2012 Annual Report.pdf - Polk County Sheriff's Office

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2012 Annual Report.pdf - Polk County Sheriff's Office

Table of ContentsPolk County Sheriff’s OfficeMission and Vision Statement........................Sheriff’s Biography..............................................Sheriff’s Message.........................................Law Enforcement................................................East and West Divisions........................................PROCAP................................................................Community Partnerships.......................................Bureau of Criminal Investigations..........................Crime Rate.............................................................Bureau of Special Investigations............................Traffic Unit................................................................Canine Unit...............................................................Special Operations...................................................Emergency Communications Center.......................PCSO District Offices.........................................Detention..............................................................Department of Detention.......................................Daily Subsistence Fee............................................Inmate Work Program............................................Inmate Education Program....................................Office of Business Affairs.............................Human Resources...................................................Education and Records Division............................Training..................................................................Information Technology and Fleet Services...........Cost Savings..........................................................Budget....................................................................Office of the Sheriff.........................................Office of Professional Compliance........................Office of Legal Affairs andAdministrative Investigations.................................Office of Communications.....................................Social Media...........................................................Crime Prevention Unit............................................Volunteer Services..................................................PCSO Motivational Poster...........................Fallen Heroes.........................................................Military Members...................................................PCSO HONOR Motivational Poster...................Important Numbers......................................345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637383940412

Messagefrom theSheriffThe true work and accomplishments reflected in this annual report have occurredbecause of the professional women and men of the Sheriff’s Office. The efforts of these lawenforcement professionals and the partnerships we have garnered in our communities haveresulted in a lower crime rate and an increase in the quality of life. In the worst of times,our agency members never turned and ran, never cowered away when times were tough, andnever asked to go home when the days were long and the task painful. Just the opposite –they only worked and fought harder to accomplish the noble cause to which they dedicatedtheir lives. We are allowed to soar at such great heights as an agency because we have acommunity that trusts and believes in us.As we reflect on 2012 and look forward into the new year, we pledge to prioritize toprotect the children, the very old, and those who are challenged from those who seek to preyupon them. We pledge to treat our victims as if they were our own mother. We pledge toseek out and bring criminals to justice with an immediate sense of urgency. We will alwayshonor and respect you as we seek out opportunities to improve our response to your mostfearful times. We pledge to provide opportunities in the county jail for those we arrest toobtain the tools they need to behave and to change their criminal beliefs – enabling them tolead crime-free lives as productive citizens. And all we accomplish will be possible onlybecause we do it together!Sheriff Grady Judd5

Division LawtitlehereEnforcementWest and East Division continuedThe West Division geographically includes thewestern portion of the county.Within each district there are patrol platoonswhich are broken down into different units such asCommunity Oriented Policing (COP) Unit, CrimeSuppression Unit, General Crimes Unit, Traffic Unitand Canine Unit.The Community Oriented Policing Squads(COPS) are located in each district and serve specificcommunities. Deputies assigned to COPS providedirect support to their communities in a variety of waysto address crime and social issues through communitypartnerships and different methods of service delivery.The General Crimes Unit (GCU) is locatedwithin each of the patrol districts. Detectives assignedto the GCU are responsible for conducting followupinvestigations on felony property crimes, and anumber of felony person crimes.Community Contacts721,889Proactive Law EnforcementIn 1997, the Polk County Sheriff’s Officeadopted “PROCAP,” a proactive approach to combatingcrime and its effects on the community. The ProactiveCommunity Attack on Problems program uses crimeanalysts and mapping software to alert deputies toreal-time crime trends, allowing them to immediatelydeploy the necessary resources to effectively fightcrime. The basis of PROCAP is to prevent crime fromoccurring in the first place, instead of relying solelyon the reactive policing method of investigating pastoccurredcrimes. PROCAP has been a highly successfultool in reducing the crime rate in Polk County since itsinception 16 years ago.did youknow?In 2012, PCSO deputies made 721,889community contacts. Almost 2,000 a day! Acommunity contact is defined as interactionwith the Polk County community in referenceto criminal activity, prevention and deterrenceof crime, quality of life issues, prevention tipsfor our neighborhood children, and/or just tobe friendly and show that we care.8

Community PartnershipsThe Polk County Sheriff’s Office is proudto provide six municipalities with top quality lawenforcement services. These municipalities can takeadvantage of our winning formula for law enforcementas well as save time and money by eliminating thetaxing administrative overhead of maintaining theirown separate law enforcement agency.Each of these six municipalities are providedthe same level of excellent customer service towhich they are accustomed, at a cost savings to theirtaxpayers. Officers who were previously employed bythem, who met PCSO qualifications, are now sworndeputy sheriffs answering calls for service in their“hometown.” A sergeant is assigned to oversee eachsubstation and the deputies who serve in the area.Thanks to joint communications andcommunity partnerships, deputies and police officersnow work together more expeditiously towards crimesuppression and apprehending those who prey uponour citizens.Division LawtitleHere EnforcementPCSO District OfficesSheriff’s Operations Center:1891 Jim Keene Blvd., Winter Haven863.298.6200Northwest District:1045 Wedgewood Estates Blvd., Lakeland863.577.1600Northeast District:1100 Dunson Road, Davenport863.236.3900Southwest District:4120 US Hwy 98 South, Lakeland863.499.2400Southeast District:4011 Sgt. Mary Campbell Way, Lake Wales863.534.6291Central District:3635 Avenue G NW., Winter Haven863.297.1100PCSO Municipality Sheriff’sStations contact informationEagle Lake Sheriff’s Station:75 North 7th Street, Eagle Lake863.293.5677Fort Meade Sheriff’s Station:15 Northwest 1st Street, Fort Meade863.285.1100did youknow?The cities of Auburndale, Lake Wales,Davenport, and Winter Haven havecontracted to have their dispatch servicesoperated through the PCSO EmergencyCommunications Center.Frostproof Sheriff’s Station:111 West 1st Street, Frostproof863.635.6917Polk City Sheriff’s Station:123 Broadway Blvd., Polk City863.984.9970Dundee Sheriff’s Station:204 East Main Street, Dundee863.438.9540Mulberry Sheriff’s Station:104 South Church Ave., Mulberry863.354.65459

