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Christie FRC-5000 Brochure - Christie Digital Systems



The Christie FRC-5000: Total ControlFor more than 20 years, Christie has been the worldwideleader in providing comprehensive, high performancecontrol room display solutions. Today’s control roomsdemand display and data/video control systems that ensurequality, long term performance, reliability and security.The FRC-5000 virtual display wall controller is designedspecifically with this in mind, providing an idealcomplement to Christie’s superior line of control roomdisplay wall products.The FRC-5000 provides the flexibility and versatility todisplay your most demanding applications anywhere ona high resolution "virtual" projection wall. Multipleapplications may be displayed simultaneously, driven bythe controller and via external sources such as video links,computers and local area networks. Comprehensive wallmanagement software and features are integrated intothe design of the FRC-5000 to provide the most flexibilityand control of the display environment.• Flexible storage sizes and configurations• Fault-resilient, modular architecture withbackward compatibility• DisplayMASTER , MediaMASTER (RGB andVideo) software• RemoteMASTER workstation display wall control• ControlMASTER comprehensive display wallmanagement software• Extensive redundancy features including redundantstorage arrays (RAID), redundant network arrays (NT),quad redundant power supplies and multiple chassiscooling fans• Unparalleled technical support direct fromthe manufacturerBeyond performance, reliability and quality are at theheart of the FRC-5000’s purpose-built industrial design.Designed and manufactured at Christie’s ISO 9001registered facility, the FRC-5000 is factory pre-configuredto meet your exact needs with uncompromised qualityand support. Powerful features of each FRC-5000controller include:• 24/7 reliability• Excellent price/performance balance• High-performance processing power for yourdemanding applications• Support for up to 24 display channel outputs per unit• Support for up to 32 external video inputs per unit• Support for up to 8 external RGB inputs per unit• Support for up to 10 Ethernet interfaces per unitFRONT VIEWTOP VIEW19.0”27.7”26.0”8.7”

Purpose-Built for Optimum PerformanceThe FRC-5000 provides an extraordinary balance betweenprice and performance. No compromises have been madein the FRC-5000, which comes standard with all thefeatures required by most display wall applications.Industrial Design and ArchitectureThe FRC-5000’s rugged 19" 5U industrial rackmountchassis is purpose-built, providing multiple redundancyand reliability features. Tight integration between thechassis, SBC (single board computer) and backplane allowsfor comprehensive and continuous monitoring of systemhealth and status. The core design utilizes proven PCIarchitecture, chosen by Christie for its superiority overother platforms. PCI, a standard in the industry, isextremely well supported and allows the FRC-5000 tobe further expanded and adapted with numerousspecialty adaptive products.Processing Power and Dynamic StorageMost software applications such as SCADA displaymonitoring, etc. require high speed processing toachieve maximum benefit and usefulness. The FRC-5000incorporates the proven technology of Pentium processors,and comes standard with a Pentium ® 4, 2.4GHz CPU with533MHz FSB on a "plug in" SBC module. This architectureallows for easy upgrade to higher processing speeds andperformance as further improvements in processortechnology become available. With 1GB of PC2100 DDRSDRAM included as standard, the FRC-5000 has the abilityto power very high demanding control room applications. Ifmore memory is required, support for up to 2GB of RAM isalso provided.NetworkingThe FRC-5000’s SBC provides dual Fast Ethernet interfaces.For increased network redundancy and load balancing,optional quad Ethernet modules are also available forsupport of up to 10 Ethernet interfaces.Graphics, Video and Data DisplayLocal and network-based Windows compatibleapplications can be seamlessly scaled and positionedanywhere on the display wall. Multiple external videosources can also be scaled and displayed as desired.To ensure high speed video performance, the FRC-5000utilizes a dedicated high bandwidth video bus to transferinput signals for processing. If your requirements includethe need to display external computer data sources, theFRC-5000 may be provided with one or more optionalRGBMASTER dual input modules. For example, it maybe necessary to temporarily display the output of anindependent laptop computer on the wall, or monitorthe information display from an independent network orlegacy computer system. RGBMASTER provides scaling andsupports external inputs up to 1600 x 1200 pixelsresolution (UXGA). Auto-synchronization makesconnection and display fast and easy.Application and Data StorageAll FRC-5000 controllers come standard with a single18.4GB Ultra160 SCSI 15,000 RPM hard drive. This highperformance disk drive has an average seek time of 3.6msand provides for data transfer rates up to 69MB/s (56%faster than previous generations). For more intensivestorage requirements, additional 18.4GB and 36.7GBdrives are available.WHAT IS DDR SDRAM?DDR SDRAM is an acronym for Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. DDR SDRAM is anevolutionary next-generation memory built upon the stable architecture of current PC100/PC133 technology. DDRSDRAM activates output on both the rising and falling edge of the bus clock. By performing 2 operations perclock cycle, DDR SDRAM effectively doubles the memory bandwidth of its single rate counterpart. PC1600 DDRDIMMs run at a clock rate of 100MHz (like PC100) with an effective data rate of 200MHz. PC2100 DDR DIMMs runat a clock rate of 133MHz (like PC133) with an effective data rate of 266MHz.Memory Type PC100 PC133 PC1600 PC2100Bandwidth 800 MB/s 1.1 GB/s 1.6 GB/s 2.1 GB/sAll FRC-5000 display wall controllers include PC2100 DDR SDRAM.

