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22) Bamidbar.pub - Emanuel Synagogue


27 / 28 May 2011 — 24 Iyar 5771


Torah: Numbers 1:1 - 4:20 Etz Chayim Chumash: p. 769

Haftarah: Hosea 2:1 - 22 Etz Chayim Chumash: p. 786

Mazal Tov

Noah Evans

on becoming Bar Mitzvah


Adam & Gaelle Marks

on the naming of their daughter

Lila Romy Marks

Welcome to the Emanuel community.

If you are a new member or visiting our congregation

please introduce yourself to us after services.

Weekly Bulletin


7 Ocean St, Woollahra NSW 2025

Phone: 9328-7833, Fax: 9327-8715

E-mail: info@emanuel.org.au

Website: www.emanuel.org.au


Erev Shabbat (Friday night):

6.00pm Combined Progressive & Masorti

(Main Sanctuary) ft Ilan Kidron

Shabbat (Saturday morning):

9.00am Masorti (Neuweg)

10.00am Progressive (Main Sanctuary)

10.00am Renewal (Education Centre)

next: 11 June 2011

Morning Minyan:

6.45am Monday & Thursday mornings

Yelladim (Saturday morning):

10.00am - 11.45am (children ages 4-9)

President Laurence Adelman

Director of Education Sandy Hollis

Director of Music Andrea Catzel

Director of Pastoral Care Shimon Magil

Community Shlicha Anat Baruch

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Rabbi Jeffrey B. Kamins


Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio


Rabbi Paul Jacobson


Rabbi Dr Orna Triguboff


Weekly Bulletin

This Shabbat we begin the book of Bamidbar which opens with Moses taking a census

of the people of Israel. When we think of a census we often consider it to be a

dehumanising act reducing those counted to a number, a statistic, one of the same

amongst many. But traditional commentators, looking at this parasha, have interpreted

the census in exactly the opposite way. First they note the unusual wording with which

the act of counting is described. The word used for the counting literally means “lifting

the head.” They suggest that when the Israelites were counted each one raised their

head and looked the one counting, in the eye. Thus each person was seen, a

connection was made, their individuality was acknowledged. Rather than a mass of

humanity, eyes downcast, looking the same, the Israelites looked up, proudly ready to

be counted amongst their people. At the beginning of the book of Numbers you can

almost feel the euphoria and sense of community amongst the people. They are about

to travel on a short journey to reach the Promised Land, to begin to build their future,

basking in their new found freedom and relishing the responsibilities which accompany

it. Here, the counting is a way to show that each of them is a part of this new

endeavour, that each one is committed to the vision of the future presented by Moses

and God.

Later in the parasha we read about the configuration of the Israelite camp. All the tribes

encamped around the tabernacle facing inwards to a central point, to the place where

the words of God were kept. The square shape protected the community as well as

their most precious commodity; it reminded them always to keep its words and

teachings in its midst, to strive towards their fulfilment. But the structure also served a

second purpose, not only did it remind them to keep God’s laws as sacred but also the

configuration meant that everyone always looked out for the other. Their eyes were

ever turned inwards, looking from one to the other, seeing where help was needed,

knowing what was really going on. There was privacy, the Talmud tells us that each

family pitched their tent so they could not see into the tent of the other, but they were a

community, looking out for each other, helping and assisting when needed. It was

during the desert wanderings, moving in this configuration that the Israelites became a

nation. They formed themselves into something more than a rabble of freed slaves

without a purpose. They had a new purpose, looking out for one another, being there,

being a community.

Bamidbar teaches us how to be a true community, how to behave towards one another

and what we need to do in order to become holy. To become a strong whole we must

value the unique and special qualities which are within every person. We must see

beyond the numbers and look one another in the eye. Make connections. We can only

do that when we have our tents facing one another, when we see when our neighbour

is hurting and then do something to help, when we can reach out to offer a hand

without waiting to be asked, when we notice what is happening for one another and

support and care for those around us. That is what a community is and that is what a

community does for one another. I hope that all of us can be that for one another, that

we can continue to create welcoming, warm, loving environments for each other and

for those we encounter in our lives.