Division Lawtitlehere EnforcementCriminal InvestigationsThe Criminal Investigations Division consists of the Bureau of Special Investigations, which investigatescrimes involving illegal narcotics, vice crimes, organized auto theft, street gangs, and computer crimes and theBureau of Criminal Investigations, which investigates homicides, robberies, crimes against children and theelderly, and missing persons.The Criminal Investigations Division is an integral component in solving crime.Bureau of Criminal InvestigationsIn 2012 the Bureau of Criminal Investigationssuccessfully solved two cold cases.“Our cold case homicide detectives are dedicatedto solving every one of our unsolved homicides. Workingwith other agencies and witnesses who step forward, we willcontinue to seek justice for victims and their families. Weknow there are other criminals out there who think they’vegotten away with it - but we also know there are peopleout there who can help us put them behind bars, too. Weencourage anyone who has information about any crime,no matter how big or small, to come forward and help putcriminals in jail where they belong. It’s the right thing to do.”- Sheriff Grady Juddfinger/palmprints filed140,126pieces ofevidenceprocessedin ID Section2,243On October 26, 2012, 39-year-old Christopher“Shane” Knight (AKA Christopher Shane Watson),DOB 9/20/1973, of 4367 Sun Center Road, Mulberrywas charged with the 1993 Cold Case Homicide of hismother, Jahala Watson, and her unborn baby.Crime Scene responsecalls for service4,716.50On November 2, 2012, 35-year-old TimothyElbert Carey (DOB 2/23/1977) of 430 Skyline DriveEast, Lakeland was charged with the 1996 Cold CaseHomicide of Tommy Eugene Smith.Crime Scenehours spentprocessingevidence7,81610

did youknow?CRIME REDUCTION1997-2012Crime Down 62.9%Polk County’s crime rate in the unincorporated areasand contract cities (for which the Polk County Sheriff’s Officeis responsible) dropped from 2011 to 2012, according to theUniform Crime Report (UCR) statistics reported annually tothe Florida Department of Law Enforcement.The crime rate, which is the number of crimes per 100residents, is down 8.15% from 2011 (2.70) to 2012 (2.48). This isthe lowest crime rate ever measured in the Polk County Sheriff’sOffice jurisdiction, breaking the previous record low of 2.70crimes per 100 from last year. Reliable crime statistics in PolkCounty started in 1971, when the crime rate was recorded at 4.16crimes per 100.According to the Uniform Crime Report (UCR)statistics, as reported semi-annually and annually to the FloridaDepartment of Law Enforcement (FDLE), there were 867 fewercrimes in 2012 than in 2011 in the Sheriff’s Office primaryjurisdiction. There were 10,761 crimes in 2011 as compared to9,894 crimes in 2012, a total reduction in reported crimes of8.06%.Violent crime is down 11.49% in Polk’s unincorporatedarea and Sheriff’s Office contract cities. There were a total of1,288 violent crimes in 2011 and 1,140 in 2012, a reduction of 148crimes.2012 VIOLENT CRIMESHomicides 19Forced Sex Offenses 118Robberies 154Agg. Assault/Battery 849Division Crime RatetitleHereThanks to PROCAP, COPS, and other communitypartnerships implemented over the past 15 years,crime has decreased 62.9% (comparing 2012 to1997). Each year, PCSO reports to FDLE its UniformCrime Report (UCR) statistics, broken downbetween violent crimes and non-violent crimes. Thetotal number of crimes worked by PCSO in 1997were 19,169, compared to 9,894 in 2012 (includingcontract municipalities), despite populationgrowth and an increase in calls for service.CRIME STOPPERStips received:arrests made:1,823206CASH REWARDS for tips leadingto arrests: $28,995HELPFUL PHONE NUMBERSCrime Stoppers1.800.226.TIPSwww.heartlandcrimestoppers.comPCSO Drug Hotline863.533.3784Child Abuse Hotline1.800.96.ABUSEPCSO GraffitiEradication Program863.297.31012012 NON-VIOLENT CRIMESBurglaries 3,186Larcenies 5,098Motor Vehicle Thefts 470TOTAL CRIMES:9,894iPhone and Droid users can downloada free tip submit app to anonymouslyreport crime.To install these free apps,please visit www.tipsoft.com.11

Division LawtitlehereEnforcementBureau of Special InvestigationsThe Bureau of Special Investigations (BSI) is responsible for investigating, apprehending and successfullyprosecuting individuals and groups engaged in the use, delivery, and manufacturing of dangerous drugs. They alsoinvestigate individuals and groups involved in all manners of vice crimes, organized auto theft, street gangs, andinternet crimes.victim, who was 13-years old at the time, and admittingto performing sex acts in his home on another victim,who was 13 or 14-years old at the time.In 2012, the Polk County Sheriff’s SpecialVictims detectives arrested 44-year-old LeonardRichard Filipkowski charged him with 9 counts Lewdand Lascivious Molestation On a Victim Under 16Years of Age, and 11 counts Lewd and LasciviousExhibition In The Presence Of A Child.“This suspect, Leonard Filipkowski, is our worstnightmare. He has no criminal record, no history of abusingchildren, and a business that caters to children. His van isa predator’s paradise. We are asking parents to talk to theirchildren and let us know as soon as possible if there are anymore children out there who have been victimized by thispredator.” - Sheriff Grady JuddFilipkowski, who owned a well-knownfranchised mobile van equipped with flat screentelevisions and video games, called “Games 2 U,”admitted to performing sex acts in the van on oneThe “Games 2 U” van traveled throughoutcentral Florida booking events such as birthday parties,children’s events, and church and school functions.The Filipkowski case is one that shocked thepublic and opened more eyes than any of the other sexcrime cases worked in 2012. Filipkowski is still in jailand a trial date will be set in 2013. Filipkowski is facinga lengthy sentence.did youknow?The BSI Bureau works with local, state, andfederal agencies through task forces andother cooperative efforts to successfullyreduce the level of crime occurring in thecommunity. They utilize state and federalprosecution to achieve the maximumeffective removal of criminal threats fromthe community.12

