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Handling tools - Aker Solutions

Aker 63 Solutions Drilling equipmentDrilling TechnologiesAker Solutions 63Drilling TechnologiesHandling tools

Aker SolutionsDrilling TechnologiesHandling toolsMH drill pipe elevator> MH drill pipeelevatorThe MH drill pipe elevator is DnV type approved anddesigned in accordance with API specifications.The well proven MH drill pipe elevator is pneumaticallyoperated.5” - rated to 350 tons - weight 550 kg (1220 lb)3 ½” - rated to 350 tons - weight 570 kg (1270 lb)MH power slips frame> MH power slipsframe for drill pipeslips 3”-7”The MH power slips frame lifts ordinary drill pipeslips in and out of the rotary table. The frame pushesthe slips down on the rotary table during operation.It rotates with the rotary table, but when more thanone revolution is required, the hoses have to bedisconnected. The hoses are connected to thecylinder with quick-disconnect couplings. The MHpower slips frame is operated by a pedal, beingplaced in the driller’s house or somewhere else onthe drill floor, with clear vision of the rotary table.For pneumatic power slips frames, the arm has thecapability to lift maximum two times the weight of theslips (approx. 200 kg) with a pressure of 7 bar (100psi).Main dataDimensions Pneumatic version Hydraulic versionLength 1,400 mm (55.1 in) 1,400 mm (55.1 in)Width 600 mm (23.6 in) 600 mm (23.6 in)Height 700 mm (27.6 in) 700 mm (27.6 in)WeightDry weight 160 kg (353 lb) 160 kg (353 lb)Operating weight 160 kg (353 lb) 160 kg (353 lb)CapabilityFit master bushing size 27 ½” - 37 ½” - 49 ½” - 60 ½” 27 ½” - 37 ½” - 49 ½” - 60 ½”Adapter to fit slips for DP size, min. 3 1/2 in 3 1/2 inAdapter to fit slips for DP size, max. 7 in. 7 in.

Aker SolutionsDrilling TechnologiesHandling toolsWirth hydraulic rotary tableWirth rotary tables are field proven, efficient andreliable. Two major model ranges are available: thetraditional, independent electric rotary table forconventional applications, and the more commonhydraulic rotary table for rigs fitted with top drives.Hydraulic rotary tables type RTSS-H are availablewith openings from 27 1/2” to 75 1/2” and staticload ratings up to 1 250 tons.This type uses a hydraulic motor directly connectedto the rotary drive gear, thus eliminating transmissionand drive train, which results in smaller,lighter and more cost-effective design.• High torque and variable speed• Designed for high load• Combined axial roller ball-bearing• Less weight and reduced skid size• Lower maintenance cost• Hydraulic locking device• External hydraulic control station for easymaintenance• Independent centralised lubrication systemto optimise lifespan• Suitable for installation of various power slips• Split adapter 49 1/2” to 37 1/2”• Adapter 60 1/2” to 49 1/2”• Optional: integrated rails for various ironroughneck types

Aker SolutionsDrilling TechnologiesHandling toolsWirth electric-drivenrotary tableElectric rotary tables type RTSS-E are available withopenings from 27 1/2” to 49 1/2” and static loadratings up to 800 tons.The independent rotary drive eliminates the necessityof selecting a drawworks transmission ratio to obtainthe desired speed for both pumps and rotary.The installed two-speed transmission is suitable foruse with either DC or AC drilling motors up to 1 000 hpat 1 200 rpm class with an output rating of high torquecapacity.Features• High performance• Designed for high torque and high load• Double row ball thrust bearing• Mechanical locking device• Two-speed transmission design includes helicalgears, spline clutches, shifter lock mechanism,roller bearing and independent lubrication systemwith cooling system• For use with DC or AC drilling motors up to1 000 hp• Split adapter 49 1/2” to 37 1/2”Additional pipe handling equipment suitable for allrotary tables, e.g. master bushings, insert bowls,split casing bushings, reducing bushings,

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