Shabbat Shalom

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Weekly Bulletin



10:00am — 11:30am

6:00pm — 7:15pm

7:15pm — 9:00pm


11:00am — 12:00pm

(Alternate Tuesdays)

4:00pm — 6:00pm

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All courses are free or at discounted

rates for members

Our Jewish Story: Our Land, Our People Boardroom

Discussion group for senior members of the congregation with

Rabbi Kamins on the connection of the Jewish People with the

land of Israel, through study of our text and traditions.

Our Jewish Story: Boardroom

An in depth conversation of the great 18 th century work of Rabbi

Moshe Luzzato, The Way of God, is an exploration of our most

basic beliefs regarding the existence of God and purpose in

creation and how Judaism flows from these concepts. No

previous knowledge of Torah or Hebrew is required.

Community Choir Hall

A joyful group who come together to sing for services, festivals

and social events. Come and join us!

Mid Week Study Group (Montefiore Home, Woollahra)

Discussion of current events, Israel and matters of interest

affecting us and our world.

Beit Midrash Emanuel

Years K-6. A creative, relevant and social learning environment

for all children.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah class

Year 7. Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation classes.

Kabbalah Meditation Neuweg

With Sue Beecher

Kabbalah Meditation Neuweg

With Sue Beecher

Beit Midrash Emanuel

Years K-6. A creative, relevant and social learning environment

for all children.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah class

Year 7. Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation classes.

Beginner’s Hebrew Hall

By the end of this course you will be able to read any Hebrew


Siddur Hebrew Education Centre

Become confident with your Hebrew and follow the synagogue


Basic Jewish Concepts Education Centre

This week 2 June, The Omer & Shavuot: Jews, the People of the






Meditation and


Special Guest:

Naomi Chazan

Network Dinner
















Weekly Bulletin

Wednesday 1 June, 7:30pm Emanuel Synagogue Hall

See back cover for details.

Thursday 2 June, 7:00pm - 9:00pm Neuweg

Ido Kahn and Orna Triguboff, a chance to relax and be uplifted. Beginners welcome.

RSVP to orna@neshamalife.org.

Saturday 11 June, 12:30pm Boardroom

An opportunity not to be missed, Naomi Chazan on Turning The Tide: Awakening

Israel to the Dangers of Democracy.

Friday 17 June, 6:00pm (following services)

Judaism & the Search for Me-ning: Does My Individual Identity Really Matter?

Network and Emanuel Synagogue invite you to a special Shabbat dinner, featuring

an engaging and lively discussion led by Rabbi Jacobson.

Cost $30 – book at a www.network.org.au. Subsidies available for students and

youth movement leaders, call 9697 9242 for more information.

Tuesday 7 June

6:00pm: Shavuot First Night Service and Baby Blessing

7:00pm - midnight or beyond: Tikkun Leil Shavuot: Our Festival of Dangerous Ideas

7:00pm - 10:00pm: Festival of Fun

Wednesday 8 June

9:00am - noon: Shavuot First Day Service

10:00am: Shavuot Children’s Service

6:00pm: Shavuot Second Night Service

Thursday 9 June

9:00am - noon: Shavuot Second Day Service

Our final Pot Luck Shabbat Dinner will be held on Friday 3 June, just bring along a

vegetarian dish (no desserts) and drink of choice to share and join us for Shabbat.

After 3 June, keep an eye out for our monthly Communal Shabbat Dinners, we’d

love to see you there.

A service with singing, discussion, meditation and musical instruments. Education

Centre. Next Shabbat services (10am - 12pm), 11 June.

Women’s Rosh Chodesh group meets to celebrate the new month. The next

meeting will be on 2 June at 8:00pm. Please call the office for the location.

Come and learn the art of (kosher) vegetarian cooking, Thursday 2 June at

7:30pm. Learn great recipes and share a nice meal and glass of wine afterwards.

