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newsletter TH Dec 12.indd - Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK Majlis ...

MKA Thornton Heath NewsletterIssue 2 December 2012“ This commandment relates to the goalthat is set out in the verse i.e. Vie withone another in good deeds. The HolyProphet (saw) was sent as a mercy for allof mankind. The Jamaat that was foundedby the most loyal and devoted servants ofthe Holy Prophet (saw) is associated withthis principle which entails the fulfilment ofobligations towards The Creator throughworship and includes the responsibilitiestowards our fellow human beings throughservice to mankind.”Huzurs’s (atba) Friday Sermon9 th November 2012( this IssueRegional ActivitiesLocal ActivitiesHealth ArticleUpcoming EventsUseful AppsPrayer times at Baitus SubhanFajr 06:45Zuhr 13:30Asr 13:30Maghrib 16:00Ishaa 19:30Contacts and FeedbackRegional Nazim Ishaat:Farhan Rashid Majlis:Azhar further details

The Holy Qur’anAnd every one has a goal which dominates him; vie, then, with one another in good works.Wherever you be, Allah will bring you all together. Surely, Allah has the power to do all that Hewills.(Ch. 2:V.149)HadithAbu Hurairah (ra) relates that The Holy Prophet (saw) said:“Hasten to do good for soon there will be a succession of disorders likethe chasing darkness of night; a person will start the day believing andwill end it disbelieving, or go to bed believing and get up in the morningdisbelieving. He will be ready to sell his faith for a worldly advantage.”(Muslim)Writings of The Promised Messiah asThe principle to which we adhere is that we have kindness atheart for the whole of mankind. If anyone sees the house ofa Hindu neighbor on fire and does not come forward to helpextinguish the fire, most truly I declare that he does not belongto me. If anyone of my followers, having seen someone attemptingto murder a Christian does not endeavor to save him, I mosttruly declare that he does not belong to us.(Siraj-e-Muneer: Roohani Khaza’in, Vol.12, pp.28)2

Summary of Friday Sermon14 th December 2012, Baitul FutuhThe MartyrsGenerally, a person is considered Shaheed (martyr) when martyred in the wayof Allah. There is no doubt that a person who gives his life in the way of Allahattains the status of Shaheed. Allah, the Most High, opens the doors of paradisefor him. But the term Shaheed comprises more than that. Its meanings are vast.No doubt the prayer to gain supremacy over the adversary is the preferredprayer. It also is a promise of Allah to the godly people that they are the ones whoare going to be victorious. Victories are theirs. Allah, the Most High, numeroustimes informed the Promised Messiah of triumphs and victories, and gave him thenews of supremacy.We have firm faith that the Ahmadiyya Community will see clear and obvious signs of this promise. We also see atthe time of Badr, that the Holy Prophet (saw), referring to His promise, asked for victory and asked for the life ofhis companions who were with him in the battle of Badr. He did not ask for their attaining the status of Shaheed bysacrificing their lives. He had beseeched that if the Muslims were annihilated then no one would be left to worshipAllah.The Promised Messiah (as) says, General public understands the meaning of Shahaeed just to be the one who is killedin a battle, or the one who drowns in a river, or the one who dies in a pestilence, etc. Rather, I say that to restrainthe meaning only to these conditions and to limit the meaning to these situations, is beyond the status of a believer.Shaheed actually is the person who attains the power of steadfastness and resolve from God, and no upheaval orshock can shake him or move him from his stand.The Promised Messiah (as) further said, The reality of Shaheed also relates to the heart. Siddiq (Truthful) has affinitywith Prophet and is second in status to him. Shaheed is the neighbor of Siddiq (Truthful). Prophet carries all thesuperior attributes, that is, he is Siddiq and Shaheed and Salih, but Siddiq and Shaheed are two separates states. HazratKhalifatul-Masih, may Allah be his support, gave the example of Ahmadis living in Muslim countries who protect thetruth of their faith against extreme persecution and difficulties. He said that some seek asylum to safeguard the truthof Ahmadiyyat. If they base their cases on falsehood, they will waste all the truthfulness of their faith.The Promised Messiah (as) said, The greatness of Shaheed is this that difficulties, inconveniences and trials elicit suchpower of faith, moral power, and steadfastness that they becomes a sign due to their being extraordinary. The powerof faith gives power to actions so much so that when this power of faith develops to its fullest, the believer attainsthe status of Shaheed as no obstacle hinders him. He will not hesitate or pull back even in giving his life. Martyrdomof Maqsood Ahmad Sahib in Quetta Pakistan.( of Jumu’ahHuzur (aba) said in this age ofthe Messiah, there are particularblessings linked to Friday. WeAhmadis should make specialeffort as non-compliance of thiscommandment makes us thetarget of admonitionHuzurs’s (aba) Friday Sermon18 th September 2009( ye who believe! when the call ismade for Prayer on Friday, hastento the remembrance of Allah, andleave off all business. That is betterfor you, if you only knew.(Ch. 62:V.10)The Holy Prophet (saw) said:“Friday Prayer is obligatory oneach person who believes in Godand on the Day of Judgement,apart from the ailing, the traveller,women, children and slaves. Godwill also not care for one who iscareless about Friday”.Huzurs’s (aba) Friday Sermon18 th September 2009(

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Local ActivitiesThornton Heath’s Peckham Morrisons Collection for Save the ChildrenUpcoming EventsTa’leem Classes - Every Sunday at BaitusSubhan after IshaaBlood Donation - 30/12/2012Litter Picking - 01/01/2013Local Ijtema - 19/01/2013Health ArticleBest Recipe for Correct WeightUsually, overweight people try to reduce their weight be dieting. This method is not only dangerous for health, butalso can prove fatal. Instead, we present a leaf from the life of the Holy Prophet of Islam (saw) that will prove thebest practice for maintaining your weight,1. Do not eat to a full stomach. Leave the food before you are fully satiated. You may think you are eating less andmay become weak. This is not correct. The commandment to leave your food before you feel fully satiated is basedon great wisdom. Only recently, modern science has uncovered this fact. According to doctors, you remain feelinghungry until the blood-sugar ration reaches a certain optimum level. Because this level is not reached immediatelywhen eating, you keep feeling hungry even after eating to the full. This is false hunger and if you try to satiate thathunger you will be over-eating. The Commandment of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) will always serve as a guiding lightfor all.2. Have a Simple Diet. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) used to eat simple food and started that tradition among hiscompanions as well. This practice is in accordance with the Qur’anic injunction (Eat and drink but do not bewasteful). If we keep our food simple and desist from eating too much fatty and spicy food, stop the waste of foodin our daily life and adopt the life-style that Tehrike Jadid has presented to us, we will be able to maintain goodhealth.For full article visit apps for your Smart PhoneMKA Chanda CalculatorMKA UK Salat AppMKA UK Qaseeda AppMuhammad, The TruthThe Holy Quran Arabic/EnglishMobile Friday SermonsThe 10 Conditions of Bai’atAhmadiyya Islamic News7

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