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WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKPublished Weekly Since 1981More than 1,000 distribution points –Read by more than 2 million people annuallywww.winecountrythisweek.com669 Broadway, Suite B • Sonoma, CA 95476P.O. Box 92 • El Verano, CA 95433707-938-3494 Fax 707-938-3674PUBLISHERMANAGING EDITORMike GiangrecoDirect (707) 938-3734mike@winecountrythisweek.comChandra GrantPhone 707-938-1783 • Fax 707-938-3674chandra@winecountrythisweek.comOFFICE MANAGER & Cathy GoreCALENDAR EDITOR Phone 707-938-3494 • Fax 707-938-3674Email cathy@winecountrythisweek.comCIRCULATION &DISTRIBUTIONSUBSCRIPTIONSSINGLE COPYJeff Burgess, Director707-304-6464 or jeff@fyiwinecountry.com$75 per year ($1.44 each)PO Box 92, El Verano, CA 95433Send check for $5 toPO Box 92, El Verano, CA 95433EDITORIALCONTRIBUTORSMichelle BakerCarole & Daniel EhrlerDiana GreenwoodRichard Paul HinkleLes MaherCharles NeaveNan ReileyFrances RivettiJeffry RossSue Straight, Wine WenchAbigail ZimmermanLOOK FOR US ON FACEBOOK!S A L E SGeneral SalesSonoma, Mendocinoand Lake CountiesMike Giangreco707-938-3734, mike@winecountrythisweek.comMargaret Villarreal707-338-2894, winecountrytw@comcast.netNapa ValleyLivermore, Lodi,and Sierra FoothillsMonterey Bay, Central Coast,Santa Cruz MountainsRoseAnn Trzesniewski707-334-1930, rmtrue@comcast.netMike Giangreco707-938-3734, mike@winecountrythisweek.comWhitney Brem831-596-4945, whitney@winecountrythisweek.comReproduction, in whole or in part, without written permission is prohibited.4Planning a Visit to Central Coast Wine Country?Pick up a copy of WINE COUNTRY THIS MONTH: CENTRAL COASTor download the current issue at www.winecountrythismonth.comwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com

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TABLE OF CONTENTS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKO N T H EC O V E R 24W I N E R YF E A T U R E 20P E R F E C TP A I R S 22W I N E M A K E RP R O F I L E 27T A S T I N G R O O MO F T H E W E E K 346Rombauer VineyardsRaymond VineyardCasa Nuestra Rosadowith Dungeness Crab CakesMarisa Taylor HuffakerRutherford Hill WineryMerrryvale VineyardsJ U N E 4 , 2 0 1 0 – I S S U E 2 3 – V O L U M E 2 9ON THE COVERRombauer Vineyards Photo by John Benson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24WINE COUNTRY NEWSWineology by Len Napolitano . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10Wine Country Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-18SPECIAL COUPONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16WINE COUNTRY GETAWAYSOvernight Accommodations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29SUISUN VALLEY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30-31Suisun Valley Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31NAPA VALLEY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32-43St. Helena Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32Downtown Napa Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35Calistoga . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36-37Yountville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38Napa Valley Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40-41Napa Valley Fine Art . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43SONOMA COUNTY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44-57Sonoma County Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44-45Russian River Area Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46Geyserville Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46Healdsburg Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48Santa Rosa Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51Sonoma Valley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53-57Sonoma Plaza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53Sonoma Valley Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54Glen Ellen & Kenwood Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57MENDOCINO & LAKE COUNTIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58-59Lake & Mendocino Counties Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58LIVERMORE VALLEY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60Livermore Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60LODI/WOODBRIDGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61Lodi/Woodbridge Area Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61NORTHERN CENTRAL COAST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62-65Monterey Bay/Santa Cruz Mountains Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62Salinas Valley Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65SIERRAS/FOOTHILLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66Sierra Foothills Wineries Maps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66WINERY LISTINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67-78www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

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From here to there inNORTHERN CALIFORNIATOTOEUREKAREDDINGFort Bragg1ElkPt. ArenaMendocinoLittleRiverP P a a c c i i f f i i c c O O c c e e a a n n20UkiahWillitsCalpella2025329BoonvilleLakeportYorkville Hopland128175Gualala LakeSonomaSea RanchPt. ReyesTimber CoveJennerGeyserville101ClearLakeGuerneville12 •San Francisco1Half MoonBayCloverdaleHealdsburgBodega BaySebastopol116TomalesPt. ReyesStationMuirWoodsPacificaSFO29101SanRafael1101Lower Lake29MiddletownSanta Rosa280WoodsideKenwoodGlenEllenPetaluma 116n n S S a a80128F r a n cF r a n c84Clearlake1229Sonoma1213720YountvilleSan PabloBay580i s c oi s c o53PaloAlto92B a yCalistogaBerkeley84St. HelenaRutherford12121580Napa24OaklandAlamedaSantaClara12Vallejo6807804121Hayward680Pleasanton880680FremontSan JoseLakeBerryessaFairfieldBrooks128 WintersDavisConcordWalnut Creek580125Williams16PASO ROBLES 117 158MONTEREY 72SAN JOSE5054805SacramentoRio VistaLivermore204 245 255 269 355 263 236 266 278112 160 170 184 269 178 151 190 20248 90 100 115 200 110 83 118 138SAN FRANCISCO 45 55 70 155 75 48 88 142SONOMA 22 44 129 39 14 68 131SANTA ROSA 16 101 21 41 104 166HEALDSBURG 86 26 56 118 181MENDOCINO 111 141 195 266CALISTOGA 27 86 149NAPA 59 122SACRAMENTO 84MURPHYSLAKE TAHOE994912205580Lodi99StocktonManteca884SutterCreekAuburn50 PlacervilleTOLAKE TAHOEOakdaleModesto49AngelsCampChineseCampJacksonJamestownSonora379307231201181217231310199172115118TORENOTOYOSEMITEMonterey BaySantaCruzWatsonvilleMoss LandingMontereyPacificGroveCarmel17Capitola68Morgan Hill152Salinas101TOTOBIG SUR &PASO ROBLES &TOMORRO BAY Gonzales SAN LUIS OBISPOLOS ANGELES8 www.WineCountryThisWeek.comGilroy152Chowchilla156 995

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com9

WineologyI N T E L L I G E N C E F O R T H E W I N E C O N S U M E Rby Len NapolitanoWhat information on a wine label is most important?When shopping for wine, beyond looking for the name of a reliableproducer, it helps to gather other information from the label tobetter understand what you are buying. Some basic items to examine:the appellation (a geographic name); a vineyard designation; the term“Estate-Bottled” and the term “Reserve.” A wine’s vintage should notplay a large role in your decision unless you know of a specific yearthat you want.The appellation designation, also known as the American ViticulturalArea designation, or AVA, will identify where the grapes weregrown. The broadest and most general designation is a state name, like“California” or “Oregon.” A broad geographic area designation usuallyindicates a wine without the unique characteristics that a more narrowgeographic designation, such as Edna Valley, Napa Valley or SantaYnez Valley, would possess. The reason is because broad AVA designationsallows the winemaker to blend grapes from anywhere in theentire region. When I compare labels of similar-type wines that I havenever tasted and am unfamiliar with, I almost always select the onewith the smaller AVA in order to get an impression of the more specificgeography.A wine label that includes the name of a vineyard, in addition tothe AVA, is getting even more specific with geography. A single vineyardmay have its own unique soil or climate and produce a wine thatis different enough to demand a separate and distinct identification onthe label.Of less importance, the term “Estate-Bottled” means the grapes were grown oneither the producer’s estate property or invineyards that are within his appellation and with whom he has longtermcontracts. In other words, production remained under thecontrol of one company from start to finish.Finally, the term “Reserve” will sometimes be used to identify awine that the producer believes to be among its best. “Reserve” couldmean that the grapes were hand harvested, or selected from hillsidevines only, or the wine was given more time in barrel for aging. Forthese reasons, “Reserve” wines will usually be priced higher than theproducer’s non-Reserve wines.And don’t forget to check the alcohol content. The trend is to makefull-bodied, bolder wine these days and a higher alcohol level usuallygoes along with that. Twenty years ago, the average alcohol content inwine was around 12%. Today, it is probably more like 13% to 14%.Len Napolitano lives in San Luis Obispo County and is certified in wine by the Society of Wine Educators,Wine & Spirits Education Trust and Chicago Wine School and continually gains knowledge from his frequentcontact with California winemakers. More information is on his website, www.wineology.com.Send your questions about wine to: wineologist@earthlink.net or by mail to Len Napolitano in care ofWine Country This Week magazine. Wineology is a registered trademark of Len Napolitano.10www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINE COUNTRY NEWSMore Than 250 Quality WinesUnder $25 at Wine GarageHidden next to a dilapidated ’40s-era former filling station on Highway 29in Calistoga lies the Wine Garage. A unique wine shop in Napa Valley that retailsall wine in the store under $25. Sound crazy? Its true. And the proprietors Toddand Joy Miller, have hit on a niche in the Valley that had been very missed by thelocals there.“There are a lot of winemakers here that can’t afford to drink the wine theymake” says Miller. “That’s crazy, yes, but who can afford to drink a $65 bottle withdinner every night?”Many people miss The Wine Garage on the first try upvalley, but the searchis well worth it. Miller stocks wine from all of California’s wine growing regionsincluding fifty Napa selections and 40 from Sonoma County. When he first soughtout buying the initial inventory, “I enlisted a local farmer buddy and his 15-footbox van and off we went all over California hunting down the deals. I tried to seekout the small producers who didn’t have distributors so I could pass the savingson to my customers.” And Miller did just that. His store is stocked with highqualityjuice all under $25 and all are unique. Most labels in the shop are unrecognizable– but all pass the same test; everything passes over Miller’s lips beforehe makes a buy. “If I don’t love it, I don’t buy it, period. Sometimes I will tasteover a hundred wines in one day, load up the truck and haul it up to Calistoga,unload at the store, and maybe I will crawl in bed by 3 a.m. Needless to say mybuddy bowed out of the deal after their second trip. I initially recruited him on a‘hey lets go wine tasting in Santa Barbara’ until he realized how much work itentailed. Poor guy, he had to be at the farm at 5 in the morning.”It is all worth it. Millers’ customers love him. He has a unique ability to hear averbal description of a customer’s favorite wine and translate that into a recommendationfor sometimes a third of the cost. “I have people all over the countrythat use me as their local wine shop. I ship right to their door – and the cost of theshipping is a drop in the bucket compared to what they save on the cost of thewine.Miller gets deals on Napa wine too. “I have winemakers from small wineriesstop in every week saying ‘I have something that will fit into the store,’ if they onlyhave 15 or 25 cases of an end-of-vintage wine – I am the perfect outlet for them.”So head up to the Wine Garage and check out the best deals in the Valley at1020 Foothill Blvd (Hwy 29), Calistoga, CA 94515. For more information, call(707) 942-5332. You can also check out the website at winegarage.net.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com11

CALENDAR OF EVENTS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKNAPA VALLEYONGOINGJoseph Phelps Vineyards:Tastings & SeminarsAn opportunity to participate in a wide range of excellent seminars. 1 ½ hours11am daily; 2:30pm, Monday-Friday & 2pm, Saturday & Sunday. $40free for wine club members, RSVP 707-967-3720, details www.jpvwines.com· Insignia Blending · Le Nez· Tasting Terroir · Wine Appreciation· Cool California (Freestone Chardonnay & Pinot Noir)· Barrel seminars (Napa Valley Cab)ONGOINGFumé Bistro & Bar Happy HourNapa, Spirit & snack specials, wine & beer, 4-6pm707-257-1999, www.fumebistro.comONGOING WEEKENDS EXCEPT 4TH WEEKENDWine Component Tasting Seminarat Merryvale VineyardsSt. Helena, 10:30am-12:30pm, $20, free/club members707-963-7777, www.merryvale.comEVERY 4TH WEEKENDWine & Food Pairing Seminarat Merryvale Vineyards10:30am-12:30pm, $20, free/club members, St. Helena707-963-7777, www.merryvale.comONGOINGNapa Valley Wine TrainNapa, 800-427-4124, www.winetrain.com• June 4: Murder Mystery• June 5: Family Date Night• June 11: Vintners Lunch, Carica Wines• June 12: Wine Education DinnerONGOINGNapa Valley Opera House1030 Main Street, Napa, 707-226-7372, www.nvoh.org• June 5: A Tribute to Harry Chapin featuring The Steve Chapin Band• June 6: Pocket Opera, La Vie Parisienne• June 11: Papa Doo Run Run• June 12: Sing-Along Wizard of OzONGOINGWine Tasting at Back Room WinesNapa, 5-9pm, 707-226-1378, www.backroomwines.com• June 4: “100 Perfect Pairings” Book SigningONGOINGdi Rosa Preserve Art & NatureNapa, 707-226-5991, www.dirosapreserve.org• Ongoing through June 12: MFA Selections, Salute to Bay Area Emerging Artists• June 5, 12: Spring Nature Hikes on Milliken PeakONGOINGLive at Uptown TheatreNapa, 707-259-0123, www.uptowntheatrenapa.com• June 6: Robert Cray Band• June 12: Merle Haggard• June 13: Boz ScaggsONGOING FRIDAYSFriday Night Pulse TastingsACME Fine Wines, St.Helena, 5-7pm, www.acmefinewines.com, 888-963-0440ONGOINGBuon Amici Members & GuestsBenessere Vineyards, St. Helena,10am-4:30pm707-963-5853, www.benesserevineyards.com• Members Only New Release Tastings• Barrel Tastings by appointment• Vertical Tastings by appointment• Wine & Cheese Pairing by appointmentONGOINGJefferson House Reserve Room Tastingat Monticello VineyardsNapa, Reserve Wine Seminar, Corley Family Napa Valley $25RSVP 707-253-2802 x18, www.CorleyFamilyNapaValley.comONGOING FRIDAYS-MONDAYSCooking Demonstrations at The DeBaun TheatreSt. Helena, Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, $12.50707-967-2320, wsgr@culinary.edu, www.ciachef.eduONGOINGVisitor Programs at Robert Mondavi WineryFor details, 888-RMONDAVI x2, www.robertmondavi.com• The Signature Tour & Tasting• The Wine Tasting Basics• The Exclusive Cellar Tasting• Tasting Beyond the Basics• The “Harvest of Joy” Tour & LunchONGOINGReserve Tour & Tastingat Sterling VineyardsCalistoga, 11am, Private tasting in the Reserve Room after the tour, $45800-726-6136, www.sterlingvineyards.comONGOINGVIP Tasting & Artisan Barrel Factory TourBourassa Vineyards, Napa, Mon-Fri by appointment, $15 mid-week specialMention this listing, 800-499-2366, www.bourassavineyards.comONGOINGTours & Tasting at ZD WinesRutherford, RSVP 800-487-7757, www.zdwines.com• Traditional Tasting, $10, daily 10am-4pm• Premier Tasting, $15, daily 10am-4pm• Private Group Tasting, $20, by appt• Cellar Tour & Tasting, $25, 1pm weekends & holidays, M-F by appt• Vineyard View Tasting, $40, Sat-Sun 11am, M-F by appt• Abacus Tasting, $600 for 4-6 people, by appt• Wine Train, $180ONGOINGTastings at the Popcorn Bar at Flora Springs WinerySt. Helena,10am-5pm, 707-967-8032, www.florasprings.com• It’s All About You Tasting, $15 • Everybody’s Talking Tasting, $25ONGOING THURSDAY - SATURDAYTemptastings in the Temptation Caveat Flora Springs WinerySt. Helena,11am & 2pm, $25, $15/memberRSVP 707-967-8032, www.florasprings.comONGOINGFriday Night Winemaker EventsNapa, JV Wine & Spirits, 5-7pm, $2, 707-253-2624, www.jvwine.comONGOINGTastings at Silverado VineyardsNapa, 707-259-6611, 800-997-1770x611, www.silveradovineyards.com• Saddleblock Vineyard Tasting, $75• Library Tasting, $75• Daily Tasting Room Flights, Estate/$10, Premier/$20• Public Tours & Tasting, 10:30am & 2:30pm, $15• Private Tour and or Tasting, 15-25 guests, $20/tour, $25/tour & tastingONGOINGAppellation Tastings at Elizabeth SpencerRutherford, 10:45am & 4pm by appointment, $40707-963-6067, www.elizabethspencerwines.comONGOINGVineyard & Winery Toursat Raymond VineyardsSt. Helena, 11am (by appt), $15, Group tours available (by appt)800-525-2659x620, www.raymondvineyards.comONGOINGWine Tasting Experiencesat Benessere VineyardsSt. Helena, 707-963-5853x105, www.benesserevineyards.com, by appt• Personalized Wine Flights, daily, $10• Vineyards Walking Tour & Tasting, M-W, 10:30am, $15• Fudge Pairing Experience, Sun, 10:30am, $15• Barrel Tasting, RSVP, Tues, Sat-Sun, 11am, $20• Barrel Tasting & Current Release, Tues, Sat-Sun, 11am, $25• Barrel Tasting & Vertical, Tues, Sat-Sun, 11am, $25• Group Tasting, Sat-Sun, 1:30pm, $15ONGOINGTours & Tastings at Andretti WineryNapa , 877-386-5070x222, www.andrettiwinery.com• Individual Tastings, $12• Private Winery Tour & Tasting, $15/tour, $20/tour & tasting• Food & Wine Pairing• Vineyard Tour• Blending Class• Wine Sensory SeminarONGOINGWine Tasting OptionsBell Wine Cellars, Yountville, 10:30am-4pm, 707-944-1673, www.bellwine.com• Current Release Tasting, $15• Reserve Tasting with cheese pairing, $25• Clonal Tasting with cheese pairing, $75• Blending Seminar, $75, 4-10 people• Clone 6 Library Tasting, $250• Sonnette Library Tasting, $75• Large Group Tastings, $20, 11+ people• Grape to Glass Tour, $45, weekends, spring-fallONGOINGTasting at Grgich Hills EstateRutherford, 9:30am-4:30pm, Tours at 11am & 2pm, $10Wine library tasting/$30, Barrel tasting on most Fridays 2-4pm707-963-2784, www.grgich.com12 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | CALENDAR OF EVENTSONGOINGTastings & Tours at Artesa WineryNapa, RSVP, 877-224-8309, www.artesawinery.com• Vino con Queso, Wine & Cheese Experience, $40• Daily Guided Tours• Vines & Wines, A Vineyard Tour, $40ONGOINGTours & Tasting at Black Stallion WineryNapa, 10am-5pm, 707-253-1400, www.blackstallionwinery.com• Regular tasting, $10• Reserve tasting, $35, Sat-SunArtisan cheese additional $7.50/personONGOINGEducational Tours & Wine Tastingat Castello di AmorosaCalistoga, 707-967-6272, RSVP, www.castellodiamorosa.com• Regular tour & tasting, $25-$40 • Reserve tour & tasting, $35-$50• Tasting only, $10-$25 • Young adult tours, $15-$20• Napa Valley Neighbor Program • Private VIP toursTHIRD SATURDAY OF THE MONTHBacchus That RascalClos Pegase, Calistoga, free, 2pm, Multi-media presentation “History of Wine“707-942-4981, www.clospegase.comEVERY SATURDAYZD Wines: Wine & Cheese SeminarRutherford, Includes visit to Wine Library & Cellar, 11am, $40800-487-7757 x107, 707-963-5188, www.zdwines.comEVERY SUNDAYSensory Component Tasting at ZD WinesRutherford, 11am by appointment only, $20707-963-5188, www.zdwines.comEVERY SATURDAY & SUNDAYWine & Artisanal Cheese Pairingsat Havens Wine CellarsNapa, 10am-4:30pm, 707-261-2000, www.havenswine.comEVERY SATURDAYChocolate & Red Wine Saturdaysat Bennett Lane WineryCalistoga, 10am-5pm, www.bennettlane.com, 707-942-6684ONGOING SATURDAYSNapa Riverwalk with Historian George Webber2 hour tour with tales & lore of old town Napa, 10am, $20, 707-251-8500ONGOING THROUGH JULY 5Handcrafted in AmericaNapa Valley Museum, Yountvillewww.napavalleymuseum.org, 707-944-0500JUNE 3-6Auction Napa ValleyVarious events & locations in Napa Valley707-963-3388, www.napavintners.comJUNE 5Blending SeminarLuna Vineyards, Napa, 707-255-5862x120JUNE 61st Annual Napa Luxury Chocolate SalonYountville Community Center, Yountville, 11am-5pmwww.NapaChocolateSalon.com, $20, $17.95/advanceJUNE 6, 20Educational Tour & Tasting TutorialThe Hess Collection, Napa, 1-2:45pm, $35www.hesscollection.com, 707-255-1144JUNE 10, 12Plant a Culinary Garden Class: Bug OffBardessono Napa Valley, Yountville, 9:30am, $20www.bardessono.com, 707-204-6050JUNE 12St. Clement Cellar SaleSt. Clement Vineyards, St. Helena, 11am-4pmwww.stclement.com, 800-331-8266www.WineCountryThisWeek.com13

CALENDAR OF EVENTS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKJUNE 128th Annual Walk Through the VineyardsCharles Krug Winery, St. Helena, 9am-1pm415-543-3549, www.charleskrug.comSONOMA COUNTYONGOING SATURDAYS & SUNDAYSWine & Food Sampling at Hop KilnRussian River Valley, Visit the historic tasting room to enjoy delicious wine& sample over 80 food items in their gourmet marketplace, 10am-5pm707-433-6491, www.hopkilnwinery.comONGOINGVineyard Walk & Photography Workshopat B.R. Cohn WineryGlen Ellen, 10am-1pm, $45, $35/members707-931-7924x123, www.brcohn.comONGOINGExclusive Wine & Cheese Tastingat B.R. Cohn WineryGlen Ellen, 11am & 3pm, $25, $20/members707-931-7924x123, www.brcohn.comONGOING20th Annual Summer Concert Seriesat Rodney Strong VineyardsHealdsburg, www.omegaevents.com/rodneystrong, 707-869-1595x4• June 5: Kenny LogginsONGOINGFriday Night Music at Sebastiani WinerySonoma, 6:30-9:30pm, 800-888-5532x3230, www.sebastiani.com• June 4: EZ Kewl• June 11: BackTraxONGOINGWells Fargo Center for the ArtsSanta Rosa, 707-546-3600, wellsfargocenterarts.org• June 5: Beerfest• June 12: Pride Comedy NightONGOINGLive Shows at Hopmonk TavernSebastopol, 707-829-7300, www.hopmonk.com• June 2: The Thugz• June 4-5: Jerry Garcia Band aka JGB featuring Melvin SealsONGOING THURSDAYSThirsty Thursdays at AnabaSonoma, Enjoy complimentary cheese & crackers to pair with your winetasting. 4-5:30pm, 707-996-4188, www.anabawines.comONGOING SUNDAYSDomaine Carneros Sparkling Brunchat the Fairmont Mission Inn & SpaSonoma, 9am-1pm, 707-938-9000, www.fairmont.com.sonomaONGOINGThe Center for Performing Arts707-664-2353, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Parkwww.sonoma.eduperformingarts/perf/ONGOINGSunday Brunches by the SeaTimber Cove Inn, 10am-2pm, 800-987-8319, www.timbercoveinn.comONGOINGTerroir & History Tour at Chateau St. JeanKenwood, A visit to Chateau St. Jean lifts all of your senses.Complimentary, 11am-2pm, 707-833-4134, www.chateaustjean.comONGOINGWine & Food Pairing at Kendall-JacksonFulton, Special reserve food & wine tasting, 10am-4pm, $25707-571-7500, www.kj.comONGOINGWinemaker Tasting at Wine SpectrumSanta Rosa, 6-8pm, $10, 707-525-8466, www.winespectrum.comONGOING THURSDAY-SATURDAYMichel-Schlumberger Winery Green TourHealdsburg, 10:30am, $25, 800-447-3060, www.michelschlumberger.comONGOING MONDAY-SATURDAYRobert Young Estate Winery Vineyard Tours& Tasting in a Remodeled Grape GondolaGeyserville, 11:30am, $10, box lunch provided for $20707-431-4811, www.ryew.comONGOING FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS‘Come Crush With Us’ at Icaria Creek WineryWinemaker Jeff Smith leads a tasting of bottled & barreled winesRSVP, 707-486-9623, www.icariawinery.comONGOING WEEKENDSWine & Chocolate Pairings at Fritz WineryCloverdale, 10:30am-4:30pm, $5 tasting fee covers the pairing707-894-3389, www.fritzwinery.comEVERY WEDNESDAY & SATURDAYSanta Rosa Original Farmers’ MarketSanta Rosa Veteran’s Building parking lot, 8:30am-noon, 707-522-8629EVERY FRIDAY MORNINGSonoma Valley Farmers’ MarketDepot Park, Sonoma, 9am-noon, 707-538-7023ONGOING FRIDAYS-MONDAYSHanna Winery Reserve Tasting GalleryAlexander Valley, Taste limited-production reserve Bismark Mountain winespaired with local artisanal cheese selections from The Cheese Shop inHealdsburg, $10pp, 707-431-4310, www.hannawinery.comEVERY FRIDAYComplimentary Wine Tasting at Flamingo HotelSanta Rosa, in the Terrace Grille featuring Sonoma County wines, 5:30-7pm707-545-8530, 800-848-8300, www.flamingoresort.comONGOINGWine Experiences at Chateau St. JeanKenwood, Ten person minimum, 2 hours, $50, by appointment707-833-4134x5258, www.chateaustjean.com• Cinq Cépages Blending Seminar, Eight person minimum, 2 hours, $75• Cinq Cépages Component Tasting, Eight person minimum, 1.5 hours, $25• Private VIP Wine Tasting, 10:30am, 1 & 3pm, $25, 1 hour• Box Lunch Prgram with TourONGOINGTours, Tastings & Seminarsat St. Francis WinerySanta Rosa, Ten person minimum, Call for more information & reservations888-675-WINE(9463)x255, www.stfranciswinery.com• Winery Tour & Tasting, 1.5 hours, $25• Vineyards Tour & Tasting, 1 hour, $20• Blending Seminar, 1.5 hour, $65ONGOINGGuided Winery Tours at Gloria FerrerSonoma, 11am, 1 & 3pm, $10, 707-996-7256, www.gloriaferrer.comONGOINGTastings at the Vine & BarrelPetaluma, 3-5pm, 707-765-1112 www.vineandbarrel.comEVERY OTHER WEDNESDAYThe Art of Winemaking WorkshopPetroni Vineyards, Sonoma, 10:30am-12pm707-935-8311, www.petronivineyards.comONGOING TUESDAYSTuesdays in the Plaza Concerts & Farmers’ MarketHealdsburg Plaza, Healdsburg, Market: 4-6:30pm707-431-1956, www.healdsburgfarmersmarket.orgLAST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH50 Mile AV Vintner's DiningGlen Ellen, Barrel tasting & Old Vine Pinot Noir & Syrahs from Ashton Vineyard.Foods sourced locally. 4-7PM, RSVP, 707-935-3456, ashtonwines.comONGOINGFood and Wine Pairing at the Mayo Reserve Room9200 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood, Daily, 10:30am-6pm, 7 course food/wine tasting$35, Reservations recommended,707-833-5504, www.mayofamilywinery.comONGOINGCooking Classes at Ramekins Culinary School450 West Spain St, Sonoma, Check website for schedule.707-933-0450, www.ramekins.comONGOING THROUGH JUNE 13Dennis Bolt (Photographs) & Jehanne Hale(Beeswax Art) ExhibitMichel-Schlumberger Wine Estate, Healdsburg, 11am-5pm707-433-4127, www.michelschlumberger.comONGOING SUNDAYS THROUGH JUNE 27Salsa Dance & ClassFlamingo Conference Resort & Spa, Santa Rosawww.flamingoresort.com, 707-545-8530ONGOING THROUGH JUNE 30Up on the FarmGraton Gallery, Graton, www.gratongallery.com, 707-829-8912ONGOING THROUGH JULY 24Art at the Source Member Artist ExhibitSebastopol Gallery, Sebastopol, 11am-6pm, 707-829-7200ONGOING THROUGH JULY 25Silence, Exile and CunningSonoma Valley Museum of Art, Sonoma, 707-939-7862, www.svma.orgONGOING WEDNESDAYS JUNE 9 – AUGUST 25Petaluma Evening Farmers’ Market2nd St. between C and D Streets, Petaluma, 4:30-8pmwww.petalumafarmersmarket.com 707-762-0344ONGOING WEDNESDAYS THROUGH SEPTEMBER 1Santa Rosa Downtown MarketFourth Street Area, Santa Rosa, 5-8:30pmwww.srdowntownmarket.com, 707-524-2123ONGOING WEDNESDAYS THROUGH OCTOBER 27Wine & Sunsets in ParadiseParadise Ridge Winery, Santa Rosa, 6pmwww.prwinery.com, 707-528-WINEONGOING SATURDAYS THROUGH OCTOBER 30Petaluma Farmers’ MarketWalnut Park, Petaluma, 2-5pmwww.petalumafarmersmarket.com, 707-762-0344ONGOING TUESDAYS THROUGH OCTOBERSonoma Farmers’ MarketSonoma Plaza, Sonoma, 5:30-dusk, 707-538-7023ONGOING SATURDAYS THROUGH OCTOBERPizza Café at Simi WineryHealdsburg, Weather permitting, www.simiwinery.com, 707-473-3213JUNE 3Non Profit Night: League of Historic PreservationEpicurean Connection, Sonoma, 6-8pmwww.epicureanconnection.com, 707-935-7960JUNE 4Tapas on the Terrace at Gloria FerrerSonoma, 5:30-8pm, $35, www.gloriaferrer.com, 707-933-1999JUNE 4First Friday at Ridge VineyardsHealdsburg, 11am-5pm, free, 707-433-7721, www.ridgewine.comJUNE 4Heels & Wheels at Jacuzzi Family Winery2nd Annual Bryant Park West Fashion Show, Sonoma, 8-10pmwww.bryantparkwestsonoma.comJUNE 4Pizzas and “Yappy” HourLambert Bridge Winery, Healdsburgwww.lambertbridge.com, 707-431-4670JUNE 4-6Taste of Alexander ValleyAlexander Valley Winegrowers, Visit over 20 Alexander Valley wineries!11am-4pm, $65/adv, $75, www.alexandervalley.org, 888-AV-WINESJUNE 4-13Healdsburg Jazz FestivalVarious locations in Healdsburg, 707-433-4644, www.healdsburgjazzfestival.orgJUNE 4-28Beach Walk by Ron QuerciaQuercia Gallery, Duncans Mills, 707-865-024314 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | CALENDAR OF EVENTSJUNE 5Plight of Sonoma County’s BeesBouverie Preserve, Glen Ellen, www.egret.org, 415-868-9244JUNE 5Gun Bun’s Annual Huichica Music FestivalGundlach Bundschu Winery, Sonomawww.gunbun.com, 707-939-3019, 2-11pmJUNE 5Twilight T-Dance: An Evening of Wine & Dancingin Celebration of Gay Pride MonthAtwood Ranch & Vineyard, Glen Ellen, 6-10pmwww.outinthevineyard.com, 707-495-9732JUNE 5Vintage Car Race FestivalSonoma Plaza, Sonoma, Wine & food tasting & view the vintage cars!5:30-8pm, $35, www.infineonraceway.com, 800-870-RACEJUNE 5A Single Night, Single VineyardsRussian River Valley Winegrowers, C. Donatiello Winery, Healdsburg6:30-10pm, $45/adv, $55, www.rrvw.org, 707-521-2535JUNE 5Kendall-Jackson Farm StandKendall-Jackson Wine Center, Fulton, 11am-3pm866-287-9818, www.kj.comJUNE 525 Mile Historical WalkPetaluma to the ocean, 6am-9pmwww.sonomacountyhistory.org, 707-888-1670JUNE 5-649th Annual Art & Artisan ShowSonoma Plaza, Sonoma, 10am-5pm, 707-833-4085JUNE 5-6Wine Country QuiltsVeterans Memorial Building, , 10am-5pm, $8, Santa Rosa, 707-838-9564JUNE 5-6Taste Alexander Valley at Sausal WineryHealdsburg, 800-500-2285, 11am-4pm, www.sausalwinery.comJUNE 5-643rd Annual Russian River RodeoDuncans Mills Rodeo Grounds, Duncans Millswww.russianriverrodeo.org, 707-865-9854JUNE 5-6Sonoma Historic Motorsports FestivalInfineon Raceway, Sonoma, 800-870-RACE, www.infineonraceway.comJUNE 5-6, 12-13Art at the Source, Open Studios TourWest Sonoma County, 707-537-8665m 707-829-8438JUNE 6Smokin’ Hot at Hop Kiln WineryHealdsburg, 11am-3pm, 707-433-6491, www.hopkilnwinery.comJUNE 6Sonoma Ox RoastBarbeque, wine, live music, art show & more! Downtown Plaza, Sonoma11am-5pm, www.sonomacommunitycenter.org, 707-938-4626x1JUNE 6Hit the Road Jack RunStart/finish in Sonoma Plaza, Sonoma707-935-8544, www.hittheroadjack.orgJUNE 6The Mission Gold Jazz BandLive Dixieland Jazz Concert & Dance, Last Day Saloon, Santa Rosa, 1-5:30pm707-328-0939, www.tradjass.orgJUNE 10-13Peggy Sue’s All-American CruiseVarious locations in Santa Rosawww.peggysuecruise.com, 707-575-3267JUNE 11Wilson Winery Summer Music Series:ScallywagsHealdsburg, 6-8pm, 800-433-4602, www.wilsonwinery.comwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com15