Traffic UnitIn 2012, the Polk County Sheriff ’s Office TrafficHomicide Unit continued to educate the citizens of PolkCounty through their education and enforcement efforts.Members of this unit are specially trained to teach ouryounger drivers through two unique programs.Division LawtitleHere enforcementTraffic crashesinvestigated538DUIEnforcements581The first is SIDNE, (Simulated ImpairedDriving Experience), which utilizes a specially designedvehicle to allow teenagers to negotiate a course undernormal conditions, and then attempt it with delayedreactions similar to those of an impaired driver. This eyeopening program exposes the participant to real worldsituations and shows them that impaired driving can resultin cataclysmic consequences.The second program is the Sheriff ’s Teen DriverChallenge. This two day programconsists of both classroom andpractical driving applications allowsteenagers, utilizing their ownvehicles, to negotiate driving coursesunder the supervision of deputysheriffs who are certified as notonly DHSMV driving instructors,but are CJSTC driving instructorswho have been certified thoughthe Florida Sheriffs Association toteach this program.did youknow?In 2012, the PCSO TrafficHomicide Unit participated in the ClickIt or Ticket Program sponsored by theFlorida Department of Transportation.This is a series of two week campaignson the local, state, and national levelsthroughout the year which are gearedtowards the education of drivers aboutseat belt and child restraint laws.These campaigns consist of increasedenforcement targeting those drivers whofail to comply with life saving, injuryreducing measures and laws. For agenciesof the same size, the PCSO was awardedsecond place based on our crash reductionmeasures and increased seat belt usagerates following these campaigns.13

Division Lawtitlehere EnforcementCanine Unitdid youknow?Vehicle searchesby PCSO canines599In 2012, the PCSO Canine Unitassisted other agencies 758 timesThe Canine Unit is comprised of aSergeant and 22 canine teams. The deputiesselected for the Canine Unit are among themost motivated and dedicated members ofthe agency. Each patrol canine handler mustcomplete 400 hours (10 weeks) of tracking anddetector training (narcotics or explosives) priorto graduating to another 400 hour course bythe Florida Department of Law EnforcementBasic Canine Team Training.Deputy Shannon Rimes and K-9 WalkerIn 2012, Deputy Sheriff Shannon Rimes and his K-9partner, Walker, were assisting deputies in an attempt toapprehend a suspect.After receiving commands to exit the residence, thesuspect attempted to flee through the back door. DeputyRimes immediately recognized the suspect and order him tostop and surrender. The suspect re-entered the residence andattempted to flee through the front door.Deputy Rimes gave K-9 Walker the apprehensioncommand and directed him towards the suspect. K-9 Walkerchased and caught the suspect grabbing him on his leftforearm. While refusing to release his grip, K-9 Walker waspunched several times in his head by the suspect in an attemptto escape arrest. The suspect was able to drag K-9 Walkerand reach a vehicle, start it accelerate away from DeputyRimes while K-9 Walker still had a grip on his arm. K-9Walker showed remarkable courage and resilience, refused torelease its hold despite being dragged along the roadway forapproximately 200-yards. K-9 Walker was eventually thrownfrom the vehicle and the suspect led deputies in a vehiclepursuit.During the vehicle pursuit, the suspect intentionallyrammed his vehicle into another deputy’s agency vehicle,leaving it inoperable. After realizing that he would not beable to escape from the deputies and the aviation unit, thesuspect surrendered and was taken into custody.K-9 Walker received numerous abrasions along withsoft tissue damage on all four of his legs as a result of beingdragged. The suspect is still in jail and awaiting trial on a totalof 16 criminal offenses including, Carjacking, AggravatedBattery on a Law Enforcement Officer, and Injuring a PoliceDog.This incident shows how resilient, tough, andvaluable our K-9’s are everyday in Law Enforcement. Theystand in our place numerous times a day in an effort to helpprevent injury and harm to other law enforcement officersand the citizens of Polk County.14

Special OperationsThe Special Operations Division supports lawenforcement through the innovative use of Aviation,Environmental and Marine Units, Agriculture Unit,School Resource, School Crossing, Telecommunication,and Animal Control Services. Special Operations alsoprovides crisis response and control teams to includethe PCSO Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team,Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT), the Mounted Search andRescue Team (MSART), the Protective Service Team, andthe Honor Guard.In 2012, theSpecial OperationsDivision played a veryimportant role in thesearch and recovery ofthe bodies of a family ofsix who were the victimsof a fatal plane crash.“This is a tragedy of monumental proportion, and itbreaks our hearts. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the familyand friends of the Bramlage family. Thank you so much to allof the agencies who came to support us in this investigation.” -Sheriff Grady JuddDeputies wereable to reach the areaby helicopter withmedical personnel afterreports of an aircraftcrash; however it wasimmediately clear thatthere were no survivorsof the crash. The crashsite was in a remote, wooded, and uninhabited area ofDivision LawtitleHere Enforcementdid youknow?Animal Control is proud to say wecontinue to provide services directly benefittingthe citizens and pets of Polk County. Recentexamples are the annual December Pet Festadoptions and low cost pet vaccination festivalheld at our shelter. This year, on December 1st,99 pets (84 dogs and 15 cats) were successfullyadopted to new homes, The clinic vaccinated417 pets (359 dogs and 58 cats) against rabiesand other common diseases, issued 342 rabiestags, and implanted 76 pets with pre-registeredmicrochips.Throughout December, Animal Controland the SPCA of Florida partnered in a seriesof special free rabies vaccination and licenseclinics for low income qualified families hostedat several area business locations. Together212 rabies vaccinations and rabies license tagswere issued.Animal Control once again joinednearly 4,000 shelters in the annual IAMS Homefor the Holidays adoption campaign. Duringthis three month event 528 dogs, 84 cats, and14 assorted other small pets were adopted intonew homes.animal crueltyreportsinvestigated2,521southeast Polk County.Search and recovery teams used mounted patrol,marine patrol (on area lakes), K-9 teams, 4-wheelers,4-wheel drive trucks and utility vehicles, and aviation tosearch and recover the bodies of this familyDuring 2012, agricultural deputiesresponded to 1,783 calls for service.15