$10 donation would be appreciated. RSVP preferred, please email


Netzer invites everyone from years 3-12 to our fun & engaging Sunday meetings &

outings. For further information please contact Bella on 0435 037 280

or sydney@netzer.org.au or you can explore our website www.netzer.org.au.

An opportunity for children ages 4 - 9 to come to synagogue on a Shabbat morning

to learn, express their spirituality and at the same time have fun with peers while

their parents enjoy one of our services.

The next Shabbat celebration for our youngest members, aged between 2-5 years

will take place on Friday 3 June at 5:00pm.

A playgroup for children 0-3 yrs and their parents Friday mornings during school

terms, 9:30 - 11:30am. Prayers and singing around 10:45am, craft activity at

11:00am in the synagogue hall. Gold coin donation for members, $5 nonmembers.

Term 2: 6 May - 1 July 2011.

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Weekly Bulletin

In Memory

Shiva: There are mourners in our community to whom we extend our

sincerest sympathies on the death of their loved ones:


Shloshim: We are in the period of Shloshim for:




Yahrzeit: This week we observe the Yahrzeits of:

HARRY ARENSON father-in-law Mrs Bess Arenson

“ grandfather Ms Belinda Levy

CYRIL ASHER father Mrs Denyse Bernstein

HYMAN BLACK father Mrs Edna Viner

BERTHA BURNSTEIN mother Mrs Adele Bear

HYMAN REUBEN CAPLAN father Mrs Lilian Finniston

GEORGE CLARKE (CZEIZLER) husband Mrs Vera Clarke


SUSAN COHEN wife Dr Graeme Cohen

GARY DAVEY father Mr Leslie Davey

BRIAN ALFRED DAVIS father Mrs Karen Pizem

JOYCE FELLER mother Dr John Feller

NORMAN FOUX father Mr. Melvyn Foux

THEO FRIEDMAN grandfather Ms Gina Gammell

* HARRY FULOP husband Mrs Erika Fulop

EVA GELB mother Mr George Gelb


SIMON GOLDING father Mr Michael Golding

FELICIA GRYF mother Mrs Giza Fletcher

SOLANGE HAKIM mother Dr Claude Hakim


FRANK HELLER brother Mrs Ruth Bender


PETER HIDI father Ms Marianne Hidi

EDWARD ASHLEY JACKSON AM father Mr Gordon Jackson

“ husband Mrs Cynthia Jackson AM

“ father Mrs Geraldine Palmer

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RAILEA JAYSON sister Mrs Ruth Catts

ROY SAMUEL JOSEPH husband Mrs Annette Joseph


MOYSEY KLETSKY father Mr Ilia Kletski

CARL KORN husband Mrs Jean Korn

MATTHEW KREL husband Mrs Faina Krel


BERTA LIPTON mother Mrs Erika Fulop

SIDNEY LIPTON father Mrs Erika Fulop

RAYMOND MORRIS husband Mrs Debora Morris

* HELEN ELIZABETH MOSS mother Ms Primrose Moss

JUDITH OCKRIM daughter Mrs Magda Gesztesi

JUDITH OCKRIM wife Mr Milton Ockrim

ARTHUR PERRY father Mrs Nellie Grinberg

“ grandfather Dr Reg Grinberg

SUZANNE REBER wife Mr Brook Reber


LITZI SIMA mother Mr Alexander Sima

WILLIAM BRUCE ROY SMITH husband Mrs Alice Smith

ILANA STRUM mother Benjamin Strum

“ daughter Dr John Strum

“ daughter Ms Leah Werner

CLARA & MICHEL URWAND mother & father Mrs Marcelle Urwand


* HEDY WEISSMANN mother Mrs Ruth MacDonald

“ grandmother Mr David MacDonald

“ grandmother Ms Karin MacDonald

ALEXANDER WEISZ father Mr Greg Weisz

* Memorial Light

Weekly Bulletin

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