduced in June 2008. These de- �

| 58 | | 59 |

eport ’08 | Austrian Lotteries

velopments resulted in sales of 162.21 million euro

– a rise of 13.9 percent year-on-year.

Rubbellos Scratch-Off Tickets

The new themes for 2008 – “Super Schatztruhe”,

“Golden Goals”, “Gold” and “Poker” – helped boost

sales of the Rubbellos instant scratch-off ticket lottery

by 2.6 percent to 127.38 million euro.

Brieflos Break-open Tickets

The introduction of the new Mega Brieflos series

(larger format, ticket price of two euro and three

main prizes of 250,000 euro each) on 17 November

brought a breath of fresh air and increased interest

in this break-open ticket lottery. Furthermore, prize

payout levels for the original Brieflos product were increased.

These developments resulted in a 7.2 percent

increase in sales to 25.85 million euro.

Klassenlotterie Austrian Class Lottery

Sales for the Österreichische Klassenlotterie (Austrian

Class Lottery) reached 36.17 million euro in the

reporting year, a decrease of 3.8 percent year-on-year.

The online gaming platform with its newly

opened Pokerroom and the WINWIN video lottery ter-

minals outlets, both operated as joint ventures with

Casinos Austria, also made an important contribution

to the positive results at Austrian Lotteries in 2008.

Sales at were up by 17 percent yearon-year,

while WINWIN posted an increase in sales of

36.2 percent for the reporting year.

Sports Sponsoring

Austrian Lotteries is unquestionably one of the

most important sponsors of sports in Austria, and

the company places equal emphasis on supporting

top-level professional sports, youth development

and amateur sports.

In addition to its specific sponsorship of individual

organizations and events, Austrian Lotteries contributes

three percent of its gross sales each year to

the sponsoring of sports, with the majority of these

funds going to amateur sporting endeavors. In 2008,

this amounted to a total contribution to Austrian

sports of 62.02 million euro. These funds are managed

and distributed by the Austrian Federal Sports

Organization. Based on sales figures for 2008, Austrian

Lotteries expects its contributions to sports for

the current year to exceed the 70 million euro mark

for the first time in the company’s history. �


Sales 2,378.04 millions EUR

Total taxes 383.49 millions EUR

(thereof) game-related duties 161.27 millions EUR

(thereof) concession fee 216.75 millions EUR

Sports sponsoring 62.02 millions EUR

Profit on ordinary activities 39.06 millions EUR

Net income after taxes 33.65 millions EUR

Balance sheet profit 33.66 millions EUR

Employees* 472

Sales network

Lotto and football pools

retail partners


Scratch-off ticket retail partners 6,783

Break-open ticket retail partners 6,790


in EUR Percentage of Total

Lotto "6 aus 45" 555,342,870.50 23.35%

Toto and Torwette *) 12,741,247.40 0.54%

Bingo 11,295,641.30 0.47%

EuroMillions 170,881,731.50 7.19%

ToiToiToi 17,041,865.75 0.72%

Zahlenlotto 4,510,330.35 0.19%

Joker 162,212,294.50 6.82%

Rubbellos 127,375,639.80 5.36%

Brieflos 25,848,123.60 1.09%

Klassenlotterie 36,171,782.00 1.52% 945,648,184.36 39.77% - Poker 5,049,682.83 0.21%

WINWIN 303,925,312.08 12.78%

Total 2,378,044,705.97 100.00%

*) incl. Extra Toto and Extra Torwette

| 60 | | 61 |

*) as at 31.12.2008




100% 100%


Austrian Lotteries | report ’08

eport ’08 |



Codeknacker Keno Pferderennen Spin & Win

Eldorado Penalty Portobello Western Saloon

Lottery Games

Lotto Toto ToiToiToi Brieflos

Joker Extra Toto Zahlenlotto Klassenlotterie

EuroMillions Bingo Rubbellos

Casino Games

Roulette: Video Poker: Chicken Slot Schatzinsel

American Roulette Draw Poker Cleopatra‘s Gold Schatzkammer

French Roulette Jacks or Better Dolphin Star Wild Fruits

Cards: Joker and Kings Goldmine Magic Money

Black Jack Lucky Joker Jungle Jane Dice:

Tropical Stud Poker Double Draw Faces Lucky Monsters Escalero

Easy Hold‘em Poker Slots: Pirates Bay European Seven Eleven

Red Dog African King Robbie Rich Würfelpoker


Texas Hold‘em Five Card Draw Omaha Seven Card Stud

Virtual Reality

Casino games, themed games, Poker room and virtual Lotto and Toto sales outlet –

offers all this and more, with strictest security and the protection of minors and players


A Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries

joint venture, the internet gaming platform offers something for every taste: from

classic casino games, specially designed themed

games, Lotto and Toto through to Poker. With the

launch of its Pokerroom on 7 February 2008 win- achieved yet another first – the first all-

Austrian online Poker room that not only matches

its international counterparts in every way,

but actually outplays them.

With Poker rooms a dime a dozen nowadays, it can

be hard to tell one from the other. And many of

them are sadly lacking in one particular aspect:

entertainment value. The Pokerroom at

is different, and when it comes to entertainment

value, it is quite literally ahead of the pack. All its

Hold’em tables are named after Austrian towns,

mountains or rivers, and the names of many of

its tournaments are Austrian through and through

– just two of the many features that set it apart.

So players can set off on a virtual Poker tour from

“Kitzbühel” over the summit of the “Hochkönig”

and along the banks of the “Mur” to “Graz”. The

chat is kept in German, so that Poker fans can also

enjoy a bit of Austrian humor along the way.

As with all other games, security and

responsibility naturally played a key role in every

stage of the Poker room’s development. Responsible

gaming aspects are particularly important

when it comes to online Poker sites, and the new

Poker room not only had to comply with all the

familiar responsible gaming features

– like strict registration procedures and the compulsory

setting of deposit and playing time limits

– it also had to guarantee that players are protected

from others trying to fix matches or cheat.