Special CouponsALDERBROOK WINERY PAGE 48Mention ad for complimentary tastingANDRETTI WINERY2 for 1 tasting with ad PAGE 7BERINGER VINEYARDS PAGE 122 for 1 Tasting in the Rhine House with adBRANNAN COTTAGE INN10% off standard rate with ad PAGE 37CALIFORNIA WINE TOURSTours and tastings PAGE 10CHATEAU ST. JEAN2 for 1 tasting with ad PAGE 57ETUDE WINERY2 for 1 Tasting with ad PAGE 5FOLIO WINEMAKERS’ STUDIO2 for 1 tasting with ad PAGE 79GOLDEN HAVEN PAGE 3Mud Treatment for 2, $54 per personHAGAFEN CELLARSFree tasting with ad PAGE 7JESSUP CELLARS PAGE 38Complimentary tasting for two with adKENDALL-JACKSON WINERY PAGE 23Complimentary reserve tasting with adLOUIS M. MARTINI2 for 1 tasting with ad PAGE 33MARTIN RAY WINERY15% discount with ad PAGE 47OLD FAITHFUL GEYSER$1 off with ad PAGE 36PINK MANSION15% off with ad at check-in PAGE 36REYNOLDS FAMILY WINERYComplimentary tasting with purchaseof reserve wine tasting PAGE 36RUTHERFORD HILL WINERY2 for 1 tasting with ad BACK PAGESONOMA WINE HARDWAREFree offer PAGE 4ST. CLEMENT WINERY2 for 1 Tasting PAGE 69STAGECOACH EXPRESS PAGE 10Complimentary shipping boxSUMMERS WINES10% discount with ad PAGE 37TASTE AT OXBOW PAGE 79Complimentary tastingTRENTADUE WINERY PAGE 47Complimentary tasting with adVEZÉR FAMILY VINEYARD PAGE 30Complimentary tasting with adWILLIAM HILL2 for 1 tasting with ad PAGE 33CALENDAR OF EVENTS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKJUNE 11Flavor Palate & Sparkling Wines:An Appetizing Seminar at Gloria FerrerSonoma, 10:30am-12pm, $25, RSVP, www.gloriaferrer.com, 707-933-1939JUNE 11McEvoy Ranch Garden Tour & Lunchwith Juniper & Co.Petaluma, 707-939-9065, RSVP, 10am-2pmJUNE 11-13Harmony FestivalSonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa707-664-6360, www.harmonyfestival.comJUNE 1214th Annual Spinners Day on the FarmWestside Farms, Healdsburg, 10am-4pm, free, 707-431-1642, 707-874-3374JUNE 12Stumptown Daze ParadeDowntown Guerneville, 11am, free, 877-644-9000, www.russianriver.comJUNE 12The Essence of LambLambert Bridge Winery, Healdsburg, 12-3pm, $90707-431-4670, www.lambertbridge.comJUNE 12Fresh Cheesemaking Class with Sheana DavisThe Epicurean Connection, Sonoma, 1-2:30pm, $45www.epicureanconnection.com, 707-935-7960, RSVPJUNE 12, 26Beekeeping ClassesBear Foot Honey Farm, Santa Rosa, www.bearfoothoney.com, 707-570-2899JUNE 13Healdsburg Kiwanis Fitch Mountain Footrace 3K/10KHealdsburg, 707-433-1856, www.theschedule.comJUNE 13Bear Flag Celebration & Art ShowSonoma Plaza, Sonoma, 10am-5pm, www.sonomavalley.comJUNE 13Explore Newly Released WinesStonestreet Winery, Healdsburg, 707-473-3306, www.stonestreetwines.com707-521-2534, www.rrvw.orgLAKE/MENDOCINOEVERY SECOND SATURDAYFood & Wine PairingsMcNab Ridge Tasting Room, Hopland, 707-744-1986, www.mcnabridge.comONGOINGSkunk Train866-457-5865, Fort Bragg, www.skunktrain.comONGOING FRIDAYSTuscan Village Music Art SeriesTerrill Cellars, Lower Lake, 6-9pm, www.terrillcellars.com, 707-994-3354JUNE 3 – JULY 11Mr. MarmaladeMendocino Theatre Company, Mendocino707-937-4477, www.mendocinotheatre.orgJUNE 4First Friday FlingMain Street Gallery, Lakeport, 5:30-7pm707-263-6658, www.lakecountyartscouncil.comJUNE 4-6Mendocino Film FestivalMendocino, 707-937-0171JUNE 4-6Springfest 2010Redwood Empire Fairgrounds, Ukiah, 707-462-3247JUNE 5Wood & Glory Classic Boat & Woodie Car ShowLibrary Park, Lakeport, 11am-2pm, free866-525-3767, www.lakeportchamber.comJUNE 517th Annual Wild West DayMain Street, Upper Lake, 7am-5pm, 707-275-2000, www.upperlakeca.orgJUNE 511th Annual Big River Walk & PaddleMendocino Big River State Park, Mendocino707-937-3833, www.crcmendocino.orgJUNE 5Luau on The LakeShannon Ridge Vineyards & Winery, Lower Lake, $50, 6pm, 707-994-3600JUNE 5Release PartySix Sigma Ranch & Winery, Lower Lake707-297-2927, www.sixsigmaranch.comJUNE 5Ukiah Airport Day & Community FestivalUkiah Regional Airport, Ukiah, 707-467-2855JUNE 11Taste of DowntownDowntown Ukiah, 5-8pm, $25/adv, $30, 707-462-6789JUNE 12Concert in the Vineyard Series:Fargo Brothers & Colby & The ContrabandsMoore Family Winery, Kelseyville, 6pm, $15707-738-0507, www.moorefamilywinery.comJUNE 12Summer Concert in the GardenTulip Hill Winery, Nice, 4-7pm, $10, www.tuliphillwinery.com, 707-274-9373JUNE 12-1336th Annual Laytonville RodeoRodeo Grounds, Laytonville, 707-984-7480BAY AREASAN FRANCISCOONGOINGThe Walt Disney Family MuseumThe Presidio of San Francisco, San Francisco, 415-345-6816www.waltdisney.org• June 1-30: Film, Silly Symphonies• June 12: Disney Discoveries! Silly Cartoon MoviolaJUNE 1Whitehall Lane Napa Valley DinnerCampton Place, San Francisco, With Tom Leonardini, Winemaker WhitehallLane, $155, 415-955-5574, Richard.Dean@tajhotels.comJUNE 2Presidio Golf Course Winemaker DinnerFeaturing Sbragia Family Vineyards, San Francisco, $65, www.presidiocafe.comJUNE 5-6Union Street FestivalUnion Street, San Francisco, 10am-6pm, free800-310-6563, www.unionstreetfestival.comJUNE 5 – SEPTEMBER 26Impressionist Paris: City of LightLegion of Honor, San Francisco, www.legionofhonor.orgJUNE 127th Annual Golden GlassFort Mason Center, San Francisco, 1-5pm, 415-345-7500, www.fortmason.orgJUNE 12-13Fiesta FilipinaCivic Center Plaza, San Francisco, 650-871-6647, www.FiestaFilipinaUSA.netJUNE 12-13Civil War DaysAngle Island State Park, San Francisco, 415-435-5390, www.angleisland.orgJUNE 13Haight-Ashbury Street FairHaight-Ashbury, San Francisco, 11am-5:30pm415-933-5116, www.haightashburystreetfair.orgJUNE 15Hartford Family Vineyards Wine DinnerTasting & Dinner with Jeff Mangahas, Campton Place, San Francisco, $150415-955-5574, Richard.Dean@tajhotels.comJUNE 16-27Pinot DaysFort Mason, San Francisco, 1-5pm, 415-246-2967, www.pinotdays.comwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKMARIN COUNTYONGOINGMarin Center in San Rafael415-499-6800, www.co.marin.ca.us• June 4: Professional Boxing, The Beat Goes On• June 5: RoCo Dance Onstage• June 6: Bay West Ballroom Invitational Showcase• June 6: Happy Feet Dance School, The Magic of OzONGOINGFilm Night in the Parkwww.filmnight.org, 415-272-2756, 8pm, $6, $3/kids• June 4: Napoleon Dynamite, San Geronimo• June 11: TBA – Ecofest, FairfaxJUNE 12-13Novato Festival of Art, Wine & MusicGrant St, Novato, Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-6pm415-897-1164, www.novatochamber.comSAN MATEO COUNTYONGOING WEEKENDSVintner Series at the Ritz-CarltonHalf Moon Bay, 650-712-7000, www.ritzcarlton/hmb• June: Hall Wines• July: Chateau MontelenaONGOINGSummer Concert Series at The Mountain WinerySaratoga, 408-741-2822, www.mountainwinery.com• June 1: Goo Goo Dolls with Vedera• June 7: Crosby, Stills & Nash• June 12: Diana Ross• June 13: Chick Corea Freedom BandJUNE 5-6Art & Wine FestivalLeo Ryan Park, Foster City, 650-573-7600, www.fostercitychamber.comJUNE 6Art & Wine TastingThe Mountain Winery, Saratoga, 12-5pm408-741-2822, www.mountainwinery.comSANTA CLARA COUNTYONGOINGTasting Room TuesdaysSanta Cruz Mountains Winegrowers AssociationThe Fairmont San Jose, San Jose, 5-7pm, www.fairmont.com, 800-441-1414• June 15, 22: Pelican Ranch WineryONGOINGConcerts at Montalvo Arts CenterSaratoga, 408-961-5858, www.montalvoarts.orJUNE 3, 10, 27, 24Time for WineClos LaChance, San Martin, 5-9pm, 800-487-9463, www.closlachance.comJUNE 5Walk Now for AutismHistory San Jose, Kelly Park, San Jose, www.walknowforautismspeaks.orgALAMEDA COUNTYONGOINGDancing Under the StarsJack London Square, Oakland, 8:30-10pmwww.jacklondonsquare.com, 415-806-7155• June 4: Salsa• June 11: Cha ChaJUNE 5-6, 12-13East Bay Open StudioJack London Square, Oakland, 10am-5pmwww.jacklondonsquare.com, 415-806-7155JUNE 6Chocolate & Chalk Art FestivalNorth Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, 10am-6pm510-548-5335, www.anotherbullwinkelshow.comJUNE 12-13Live Oak Park FairLive Oak Park, Berkeley, 10am-6pm, free510-227-7110, www.liveoakparkfair.comJUNE 13Juneteenth CelebrationVarious locations in Berkeley, 10am-6pm, free510-655-8008, www.berkeleyjuneteenth.orgCONTRA COSTA COUNTYONGOING FRIDAYSFriday Night Tastings at PrimaWalnut Creek, 5:30-7pm, $20, $10/memberswww.primivini.com, 925-735-7780ONGOING SATURDAYSSaturday Night Tastings at PrimaWalnut Creek, 3-5pm, $20, $10/memberswww.primaristorante.com, 925-935-7780JUNE 3-6Contra Costa County FairContra Costa County Fairgrounds, Antioch925-757-4400, www.contracostafair.comJUNE 4Grgich Hills Vintner DinnerSalute e Vita, Richmond, 510-215-0803LIVERMOREONGOINGBankhead TheatreLivermore Valley performing Arts Center, Livermore925-373-6800, www.livermoreperformingarts.org• June 3: Austin Powers Movie/60’s Party• June 4: A Tribute to Harry Chapin• June 11: Doo-Wah Riders• June 13: Dance the Magic Showcase 2010ONGOINGConcerts in the ParkLions Wayside Park, Livermore, 7-8:30pm, freewww.pleasantondowntown.net, 925-484-2199• June 4: Hot Rods Band• June 11: Georgi & The Rough WeekONGOINGWine Cave Tasting ExperienceWente Vineyards, Livermore, 1 & 3pm, $20, $15/wine club membersRSVP, 925-456-2405, www.wentevineyards.com/cavesONGOINGThursday Nights at the TableThree-course family dining, $29, $39/includes wine, The Restaurant at WenteVineyards, Livermore, 7pm, RSVP www.wentevineyards.com, 925-456-2444JUNE 1-30Watercolors by Louise GrayWente Vineyards, Livermore, 11am-4:30pmwww.wentevineyards.com, 925-456-3200JUNE 2First Wednesday Jump into SummerLittle Valley Winery, Pleasanton, 6-9pmwww.littlevalleywinery-lavender.comJUNE 52nd Annual Paint the TownMuseum on Main Street, Pleasanton, 9am-duskwww.museumonmain.org, 925-462-2766JUNE 5Pinot Grigio/Petite Sirah ReleaseEagle Ridge Vineyard, Livermore, 12-4:30pmwww.eagleridgevineyard.com, 925-443-3375JUNE 5Fleeces, Food & FunRetzlaff Vineyards, Livermore, 10am-4pm, $5www.retzlaffwinery.com, 925-447-8941JUNE 5-6Goodguys Summer Get-TogetherAlameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton925-838-9876, www.good-guys.comJUNE 6Artist Reception, Watercolors by Louise GrayWente Vineyards, Livermore, 1-3pmwww.wentevineyards.com, 925-456-3200JUNE 9Buon Appetito WednesdaysTamas Estates, Livermore, 4-7pm, $10, www.tamasestates.com, 925-456-2380JUNE 11Movies in the VineyardsElliston Vineyards, Sunol, 8-10pm, www.elliston.com, 925-862-2377Elliston Vineyards, Sunol, www.elliston.com, 925-862-2377NORTH CENTRAL COASTONGOINGSunset Cultural Center – CarmelCarmel, 831-620-2048, www.sunsetcenter.com• June 4-5: Smuin Ballet – Spring ProgramONGOINGLive Music at KRML RadioThe Eastwood Building, Carmel, 831-624-6432, www.krmlradio.comONGOINGThursday Night Music SeriesBargetto Winery, Soquel, Enjoy music, food & Bargetto wine! 6-8pm831-475-2258x11, www.bargetto.comONGOING TUESDAYSFarmers’ Market at the BarnyardCarmel, Organic fruit, vegetables & flowers, 11am-3pm, 831-624-8886ONGOING THIRD THURSDAYSSweet Thursdays at Cannery RowMonterey, Family fun, music, fine dining & great discounts, 4-8pm831-649-6690ONGOING THIRD THURSDAYSMonterey Museum of ArtMonterey, Evening of music, wine and hors d'oeuvres, 5-7pm, 831-372-5477EVERY THIRD WEEKEND OF THE MONTHOpen for TastingMartin Ranch Winery, Gilroy, 11am-4pm, $10/refundable w/purchasefree/club members, 408-842-9197, www.martinranchwinery.comEVERY TUESDAYFocus on Monterey County WinesCepage Wine Bar, Rancho Cellars, Carmel, 3-8pm831-625-5646, www.ranchocellars.comONGOING TUESDAY - SATURDAYOya Salon and Ventana VineyardsWine and Cheese EventMonterey, 2pm on. Oya patrons can sample Ventana Vineyards award winningwines. Wines change monthly. 831-372-7415x213, Ventana 831-656-0570ONGOING FRIDAYSFromage Fridays at Taste MorganCarmel, A special cheese sampling paired with wine. 3-5pm831-626-3700, www.morganwinery.comONGOING SUNDAYSLibrary Sundays at Taste MorganCarmel , An opportunity to taste some older wines from the cellar. 2-5pm831-626-3700, www.morganwinery.com• June 6: 1996 Sauvignon BlancONGOING THURSDAYS IN JUNESalsa Dance Lessons at Bargetto WinerySoquel, 6-8pm, $15/includes glass of wine, $50/all classes831-475-2258x11, www.bargetto.comFRIDAYS IN JULY & AUGUSTFresco Friday’s LunchBargetto Winery, Soquel, 12-2pm, 831-475-2258x11, www.bargetto.comEmail Your Events tocathy@WineCountryThisWeek.comFor best results, send your emails at least 6 to 8weeks prior to the date of your event. Event listingsare free, and published as space is available and atthe discretion of Wine Country This Week.For Father’s Day and 4th of July ideas,chech the website atwww.winecountrythisweek.comwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com 17

CALENDAR OF EVENTS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKONGOING THURSDAYS IN JULY & AUGUSTThursday Night Music SeriesBargetto Winery, Soquel, 6-8pm, 831-475-2258x11, www.bargetto.comONGOING FRIDAYS JUNE 18 – SEPTEMBER 3Free Friday Night Bands on the BeachSanta Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, www.beachboardwalk.comONGOING WEDNESDAYS JUNE 23 - AUGUST 25Jazz on the PlazzTown Plaza, Los Gatos, 6:30-8:30pm, free408-354-1155, www.jazzontheplazz.comONGOING THROUGH OCTOBER 24Land & Sea: Paintings and Photographsof Monterey & BeyondMonterey Museum of Art, Monterey, www.montereyart.org, 831-372-5477JUNE 4Wine, Art & Music WalkDowntown Pacific Grove, free, 6-9pm, www.pacificgrove.org, 831-373-3304JUNE 4-27To Kill a MockingbirdHartnell College, Salinas, www.westernstage.com, 831-755-6816JUNE 5Monterey Beer FestivalMonterey Fairgrounds, Monterey, 12:30-5pm, $40, $35/adv, 831-373-2843JUNE 5-6World Ocean Day CelebrationMonterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, 10am-6pmwww.montereybayaquarium.org, 831-648-4800JUNE 5-6Pro-Am Beach Soccer ChampionshipSanta Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz,www.proambeachsoccer.netJUNE 6Avant Garden PartyThe Garden, Soquel, 3-7pm, $40, 831-420-5260, www.newmusicworks.orgJUNE 6Summer of Love Festival with Houston JonesSartori Cellars, Gilroy, 3-6pm, $17.50/adv, $20408-848-5823, www.sartoricellars.comJUNE 6Butterfly CriteriumPacific Grove, www.ghosttreeracing.comJUNE 67th Annual Cannery Row Block PartyCannery Row, Monterey, 11am-5pm, www.canneryrow.comJUNE 9Introduction to Wine & Cheese ClassCabrillo College, Aptos, $25, 831-477-5239www.praisecheesepassthewine.comJUNE 10-1234th Annual Monterey Wine FestivalMonterey Bay Aquarium & Monterey Convention Centerwww.montereywine.com, 800-422-0251JUNE 10 – JULY 3The Clean HouseCircle Theatre, Carmel, 7:30pm, 831-622-0100, www.pacrep.orgJUNE 12Carmel Valley Art & Wine CelebrationCarmel Valley Village, Carmel Valley, 11am-5pm831-659-4000, www.carmelvalleychamber.comJUNE 12Carmel Heritage Society’sAnnual House & Garden TourTor House, Carmel, 1-5pm, 831-624-4447, www.carmelheritage.orgJUNE 14-20U. S. Open ChampionshipPebble Beach Golf Links, Pebble Beach, 908-234-2300, www.usga.orgCENTRAL CALIFORNIAONGOINGSierra RailroadOakdale, 209-848-2100, www.sierrarailroad.com• June 1, 8, 22: Scenic Lunch• June 5: Sunset Dinner18JUNE 6A Celebration of WineRancho Vista del Rio, Madera, 3-6pm559-244-5741, www.acelebrationofwine.comJUNE 11-13American Graffiti FestivalModesto Junior College West Campus, Modesto888-746-9763, www.northmodestokiwanis.orgSIERRAS/FOOTHILLSONGOING THROUGH SEPTEMBER 10Friday Night MarketD St, between 1st & 3rd St, Marysville, 5:30-8:20pm, freewww.visitmarysville.com, 530-742-3575EL DORADO COUNTYONGOING THURSDAY - SUNDAYPrivate Tastings with the WinemakerWinery By the Creek, Fair Play, Taste with Charles B. Mitchell or a staff wineeducator! 11am-5pm, by appointment, $25, $20/members530-620-2402, www.winerybythecreek.comONGOING SUNDAYSJam Sessions Every Sunday AfternoonFitzpatrick Winery, Fair Play, 530-620-3248, www.fitzpatrickwinery.comONGOING FRIDAYS THROUGH OCTOBER 15Friday Wood-Fired Oven Pizza Nights & Live MusicFitzpatrick Winery, Fair Play, 530-620-3248, www.fitzpatrickwinery.com• June 4: TBA• June 11: Jonny Mojo & FriendsONGOING FRIDAYS (JUNE 11 – AUG 27)Sunset Sippin’ with Live MusicBoeger Winery, Placerville, 5-8pm, $5, www.boegerwinery.com, 530-622-8094• June 11: Tony WindleJUNE 4E:Motion Dance Ensemble at David Girard VineyardsPlacerville, 6pm, 530-295-1833, $20, $15/memberswww.davidgirardvineyards.comJUNE 5Live Music with Uncommon GroundFenton Herriott, Placerville, 5-8pm, free, 530-642-2021JUNE 5-626th Annual Fair Play Wine FestivalVisit the wineries of Fair Play! $15, $5/drivers, www.fairplaywine.comJULY 11Fine Wine & Decadent Chocolate PairingPerry Creek, Fair Play, 12-2pm, free, RSVPwww.perrycreek.com, 530-620-5175JUNE 12BBQ & Music on the Green #1Jodar Winery, Camino, 5:30-8:30pm, www.jodarwinery.com, 530-644-3474JUNE 1216th Annual Tempest ConcertFitzpatrick Winery, Fair Play, 6pm, $35/adv, RSVP800-245-9166, www.fitzpatrickwinery.comJUNE 12-132008 Vintage Public Release PartyCrystal Basin Winery, Camino, 530-647-1767AMADOR COUNTYJUNE 4-6Italian PicnicItalian Picnic Grounds, Sutter Creek, 209-267-0206, www.suttercreek.orgJUNE 5-6Italian Days CelebrationDeaver Vineyards, Plymouth, 800-217-2304, www.deavervineyard.comJUNE 12Spring BBQTerra d’Oro Winery, Plymouth, 12-4pm, $18.50, $15/members209-245-6942, www.terradorowinery.comJUNE 12Tasting with the WinemakerWhat’s in Common: Petite Sirah, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, C.G. Di ArieVineyard, Plymouth, 12-4pm, 209-245-4700, www.cgdiarie.comCALAVERAS COUNTYSECOND WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTHWines of the World Education TastingsMurphys Hotel, Murphys, No reservations required, everyone welcome!5:30pm, $15, 209-736-2949ONGOINGHotel LegerMokelumne Hill, www.hotelleger.com, 209-286-1401ONGOINGIronstone Vineyards Concert SeriesMurphys, 209-728-1251, www.ironstonevineyards.com• June 6: Crosby, Stills & NashJUNE 5Copperopolis 150th Year Celebration & ParadeOld Town, Copperopolis, 11am, free, 209-785-4081, www.copper150.comJUNE 57th Annual Savor the Flavour Wine TastingBear Flag Vineyard, 2:30-6pm, $35, Valley Springs, 209-772-2272JUNE 5Music in the ParksCopperopolis Town Square, Copperopolis, 6:30-8pm209-754-1774, www.calaverasarts.orgNEVADA COUNTYTHURSDAYS JUNE 3-24Mill Street Farmers’ MarketMill Street, Grass Valley, 6-9pm, www.downtowngrassvalley.comJUNE 12Saturday Night ConcertSierra Starr Winery, Grass Valley, 530-477-8277, www.sierrastarrwine.comSACRAMENTO VALLEYONGOINGSacramento River Train800-866-1690, www.sacramentorivertrain.com• June 5, 12, 19, 26: Great Train Robbery• June 12: Murder Mystery DinnerONGOINGMondavi Center for the Performing ArtsU.C. Davis, 866-754-ARTS, www.mondaviarts.org• June 2: Empyrean Ensemble• June 3: UC Davis Symphony Orchestra, Family concertJUNE 5Grape EscapeSacramento, Wine tasting, food pairings, cooking demos, music & art!Cesar Chavez Park , 4-7pm, $40/adv, $50916-808-7777, www.raleysgrapeescape.comJUNE 5BeerFestSudwek Restaurant & Brewery, Davis, 2-5pm, $30530-758-3704, www.citizenswhocare.usJUNE 12-13Croatian ExtravaganzaCroatian-American Cultural Center, Sacramento, 916-489-0339, www.cacc.comSOLANO COUNTYONGOINGSix Flags Discovery KingdomVallejo, www.sixflags.com/discoverykingdom• June 4: Physics DayJUNE 6Festival of Arts in the ParkCity Park, Benicia, 10am-5pm, free, www.beniciacommunityarts.orgSUISUN VALLEYJUNE 5Jazz & Blues in Mankas GardensVezer Family Vineyard, Suisun Valley, featuring The Mattie T Bandwww.vezerfamilyvineyard.com, 707-344-0334JUNE 5-610th Annual Art on the VineWooden Valley Winery, Suisun Valley, 11am-5pmwww.woodenvalley.com, 707-864-0730www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

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WINERY FEATURE | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKRAYMOND VINEYARDEvolution Under New Ownershipby Richard Paul HinkleThe five generation story of theRaymonds took a new twist lastAugust when the winery waspurchased by another family with awell-layered vinous history. TheRaymond reputation – built throughdedication and discipline – is now inthe equally-proven vinous hands ofthe French family Boisset.“We are pleased that theRaymonds have given their blessingto our purchase of the winery theycreated back in 1974,” says new proprietorJean-Charles Boisset. “The Raymonds havebeen an integral part of crafting the phenomenalreputation of the Napa Valley. As weembark on this exciting evolution for thewinery we will seek to always honor theirlegacy and ensure they will remain proud ofthe winery that bears their name.”The likelihood of that happening has to becounted good in that Boisset has shown thathe means what he says with his managementof Sonoma County’s DeLoach Winery, whichthe Boisset family acquired several years ago.At Raymond Boisset brought the highlyregarded winemaking consultant PhilippeMelka on board with the 2009 harvest to lendhis vast experience in making CabernetSauvignon-based wines. Just months agoStephanie Putnam – previously with FarNiente and Hess Collection, also good placesfor Cabernet Sauvignon – joined the team asdirector of winemaking. She is assisted in thecellar by Kathy George, the Oregon State gradwho has been with Raymond for twodecades. On the vineyard side, EricPooler is now charged with movingthe Raymond Vineyards – at the estatein Rutherford, in St. Helena and inJamison Canyon – up to sustainableand organic standards.Take a good look at the followingwines, and you’ll see that what’s onthe horizon is well in line with whathas proceeded.Sauvignon Blanc 2009 NapaValley Reserve ($16): Fresh grassand lime in the nose, with a razor likebriskness in the mouth. The finish isstone-hard and crisp, just what you want forthe oyster course.Chardonnay 2008 Napa Valley Reserve($20): Light peach up front, with Frenchbread-and-vanillin oak notes; creamy in themiddle, with lemon pie hints – both the fruitand the buttery crust. Chicken in a creamsauce.Merlot 2006 Napa Valley Reserve ($24):Cassis and menthol and green olive; wonderfullyfluid texture, and just enough oak toastinessto frame all that fruit. Flank steak.20 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY FEATUREMerlot 2005 Napa Valley,Rutherford ($35): Narrow cassisand green olive, with firm,tightly-drawn blackberry in themiddle palate and finish. Grahamoak is subtle and alluring.Field Blend Red 2007 California($15): This is a fun wine,made with several varieties,including the most obvious raspberry(Zinfandel) and blackberry(Cabernet Sauvignon). Lively andbrisk, put this in your picnicbasket with the potato salad andham sandwich.Cabernet Sauvignon 2007Napa-Sonoma-Lake, FamilyClassic ($20): Easy blackcurrant fruit and black pepperspice. Think Salisbury steak orthe like.Cabernet Sauvignon 2005St. Helena ($60): This is a solidlybuilt wine that shows off the St.Helena appellation. The blackcurrant and cassis are there in fullforce, with a delightful hit ofblackberry from the middlethrough the finish. “This was acool vintage,” says George. “Thelonger ripening period allowedfor even fruit development andcontributed to high qualitywines. We like this wine withroasted duck breast or braisedrabbit.” The ducks are easier tocatch than the rabbits, though.Raymond Vineyard is locatedat 849 Zinfandel Lane (on thesouth side of town, visible fromHighway 29), St. Helena. Phone1-800-525.2659 or check theweb at RaymondVineyards.comfor further information. Thetasting room, replete withcolorful and tasteful gift items, isopen daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.[Hinkle is the author of ninewine books. Visit his website atwww.RichardPaulHinkle.com.]www.WineCountryThisWeek.com21

Perfect Pairs BYMILLIE HOWIEDUNGENESS CRAB CAKESWith Tomatillo Avocado Sauce and Roasted Corn SalsaCasa Nuestra RosadoPerfectly Paired withDungeness Crab CakesIf the folks at Casa Nuestra Winery had not attended a CheninBlanc Conference in the Loire Valley of France a few years ago, therewould never have been a Casa Nuestra Dry Rosado. Fortunately, asStephanie explains, “We started making Rosado after being introducedto the wonderful, food-friendly rosés of the Loire region.They were dry and crisp and perfect for pairing with a wide varietyof foods.”The 2009 Rosado, This dry rosé is made from the estate’s organicCabernet Franc grapes “This vintage,” Stephanie says, “has just theright amount of fruit and spice coupled with a racy acidity to make itthe ideal complement to any of the crab dishes created by the chef ofSilverado Brewing Company. My favorites, particularly when servedwith the Tomatillo Avocado Sauce and Roasted Corn Salsa – and, ofcourse, our Rosado, are the Dungeness Crab Cakes.”And the chef feels pretty much the same way. “I paired the CasaNuestra Rosado with the Dungeness Crab Cakes because I love thecombination of the sweetness of the crab and the crispness of thecakes,” he says. ”And the Avocado and Tomatillo Sauce has theperfect amount of acidity to match the subtle fruit flavors of thewine. The combination fits in ideally with our policy at the restaurantto use only local, sustainable and organic ingredients whereverpossible, and we feel fortunate to be able to feature the Rosado whichStephanie made in a very limited quantity of only 185 cases.” To besure to be able to duplicate this mouth-watering combination, stopby Casa Nuestra at 3451 Silverado Trail, St. Helena to taste andpurchase a bottle or two of the Rosado.22CRAB CAKES• 1 pound Dungeness crab meat• 1/2 cup mayonnaise• 3/4 cup panko bread crumbs• 1/2 tsp Tobasco sauce• 1/2 tsp worcestershire sauce• 1/2 tsp salt• 1 tsp dry mustard• 1 tsp fresh Italian parsley, chopped• 2 oz celery minced• 2 oz scallions minced• 4 oz red bell peppers, mincedCombine all ingredients except the mayonnaise, and the bread crumbs –mix well.Add mayonnaise and bread crumbs – mix well. Mixture should easilyhold its shape when formed into balls. Adjust with mayonnaise andbread crumbs as needed. Form into 2-ounce balls.Bread the balls by first rolling into flour, then egg wash, then into pankobread crumbs and form into crab cakes. Place in into a container withsheets of wax paper and light bread crumbs between layers. Cover withplastic wrap.TOMATILLO AVOCADO SAUCE• 1 avocado• 1/2 bunch cilantro• 4 tomatillos• 1/2 cup waterPuree all ingredients in a blender. Slowly add water last to achieve athick consistancy. Add salt and pepper to taste.ROASTED CORN SALSA• 3 ears white corn• 2 Tbs. lime juice• 1/2 red onion, finely chopped • Salt and pepper to taste• 1/4 bunch cilantro• Small hand-full organic fieldgreens• 1 Tbs. Mcevoy Ranch olive oil • 2 oz. red pepper, dicedPan roast the white corn, let cool.Mix all ingredients, except field greens, together.ASSEMBLYPan sear the cakes on medium heat with olive oil for about 2 minuteson each side, or until golden brown.Serve the two cakes on a bed of the tomatillo sauce. Then serve abouquet of field greens with the roasted corn salsa on top. Garnish withfresh cilantro.Serve with Casa Nuesta Winery & Vineyards 2009 Dry Rosado, MendocinoCounty, chilledRecipe courtesy of Silverado Brewing Companywww.WineCountryThisWeek.com


WINE COUNTRY NEWS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKROMBAUER VINEYARDSBringing You the Joy of Wine for 30 Yearsby Nan ReileyNapa Valley wineries have many kinds ofenjoyment to offer, but when you are in themood for a day of pure pleasure, when youwant to take joy in the beauty of yoursurroundings and the excellence of the wineyou are tasting, then come to Rombauer Vineyards.Rombauer is located at the secluded,northeastern edge of the valley on theSilverado Trail, a separate world within theworld of Napa Valley. You’ll climb from thevalley floor over a paved driveway that meandersthrough a venerable head-trainedZinfandel vineyard and up into the forest. Awinery in a forest? Yes, this question isanswered as you approach the wineryperched upon a wooded knoll with views thatlook out forever across the lush valley to thewest. You may have the sensation of comingupon a secret garden here, because thecopious variety of flowers and shrubs readslike something from a gardening encyclopedia.Curving gravel walkways borderedwith a riot of colorful plantings lead to picnictables under oak trees and a trellised gazebowith benches and the magnificent valleyviews.Mercifully, Rombauer is not an architecturalgrandiosity. In keeping with its sereneand wooded setting, the entry to the tastingroom offers a broad roofed porch withbenches, potted flowers and, again, thebreathtaking views. Inside, three small separatebars are staffed with low-keyed, friendlypeople who want you to enjoy your visit andsome great wines as well. Many of these24www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINE COUNTRY NEWStasting room folk have been with Rombauer for many years, and theyknow almost everything about the wines, local restaurants and inns ofthe valley.Rombauer Vineyards is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year asa family-owned-and-operated winery. The second-generationRombauers, sister and brother Sheana and Koerner (IIIrd) are dedicatedto maintaining the standards of wine excellence the family hasbuilt up through the years. Committed to the good wine country life,they want their visitors to experience the joy of drinking fine winewith family and friends. They appear to be doing a good job, becausefor the past two years, Rombauer has been in the Top Ten of favoriterestaurant wines across the nation, as polled by the respected Wine &Spirits Magazine. In the tasting room, you’ll have the opportunity tofind out why, with a significant bonus: you can sample severalRombauer wines that are available only at the winery or to Joy of WineClub members.Two current releases widely available and of special note are the2008 Carneros Chardonnay and the 2007 Fiddletown Zinfandel.Chardonnay may well still be the flagship wine of Rombauer, and thisvintage is simply delicious, clean and silky in the mouth with bigpeach and sweet apple fruit notes. The Zinfandel? You have to taste itfor yourself – it’s a Zin apart, huge and rich and packed with sweetfruit and spice.Tasting-room-only wines that you’ll want to take home with youinclude Merlot, Atlas Peak, Stags Leap and Stice Lane Cabernet Sauvignons(savor the vineyard differences), and a proprietary red Bordeauxblend called Le Meilleur du Chai (The Best of the Cellar). These winesshould make perfect luncheon companions for your picnic after thetasting. And for take-home gifts, a duet of 375 ml (half-bottles) Portmade from Zinfandel and a late harvest Chardonnay dessert winecalled Joy, each in luxe bottles, will definitely bring joy to the luckyrecipient.Rombauer Vineyards is located at 3522 Silverado Trail, on theeastern side of Napa Valley, just a few miles north of the happeningtown of St. Helena. The Rombauer tasting room is open daily from 10a.m. to 5p.m.. Call (707) 963-5170 or go to www.rombauer.com formore information.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com25

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKRODNEY STRONG VINEYARDS20th Annual Summer Concert SeriesThis year’s Rodney Strong Concert Series includes returning greatsand winery first-timers that make a stellar lineup for the winery’s 20thannual concert series. Kicking off the series is Kenny Loggins, who hasspanned three decades as a songwriter and performer. Later in theseries, the month of August heats up with three concerts including adouble billing of John Hiatt with Los Lobos and an end-of-the-monthshow by Bay Area favorite, Chris Isaak.Surrounded by acres of beautiful vineyards, guests will be treatedto some of the top performers in contemporary music whilepicnicking at the winery’s intimate concert venue, The Green.Season passes and concert tickets are available by calling (707)869-1595 ext. 4 or www.omegaevents.com/rodneystrong. Tickets canbe purchased in person at the Rodney Strong Vineyards Tasting Room.The 2010 Season Pass includes four shows (August 21st concertexcluded), and offers exclusive benefits such as the same reserved seatfor all concerts, commemorative gifts and early announcements onfuture engagements.Bring a picnic meal to enjoy with friends on The Green or purchasean assortment of prepared foods from local purveyors who will beonsite. You may also purchase any of Rodney Strong Vineyards’ winesas well as choose from an array of non-alcoholic beverages. Whitewines include Sauvignon Blanc and several Chardonnays; red winesinclude Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignons and Zinfandel.Rodney Strong Vineyards Wine Club members enjoy an exclusivereception before the shows and at intermission as well as $5 discounton each ticket price. Wine Club tickets must be purchased throughRodney Strong Vineyards by calling 1-866-779-4637.No outside alcoholic beverages will be allowed into the venue.Low-back chairs or blankets are recommended for all lawn seating. Nohigh-back chairs or umbrellas. Parking is complimentary and attendantswill point the way. The famous Russian River fog usually arrivesin the early evening, so attendees are advised to bring jackets andsweaters, or guests can purchase specially logo’d t-shirts and sweatshirtsat the show.Rodney Strong Vineyards is located at 11455 Old RedwoodHighway, off Highway 101 just south of the town of Healdsburg inSonoma County. The winery is just one hour north of the Golden GateBridge. Healdsburg is a perfect location for a romantic weekend. Visitorsto Sonoma County’s wine country will also find a number ofcharming inns and restaurants as well as an array of specialty shops.Saturday, June 5 – Kenny LogginsDuring nearly four decades as a professional singer-songwriter, Kenny Loggins has established himself as manythings to countless music lovers. Loggins & Messina were among the most popular duos of the ’70s, then Kenny wenton to solo stardom with such top hits as “Whenever I Call You Friend,” “I’m Alright,” “Footloose” and “Danger Zone.”Loggins has also reached millions of new fans as his work in the genre of Children’s music.Doors open at 4 p.m. Show starts at 5 p.m.Tickets: VIP $110; General Admission $75Saturday, July 3 – Boney James and Jesse CookMaking his saxophone sing like a human voice – that’s Boney James. Soulfuland gifted, the three million-selling saxophonist and songwriter is one oftoday’s most respected and best-selling instrumental artists and performers.With his latest album “Send One Your Love” – featuring “Don’t Let Me BeLonely Tonight,” nominated for a Grammy – Boney furthers his longstandingreputation as a major force in both the worlds of Contemporary Jazzand R&B.Seven studio albums in fifteen years is, in itself,a measure of Jesse Cook’s artistic success. And,for this latest recording he wanted to tracerumba flamenco back to its roots in Cuba. In2008, he achieved something no one before himever has. He dominated both the smooth jazzradio charts with his Top 3 single, Café Mocha,and the Billboard New Age chart with his #1album Frontiers, which to date has spent overJesse Cook70 weeks in the Top 10.Doors open at 4 p.m. Show starts at 5 p.m.Tickets: VIP $75; General Admission $50Saturday, August 7 – Dave Koz and Jonathan Butler –Together Again Tour featuring Sheila E.Boney JamesIn a career spanning two decades, Dave Koz has established himself as a platinum-selling artist, humanitarian, entrepreneur,radio host and instrumental music advocate. A six-time Grammy nominee, he was honored in September2009 by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Gifted singer, two-time Grammy nominated songwriter, guitarist and producer, Jonathan Butler has a unique abilityto blend his roots in African music with western pop sensibilities. His self-titled debut album introduced him internationallyand scored a Grammy nomination for the pop hit “Lies.”Sheila E. is indeed a multi-faceted drummer, percussionist, vocalist and humanitarian. She has recorded and touredextensively with renowned artists such as Prince, Gloria Estefan, Stevie Nicks, Cyndi Lauper, Lionel Richie, Ringo Starr,Stevie Wonder and countless others. Her last CD release “Heaven” is an enchanting combination of adult contemporary,funk, jazz and inspirational tracks.Doors open at 4 p.m. Show starts at 5 p.mTickets: VIP $75; General Admission $50Saturday, August 21 – John Hiatt and Los LobosOver thirty-five years after the release of his debut album, John Hiatt remains one of America’s most respected andinfluential singer-songwriters. As the Los Angeles Times once wrote, “(Hiatt) writes the funniest sad songs – and thesaddest funny songs – of just about anybody alive.” His latest release, 2010’s “The Open Road,” hearkens back toHiatt’s classic, rootsy formula – the narrative of a reluctant bluesman that has made his life traveling the world toshare his musical take on life.Los Lobos, the three-time Grammy-winning band, has assembled a body of work diverse enough to cripple mostbands and to captivate press and fans worldwide since its inception in 1973. Focusing on the rich diversity of Mexico’smusic, where the vocal treatment, instrumentation and rhythm differ from region to region, and the music is sure toinvigorate the soul as only Los Lobos can.Doors open at 4 p.m. Show starts at 5 p.m.Tickets: VIP $75; General Admission $50Sunday, August 29 – Chris IsaakThroughout his impressive recording career – right from his stunning1985 debut to this latest stellar effort – Chris Isaak has tunefullyand artfully explored the good, the bad and the ugly of love, aswell as other matters of profound human interest. He has done sowith an abiding respect for popular music’s past, but at the sametime with clear and vital passion for the here and now. “Mr. Lucky”– Chris’ new masterpiece – perfectly balances the ecstasy of greatromance with the agony of pure heartbreak.Doors open at 4 p.m. Show starts at 5 p.m.Tickets: VIP $110; General Admission $75Chris Isaak26 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINE COUNTRY NEWSWinemaker Profile: Rutherford Hill WineryMARISA TAYLOR HUFFAKERby Diana GreenwoodRutherford Hill Winery is affectionatelycalled the “king” of Merlot but there’s a“queen” behind the scenes working withthose lush, purple-black grapes. WinemakerMarisa Taylor Huffaker tips her crown toMerlot, the fruit grown in the regionsurrounding the winery, grapes bursting withflavor from vines nurtured by deep volcanicsoil and afternoon sun that lingers on the hill.Marisa knows the varietal well. About 75% ofproduction at Rutherford Hill is aimed atMerlot, a wine that is dense and voluptuouson the nose, and the aromas in the cellarremind Marisa of childhood dinners whereMerlot sparkled in crystal glasses when familymembers gathered.Marisa Taylor Huffaker grew up runningthrough the vineyards of Santa Rosa inSonoma County. Her godfather was a vineyardmanager and Marisa visited often,trailing along, pruning, picking, tasting thegrapes, and marveling at the process fromvine to the glass. “Wine was a part of the dailytable landscape at dinner,” said Marisa.“Growing up in wine country, it was thenorm. It was only later when I was searchingfor a career that I realized how familiar andmemory-invoking the aroma of a winery wasto me. It was like coming home.”Marisa enrolled in Santa Rosa JuniorCollege and by the age of 25 was making herown wine, using Pinot Noir from Carneros.She graduated from the University of California,Davis, first with a B.S. in Chemistryand then an M.S. in Food Science/Enology.With her two degrees, Marisa had the solidfoundation needed to excel at top quality,artisan winemaking. A self-described “labrat,” Marisa has a passion for the analyticaldetail needed for monitoring yeast cultures,barrels, fermentation, blending and ultimately,bottling.After honing her skills in the lab at PiperSonoma and J Winery, Marisa became anenologist at S. Anderson Vineyard inwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comYountville, where she learned to makeCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and sparklingwine. Her natural curiosity led Marisa towork abroad for the harvest of 1999 at theColognole Winery in Rufina, Italy, where sheimmersed herself in winemaking and learnedto vinify Sangiovese. In Italy, Marisa spokesome Italian in order to share her passion forwine and learned the importance of communicationfrom vineyard to cellar to bottle,something she stresses today at RutherfordHill.Although Rutherford Hill Winery isprimarily a red wine house, Marisa burstswith enthusiasm when talking aboutChardonnay, especially as sultry summer daysapproach and people fire up the grills. “OurChardonnay is a wine to love,” she said. “It’scrisp and fruit forward with just the rightamount of spice and richness from the barrelfermentation. The barrel influence supportsthe bright fruit of the Chardonnay.”Another warm weather wine to love is the2009 Sauvignon Blanc, which will be availableJune 1st. In the past this wine wasoffered only at the winery, but this year asmall bottling of 800 cases will be released fordistribution. Marisa says the Sauvignon Blancis “bright, crisp fruit with aromatics of lime,melon and orange blossom, the perfectaccompaniment to summer.”Marisa is one of the busiest winemakers inthe Napa Valley in one of the prettiest locations.The unpretentious winery perches atthe peak of Rutherford Hill Road, just offSilverado Trail, where the view from the oakstuddedpicnic grove extends as far as the eyecan see and glorious colors in the valley arethe backdrop to the wine in your glass. Nowonder, then, that a few months ago thewinery was selected by Bravo to host itsEmmy and James Beard Award-winning TopChef Season Six finale shows. After 12episodes filmed in Las Vegas, the show’sexciting conclusion shifted to California winecountry where the final four “chef’testants”faced off in a series of challenges that decidedthe next new Top Chef. Marisa had an opportunityto work with the film crew, setting upwine tasting in the mile-long wine caves andshe attended the “Harvest Party Challenge.”A new brand called Quickfire stemmedfrom the partnership with the No. 1 foodshow on cable TV and Marisa, along withRutherford Hill Winery owner, AnthonyTerlato, now crafts two elegant and balancedwines under the label. Named for the show’sexciting Quickfire Challenge, where “chef’testants”compete in fast-paced culinary trials,Quickfire Chardonnay and QuickfireCabernet Sauvignon take on the ultimatechallenge – to offer versatility that complementsa wide range of food styles.When Marisa has a few moments of downtime she loves to spend time gardening orplaying with her year-old son at her home inSonoma County. She enjoys quilting and likewinemaking, the meticulous detail andcombination of method with art suits herpersonality.Marisa Taylor Huffaker, the “queen”behind the scenes, and the wines of RutherfordHill will fill you with joy when you visit.Located at 200 Rutherford Hill Road, tastingis available daily from 10-5. For additionalinformation visit the web at www.rutherfordhill.comor call (707) 963-1871.27