Division Emergency titlehere Communications CenterIn 2012, the Polk County Sheriff ’s EmergencyCommunications Center Training Unit wasrecognized with two awards. Captain Kurt Lockwoodwas named the 2012 Florida APCO CommunicationsCenter Director Of The Year, and the Training Teamwas named the 2012 APCO Team Of The Year. Theywere honored at a ceremony during APCO’s annualconference on October 29, 2012.The ECC blends law enforcement,emergency medical, and firecommunications into one stateof-the-artemergency dispatchservices facility. Sheriff Judd was theleading proponent for blending allemergency dispatch services underone authority, centrally located,and housed together for efficientand effective management. Theplanning process began after 3 majorhurricanes hit Polk County in 2004.did youknow?In order to befully trained inall disciplines, theTelecommunicatoris required tocomplete 2,036hours of training.The submission states that “Each memberindividually exudes professionalism and pride in the agencyas a whole and especially regarding the Training Team andall that has been accomplished over the last year. For eachperson, the Training Team is not just a job that brings homea paycheck. It is a true passion that simmers continuallywithin them from knowing the serious painstaking job thatcall takers and dispatchers perform on a round the clockbasis.”For their dedication to their fellowtelecommunicators, their agency and the citizens theyserve Debbie Taylor, Lauren Gray, Dennis Greife,Jessica Braun, Gwendolyn Laughery, Christen Long,Brandy Woods, and Stephen Chase (the Polk CountySheriff ’s Office Emergency Communications CenterTraining Team) were awarded 2012 APCO Team OfTh e Y e a r .PositionAgency Specific Training911 Public Safety Training911 Call TakingLE/FIRE/EMS Call TakingFire DispatchFire RadioLE Dispatchdid youknow?Hours40240113316316158565The Emergency Communications Centeris one of the first buildings in Polk Countywith LEED certification - the first green,environmentally friendly governmentbuilding in the county.16

PCSO Division titleDISTRICT Here OFFICESNortheast District1100 Dunson RoadDavenport, FL 33896863.236.3900Northwest District1045 Wedgewood Estates Blvd.Lakeland, FL 33809863.577.1600Central District3635 Avenue G NWWinter Haven, FL 33880863.297.1100Southwest District4120 US HWY 98 SouthLakeland, FL 33801863.499.2400Sheriff’s Operations Center1891 Jim Keene Blvd.Winter Haven, Florida 33880863.298.6200Southeast District4011 Sgt. Mary Campbell Way.Lake Wales, FL 33859863.678.417017

Department ofDetention18

Division titleHereDetentionDepartment of DetentionThe Department of Detentionprovides booking and detention services forall law enforcement agencies within PolkCounty, and houses out-of-county and outof-stateinmates awaiting transport.In addition to providing inmateprocessing, security, housing, food, andmedical services within the two large jailfacilities, the members of the Department ofDetention are also responsible for courthousesecurity, court processing services,transportation services, and the inmate workprograms.The Department of Detention iscomprised of certified detention deputies,civilian support members, and sworn deputysheriffs. It is divided into two Divisions: theSupport Division and the Security Division.The Support Division encompassesInmate Intake, Inmate Records, InmatePrograms, Court Security, Court Process, andFood Services.The Security Division encompassesthe Central County Jail in Bartow and theSouth County Jail in Frostproof.2012 Jail PopulationDaily Average Population: 2,407Rated Capacity: 2,576(Central County Jail and South County Jail year end 2012)REHABILITATIVEPROGRAMS OFFERED atCentral County JailFour G.E.D. Courses(1 course for females3 courses for malesJASA (Jail Alternatives toSubstance Abuse)offered to males and femalesFaith-Based Dormitoriesdormitories in whichnumerous on-going programs occurBetter Dads (by court order)parenting-skills classes offered tomale parentsParenting by Grace(by court order)parenting-skills class offered tofemale parents(REHABILITATIVEPROGRAMS OFFERED atSouth County JailJASAN.A. (NarcoticsAnonymous)A.A. (AlcoholicsAnonymous)Weekly ReligiousWorshipG.E.D. Courses(Offered to juveniles)did youknow?In 2012, the Court Securitysection of the Department ofDetention provided securityfor 228,228 court cases and had1,496,580 courthouse visitors.Inmates Booked into PCSO jail in 201232,44319