Continuous Operation with Built-In RedundancyIn addition to overall system reliability, redundancyof key system components ensures consistent anduninterrupted system operation — important inmission-critical applications. The FRC-5000 providesnumerous redundancy and automatic failoverfeatures to prevent system interruptions:• RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks). All datatransfer is managed by the FRC-5000’s Ultra160 SCSIRAID controller, which supports the following RAIDlevels: 0/1/5 (striping/mirroring/ striping with parity).In a 3-drive configuration with RAID 5, the optional hotswap hard drive kit allows for a failed drive to be hotswapped and its data reconstructed from informationon the other 2 drives – all without powering the downthe controller!• Quad Redundant Power Supplies. The FRC-5000 comesstandard with a 4-module hot swap power supply.Upon failure of any power supply module, an alarmis sounded and the remaining 3 modules providesufficient power to keep the controller running. Thefaulty power supply can be hot swapped withoutpowering down the controller.• Chassis Cooling Fans. The FRC-5000 comes standard with3 chassis cooling fans that are constantly monitored. Ifthe speed of one of these fans drops below optimallimits, an alarm is sounded and the suspect fan can behot swapped without powering down the controller.System and Diagnostic MonitoringThe FRC-5000 includes continuous diagnostic monitoring,fault display/ messaging and status messaging features.Fault display LEDs and an LCD status monitor areprovided on the controller front sub-face panel fordiagnostic fault identification. An audible alarm issounded if any of the monitored conditions dropbelow optimal conditions or enter a failure mode.WHAT IS RAID?RAID is an acronym for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. In RAID configurations, data is distributed acrossmultiple disks. This allows for increased data throughput and performance. Redundant data storage also increasesfault-tolerance.• RAID 0: Data is stored across multiple drives (striping), providing for increased data throughput, but no redundancy• RAID 1: Data is fully duplicated on multiple drives (mirroring), providing for both increased data throughputand data redundancy• RAID 5: Data and parity is stored across 3 or more drives, providing for both increased data throughput anddata redundancyAll FRC-5000 display wall controllers support RAID levels 0, 1, 0/1, 5, and 0/5.

Reliable by DesignReliability is of utmost importance in control roominstallations — particularly for mission-critical 24/7 controlrooms and operations centers. The highly fault-resilientarchitecture of the FRC-5000 exceeds the reliabilityrequirements of very demanding control room environments.High MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)High MTBF is necessary to ensure the display controllerwill operate reliably for many years. Our engineersfocused their efforts on electronics reliability, componentperformance, cooling design, environmental control, andintegration. As a result, the mean time between failuresof major assemblies and modules in the FRC-5000 exceeds50,000 hours! This ensures the highest confidence inreliability of the FRC-5000 to meet your application needs.Innovative Cooling DesignThe complexity of the FRC-5000 architecture requires asuperior cooling design to ensure system reliability and tomaintain system performance. Three 90CFM hot swapchassis fans, equip the FRC-5000 for the most demandingof operating environments. As an added level ofassurance, fan speeds and internal chassis thermal sensorsare constantly monitored for alarm conditions.WHY ULTRA160 SCSI?With its 160MB/s data transfer rates, Ultra160 SCSI isthe leading technology for high traffic environments.In addition to its increased bandwidth capabilities,Ultra160 SCSI also incorporates cyclic redundancycheck (CRC). CRC checks all data, making it a superiormethod to the single byte parity checking used byearlier SCSI technologies. The CRC method of errordetection adds significantly to data reliability and iscrucial for hot swap operations.All FRC-5000 display wall controllers include Ultra160SCSI interfaces.Multi-tiered Quality ControlEvery FRC-5000 manufactured at Christie's ISO 9001certified facility undergoes system burn-in and rigoroushardware and software verification and QA acceptance.Also, each FRC-5000 is custom-configured to meet yourexacting requirements.Integrated WallManagement SoftwareIn addition to the feature-rich DisplayMASTER andMediaMASTER software, providing simplified control ofindividual display windows, the FRC-5000 also includesfully integrated and comprehensive display wallmanagement software: ControlMASTER . Christie’sindustry-proven ControlMASTER client service softwarepackage provides and simplifies display wall managementvia remote operation from one or more networkedworkstations. The easy to use interface provides userswith the following key features and functions:• Quick launch or scheduled configuration of applicationtasks and events• Event configuration for common projector functions(On, Off, Brightness, Contrast, etc.)• An extensive list of run frequencies for flexible eventscheduling with the FRC-5000 system clock• Windows-based security for limiting access to sharednetwork applications• A comprehensive internal security mechanism to limituser access to ControlMASTER functionality• RS232 launch control for configured tasks and events• Secure network-based remote keyboard and mousecontrol with specified IP address or domain authorization(via RemoteMASTER )• Alarm triggering• Convenient desktop shortcuts using the ControlMASTERWallLaunch module• Hot key sequences for launching and terminatingtasks and events• Multiple virtual screens for restricted ControlMASTERwall access• Panic mode for emergency situations• Snapshot feature for automatic event configurationof current wall layout• Real-time local simulation of display wall configurations• Stop task and stop event functions for terminating tasksand events currently running on the display wall