Security and integrity are central to all activities

at and to any new games added to its

portfolio. Protection against criminal activities is a

core aspect here, since it is the anonymity offered

by some online gaming platforms that can attract

people with dishonest intentions and encourage

money laundering and cheating. Thanks to the inbuilt

tried and tested cutting edge security software

and the permanent monitoring of the site by

fully-trained experts, this simply cannot happen at The fact that all players have to register

with the site by name and the personal details

provided are verified before anyone is allowed to

play also adds a further layer of security. Anonymous

con artists have no chance at

All these factors offer clear confirmation of the

high standards of security in place at win2day.

at, and it is these standards that ensure the site

continues to grow in popularity. In 2008, win2day.

at reported sales of 945.55 million euro (2007:

808 million euro) and a Poker rake of five million

euro. As of 31 December 2008, the site had a total

of 400,000 registered users. �

| 62 | | 63 |

eport ’08 | WINWIN

A WINWIN Situation

Despite difficult operating conditions in 2008, WINWIN added two further chapters to the VLT

outlet success story that began back in 2004.

Video Lottery Terminals – or VLTs for short

– might be optically similar to classic slot

machines, but behind this façade lies a great deal

more. The difference between VLTs and conventional

gaming machines lies in the technology and gaming

mechanism: a complex computer network fully

equipped with the latest and best security standards

guarantees reliable gaming entertainment of the

highest level.

With two new outlets opened last year in Landeck, Tyrol

and Vöcklabruck, Upper Austria, Glücks- und Unterhaltungsspiel

Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. (“Entertainment

GmbH”) – better known by the brand name

WINWIN – operated a total of 11 outlets across Austria

as of 31 December 2008. Each of these outlets

offers between 50 and 150 such VLTs, all permanently

linked to the Austrian Lotteries central computer

center. While conventional slot machines determine

the outcome of a wager independently using a random

number generator, this is decided for WINWIN

machines by the random number generator on a central

computer – based on set odds and payout limits

approved by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance.

As a joint subsidiary of Casinos Austria and Austrian

Lotteries, WINWIN perfectly combines the extensive


know-how and industry expertise of both companies

– Casinos Austria with its 75 casinos on five continents

and over 40 years experience in casino gaming

and Austrian Lotteries with its wealth of experience

in online gaming. Austrian Lotteries also holds

the appropriate electronic lotteries license required

to operate VLTs under Section 12a of the Austrian

Gaming Act.

True to their motto, WINWIN outlets really do have

it all: the trendy 500 to 650 square meter venues

are all home not just to at least 50 gaming terminals,

they also serve a wide selection of good food

and drinks. The target group is fun-loving, entertainment-minded

people, who enjoy rounding off a

pleasant evening in a great setting with a few rounds

on the gaming machines. And WINWIN is also proof

that good gaming entertainment doesn’t have to be

expensive: its VLTs can be played from as little as

one cent, with maximum possible winnings of up to

26,050 euro. Further WINWIN outlets are currently

also in the pipeline.

In the 2008 business year, WINWIN posted sales of

303.92 million euro, an increase of over 35 percent

compared to the previous year.

Am Marienbrunnen 346, 6290 Mayrhofen: 50 VLTs, tipp3 Betting Lounge


Bozenerplatz 2, 9900 Lienz: 80 VLTs, tipp3 Betting Lounge

Malserstraße 25, 6500 Landeck: 50 VLTs, tipp3 Betting Lounge

Salzburg: Seegasse 5, 5700 Zell am See: 63 VLTs, tipp3 Betting Lounge

| 64 | | 65 |

Upper Austria:

Lower Austria:

Unterer Stadtplatz 3, 4780 Schärding: 81 VLTs, tipp3 Betting Lounge

Grünmarkt 17, 4400 Steyr: 50 VLTs, tipp3 Betting Lounge

Kaiser-Josef-Platz 8, 4600 Wels: 50 VLTs, tipp3 Betting Lounge

Stadtplatz 21, 4840 Vöcklabruck: 50 VLTs, tipp3 Betting Lounge

Wienergasse 3, 2460 Bruck/Leitha: 50 VLTs, tipp3 Betting Lounge

Racinoplatz 1, 2483 Ebreichsdorf: 150 VLTs

Hamerlingstraße 5, 3910 Zwettl: 50 VLTs, tipp3 Betting Lounge

eport ’08 | tipp3


50 million euro in sales

65,000 registered online users

3,700 sales outlets in Austria

10 tipp3 Betting Lounges in WINWIN outlets

Betting arena on the Goleador site

Betting by text message

Main sponsor of the "tipp3-Bundesliga

powered by T-Mobile"

A Hot Tip(p)

tipp3 (Österreichische Sportwetten GmbH) has been a top scorer in the highly competitive

betting sports betting sector for the last nine years – and caused great excitement among

fans in 2008 as new lead sponsor of the Austrian Football Bundesliga.

In the words of the stars of the tipp3 advertising

campaign – Austrian sports reporters Adi Niederkorn

and Edi Finger Jr. – things looked “guat”, yes

“even very guat” in 2008. Good for tipp3 and for the

Austrian Football Bundesliga.

tipp3 was definitely match-ready for the kick-off of

UEFA EURO 2008 – the football event of the year

– and its careful preparations more than proved

their worth, with the company recording a doubledigit

percentage increase in betting sales during

the championship period. In total, Österreichische

Sportwetten GmbH (“Austrian Sports Betting Ltd.”)

posted annual sales for 2008 of around 50 million

euro. In doing so, the Casinos Austria and Austrian

Lotteries joint venture with the Austrian media organizations

Bundesländerverlage and Mediaprint, successfully

outperformed average results for the sector.

To remain ahead of the game, tipp3 continually introduces

new products and services. As an added

convenience to customers, betting by text message

was introduced at the start of 2008. Customers who

cannot make it to their local tipp3 sales outlet during

opening hours or cannot get to a PC with internet

access can now place their bets quickly and easily

by text message. Service and fun were also two of

the key factors behind the introduction of the tipp3

QuickTipp. All the customer has to do is pick the level

of risk – the system at the sales outlet does the rest

and suggests the appropriate bet.