Division titlehereDETENTIONIn 2012,Central Bookingcollected$1,225,442.96452 people toured ourjails during 18 tours.Polk County Jail Daily Subsistence FeeIn April 2009, the Polk County Sheriff ’sOffice started charging inmates a $2.00 a day“subsistence fee.” The fee is specifically authorizedin Florida Statue 951.033. The fees collected areused to subsidize the cost of incarcerating inmatesincludingcosts and services for items such as food,clothing, laundry, etc.The $2.00 subsistence fee is assessed daily andcollected through the inmate accounting system. Ifan inmate has insufficient funds in his/her accountto pay the fee, the fee will be charged to the accountand a running balance will be maintained.No inmate is denied access to food, medicalcare, or hygienic products if they do not have fundsin their inmate accounts or if they do not have fundsavailable during the booking process to pay the fees.In FY 12/13, $326,243 was collected fromPolk County Jail inmates based on the subsistencefee.Aside from the $2.00 daily fee the followingfees are in place in order to defray the cost of bookingand incarceration: medical co-payments ($48,258collected), hygiene items ($16,647 collected), andper diem charges ($252,916 collected). These fundshelp to reduce the overall operating costs for jailbooking, housing inmates, as well as their feedingand clothing. The average cost per day per inmateto operate the Polk County Jail for fiscal year 2012was $54.55.$1.18total cost per inmate mealserved 3 times a day489,351miles were driven bythe jail transportation unit1,88659,4274,0093,042,8381,064.9983,907did youknow?inmates were sent to prisoninmates transportedvictim notificationsmeals servedtons of laundry servicedpeople visited inmates20

Division titleHereDetentionInmate LaborInmate labor provides valuable assistance tooperate the Polk County Jail. Inmates work in the jailkitchens, laundry room, and clean and maintain jailareas. In 2012, the free inmate labor, is conservativelyvalued at $7.3 MILLIONINMATE WORKPROGRAMTOTAL LABOR SAVINGS$3,281,778.34PCSO Jail InmateWork ProgramThe Polk County Sheriff’s Office Inmate WorkProgram consists of both weekday and weekendcomponents.The Inmate Work Program serves a threefoldpurpose: it allows an individual to pay theirdebt to society, allows an individual to maintaingainful employment, and eliminates the expense tothe taxpayer to house these individuals in detentionfacilities. Inmates pay a daily fee for the privilege ofworking in the program.Provided the person successfully completesthe program, his/her sentence is served. If inmatesfail to obey the rules or fail to show up as directed,they will be arrested and must serve the remainder oftheir sentence in jail.did youknow?87 participants of the Faith BasedProgram graduated and 167 werebaptized.In 2012, there were 490 new inmateparticipants.QWhat types of tasks areperformed by inmatesparticipating in the workprogram?inmates in the work programclean roadways, service &clean county vehicles andbuildings, & maintain countyand city parks and grounds.Inmates collected 2,237tires in 2012Weekday ProgramPCSO Inmate WorkProgram total works hours398,758Polk County roadmiles cleaned 2,668Partnering with municipal and county agencies,the Polk County Sheriff’s Office provides inmate laborto many work locations. Inmates who participate in theWeekday Program report directly to a work location.This program was created to assist Polk County andcities in reducing personnel costs and allows the PolkCounty Sheriff’s Office an opportunity to maximizethe use of inmates sentenced to this program.Weekend ProgramThe Weekend Work Program consists ofindividuals who have been sentenced to spend a certainnumber of weekends on a work program instead ofcompleting their sentence in jail.21

Division titlehereDETENTIONPCSO Inmate Education Program“Keys to Staying Out of Jail”In 2012, Sheriff Grady Judd announced thelaunch of a new Inmate Educational Program withinthe two Polk County Jails – Central County Jail, andSouth County Jail – called “Keys to Staying Out ofJail.”The program’s vision is to provide everyinmate in Polk County with practical and academiceducation focused on improving their quality of lifeand that of the community around them. The goal ofthis program is to help inmates thrive as productive,crime-free citizens of our community, with zero costto taxpayers.PCSO began by making jail a no-frillsenvironment – we took away peanut butter, coffee,and milk, and replaced it with crackers, water, andpowdered milk. We took away weights, basketballhoops, and entertainment television. Now we want tomake the most of the inmates’ stay by teaching themhow to be better citizens. We are giving inmates“Keys to Staying Out of Jail.”did youknow?By the end of 2012:123 inmates were certified in CPR21 inmates completed the prep GED course107 inmates completed the Job Skills courseThere are three components to the educationprogram – 1. television programming; 2. classroomteaching; and 3. no cost to taxpayers.Television programmingincludes academic topicssuch as: Math, Science, SocialStudies, Reading, Arithmetic,and Writing, with the goalof helping inmates preparefor the GED test. Health andbetter living information arealso broadcasted – with topicssuch as HIV and diseaseprevention; drug educationand prevention; cleanliness;making better choices; how to love and help children; setgood examples; etc.Classroom teaching includesCPR instruction, GEDpreparation classes, and jobskills training. Polk Works ishelping to teach inmates howto better position themselvesfor success in the job marketthrough resume building, howto find and apply for jobs,and interview techniques.The training also includesbasic etiquette, grooming, and individual bearing andpromptness. Additionally, the inmates will be provided withtraining on employer expectations such as attitude, beingsober, courteous, diligent, and conscientious.All facets of the new program are provided to inmatesat no cost to taxpayers. Funding for materials isprovided by the Inmate Welfare Fund and the SAODrug Education and Crime Prevention Fund. Retiredand current school teachers, church volunteers, andconcerned citizens are graciously volunteering theirtime to help make a difference in inmates’ lives.22