Expandability and Optional ComponentsWallLaunch and Alarm TriggeringWallLaunch is a stand-alone application that facilitatesdirect communication with WallServer via IP. This moduleis installed on user workstations and allows users tolaunch tasks and events without running WallManager.By passing parameters to the WallLaunch program,users are able to create multiple desktop shortcuts forlaunching frequent tasks and events. Direct calls toWallLaunch can be incorporated into end-user softwareto allow for specified tasks and events to be launchedwhen alarm conditions are encountered.SnapshotSnapshot automatically creates configured tasks for allapplications running on the display wall. An applicationevent is also automatically created and all grabbed tasksare added to this event. The new event can then be runat any time to automatically recreate the currentdisplay wall layout.SimulateIn addition to manual task configuration,ControlMASTER provides users with the Simulatefeature. This feature enables users to locally view amock-up of their display wall layout, without actuallylaunching applications on their display wall. Multipletasks can be simultaneously simulated for graphicalplacement and sizing. Once the desired layout has beenachieved, the new task configurations can be saved.Expandability andOptional ComponentsIndustrial BackplaneThe FRC-5000 comes standard with a 20-slot PCI/ISAindustrial backplane. With a base 4-channelconfiguration, 12 PCI slots remain available toaccommodate expansion to suit your specificrequirements and needs.RGBMASTER – RGB Input ModulesOptional RGBMASTER dual RGB input modules allowthe user to input 2 analog RGB sources directly into theFRC-5000. The MediaMASTER user-friendly softwareinterface manages the display of the RGB input sources,allowing for scaling and positioning of RGBMASTERwindows anywhere on the display wall. With 4RGBMASTER modules, the FRC-5000 can display upto 8 MediaMASTER windows simultaneously.VideoMASTER – Video Switch ModulesOptional VideoMASTER Switch modules further enhancethe functionality of the standard video input modulesprovided with the DisplayMASTER graphics displaymodules. Each VideoMASTER switch module allows for thedirect connection of up to 16 real-time live video inputsources. The MediaMASTER software manages the displayof the video windows, which can be scaled and positionedanywhere on the display wall.VideoMAX – Multiple Video Input ModulesOptional VideoMAX Multiple Video Input modules enablethe display of simultaneous multiple video sources or a singledisplay device. Each VideoMAX module allows for the directconnection of up to 18 real-time live video input sources, 9of which can simultaneously be viewed on the display wall.In addition to support for multiple videos per display device,MediaMASTER software allows for VideoMAX sources tooverlap each other thereby providing PIP (picture-in-picture)functionality. As with VideoMASTER input sources,VideoMAX sources can be scaled and positioned anywhereon the display wall.Hot Swap Hard DrivesThe FRC-5000 may be provided with optional redundanthot swap hard drives. This option is of primaryimportance to mission-critical installations as it allowsusers to remove hard drives without powering down thecontroller. In a RAID 5 configuration with 3 hard diskdrives, any 2 drives can reconstruct the data on a hotswapped third drive.Quad Ethernet ModulesOptional quad Ethernet modules provide the FRC-5000with increased fault-resiliency and provide dynamic loadbalancing of network traffic. Interfaces can be configuredfor automatic failover to active redundant ports.Superior Manufacturer SupportChristie recognizes that control room and tiled walldisplay systems can be a significant and critical investmentfor our customers. Renowned for industry-leading supportand service around the world, Christie ensures ourcustomers are well supported with training, service andtechnical support through our extensive distribution andsupport network.With more than 20 years expertise in complete projectionsolutions. Christie is proud of its ongoing commitment toprovide solutions that operate at maximum performance,combined with services and support that meet customerneeds today and tomorrow.


