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“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” III John 4NO GREATER JOYVol. 3 <strong>No</strong>. 10 The Church At Cane Creek, 1000 Pearl Rd., Pleasantville, TN 37147 September/October 97DChild Training Marathoneb and I were teaching severalseminars in a one-hundred-mileradius. One family requested that westay with <strong>the</strong>m <strong>the</strong> entire week andcritique <strong>the</strong>ir child training. It was abusy, trying time for <strong>the</strong>m, preparingmeals and hauling us around from townto town, with meetings every night andsometimes all day. On top of all that,<strong>the</strong>y assured us of <strong>the</strong>irdesire that we be diligentto tell <strong>the</strong>m any andevery thing we saw in<strong>the</strong>m or <strong>the</strong>ir childrenthat could be improved.If an occasion arose andwe didn’t speak out, <strong>the</strong>ybrought it to our attentionand asked how andwhat should be done.This family meant business.When we arrived, we assumed<strong>the</strong>y must be having problems with <strong>the</strong>irteenagers, since parents usually don’tpanic until <strong>the</strong>y have a teenager making<strong>the</strong>ir lives miserable, but that was not<strong>the</strong> case. By today’s Christian standards,<strong>the</strong>y had a well ordered home.Their oldest child, a boy of about seventeen,was a real joy to his parents. Butas <strong>the</strong> children got younger, <strong>the</strong>re was adefinite deterioration in <strong>the</strong>ir attitudeand self-control.I am not sure why this is sometimes<strong>the</strong> case. Often parents seem totire of <strong>the</strong> rigors of teaching and disciplineand begin to slack off with <strong>the</strong>iryounger ones. Or perhaps when <strong>the</strong>older children are turning out all right,parents ease up on <strong>the</strong>ir vigilance, taking<strong>the</strong>ir success for granted. And <strong>the</strong>n,family values often change as economicsuccess interrupts family unity. And ofcourse, when a marriage slowly erodes,<strong>the</strong> younger children will not be rootedin <strong>the</strong> same loving, secure environment,as were <strong>the</strong> first ones.This family had applied <strong>the</strong>teaching of our first book, and saw greatimprovement. But <strong>the</strong>ir six-year-old boyoccasionally went into a rage whenthings didn’t go his way. He was a verygood psychologist. When angry, hewould express his hurt feelings in a waythat caused <strong>the</strong> parents to feel guilt,evoking just enough doubt and insecurityto keep <strong>the</strong>m from being tough.Being cautious to deal with his “touchy”emotional state, <strong>the</strong>y resorted to pleadingand reason, explaining how “<strong>the</strong>yreally did love him” and how “he wasnot a bad person.”I watched <strong>the</strong> boy commit anoffense, throw a fit when corrected, and<strong>the</strong>n end up lecturing his parents on howmistreated he was. “You don’t love melike <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>rs. You think I am dumb.Why am I always <strong>the</strong> one to blame?” Itall settled down with <strong>the</strong> parents apologizingand <strong>the</strong> kid stomping off to brooduntil <strong>the</strong> parents expressed proper contrition.Amazing! Brilliant—in a wickedsort of way.<strong>No</strong>w I am well aware of <strong>the</strong>many things parents can do to causechildren insecurity and hurt.But I will save that for ano<strong>the</strong>rday. We still have aselfish manipulative bratruling <strong>the</strong> house and pushinghis parents around by meansof a festering guilt trip.This little boy had found hisparents’ weakness and capitalizedon it. Mom and Dadoccasionally expressed justenough anger and resentmentto cause <strong>the</strong>m self-doubt.Sensing <strong>the</strong>ir lack of confidence, <strong>the</strong> boyfound ways to fur<strong>the</strong>r deepen <strong>the</strong>ir guilt.He knew just what to say to cause <strong>the</strong>mpain. Did he have a legitimate basis foraccusing his parents of being unworthyto be his head? In some cases, as isprobably true with nearly all parents,yes. The parents sensed <strong>the</strong>ir moralinadequacy. Granted, if <strong>the</strong>y had maintainedclear consciences, his manipulationswould have fallen flat. It was <strong>the</strong>irhumble sensitiveness to <strong>the</strong>ir own failuresthat caused <strong>the</strong>m to relinquish <strong>the</strong>moral authority of <strong>the</strong> family to this sixyear-oldtyrant. It reminds us of how <strong>the</strong>coming of <strong>the</strong> law increases sin (Rom.7).<strong>No</strong>w <strong>the</strong> obvious solution is to tell(Continued on page 2)<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> is a monthly newsletter published by The Church At Cane Creek, 1000 Pearl Road, Pleasantville, TN 37147Written by Michael & Debi Pearl, authors of To Train Up A Child. Subscription is free upon request.

