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6 The Low Profile D Ring

6 The Low Profile D Ring Kit

6 The Low Profile D Ring Kit6.1 OverviewThe Razor Harness comes set up with 4 standard 2” D rings 1 at each shoulderand 1 at each hip as well as a low profile scooter D ring at the crotchand the Butt B ring.This configuration is ideal for cold water diving where larger target areas arerequired to make clipping and unclipping tanks and other items easier due toloss of manual dexterity from having to wear thick gloves or from the numbfingers due to the cold.The larger 2” D ring also provides more room for the larger snap bolts thatare typically used in cold water diving.Typically divers in cold water environments will use steel primary tanks tohelp offset the extra positive buoyancy created by using Drysuits and thickundergarments.Unlike Aluminium tanks Steel tanks do not have a buoyancy swing fromnegative to positive as you breathe the gas from them and they remain negativethroughout the dive so only 1 D ring is required at each side on the waistof the harness as the tanks will not have to be repositioned during the diveto maintain a streamlined profileThe Low Profile D Ring Kit has been specifically designed for warm waterdiving using Aluminium 80cuft primary SM tanksIt can be used whether diving in a Drysuit or a Wetsuit81

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