Also a firm favorite with the 65,000 registered online

customers of is the option

with its up-to-date selection of video clips of current

championship events.

On the subject of championships: the general enthusiasm

for football following UEFA EURO 2008

and the continued rise in interest in sports betting

prompted tipp3 to intensify its cooperation activities

with the Austrian Football Bundesliga. tipp3 became

a lead sponsor of the Bundesliga at the start of the

2008/2009 season, with Austria’s top football clubs

kicking off in the new “tipp3-Bundesliga powered by

T-Mobile” since 1 July 2008.

(l. to r.): Joachim Burger (T-Mobile), Bundesliga Chairman Georg Pangl and tipp3 Chairman Dietmar Hoscher

seal their partnership

| 66 | | 67 |

eport ’08 | Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

The proof of a great night out at the casino is waking up the next morning with the smile still on your face. Casinos Austria ensures that

everyone can rest assured – and no one needs to hide under the bedspread.

A guest who has enjoyed a great evening’s

entertainment at the casino should still

be smiling about it the next day. The memories

of those happy hours should linger on for many

a day to come: the exquisite meal, the glass of

sparkling wine, the charm and expertise of the

helpful casino staff and – above all – the fun and

excitement of watching the Roulette ball spin

around the wheel, trying to read the expressions

on the faces of the other players around the Poker

table or waiting for the symbols on the slot

machines to finally come to a halt.

Yet for Casinos Austria, perfect customer service

extends far beyond the actual visit to the casino.

Our exemplary player protection measures ensure

gaming remains the fun experience it is intended to

be, and begin the moment a guest enters the foyer

with our strict registration procedures. Player protection

and responsible gaming are not just clear

requirements laid down by the national regulatory

authorities, they are also an integral part of corporate

culture at Casinos Austria and are firmly rooted

in the company’s traditions.

The vast majority of people who enjoy gaming do so

responsibly, reasonably and within their means. But

there are a few exceptions to this rule. To address

this, Casinos Austria provides regular and thorough

training for staff, ensuring they are able to recognize

the signs of a potential gambling problem. The company

is fully aware that gambling can be a problem

for some people and can have negative consequences

in some cases. But at Casinos Austria, responsible

gaming is not just a byword, it’s a guiding principle.

Tight access controls are in place to protect minors

from gaming itself and prevent this particularly vulnerable

group from even coming in the vicinity of

gaming premises. In addition to access restrictions,

there are a whole range of further measures in place

to protect players from any negative effects of

gambling. Casinos Austria’s fully-trained staff and

cutting edge security technology and facilities ensure

permanent monitoring of gaming activities.

Naturally, all this is done with absolute discretion

so no one ever has the feeling they are being

watched. But as soon as any money is changed,

this information is recorded. If the frequency of

these transactions, the amounts involved or even a

combination of the two indicate there might be a

cause for concern, a qualified member of staff will

initially broach the matter with the guest and work

with them to find a solution. Whether this ultimately

results in a ban, the setting of betting limits or a

restriction in the number of permitted casino visits,

together we find a way. The company’s Responsible

Gaming department ensures that the latest

information material, including flyers on gambling

addiction, is always available and prominently on

display in all 12 Austrian casinos.

Casinos Austria has always sought to draw greater

public attention to the topic of gambling addiction.

Like all other forms of addiction, this is a social

problem and has to be given wide media attention.

To ensure this becomes the case, Casinos Austria

launched a “Responsible Gaming Breakfast” initiative

to provide first-hand information to leading

media representatives. The strong interest in this

initiative confirmed the clear information deficit on

the subject of gambling addiction and the strong

demand for Casinos Austria’s know-how and expertise

in this field. This applies both to the facts

and figures produced by the company itself as well

as to latest research results. Once a year, Casinos

Austria and Austrian Lotteries also organize a “Responsible

Gaming Academy”, whose seminars and

workshops provide a forum for the presentation of

the latest insights and research and in-depth discussions

with independent experts on gambling

addiction and associated fields.

All these efforts ensure that our staff go to work with

a totally clear conscience, while our guests can rest

assured that their next visit to the casino will be just

as safe and just as much fun as the last. �

Responsible Gaming | report ’08

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eport ’08 | Security

Security in Mind

Central surveillance is the new hot topic when it comes to Responsible Gaming at Casinos

Austria. Our responsible approach to this topic has earned us a reputation for excellence

that extends far beyond our national borders.

The technical finesse of the systems in the

unobtrusive room is not immediately apparent

to the uninitiated. Surrounded by monitors,

a member of the surveillance team sits at

his desk with a special keyboard and joystick to

hand. Anyone who might assume he was playing

the latest computer game would be seriously

mistaken. He uses these devices to rapidly

switch from one casino to the next and with a few

clicks of the mouse can cover a distance of several

hundred kilometers almost instantaneously.

Central surveillance is the latest addition to the

Casinos Austria security system and a further example

of the company’s pioneering role in the

gaming industry.

There are several aspects to security at Casinos

Austria. Naturally, we place utmost importance

on providing the guests at our 12 casinos across

Austria with a safe and secure environment in

which to enjoy a few hours of fun and entertainment.

But we also focus on the safety and security

of society as a whole. For example, when it

comes to protection against organized crime and

money laundering, two areas that in some countries

are unfortunately all too often associated

with casino gaming.

At Casinos Austria, security is viewed as a service

that is constantly changing, just like the

demands and expectations of casino guests.

Critically assessing and auditing the standards

already in place is a key challenge. Such so-called

Security Audits apply as much to alarm systems

as they do to Roulette wheels, which are checked,

for example, for unevenness, ball track, elasticity

of dividing bars and number slot dimensions. At

Casinos Austria, these audits are an integral part

of our comprehensive security package.