Page 2<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>Rebekah Pearl andher bro<strong>the</strong>r Nathanwill be back in Papua New Guinea by<strong>the</strong> time you receive this newsletter.They were hoping to have <strong>the</strong> <strong>No</strong>elfamily travel with <strong>the</strong>m, but <strong>the</strong>ir visahas just not come in. You can pray thatGod will move in <strong>the</strong> hearts of PNGofficials to grant a visa to Dewayne<strong>No</strong>el.Rebekah is taking back severalhundred pounds of literature and teachingaids.We have received over $5,000.00for <strong>the</strong> printing and shipping of PidginBibles for PNG. We will be needing anadditional $15,000.00. It is a recentlytranslated text based on <strong>the</strong> King Jamesfamily of manuscripts.Marathon(Continued from page 1)parents to instantly become wise anddiscerning. If all parents were idealChristians, no shortcomings, no hangups,nothing to cause guilt, <strong>the</strong>n <strong>the</strong>ywould always have <strong>the</strong> moral strength towithstand manipulation. Christian maturityis normal, but <strong>the</strong> fact is that inmost cases it doesn’t come until <strong>the</strong>children are grown. Should parents waituntil <strong>the</strong>y are sufficiently mature andworthy before assuming command. If so,it may <strong>the</strong>n be too late for <strong>the</strong> child.“So, if I am not <strong>the</strong> perfectparent, am I going to abdicate <strong>the</strong> throneto my imperfect child?” If your child issmart enough to touch your weak spotsand make you feel guilt, is he <strong>the</strong>rebymore righteous, more wise? Remember,he is using his parent’s weaknesses tosilence <strong>the</strong>m and eliminate <strong>the</strong>ir interferenceso he can act in selfish and unrulyways. I will remind you that parenthoodis not an appointed office; it is not by <strong>the</strong>consent of <strong>the</strong> child. Parents hold anoffice (parenthood) that carries with itcertain obligations and authority, apartfrom <strong>the</strong>ir worthiness. For <strong>the</strong> sake ofyour children, you must act now. Youmust rise above feelings of inferiority orunworthiness. By “rise above,” I meanyou must act for <strong>the</strong> child’s benefit,whe<strong>the</strong>r you feel up to <strong>the</strong> task or not.In our observation of this family,we detected that <strong>the</strong> mo<strong>the</strong>r was avery “sensitive” person. She was <strong>the</strong> firstto feel <strong>the</strong> child’s “emotional pain.” Sheshied away from confrontation untilsuppressed frustration provoked her toact. She never spoke with authority orconviction—frustration, yes, but notwith dignity and authority. She ASKED<strong>the</strong> children to comply. She “patiently”coaxed and compassionately pleadedwith <strong>the</strong>m. When <strong>the</strong>y ignored her suggestions,she would <strong>the</strong>n become exasperatedand reach an impasse, where shefelt overwhelmed, defeated.As is often <strong>the</strong> case in similarsituations, this mo<strong>the</strong>r was abused whena child. She was always fearful of notbeing sensitive and patient enough. Shedidn’t trust herself. She didn’t trust herhusband—though she would say she did.She was fearful of failure. Her six-yearoldboy was none of this. He was notbroken in spirit, as he often portrayed.He just knew how to hurt his mo<strong>the</strong>r andshort-circuit her interference with hisindulgence. He was emotionally strongerthan she was.What of <strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r? As is <strong>the</strong>normal industrialized curse, he wasaway from home most of every day.Feeling out of touch, in most cases henaturally deferred to his wife’s judgment.He did have more control over <strong>the</strong>children, but <strong>the</strong> pattern was set andhabits formed during <strong>the</strong> two-thirds of<strong>the</strong> day when <strong>the</strong> kids were under hertutelage. He too stood back with insecuritywhen he saw <strong>the</strong> “deep hurt” of hisson. He felt guilty for not being <strong>the</strong>remore of <strong>the</strong> time, for dumping <strong>the</strong> loadon his wife. The parents had good hearts.They were just blinded by <strong>the</strong>ir own fearand sense of helplessness.One day we were sitting in <strong>the</strong>living room discussing an event that hadjust occurred, when <strong>the</strong>ir oversized dogattempted to interrupt. The fa<strong>the</strong>r, hardlylooking at <strong>the</strong> dog, commanded him togo down stairs. He didn’t raise his voice,and <strong>the</strong>re was no anger. He spoke withauthority, expecting <strong>the</strong> dog to obeywithout fur<strong>the</strong>r word or attention. Thedog took off downstairs like he jus<strong>the</strong>ard a call to chow. I realized that in(Continued on page 3)

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> Page 3I n <strong>the</strong> beginning when <strong>the</strong>re was a Theos but no <strong>the</strong>ologian.When <strong>the</strong> Logos had not yet spoken that which came to be written.Before <strong>the</strong> papari were brought forth or <strong>the</strong> ancient scrolls unrolled.God yet existed in a state that for deity was befitten.Without <strong>the</strong> help of a Scholar or a man of clerical collar,He spoke and it was done, He commanded and it stood fast.He called no committee nor asked any advice,Yet His word alone was able to suffice.by Michael PearlMarathon(Continued from page 2)this quiet-spoken home, I had neverheard ei<strong>the</strong>r parent speak with confidentauthority.What solution did we offer thiscouple? We told <strong>the</strong> mo<strong>the</strong>r particularly,“Get tough; you are thinking more ofyour own feelings than you are <strong>the</strong> needsof your children. Don’t let your pasthurts come into <strong>the</strong> present to continuehurting your children. You are allowingyour abusing fa<strong>the</strong>r to abuse your childrenthrough your continuing reaction.”Right in <strong>the</strong> middle of confrontations,we guided <strong>the</strong> parents throughresponses to <strong>the</strong>ir children. “Quit asking,”we would say, “Tell him what todo, and put a little toughness in youvoice.” Then we would tell her, “Don’ttell him again; respect your own word;get your switch and apply it right wherehe stubbornly sits; ignore his self-pity.Don’t assure him of your love; assurehim of your authority. You are in <strong>the</strong>right; put your shoulders back and actlike a commanding officer whose word isfinal. Do not negotiate or explain.Mo<strong>the</strong>r, take <strong>the</strong> whine out of your voice,and put some steel in your posture. Staycalm, but unmoving.”The kid was amazed to discoverthat no one cared for his manipulatingpity shows. One word from a parent was<strong>the</strong> last word—no repeat, no appeal, andno regret. It took three days, but when<strong>the</strong> child realized he had no recourse, heobeyed <strong>the</strong> first time and kept his mouthshut. By <strong>the</strong> end of <strong>the</strong> week, he wasexpressing more love and appreciationfor his mo<strong>the</strong>r than he had ever shown.He began to admire her ra<strong>the</strong>r than seeher as a weakling whom he could control.It was a joy to see and share in <strong>the</strong>irvictory.Their youngest boy, age two orthree, had a tough hide that at timesabsolutely resisted all control. He wouldwhine, and whine, and cry, and plead,and demand. He was a tough nut tobreak, but it was a simple procedure thatdidn’t hurt anyone but <strong>the</strong> parents.Again, it was <strong>the</strong> lack of resoluteauthority that cultivated whining inthis