Division titlehereDivision titleHere23Office ofBusiness Affairs23

Office ofBusiness AffairsOffice of Business AffairsThe Office of Business Affairs is comprised of Fiscal Services, Human Resources Division, InformationTechnology, and Business Services. Each of these four integral parts work behind the scenes in positions thatallow our sworn law enforcement and certified detention members to better combat criminal activity and safelydetain those incarcerated.2012ALLOCATIONS651 Sworn Full-Time Members347 Detention Full-Time Members665 Civilian Full-Time Members249 Part-Time Members1,912 TOTAL MEMBERSHuman Resources DivisionIn 2012, the Human Resources Divisioncontinued to promote our mission “Pride in Service”with underlying messages of customer service internallyand externally.In August HR organized the First AnnualBenefits Fair. The Benefits Unit planned and held thefair at the Sheriff’s Operations Center PROCAP room.Over 250 members attended and 30 vendors participatedand set up display tables.3,1605,0001,7002501,022did youknow?applications/prescreens were processedattended mandatory training coursespre-employment testings conductedemployment interviewsvendor background checksIn continuing to assist our community withexceptional customer service and partnership, theBenefits Unit held the First Annual “Judd Jog” benefitingthe United Way on November 3, 2012. This was a hugeundertaking but after much hard work the event wasvery successful. Over 100 runners participated and$2,957.99 was raised. We look forward to planning thisevent in 2013!24

MEMBERS HOLDINGCOLLEGE DEGREES674 full-time membershold college degrees.Of the 674 degreeholdingmembers, thebreakdown of the highestlevel of degrees held is asfollows:Masters134Bachelors2885DoctorateAssociates247EDUCATIONThe Polk County Sheriff ’s Office supports membersseeking higher education and professional certification. Bydoing so, the agency not only provides enhanced, professionalservices, but also more effectively manages its workload.Currently, 247 full-time members hold Associate’s degrees,288 full-time members hold Bachelor’s degrees, 134 membershold Master’s degrees, and 5 hold Doctorate degrees.CPMOffice ofBusiness AffairsThe Certified Public Manager (CPM) program isan intense, 8-level course spread over 18 months, taught byFlorida State University. The curriculum is geared toward thedevelopment of highly-professional and competent managersand leaders in the public sector. The Polk County Sheriff ’sOffice offers the CPM program to members throughoutthe agency in an effort to maintain the highest standard ofprofessionalism.Records DivisionThe Records Section is responsible for processing all reports and citations completedby the Polk County Sheriff ’s Office. In addition, members within the Records Sectionassist external customers, as well as agency members in retrieving reports, completingpublic records requests, and conducting background checks.In 2012, the Records Management Bureau implemented the new Tiburon RecordsManagement System. This system allows the Records Section to receive and review reportselectronically from the deputies in the field. Members within the Records Section revieweach report for accuracy and completeness.12,92360,99526,730did youknow?felony warrants were processedoffense/incident reports were processedwalk-up requests for assistance were servedWarrants Administration Unit:The workload in the Warrants Unit is one of providingsupport based upon documents received from the State Attorney’sOffice and in response to calls from deputies in the CrimeInformation Center (CIC) for support and information. Inaddition to the warrants and CIC transactions; this unit processesextraditions, lien checks, impound releases, criminal histories,and is responsible for the wrecker call-outs to support accidentswhere vehicles are towed for a variety of reasons. In FY 2012,the Warrant Administrative Unit devised a training program andschedule to ensure that CIC members met the requirements andstandards set forth by the Department of Health.25

Division Office of titlehere Business Affairsdid youknow?In FY 11/12, Training stafffacilitated more than 1,750 hours ofclasses to federal, state, county, andmunicipal agencies.TrainingThe Polk County Sheriff ’s Office trainingfunction is headquartered at the Burnham-McCallTraining Center located at 2201 Old Bartow-EagleLake Road, Bartow. The center includes administrativeoffices, classrooms, and training areas for theEmergency Response Team, the Canine Unit, an agilitycourse, and ranges for various weaponry training.In 2012, the Match House was used for ActiveShooter training for all PCSO agency members. Allcivilian members were provided with Active Shootertraining in CART.At no cost to the taxpayers of Polk County, a newshoot house was constructed using grant funding andinmate labor. This new facility uses modern materialsthat will provide even greater training opportunities.The virtual simulator has been a tool widelyused by both the Department of Law Enforcement andthe Department of Detention. Most notably, the use ofthis tool has significantly reduced the costs associatedwith Taser® recertifications by eliminating the need toshoot live cartridges at a cost of $15.00 per unit.The Driving Pad is scheduled to be completedin 2013. I will be lit for night use, have a skid pad, anda road course.4,000hours ofinstructionwere delivered toPCSO personnel400courses were offeredthroughout the FY 11/12 year.26

Information Technology (IT)The PCSO Information Technology (IT)Division manages the equipment, software, andsupport services utilized throughout the agency, whichis needed for day-to-day operations. IT is responsiblefor the storing, protecting, processing, transmitting,and retrieving data and information generated by allagency members.In 2012, the PCSO IT Division implementedthe Tiburon Records Management System (RMS).This software works with the agency’s ComputerAutomated Dispatch (CAD) system and helpsautomates agency case and call reporting. The RMScontains a wealth of criminal data to aid all PolkCounty Law Enforcement agencies.The next Tiburon implementation phase willbe the Tiburon Correctional Management System(CMS) and Civil System, that will allow the sharing ofinformation between all areas of the PCSO.FleetThe Fleet Services Section currently servicesapproximately 1,400 vehicles.Throughout FY 11/12, Fleet personnelperformed 6,248 repair orders. These repairs equaled12,581 hours in labor with a parts cost of $1,675,741.They continually strive to reduce the “down time”for vehicles in the maintenance shop.Office Division of titleBusiness Here Affairsdid youknow?over 16 millionmiles were logged onagency vehicles in FY 11/12Combined, the Fleet staff has more than 70 yearsexperience and is Automotive Service Excellencecertified.By performing in-house regular maintenance on ourvehicles, considerable time and tax payer dollars aresaved.27