Hardware SpecificationsPERFORMANCEProcessors• Pentium ® 4, 2.4GHz with 533MHz FSBMemory• 1GB PC2100 DDR ECC SDRAM (Max. 2GB)Ethernet• Dual 10BaseT/100BaseTX interfaces• Optional quad 10BaseT/100BaseTX NICs available• Maximum interfaces: 10Peripherals• Enhanced 107-key keyboard, black• 3-button mouse, blackI/O• 2 serial ports• 1 parallel port• 1 PS/2 port• 2 USB ports (USB 1.1)System Monitor• 3 temperatures sensors• 2 CPU fan speeds• 7 voltagesOperating System• Microsoft Windows XP ® or Windows 2000 ®MULTIMEDIA CAPABILITYNote: Specifications shown are for base 4-channel model only. Due to constant research, please contact your Christierepresentative for latest performance options and features.Graphics Output (DisplayMASTER )• Output resolution: 640 x 480 up to 1600 x 1200• Output connectors: HD15 (VGA)• Maximum display channels: 24Video Input (VideoMASTER VIM)• Input formats: NTSC, PAL, SECAM• Input connectors: BNC• Maximum video inputs: 24Audio• Audio engine: 32-bit digital processingVideo Switching (VideoMASTER Switch)• Input formats: NTSC, PAL, SECAM• Input connectors: BNC• Maximum video inputs: 32Multiple Video Support (VideoMAX Module)• Input format: NTSC, PAL, SECAM• Input connectors: BNC• Maximum video inputs: 36• Maximum video windows per display device: 9• Maximum video windows per controller: 18Direct RGB Input (RGBMASTER )• Input resolution: 640 x 480 up to 1600 x 1200• Input connectors: HD15 (VGA)• Maximum RGB inputs: 8STORAGE AND CONTROL• Single-channel U160 SCSI RAID controller• RAID levels: 0, 1, 0/1, 5, 0/5• 18.4GB, 36.7GB U160 15,000 RPM SCSIhard disk drives• Optional hot swap kit with support for 3 U160SCSI hard drives• 52X CD-ROM drive• 1.44MB floppy drive• RS232 and IP control features• User-friendly, intuitive control interface• Comprehensive display wall management control• Network-based remote wall administration• Application scheduling• Application alarm triggering

CHASSISFeatures• 24/7-compliant, purpose-built industrialrackmount chassis• Continuous monitoring of power modules, systemfans and thermal conditions• Status monitor displays via 2-line LCD panel• 20-slot industrial PICMG backplaneElectrical• Quad hot swap power supply• Input voltage: 115/230• Line frequency: 50/60 HzPhysical• 19" 5U rackmount chassis• Dimensions: 19.0" W x 8.7" H x 27.7" D• Weight: 100 lbs (fully populated chassis, approx.)Environmental• Operating temperature: 0 - 35° C• Operating humidity: 20 to 80% non-condensing• Altitude: 0 - 3000m (0 - 10,000ft)• Storage: -20° to 50° C, 20 to 80% RH, NCREGULATORY, RELIABILITY, WARRANTY & SERVICERegulatory• Safety approvals UL/CSA 1950/950, IEC 60950 A1-A4,EMC FCC Part 15 Class A, Industry Canada Class A,CISPR22/EN55022 Class A, CISPR24:1997/EN55024: 1988• This product conforms to all relevant Europeandirectives, safety, health and environmentalconcerns and bares the CE markingReliability• MTBF: >50,000 hours (for major modules)• MTTR:

WORLDWIDE LOCATIONSHEAD OFFICESUSA10550 Camden DriveCypress, CA 90630PH: 714-236-8610FX: 714-503-3385Toll free: (800) 407-7727 (NA only)sales-us@christiedigital.comCANADA809 Wellington Street NorthKitchener, Ontario N2G 4Y7PH: 519-744-8005FX: 519-749-3136Toll free: (800) 265-2171 (NA only)sales-canada@christiedigital.comBRANCH OFFICESUNITED KINGDOMPH: +44 118 977 8000FX: +44 118 977 8100sales-europe@christiedigital.comSINGAPOREPH: +65 6877-8737FX: +65 6877-8747sales-singapore@christiedigital.comFRANCEPH: +33 (0) 1 47 48 28 07FX: +33 (0) 1 47 48 26 06Mobile: +33 (0) 6 76 47 43 62sales-france@christiedigital.comGERMANYPH: +49 2161 664540FX: +49 2161 664546sales-europe@christiedigital.comCHINAPH: +86 21 6278 7708FX: +86 21 6278 7707sales-china@christiedigital.comWWW.CHRISTIEDIGITAL.COM

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