two-year-old. Since <strong>the</strong> parents wereseldom decisive, <strong>the</strong> child had learnedthat begging and pleading often caused<strong>the</strong>m to capitulate to his will. When <strong>the</strong>ysaid, “<strong>No</strong>,” it was just <strong>the</strong> starting pointin negotiations. After reading our book,on several occasions <strong>the</strong> parents hadattempted to exert <strong>the</strong>ir authority andhold out against his demands, but thistough little campaigner had alwaysendured.Late one night we were ridingback from a seminar when <strong>the</strong> littlefellow noticed that he was on <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>rend of <strong>the</strong> seat from his mo<strong>the</strong>r. He wasriding in a restraining seat, and sowhined to sit in his mo<strong>the</strong>r’s lap. Thefa<strong>the</strong>r SUGGESTED that it would bebest if he stayed strapped into his restrainingseat. The mo<strong>the</strong>r began tosympa<strong>the</strong>tically explain why she couldn’thold him. Based on past experiences, heknew that this was just <strong>the</strong> opening round.Their rejection of his proposal was onlytentative. They were just testing <strong>the</strong> watersto see if he would yield. If by continualinsistence he should demonstrate howvery important this issue was to him, <strong>the</strong>ywould eventually come around to seeing ithis way. As he pleaded fur<strong>the</strong>r, asking forwater, I could see that <strong>the</strong> mo<strong>the</strong>r wasfeeling guilty for not being close to HERBABY. Didn’t his tears demonstrate howimportant this was to his emotional wellbeing?After six or eight rounds, it finallyreached <strong>the</strong> brokenhearted crying stage.Mo<strong>the</strong>r was reaching for her babywhen <strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r turned to me and asked,“What should I do?” Again I explained <strong>the</strong>principle—By allowing <strong>the</strong> child to dictateterms through his whining and crying, youare confirming his habit of whining andconsenting to his technique of control. SoI told <strong>the</strong> daddy to tell <strong>the</strong> boy that hewould not be allowed to sit in his mo<strong>the</strong>r’slap, and that he was to stop crying. Ofcourse, according to former protocol, heintensified his crying to express <strong>the</strong> sincerityof his desires. The mo<strong>the</strong>r was ready tocome up with a compromise. “He washungry. He was sleepy. He was cold.”Actually, he was a brat, molded and confirmedby parental responses. I told <strong>the</strong>Fa<strong>the</strong>r to stop <strong>the</strong> car and without recoursegive him three to five licks with a switch.After doing so <strong>the</strong> child only screamed alouder protest. This is not <strong>the</strong> time to givein to demand. After two or three minutes,driving down <strong>the</strong> road listening to hisbackground wails, I told <strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r toCOMMAND <strong>the</strong> child to stop crying. Heonly cried more loudly. At my instruction,without fur<strong>the</strong>r rebuke, <strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r againstopped <strong>the</strong> car and spanked <strong>the</strong> child. Stillscreaming, we continued for two minutesuntil <strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r again commanded <strong>the</strong> childto be quiet. Again, no response, so <strong>the</strong> carwas again stopped and <strong>the</strong> child spanked.This was repeated for about twenty milesdown a lonesome highway at 11:00 on awinter night.When <strong>the</strong> situation began to looklike a stalemate, <strong>the</strong> mo<strong>the</strong>r suggested that<strong>the</strong> little fellow didn’t understand. I told(Continued on page 6)

Page 4<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>ATHE DOER OF THE WORDlthough <strong>the</strong> man was old andstooped, he walked with <strong>the</strong> urgencyof driven youth. I wonder, is italtoge<strong>the</strong>r a tiring body that makes anold person amble along, or is it that <strong>the</strong>man of age has reached a point of knowingthat <strong>the</strong> demanding things of youthare not important after all, certainly notso important so as to hurry? But this oldman had ei<strong>the</strong>r not come to such a wisestate, or he had discoveredsomething that still mattered.As he walked up that roughpath strewn with rock <strong>the</strong>morning sun was beginning tobreak over <strong>the</strong> mountainsrevealing <strong>the</strong> tiny hut <strong>the</strong> oldman had just left. The freshnessof <strong>the</strong> morning sunstreamed through his white,downy hair, giving him a haloeffect. His skin, althoughburned bronzed, was not thatof a Mexican or Indian. Exceptfor <strong>the</strong> few things he carried ina small native, handmade netbag he had strung over hisshoulder, he had nothing withhim. The path into <strong>the</strong> mountainswhere he walked led onlyto remote villages, <strong>the</strong> closest,still a day’s walk. This villageis what is referred to as a“nothing village”—no store,no fresh water, and only <strong>the</strong>poorest of people scratching<strong>the</strong> barren rock for substance. Why agringo would be going that way withoutany provisions was a mystery to thosewatching him disappear up <strong>the</strong> steeptrail.“Ha! They wonder about me yet.How many years, Lord, have webeen walking <strong>the</strong>se trails? Wefirst walked this very trail over 35years ago. Those people living in<strong>the</strong> mountains are nothing peopleto <strong>the</strong> villages below, but I know,and You know Lord, <strong>the</strong>y belong toYou. How I thank you for giving tome <strong>the</strong> opportunity to be <strong>the</strong> firstto tell <strong>the</strong>m <strong>the</strong> sweet, sweetstory. Oh, yes, I remember thatday as if it were yesterday, <strong>the</strong>looks of joy on <strong>the</strong>ir faces as <strong>the</strong>yheard <strong>the</strong> good news of salvation.Yes Lord, thank you for that wonderfulharvest. Oh, it has beengood to watch <strong>the</strong>m grow andspread <strong>the</strong> gospel to <strong>the</strong>ir ownpeople all over <strong>the</strong>se mountains.Let’s see, I guess <strong>the</strong>reare over two hundred churchesestablished in <strong>the</strong>se mountainsnow. What a harvest; how I praiseyou! Oh, <strong>the</strong> riches of your mercyare past finding out. Lord, I’mgetting old, I don’t guess I’ll everget to visit <strong>the</strong> last twenty-fivechurches; <strong>the</strong>y are so far in <strong>the</strong>mountains. I do wish <strong>the</strong>re was aplace for a small airstrip. Oh, well<strong>the</strong>y really don’t need me, it’s justthat I would like to see with myown eyes what you’ve done.I tell you Lord, every timeI think of cutting a new airstrip Ithink of that time I dropped mylittle boy off in <strong>the</strong> middle of <strong>the</strong>mountains down south. I have tosay Lord, I smile everytime I remember that,but I sure wasn’t smiling<strong>the</strong>n. I was scared todeath of having to tell hismo<strong>the</strong>r, ‘I lost our 10year-old-son in <strong>the</strong> mountainssomewhere.” ‘How,’she would say, ‘could youlose a 10 year-old-boy outof an airplane?’ She hasbeen a good woman, Lord,mighty good woman. Mannever had a helpmate tha<strong>the</strong>lped as much as minehas, and her with polio all<strong>the</strong>se years. Having allthose kids, schooling<strong>the</strong>m, living in some of <strong>the</strong>roughest conditions, havingpeople in her home dayin and day out, she has been a goodone. Bless her Lord, give herstrength to finish her course. Andthank you again Lord, she sure hasbeen a sweet lady. You are a goodGod. But I’m telling you Lord, I wassweating having to tell her I leftour boy behind to show <strong>the</strong> gospelfilm and when I came back to thatremote Indian village a week later,<strong>the</strong> locals had taken him to <strong>the</strong>(Continued on page 7)