Division Office of titlehere Business Affairs$ PCSO COST SAVINGS$FY 2011/2012$252,916lock up/ housingfee per diem$48,258was collected frominmates for medicalco-pays$16,647hygiene kits$2.5 millionsaved from hoursdonated by ReserveDeputies & civiliansdid youknow?$326,243total subsistencefee collectedTOTAL COLLECTED$644,064In 2012, $123,400 was collected as rewardmoney from the Social Security Administrationfor identifying inmates who were receivingineligible Social Security benefi ts.Office Division oftitleBusiness Here Affairdid youknow?Sheriff Grady JuddRETURNED$5.1 millionto the County Commissionersfrom fiscal year 11-12The Polk County Sheriff’s Office isrecognized for its practice of optimizing theuse of sworn and certified employees, deputysheriffs, and detention deputies, to perform highrisk law enforcement and detention duties. Foradministrative functions, the agency employscivilians in many positions that other agenciesmay staff with sworn and certified deputies, whichhas reduced our personnel and operating costssignificantly.28

Division Office title ofherethe SheriffDivision titleHere3030 30

Office ofProfessional ComplianceThe Office of Professional Compliancestrives to achieve and maintain the highest level of“organizational excellence” throughout the agency. Itsthree main components are the Strategic Planning Unit,Accreditation Unit, and Property and Evidence Unit.TOTAL AMOUNT OF GRANTSADMINISTERED IN 2012$15,070,036did youknow?The population of the Sheriff’s primary servicearea, including all contract cities, was 398,796 in 2012.Polk County’s total population has increasedapproximately 25.41% since 2000, ranking Polk as theninth most populated county in Florida.According to the University of Florida’s Bureauof Economic and Business Research (BEBR) 2012estimates, Polk County’s estimated population in2015 could range from a low of 604,700 to a high of681,900.According to BEBR, the population of PolkCounty was estimated at 606,888 in 2012.Property and Evidence UnitIn 2012, the Property and Evidence Unitmoved approximately 225,000 pieces of evidencefrom a leased building to a new county owned facilitywhich will result in long term cost savings.In addition to the new facility, the Propertyand Evidence Unit implemented the new RFIOsystem for state of the art tracking of property andevidence.Accreditation UnitDivision Office of titleHere the SheriffThe Polk County Sheriff ’s Office isa proven, professional leader in law enforcementand has maintained a total of eight national andinternational accreditations.On November 17, 2012, the Sheriff ’s Officewas awarded reaccreditation by the Commission onAccreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.(CALEA)In addition to being reaccredited, theSheriff ’s Office also received the Accreditation withExcellence Award by CALEA. This award providesCALEA agencies an opportunity to be furtherrecognized for the effective use of accreditation asa model for enhanced public safety service delivery.Eligibility criteria require an agency to demonstrateprocesses for organizational improvement, andcreating an organizational culture that embodies theCALEA philosophy for implementing best practices.Since the establishment of this award in 2011, thePolk County Sheriff ’s Office is one of only six FloridaSheriff ’s Offices to receive this recognition.pieces of evidencein the custody ofthe Property andEvidence Unit as ofDecember 2012:239,15531

Office ofthe SheriffOffice of Legal AffairsThe Office of Legal Affairs works directly withlocal, state, and federal agencies, including judges andother attorney’s offices. It also works in conjunctionwith the Department of Law Enforcement,Department of Detention, and Office of BusinessAffairs.Due to the efforts of the Office of Legal Affairs,$101,289.28 was recovered in forfeiture cases.450contracts werereviewed/revised/copied/modifiedOffice of Legal Affairs...• created or entered 80 contracts• filed 29 animal cruelty cases• closed 22 animal cruelty casesAdministrativeInvestigations SectionThe Administrative Investigations Section’sprimary mission is to establish and maintain theintegrity of the Polk County Sheriff ’s Office and itsmembers, maintain the confidence of the citizensof Polk County, and to protect the public fromunprofessional conduct by agency members as a partof the agency’s legal and ethical responsibility to itsmembers and the citizens of Polk County.did youknow?In 2012, the AI sectionconducted 120 interviews.• collected $1,476.80 in animal crueltycases costs• successfully closed 70 new PCSOforfeiture cases32

Office ofCommunicationsOffice ofthe SheriffThe Office of Communications is comprised of the Public Information Office, the Crime PreventionUnit, the Volunteer Services Unit (including Citizen’s Assisted Patrol), the Volunteer Chaplain’s Program,and the Multimedia Education and Training Unit.The Public Information Office is responsible for disseminating information to the community, as wellas members of the Sheriff ’s Office, through audio, visual, print, and Internet communications. The PublicInformation Office serves as the liaison to local and national news media (print, radio, and broadcast). ThePublic Information Office aids in crime prevention and community awareness by writing and distributingnews releases, Crime Stoppers Bulletins, The Cyber Star monthly PCSO external e-newsletter, and TheShining Star monthly internal e-newsletter.Public Information OfficeMultimedia Education and Training UnitIn 2012, the Multimedia Education andTraining Unit provided audio and visual assistanceand completed filming projects for external agenciesas well as many more internal projects.• 73 hours assisting other agencies• 176 external video segments• 1,329 internal video segments• 201 video production requests• 205• 530• 246• 52• 6,795crime stoppers releasesnews releasesnews stories coordinatednews conferencescoordinatedcontacts with themedia• 98,704 newslettersdistributedMETU fi lming a PCSO PublicService Announcement33