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKWhat Do The Boys' Team, Ladies' Night and Walking Egyptians Have in Common?Napa Valley Vintners’ 30th Annual Auction Napa ValleyIt’s time to get the parties started in Napa Valley as the Napa ValleyVintners celebrates its 30th anniversary Auction Napa Valley. While itis always the consummate wine and food lovers' event of the year, forthis milestone the vintners have pulled out all the stops, from start tofinish, to create a magical, high-energy fete.The centerpiece of the fundraising charity weekend is the LiveAuction being held on Saturday, June 5, at Meadowood Napa Valley.“This truly will be the must-attend event of the year in Napa Valley,”said event Honorary Chair Beth Novak Milliken of Spottswoode EstateVineyard & Winery. “We have assembled an incredible crew of culinarystars – 17 of them in all – 11 men and six women from toprestaurants around the country. I know I’m looking forward to theAuction!”With the playful theme of “The Boys are Back in Town” and thattune humming in one’s ear, four-day package holders will stroll ontothe forest-surrounded greens at Meadowood to find 11 of the country’stop gentlemen chefs who will start the day presenting a walk-aroundal fresco lunch. The men’s team hails from New York, Chicago, LosAngeles, San Francisco, Birmingham and Napa Valley:• Octavio Becerra, Palate, Los Angeles• Jean Joho, Everest, Chicago• Thomas Keller, The French Laundry, Napa Valley• Christopher Kostow, The Restaurant at Meadowood, Napa Valley• Lars Kronmark CIA Greystone, Napa Valley• Paul LeMieux Auberge du Soleil, Napa Valley• Walter Manzke, formerly of Church and State, Los Angeles• Michael Mina, Michael Mina, San Francisco• Richard Reddington, Redd, Napa Valley• Frank Stitt, Highlands Bar and Grill, Birmingham, AL• Michael Tusk, Quince, San FranciscoThen, the auction begins and the action gets lively as bidders vie for41 incredible lots of rare wine, wine collections, travel and vintnerhostedexcursions, the proceeds of which will raise funds for healthcare,youth services and affordable housing non-profit programs.And then it’s Ladies’ Night! “We have put together an amazingevening, where six exceptional female chefs will come out to keep theparty going as this all-star culinary team creates supper on the lawn.This will be a dinner and an evening to remember,” said NovakMilliken. The lineup for this meal under the stars includes:• Gina DePalma of Babbo, New York City• Suzanne Goin of Lucques, Los Angeles• Carrie Nahabedian of Naha, Chicago• Melissa Perello of Frances, San Francisco• Elizabeth Prueitt of Tartine, San Francisco• Suzanne Tracht of Jar, Los Angeles“It is truly incredible that these 17 culinary super-stars have partneredwith us to make this 30-year celebration so spectacular,” said Saturday’sCulinary Chair Sue Cross of Cross Cellars. “We are thrilled to have thesechefs provide their time and their talent to be part of the fundraising –this is the spirit that makes this auction such a great event.”28The Live Auction lot exhibition featured 42 mega-lots to be auctioned off onSaturday evening of last year’s event.Ladies’ Night will pump it up one more time with a performanceby the renowned all-girl-band The Bangles. “Who doesn’t get excitedwith songs like ‘Walk Like an Egyptian,’ or ‘Manic Monday’ and whatbetter way to cap the celebration of the 30th Auction Napa Valley –this is going to be a great party, and it’s for great charities that reallyrely on this fundraiser,” said Entertainment Chair Jeff Smith of HourglassWinery.The Auction’s culinary savvy is also shown at the Taste Napa ValleyFriday Festival being held this year at Rubicon Estate. Here, 60 localrestaurateurs and artisanal food purveyors will partner with nearly 100wineries at the al fresco Marketplace. Inside the caves, another 100wineries will offer barrel samples pulled right from the wooden barrelin the always-rousing barrel tasting and auction. Together with privatedinner parties at winery owners’ homes on Thursday and Fridayevenings, the four-day package attendees will enjoy the quintessentialwine and culinary experience of the year – all while raising funds forcharity.About Auction Napa ValleyAuction Napa Valley is the most successful charity wine auction inthe world and to date has given $90 million to scores of non-profitprograms. The annual fundraiser is hosted by the Napa Valley Vintners,the non-profit trade association representing nearly 400 wineriesin the renowned Napa Valley. The auction was founded in 1981 underthe vision of Robert and Margrit Mondavi and has grown to be a fourdaycelebration of wine, food and fundraising held the first weekendin June.About Napa Valley VintnersThe Napa Valley Vintners is the non-profit trade association responsiblefor promoting and protecting the Napa Valley appellation as thepremier winegrowing region. From seven founding members in 1944,today the association represents nearly 400 Napa Valley wineries andcollectively is a leader in the world-wide wine industry. To learn moreabout this region and its legendary American wines, visitwww.napavintners.com.www.WineCountryThisWeek.comTinacci

L O D G I N GWINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINE COUNTRY NEWSFrank Family Vineyards Invites a Winning Bidder to a ‘Modern Family’ AffairLive Lot Includes Walk-On Role on ABC’s “Modern Family,” Dinner atMélisse with Actress Sofia Vergara, Lodging at the Beverly Wilshire, FirstClass Tickets on American Airlines to Cabo San Lucas, and a luxurious stayat the Esperanza Resort, an Auberge PropertyFormer Disney executive Rich Frank and Connie Frank, owners ofFrank Family Vineyards, and Steve McPherson, co-owner of Promiseand President of ABC Entertainment Group have partnered with a starstuddedcast for their auction lot at this year’s Auction Napa Valley, tobe held at Meadowood Napa Valley resort on June 5. The lot is one ofabout forty live lots offered at the auction, an annual fundraiser forlocal charities in the Napa Valley, and is described as follows:The hottest new television comedy in years wants YOU. Come toHollywood and join sizzling hot actress Sofia Vergara on the set ofABC’s “Modern Family” for your very own walk-on role. You, yoursignificant other and another couple will be treated like royalty withaccommodations for three nights at the posh Beverly Wilshire, a FourSeasons Luxury Property. While in LA, your celebrity schedule will beWine Countrybooked with a multi-course wine dinner in the private room atMelisse, Josiah Citrin’s two-Michelin-star restaurant. Frank Family andPromise wines will flow and the “Modern Family” will come to thedinner, including actress Sofia Vergara and Executive Producers SteveLevitan and Chris Lloyd, along with Rich Frank, Connie Frank andABC President Steve McPherson. After your stellar star turn, RichFrank will whisk you and another couple off to Cabo San Lucas firstclasson American Airlines for a three-night stay at the beautiful Esperanza,an Auberge Resort. When you arrive home, you'll have memoriesof the trip in a bottle – a five-year vertical of etched 1.5L bottlesof Frank Family’s Winston Hill (2002-2006), and 12 bottles of 2005Promise Cabernet Sauvignon. The Griswolds are so last century. Thislot is made for the “Modern Family.”Located at 1091 Larkmead Lane in Calistoga, Frank Family Vineyardsis open to the public daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 p.m. Pleasevisit www.frankfamilyvineyards.com or call 800.574.9463 for moreinformation.NAPA VALLEYPINK MANSIONA small, intimate, private inn where you arepampered and can enjoy the perfect Napa winetasting experience. Valley or forest views from eachroom, lavish breakfast and afternoon wine tasting,delectable surprises, large indoor heated pool andJacuzzi, in-room massage and facials available,easy walk to town for shopping and dining, bikingdistance to most local wineries.1415 Foothill Blvd 1-800-238-7465Calistogawww.pinkmansion.comCANDLELIGHT INNPrivate baths; TV/phone and AC; two-personmarble jacuzzis and fireplaces; balconies ordecks; three-course gourmet breakfast, horsd’oeuvres, wine and sherry in the evening; luxurious30'x60'; swimming pool1045 Easum Drive, Napa1-800-624-0395 candlelightinn.comNAPA VALLEYBRANNAN COTTAGE INNSix spacious, comfortable rooms with garden views, private entrances, private baths,queen-size beds and a refrigerator. Two mini-suites have sitting rooms with televisionsas well. Air conditioning and ceiling fans ensure comfort during summertimevisits. Down comforters and fireplaces for cozy and romantic evenings.109 Wapoo St, Calistoga brannancottageinn@sbcglobal.netwww.brannoncottageinn.com (707) 942-4200CALDERWOOD INNPerfect environment to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Situated3 blocks from the historic downtown plaza and wonderful restaurants in Healdsburg.25 W. Grant Street, Healdsburg (707) 431-1110innkeeper@calderwoodinn.com 1-800-600-5444VINTNERS INNForty-four spacious rooms and suites with balconies or patios;surrounded by vineyards. 1-800-421-25844350 Barnes Road, Santa Rosa www.vintnersinn.comLEDSON HOTELLuxury hotel situated on historic Sonoma Plaza. Six individually decorated roomswith king-size bed, whirlpool baths, fireplace and balconies.Appointed with antique grandeur paired with modern amenities. (707) 996-9779480 First Street East, Sonoma www.ledsonhotel.comSONOMA COUNTY– COASTwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comSONOMA COUNTY– NORTHERNSONOMA COUNTY– SOUTHERNINN AT THE TIDESBay views, walking distance to shopping, restaurants; swimming pool, hot tub,fitness center, sauna; rooms with views and fireplaces; massage available;continental breakfast 1-800-541-7788800 Highway One, Bodega Bay www.InnattheTides.comLODI/WOODBRIDGEROBIN’S NEST GUEST HOUSE (209) 334-3952665 W. Turner Road, Lodi www.robinsnestlodi.comWINE AND ROSES HOTEL AND RESTAURANT2505 W. Turner Road (209) 334-6988AMOROSA INN AND GARDENS8400 E. Harney Lane (209) 367-0882THE INN AT LOCKHOUSE19960 Elliot Road, Lockeford (209) 727-5715MONTEREY BAY/CENTRAL COASTCYPRESS INN800-443-7443 www.cypress-inn.comLAMP LIGHTER INNTucked into an ancient grove of trees and just steps to the famous Carmel Beach, you will discovera charming inn with two cottages and four guest rooms inn and Sunset House Suites. These bedand breakfast boutique hotels have been serving the traveling public since 1935.(831) 624-6046 www.carmellamplighter.comSUNSET SUITES(831) 624-7372 www.carmellamplighter.comVAGABOND’S INNVagabond's House Inn Bed and Breakfast is located in the midst of Carmel'sfinest restaurants, unique shops and well-known art galleries and blocks awayfrom Clint Eastwood's Hog's Breath Inn.(831) 624-7738 www.vagabondshouseinn.comLONE OAK LODGEVoted Monterey Peninsula Travel Planner Best Value. Within minutes to aquarium, wineries,Monterey Harbor, shopping, taverns, restaurants, etc. Rooms available with kitchenettes.1-800-283-5663 www.loneoaklodge.com29

Welcome toS U I S U NV A L L E YSuisun Valley – Hidden But Treasured Wine Countryby Charles NeaveFirst, foremost and always, the Suisun Valley in Solano County just25 minutes from Napa, has its roots – often quite literally – in the businessand passion of agriculture. And nowhere is that more evidentthan in the rich earth and thriving vineyards and farms of the SuisunValley, the stretch of land that runs to the west of Fairfield and Interstate80, and borders the county of Napa on two sides.Perfectly situated between a pair of coastal mountain ranges, theMount George Range on the west and the Vaca Mountains to the east,this verdant six by two mile valley sits within the Coastal climateregion. It is also an area where fog rarely visits, though it is not far fromboth the Sacramento River delta and San Francisco’s San Pablo Bay.Set within this compact area are more than 10,000 acres of richfarmland, almost a third of them planted to the grapes that helpsupply the area’s flourishing wineries, and many with a more familiarNapa Valley label. This region is part of the North Coast Appellation,a district famous for what is known as “ultra-premium” fruit, which inthe case of wine lovers everywhere means wine grapes, planted to astaggering number of both familiar and rare varieties.If you look at a map of where many growers in Napa County andbeyond source their grapes or own vineyards, you will be surprised athow many have vineyard holdings here. This is in addition to thedozen or so wineries that call the Suisun Valley their home, and bothmake, age, bottle and market their wines here. Many also have theirown tasting rooms, and during the year hold – both individually andcollectively – special events to lure those who appreciate wine to theircellar doors.The Suisun Valley is also dotted with farm stands and workingfarms that welcome visitors. There are quaint spots to eat and relax,and it is the driving force behind the annual Tomato Festival in Fairfield,and for other events that occur throughout the year. But most ofall it stands as enduing symbol of the real, living heritage of this partof the hidden but treasured wine country of Northern California.30www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

The Napa Back RoadVezér Family Vineyards in Suisun Valleyby Charles NeaveThough often – too often – overlooked, Suisun Valley is one of thelast of California’s remaining hidden gems, despite the fact that it isbarely a dozen miles from the City of Napa. But for years Suisun hasbeen known as a trusted and quality stand-in to the star winemakersof Napa and Sonoma.Now, with the recent introduction of Frank and Liz Vezér and theirbest friends and partners, Sam and Mimi Mizirawi, things arechanging.To begin with, the Vezer’s bought the 30-acre ranch and vineyardformerly contracted to the “Sin Zin” people and “Ravenswood.” Thatwas followed in very short order by their purchase of the entireWestern “Pony Express” village of Mankas Corners, a property with160 years of colorful history. Then they acquired Suisun Valley’sCrown Jewel, the Blue Victorian in the very heart of this valley ofrolling hills, farms, pasture and vineyards.Also a 160-year-old homestead, it has towering century-old datepalms and a gorgeous and, yes, a very blue Victorian manor. All threelocations are working winery sites, with some of the most unique andhospitable tasting rooms you have ever experienced, stocked with anarray of good wines and staffed by people who are simply glad youstopped by and who want to share the area’s history, stories and wineswith you.However, what is the best part about the Vezér Family wineries andthis tranquil valley are their wines. There are the crisp, tropical fruitwhites that even red wine drinker would love, and then there are theVezér reds. Reds that are lush, jammy and with a silky smooth finish.And all their wines pair perfectly with food; in my mind the ultimatetest of any wine.All of the wines from Vezér and Blue Victorian have won awards,and most of these awards are Best in Class, double gold and gold. “Weare thrilled that we have just won gold at the New York’s Internationalfor their 2006 Cab,” said Frank Vezér. Also, at a blind tasting recentlyheld at the elegant Bay Leaf Restaurant in Napa, Vezér’s 2006 CabernetSauvignon was unanimously preferred over a famous 97 point NapaValley Cabernet.One cannot write an article on Vezér and Suisun Valley withoutmentioning the La Salette, if it is not already known as the world’smost exquisite Petite Syrah blend, it is certainly known as the world’smost expensive, where a magnum of La Salette sold to two investorsfor $30,000.00 in a live charity auction. Have no fear though, in thetasting room a bottle is far more affordable price, though it is indisputablya wine for those special occasions.But Vezér is all about hospitality and family, and this is the mainreason why Suisun Valley is being recognized as the “wine hospitalityvalley.” The Vezér family warmly invites you to visit all of thewww.WineCountryThisWeek.comtwelve wineries in the valley, and to make it a full weekend destination.You can even plan a dinner at the Vintage Café, right nextto one of the Vezér tasting rooms, and spend the night in one of theareas many fine hotels.For more information on this special part of the Northern CaliforniaWine Country, go to SuisunValleyTheNapaBackroad.com formore details. And be sure to visit the Vezér website at www.Vezer-FamilyVineyard.com for directions and your tasting (and tastingroom) options.3737SoscolSoscolSilverado TrailSilverado Trail29291212Big RanBig Ranch RdSilvMonticello RdSilverado TrailMonticello RdNapaNapaJameson Canyon RdAtlas PeaMason121121Green Valley RdRockville RdJarvisRockville RdSuisun Valley RdWooden Valley RdSuisun Valley RdMankasAbernathy RdWoodenValley RdWaterman BlvdOliverGordon Valley RdClayton RdEagle EyeBLUE VICTORIAN Daniel CappWINERYBLUE VICTORIAN WinesDaniel CappVEZÉR FAMILY WINERY WINERY WinesVEZÉRVEZÉRGardens,FAMILYDeli &WINERYBarista Wooden Valley Private RanchGreen Valley CellarsGardens, Suisun Deli & Barista Winery & Tasting VEZÉRRoomWine CoopWooden Valley Private RanchBY APPOINTMENT ONLYGreen Valley CellarsSuisun LedgewoodWinery& Tasting RoomWine Coop CreekBY APPOINTMENT ONLYLedgewoodSuisunCreekSuisun Valley WinterhawkValley Winterhawk8080FairfieldTenbrinkFairfieldTenbrinkANHEUSER BUSCH80ANHEUSER BUSCHCordeliaBREWERYBREWERYTOURSTOURSJELLY BELLYFACTORY AND TOURS 12680Suisun CityMankas Hills WineryJameson Canyon RdAtlas Peak RdMasonGreen Valley RdRockville RdJarvisS U I S U NV A L L E YW I N E R I E SRockville RdSuisun Valley RdWooden Valley RdSuisun Valley RdMankasAbernathy RdWoodenValley RdWaterman BlvdOliverGordon Valley RdClayton RdEagle Eye31

NAPA VALLEY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKNapa Valley Winery to host 15th Annual 4th of July CelebrationThe Louis M. Martini Winery Celebration FeaturesOne of Wine Country’s Largest Firework DemonstrationsOn Sunday, July 4, the Martini family will open the doors of theLouis M. Martini Winery for its annual patriotic celebration featuringlocal restaurants, music and fireworks. This year marks the 15thanniversary of the Martini extravaganza, which is widely recognized asNapa Valley’s largest fireworks demonstration. The winery is located at254, South St. Helena Highway (Hwy 29).The Martini 4th of July Celebration begins at 7 p.m. and concludesat 10 p.m. Tickets are at $110 for the general public and $85 forFounder’s Club members. For more information or to reserve tickets,call the wine club office at 1-866-549-2582 or send an email toinfo@louismartini.com. Tickets are also available for purchase on thewebsite at www.lmmartinistore.com/4thofJulyticket.S T . H E L E N ACHARLESKRUGPRATTBERINGERDavid FultonFULTONCalafia Cellars32POPENAPA VALLEYWINE HARDWAREPRAGERSUTTER HOMEARGER-MARTUCCINot to ScaleOrin SwiftSt. Helena Wine CenterNapa Valley FarmsSalvestrinTayson PierceLEWELLING AVEHallFlora SpringsINGLEWOODWHITEHALL LANEWittMERRYVALECHARTER OAKLong Meadow RanchCorisonWHITEHALL LANELOUIS M MARTINIMilatDel DottoHeitzRutherfordGroveTres Sabores &Pedemonte CellarsV. SATTUIWINERY& DELIZINFANDELRAYMONDFransicanGALLERONH Wine Country This Week Preferredu Open to the publicu Open by appointm ent onlyFleuryFood, Fun and EntertainmentThe event, which welcomes St. Helena community members andvisitors to the Valley, begins with a tasting of some of Martini’s newlyreleased wines, including the much sought-after No. 254 CabernetSauvignon Rosé, paired with delicious hors d’oeuvres from a variety ofSt. Helena purveyors. Edible delights from Sunshine Foods, C.C. BlueSushi, Market and Villa Corona restaurants will be the preface to afamily-style Napa Valley BBQ dinner, homemade desserts and icecream.Guests will be entertained by live music throughout the eveningand the winery gardens will play host to activities for children. LouisM. Martini Founder’s Club members will have the opportunity tomingle with the Martini family and a number of other winemakers ina wine club reception, prior to the dinner festivities. The evening’sgrand finale is one of the greatest fireworks displays in Northern California.Choreographed to music and broadcast live on local radio 88.1FM, with guests enjoying the best views from the winery grounds, thisis going to be a truly special and memorable evening.Built by Louis M. Martini in 1933, the Martini Winery has been alegendary landmark in the Napa Valley for decades. Now, with thirdgeneration winemaker Michael Martini at the helm, the winerycontinues to craft award-winning wines that draw visitors to St.Helena from all over the world. The 4th of July Celebration hasbecome renowned in the Napa area as a not-to-be-missed event, anda chance for the Martini family to open their doors to friends in thecommunity. The tasting room is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. andguests can go to the website at www.louismartini.com or call (707)968-3361 for further information on tour and tasting options.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | NAPA VALLEY2 for 1 Tasting with this adwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com33

NAPA VALLEY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKTasting Room of the Week:MERRYVALE VINEYARDSBy Michelle J. BakerFor visitors who want a little somethingmore, Merryvale Vineyards is offering acouple of “up close and personal” winetastingexperiences that are sure to fit thebill.Coming up on June 12 is Merryvale’squarterly barrel tasting, an opportunity forvisitors to taste the 2009 Pinot Noirs straightout of the barrel, enjoy live music and TraVigne’s handmade pizza cooked in a woodfiredpizza oven. The Merryvale team willalso be featuring some finished wines,including summer sippers Rosé, SauvignonBlanc, Viognier and Chardonnay.Merryvale has also introduced an exclusiveWine and Cheese Experience for visitorsto learn more about food and wine pairing.Merryvale’s Food and Wine Educator ShawnDougherty hosts the Wine and Cheese Experienceon Fridays, Saturdays and Sundaysevery week all summer long from 11 a.m.until 12:30 p.m. The seminar features fivehand-selected cheeses, assorted charcuterieand five Merryvale wines for $45 per person,or $35 for Profile Club members.Merryvale Vineyards has long been apopular destination for Wine Country visitors.For more than 25 years the familyownedwinery has operated out of thehistoric St. Helena building that was the firstto be built in the Napa Valley after the end ofProhibition in 1933.You can still just drop by Merryvaleanytime for just about anything your palatedesires. Merryvale’s tasting room has aseasoned, knowledgeable and friendly staff,and visitor-friendly hours and tastingchoices. Visitors can walk in without anappointment and choose from a selection offive different tastings. The tasting choicesinclude their Signature line-up, an all whitetasting, and an all red tasting.Profile is Merryvale’s flagship Bordeauxstyleblend. It is perennially rated at 90+points, and the current release is no exception.Wine Enthusiast gave the 2006 Profile94 points, calling it “a rich, complex andsmooth wine packed with blackberry, cassisand smoky, new oak flavors.” Visitors get arare opportunity to try a vertical of Profile atthe tasting bar to see how beautifully it ages.Merryvale has one of the most popularwine clubs in Napa Valley. Members receivea three- or six-bottle Quarterly Club optionwith 15% discount and free shipping on thesix-bottle club; two complimentary bottles ofwine after one year of membership and everysubsequent anniversary as a thank you;complimentary tastings and discounted wineseminars. To learn more about Merryvale’sProfile Club and to join, call 1-877-887-7763.Merryvale Vineyards is convenientlylocated at 1000 Main Street in St. Helena,next to Tra Vigne and directly across fromGott’s (formerly known as Taylor’s Refresher).The tasting room is open daily from 10 a.m.to 6:30 p.m. For more information about thewinery, visit www.merryvale.com, or to booka spot for the Wine and Food Experience orBarrel Tasting call 1-877-887-7763.34 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

StStStStStStCenter StCenter StArroyo Dr.Arroyo Dr.Main St. Main St.Randolph StHayesArroyo Dr.Brown St.Main St.Tulocay St.Third St.MC KINSTRYSilverado TrailFranklin StArroyo Dr.Randolph StSeminary StMain St. Main St.Randolph StBrown StCoombs StFranklin StArroyo Dr.Randolph StSeminary StHayesArroyo Dr.Brown St.Brown StCoombs StWest St.Tulocay St.Yajome St.MC KINSTRYRiver Terrace Dr.Post St.Taylor St.Pearl St.Marvin St.Seond St.Berna AveFirst St.Willow AveMain St.West St.Yajome St.Third St.Post St.Taylor St.Pearl St.Marvin St.Seond St.Berna AveFirst St.Willow AveSpring StSpring StWINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | NAPA VALLEYYountville St.Twenty RowsTwenty RowsVallejo St.Vallejo St.River Terrace Dr.Imperial WayRobert CraigRobert CraigImperial WayYountville St.Napa St.Napa St.Caymus St.Calistoga AveCalistoga AveStonehedgeWinery StonehedgeWineryVintners CollectiveVintners CollectiveClinton St.Clinton St.Caymus St.John AnthonyCejaOlabisi/Trahan WineryElementsX Winery& AmicusWineries of Napa ValleyTown CenterJohn AnthonyCejaOlabisi/Trahan WineryElementsX Winery& AmicusWineries of Napa ValleyTown CenterFirst St.First St.Second St.Second St.Third St.Third St.Ubuntu RestaurantUbuntu RestaurantPearl St.COLE’S CHOP HOUSECOLE’S CHOP HOUSEPearl St.BackRoomWinesBackRoomWinesBounty HunterRare Bounty Wine Hunter Co.Rare Wine Co.Soscol AveSoscol AveMasonMasonTASTE AT OXBOWMAHONEYTASTE ATVINEYARDS/OXBOWMAHONEYWATERSTONEVINEYARDS/WATERSTONE(Oxbow Public Market)(Oxbow Wine Public Merchant Market)Gustavo Oxbow Wine Merchant ToFOLIOGustavo ThraceJV Wine ToENOTECA FOLIOThraceJV Spirits WineENOTECA& SpiritsUncorkedUncorked at Oxbowat OxbowD O W N T O W NN A P AFirst St.First St.Clay StClay StJuarez St.Juarez St.Silverado Trail2 for 1 on Any Tastingincluding the Single Vineyard tastingSAVE UP TO $25“Best Boutique Winery& Local Winemaker”two years in a rowFranklin StFranklin StRandolph StRandolph StFourth StFourth StFifth StFifth StCELADONCELADONSilo’s Jazz Club & Wine BarNapa General StoreAngeleSilverado Trail2867 St. Helena North, St. Helena707-265-5000www.stclement.comSilverado TrailCombs StCombs Stwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com35

Welcome toC A L I S T O G AKnowledge, Service and Value at Calistoga Wine Stopby Charles NeaveThe Calistoga Wine Stop was purchased by Tom and Tammy Pelterin 1986. “For many years now we have helped our customers withtheir wine needs. It is hard to believe we’ve been in business in theHistoric Railroad Depot for all that time. We’ve raised our family herein Calistoga and made it our home. We offer mainly Napa and SonomaCounty wines with a few exceptions. In our tasting room some of thebest smaller producers share our countertop.“All of the price ranges are covered, from everyday pizza wine tothat ‘very special occasion’ bottle. There are so many treasures here,and you may not find them in your local wine store, but we’ve gotthem for you and will get them home for you as well with shipping wehave available, or carry boxes you can take with. We offer knowledge,service and value for the first time wine buyer, as well as for theseasoned wine collector.”By concentrating mostly on Napa and Sonoma County wines fromproducers a little off the beaten path, with smaller production and notwidely distributed they feel they source bottling with the best price toquality ratio.In 2006 they added a tasting room to the shop, featuring thoselesser known wineries and winemakers. Tastings always include atleast four wines, “And be sure to try our own ‘Pelter’ Cabernet Sauvignonwhich is always a featured wine in our tasting room.”Their years in the wine industry let them recommend wines for anyoccasion, for food pairings, both long and near term cellaring, or justa nice red or white for everyday drinking.They are able to ship world wide and in most circumstances theycan pack your wine for you to take with you to the airport. Newairport laws require it to be checked as luggage, so carry on is nolonger an option.“Our combination of fair pricing, personalized service and considerablewine knowledge has helped us serve thousands of customers,”they say with both pride and satisfaction. And their long list or repeatcustomers would be the first to agree.Open 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. every day of the week, the CalistogaWine Stop is located at 1458 Lincoln Avenue (# 2) in Calistoga directlyacross from the town’s one supermarket. For more information or fordirections, call them at (800) 648-4521 or (707) 942-5556 or goahead and look on the internet at www.calistogawinestop.net.36www.WineCountryThisWeek.com


JEFFERSON STWelcome toY O U N T V I L L EClassic Autos Cruise into Napa Valley for Father’s DayV Marketplace celebrates the “art of the driving machine”The Napa Valley will proudly welcome carconnoisseurs from around the Bay Area andbeyond as V Marketplace in Yountville, hoststhe 20th Annual Father’s Day InvitationalAuto Show on Sunday, June 20 from 10:30a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Auto entries are by invitation.The event is free to the public.From the national champions, to the localfavorites, to the one-of-a-kind collectorcuriosities, Packard, Porsche, Ford, Ferrari,Mercury, Muntz and more, top a list of morethan 120 early and late model autos spanningover 90 years of production!This non-competitive, open-class invitationalexhibition is the perfect gift for Father’sDay. Whether nostalgia means rolling downthe road in a classic 1928 Model A Phaeton,sliding into the drive-in with a ’57 Chevy, orcruising the fast lane in a Porsche Turbo, thisshow-stopping collection presents some ofthe finest autos to grace the highway in anyera!Make it a Father’s Day weekend escape toNapa Valley! Surrounded by lush picnicgardens, beautiful water features, and meanderingcobblestone walkways, V Marketplace,provides a breathtaking backdrop for thisannual event. Visitors can look forward to aunique variety of distinctive specialty shops,galleries, restaurants, a complete wine tastingcellar, hot air ballooning and MichaelChiarello’s NapaStyle and Bottega Ristorante,all housed within and around the historic140-year-old Groezinger Winery Complex.V Marketplace is located just one hournortheast of San Francisco at 6525 WashingtonStreet in Yountville, Napa Valley. TakeHwy 29 to the Yountville/Veterans Home exit,Ride, Wine & Dine with Us• Guided Tours • Kayaking• Bicycle Rentals• Bicycling Vacationswww.napavalleybiketours.com • 1-877-336-2453+SERVINGWINE COUNTRYSINCE 1987nine miles north of the City of Napa. Hoursare 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily.Y O U N T V I L L EYOUNT MILL RDWASHINGTONJACKSONBeau VigneMADISON STGirard 1 JESSUP CELLARSPEDRONIMa(i)sonrySTARKEY STNAPA VALLEYBIKE TOURSDomaine ChandonCALIFORNIA DRKeeverWASHINGTON STWEBBER ST29Hill FamilyEstateHope and GraceRASGALLERIESV MARKETPLACECORNERSTONECELLARSPage Wine CellarsVINEYARD VIEW - PRIVATEElyseHOFFMANBell WineWASHINGTON STYOUNT STYOUNTVILLE CROSS RDTo Silverado TrailV MARKETPLACE:APPARELi.elleLemondropsSistersTay & GraceVianettHOMEA Little RomanceCalifornia & VineDomain Home & GardenNapaStyleGALLERIESBlue HeronGallery 1870North Bay GalleryWINE TASTINGNapaStyleV Wine CellarINDULGENCESSoluna Boutique SalonDININGBottegaNapaStylePacific Blues Cafe38www.WineCountryThisWeek.com


TO GEYSERVILLEALEXANDER VALLEYSt. HelenaWine CenterLong Meadow RanchClif FamilyChase FamilyTurnbullNapa County Wineries40LakeBerryessaTOCLEAR LAKEGetting to Napa ValleyTOCLEAR LAKEChateauMontelenaOld FaithfulGeyserAtalonTom EddyBENNETT LANEBUTTS CANYON RDVincentArroyoHelena ViewJohnstonZahtila Vineyard29TRAVEL TIMEFROM MILES (Average) (Peak)GREENWOODMYRTLEDALETUBBS LANEStorybookSilverRoseTedeschi FamilyEnvy WinesGolden Gate Bridge 50 60 100Bay Bridge 50 60 90Sacramento 60 70 90Santa Rosa 40 60 70CalistogaBENNETT LANELINCOLN AVE.TOSANTA ROSADUNAWEAL LNLARKMEADBALE LANELODIDEER PARKPRATTPOPE STLEWELLINGTOSANTA ROSARustridgeZINFANDEL LN.NicheliniCHILES POPE VALLEY RDINGLEWOOD128RUTHERFORD CROSSROADGALLERONTOLAKE BERRYESSAANDSACRAMENTOLava VineJames CreekAugust Briggs Cuvaison Estate WinesW.H. SmithAetna SpringsOnThEdge Rios Wine CoClosPegasePaolettiDutch HenrySummitOutpost LakePope ValleyBarlowWineryWINE PINETofanelliSTERLINGGARAGEBlairLambornRancho de Las FloresSaviez(Wermuth)White CottageTwomeyO’ShaughnessyLaderaVon StrasserLarkmeadPOPE VALLEYTeachworthReverieVineyardsNeal FamilyBravante HaberDiamond TerraceFRANK FAMILYG CookArkenstone Cade WineryCASTELLOViaderConstantDI AMOROSAMadrigal ROMBAUER VengeBurgessBENESSERETudalFaillaSchramsbergAlloraChateau BoswellEagle & RoseJ DaviesV MadroneCASA BoeshanEhlers Estate NUESTRA DuckhornTRINCHERO NAPA VALLEYFREEMARK ABBEYHowellA Dozen Vintners Amuse BoucheRevanaMountainBallentineSherwin Family Brehrens & Hitchcock Stony HillVineyard 29 MarkhamSt. Helena WineryRitchie Creek Barnett VineyardsST. CLEMENTSchweiger VineyardsSmith-William ColeAmizettaVineyard7 & 8 Madrone RobertAnderson’sKeenan Peacock Family 29 CHARLESConn ValleyPalomaGuiliam’sKRUGCharbayTerra Valentine EedenClare LuceCalafiaFormanChilesCain School HouseAbbeyJuslynCellarsValleyDavidSpring MountainBuehlerFultonArns WinerySeaveySpring Mtn. BERINGERTrespassOrinSpottswoodeSwiftSt. HelenaNewtonST. HELENAMERRYVALERuston FamilyKENT RASMUSSENJOSEPH PHELPSNapa Valley FarmsMarston FamilySalvestrinMurphyLOUISPRAGERM MARTINI KelhamThe TerracesHall RutherfordSUTTER HOME Hall HeitzWilliam HarrisonFlora Springs& Mario Perelli-MinettiV. SATTUIRUTHERFORD HILLTayson PierceQuintessa Rutherford RanchARGER MARTUCCI Corison RAYMONDKuleto12MilatLakeDel DottoRutherfordMidsummerSullivanConnHennesseyWHITEHALL LANEFleuryCellarsCreek David ChappelletFranciscanLuis CorthayMUMM NAPA ArthurWittFrogs LeapGirardContinuum EstateRutherford Alpha OmegaCaymusGroveHonigTres Sabores &Rutherford GardensPina CellarsPedemonte Cellars Provenance Beaulieu Round Pond ZD WINESRUTHERFORDGRGICH HILLS ESTATEElizabeth SpencerRudd Miner Family VineyardsRubicon EstatePlumpjackPedrasPejuGroth128GRANTSUMMERSVILLA ANDRIANAFRIESEN DRGraeserHans-FahdenWHITE COTTAGESUMMIT LAKE DRGetting around Napa ValleyBUCKEYEHOWELL MTNDIAMOND MTNDiamond Mtn.Downtown Napa to Yountville 10 15 20Yountville to St. Helena 10 15 30St. Helena to Calistoga 10 10 15Calistoga to Alexander Valley 25 35 45Downtown Napa to Sonoma Plaza 15 20 25POPECANYONN. FORK CRYSTAL SPGSPETERSONROADSANITARIUMCRYSTAL SPRINGSEHLERSPARKCALISTOGADEERPride MountainST. HELENA RDTOSANTA ROSAROSSIHOWELL MTNCONN VALLEY RDHOWELL MTNMEADOWOOD LANESPRING MTNLANGTRY RDFULTONMADRONACHARTER OAKSPRINGVolker Eisele FamilySULPHUR SPRINGSRUTHERFORD HILLTAPLIN ROAD128Brown EstateSAGE CANYONNeyersWHITEHALL LANEwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comSKELLENGERCONN CREEK RD128GargiuloSaddlebackCellarsSt. SuperySawyer CellarsMANLEYVine Cliff WineryMONEY ROADSILVERADO TRAILSilver OakSEQUOIA GROVECakebreadBELLA OAKSParaduxxOAKVILLE CROSSROADSwansonStaglin Del BondioNickel & NickelOpus OneOAKVILLERobert MondaviOakvilleNapa Wine CompanyAtlas PeakO A K V ILLE GRADECardinale + LokoyaSTGoosecrossCellarsFar NienteDiamond OaksParadigmRINITY

AVES OLANOREDWOOD ROADVALLEJOX Winery & AmicusPage Wine CellarsBUCHLISTATIONTO VALLEJORobert SinskeyShaferCliff LedeATE LN.KapcsandyYOUNTVILLE CROSSROADFOLIE A DEUX/NAPA CELLARSM T. VEEDERMADISONWASHINGTONMayacamasHOFFMANWILLIAM HILL29BALDACCISilverado QuixoteVineyards SteltznerCosentinoTaylor Family LindstromYOUNT ST.Pine Ridge Robinson FamilyBeau VigneHartwell Vineyards Stag’s Leap Wine CellarsRegusciYountville Domaine Ma(i)sonry JESSUPChimney RockHope and GraceStagsCORNERSTONE Hill Family EstateChandonHopper Creek Leap CLOS DU VALKeeverBell Wine CellarsJames ColeElyseCORLEY FAMILY’SSignorello VineyardsMONTICELLODarioushTrefethen VINEYARDSHAGAFEN CELLARSDRY CREEK RDKrupp BrothersStagecoach VineyardAnticaWing CanyonGlenEllenVinRocSODA CANYON ROADCALIFORNIASkyVINEYARD VIEW privateGodspeedKenzoEstateDARMSYOUNTVILLESilenus VintnersLairdwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comJarvisHunnicutt WinesREYNOLDS FAMILYOAK KNOLL AVEMount VeederHARDMAN LANEREDWOOD ROADDel DottoATLASRAZIBLACK STALLIONVan Der HeydenSilverado TrailWine StudioO’Brien EstateBlack CordonSixteen by Twenty WinesTOHWY. 128PEAK RDLUNA VINEYARDSANDRETTIORCHARD AVEMoss Creek Winery,Altamura Vineyards & Winery& Suisun Valley WineriesMONTICELLO ROAD121JUDD’SHILLBoydRobertBialeBIG RANCH RDHessCollectionThe Magazine of California Wine CountryHendryYates Familywww.winecountrythisweek.comOak KnollMt.VeederARNOLD DRFarella-ParkPalmazVineyardsHdV WinesDominariTRANCAS AVENUEHAGEN RDSOSCOLBROWNS VALLEY RDPUEBLOCENTRALBROWNS VALLEY RDBORRETTECrane FamilyJ.KirkwoodFontanellaE. 3RD AVE.3RD AVE.MAINBlack CatVineyardsWhitfordCellarsRobert Craig FOLIOVerismoENOTECAGustavoFrazierThrace MAHONEY / WATERSTONEVintnersCollective MasonTaste at OxbowUncorkedBounty HunterTulocayJEFFERSONLINDA VISTAPARTRICK RDBROWNS VALLEYLINCOLNMcKinstryTwenty RowsStonehedgeJohn AnthonyOlabisi/Trahan CejaElementsBROWNS VALLEY RD1st ST. Wine Country This Week Preferred Open to the public Open by appointment onlyCheck the listings in the back forhours, address and phone number.COOMBSVILLE RD.SOSCOL3rd STTHOMPSON AVEPINENAPA12Wineries not open to the public are not represented.4TH AVE.WEST IMOLA AVEARTESASonomaFor corrections, deletions, additions, fax (707) 938-3674or email info@winecountrythisweek.comCaldwell121OLD SONOMA RD.TruchardGuffyFamilyHENRY RD.FOLIOWINEMAKERS’STUDIOLEVERONI RDARNOLD DR.Delectus WineryModus Operandi Cellars& J. DoranDEALY RDNicholsonRanchKAISER29121di RosaPreserveMadonna EstateDOMAINECARNEROSSONOMABURNDALEBROADWAYFalcor12121Not To ScaleTOPETALUMAANDHWY. 101NAPA VALLEYCORPORATE DRSaintsburyETUDECuvaisonEstateWinesCARNEROS RD116HomewoodWineryPatz& HallBORDEAUXTrinitasCUTTINGS WHARF RDLOS CARNEROS RDDUHIG RDSCHUGANABACARNEROSESTATEGLORIA FERRERCAVES & VINEYARDSMcKenzieMuellerACACIACornerstone:(Grange Sonoma,Larson Family & Roshambo)BourassaVineyardsSOSCOL FERRYCeja FamilyVineyardsLosCarnerosRegionCLINE12LAS AMIGASKELLYSpelletichAdastraBouchaineJACUZZIViansaTOSACRAMENTOAIRPORT BLVDTOSAN FRANCISCOAND HWY. 101American CanyonMap Sponsors:FRANK FAMILYV I N E Y A R D SEnjoy the gracious ambience andfriendly staff at Freemark Abbey.Legendary hospitality withhard-to-find, world-class wines.Offering fun andeducational wine seminars.200 Taplin Road, St. Helena4089 Silverado TrailOpen 10am-5pm(707) 253-1400Open Daily 10-5Hwy. 29 at Lodi LaneSt. Helena, (707) 963-96941091 Larkmead Lane4 miles north of St. HelenaOpen Daily 10-5 • (707) 942-0859SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 39SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 19SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 39SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 39SEE OUR AD ON PAGE 39