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> Page 5A Stinking Situationrom time to time, here at <strong>the</strong> churchF at Cane Creek, among our youngpeople and children, incidents developthat reflect upon <strong>the</strong>ir personalities andcharacters. One such recent episodebears repeating, in hopes that you will beforewarned and <strong>the</strong>refore guard against asimilar crisis in your community. I willadmit that <strong>the</strong> children involved weretoo young to realize <strong>the</strong> dire consequencesof <strong>the</strong>ir misdeed, but at whatage does accountability begin?I have hesitated to make thisknown publicly lest I provide fur<strong>the</strong>rmaterial for those who need very little toconcoct juicy stories designed to cast ashadow upon our ministry. But, knowingthat <strong>the</strong> story will likely leak out andcause a stink, I have decided to give you<strong>the</strong> uncensored facts before you hear agarnished version from one of our selfinstalledenemies. There are ample witnessesto testify to <strong>the</strong> truth of what Ihere write.Recently, during a workday ona certain homestead, while <strong>the</strong> adultswere preoccupied, <strong>the</strong> younger childrenwere playing down by <strong>the</strong> stream awayfrom <strong>the</strong> house. It was a mixture of boysand girls, all under ten years old. Youknow how boys and girls often compete.The boys had made a bridge across <strong>the</strong>stream and would not let <strong>the</strong> girls crossover unless <strong>the</strong>y could guess <strong>the</strong> password—which<strong>the</strong>y were unable to do.On <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r side of <strong>the</strong> stream was awonderful mud slide about six feet talland very steep. I am sure it was nothinglike what <strong>the</strong>y have at Six Flags, but <strong>the</strong>girls thought <strong>the</strong>y should share in <strong>the</strong>boy’s fun. Eventually, <strong>the</strong> girls constructed<strong>the</strong>ir own bridge and establisheda password (as <strong>the</strong> eagle flies south toAustralia) which <strong>the</strong> boys were unable tobreak. But, even though <strong>the</strong> girls nowhad <strong>the</strong>ir own access to <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r side of<strong>the</strong> stream, <strong>the</strong> boys, led by Joseph,seven years old, continued to deny <strong>the</strong>girls access to <strong>the</strong> wonderful mud slide.As <strong>the</strong> adults later ga<strong>the</strong>red toconsider <strong>the</strong> events that led up to <strong>the</strong>crises, it is clear that if this kind of behavioris allowed to continue, it couldlead to a bloated male ego, not to mention<strong>the</strong> female’s diminished sense ofself-assertion.As events developed, Joseph,<strong>the</strong> main culprit, felt <strong>the</strong> call of natureand departed for <strong>the</strong> outhouse (for youcity-slickers that’s an outside toilet).Emily, cute as a button and small for herfour years, and o<strong>the</strong>rwise normally quitepassive, had endured all of Joseph’sbossing she could stand. So at a discreetdistance, she followed him to <strong>the</strong> outhouse.When he was securely seatedinside, she slipped up and locked <strong>the</strong>door. When he got ready to leave, shewas already across his bridge and slidingdown his exclusive mudslide. His criesof distress, occasionally punctuated withgagging sounds, surely reached heracross <strong>the</strong> field and over <strong>the</strong> creek. But Isuppose her heart had been hardened by<strong>the</strong> many times of humiliation she hadsuffered at his uncaring hands. Shecontinued to enjoy <strong>the</strong> slide until someoneelse heard <strong>the</strong> choking, pleadingJoseph and released him from hissteamy, fly pestering prison.When you must avail yourselfof an outhouse, you normally hold yourbreath <strong>the</strong> whole time. When Josephbolted for <strong>the</strong> door and found it locked,it must have been a ra<strong>the</strong>r horrible experience.I am sure he will be traumatizedfor life. It will probably call for anentirely new field of psychiatry to treathis putraphobia.To top it all off, <strong>the</strong> parentsinvolved only stopped working longenough to laugh. Emily escaped with amild reprimand that in my estimationwill only encourage here in her feministagenda.Well, you have <strong>the</strong> whole story,as embellished as I know how. I can’timagine how this story will sound by <strong>the</strong>time it gets around. But, let no more besaid; this is a shut and open case of goodcountry fun. ☺Rats RevisitedOur article “Rats” first printed in <strong>the</strong>May 97 issue, has been by far ourmost popular article. We have receivedhundreds of letters expressing thanksand telling of changed lives. We alsoreceived eight or ten negative replies. Ithas been reprinted in several magazinesand newsletters.The family that inspired <strong>the</strong> articlelives near by. We are thankful to reportthat since <strong>the</strong> article was written one of<strong>the</strong> rats has become a Saint. Printed herein his own words, without editing, is histestimony.“<strong>No</strong>w I have a story for youtoday. I call it “Rat to Righteous”. Itis safe for me to say, I was born arat, raised a rat in a rat’s den.Therefore, I’ve done things that ratsnaturally do and I have for a longtime, more than I care to remember.I grew tired of being a rat. I longedto be something greater and <strong>the</strong>n Ifound my inspiration, my wife. Ithought I had something to strivefor. It was <strong>the</strong> wrong reason andcost me dearly. Five years laterwe’re in separation with a 2 yearoldson right in <strong>the</strong> middle of it. Thisseparation caused me to fall and Ifell hard, but thank God I fell on <strong>the</strong>Rock, <strong>the</strong> Lord Jesus Christ. Thereis none Holy as <strong>the</strong> Lord: for <strong>the</strong>reis none beside <strong>the</strong>e nor is <strong>the</strong>re anyrock like our God. That rockchanged my life and now I havepeace, compassion, sobriety andfaith. Faith gives us confidence,which gives us strength so we canwalk closer to God. That is how Iwent from “Rat to Righteousness.”Eph. 5:8 says, “For ye were sometimesin darkness, but now are yechildren of <strong>the</strong> light.” Amen. ☺Dear reader, pray right now forthis man’s wife. He desires hersalvation and <strong>the</strong> reunion of <strong>the</strong>irfamily. ☺

