From Waste to Jet Fuels Novel technology in addition to ... - Bioenergi

From Waste to Jet Fuels Novel technology in addition to ... - Bioenergi

Clear path to scaleStrainDevelopmentCSTRLabPilotPilotDemo•Bench top•Scalable design•NZ Steel mill pilot•Pre-commercialplantReproducible & consistent data at each reactor scale6

Our Plant in Shanghai• 400,000 liter ethanol py capacity• Reproducible results in Lab, Pilot and Demo reactors• BaoSteel is China’s 2 nd largest steel producer, 3 rd in theworld

Feedstock Flexible CommercializationIn DesignBiomassSyngasIn DesignMSWSyngas20132008 2012PilotBlueScope Steel MillBao Demo: OperationalBOF Gas50% CO, 2% H 2COREX Gas42% CO, 12% H 2LDG/COREX Mix 2BOF/COGMixGroundbreakingFebruary 278

Accessible Feedstock PoolFlue GasesPet Coke~90M MTACO 2 + H 2CO + H 2COMunicipalWaste>2B MTANatural GasBiomass3300B M 3>1B MTA US Alone*2010 production data – IEA, UNEP9

Product Portfolio~1.7M bpdEthanolEthanolButanolButanediolPropanol~4 M MTA~5.5M bpdHydrocarbonFuels~50 M MTA~51M bpd~8.5M bpd*2010 global consumption data - Harts, IEA10

Diverse Pathways to Renewable FuelsStarchesEnzymatic ConversionBiochemical ConversionEnzymatic Hydrolysis Sugars Fermentation SeparationAlcohols, ChemicalsThermochemical ConversionLignin, Cellulose,HemicelluloseFast PyrolysisGasificationLiquidBio-OilSyngasCatalytic UpgradingFischer TropschAlcohol SynthesisGasolineGasoline, Diesel, JetAlcoholsIndustrialWaste Gases(CO, CO/H 2 )FermentationSeparationGas FermentationCatalytic ConversionGasoline, Diesel, JetAlcohols, ChemicalsAlgaeOil ExtractionTrans-esterificationLipid ConversionFAME, FAEENatural OilsHydrotreating/HydrocrackingDiesel, Jet (HEFA/HRJ)11

Hydrocarbon Fuels Process* Gas Feed StreamGas Reception Fermentation Recovery AlcoholChemical Synthesis Rectification Diesel Jet GasolineMixtureGas Feed Stream• CO from Industrial Waste Gases• Syngas from Biomass, MSW, Reformed Natural Gas or Other Sources• Partnering for the AtJ conversionNovel Route to Drop in Hydrocarbon FuelsKey Enabler: Price and Availability of Alcohol12

$4m DOE award: A Hybrid CatalyticRoute to Fuels from Biomass SyngasProject Objectives:Develop a cost-effective hybrid conversion technology for catalytic upgrading of biomassderivedsyngas to jet fuel and chemicals to meet the price, quality and environmentalrequirements of the aviation industry.WoodStoverSwitchgrassGasification& SyngasConditioningFermentation& AlcoholRecoveryIntegrationEOH2,3BDOCatalysisCatalysisGasolineJet FuelDieselButadieneMEKSystem Integration, Optimization and AnalysisImprove Economics and Process Sustainability13

Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuelfrom Biomass and Waste GasesProject Team:Swedish Biofuels, ABAlcohol-to-Jet ConversionIntegrated Process DesignU.S. DOTVolpe Na onalTransporta on CenterLanzaTech, Inc.Batelle Pacific NorthwestDivision (PNWD)Alcohol ProductionIntegrated Process DesignProject ManagementMichigan TechnologicalUniversityLife Cycle AssessmentsSteering TeamAFRLAlaska AirlinesATABoeingNASAPratt & WhitneyValeroImperium RenewablesProject Objectives:• Optimize ATJ fuel process,using steel mill off gases andlignin• Produce 100+ gallons of fullysyntheticalternative jet fuel forcertification testing• Develop preliminary design, TEAand LCA for commercial-scalefacility• Assess feedstock availability andpotential commercial sitesTechno-economic AnalysesFeedstock Availability StudySite Evaluation14