NAPA VALLEY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKWILLIAM HILL ESTATE WINERYby Diana GreenwoodWilliam Hill Estate Winery claims a sweet slice of scenery in theSilverado Bench region known for its rocky, volcanic soil and dreamyweather. Barely a stone’s throw past Silverado Country Club at 1761Atlas Peak Road where Napa turns quiet countryside, the wineryperches on a knoll overlooking 140 acres of vineyards on rolling hillswith views to forever. The air is heady with the scent of lavender androses and the grounds are open-armed friendly for exploring. Thecharming picnic arbor and patio are ideal for outdoor wine tasting.Bring a lunch, buy a bottle of wine, and relax in Adirondack chairs inthe afternoon sun. William Hill is a bird lover’s paradise with yellowfinches and scrub jays, hummingbirds, wrensand red-winged blackbirds swooping, diving,splashing in the courtyard fountain andsinging amongst the vines. If you’re looking forexceptional wine in a setting that’s undisturbedby traffic or clutter or confusion, take it fromthe birds, William Hill is a sanctuary.Open seven days from 10-5, tasting andtours are by appointment but appointmentsare simple to get; just sing from your cell at thebottom of the winding driveway. Expect a warm welcome when youarrive. The tasting room is squeaky-clean in minimalist design withsleek, contemporary lines in seating and counter and decorativedetails. No fuss. Instead, you’ll enjoy every sensory moment of theChardonnay Experience, a wine for which William Hill is celebrated.Smooth as a sonnet, the 2007 Napa Valley Chardonnay has elegantaromas of honeysuckle and ripe fruit flavors of white peach and pearwith a tickle of vanilla on the creamy finish. One of the most admiredwines year after year; it’s pretty in the glass and gorgeous on the palate.The Chardonnay Experience highlights style and aging practices ina flight of three wines. In addition to the 2007 Napa ValleyChardonnay, you’ll also try the 2007 Bench Blend Chardonnay, acomplex wine with intense flavors and notes of toasty oak, butter,citrus, vanilla and coconut that extend through a lingering finish. Only1,200 cases of this vintage were produced so this is a wine to buy nowand pour for guests as you enjoy long summer evenings.The third wine in the flight is the 2006 Dijon Clones Chardonnay.A beauty in all features, from Clones 76 and 77, this wine is amidnight canoe ride on a moonlit lake. Rich with silky layers of tropicalfruits and honeydew melon on the palate, melt-in-the-mouthbutterscotch slips in for the finish. This wine is very limited productionwith only 181 cases produced. William Hill Winemaker, RalfHoldenried, remains focused on the importance of the vineyard in allthe wines he makes and the Dijon Clones Chardonnay shines.Ralf suggests that you spread your wings and consider two additionaltasting flights. Exploring Cabernet is a flight of three exceptionalCabs from the Estate and surrounding area and the Estate Exclusive,from vines seen while resting in your Adirondack chair, includes the2005 Estate Cabernet Franc, the 2005 Estate Malbec and the 2006Estate Petit Verdot. William Hill devotes 116 acres to Cabernet, 13 toMerlot, nine to Petit Verdot, two and a half toCabernet Franc and two to Malbec. AllChardonnay is from the Carneros region wherewarm southern sun trades time with cool seabreezes and the grapes express characteristicsunique to the terroir.Although William Hill is one of the mostpeaceful settings in the Napa Valley, there’s a lot ofbehind-the-scenes energy in this sanctuary. Senior Tasting RoomRepresentative, Claire Gabaldon, described a selection of events thatwill get you walking, perk up your palate and stimulate your senses.“We’ve planned a Vineyard Hike for Saturday morning, June 12, from10-12,” she said. “You’ll walk the rows of Estate vines with our VineyardManager, Jake Terrell and he’ll share in detail what’s happening inthe vineyards this season while you participate in a canopy managementactivity. Following your hike, you’ll enjoy a release day tasting ofWilliam Hill Estate 2007 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and the2007 Estate Petit Verdot as well as the ever-popular 2007 Napa ValleyChardonnay.” Birds will sing background sonatas, sun will shine andhors d’oeuvres will be served. This event is $25, $15 for wine clubmembers. (A little bird may mention that now is a good time to jointhe wine club.)There’s a Lobster Feed and Movie Night coming up in Augustthat you won’t want to miss and a new tour experience to plan for thissummer. The new tour includes wine tasting of four wines from aselection of the Napa Valley, Bench Blend and Estate tier and yourguide will expand upon the history of William Hill Estate Wineryincluding a deep dive into Chardonnay in the media room with a livearoma seminar. There will be food pairings, grape sugar testing in thevineyards, as well as discussion on winemaking techniques and barrelaging. The fee for the tour experience is $40 per person, ages 21 andover.Tastings, tours and events are by appointment or reservation so call(707) 265-3024 to reserve a spot or visit the website atwww.williamhillestate.com for additional information and onlineordering. The William Hill Estate Winery staff is friendly and knowledgeableand it’s a beautiful place to visit. No wonder the birds sing itspraises. So will you.42 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

Napa Valley Fine Art‘Paris Icons’ Photography Exhibit to Bring City of Light to Life at Mumm NapaNew Exhibit Runs Through September 26 in Napa ValleyParis is one of the world’s most beautiful and iconiccities, and the soul of the Paris experience is beautifullycaptured in the award-winning book Paris Icons. Anew exhibit – at Mumm Napa’s Fine Art PhotographyGallery – brings the City of Light to life with the stunningphotographs from the Paris Icons book projectand the work of award-winning architectural photographerJames Scholz. The exhibit is titled “Paris Icons”and will be open to the public at Mumm Napa winery in Rutherfordthrough September 26.The Paris Icons exhibit will include more than 50 colorphotographs that celebrate the beauty of Paris with vibrant images thatcapture the city’s dazzling lights. Scholz’s fine art photographs detailthe monuments and architecture of Paris in striking images that adddramatic flair and a sense of excitement to the subjects. Paris Icons isa museum-quality, fine art coffee table book that took the publishingindustry by storm and won three publishing awards upon its debut in2009, including Most Outstanding Book of the Year, Gold Medal MostOutstanding Book Design 2009 (Independent Publisher BookAwards).Award-winning author Leslie J. Little and photographer JamesScholz will be signing first edition Paris Icons books at the openingreception. Books and limited edition photographs from the exhibit canalso be ordered directly at www.iconimages.us.There is no charge to view the exhibit. Mumm Napa Winery islocated at 8445 Silverado Trail, Rutherford. For additional informationon visiting the winery and its exhibits, call (707) 967-7700 or accessthe website at www.mummnapa.comMumm Napa is one of California’s top sparkling wine producersand one of the most popular destinations for wine country visitors.For more than 20 years, Mumm Napa sparkling wines have set thestandard for California méthode traditionelle sparkling wine, emphasizingthe exceptional qualities of Napa Valley fruit along with theunique casual elegance of the Napa Valley lifestyle. The winery andvisitor center are located in Rutherford along the Silverado Trail in theNapa Valley and are open daily for tours, tastings and private events.Visitor center and fine art photography gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 5p.m. daily.A R T O N M A I NPRATT AVESt. HelenaSILVERADO TRAILALLISONCHARTER OAKOAKVILLE CROSS RD.29YountvilleYOUNTVILLE CROSS RD.WASHINGTONR A S G A L L E R I E SBY WAY E.WISECASK29121TROWER AVE.NapaTRANCASFIRST STCALIFORNIA5TH2ND3RDMAIN STMAIN STSOSCOL121HARDMAATLAS PEAKMONTICELLO121www.WineCountryThisWeek.com 43

RUSSIAN RIVERDUTCHER CREEKLakeSonomaF E R R A R I -C A R A N OD U T C H E R C R O S S I N G101DRY CREEK RD.M A Z Z O C C OTO THEMENDOCINOCOASTW. DRY CREEK RD.11NorthernSonomaRockpile116RussianRiverZachichiYoakim Bridge TaltyMartinRaymond Burr VineyardsGöpfrichTruett HurstQuiviraMichel-SchlumbergerUntiMountsA RafanelliVinwood CellarsR O D N E Y S T R O N G.PETRIFIED FORESTGary FarrellMacPhailMill Creek VineyardsA R M I D AM A T R I XRochioliCHALK HILLK E N D A L L -J A C K S O NW I N E C E N T E RLancaster EstateArchipelRIVER RD.MARK WEST SPRINGS RD.OLIVETGreenValleyLAGUNA RD.BOHEMIAN HIGHWAYDe LoachPedroncelliTwomeyAlexanderValleyMeekerH O PK I L NChateau FeliceChalkHillGRATON RD.Marimar TorresP A R A D I S E R I D G EKnightsValley29FULTON RD.OCCIDENTAL RD.MONTECITO128CALISTOGA RD.Taft Street WineryF R I T Z W I N E R YM A R T I NR A YBalletto &HannaFrickKokomoFamily*RuedF. TeldeschiDry Creek VnydMauritsonW I L S O NPellegriniGeyser PeakCANYON RD.RidgeTrioneClosDu BoisPassalacquaL A M B E R T B R I D G ERobert YoungStryker SonomaHawkesStonestreetC. DonatielloBradford MtnAristaEverett RidgeA L D E R B R O O KDe LaMontanyaFoppianoAcornJ WineDeNataleVine TastingsGroveStreetRoute 128 Winery128Alexander Valley VineyardsHannaF E R R A R I -C A R A N O ' SS E A S O N S O F T H E V I N E Y A R DK E N D A L L -J A C K S O NT O P E LArtisteDowntown WineFront Street Wineries:• Camellia Cellars• Davis Family• Sapphire Hills• HoldredgeHauckHawley Tasting Room & GalleryHudson Street Wineries• Bluenose Wines• Grove Street• Owl Ridge• Sadler-Wells• Rocking Z Vineyard• TeiraGallo FamilyLa CremaLake SonomaLongboard VineyardsMurphy-GoodeOptimaRosenblum CellarsSeghesioSelbyStephen & WalkerThirty Four North Wine MerchantThumbprintToad HollowWaterfront Tasting Room• J. Keverson• Christie• Hart’s DesireWilliamsonOCCIDENTAL RD.Freestone VineyardsGuest CenterKorbelBella VineyardsPreston VineyardsPorterCreekDehlingerHouseLynmarMerry EdwardsSbragia FamilyDavid CaffaroThomasGeorgeAmistaDeux AmisSilverOakFrancisFordCoppolaCellarsof SonomaD’Argenziod e L O R I M I E R W I N E R YT R E N T A D U ELYTTON SPGSNalleDuchampS A U S A LVALLEYALEXANDERWhite OakJohnson’sField StoneWESTSIDE RD.Occidental RoadAtascadero CreekGraton RidgeHartford FamilySebastopol VnydSheldonJoseph SwanAmphoraWoodenheadRussian Hill EstateTerroirsHarvest MoonHook & LadderCarol SheltonBattagliniPalmeriPapapietro PerryPetersFamilyInman FamilyMeitzJordanStuhlmullerChristieC H R I S T O P H E RC R E E KChalk HillWINDSOR RIVER RDEASTSIDEGourmet au BayRussian River VnydsIron HorseRiver RoadKachinaTO THEMENDOCINOCOAST J RickardsSTEWART’S POINT RDDryCreekM O S H I NCopainMuellerMartinelliSimiMerriamLimerickLanePLEASANTOLD REDWOOD HWYSuncéSt. Helena RoadWineryDutton EstateTravelling to Santa RosaTRAVEL TIMEFROM MILES (Average) (Peak)Golden Gate Bridge 49 50 90Sacramento 104 110 150Downtown Napa 42 60 77Travelling around Sonoma CountyDowntown Santa Rosa to Sonoma Plaza 22 35 40Downtown Santa Rosa to Healdsburg 16 20 30Healdsburg to Geyserville 8 15 15Downtown Santa Rosa to Guerneville 19 35 40Dutton-GoldfieldF O R C H I N IMercuryGustavoThraceINDUSTRIALNovyPINERSiduriGUERNEVILLEFOUNTAIN GROVEBODEGA HIGHWAY

Valley of the Moon Winery128101 L E D S O NPYTHIAN RD.1TomalesBay116VALLEY FORD CUTOFFSonomaCoastSableRidgeROBLAR RD.PETALUMA VALLEY FORD RD.116116SonomaValley101 1212112TO NAPA37P A R A D I S E R I D G EV J B C E L L A R SLarson FamilyKenwood Winery121K A ZSugar LoafRidgeState ParkTOLAKE BERRYESSAANDSACRAMENTOMuscardini & Ty Caton CellarsEnkiduFamily WineriesBENNETT VALLEY RD.RobledoFamilyD E E R F I E L D R A N C HL O X T O NM O O N D A N C E C E L L A R SE R I C R O S SB R C O H NCellarDoorRavenswoodORANGE RD.AdobeRoadWineryClarbecBuena VistaBONNESS RDLAKEVILLE RD.ViansaLittle VineyardsKundeFRATESBartholomew ParkSTAGE GULCHNAPA RDKastaniaVineyardsMayo Reserve RoomWellingtonC H A R L E S C R E E KBonneauS T . F R A N C I SLandmarkMayo FamilyPetroni VineyardsMoon MountainBODEGAHWY WASHINGTONCordaClary RanchSonoma ValleyPort WorksGrey StackBlackstoneKellerEstatePavo WinesG L O R I A F E R R E RC L I N ES C H U G12GRANGEMatanzasCreekPaint HorseRocheWestwoodA N A B AJ A C U Z Z IC H A T E A U S T . J E A NPETALUMA HILL ROADBenziger FamilyRobert HunterHanzellSharpR O E S S L E RTheCaveImageryArrowoodBucklin Old Hill RanchS E B A S T I A N IEric K JamesHwy 12 WinerySojournCornerStone GardensGrange SonomaMacRostieParmelee-HillKamenTin BarnGofesselHomewoodWineryFavero7TH E.LOVALL VALLEYS O N O M AE N O T E C AE NAPA ST8TH E.R O O T S I N S O N O M AGundlach BundschuLos CarnerosRegionBURNDALEMeadowcroft Family of Winesand Larson Family WinesMulasFamilyNicholsonRanch Wine Country This Week Preferred Open to the public Open by appointment onlyCheck the listings in the back forhours, address and phone number.RAMALWineries not open to the public are not represented.For corrections, deletions, additions, fax (707) 938-3674or email info@winecountrythisweek.comTO VALLEJOSan Pablo BayTOSAN FRANCISCOTOSAN FRANCISCOSonoma County Wineries

LAGUNA RD.SONOMA COUNTY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKLakeSonomaTOMENDOCINOCOASTSTEWART’S POINTALEXANDER VALLEY,DRY CREEK VALLEY &R U S S I A N R I V E R WINERIESTOBODEGABAYTOMENDOCINOCOASTFERRARI-CARANODUTCHER CROSSINGKENDALL-JACKSONTOHWY. 1FRITZ WINERYArmstrongWoodsMAIN ST.RIVER RD.BOHEMIAN HWYARMSTRONG WOODS RD.VINEDUTCHER CREEK RDWINE CREEK RD.GRANTHEALDSBURG AVE.TOEUREKAWALLINGPLAZA STWESTSIDE101Monte RioCENTER STTHEPLAZA101CHIANTI RD.NORTH ST.MILL STEAST STMATHESONKorbelASTI RD.116RUSSIAN RIVERSbragiaPastoriSilver OakFamilyCellarsVineyardsJ RickardsFrick Geyser PeakPalmeriTerroirsMeeker 128Pedroncelli Route 128 WineryKachinadeLORIMIERDavid CaffaroYoakim Bridge Talty FORCHINITrione Vineyards & WineryBellaAmphoraClos Du BoisPrestonMartin Papapietro PerryZachichiTruett HurstTRENTADUEKokomoMercuryFamily WineriesRobert YoungRaymond Burr Göpfrich UntiRosso & BiancoTruett Hurst RuedQuiviraStryker SonomaLytton HawkesPassalacquaF.TeldeschiStation Rd.Michel-SchlumbergerMountsRidge/LyttonStonestreetDry Creek Vineyard AmistaMauritsonSpringsJordanStuhlmullerA. RafanelliMAZZOCCOWhite OakSimiWILSONLambert BridgeManzanitaFERRARI-CARANO’SCreek Grove StreetYOAKIM BRIDGESEASONS OF THE VINEYARDSeghesio ArtisteLakeSonomaToad HollowThirty Four NorthHawleyGROVECANYONRIVER RD.Martinelli Rd.GRATON RD.Wattle CreekDRY CREEK RD.W. DRY CREEK RD.TOPELWilliamsonThumbprint RosenblumMurphy-GoodeHauckStephen & Walker SelbyLa CremaLongboardVineyardsFreestone VineyardsGuest CenterBROAD CROCKERGallo FamilyMarimar TorresHAYDON ST.MASONINDEPENDENCEEverett RidgeThomas George EstatesPorter CreekGary FarrellOCCIDENTAL RD.MIRABEL RD.12GEYSERVILLE RD.WESTSIDE RD.MILL STA.SheldonTOHWY. 101Johnson'sAlexanderValley WinesCHRISTOPHER CREEKLIMERICKRODNEYSTRONGDeNataleSonoma CountyAirportKENDALL-JACKSONWINE CENTERRussian HillEstateWoodenheadMartinelliHartfordFamilyMARTIN Joseph Swan Harvest Moon Carol SheltonWinery RAYHook & BattagliniLadderSuncéDeLoachRussian River Martini & PrattiIron Horse DehlingerRiver RoadSebastopolVineyards Occidental Road, Atascadero Creek & Graton RidgeDutton-GoldfieldHouse LynmarBallettoMerry Edwards HannaTaft Street WineryPeters FamilyBARLOWKINLEYVINE HILL RD.FREI RD.ALEXANDER VAL. RD.RochioliRED WINERYGEYSER’SJ WinePINE FLATLOS AMIGOSSAUSALRIVER RD.Alexander Valley VineyardsMacPhail FamilyMAGNOLIAMill CreekFoppianoALDERBROOKLimerick LaneAcorn ChristieARMIDAMietzDe La MontanyaTwomeyC. DonatielloMOSHINMATRIXAristaRUSSIAN RIVERHOP KILNPellegriniW. OLIVETOLD REDWOOD HWY.STARR RDVineTastingsCopainOLIVETMerriamLN.ARATAWINDSOR RIVER RDSTARR RDG E Y S E R V I L L ECANYONCHIANTIBROOKS RD.Inman FamilyLAKEWOODRobert MuellerGEYSERVILLE AVE.Silver OakFrickJ RickardsPedroncelli 128 Palmeri TerroirsDavid GeyserMeekerCaffaro Peak Route 128 WineryWEST DRY CREEK RD.MercuryLYTTON SPRINGS RD.HannaCamellia Cellars, Davis FamilyHuntington, Sapphire HillField StoneHEMBRE LN.101AIRPORT BLVD101MAZZOCCOChateauFeliceSHILO RD.INDEPENDENCERosso& BiancoLancaster EstateArchipelChalk HillFRAUGHT128MARK WEST SPRINGS101GUERNEVILLE RD. STEELE LN.CHALK HILL RD.PLEASANT AVE.FULTON RDPINER RD.101DRY CREEK RD128TrioneClos du BoisGEYSERVILLE RD.OLD REDWOOD HWY.NovySidurideLORIMIERTRENTADUEHEALDSBURG AVEALEXANDER VAL RDRUSSIAN RIVERRobertYoungRED WINERY RDStrykerSonomaHawkes128FOUNTAIN GROVE PKWY.TOSANTA ROSA/SAN FRANCISCO Wine Country This Week Preferred Open to the public Open by appointment onlyCheck the listings in the back for hours, address and phone number.Wineries not open to the public are not represented.For corrections, deletions, additions, fax (707) 938-3674 or email info@winecountrythisweek.com46 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com


SONOMA COUNTY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKSonoma Wine Country Weekend Tickets On SaleThree Days. Two Hundred Wineries and Chefs.One Unforgettable Sonoma ExperienceSonoma Wine Country Weekend combines two of Sonoma’s mostprestigious wine and food events; the 31st Annual Taste of Sonoma atMacMurray Ranch and 18th Annual Sonoma Valley Harvest WineAuction presented by Trilogy Glass & Packaging with a series of intimatewinemaker-hosted lunches and dinners. In all, more than 200acclaimed vintners, growers and chefs will participate in the three daypre-harvest celebration and fundraiser, which to date has raised morethan $10 million for local charities. This year’s festivities, including theCalifornia Beach Party-themed auction, will be presided over byHonorary Chair, St. Francis Winery & Vineyards.Sonoma Wine Country Weekend tickets go on sale to the publicbeginning June 1, 2010. For a complete schedule of events and topurchase tickets, visit www.SonomaWineCountryWeekend.com.About Visa SignatureThe 2010 Sonoma Wine County Weekend is presented by VisaSignature ® . Visa Signature cardholders will receive exclusive savingsand perks throughout the event. From benefits that save time to benefitsthat help to safeguard purchases, Visa Signature helps cardholdersget the most out of life.Visa Signature offers cardholders a range of benefits and perks, inaddition to a number of rewards programs that may be offered by VisaSignature partners, such as airline, hotel and cash back programs.Visa Signature cardholders enjoy complimentary concierge services,the Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection, complimentary wine tastingsat more than 60 Sonoma County wineries year-round, andpremium merchant offers, as well as preferred access and seating atepicurean events, premier concerts, Broadway shows and sportingevents. For more information, visit www.visa.com/signature.Additional SponsorsIn addition to Visa Signature, the 2010 Sonoma Wine CountryWeekend is being made possible by the following sponsors: CaliberWinePak, MacMurray Ranch Vineyards, Trilogy Glass & Packaging,Wine Spectator, San Francisco Magazine, Cline Cellars and JacuzziFamily Vineyards. For a complete list of beneficiaries and sponsors,visit www.SonomaWineCountryWeekend.com.About Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers Alliance and FoundationThe Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers Alliance (SVVGA) is a nonprofittrade organization serving over 500 vintners, growers and associateswho share a mission to promote awareness of Sonoma Valley’sgrapes, wine and history as the birthplace of the California wineindustry. For more information on the SVVGA and SVVGF, please call707-935-0803 or visit www.SonomaValleyWine.com.About Sonoma County VintnersSonoma County Vintners (SCV) is the leading voice of SonomaCounty wine, dedicated to raising awareness of Sonoma County as oneof the world’s premier wine regions, noted for its heritage of artisanwinemaking, distinct growing regions and extraordinary quality.Founded in 1944, SCV represents more than 175 wineries of all sizesthroughout the county. www.SonomaWine.com.D O W N T O W NHEALDSBURGGrove Street WineryManzanita CreekDRY CREEK RDGROVE STHEALDSBURG AVE.CENTER STPLAZACENTERJOHNSONLINCOLNMILLPRINCEFITCH STMARCH AVE.SeghesioGRANT ST1 0 1Artiste Winery &Tasting Studio Ferrari-Carano’sToad HollowVineyardsSEASONS OF THE VINEYARDProhibition Lake Sonoma NORTH STThirty Four NorthWineryWine Merchants ThumbprintCellarsHawleyDowntown WineKENDALLRussian River Wine Co.GalloJACKSON PlazaThe Wine Shop TOPELWilliamson WinesMurphy-GoodeRosenblum CellarsStephen & WalkerLa Crema Winery HauckSelbyMATHESONCOLLEGE STPIPER STFITCH ST48 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | SONOMA COUNTYU P C O M I N G E V E N T S See page 14 or visit www.healdsburg.com for more event informationJUNE 1, 8 – Healdsburg Certified Farmers' Market – at Vine and North Streets (in the Purity Lot),4-6:30pm, Concerts are 6-8pm in the Downtown Plaza, www.healdsburgfarmersmarket.org, or call 707-431-1956JUNE 3 – First Thursday Wine Bar at Jimtown Store – 6-8pm, $35/$40, www.jimtown.comJUNE 4 – Williamson Wines ~ 2010 Epicurean Dinners – Dry Creek Kitchen, 7:30pmIntimate wine and food dinner pairing! $150/each, www.williamsonwines.com or call 707-433-1500JUNE 4 – Pizzas and “Yappy” Hour – Lambert Bridge Winery, Lambert Bridge wines, wood fired pizzas,4:30-6:30pm, $35, RSVP. Please bring well-behaved leashed dogs. www.lambertbridge.com, 707-431-4670JUNE 4-13 – Healdsburg Jazz Festival – www.healdsburgjazzfestival.org or call 707-433-4644JUNE 12 – Painting Paws & Petite Sirah – Foppiano Vineyards – art, food, fine wines, prizes anddoggone good fun! $20 donation ~ dogs are free! Benefits Paws For Love Foundation, 707-433-7272JUNE 12 – The Essence of Lamb – Lambert Bridge Winery, 12-3pm, $90, RSVP 707-431-4670JUNE 13 – Smokin' Hot at Hop Kiln Winery – Sample pulled pork made with our local Russian RiverFine Food Smokey BBQ sauce. 11am-3pm, www.hopkilnwinery.com or call 707-433-6491www.WineCountryThisWeek.com49

SONOMA COUNTY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKTasting Room of the Week:DE LORIMIER WINERYby Charles NeaveThe architecture of this 44-acre propertyfits into the landscape seamlessly, surroundedby vines as it is, the property line at the backbeing the Russian River.Go down the long drive and you will gopast the original farm house, now lovinglyrestored, and you will come to the wineryproper. To the left, the smaller of the two buildingshouses the tasting room, a fully licensedcommercial kitchen, and a private tastingroom. To the right, the building you firstthought might have been a barn, is thecavernous barrel room which, at times, hostsprivate parties. In between is a spectacularcourtyard with a perfectly proportioned fountain,lots of comfortable seating and plantingsthat compliment both of the buildings withtheir mellow wood construction and this beautifuloutdoor space. No wonder the property isin demand for parties, receptions, retreats and,of course, this being wine country, weddings.The winery’s estate vineyard has beensculpted for weddings of all sizes. Besides thespacious gallery tasting room, the private“Club deLo” space provides an intimate venuefor smaller tastings and dinners, while theextensive vineyard grounds and “CabanaCourtyard” have been designed to handledream weddings. There is even a twobedroomguest house on the grounds, andevery bit of it is surrounded by vineyards.Special events aside, it has become ratherwidely known that deLorimier is quicklybecoming the hot new “Cabernet House” inthe Alexander Valley. Already known forquality, adding a variety of vineyard-designateCabernet Sauvignons seemed like the perfectnext step for owners and respected SonomaCounty winemakers and grape growers, Kenand Diane Wilson. The fact that they keepwinning gold medals on these new Cabernetsjust adds another gratifying dimension.Stop by, visit and sample. The tastingroom, with its high wood ceilings, old vinesabove the bar (you’ll see), fireplace, threesidedcopper-topped tasting bar – which isbacked by a large window framing the vineyardson the other side of the glass – is theperfect place to learn about the wines ofdeLorimier.It is here that you might try their famousCabernets, and perhaps the StuhlmullerChardonnay or the Estate Merlot. Or, it couldbe their medal-winning Estate Mosaic RedMeritage or the Stone Ranch or Francis VineyardZinfandels. And if they are not sold out(as they often are), the Sauvignon Blanc or theCabernet Franc. Variety is not an issue here,which may be an understatement.Outside you can picnic on a lawn wherecroquet has been played every now and again;perhaps walk down to the river’s edge. Thekey to it all is to relax and enjoy, which is whatthis beautiful spot is all about. Just one morereason why, when you visit this part of theworld, it is one you will not want to miss.deLorimier Winery is open daily from10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located at 2001Highway 128, Healdsburg. For more information,call (707) 857-2001 or visit the websiteat www.delorimierwinery.com.50 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

KENDALL-JACKSONWINE CENTERTO TOGUERNEVILLE &&RUSSIANRIVER RIVER RESORTSW. STEELE LN.W. STEELE LN.MARLOW MARLOWRDRDGUERNEVILLERD.RD.COLLEGECOLLEGEAVE.AVE.Cellarsofof SonomaTO TOSEBASTOPOLHOPPERAVE.4th 4thSTST3rd 3rdSTST1st 1stSTSTFULTONFULTONRD.RD.RIVERRD.RD.PINER PINERRDRDTO TOHEALDSBURGGEYSERVILLERAILROADWILSONRAILROADWILSONVINTNER'SINNCLEVELANDCLEVELANDAVE.AVE.Novy NovySiduri Siduri1 10 011“B” “B”STSTTO TOROHNERTPARK&& PETALUMAINDUSTRIAL INDUSTRIALDRDRAIRWAYAIRWAY7th 7thSTSTSANTASANTAROSAROSAAVEAVEMARK WEST SPRINGS ROADREDWOOD REDWOODHWYHWYOLD OLDSTEELELN.LN.AVE AVEMENDOCINOMENDOCINOCOLLEGE AVE.COLLEGE AVE.4th 4thSTST1 122Santa RosaFairgroundsBARNBARNROUNDROUNDTO TOCALISTOGAFOUNTAINGROVEFARMERSFARMERSLANELANEBENNETT VALLEY RD.BENNETT VALLEY RD.PARADISE RIDGEWINERYMatanzasCreekWINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | SONOMA COUNTYDR.DR.HARRISHARRIS LAKELAKETHOMAS THOMASNN oo tt tt oo SS cc aa lleeS A N T A R O S AST. FRANCISLEDSONWINERY1 122TO TOWINERYSONOMASONOMA‘Wines & Sunsets’ in ParadiseWith the arrival of spring, Paradise Ridge Winery is once againhosting the very popular Wednesday evening’s “Wines & Sunsets’ inParadise. Through October 27, the public is invited to bring a picnicand enjoy delectable award-winning Paradise Ridge wines whilewatching spectacular sunsets from the winery’s expansive verandaand beautiful poetry terrace.Wines & Sunsets begins at 6 p.m.and ends at sunset. OnWednesday evenings, the tastingroom is closed. However, for yourenjoyment, wines are available forpurchase by the glass or the bottle.Paradise Ridge Winery isknown for having “The MostBeautiful View in SonomaCounty.” Guests come for thewines and stay for the view.Paradise Ridge Winery islocated at 4545 Thomas LakeHarris Drive, off FountaingroveParkway in Santa Rosa. For moreinformation, call (707) 528-9463or email info@prwinery.com.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com51

SONOMA VALLEY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKWinemakers from both Larson Family Winery (www.larsonfamilywinery.com)and Meadowcroft Family of Wines (www.meadowcroftwines.com) will be on hand at the newly opened Roots InSonoma (www.rootsinsonoma.com) tasting room to pour and discusstheir wines and signing bottles. Tom Meadowcroft, winemaker andowner of Meadowcroft Family of Wines, will be in the tasting roomon Saturday, June 19 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Carolyn Craig, winemakerat Larson Family Winery will be in on Sunday, June 20 alsofrom 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.The Roots In Sonoma tasting room is located at 23574 ArnoldDrive in the CornerStone Sonoma complex. The property includesworld class gardens, a gourmet café, art galleries and cutting-edgedesign shops all set among acres of vineyards.Roots In Sonoma features more than 20 wines from Meadowcroftand Larson. Tom Meadowcroft creates the wines for his four labels:Meadowcroft, Magito, Thomas Henry and Sumptuary. Larson Familywinemaker Carolyn Craig has created two new labels exclusively forthe Roots In Sonoma tasting room: Friendship Road and Roots.Additionally, she makes Larson Family and Millerick Road winesavailable at the Larson Family Winery tasting room on MillerickRoad in Sonoma.Tom Meadowcroft has been working in the wine industry formore than 15 years first with wine growing legend Ric Forman whoowned Forman Vineyards and was the founding winemaker at SterlingVineyards and Newton Winery. He later joined Buckland VineyardManagement, starting in the trenches running the crews andthen on to designing, planting and managing fields and workingwith the winemakers at Cakebread, Duckhorn, Robert Mondavi,52Winemakers Tom Meadowcroft and Carolyn CraigMeet the Winemakers at Roots in SonomaOpus One, Stags Leap and others. Branching out on his own, his firstvintage was the 2004 Meadowcroft Mt. Veeder Napa Valley EstateGrown Cabernet Sauvignon. His wines have received numerousawards and medals at wine competitions throughout the world.Carolyn Craig graduated from Cal Poly in 2003 with a degree inAgribusiness and a minor in Wine and Viticulture. She joinedLarson Family Winery in August of that year as a lab tech,becoming assistant winemaker the following year. In 2006, shewas named Winemaker and became responsible for all phases ofproduction at the 3,000-case Sonoma winery producing awardwinningwines; nine varietalsand three blends. The CaliforniaState Fair named her 2005Cabernet Sauvignon the Best ofCalifornia. She continues toamass awards at various competitionseach year.The Roots In Sonoma tastingroom is open daily from 11 a.m.to 6 p.m. The venue is also availablefor private parties, privatetastings, wine dinners and otherevents. With plenty of freeparking at CornerStone Sonoma,(www.cornerstonesonoma.com)the area is a perfect setting forany type of event, both indoorsor outdoors.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | SONOMA VALLEYCharles Creek Vineyard Presents Photography ExhibitA new exhibition of brilliant, panoramic works by local photographerRic Miller is now showing at the Charles Creek Vineyard TastingRoom and Gallery in downtown Sonoma. The show will run fromthrough July 17th, 2010. The show is on view daily from 11 a.m. to 6p.m. and the public is invited to sip award-winning Charles Creekvintages while enjoying the colorful photographs.Ric Miller, a Sausalito floating home denizen since 1994 expressesa passion in his panoramic landscape photographs. These imagesallow you to “step inside” the captured, vibrant scenes and relive themoment in time. “I shoot very wide angle photographs to closelyapproximate an expression of visual reality.” In turn, this creates atension between the strange and the familiar in our lives.The collection consists of scenes of California landscapes includingthe eclectic Sausalito floating home community, California winecountry, the wild Pacific coastline, California wildflowers, the Sierras,and the deserts of the southwest. These high resolution panoramicimages are a series of 12-16 individual photographs meticulouslyseamed via computer and printed on fine art paper or canvas. Theprinting process is referred to as “giclée”. The artwork surpasses ordinaryphotographs in clarity, beauty and longevity.The Charles Creek Vineyard Tasting Room and Gallery, open sevendays a week from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., is located at 483 First St. West, onthe historic Plaza in downtown Sonoma. For more information, call(707) 935-3848 or email alan@charlescreek.com.Sugarloaf Ridge, Ric MillerSonomaEnotecaWINE TASTING, SALES& HOME ACCESSORIES– 12 Wineries –One Great Place35 East Napa Street, Sonoma(707) 935-1200www.sonoma-enoteca.com125th STREET WESTTOSANTA ROSA2nd STREET WESTRocheWEST SPAIN STREETCHARLESCREEKVINEYARDSWEST NAPA STREETS O N O M AP L A Z A1st STREET WESTROESSLERMcDONNELMAPLEANDRIEUXLEVERONI ROADThe PlazaCellar DoorWestwoodThe CaveBROADWAY12SONOMAFRANCENAPA ROAD1st STREET EASTENOTECASONOMA WINEHARDWAREMissionSan Franciscode SolanoEAST SPAIN STREETSonoma Wine ShopMERCATONot To ScaleSEBASTIANIVINEYARDS& WINERYLEDSON HOTEL &HARMONY LOUNGEHighway 12 WineryEric K JamesEnotecaSojourn CellarsEAST NAPA EAST STREET NAPA STREET4th STREET EASTTONAPAwww.WineCountryThisWeek.com53



SONOMA VALLEY | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKClassic Cars, BBQ at B.R. Cohn Winery for Father’s DayBring Dad to B.R. Cohn Winery on June 20th to celebrate his bigday. What could be better than classic cars, BBQ and live radio?Since he was sixteen, Bruce Cohn, proprietor of B.R. Cohn Wineryhas been in love with fast and collectable cars. He currently owns fourof them; a 1933 Willys Roadster, a 1941 Willys Sedan Delivery, 1934Henry Ford Five-Window Coupe and a 1946 Ford Woody Wagon.See these cars and others on display during Cruise’n Classic CarSunday. Dads are encouraged to bring their own classic cars to vie forbragging rights to having the coolest car.Wine Country Expressions BBQ will offer Tri Tip, grilled chickenbreast sandwich, chicken salad and grilled sausages for purchase. Graba bottle of wine from the tasting room to compete the perfect Dad’sDay picnic.The River’s beloved radio personality, Paul “The Lobster” Wells,spins a menu of classic rock broadcast live from the winery duringLobster’s Sunday Brunch from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.The full line of B.R. Cohn Olive Oil Company’s award-winningolive oils, vinegars and gourmet food products including the newrelease Lime Olive Oil, along with Green Olive Tapenade, Balsamic &Shallot Mustard and the Seafood, Herb, Steak and Rib Rubs are availablein the Gourmet Shop.B.R. Cohn Winery is located at 15000 Sonoma Highway 12 in GlenEllen. The tasting room is open daily from 10 to 5 p.m.Cruise’n Classic Car SundaysBruce Cohn continuesCruise’n Classic CarSundays at B.R. CohnWinery on select Sundaysthrough October from 10a.m. and 5 p.m. Theexhibit is free to visitors.Classic car enthusiasts are encouraged to bring their own cars toexhibit.Other upcoming dates include July 4th, August 8th, September19th and October 17th.In addition to viewing all kinds of collectable cars, the winery willalso offer picnic items from the gourmet food shop to enjoy withaward winning B.R Cohn wines and of course, the latest from thewinery’s car collection of wines including Woody White, Roadster Redand Panel Wagon Pinot Noir. These wines celebrate images of Cohn’scars on the labels and are great gifts for the car fan in the family.Founded in 1984 by Bruce Cohn, the estate winery is known forits critically acclaimed, world-class, ultra-premium Cabernet Sauvignon,Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir and award-winning gourmetestate olive oils, vinegars and gourmet specialty food products. Formore information, call: 1-800-330-4064 or visit www.brcohn.com .56 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com


M E N D O C I N O / L A K EWelcome toCounties11MendocinoRidge128Claudia Springs WineryHusch VineyardsLonder VineyardsBrutocao CellarsPhiloGoldeneye VineyardsAndersonValleyEsterlina VineyardsHandley CellarsRoederer EstateLazy Creek VineyardsStandish Wine CompanyGreenwood RidgeNavarro VineyardsToulouse VineyardsBoonville128SCHARFFENBERGER CELLARSPhilips Hill EstatesBreggo CellarsElke VineyardsLonderMeyer FamilyCellarsZINA HYDE CUNNINGHAMFoursight WinesYorkvilleHighlandsYorkville Wine Country This Week Preferred Open to the public Open by appointment onlyCheck the listings in the back forhours, address and phone number.Wineries not open to the public are not represented.For corrections, deletions, additions, fax (707) 938-3674or email info@winecountrythisweek.comMaple Creek Winery128253101101UkiahMendocinoSaracinaBenmoreHopland ValleyMcDowell ValleyYorkville Cellars Jeriko EstatesBrutocao CellarsMcDowell Valley VineyardsDuncan PeakPendleton EstateNelson Family WineryJAXON KEYSTOPELMilano FamilyWineryLe Vin WineryRedwoodValleyParducci, Hidden CellarsSketchbook, ZingaroGermain-Robin DistilleryPhilo Ridge VineyardsWhaler VineyardsGraziano Family of WinesMcFaddenMcNab RidgeWeibel WineryCloverdaleWattle Creek WineryAsti175Frey VineyardsOsterBarra of MendocinoSilversmith VineyardsElizabeth VineyardsLolonis WineryFife VineyardsLakeMendocinoDunnewoodVineyardsChiarito VineyardsPotterValley20ZoomLake County Wine StudioLakeportFinley17529ClearLakeSteele WineryEdenCrestM. Konocti GrowersWildhurst Vineyards Kelseyville Wine Co.Rosa D’Oro Vineyards /DusinberreSol RougeMoore FamilyShed HornCellarsRedHillsUpperLake20KelseyvilleTulip Hill WineryCeago VinegardenCougar’s Leap Gregory Graham29Ployez WineryBrassfield Estate WineryMonte LagoVineyardsHigh ValleyShannon Ridge WineryHigh ValleyClear LakeVilla La BrentaLower LakeTerrill CellarsSix SigmaNoggle20Horne29MiddletownBUTTS CANYON RDGuenoc /Langtry EstateGuenocValley5829