Page 6<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>July 17, 1995I’m here! We took a small plane, 5 seater, single prop, turbo, for 35 minutes inland.We flew past <strong>the</strong> highest mountain in P.N.G., snow covered, Mount Wilhelm. Then we landedon a small grass airstrip where about 150 natives were waiting. They loaded up our backpacks,put <strong>the</strong> food in <strong>the</strong>ir bilams, and we started up <strong>the</strong> mountains. And climbed up andup and up until I was sure we must have passed <strong>the</strong> moon and sun too. The villagers werepeeking through <strong>the</strong> brush and climbing trees to see us.The girls would run <strong>the</strong>ir hands up and down my arms andfeel my hair. I said to <strong>the</strong>m, “Mi narapela kain meri,eh?” (“I’m a different kind of girl, eh?”), and <strong>the</strong>y allbusted out laughing. I was indeed ano<strong>the</strong>r kind of girlthan <strong>the</strong>y had ever seen. The children hang back andstare with big eyes. We met a lapun meri (old woman)who screeched and crooned with toothless delight at ourarrival. Ano<strong>the</strong>r old man went off into an enrapturedspeech in Kumboi, “In 1975 we gained independence as acountry. That year was <strong>the</strong> last time I saw a white man.<strong>No</strong>w I am happy to see white bro<strong>the</strong>rs and sisters.”I112 pages - paperbackNew BookRead <strong>the</strong> rest of <strong>the</strong> story. Rebekah Pearl, <strong>the</strong> daughter ofMichael and Debi Pearl is a missionary to a primitive tribe in <strong>the</strong> highlandsof Papua New Guinea. <strong>No</strong>w you can read <strong>the</strong> daily chronicle ofher first year among <strong>the</strong> Kumboi people. This 112 page book tells <strong>the</strong>awesome story of God’s guidance and protection as a 22 year oldgirl, all alone where no white person had ever been, sought to adaptto a primitive culture, learn two languages, and translate Scripture.See Rebekah in her village setting through several pages of photagraphs.Send a gift of $4.00 plus $2.00 S.H. and you will receive your copy rightaway. You will also want to hear her story in her own words, now available onaudio tape for a gift of $3.00. Ask for <strong>the</strong> Gami Akiz story. ☺Marathon(Continued from page 3)<strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r to command <strong>the</strong> boy to stopcrying immediately or he would again bespanked. The boy ignored him untilFa<strong>the</strong>r took his foot off <strong>the</strong> gas, preparatoryto stopping. In all his crying, heunderstood <strong>the</strong> issues well enough toimmediately sense <strong>the</strong> slowing of <strong>the</strong> carand understand that it was a response tohis crying. The family was relieved tohave him stop and <strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r started toresume his drive. I said “<strong>No</strong>, you toldhim he was to stop crying immediatelyor you would spank him; he waited untilyou began stopping. He has not obeyed;he is just beginning to show confidencein your resolve. Spank him again and tellhim that you will continue to stop andcontinue to spank until you get instantcompliance. The boy was smart. He maynot have feared mama. His respect forDaddy was growing, but that big hairyfellow in <strong>the</strong> front seat seemed to bemore stubborn than he was, and with noguilt at all. This time when Daddy gavehis command, <strong>the</strong> boy dried it up like apaper towel. The parents had won and<strong>the</strong> boy was <strong>the</strong> beneficiary.<strong>No</strong>w you may wonder why Idid not tell <strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r to tell <strong>the</strong> boy tha<strong>the</strong> was going to spank him until hestopped crying, and so, not resume drivinguntil he had stopped. Never putyourself in <strong>the</strong> place where you may lose<strong>the</strong> contest. What if <strong>the</strong> boy didn’t stop?Would you spank him forever, or wouldyou stop when it bordered on <strong>the</strong> abusive,in which case <strong>the</strong> child would win?Your word would fall to <strong>the</strong> ground; yougave-in before he did. You would have(Continued on page 9)

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> Page 7Doer of <strong>the</strong> Word(Continued from page 4)next village over. When I got tothat village he had moved on to <strong>the</strong>next. I tell you Lord, I didn’t thinkmy old rickety airplane or my fuel,not to mention my heart, was goingto last through that one. Excuseme for laughing Lord, every time Iremember finding him in that newvillage, where no missionary hadever gone, I just have this uncontrollableurge to throw my hands in<strong>the</strong> air and laugh with thanksgivingand praise. To think, my young 10-year-old son started a new work allby himself. Yes, Lord, thank youfor giving me back my boy thatday. He has been a blessing.You know Lord, I think hetold me <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r day he has over80 thousand people enroled in correspondencein Guatamelo now.What a ministry! He has been likeElisha, with a double portion.Thank you Lord for a son like that.Yes Lord, thank you for all 5 of mykids. Hard to believe <strong>the</strong>y are allover 30 years old now. I tell youLord, if I can’t do all <strong>the</strong> ministryI had my heart set on, it is mightysatifying seeing my own sons anddaughters doing it. Such a blessingLord—such a blessing. Thank youLord, for using every one of mychildren to your honor and grace.Yes, you have been so good.Oh Lord, help me to rememberto read that book thatman’s been after me to read, thatdeeper life book by that Chinaman. I guess I need to do thatLord, but I’m getting old and <strong>the</strong>reis so little time left to reach thislast people group over in <strong>the</strong> farsouthwest. <strong>No</strong>w lord, I got an ideato air drop a bunch of tracts; sayabout ten thousand or so overeight of <strong>the</strong>ir villages. I know noone has written <strong>the</strong>ir language yet,but I heard some of those folkscome out of <strong>the</strong> mountains totrade, and <strong>the</strong>y have to know someSpanish. So <strong>the</strong> way I figure it, if<strong>the</strong> people find a strange piece ofpaper <strong>the</strong>y will take it to someonethat might know how to read Spanish.Its’ an idea, Lord. You let meknow if it is from you. I’m runningout of time and <strong>the</strong>re are still somany who have never heard. Lord,right now raise up someone to goto those tribes, you told us to prayfor laborers and I want to go onrecord again Lord, we need somehard working, hard walking man tofinish <strong>the</strong>se mountains. I’ll tell<strong>the</strong>m at this next meeting andmaybe someone will decide to stopwaiting for a lightening bolt andjust obey your last command.You know Lord I hate tohave to go back to <strong>the</strong> States toano<strong>the</strong>r one of those meetings.They bore me to tears, spendinghalf <strong>the</strong> night fussing about littledifferences. They are almost asbad as those seeking <strong>the</strong> mind ofGod about fasting meetings andnever just open <strong>the</strong> Book. Excuseme, Lord I’m laughing again. Thosefolks don’t know what fasting is, do<strong>the</strong>y Lord. You remember thattime I was up in—now I can’t evenremember where we were thattime Lord—but anyway, I’d beenwithout food so long, I wastempted to try <strong>the</strong> stones forbread. I sure was glad that Indianfamily showed up with tortillas.Best tasting stuff I ever ate. Yes,Lord we have had some mighty leantimes. I tell you, I’ve eaten allkinds of dogs, snakes, lizards, ando<strong>the</strong>r critters in my day—talkingabout unclean meat, but I guess itsbest not tell those folks that kindastuff. Might scare <strong>the</strong>m off fromgoing. Of course, not many folksare doing any going anyway. Toobusy preaching about going deeperor fussing about some doctrine.Well, Lord, I was going toask you about this problem I’ve runinto about <strong>the</strong> translation of <strong>the</strong>sepeople’s Bible. I need some wisdomhere Lord, you know I really want<strong>the</strong>se people to know your Word.Ouch! I wish I had my young legsback; and Lord about <strong>the</strong> villageover in <strong>the</strong> south…..This story is based on fact,though <strong>the</strong> conversation with God isimagination. He and his wife are stillbehind <strong>the</strong> plough, being “doers of<strong>the</strong> word, and not hearers only.” ☺Subscriptionto this newsletteris freeupon request.