Division Office of titlehere the SheriffSocial MediaSocial media is a phenomenon that is changinghow we communicate with each other. Now, insteadof relying on traditional methods for getting news,many of us go to the Internet and social mediasites. We get news faster and with less filtering orinterpretation from traditional news providers. Wemeet new friends and business associates, and wecatch up with old friends and family.In 2012, the Polk County Sheriff ’s Office beganto use NIXLE to provide messages to the community.The service, created by Nixle, LLC, delivers publicsafety and community event notifications from thePolk County Sheriff ’s Office by web, e-mail, andcell phone free of charge. (Cell phone users mustcurrently have text capability in order to receivetext messages-normal text charges apply dependingon the customer’s agreement with their cell phonecompany.)By the end of 2012...the PCSO facebook page had over29,365 fans!In 2012, the Office of Communicationsused YouTube to share news conferences, awardsceremonies, Crime Stoppers video surveillance, andany other videos that enhance information providedto the community.did youknow?In 2012,our PCSOFacebook pagereceived numerous tips throughoutthe year from our PCSO fans tohelp our detectives solve crimes andcapture suspects.34

Division Office of titleHere the SheriffCrime Prevention SectionThe Crime Prevention Section offers manyvaluable services to the community by hostingeducation and awareness programs, and safetytraining courses for children, adults, and seniors.These programs and training sessions assist andequip community members seeking to enhancethe quality of life and the safety of their homes,businesses, personal property, and loved ones.By the end of 2012, the Crime Preventionsection, in conjunction with the CommunicationsEditor, began two new initiatives in an effortto prevent shoplifting at retail businesses andvehicle burglaries specifically at gym and fitnesslocations. Posters were created to bring awarenessto customers of the businesses involved. The “FreeRide (if you shoplift)” and “Lock It Up Before YouPump It Up” posters are available free of charge tointerested businesses.Program statistics in 2012 increased dueto the revamping of our Business Watch programwhich began in 2007. In 2012, the currentBusiness Watch participants were revisited toupdate contact information and provide our new“Free Ride” posters. Contact was also made withnew businesses to encourage their participation inthe program and preventing of crime. By the endof 2012, over 400 businesses were contacted.• 23• 57• 20• 1,345• 66,789• 256Crime Prevention• 193,383did youknow?car seat checkappointmentscar seat checksconductedwomen’s selfdefenseprogramscrime preventionpresentationscitizen contactsFirst Call Alert messagessentsuccessful First CallcontactsA total of 1,593 programswere conducted leading to theeducation of 63,766 citizens.35

Office ofthe SheriffVolunteer ServicesThe largest component of the Volunteer ServicesSection is the Citizen’s Assisted Patrol program (CAP).It is organized in 53 communities and 2 trails acrossPolk County. Not only are they in the unincorporatedareas of the county but also in the cities of Lakelandand Haines City. This highly successful program assiststhe Sheriff’s Office in deterring crime by providinghighly visible patrols who report suspicious activitiesto the Emergency Communications Center and districtsupervisors. Other areas where volunteers are utilizedare: Animal Control, Detention, Human Resources,Records, Seniors vs Crime, and Special Operations.Volunteer Coordinator Robert Groover wasre-elected to the Board of Directors for the SuncoastCrime Prevention Association during the 2012 boardelections.New Volunteer Sheriff’s ServiceOfficer (SSO) ProgramIn 2012, the new Volunteer Sheriff’s ServiceOfficer (VSSO) Program was implemented. Thisprogram utilizes citizen volunteers to provide nonemergencylaw enforcement services that do notrequire the use of law enforcement authority. Basicresponsibilities include residential and commercialpatrols, non-injury traffic crashes, school zone safetyinitiatives, and various other tasks.2012 Volunteer Services• 270 PCSO Non-CAPvolunteers• 3,196• 135,053CAP VolunteersTotal donatedPCSO and CAPvolunteer hoursVolunteer ChaplaincyProgram139 ride-alongs853 counseling sessions218 hospital & home visits68 trauma/deathnotifications2,759 volunteer hours36

Division titleHerePride in Service37

Division titlehereDivision titleHereIn Memory of ourFallen HeroesOliver Thomas SmithJ. Edward HarrelsonLeon A. BernardPaul A. PowellSollie Waller rabun, Jr.T.A. BurnhamWaymon D. AllenDavid Michael GoddardLarry W. RhodenG. Brian WilkinsonVernon “Matt” WilliamsRonnie O’Neal BrownWesley “Wes” WhitmoreIn Memory of Fallen Heroesfor our contract cities:Pascal Powell BrownFort Meade Police DepartmentHenry David McCallJohnny Boyd SmithFrostproof Police Department-John 15:1338 383838

Jacob I. ArbogastTrevor AtkinsonJerome p. BorumConrad C. CaseKeith A. CloningerJoel DempseyGeorge J. FahlgrenBrian L. HangerJennifer L. HarrisJoseph R. Jenson Jr.Terrance W. JonesKenneth R. LeeDaniel J. MunznerDustin PantaloneChristopher PeacockNelson PerezCraig A. PowersRamon RiveraSonya A. SMithEric A. SowellKenneth K. Von Leue

HonorDivision titleHereThe depth of commitment, the quality of service, the devotion to excellence -these are the tools that honor is built upon.40

IMPORTANTDivision titlehereP H O N E N U M B E R SEMERGENCY9-1-1NON-EMERGENCY863.298.6200CRIME STOPPERS1.800.226.TIPSEMERGENCY MANAGEMENT 863.534.5600POLK COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE 863.298.6200TOLL-FREE1.800.226.0344ANIMAL CONTROL863.499.2600PCSO CENTRAL COUNTY JAIL 863.534.6100PCSO SOUTH COUNTY JAIL863.635.6938PCSO BOOK IN863.534.6306COUNTY COMMISSIONERS863.534.6000POLK COUNTY COURTHOUSE 863.534.4000CLERK OF COURTS863.534.4540SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS 863.534.5888POLK COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD 863.534.0500TAX COLLECTOR863.534.4711PROPERTY APPRAISER863.534.4777Division titleHere41serveserveproud toPOLKCOUNTY2012 Polk County Sheriff’s Office Annual ReportProduced by the PCSO Office of Communications41

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