Friday: Legendary Winemaker’s DinnerSaturday-Sunday: Wine tasting, food, music, art, craftsA Taste of Redwood Valley, the festival that put one of California’soldest viticultural areas on the map nineteen years ago, will once againopen its bottles and barrels to wine lovers this Father’s Day weekend,June 18-20. The festivities will begin on Friday evening with thelegendary Winemaker’s Dinner and will continue through theweekend with delicious food, barrel tasting, live music, fine art andartisanal crafts.Friday evening’s poolside dinner will begin at 6 p.m. with winetasting and gourmet hors d’oeuvres. Dinner will follow at 7 p.m. withstrip fillet mignon in a red wine/mushroom reduction sauce, accompaniedby pesto cream lasagna (vegetarian), spring green mix salad,garden vegetables and Creole bread pudding with warm brandy sauce.Brandy, Port and Muscat Canelli will be served with dessert and livemusic will sweeten the evening air.On Saturday and Sunday, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., guests willmeander through the green back roads of Redwood Valley visitingeight wineries and one world-class distillery while enjoying tastes ofWINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | MENDOCINO/LAKE COUNTIESA Taste of Redwood Valley 19th AnnualFather’s Day Weekend Taste Fest, June 18-20Redwood Valley’s deep-flavored wines. Old barns, luscious gardensand secluded ponds will compete for sensory attention with red varietalsof Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Zinfandeland Petite Sirah, as well as homemade bread, fresh goat cheese andchocolate-covered strawberries. Visitors will encounter an antiquecognac still that produces the best brandy in the world, a rustic, homebuiltwinery where Mendocino County’s first organic and Biodynamic ®wines were produced, and an architecturally exquisite tasting room.The price of admission to the entire festival, from the first taste onFriday evening to the last drop on Sunday afternoon, is $75 perperson. The cost of the Winemaker’s Dinner alone is $55 per person,and the ticket for two days of wine tasting is $25 per person. Justcheck in at any one of the eight wineries or distillery and receive a mapand a complimentary logo-engraved glass. You may also sign up to winone of the lavish baskets of wine and delicacies created by each winery.Participating wineries are: Frey Vineyards, Oster Wine Cellars, ColeBailey, Giuseppe Wines/Neese Vineyards, Graziano Family of Wines,Barra of Mendocino, Lolonis/Ladybug Winery and Silversmith Vineyards.The distillery, which will be pouring brandy and other handcraftedspirits, is Germain-Robin/Craft Distillers. To reach RedwoodValley take Hwy. 101 just north of Ukiah to the West Road exit (#557).For more information or lodging ideas, call 1-800-760-3739, (707)485-0322 or go to www.atasteofredwoodvalley.com. Be responsible –please bring a designated driver.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com59

MAIN ST SANTA RITA ROADKITTY HAWK RDLIVERMORE | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKWente Vineyards Concert SeriesWente Vineyards is excited to announce the line-up for theirannual The Concerts at Wente Vineyards Series. As Northern California’smost memorable concert experience, Wente Vineyards willhost a summer of top name headliners in its spectacular vineyardsetting. Delivering an exciting selection of musical genres, TheConcerts include: The Fray, June 17; Liza Minelli, June 24; BarenakedLadies, July 20; Huey Lewis & The News, August 10; Chris Isaak,August 19; ZZ Top, August 25; and Willie Nelson, September 13.Ticket options include different dining and seating choices. TheRestaurant Dining Option includes stage-front seating, the evening’sperformance, a four-course dinner at the award-winning Restaurantat Wente Vineyards, reserved parking, tax and gratuity. Prices startfrom $259.Tickets inclusive of a buffet-style wine country inspired dinner byCatering with Wente Vineyards are available by reservation andinclude outdoor tables seating eight or ten guests. This optionprovides guests with a view of the concert from their dining table.The price of the ticket includes seating, the evening’s performance,the buffet-style dinner served from 6-8 p.m., tax and gratuity. Pricesstart from $169.Tickets without dinner options are sold at prices starting at $89,and allow guests the option to dine at The Grill prior to the show.Wine and non-alcoholic beverages are not included in the price oftickets, but may be purchased separately at the show.TOSAN FRANCISCOTOSACRAMENTOPALOMARES ROADDublinTRI-VALLEYCONVENTION & VISITORSBUREAUChouinard VineyardsWestover Winery &Palomares Vineyards84PleasantonNILESSunolCANYONROADKILKARE RD.580LittleValleyMAIN680VALLEY AVEBERNAL AVE.EllistonVineyardsMitchell Katz84Ruby HillVALTO SAN JOSE,SALINAS &MONTEREY/CARMELVINEYARDAVE.ISABEL AVEKALTHOBig White HouseRetzlaffThomas CoyneLongevityWinesLECI TOSFenestraWineryRDFF COMML St.Thomas CoyneWineryPORTOLA AVE.ARROYOS. LIVERMORETOSIERRA FOOTHILLSBlacksmith SquareCuda RidgeEAST AVE.& Ryhan Hidden CreekPurpleLavish LainesOrchidLivermorePACIFIC (Good Brewer)InnRetzlaffOccasioPage MillNottingham Cedar MountainBodegasStony Ridge & Rios-ConcannonCrooked VineLovellAguirreTESLA ROADSinging Winemaker,GARREDeer Rodrigue Ryhan &TamasEagle RidgeRidge Molyneaux Marr Cellars at Steven KentTesla Vintners LaRochelleEstate Wente VineyardsVineyardsLivermore Valley Cellars EckertWETMORE RD EstateMurietta’sWineryWellHOLMES ST.TenutaVineyardsONFIRST STREET580VASCO ROADMINESLas PositasGREENVILLE ROADWood Family Vineyards*CEDAR MTN. RDBent Creek WineryWhite Crane Wineryel SolLUPIN ROADCROSS ROADMcGrail VineyardsRed FeatherWineryBig White House WineryWente VineyardsRestaurantVisitors Centerand Golf Course Charles R. Wine Country This Week Preferred Open to the public Open by appointment onlyCheck the listings in the back for hours, address and phone number.Wineries not open to the public are not represented.For corrections, deletions, additions, fax (707) 938-3674or email info@winecountrythisweek.comVineyardsLesChênesVICTORIA60 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

DUSTINGUILD AVEALPINECHERRYBUCKWINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | LODIVisiting Woodbridge byRobert Mondavi WineryVisit Woodbridge Winery and experience the wines that makeevery day a little less everyday. Woodbridge Winery and Visitor’sCenter offers a unique retail shopping experience and free publictours. Enjoy a tasting at the wine bar, which includes limited-productionwines available only at the winery or through the Wine Club.Browse the gift shop featuring exclusive clothing, jewelry, pottery, artand specialty foods. Check out the deli featuring an exclusive selectionof meats and California farmstead and artisan cheeses. Pair your lunchwith the perfect wine and enjoy the beautiful picnic grounds.Public Tour (9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., daily)This 30-minute complimentary tour is offered twice each day at9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Learn about the history of the winery andwhy Lodi has become noted as a premium wine-growing region inCalifornia. The tour includes a visit to the vineyard, a tour of the redbarrel-aging room, and a complimentary tasting of Woodbridge byRobert Mondavi wines.Reserved Group Tour (Six+ persons, by reservation, Tuesday-Sunday)Like the public tour, this one-hour tour includes a private tastingof limited release wines and a commemorative wine glass. Cost is$10. For reservations, call the Visitors Center at (209) 365-8139.The beautiful picnic grounds are available to your group withadvance reservations. Gourmet box lunches are also available for $15per person. A seven-day notice is required for box lunch reservations.Woodbridge Winery is open seven days a week from 10:30 a.m.to 4:30 p.m. For everyone’s safety, no children under ten years of ageare permitted on the tours. For reservations or more information, call(209) 365-8139. They welcome visitors year around, however, areclosed on some major holidays. Call ahead for holiday hours.www.WineCountryThisWeek.comTURNER ROAD55PELTIER ROADWOODBRIDGE ROADWoodbridgeE2 FamilyWinerySpenkerWineryDE VRIES ROAD12WESTMichael~DavidVineyardGrady FamilyLobo LocoWeibelThe LucasWineryJessie’sGrove WineryAbundanceVineyardsSARGENTRipkenVineyardsStocktonLangeTwinsSt. GeorgeDAVIS ROADHousley’s Century OakWoodbridge UncorkedAkin EstatesWINE &VISITORSCENTERKETTLEMAN LANEVanRuitenFamily WineryJ10LOWER SACRAMENTO RDBorraWineryTo McConnell EstatesWEST LANE4FRENCH CAMP ROADPeirano EstateVineyardsMcCormack WilliamsonACAMPO ROADWOODBRIDGE RDCosentinoLODILAKEHUTCHINS STTURNER ROADLodiLODI AVEMokelumne River Winery12WESTE. ARMSTRONG RDCHARTER WAYPELTIER ROADLodi WineCellarsSCHOOL STGrandsAmisCHURCHWOODBRIDGE BYROBERT MONDAVI99Cellar DoorDancing FoxKETTLEMAN LANEHARNEY LANEm2 Wines99Macchia12Delicato VineyardsEAST99St. AmantBergholdWinerySiqueiraWine Co.VICTOROak RidgeWineryVinoCon Briod’ArtWinesHarney LaneWineryTRETHEWAYELLIOTT ROADORCHARDWOODBRIDGEvMvVineyardsHeritage OaksLOCKE ROAD8812OmegaHarmony Wynelands4Gnekow Family Winery88ClementsClements RidgeBokisch VnydsChocoholics(wine tasting)CrystalValleyCellarsVino PiazzaLockefordGAWNE ROAD• Brice Station• Olde Lockeford• Stone Garden• La Vida Dulce• Watts FamilyL O D IA R E AW I N E R I E S61

Welcome toMONTEREY BAY AREATOLa Nebbia TO S.F.Domenico TOLIVERMORES.F. 84VALLEYLa HondaWoodsideKings84 MountainChaine dʼOrTOHALF MOONBAY1MichaelMartellaThomasFogartySKYLINEBLVD.35BONNY DOONPAGE MILL RD.HallcrestOrganic Wine Works280RidgeNaumannPicchettiC O O P E R -G A R R 85 O DMount Eden VineyardsMountain Winery9CinnabarSavannah-ChanelleAhlgren David BlackBruce RidgeMuccigrossoTestarossaBig BasinP&M Staiger Byington ZayanteHeart oʼ the MountainRoudon-SmithBruzzoneClos TitaMT. HERMONP O E T I C17 C E L L A R SJOSESOQUEL SANSOQUEL DR.J. LohrMcKEANRD.SANElkhorn SloughJUANRD.MONTEREYWindy FernwoodBeauregardOscalisNicholson Oaks CellarsBargetto Pleasant ValleyAptos CreekNatal Monte VerdeStorrsAlfaro FamilySycamore CreekVinocruzEquinoxVineyardsJason-StephensBonny Doon Beauregard CavaMartin RanchHillcrest Terrace Armida Wine BarHecker PassOdonataPelican Ranch1Santa Cruz MountainSilver MountainSones CellarsTrout GulchVino TabiMonterey BaySan FranciscoBay101880680PinderHeartʼs Fire17F L E M I N GJ E N K I N SRegaleSoquel15685B U R R E L L S C H O O LL O M A P R I E T AV I N E H I L LSilver MountainH U N T E R H I L LMAINTeam ZinE LAKE AVEUVAS RD.G8G11FortinoHECKER PASS RDI n c l u d i n g MONTEREY • CARMEL • CARMEL VALLEY • HOLLISTERSANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS • SALINAS • SANTA CLARA • LOS GATOSWATSONVILLERDClos LaChanceKirigin129GuglielmoCastilloʼs Hillside ShireMorgan Hills CellarsSolis101152 S A R A H ' SV I N E Y A R DRiver RunSANTA TERESA156CreekviewSatori CellarsThomas KruseCasa de FrutaRapazzini25SAN JUAN CANYONBOLSA RD.UNION RDSAN FELIPE RD.SHORE RD.156FAIRVIEW RDLeal EstateTravelling from MontereyTRAVEL TIMETO MILES (Average) (Peak)Sonoma County 170 3 hrs 3-1/2 hrsSanta Cruz 42 45 min 1-1/4 hrsSan Francisco 113 2 hrs 2-1/2 hrsPaso Robles 116 2 hrs 2-1/4 hrsSanta Barbara 238 4 hrs 4-1/2 hrsTOSACRAMENTOTravelling from Santa Cruz5TRAVEL TIMETO MILES (Average) (Peak)Monterey 42 45 min 1-1/4 hrsSan Francisco 73 1-1/4 hrs 1-3/4 hrsPaso Robles 136 2-1/4 hrs 2-3/4 hrs Wine Country This Week Preferred Open to the public Open by appointment onlyCheck the listings in the back forhours, address and phone number.Wineries not open to the public are not represented.For corrections, deletions, additions, fax (707) 938-3674or email info@winecountrythisweek.comP a c i f i c O c e a nP a c i f i c O c e a nCIENEGA RDScheidA Taste of MontereyWine from the HeartCima CollinaGalante Vineyards1BargettoM O R G A N W I N E R YPierce RanchBaywood Figge CellarsCellarsChateau SinnetVentanaBoëtè(Valley Hills)Los Laureles GradeTO SAN LUIS OBISPOANDSANTA BARBARACOUNTYHearst CastleCAC H AGUA RD.TASSARAJA RD68101NationalSteinbeckCenterA Tasteof MontereyMarilynRemarkWinesRIVER RD.Rancho CellarsChateauJulien G16 Heller EstateJouillian Vineyards Talbott VineyardBoekenoogen Joyce Vineyards/Chateau ChristinaPessagnoGeoris Otter CoveBernardusBoekenoogenChateau SinnetParsonageCARMELVALLEY RD.101ARROYO SECOFOOTHILL RD.FOOTHILL RD.146H A H N E S T A T E / S M I T H & H O O KSycamore CellarsDe TierraParaiso VineyardsManzoniRay FranscioniWrathRD.HobsonVentanaChaloneScheidDeRosePietra SantaCalera Wine Co.Enz FlintLIMEKILNSummeraynePinnaclesNationalMonument255TO SAN LUIS OBISPO ANDSANTA BARBARA COUNTY62www.WineCountryThisWeek.com25

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | MONTEREY/CENTRAL COASTVine Hill Winery Forges 'Sea Change' AllianceVine Hill Winery, with historic roots dating back to 1867, when therenowned Jarvis Brother’s Union Vineyard occupied the vintner’spresent site, has a keen interest in giving back to the community ofSanta Cruz. It is only fitting, and in the spirit of fostering furtherharmony and balance between the fruits of the land and the bounty ofthe sea, that Vine Hill Winery and the Seymour Marine DiscoveryCenter should partner to raise the public’s awareness of the wondersof the waters and habitat of Monterey Bay and the viticultural attributesof the lands that encircle it.Vine Hill Winery has produced an exclusive wine that pays tributeto the crucial connection between the shores and terrain aroundMonterey Bay, and the bay’s tributaries, inlets, sloughs, tide pools,waters and beyond.New “Sea Change” Pinot Noir’sLimited AvailabilityIn support of the SeymourCenter, considered by many to beone of the “jewels” that the SantaCruz region has to offer, Vine HillWinery’s new Sea Change PinotNoir will be the exclusive winesponsor for future center events.Vine Hill will donate a designatednumber of cases of the wine tothe center annually and, willadditionally donate five percentof the net profits from the sales ofthe wine it sells at its tasting roomand online store. Friends of theLong Marine Lab are encouragedto become friends of Vine Hill Winery, and visa-versa, marking auniform and collaborative effort to support the goals of marine scienceeducation at the center, helping the public to better understand theneed to care and protect Monterey Bay and its many unique ecosystems.Vine Hill Winery is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains at 2300Jarvis Road, Santa Cruz. The tasting room is open to the public on thethird weekend of each month from noon to 5 p.m. and for specialevents and selected holidays. Tastings, winery and vineyard tours byappointment for groups of 10 or more are also available.For more information, got to vinehillwinery.com; emailwine@vinehillwinery.com or call (831) 427-0436.www.WineCountryThisWeek.com63

MONTEREY/CENTRAL COAST | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKJune Brings Vintner’s Festival to the Santa Cruz Mountainsby Laura NessJune is a month of change and transition, traditionally one filledwith ceremonies marking life accomplishments, i.e., graduations, andthe beginning of new lives together, i.e., weddings. Then there’sFather’s Day and lots of anniversaries, as all those happily wed couplescelebrate another year of bliss together, at least we fondly hope. Winemakes a great gift for all these occasions. If there’s a special grad or Dadin your life, Burrell School suggests this is an ideal time to give a bottleof Valedictorian, Dean’s List Cabernet or Honor Roll Merlot. Of course,if you want to have some fun with Dad, how about a bottle of DetentionZin? If you’re gifting a lit major, how about Poetic Cellars“Ballad?” If Dad needs a little Zen in his life, a bottle of Poetic Cellars“Mantra” might be just what he needs. The smooth 2007 Loma PrietaCabernet is sure to please the sophisticated palate, and the pepperyzesty2006 Hunter Hill Estate Merlot will get you major browniepoints.The annual Santa Cruz Mountains Vintner’s Festival, the first twoweekends of June, is the ideal time to go shopping for wine gifts forthose special people in your life: including yourself. All the Summit toSea Wine Trail wineries will be celebrating Vintner’s Festival, some atrestaurants as well as at their estate tasting rooms. Here’s a quick peekat what’s going on.TO MONTEREYTO MONTEREYHAHN HAHNESTATESSMITH SMITH& HOOK HOOKVINEYARDSFOOTHILLFOOTHILL(PAVED ROAD)(PAVED ROAD)ROADROADRIVERRIVERPessagnoPessagnoBoekeoogenBoekeoogenWrathWrath68 68ROAD ROADRIVER RIVERGONZALES RIVER RDGONZALES RIVER RDFORT ROMIEFORT ROMIEMISSIONMISSIONParaisoParaisoVineyardsVineyardsCOLONYCOLONYPARAISOPARAISO SPRINGS RDSPRINGS RDG17 G17MAIN STREETMAIN STREETTaste of MontereyTaste of MontereyDe TierraDe TierraMarilyn RemarkMarilyn RemarkFORT ROMIE ROADFORT ROMIE ROADTO SAN JOSETO SAN JOSE101 101GonzalesALTA ALTA ST STManzoniManzoni BlackstoneRay FranscioniBlackstoneRay FranscioniVentanaVentanaARROYO SECO RDARROYO SECO RDLOSLOSCOCHESCOCHESSalinas SalinasFRONT STFRONT STSoledad SoledadEAST STEAST STMETZ ROADMETZ ROADSALINAS146 146ChaloneChaloneVineyardVineyardJune 5 & 6: Westside FestivitiesAll the wineries on the Summit to Sea Wine Trail will be open andhonoring Vintner’s Festival tickets, which can be purchased atscmwa.com for $30, which gets you a commemorative glass to use.Burrell School will offer live music, vineyard tours, complimentaryappetizers, picnic tables and special tastings. Loma Prieta will havebarrel samples, tastes of library wines, live music, bocce ball on topof the world, complimentary appetizers and sweeping coastal views.Poetic Cellars will feature live music, an art show, food for purchase,picnic facilities and new releases, including the 2007 vintage ofMerlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Hunter Hill will offer appetizers(most likely something wild), music, jewelry and a jaw-dropping saleon 2007 Rock’n’ Rhone, 2006 Syrah, 2007 Old Vine Zin, for$10/bottle, as long as they last. Relax by the waterfall in the newAdirondack-style lawn chairs and drink in the peace of this beautifullylandscaped setting.Big Basin Vineyards in Boulder Creek will also be open for Vintners’sFestival, with tastings of the current releases as well as barrelsamples, live music, food and vineyard tours.June 13 & 14: Eastside FestivitiesBoth Burrell School and Loma Prieta will also participate in theEastside weekend celebration. Poetic Cellars will be pouring at LaFondue in Saratoga, so if you’ve not been to this restaurant, go checkit out. Many other wineries will be pouring at Saratoga restaurants aswell. Nonno’s plays host to a dozen of the Surf City Wineries, plusWindy Oaks and P.M. Staiger.Plan ahead: Join Poetic Cellars at California Café in Los Gatos forTasting Room Tuesdays, on Tuesday, June 29th, from 5 to 7 p.m.For more events on the Summit to Sea Wine Trail, go tosummit2seawinetrail.com.SycamoreSycamoreCellarsCellarsG16 G16ARROYOARROYOSECOSECOWALNUTWALNUT101 101GreenfieldScheidScheidVineyardsVineyardsHOBSON AVEHOBSON AVETOSAN TO LUISSAN OBISPO LUISOBISPOKing King City City64 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

49VINEYARDVIEW80PASO ROBLES 117 158MONTEREY 72SAN JOSE599Sacramento124WILLOW CREEK RD204 245 255 269 355 263 236 266 278112 160 170 184 269 178 151 190 20248 90 100 115 200 110 83 118 138SAN FRANCISCO 45 55 70 155 75 48 88 142SONOMA 22 44 129 39 14 68 131SANTA ROSA 16 101 21 41 104 166HEALDSBURG 86 26 56 118 181MENDOCINO 111 141 195 266CALISTOGA 27 86 149NAPA 59 122SACRAMENTO 84MURPHYSLAKE TAHOEPlymouth88 104 104TOSTOCKTONJackson CaliforniaWine Sellars884949558099LodiStocktonTO 49PLACERVILLEStory WineryTKC VineyardsShenandoah VineyardsAmador CellarsKarlyRenwoodVilla ToscanoDeaverDomaine de la Terra RougeDillian Amador Foothill WineryVino Noceto16CooperCharles SpinettaTOSerinidad C GDobra ZemljaSACRAMENTOKarmereStonehouseNine GablesDi ArieWineryBrayTerra d’OroYoung’sWilderotter Bella PiazzaSobon EstateFrenz49Le Grand LapinNuaDairWineryConvergence Vineyards FiddletownIl GioielloTanisVineyardsDrytown Cellars124OLD SACRAMENTO RDFrench HillWinery26RIDGE RDFIDDLETOWN RDAmador CityBELL RDAmador Country Wine CellarSutter CreekWine TastingMAINSutter CreekTOSAN ANDREASSutter RidgeVineyards4OSTROMAvio Vineyards1688SHENANDOAH995026219108LAWRENCETYLERAmadorwww.WineCountryThisWeek.comAngelsCamp12010849MariposaAuburnJacksonSan Andreas49SonoraJamestownNorthYubaNevadaCity49El DoradoCaliforniaShenandoah ValleyPlymouth FairPlayFiddletownAmador CityCEDAR4CRKWINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | SIERRA FOOTHILLS104882612379307231201181217231310199172115118SierraFoothillsAVASierraFoothillsAVA49420PlacervilleSutter CreekGrass ValleyMokelumne HillMurphysColumbia8020TOSACRAMENTO4TO RENOSogno50SzaboVineyardsPennValleyTO TAHOEINDIAN SPRINGSCOMBIE RDSierra StarrWinery20McCOURTNEY RDSOUTHRIDGE IronMountainWineryPilot PeakWinerySPENCERVILLE RDNaggiar49ROSEMARYN. SHINGLE RDGOLD FORKCoufosCellarsGARDENBARGOLDShingleSpringsMOTHERFRENCHCREEKChevalierTOPLYMOUTHTOLODINevada CountyDomaineBecquetTOSTOCKTONJONES BARROUGH & READYROUGH & READY HWYLIME KILNWOLFTOAUBURNLotusLOTUS RDHILL RD50LODE DRAvanguardia WinesCOLDBITNEY SPRINGS RDADAMSONNEWTOWN RDMcCOURTNEY RD49El Dorado12264Nevada City WineryKINGSWOODMAGNOLIA RDSPRINGSVenezio49MAINAltaSierra49TYLER-FOOTE49Indian SpringsTasting RoomColomaGold HillDavid GirardPlacervilleMt. AukumNEAL STMILL STOAK TREELA BARR MEADOWSSierra KnollsVineyard & WineryCEDARQUARRYPLEASANTExit48RAVINESomersetGranite SpringsToogoodOMOBROAD STPINE STDOG BAR RDRDSPRING STMc KNIGHT EXITPURDON RDCROSSINGMAINCOMMERCIALUNIONCOYOTESmith Vineyards& WineryDouble OakWineryNevadaCitySierra Starr Tasting RoomBurch HallLucchesi Tasting Room49 174Lucchesi Tasting Room20Solune Winegrowers174Lava CapBoegerCARSON RDGrass ValleyNEWTOWN RDRDPERRYFAIRPLAYE16Single LeafFitzpatrickMt. Aukum Winery Van der VijverFrench Hill WineryMTVALLEYBUCKSHASSLERAUKUMRANCHLatchamChateauRoutonTOPLYMOUTH49San Andreas49AngelsCampNewMelonesLake49MadronaRDBLIND SHADY RDMT. OLIVE RDPleasantValleyMais FicaSierra VistaNarrow GateHolly’s HillCantigaBusbyBARMokelumneHillWofford AcresStone’s ThrowSierra OaksWindwalkerPerry CreekCREEKNO. CANYONLARSENSLUG GULCHMontoliva WineryCaminoParaViAurigaFenton JodarHerriott CrystalChateau BasinRodin50TO PLYMOUTHSHEEPRANCHSIXSNOWSExit54Fair PlayFleur de LysE16OakstoneWinery by the CreekCharles B. Mitchell26MurphysMILELaraineChatomGerberTwisted Oak IrishE18RD8880Miraflores20TOLAKETAHOEColibriRidgedkcellarsHatcher WineryStevenotLavender Ridge Domaine BecquetZucca MountainBeaux ChevauxTwisted OakVina Moda StevenotBlack Sheep Frog’s ToothMilliaire4Newsome-HarlowBroll Mtn.Solomon Wine Co. BodegaMAIN STIronstonedel SurIndian4RockMURPHYSGRADE RDTO SONORAEl DoradoColumbiaTOCARSONPASSCalaverasBriceStation65

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKNAPA VALLEYA Dozen Vintners – Tasting Room, 3000 Highway 29 North, St. Helena; 707 967-0666 Open daily 10-5Acme Fine Wines– 1080 Fulton Ln, St. Helena; 888 963-0440 Daily 9:30-5Adastra – 2545 Las Amigas Rd, Napa; 707 255-4818Open by appointment onlyAetna Springs Cellars – 7227 Pope Valley Road, St. Helena; 707 965-2675Open by appointment onlyAhnfeldt Wines – Uncorked at Oxbow Tasting Room, 605 First St. Napa; 707 927-5864 Wed-Mon 12-6,Tue 12-8Allora Vineyards – 3244 Ehlers Lane, St. Helena; 707 963-6071Open by appointment onlyAlpha Omega – 1155 Mee Lane @ Highway 29, Rutherford; 707 963-9999 Daily 10-6Altamura Vineyards & Winery – 1700 Wooden Valley Rd, Napa; 707 963-6071Open by appointment onlyAmizetta – 1099 Greenfield Road, St. Helena; 707 963-1460Open by appointment onlyAmuse Bouche Winery – 2930 St. Helena Hwy, St. Helena; 707 967-8814Open by appointment onlyAncien – Napa; 707 927-6594Open by appointment onlyAnderson’s Conn Valley Vnyds – 680 Rossi Road, St. Helena; 707 963-8600Open by appointment onlyANDRETTI WINERY – 4162 Big Ranch Road, Napa; 888 460-8463Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours (Private Tours for 10 or more), Educational ProgramsOpen daily 10-5Antica Napa Valley –3700 Soda Canyon, Napa; 707 257-8700Open by appointment onlyARGER-MARTUCCI – 1455 Inglewood Ave, St. Helena; 707 963-4334Wine Tasting, Gift Items, Picnic Area, Arts Exhibit, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Food PairingOpen daily 10-5Ariel Vineyards – 1312 Town Center, Napa; 707 257-9731 Mon-Sat 9-5, Sun 10-3Arkenstone Vineyards –335 West Lane, Angwin; 707 965-1020Open by appointment onlyArns – 601 Muno Road, St. Helena; 707 963-3429Open by appointment onlyARTESA – 1345 Henry Road, Napa; 707 224-1668Gift Items, Children OK; Call for Winery Tours at 11 & 2, Vineyard Tours, Food PairingsOpen daily 10-4:30Atalon – 3299 Bennett Lane, Calistoga; 1-800-224-4090 Open daily 11-5August Briggs – 333 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-4912 Open daily, 10:30-4:30Back Room Wines – 1000 Main Street, Napa; 707 226-1378 Sun-Wed 10-6, Thu-Sat 10 to 9BALDACCI – 6236 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 944-9261Gift Items, Children & Pets OKOpen daily 10-4Ballentine Vineyards – 2820 St. Helena Hwy N, St. Helena; 707 963-7919 Open daily 10-5Barclay & Browning Wines – St. Helena; 707 963-3185Open by appointment onlyBarlow Vineyards – 4411 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-8742Open by appointment onlyBarnett Vineyards – 4070 Spring Mountain, St. Helena; 707 963-7075Open by appointment onlyBeaulieu Vineyards – 1960 Hwy 29, Rutherford; 707 967-5233 Open daily 10-5Beau Vigne – 6795 Washington, Yountville; 947-7058 Mon-Fri 11-8, Sat-Sun 10-8Behrens & Hitchcock – 4078 Spring Mountain Road, St. Helena; 707 963-1774Open by appointment onlyBell Wine Cellars – 6200 Washington St, Yountville; 707 944-1673Open by appointment onlyBENESSERE WINERY – 1010 Big Tree Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-5853Gift Items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Food PairingsOpen daily 10-5BENNETT LANE – 3340 Hwy 128, Calistoga; 877 MAX-NAPA Open daily 10-5:30Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Vineyard Tours, Educational Programs, Food PairingsBERINGER VINEYARDSCOME SEE THE RESTORED RHINE HOUSE!Tours & Tasting Daily 10:00-5:00Call ahead to schedule tours & private tastings, 866-708-94632 for 1 Reserve Wine Tasting in the Rhine House with this adSave up to $252000 Main Street, St. Helena | www.Beringer.comBighorn Cellars – 3105 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 226-8569Black Cat Vineyard – 1075 Shadybrook Ln, Napa; 707 321-086666ACACIA VINEYARD – 2750 Las Amigas Road, NapaExplore Wine Country less traveled and experience the beauty of Acacia.Situated on a country lane with spectacular views of San Pablo Bay,Acacia is dedicated to producing award-winning, vineyard designate Pinot Noirand Chardonnay from some of the oldest vines in Carneros.Open by appointment only, Mon-Sat 10am-4pm and Sun noon-4pm707-226-9991 (ext.2) or 887-226-1700 (toll free)Fri-Sat 11-4 or by apptOpen by appointment onlyBlack Corden Vnyds – 4155 Dry Creek Rd, Napa; 707 226-6860Open by appointment onlyBLACK STALLION – 4089 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 253-1400 Open daily 10-5Gifts, Children & Pets OK, Cheese Pairings; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Educational Programs, Food PairingsBoeschen – 3242 Silverado Trail, St. Helena; 707 963-3674Open by appointment onlyBouchaine Vineyards – 1075 Buchli Station Rd, Napa; 707 252-9065 Open daily 10:30-4Bounty Hunter Rare Wine Co. – 975 First St, Napa; 707 226-3976Sun-Thu 11-10, Fr-Sa 11-MidnightBourassa – 190 Camino Oruga, Napa 707 254-4922; 800-499-2366Open by appointment onlyBoyd Family – 4042 Big Ranch Road, Napa; 707 254-7353Open by appointment onlyBravante Vineyards – 300 Stone Ridge Rd, Angwin; 707-965-2552Open by appointment onlyBremer Family Winery –975 Deer Park Road, St. Helena; 707 963-5411Daily 10-5 by appointmentBrown Estate – 3233 Sage Canyon Road, St. Helena; 707 963-2453Limited, by appointment only, closed SundaysBuehler – 820 Greenfield Road, St. Helena; 707 963-2155Open by appointment onlyBuoncristiani Wine – P. O. Box 6946, Napa; 707 259-1681Open by appointment onlyBurgess Cellars –1108 Deer Park Road, St. Helena; 800 752-9463Open by appointment onlyCade Winery – 360 Howell Mountain Rd So, Angwin; 707 965-2746Open daily 10am-4pmCafaro Cellars – 2591 Pinot Way, St. Helena; 707 963-7181Open by appointment onlyCain – 3800 Langtry Road, St. Helena; 707 963-1616Open by appointment onlyCakebread Cellars – 8300 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 707 963-5222Open by appointment onlyCalafia Cellars – 629 Fulton Lane, St. Helena; 707 963-0114Open by appointment onlyCaldwell – 169 Kruzer Lane, Napa; 707 255-1294 Tours/tasting by appointment only at 10:30, 1:30 or 4:30Cali 351 – 400 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-9581 Thu-Mon 10-5CALISTOGA WINE STOP – 1458 Lincoln Ave, #2 Calistoga; 707 942-5556 Daily 10-6Cardinale – Tasting Room, 7600 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville; 707 948-2643 Open daily 10:30-5CASA NUESTRA WINERY – 3451 Silverado Trail No, St. Helena; 707 963-5783 Open Mon-Sat 10-5Gifts, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery Tours & appointmentsCASTELLO DI AMOROSA – 4045 North St. Helena Hwy (Hwy 39), Calistoga; 707 942-8200 Open daily 9:30-6Gifts, Children & Pets OK; call ahead for: Winery & Cave Tours, reservation recommendedCaymus Vineyards – 8700 Conn Creek Rd, Rutherford; 707 967-3010Open daily by appointmentCeja Vineyards Tasting Room – 1248 1st St, Napa; 707 226-6445 Open daily 12-6, Sat till 11Ceja Family Vineyards – 1016 Las Amigas Rd, Napa 707 255-3954Open by appointment onlyChappellet Vineyard – 1581 Sage Canyon Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-7136Open by appointment onlyCharbay Winery & Distillery – 4001 Spring Mtn Rd; St. Helena; 707 963-9327 Open daily 10-4CHARLES KRUG WINERY – 2800 Main St. Hwy 29, St. Helena; 707 967-2229 Open daily 10:30-5Charter Oak Winery – 831 Charter Oak Ave, St. Helena; 707 963-2298Open by appointment onlyChase Family Cellars – 2252 Sulphur Springs Road, St. Helena; 707 963-1284Open by appointment onlyChateau Boswell – 3468 Silverado Trail, St. Helena; 707 963-5472Open by appointment onlyChateau Montelena – 1429 Tubbs Ln, Calistoga; 707 942-5105 Open daily 9:30-4Chimney Rock Winery – 5350 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 257-2641 Open daily 10-5Clif Family Winery – 1312 Vidovich Avenue, St. Helena; 707 968-0625 Mon-Fri 11am, 1pm & 3pm, Sat-Sun by apptCliff Lede Vineyards – 1473 Younvtille Cross Rd, Yountville; 707 944-8642 Open daily 10-4CLOS DU VAL WINERY – 5330 Silverado Trail, Napa; 800 993-9463 Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; call ahead for: Wine Tours, Vineyard Tours, Food PairingsClos Pegase – 1060 Dunaweal Ln, Calistoga; 707 942-4981 Open daily 10:30-4:30Conn Creek Winery – 8711 Silverado Trail, St. Helena; 707 963-9100 Open Sat 10-4, Sun-Fri 11-4Constant – 2121 Diamond Mountain Rd, Calistoga; 707 942-0707Open by appointment onlyContinuum Estate – 1677 Sage Canyon Road, St. Helena; 707 944-8100Open by appointment onlyCorison Winery – 987 St. Helena Hwy, St. Helena; 707 963-0826Open daily 10-5 by appointmentCORLEY FAMILY ESTATE – 5330 Silverado Trail, Napa; 800 993-9463 Open daily 10-4:30Gift Items, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Wine Tours, Food PairingsCORNERSTONE CELLARS – 6505 Washington St., Suite 7, Yountville; 707 948-6512 Daily 10-6Cosentino Winery – 7415 St. Helena Hwy, Yountville; 707 944-1220 Open daily 10-5:30Crane Family Winery – 1051 Borrette Lane, Napa; 707 259-0175Open by appointment onlyCrocker & Starr – St. Helena; 707-967-9111Open by appointment onlyCult Wine Central – Tasting Room, 40 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville; 800 848-9630 Open daily 10-4:30