Page 8<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>Man and Wifehere is a young couple in our churchT who just had <strong>the</strong>ir first baby. Theyrecently bought several acres of timberland,about a mile off <strong>the</strong> road. Determinedto not borrow money, <strong>the</strong>y built atwelve-foot by twelve-foot house until<strong>the</strong>y can save enough to build a largerone. Their “house” is without runningwater, except that which runs off <strong>the</strong> tinroof. It is without electricity, refrigerator,washing machine, sink, toilet, tub,furniture, etc. You say, “What does ithave? Four walls, two windows (of avery used variety), one door, a cute littleroof, a porch, a cozy loft for sleeping,and two young people just gettingstarted in life, who hardly ever appear inpublic for <strong>the</strong> joy <strong>the</strong>y have of just beingtoge<strong>the</strong>r in <strong>the</strong>ir little castle.The little lady carried her newbaby to an auction last week and stayedall day, buying a refrigerator for $1.00and a gas stove—a Proverbs 31 woman.The refrigerator is in anticipation of <strong>the</strong>day <strong>the</strong>y get electricity. The stove willwork off of a propane bottle. Can youimagine <strong>the</strong> joy on <strong>the</strong> face of a newbride meeting her husband coming homefrom work with <strong>the</strong> news that for $1.00she has just furnished <strong>the</strong>ir would-bekitchen?Before <strong>the</strong>y got married <strong>the</strong>young man was extremely visible andactive, always on <strong>the</strong> volleyball court orgoing somewhere with <strong>the</strong> fellows. <strong>No</strong>w,when he comes home from his constructionjob, he greets his wife and picks uphis little baby girl. His big, rough handscompletely encompass <strong>the</strong> tiny infant.The way he carries on, you would thinkthat he is <strong>the</strong> one who gave birth. I havenever seen a more intense case of malebonding with his new infant.When she was large with child,<strong>the</strong>y came over one night for us to drill<strong>the</strong>m on natural home delivery. Thereare several midwives in <strong>the</strong> community,all work free, but <strong>the</strong>y had studied andwere determined to have <strong>the</strong>ir babyalone, just <strong>the</strong> two of <strong>the</strong>m, in <strong>the</strong>ir littlecabin. They received a lot of criticism,but <strong>the</strong>y didn’t notice. They continued infaith and sobriety, believing <strong>the</strong>y “wouldbe saved in child bearing,” just like Godsaid.Three days after our little childbirthing class, <strong>the</strong>y drove up and hejumped out with a bundle in his hands.She followed him in, and <strong>the</strong>y told us ofher easy delivery just a few hours earlier.They stayed with us for one day andnight to shower and recover, and <strong>the</strong>nreturned to <strong>the</strong>ir homestead.It has been several weeks now.Just <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r night, <strong>the</strong> sleeping babystopped breathing. They artificiallyrestored respiration. It tookan hour for <strong>the</strong> baby tobegin breathing normallyand without assistance.They didn’t panic. Theyprayed and applied <strong>the</strong>emergency treatment hehad learned in a class takenyears earlier.The joys, pains,highs and lows, <strong>the</strong> fear,<strong>the</strong> faith. Each new life,each new couple is a freshcreation, unexplored territory,mystery waiting to bediscovered anew. Each lifeis an original creation, eachcouple a new Adam andEve, each home ano<strong>the</strong>rgarden of Eden, children ofGod destined to be conformedinto <strong>the</strong> image ofGod’s son. God madeAdam incomplete and <strong>the</strong>nbrought to him <strong>the</strong> womanthat could cause him togrow into all that he was designed to be.She was his helper, <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r half ofhumanity, two pieces of a whole thatwould bear fruit to reproduce itself andmultiply <strong>the</strong> sons and daughters of God.A book is being written. It is agreat sweeping epic that carries across<strong>the</strong> centuries, covering every culture andlanguage. Each couple is part of <strong>the</strong> cast,each event part of <strong>the</strong> script. How <strong>the</strong>yplay <strong>the</strong>ir roles will form <strong>the</strong> pages ofhistory and define eternity. If it has beena long time since you were innocent andgullible, if bitterness and discouragementhave taken <strong>the</strong> seats where hopeand joy once sat, know that as long as<strong>the</strong>re is life <strong>the</strong>re is hope. Circumstancesdon’t rule, attitudes do. There is noground in which faith cannot grow.Hope doesn’t need to see.This little mo<strong>the</strong>r told of alesson she learned early in marriage.They are both athletic and decided totake a cross-country bicycle trip for <strong>the</strong>irhoneymoon. I must admit, such athought never occurred to me. She relatedhow <strong>the</strong>y immediately began arguing.The husband is very stubborn, especiallywhen it comes to reading a map.He was always taking <strong>the</strong> wrong road—with <strong>the</strong> utmost confidence. She wouldsay, “<strong>No</strong> this is <strong>the</strong> right direction,”and so <strong>the</strong>y wouldargue about it. <strong>No</strong>, it is no bigdeal to take <strong>the</strong> wrong roadwhen driving; you can just gotwenty miles down <strong>the</strong> roadand <strong>the</strong>n turn around. But ifyou are peddling up all <strong>the</strong>hills—well.She tells how she finallylearned her role as helper. Shedecided that her husbandcouldn’t read a map half asgood as she could, but if heread <strong>the</strong> map incorrectly and<strong>the</strong>y went in a different directionthan intended, <strong>the</strong>n it wasGod’s will for her to joyouslyfollow, lending all assistance.If he read <strong>the</strong> map incorrectly,<strong>the</strong>n God would work it for<strong>the</strong>ir good. When she followedher husband, she alwayswent in <strong>the</strong> right directionand always ended upwhere she ought to be,whe<strong>the</strong>r he did or not. They are growing.She is learning to be a good helper andhe is learning to be a more considerateleader.It is not too late to try it again.Life still has some romance for thosewho will trust God and believe. ☺

