12 volt DC Vibrators

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12 volt DC Vibrators

DC VIBRAT0RS 12 & 24 VOLT• M o b i l e A p p l i c a t i o n s• L o w M a i n t e n a n c e• To t a l l y E n c l o s e d& Wa t e r Tight• 1 2 & 2 4Vo l thttp://www.VIBCO.com

12 VOLT DCDC-60Water-tight, the DC-60is our smaller versionof the DC-500 forscreens on smallerconcrete pumps. It isalso ideal for spreadersand sand and fertilizerhoppers. With 3600 RPMand 60 lbs. of force it comeseither in lightweight aluminum or castiron housings.DC-100100 lbs. of force at4000 RPM and 12amperes. Perfectsize and force forsmall aggregatehopper up to 1-1/2yds. and small tailgatespreaders. For largerspreaders use Model DC-450or DC-700.Ask for Bulletin 9114DC-300 &DC-500DC-300 up to 400 lbs. offorce and DC-500 upto 450 lbs. at 4000 RPMcontinuous duty units.Both units ideal forconcrete pumps to keepconcrete flowing thru screenuninterrupted and screen offlarge aggregates that willnot get thru the pump. DC-500 is totallyencapsuled and watertight to withstand pressurehose cleanup. DC-300 totally enclosed. Both unitscan also be used on concrete chutes, hoppersand highway spreaders, etc.1-800-633-0032Ask for Bulletin 9511

DUMP BODY VIBRATORFOR FAST, COMPLETE AND SAFEDISCHARGE OF STICKY OR WET MATERIALSPLUS VALUES:1. Eliminate destructive slamming of brakes,jerking, hoists, and banging tailgates.2. Reduces expensive damage on brakes, transmissions,clutches, tailgates and rear ends.3. Increases number of loads per day dumped.4. Insures a complete clean dump every time.5. Spreading is done while dumping, reducingmanpower and machine time.6. Minimizes the tip-over problem by allowingdischarge at lower dumping angles.DC-3500Trailer TrucksWaste Hauling Trucks“BIG BERTHA”Dump-Body Vibrator“The Best in the Industry”• DC-3500 for trucks over 10 cu. yd., 22,400-48,000 lbs.load; multi-axle dump truck and trailers.• DC-3500-1000 for dump body trucks up to 3 cu. yd.or 7000-15,000 lbs. load; bulk feed truck hoppers.• DC-3500-2900 for up to 10 cu. yd. or 18,900-40,500lbs. load; tandem axle dump truck.1-800-633-0032Dump Body TrucksAsk for Bulletin 9116

12 VOLT DC VIBRATORDC-450 & DC-700DC-450 with up to 500 lbs. of force and DC-700 with upto 700 lbs. of force and 4000 RPM are both 2 hole mountwith heavy duty construction. Either are perfectfor ag. lime and fertilizer spreaders, (below),concrete batch hoppers, tailgate spreaders,mobile bins and hoppers. Picture showsDC-450 on sand spreader(left).Ask for Bulletin 9113.Ask for Bulletin 9114DC-900900 lbs. force at 6000RPM. Four hole mountfor the heavy dutyapplication. Ideal formedium size bins andhoppers and largeV-style spreaders.Picture shows fertilizertruck with DC-900.DC-16001600 lbs. of force at 5000 RPM ideal for hopper spreaders,large mobile bins, concrete spreaders and small dumpbodies. Picture shows DC-1600 on street sweeper toshake mud and sand out of hopper.1-800-633-0032Ask for Bulletin 9115.

HYDRAULIC VIBRATORSDIMENSIONSB-320 HLF-700 HF-3500VIBCO Hydraulic vibrators of turbine type B-190, 250 and 320, will take pressures up to 3000 PSI, the othermodels max pressure 1500 PSI.Model B hydraulics are very small, effective, and low cost. The HLF units are the low cost hydraulic motor styleand the HF units, the really heavy duty units with patented shock absorbers giving the hydraulic motor extralong life without maintenance. The hydraulic units can be used instead of the DC units in many similarapplications. For comparable units compare the force output. For more information ask for General Catalog.TECHNICAL DATAAT 1000 PSI**AT 1000 PSI*WEIGHT SPEED FORCE WEIGHT SPEED FORCEMODEL** LBS. KG. VPM GPM LBS. N MODEL* LBS. KG. VPM GPM LBS. NHLF-700 14 6.5 9000 2.6 700 3114 B-190 1 .453 7400 6.54 88 221HLF-1300 20 9 9000 2.8 1300 5784 B-250 2 .907 5800 6.55 34 242HF-1500 39 17.7 4000 2.6 2000 8898 B-320 3 1 /2 1.6 5300 7 17 280HF-HC-3500 51 23 3500 2.4 3500 15572**Max Pressure 1500 PSIMODEL L W H MODEL L W H MODEL L W HB-190 5 1 /4 3 1 /4 4 5 /8 HLF-700 7 5 4 1 /2 HF-1500 11 1 /4 10 3 /8 8 3 /4B-250 7 3 3 /8 5 3 /8 HLF-1300 7 5 /8 5 3 /4 5 1 /8 HF-3500 12 5 /8 10 3 /4 9 1 /4B-320 6 7 /8 3 5 /8 5 7 /8**Max Pressure 3000 PSICAT. #9606 CAT. #9808 CAT. #9511C CAT. #9001CInternal Concrete Plate Compactors Big Bertha Dump General CatalogVibrators & Rollers Body VibratorsASK FORYOUR FREECOPYTODAYSEE US ATwww.VIBCO.comVIBCO, INC.75 Stilson Road, P.O. Box 8Wyoming, RI 02898E-Mail: vibrators@vibco.comPhone: (401) 539-2392 / (800) 633-0032FAX: (401) 539-2584http://www.VIBCO.comWest Coast:Phoenix, Arizona 85254Phone: (480) 596-1809(800) 633-0032FAX: (480) 596-1614Canada:2215 Dunwin DriveMississauga, Ont.L5L 1X1Phone: (905) 828-4191(800) 465-9709FAX: (905) 828-50159112C 5M602 ©2002 VIBCO, INC.

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