The security solutions developed by Casinos Austria

regularly set new standards for the entire gaming

industry. Our national experts are linked to all key

players in the market through the “International

Association of Casino Security”, where they can discuss

latest developments and best practices and

promote their own know-how.

Protection against Criminal Activities

The fact that money laundering and organized

crime are not associated with casino gaming in

Austria can be attributed in no small way to the

country’s strict provider monopoly. The existence

of a single, known, reliable and trustworthy provider

who conducts gaming operations in accordance

with all regulatory policy maxims, makes

it easier for the authorities and the general public

to rule out the likelihood of criminal activities.

Money laundering in casinos can be prevented by

clear statutory regulations and strict checks and

balances – from guest identity, transparency of

payouts, recording of casino revenues to the integrity

of the operator.

An external review of these endeavors by the Austrian

Federal Ministries of Finance and the Interior

(Bundeskriminalamt, “Federal Criminal Intelligence

Service, Department for the Prevention

of Organized Crime”) was very positive: all security

measures in place in our domestic casinos far �

Security | report ’08

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eport ’08 | Security

exceed typical levels of control. These include

identity verification procedures prior to entry,

transaction monitoring and targeted staff training.

Payouts are monitored and recorded: all

cash desk transactions are captured on video.

The stored video data is subject to the statutory

duty of confidentiality.

But security issues in a casino environment extend

beyond these important regulatory requirements

– also covering the safety and security

of operations, staff and guests in the individual

casinos. At Casinos Austria, each casino has

its own security department and a highly trained

team of security experts with international experience.

These departments provide an extensive

range of security services: from first aid to

building evacuation in the case of a fire. Emergency

procedures and scenarios are regularly

rehearsed, with top priority given to prevention

rather than reaction.

Data Protection

State-of-the-art alarm systems, entry checks,

video surveillance, smoke detectors, motion detectors

and direct links to the Police and Fire

Departments have long been standard in every

Casinos Austria AG casino. The clear focus of

their use lies in protecting our customers and

their privacy: the Austrian Gaming Act specifically

binds Casinos Austria to a duty of absolute

confidentiality regarding guests and their gam-

ing activities. Data protection issues take highest

priority in the planning and development of any

software tools. A comprehensive access rights

system is in place for all guest-related applications

to ensure such data can only be accessed

by authorized members of staff.

Zero Tolerance for Cheating

At Casinos Austria, our guests naturally take

center stage in all such considerations and endeavors.

Our guarantee to provide fair gaming

entertainment without unwanted side effects is

one of our major success factors, and our company

has a long history of success in upholding

this guarantee.

Casinos Austria staff are trained to the highest

international standards. Strict internal checks

and balances ensure that all statutory and regulatory

provisions are adhered to and guarantee

maximum integrity and reliability. Our staff are

strictly forbidden to accept personal financial

gifts or payments from guests or to participate

in any gaming activities themselves. Guests are

not permitted to use any technical aids. Casino

inventory and equipment is locked and secured

outside gaming hours. Attempts to manipulate

gaming activities are prevented using motion detectors

and alarm systems. Mobile inventory and

equipment (e.g. cards and dice) are also stored

in a secure location and carefully checked at regular

intervals. �

Security | report ’08

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eport ’08 | Sponsoring

Karl Stoss with Wolfgang Kopetzky – Secretary General of the Austrian Red Cross Cooperation with the Burgtheater in Vienna – “Row 13 for 13 euro”

Big Spender

Casinos Austria, Austrian Lotteries and tipp3 have been active sponsors of social, cultural

and sporting activities for decades. In 2008 alone, they contributed over 70 million euro

to good causes.

A few things were a little different about the

Vienna Opera Ball this year. Above all the

expectations of the media and the general public.

There were even some who dared to suggest

that it might be time for this grand society event

to take its final bow. But they were mistaken. The

2009 Opera Ball again attracted a great deal of

interest, and this year’s guests were again treated

to a whole host of musical, culinary and entertainment


And nobody had to do without the popular “Opera

Ball Casino” either, one of the permanent features

of a successful ball night. In the magnificent

setting of the Schwindfoyer – a beautiful hall hung

with oil paintings after sketches by Austrian artist

Moritz von Schwind – Casinos Austria offered

ball-goers an exciting introduction to our extensive

gaming mix. But something was different about

the casino this year too. Whereas in previous years

guests had played for money, this year’s casino

was run entirely for a good cause. Up for grabs

were fantastic non-cash prizes – including a trip

for two to Australia – with all donations to the proceedings

going to charity.

In these times of economic doom and gloom, the

company decided to take this opportunity to set a

good example.

Both Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries embrace

the goal of providing help to those causes

that will put the money to best use – causes that will

benefit society as a whole. They provide extensive

support, for example, to public organizations which

rely on sponsorship funding to continue their good

work. “We put a lot of effort into projects like the

Giant Panda Project, which help protect endangered

species. Many of these projects would not be possible

without the long-term support of loyal spon-

sors like Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries,”

says Dagmar Schratter, Director of Schönbrunn Zoo

in Vienna. The Casinos Austria Group’s deep commitment

to social causes stretches back over 40

years. It has supported the ORF children’s charity

initiative Licht ins Dunkel since 1990, the Bregenzer

Festspiele (“Bregenz Festival”) since 1980 and the

Wiener Festwochen (“Vienna Festival”) since 1968,

i.e. for 41 years. “I really value our strong and fair

partnership with Casinos Austria,” confirms Festival

Director Luc Bondy, emphasizing in particular

the company’s “immense sense of loyalty”. David

Pountney, Director of the Bregenz Festival, is also

quick to praise: “Casinos Austria’s long-term commitment

has been instrumental in the success of

the Bregenz Festival.” Over the years, Casinos Austria’s

“Casino on Tour” events have also helped to

raise money for numerous charities. In 2008 alone,

this mobile casino raised 107,502 euro for charitable

organizations at 389 events across the whole

of Austria.