LT-SB SPK Sample PropertiesPropertyASTMTest MethodASTMD7566LT-SBSampleTotal Aromatics, volume % D1319 < 25 0.6Freeze point, °C D5972 < -40 < -77Flash point, °C D93 > 38 54Density at 15°C, kg/L D4052 0.751 - 0.770 0.762Heat of combustion, MJ/kg D4809 > 42.8 43.5Hydrocarbon Type AnalysisAromatics, volume % D6379 < 0.5 < 0.2Aromatics, mass % D2425 < 0.5 < 0.3Cycloparaffins, mass % D2425 < 15 8Paraffins D2425 report 91API Gravity at 60 o F D1298 52 - 57 54.2Olefins, % volume D1319 report 1.0Key Properties Confirmed15

Commercialization of Aviation FuelImperial College of LondonTeam Work is Key to Success1616

SUSTAINABILITY FRAMEWORKEU Regulatory Framework is the Starting Pointto Improve Economics for Renewables MarketEU EmissionTrading Scheme• 2005: power generation, oil refinery, steel,cement and lime, pulp, board andpaper sectors• 2012: Aviation• 2013: Ammonia• Sustainabilitycriteria differper sectorEU RenewableEnergy DirectiveEU FuelQuality DirectiveLanzaTech• 10% of all transport fuels from renewablesources in 2020– Most MS apply only to road transport• Fuel Producers & Suppliers (Traders)• Reduction of the greenhouse gas intensityof liquid fuels by at least 6% by 31December 2020 (part of EU RED)• Fuel Suppliers• Partner of EC Biofuels Flight path aim to produce and consume 2 mlnton py in 2020 in aviation industry• GHG savings atleast 35% (50%2017 / 60% 2018)• No conversion ofland with highcarbon stock• No raw materialfrom land withhigh biodiversityvalueNew ILUCproposal17

gCO 2 e/MJA new source for renewable fuelsLanzaTech fits in European regulations:• Our Proprietary microbe falls under Article2(e) – ‘biodegradable fraction of industrialwaste’ *• Meets required GHG emission reductions• No involvement in food value chain• No ILUC or LUC120100806040Life Cycle GHG Emission9045Life Cycle Assessment collaborations:• Michigan Technological University• Tsinghua University• Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels200ConventionalGasolineLanzaTech etohGHG footprint is 50% of the footprintof producing petroleum fuelsUnlike many types of traditional biomass –LanzaTech expands the renewables poolwithout impact on land or food.* Article 2(e) DIRECTIVE 2009/28/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL18

LanzaTech Global Partnerships19

Creating Value through DiversificationIndustry Partners/Projects End User/MarketsSteelOil/Natural GasCoalBiomassChemicals20

2012 & 2013 Global Recognition2012TiE50 has named LanzaTech as one of the topEnergy/CleanTech technology start upcompanies for 2012. TiE50 is TiE Silicon Valley’spremier annual awards program keenlycontested by thousands of technology startupsworldwide.MIT technology reviewLanzaTech was named by TechnologyReview to the 2012 TR50, the thirdannual list of the world’s mostinnovative technology companiesLanzaTech has been named asone of 10 New Energy Pioneersat the fifth annual Bloomberg NewEnergy Finance Summit. Thisaward recognizes LanzaTech as aworld-leader in energy innovation.Richard Pearse Award for InnovationExcellence in the NZ Aviation Industry LanzaTech has won the RichardPearse Award for InnovationExcellence in the NZ AviationIndustry.2013LanzaTech has been selected as a World EconomicForum Technology Pioneer 2013. Recognition is forcompanies involved in the design, development anddeployment of new technologies and hold promise ofsignificantly impacting the way business and societyoperates.Recognized as Thought Leader in Sector21

Summary• To meet growing energy demand & stabilize atmospheric CO 2 levels, there is aneed to diversify fuel pool through multiple pathways• Emerging technologies and continuous innovation will support reachingEurope’s renewable energy goals• LanzaTech fits in current regulations and is removed from the food for fueldiscussion• The LanzaTech process captures non-food, waste carbonto produce low cost alcohols, thereby challenging traditional conceptions ofwaste and energy sources• Alcohols produced via the LanzaTech process are an excellent substrate forconversion to drop-in hydrocarbon fuels• Commercial alcohol production rates on raw industrial waste gases has beendemonstrated at scale• Compelling volumes of waste gases world wide have potential to makesignificant impact on the fuel pool22

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