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGSCuvaison Estate Wines – 4500 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-2468 Open daily 10-5Cuvaison Estate Wines – 1221 Duhig Road, Carneros (between Napa & Sonoma); 707 942-2455 Open daily 10-5Darioush Winery – 4240 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 257-2345 Open daily 10:30- 5David Arthur – 1521 Sage Canyon Road, St. Helena; 707 963-5190Open by appointment onlyDavid Fulton – 825 Fulton Lane, St. Helena; 707 967-0719Open by appointment onlyDel Bondio Wine Co. – 1333 Bella Oaks Lane, Napa; 707 963-2805Open by appointment onlyDel Dotto Caves – 1055 Atlas Peak Rd, Napa; 707 963-2134Open by appointment onlyDel Dotto Vineyards – 1445 St. Helena Highway, St. Helena; 707 963-2134Open by appointment onlyDelectus Winery – 908 C Enterprise Way, Napa; 707 255-1252Open Mon-Fri by appointmentDiamond Oaks – 1595 Oakville Grade, Oakville; 707 948-3000 Open daily 10-4:30Diamond Terrace – 1391 Diamond Mountain Road, Calistoga; 707 942-1189Open by appointment onlyDOMAINE CARNEROS – 1240 Duhig Rd, Napa; 707 257-0101Gifts, Children OK, Winery Tours, Vineyard Tours; Call ahead for groups of eight or moreOpen daily 10-6Domaine Chandon – 1 California Dr, Yountville; 707 944-2280 Open daily 10-5Dominari – 620 Trancas Street, Napa; 707 226-1600Open by appointment onlyDuckhorn Vineyards – 1000 Lodi Lane, St. Helena; 707 963-7108 Open by appointment, 10-4Dutch Henry Winery – 4300 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-5771 Open daily 10-4:30Eagle & Rose – 1844 Pope Canyon Rd, Pope Valley; 707 965-9463Open appointment by onlyEeden Wines– 3505 Spring Mountain Rd., St. Helena; 707 337-5526Open daily 12-4 by appointment onlyEhlers Estate – 3222 Ehlers Lane, St. Helena; 707 963-5972 Open daily 10-4El Molino Winery – St. Helena; 707 963-6021Weekdays, by appointment onlyElizabeth Rose – Poured at Cult Wine Central, 40 St. Helena Hwy,Oakville; 800 848-9630 Open daily 10-4Elizabeth Spencer – 1165 Rutherford Road, Rutherford; 707 963-6067 Open daily 10-6Elkhorn Peak Cellars – 200 Polson Rd, Napa; 707 255-0504Open by appointment onlyElyse – 2100 Hoffman Ln, Napa; 707 944-2900 Open by appointment only 10-5Envy Wines – 1170 Tubbs Ln, Calistoga; 707 942-4670 Open daily by appointment 10-4:30ETUDESTOP IN AND SEE THE NEW TASTING ROOMWe invite you to experience for yourself our family charm.2 for 1 Tasting with this ad (Save up to $25)1250 Cuttings Wharf Road, Napa | Open Daily 10am-4:30pm707-257-5300 | www.etudewines.comFailla – 3530 Silverado Trail, St. Helena; 707 963-0530Open by appointment onlyFalcor – 2511 Napa Corporate Dr, Ste 115, Napa; 888-402-WINE Open daily 10-5Far Niente – 1350 Acacia Dr, Oakville; 707 944-2861 Open by appointment only 10-3Farella-Park – 2222 N. Third Ave, Napa; 707 254-9489 Open daily 10-4Fleury Estate Winery – 950 Galleron Rd, Rutherford; 707 967-8333 Open daily 10-4Flora Springs – The Room – 677 St. Helena Hwy So., St. Helena; 707 967-8032Children & Pets OK, Picnic AreaOpen daily 10-5Flora Springs Winery – 1978 Zinfandel Ln, St. Helena; 707 967-6723Open by appointment onlyFOLIE A DEUX – 7481 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville; 800 535-6400Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKOpen daily 10-6FOLIO WINEMAKERS’ STUDIO – 1285 Dealy Lane, Napa; 707 256-2757 Mon-Tue 12-5, Sat-Sun 11-5Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Picnic Area, Children Welcomed; call ahead for: Winery Tours, Educational Programs, Food PairingsFontanella Family – 1721 Patrick Road, Napa; 707 252-1017 Open daily 10-4Forman Vineyards – 1501 Big Rock Road, St. Helena; 707 963-3900Open by appointment onlyFranciscan Vineyards – 1178 Galleron Rd, Rutherford; 707 963-7111 Open daily 10-5FRANK FAMILY VINEYARDS – 1091 Larkmead Lane, Calistoga; 707 942-0859Gift Items, Picnic AreaOpen daily 10-5Frazier Winery – 70 Rapp Lane, Napa; 707 255-3444Open by appointmentFREEMARK ABBEY – 3022 St. Helena Hwy 29 N., St. Helena; 707 963-9694Gift Items, Children Welcomed; Call ahead for: Winery ToursOpen Daily 10-5Frog’s Leap – 8815 Conn Creek Road, Rutherford; 707 963-4704Open by appointment onlyG Cook – 264 N. Fork Crystal Springs Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-7760Open by appointment onlyGargiulo – 575 Oakville Crossroad, Napa; 707 944-2770Open by appointment onlyGemella Wines – Napa; 707 261-9855Open by appointment onlyGirard Winery – (Tasting Room) 6795 Washington, Yountville; 968-9297; Open daily 10-6 Winery by appointment onlyGodspeed Vineyards – 3655 Mount Veeder Rd; 707 254-7766Open daily by appointmentGolden State Vintners – 401 St. Helena Highway South, St. Helena; 707 963-2335 Daily 10-5Goosecross Cellars – 1119 State Lane, Yountville; 707 944-1986 Open daily 10-4:30Graeser Winery – 255 Petrified Forest Rd, Calistoga; 707 942-4437 Open by appointment only 10-5GRGICH HILLS – 1829 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 707 963-2784Gift Items, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours By Appt. at 11 & 2, Food PairingsOpen daily 9:30-4:30Groth – 750 Oakville Crossroad, Oakville; 707 944-0290Open by appointment onlyGuffy – 1390 Thompson Ave, Napa; 707 258-2532Open by appointment onlyGuilliams – 3851 Spring Mountain Road, St. Helena; 707 963-9059Open by appointment onlyGustavo Thrace – 1021 McKinstry St, Napa; 707 257-6796Open 11-6 Sun-Wed; 11-8 Thu-SatHaber Family Vnyds– 345 Pine Breeze Dr, Angwin; 914 804-9660Open by appointment onlyHAGAFEN CELLARS – 4160 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 252-0781Gift Items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Wine ToursOpen daily 10-5Hall Rutherford – 56 Auberge Road, Rutherford; 707 967-0700Open by appointment onlyHall St. Helena – 401 St. Helena Hwy So, St. Helena; 707 967-2620 Open daily 10-5:15Hans Fahden Vineyards – 4855 Petrified Forest Rd, St. Helena; 707 942-6760Open by appointmentHdV Wines – 588 Trancas St, Napa; 707 251-9121Open by appointment onlyHartwell Vineyards – 5795 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 255-4269 Open Wed-Sun 11-4Heitz Cellars Tasting Room – 436 St. Helena Hwy 29, St. Helena; 707 963-3542 Open daily 11-4:30Helena View Johnston – 3500 Highway 128, Calistoga; 707 942-4956Open by appointment onlyHendry – 3104 Redwood Dr, Napa; 707 226-8320Open by appointment onlyHess Collection – 4411 Redwood Rd, Napa; 707 255-1144 Open daily 10-5:30Hill Family Estate – 6512 Washington, Yountville; 707 944-9580 Open daily 10-6Honig Vineyards – 850 Rutherford Rd, Rutherford; 707 963-5618 Open daily by appointment 10-4Hope & Grace – 6540 Washington St, Yountville; 707 944-2500 Mon-Sat 10-6Hopper Creek – 6204 Washington St, Yountville; 707 944-0675 Open daily by appointment only 11-4Hunnicutt Wines –3524 Silverado Trail North, St. Helena; 707 963-2911Open by appointment onlyIlona Howell Mountain –tasted at Burgess, 1108 Deer Park Road, St. Helena; 800 752-9463 Open by appointment onlyJ. Doran – 45 Enterprise Ct, Napa; 925 418-5630 Open by appointmentJ. Kirkwood Winery – 1020 Borrette Lane, Napa Limited tours and tastings by appointment onlyJames Cole – 5014 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 251-9905Open by appointment onlyJames Creek – 2249 James Creek Rd, Pope Valley; 707 965-2646Open by appointment onlyJarvis Winery – 2970 Monticello Rd, Napa; 1-800-255-5280Open by appointment onlyJESSUP CELLARS – 6740 Washington St, Yountville; 707 944-8523Art Exhibits; Call ahead for Food Pairings, last tasting at 5:30pmOpen daily 10-6JOSEPH PHELPS VINEYARDS – 200 Taplin Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-2745 Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat-Sun 10-4Gift Items, Children OK; Tastings & Seminars by appointmentBy appointmentLast tasting Mon-Fri at 3:30pm, Last tasting on Sat-Sun 2:30JUDD’S HILL – 2332 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 255-2332Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children WelcomedOpen daily by appointment 10-4Juslyn – 2900 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 265-1804 (Poured at Silenus Vintners) Winery open by appointment onlyKapcsandy Family Winery – 1001 State Lane, Yountville; 707 265-1804Open by appointment onlyKeenan – 3660 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-9177Open by appointment onlyKeever – 26 Vineyard View Dr, Yountville; 707 944-0910Open by appointment onlyKelham – 360 Zinfandel Ln; St. Helena; 707 963-2000Open by appointment onlyFamily owned producer ofEstate Carneros Pinot Noir for 30 years.Visit our beautiful winery on the Silverado Trail in St Helenato taste Estate Pinot Noir, single-vineyard Petite Sirah anda variety of other classic and esoteric varietals.Open daily by appointment only, 11am to 4pm1001 Silverado Trail South, St. Helena • (707) 963-5667Kenzo Estate – 3200 Monticello Road, Napa; 707 259-5408 Daily by appointment 10-4:30KooLooLoo Vineyard – 1004 Clinton Street, Napa; 707 815-6510 Tue-Sun 12-667

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKKrupp Brothers – 3267 Soda Canyon Rd., Napa; 707 259-1198Open by appointmentKuleto Estate – 2470 Sage Canyon Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-9750Open by appointment onlyLadera – 150 White Cottage Rd So, Angwin; 707 965-2445Open by appointment onlyLaird Family Winery – 5055 Solano Ave., Napa; 707 257-0360 Open daily 10-5Lamborn Family Vnyds – Summit Lake Dr, Howell Mtn; 925 254-0511Open by appointment onlyLarkmead Vineyards – 1100 Larkmead Ln, Calistoga; 707 942-0167 Open by appointment only 10-4Lava Vine – 965 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-9500 Open daily 10-5Lindstrom – 5994 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 226-6289Exclusive tastings by appoinment onlyLion's Run Wines – Tasted at Ubuntu Annex 1130 Main Street, Napa; 707 287-0273Open by appointmentLokoya – 7600 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville; 707 948-1968Open by appointment onlyLong Meadow Ranch & Farmstead – 738 Main St, St. Helena; 707 963-4555 Open daily 11-6LOUIS M. MARTINI – 254 St. Helena Hwy So. (Hwy 29 ), St. Helena; 707 968-3361 Open daily 10-6Gift Items; Call ahead for: Wine Tours at 11 & 2, Cellar Tours, Food PairingsLUNA VINEYARDSThe first winery on the left heading north on the Silverado Trail. Enjoy thesalon-like atmosphere of this beautiful tasting room where you can sampleLuna Vineyards’ highly regarded Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Grigio andother varietals at the magnificent tasting bar. Private tours, along with tastingsin their gorgeous private reserve room, by appointment only.Open daily 10-5, 2921 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 255-2474Madonna Estate Winery – 5400 Old Sonoma Rd, Napa; 707 255-8864 Open daily 10-5Madrigal Vineyards – 3718 N. St. Helena Hwy, Calistoga; 707 942-6577 Open daily 10-4MAHONEY VINEYARDS – Taste at Oxbow, 708 First St, Napa; 707 265-9600 Open daily 11-6Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Food Pairings Fri-Sat 11-9Mario Perelli-Minetti – 1443 Silverado Trail, St. Helena; 707 963-8310 Open Thu-Sun 10-5Markham Vnyds – 2812 St. Helena Hwy 29, St. Helena; 707 963-5292 Open daily 10-5Marston Family Vineyard – 3600 White Sulphur Springs Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-8490 Open by appointmentMason Cellars Oxbow Tasting Room – 7l4 First St, Napa 707 255-0658 Open Thu-Mon 11-5:30Mayacamas Vineyards – 1155 Lokoya Rd, Napa; 707 224-4030Open by appointment onlyMcKenzie-Mueller – 2530 Las Amigas Rd, Napa; 707 252-0186Open by appointment onlyMERRYVALE VINEYARDS – 1000 Main St, St. Helena; 707 963-7777 Open daily 10-6:30Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OKCall ahead for: Wine Tours Sat & Sun at 10:30, Educational Programs, Food PairingsMidsummer Cellars– 771 Sage Canyon Rd, Rutherford; 707 225-4367Open by appointment onlyMilat Vineyards – 1091 St. Helena Hwy S, St. Helena; 707 963-0758 Open daily 10-5:30Miner Family – 7850 Silverado Trail, Oakville; 707 944-9500 Open daily 11-5MJA – 647 Greenfield Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-3394Open by appointment onlyModus Operandi Cellars – 45 Enterprise Ct, Napa; 530 219-6199Open by appointment onlyMONTICELLO VINEYARDS – 4242 Big Ranch Rd, Napa; 707 253-2802 Open daily 10-4:30Gift Items, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Wine Tours, Food PairingsMorey Cellars – Napa Call for information; 707 226-2348Moss Creek Winery – 6015 Steele Rd, Napa; 707 252-1295Open by appointmentMount Veeder Winery – Mt. Veeder; 707-967-3993Open by appointment onlyMUMM NAPA – 8445 Silverado Trail, Rutherford; 800 MUM-NAPA Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Wine ToursMurphyVineyards – 395 Crane Ave, St. Helena; 707 963-2516Open by appointment onlyNAPA CELLARS – 7481 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville; 707 944-2565 Open daily 10-6Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children OKNapa Valley Farms – 929 Main St, St. Helena; 707 963-8011Open by appointmentNapa Wine Company – 1133 Oakville Cross Rd, Oakville; 707 944-1710 Open daily 10-4Neal Family Vineyards – 716 Liparita Rd, Angwin; 707 965-2800Open by appointmentNewton Vineyards – 2555 Madrona Ave, St. Helena; 707 963-9000Open by appointmentNeyers Vineyards– 2153 Sage Canyon Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-8840Open by appointmentNichelini Winery – 2950 Sage Canyon Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-0717 Weekends 10-5, weekdays by appointmentNickel & Nickel – 8164 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville; 707 967-9600Open Mon-Fri 10-3, Sat-Sun 10-2 by apptNord Estate – Yountville; 707 945-1094Open by appointment onlyO’Brien Estate – 1200 Orchard Ave, Napa; 707 252-8463 Open by appointment Mon-Sat 10-5O’Shaughnessy Estate – Angwin, 707 965-2898Open by appointment onlyOakville Ranch Vineyards– 7781 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707-944-9665Open by appointmentOlabisi – 974 Franklin St, Napa; 707 257-7477 Open Mon-Sun 11-6OnThEdge – (Vermeli Wines) 1255 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga; 877-668-4334 Daily 10-5Opus One – 7900 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville; 707 944-9442 Open daily by appointment 10-4Orin Swift Cellars – 1352 Main St, St. Helena; 707 967-9179 Open by appointment Mon-Fri 1-4Outpost Estate Wines – Angwin; 707 965-1718Open by appointment onlyPage Wine Cellars – 6505 Washington St., Suite 7, Yountville; 707 944-2339Daily 10-6 (Closed Tuesdays)Page Wine Cellars – 520 California Blvd, #20, Napa; 707 944-2339Open by appointment onlyPalmaz Vineyards – 4029 Hagen Road, Napa; 707 226-5587Open daily by appointmentPaloma Vineyard – 4013 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-7504Open by appointmentPaoletti Vineyards – 4501 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-0689 Open by appointment Fri-Sat 11-5, 11-4 SunParadigm – 1277 Dwyer Rd, Oakville; 707 944-1683Open by appointmentParaduxx – 7257 Silverado Trail, Yountville; 707 945-0890Open by appointmentPatz & Hall – 851 Napa Valley Corporate Way, Ste A, Napa; 707 265-7700 Open Wed-Sun 10-4Peacock Family – 3100 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 967-0770Open by appointmentPedemonte Cellars – 1620 S. Whitehall Lane, St. Helena; 707 933-8352Open by appointment onlyPedras Wines – 5040 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 287-4925Open by appointment onlyPeju – 8466 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 707 963-3600 Open daily 10-6Peter Franus Wine Company – Napa; 707 945-0542Open by appointment onlyPheonix – 3175 Dry Creek Road, Napa; 877 374-6364By advance appointment onlyPina Cellars – 8060 Silverado Trail, Rutherford; 707 738-9328 Open daily by appointment 10-4Pine Ridge – 5901 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 252-9777 Open daily 10:30-4:30PlumpJack Winery – 620 Oakville Crossroad, Oakville; 707 945-1220 Open daily 10-4Pope Valley Winery – 6613 Pope Valley Rd, Napa; 707 965-1246Open Thu-Sun 11-5 or by apptPRAGER WINERY & PORT WORKS – 1281 Lewelling, St. Helena; 707 963-PORT (7678) Open daily 10:30-4:30Children & Pets OKPride Mountain Wines – 4026 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-4949Open by appointmentProvenance – 1695 St. Helena Hwy, St. Helena; 707 968-3633 Open daily 10:30-5:30Quintessa – 1601 Silverdo Trail, St. Helena; 707 967-1601Open by appointmentQuixote – 6126 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 944-2659Open by appointmentRAYMOND VINEYARD – 849 Zinfandel Ln, St. Helena; 707 963-3141 Open daily 10-4Gift Items, Children OK; Call ahead for Wine ToursRAZI WINERYNew tasting room in Napa Valley‘…taste our passion for wine in each style that we make.’Wine & food pairings with an education based on appellations and terroirsSchedule a tasting daily 10 am to 4 pm3108 Silverado Trail, Napa Valley • (707) 224-4299Regusci Winery – 5584 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 254-0403 Open daily 10-5Revana Family – 2930 St. Helena Hwy, St. Helena; 707 967-8814Open by appointmentReverie Winery – 1250 Diamond Mtn Rd, Calistoga; 707 942-6800Open by appointmentREYNOLDS FAMILY – 3266 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 258-2558 Open daily 10-4:30Rios Wine – 1334-B Lincoln Ave, Calistoga; 707 942-1376 Open daily 10:30-6:30Ritchie Creek – 4024 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-4661Open by appointmentRoad 31 Wine Co – Napa; 707 649-1200Open by appointment onlyRobert Biale – 4038 Big Ranch Rd, Napa; 707 257-7555Open by appointmentRobert Craig Winery – 625 Imperial Way, Napa; 707 252-2250 x1 Open by appointment Mon-Sat 10-4Robert Keenan – 3660 Spring Mtn. Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-9177Open by appointmentRobert Mondavi – 7801 St. Helena Hwy 29, Oakville; 707 968-2001 Open daily 10-5Robert Sinskey Vnyds – 6320 Silverado Trail, Yountville; 707 944-9090 Open daily 10-4:30Robinson Family Vnyds – 5880 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 944-8004Open by appointment68 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGSROMBAUER VINEYARD – 3522 Silverado Trail, No, St. Helena; 707 963-5170 Open daily 10-5Round Pond Winery – 886 Rutherford Rd, Rutherford; 1-877-963-9364www.WineCountryThisWeek.comBy appointmentRubicon Estates – 1991 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 707 968-1161 Open daily 10-5Rudd Winery – 500 Oakville Cross Rd, Oakville; 707 944-8577Ruston Family – 2798 Spring St, St. Helena; 707 967-8025Rustridge Ranch – 2910 Lower Chiles Valley Rd, St. Helena; 707 965-9353Open Tues-Sat by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentRutherford Grove – 1673 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 707 963-0544 Open daily 10-4:30Rutherford Hill – 200 Rutherford Hill Rd, Rutherford; 707 963-1871 Open daily 10-5Rutherford Ranch – 1680 Silverado Trail, Rutherford; 707 963-5251 Open daily 10-4:30Saddleback Cellars – 7802 Money Road, Oakville; 707 944-1305 Open daily by appointment 10-4Saintsbury – 1500 Los Carneros Ave, Napa; 707 252-0592Salvestrin Vineyard – 397 Main Street, St. Helena; 707 963-5105Saviez Vineyards – 4060 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-5889Open Mon-Fri by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentSawyer Cellars – 8350 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 707 963-1980 Open daily 10-4School House Vineyards – 3549 Langtry Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-4240Open by appointmentSchramsberg – 1400 Schramsberg Rd, Calistoga; 707 942-2414 Open daily by appointment 10-4Schweiger Vineyards – 4015 Spring Mt Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-4882Seavey Vineyard – 1310 Conn Valley Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-8339Open by appointmentOpen by appointmentSEQUOIA GROVE – 8338 St. Helena Hwy 29, Rutherford; 707 944-2945 Open daily 10:30-5Gift Items, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Wine Tours, Food PairingsShafer Vineyards – 6154 Silverado Trail, Nap; 707 944-2877Sherwin Family – 4060 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-1154Signorello Vineyards – 4500 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 255-5990Silenus Vintners – 5225 Solano Ave, Napa; 707 299-3930Open by appointmentOpen by appointmentFri-Sun 10-5, Mon-Thu by appointmentOpen by appointment onlySilver Oak Cellars – 915 Oakville Crossroad, Oakville; 1-800-273-8809 Open Mon-Sun 9-5Silver Rose Cellars – 400 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-9581 Open daily 10-5Silverado Trail Wine Studio – 3105 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 226-8569Fri & Sat 11-4, Thu-Tue by apptSilverado Vineyards – 6121 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 257-1770 Open daily 10-5Sixteen by Twenty Wines – 4155 Dry Creek Rd, Napa; 707 226-6860Sky Vineyards – 1500 Lokoya Rd, Napa; 707 935-1391Smith Madrone – 4022 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-2283Sodaro Estate – 24 Blue Oak Lane, Napa; 707 975-6689Spelletich Cellars – 425 Gateway Rd W, Napa; 707 363-5757Spottswoode – 1902 Madrona Ave, St. Helena; 707 963-0134Spring Mountain – 2805 Spring Mtn. Rd, St. Helena; 707 967-4188Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentSt. Helena Wine Center – 1321 Main St, St. Helena; 707 963-1313 Open daily 10-5:30St. Helena Winery – 100 Pratt Ave, St. Helena; 707 967-9463Open by appointmentSt. Supéry – 8440 St. Helena Hwy, Rutherford; 800 942-0809 Open daily 10-5Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars – 5766 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 944-2020 Open daily 10-4:30Stag’s Leap Winery – 6150 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 944-9433Stagecoach Vineyard – 3267 Soda Canyon Rd., Napa; 707 259-1198Staglin Family – 1570 Bella Oaks Ln, Rutherford; 707 944-0477By advance appointment onlyOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentSteltzner Vineyards – 5998 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 252-7272 Open daily 10:30-4:30STERLING VINEYARDS – 1111 Dunaweal Lane, Calistoga; 707 942-3344 Mon-Fri 10:30-5Self-Guided Winery Tours, Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK Sat-Sun 10-5Stoneheath Winery – Napa; 707 257-0701ST. CLEMENT“BEST BOUTIQUE WINERY” & “LOCAL WINEMAKER”Two Years in a Row2 for 1 on any tasting including Single Vineyard TastingSave up to $252867 St. Helena North, St. Helena | Open Daily 10am-4:30pm707-265-5000 | www.stclement.comOpen by appointmentStonehedge Winery – 1004 Clinton St, Napa; 707 256-4444 Tue-Thu 12-6, Fri-Sat 12-8Stony Hill Vineyard – Call for directions,St. Helena; 707 963-2636Storybook Mountain – 3835 Hwy 128, Calistoga; 707 942-5310Sullivan Vineyard – 1090 Galleron Rd, Rutherford; 707 963-9646Open Mon-Fri 9-5 by appt onlyOpen by appointmentOpen daily 11-5 by appointmentSUMMERS ESTATE – 1171 Tubbs Lane, Calistoga; 707 942-5508 Open daily 10:30-4:30Gift Items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsSummit Lake – 2000 Summit Lake Dr, Angwin; 707 965-2488Open by appointmentSUTTER HOME WINERY – 277 St. Helena Hwy S, St. Helena; 707 963-3104 Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsSwanson Vineyards – 1271 Manley Ln, Rutherford; 707 967-3500Open by appointmentTASTE AT OXBOW – 708 First Street, Napa/ 707 265-9600 Sun-Thu 11-6, Fri-Sat 11-9Taylor Family Vineyards –5991 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 255-3593Tayson Pierce – Call for directions,St. Helena; 707 963-2636Teachworth – 4451 St. Helena Hwy, Calistoga; 707 942-8432Tedeschi Family Winery – 2779 Grant St. Calistoga; 707 337-5526Terra Valentine – 3787 Spring Mountain Rd, St. Helena; 707 967-8340The Terraces – 1450 Silverado Trail, St. Helena; 707 963-1707Tofanelli Family – 1212 Pine St, Calistoga; 707 942-6504Tom Eddy – 3870 Hwy 128, Calistoga; 707 942-4267Open by appointmentBy appointment onlyOpen by appointmentTue-Sun 12-4:30 by appointment onlyOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointmentTrahan Winery – 974 Franklin St, Napa; 707 257-7477 Open daily 11-6Trefethen Vineyards – 1160 Oak Knoll Ave, Napa; 707 255-7700 Open daily 10-4:30Tres Sabores – 1620 S. Whitehall Lane, St. Helena; 707 967-8027Trespass Vineyard – 1859 Hillview Place, St. Helena; 707 963-0804Open by appointmentOpen by appointmentTRINCHERO FAMILY ESTATES – 3070 N. St. Helena Hwy, St. Helena; 1-800-473-4454 Open daily 10-5Trinitas Cellars – 875 Bordeaux Way, Napa; 707 251-1956 Open daily 11-7Truchard – 3234 Old Sonoma Rd, Napa; 707 253-7153Tudal Winery – 1015 Big Tree Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-3947Tulocay – 1426 Coombsville Rd, Napa; 707 255-4064Open by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentTurnbull Wine Cellars – 8210 Highway 29, Oakville; 707 963-5839 Open daily 10-4:30Twomey Cellars – 1183 Dunaweal Lane, Calistoga; (707) 942-7122 Open Mon-Sat 9-4Ubuntu Annex – Tasting Room, 1130 Main St, Napa; 707 251-5656 Mon-Wed 12-6, Thu-Fri 12-7, Sat 11-7, Sun 11-6Uncorked at Oxbow – 605 First St, Napa; 707 927-5864 Wed-Mon 12-6,Tue 12-8V Madrone – 3199 St. Helena Hwy N, St. Helena; 707 963-3573Open by appointmentV Wine Cellars – 6525 Washington St, Yountville; 707 531-7053 Open daily 10-7V. SATTUI WINERY – Corner Hwy 29 & White Ln, St. Helena; 707 963-7774 Open daily 9-6 (Winter hours till 5)Picnic Area, Deli, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK, Cave ToursVan Der Heyden – 4057 Silverado Trail, Napa; 707 257-0130Verismo Wines – 100 Rapp Ln, Napa; 707 944 WINE (9463)Viader Winery – 1120 Deer Park Rd, St. Helena; 707 963-3816VinRoc – Napa; 707 265-0943Vincent Arroyo Winery – 2361 Greenwood Ave, Calistoga; 707 942-6995Vine Cliff Winery – 7400 Silverado Trail, Yountville; 707 944-1364Vineyard 29 – 2929 St Helena Hwy, St. Helena; 707 963-9292Vineyard 7 & 8 – 4028 Spring Mountain Road, St. Helena; 707 963.9425Open daily 10-6 by appointmentOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointmentOpen by appointmentOpen daily 10-4:30 by appointmentOpen daily 10-5 by appointmentOpen by appointmentMon-Fri 10-2 by appointmentVintners Collective – 1245 Main St, Napa; 707 255-7150 Open daily 11-6Volker Eisele Family – 3080 Lower Chiles Valley Rd, St. Helena; 707 965-9485Open by appointment onlyVon Strasser – 1510 Diamond Mtn. Rd, Calistoga; 707 942-0930 Open by appointment 10:30-4:30W. H. Smith– 1307 Lincoln Avenue, Suite B, Calistoga; 707 942-1194 Sun-Thu 10-5, Fri-Sat 10-6WATERSTONE – Taste at Oxbow, 708 First St, Napa; 707 265-9600 Open daily 11-6Gift Items, Picnic Area, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsWermuth Winery – 3942 Silverado Trail, Calistoga; 707 942-5924 Open daily 11-5Whetstone Wine Cellars – Tasted at Ubuntu Annex 1130 Main Street, Napa; 707 254-0600White Cottage Ranch – 555 College Ave, Angwin; 707 965-0516Open by appointmentOpen by appointment69

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKWHITEHALL LANE – 1563 St. Helena Hwy S. (Hwy 29), St. Helena; 800-963-9454 x 19 Open daily 10-5:45Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Barrel Tasting ToursWhite Rock Vineyard – NapaWhitford Cellars – 4047 E. Third Ave, Napa; 707 942-0840William Cole Vnyds – 2849 Saint Helena Hwy North, St. Helena; 707 963-6100William Harrison Vnyrds – 1443 Silverado Trail, St. Helena; 707 963-8310Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen daily11-5WILLIAM HILL ESTATE WINERY – 1761 Atlas Peak Road, Napa; 707 265-3024 Open daily 10-5Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Vineyard Tours, Educational ProgramsWINE GARAGE – 1020 Foothill Blvd (Hwy 29), Calistoga; 707 942-5332 Open Mon-Sat 11-6:30, Sun 11-4:30Wineries of Napa Valley – Tasting Room, 1285 Napa Town Center, Napa; 707 253-9450 Mon-Thu 11-6, Fri-Sat 10-7, Sun 10-6Wing Canyon Vineyard – 3100 Mt. Veeder Rd, Napa; 707 265-8798Witt Estate – 1500 Whitehall Ln, St. Helena; 707 967-8046X Winery & Amius – 1405 2nd Street, Napa; 707 204-9522Yates Family Vineyard – 3104 Redwood Rd, Napa; 707-226-1800Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointmentOpen by appointment onlyOpen daily by appointment onlyZD-52 – Poured at Taste at Oxbow, 708 First St, Napa; 707 265-9600 Sun-Thu 11-6, Fri-Sat 11-9Zahtila Vineyards – 2250 Lake County Hwy; Calistoga; 707 942-9251 Daily 10-4:30ZD WINES – 8383 Silverado Trail, Rutherford; 707 963-5188 Open daily 10-4:30Gift items, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Wine PairingsSONOMA COUNTYA. Rafanelli Winery – 4685 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1385 Open by appointment onlyAcorn Winery – 12040 Old Redwood Hwy, Healdsburg; 707 433-6440Adobe Road Winery – 1995 S. McDowell Blvd, Petaluma; 707 939-7967Adrian Fog – Healdsburg; 707 688-1174Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment,ALDERBROOK WINERY 2306 Magnolia, Healdsburg; 707 433-9154 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Food PairingsAlexander Valley Vineyards – 8644 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-7209 Open daily 11-5Amista Vineyards– 3320 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-9200 Thur-Mon 11-4:30Amphora Wines – 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-7767 Open daily 11-4:30Alegria Winery – 12040 Old Redwood Hwy, Healdsburg; 707 433-6440Open by appointment onlyANABA WINES – 60 Bonneau Road, Sonoma; 707 996-4188 Open daily 10:30-5:30Arbios/Praxis – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Open daily 11am-6pmArchipel – 4611 Thomas Rd, Healdsburg; 800-273-0177 Open by appointment Mon-Sat 10-5Arista Winery – 7015 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 473-0606 Open daily 11-5ARMIDA WINERY – 2201 Westside Road, Healdsburg; 707 433-2222 Open daily 11-5Gift items, Children OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsArnot-Roberts – Tasted at Grange Sonoma, 23564 Hwy 121, Cornerstone, Sonoma; 707 933-8980 Wed-Mon 11-4Arrowood Vineyards & Winery – 14347 Sonoma Hwy 12, Glen Ellen; 707 935-2600 Open daily 10-4:30ARTESA –1345 Henry Road, Napa; 707 224-1668 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children WelcomedArtiste Winery – 435 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 433-1920 Open daily 11-5:30Atascadero Creek – 3541 Gravenstein Hwy 116 N, Sebastopol; 707 823-3040 Sat-Sun 11-5Balletto – 5700 Occidental Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 568-2455 Open daily 10-4BR COHN WINERY – 15000 Sonoma Hwy 12, Glen Ellen; 800-330-4064 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call for: Tours, Educational Programs, Wine PairingsB Wise Vnyds – Poured at Sonoma Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Suite B ; 707 935-1791Wed-Mon 11-5:30, Tue seasonalBanyon – poured at Downtown Wine, 132 Plaza St, Healdsburg; 707 473-0337 Thur-Mon 11-6, Fri-Sat 11-7Bartholomew Park – 1000 Vineyard Ln., Sonoma; 707 935-9511 Open daily 11-4:30Battaglini Wines – 2948 Piner Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 578-4091Open by appointment onlyBella Vnyds & Wine Caves – 9711 West Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 473-9171 Open daily 11-4:30Benziger Family Winery – 1883 London Ranch Rd, Glen Ellen; 707 935-4046 Open daily 10-5Blackstone Winery – 8450 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood; 707 833-1999 Open daily 10-4:30Bluenose Wines – Poured at Hudson Street Wineries, 428 Hudson Street, Healdsburg; 707 433-2364 Sat-Sun 12-5Bonneau Family – 23001 Arnold Dr, Sonoma; 800-996-0420Open Daily 11-6:30 (close at 5 in winter)Bradford Mountain – 4035 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-4433Sat-Sun 11-4 or by appt.Branham Estate – Poured at Downtown Wine: 132 Plaza St, Healdsburg; 707 473-0337 Thu-Mon 11-6, Fri-Sat 11-7Brutocao Cellars – Poured at Sonoma Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Suite B ; 707 935-1791 Wed-Mon 11-5:30, Tue seasonalBuena Vista Winery – 18000 Old Winery Rd, Sonoma; 707 938-1266 Open daily 10-5C. Donatiello – 4035 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 800-433-8296 Open daily 11-5Camellia Cellars – 57 Front St., Healdsburg; 707 433-1290 Open daily 11-4:30Carol Shelton – 3354-B Coffey Ln, Santa Rosa; 707 575-3441 Open by appt. 11-4Cellar Door – 1395 Broadway, Suite E, Sonoma; 707 938-4466 Thur-Mon 11-6,Tue-Wed 4-6Cellar No. 8 – Poured at Asti Winery, 26150 Asti Rd, Cloverdale; 707-433-2822 Daily 10-5Cellars of Sonoma – 133 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa; 707 578-1826 Sun-Wed 10-5, Thur-Sat 10-8Chalk Hill – 10300 Chalk Hill Rd, Healdsburg; 800-838-4306Tours & tasting by appointment onlyChandelle Winery – 1395 Broadway at the Cellar Door in Sonoma; 707 938-4466 Thur-Mon 11-6,Tue-Wed 4-6CHARLES CREEK VINEYARD – 483 First St. W., Sonoma; 707 935-3848 Open daily 11-6Chateau Felice – 10603 Chalk Hill Rd, Healdsburg; 707 836-9011 Mon-Thurs 11-3 Sat-Sun 11-4CHATEAU ST. JEAN WINERYVOTED ‘BEST TASTING ROOM’Enjoy Acclaimed Gardens • Gourmet Picnic Fare • Wines by the Glass2 for 1 Tasting in the Visitor Center with this ad8555 Sonoma Highway, Kenwoodwww.ChateauStJean.com | 800-543-7572Christie Vineyards – Poured at Waterfront Tasting Rm, 53 Front St, Healdsburg; 707 433-3097 Thu-Mon 11-5CHRISTOPHER CREEK – 641 Limerick Ln, Healdsburg; 707 433-2001 Open daily 11-5Picnic AreaChronicle Wines – P. O. Box 1854, Sonoma; 707 637-7461Open by appointment onlyClarbec – 19368 Orange Ave, Sonoma; 707 996-4012Open by appointment onlyClary Ranch – 3461 Middle Two Rock Rd, Petaluma; 707 938-7210Open by appointment onlyCLINE CELLARS – 24737 Arnold Drive, Sonoma; 707 940-4030 Open daily 10-6Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours at 11, 1, 3 or Food PairingsClos du Bois – 19410 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 857-3100 Open daily 10-4:30Collier Falls – Poured at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12,Kenwood; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5Poured at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30COMPASS Wines– Poured at Sonoma Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Suite B ; 707 935-1791 Wed-Mon 11-5:30, Tue seasonalCopain Wines – 7800 Eastside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 836-8822Open Thu-Sun 11-5 or by appt.Corda – 845 Chileno Valley Rd, Petaluma; 707 781-9310Open by appointment onlyD’Argenzio – 1301 Clevelend Ave, Ste A, Santa Rosa; 707 280-465811-5 Summer, 11-4 winter; tours availableDark Horse – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Open daily 11am-6pmDashe Cellars – Poured at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30David Coffaro – 7485 Dry Creek Rd, Geyserville; 707 433-9715Open 11-4, Tours: Fridays by appt.David Noyes – Poured at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5Davis Family Vnyds – 52 Front St, Healdsburg; 707 433-3858 Thu-Sun 11-5De La Montanya – 999 Foreman Ln., Healdsburg; 707 433-3711Fri-Sun 11-4:30, Mon-Thu by apptDe Loach Vineyards – 1791 Olivet Road, Santa Rosa; 707 526-9111 Open daily 10:30-5DE LORIMIER WINERY (formerly Mosaic)– 2001 Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-2000 Open daily 10:30-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKDEERFIELD RANCH – 10200 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood; 707 833-5215 Open daily 11-4Art Exhibits, ToursDehlinger – 4101 Vine Hill Rd, Sebastopol; 707 823-2378Tours & tastings by appointment, Fridays onlyDel Carlo Winery – 4939 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg; 707 433-1036Open by appointment onlyDerbes – Tasted at Grange Sonoma, 23564 Hwy 121, Cornerstone, Sonoma; 707 933-8980 Wed-Mon 11-4Deux Amis – 1960 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-7945Open by appointment onlyDH Gustafson Family – 9100 Stewarts Point Skaggs Springs Road, Geyserville; 707 433-2371 Sat 10-4 or by apptDowntown Wine – 132 Plaza St, Healdsburg; 707 473-0337 Thu-Mon 11-6, Fri-Sat 11-7DREYER WINE – Poured at Sonoma-Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Sonoma; 707 935-1200 Open daily 11-5:30, Tue seasonalDry Creek Vineyards – 3770 Lambert Bridge Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1000 Open daily 10:30-4:3070 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGSDuchamp Estate – 280 Chiquita Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-6665www.WineCountryThisWeek.comOpen by appointment onlyDutch Bill Creek – Tasted at Grange Sonoma, 23564 Hwy 121, Cornerstone, Sonoma; 707 933-8980 Wed-Mon 11-4DUTCHER CROSSING – 8533 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-2700 Open daily 11-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for Winery ToursDutton Estate – 8757 Green Valley Rd; Sebastopol; 707 829-9463 Daily 10-5Dutton-Goldfield– 3100 Grevenstein Highway North, Sebastopol; 707-827-3600 Open daily 10-4:30Enkidu Wine – 8910 Sonoma Hwy. 12, Kenwood; 707 833-6100Daily 11-6 (closed Tuesdays in Winter)Eno Wines – Tasted at Grange Sonoma, 23564 Hwy 121, Cornerstone, Sonoma; 707 933-8980 Wed-Mon 11-4Ensuenos – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Eric K. James – 452 First Street E, Sonoma Plaza; 707 732-7560Open daily 11am-6pmFriday-Sunday 12-5:30 or by appointmentERIC ROSS – 14300 Arnold Dr, Glen Ellen; 707 939-8525 Thu-Mon 11-5Also poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Everett Ridge – 435 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1637 Open daily 11-5F. Teldeschi – 3555 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-6626 Open daily 12-5Family Wineries of Dry Creek Valley – 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 Open daily 10:30-4:30Family Wineries – Kenwood – 9380 Sonoma Hwy. 12; 707 833-4444Mar-Dec 10:30-5, Jan-Feb Closed Tu-WeFAVERO VNYDS – 3939 Lovall Valley Rd, Sonoma; 707 935-3939Open by appointment only– Poured at Sonoma Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Suite B ; 707 935-1791 Wed-Mon 11-5:30, Tue seasonalFERRARI-CARANO – 8761 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-6700 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Wine PairingsFERRARI-CARANO SEASONS OF THE VINEYARD113 Plaza St, Healdsburg; 707 431-2222 Fri-Thu 10-6, Fri-Sat 10-7Field Stone Winery – 10075 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-7266 Open daily 10-5Folk Machine – Poured at Downtown Wine: 132 Plaza St, Healdsburg; 707 473-0337 Thu-Mon 11-6, Fri-Sat 11-7Foppiano Vineyards – 12707 Old Redwood Hwy, Healdsburg; 707 433-7272 Open daily 10-4:30Forth Vnyds – Poured at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30Foyt Family Wines – poured at Roots in Sonoma, 23574 Arnold Dr/Hwy 121, Sonoma; 707 934-4090 Open daily 10-5Francis Ford Coppola – 300 Via Archimedes, Geyserville; 707 857-1462 Open daily 10-5Freestone Vineyards – 12747 El Camino Bodega, Freestone; 707 874-1010 Thur-Sun 11-5Frick – 23072 Walling Road, Geyserville; 707 857-1980 Sat-Sun 12-4:30Friendly Dog Winery – 14301 Arnold Dr, Jack London Village, Glen Ellen; 707-938-7550 Thu-Mon 11-5FRITZ WINERY – 24691 Dutcher Creek Rd, Cloverdale; 707 894-3389 Open daily 10:30-4:30Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Wine PairingsGallo Family Vineyards – Tasting Room: 320 Center Street, Healdsburg; 707 433-2458 Open daily 10-6Gary Farrell Wines – 10701 Westside Rd, Healdsburg;707 473-2909 Open daily 10:30-4:30Geyser Peak Winery – At Canyon Rd, 22281 Chianti Rd, Geyserville; 707 857-2500 Open daily 10-5GLORIA FERRER CAVES & VNYDS – 23555 Hwy 121, Sonoma; 707 996-7256 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibit; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Educational Programs, Food PairingsGofessel Vineyards– 200838 Burndale Road, Sonoma; 707 225-6801Göpfrich – 7564 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1645Open by appointment onlyOpen daily by appointmentGourmet Au Bay – 913 Hwy 1, Bodega Bay; 707 875-9875 Fri-Sat 11-8, Sun-Thu 11-7Grange Sonoma – (Tasting room for boutique wineries) Open daily 10-5Graton Ridge – 3541 Gravenstein Hwy 116 N, Sebastopol; 707 823-3040 Sat-Sun 11-5GRIEVE FAMILY – Poured at Sonoma Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Suite B ; 707 935-1791Grey Stack – 4100 Grange Road, Santa Rosa; 707 228-1338Wed-Mon 11-5:30, Tue seasonalOpen by appointment onlyGrove Street – Poured at Hudson Street Wineries, 428 Hudson Street, Healdsburg; 707 433-2364 Sat-Sun 12-5Gundlach Bundschu – 2000 Denmark St, 707 938-5277; Sonoma Open daily 11-4:30Hanna Winery – 9280 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 431-4310 Open daily 10-45353 Occidental Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 575-3371 Open daily 10-4Hanzell Vineyards– 18596 Lomita Avenue, Sonoma, CA 95476 Ph: 707.996.3860Open by appointment onlyHarrington – Tasted at Grange Sonoma, 23564 Hwy 121, Cornerstone, Sonoma; 707 933-8980 Wed-Mon 11-4Hartford Family Winery – 8075 Martinelli Road, Forestville; 707 887-1756 Open daily 10-4:30Hart‘s Desire – Poured at Waterfront Tasting Rm, 53 Front St, Healdsburg; 707 433-3097 Thu-Mon 11-5Harvest Moon Estate – 2192 Olivet Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 573-8711 Open daily 10:30-5Hauck Cellars – 223 Center St, Healdsbug; 707 473-9065 Open Thu-Mon 11:30-5:30, Fri & Sat til 7Hawkes Wine – 6734 Hwy. 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-4295Open daily 10-5, tours by appointmentHawley Wines – 36 North Street, Healdsburg; 707 473-9500 Open daily 11-6Haywood Winery – 18000 Gehricke Rd, Sonoma; 877 996-4299Open by appointment onlyHeintz – Tasted at Grange Sonoma, 23564 Hwy 121, Cornerstone, Sonoma; 707 933-8980 Wed-Mon 11-4Highway 12 Winery – 498 First St. E, Sonoma; 707 938-8091 Open daily 10:30-5:30Hobo – Poured at Downtown Wine: 132 Plaza St, Healdsburg; 707 473-0337 Thu-Mon 11-6, Fri-Sat 11-7Holdredge – 51 Front St, Healdsburg; 707 431-1424Sat-Sun 11-4:30 or by apptHomewood Winery – 23120 Burndale Rd, Sonoma; 707 996-6353 Open daily 10-4Hook and Ladder – 2027 Olivet Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 546-5712 Open daily 10-4:30HOP KILN WINERY – 6050 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-6491 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for: Educational Programs, Food PairingsHouse Winery – 3100 Gravenstein Hwy. N, Sebastopol; 707 829-1101 Open daily 11:30-9IL CUORE – Poured at Sonoma Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Suite B ; 707 935-1791Wed-Mon 11-5:30, Tue seasonalImagery Estate – 14355 Hwy 12, Glen Ellen; 707 935-4515 Weekdays 10-4:30, Weekends 10-5Inman Family – 5793 Skylane Blvd, Ste C, Windsor; 707 395-0689Fri & Sat 11-4 or by appt.Iron Horse – 9786 Ross Station Rd, Sebastopol; 707 887-1507Open daily 11-3:30, tours Mon-Fri by appt.J Keverson – Poured at Waterfront Tasting Rm, 53 Front St, Healdsburg; 707 433-3097 Thu-Mon 11-5J Lynne Wines – Poured at Vine Tastings: 9058 Windsor Rd, Windsor; 707 620-0833 Mon-Fri 12-8pm, late weekendsJ Rickards Winery – 24505 Chianti Rd, Cloverdale; 707 758-3441 Tue-Sat 11-5J Vineyard & Winery – 11447 Old Redwood Hwy, Healdsburg; 707 431-3646 Open daily 11-5JACUZZI VINEYARDS – 24724 Arnold Drive, Sonoma; 707 931-7575 Open daily 10-5:30Johnson’s Alexander Valley Wines – 8333 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-2319 Open daily 11-5John Tyler Wines – 4375 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 473-0123Open by appointment onlyJordan – 1474 Alexander Valley Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-5250Open by appointment onlyJoseph Swan – 2916 Laguna Rd, Forestville; 707 573-3747 Sat, Sun & some holidays, 11-4:30Kachina – 4551 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg; 707 332-7917Open daily 11-4 by apptKamen Estate – 21692 8th Street E, Suite 300, Sonoma; 707 833-1700Open by appointment onlyKastania Vineyards – 4415 Kastania Rd, Petaluma; 707 763-6348 Sat Sun 11-4KAZ WINERY – 233 Adobe Canyon Rd, Kenwood; 707 833-2536 Fri-Mon 11-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Vineyards ToursKeller Estate – 5875 Lakeville Hwy, Petaluma; 707 765-2117 Thu-Sun 11 - 4:30KENDALL-JACKSON – 5007 Fulton Rd, Fulton; 707 571-8100 Open daily 10-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Educational Programs, Food PairingsKENDALL-JACKSON – 337 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 433-7102 Open daily 10-5Children & Pets OKKenwood Vineyards – 9592 Sonoma Hwy 12, Kenwood; 707 833-5891 Open daily 10-4:30Kokomo – 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0200 Open daily 11-4:30Korbel Chmpgne Clrs – 13250 River Rd, Guerneville; 707 824-7000 Open daily 9-4:30Kunde – 9825 Sonoma Hwy 12, Kenwood; 707 833-5501 Open daily 10:30-4La Crema – 235 Healdsburg Ave, Ste 101, Healdsburg; 707 431-9400 Open daily 10:30-5:30Lago di Merlo – at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30Lake Sonoma Winery – 340 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 473-2999 Open daily 10-5Lambert Bridge – 4085 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-9600 Open daily 10:30-4:30Lancaster Estate – 15001 Chalk Hill Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-8178x209Open by appointment onlyLandmark – 101 Adobe Canyon Rd, Kenwood; 707 833-0053 Open daily 10:30-4:30Larson Family – 23355 Millerick Rd, Sonoma; 707-938-3031 Open daily 10-571