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>Page 9Permission to reprintT. J. Slayman is back in Laos after receivinga certificate to teach English in foreign countriesto peoples of a different language. He loves <strong>the</strong> Laotianpeople and plans to spend <strong>the</strong> rest of his life <strong>the</strong>re in service.Laos is closed to missionaries. The native pastors aresometimes shot while preaching to <strong>the</strong>ir congregations. But<strong>the</strong>y do welcome English teachers. T.J. has an old book that is<strong>the</strong> finest example of English literature. His students will bereading <strong>the</strong> K.J.B. ☺☺☺Marathon(Continued from page 6)actually hardened his resolve to rebel.Fur<strong>the</strong>rmore, when a child is beingspanked and shortly <strong>the</strong>reafter, he maybe too emotionally wrought to makeresponsible decisions. Our concern is notjust to silence <strong>the</strong> child, but to gainvoluntary submission of his will throughrespect for our command.Fa<strong>the</strong>r tells <strong>the</strong> boy to stopcrying or he will stop <strong>the</strong> vehicle andspank. Fa<strong>the</strong>r stops, spanks, <strong>the</strong> childcries, and <strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r resumes <strong>the</strong> drive,waits three to five minutes, ignores <strong>the</strong>crying and continues to talk as if all iswell. Five minutes later, <strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r againcommands <strong>the</strong> child to stop crying. Bythis time <strong>the</strong>re is no lingering pain andhe has had time to quiet in his emotionsand reflect on <strong>the</strong> parental mandate—“Stop crying or get a spanking.” Again,<strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r commands <strong>the</strong> child to stopcrying or he will receive a spanking. Thechild continues crying only because heassumes that <strong>the</strong> status quo continues.That is, he is not at all convinced that <strong>the</strong>fa<strong>the</strong>r means what he says. Judging frompast experiences, he is sure that he willwin this contest eventually. By breakingit up into several sessions, <strong>the</strong> fa<strong>the</strong>r isreprogramming <strong>the</strong> child—Fa<strong>the</strong>r commandswith a threat; child disobeys;Fa<strong>the</strong>r carries out threat; child loses andsuffers <strong>the</strong> consequences; it is an unpleasantexperience; repeat all of abovefive to ten times. The child concludes:There is a new order; Fa<strong>the</strong>r is consistent;he always means what he says; boycannot win; <strong>the</strong>re is no alternative toinstant obedience. Get smart, be a survivor,just say no to self-will.The beauty of this kind ofcontest is that when <strong>the</strong> parents conquer,it applies across <strong>the</strong> board. The child isnot just yielding to <strong>the</strong> circumstances; heis yielding to his parents. The rebel inhim is dying. This submission will translateinto every aspect of <strong>the</strong>ir relationship.The child has learned that <strong>the</strong>parents have more resolve than he does.They are not liars. When <strong>the</strong>y say stop orelse, <strong>the</strong>y mean it. There is no way tobend <strong>the</strong> parents; <strong>the</strong>ir word is final.The next day we were sitting in<strong>the</strong> living room when <strong>the</strong> mo<strong>the</strong>r gave<strong>the</strong> little fellow a command. Out ofhabit, he commenced his whine, whichturned to a cry. Mo<strong>the</strong>r looked discouragedand turned to me asking, “Whatshould I do now?” I said, “Tell him todry it up instantly and to start smiling.”When she commanded him, he immediatelystopped crying and gave a fakedsmile that quickly turned to a sincere onein reflection to <strong>the</strong> delight on hismo<strong>the</strong>r’s face. I never will forget. Shestarted laughing with absolute abandonment.She was overjoyed. “He has neverWe receive many requests toreprint our articles in o<strong>the</strong>rpublications. All our materialis copyrighted so that wecan maintain control. However,we do hereby grantpermission for any publicationto reprint our articles in<strong>the</strong>ir entirety, without editing,on <strong>the</strong> conditions that:with each reprint, clear recognitionbe given as to <strong>the</strong>source; an advertisement beincluded with our addressand <strong>the</strong> cost, including shipping,of our book, To Trainup a Child. This permissionis in force unless o<strong>the</strong>rwisenotified.obeyed me like that,” she said. For <strong>the</strong>few days that remained, he obeyed herinstantly and <strong>the</strong> household was a verypeaceful place. The battle was won.Whe<strong>the</strong>r or not <strong>the</strong> victory continueddepends on how consistent <strong>the</strong> parentswere. The hard part was over. If <strong>the</strong>parents didn’t revert to <strong>the</strong>ir old responses,<strong>the</strong> child wouldn’t revert to his.There are those of you who willthink that <strong>the</strong> twenty miles of spankingwas cruel. Remember, this was not adaily event; it was a war to end all wars.The spankings were not wild, violentaffairs. They were not greatly painful.They were done in quiet calm and dignity.It is not <strong>the</strong> severity of <strong>the</strong> spankingbut <strong>the</strong> certainty of it that gives it persuasivepower. Our object in spanking isnot to cause <strong>the</strong> child to so fear <strong>the</strong> painthat he obeys. It is to gain <strong>the</strong> child’sattention and give him respect for <strong>the</strong>parent’s word. I know that <strong>the</strong>re areabusive, angry parents out <strong>the</strong>re who,through <strong>the</strong>ir own inconsistency, find<strong>the</strong>mselves in a position where <strong>the</strong>y(Continued on page 10)

Page 10YoungMen’s BibleWorkshopDec. 8-19oung man, come study <strong>the</strong>Y Scripture with Michael Pearl.December 8 th – 19 th Cane Creek willbe hosting a marathon Bible studyfor men only. We are limiting <strong>the</strong>number to fifteen. This is not a timeof inspiration and social life. Menonly will bring <strong>the</strong>ir sleeping bagsand prepare to rough it. We will providean indoor floor for you to sleepon and kill a deer for <strong>the</strong> stew pot.This is not for <strong>the</strong> faint hearted orone who needs coddling. You will cutyour own firewood and wash yourown dishes and clo<strong>the</strong>s. All wepromise you is that you will learnmore Bible in this two weeks thanmost people doin two years ofBible college.Our method isnot to tell youwhat <strong>the</strong> biblesays but toguide you in <strong>the</strong>tried andproved BiblicalMethods ofstudy. You willdevelop confidenceand skillas a Bible student.Ra<strong>the</strong>rthan sit andlisten, you will<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>study and participate. We will cover<strong>the</strong> books of Romans, Galatians andGenesis.