In 2008, the Group’s contributions to good causes

(including its sponsorship of sports) totaled over

70 million euro, contributions which cannot be

calculated in strictly tangible terms alone, e.g. return

on investment. So while good fortune is the

focus of our business activities, the Group also

puts great effort into helping the less fortunate

in society, contributing to public health and supporting

the Arts to ensure that as broad an audience

as possible has access to works of art and

cultural events.

The companies in the Casinos Austria Group take

their social responsibility and their role as good

corporate citizens very seriously and willingly accept

and embrace their moral duty to help others.

The accompanying PR benefits, while not irrelevant,

definitely take second place.


Sponsoring | report ’08

Albertina Museum –

“Monet to Picasso: The Batliner Collection"

Arnold Schönberg Center

Austrian Mountain Rescue Service

Austrian National Library

Austrian Olympic Committee

Austrian Red Cross

Boltzmann Institute – European Research Fellowship

Bregenz Festival

Bruno Kreisky Prize

Burgtheater Vienna

Cancer Research Initiative

Cardinal König Prize for Visual Arts

Caritas – Haus Immanuel for Mothers and Children

in Need

European Forum Alpbach

Figl Stiftung

Gala “Nacht des Sports” (“Night of Sport”)

Helene Partik-Pablé Project to Help the Disabled

Jazz Fest Wien (“Vienna Jazz Festival”)

Licht ins Dunkel

“Living with Cancer” Initiative

Nestroy Theater Prize

Schönbrunn Zoo Vienna

SOS Children’s Villages Charity Gala

Spanish Riding School Vienna

Tag des Sports (“Austrian Day of Sport”)


Vienna Economic Forum

Vienna Festival

Vienna State Opera

Vienna University of Economics and

Business Administration

Volkstheater Vienna

Workers Samaritan Federation Austria


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eport ’08 | Employees

A Winning Team

Qualified personnel is one of the most valuable assets a service provider can have.

The Casinos Austria Group has a winning team of 13,532 highly qualified employees,

who make a huge contribution to its success.

For the staff in the Casinos Austria Group, 2008

was a year of change. The introduction of a

new streamlined organizational structure meant

many of them found themselves in new or slightly

altered roles and facing new challenges.

Casinos Austria naturally made every possible

effort to ensure employees received the support

they needed during this change process – through

a specially designed Change Management Program

and a series of workshops initiated and run

by our Human Resources department in collaboration

with external experts.

There was much speculation in the press that

the streamlining of processes within the Group

might lead to a wave of redundancies. But this

was never the intention behind the strategy and,

of course, never happened. New projects like the

Austrian Lotteries market launch in the Russian

Republic of Bashkortostan and the expansion of

our business activities in the sports betting and

online gaming segments – which would otherwise

have necessitated the recruitment of additional

staff – could thus be predominantly covered using

existing internal resources.

The Casinos Austria Group employed on average

a total of 13,532 people in 2008, 2,332 of them

in Austria.

All our employees have access to – and make

active use of – our comprehensive range of inhouse

and external training and further education


People like working for the Casinos Austria Group.

The average length of service currently stands at

around ten years, and Casinos Austria even has a

large number of employees who have been with

the company for 30 years or more. Each and every

one of them has a wealth of experience and knowhow,

and this is unquestionably a winning factor in

our corporate success.


Employees | report ’08

Casinos Austria ** 1,752

Casinos Austria International 11,200

Austrian Lotteries 442

Entertainment GmbH 138

Group Total 13,532

* Annual average full-time equivalents

** incl. CAGAST, CAST, CCB and CALL

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eport ’08 | Events

Undine Awards Gala at Grand Casino Baden

In the Spotlight

Casinos Austria also enjoys a long-standing reputation as a leading event organizer. Our

casinos host literally hundreds of events every year – from art exhibitions, fashion shows,

cabaret performances and concerts through to conferences and charity galas. Our range

of exciting gaming tournaments also proved immensely popular with national and international

guests alike in 2008, while “Casino on Tour”, our mobile casino, traveled to around

400 events around the country to help raise funds for good causes.

1 2 3

1. Klaus Maria Brandauer and István Szabó; 2. Cosma Shiva Hagen and Klaus Eberhartinger; 3. Ann-Kathrin Kramer, Harald Krassnitzer, Governor of Lower Austria Erwin Pröll and Karl Merkatz

The highly-prized Undine Awards were presented to young, talented actors and actresses for the fifth year in succession at a glamorous, high-profile

gala ceremony in Grand Casino Baden on 25 October 2008. Numerous film and TV stars attended the prestigious event, paying tribute to the achievements

of the award-winning young actors as they presented the coveted awards.

1 2

1. ( l. to r.): Ex-Davis Cup player Markus Hipfl, Tournament Director Sandra Reichel, Tournament Spokesperson Judith Wiesner-Floimair,

Casino Director Michael Leczek and Felix Gottwald; 2. Blackjack Tournament at Casino Bad Gastein. Casino

Director Michael Leczek with Austrian tennis players Melanie Klaffner, Patricia Mayr and Yvonne Meusburger (l. to r.)

“Casino Ladies’ Night” at WTA

Tennis Tournament

The second annual “Gastein Ladies” WTA

(Women’s Tennis Association) tennis tournament

with prize monies of $175,000 was held in July

2008 in Bad Gastein. The world-class starting

field, including two Top 20 players, Agnes Szavay

and Alize Cornet, generated huge media interest.

On day three of the tournament, Casino Bad

Gastein invited players, VIPs and sponsors to

a “Casino Ladies’ Night”. After stocking up on

those all-important carbohydrates at a special

“Pasta Party”, the tennis ladies were treated to

some great gaming entertainment: with aces of

a rather different kind calling the shots in a fun

Blackjack Tournament.

Bond Fever hits Bregenz

Several scenes from the latest James Bond movie “Quantum of Solace”

were filmed on location in Bregenz. The film’s release saw the town once

again transformed into a film set, with Casino Bregenz playing a starring

role in the main 007 party. Five gaming tables added to the excitement and

flair of the event with guests enjoying a round of Roulette, Blackjack or

Poker along with a well-mixed drink – naturally shaken not stirred.