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKLaurel Glen – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Open daily 11am-6pmLEDSON WINERY – 7335 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood; 707 537-3810 Open daily 10-5Tasting Fees, Gift items, Deli, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call for: Educational Programs, Food PairingsLeonhardt Vnyds – 8500 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 352 262-0963Apr 15- Sep 1, Daily 1-5 by apptLimerick Lane Vineyards – 1023 Limerick Ln, Healdsburg; 707 433-9211 Open daily 10-5Little Vineyards Family Winery – 15188 Sonoma Hwy, Glen Ellen; 707 996-2750 Thu-Mon 11-4:30Locals Tasting Room–Corner of Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707-857-4900 Open daily 11-6Longboard Vineyards – 5 Fitch St, Healdsburg; 707 433-3473Open daily 11-6 (closed Tue)LOXTON CELLARS – 11466 Dunbar Rd, Glen Ellen; 707 935-7221 Open daily 11-5Picnic Area; Call ahead for Vineyard and Winery ToursLynmar Estate – 3909 Frei Rd, Sebastopol; 707 829-3374Open daily 10-5, call for reservationsMacLeod Family Vnyd – 740 Lawndale Road, Kenwood; 707 833-4312Open by appointment onlyMacPhail Family – 851 Magnolisa Dr, Healdsburg; 707 433-4780Open by appointment onlyMacrae Family – at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5MacRostie Winery – 21481 Eighth St E, Suite 25, Sonoma; 707 996-4480Sat 11-4:30, Mon-Fri by appointmentMADRONE RIDGE WINERY– Poured at Sonoma Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Suite B ; 707 935-1791 Wed-Mon 11-5:30Mantra – Tasted at Grange Sonoma, 23564 Hwy 121, Cornerstone, Sonoma; 707 933-8980 Wed-Mon 11-4MANZANITA CREEK – 1441 A&B Grove St, Healdsburg; 707 433-4052Wed-Sat 11-4, Sun-Tue by appt– Poured at Sonoma Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Suite B ; 707 935-1791 Wed-Mon 11-5:30, Tue seasonalMarimar Estate – 11400 Graton Road, Sebastopol; 707 823-4365 Open daily 11-4Martin Family – 5610 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-9545Open by appointment onlyMARTIN RAY – 2191 Laguna Road, Santa Rosa; 707 823-2404 Open daily 11-5Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery ToursMartinelli Vineyards – 3360 River Rd, Fulton; 707 525-0570 Open daily 10-5Martorana Family Winery– 5956 West Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1909Open by appointment onlyMatanzas Creek Winery – 6097 Bennett Valley Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 528-6464 Open daily 10-4:30MATRIX – 3291 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1911 Open daily 11-5Gift items, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery ToursMauritson Family Winery – 2859 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-0804 Open daily 10-5Mayo Family– at The Cellar Door in Sonoma, 1395 Broadway; 707 938-4466 Thur-Mon 11-6, Tue-Wed 4-6MAZZOCCO SONOMA – 1400 Lytton Springs Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-8159 Open daily 11-5Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKMeadowcroft Family – poured at Roots in Sonoma, 23574 Arnold Dr/Hwy 121, Sonoma; 707 934-4090 Open daily 10-6Meeker Vineyards – 21035 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 431-2148 Open daily 10:30-6Mercury Geyserville – 20120 Geyserville Avenue, Geyserville; 707 857-9870Thu-Mon 11-6, Tue-Wed by apptMerriam Vnyds – 11650 Los Amigos Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-4032 Open daily 10-5Merry Edwards – 2959 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol; 888-388-9050Open daily 9:30-4:30, appt recommendedMichel-Schlumberger – 4155 Wine Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-7427 Open daily 11-5Mietz Cellars – Poured at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30Mill Creek Vineyards – 1401 Westside Rd; Healdsburg; 707 431-2121 Open daily 10-5MoniClaire Vineyards – 1750 Lytton Springs Rd; Healdsburg; 707 433-4320Open by appointment onlyMoon Mountain – 1700 Moon Mountain Drive, Sonoma; 707 996-5870 Tue-Sat by appt only; tours 10:30, 2:30Moshin Vineyards – 10295 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-5499 Open daily 11-4:30Mounts Family – 3901 Wine Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 292-8148Open by appointment onlyMueller – 6301 Starr Rd, Windsor; 707 837-7399Open by appointment onlyMulas Family – 23900 Ramal Road, Sonoma; 707 938-3134Limited tours, call aheadMurphy-Goode – 20 Matheson St, Healdsburg; 800 499-7644 Open daily 10:30-5:30Muscardini Cellars – 8910 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood; 707 833-0526 Open daily 11-672MOONDANCE CELLARSFormerly a founding member of The Wine Room in Sonoma Valley, Moondance Cellars producessmall lots of award-winning Napa and Sonoma County varietals and blends, often poured bythe winemaker. Also pouring Orchard Station Winery and The Friendly Dog Winery.Voted Best Tasting Room of the North Bay (Bohemian)Jack London Village | 14301 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen | 11-5 Thursday-Monday707-938-7550 | www.moondancecellars.com The Pup is always welcomeNalle – 2383 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1040Open Friday by appointment onlyNicholson Ranch – 4200 Napa Rd, Sonoma; 707 938-8822 Open daily 10-6Novy Family – 980 Airway Ct, Ste C, Santa Rosa; 707 578-3882 Open by appointment Mon-Sat 10-3Occidental Road Cellars – 707 874-9401Optima Winery – 498 Moore Ln, Unit C, Healdsburg; 707 431-8222Call for tours & tastingOpen by appointment onlyOrchard Station Winery – 14301 Arnold Dr, Jack London Village, Glen Ellen; 707-938-7550 Thu-Mon 11-5Owl Ridge – Poured at Hudson Street Wineries, 428 Hudson Street, Healdsburg; 707 433-2364 Sat-Sun 12-5Paint Horse – 16510 Arnold Drive, Sonoma; 707 935-0148Open by appointment onlyPalmeri – 21001 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 857-4101 Thu-Sat 11:30-6, Sun-Wed 11:30-5:30Papapietro Perry – 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0422 Open daily 11-4:30PARADISE RIDGE WINERY – 4545 Thomas Lake Harris Dr, Santa Rosa; 707 528-WINE Open daily 11-5Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery ToursPARADISE RIDGE – Kenwood Tasting Room, 8860 Sonoma Hwy; 707 282-9020 Open daily 11-6Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKParmelee Hill – 8860 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood; 707 282-9020Open by appointment onlyPassalacqua Vnyds – 3805 Lambert Bridge Rd, Healdsburg; 877-825-5547 Open daily 11-5Pastori Winery – 23189 Geyserville Ave, Cloverdale; 707 857-3418Open by appointment onlyPedroncelli Vineyards – 1220 Canyon Rd, Geyserville; 707 857-3531 Open daily 10-4:30Pellegrini Family – 4055 West Olivet Rd, Santa Rosa; 800-891-0244 Open by appointment Thur-Mon 10-4Pendleton Estate – 35100 Hwy 128, Cloverdale; 707 894-3732Peters Family – 2064 Hwy. 116 No, Suite 102, Sebastopol; 707 829-3111Peterson – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Petroni Vineyards – 990 Cavedale Road, Sonoma; 707 935-8311Portalupi – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyOpen daily 11am-6pmOpen 10-4 by appointmentOpen daily 11am-6pmPorter Creek – 8735 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-6321 Open daily 10:30-4:30Preston Vineyards – 9282 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-3372 Open daily 11-4:30Quivira Vineyards – 4900 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 431-8333 Open daily 11-5RH – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Open daily 11am-6pmRamazzotti Wines – 22910 Walling Rd, Geyserville; 707 857-3428 Open Mon-Sun 11-6Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Open daily 11am-6pmRavenswood – 18701 Gehricke Rd, Sonoma; 707 938-1960 Open daily 10-4:30Raymond Burr – 8339 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-4365 Open daily 11-5Remick Ridge – tasted at Adler Fels, 9575 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood; 707 833-6131 Open daily 11-5Richardson Winery – at The Cellar Door in Sonoma, 1395 Broadway; 707 938-4466 Open daily 11-6Ridge Vineyards – 650 Lytton Springs Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-7721 Open daily 11-4River Road Vnyds – 5220 Ross Rd, Sebastopol; 707 887-8130Open by appointment onlyRobert Hunter – at The Cellar Door in Sonoma,1395 Broadway; 707 938-4466 Open daily 11-6Robert Rue Vnyd – 1406 Wood Rd, Santa Rosa; 707578-1601Open by appointment onlyRobert Young Estate – 4960 Red Winery Rd, Geyserville; 707 431-4811 Open daily 10-4:30Robledo Family Winery – 21901 Bonness Rd, Sonoma; 707 939-6903Open by appointment onlyRoche – 122 West Spain St, Sonoma Open daily 11-6Rochioli – 6192 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-2305Thu-Mon 11-4, Tue-Wed by apptRocking Z – Poured at Hudson Street Wineries, 428 Hudson Street, Healdsburg; 707 433-2364 Sat-Sun 12-5RODNEY STRONG VINEYARDS – 11455 Old Redwood Hwy, Healdsburg; 707 431-1533Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK Open daily 10-5ROESSLER – 380 First St W, Sonoma; 707 933-4440 Open daily 11-6ROOTS IN SONOMAA wine tasting experience where the roots run deep.LARSON FAMILY WINESMEADOWCROFT FAMILY OF WINESLocated in CornerStone Gardens, an extraordinary destination spot thatfeatures a “festival” of gardens, as well as unique shops and galleries.Open Daily 11-6 • 23574 Arnold Dr/Hwy 121, Sonoma. • 707-934-4090Rosenblum Winery – 250 Center Street, Healdsburg; 707 431-1169 Open daily 10-5www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGSRoute 128 Winery – 21079 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 696-0004 Thur-Sun 12-6Rued – 3863 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-1569 Open daily 11-4:30Russian Hill Estate – 4525 Slusser Rd, Windsor; 707 575-9428 Open Thu-Mon 10-4Russian River Vineyards – 5700 Gravenstein Hwy N, Forestville; 707 887-3344 Open daily 11:30-4:30Sable Ridge Winery – 6320 Jamison Rd; Santa Rosa; 707 542-3138www.WineCountryThisWeek.comOpen by appointment onlySapphire Hill – 55 Front Street, Healdsburg; 707 431-1888 Open by appointment or Thurs-Mon 11-4:30Saracina/Atrea – Poured at Locals: Geyserville Ave & Hwy 128, Geyserville; 707 857-4900Open daily 11am-6pmSAUSAL WINERY – 7370 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-2285 Open daily 10-4Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsSbragia Family – 9990 Dry Creek Road, Geyserville; 707 473-2992Open daily11-5SCHUG CARNEROS ESTATE – 602 Bonneau Road, Sonoma; 800-966-9365 Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children Welcomed, Picnic AreaSEABISCUIT RANCH – Poured at Sonoma Enoteca, 35 E Napa St, Suite B ; 707 935-1791 Wed-Mon 11-5:30, Tue seasonalSEBASTIANI VINEYARDS – 389 Fourth St. East, Sonoma; 707 938-5532 Open daily 10-5Complimentary Tours, Gift Items, Picnic Area & Supplies, Children & Pets WelcomedSebastopol Vineyards – Green Valley Rd; Sebastopol; 707 829-9463 Daily 10-5Seghesio Winery – 14730 Grove St, Healdsburg; 707 433-3579 Open daily 10–5Selby Winery – 215 Center St, Healdsburg; 707 431-1288 Open daily 11-5:30Sharp –17560 Norrborn Road, Sonoma; 707 933-0556Sheldon – 6761 Sebastopol Ave. (Hwy. 12), Sebastopol; 707 829-8100Open by appointment onlyFri 12-5, Sat & Sun 11-4 or by apptSiduri Wines – 980 Airway Dr, Ste C, Santa Rosa; 707 578-3882 By appointment daily 10-3Silver Oak Cellars – 24625 Chianti Road, Geyserville; 707 942-7026Mon-Sat 9-5, tours by apptSimi Winery – 16275 Healsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 433-6981 Open daily 10-5SL Cellars – Poured at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5Sojourn Cellars –141 E. Napa Street, Sonoma; 707 933-9753SONOMA-ENOTECA – 35 E Napa St, Sonoma; 707 935-1200Open by appointment onlyWed-Mon 11-5:30, Tue seasonalSonoma Valley Portworks – 613 2nd St, Pealuma; 707 769-5203 Mon-Sat 12-5Souverain – Poured at Asti Winery, 26150 Asti Rd, Cloverdale; 707-433-2822 Daily 11-6Spann – Poured at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5ST. FRANCIS VINEYARDS – 100 Pythian Rd, Santa Rosa; 888-675-WINE Open daily 10-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call for Food Pairings, Winery ToursSt. Helena Road Winery – 6995 St. Helena Road; Santa Rosa; 707 538-8674 Open daily 9-5Staley – Poured at Family Wineries – Dry Creek Valley: 4791 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30Stephen & Walker – 243 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 431-8749 Open daily 10-6Stonestreet Alexander Mountain – 7111 Highway 128; 707 473-3333; Healdsburg Open daily 10-5Stryker Sonoma – 5110 Highway 128; Geyserville; 707 433-1944 Open daily 10:30-5Stuhlmuller – 4951 West Soda Rock Ln, Healdsburg; 707 431-7745Open by appointment onlySuncé Winery – 1839 Olivet Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 526-9463 Open daily 10:30-5Taft Street Winery – 2030 Barlow Lane, Sebastopol; 707 823-2049 Sat-Sun 11-4:30, Mon-Fri 11-4Talty – 7127 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-8438Most Saturdays 12-4 or by appt.Tandem – Poured at Family Wineries – Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma Hwy 12; 888-433-6555 Open daily 10:30-5Teira Wines – Poured at Hudson Street Wineries, 428 Hudson Street, Healdsburg; 707 433-2364 Sat-Sun 12-5Terroirs Artisan Wines: Damskey & Co. –21001 Geyserville Ave, Ste 101, Geyserville; 707 857-4101 Open daily 11:30-5:30; Thu, Fri, Sat til 6Thomas George Estates – 8075 Westside Road, Healdsburg; 707 431-8031 Open daily 11-5Three Alarm – Poured at Vine Tastings: 9058 Windsor Rd, Windsor; 707 620-0833Mon-Fri 12-8, later on weekendsThumbprint Cellars –102 Matheson, Healdsburg; 707 433-2393 Open daily 11-4Tin Barn – 21692 Eighth St E. #340, Sonoma; 707 938-5430 Sat-Sun 11-4Toad Hollow – 409A Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg; 707 431-8667 Open daily 10:30-5:30TOPEL – Tasting Room in Healdsburg, 125 Matheson St; 707 433-4116 Open daily 11-7Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call for: Educational Program, Food PairingsTRENTADUE – 19170 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 433-3104 Open daily 10-5Trione Winery – 19550 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville; 707 814-8100 Thur-Sun 10-5Truett Hurst – 5610 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-9545 Open daily 11-5Twomey Cellars – 3000 Westside Rd, Healdsburg; 800-505-4850 Mon-Sat 10-5Ty Caton Vineyards – 8910 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood; 707 833-0526 Open daily 10-6Unti Vineyards – 4202 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-5590Open by appointment onlyValley of the Moon – 777 Madrone Rd, Glen Ellen; 707 996-6941 Open daily 10-4:30Viansa Winery – 25200 Arnold Dr, Sonoma; 707 935-4700 Open daily 10-5Wattle Creek Winery – 25510 River Rd, Cloverdale; 707 894-5166Open by appointment onlyWellington Vineyards – 11600 Dunbar Rd, Glen Ellen; 707 939-0708 Open daily 11-5Westwood Winery – 11 E. Napa St, Suite 3, Sonoma; 707 935-3246 Thur-Mon 11-5White Oak Vineyards – 7505 Hwy 128, Healdsburg; 707 433-8429 Open daily 10-5Williamson – 134 Matheson St, Healdsburg; 707 433-1500 Open daily 11-7WILSON – 1960 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg; 707 433-4355 Open daily 11-5Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKWoodenhead – 5700 River Rd, Santa Rosa; 707 887-2703 Open Thu-Sun 10:30-4:30Yoakim Bridge – 7209 Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-8511Fri-Sat 11-4, Sun 1-4, weekdays & tours by appt.XYZin – Poured at Geyser Peak, 22281 Chianti Rd, Healdsburg; 707 857-2500 Open daily 10-5Zichichi Family – 8626 W. Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg; 707 433-4410 Open daily 11-4:30NORTH CENTRAL COASTAhlgren Vineyard – 20320 Hwy 9, Boulder Creek; 800 338-6071Alfaro Family Vnyd & Winery – 420 Hames Road, Corralitos; 831 728-5172Aptos Creek – 520 Nisene Meadws Ct, Aptos; 831 684-1680Sat 12-4 or by appointmentSat 12-5 or by appointmentOpen by appointment onlyArmida Winery – 103 Stockton Avenue, Capitola; 831 462-1065 Open daily 11-6Bargetto Winery – 3535 N. Main St, Soquel; 831 475-2258 ext 14 Open daily 12-5Beauregard – 10 Pine Flat Road, Bonny Doon; 831 458-WINE Open daily 11-5Big Basin Vnyds – 830 Memory Ln, Boulder Creek; 831 621-8028Black Ridge – 18550 Black Rd, Los Gatos; 408 399-6396Bonny Doon Vineyard – 328 Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz; 888 819-6789Bruzzone – 433 Sunridge Drive, Scotts Valley; 831 438-3120Open by appointment onlyOpen 3rd weekend 11-5 & by appointmentOpen daily 12-closeOpen by appointment onlyBURRELL SCHOOL – 24060 Summit Rd, Los Gatos; 408 353-6290 Open Thu-Sun 11-5Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKByington Winery – 21850 Bear Creek Road, Los Gatos; 408 354-1111 Open daily 11-5Calera – 11300 Cienega Road, Hollister; 831 637-9170 Open daily 11-4:30Casa De Fruta – 6680 Pacheco Pass Hwy, Hollister; 800 543-1702 Open daily 9-6Castillo’s Hillside Shire – 2215 Liberta Drive, Morgan Hill; 408 776-8200 Sat 1-7, Sun 12-5Cava Wine Bar – 115 San Jose Ave, Capitola; 831 476-2282 Wed-Sat 12-12, Sun 12-10, Mon 4-10, Tue 4-12Chaine d’Or – 140 Sunrise Drive, Woodside; 650 851 8977Cinnabar – 23000 Congress Springs Rd, Saratoga; 408 741-5858Open by appointment onlySpecial events and by appointment onlyClos LaChance – 1 Hummingbird Ln, San Martin; 800 ITS-WINE Open daily 11-5Clos Tita – 4 Kendall Lane, Santa Cruz; 831 439-9235Open by appointment onlyCOOPER-GARROD – 22645 Garrod Rd, Saratoga; 408 867-7116 Mon-Fri 12-5 Sat-Sun 11-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for: Food Pairings, ToursCopious Winery – 427 Swift Street, A, Santa Cruz; 831 425-WINE Fir-Sun 12-5Creekview – 12467 Creekview Ct, San Martin; 408 686-0534One weekend per month or by appointmentDavid Bruce Winery – 21439 Bear Creek Rd, Los Gatos; 408 354-4214 Mon-Fri 12-5, Sat-Sun 11-5DeRose Vineyards – 9970 Cienega Valley Road, Hollister; 831 636-9143VJB VINEYARDS & CELLARSOur wines are sold exclusively from our Tasting Roomor through our Wine Club Enoteca.We invite you to experience for yourself our family charm.9077 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood • Open Daily 10am-5pm707-833-2300 • www.vjbcellars.comSat-Sun 11-4 or or by appointment73

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKDomenico Wines – 1697 Industrial Rd, San Carlos; 650 593-2335 Open daily 12-5Enz – 1781 Limekiln Road, Hollister; 831 637-6443By appointment onlyEquinox – 427-C Swift St, Santa Cruz; 831 338-2646; 831 423-3000 Fri-Sun 12-5Fernwood Cellars – 7137 Redwood Retreat, Gilroy; 408 848-0611Some Sat, call for appointmentFLEMING JENKINS VNYDS & WINERY – 45 W. Main St, Los Gatos; 408 358-4949 Tue-Sun 12-6Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Children WelcomeFlint Wine Cellars – 13160 Cienega Road, Hollister; 831 636-8986Open by appointment onlyFortino Winery – 4525 Hecker Pass Hwy, Gilroy; 408 842-3305 Tue-Sat 10-5, Sun 11-5Guglielmo Winery – 1480 E. Main St, Morgan Hill; 408 779-2145 Open daily 10-5Hallcrest Vineyards – 379 Felton Empire Rd, Felton; 831 335-4441 Open daily 12-5Heart o’ the Mountain – 5610 Scotts Valley Dr, Scotts Valley; 831 345-6133Open by appointment onlyHeart’s Fire – 165 Cristich Lane, Unit K, Campbell; 1st Sun of the month 1-4Hecker Pass Winery – 4605 Hecker Pass Hwy, Gilroy; 408 842-8755 Open daily 9-5Hillcrest Terrace – 429B Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz; 831 426-1500HUNTER HILL – 7099 Glen Haven Rd, Soquel; 831 465-9294Sat-Sun 12-5 & by appointmentSat-Sun 11-4 or by apptJ. LOHR VINEYARDS & WINE – 1000 Lenzen Ave, San Jose; 408 918-2160 Open daily 10-5Jason-Stephens – 11775 Watsonville Rd, Gilroy; 408 846-8463 Open Daily 12-5Kirigin Cellars – 11550 Watsonville Rd, Gilroy; 408 847-8827 Open daily 10-5Kings Mountain – 187 Kings Mountain Road, Woodside; 650 851-7551La Honda – 2645 Fair Oaks Ave, Redwood City; 650 366-4104Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyLa Nebbia – 12341 San Mateo Road, Half Moon Bay; 650 726-9463 Open daily 10-5Léal Vineyards – 300 Maranatha Drive, Hollister; 831 636-1023 Open daily 11-5LOMA PRIETA WINERY – 26985 Loma Prieta Way, Los Gatos; 408 353-2950MARTIN RANCH – 6675 Redwood Retreat Road, Gilroy; 408 842-9197Michael Martella – 17287 Box 103 Skyline Blvd, Woodside; 650 851-6777Sat-Sun 12-5 or by appt12-4 third weekend of each monthOpen by appointment onlyMJA Vineyards – 328A Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz; 831 421-9380 Thu-Sun 12-6Monte Verde – 13775 Sycamore Dr, Morgan Hill; 408 776-8938Open 3rd Sat-Sun or by appointmentMorgan Hill Cellars – 1645 San Pe dro Ave, Morgan Hill; 408 779-7389 Tue-Sun 10-5Mountain Winery – 14831 Pierce Road, Saratoga; 408 741-2822 Fri-Sun 12-5Mount Eden Vnyds – 22020 Mr. Eden Rd, Saratoga; 409 867-5832x10Muccigrosso – 21450 Bear Creek Rd, Los Gatos; 408 354-0821Muns Vineyard – Los Gatos; 408 515-2663Naumann Vnyds – 16505 Montebello Rd, Cupertino; 408 867-7871Nicholson Vnyds – 2800 Pleasant Valley Rd, Aptos; 831 724-7071Open by appointment only, tours, no tastingOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlySpecial events & by appointmentSpecial events & by appointmentOdonata – 334A Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz; 831 566-5147 1st Sat of the month 12-5Organic Wine Works – 379 Felton Empire Rd, Felton; 800-OWW-WINE Open daily 12-5Osocalis – 5579 Old San Jose Rd, Soquel; 831 477-1718P&M Staiger Vineyard –1300 Hopkins Gulch Rd, Boulder Creek; 831 338-0172Pietra Santa – 10034 Cienega Road, Hollister; 831 636-1991Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyWed-Sun 11-5 or by appointment onlyPelican Ranch – 402 Ingalls St, Santa Cruz; 831 426-6911 Fri-Sun 12-5Picchetti Winery – 13100 Montebello Rd, Cupertino; 408 741-1310 Open daily 11-5Pinder – 165 Cristich Lane, Campbell; 877-684-2601Pleasant Valley – 600 Pleasant Valley Rd, Aptos; 831 728-2826POETIC CELLARS – 5000 Rodeo Gulch Road, Soquel; 831 462-3478Sat 11-4, Sun by appointmentSummer Apr-Oct, Sat 12-4, Winter by appointmentSat-Sun 12-5 or by apptRapazzini Winery – 4350 S. Monterey Hwy, Gilroy; 408 842-5649 Open daily 10-5Regale Winery – 24040 Summit Road, Los Gatos; 408 353-2500Sat-Sun 12-5:30 or by appointmentRidge Vineyards – 17100 Montebello Road, Cupertino; 408 867-3233 Summer Sat-Sun 11-5, Winter Sat-Sun 11-4River Run – 65 Rogge Lane, Watsonville; 831 726-3112Roudon -Smith – 2364 Bean Creek Rd, Scotts Valley; 831 438-1244Open by appointment onlySat 11-4:30 or by appointmentSanta Cruz Mtn Vnyd – 334A Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz; 831 335-4242 Wed-Sun 12-5SARAH’S VINEYARD – 4005 Hecker Pass Hwy, Gilroy; 408 847-1947 Open daily 11-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery ToursSatori Cellars – 2100 Buena Vista Avenue, Gilroy; 408 848-5823 Sat-Sun 12-5Savannah-Chanelle Vnyds – 23600 Congress Springs Rd, Saratoga; 408 741-2934 Open daily 11-5Silver Mountain – off Old San Jose-Soquel Rd Miller Cutoff; 408 353-2278Sat 12-4 by appointmentSilver Mountain – 402 Ingalls St, Ste 29, Santa Cruz; 831 466-0559 Thu-Sun 12-5Solis – 3920 Hecker Pass Hwy, Gilroy; 408 847-6306 Open daily 12-5Sones Cellars – 334 B Ingalls St, Santa Cruz; 831 420-1552 Fri-Sun 12-5Soquel Vineyards – 8063 Glen Haven, Soquel; 831 462-9045 Sat-Sun 11-4Storrs Winery – 303 Potrero St. #35, Santa Cruz; 831 458-5030 Open daily 12-5Summerayne – Limekiln Road, Hollister; 831 902-5638Sycamore Cellars – 45185 Arroyo Seco Road, Greenfield; 831 674-5768Open by appointment onlySat- Sun 11-5 & most holidaysSycamore Creek – 12775 Uvas Road, Morgan Hill; 408 779-4738 Thu-Mon 12-5Team Zin – 830-3 Jury Court, San Jose; 408 445-25081st Sun of the monthTestarossa Vineyards – 300-A College Ave, Los Gatos; 408 354-6150 Open daily 11-5Thomas Fogarty Winery – 19501 Skyline Blvd, Woodside; 650 851-6777 Wed-Sun 11-5Thomas Kruse Winery – 3200 Dryden Ave, Gilroy; 408 842-7016 Tue-Sun 12 -5Trout Gulch – 328 Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz; 888 819-6789Open daily 12-closeVinocruz – Abbott Square on Cooper Street, Santa Cruz; 831 427-0436 Mon-Thu 11-7, Fri-Sat 11-8, Sun 12-6VINE HILL – 2300 Jarvis Road, Santa Cruz; 831 427-0436Special events & by appointmentVino Tabi – 334C Ingalls Street, Santa Cruz; 831 426 1809 Mon-Tue by appt, Wed-Thu 12-5, Fri-Sat 12-9, Sun 12-5Windy Oaks Estate – 550 Hazel Dell Rd, Corralitos; 831 786-9463 Sat, Apr-Oct 12-4Woodside Vineyards – 340 Kings Mountain Rd; Woodside; 650 851-3144Zayante Vineyards – 420 Old Mount Rd; Felton; 831 335-7992CARMEL VALLEYOpen by appointment onlySpecial events & by appointmentBernardus – 5 W. Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley; 800 223-2533 Open daily 11-5Boekenoogen – 24 West Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley; 831 659-4215 Open daily 11-5Boëté at Valley Hills Tasting Rm – 7156A Carmel Valley Rd, Carmel Valley; 831 625-5040 Mon-Fri 2-5, Sat-Sun 12-5Chateau Julien Wine Estate – 8940 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel; 831 624-2600 Mon-Fri 8-5 Sat-Sun 11-5Chateau Sinnet – 13746 Center Street, Carmel Valley; 831 659-2244 Summer 12-6 daily, Winter 12-5Cima Collina – San Carlos, between Ocean & 7th, Carmel; 831 620-0645 Thur-Mon 11- 6Galante Vineyards – between Ocean & 7th, Dolores; Carmel; 831 624-3800 Sun-Fri 2-6, Sat 12-6Georis Winery – 4 Pilot Road, Carmel Valley; 831 659-1050 Open daily 11-5Heller Estate Organic Vineyards – 69 W. Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley; 800-625-8466 Open daily 11-6Joullian Vineyards – 2 Village Drive Suite A, Carmel Valley; 866 659-8101 Open daily 11-5Joyce Vineyards – 12 Del Fino Place, Carmel Valley; 831-659-0312 Fri-Sun 11-5MORGAN WINERY – 204 Crossroads Blvd, Carmel; 831 626-3700 Open daily 11-6Otter Cove Wines – 9 Del Fino Place, Carmel Valley; 831 320-3050 Wed-Sun 11-5Parsonage Village Vineyard – 19 East Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley; 831 659-7322 Open daily 11-5:30Rancho Cellars – 26340 Carmel Rancho Blvd, Carmel; 831 625-5646 Mon-Sat 11-6Talbott Vineyards – 53 West Carmel Valley Rd, Carmel Valley; 831 659-3500 Open daily 11-5MONTEREY WINERIESA Taste of Monterey Wine Visitors Cntr – 700 Cannery Row, Suite Kk, Monterey; 831 646-5446 Open daily 10-6Bargetto Winery – 700 Cannery Row Suite G, Monterey; 831 373-4053 Open daily 11-6Baywood Cellars – 381 Cannery Row Suite C, Monterey; 831 645-9035 Open daily 12-6Chateau Sinnet – 1184 Broadway, Seaside; 831 394-6090Figge Cellars – 3348 Paul Davis Drive Suite 101, Marina; 831 384-4149Open by appointment onlyMon-Fri by appointment onlyPierce Ranch – 499 Wave Street, Monterey; 831 372-8900 Thu-Mon 11-6:30Scheid Vineyards Wine Lounge - 751 Cannery Row, Monterey; 831-6569463 Open daily 11-7Ventana Vineyards – 2999 Monterey-Salinas Hwy, Monterey; 831 372-7415 Open daily 11-5Wine from the Heart Tasting Rm – 241 Alvarado St, Monterey; 831 641-9463 Open daily 10-674 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGSSALINAS VALLEYA Taste of Monterey – 127 Main Street, Salinas; 831 751-1980 Mon-Fri 11-5, Fri-Sat 11-6, Sun 11-4Boekenoogen – Santa Lucia Highlands, Salinas; 831 675-3549Chalone Vineyards – Stonewall Canyon Rd (Hwy 146), Soledad; 831 678-1717De Tierra –740 Airport Blvd, Salinas; 831 754-3176www.WineCountryThisWeek.comOpen by appointment onlySat-Sun 11:30-5, weekdays by apptOpen by appointment onlyHAHN ESTATES/SMITH & HOOK – 37700 Foothill Road, Soledad; 831 678-4555 Mon-Fri 11-4Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call for Winery Tours Sat-Sun 11-5Manzoni Estate – 30981 River Road, Soledad; 831 675-3398 Sat-Sun 11-5Marilyn Remark – 645 River Road, Salinas; 831 455-9310 Sat-Sun, Holidays 11-5Paraiso Vineyards – 38060 Paraiso Springs Road, Soledad; 831 678-0300 Sat-Sun 11-5, Mon-Fri 11-4Pessagno Winery – 1645 River Road, Salinas; 831 675-9463 Mon-Thu 11-4, Fri-Sun 11-5Ray Franscioni – 132720 River Road; Gonzales; 831 455-1096Open by appointment onlyScheid Vineyards – 1972 Hobson Avenue, Greenfield; 831 386-0316 Open daily 11-5Ventana Vineyards – 38740 Los Coches Road, Soledad; 831 678-2900 Weekends & Most Holidays 11-5Wrath Wines – 35801 Foothill Road, Soledad; 831 678-2212 Thu-Mon 11-4:30LAKE/MENDOCINO COUNTIESBarra of Mendocino – 7051 N. State Street, Redwood Valley; 707 485-0322 Open daily 10-5Beaver Creek Vnyds – 22000 Hwy 29, Middletown; 707 987-1069Open daily11-8Bell Hill Vineyards – 6725 Jacobsen, Kelseyville; 707 490-4400 Thurs-Sun, Winter 12-6, Summer 1-7Brassfield Estate – 10915 High Valley Rd, Clearlake Oaks; 707 998-1895Daily 10-5, Weekends by appt. in WinterBreggo Cellars – 11001 Highway 128, Boonville; 707 895-9589 Open daily 11-5Brutocao Cellars – 7000 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2152 Summer 10-6, Winter 10-5Brutocao Cellars – 13500 Hwy 101, Hopland; 707 744-1664 Open daily 10-6Ceago Del Lago – 5115 E. Hwy 20, Nice; 707 274-1462 Open daily 10-5Chiarito Vineyards – 2651 Mill Creek Rd, Ukiah; 707.462.7146Open by appointment onlyClaudia Springs – 1810 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3993 Summer: Fri-Mon 11-5; Winter Fri-Sun 11-5Cougar’s Leap – 9300 Seigler Springs Rd. N., Kelseyville; 707 279-0651Duncan Peak Vineyards – 14500 Mtn. House Road, Hopland; 707 744-1129Eden Crest Vineyards & Winery – 2550 Big Valley Road, Kelseyville; 707 279-2987Elke Vineyards – 12351 Hwy 128, Booneville; 707 246-7045Esterlina – 1200 Holmes Ranch Road, Philo; 707 895-2920May-Oct, Fri-Sun 11-5pm or by apptOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointmentOpen by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyFetzer Vineyards – Hwy 175, Hopland; 707 744-1250 Open daily 9-5Foursight Wines – 14475 Highway 128, Boonville; 707 898-2889 Fri-Mon 10-4:30Frey – 14000 Tomki Rd, Redwood Valley; 707 485-5177Mon-Frid 10-5, by appointmentGoldeneye Winery – 9200 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3202 Open daily 11-4Graziano Family of Wines – 13251 S.Hwy 101; Suite 3, Hopland; 707 744-8466 Open daily 10-5Greenwood Ridge Vineyards – 5501 Hwy 128; Philo, 707 895-2002 Summer 10-6, Winter 10-5Gregory Graham Wines– 13633 Point Lakeview Road, Lower Lake; 707 995-3500 Sat & Sun 10-5Guiseppe Wines, Neese Vnyds – 401School Way, Redwood Valley; 707 485-8458Open by appointment onlyHandley Cellars – 3151 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2190 Summer 10-6, Winter 10-5High Valley Estate Vnyds – 13151 E. State Highway 20, Clearlake Oaks; 707 998-9400 Tue-Sat 11-5, Sun 1-5Horne – 2200 Hwy 29, Middletown; 707 987-1069Open weekends 10-6, weekdays by appt.Husch Vineyards – 4400 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3216 Open daily 10-5JAXON KEYS – 10400 S. Hwy 101, Hopland; 877-462-0666 Open daily 10-5Jeriko Estate – 12141 Hewlitt Sturtevant Rd, Hopland; 707 744-1140 Sum 10-5, Win 11-4Kelseyville Wine Co. –5627 Gaddy Lane, Kelseyville; 707 279-2995By apptLangtry Estate – 21000 Butts Canyon Rd, Middletown; 707 987-2385 Open daily 11-5Lazy Creek Vineyards – 4741 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3623 Open Fr-Mo 11-4:30Le Vin Winery – 33151 Hwy. 128, Yorkville; 707 894-2304Open by appointment onlyLolonis Vineyards – 1905 Rd D, Redwood Valley; 707 485-7544Open by appointmentLonder Vineyards – 14051 Highway 128, Boonville; 707 895-3900 Thu-Mon 11-5Manoir Girard Cellars – 12601 Ell River Rd; Potter Valley; 707 391 WINE (9463)Open by appointment onlyMaple Creek Winery – 20799 Hwy 128; Yorkville; 707 895-3001 Open daily 10:30-5Mariah Vineyards – 33525 Mountain View Rd, Point Arena; 707 882-2243Open by appointmentMcDowell Valley – 13380 S. Hwy 101, Hopland 707 744-8911 Mon-Fri 11-5, Sat-Sun 10-5McFadden Vineyard – 13275 S. Hwy 101 Suite #5, Hopland; 707 744-8463 Open daily 10-5McNab Ridge Winery – 13441 S. Hwy 101; Hopland; 707 744-1986 Open daily 10-5Meyer Family Cellars – 19750 Hwy 128, Yorkville; 707 895-2341 Open daily 10-5Milano Family Winery – 14594 S. Hwy 101, Hopland; 800-564-2582Monte Lago Winery – Clear Lake, 510-599.LAGOOpen daily10-5Open by appointment onlyMoore Family Winery – 11990 Bottle Rock Road, Kelseyville; 707 279-9279 Fri - Sun 11-5Mt. Konocti Growers Winery – 2550 Big Valley Road, Kelseyville; 707 279-4213By apptNavarro Vineyards – 5601 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3686 Summer 10-6, Winter 10-5Nelson Family – 550 Nelson Ranch Road; Ukiah Open daily 10-5Noggle Vineyards & Winery – 700 Old Long Valley Road, Clearlake Oaks; 707 998-0319Oster – 13501 Tomki Road, Redwood Valley; 707 485-5257Sat-Sun 11-5 or by apptOpen by appointmentPacific Star – 33000 North Highway 1, Fort Bragg; 707 964-1155 Open daily 11-5Parducci Wine Cellars – 501 Parducci Rd, Ukiah; 707 463-5357 Open daily 10-5Phillips Hill Estates – 8627 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2209 Open daily 11-5Philo Ridge – Call for an appoinment on weekends, 707 489-2303Ployez Winery – 11171 Highway 29, Lower Lake; 707 994-2106 Open daily 11-5Roederer Estate – 4501 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2288 Open daily 11-5Rosa D’Oro – 3915 Main Street, Kelseyville; 707 279-0483 Mon-Tue 12-5, Wed-Sat 10:30-6:30, Sun 11-5Saracina Vineyards – 11684 South Hwy 101, Hopland; 707 744-1671 Open daily 10-5SCHARFFENBERGER CELLARS – 8501 Hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2957 Open daily 11-5Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKShannon Ridge – 12599 E. Hwy 20, Clear Lake Oaks; 707 998-9656 Daily 10:30-5Shed Horn Cellars – Socrate Mine Road, Middletown; 707 987-4716Silversmith Vineyards – 3700 A Rd J, Redwood Valley; 707 485-1196By apptSat-Sun 11-5 or by appointmentSix Sigma Ranch and Winery – 13372 Spruce Grove Road, Lower Lake; 707 994-4068 Daily 11-4:30Sol Rouge – P.O. Box 859, Kelseyville; 707 279-9000Standish Wine Co. – 5101 Hwy 128, Philo707 895-9213By apptOctober-March 10-5 Daily, April-September 10-6 DailySteele Wines – 4350 Thomas Drive, Lakeport; 707 279-9475 Mon-Sat 11-5Terrill Cellars and Tuscan Village – 16175 Main Street, Lower Lake; 707 252-8444 Daily 10-4pToulouse Vineyards – 8001 Hwy 128, 707 895-2828; Philo Open daily 11-5Tulip Hill Winery – 4900 Bartlett Springs Rd, Nice; 707 274-9373 Open daily 10-5Weibel Vnyds – 13300 Buckman Dr., Hopland; 707 744-2200Whaler Vineyards – 6200 E Side Rd, Ukiah; 707 462-6355Open by appointment onlyOpen by appointment onlyWildhurst Vineyards – 3855 Main St, Kelseyville; 800 279-4302 Open daily 10-5Yorkville Cellars – 25701 Hwy 128, Yorkville; 707 894-9177 Winter 11-5, Summmer 11-6ZINA HYDE CUNNINGHAM – 14077 Hwy 128, Boonville; 707 895-9462 Open Daily 10-5Picnic Area, Children & Pets OKSUISUN VALLEYBlacksmith Cellars – poured at Suisun Valley Wine CoopThu-Sun 12-5, Mon-Wed by apptBlue Victorian Vineyards – 5071 Suisun Valley Blvd., Fairfield; 707 422-8025 Daily 10-5King Andrews Vnyd – poured at Suisun Valley Wine CoopThu-Sun 12-5, Mon-Wed by apptLedgewood Creek Winery – 4589 Abernathy Road, Suisun City; 707 426-4424 Daily 10-5Mangels Vineyards – poured at Suisun Valley Wine CoopTenbrink Vineyards – 4185 Chadbourne Road, Suisun Valley; 707 480-7334Thu-Sun 12-5, Mon-Wed by apptSat & Sun 12-5 or by appt75