<strong>No</strong> professional Bible conferenceattenders please. This is justfor serious, sober young men whohave already made and followed upon a commitment to growand minister in <strong>the</strong> Faith.There are no accommodationsfor families orspouses. Men only.If you would like to knowmore, send me your addressand telephone number.Tell me a little aboutyourself and I will get intouch with you to discuss itfur<strong>the</strong>r. Address your envelopeto: Men in Training,The Church at CaneCreek, 1000 Pearl Rd.,Pleasantville, TN, 37147During <strong>the</strong> week of April 8 th through April 14 th <strong>the</strong> Pearls will be touring in seminars in<strong>the</strong> area of Columbus and Atlanta, Georgia. If you are interested in having <strong>the</strong>m in yourchurch or homeschool meeting please write address your envelope to Carolyne Chambers.A word of explanation:You may have wondered where yourSeptember newsletter disappeared.Deb and I have been too busy withRebekah to write one. We spent twoweeks in <strong>the</strong> recording studio makingand <strong>the</strong>n mixing a singing tape ofRebekah. It should be ready for distributionby <strong>the</strong> middle of <strong>No</strong>vember.We spent a month proofing andformatting her diary. It is now backfrom <strong>the</strong> printer and ready for distribution.It was quite a project. Wefinally got through with her preparationsfor leaving. This newsletter islarger to make up for <strong>the</strong> missingmonth.Marathon(Continued from page 9)excessively spank every day. Spankingshould just be part of a training program.It is our consistency that trains.The rod just gives credibility to ourword. If your word is not credible, noamount of <strong>the</strong> rod will ever be effective.You will become abusive. If you feelabusive, you probably are. Get counseland advice from a close friend who hasa Biblical perspective on child training.In reflecting on our one-weekstay with this fine family, I am amazedat <strong>the</strong>ir humility and grace. Giving usfull license in <strong>the</strong> home must have beenlike <strong>the</strong> Judgment Seat of Christ. Well,not quite, but about as close to it as canbe had down here in <strong>the</strong> flesh. One wordof warning: Don’t invite us to come staywith you for a week; this old man has hadall <strong>the</strong> crying and whining he can standfor <strong>the</strong> next five years. We’re retired.“Honey, I’ll put some wood on<strong>the</strong> fire and you put <strong>the</strong> tea on. We’llhave ano<strong>the</strong>r quiet evening writing.” ☺

<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> Page 11Gami Akiz: We highly recommended this tape forall young people, as well as adults. Children loveit.Miracles are not all in <strong>the</strong> past. The story of God’sgrace among an ancient peoples, and how <strong>the</strong>irpath crossed that of one lone American girl obeyingGod. Told by Rebekah Pearl.•Five Helpers: A Panel of five women, all wivesof men of far reaching ministries, discuss how<strong>the</strong>y help <strong>the</strong>ir husbands be used of God.•Authority of <strong>the</strong> believer in prayer: The lastmessage of <strong>the</strong> missions camp, preached by MichaelPearl. Hear how prayer changes God,moves heaven, and determines <strong>the</strong> course ofGreat BookAudio TapesMe? Obey Him? When I was ayoung bride I read Me? Obey Him? ByMrs. Elizabeth Rice Hanford. I can stillremember <strong>the</strong> surprise and joy I experiencedin “trying out” what I hadread. I know God used this book tohelp make my marriage, thus my ministry,what it is today. May God blessyou thus as you read it. Debi PearlWe highly recommend this video,EE Taow! Rejoice as you see live footageof an entire village becoming believersin Jesus—all in one day.“Can you believe this, my childrenlove to listen to your tapes of<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> Vol. I and ToTrain Up A Child. We listen as wedrive along in <strong>the</strong> car and whenwe get where we are going <strong>the</strong>ywant to stay in <strong>the</strong> car to finish<strong>the</strong> story. In <strong>the</strong> evenings <strong>the</strong> childrenbeg to listen to <strong>the</strong> tapeswhile <strong>the</strong>y sit coloring pictures.The tapes are transforming <strong>the</strong>way my children think about<strong>the</strong>mselves. Even our teens areloving <strong>the</strong> tapes.”BOOKSAUDIO CASSETTE TAPEVIDEOSSorry, we have been forced to up <strong>the</strong>suggested price of our books just a little tocompensate for price rises at <strong>the</strong> printer. Wewant to keep our books accessible so you can ordermany copies and give <strong>the</strong>m to your friends. When wereceive request for books from those who cannot affordto buy, as <strong>the</strong> Lord provides, we send <strong>the</strong>m out free ofcharge. When you pay for books, you are making a donationto this ministry.Order FormQuan. Code Description Suggested gift TotalBK 9SBK 9XBK 9CBK 1SBK 1XBK 1CBK 4BK 1MBK 2MAD 9AD 1AD 10AD 11AD 12AD 13AD 14AD 15To Train Up A Child 1-7 booksTo Train Up A Child 8-99 booksTo Train Up A Child Box of 100<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> Volume One 1-7 books<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> Volume One 8-99 books<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> Volume One Box of 100Me? Obey Him? pbk. 95 pg. (Christian wives)Brucho, pbk. 202 pg. (missionary)Lords of <strong>the</strong> Earth, pbk. 368 pg. (missionary)Rebekah’s Diary, pbk. 108 pg.To Train up a Child (3 tapes read by Michael Pearl)<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> Vol. 1 (3 tapes read by Michael Pearl)Vinyl album of both books, To Train up aChild & <strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> V. 1 (six tapes in album)Best Homeschooling Ideas (by Debi Pearl)Gami Akiz true story told by Rebekah PearlA Panel of Five (for women only)Authority and Prayer sermon by Michael PearlEACH4.002.502.204.002.502.202.009.0010. 11 EE-Taow (Best missionary video) 20.00Name _________________________________A d -dress________________________________Sub TotalPostageTotalWhen we started getting<strong>the</strong>se letters, we decided tobuy a vinyl album to holdboth set of tapes—all six 90minute tapes, both books,read by Michael Pearl. For a gift of $18.00SHIPPING$0.01 - $10.00 ......$10.01 - $25.00 ....$25.01 - $50.00 ....$50.01 - $100.00 ..$100.01 or more ...add $2.00 S/Hadd $3.00 S/Hadd $4.50 S/Hadd $6.00 S/Hadd 6%♦ <strong>No</strong> phone in orders.♦ <strong>No</strong> COD’sAll foreign orders triple S/H

Page 12Would you like answers to <strong>the</strong>se questions?108 page paperback book<strong>No</strong> <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>♦ How can I teach my children to share, to give up <strong>the</strong>irrights?♦ How do I get my children to sit still in church?♦ How do I stop being angry with my children?♦ What can I do about sibling rivalry?♦ Is it too late for my teenagers?♦ How do I take <strong>the</strong> frustration out of homeschooling?And much more: Potty training, lying, fighting, pouting,whining, how to use <strong>the</strong> rod, problems at puberty, teenageboys, teaching <strong>the</strong>m to work, fairness, bad attitudes, husbandand wife relationships, and more.Written over a period of two years, <strong>the</strong> questions <strong>the</strong>Pearl’s were most asked are answered in this 104 pagebook. It contains 48 individual articles, each on a separatesubject. It’s full of real life humorous stories illustrating <strong>the</strong>Biblical approach to training children. This exciting newbook is being placed in Doctor’s offices and waiting rooms.Order eight at a 40% savings and share <strong>the</strong>m with yourfriends. Send a gift of $4.00 + $2.00 SH for one book.To receive eight books send $20.00 + $3.00 SH.The Church At Cane CreekMICHAEL PEARL1000 PEARL ROADPLEASANTVILLE, TN 37147Sept. Oct. 1997NON-PROFITORGU.S. POSTAGEPAIDCOLUMBIA TN

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