1. Croupier Andreas Haider at the Blackjack table; 2. Croupier Belinda Bischofsberger at the Poker table; 3. 007 lights up the Festival Hall

Events | report ’08

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Casino Graz at the Opera Redoute

The atmosphere evokes memories of the glory days of the Austrian

monarchy – ladies elegant in their glamorous evening gowns and

gentlemen suitably attired in tuxedos or tailcoats. For the last ten

years, the Opera House in Graz glitters with all the pomp and circumstance

of this bygone age when it becomes host to the annual

Opera Redoute. In the midst of all this glamour, the Casino Graz

Champagne Lounge and French Roulette table became the place to

be seen at the 2008 event and a welcome spot for friends of the

casino to gather and enjoy their good fortune until the early hours.

1 2

1. & 2. Guests at the Opera Redoute in Graz enjoyed trying their luck at the Roulette table


eport ’08 | Events

Football Legends at

Casino Innsbruck

There were lots of famous faces to

be seen at Casino Innsbruck in the

weeks before and during the UEFA

EURO 2008 European Football

Championship. Pictures speak louder

than words ...

1. Carina Mauthner and TV presenter Michael Kriess with ex-national team players Gischi Westerthaler and Werner Kriess and two casino guests; 2. World Cup 1998 goalkeeping hero Davor

Suker was also a welcome guest at Casino Innsbruck; 3. Tyrolean midfielder Clemens Walch, who transferred to VfB Stuttgart prior to the European Championship, with Casino Director

Kurt Steger and his new team jersey; 4. Tyrol and Innsbruck UEFA EURO 2008 ambassador Hansi Müller with Kurt Steger on the “Tyrol:08 pitch” in front of the casino; 5. Klaus Lindenberger

(Austrian Football Association goalkeeping trainer), Michael Rummenigge and Kurt Steger enjoy a VIP table football match

Miss Tyrol and Miss Austria 2008, Marina Schneider, with runners-up

1 2

3 14


The Prettiest Girl in Tyrol

In 2008, the final of the Miss Tyrol beauty pageant

was again held at Casino Kitzbühel. In a whole series

of heats from the Ötztal Valley to East Tyrol,

candidates from across the state gave their best

as they endeavored to qualify for the Grand Final.

Having taken to the catwalk to show off their curves

in the evening wear and swimwear sections, the

young ladies later revealed their inner values in the

ever-popular “Personality Show”.

The celebrity jury finally reached a unanimous

decision: Marina Schneider was officially named

the prettiest girl in Tyrol. And as if this wasn’t

enough, she then headed off east to pick up the

Miss Austria title as well at the Magna Racino in


Big Changes in Kleinwalsertal

Casino Kleinwalsertal celebrated its successful interior redesign with

a glittering reopening party on 12 December 2008. Warm materials,

soft leather, exquisite fabrics and sweeping forms define the new look

and give the casino a real lounge-like atmosphere. A further addition

to the look is the casino’s new multipurpose event room – the perfect

venue for all manner of events: from seminars to cabaret shows.

The “old” restaurant gave way to a spacious, modern Casineum event

room. The blazing log fire in the gaming area is the sole reminder of

the former rustic interior.

2 3

1. (l. to r.): Mayor Werner Strohmaier, Casino Director Gerhard Steurer and Casinos Austria Director General Karl Stoss at the opening ceremony; 2. Music by “harry and the nicknames”;

3.The new-look Casino Kleinwalsertal

1 2

Events | report ’08

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First Among 1,503 Players

One of the gaming highlights of 2008 at Casinos Austria was undoubtedly

“Beat’em all” – Europe’s largest live Poker tournament. A

total of 1,503 contestants battled it out in the electrifying final on

30 November in Casino Linz, with Eduard Farkashazy from Vienna

ultimately emerging the victor over the other eight finalists to take

home the lion’s share of the 142,785 euro pot. By popular demand,

the highly successful “Beat’em all” tournament will definitely be

back in 2009.

1. Casino Director Josef Kneifl with tournament winner Eduard Farkashazy and Poker Manager Edgar Stuchly; 2. This photo was taken before Farkashazy (r.) secured his victory

eport ’08 | Events

Anton Graf (President of the Salzburg Cancer Aid Association), Karin Pilz (Marketing & Sales), Kurt Pipal (Casino Director)

Seefeld Crowns the Baccara World Champion

From 3 to 5 October 2008, Casino Seefeld hosted the Baccara World Championship for the 10th time. Top players from around the world flocked to the casino to battle it out once again for the

title of “Baccara World Champion”. In addition to the coveted title, the winner of this year’s event

was also presented with the new “Ring of the Master” top prize, a stunning ring worth over 10,000

euro, specially created for the Baccara World Championship by local jewelry designer Armbruster

from the Tiroler Schmuckkastl.

2 3

Charity Fashion Event in Salzburg

On 30 September 2008, seven well-known female

entrepreneurs hosted a Charity Fashion Cocktail

event in the historic Salzburg Residenz in aid of the

“Salzburg Breast Cancer Initiative”. A regular supporter

of “Pink Ribbon” events, Casino Salzburg

also provided them with a Roulette table for the

evening. In addition to the stunning fashion show,

good food and excellent entertainment, more than

300 guests were also invited to “Faites vos jeux”,

to boost the total amount raised by the evening’s


1. The “Ring of the Master” worth over 10,000 euro has already become a cult object; 2. (l. to r.): Casino Director Ernst Hubmann, World Champion 2008 Giuseppe Cascetta with the

Casino Seefeld Baccara Team: Marco Peer, Erwin Serloth, Ronald Bösch; 3. Competitors enjoy some local customs


Fête Blanche in Velden

Fête Blanche – the summer party at Lake Wörthersee – once again attracted

thousands of party-goers to Carinthia. True to its motto, Casino Velden

hosted a spectacular “All in White” party in the Casineum with live music

and an exquisite gala dinner.