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKSuisun Valley Wine Coop – 4495 Suisun Valley Road, Suisun Valley; 707 864-3135Sunset Cellars – poured at Suisun Valley Wine CoopThu-Sun 12-5, Mon-Wed by apptThu-Sun 12-5, Mon-Wed by appVezer Family Tasting Room – 2522 Suite V Mankas Corner Road, Fairfield; 707 429-3958 Daily 10-5Vezer Family Private Ranch– 707 422-8025Winterhawk Winery – poured at Suisun Valley Wine CoopTours & tasting by appointment onlyThu-Sun 12-5, Mon-Wed by apptWooden Valley Winery – 4756 Suisun Valley Road, Suisun Valley; 707 864-0730 Daily 10-5YOLO COUNTYBerryessa Gap – 27260 Hwy 128, Winters; 530 795-3201 Mon-Sat 12-4Berryessa Gap – 15 Main Street, Winters; 530 795-3201 Thurs-Sat 4:30-8:30Bogle Vineyards – 37783 County Rd, Clarksburg; 916 744-1139Capay Valley Vineyards – 13757 Hwy 16, Brooks; 530 796-4110Sat-Sun 12-5, Mon-Fri by appointmentOpen Sat-Sun 12-5, Weekdays by appointmentCarvalho Family – poured at the Old Sugar Mill, 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg; 916 744-1625 Wed-Sun 11-5Heringer Estates – poured at the Old Sugar Mill, 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg; 916 744-1227 Thu-Sun 11-5Satiety Vineyards – 40101 County Rd 25A, Woodland; 530 661-0680 Mon-Fri 7-6, Sat-Sun 11-6Solomon Wine Co. – poured at the Old Sugar Mill, 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg; 916 744 1131 Fri 1-5, Sat-Sun 11-5Three Wine Company– poured at the Old Sugar Mill, 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg; 707 933-9752 Wed-Sun 11-5Todd Taylor Wines – poured at the Old Sugar Mill, 35265 Willow Ave, Clarksburg; 916 744-1120 Fri-Sun 11-5Turkovich Family Wines– 304 Railroad Ave, Winters; 530 795-3842 Thu&Sun 12-5, Fri&Sat 12-9BAY AREA/LIVERMOREBent Creek Winery – 5455 Greenville Rd, Livermore; 925 455-6320 Fri-Sun 12-4:30Big White House – 6800 Greenville Rd, Livermore; 925 449-1976 Sat-Sun 12-4:30Bodegas Aguirre – 8580 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 606-0554 Sat-Sun 12-4Cedar Mountain – 7000 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 373-6636 Sat-Sun 12-4Charles R Vnyds – 8195 Crane Ridge Rd, Livermore; 925 454-3040 Fri-Sun 12-4:30Chouinard Vnyds – 33853 Palomares Rd, Castro Vly; 510 582-9900Sat-Sun 12-5 (and most holidays)Concannon – 4590 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 456-2505 Open daily 11-4:30Crooked Vine – 4948 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 371-8156 Mon-Sat 11:30-4:30, Sun 11-4:30Cuda Ridge Wines – 5385 East Ave, Livermore; 510 304-0914Dashe Cellars – 55 4th St, Oakland; 510 452-1800Fri-Sun 12-4:30 & by appointmentThu-Sun 12-6, Mon by apptDeer Ridge Vineyards – 1828 Wetmore Rd, Livermore; 866 561-0838 Fri-Sun 11-5Eagle Ridge Vineyard – 10017 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 443-3375 Sat-Sun 12-4:30Eckert Estate – 2400 Arroyo Road, Livermore; 925 584-6494Sat-Sun 12 -5 & by appointmentel Sol – 8626 Lupine Way, Livermore; 925 606-1827 Fri-Sun 12-5Elliston Vineyards – 463 Kilkare, Sunol; 925 862-2377 Sat-Sun 12-5Fenestra Winery – 83 Vallecitos Rd (Hwy 84), Livermore; 925 447-5246 Fri-Sun 12-5GARRÉ VINEYARD & WINERY – 7986 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 371-8200 Fri 12-4:30, Sat-Sun 11:30-5Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Restaurant, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Food PairingsHidden Creek – 5937 Graham Ct, Suite B, Livermore; 925 371-2424 Sat-Sun 12-4:30John Christopher – 25 So. Livermore Ave, Ste 103, Livermore; 925-456-WINE Thu-Sun 12-6La Rochelle – 5443 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 243-6442 Open daily 12-4Las Positas Vineyards – 682 Pinnacle Pl, Livermore; 925 989-0857Open by appointment onlyLavish Laines Winery – Tasted at Good Brewer, 2960 Pacific Avenue, Livermore; 925 321-0373 Fri-Sun 11-5Les Chenes – 5562 Victoria Lane, Livermore; 925 373-1662 Weekends 12-4:30Little Valley Winery – 739 Main St, Pleasanton Wed 4-9, Fri-Sat 12-6, Sun 12-5Longevity Wines – 35 Rickenbacker Circle South, Livermore; 888 325-WINE Sat-Sun 12-5Marr Cellars – poured at Tesla Vintners, 5143 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 606-WINE Tue-Sun 12-5McGrail Vineyards – 5600 Greenville Rd, Livermore; 925 373-6214Fri-Sun 12-4:30 & by appointmentMiramont Estate – poured at Tesla Vintners, 5143 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 606-WINE Tue-Sun 12-524837 E. Milton Rd, Linden; 209 887-3178 By appointment onlyMitchell Katz Winery – 1188 Vineyard Ave; Pleasanton; 925 931-0744 Thu-Sun 12-5, Fri 12-6Murietta’s Well – 3005 Mines Rd; Livermore; 925 456-2390 May-Oct Open daily 11-4:30, Nov-Apr Wed-Sun 11-4:30Nottingham Cellars – 2245 South Vasco Rd, Livermore; 925 294-8647 Fri 2-6, Sat-Sun 12-4:30Occasio – 2245B South Vasco Road, Livermore; 925 371-1987 Fri-Sun 12 to 5Page Mill– 1960 S. Livermore Ave, Livermore; 925 456-767612-4:30 Fri-Sunday & by appointmentRed Feather – 5700 Greenville Rd, Livermore; 925 449-1871 Sat-Sun 11-5, Mon-Fri 12-4Retzlaff Vineyards – 1356 S. Livermore Ave, Livermore; 925 447-8941 Tue-Fri 12-2, Sat-Sun 12-4:30Rios Lovell Estate Winery – 6500 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 443-0434 Wed-Fri 11-3, Sat-Sun 11-5Rodrigue Molyneaux – 3053 Marina Ave, Livermore; 925 447-4280 Sat-Sun 12:30-5Ruby Hill Winery – 400 Vineyard Ave, Pleasanton; 925 931-WINE Wed-Sun 11-5:30Ryhan Estate Vineyards – 5385 East Ave, Livermore; 408-209-9498 Fri-Sun 12-5Steven Kent – 5443 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 243-6440 Open daily 12-4:30Stony Ridge Winery – 4948 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 449-0458 Thu-Sun 11-4:30Tamas Estate – 5489 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 456-2380 Open daily 12-4:30Tenuta Vineyards – 633 Kalthoff Common, Livermore; 925 960-1006 Fri-Sun 12-5Tesla Vintners – 5143 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 606-WINE Tue-Sun 11-5Singing Winemaker (The ) – poured at Tesla Vintners, 5143 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 606-WINE Tue-Sun 12-5Thomas Coyne Winery – 51 E. Vallecitos Rd (Hwy 84), Livermore; 925 373-6541 Sat-Sun 12-5Wente Vineyards Estate Winery – 5565 Tesla Rd, Livermore; 925 456-2300 Open daily 11-4:30Wente Vineyards Visitors Center – 5050 Arroyo Rd, Livermore; 925 456-2405 Open daily 11-6:30Westover Vineyards – 34329 Palomares Rd, Castro Valley; 925 537-3932 Sat-Sun 12-5White Crane Winery – 5405 Greenville Rd, Livermore; 925 455-8085 Thu-Mon 12-4:30Wood Family Winery – 7702 Cedar Mountain Rd, Livermore; 925 606-7411 Open by appointmentViano VineyardsCONTRA COSTA COUNTYBloomfield Vnyd– 633 First Street, Brentwood; 925 634-9463Wed-Thu 4-8pm, Fri 4-11pm, Sat 11am-11pmCaptain Vineyards – 1969 Joseph Drive, Moraga; 925 631-0714Open by appointmentEnos Wines – 9000 Brentwood Blvd., Brentwood; 925 634-3900Open by appointmentHannah Nicole Vnyds – 6740 Balfour Road, Brentwood; 925 513-0769 Fri 11-3, Sat-Sun 1-5Happy Valley Cellars – 1223 Upper Happy Valley Road, Lafayette; 925 283-1245Open by appointmentNew Departures Wine Co. – 6140 Alhambra Valley Road, Martinez; 925 366-8463Open by appointmentOdisea Wine Co. – 963 Redwood Drive, Danville; 925 915-1662Open by appointmentOlin Wines – 975 Detroit Ave., Unit B, Concord; 925 771-7107Sat 12-4 or by appt.Palomares Vineyards – 34329 Palomares Road, Castro Valley Sat-Sun 12-5Parkmon Vineyards – 55 Laird Drive, Moraga; 925 631-7980Open by appointmentShadowbrook Winery – 3739 Shadowbrook Court, Walnut Creek; 925-988-9463Open by appointmentSterling Albert Winery– 150 Mason Circle, Suite J, Concord; 925 219-2279Sat 12-5pm, Sun by appt.Tamayo Family Vnyds – 2155 Elkins Way, Brentwood; 925 513-8463Open by appointmentViano Vineyards – 150 Morello Avenue, Martinez; 925 228-6465Wed-Mon 9-5pmLODI/WOODBRIDGEAbundance Vnyds –1150 W. Turner Rd, Lodi; 209 334-0274 Open daily 11-6Akin Estates – 18911 N. Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge; 209 333-8115 Wed. Thu 5-9, Fri-Sat 5-10, Sun 2-6Berghold – 17343 N. Cherry Rd, Lodi; 209 333-9291 Thu-Sun 11-5Boitano Family – Vino Piazza, 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 286-1595 Fri-Sun 12-5Bokisch Vineyards – tasted at Clements Ridge, 23225 E. State Hwy 88, Clements; 209 334-4338 Fri-Sun 11-5Borra Wines – 1301 E. Armstrong Rd, Lodi; 209 368-2446 Open daily 12-5Bota Box – Tasted at Delicato Vineyards, 12001 S. Highway 99, Manteca; 209 824-3500 Open daily 9-5:30Brazin – Tasted at Delicato Vineyards, 12001 S. Highway 99, Manteca; 209 824-3500 Open daily 9-5:30Brice Station – Vino Piazza, 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 727-5280 Sat-Sun 12-5CellarDoor – 21 N. School Street, Lodi; 209 339-4394 Tue-Wed 12-6, Thu-Sat 12-9, Sun 12-5Chocoholics Divine Desserts – 18819 E. Hwy 88, Clements; 209 759-3320 Mon-Fri 11-5, Sat-Sun 10-6Clements Ridge – 23225 E. State Hwy 88, Clements; 209 759-3850 Sat-Sun 11-5Cosentino Winery – 3750 E. Woodbridge Rd, Woodbridge; 209 333-8014 Open daily 10-5:3076 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEK | WINERY LISTINGSd‘Art Wines – 13299 N. Curry Avenue, Lodi; 209 334-9946 Fri-Sun 12-5Dancing Coyote – 3125 E Orange St., Acampo; 800 958-8524 Fri-Sun 11-5Dancing Fox Winery & Bakery – 203 S. School St., Lodi; 209 366-2634 Tue-Wed 7-6, Thu-Fri 7-9, Sat 8-9, Sun 9-3Delicato Family – 12001 S. Highway 99, Manteca; 209 824-3500 Open daily 9-5:30Fog Head Wines – Tasted at Delicato Vineyards, 12001 S. Highway 99, Manteca; 209 824-3500 Open daily 9-5:30Gnarly Head – Tasted at Delicato Vineyards, 12001 S. Highway 99, Manteca; 209 824-3500 Open daily 9-5:30Gnaughty Vines – Tasted at Delicato Vineyards, 12001 S. Highway 99, Manteca; 209 824-3500 Open daily 9-5:30Gnekow Family Winery – 17347 E. Gawne Rd, Collegeville; 209 463-0697 Open daily 11-5Grady Family – tasted at Woodbridge Uncorked, Woodbridge; 209 365-7575 Wed-Thu 5-9, Fri-Sat 5-10, Sun 2-6Grand Amis – 115 North School Street, Suite 5, Lodi; 209 369-6805 Fri-Sun 1-5Harmony Wynelands – 9291 E. Harney Ln, Lodi; 209 369-4184 Mon-Sun 11-5:30, Sat 11-5, Sun 12:30-5Harney Lane Winery – 9010 E. Harney Lane, Lodi; 209 365-1900 Thu-Sun 12-5Heritage Oak Winery – 10112 E. Woodbridge Road, Acampo; 209 986-2763 Mon-Fri 2-5, Sat-Sun 12-5Housley’s Century Oak – 22211 Lower Sacramento, Acampo; 209 334-3482www.WineCountryThisWeek.comSat 12-4 or by apptIrony – Tasted at Delicato Vineyards, 12001 S. Highway 99, Manteca; 209 824-3500 Open daily 9-5:30Jessie’s Grove Winery – 1973 W. Turner Road, Lodi, 209 368-0880 Wed-Mon 12-5La Vida Dulce – 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 727-3966 Fri-Sun 11-5LangeTwins Winery – 1525 E. Jahant Road, Acampo; 209 334-9780Open by appointment onlyLobo Loco Wines – 18911 N. Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge; 916 687-4767 Wed-Thu 5-9, Fri-Sat 5-10, Sun 2-6Lodi Wine & Visitor Center – 2545 W. Turner Rd, Lodi; 209 365-0261 Open daily 10-5Lodi Wine Cellars/Benson Ferry – 112 Pine St., Lodi; 209 365-6622 Tues-Thu 3 -9, Fri-Sun 3-12Loredona – Tasted at Delicato Vineyards, 12001 S. Highway 99, Manteca; 209 824-3500 Open daily 9-5:30The Lucas Winery – 18196 N. Davis Rd, Lodi; 209 368-2006 Thu-Sun 12-4:30M2 Wines – 1376 East Turner Road Suite D, Lodi; 209 339-1071 Fri-Sun 11-5Macchia – 7099 E. Peltier Road, Acampo; 209 333-2600 Thu-Mon 11-5Maley/Weibel – 18911 N. Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge; 209 365-9463 Wed-Thu 5-9, Fri-Sat 5-10, Sun 2-6McConnell Estates – 10686 W. Stockton Blvd, Elk Grove; 916 685-5368Fri-Sun11-5McCormack Williamson – 3125 E. Orange Street, Acampo; 209 368-1473 Fri-Sun 11-5Michael~David Vineyards – 4580 W. Highway 12, Lodi; 209 368-7384 Open daily 10-5Miramont Estate – 24837 E. Milton Rd, Linden; 209 887-3860Open by appointment onlyMokelumne Oaks – 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 339-1108 Thu-Sun 12-5Oak Ridge Winery – 6100 E. Highway 12 (Victor Road), Lodi; 209 369-4758 Daily 10-5Omega Cellars – 13731 N. Highway 88, Lodi; 209 367-1910 Wed-Sun 10-5Pasos Vineyards – 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 727-3153 Thu-Sun 12-5Peirano Estate – 21831 N. Highway 99, Acampo; 209 369-9463 Sat-Sun 11-5Ripken Vineyards – 2472 West Sargent Road, Lodi; 209 367-WINE Sat-Sun 12-4Spenker Winery – 17303 N. De Vries Rd, Lodi; 209 367-0467St. Amant Winery – 1 Winemaster Way, Lodi; 209 367-0646Sat & Sun 12-4, Jan-Apr by appt onlyOpen by appointment onlySt. Jorge Winery – 22769 N. Bender Road, Acampo; 209 365-0202 Fri-Sun 11-5Stama – 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 727-3314 Mon, Wed, Thu 11-5, Fri, Sat, Sun 11-6Stone Garden – 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 728-1483 Fri-Sun 12-6The Coliseum – 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 747-7733 Mon, Wed, Thu 11-5, Fri-Sun 11-6Twisted – Tasted at Delicato Vineyards, 12001 S. Highway 99, Manteca; 209 824-3500 Open daily 9-5:30VanRuiten – 340 W. Highway 12, Lodi; 209 334-5722 Open daily 11-5Viaggio Estate & Winery – 100 E. Taddei Rd., Lodi; 209 368-1378 Fri-Sat 12-8, Sun 12-6Vicarmont Vineyards – 16475 N. Locust Tree Road, Lodi; 209 365-1900 Sat-Sun 12-5Vino Con Brio – 7889 E. Harney Ln, Lodi; 888-410-VINO Thu-Mon 12-5Vino Piazza – 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 800-939-2566 Open daily 12-5Watts – 12470 Locke Rd, Lockeford; 209 727-3751 Sat-Sun 12-5Woodbridge Uncorked – 18911 N. Lower Sacramento Rd, Woodbridge; 209 365-7575 Wed-Thu 5-9, Fri-Sat 5-10, Sun 2-6WOODBRIDGE – 5950 Woodbridge Road, Acampo; 209 365-2839 Open daily 10:30-4:30Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Call ahead for Tours at 9:30, 1:30 or by ApptSIERRA FOOTHILLSAMADOR COUNTYAmador Cellars – 11093 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6150 Open daily 11-5Amador County Wine Cellar– 14207 Hwy 49, Amador City; 209 267-0104Fri-Sun 11-6 & holidaysAmador Foothill Winery – 12500 Steiner Road, Plymouth, 209 245-6307 Fri-Sun 12-5Avio – 14520 Ridge Rd, Sutter Creek; 209 267-1515 Fri-Sun 11-5Bantam Cellars – 10851 Shenandoah School Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6677 Open Daily 11-4Bella Piazza – 19900 Shenandoah School Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-4600 Open daily 10-5Borjon Winery – 10590 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3087 Fri-Sun 11-4Bray Vineyards – 10590 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6023 Fri-Mon 10-5C.G. Di Arie – 19919 Shenandoah School Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-4700 Thurs-Mon 10-4:30Charles Spinetta Winery – 12557 Steiner Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3384 Mon, Thu, Fri 8-4, Sat-Sun 9-5Clos Du Lac Cellars – 3151 Hwy 88/Jackson Vlly Rd, Ione; 209 274-2238 Wed-Sun 10-4Convergence Vnyds – 14650 Hwy 124, Plymouth; 209 245-3600 Fri-Sun 10-5Cooper Vineyards – 21365 Shenandoah School Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6181Thu-Mon 11-4:45 or by apptDeaver Vineyards – 12455 Steiner Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-4099 Open daily 10:30-5Dillian Wines – 12138 Steiner Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3444 Fri-Sun 11-4:30Dobra Zemlja Winery – 12505 Steiner Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3183 Open daily 10-5Driven Cellars– 12595 Steiner Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-4545 Fri-Mon 10-5Drytown Cellars – 16030 Hwy 49, Drytown; 866-379-8696 Fri-Sun 11-5Gold Hill Winery – Poured at Sutter Creek Wine Tasting, 85 Main Street, Sutter Creek; 209 267-5838 Daily 11-6Gold Hill Vineyard – 5660 Vineyard Lane, Placerville; 530 626-6522Thu-Sun 10-5 or by apptJeff Runquist Wines – 10776 Shenandoah School Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6282 Fri-Sun 11-5Karly – 11076 Bell Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3922 Open daily 12-4Karmére – 11970 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-5000 Daily 11-5Le Mulet Rouge – Poured at Sutter Creek Wine Tasting, 85 Main Street, Sutter Creek; 209 267-5838 Daily 11-6Morse Wines/Il Gioiello Winery– 22355 Lawrence Rd, Fiddletown; 209 245-3395 Sat-Sun 11-5Nine Gables – 10778 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3949 Thu-Sun 11-5Nua Dair Vineyards – 13825 Willow Creek Rd, Ione; 209 245-5567 Sat-Sun 10:30-5:30Renwood – 12225 Steiner Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6979 Open daily 10:30-5:30Scott Harvey – 79 Main St., Sutter Creek; 209 267-0122 Thu-Mon 11-5Shenandoah Vineyards – 12300 Steiner Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-4455 Open daily 10-5Sierra Ridge Vnyd – Poured at Sutter Creek Wine Tasting, 85 Main Street, Sutter Creek; 209 267-5838 Daily 11-6Sierra Ridge Vnyd – 14110 Ridge Rd., Sutter Creek; 209 267-1316 Daily 11-6Sobon Estate – 14430 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6554 Open daily 9:30-5Stone House Vineyard – 10861 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6888 Thu-Sun 12-5Stoneridge Winery – 13862 Ridge Rd, Sutter Creek; 209 223-1761Open by appointment onlyStory Winery – 10525 Bell Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6208 Daily Sum 11-5, Win 11-4Sutter Creek Wine Tasting – 85 Main St, Sutter Creek; 209 267-5838O Open daily 11-6Tanis Vineyards – 13120 Willow Creek Rd, Ione; 209 274-4807 Sat-Sun 10-5:30TKC Vineyards – 11001 Valley Dr, Plymouth; 209 245-6428Sat 11-5, Sun 1-5 or by apptTerra D’Oro/Montevina – 20680 Shenandoah Schl Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6942 Open daily 10-4:30Terre Rouge/Easton Wines – 10801 Dickson Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3117 Fri-Mon 11-4Villa Toscano – 10600 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3800 Open daily 10-5Vino Noceto – 11011 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6556 Mon-Fri 11-4, Sat-Sun 11-5Wilderotter Vineyard – 19890 Shenandoah School Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-6016 Fri-Mon 10:30-5Young’s Vineyard – 10120 Shenandoah Rd, Plymouth; 209 245-3005 Mon-Fri 10-4, Sat-Sun 10:30-4CALAVERAS COUNTYAlbeno Munari Winery – 2690 San Domingo Rd, Murphys; 209 728-3436 Open daily 11-5Beaux Chevaux – 466B Main St, Murphys; 209-728-1000 Fri-Sun 11-5Black Sheep Winery – 221 Main St, Murphys; 209 728-2157 Daily 11-577

WINERY LISTINGS | WINE COUNTRY THIS WEEKBodega Del Sur Winery – 457C Algiers St, Murphys; 209 728-9030 Mon-Fri 12-5, Sat-Sun 11-5Brice Station – 3353 E. Hwy 4, Murphys; 209 728-9893Fri-Sun 12-6 or by appointmentBroll Mountain – 106 Main St, Murphys; 209 728-9750 Sat-Sun 1-5Chatom Vineyards – 1969 Highway 4, Douglas Flat; 209 736-6500 Open daily 11-5Chiarella Wines – 431 Main St., Murphys; 209 728-8318 Fri- Sun, 12-5Domaine Becquet – 2173 Highway 12 East, Valley Springs; 209 772-1303 Wed-Sun 11-5Domaine Becquet – 415 Main St, Murphys; 209 728-8487 Summer Thu-Sun 11-6, Winter Fri-Sun 11-6French Hill Winery – 8032 So. Main St, Mokelumne Hill; 209 286-1800 Tue-Sun 11-5French Hill Winery – 4888 Main Street, Murphys; 209-728-8022 Winter Fri-Sun 11-5, Summer Thu-Mon 11-5Frog’s Tooth Vineyards – 380 Main St. Ste 5, Murphys; 209 728-2700 Fri 1-5, Sat 11-6, Sun 11-5, Mon 12-5Hatcher Winery – 425 Main St, Murphys; 209 605-7111 Fri-Sun 11-5, Mon-Thu 12-5Indian Rock – 1154 Pennsylvania Gulch Rd, Murphys; 209 728-8514 Fri-Sat 12-5, Sun 11-5Irish Vineyards – 2849 Hwy 4, Vallecito; 209 736-1299 Mon,Tue, Fri 2-5, Sat-Sun 11-5Ironstone Vineyards – 1894 Six Mile Road, Murphys; 209 728-1251 Open daily 10-5Laraine Winery– 3675 Six Mile Rd, Vallecito; 209 736-4766Fri-Sun 11-5 or by appointmentLavender Ridge – 425 Main St, Murphys; 209 728-2441 Open daily 11-5Milliaire Winery – 276 Main Street, Murphys; 209 728-1658 Open daily 11-5Muir’s Legacy – 276 Main Street, Murphys; 209 728-0500 Open daily 11-5Newsome-Harlow – 403 Main St, Murphys; 209 728-9817 Mon, Thu 12-5, Fri-Sat 11-6, Sun 11-5Renner Winery – Hwy 4 and Little John Road, Copperopolis; 209 785-3649 Thu & Sun 12 -5, Fri & Sat 12-6Solomon Wine Co. – 397-A Main St, Murphys; 209 728-8290 Wed-Fri 1-5, Sat 12-6, Sun 12-5Tanner Vineyards – 202 Main St., Murphys; 209 728-8229 Sun-Thu 1-5, Fri& Sat 12-5:30Twisted Oak – 4280 Red Hill Rd, Vallecito; 209 736-9080 Open daily 10:30-5:30Twisted Oak – 350 Main Street, Murphys; 209 736-9080 Mon-Fri 12-5, Sat-Sun 10:30-5:30Vina Moda – 147 Main Street, Murphys; 209 728-1917 Sat 12-6Zucca Mountain – 431 Main St, Murphys; 209 736-2949 Open daily 12-5EL DORADO COUNTYAuriga Wine Cellars – 3500 Carson Rd, D2, Camino; 530 647-8078 Fri-Sun 11-5Barkley Homestead Winery– 8230 Stoney Creek Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-6783 Sat-Sun 11-5Boa Vista Orchard/Winery – 1709 Carson Rd, Placerville; 530 622-5522 Open daily 9-5Boeger Winery – 2952 Carson Road, Placerville; 530 622-8094 Open daily 10-5, Summer: Fridays ’til 8Busby Cellars – 6375 Grizzly Flat Rd, Somerset; 530 344-9119 Fri-Sun 11-5Cantiga Wineworks – 5980 Meyers Lane, Somerset; 530 621-1696 Fri-Sun 11-5Cedarville Vnyd – 6320 Marestail Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-9463Open by appointment onlyCharles B. Mitchell – 8221 Stoney Creek Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-3467 Open daily 11-5Chateau Rodin – 4771 Green Hill Rd, Placerville; 530 622-6839Wed-Sun 11-5 or by appointmentChateau Routon – 2800 Omo Ranch Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-5818 Sat-Sun 11-5Chevalier Winery – 5720 French Creek Rd, Shingle Springs; 530 677-1676 Sat-Sun 12-5Tasting Room – 2530 Pleasant Valley Rd, Placerville; 888 802-9321 Sat-Sun 12-5Colibri Ridge – 6100 Gray Rock Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-7255 Fri-Sun 11-5Crystal Basin Winery – 3550 Carson Rd, Camino; 530 647-1767 Open daily 11-5David Girard Vineyards – 741 Cold Springs Rd, Placerville; 530 295-1833 Thu-Sun 11-5dkcellars – 7380 Vineyard View Dr, Fair Play; 530 620-1132 Fri-Sun 11-5Fenton Herriott – 120 Jacquier Ct, Placerville; 530 642-2021Thu-Sun 11-5 or by appointmentFitzpatrick Winery – 7740 Fair Play Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-3248 Wed-Mon 11-5Fleur de Lys – 7696 Perry Creek Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-2246 Fri-Sun 11-5Gold Hill Winery – 5660 Vineyard Lane, Placerville; 530 626-6522Thur-Sun 10-5 or by appointmentGranite Springs – 5050 Granite Springs Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-6395 Sat-Sun 11-5Iverson Vineyards – 8061 Perry Creek Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-7474 Thur-Mon 11-5High View Vineyards – 3720 HighView Dr, Placerville; 530 344-8488By appointmentHolly’s Hill Winery – 3680 Leisure Lane, Placerville; 530 344-0227 Open daily 10-5Jodar Vineyards – 3405 Carson Court, Camino; 530 644-3474 Open daily 11-5Latcham Vineyards – 2860 Omo Ranch Rd, Mt. Aukum; 530 620-6642Thu-Mon 11-5 or by appointmentLava Cap – 2221 Fruitridge, Placerville; 530 621-0175 Open daily 11-5Madrona Vineyards – 2560 High Hill Road, Camino; 530 644-5948 Open daily 11-5Mais Fica Winery – 3395 Kincade Dr, Placerville; 530-344-0725Open by appointmentMining Camp Winery – 4801 Rock Barn Rd, Shingle Springs; 530 677-6510 Thur-Sun 11-5Miraflores Winery – 2120 Four Springs Trail, Placerville; 530 647-8505 Open daily 10-5Mount Aukum Winery – 6781 Tower Rd, Mt. Aukum; 530 620-1675 Open daily 11-5Narrow Gate Vyds – 4282 Pleasant Valley Rd, Placerville; 530 644-6201 Fri-Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5Oakstone Winery – 6440 Slug Gulch Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-5303 Wed-Sun 11-5ParaVi Vineyards – 2875 Larsen Dr, Camino; 530 647-9463 Open daily 11-5Perry Creek Vnyds – 7400 Perry Creek Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-5175 Open daily 11-5Picchetti Winery Tstg Rm – 3135 Harrison Avenue, South Lake Tahoe; 530 541-1500 Open daily 11-5Shadow Ranch – 5050 Granite Springs Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-2785 Fri-Sun 11-5Sierra Oaks Estates – 7050 Fairplay Road, Fair Play; 530 620-7079 Wed-Sun 11-5Sierra Vista Winery – 4560 Cabernet Way, Placerville; 530 622-7221 Open daily 10-5Single Leaf Vineyards – 7480 Fair Play Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-3545 Wed-Sun 11-5Sogno Winery – 3046 Ponderosa Rd, Shingle Springs; 530 672-6968 Sat-Sun 11-6Stone’s Throw – 3541 North Canyon Rd, Camino; 530 622-5100 Thur-Sun 11-5Toogood Estate Winery – 7280 Fair Play Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-1910 Open daily 11-5:30Ursa Vineyards – 3550 Carson Rd, Camino; 530 647-2646 Sat-Sun 11-5Van Der Vijver Estate – 7451 Fair Play Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-3210 Wed-Thu 12-5, Fri-Sun 11-5Venezio Vineyard – 5821 Hwy 49, Coloma; 530 885-9463 Wed-Sun 11-5Windwalker Vnyds – 7360 Perry Creek, Fair Play; 530 620-4054 Daily 11-5Winery by the Creek – 8085 Perry Creek Rd, Fair Play; 530 620-2402 Thu-Sun 11-5Wofford Acres – 1900 Hidden Valley Rd, Camino; 530 626-6858 Thu-Sun 11-5MERCED COUNTYRed Rock Winery – 7326 E. Hwy 140, Merced; 209 722-7625 Open daily 10-5NEVADA COUNTYAvanguardia – 13028 Jones Bar Rd, Nevada City; 530 274-9482 Sat-Sun 12-5Burch Hall – 108 Mill St, Grass Valley; 530 272-7000 Open daily 12-5Coufos Cellars – 10065 Rough & Ready Rd, Rough & Ready; 530 274-2923 Sat-Sun 12-5Double Oak – 14510 Blind Shady Rd, Nevada City; 530 292-3235Sat 11-5 Feb-Dec or by appointmentIndian Springs – 303 Broad St, Nevada City; 530 478-1068 Sun-Thu 11:30-5, Fri-Sat 11:30-6Lucchesi Vineyards – 167 Mill St, Grass Valley; 530 274-2164 Open daily 11-6Montoliva Vineyard – 15629 Mount Olive Rd, Chicago Park; 530 346-6577 Sat-Sun 12-4Naggiar Vineyards – 18125 Rosemary Lane, Grass Valley; 530 268-9059Fri-Sun 12-5 or by apptNevada CityWinery –321 Spring Street, Nevada City; 530 265-9463 Fri-Sat 12-6, Sun-Thu 12-5Pilot Peak Winery – 12888 Spenceville Rd, Penn Valley; 530 432-3321 Sat-Sun 12-5Sierra Knolls – 19635 Kingswood Ct, Grass Valley; 530 268-9225 Sat-Sun 12-5Sierra Starr – 209 W. Main Street, Grass Valley; 530 477-8282 Wed-Mon 12-5Smith Vineyard – 13577 Dog Bar Rd, Grass Valley; 530 273-7032Sat 1-5 Mar-Dec or by apptSolune Winegrowers – 16303 Jewett Lane, Grass Valley; 530 271-0990 Sat-Sun 12-5Szabo Vineyards – Gold Fork Rd, Nevada City; 415 328-5611By appt onlyTruckee River – 11555 Brockway Rd, Truckee; 530 587-4626 Wed-Mon 11-7PLACER COUNTYBaumbach Wines – Auburn; 530 305-0048 Sat-Sun 12-4Cristaldi Vineyards – 4060 Ridge Dr, Auburn; 916 759-1291Sat-Sun 12-5 by apptDono dal Cielo Estate Vnyds – 6100 Wise Rd, Newcastle, 530 888-0101 Fri-Sun 12-5Fawnridge – 5560 Fawnridge Rd, Auburn, 530 887-9522Fri-Sun 10-5,Tue-Thu by apptGreen Family – 3420 Pine Ridge Ln, Auburn; 530 888-8866(most) Sat-Sun 12-5 or by apptLone Buffalo Vineyards – 2682 Burgard Ln, Auburn; 916 663-4486By appointmentFor corrections, deletions or additions, sendan email to info@winecountrythisweek.com78 www.WineCountryThisWeek.com

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