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3 The Razor T Weight

3 The Razor T Weight System3.4 Weighting and TrimIt is very important to dive properly weighted and trimmed out in a well balancedequipment configuration. This will make your diving both safer andeasier.Tank selection is important in helping to achieve correct weighting.Diving in cold water with a Drysuit and thick undergarments it is recommendedto use low pressure Steel tanks as the primary SM tanks which willhelp to offset the extra positive buoyancy of the exposure protection.High pressure Steel tanks are not recommended as they tend to be too negativelybuoyant and make handling SM tanks underwater very difficult.Diving in warm water in a wetsuit it is recommended to use Aluminium primarySide Mount Tanks so as not to be excessively over weighted.Aluminium tanks should always be used for stages and deco tanks so thatas you add extra tanks to your configuration you do not become excessivelyover weighted.52

3 The Razor T Weight System3.4 Weighting and TrimTo determine your correct amount of ballast the following weightingcheck should be carried out:1. Enter the water wearing all of your equipment including the primary SMtanks2. Completely deflate your Bat Wing and your Drysuit if you are using one3. While holding a normal breath stop kicking and add enough weight untilyou sink to eye level. When you exhale you should submerge completely.4. If you are using full tanks you will need to add a little more weight to compensatefor the weight of the gas in the tanks that will be used during a dive.5. Now that the correct amount of weight has been established submerge andattempt to hover in a horizontal position while moving the weight up or downthe torso until the ideal position is achieved to maintain comfortable trim.After a few dives as you become more relaxed and comfortable diving yourRazor Side Mount System you may find that you can reduce your ballastweight a little.When you are correctly weighted you will need very little gas in your Bat Wing.If you are diving in a Drysuit all your buoyancy can be controlled with theDrysuit for the most part just using the BAT Wing for surface buoyancy andextra lift when carrying heavier equipment loads.53

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