1. Thousands kept to the white dress code at the Fête Blanche; 2. Casino Director Othmar Resch with Chef de Cuisine Marcel Vanic and staff; 3. The Fête Blanche Party on

the square in front of the casino

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Poker in a Noble Setting

Casino Wien has a new attraction. On 19 November 2008, Austria’s

busiest casino opened its very own Poker Lounge. Architect Michael

Manzenreiter – of Vienna Opera Ball fame – and his team had just

three weeks to transform the former 2nd floor bistro into an exquisite,

professional and welcoming Poker room. The results clearly speak for

themselves. The fun opening event was attended by colleagues, friends

of the casino, Poker fans and numerous journalists.

2 3 4


1. The new Poker lounge; 2. Cool, yet still cozy; 3. The Poker Lounge Dream Team (l. to r.): Casino Director Reinhard Deiring, Casinos Austria Poker Manager Edgar Stuchly, Architect

Michael Manzenreiter and Construction Contractor Markus Spiegelfeld; 4. Heinz Dobcak (Croupier Casino Baden) with Ines Benisch (Marketing Service & Sponsoring)


Events | report ’08

eport ’08 | Supervisory Board


Walter Rothensteiner

President, Director General


Günter Geyer

Vice President, Director General

(2 nd Deputy Chairman)

State Commissioners

Under-Secretary Alfred Lejsek

Alfred Katterl

Franz Philipp Sutter

Members of the Supervisory Board

Vice Governor, Wolfgang Duchatczek

Supervisory Board Report

In its meetings, the Supervisory Board continued to perform the functions incumbent upon it pursuant

to statutory provisions and the Articles of Association. The Board of Directors provided regular reports

on the current business situation. The Casinos Austria AG annual financial statements and management

report were audited by the official auditors appointed at the Annual General Meeting on 4 April 2008,

BDO Auxilia Treuhand Gesellschaft m.b.H. and KPMG Austria Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft m.b.H. This

audit raised no grounds for objection. The auditors have therefore confirmed that the Casinos Austria AG

annual financial statements and management report comply with statutory provisions. The Supervisory

Board confirms that it concurs with the Board of Directors’ management report and the proposed distribution

of profits and that it formally approves the Casinos Austria AG annual financial statements, which

are hereby adopted pursuant to Section 125 of the Austrian Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz). Furthermore,

the Supervisory Board recommends that said audit firms, BDO Auxilia Treuhand Gesellschaft

m.b.H. and KPMG Austria Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft m.b.H., also be appointed auditors for the

2009 business year at the Annual General Meeting.

The Supervisory Board

Walter Rothensteiner (Chairman)

Vienna, 27 March 2009

Dietmar Spranz

Vice President, Director General

(1 st Deputy Chairman)

until April 2008

Maria Theresia Bablik

Vice President

(3 rd Deputy Chairman)

Director General, Helmut Jonas

Director General, Konstantin Klien

Director, Gerald Neuber

Attorney-at-Law, Thomas Schröfl

President (ret.), Adolf Wala

Director Peter Zöllner

Kurt Meyer

Vice President, Director General

(1 st Deputy Chairman)

from April 2008

Leo Wallner

Vice President

(4 th Deputy Chairman)

Representatives of the Central Works Council

Jürgen Nachbaur (Works Council Chairman),

Dieter Löw, Christian Holz, Peter Löb (until April

2008), Manfred Schönbauer, Maciej Turkiewicz

(until April 2008), Christian Hampejs (from April

2008), Werner Lieber (from April 2008)

Company and


Financial Statements 2008 | report ’08

Financial Statements


| 84 | | 85 |

eport ’08 | Financial Statements 2008

Financial Statements as at 31 December 2008 - Casinos Austria AG



A. Long Term Assets



I. Intangible assets

1. Concessions and other rights 6,075,475.11 7,684

2. Advance payments 351,360.00 0

6,426,835.11 7,684

II. Tangible assets

1. Property, coincident rights and buildings, including buildings

on third party property, thereof property EUR 7,036,803.41

(31.12.2007; TEUR 2,322)

12,480,678.07 8,010

2. Other equipment, fixtures, furniture and office equipment 37,619,910.29 39,690

3. Advance payments and construction in progress 520,034.50 542

50,620,622.86 48,242

III. Financial assets

1. Investments in affiliated companies 456,722,601.72 492,592

2. Investments in other companies 255,222.23 211

3. Long-term securities 9,765,242.83 10,911

4. Other loans 581,995.92 680

467,325,062.70 504,394

524,372,520.67 560,320

B. Current Assets

I. Receivables and other current assets

1. Accounts receivable – trade 795,050.43 2,133

2. Accounts receivable – affiliated companies 7,106,305.13 1,832

3. Other receivables and assets 44,650,598.72 2,680

52,551,954.28 6,645

II. Cash on hand and in banks, checks 22,845,625.56 26,364

75,397,579.84 33,009

C. Prepaid Expenses 2,433,080.14 3,008

602,203,180.65 596,337



Financial Statements 2008 | report ’08

| 86 | | 87 |

A. Equity



I. Capital stock

II. Reserves from retained earnings

40,000,000.00 40,000

1. Legal reserves 4,000,000.00 4,000

2. Other reserves (voluntary reserves) 30,600,000.00 23,250

34,600,000.00 27,250

III. Balance sheet profit, thereof profit brought forward from previous

year EUR 2,828,825.44 (31.12.2007: TEUR 223)

5,638,402.26 8,429

80,238,402.26 75,679

B. Provisions

1. Provision for severance payments 17,588,002.00 15,325

2. Provision for pensions 16,120,700.00 16,535

3. Other provisions 18,049,475.84 21,707

51,758,177.84 53,567

C. Liabilities

1. Bonds 150,000,000.00 0

2. Bank loans and overdrafts 169,580,052.08 171,980

3. Accounts payable – trade 10,230,942.05 9,064

4. Accounts payable – affiliated companies 60,280,326.15 57,615

5. Accounts payable – associated companies 952,248.35 1,317

6. Other payables, thereof taxes EUR 18,144,768.99 (31.12.2007:

TEUR 18,099), thereof social security EUR 3,279,389.82

(31.12.2007: TEUR 3,087)

76,064,962.70 223,844

467,108,531.33 463,820

D. Deferred Income 3,098,069.22 3,271

602,203,180.65 596,337

Contingent liabilities 61,836.97 63

eport ’08 | Financial Statements 2008

Income Statement for 2008 - Casinos Austria AG





1. Gross gaming revenues 281,100,040.15 277,201

2. Gaming taxes and other gaming related taxes -108,735,338.56 -107,547

3. Net gaming revenues 172,364,701.59 169,654

4. Other operating income

5. Personnel expenses

10,976,169.98 11,936

a) Wages -7,059,783.39 -6,895

b) Salaries -70,960,763.04 -71,824

c) Expenses for severance payments -3,485,921.99 -2,027

d) Expenses for pensions -12,789,947.63 -10,367

e) Social security costs and payroll-related taxes -20,598,121.74 -19,695

f) Other expenses for employee benefits -1,248,674.25 -1,144

-116,143,212.04 -111,952

6. Depreciation, amortization

7. Other operating expenses

-11,583,843.44 -10,717

a) Taxes not included in items 2 and 18 -201,173.21 -155

b) Other expenses -63,734,806.65 -63,763

-63,935,979.86 -63,918

8. Operating result = sub-total items 1 to 7 -8,322,163.77 -4,997


9. Income from investments, thereof affiliated companies

EUR 33,099,269.78 (2007: TEUR 22,308)


Financial Statements 2008 | report ’08

| 88 | | 89 |



33,133,587.79 22,437

10. Interest income of long term investments and loans 703,197.08 751

11. Other interest income and similar income 701,561,41 455

12. Income from the disposal and write-up of financial assets 81,303.08 0

13. Expenses from financial assets

a) Depreciation of financial assets EUR 1,146,000.00 (2007: TEUR 484)

b) Other expenses – financial assets and temporary investments

EUR 1,748,590.40 (2007: TEUR 2,237)

14. Interest and similar charges, thereof affiliated companies

EUR 4,083,435.08 (2007: TEUR 1,518)

-2,894,590.40 -2,722

-18,775,038.37 -1,596

15. Financial result = sub-total items 9 to 14 12,950,020.59 19,325

16. Profit on ordinary activities 4,627,856.82 14,328

17. Extraordinary result 0.00 -9,795

18. Income taxes 5,531,720.00 3,673

19. Net income after taxes 10,159,576.82 8,206

20. Allocation to reserves from retained earnings

other reserves (voluntary reserves) -7,350,000.00 0

21. Annual income 2,809,576.82 8,206

22. Profit brought forward from previous year 2,828,825.44 223

23. Balance sheet profit 5,638,402.26 8,429

eport ’08 | Financial Statements 2008

Consolidated Income Statement for 2008 Consolidated Balance Sheet as at 31 December 2008



in EUR



Sales 2,960,054,734.60 2,642,825

Lottery and sports betting payouts -1,774,207,947.28 -1,511,489

Gross gaming revenues 1,185,846,787.32 1,131,336

Gaming taxes and other taxes -576,983,254.21 -552,917

Net gaming revenues 608,863,533.11 578,419

Other operating income 69,367,809.25 47,445

Personnel expenses -273,635,479.40 -256,654

Depreciation and amortization -50,880,772.35 -44,043

Other operating expenses -316,178,525.79 -301,621

Income from associated companies 24,172,816.98 33,093

Operating result before restructuring expenses 61,709,381.80 56,639

Restructuring expenses -4,000,000.00 -6,990

Operating result 57,709,381.80 49,649

Financial income 15,591,686.52 14,781

Financial expenses -42,188,806.03 -23,598

Financial result -26,597,119.51 -8,817

Profit before taxes 31,112,262.29 40,832

Income taxes 3,821,895.31 519

Net income 34,934,157.60 41,351

Attributable to equity holders of the parent 20,260,193.92 26,809

Attributable to minority interest 14,673,963.68 14,542

34,934,157.60 41,351


Financial Statements 2008 | report ’08

| 90 | | 91 |



in EUR



Cash assets 172,403,533.58 150,628

Financial assets 12,775,726.22 47,460

Receivables and other assets 120,461,452.10 63,060

Total Current Assets 305,640,711.90 261,148

Tangible assets 282,703,769.30 315,449

Investment property 25,400,000.00 0

Goodwill 283,964,736.12 281,450

Other intangible assets 46,875,529.20 66,767

Investments in associated companies 156,204,974.27 163,614

Other financial assets 184,426,240.25 192,021

Deferred tax assets 16,434,904.21 13,957

Other long-term assets 3,117,009.24 4,992

Total Non-Current Assets 999,127,162.59 1,038,250

Total ASSETS 1,304,767,874.49 1,299,398


Short-term loans 86,560,884.87 53,709

Trade payables 22,189,649.78 22,733

Provisions 68,095,179.85 68,053

Tax liabilities 56,793,832.37 61,004

Other current liabilities 148,921,490.74 276,223

Total Current Liabilities 382,561,037.61 481,722

Long-term loans 611,747,879.51 498,518

Provisions for employee entitlements 58,922,973.00 54,356

Provisions for deferred taxes 10,892,402.03 11,195

Other long-term provisions 3,547,935.80 2,148

Other long-term liabilities 39,916,374.52 41,502

Total Non-Current Liabilities 725,027,564.86 607,719

Share capital 40,000,000.00 40,000

Other reserves and retained earnings 89,943,743.64 73,036

Revaluation reserves 16,853,350.16 0

Unrealized losses on financial instruments -1,276,500.00 0

Foreign currency translation adjustment -27,964,227.32 -8,611

117,556,366.48 104,425

Minority interest 79,622,905.54 105,532

Total Equity 197,179,272.02 209,957

Total LIABILITIES AND EQUITY 1,304,767,874.49 1,299,398


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